Winters High School - Poppy Yearbook (Winters, CA)

 - Class of 1952

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Winters High School - Poppy Yearbook (Winters, CA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 17 of 72
Page 17 of 72

Winters High School - Poppy Yearbook (Winters, CA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 16
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Page 17 text:

THE STARS N round Iown roollng over Jerry n Vacavnlle Ichapman lfh cerrann sensor boys lfh Marian lrllng wllh boys lih Carlyse allung flhe Brownie lfh Jlm llh her husband ldlng her bllre elplng olhers ona s house llendale acramenfo onfncello halls Ifhe fown +eam games orlung onlrey Iown owhere nn parhcular here fhere IS Irouble anuel s Shell op s Pool Hall rlvlng reclrless rnhng leflers oundmg oFlun+he a s ell Leadmg laylng Bashefball essung around Davns verywhere class ahead n fhose Navy blue clouds AMBITION Foofball player Denial Nurse Singer Preacher Bachelorefle Farmer Flrsl woman pre ldenl To have sux huds Sfenographer College gurl Owner of world s cha Beauhclan Nurse Engineer Cosiume desngner Tramp Swabby Bus Driver Woman ambassador Mlllfary officer Runnsnq a burlesque An+hropologls+ Bum mpron cu++1ng horse 40 Spain Owner of beer 'faclory Archrleci World s fasfesf gum chewer Glamour gurl lnsplrallon for Glrls Town Pollcewoman Gef married Defechve Girl Scou? Dllch dagger No I woman hobo PROBABLE FATE Near slghfed referee Horse docfor Plano 'Iuner Bomlegger Chuld brlde Slave for Marian wal oun moll Old mald Typewmef cleaner Dishwasher Mule slunner Morher of I5 Iuds School feacher Safely pun designer Parachu+e sfylust Bllllonalre Servlce Sfahon aHendanf Hard lop racer Bull flghfer Car hop Seal fralner al Flelshhaclre Grave robber Principal ofW H S Drunlrard Toofh plclr malrer Glue manufacfurer Scrub woman W H S Truani Officer Shoplnfler Admlral In The Navy Sleady cusfomer af Alca+ 61 Cloud cleaner 5 f'Nf' Wm! I Den mofher for fhe Cubs A ai S S r xx x x I 4' AT .219 Q tml IIIWI IA an ' 'S U Follownng Ihe flee? :Q--X-,Q ,S-T X--x L,-Q .fss-., I3 EE 5 . . . v- l J . -S 1 , X : 1 ' ' ' ' h I2 I:'ds 5 I I. . . . S. ,- g T 5 1 . . . . , 1 1' 1 -1 H . . ' . .. 4 1',, I - - ' ' Illll? J r s " - x X l ' ' ' x I : I W - A . . . 0s x , . . . . x XC . . xl' 0? B asa Lnnda Drive Fafher of II lids Sfreef cleaner ' I K I P . If I ec I , QI I X ,I ll I N s l I , . . . ' X , : . , X x xl I I ' I 1 " ' W". wb . . . I x sl --T b ' f Ill N - , c ,. P va, Q f 5 . ' ' h II ' ' ' . . . M- X 25 j X ' ' 3 . . . -X : ,gg . . . . . ja 'Stn M2 - 1 5- I -, . . . F A . . .1 I-1' j' ' :A Q ,- ,J - . ' X - C D ,,., 9

Page 16 text:

CHART NG THE FUTURE ,- ,- fx 'S .5 ,-" N ,-. F, 'S N x QC U2 f l P Q., O ifjfd X cb I2 NAME Gerald Adams Angle Buasu Margue Bushop Phulup Brewer Nancy Cang llu John Carbahal Sharon Cecul Lona Cody Shurley Cogburn Freda Cole Palsy Conner Emuly Coriez Mary Corfez Carlyse Franlre John Fullon Joe Garcua Alber+ Geerfs Elsue GruFFin Lulah Hessellune Joey Marfun Tony Mau-lun Louus Monlosa Duclx Par+aun Chrus Ramos John Ramos Doyle Redmull Emmy Lou Reuff Pal Rohenkohl Rula Ruuz Kennefh Snow Jack Thomas Tony Valadez Jerry Redmull Gay Warren ALIAS Jerry Bubbles Blondue u Broolrlyn Smulfy Shorly Coal 'rauls Candy ouggles a Roberfson Marue Choruzo Horsefly Punlxey The Borden cow lfufly Joe Mulallo Lover Machune Gun Kelly Duclrer Twulchue Coneuo Trouble Lu Lu Paluch uza Kenny Spuder Flash e o a WEAKNESS Russell Slreer Vacavulle Roger Tobacco Her car Gurls Monlrey buies Men Sleepung Druve lns Eahng Weddung rung School Boys Chuldren Cherrues Dual pupes Blue Fords Woodland Baslcelball My gurl A senuor gurl Drunluung Rosevulle Swummung Good loolrung gurls Travus Spulballs Saulors ASophomore ur Duggung Dancung gurls Fresno A handsome saulor 1 : Q 0 . . . . F ,: ,H " Ph'I :Li il: lt, A 9 . ,. PA A . . "Wu T5 Z, . X o -3 . fr ff, ' ' Q 2 1 fu T - . Q s Q 'T 3 P + ' N' . . X . 2 3 ' X . S Q l George Day H Junior W0fli Fx . X T Q . . . V X Y Al - ' X , . . I V y , . . K Y o u lx - l ' X i 4 ll A ' ' E T' ' u A y , . . A . , , 3 . . .-- 4 1 ' R A E 1 L u ...... ' ' 0 'J ic Q 1.

Page 18 text:

SEALED ORDERS -ig, ' Z II KI RM III Ik uu ...i I 'Cf' 5 F 1.13 K' R ? ,- f'Z.1 f-' f.. f' ..f-H '25 'Tl I Jerry Adams wull my receuvung abululy al rughl end un loolball lo Anlhony Marlun knowung he can do as well as I I Angue Buasu wull my sale d uvung lo Vurgunua Bushop un hopes lhal you have less wrecks lhan I Vurge I Margue Bushop aboul ready lo leave Wunlers Hugh do make my Iasl wull and leslamenl wullung lo Jackue Campos all my abululy lo go sleady wulh a Vacavulle boy un hopes lhal she can lund a good lookung red head luke I dud I Phulup Brewer wull my curly haur lo Roy Rose I hope ul wull do as much lor you Roy as ul has lor me I Nancy Canqellu beung ol poor menlal capaculy wull my abululy lo skup school and gel caughl lo all who have skupped and gollen away wulh ul I John Carbahal wull my love lo all lhe gurls I dudn l gel around lo un my good old days un Hugh School I Sharon Cecul on my sad deparlure ol Wunlers Hugh hereby do wull my quuelness lo Manuel Marlunez As ul he needs ul' I hope ul doesn l gel you unlo as much lrouble as ul dud me I Lona Cody beung ol unsound mund and body aller lour years un Wunlers Hugh School do wull all my cugarelles whuskey and wuld wuld men lo Kay Spark lh Shurley Cogburn wull my abululy lo gel A sun Muss Beebe s class lo Lous Keul I Freda Cole wull my uob al lhe Brownue lo my ambuluous susler Vucky who lukes lo work I Palsy Conner wull my abululy lo cook un homemakung lo Anula and I Mary Corlez wull lhe lulure senuors lhe abululy lo gel more oul ol lheur senuor year lhan I dud I George Day beung ol sound mund and heallh do hereby wull my abululy lo go lo school lhree days a week lo John Mayhew I John Fullon wull my Chunese slung shol lo Coach Mermond so he can sell ul lo some unsuspeclung lreshman and pay my bulls I Carlyse Franke beung physucally lul and menlally unbalanced wull all my parkung places lo Eluzabelh Gral Use lhem lo your besl advanlage Luz I Joe Garcua wull John Carbahal s lalse loolh lo Mr Snow Never lel ul be saud lhal he II be called loolhless I Alberl Geerls beung ol unsound mund and physucally lul wull my phy suque lo Bull Gray May you use ul lo your besl advanlage as I dud nol I Elsue Grullun aller much consuderaluon do hereby wull my langs lo Delberl Mayer Happy Crunchungl I Lulah Hessellune do leave my lale hours lo lhose who luke lo sleep Make good use ol lhem I Joe Fox Marlun wull my muddle name Fox lo Commander Snow hopung lhal ruexl year someone wull be loxy enough lo gel ul I Tony Marlun wull my abululy lo snucker around belween classes wulhoul gellung caughl lo Muss Slumbles I Lewus Monlosa wull my abululy lo swupe my lruends lunches and lhen share ul wulh lhem lo Bull Buasu May you carry lhus on all lhrough your days un dear old Wunlers Hugh Bull I Duck Parlaun beung ol unsound mund and body hereby wull my dusabulu lor cullung school and guvung haurculs lo Squurrel presudenl ol lhe Wunlers Hugh School Socuely ol lhe Bald I Chrus Ramos wull my loolball lersey number I3 lo Jum Kozen and my abululy lo go lo Rosevulle more ollen lo Sam Sulvey Joe Ramos Abe Lopez and Jum Thompson I John Ramos wull all my good grades lo anyone who us crazy enough lo lake lhem I Doyle Redmull wull my everlaslung good luck and devoled love ol lypung lo Ira Day I hope you donl make some ol lhe same muslakes lhal I made I Emmy Lou Reull beung physucally and menlally run down do hereby wull my lallness all 5 fool 9 unches ol ul lo Belly Sunderman Now you can see lhe world as I do Belly' I Emuly Roberlson wull my loudness lo Dolores Lopez Make good use ol ul and don l wasle ul Dolores I. Pal Rohenkohl, wull my abululy lo gel an exlra week's vacaluon wulh Mr I Q 1 -I . r. o 1 -Sn u I Q + 'Q .. . I. . . I . . - . . I s f I .I . . ' . .. . 2 'N ' ' ' -75 E ,, . . . . '. J E " ' . i fr' ' Y, , Zxt yn, M1 l .I . . I . ' :I una -- - -- - I - - , - - sQ luu Ill , , , ' ' u I ei . - . . . I' III: I I W5 1 E ui . V . . . . ' . V y ' A c I ,Z , , ua? V' . . .. . . . . . f 1 '. HI . u 'l IIN . - :I III!! - ....:. lun U , , , la' - ' ' . ' . .... b F rf- ' " Juanlla Ramos: and lo Bull Gray and Don McClish, my coon-lrapplng abululy. 'J 3 Ill .' '. D ,gi . . . if Z Jul I , .,T'Y. T1 EE - ' - 7 1 II I -I u - - Z' t: IE! I . . . ' . ' ' li, . V I I . . . . . 1 . . l -Q ' ' . , . .27 J -I I . uv uu . . I r-,gig . t . g-:1 f'f1 , . . . . "f:-. H R f- f- u . V - l 317: 5' , ' , ' .

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