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Table of Contents Staff 3 Seniors 9 Classes 18 Sports 25 Organizations 35 Activities 41 THE WISCONSIN TIMES SENIOR NUMBERDedication Charles Duick Fay Graff We, the Class of 1981. would like to take this opportunity to honor two very special people. Mr. Charles Duick has taught here for 36 years lie has taught us as students and talked to us as friends He constantly teased us about his being 88 years old which was always a big joke in our class. He has a way of lightening up a class with his jokes, but he also has a kind and understanding way in his teaching In addition to his long service at W' S.D., Mr Duick taught one year at the Indiana School for the Deal and three years at the South Dakota School for the Deaf after graduating from Gallaudct College in 1941. Mrs Fay Graff has given much of her time in helping the students. She has arranged transportation for the students' homegoings and for doctor and dental appointments. When necessary, she has driven students to these appointments and has even helped the dentist on a few occasions. Mrs. Graff will ulways be remembered as a pleasant and willing friend, ready to help any of us when we need it. Mrs. Graff was first employed at W.S.D. in 1950 and served for a total of six years on and off; since I960 she has been in continuous service.Administration Mr John Shipman S'uiH'tiMh-tiikni Or Kenneth I Br.wet Ihn t t,- t l hlmtilHUi Mr. Putnek K Oallj Dran of Stvdt'tM ttaar Senior Today. and until you graduate on June V l« l you arc Semoci After ihu dale mu »di be Mr ■ • .Mm rttftn' llo. ioxl of • otuen you »ill be depend upon ho. «r l practice all of the tanmn you nave cocoved until no. Voo-liarent . i eta tot . friend pethafn xhce vahool and cetUinl the »utf »d WSD have tiKil to provide you ollfc the nocciaari opportunity tot teaming w beUc»e y«xi ate ready to dcmonvtratc ho. —cit you have learned and "til become food, contributing member af voocty Good contributing member ol oc ci good citizen are •Me to »orV and vuppori tbcmielvo turtroputc «nH the people around theml.ith wndervundibg and acvCrUncc and i achwvt «ithu teavm I heir detirrv thr tv .hat you van opect from Me it you practice thove th.ng you have teen taught All of m at WSO uMe your gr.dualion and innk for.aid to voting you become "good otuen Mv IVtgnv Bergstrom Suprrntwqr TVatVf la the llm a) I Mil h i» not e co ic»t that . Pnftaiui of a Mhtox ha the tdeamreol citing Ihnis Mm m a graduation iMOwfc the »t c ot t ha whilMCvl that degree ot leiiilinitt I. .etiutrc that m.ive parent .tali nod .luikoH iwoud “‘he a vacated ■ ith them lo the !« u hi I «ji thmt Ini It each and everyone a the U ot 1 on on nmt. u» .on.cninw an improving Ihcve %c-n and ■paatilicv. th. ■••tiiiduai i citm|Uivhmentv « «iM reati C jo; unlimited I .ivb to add mt pcrvonal nnhec to a .ic.cvdui and Mfpr life to each member Ot the ifni ill 1 .r |PU comnvthe do. a the long road ol adulthood It you took uexjo iuni KfOMfMimnh a einlenw' uf .Hat you van du and av rfavun. lor vununuiag lo nor hard then my »r.h .ill dctmiMy hCvOtaC t- .i Mr Cidty W BbvimCT i iv .iiHaitii CponOnaHt W, rrt MX frutlur ini.itHui itnJ Ills St.Ith I tat r Graduate . You have come lo the end of your High School year I sincerely hope you have bcncfillcd from them. As Senior , you v c»c given more freedom, more privilege , more Independent living experience, and more re pon iMi|y than any other Senior tlatt in the htviory of ihn vchoot Wc are proud of the »ay you have handled your Senior year, you showed u that you ate indeed responubte young pdultv If you handle the rc t of your live a well, you will ahva » be ucce ful Beet or luck in everything you do in the future M% JantCC Weill UmmohI hrutt «i SliithvrxAdministrative Personnel f j| (»M»I niriun June siuc nh .1.1 Vifivon l.velyn (uni lk nn» of V»n-u Vfr«h« » ami ViAou SiiAn orm Stephen Weiner II ix4 - Viii i ,KHl)lialitt Bcscrl) Wicxlenhoell (•iHx rr N i mlt t Kjih Docnnit -tumur Iwamim-r Nancy Wenilmi VmiHWi IumMI Jean tk iwivlk Inunttmnuf rrftton (iiorirt Kuherty Sm nflWri S.mJr.i ( hutch hiMnnltotuil Se n'iui Ju(u I (Hen inst u, limtaf Vi rvttf i Lynn Vcncma Inwnntiitnal SntrMn Special Services l.oole Olson Bch Watkins ( ummunti utnm S n uihsl iNmnW mime K Oitis I • « Vs i i.i iw Iherovi KiTeachers Alexander. Lee Ann Hi iik-s k Meme B:a»cl. Thomwiru Bren ton. M 41 ton Brcnton. Robert Cordano. Waldo Curry. Irma Dutch. Charles Dunham. Maude Ldwardx. Kuth Eichmun. Jean (irctcnhardl. Alcta Hagen. James Harlan, Brian llctndl. Cynthia Henning, Rotter Inch. Roberta Krebv Herman Kuinha. Suxan l.iimh, Pulncu lee. Milton Feeder. Mania Mtru . Jc. Ldward Peacock. Leonard Pohl. T her esc Reece. Norma Remtker. Jodi Richey. Hilda Rubiano. Alexander Stappc). Alex Snyder. Charles StachOWiak. Peggy SuehaKki Paul Socharxki. Sharon S ulc cwski. Suvan Vollmar, Guy Watkins, Jr . F-arl Werner. Pjtricu Witty. Catherine D tcd ic. Dunne Lee. Joy Kubuno. Darlene Salient. Kii Child Care Counselors NmJcrton. April Hrophil. Robert Burnt, Noetic B rnc, Hcvcrly OucticrtKi't. livclyn I d ardv Donna Finley. PaUKfc llan. Ujrhjfj Hcnmng. Dcbb) Mine. Chrolian kell . Hctiy Kelly. Dean Kell). Jim kelly. Suvin kemp. Dean KohkrfF. Nani) kiMCvhkj. Palncta I aFremcre, Kila Langnet. Joan l.tcl kc nricu Mocring, K.in Jail Mullen Alfcm Mullen Cclmc Murncwicfc. Joel Nicholas Grace Sicmulh. Norma Ntcmulh. Robert OUon Judy Peacock Ruth Pictlcr, Dawn RappuW. Beverly Ryan. Amu Sander . Ronald Schoon. Manor Sohrunck, Marlene Moody l.mJa Str clceki. )anc Sohf. Belly Swogcr, Vk ilium Iwhamcr. Florence Wen, Merryann Wheeler, Arlene Willumv Sloven 7 .Maintenance tL. Byrne. Howard Caprioui, George Ca%ey. Steve Cook. Hcciu Cooper. Donald Do Vnca. Terry Frodl. Godfrey May, Alvin Pm now. Laurel Rouille. Lawrence Saam. Sandra Scholl. Marvin Schuknecht, Wdbcri Skelton. Harold Stafford. Richard Kitchen Baran. Andrew Derjc. Henrietta Kichman. 1’atrtcia Harp. Charles Jensen, Genevieve Mather. Rit.i Morlord. Patricia Schmidt Richard Schmcdcr. Lucille Wood. l ora May Laundry Golla. Anton ILilmu. Carol Morgan. Sandra Phillips. Mildred Wjtcrslrcet I mm.i Wilburn. ToMie Nurses DcPrtcsi Barbara Dunham. Ju-inncClass Officers Class Color Red and while Class Flower ro Class Motto “You see things; and you wy. "Why?" Bui I dream thin that never were; and I ay. "Why not?" George Bernard Shaw Seated, left 10 right Luannc Kowalski. Vice President and Scott Walker. President Standing, left to right Kelly Harper. Secretary; Jim Waters. Sergeant-at-arms; Karrie Hafeman. Sergeant-at-arms; and Tummy Hill. Tresurer. Yearbook Staff Scott Walker Luannc Kowabki Co-Editor Co-Ed,w Kelly Harper Literary Editor Karrie Hafeman lay-ou, Editor Keith Bronk Photograph, Editor Tammy Hill Managing Editor 10Valedictorian Luanne Kowalski Co—Salutatorians Kelly Harper and Tammy Hill 11Dion Tracy Archie Milwaukee Year enrolled at wsi) 1979 SpOTt Football 3 -I Basketball manager .1 Boy ' Basketball 4 Future plan Job Judy Ann Bisick Green Ray Year enrolled at WSD 197 . Spori Volleyball 12 3 4 Future plan Job Keith Allen Bronk Kenosha Year enrolled at WSD 1968 Sports Football I 2 3 Wrestling 12 3 4 Truck and Field 12 3 4 Activities Bos Scout 12 3 4 Jr N AD I 2 4 Piloto Club I 2 3 Drama Club I Dorm Council 3 W-Club 2 Other 1980 Prom Prince Future plan Southwest Howard Collcgc-Tcsa 12Karrie Kim Hajeman Algoma Ycir enrolled at WSD 1974 Spot Is V'ollcybjll 2 Storekeeper 3 4 Girls' Basketball I 2 Storekeeper 3 4 Track .mil Field 12 3 4 Utilities W-Club 2 Jr NAD 4 Photo Club 3 Junior and Senior lass Sargeant-at-Arms future plans Mil) Kelly Elizabeth Harper Beloit Year enrolled at WSD: 1973 Sports Volleyball 12 3 4 Girh Basketball I 3 Track and Field I Activities Jr NAD 12 3 4 President 2 3 Secretary I Sign Song Dancers 12 3 4 Photo Club 12 Student Council President 3 4 Dorm C ouncil 3 4 W-Club Secretary 2 Junior and Senior Class Secretary Other 1980 Prom Princess 2nd Kunner-Cp in Dclavan Oktobcrlcst Competition future plans lickwt College 13Evelyn Dawn llegge Detavun Year enrolled at WS|); 197K Spoils. Football Cheerleader » 4 Wrestling Cheerleader 2 ll.iskcih.ill Cheerleader t Other Homecoming PnneCss Red Devil Circerle.uk-1 (vcmi-prolcsMon.il i Future plans Junior College John Robert Heyrman (iernuniwn Year enrolled .it w$f | 79 Swis Boys Basketball l Activities Jr NAD i Drama Club i Dorm Council .1 4 I uturc plans Southwest Howard College--lex.is Tammv Lorraine Hill •r Oshkosh Yciir enrolled at WSD 1978 Sporlv Volleyball 2 3 4 Girls' Haskethall 2)4 Tuck and Field 2 3 4 Sctivitics Jr. NAD 4 Photo Club 3 Student Council 3 4 Treasurer 4 Dorm Council 3 4 Junior and Senior Class Treasurer Other Homecoming Princess Future plans (ijlluodcf College 14i Thomas Richard Klante ft New Berlin | mt k A 1 Year unrolled at WSD 1977 III Sports Wrestling 2 Manager 4 Track and Field manager 4 ■ Activities Rocketry Club 4 i • fk ■ Future plans Milwaukee Area Technical College ip— Luanne Louise Kowalski Weyerhaeuser Year enrolled al WSI) |9?0 Sports Volleyball 12 3 4 Oirb’ Basketball 2 3 4 Manager I Activities Jr NAD I 2 Vice-President I Secretary 2 Photo Club I 2 3 Vice-President 2 Recording Secretary 3 Student Council I 2 Secretary I Junior and Senior Class Vice-President Dorm Councl 4 Other. Delegate to Jr NAD camp 1980 Prom Queen Future plans GalUudcl College Melissa Ann Meyer North Food du Lac- Year enrolled at WSD 1978 Sports Football Cheerleader 2 3 4 link' Basketball 2 Track and Field 2 3 Activities Dorm Council 3 Other Homecoming Queen Future plans Moraine Park Technical Institute-Fond du l ac 15Colleen Carole O'Connor Wauwatosa Year enrolled at wsi) 1978 Future plan Job Randall Robert Sanden Hudson Year enrolled al WSI) |0T9 Sports Boys’ Basketball 3 4 Fulurc plans College or Technical school Thomas Carl Schlotthauer, Jr. Belgium Year enrolled al WSD 1976 Sports Football 12 3 4 Wrestling I 2 3 4 Track and 1 2 3 activities W-Club 2 Drama Club I Student Council 2 Other 1980 Prom Prince Homecoming King Future plans Moraine Park Technical Institute-Fond du Luc 16Scott William Walker Kenosha Year enrolled .d WSI I ' 1 Sports Football I 2 H Hoyt Basketball I 2 3 4 Truck and Field I 2 Nctis Hies Duma C lub I 2 3 Mudcni Council I 4 Sijtn Song Dancer 3 Jr NAD I W-Club 2 Junior and Senior Class President Other: Homecoming Prince 3 • Future plans tiallaudct College Janies Lewis Waters Helen vide Year enrolled at WSD 1970 Sports: Football 2 3 Wrestling I Wrestling Cheerleader 2 3 4 Track and Field I 3 Activities 8o Scouts 12 3 4 Drama Club 1234 Student Council 3 4 Junior and Senior CU« Treasurer Future plans NTH) Class Advisors Cynthia Heindl • Darien Roger Henning SharonBaicfl. Susannc Ballmer. James Becker. Kim Bunim. David Curtin. Joseph i Jt. Cathy Ferguson. Glenn Gessell. Patricia Grau e. Charles Hodge. Char main llolub, Jeffrey Jensen Brian I .arson. Ned I arson Sully Lucas. Charles Mancl. Gaylord Nelson. Sabina Omnski, Charles Ovren. Robin Padon. Jeffrey Kaether. Scott Reed. Kimberly Swugcr. Dottie Szejna. l:ric Wheeler. MurrayAbel, Daniel Mien. 8fcnd.i Allen. Warren Andreas. Sara Benson. Faith Bcrthcaumc. Kathy Bessette. Liu Bc cr. Robert Burnt . Brian Brei. Fred Brook. Alisha Cathcr. LuDonna Cmko. Valeric Conrad. Ann Crow. Russell Dausey. Deborah Douglas, Paul Drels. Megan Drinxingcf. Nancy Evans. Frank Gaglionc. Lee Anne IDnscn, Mary l llcn Uarrer. Ann Hendrickson. Sharon Hctchlcr. Stephanie Howell. Darla Hraban. Lori Hyde. Knstm Jensen. Kyle 20 SJensen. Timothy Kawtki David Kent, Lisa Kober. Thomas Kram.iv Wayne l.arnpcn, Nancy I anger. Joseph Leonard. Joanne l.md, Daniel March. Melissa Mau«. Joanne Matte. Quint May. Cy run 1.1 Mayfield, Peter McAuliflc. Dawn McCord. Ilcidi Miller Bonnie Mochoff, Tern Olson, K.uhy Olson. Susan Padott. Dawn Pol rn. Dawn Puller. Ted Savage. Richard Sterner . Kan Slarr. Mary Stcurcr. James Stibbe. Michael Treucr. lidward Van Pell. Shelley Wagner. Julie Woilers. Amber Wu mak. Donna 21Hauer Durryl Hchling. Daniel Hon , Marc Wavier. Kathleen Hr.null Junto Hti ano»ski, l.da.ird C.irdclli. Steve Chr» tcn»cn. Annette Coney, Darnel DuCturmc Lori Taber. Judy I-ran . Scott (iouid. Terr) I team . Kan llm . Luurd Jackson. Jack Jala . Kcll Javcor Sally Kenny. Willmm Koeppe. Chris Kun „ Stewart Kun c. Sown Martin, Brenda Vlorun, Diana Nelson. Todd . laylcr. I awn Prevent. Chris Rader. Raymond Sandsirom, Renee Sava|tc. tiordon ipiewak. Paul Stanley. Jultc Sircich. Pamela Thompson. Monica Towne. Tern Tryc ak. Kenneth Votta ek. Ann Wawr onck. Margaret 'k'qglcitncr. Run Weis Hi dhcfhEighth Aock, Jeffrey llunkowski. Jon Bov Rukey Br.isilc. Maru Clarke. Kraiinc DcPncst. Michael ll.illmcycr. Tamm) Hannah. ire Hauck. Patricia Krahn David Jacobs Richard McCullcy, Matthew McGuire Victoria Miller, Edward North. Scoii N aafd Susan Schcrfcenbuch. Kevin Stfmimski. shawn Surprcnanr. Sand) Vjndenbuvrh. Martha Voclkcr. I on Wood. Ntchola Seventh Hibrcchi. Dirk Aoci. Audra Copeland. David Furlano. Jeffrey llamcisicr. Anne Klusman. Debra Kricf. Robert Larson. Gary Lcrkicwicr. David North Roxanne Pinnvone.mil William Pnhnow. Wayne Rulowski. Paul Schcllfeffcr Michael 23 Sicmmcl . Kim Slucsvy. Paul S c na. EddySixth Fourth Koftcn-vck. Dec Item. K iii) I url.imi. Jennifer ktuvmjn. licuii kn.ipp, HoOert kockc ( hm IjmcII C hri l.cmn.ih Kci in Limono Andy Millm.inn I rtc Nof hip. d.ivhI Parian Barbara KoiinticUangcr. Tim W llr% Jeffrey Nvbury KiinncO Hiuripe, 11ion.i Br.'dy. Michael l. .inv v«|i Fiirncih. M.m Hainan Kohhv Harmon Wendy krauw. Rhonda Morford. Marcy Nclvon. lomi Jo N i»om. Carlu Mill, Maureen Circnor Rachel firennan. Doreen Varvil. Hreu Urst Kinde rgarten c oopet. Chm Diet man. Vicky I Id red, Michael Keller. Shelly Mor lord. V omnia Schtil , Sarah "•won. David Kommclfimgcr. CherylAthletic Department lidw.ird Miruv It football Waldo T CojcJjno ■irhlrta Dun Alex SUppc) Axx't, Football ftm' J. I thxketball Both Rumple Steve Werner Gkh I I ollri belli H rvuhnx Axi l. Girlx" Huxki'lhtill Paul Suchjrvki A ss V. WmlllHX rhcrcvc Pohl Gif It' Track ami ful.l Ihorrusiru Hrjxcl 4 li t Guts' Track am! FkU fcarl Wutkmv Jr »•» hack and held Pal Lamb Grrlt I omit I ollcvball Gtrh l an fi Basketball Alexander Rubuno Boys iatxilt Basketball Miiion l.cc Asx't ton Track am! field 26footbG Him row left to right J. Molub. J. Ballmer. K Brook. S Walker. T SchMihauer I) Archie (i Marsel. G Ferguson Second row B Boyer. J Sictuer J Curtin. B Jensen, J Padan. T Jensen. A $hppe) .m‘l couch; E Minis. Jr he.uJco.ich Third rose C. I.uns. I BuianoMskt. R Radar. C' Wheeler, N. l.arson. D bel S Kun . M Stibbe Fotirth row J | .mger. munager. P Mayfield. T Gourd. W Kenny. C Presmt.C Koeppe. G Savage. K Trycrak.C. Gfuu c, head manager All—Conference Smii Walker mg 4 James Ballmer 1 1 if We 8 Season’s Record Indiana They 15 Ira 8 Missouri 0 i . 4 1 Michigan 0 14 Way land Academy 28 32 Elhan Allen 6 14 Brookfield Academy 35 36 NMNA 22 40 Maranatha 16 38 Norris 14 Honorable Mention Si.hlotlhaucr Jell lloluh 27Volleyball Varsity First row. left to right: P. Lamb, coach. J Bttick. K Harper Second row T Hill. L Kowalski. S Hclchlcr. S Nelson Third row K Hyde. C. Edlcr. T Morhoff. A. Conrad, manager Junior Varsity Record WC They 15 15 Milwaukee King 12 13 15 15 Maranatha 12 6 6 8 Shoreland Lutheran 15 15 2 1 St. John's 15 15 4 11 St. John's 15 15 15 15 Maranatha 5 10 5 13 Shoreland Lutheran 15 15 Varsity Record We They 15 15 Milwaukee King 5 8 7 5 Maranatha 15 15 2 5 Shoreland 15 15 15 15 St. John's 3 5 15 15 St. John’s 5 12 4 11 Maranathu 15 15 14 15 15 Union Grove 16 3 8 3 2 Shoreland Lutheran 15 15 15 15 Abundant Life II 7 15 15 Union Grove 10 13 JuniorVarsity C First row. tell to nghi M Starr, A Bronk. £ Larson, K Reed Second row: J Faber, manager. S Hendrickson. D Moran H Rumple, coach Third row J Wagner. M Dreft. S Buicrl.Wrestling Firv row. left 10 right P Mayfield. R Wcglciincr. D Buntin. K Bronk. D Abel. B Kenny Second row K Tryezak, G Mind. G Ferguson, J Curtin, S Fran . T Schloithauer. All—Conference Season’s Record Tom Schlotthaocr Joseph Curtin Gaylord Mand Scott Fran We They 26 Hustiford 34 37 St. Bonaventure 27 Midwest Deaf Invitational 4th Place 36 Maranatha 31 26 Lakeside Lutheran 43 46 WSVH 21 54 Brook Held 16 Juda Invitational 6th Place 42 NMNA 18 24 Racine Lutheran 41 ITC Conference 1st PlaceBoys9 Basketball Varsity ' left 10 fight J llolob. B Sumlcn. S Vilkcr I Ballmer ,ti m"' fUW 8•Beyer. T Pullet S Kun . J P.tdon I bird row J I anger. D Atchic VS Kramaj, V Kohiuno. coach Varsity Record Wc They 57 Norris Wr 4 Indiana 71 52 Muranutha 50 30 Ethan Mien 74 50 Divine Word 52 38 Missouri 44 45 Minnesota 39 68 Si John’s 46 39 NMNA 47 29 Ethan Allen 53 71 St. John’s 47 39 Maranathu 52 59 Norris 55 44 Williams Bay 59 Junior Varsity All—Conference vott Walker I ■»».% Bilim K r«t row left to right ) Pi don I) rchic. T Piilfcr S Kun s-row • Vi .igv- " Kr.rnm I freoer Third row K V».ond I lluuiu««ki. H liomt X M.ipp couth ,,r ,ttCt 30Girls’ Basketball Rr t row. left to right S Nebofl, T Mill. L Kowalski. C fuller Second row. T Townc. K Hyde, i Wagner. P 1 amb. coach Third row S. Hendrickson. I) Padon. A Bronk S llctchlcr Fourth row S Com.id, manager; I. DuCharme. VI Dreft. H McCord, manager Season’s Record We They 47 Maranathu 41 53 Indiana 27 30 Missouri 38 40 Oklahoma 30 37 Edge w ood 68 66 St John's 20 56 Maranatha 17 24 Brookfield 38 51 Faith Baptist 26 53 St. John's 12 52 Faith Baptist 24 31 Williams Bay 44Boys’ Track Field First row. tcfi to right B Jensen. K Hronk. J Ballmer. D Burttm. Second low VI Lee. av»‘l couch K K.iJjr, I Puller. I Watkins, head couch Jhnd row-: D Archie. R Sanded. N I arson It Kenny. K Tryc ak. J Lunger, manager Season's Record We They V4 45 Midwest Deaf Invitational 5th Place Belleville Invitational 4th Place St Bonaventure WSD Triangular 2nd Place St John's Quadrangular 3rd Place Black Hawk Invitational 3rd Place WSD Quadrangular 3rd Place Palmyra 32Girls’ Track Field Fimi row. left 10 r«hl t Pol m. I) Mowed K Mafeman. T Mill, I Townc. A llronk Second row M Slarr. I) Moran. I) McAoltflc. J W.igner.S Van Pell Third row I Pohl. head coach: f Brawl. a- T catch. I) Swjgcr. S iatcor. K llcnnig. K Hyde k 'undMrom. manager. A VojUtek, manager Season’s Record We They Kansas School for the Deaf INvitational 4th Place Belleville Invitational 5th Place 91 Brookfield 30 Black Hawk Invitational 5th Place 24 St. Mary 83 24 Racine 49 28 Palmyra 93Cheerleaders Autumn I ir«i row. Ictt to right k. Sicmcf . K Vivopc. C Mj Second row I (iuglionc, M Wjwr onck S. OKon I kcni K licnntg. S Jasvor Third row i Witty, 4jvi or; V mko. II McCord, M Moyer. E Itcgge. D Wo niuk I) OwMy M Bren ton, .idvitor Winter Tirit row. left 10 right M M.twr onck I llr.ih.in V ll.irrcr, S Olson. S Jjccor wood row 1 lemurd i Waters M Miller third row II Vilen I (•.lylnmc I Henson 3435Student Council First row. left to right J Hagen, advisor; K Harper. President. C F.Wcr. Vice Pscsidcnt; S Andreas. Secretary T Hill. Treasurer Second row Vi Starr. M Wjwr onek. J Waters. C Lucas. S Walker. T Kobcr. S Nelson. S Jascor Dorm Council First row. left to right K llydc. I Kowubkt. T Hill. K Harper. IX Padon Second row P Oalts. advisor. I Bupmowski. R Crow It 36 Jensen. S. Andreas. J Watts, advisor Third row K Jacobs Nygaard. K. Clarke. J Faber. S lascorSign Song Dancers Cast A Sitting J. Honko ki Standing K. Clarke, M Starr. S- Jiicor, K Hjrpcr. H McCord Cast B First row. left to right J Leonard. J Wagner. K Hcnmg. V Mcfluiie Second row M Wawr onck. I) Wo nuk. K ll dc. J Faocr.A. Bronk 37Boy Scouts First row. left to right H. Kinsman. A Hamastcr. B P.idon. J. Fur la no Set on il row S Knmha. advisor; I) Kinsman. T Hallmeyer. A A nek I) Bottensek. M andcnhusch FtTil row. left to right K l.cannuh. J Willis. D. Mbreeht. R Dean. I; Maltmann. C. l.awcll. K Knapp. Avs'l. Patrol Leader Second row P Kntowski. k Limoocs. D Lctkicwic . I Kommclfjnger. J, Fnriuno. «’t Patrol Leader. D Copeland, Patrol Leader Ihird row I Peacock. Sconlmustct. ) Padon. Quartermaster, k Sava J Waters U Asst Scorn master. K Bronk Sr Patrol Leader. J. Langer ss i Quartermaster fi. I arson. S Schrantski. P Stnessy. Patrol Leader. B Harlan, Wt Scoutmaster. R Brenton. Vss't Scoutmaster Girl ScoutsSenior Drama Club Fir%l row. left lo nichi J Hagen. advisor: I Cal her I) P.idon. A lironk. I) Swager. I Alexander. advisor Second row llarrcr. S Van Pell. O Ferguson. P Mayfield. T lenven. R Crow Third row I Rcmikcr, dv»»or T Gourd. G Mancl. E Hcggc. J Waters, R Savage Junior Drama Club First row left to right R Krief, T kelson. C Kuckcs Second row (i Bjorge I Rommcllangcr K Higman. E S qn.i. Hamci-dcr. C Nystrom Third row P Staihowiak. advisor. M Still. J I urlano. M andenhosch. R Kr.io c K Jach advisor Fourth row M Hrasde. MFirst row, left to right K. Hronk S ndrca . Corresponding Secretary; B Miller. K Bcrthcaumc. A Conrad Second row I) Howell. Treasurer; J Wagner, Secrctury. K Hyde. Vice President; D Pad on. President Ihird row' M Lee. advisor. I). McAullffc. K Harper. T Puller. B Bonn . J Padon. r Pohl. advisor fourth row W' Allen. S, Jascor. A Brook. K Hafeman D Lind Railroad Model Clul Hirst row. led to right J Hansen, advisor, r Kommclfangcr. J Willis, K Knapp. P Rutowvki, F. Minn, advisor Second row D Copeland. K Loannuh, C Lawcll. D Lctkiewtc , I). Albrecht. C Kucke Third row A Limoncs. R Kricf.E S ejna. D. Norship. K Schcrkcnbach Fourth row B Padon. J. lurlano. I Voclkcr J. Furlano. E Mattmunn. t) Bauer. Rocketry Club First row, led to right K Jensen. D. Abel. T Pulfcr. G. Ferguson. G. Mancl. Second row E Bujanowski. P MayField. C Prevost. F. Mims, advisor. R Savage. J linger 40Prom Court Junior Prom Lcii lw •«! • t-iinuna cny Harper. Prince Keith Bronk. Water . Crownhearer Matt Fortieth. Princess Cheryl Kr cwma. Orownbearer Chris Johnson. Queen l.uannc Kowalski. Kin James Prince Tom Schlotthaucr Spring FeverHomecoming Queen Mr»v Meyer. Kin Tom SvhMthjucr Princess Tammy Hill. Prince Jame Ballmer Prmvc s Eye Hcmsc Prince Scot! Walkerfelt Oktoberfest Court Kelly HarperState Wrestling Champion Schtotthauer managed to get a good grasp on his opponent He then found the strength to flip him over for a reversal Tom is applying pressure for his evontuai pm Tom Schlotthauer WIAA Class C Heavyweight Champion 1981Class Will , Dion Archie, bequeath my politeness and good manners to Daniel Lind. . Judy Bisick, bequeath my strict diet to Susie Baierl. , Keith Bronk, bequeath my laziness to Chip Wheeler. , John Fisher, bequeath my love of Off Road and Hot Rod magazines to Darryl Bauer. , Karrie Ha eman, bequeath my addiction to soda pop to Jeff Padon. , Kelly Harper, bequeath my complaining to teachers to Nancy Lampen. , Evelyn Hesse, bequeath my chattering to Kim Reed. . John Heyrman, bequeath my humorous acting to Charles Grauze. , Tammy Hill, bequeath my athletic ability to Lori Voelker. . Thomas Klante, bequeath my tendency to be late for class to Joanne Leonard. . Luanne Kowalski, bequeath my giggling to Dawn McAuliffe. . Melissa Meyer, bequeath my love of “make up” to Terri Morhoff. . C'ollen O'Connor, bequeath my continuous chatting to Mary Ellen Hansen. . Randy Sandcn, bequeath my skinny body to Dan Behling. . Tom Sch otthauer, bequeath my wrestling skills to the wrestling team. . Scon Walker, bequeath my habit of procrastinating in doing my school work to Brian Jensen. . Jim Waters, bequeath my “jellybelly ' to Tom Kober. 46Farewell LOVE IS SPREADING OVER THE WORLD The hills are alive and the earth is hnnmuny Love is treading over the world Put vain ea to the ground, von can hear n earning Love ts spreading over the world Hear it m the trees as the hree:e is blow him See it in the fields where the mass is yrvsnnif. Perils siton the world will he oter lowniy with love, sweet Ion Shunt it down Irom the highest steeple. Lave is spreading over the world dive the won to all 0 (iotl's people Love is spreading over the world I vet shads s somebody's brother Sow is the time to love one another. Hand in hand nr an make it together Love is spreading over tin world (ilon alary, what 0 mommy’ Ihete s a promise of somethin): new Look at omul! The das is rhtwninv Let it shine, let it shine on son Shout it down bom the highest steeple I ove is spiritdiny over tin world (nvr the word to all 0 (rod s penph Love is spreadiny over the world livers bodes somebody brother. Nr n v du time to (ove out another. (out is alive and he's makmy a nimebaek Love is spreailiny over die world Glory. Glory M hat a mommy ‘ I here's a promise 0 somethinft new Look aroundThe das ts dawning. Let a shine, let it shine on von The hills are alive and the earth ts hmummy Love is spreading ova the world Put sour ear to the ynumd, von ran hear 11 earning Love is spreadiny over the world. Hear it m the lives as the hr cere is blowing. Hand in hand wc van do n toyethei Love is spreadiny over the world Love is spreadiny over the world ( upturn unit Icnmlle THE W ISC ONSIN TIMES niK WISCONSIN SCHOOL H R THE OEM and EDUCATIONAL SERVICE CENTER FOR IMF HEARING IMPAIRED Ocluvan. Wisconsin 53115 VOLUME Cl I SENIOR NUMBER 8 JUNE. 1981 USPS 688 840 The Wisconsin Timex is published eight times per school year; the first of October. November. December, Mutch. April. May, and June Subscription rale is 1 0 dollars per scholastic year, payable in advance Make checks or money order payable to the Wisconsin School lor the Deal Hie Ihuomto Timex is an educational tool and its purpose is 1. To inform purents and interested readers what is being done at this school. 2. Tu tell what leading educators ot the deal tire thinking 3. To offer opportunities for teaching communication, which encourage pupils to improve their English and to do more reading. 4 To instruct in the art of printing 5. lo keep in touch with the alumni ot this school CYNTHIA HEINDL. Class sponsor ROGER HENNING. Class Sponsor ROBERT BRI MON. Yearbook dvisor CYNTHIA III INI)! . Circulation Manager WALDO I COR DA NO. Graphic rts Instructor CHARI E'S P SNYDER Photography and Olfsci Printing Instructor GRAPHIC K IS ( I XSSI S(ftps 088 840 THE WISCONSIN TIMES The Wisconsin School for the Deaf Non Profit Permit 137 Delavan. Wisconsin 53115 Dclavan, Wisconsin 53115 ADDRESS CORRECTION REQUESTED

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