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W. W Aj X GI' 3ZQT'5'M-m ii Sxsx.-Rx! X X QQ X s -1, i- X wa- :gs -. - 5 XS-Qt . .N X, ., Y, 'qt X x ,i 'V 14. Q -. , r X , T.. P f f X 9-5.1-lf'E pfqgrgss y U X ' f f ?S QF' 75016 f f f f r 3 A xxx ' 'rl X . 3 ' X L EXA- N X mnmgrgg fix 'r hi Q-. EQ- 7 'X 653' fi 7 ff 'ff' -Qxy fn - 11111015 f '--wif - ? f. 3: g f X get X 'r ' Ziff, Q. X i X : I I X 45:5 H 7 Q 'X X 4 ,E N --- " 3 X X X X ,., ' ' 4 M-lS!xx ' x 5 f 0PL9nofN f X as Q Cla? J. , ul-up Wk X ' f' QE- 5 mv 'SS 5245 :QR z X jf' sl W wwlnnvgw S XXX NX A Af xX xvu 41'- wr. LEFT TO RlGHT: .I.,aVeta Gehrels, Jeanette Swanner, Norma Crownover, Frank Richie, Adalene Williams, Richard Pullin, Bobby Anderson, Mr. Middleton. We, the Annual Staff of Winters High School, have combined our talents and efforts to present to you this 1951-'52 edition of the GLACIER. We have sought to portray fully the life of our campus so that whenthe years have slipped away, you may not forget the joys, the friendships, the inspirations, and the purposes of our high school days. I J-Ll, . F- Y im -C-2' f H I -a L -7 J L W ' i ' it -' .:. i 2'- .1 ...-:-... 1-:fm -Q "A, ' ? .EE --,.."':'.:-' Pl.-l 3 We,the members .---4' ofthe 1952 GLACIER Staff, are happy at A this opportunity to ""--f-'E express our deepest Q-J..-5-'- ,l appreciation to one of the most outstanding faculty members of Winters High School. Certainly no other ' member ofthe faculty ...- has contributed any ...- more to the develop- - ment ofthe Winters High School student than has this ...T teacher, and withthat thought in mind we dedicate the 1952. edition of the GLACIER to you, MRS. PEARL JACKSON, with the hopes that you will have many ,....--51 hours of pleasant memories from the pages that ft? follow. "'f,",'L..." THE GLACIER STAFF --,,:.".. . . Q -""",,'Z.. .-"5-" 0Je.fvn.A.J .,,,..- - N I x KLIAL9 "-zu" . , ,:-,.- ,11--"" , Y "ff v - if A sv 'T :nn l,, -- is-N mil -1-1-' q-.-ur- 1:1112- in-it 1-1--n ln-1. g--ul... 3:1-i 1:1--.1 311-4- qi-v-.-- ' + 1:-,-2? -i- , f ali F" -W- ..LY4Hf If M-Y 6fe'7v70' 694566405 . .... and the quick chats in the crowded hallbetween classes always came as pep- upsg the locker conversations, the friendly Hi's and the busy atmosphere of happy class-mates became living parts ofour regular school days . What school day is complete without the gayness ofthe lunch hour or the hustle and bustle of the hall between periods? Our lunch room always hummed with the sound of happy voices, and friendly laugh- ter bounded back and fourth across the tables .... pqmwwvldf 4 495W rnzitcur scien '1idd1cL0n's chemistry class. USiS Pit' WOTR in Mr' Biology students find out wh makes things tick. F Liv V P:- 'Wi in 1 gli?- 'Qi' 1 ' i 5 SU' ,S Senior Action in Mrs J uS9 . , NHS' Kr English Department ackson s Commercial for better Minds at work in Study Hall .qv-M ix, iw ky. -6 Mrs. Kel1y's History students in study sw? ...swing-v-"" S We are here our dear old High To laud your glorys to the sky, Colors white and blue and we'll stand by you, We will wave our colors gay As we go fighting on our way For our dear old High School dear We'll never fail, never fail, HIP, HIP, I-IURRAY! and duced B e fair L oyal to themselves and their school I nterested in others Z ealous for inspiration Z ealous for enthusiasm A ttain success R ealize their obligations D o unto others as they would have others do unto them S trive for better school spirit and sportsmanship Harvest King and Queen election Halloween Carnival, October 29. Blizzard King and Queen Corona tion, October 12. mwwfia El f Z 'f 5 ,ff 1 J. na Uk Sgivin J' Senior wresthng Matches at the Carnivm, HaUoween Octobe 129. 8 Da ,V ' N ovember Z Z BLD- . NO 1str1Ct gam Vernbel' e at Ranger bky pre Chrxstmas Assam by th Student Councn December ZX sented Football Banquet Jan. 21. kings if i - I f mmwl..-W1-, I 3 , 3" .' xg imf jg, fp , x Q f B 7 mx I N S J 3 ii 3' i YM X. RNNL EVE? ssl A lEE"""""""""'?"?MEP l!'FR.EJ::i:lll Valentine Assembly presented by the Glacier Staff, February 14. me Ill.. Action on the basketball court with Lakeview, February 8. ng.. JW i il! C W Q Mdlfffffflll- flllllflllllfg QW E612 Z Mk W Gro 90 S WQN E9 LTY 6 1 J 421 K F- :W N I L. LASATER, Superintendent The Annual Staff, their Sponsor, andthe Student Body of the Winters High School are to be commended onthe quality of their annual which definitely reflects the school spirit and student life in Winters High School. From time totime as youturn the pages of this annual may you be inspired and challenged by the same spirit and feeling that you displayed in making this the best annual that has been published by high school students. Your performance as a student in high school tends to pilot your life's success and ultimate destiny, therefore, each one should bear his responsibil- ities seriously. I. L. LASATER VVII11'EI S SUP! F H SCHOOL NDENT PAL R. T. ADAMS, Principal It would seem idle to hope that each of you has achieved his ambitions for the year, much less that each has made a signal record. It is hoped, however, that for none has the year been lost. To you who are graduating--you have achieved much thus far in your educational career. Ihope your success may inspire you with confidence in your ability to achieve even more in the life that lies ahead. To those of you who are not graduating--may you have a most profitable summer, and we will be looking forward to seeing you again next year . R . T. ADAMS ROBERT CHRISTIAN General Science Math BILL FOX GLADYS CRAWFORD Homemaking V.A. VY MYRLE FRAZIER COREEN GARDNER Librarian Math ELWOOD HARRIS PEARL JACKSON MATTIE COOKE WILLIE BELLE CORNET' English x E GRADY FOX English JOSEPH GRANT HAM Band PATSY JOHNSON V. A. Business Administration Homemaking EVA J. KELLY EULA KRUSE VIRGIE LASTER History English Math liiibk .ngfi " C' fy.-1? iii ' WELDON MIDDLETON Science DWARD P. MCCHESNEY PAT IVICCHESNEY Assistant Coach Pep Squad, P. E. THURMAN WHITE Assistant Coach IOI-IN SI-IERWOOD MORIS SOUTHALL D. E. Head Coach MR. BROWN MR. DUPREE Custodian Engineer I ,, L,,I P V-47 . ?'4wffff RECESS ,su NOON HOUR ,.. L FACULTY PRESENTATION OF "SCHOOL DAZE" MEN SE IOR fiefwfdfdlf Wax? W f fff"fffVO'f" VD NW!! MW 453538 ?kMkXNNN5W5II7i:i. Q In 'W f!ffwMff'f" all HM ' 44 f f f Z il N X M40 MG-N' I N X ' t , ' QQXUIQ . I I , W I HIM fitimxxsh XJ ffwffwmmfl iw NWI mm Sewchfz ZHHE HEIISLEU "WWF" LH VETH GEHHHS Semin 66444 Ojfdaew President ------ ---MINOR NELSON Vice-President--- -- JIMMY I-IODGES Secretary ------- ---- R UTI-I GERHART Treasurer ----- --- BARBARA FISHER Reporter -------- ------ - AMY PRICE Parliamentarian ---- --- JIMMY MORGAN Sergeant at Arms ---- -------- Z ANE HENSLEY SPQISOTS ---------- ----- M RS. I.L. LASATER MRS. CHARLES KRUSE Cf ! NS LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Minor Nelson, RuthGerhart, Mrs. Kruse, Bobbie Fisher, Amy Price, Jimmy Morgan. SECOND ROW: Jimmy Hodges, Zane Hensley, Mrs. Lasater. N-F CAROLYN AFFLERB'ACH-Transferred frorrm St. Joseph Aeaden Abilene, Texas. Sodality '49-'51g Clee Club '49-'51g Cheer Lean '50-'5lg Reporter ofEchoes'5O-'51g Treasurer of Junior Class 'E '5lg Junior,Senior Play '50-'51g Christmas Play '50-'5lglVIin5t1 '50-'5lg Hat Show '50-'5lg Toast Mistress Junior Senior Banquet 'E 'Ely Sfienre Club '50-'5lg Tennis '50-'5lg H. E. '48-'49g Choral Cl '48-'495 Pep Squad '48-'49g F.l-i.A.x'f-'505 Pep Squad '49-'5Zg Scier .1 Club '49-'5o. W k H ox ,J -Q k v uf' ERNEST cooxe' , at it , V N Psi I, J, V Vx. My y Avy Jay, Y vt IN vt. T Q V ki? l i' .,' i 1 . 5 ' if ' ' jf' .K .AI 'vt Q A1 , I . . lf J' ,' 5. - t., y i . w MICKEY EDVYARDS-V.A.l. '48-'49g Football '-l-B-'Sly Basketball'4 '50-'51-'5ZgBaseball '48-'495 Baseball '51-'SZQ Pencil Pusher Cl '50-'51. BETTY EVANS-Transferred from Pampa High School. Negro Min trel'5O-'513 Funzaflying '50-'51p Chorus '50-'Sly Goal Digger Cl '50-'5lg Junior Play '50-'51g Homemaking '50-'5lg Assistant He Cheer Leader '51-'5Z5 Sub-Deb Club '5l-'5Z. BARBARA FISHER-Most Popular Girl '48-'49Q H.E. l. President '4 '49g Representative to Gale '48-'49g Flag Bearer of Pep Squad '4 '49g Band '48-'5Zg F.H.A. '48-'51g Amature Contest '48-'493 Ba: Quartet '48-'49g Secretary of Sophomore Class '49-'5og Student Cou eil '49-'5Og Goal Digger Club '49-'5Zg Negro Minstrel '48-'513 Cla inetAward'49-'5OgSenior Follies '49-'50g Aunt Silly '49-'50g IVled Award, Band'49-'5OgSeeretary of Goal Diggers Club '50-'51g Ba, Secretary '50-'5lg Band Flag Bearer '50-'51gProgram Cimmmitti F.H.A. '50-'5lg ClarinetAward '50-'5lg Junior Play '50-'Sly Bus ness Manager Gale '50-'51g Funzaflying '50-'51g Biology Club '49-'E Junior Class Treasurer '50-'513 Miss Winters '50-'5lg Essay Writim '50-'51g Girls Chorus '50--'51g President of Goal Diggers Club '51-'E Band Sweetheart '51-'5Zg Band Secretary '51-'5Zg Society Editor Ga '51-'52g Treasurer of Senior Class '51-'5Z. JOHNNIE FRIERSON-Transferred fromAliee '5O' Football '50-'5 Basketball '50-'Sly Junior Play '50-'5lg Negro Minstrel '50-'51. JOHNNY GANN-V.A. '48-'493 D.E. Club '51-'5Z. LA VETA GEHRELS-Secretary 8thGrade '47-'48g Secretary Fresh man Class '48--'491 Sophomore Reporter '49-'50g Band '44-'SZQ Ban Sweetheart '50-'5lg H. E.l Song Leader '48-'495 Senior Follies '49 '5Og Coal Diggers Club '49-'50g Band '50-'51g Junior Play '50-'5 Business Manager-Glacier '50-'513 Business Manager-Glacier '51 '5Zg Funzaflying '50-'5lg Aunt Silly '49-'SOQ Negro Minstrel '48-'5 Representative to Gale '49-'50g Vice-President Goal Digger Club '51 '5Zg Miss Winters Contest '50-'51g Interselgolastie League Znd Palc Band Award '49-'5Og lnterscholastic League Znd Place Award '50-'5 F. H. A. Club '48-'49g Biology Club '49-'5Og Constitutional Ammend ment Conimittee '49-'5Og Band Representative to Queen of Hearts '50 '5l3Amature Contest 'EO-'5lg Choral Club '50-'5l5 Who's Who '49 '50g Membership Committee Coal Diggers Club '51-'5Z. ITI-I GER HART-Salutatorian '47-'4B3 Basketball '48-'49g Pep Squad i-'49g F.H.A. Club '48-'493 Junior Play '50-'5l3 Miss Winters ntest '50-'51gJunior Favorite '50-'5l: Sub Deb Club '50-'5lg Sec- .ary Pencil Pusher's Club '50-'513 Secretary Senior Class '51 - igSecretary Sub Deb Club '51-'5Zg Girls Sports Writer ofthe Gale -'52, IR LON GIDEON RA GLOVER FIN R. HANCOCK-Science Club '48-'49g Football '48-'5Zg F. F.A. tball.Team '49-'SOQ Pencil Pusher Club '50-'5lg F.F.A. '48-'51. NE HENSLEY-SophomorePurliamentarian'49-'503 Junior Vice- :sident'50-'51gScnioi-Scrgentat Arms '51-'5Zg Football '49-'Sig District Back '50-'51g Co-Captain '51-'5Zg Basketball '49-'5Zg xck '48-'493 Blizzard King '51-'52, YD HESTER-Track 149-'5lg Football '48-'5l3 Baskctbal1'47-'50. VIMY HODCER-Band '47-'SZQ President of Eight Grade Class '47- lg Junior High Football '47-'48g President of W. H.S. Band '50-'51g ce-President of Band '49-'50g Senior Follies '49-'503 Junior Play J-'51g Football '51-'5Zg Vice-President of Senior Class '51-'5Z. .ENN JORDAN-Summer Graduateg Junior High Football '47-'49g 'Team Manager '50-'Sly F.F.A. '48-'5Z. N-audi, i""-sv' an--.X 'Q O5 JOYCE JORDAN-H.E. Club '47-'5Zg Pencil Pushers Club '50-'52 DELBERT KRUSE-F.F.A. '46-'51g Junior Football '46-'483 Junio Basketball '46-'48g Pencil Pushers Club '50-'51g Science Club '51 '5Zg Chapter Conducting Contest '50-'5lg Livestock Judging Team '50 '5lg Second Vice-President F.F.A, '51-'5Z. OUIDA LEWIS-Freshman Reporter '48-'49g Freshman I-Iarve Princess '48-'49g Pep Squad '48-'49g Vice-President of H. E. I. Cla: '48-'-195 I-l. E. Club '48-'49g Girls Basketball '48-'5Zg Substitu' Cheerleader '48-'49g Gale Staff '48-'49g School Spirits Committe '48-'495 Volleyball '48-'52g Cheerleader '49-'5Zg Sophomore Treasui er '49-'5Og Science Club '49-'5Og Treasurer of Pep Squad '49-'5Og Si Deb Club '49-'5Zg Volleyball lntermural '50-'5lg Speech Club '50-'5 Chariman of ConstitutionalAmendments Committee of Sub Deb Clt '50-'5lg Secretary of Junior Class '50-'51g Junior Class Represent ative for Queen of Hearts '50-'51g Social Committee for Sub Deb Clu '51-'5Z1 President of Sub Deb Club '51-'5Zg Student Council '51-'52 Head Cheerleader '51-'52g Basketball Intermural '5O-'51- JEANNINE LIDDELL-Band'49-'513 Negro Minstrel '49-'5Og Junic Play '50-'503 Funzaflying '50-'5lp Assistant Business Nlanager to Gal '50-'513 Style Show '50-'51g Miss Winters Contest '50-'5lg Band '50 'Sly Girls Chorus '50-'51g Majorette of Band '51-'5Zg Business Man ager to Cale '51-'5Zg I-l.E.. Club '51-'5Zg Sub Deb Club '51-'52, A . ! A. f 'T K KENNETH LLOYD-Vice-President of8th Grade '47-'48g Most Hand some Boy '47-'439 Christopher Columbus Play '48-'49g Senior Follie '49-'5Og Funzaflying '49-'50g Vice-President of Band Club '50-'5Q Toastmaster Junior-Senior Banquet '50-'5lg Junior Play '50-'51 Director Negro Minstrel '50-'51g Funzaflying '50-'51g Student Act ivities Committee '50-'51g Vice-President Band Club '51-'5Zg Ban '47-'5Z. JOYCE LUCAS-Transferred from Talpag F.F.A. '51-'5Zg Footba '48-'505 Basketball '49-'513 F.F.A. Officer '51-'52. ZELDA MATHIS-F. H.A. '47-'51: H. E. Club '48-'493 D.E. Club '50- '51g Sub Debs '49-'52Q Vice-President of D.E. Club '50-'51: Vice- PresidentofSub Debs '51-'5Z5 Pep Squad '48-'5Z5 Secretary of Pep Squad '51-'5Zg Junior Play '51-'52g Funzaflying '50-'51g Miss Winters Contest '50-'5l: Secretary of Pep Squad '50-'51. BARBARA MINZENMAYER-F.H.A. '48-'513 Coal Digger Club '50- '5Zg ParlimentarianofGoal Diggers '51-'5Zg Class Favorite '49-'51 Class Reporter '50-'51g Assistant Director of Junior Play '51g Scrap- book Committee F.H.A. '50-'51g Band '47-'5Zg BE1ndSecretary-Trea- surer '50-'5lg Assistant Director of Negro Minstral '5l- Funzaflying '50-'5lg D.E. Club '50-'5lg Senior Follies '5Og Class Reporter '47- '48g Choral Club '50-'5lg Aunt Silly '49-'5Og Miss Winters Contest '50-'5lg Biology Club '49-'50. fllVlY MORGAN-Transferred from Albany '49-F. F.A. '49-'51-'SZQ rliamentarian '51-'52 - Senior Class. SCOE MORRISON-Sc'ivm'i' Club '-17-'48g F. F. A. Chapfer Conduct- Cuntust '50-'Lily lf. F.A, Softball Team '49-'SOQ PL-neil Pusher lb '50-'Sly P'.l".A. Rs-piwtvr 'S1Af'5.Z. JIX.Ii-MILLAN LANCLES MQSWAIN NOR NELSON-lfizullmll '49-'5dg'I'r:1ck'-19-'5lg Sccrutary F. l".A. l-'5Zg l".F.A. Award '50-'5lg Pzxrlizxmvntarizin Junior '50-'5l3 cslclvnt of5vniur Class '51-'5Zg Svvcctliczxrt Sub Deb Club '51-'5Zg runner up for Most Ri'prc'sQnt,utivc Hoy ICA, lute-rmurzxl l5eiskctbzill'50-'51, .MER LOYD PHILLIPS-F.F.A. '48,-' 5-'EOL l".F.A. l'msIu'il1Lill'48-'5l. '50-'Sl' l-' F A '43-'EZ' , , . . . , 51, F.l".A. Jlllljllllfl lczlnw .MY PRICE-Transferred from Edna High Schooh Homemaking '49- Slg Volleyball '50-'SZQ Senior Class Reporter '51-'5Zg Pep Squad 51-'5Zg Assistant Business Manager on Gale Staff '51-'5Z. ICIIIARID l-'ULl,lN-V..-X. I'-17-'-185 V.A, ll"l8-'49g V.A. Ill '51-'SZQ :sky Fnvv liuslu-tlmll'learn '50-'5lg President of Library Club '51- Z. 2'-'in xg.-J H FRANK RICHIE-Pencil Pusher Club '50-'5lg Negro Minstrel '50-'E AnnualStaff '51-'5Zg Football '51-'5Z3 Baseball '51-'5Zg Track '5 '515 Most Popular Boy '50-'5lg Junior Play '50-'51g Transferredfrc Houston '49. EUGENE ROBERTSON-V.A. '47-'SZQ Junior Play '49-'505 Pent Pusher Club '49-'5Og Band '47-'5Z. SYLVIA SPILL-Valadictorian '47-'483 Class Favorite '47-'483 Fres man Class President '48-'49g F.H.A. '47-'5Zg F.H.A. Preside '51-'5Zg Basketball '49-'5Og Pep Squad '48-'49-'5Zg Pep Squad Tre: surer '51-'5Z3 Senior Follies '49-'50g Miss Winters Contest '50-'5 Junior Play'50-'5lgAssistant Editor Gale '50-'5lg Editor Gale '5 '5Zg Goal Diggers Club '50-'5Zg Constitutional Amendments Committ: '50-'51g Who's Who '49-'5Og Runner up for Most Representative '51 '51g President Pencil Pushers Club '50-'5lg Student Council '48-'4 IVIERNA TRAYLOR-Basketball '48-'49g Pep Squad '49-'50g F.H.i '49-'503 D.E. Club '50-'5Zg Secretary-Treasurer of D.E. Club '5. '52 MINNIE TRAYLOR QUINCY RAY TRAYLOR-V.A. l'48-'495 V.A. H Judgeing Team '49 '50g V.A. Ill Judging Teamg Pencil Pushers Club '50-'Sly V.A. '51 '5Z. RODNEY WAGGONER F.B. WOOD-Football '49-'5Zg Basketball '49-'5Zg Track '49-'5Zg President Sophomore Class '49-'5Og Sophomore Class Favorite '49- '50g Vice-President Student Council '50-'51g President Student Coun .- cil '51-'523 Football Award '50-'5l. WM' Vxy I xx ' 1 . -, . MEM, 'QN,f FQ Q1 ,ffm ,NBR JW N qw X!-yv'Ap W M I f aff I lon 0559 '4 - C - - Q L Q ff -" E WW gl LGLW S UH . Wgffxfffffffffi L" ff If "":"" '42 ? llffH0TA70MHf 1 Hl qkk j 1 X ' uw' lh'--- ,,, " ' -v f I ll nanfifff. -' X t i -Iii-' 1v -,,.- 200m-+-H xxxmwwxWx N S '-"" -: -A 151 NX is f. 25 41 -S' , il ,Q , . uk ., 'ka we X 9 x . 'M ,:'5'g54 QQ A .X x ' Q Q, , ,Q Ew a f- pf .NW ' Zig 1 2' 3'- -1 wr X 3 3 X if SX alas' S., ., w M, 5.74 E '15 if DHLVIII HUIHH BETTE HIHPES amine President ----- Vice-President Sec reta ry ----- Treasurer -- Reporter ------ arian FRANKLIN MILLIFF Sponsors ------ MRS C J CORNETTE MRS BILL FOX Parliament LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW Dalvln Awalt Mrs Fox Adalene Wllhams Bobby Holland SECONDROW: Jeanette Swanner Zoe Wllson Mrs Cornett Frank11nM1ll1ff V N I Q N ANN CARWILE BEN COLBURN W, T. COLBURN J. T. CRAIG NORMA CROWNOVER WENDELL DAVIS BOBBY ANDERSON DALVIN AWALT MARY BISHOP JOE BRYAN MELVA LEE BRYAN BILL BUCHANNAN mu'5'Q nw-.4---49" JERRY DOBBINS WENDELL DORSETT DENNIS DUNNAM QQ31111-QA FRIERSONM MILTON GERHART VIRGINIA GIDEON xiii? 45" 14" , l - V-.-, Sp'- 'C Qi NESS, + - .E 'ii?f4-Q A. ' g f I mfg , ,- A I , ,j I M ' f' i --HH , J emi? - ' ww' ' ...,. V. ' . 1 . : f A ' .hx vi .lx .225 t Q I1 1102! LA L BARBARA GILES DORIS HALE BUDDY HALL BENNIE I-IAMBRIGHT HARVEY HANTSCHE ERNEST HECKLER RUBY LEE KRUSE BOBBY LAWSON KETTA LONDON BETTE MAPES ELMER MAYFIELD BENNIE MAYO 5 SELMA HERMAN ALPHEUS HILL WINFORD HOGAN BOBBY HOLLAND SARA HOLLINGSHEAD DWAYNE HOWARD x I NITA MCLEROY FRANKLIN MILLIFF SHIRLEY MILLS LUTHER MINZENMAYER EVALINA MORRIS ARCI-IIE NELSON N0 J . CZK .. t '11-sr , . 'Gaudi .xr-fl 1:2-Q JEAN PARRAMORE MARTHA PHILLIPS JULIA PRUETTE DORIS PRUSER WINCIE REEVES SAMMY RUSSELL If w5fW'L' .Lo I' V 7 ,yg,fW25'ffLQ JUANITA STRONG AUGUST SHIPPLICK QUENTEN STANLEY JEANETTE SWANNER DOLLIE VIRDEN ADALE NE WILLIAMS ZOE WILSON GARNER YOUNG OPI-I OBE C, . 9 F o my S 'I --"'-1 EE mr 'If-" I X ""-L ts' " - .-12 xv -L 14- 39 , .. .-f Sf: Q Zi, an 'W - f 9,35 aww' --fhdfggfyf A M w 4 K ""' dj K I 1. 1 ' 1' :l --if 1 E if 4 t f E ., X K fdfff- "- I I Q3 f ,,..f--- f: giw, Sopiamaae ?auofuZe4 HI. L GUN LUUISE BlHCHllIUllU apiamafze 66444 0 ficew President ------ --- FREDDY JONAS Vice-President--- ---------- BAILY MAYO Secretary ------ ---LOUISE BLACKWOOD Treasurer ------ ----------- M ARY BYRD Reporter -------- ----- J AMES GEHRELS Par1iamentarian--- ------ -SANDY GLOVER Sponsors --------- ---MISS MATTIE COOKE MRS. JAMES GARDNER 2 P M i M a 5, Ji 'ESI' ,-,,,.,- FT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Freddie Jonas, Louise Blackwood, James Gehrels, Mary Byrd, ily Mayo, Sponsor, Miss Mattie Cookeg Sandy Glover, Sponsor, Mrs. James Gardner. GLADYS BEDFORD RONNIE BENNETT ROSE BEST ANITA BIGHAM LOUISE BLACKWOOD PEGGY BOYNTON OBIE DEE BRADFORD JUANITA BREDEMEYER CALVIN BROWN KAY RITA BRYAN BONNIE JANE BRYAN MILTON BRYAN BETTY BURLESON JACK BURNS BILLY BURTON ROY BURTON win. 'Nuff 'fi I., :: ag? 5, ,Y Aw f if .::' M Us 3 ,,.- 5 A I . 'C"' . l -": y mf I I 1 fS'V1 . I . i iw 35- Q JANIE BUSI-IER MARY BYRD 'Viv ffsh sf-H WHY fe 'ff ff sais? ? 3525151 - W. U- Q-Q ' gf g 'WW CMF' "Nr-'if E5 N A f . gf 4 i X .- me f fm wg Lp' 1,407 ,,f' .,-.'-u "-.of ,H+ om, ,- A xj R K Q Mv . ,,f 5 R' , .....,, wg, 1' Q ,352 'S P- 3 A 34" Aim. is N-df' Av .x Q A , yi, Y,-pf LA VONDA GREEN M. L. GUY -Q' 4 WANDA CLARK JONELLE COLLIER RHUENELL COMPTON KAVANELL CROWE DON DAVIS DON DRAPER ACY LEE EASTERLY WINONA EOFF CHARLEY EUBANKS PATSY FISHER JAMES GEHRELS LORA MAE GERHART WENDELL GIDEON JUDY GLOVER SANDY GLOVER JOHNNY GREEN VIRGINIA HESTER RALPH HILLER RONNIE HOWELL SHIRLEY INGRAM WALTON JACKSON ROBERT JEWELL FREDDY JONAS MARILYN JONES BOBBIE KING JEANE KNIGHTON JIMMY KRUSE LYNN LACY DEAN LYNCH SHIRLEY MODISETTE KENNETH MARTIN BAILEY MAYO leaf' .qw ff? KENNETH MILLS LENNIS MOORE QF! VT x,- .., 5- I' if FI 00' kr'- if I , . , , X' ,II I , f I MARIAN SPILL . S .1 I 'AR' ' JOYCE STANDFIELD 'F il- Lq , , , af li 4 N' I ,, ...,, Q . ggi STEVE NORMAN MAX PARKER BONNIE PEARCE NADINE PIERCE AUBREY PHILLIPS LEWIS PRAY JUANITA PRUSER NITA REESE ROBERT ROBERTSON DON ROBERTS WANDA RUSSELL BILLY SANDERS SHIRLEY SCOTT RUTH ANN SIMPSON PATSY SMITH BOBBIE SNEED BELVA STEHLE CECIL TEKELL NANN THETFORD JOY TOWERY PATSY TUBBS MINNIE TURK NOLA GENE VIRDEN WAYNE VINSON RUTH VOGLER JOHNNIE WALKER HARVEY WESSELS WANDA WESSELS JO ELLEN WHITE GARLAND WILLIAMS CLAYDENE WILSON FREDDIE WILSON FRESH MIUL, . . " 9 . we C59 Q AJ? 'ar 1 'NX a 'K 41- X ! N vx f I 4 J mb 1 N? 3 5 0 ri xxfga W, V X ll' f u f PM qw - Q! 2"x"2A'?Ji.: QQ ' ! A, 4 -'17 JK P' 5 lllu- I qMg144.'+i jaw ' gf, Z-"Q N 7 7 I w HHBU HULBHUUHS PHTSU BEIJFUHU 11,55 . 3 , my , -+. ff "M-1-..... 'N Q. ' ,5?'. g W K dwg A' E Q' sw Q., if .3 ' ,s . 1 .Y " E 2 3 -' ks A? ,N es. .K 3, 1 1 . J .O is . 42, ' ii Q, . .L V A . A 1, im 'Sin ii, . 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ILENE ABBOTT JIMMY BADGETT LYNN BILLUPS DOYLE BUCHANAN GAYLENE ANDRAE PATSY BEDFORD SHIRLEY BLACKMON ROY CARROLL ANDY ALDER KENNY BENSON BARBARA BRANHAJ JOHN CRAIG ZRRY DAVIS LENDA DRENNAN UNALD HAMBRIGHT ELTA HILL SANDRA DENSON ,K ROSA LIE GE RHART 519 CALVIN I-IELM uf' "'Svu.-..-ur A w..,,..1...fff' ,X 1 fe: Q A9 Q ak , Aa f I LLOYD HOB BS JOYCE DOWNING SHARON GRESHAM GLYNN HILL WENDELL HOGAN ARBY RAY I-IOLBROOKS BETTY JARRELL. META KAY JOBE PATRICIA LYNCH N. SUE I-IOLLENBEAK 5353951 ' ' . .,QZE E f 4 ' " JAN HURLEY N' DARLENE KRAATZ JOHN MCMILLAN HOWARD HOLT WAYNE JONES DAVID LEDBETTER CHARLES MCSWAIN ELDON IVIINZENIVIA YER ZRRY PIERCE TTY SUE REESE JU DELL SAMPLE JANET PA RRISH SHIRLEY PUCKETT JANICE RICHIE H53 BEULAH SHELTON 'ia' LARRY PHIPPS PATSY RENFRO WAYNE ROBERTS EARNESTINE SHEPPARD BOB THETFORD TOMMY THORPE PEGGY TOWNSENII PEGGY TRAYLOR VERNON TURNER KEITH UECKERT LOUISE VOGLER WANDA WEST DON VINSON ANN WEBB LOUISE WILEY BTH I-uni, """'-:',,1-6 If 0 -Qiffzff ,slljjl X ff 5 X 0 ff fy ,W X I c r f I ' XXII!!! X Q-T'--"DN X ,-7 lx, fsr-xf'N"N 'R ,uf DE swfgwzeymmm HIHHIUII HUPEH GEHHHJIIIE GEHHHRT 54,454 4 gem 0 pmt President ------- ---JERRY JONES Vice-President ---- -- GERALD DEITZ Secretary ------ ----- IV IARION ROPER Treasurer -- ---- GARLAND O'DELL Reporter -------- ---- C HARLOTTE SNEED ParIiamentarian-- - ------- LORETTA AWALT Sponsors ------ -- -- COACH THURMAN WHITE COACH MORRIS SOUTHALL, .K rx -Ml 55529 'fr EFT TO RIGI-IT: Sponsor, Coach Thurman Whitey Garland O'Dell, Gerald Deitz., Marion Roper oretta Awalt, Charlotte Sneed, Jerry Jones, Sponsor, Coach Morris Southall. gales 'nf-MQ' 'fifzv' JOYCE DAVIS JIMMY AUSTIN LORETTA AWALT CLAUDEAN BERRY LINDA BEDFORD SUE BISHOP FRED BOLICH BETTY BREEDING DON BRYAN PAULA BUCKNER JOHN BUSTERBAUM JANICE COLBURN JOYCE COLLINGSWORTH EARLENE COLLINS MARTHA COOKE JEANETTE CROWE MARTHA DAVIS B0 , -'7 JEANELI., DAVIS .I , --4' 'I .Q I QU Nu' F?-'Y fi' -' gin .AJ PATSY HAMBRIGHT SYLVIA ANN DENSON GERALD DIETZ BOB DUNN FRANKLIN ELLER JOHN EMMERT VERDA EOFF GENEVA EUBANKS HORTENSIA ESQUEVEL LYNN FAUBION ROBERT GARDNER DORIS GERHART GERALDINE GERHART DARLA GERLACK JEAN GILES SHIRLEY HALE KATHERINE HALL I 4,5 :wi QF? E' DORIS HENDRIX I' V32 .m. 4 . , .. 'igfvf If AY' i PAUL MICHAELIS ROZANNE HENDRIX AVADA HODGES JOHN HORD JANICE HOWELL WANDA JACKSON ROSETTA JACOB JOHN JOHNSON JERRY JONES PATRICIA KIRBY DONALD KRUSE BILLY LEWIS DON LINDLEY FREDERICK LISSO JUNE LUCAS PATSY MATTHIES GRADY MINGUS I J,JL i x JERRY MORGAN CAROLYN NELSON GARLAND O'DELL MERL O'DELL PAT PATTERSON BOBBY PENNY DENNIS PRUETTE DOROTHY PROCTOR PATSY RICHARDSON PATRICIA ROBERTSON DENNIS RODGERS REUBEN SAMPLE LARRY SAUNDERS PATSY SCOTT SUDIE ANN SHELLHOUS PEGGY SIMPSON BETTE SMITH JOAN SMITH CHARLO T TE SNEED JAMES SPILL VIRGINIA SPILL BETTY STANDFIELD EYVONNE TEKELL ITUANITA TEMPLETON SHIRLEY TUBBS ALTUS UECKERT ELSIE UECKERT WESLEY VOGLER ALICE WEBB BOB WEBB ROBERT WRIGHT SYLVIA YOUNG KEITH BROWN FRED KRAATZ , T-1 i L- ..- ."J :S ..- ? i, onmzs - ff , - 2 ' S 0 -L ' G' 11' ww K? ,D N' I Q 99' N 5 amass- M A P5 WL" f or I , Qclx BURST- s 'f fx 2 E :'wg'5Ef H ,L X f 5 g 5 'L Q2 ww TW Jgfligw K m QQ. K 165 ' J K g Y A 6 K J K - 7 X xE,,,,?,f,'JB 31 ,1-kg TABLE OF CONTENTS MOST TYPICAL GIRL .... . . '. . AMY PRICE MOST TYPICAL BOY .......... JOHNIE FRIERSON MOST REPRESENTATIVE GIRL .... SYLVIA SPILL MOST REPRESENTATIVE BOY .... ,MINOR NELSON RUNNERS-UP FOR MOST REPRESENTATIVE ..... FRANK RICHIE ADALENE WILLIAMS RODNEY WAGGONER RUTH GERHART BOBBY HOLLAND BARBARA MINZENMAYER JOHNNY GREEN KETTA LONDON MISS WINTERS HIGH SCHOOL . . . BETTE MAPES MR. WINTERS HIGH SCHOOL .... ZANE HENSLEY BLIZZARD QUEEN . .. .......... MARY BYRD BLIZZARD KING ..... .......... Z ANE HENSLEY HARVEST KING AND QUEEN ........... BOBBY HOLLAND ADALENE WILLIAMS VALENTINE SWEETHEART ....... JO ELLEN WHITE IN HONOR ......... .... ..... ' 5 I BLIZZARD FOOTBALL TEAM AND COACHES 1 -1"".1' :A "-Wil"-" ' 124 4. .Nz-' . 7: 2 -TY? - 'VJ ' . 1 F' lf 17,1 ' L.,-5 154 0 K -1 u p-4 15.5 . . 1552 .lv V ' ' 1"f'f'ig's4l ' Q F, u rn . YA .,'A',,v-L-1-1-1 - 'Q' sv' NW'-gg . 1 'f-V.-. . F, 'V Y ..4N Q V, ' ' " 'x--k 'V ' 7QPf344l gag Jud rl Q " 3 ff rm , IM' mil J fa if, ' x, H26? I up Q71Ql'u"' w 1 ,1- M 1 A U HIHU PRICE JUHIIIE FHIEHSUH 4 I 1 I I vi' x , ,Y 42" X '1 7701412 3UlVIH SPIH A. 77504: 2me.mz4:m 'Bw IHIIIUH IIELSUII 5--il:'. .. .. , , HDHMHE IHILLIHHIS FHHHH HICHIE zmww 77to4z2eme4wmzm 'mfg UIHGGUHEH BHHBHHH mlnzfnmfufn 'TM- A , W5 ' Q ,,,.. is Ag, i X '53 IKXW Mg' ,' 'JIU' , ' . ' ' . - X5 ' ":'E.'.,X Lg- 3' ,.- 9 1' ," Mn ' iw! '4 Q? . :f ....- '- W AH '. fr- '- x-. ' -i w ' Mi- Am U ' '71 '!- ' A S ? ' ' af. V V' 'f Af- x x"Jx N I Q ' fqflf' fx . I .I If 'fi . A 1 rf -- f X 35" ,M In ,jk 6 ,,r,a,A 41. L X f".fL. ,I r xl Ld' RUTH GEHHHBT -W 504 BUBBU HUHHIIIJ ?oq ind mm wmmn JUHHHU UHEHI '71 Rf" +i""'f L S ,Q ,wx- 45" ,-'VA ,U M Q, W A ,ff 1 N' Wim Warm 7694 Smal sms mans J. .A+ ,W Y W-, n I L u 4 I ygllf, L: "iff ,, .-A -. ,. ',f.'.- Y .wx if .f"K 4:'F wh-I4 .xv .yi-f!...,.x ,Jin ' .44 sew: ZHHE HEHSLEU ..f ,Aff Lalia 5 ' " V - '?Ea ffM : --Q--.........,,,wv Q. --......,, ffkwd IHHRULEH BUHD ..,-, gi e 9 -r -s 2 1 I5 2 ir' ,. L v , .. N,- JQ N 1 A . lf' .4 3 1 :Q rf ,523 I H fl 'i, 3531 ,Q is 5 mm ,. l Q . . r,sf 1- s V :, xxx 1 ' ' , , , Q- .V Q Y I ,A i -, QV A Q, .N VV 44 i Irq Q' 'VIQ " A 1 V , W .. zu "' 1 vniw-,iz 'A f'-V' ," A , - f if 5 . Q f-2-"7 'Q '-'. A 'i f . sv - 1- f 1 gmfff 1 """ as ' V Qs , I H5 ' ff 2 , T . W w ,, FA I ' u.,- X, ' Y, ,, 'x .,.. ....-.....-.-.-M---W -- , x ' , '-:MQ .5 X ' I 5 is KM ZHHE HEHSLEU Wcvzaeal fin? ind Zaeew BUBBU HULLHHD HUHLEHE UIILLIHIIIS E'--...N 1 A h is 4 C s 5 51 . is .G,,,p.q. 7! g S JU ELLEN UIHITE iz 1 V, ' ,I L33 ,L '- ,Ylg , ,m , 5325 4' ..1 , 4? ' gf? 13 Eff. ' , R Q , , wifi 5 :fl 7 gf: sw if UK E if A wr. 95157134 I z, ,i 1-T' V'-WA. ww, X, J, Xb QQ 1 CTg f ' S . uk f f ,i 7 H 7 . XG N has ll . 'A X X ' 'll . X 5 X f Sf HV RH -X 1, .--jfj' . 0 I--1-:f XX :wr ss 2?- Qi ,I F. i 219 wi' 'x 5 - '- Q EE nw 2 + E- ' .fi hx 7 NT' lhx l 93 5 X x fx 'Q 5 ' M... ea g., , 5 2 ALS -' I V ff f ' .O,44nu- '46 g f I' mag' f O H4 7-' ,. gh mf A X il 3 . - W3 xx -:E-E-1 :.: ku Q-- Sfq UA R Qglx if M fi fi 'E -T X " XF X VX ski. 'ZW A 7 ullllh S . sz " J' NGK' 9,4 ef, X . X54 num' wi., X - "-'ff 1 Q' . T N Q Fm! ml Many XX mmm! Xmmuf -a..M.w.i K.-1' .., 2- ' XSL ABOVE: Jeanette Swanner, LaVeta Geh rels. LEFT: Bobby Anderson, Mr. Middle ton, Adalene Williams. BELOW: Fran Richie, Richard Pullin, Norma Crownover 1 S Q 5 Editor ------- ADALENE WILLIAE Assistant ------ BOBBY ANDERSC Business Managers: LaVEITA CEI-IRE JEANETTE SWANNI Feature Editors: Art --------------- FRANK RICH Snapshot ----- NORIVIA CROWNOVI Sports --- ---- RICHARD PULL Sponsor-- ---NIR. IVIIDDLETC pw jimi- ........-- - ----- -SYLVIA SPILL isistant E.ditor--- ------ NITA MCLEROY isiness Manager ----- JEANNINE LIDDELL gsistanl ---------- --------- A nys Sports -- ---BOBBY HOLLAND rls SpOri5--- ---RUTH GERHART Nuff K ,W . X -S A ,Z 19' , Af' Q 5 7. CH' fi . Quia Pictured at Left, Left to Right: Nita McLeroy, Selma Herman, Amy Price, Sylvia Spill, Jean- nine Liddell, Bette Map'5.', 'KE'ffzT'IL6T1don, Sponsor: Mrs. Jackson. Feature Editor ---------------------- KETTI LONDOIN Gossip Editors ----- BETTY MAPES--SELMA-HERMAD soEi'eiy Ediier--- ----------------- BARBARA iiism-:ii Art Editor ---- ---------------------- J UDY GLOVEP Reporters ---- SARAH HOLLINGSHEAD-J. T. CRAIC JUANITA PRUSER-JAMES GEHRELE Sponsor - ---------------- MRS. C.S. JACKSON F M '12 Iuanita Prusser, Bobbie Sneed, Sarah Hollingshead, Judy Glover, Bobbie Fisher, Ruth Gerbart, J. T -- -- 1-,,,,, r-'-1,..-1, T1-1.L.. rr..11,...A 'mi-A LEFT TO RIGHT:Ketta London, Mrs. Kelley, Bobby Holland, Mary Byrd, EIB. Wood, Ml' Sherwood, Juanita Bredemeyer. Ofaww President ------- ------ F .B. WOOD Vice-President--- ----- BOBBY HOLLAND Secretary ------- ----------- M ARY BYRD Song Leader -- ---------- JUANITA BREDEMYERL Pianist ------ ----------------- K ETTA LONDON Sponsors--- ---- MRS. KELLEY, MR. SHERWOOD Q 1 l W., IP "c- 1 I im GCR! FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Patsy Mathis, Mrs. Frazier, Glenda Drennan. Altus Ueckert. SECOND ROW: Richard Pullin, Bob Dunn, Martha Davis, Sylvia Denson, Wincie Reeves, Pat Lynch. THIRD ROW: Andy Alder, Joyce Jordan, Junita Strong. 1 panned BUSINESS MANAGER Mr. Earl Bruce SECRETARY Mrs. Sammie Howard SUPT. SECRETARY Mrs. Blanche Davis fr 'hh 1 p l 7 I Q I Q ,lr A 1 -:Q ,a 65 3' f. ' x 7 7 QU' L r,,.i,f, " 0 1' In ,'1, ,I .pa ,fi PICTURED ABOVE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Minnie Traylor, Merna Traylor, Francis McSwain Dorthea Frierson, Shirley Mills, Mr. Sherwood. SECOND ROW: Milton Gerhart Sammie Russell, Quention Stanley, Bobby Lawson, Jim Belew, Johnny Gann, B.J. McLane Elmer Mayfield. Q Q I I President ------ Vice-President ------- -- Secretary-Treasurer Social Chairman ---- N-.....,-A ----ELMER MAYFIELD SUSY D. COSTELLO --- ---- MERNA TRAYLOR Sponsor ---------- Not Pictured: Wayne - - ' - - -ie-SQQBIEEA F PSIERSON ----JOHN W. SHERWOOD E Gideon, Hollis Dean, Susy Costello s, sf' 52. . SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: LeckByrd, Nobel Faubion, Earl Bruce, Woody Alder, A.T , Smith, Merle Wilson, Bill Minzenmeyer. STANDING: Wayne Roberts and I.L. Lasater. l il ffgcw .gd- LEFT TO RIGHT: Joyce Lucas, Lloyd Hester, Richard Pullin, August Shiplick, Mr. Hap Minor Nelson, Mr. Wilbanks, Mr. McCoy, Earnest Cooke, Mr. Scott, Verlon Gedion. H17 ' '5'v" I adm ' gmac! I gg ' is j-if ' . N ?giy5,e:jX 11 5 J' .1 CLARINETS: Altus Ueckert, Bobby Anderson, Betty Smith, Darla Gerlach, Wanda Clark, Virginia Hester, Barbara Yates, Gaylene Andrae, Glenda Drennan, Shirley Hale, Patsy Scott, Donald Kruse, Don Hambright, John Johnson, Jo Anne Smith, JeannellDavis, SAXOPHONES: Betty Jarrell, Barbara Minzenmeyer, Patsy Tubbs, Saridra Denson, Janice Colburn, Wayne Vinson, David Ledbetter, Pat Robertson. CORNETS: KennethLloyd, Jimmy Kruse, Paul Michaeles, Wendell Gideon, Alice Webb, Shirley Tubbs, Ronnie Wade. TROMBONES: Keith Ueckert, Weldon Minzenmeyer, Jimmy Hodges Don Vinson, Robert Gardner, Jerry Jones, Jimmy Badgett. FLUTES: Sue Hamilton, Sylvia Denson HORNES: Sylvia Young, Martha Davis, SharonGresham. BARITONES: Jerry Morgan, James Austin BASSES: Jimmy Morgan, Verlon Gideon, Dean Lynch, Don Draper. PERCUSSION: Patsy Wood, LaVetaGehrels, JeanPa1-ramore, Louise Blackwood, Sara Hollingshead, Joyce Stanfield, Judy Glover, Rosetta Jacob, Marilyn Jones, Bobbie Sneed. DIRECTOR: Mr. Grantham. SWEETHEART: Bobbye Fisher. TWIRLERSQ Lynn Lacy, Ketta London, Jeannine Liddell, Patsy Bedford, Barbara Brannon, Rosalie Gerhart, Juanita Bredemeyer. FLAGBEARERS: Jeane Knighton, Jeanette Swanner, Norma Crownover. F3 ZMJD' Mr. Joseph C. Grantham SX Y LEFT TO RIGHT: Jeane Knighton, Jeanette Swariner, Norma Crownover ,r- 'Dm ff K M M U N i W XX! L " 2 , , i K 'ai Y - - - -xi js' f Www M f IQ. YNN LACY Feature Twirlerz KETTA LONDON LEFT TO RIGHT: Drum Major: L . Majorettes. JEANNINF. LIDDE , PATSY BEDFORD, BARBARA BRANNON, ROSALIE ER. GERHART , JUANITA BREDEMEY 4, ' it Ugfdww Jimmy Morgan. L'dd lL,.We1don Minzenmeyer, Bobbie LEFT TO RIGHT: Jeane Knighton, Lynn Lacy, Jeannine--L e Sneed, Barbara Minzenmeyer, Patsy Wood, Kenneth Lloyd, Bobby Anderson, Verlon Gideon, in gf '16 uml!""i ' LEFT: Drum Major LYNN LACY Feature Twirler KETTA LONDON RIGHT: Rank Captain WELDON MINZENMEYER President VERLON GIDEON game! 0 fdaew LEFT TO RIGHT: Jean Parramore, Kenneth Lloyd, Sara Hollingshead, Virlon Gideon Ketta London. Zami 1' dduwdcma X T' LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara Minzenmayer, Jeane Knighton, Bobbye Fisher. gmwl Sweefkecmf Y' fmvw BUBBUE FISHER W4 I .9-:V fs 1 a as bm , r -. L 6 m wi I r mx Q--..,, f Y 1 Q ' x f 0 9 if 'lf' Q v... A 6 Q, 1, ,. -av"fP1r,, X. X A 3 RX. X X 2 in " ' 2 5 '-1 mx S 2 I 'Z . , ""x gig If . xfsu . la 5"3 w.. s 5 i:...g. A I .N will mb, ! 1 K ys,,, I ,g " 4' 'f if 2 4 Maxam if fm 5 ,aggkqlm , Y X ,N " 35 -H ., 5 'EP '?":' ,, lv Xi my ' W. 2 X 1 .K 1 S E 'K mf wsvvwrssekfsw- ,fo .. ff' A ,V BAND l ff ' E. HICH SCHUUL "' l J A1 f fig, ' L . , H A X ,ik 4 f ' W ,,,, , , W, , X.. 2, fWfm..f WW SQL if Q , R .E wxw, w New ww 2.13 WX vq Sy ? ,. .V 5. ,N K . . Q , kr Q f R f A ' .,., l , 4 15 ,, 1 ' vi 1,6 . 1 AE Q x. .,.,: , If 1 fi 1 X A . 3 www-mugs 3 - I :B E , , . .. -M-L Q wi if Q. is E. sf f A1 -S " 6 " 5 if . I, rx l xi ', 5 hx 5 is i ' x X W 1 X49 - 1 . ff K' 1 4 fi .ff 3 ., I kiwi. 'K' -w-............,.. , ,li q ww -XMM3 M' it . 'S 'fgal'-A A ' ABOVE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Loretta Awalt, Janice Richie, Sylvia Spill, Shirley Scott, Nita McI.,eroy Mrs. McChesney, Zelda Mathis, Adalene Williams, Zoe Wilson, Doris Hale. Uffdcew cmd deefzleadew Bettv Evans. Ann Webb. Ouida Lewis. Gladvs Bedford. Bette Jo Manes. DARLENE KRAAT Z X 'N ffm - -'-- A ' A fs, wifi., wg K 'kk A f y. gg, Q , Q wr 5 AF E 7,9 Swag, flfks 5 H ' + 1? ' X " 6 f- " Q Q fm 'G fi v g g g g gg "' Making Hot Dogs Q f A ff. 5 -'gg Q .M ax out of Ranger ',X A S A W Bulldogs! ! yuh, Y , ,, 5 7? L V ' 1, I Q M , X JT' ' . I x :sw V X' if " -x 03 V g B . E A - vb X gg e ' H ' , 'S mber 22, lbs' Range Q K ' 4 951- r Game f 3 N .ff uf Wm., BETTY EVANS Senior Cheer- leader BETTY MAPES Junior Cheer- leader CM Head Cheer- leader OUIDA LEWIS ANN WEBB Freshman Cheer- leader GLADYS BEDFORD Sophomore Cheer- leader QW . 'falillkf , '32 . , if LEFT TO RIGHT: Dollie Virden, Adalene Williams, Sylvia Spill, Sara Hollingshead, Zoe Wilson, Jeanette Swanner, Judy Glover, Marilyn Jones, Winona Eoff, Patsy Tubbs, Norma Crownover, Miss Johnson. lst Vice-Pres Znd Vice-Pres. 3rd Vice-Pres. 4th Vice-Pres.-- .-- President ------------- SYLVIA SPILL Treasurer --- --- NORMA CROWNOVER SARA HOLLINGSHEAD Historian --------------- WINONA EOFF -- ADALENE WILLIAMS Parliamentarian --------- PATSY TUBBS ---------- ZOE WILSON Song Leader ------ --- MARILYN JONES ----- DOLLIE VIRDEN Sergeant at Arms--- ----JUDY GLOVER JEANETTE SWANNER Sponsor ---------- ---- M ISS JOHNSON Sec retary ---- af waurm 7. 71. 14. 3 " 1 ' 5- '--. vs nn" A xv? ' x3s44i:1J 5' ' Z' N in N I 'X 'MN 5 a. 4 3 si - P . 1 5 " i A f' J 2 X J 4 , i 3? 1- " X was ' f, . ,i f..,m,,,,M H We Y, xii M X ' zn- P 3, ny 'w 1 "N 1. -,saga my . v vw, c M v 7 'J rf, f K A f ,. , I 3 .un S 'IRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ruth Vogler, Judy Glover, Bobby Sneed, Marilyn Jones, -Jeannine giddell, Zoe Wilson, Dollie Virden, Rosalie Gerhart, Sandra Denson, C1ayleueAr1drae, Glenda Drennan, ,ouise Vogler, Velta Hill,Ba1-bara Branham, Adalene Williams. SECOND ROW: Nadine Pierce, Rose est, Selma Herman, Claydene Wilson, Wincie Reeves, Nolo Virden, Louise Wiley, Janice Richie, oyce Downing, Betty Jerrell, Darlene Kraatz, Wanda West, Peggy Traylor, Pat Bedford, Peggy ownsend. THIRD ROW: Anita Bigham, Sylvia Spill, Juanita Pruser, Joyce Jordan, Joyce Stanfield, 'atsy Fisher, Wanda Wessels, Winona Eoff, Jeanette Swanner, Sara Hollingshead, Patsy Tubbs, Norma lrownover, and Miss Johnson. ETTE . ZAN M35COt l 7 ,414 l czfwufa Chapter Presldent, Sylvla Spill, serves tea to a new member, Sandra Denson. QSC ' SPILL TH ot: ELI Adult leather wbrking class Home Making I X . 'A x New Members Enroll 145 .V ., , ,, , A ,Q . vw, N- 3 fJ,pnv ww' ,awww ' yt xwlgf Visa " 3 'Q' 1 5' I vm in 359 4 -.... F. B. UJUUIJ 91 X 1 Y 0 24-Z 0 Vice-President 0 Reporter FREDDY JONAS ROSCOE MORRISQN Znd Vice-President 'ff Parliamentarian HARVEY WESSELS ,Q BOBBY ANDERSON 3rd Vice-President Ji" 1:71. Historian DELBERT KRUSE 90913. fj'v.,e BENNIE COLBURN Treasurer 3 Sentinel ARCHIE NELSON K -' . .I , M.L. GUY Secretary 57OQL.,-Qqffb Song Leader MINOR NELSON ii 1- ,, '5 JIMMY MORGAN President JOE BRYAN ,.,, R, ,Q SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: Archie Nelson, Minor Nelson, Freddy Jonas, Joe Bryan, Harvey Wessels, Delbert Kruse, Bobby Anderson, Ben Colburn, Roscoe M0I'1'iS0l'1. STANDING: Jimmy Morgan, and M.L. Guy. 766074066 1,2 Q 5, 0 . l Q. fi! 1 53i? m5'4' 5 '1 '91 ""'Th i- SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT ARE: Bob Webb, Howard Holt, Bennie Hambright Donald Hambright, Jimmy Badgett, Don Vinson, David Ledbetter, John Hard, Frederick Lesso Elwin Rainwater. President ---------- Vice-President ------ Znd Vice-President --- 3rd Vice-President ---- Treasurer ----------- Secretary --------- Reporter -------- Parliamentarianu Historian ------- Sentinel -------- Song Leader - -- Bennie Hambright ---Garland O'Dell - Elwin Rainwater ----------Bob Webb Donald Hambright -- - - David Ledbette r ------Don Vinson -Frederick Lesso -------- John Hord - - -Jimrny Badgett - - - -Howard Holt . ? f FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Garland O'Dell, Howard Holt, Benny Mayo, Bobby Anderson, B en Colburn, Jimmy Kruse, Jim Belew, M.L. Guy, Acy Lee Easterly, Garland Williams, Tommy Thorpe, Billy Jacklsbelle. SECOND ROW: Wayne Vinson, Freddy Jonas, Baily Mayo, 'Don Roberts, Joyce Lucas, Richard Pullin, Quincy Traylor, Joe Bryan, Loyd Hester, Robert Robertson, Bob Webb, DonVinson, Robert Wright, Bill Hale. THIRD ROW: Frederick Lesso, Ralph Hiller, Jimmy Gehrels, Luther Minzenmeyer, Grady Mingus, Milton Bryan, Benny Hambright, Jacky Campbell, Dean Lynch, David Ledbetter, Larry Phipps, Calvin Helm, Glynn Hill, John Emmert, Johnny McMillian, Donald Hambright. LAST ROW: Merel O'Dell, Jimmy Badgett, Dixon Phillips, Elwin Rainwater, John I-lord, Sandy Glover, Roscoe Morrison, Harvey Wessels, John Hancock, Minor Nelson, Walton Jackson, Archie Nelson, Harvey Hanchey, Milton Gerhert, August Schipplick, Vernon Turner, Gilbert Tischler, Glynn Jordan, Wayne Roberts, Arby Ray Holbrooks, and Lynn Billups. if I ,gg Es! w .f A . v' 7 .. af,-' 'nv 'H- W .2 ve ,, , ag, ,R so .L pm W , . fv.. . QW! 1 N. L , .' , JN: sag J SECT, R--,L 1 ., , X Z x ' Mil hm - E' uv nl J" O is K u uh X. H : gi 384 H ' Xi. Q ffxig' 'W T5 2 :gif .Q V , .al I x f. pn A L . X r i'F6 -0'-"1 H, , 1 i X I YP 1 ',41l4l'f"!'l'l'f'1"nLQ' . ' u ' X Q ll 4 4 ff 'lf NL T7-,U I' ' T xl., V1 Y Af , Ai' M. ., , ' Aff ,' N :fu 5 5 Q if .g , -1 y' ' " .XQ5 .sw ' 3, Wflfvafff SPMURE, ,fhkltrgsq ' 6 WH 'tw X QW47' W , Wfmyggg P-TER . r INTEHQ EXQS -0. -M wr - 'x' F 1 J 7.7. fi. S Jrand Champion-Aged Rambouillet Ram Grand Champion and Reserve Champion Bounty Show Lamb Ewes ihown By County Show foe Bryan Shown By Edward Bredemeyer S23 - ' Z 9 3 -5 N 1 Champion fine wool lamb Fort Worth Fat Stock Show shown by David Ledbeiter lx 1 X F mf 5,3 Grand champion and Reserve Champion Grand Champion Lamb shown by Aged Ewes shown by Joe Bryan Edward Bredemeyer. 774 mqvbdi ,,..-4-v' Q .14 ' .Q vr W, . f Y . w' f if 1 ,, , I x gm' NM--vnu!! -NNN! Q.. . Q v W, Vzgif X- Q dlfu , SS . x Kia y I Sl? 4 X an , . N F l 6.J?,V I gf xlblb . 1 A ifmw 'gl-X Q ' 3: A N"'H 4 ' ,v,. 'E - ' Z. 1 r V . n . JV- .,., . . A .. 4 A . R . up E i 1 ,Ak "5 3 A , ai' v- L 1 W '2.f5:QE:12:I'".fZg:'3:,'1i"' - J Q. X X. K 6 fr I Q , . it gf: 4 , , F Ni-51.1. . . ,,.,., 1155 . zu. ' . . x ,.., f f , . V Q i ----' . W. , .1 3 t .Q " H ' Q' Q ".53 : ' 1 KM, v Mia .W-in W y ww , , L X 'Hp' ,Q i A, x Nw, -W -- vw , ww . sjgk,,.2C . - ' X V QM gf wmv' V, we :pf A f . . V mvggkl 1 ,... .. Nm i V Q ' WK, K -Q. El W J, X Q:--.. X X559 J A P - ,.qi12z'm:+z:S ,nf-Q SS6SSl0h ggi G. .. 'M-f KX X mi P , , 'as GPG QLQJ3' XMIM '--'- F we X Space TV SPM' TV come r-0 pf . A-SE Q, X if W' P: ywizf 15 ff ffsgggexjas Vkdvoncecd Foofbol U .A ggi 3, BLX'I-'I-P-RDS 'NXNTER5 X0 XI. B, Nxlood ,. .. 5 X577 X1 Yao NXCNXXXXMX ..... ......A C1 X44 X6 NXL. C-ug , ,,.. ., ...,, Yr X59 X1 ' ' ' HF. ME- X445 X9 Bcnng NXAQO ...V 4' f'k" ff,C4'fX3'ilt Bobby XXoXX1An6 ....,...,,... B X13 'CoXbnnx .,... .B XSX ' .,., ...... E- X61 .Xi X5 X51 11 BCXXXXS ' Ylxdnc cXs .. , HB X93 14 13 Ymnk 'LS Mkckcy ?.nXwn1 19 XUAXVMX NNQXXK .,,. .. 36 'Lnnc XXcnsXcq, Cofcnot. MB S0 Xohnng Cvsccn ,.., HB X47 SX Lcc Nklooo. ......,.X,.,..,... B X51 51 Xfvcddxc Xonns ..,... .. B X56 Ss maag mn ,.,, X, .T vm 34 Dankobcxks A .. ...,.. A YL X61 as x.1.cf4xg, .4..,....,X. .G xv. S6 Rodney Waggoner, oc ..,. G X61 57 Xknnnq Hodges ...,.X.,....,.. C- X51 SS Gnxncs Young. .4..X4.Xo.,.. G X6X S9 Vmnk NXXXXXXX ...,A... . .C X60 60 Xoknny Yncison ,....,n,X.... B XSS chkc Ndson ....,........,. TY XTX Xbnxn ,,............, TY XSS X33 'Y X93 6X N 61 NN' . T. Co 63 BN Buchanan ,o..,..,, 64 Mknox NcXson .... . LEP. Cra'T To RI G 'gf R GH Mff,Qn'BZfQIeYw1Qg FIRST. y a J T lll v ' - Y, ' , Ber1?y Hod Bucha Bobby' Walt' illff' SEJOhnn F Y M ges J nan rch, y W. B. Wayo 'F Ohnig Lee W and M16 Nei D: hit OOd. OR Fr- Ood' . L Son Ga 6,60 'W TH1lefsO'Be -G' rner YaChHo T' C Coachn' Fran Colb uy' Ou Wa Olb M nk urn ng. rdMCCl-ilrn, Cor!-iSSRiChie' esne Oach Outh 1 Y- N Thu all, ot Pi rma cture U d. 3 's Tx WZMWM ZANE IIEINSLELY RCDNE HO Y WAGGONER WARD MQCHES NEY MORRIS SOUTHALL. Head-Coach THURMAN W .url--. ls. I-IITE 4 -Ddufuct Zdmnpa 7751 Zlqymdo 70. W. S. .ki 2 E designates no. of years A Q - the player has lette red. ZANEPHDELEYXXXAH-Dstnd RODNEY'WAGGONERfL Honorable Mention All-State BACK Al 2 -District GUARD Q 1' .A o 'sii. --rl V ,- E. - .. Q -W? :-'- ia ? mir i I A ix . ' ' Kiln Esiwi 4-" at Rf '-- ? ? :lbl ,ali si ,Y iiligg ' i t s J I f,.., f :VV Luk ., lE5f, i i ' '., .,.. hgfgnk '-- 2 Q SK illllii A Annan AIC DALVHJAWALTX LMLLBUCHANANXXX BENCOLBURN, A ' .ie eioe AV 'I V1 y A We Q ' . . D. f ' yi ' ' D A i on ,Q - w. T. COLBURNf TACKLE i J. T. CRAIG f MICKEY EDWARDS GUARD END F' N'1vk1x?:u1EffJ7'i-Twig , , . .,.., R wg Wx. - W ,. 1' 2 sf -E w w -5 Q . 1 If-v FXR Q M , ,E U .gm 3 X y A .Lhlfhv " A ' :w bffff 124 5 -fi OHNIE FRIERSONX M-In GUY ff BACK LACK All-District Honorable Mention k f, 1 f f A -WA-sf' Z . ,dd H ,, A I W 1 1 JI-IN HANCOCK X QD TACKLE JIMMY HODGES f J. Q 5. JONNY GREEN X BACK 1-.lf BOBBY HOLLAND f BACK W-W so MCMILLIAN f FRANKLIN MILLIFFX BENNIE MAYOVX :UARD CENTER CENTER Luigi .::,. 5 QSYQ . V G, A fiw 5:EqW'f!3 5 K "5 5 1 . H X 1534! , 'f ""s LLRYFELVR , I LX. .... . in :CAREER ARCHIE NELSON f TACKLE MINOR NELSON ff! FRANK RICHIE f All-District END TACKL E ,A ,Q :,, 1 , - ' I ,AQ Z ..-: A --' C B lllll Awuu nk nik LEE woon X F.B. woon ff! GARNER YOUNG X BACK BACK GUARD WINTERS WINTERS WINTERS WINTERS WINTERS WINTERS WINTERS WINTERS WINTERS WINTERS WINTERS WINTERS 1951BLIZZARD --- -----13 -- .... 39 -- ----7 --- --13 --- --- 33 --- -----7 --- ----as --- ----46 --- ----zz -- ---13 -- ---- 35 --- ---6 SCHEDULE KERIVIIT ---- ABILENE B -- - MERKEL ---- DUBLIN ----- EASTLAND ------ COLORADO CIT Y COLEMAN ------- LAKEWEW ------ BRADY ------- - BALLINGER --- RANGER ------ - ARLJNGTON ----- wg m"1 O WINTERS 39 ABILENE B. 7 , uk 45 Qfj X X , k . gfe iw Q A J Q M DUBUN Make Way for the pigskin Minor, Richie and Mill X3 wiN'YER5 mg an th 9 WHY if O ne Zane' 5 go inauon' Zldyymda Hctdan WINTERS 7 COLORADO CITY deiefm knows iW"1,'Z f4 1 wuyavbgq ai sv wh b V .I I ,L ,, ,V ,6g,n'- at 0 lj 5' ,E ' V A vixxxh -xx? Magnetic Buchanan made another T. D. 266974144 we quid ddmpemmfp ABOVE: Penetrating the Bearcat line BELOW: Give up, Bearcat, your cornered. . - ' n A.ntiC1PauO on the Sid ellfles Defeat galldwgee I3-6 Winters Blizzards made it se en in a row and a district char pionship Friday night by defea ing the Ballinger Bearcats 13 to in the final conference footbt game played at Blizzard Field. was the first time since 1937 tl Blizzards had defeated the Bea cats and their first district char pionship since 1934. The game ended the regul. season with the Blizzards havil a fine record of eight Wins'ax two losses. If those lost gam were to be played over it is qui likely that they would also I victories. In district play the Blizzan have a perfect record. They .d feated Coleman 28-125 Lake Vie 46-7g Brady 22-21 and Balling 13-6. When Winters met Balli ger in the final game it was al the deciding game for the di trict championship. Ballinger ha won three district games and tl Blizzards had won three Distri QAA games. From the starting whistle the final seconds, the Blizzarw never let up. Superb ball hand ing, blocking and tackling pro ed to be the deciding factor. In the first quarter the Bli zards showed their ability to pl: football. They marched to tl six-yard line after fine runnii by all the backfield men. Fro there little Johnny Green W- hardly touched as he drove th: the line for the first touchdow: giving the Blizzards a 6-0 edg over the Bearcats. The Bearcats put up a despera4 attempt to score but that stron Winters line held them. Wit only four minutes to go Ballil ger's Elroy Payne somehow mal aged to get through the Wintei line and score their only toucl down. At the half the galr was all tied up, 6-6. In the third quarter the Bli: zards were not to be denied. Fir running and passing proved 1 be outstanding in the winnin score. Zane Hensley complete a pass to Billy Buchanan for I yards and the winning toucl down Hensley kicked the ext: point, leaving the score 13-6. Tl: Blizzards played magnificient d1 fense in the last quarter holdin the Ballinger boys to very fe' yards. Za -Duma: WINTERS 35 RANGER 30 , , buf. i .sviwvw R A i-B .-V' n Q 4. .. . V , . , ,vgi f"'4 s -, M. rw . 0 . ' limit' A 'M 'Jw' ff- N .. . ' :,, 14. ,wi l fi A' m :A:.snWf'r . Q, aw Iensley lQua1'te1'baCkl "I-1et'5 See- what Plal' Latch on, Frierson. We're all backing you up ,hall we run next? Okay, okay, Minor, we'll to Carry the mail. unyourfavoriteplay. fTack'lebecomes eli- Lible for a pass.l zeqrloooal WINTERS 6 ARLINGTON Z1 xg.-,E-I gg 0 : V , , W ,vga-:A 13,41 5 L Silk. ,, A ' ,. ,Q ' ' ' ,,,'f5,i'x -lyllqjqi ur- UN , . Arlingtgn, as everyone knows, beat Winters Out of allthis Blizzard Spirit a name won't be an the score bgard, yes, but the Colts didnit mentioned because for all one knows there win morally. What do you say Dalvin lZ9l, Bo mlht be a hero under the Pile- IIZ, Millif 1591, and Hensley l30l? ,ll mm l , I J af. -.wr gr-fyfg roC655 of Blizzafds in the P "' --vu.. "Q """"""" The . the Coleman a If Ome on arms! L ti running over 1 tle farther and gather ineths Stretch Bluecats is pass, 1. The Winters Blizzards came through their 'Sl season with flying colors. They fell to only two teams during their regular schedule and continued their hard playing and winning to the regional finals. Capturing the District Crown by defeating Coleman, Lakeview, Brady, and Ballinger. They advanced to take the Bi-District Championship by freezing Ranger, then they bowed to a strong Arlington Team inthe tilt for Regional. The Blizzards displayed outstanding spirit, teamwork, and strength throughout the season, and brought many honors home to W. H.S. The "B"team boasteda record of3wins andZ loses. The bright spot of their season was the defeat of Ballinger 7-O. , The Junior team also had a fair season with a win over Lakeview and a tie with Ballinger. All in all our football days of '51 were highly and happily successful. Bang! Wagoner, Milliff, and M. L. about Dalvin is taking a powder from a Brady player to rub out a few Brady players for Richie. '- with help from Milliff and Bo. 5 -SP? 4191 Qeygsffe 40 il -ff 5'Q559'f11:2-324 . B '57 ""-5' 'lv gg! QEJQ lf'i"lll s I v ..... , , if 5 ,sis x JH Y' 8 , af L , A H x xg fl fi w 'V Lug ....., - . P A . .. i . . t x if 5 3 it 1 Q. Q . Qi "L . . iv' - 1 -', . x h 1? b mg X x 5' I 5 g,,,3 ' Wm.. f W a 3 " QI' YQ .. A H N W 3 1 ,Z W M' ' f - . 1, Q 5 iii. ' V' ' 232,12 - M., W'-f --- ", f Mr 3 Af!-t h ' QA.. ' ..- 1' - . H , ,S-, 4 x,U1I.'w .1 4 15:35 W a ers Left to Right Blizzard Man g , S GEHRELS DEWAYNE HOWARD and JAME i ANE Left, top: Co-Captains Z I-IENSLEY 1301 and RODNEY l WAGGONERf56l with Blizzard ' X Queen, IVIARYLEA BYRD. 5. Left, Bottom: OUIDA LEWIS--Head Cheerleader. ZANE HENSLEY--- Blizzard King, and LYNN LACY--- Drum Major. 1' fx X I-:A - X H . , f ,D Y 2 4 2 l' football power through many The mighty 1951 Blizzard team came to its ' similiar workouts as portrayed below. All through the season, in work- outs as well as in their games, the Blizzards displayed teamwork, cap- ability, and spiritg such qualities produced a respected, winning, team of W.H.S. - af .i ,al ogg it I ' J 1' i if f b l 27' ,Ip I fi 7m VX . -W w as' . -, K J w Q 4 4 W 'A , 4 f 0 W 9 Q 2 x iw' 'Q' 'A L' " '58 , V I l..n..... 5 I :ng 1 -.4 1 34 e 2' ,W iw W -,W f ' -.ln , .,,'4 at .VY 1 6 na-vi-kwf? 'Qi ?WfwylNvNlvR Tv wb 'afxw ws '1 wtqgl Xl 3 Oboe- M- if 3, QMWKW-'S-'vwv X Og V F, -1 an W f A4 , 8' fi 5 'H 4 AW F 5. 3 BLIZZARD A TEAM, LEFT TO RIGHT: Billy Buchanan, Rodney Waggener Jonnie Frierson, Mickey Edwards, F.B. Woodg Zane Hensley. BLIZZARD SCHEDULE 1952 BLIZZARD'S SCORE OPPONENT OPPONENT'S SCORE 41 ------------------------ South Taylor--- ----------------- -- 34 43 ------------------------ Stamford ----- ------------------ 3 6 STAMFORD TOURNAMENT: 58 ------------------------- Roscoe --- ---46 COLEMAN TOURNAMENT 61 ------------------------ Stamford ---- --- 47 70 ---- ---'l'Coleman --- --- 50 60 ------------------------ 'f'Brady ----- --- 52 50 ------------------------ 'lfBallinger--- --- 35 REAGAN COUNTY TOURNAMENT: 38 ----------------------- f7'Lakeview ---- --- 40 57 ---- ---- S outh Taylor--- --- 42. 38 ---- ---'l'Coleman ----- ----40 82 -- ---'5'Brady ------ ---40 43 -- ---"f'Ballinger ----- --- 34 ' 53--- ---'5'South Taylor--- --- 50 47 ------- -- W'Lakeview ----- --- 30 62 -------- ---- A .C.C. H.S.-- --- 36 DISTRICT 35 ------------------------ -Coleman ---- ---- 3 4 REGIONAL TOURNAMENT: 37 ------------------------- A tlantic - ---- 36 41 ------------------------- Van --- ---A6 'FCONFERENCE GAMES , , U1-P91 V f ,. u ..f x 1 .. glyzkk 12271 , 53 Q 1' 4 ff' 1 :4 Fi' 3 .. Q Q. r ,V 5 f' Y in 1? A rib. X f..- : env a if 4 gg 5 + f. - SK 5 . 2 .S ,S N , My xl ' 'XV' ,wx .wwe a+ 4 A N. B L I Z Z A R D B T E : A M FIRST ROW? Bailey' M3-YO, Johnny Green, J. T. Craig, Harvey Wessels, Lee Wood SECOND ROW: Benny Mayo, Bobby Hatcher, Robert Jewel, Franklin Millif, Freddy Jonas Coach Bob Christian. B L I Z Z. A R D J U N l O R T E A M FIRST ROW: CoachlVlcChesney, Wendell Hogan, Kenny Benson, Doyle Buchanan, Weldon Minzenmeyer, John Craig, Lynn Billups. SECOND ROW: Vernon Turner, Calvin Helm. Wayne Roberts, Andy Alder, Perry Pierce, Jerry Jones, Garland O'Dell. Pictured at left: FRONT ROW: Lee Wood, Harvey Hantsche, Zane Hensley, Bobby Holland, Bailey Mayo, Coach White. SECOND ROW: Louis Pray, Ben Colburn, Don Roberts, Dalvin Awalt, F.B. Wood, Rodney Waggoner, Minor Nelson, Arvhie Nelson. THIRD ROW: Harvey Wessels Alpheus Hill, Billy Sanders, Don Davis, Lloyd Hester, Benny Mayo, W.T. Colburn. Q -. .9 if ' 1 , ' 0 " f i 5 xi gy , ' -L '1 1 x 1 ,' .. 1 , S W ffl X ':- "7 X' I A . 1 , " 1, , fx , 1 Xe Q-.x I 5 1 f Q J 1 'lug X5 X 4. ' Q I I it J , ' A f :rf N " I W" l A f. ,- 4-1 f W ' ' , .ae H- .1-YM ' ui 1 f . .E E :E - 5 Wg V3,:.:..- . K WF, - 4 ,, , . 'rw , . , i ' t fb. . F - Z. N A it W ,gf T J? J . F fam.--A: -if 1 i we-ff, 1 Wai W, , r ew W HW- , .-,. 'X ' 'H 1 '- , Wilford if 23. Q .,.. by 9 , fy, sawn, I T V 5 Ar ,i n -u g.1-f3"'f- Q. wi--was bf ' , l. .,.. . . ' 1'9" ,H if ""' C' 4 W .' -9 5 , M V- ' . .. ,Q H- A - 4. - W 4 W '3 . 1' L IQ -if , ' - A, .-- " I' .,ie-3-?, Y,::A.?M , ,gal Y K V. :iii ,V 5 M in W Miii 1 ' V ,, - ,. 0 W, - -.,, pl 5 5?ef'f3'fJ ig -sf ,mf U-wg 139: ,yi .R if A :fy 1 ...Q-an ffw+.,m,s,..dr.xJa-,l...e . .mlm B A S K E T B A L L LEFT TO RIGHT: Jo Ellen White, Minnie Turk, Pat Lynch, Nann Thedford, Bonnie Pierce, Julia Pruette, Coach Mrs. Mc:Chesney, Lora Mae Gerhart, Bobbie King, I-faV0Y1daG1'C9U,JOyTowery, Barbara Giles, Manager Shirley Pucket, Joyce Downing, Shirley Modisette. V O L L E Y B A L L LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: RuthGerhart, Claydene Wilson, Bette Mapes, Mary- h t B tt Evans, Bonnie Pierce, Nan Thedford, Minnie lea Byrd, Lora Mae Ger ar , e y Turk La Vonda Green, Winona Eoff, Bobbie King, Amy Price, Julia Pruette, Jo Ellen White, Gladys Bedford, Shirley Modisette, Mrs. McChesney, Barbara Giles, Patsy Smith. 'SHO f 0 Q0 N C fs- 0 by KN G -A rr-v--X X A ', ff., fff rf" W f NI Www f Qxzfffz X wif? Q s ,-- 'rwx X "-:Q l UMW ff y f nl ll fn . ws 1. ffflllllm 'Q , My 0115. MLEQ "W "'Ummf'Ilffffk "Our I " Ivor pana Co-eds Q g Hilarious, isn't it, boys?'? "Aw, you wanna bet?" "This is serious, girls!" OO? QQ! ll es lv, btez-6. ext, dwb eo "The W. H. S. Acrobats' 0 OKI-O W0 X 6 Q01 Oc I X. X004 x 0 Int A xxro 600 409 1' M is . 3. jmggwx f ., .iss Nt "The car with that streamlined touch" 4 Q51 A,, ,sf if lwvx fi vs W h stsy ,Q h h awqhtl yWi.g sk ,K T In ..:V,, Am ' J Q Hitiiewgr e Q.. A 'Q 4 ' i w. A. il 'lift f ,.,, 5 :E- ' ,X 'af "The Line Up' I K. .-x-Nf- A his 'N ape N01-n E' 'uf S .H "These seven could smi1e!!" J imma "Don't look now, but your pichur's bein' took." E! gm in "Why, Jimmy and Garner, we thought you were friends!" P iq 3, .,Lr'w I 1- K+ I ' P' S. ' R Q we in 7 2 xg 1 Q if A -if W . Q . 1? ' NU In - ew- af A W, AL, 3? 41. . - i . 4, ,, aw ' P na 1 . xg 3 JKMMM Q ww ."" '-:' . ' l ,-4 Sf iwlxb Q v 1 1 gf W 8 4 1 ' ' any 8 THROUGH FOLLOWING PAGES cms ELY WINTERS MUNICIPAL HOSPITAL Servmg the S1ck of the Commumty Z4 hours each day WINTERS MUNICIPAL LIGHT PLANT Furnlshlng dependable Llght and Power Z4 hours each day W4 +5 ass i Y4a?ak xii WRSWFK s WINTERS MUNICIPAL WATER WORKS Furmshmg Pure and Healthful Water 24 hours each day WHY? ik Wi viwasW4iiv24ixvs24 s The above Departments of the c1ty of Wmnters, thell' employees, and all other offmclals, congratulate the 5Cf1101'5 of 1952 upon thxs occasxon. The future of your Town and Commumty depends UPOY1 You' ' V nf? A , PM 1 V L df V' ,x , . A x ,JI v sl ai xx w J L- I 1. O xsarwraufzefasfkvrvras:w:0:f:e::::::::c::kw::::fsfs::::::fa:::::0::f.o::::0:: O -' ago' :' aka' :' :' :lc :ak -' ':, 'cz als' :kgs - 'ra' a' ' :',::' 1 O S ak 3:1 I i I , 1:9 .u nz' .1 1 ,I ce 4013: I-Iealthfully Air Conditioned Comfortably Heated W M48 Modern "Sna " Q! Ne "Cry Room" STATE Movtes are your best entertamment See a good movte TONIGHT' FIESTA DRIVE IN Indrvrdual Car Speakers All Paved Ramps Modern Rest Rooms Modern Snack Bar Frrst Run Ptctures IMPROVEMENTS We have observed ln our local school 1S a source of pnde and joy to us progress does not happen lt IS the result of hard work and determmatlon Our football team has covered lt self wlth glory and our pep squad IS just out of thxs world WINTERS STATE BANK Wlnters Texas CAPITAL ACCOUNTS S280 000 00 Members of the Federal Reserve System and the Federal Deposrt Insurance Corporatlon . -- , II ll 1 , . K is A FX sr -:QI jbfgk .JY .5 ' 5? 1' if Q9 JSNQ V , Compliments of xi Q, PNN' 3 . gym fin ' 5? WINTERS TRUCK AND TRACTOR CO CMC and Ohver Sales and Servmce Phone 5085 auf! qi' I A , ' Mc CA RRELL AND SON Phone 5021 Wlnters Water Hauhng Phone 49320 Abllene Q X1 J I is 'grey xxjx 0 PC VX !. 'n .v ADH I.. Q '-. f 4 , 'fog "23- , P?" Q . lu 'J' I " ,' ' R .-:1 ., Marvln Bedford Wayne Bedford W G Bedford Loans 8: Real Estate BEDFORD INSURANCE AGENCY I'-15 9 XL! ,pl UQXIW Mlm' S l0l2S fwhfwem 43? A dim Swim Al.uE5 is Riifgmm In 4 t SPILL FURNITURE CO Where Good I' urmture IS not Expenswe Say lt wlth flowers and say It wlth ours WINTERS FLOWER SHOP Mrs A D Lee Owner Phone 3951 W1nters Texas Comphments of IDEAL LAUNDRY Phone 5329 Wmters Texas . . I H522 - "-1.21 1-f11,,J1'-- 5 E325 ' 2 f223-1i25211322212Z1212222-52?51:221211552125212521323i2iE?E??iiEa:f.., ' iiiiiiiiiffl.. x - 'fii"ii:'111122:'-Qfila.,--ii?f2i?11ig2fi2Eei5512E2i2111 .J ' Wa-2-425252225-?'e., 11:1-1-,ii'3'i1,1 if ":'1ii:i": ''lf'2?25151222222112215iii?-iz?52223iii'ii?Z25222?I2222?252222122315-?EiEi2i.iEi2i2 55- , Q, -.,..,.,. I 1 xx I N ur, , 4 . . . . , , . I ' 'L f 0 S E If , ' 9 .. . . .. ,., ..... -. ,. . XLR '35 11 -'I i .F I ' ,f A E X'f'.':'1 w' ' : X 1 2:-"V - A. - - ' '1 I H . : Fm L .. .H-,4,1x.....?..x . . ' ' ' 1 Compllments f f WINTER ENTERPRISE 1 pd, Wlnters J 5 MCMILLAN CLEANERS Get the one stop shopplng hab1t at the Where Courtesy and Economy Meet FARM SUPPLY STORE ECONOMY FOOD STORE Wmters, Texas Wmters, Texas ' ':- ':,'V".,.1 "" X O' A.:: ' Q gf f Zt' '1""' ' o,:.4 N ,111 I o o Q . "Maize :pie-, -,:.:1111--,'::::1---'2- 1: "-" . K. X - ZX ' L Compliments of WINTERS MOTOR COMPANY R de the Rocket" and rule the road' Oldsmobile Sales 8: Service Winters Texas P O Box 477 Telephone 2161 We would appreciate your business. Make this store your headquarters CITY DRUG CO The Rexall Store Phone 3871 Frank Paxton Owner 5 SENIO OUK FINE STOCK 0 CLOTHES I-IEIDENHEIMLR'S Winters Texas i I I . I ..- 535. :NHT w P ll A Ill' V m . ,I' lg ! LQ 1 41 I 'y,, f .,d4 , fa! faq' L, , ll ,I I 1, 'U I I 1,1 I I ' I 1 f 1',4k 1' WAY TRUCK Sz TRACTOR CO Wlnters Texas Phone 2.941 McCorm1ck Farm Machlnes Inte rnatxonal Trucks SYMBOL OF SERVIC E lnfnnmoun . nAnv:sYn I' 0 A 'I' fl af ' 1" dj 1 4 1 r 1 gif! 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IT , J fl if U' Comphrrments of DAV1DSON'S CIN wesmu Auto Assocme some Home Owned by W M HA YS MAIN DRUG COMPA NY and MAIN RADIO AND ELECTRIC SHOP Wxnters Phone 3331 Phone 5299 J E COX AND SONS O11f1e1d and Heavy I-Iauhng Trucks Bulldozers Breckenmdge W1nters 819 345 1515 5764 Ladmes Ready to Wear and 1VI1111nery FASHION SHOP Phone 4260 W1NN'S STORES Mgr., M.G. Mlddlebrook - , -W ,7 Rf f 3 . A V ' 1 4 ' H ' ,. 1 W' . I 'F f . - J IL!!! ILP 1 if 1 fy' , A All X 5P01'tswear Center WINTERS ARMY STORE THELMA 8: VERNIE GIFT SHOP 108 South Maln Street Wrnters Texas Cnfts for every occas1on Thelma Johnson V rme Bourn U nl? Race to Harrlsons For Better Values HARRISON AUTO W1nte r s , Texas Sale I as wiv 0,1 ' 'cmq qsfmim owflia ua. anus. o 1 ejxpqll 4cT:pola.. D' WADDELL. CHEVROLET COMPANY 'Firestone Your Headquarters For The Best In Tlres Tubes and Servlce SANDERS FIRESTONE STORE Phone 5517 Wlnter Texas Qvwm r Z , X 5 WINTERS DAIRY DREAM E S 4 Il f ,A 'S' , I C. bo . 49 R Ii., I 1, . , C, . 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I : 4 P - 6 , X l 4 DEALER F L FRIERSON GOOD HAN DS 9' 5 PUT UUR CAISN 0 - 0 J I At The C HE RO N Complete Car Service Phone 4236 Compllments of TAFT BEAUTY SHOP Phone 3531 ZLZ Church Street BLIZZARD IGLOO Fl N E- F0 0 D 5 mall UDD5 at:-Owen P"'cES 5 SWANNER X GROCERY " I ll CXPERTS J 593' ,MW THORNTON SERVICE STATION We speclahze m Compliments of Washmng greasmg cars and trucks Full lmes of batterxes BENSON AUTO tlres and tubes We glve S H Green Stamps SUPPLY Y L. - 0 0 X , In .X M' 1 ag ,dhmnaff .. - E7 1 I ' '5l- '52 This has truly been a year to remember at Winters High School. On September 4, 1951, the doors of our building opened wide and our school days officially began-the school days that have proved to be shining symbols of many unforgettable memories. The excitement and disorder of the first few days faded into the natural rhythm of regular school days, and these "regular days" came branded with a mighty word-football. As fall breezes swept our land the magic of football increased, and as its companion, a great School Spirit developed and grew among us. We opened the year with a heartening down-town pep rally: then all eyes and hopes turned toward Kermit, where our Blizzard team faced the Yellowjackets for the first game of the season. It was a hard, well-fought game, and although we came out on the short end of the scores, we returned home with pride in our hearts ..... we knew we had a real football team. The second week of school our classes met and selected their officers for the year. Organiza- tions, including the Glacier and Gale Staffs, began to move along in their businesses: the band and pep squad and student body were riding high with School Spirit. On September 14, we met the Abilene Eaglets on our home field and the Blizzards roared over them 39-7 to lay the foundations for a victorious season. Then on September 21 we met defeat at the hands of Merkel. "It was just one of those things," we told ourselves, and we took our loss as best we could. The reward came the following weeks with the defeat of Dublin followed by a victory over Eastland. School Spirit was mounting: tension was high: "football" was in the air and for the time held the limelight in W.H.S. Precious now are the memories of the lively pep rallies, the flickering lights of Thursday night bonfires, and the blue and white banners fluttering proudly in the crisp autumn air. The days passed quickly: on October 12, we clashed with Colorado City and emerged with a hard-fought victory, 7-0. On that night our Blizzard King and Queen were crowned. In figures our record stood four wins-two losses. g Then came the all-important conference games. Our hopes were high, and we set our sights on the District Crown. Coleman fell before us 28-12, and the Lakeview Chiefs were put aside 46-7. Our mighty Blizzards were steadily advancing: their fine qualities of teamwork, power, and spirit pro- claimed unlimited determination. On October 29 the traditional Halloween Carnival was held with its usual gayness and array of color and activity. School continued and already two months were behind us. The next week on'November 9, our gridiron vibrated with action as we tangled with the Brady Bulldogs in a tough conference tilt. The honor of that thriller went to us 22-21. Next on our list was Ballinger, and the memories of that game reign over all others. It was the cold night of November 16, that the Bearcats invaded our territory, but we were ready for them. As good-luck tokens, our Blizzards wore school colors pinned to their jerseys by their favorite girls in the special pep rally: the whole town was behind us: School Spirit was at its peak. This game determined the District Champs besides being the clash of ancient rivalries. The air was tense with excitement: from the opening kick off to the final whistle, there was not one moment for relaxation, and from that unforgetable game, the Blizzards came forth rightful winners, 13-6. Our emotions were uncontrollable as now they are indescribable. . .we had won district! Next came Bi-District and we met Ranger on Thanksgiving, November 22. How well we each re- member the glory of that day! To be certain we faced a good team, but yet they were not strong enough to hold hack the Blizzards. The title of Bi-District Champs became ours as we rode Ranger 35-20. Facing us then was Arlington, and on November 30 we played them for the Regional Crown. Their's was a strong team, and we were forced to bow to them but we shall never forget the greatness of our Blizzards displayed that night. . .the greatness displayed throughout all the '52 season. Yes, the memories of football season are sweet indeed. The daily work-outs, the training rules, the Blizzard-booster bus trips to out-of-town games, the colorful halftime activity, and the individual W- . I, l vbsfy by ll wil . . I gl pride and spi ' lived and continue to live . . . Yes, ours was a season of living greatness. Through- out those first three months of school, our "B" and Iunior football teams were also very active, and as December rolled around we felt a little lost with football days behind us. December 20 the Senior Band presented their Christmas Concert: on the 2lst our Student Council gave us a special Christmas assembly which was a trip into Doll Land: then came the holidays. When the 2nd of Ianuary saw us back in school, basketball season was in full swing. Our first conference game came Ianuary ll with Coleman, and we chalked up a victory: the next week we met Brady and Ballinger, and they, too, fell before our Blizzards. lanuary 21 we had our annual football banquet given by the band and pep squad: it was a beautiful affair and its memory shall live many years. On the 23rd all classes elected their favorites. and then all of W.H.S. chose their most popular boy and girl. Basketball continued. Ianuary 29th we lost a heartbreaking thriller to Coleman, but following games healed all sorrows. ACHS, Brady, Ballinger, and Lakeview became our victims and as a glorious climax to a great season, we found ourselves in a three-way tie for District. Ianuary 21st we clashed with Coleman at Abilene and that was truly a game for the books! In an overtime period we walked away with the honors, 36-35. . .and we were District Champs! We then advanced to the Regional Tournament, and won our first exciting game over at Atlanta, 38-37. In our second round a narrow margin of 46-41 made us losers to Van, but our Blizzards had surely shown their ability: the memory and spirit of that Blizzard basketball team will always be remembered. On Valentine Day our Annual Staff presented a lovely assembly in which scenes unfolded in Valentine Valley: from a bevy of princesses, a Queen of Hearts was chosen. The morning of Feb- ruary 2lst our auditorium reeled with excitement as the Senior Class presented the Amateur Con- test. March 4th in the Student Council Assembly we selected our school creed. School days slipped away quickly: our track boys took up the W.H.S. banner and carried it to victories. Our girls were active in volleyball, and before long the highly prized Iunior and Senior Plays were presented. Spring saw many activities under way: the Iuniors hustled about preparing the Iunior-Sen- ior Banquet, and the class of '52 planned its departure. As May drew to a close we realized our year was over, but only in reality was '51 and '52 behind us... in memory it lived radiantly. We remembered again our glorious football and basket- ball seasons: we remembered the gay activities: we remembered the simple wonderfulness of friend- ship. We remembered the kindness, patience, and helpfulness of our teachers: we recognized the fact that our scope of knowledge was much greater than it was the preceding September. The many hours we sat in class, although at the time seeming only obligations, became golden symbols of opportunity. Our hearts were saddened as we gathered our books and prepared to leave W.H.S.: some of us left to return not again, but to enter the cycle of life as men and women, ready and trained to undertake our burden of responsibility. Yes, the year was over, but we parted with the great blessing of friendship imprinted upon our hearts. As years pass the memories of our high school days may seem less important than they once seemed: we may forget that we were ever so wild over a football victory or so carefree and lively. Yet our youth will always shine with an almost sacred light... If the Heavens were Fields of Time. surely a certain great star would glitter through the ages-a star of beauty and purity representing the year of '51-'52 at Winters High School. Yes, truly this has been a year to remember. ,Maya Z .iff viz ' Z,iz7i,iQf,"fifWf'f'6fffV'A ' 2ff,..4,! I J 1 E .-w-- - 11:llll'lflE!l 'uz1r--, s:n','V:a'r"7':f' 4. dn s.- 73015113 f SUPER 0' A ' D D. ,rw COSl'1JS, "-,L -Z: H7 - 'E -M f ggl- 3..- ' ' J 1, ..:'. L J , ..,..--A 125555 ' ' - 2: 1 W7 'WLMWK -ff-,,, fffs ff nf- ' ff Q Eulnfgpg-SKXW' 'LAW' .fx iii..- nw- 1f"hBl-!Tf'f"' .......:wM., S .. I I ' ,,:..,.- ' . A.: , :I """"'- N16 jail' l "A", wf7r4 F 5 - ' - jk, -is ' ' QF , v 1 ' ' f - .- T Q y -:Z -'-' P -21- , -dx, - ' 1' I ' 1: ,f fsgug ,-s- V ! W' hi I , -As I 'ivy'- 4-,Y 1!w.,,:.-' Av ft na if f rv' 4-Fi' Vp , -al 'S I Qi' 9 "" , f "Un X, Sfeadfizst H' f fd Il. f ,ofdf f lncp I ayugag-f0h,g,, ,Graduafzes Op Ti . ' I I Y HW? fl Imax urpghm Pasha! :N QQ: 71532799 Af WA L " ' I Xxx' W ,L 1 s X RF

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