Woburn High School - Innitou Yearbook (Woburn, MA)

 - Class of 1970

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Woburn High School - Innitou Yearbook (Woburn, MA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 170
Page 170

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Lillian Proctor Richard W. Proctor John Profonuhik Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Proos Walter Prouse Mrs. Peter Provinzano Mr. William Provost Mrs. Betty Pruyne Clara Pryor Mrs. Joseph Pucci Capt. and Mrs, Donald Pulley Carmen Puopolo Mrs. Fred Puopolo Mr. William Purinton Mrs. Rodma V. Pyate Alison Pywell Mr. ond Mrs. W. Warren Quoin Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Qualey Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Quatrello Elain M. Quave Willie R. L. Quave Deborah A. Queen John D. Queen Joseph A. Queen Mrs. William Queen Mrs. William J. Queen Jr. Mr. Mrs. Queenin Donald Queenin Miss Hester Quigley Mr. Robert Quigley Mrs. Donna Quilitzsch Esther Quinlin Mile Qainlan Paul Quinlan Mrs. Stanley Quinlan Albert F. Quinn Kenneth Quinn Miss Mae Quinn James Quinno Mrs. Evander Quirion Mike Quinlan Mrs. Louis Robbitt Miss Catherine Rabbitt Miss Patricia Rabbitt Mr. and Mrs. Joeseph Rabbit? Joeseph Rabbitt John W. Robbitt John Rabbitt John T. Robbitt Michael Robbitt William Rabbitt William Robbeit Mr. William Rabain 231 Racing Team 23 Racing Team Emelia Rockman Mr, Peter Radowayo Lorraine Radosta Bruce D. Rae Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rafferty Michael Rafferty Mrs. Rita Rafferty Mrs. S. Raguici Raisin 2 John A. Rakowski Mrs. John Ralli John M. Rollo John Rollo Kenneth L. Ralphs Mr. and Mrs. Philip Ramasci Mr. and Mrs. F. Ramely Mrs. Max Ramocki Mr. John Ramsey Randall's Mrs. W. Randall Mrs. David J. Randall Mr. Randlett Joseph Randolph The Five Rangers Evelyn Rankin Bill Raphael Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Raso Lindo Raso Mrs. John Rosso Miss June Rasson Mr, and Mrs. Peter Rastellini Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Rastellini Thomas Rastellini Mr. and Mrs. Ray Mrs. Ray Cathy Ray Debbie Ray Mr. Eliot Ray Mr. and Mrs. George Ray John Ray Marcia Ray Martha F. Ray Nancy Ray Susan Ray Mr. Thomas Ray Mrs. Thomas Ray Mrs. Wm. J. Ray William J. Ray Mrs. Susan Re Walter F. Reagan Walter F. Reagan Mrs. Marguerite Rebal Mary Rebal Robert O. Rebal The Rebel John Pridgen, Rebel Diane Reddy Edward Reddy Mr. John Reddy Mr. and Mrs. William Reddy Mr. and Mrs. William Redfern Susan Redfern Mrs. Redmond Mrs. Reebenacker Ken Reed Mrs. Eileen Regan Eleanor L. Reid 66 Mrs. Joseph Reil Mr, and Mrs. Bruce A. Reilly James Reinald John Reinald Charles O. Rentrow Sam Restivo Mrs. Leo Reynolds June Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. Rezendes Rose Ricci Mr. Frank Ricciardi Mrs. Henry A. Riccardi Kate Riccardi Peter Riccardi Mrs. Robin Riccardi Joe Ricco C. M. Rice Dale Rich Sharon Rich Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ricihe Mr. Charles Richardson Mrs. Charles Richardson Rulad's Deli Gayle Richardson Mr. James Richardson Mr. Russell George Richardson Jr. Mr. Russell Richardson Bob and Jo Rickard Mr. and Mrs. Rideout Mrs. Eugene Rideout Mrs. Riley Mr, Ernest Riley Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Riley Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Riley Mr. Joseph Riley Mr. Edward Riley "67" Geraldine Riley Patrick Riley Pat Riley Riley Family Mr. and Mrs. Timothy F, Ring Miss Karen Ring Pierce Rhinehardt Mr. and Mrs. William J. Roach Mr. and Mrs. James J. Roach Eileen Roan Elvira Roberts Judy Roberts Kathy Roberts Mrs. Louise Robert Lynn Roberts Mrs. L. Roberts Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Roberts Mrs. Muriel Roberts William Roberts Stephen Roberts Ken F. Robertson Mr. and Mrs. Robertson Guy Robinson John Robinson Mrs. Paul Robinson William L. Robinson Mrs. M. Rocci Mr. Roche Mrs. Roche Mr, Richard Roche Mrs. R. Rochon Eleanor Rockwood Arthur E. Rockwood Mrs. George Rodakis Mrs. Albino Roderick Mrs. Allan Roderick Mr. Jesse Roderick Mr. and Mrs. Rodes Nancy Rodman Mrs, Arthur Rogers Mrs. Rogers Mr. and Mrs, Rogers Mr. Paul Rogers Peter Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Roketenez Sharon Romkey Mrs. Eleanor Ronan Mrs. L. V. Rondino Mrs. Rongone Mrs. George Ronkanen Mrs. George Rooney Mr. James Rooney James F. Rooney Miss Judi Rooney Mary L. Rooney Robert Rooney Mr. Thomas Rooney Jan Roos Wayne Root Alice M. Roper Mr. Joseph Ropple Mr. and Mrs. Teddy Ropple Dennis Rosa Mr. Rosa Mrs. Rosa Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Rosa Mr. Muzzy Rosa Mr. A. Rose Mrs. A. Rose Mrs. F. Rose Mr. John Rose Mr. John Roseander Robert Rosell Mr. David Ross Mrs. Ross Sally Ross Mike Rossi Renaud Rossignol Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Roscilo Mrs. William Rota Anthony Rotondo Miss Joan E. Rowe Sally Rozett Mr. and Mrs. William Ruble Mrs. Christopher Ruggiero Barbara Rusetti Barry Russell Mrs. Ethel Russell Mr. and Mrs. Fred Russell Mr. and Mrs. Jock Russell Mrs. Rose Russell William H. Russell Mrs. Anthony F. Russo Mrs. Bernice Russo Mr. and Mrs. Carmen Russo Jr. Mr. and Mrs, Carmen Russo Sr, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Russo Leslie Ann Russo Miss Sharon Russo Marge Russo Marge Russo B. Ruth Mildred E. Rutherford Mr. Anthony Rutkosky Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Ryan Francis Ryan Jane Ryan Mr. and Mrs. John Ryan Mr. Ryan Mrs. Ryan Mrs. Ryan Mrs. William Ryan Mark Ryland James Sacco Mrs. Sachetti Jimmy Sachetti Mrs. Thomas Sockos Jack Saenessian Alvic Sage Joseph Salamone Mr, Francisco Salas Joe Salerno Joseph Salerno Helen A. Salmon Irene Salvi Kathy Salvo Craig Sanlpson Mr, and Mrs. E. Sampson Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Sampson Paul R. Samuelson Mrs, Chester Sanborn Victor Sanchez Mr. Sandgren Carl Sandma Mr. Sands Mrs. Stella Sandvik Miss Joanne J. Sankus Mr. and Mrs. Albert Sankus Mrs. Santamaria Carol Santoro Theresa Santiago Mrs. Irene Santos Gregory Sapochetti Kenneth Sarchione Margaret Sarchione Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sordy Mr. Gerald F. Sargentelli Mr. and Mrs.fJack Sarnession Bobby Saunders Joe Savino Martha Savlen Serge Savard Marion Savran Mr. and Mrs. Allred Sawitzky Mr. Frederick Sawyer Mr. and Mrs. James Sbraccia Mr. Russell C. Scaduto David Scalera Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Scalley Mrs. Francis Scalley Mr. and Mrs. John J. Scannell Mrs. Scannell Mrs. M. Scavuzzo Mrs. Philip Scaramozzino Mrs. Scarbo Paul A. Scanlon Mr. Raymond Scarpone Christopher Scarvalas Mr. ond Mrs. Peter Scarvalas Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Scheirer Miss Katherine Scheirer Mrs. Schipelliti David E. Schivike Mrs. Paul Schmitt Mrs. William G. Schneider Eleanor Scearbo Fred Scearbo Mr. D. H. Schacht Mr. and Mrs. Rocco Schelzi Janet Schecowicz Miss Barbara Scholl Miss Diane Scholl Mrs. Scholl Robert Scholl Mr. and Mrs. Edward Schultz Edward G. Schultz Arlene Schultz Robert A. Schneider Hymie Schwartz Joby Scienzo Mr. and Mrs. Scire Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Sciarrio Lena Scire Mrs. Sally Sciascia Mr. Bob Scire Antonio M. Scott Mr. Al Scott Mrs. Scott Mr. and Mrs. Scott Mrs. Paul Scribner Diane Seavey Murray Seovy Mr. Charles Sellon Robert Sellon Dr. John Seminotore Mrs. Joseph Seminotore Mr. Mike Seminotore Mrs. Tony Seminotore "Are you sure this play will work? Mr. and Mrs. J. Allan Sena Rita Senkowski Dennis Sevene R. Sevene Cindy Serino Mr, Robert Serino Steven Serino Mr. G. Severo Fredrick Severo Jr. Fred Severo Rita Severo Edward Shankle Mrs. Judson Shankle Mr. Foul Shankle Mrs. Dolores Shannon Richard Shannon Mr. and Mrs. Warren Shannon Mrs. George Sharkey William Shaughnessy Katie Shaughnessy Mr. Thomas Shoughnessy Mr, and Mrs. Thomas Shaughnessy Mr. and Mrs. William Shaughnessy Mrs. Grace Shea Mr. and Mrs. James Shea Joseph Shea Miss Frances Shea Mr, and Mrs. John P. Sheehan Peter Sheehy Mr. C. Sheeran Mrs. Esther Sheeran Mr. James Sheeran Mrs. Doris Sheedy Thelma Sheeran Miss Helen Sheeran Mr, Sherburn Mr. Edward Snell Mr. Horace Shelley Mike Sherry Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Sherry Noreen Sherry Mrs. Donald Shields Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Shinnick Richard Shinnick Mrs. Jane Shepherd Michael Shields Lillian Short Mr. and Mrs, Patrick Spinazola John Splaine Herbert Shimmin Mr. Simon Gail Simpson G. L. Silva Jr. Keith Silva Mrs. Silva Mr. Anthony Silva Mrs. Silva Marie Simeone Mr. and Mrs. Simmons Susan Sinclair Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sinclair Mr. ond Mrs, Sindoni Bud Sindoni Mrs. Singleton Mr. John Singleton Barry Sirhagen Mr. Walter Skaletsky Freda Skedgell Billy Skinner Authur Skelton Penelope Skounias John Slack David Slater Ronnie Slater Lorraine Slattery Mrs. Smith Mrs. Barbara Smith Fredric W. Smith Mrs. Smith Mr. Clinton B. Smith Sr. Darlene Smith Mrs. Edward L, Smith Gayle Smith Mrs. George Smith Mr. Harry Smith Mrs. J. R. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Leo Smith Norman Smith Thomas A, Smith Stacia Smith Mr, and Mrs. William Smith Smitty J. W. Smith Mr. Paul Smith Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Smyth Mr. and Mrs. Sketfington Mr. and Mrs. David M. Skelly Dr. and Mrs. Harvey Skolinick Bill Slack Mr. and Mrs, Raymond Slack Mrs. Doris Slater Mr. and Mrs. William Slater Doris H. Slater Mrs. A. R. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Smith Charles R, Smith Mr. Clinton Smith Jr. E. Smiths Edward Smith Mrs. George Smith Mr. and Mrs. George Smith Mr. Jerry Smith Mrs. Leo Smitt Mr. M. Smith Mrs. Robert Smith Mr. ond Mrs. Clifford Smille Walter Smith "Smithy" Mr. and Mrs. George Smyth Lindo Smith Mr. and Mrs. Richard Smyth Mr. Samuel Smyth Mrs. Samuel J. Mrs. Paul Snider Mrs. Ira D. Snow Jr, Mr. Ira D. Snow Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis B. Snow Mutfit Snow Mrs. Joseph Soave Mr. Joseph Soave Sockie Mr. Ken Soderstram Geraldine A. Soles Mr. and Mrs. John Solazzi Rick Solazzi Mrs. Helen A. Sonia Mr. Tony SooHoo Mrs. Irene Somerville S. Somerville Madeline Sordillo Mr, and Mrs. Manuel Sousa Mrs. Manuel Sousa Mrs. Rita Sousa South End Service Station Mrs. Robert Sousa Mrs, U. Southard Mr. and Mrs. Santa Sousa Mr. John Sousa Mrs. Mario Squeglia Pat Sarulloni Mr. and Mrs. Esker Squires Mr. E. Spanos Mrs. Josephine Spear Mrs. Ellenore Spellinc Mr. and Mrs. Albert Spence Bob Spence Rob Spence Mr. and Mrs. Russell Spence Terre Spence Mr. Wm. G. Spence Estelle M. Spencer Mrs. Philip C. Spencer Mr. Richard Spencer Mrs. Robert Specir Rosemary Spencer Patrica Speziale Mrs. James Spinelli Mrs. Theodore Spinos Mr. and Mrs. Anothony J. Spirito Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Spolidoro Mr. Fred Spolidoro Mr. William Spolidoro Richard W. Stanley Janet Stanley Kimberly Stasick Michael Stanton Jeanne Starley Mrs. Gerald Steele Loula Stefanou Eddie Stepper Mrs, Evelyn Stephenson Mrs. Harold Stevens Mr. Harold Stevens Eileen Stickney Miss Carol Stiles Miss Donna Stokes Mrs. Daniel Stokes Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stokes Jr. Mr. Frank Stokes Sr. Mrs. Mae Stokes Mr. Frank Stokes III Julus Variety Store Loyd St. Martin Mrs. Pat Stella Mr, and Mrs. Henry Stirling Mr. and Mrs. John R. Stirling Jude St, Germain George L. Street Tony Strangie Mr. and Mrs. William Stygles Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Stryke Mr. and Mrs. John Storick Mr. and Mrs. Harold Stanton Thomas Stearns Grovdon Steeves Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stephenson Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Stevenson Steve lPaul's Campaign Mgr.j Mr. David T. Stevens John R, Stewart Mrs. Stiefel Bonnie Stokes Diane Stokes Mr. Daniel Stokes Mrs. Frank Stokes Sr Miss Janice Stokes Mrs. Ronald Steele Renie I. Stepper Mrs. St. Paul Dick Stietel Mr. and Mrs. Allan Stirling Mr. Glenn Stirling Anne Stinchfield Mr. and Mrs. George Stone

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