Winston County High School - Winsaga Yearbook (Double Springs, AL)

 - Class of 1963

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Winston County High School - Winsaga Yearbook (Double Springs, AL) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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706k 0 52,012 fQ!?fS' Title Page Foreword Dedication Annual Staff Mr. and Miss Winsaga Principal's Message Superintendent's Message zhsay Of 763 Faculty Seniors J ' Juniors X SOPl'1omores L - Freshmen 4 Lk 3' Junior High u Elementary Favorites Activities Athletics Advertisements SENIOR CLASS WINSTON COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL DOUBLE SPRINGS, ALABAMA 0149612014 Classmates, faculty, lessons, clubs, activi- ties - these are only a part of the memories we hope this, the 1963 WINSAGA, will keep alive in your heart and mind forever. We have worked hard and long in the hope that we have captured some of the spirit, hopes, disappointments, and desires of our school and its students. No days in our lives will be quite the same as our high school days. The carefree spirit and serious efforts of our classmates during these days are what we have tried to capture in this yearbook for all posterity to remember. We hope our 1963 WINSAGA will, in years to come, help you to remember the "good old days" at Winston County High School. Doris Anne Glaze Editor me 0960121612 In the dignity of the noblest sense, they have instructed us, encouraged us, provided for our necessities, and led us by their examples. Always ready to understand, to sympathize, to laugh, they have given freely of their time, talent, and themselves. With the sincere respect, the love, the gratitude that are so rightfully theirs, we proudly dedicate this 1963 WINSAGA to OUR DEAR PARENTS. BUSINESS MANAGER ,Tohnny Kilgore ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER Jimmy Stockton CO-EDITOR Kathryn Wakefield EDITOR Doris Anne Glaze 3 1 SUBSCRIPTION EDITOR Sammy Batchelor COPY EDITOR S arah S tockton ADVERTISEMENT EDIT OR Terry Cole SPORTS EDITOR Bobbie Sue Gilbreath PHOTO EDITOR Geraldine Bonds THE WHOLE GANG if HJ A. K O71 My .. 1:1 "' 1 FRONT ROW: Kathryn, Doris Anne. SECOND ROW: Terry, Sammy, Sarah, Jimmy, Johnny, Bobbie, Gerry. 77511 anof Ujzbsaya LARRY GUTHRIE - BARBARA BAILEY Elected by the Student Body Seniors: To adolescent youth, no occasion carries more import than graduation. It is the first great milestone of life, the goal toward which you have been striving since the prattling days of childhood. From this vantage point, you look out over the broad Plain of life, undismayed, eager, and teeming with enthusiasm. You are a part of a new American generation. You were born and reared in a free society. The freedom you now have is yours to de- stroy or strengthen as you see fit. l cannot say how you might live. I can only say that if you live in accordance with the principles of God and true Americanism, your freedom will remain unsullied. The forward march has been sounded and you advance to the drum beats of courage, but the light of the future shines in your eyes. God speed you to your great work. Your friend, W. A. Davis Principal Dear Seniors and Friends: The Bible - the greatest Book of all - so aptly reminds us that "as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." If we would but realize it, this is one of the greatest and most powerful laws in the entire universel What are your thoughts today as you prepare to become a grad- uate of this fine school? Will you set for yourself a high goal of continuing your education in higher institutions of learn- ing? Will you accept work in some worthy field of endeavor and attempt to live a life of service to those around you? Are you thinking of what contributions you can make to life instead of becoming a burden to society? l repeat, what are your thoughts this day? My kindest personal regards and best wishes for a fruitful and happy life. Sincerely, CE. . Boyce S. Albright Superintendent ful! FACULTY MR. GARETH BRYANT Band, History MISS ETHEL CURTIS English, History MR. MITCHELL DRAKE Guidance Counselor MRS . REBECCA CRUMPT ON Mathematics MR. W. A. DAVIS English MRS. MYRTIS DRAKE Library, Democracy Y FL ' gsm? , ,. M,,.,,.wf'j.z Awww QM?-' MRS. BARBARA FARRIS MR. BILLY FARRIS H15t0fY Assistant Coach, Math, Science MRS. KATE HILTON Mathematics, History MRS- PEARL LOVETT Miss WINNA F. MAXWELL English Home Economics 5+ , , mi ,,m, ' H Y MRS. LELA OVERTON MRS. GLENNIS POSEY Science Commercial Subjects 5 Y ' MISS NELLE ROBINSON MR. J. H. WHITSON Mathematics, English AgiiCL11I11r6 MRS. LOYCE WHITSON MR. LARRY YANCY Science Coach, Mathematics, History We ZUOI-A . . . to improve ourselves Ufe Looe to be loved we anferfazln . . . Wem 014155 jzoaofa QS , X N ' Q2 To f 4 -I we my . . to build our school spirit we QFQGID . . to develop ourselves ZUQ TAI? . . to please ourselves vrgvv X 5 r 1 My mm SENICRS ,K ,W +2 :ff 51522 i 1 l""" 'L C.-I7 'QFH' is N21 5 Gi wx , 2 . ,,, , Jyufwv. -w--,113-Q11 'S Y. 5 Q -iw 'i Q-, Q, , ,, A V-rx W lx Q, . 5 M-'G i,W,, 2 i' ,MA --C.. 1315, J M MW H M--YQ--qnwaq Mwwwwirmf, ,,,,.,.,. A. my-fffvfwfn' In me N x..m-ff. , W - - W ' '7'3'lW"'fl,,,., . "7"""""W ' ' COLORS: Green and White FLOWER: White Carnation f fra or fl cgenzbf CEQSJ CWCQFS Joyce Carter - Reporter, Sarah Stockton - Treasurer, Sammy Batchelor - President, Martha Ann Williams - Chaplain, Peggy Denton - Secretary, Jimmy Stockton - Vice President DELILAH JOAN BACCUS 4-H Clubg Science Club 95 Beta C1llb5l:.H.A. PAT BACCUS Beta Club 10,11, 12, President 125 F. H.A. 9,10,11, Treasurer 11, Historian 105 Pep Squad 9,10, 11, 125 Football Cheerleader5 Basket- ball Cheerleader 10,11, Head Cheer- L leader 115 4-H Club 9,10,115 "W" Club 10, 115 Class Officer 9, 10,11 WILLIAM ADAMS Football 9,10,11,125 F.P.A. 10 11,125 Basketball 9,10,115 "w" Club 9,10,11,125 4-H Club 9 BELINDA ALEXANDER 4-H Club 9, 10, 115 F. H. A. 9, 10 11, 125 Science Club 9 BARBARA BAILEY F.H.A. 11,125 4-H Club 9, 10,11, 125 Library Club 11, Secretaryg Pep Squad 10, 11, 125 Science Club SAMUEL BATCHELOR r.F.A. 95 Football 9,1O,11,125 Football Captain 125 Basketball 9, 10,11, 125 Science Club 9, 10, 11, 125 F.T.A. 125 Class Favorite 105 4-H Club 9, 105 Pep Squad5 Annual Staff5 Class President 125 Mr. Winsaga 11 JOHNNY PAUL BLANTON Foorbaii 9,1O,11,12, F.F.A. 9,10, Basketbari 9,10,11, "w" Club 10, 11,12, 4-H Club 9 DONNA CHRISTINE BONDS Science Club 9, 1O,11, Sec. 9, F.T.A. 9, 1O,11, Songleader 10, 11, Beta Club 10, 11,12, "W" Club l1,12, Pep Squad 9,1O,11,12, Class Officer 9, 10, 11, Football Cheerleader 11, 12, Basketball Cheerleader 11, 4-H Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Reporter 9, Sorrgleader 10, Gameleader 11, Gazette Staff 11 BETTY JOYCE CARTER 4-H Club 9, 10, Beta Club 10, 11, 12, Science Club 10, 11, Library Club 11, 12, Girls' State 12, Class President 11, Reporter 12, Chap- lain 10 GLADYS CARTER Science Club 9, 4-H Club 9, 10, 11, 12, F. H.A. 12, Pep Squad 9, 10, 11 GERALDINE SUE BONDS Football Cheerleader 11, 12, Basket- ball Cheerleader ll, Annual Staff, Beta Club 10, 11, 12, Vice-President 12, Band 9,1O, "w" Club 10,11, 12, Class Favorite 10, F.T.A. 9, 10, 11, 12, Chaplain 12, 4-H Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Secretary 12, Pep Squad 9, 10, 11, 12, Science Club 9, 10, 11 EUNICE REBECCA BURKE Math Club 9, Art Club 9, Science Club 11, Band 11, "W" Club 11, Senior Store, Pep Squad 11, 12, Miss Citizenship 12, 4-H Club 10, 11, 12, Reporter 12 TERRY COLE Football 9, 125 Basketball 9, 10, 11, 125 F.F.A. 10, 11, 125 Beta Club 10, 11, 125 "W" Club 10, 125 Class President 105 Annual Staff BOBBY DANIELS Science Club5 Basketball 9, 10, 115 Football 9, 105 Basketball Manager 10 GEORGE CHAMBERS Football 9, 10, 11, 125 F.F.A.5 Basketball 9, 10, 115 "W" Club 10 11, 125 Science Club DOYAL COCKRELL PEGGY DENTON 4-H Club 9, 10, 125 F.H.A. 9, 10, 11, 125 Beta Club 11, 125 Library Club 115 President 115 Class Officer , Sec. 11, 125 Miss Homemaker 11 .TOE ANN DURHAM F. H. A. 9, 10,11, 12513. H.A. Recreation Leader5 Band 9, 10, 115 Majorette 115 "W" Club 10, 115 4-H Club 9,10,11,125 Library Club 125 Annual Staff5 Pep Squad 9,10, 11,12 DORIS ANNE GLAZE Science Club 10, 115 Vice President 105 Beta Club 11,125 Band 11, 125 Queen of Hearts 115 F.F.A. Sweet- heart 105 D. A.R. Citizenship Girl 125 "W" Club 125 4-H Club 10, 115 Annual Staffg Pep Squad 10, 11, 125 National Ir. Honor Society LARRY GUTHRIE Football 9,10,11, 125 Basketball 9,1O,11, 125 "W" Club 10, 11, 125 F.F.A. 10,115 Science Club 9, 12 Rosa ETTA Hoop Beta Club 10,11, 125 Chaplain 125 F.T.A. 125 4-H Club 9,1oi, 11,125 Pep Squad 9, 10,11, 12 TERRIL Hoop Football 9,10, 11,125 Basketball 9,10,l1,125 F.F.A. 1o,11,12 SANDRA GAIL HADDER F. T.A. 10,115 Beta Club 10,11, 125 Science Club 9,105 Pep Squad 9,1O, 11,125 Band 11, 4-H crab 9,1o, 11,12 BOBBIE SUE HARRIS Class Officer 9,105 Football Cheer- leader 9, 105 F. H. A. 10, 11,125 President 125 Science Club 9, 10.5 Secretary 105 Beta Club 125 4-H Club 9,1O,115 Officer 105 Library Club 11, 125 Annual Staffg "W" Club 9, 10, 11, 125 Pep Squad 9,10, 11,12 1 ff 'a7"Q"" XX if If Eff KJ , S JOHNNY WARREN KILGORE Band 10,11,125 Student Director 115 President 125 F. T.A. 9, 10, 11,125 Chaplain 105 President 115 Vice President 125 Mr. F.T.A. 125 Science Club 9, 10,115 President 9, 105 "W" Club 10,11, 125 Annual Staff5 Beta Club 10,11,125 Song Leader 115 F.F.A. 10,115 Treasurer 105 State F.T.A. Vice President 12 JOHN LOGSDON Football 9,105 F. F.A. 9,10, 125 4-H Club 9 DOYLE W. HANSFORD Science Club 9, 10, 11, 125 "W" Club 9, 10, 11, 125 Football 9, 10, 11, 125 Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12 IVA NELL HUNTER 4-H Club5 Pep Squad5 Science Club SUE MAYBERRY Glee Club 9, 105 4-H Club 9,10, 11, 125 F.H.A. 95 Pep Squad 95 Senior Store HELEN NEWHOUSE F. H.A. 11, 125 Beta Club 125 4-H Club 12 FAYE OVERTON Band 95 F.H.A. 10, Pep Squad 9, 10, 11, 12, 4-H Club 9,10, 11 JUDY KAY PEARSON Beta Club 12, F. H. A. 12, Pep Squad 9, 10, 11, 4-H Club 9,10, 11, 12, President 12, Band 9 NOLA LOUZELL POWELL 4-H Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Science Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Beta Club 11, 12 JOYCE ANN PRATER 4-H Club 9, 10, 11, 12, F. H. A. 9, 10,115 Beta Club 10, 11, 12, Pep Squad 9, 10, 11, 12 LEVONA ANN POE F.T.A. 9, Pep Squad 9,10, 11, 12, 4-H Club 9, 105 F. H.A. 12 JUDIT H DELORIA POPE Science Club 9, 10, 4-H Club 9,10, 11, Beta Club 10, 11, 12, Senior Store, Library Club 11 JIMMY VICKERY Football 9,10,11,12, Football Co- Captain 12, F.F.A. lO,11,12, President 12, "W" club 1o,11,12, Beta Club 1O,11, 12, Pep Squad 9,1O,11,12, F.F.A. Reporter 11, Basketball 9 KATHRYN IAVERN WAKEFIELD Band 9,1O,11,12, Majorette 11, 12, Miss Homecoming 12, Miss Citizen- ship ll, Beta Club 1O,11,12, Re- porter 12, F.T.A. 9,1O,11, 12, Parliamentarian 12, Class Secretary 10, Science Club 9.10, President 10, 4-H Club 9,1O,11,12, "W" Club 1O,11, 12, Pep Squad 9, 10, 11, 12, Gazette Staff 11, Outstanding Student 9, Annual Staff IAMES WILLIAM STOCKTON Basketball 9, Science Club 9, 11, 12 Pep Squad 9,1O,11,12, F.F.A. 10, "W" Club 12, Football 12, Class Vice Pres. 11, 12, Boy's State Representative, Annual Staff, 4-H Club 9 SARAH ELIZABETH STOCKTON F. T.A. 9, 10, Class Secretary 9, Pep Squad 9, 10, 11,12, Science Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Secretary 9, Class Reporter 11, Class Treasurer 12, 4-H Club 9,10, 11, Annual Staff CHRISTINE WHITMAN F.H.A.: 4-H Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Pep Squad 9,1O,l1,12, Science Club MARTHA ANN WILLIAMS Science Club 9,1O,11, Pep Squad 9,1O,11,12, F. H.A. 10, Class Chaplain 10,125 4-H Club 9,1O,11, 12, Senior Store, Library Club 11, 12, Class Favorite 11 MARTHA NELL WILLIAMS Science Club 9g 4-H Club 9, 10, 11, 12g Pep Squad 9,10,11,12 PAUL HOWARD WILLIAMS Science Club 10, 11, 12, 4-H Club 9g F.F.A. 9,1O,11g Senior Store Miss Ethel Curtis SPONSOR Coach Larry Yancey CO-SPON SOR OUP Sponsors n We In Memory CHARLES EUGENE WATTS do not know death until it comes to one we love inn OI? OPS VONDA MASSEY S ophomore Girls' State Representative Boys' State Representative IOYCE CARTER JIMMY STOCKTON Citizenship Conference Representatives REBECCA BURKE Senior Mx' ,ff SONYA BATCHELOR Freshman if 4 . fx. 'V 3 ..,, . Et" . . ' . Q f f f A F. W , A, , '1 4 'fr Q .4 YVONNE TAYLOR Junior M, M R., :abr M V ? , , ss.-1 'E' Q www if -K 1. - f R ,. ww? x .. 1 IM , -92' .M .- ,mage M- " mf Af , ff, VI' 'H W I 'fi fd: ,.,rgaS?Zfmx:5g wi . M ., 1 'wi '27 K, , 1 2.222 f . V' . ., 5 if , mfis Y KA ff 1 an -4 iii 3 i . 'JT ' -'fs X V995 , Wm, - x 4 ii 'X 1 325515 Q fi X 's Q G GERA LDINE BONDS .jhkforzkzzz DELORIA POPE Qgafdfafondn Ji ff 54 617129123540 gzlff DORIS ANNE GLAZE J 0 75 Q ,WOSX vmrrycgleljous ,mf ygyeauflygzf - 0.9! 3ZQ12oGome , Barbara Bailey, Sammy Batchelor Bobby Dan1el, Peggy Denton, I h Paul Blanto , Lavona Poe f O my H ,KZJQJX cbporls Belinda Alexander, Faye Overton, Bobbie Gllbreath, Iva Nell Hunter y7Zp0s1' fo CSUCCQQJ Joyce Carter, Doyle Hasforcl a M75 ,T I K .9 y P ff NX, PX QU1?fQ5f rygesf Qresseof Christine Whitman' Joan Baccus Helen Newhouse, Iimmy Stockton Martha Nell Williams 9750051 Qgfuofous Iudy Pearson, Joyce Prater, Nola Powell Gufe.sf Rose Etta Hood, Jimmy Vickery ....nn?:E3Ghnm. Jw" if Wosf rrpopuhr Was! Cyooperalzkue Terry Cole, Geraldine Bonds Sue Mayberry, Doyal Cockrell, Sandra Hadder 122051 E579 Kathryn Wakefield, William Adams, Gladys Carter Was! 5?f5Ef1b' Terril Hood, Pat Baccus f Q f1 ::sw rms! iDQfJQI2k6Q Martha Ann Williams, Paul Williams, Kes! qrozznf George Chambers, Sarah Stockton Deloria Pgpe Wfosf Doris Anne Glaze, Johnny Kilgore Rebecca Burke Zifzfbesf Larry Guthrie, Christine fBonclsJ Ellenburg S' F its ,ik o JUNIORS Q Q -1 , 11121014 GQJJ CFCQAY Beverly Robins - President, Jimmy Little - Vice President, Steve Baccus - Secretary, Sherry Frazier - Treasurer, Jayne Shaddix - Song Leader, Wayne Bartlett - Chaplain SPONSOR Mrs. Glennis Posey K' CO-SPONSOR Mr. Billy Farris 1 1 Wayne Adair x ,X X J1 A Dale Alexander Engene Baccus Steve Baccus Ioan Baily Jimmy Barnett Wayne Bartlett Roger Batchelor Susan Bell Arnold Bennett 'Q .,,.,i,Sr 2 9' lr6,ru'm 'V "' ti fi a utgl l q I Cynthia Davis Patsy Denmore Ioan Elliott Jerry Frazier Sherry Frazier June Freeman Ronald Gilbreath Betty Godsey 'hi' yi- "' Q rf' 4- S Srl 43' Camilla Harris Jannie Harris Wayne Howell nr- 'Q 1 as 1 as Ann Harris 'Y' - 5, fy . Pk af' gf Roma Godsey Mike Graham Linda Gravitt Linda Gray Kieffer Guthrie Clyde Garrison Dale Hadder Sandra Hannah ,f' It ' in fZ!?if,if7f4.'1.'f Allen James Elton Jones Jerry Lester Jimmy Little Jimmy McGee Janette Miller Brookie Overton Willie Parker Rosemary Parrish Bobby Prater Kay Prater Doris Pulliam Homor Rice Mavis Rice Frances Richardson Beverly Robins .P-D-Q ,Q 1 Jo Taylor Yvonne Taylor Maxine Tidwell Malcolm Ward Bobby West Donna Wilson Bertis Young X div-in , ! QV f S f T Ig? -ff' ffl' xx ,IL f l 5 "' r . is H ss ,. F, as, , :T 11 .gg L 55, Gary Rogers Jayne Shaddix Robbie Smith Joe Stockton f if u s 1 , fx-if V r"'tn X S fm gflvu -pw I 27? Z V .mln-N VA Xiu . , I 5 SOPHOMORES CSOPA 0122 OFQ GQSJ CQFS SEC. 1: Ken Williams, President, Tommy Martin, Vice President, Wanda Peak, Secretary, Frances Lovelady Chaplain, Martha Crittenden, Reporter, Jane Bartlett, Song Leader. SEC. 2: Linda Cobb, President, Sharon Nichols, Vice President, Cheryl McCullar, Secretary, Martha Bonds, Song Leader, Anita Baggett, Chaplain. -w -, if-may -,ssqlnsalf ' , : ' 1 ' I! s Mi' G3 1011 Adams gap Q, "' - 'EM v --Nz f' I "M f rihrliihsrrt f-J-25' - f we wef- fy' XL xx' 5 I 5 - 5 A es Kenneth Alexander Anita Baggett Sammy Bailey Jane Bartlett Martha Bonds Judy Cash John Claborn M 3, W,,, 3.3-1.7.,.:,,1:fr:1..,,mf,f,w.a, 7 ,mes M.. -fmt. Qwf,,,,,,fw,Wl1, vm N f 1 W it Sue Harbin Carolyn Henderson Betty Sue Hood Paulette Hood Wayne Hood Jack Jennings Jimmy Kilgore Mike Kilgore Oliver Lang Parnell Lewis Judy Logsden Frances Lovelady Tommy Martin Martha Mayhall Cheryl McCullar wr, ': .' T' C, . . A .'2:-:-:-"N: Linda Cobb Wayne Cockrell Martha Crittenden Phyllis Curtis Wayman Daniel Dewayne Davis Peggy Densmore Ronald Densmore Louise Elliott Glenn Ford Evvon Frost Linda Garrison Spurgeon Grace Gary Gutherie Jerome Hale I W-sv P I N ,, K A .... .-:Q 3 . --.1-, . I H. -.'.-. .,-, ,-14:-.-.54-zfri?-. ,-Tirkfrlit?-:f 1 sew" L f M- P ,-, . ... .I-, .,. :.1 , -., . .,.. :':::+.,5::::.:p:.,? - -:-mi i KY '77 I We.-er Wayne McDonald Juanita Miller Doyce Morris Vonda Massey Bedie Newhouse Sharon Nichols Pete Overton Wanda Peak Delene Pearson Dianne Poe Janice Powell Gary Patton Norma Jeane Prater x , ,.. ff 'xi J is f moto No! Available I sl I N9 Phak: 1 AVAILAIXE n 5 H .. :'2 W M, , Q lg M5 . s at 'L . W W- P, X W Q . 5 . C l J z l X 1 .t No Photo Available . . . Roy Williams, Steve Wolfe ,ff ss, f Wt ,QL if if na s W... JM" 3 " 4 f ls, """: J -' Oi? f J 5 fig' fffgtfsra J Qfmi 'F ,. ,swan E 1 , -1 w. al ,, 4. -.Qs 'L . -17 ,af 7 Gros f- .. R 2 A t x ,a f ,init .Af A , fa, may 'H-nr Q f, 'V' 1 A K ,O Mig 4 , Steve Roberts Steve Roberts David Reynolds Jerry Stockton Jean Sutherland Eugene Tidwell Milton Tidwell Anthony Tucker Johnnie Waid Brenda Watts Larry Webb Sue Whitman Danny Whitson Ken Williams Randy Wilson if .h ,rf FRESHMEN I fir ifii ,, :X ff T in Agri? num ' H4010 N01 AVAIKANI 'ik 713' i i f V' 2 Carolyn Elliot Odis Flakes David Frost Sandra Garrison Roger Gilbreath James Godsey Loretta Godsey Ronnie Godsey Alan Gray Betty Jane Hill Lonzo Hill Gail Hogan Lellie Hood James Horsley Tom Jackson Jean Kinard X if for X- I Brenda Io Adair Peggy Alexander Brenda Alford Dorthy Baccus Judy Baccus Jimmy Basil Sonya Batchelor Joe Beck Sarah Bonds Jerry Brock I0 Ann Carter Lester Chambers Betty Cockrell Gary Collier Dale Covington Eddie Densmore 'Q Jerry Little Glendall McCombs Ronald McDonald Billy McCullar Deliot Massey Elsie Massey Beth Moody Gary Moody Calvin Morris Joyce Morris Johnny Nichols Betty Overton Jerry Pearson Patricia Pearson Joan Pelfrey Annette Prestridge Photo Not Available Randy Moody H K QP "sf yiii if stiis if i A fr. 3 4- ' 4 in' 'ggi' E ' if V ir 'Q ,cf at 'Qi ,F .--, vb . ,I 5""9PL f by Davie Richie Johnnie Richie Dyna Robins Elmo Robinson Billy Storie Travis Thomas Betty Watts Sandra Watts Mark Weaver Barbara Whitman Shirley Williams Barbara Wilson Wallene Wilson Joanne Wolfe Marilyn Wolfe Jane Young JUNIOR HIGH Eflygff Qraf Q i 5 I 5 V V I J - Qs. Y' :fn "' Q F 'A A , ,W ' it ,rrsfrv ,U wwf! M 1 E ,igy I Y ,sy V - ,Ak , fm W- - s .N 0 A . 5 fu Q 594 ,IS . ' K ,K yl -af, Q' ,, - X 11 5239 X X ., fx 9, ll fy I 1 'zu K X - ef' 'U f' ,, ., Qi fi -:J 11 A L " K, i Y 'z LQ 1 gr : itiii is . B t s s , -- 4 f" .Q I - ' ' f Q " -fwf ' if -',' V 1 - -L,'-' ' L',- ' .Q swift ,x ii? j fi' 11 a iflxzy 'fu jj .55 31 X an 1 . f K F.. by .i l - , A V Xl iw" . K g 11 , . f l i A W " ' Y Q A s gi, ,Q ' ' . ' I N x 14 'J Jia? at 5221? is M ' H ,X ,, Vivian Adkins Carol Aldridge Barry Bearden Thelma Beasley Velma Beasley Linda Beck Terry Benson Kenny Berry Eddie Bonds Gwen Bonds Karen Bonds Ruby Brock Tony Brooks Freda Burdick Elaine Cagle Betty Carey Jerry Chambers Gary Cole Steve Cole Opalene Cole Joyce Curtis Bobby Daniel Kathleen Dodd Martha Drake Ted Ergle Vicki Farris Brenda Frost Mayrene Frost Eugene Garrison Junior Garrison Patricia Garrison Pamela Hunter Gary Horsley Larry Hood Steve Hendrix J im Henderson Bobby Ray Harris Hilda Hale Betty Guthrie Frances Grace Rebecca Kilgore Ann Lovelady Nelsie Kay Martin Tony Martin Deborah Mayhall Joyce McDonald Jeweldean Miller Elouise Moody Louise Moody Bonnie Nelson Debra Overton James Parrish Wayne Peak Tommy Poe Maryln Powell Mary Prater Ray Rice Frances Robinson Jimmy Spain Linda Spires Bob Stockton Frankie Stone Bobby Sutherland Larry Sutherland Sue Taylor Bonnie Tidwell David Tidwell James Tidwell Rebekah Tidwell Violet Tidwell Sammy Tucker Ted Vest Walter Vest Daisy Waid Ann Ward Dianne Ward Jimmy Ward Linda Watts Lynda Whitman Judy Winkles Brenda Young Willard Vanzant ra 'Fl' , A ' saw Q" L . , its , f.f, jf m,t r E, -P P' - .' , T . ,, i L' - 5 "' 4 , i '- aiu .,,,.E. :+L iw fL,.:Zig5,V , . 1: 'I 1 I wma ,,,,mm 5., A ,L L. J A J X Y X N i 1 A 5 all L ' f T1 Pfffa' 4 it 'ff " -5 115' , ' . K r ' ' ' . : . ,K s. ' .ggi . , ,ps - ' f, "' . is., .. QL 0 ,. 2 rrszr q L L- is E J P-ff '12 f-:iff r A f , . fy 0 'rf I if f Q' ' L 1 N Y Q . li . L VA .V V N A f , K it V, . 'car V V X . Sfmiiiri ,--, A. sv 514' .1 af A A R if ' --,f . A ,,,: A 1 , rw Q A At, fi h?Z ' tmli ..,,.v L,-ff A QQf' W ' J lii f J rsirs A it iAAAAA , i ' L'ik Page fi V YQV' 5, L 'L'7 1 Vg Sammy Adams A mmmlm ig-reef Vi J , mml! A gat David Adair B V A J 'r AA I VAV V f I V, A, David Alexander CSQUQHXAX ' X ' A ,H 1 m'1'hQ? 4 V Vf . Glenda Alexander , V zVmn AA ,lll ieyyyl V ez A Linda Alexander V rrli ' Lottie Alexander AA ' '.. mf V V VAS,r ,r,r, J ,r.,, L V Regina Alford lp J ,A J, w"11'.' J V' Tommy Bailey A J J ' ' 3 i 'di' i JV -r Tamara Baird 'Q " ' f' .,ab f VV Brenda Barnett Q' J Jeanette Barnette A ir,r A A .,.1' V A - A A A A .V Paulette Barton ' Y' r. ff" 'WT J N: A Annette Batchelor J x - If AA.-A I 2 'LA' -A B ..- - A ,ASV Dwight Ben VVVV 1 VV VV Franklin Bell 5 V 1 if -rl 2 - -'-'. ' cr V535 X If Johnny Bell ' LVVA V dfA'd idfd Billy Ray Cagle Yl' we r A , A if Andel Chambers , 'I r i VVV VVVVV VV Jimmy Chambers J .Ei an V Q A ' Patsy Cobb VV, A A ' 3' Vr ' 7 A l , A, fl . M ' ,A Jeannie Cockrell ' 'iirf ' ":' ' iiir ' ' 'iiir' T A Doris Colburn A J A "'Y i 'ilrsr ' Horace Colburn V .1 r eV Q Va, LV J VV VAVr Glenda Cornelius Z AAVV VV , VV rfi ? Henry Cornelius V it iii -J J .ViA ,,AAA 5 i V Wa ne Cornelius i A r. iw . K mr' ilfgi, i " Jerri, Curtis Joel Curtis Neal Curtis Pauline Davis Dianne Defoor VV VV Kathy Ergle JV ' V A A At J 4 if ' Mack Ergle V l 'Qi V QV V V, K " VV Patricia Fowler VVAVXJ3 V A A V rAr Betty Garrison V V V ' Vt AV A VV A IVVAVVA VV X ' Brenda Garrison N A fW,N 35 N XX j' A A Carolyn Garrison Linda Garrison ' r John Garrison f 1'AB 'r1.iA i Q' f rf1-Ar J S. B. Garrison r L ' V Q VLA, R T. V. Garrison B V'diiiilA :rdr my A mf mmm Terry Godsey M James Grace Jackie Guttery Toby Henderson Linda Hill Jewell Holcomb Terry Hood Lance Horsley Rayburn Humphries Kenny Hunter William Ingle Ray Ingram Dianne Jackson Kathy Jones Jerry Kilgore Linda Kinard Danny King fA 'ff' ,,,a- Q HV, ew-fair 55 -ff Martha McGee Joe McDonald Billy Mann George Martin Vonda Money Palmer Moody Robert Moody Peggy Nelson William Nelson Ronnie Nelson Linda Nix David Overton Raburn Page Carol Patton Carlon Pearson Donna Peak Patsy Preston Nancy Pelfry Clovis Pruitt Jerry Pruitt Clinton Rice Kathleen Rice Neil Rice Thomas Rice Larry Robins Terrell Royster Barbara Scott Marie Spain Carolyn Stewart Ronald Stockton Joyce Stone Kenneth Spires Billy Sutherland Doyce Sutherland Alton Taylor Carl Thomas Stanton Thomas Trence Thomas Terry Tidwell Edward Townsend Evelyn Treece Herman Treece Alfred Tucker Margie Vest Danny Ward Larry Waid Azelee Ward Murphy Ward Terry Ward Lynda Weaver Rita Webb Patricia Whitman Terral Wilson Betty Winkles Thersa Wolfe ELEMENTARY If 4 Q i' 0 4 i ff'1k2CQ anff ff'1k2c'e.y.Y DONNA IU MQRNE MIK? LOBIJ ww cslbcff QFGOQ MRS. IDA DAVIS Wendell Alexander Robert Baker Glennell Barnett Clarence Beasley Nathan Cagle Donna Chambers Patricia Chambers Gregory Cole Michael Cole Thomas Curtis Johnny Daniel Glenda Dickenson Travis Garrison Kenny Godsey Johnny Godsey Mary Godsey Judy Mae Grace Roger Knight Carol Lindley Carolyn Moody Ronald Moody Brenda Overton Ronald Pearson Carol Reynolds Phyllis Robins Gary Robinson Rita Shipman Betty Spires Mary Sullins Elaine Weaver Phillip Wilson , i Emmanola Adams fqfi, ' '- ' -"7 I -its . ..rr V. :', fx .- , - ygffPl ' I, an L2. , ., M, We f ji? 1 3 , A LV .TW . 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Adams Sandra Adkins Dale Aldridge Robert Bailey Johnny Baldy Gary Beck Jane Bell George Bonds Tony Boykin Gerldine Colburn Mike Curtis gyftf QIUOQ Ronny Elliott Tommy Garrison Eugene Godsey Tommy Godsey Mike Guthrie MRS. Bobby Massey Martha Massey Franklin Minor Jimmy Overton Tommy Pruitt Carolyn Shakleford Dewight Shewbart Cynthia VanDam Donna Williams Ierry Winkles Peggy Wright Ray Young Rhonda Hadder Brookie Harbin Rita Hendrix James Lewis IRMA B. WHITE MRS. LYDIA BLAKE 70 urfg QFGOQ John Abbott Jerry Alexander Bonita Alford Sandra Batchelor Carolyn Baughn David Bryant John Berry Donny Cagle William Cagle Judy Chambers Kathy Chambers Deloris Curtis Wanda Daniel Dale Dickerson Royce Elliott Rowlan Freeman Lanier Godsey Boyd Henderson Nancy Henderson J. T. Howell Ir. Nina I ames Ronald Johnson Ricky Kilgore Lilah McDonald Clifton Pearson Peggy Pearson Terry Pearson Hobson Powell Ir. Leroy Shaddix Troy Spain Betty Sue Tidwell Imogene Tidwell Robert Thomas Patricia Ward Laymon Wakefield Glenn Wilson Dee Retha Wilson Larry Wisener Cynthia Wolfe Shiela Gravett Steve Harbin Jerry Hill David Kinnard Donald Kinnard Charles Massey Hollis Martin Kieth Robins Letha Robins Tommy Robins Jimmy Spain Ricky Stockton Tony Sutherland Diane Tidwell Jerry Townsend Steve Tucker Freda Vest Alan Wilson go urff QIUQQ Kennith Adair Susan Barnette Kimsey Barton Carl Beasley Charles Beasley Ray Bell Donald Bell Sarah Blackwell Janice Clark Mike Collier Jimmy Commeens Debra Curtis Ronald Curtis Mary Sue Ellenburg Ginger Farris Jimmy Garrison Clara Grace MRS. MARY ST OCKTON Hollis Adams QPGOQ MRS. MADGE HORSLEY Ray Alexander Bonnie Beasley Lonnie Alexander Dale Bonds Michael Boykin Deborah Cagle Judy Cagle Lois Colburn Louise Cushing Bradley Fields James Gaddy Huey Garrison Debra Gilbreath Nina Godsey Judy Gossett Linda lngle Keith Jennings Wilfred Kershaw, Jr. Lola Faye Massey Jimmy Moody Jerry Nelson Wanda Overton Brenda Pearson Carole Pearson Wallace Pruitt Joan Reed Benjamin Sutherland Oneal Sutherland Rickie Sutherland James Thompson Dennis Townsend Doris Whitman Judy Whitson Sheila Wolfe Barbara Young Charles Reeves Bobby Alexander fl nun fjfzkof QPQUQ r MRS. OPAL WILSON Deborah Adkins Lynn Bailey Bobby Alford Brenda Basil Cathy Cagle Rodger Cockrell Laura Cornelius Earl Curtis Virginia Garrison Mike Gilbreath Robert Godsey Clint Godsey Sue Grace Tim I-ladder Rebecca Hill Danny Hogan Shawana Jennings Gary Lester Larry McGaughy Jerry McGaughy Donna Moody Dyron Overton Charles Pearson Joe Richie Randy Richie Joe Steele Tim VanDam Geraldine Ward Deborah Weaver Dale Williams Vanessa Williams Glenn Wilson Rhonda Wilson Jeannie Wisener Travis Wright QCOUJQFGOQ Patricia Aldridge Jackie Baldy Ann Berry Terry Joyce MRS . LORUS BAGGETT . . .. . , M me - 'Winn W ig yew, '-noi?-1 2 . iriifliiiz? r. ragga., as gsgi zf s - ' Q re . P5355 1 -sexi ' e V--irafgsfwmv m ' a mswrawff P:-wf -mmm - L ,Jinx '95 ,frghrasfw 'fi:f2i-PEQQZH . rsggjgzfrs 7fg5g5laiH12 yazf gh: ' ffegvffg 142555252 i'i'::": 2,6-P . Smal? ' " -' 23331 955 - ' ?gesf?fQ - B w ife! 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Ellenburg Ella Mae Gaddy Talley Gilbreath Joe Jackson Rhonda Ingram Murphy Moody Gayla Sandra Pearson David Pruitt Lanie Stone Sutherland Cairlton Tidwell Alvis Treece Hugh T ucker Sheila Waid Fay Ward Ray Ward ,' F R+. rw-il .. .. Wfifei X fegm af .. Phillip William rlli ,Wa F55 .4 .. 75 r?Hj'6? ,ig P cf fx w ma ig? MQ? Egg , S 1 k V 5 K fri? is N ,m,L gi S slim ,J Q W gn A Y Sify? Z5 if? '25 fig? x if T 1 X P ff 5 X lil? 35 Yi , ,. WW? X r.,, , H5225 3551- 3 ,, 5, 2, 1, Q.ff, ,3 y V- I Mr 2- ,E 2,5 f 2 H 3 fs., i Q ,w5. , 'f 5 ' J i 1' . , ' , :s5E:2i":iE':iE5i:"E1 :.:',:" Tiiiw He,,21:.iwf:- :-F farzsqfvv M91 llcrwe gen' ,ww , ,- z f v , X axe: rr . A A xg f-5 , I .', eu , fem, , A55 H, ,,,,5,:5:- -,if-W,-:,,.,,? f e - 1 :Er-i5g':,er-.5 -. - 515-, rq,5,gggw ,W , w 'Elf ??g3?ve5 , raw xiiiiff fvfi-si wifi? 51211 Rr E-la ,,,,r,,5w .wir qqfgxpf- 221-wwf ...., 1 M .-jg? i Z- f22f,,Q7' r, axsfwrzefgi l .55-Pi? il" iw I .5 'fn gil igggi irgf e iiiii i n fgffw E '1 'W .V v ,i:i?rgfjii . -IVE! 5- Q .SM K l m gm if K2 K ! Q? 3 w 1 T1 E 53 , X A Q mf Ni 4 2 V I -if r I 5 , - Q , f , S 3 P f 5' ' r Prurtt S C39 C012 of gfd UQ Troy Bell Tanya Frazie Larry Alexander Beatrice Baker Randy Barton David Bell Jesse Bell Shirley Cagle Debra Collier I' Frankie Godsey Celesta Green Brenda Hendrix A V Holcomb Wayne Hunter Dianne Johnson Shirlene Lawson Susie Little Jean Massey Kathy Mayberry Willene Moody Gary Nelson Janice Patton James Allen Pruitt Ronald Richie Roxie Ann Shackleford Sandra Stockton Ruby Thomas Brenda Joyce Townsend Jimmy Townsend Debra Ward MRS. JUAN IT A RICHARDSON i 932191 QFGOQ MRS. IDA M. BUTLER Jerry Cagle Jerry Wayne Carter Marecia Chambers Mike Cobb Eddie Covington Connie Curtis Marvin E. Grace Judy Gray Dale Frank Hendrix Debra Ann Hill Donna Hill X4 Russell Dale Hill Ricky Johnson Mark Kilgo Russell King Oneal Massey Jimmy Massey Lonnie Mayberry Terrie Moore Lecil Pearson Nellene Pearson John Paul Spain Billy Srrahan Larry Tidwell Charlene Tucker Sandra Waid Debra Woodard Roy Vest Erbs! QIUOQ Teresa Daniel Kay Ford Tommy Garrison Johnnie Godsey Johnny Alford Anita Baccus Stewart Bailey Sue Bailey Cynthia Barnett Sue Berry Lynn Boykin Dorinda Cole Randell Cole Patricia Curtis Rex Godsey Terry Godsey M. P. Gossett Rita Hood Leah Knowles Tina Knowles Roy McGaughy Donna Jo McRae Rickey Moody Jerome Pickens Murphy Priestly James Snoddy Jayne Wade Royce Whitman MRS ANNIEB COURINGTON FAVORITES fy - mivzifwv'fxww-...if-M4422-mia 5 fi'2?.,,g J 41 5 A Lf " ii- I ui F3 C 5e121O1' fczvorzfes CHRISTINE BONDS LARRY GUT HRIE fm ?Hi,f' Lwpzigtxbiviifkwzifrfi mrgeixfiv all .Ay Q5 lawn , 1112101 aoof 1105 PATSY DENSMORE JIMMY LITTLE si gi .4 3 J 'Q' NW zz' 1, W M ea Y "W ,EQ my Q " MQ 1 'pi 2 Q 9 , ff. ' 1 1 4? c IWAKJIDOFQ c1u01'1fe,S WAYNE COCKRELL PAULETTE HOOD -W., P ,T -Q, . xv V- A Lfi- - 1 E., fi! 2? 'K sf,i?sB?3!iaf9? 55,2 Vffifwg - 1,3112 ffl 1 f ""'l 1'QSgI1? an aoorzfe 5 BETH MOODY EDDIE DENSMORE A Lg ,5.:fv1- ' ' 5 fp Q 'f Z 1 csweezfearf SHERRY FRAZIER N 6 if Wx -.M ueen gfjiarfs DORIS ANNE GLAZE ffm. gresfznan XZJQQUQ BETH MUODY k W A Csopfomore J equi? 'X S LINDA COBB sk -2. , . , A 1 275.5271 'fwiiif -'ik' , '-EINVAL. ' fe 0. if f fiiisywfwif ' . - S x V M. unzbr yjeamy CYNTHIA DAVIS . .gggkz1v'zw-v'-'3b--- . , 51 SF 1' enzor fbjeczufy BOBBIE HARRIS GILBREATH Wx, .5 1 3 1 M , H K , , 5- ? 5 5 1 L, m V 5 m Q S 1 j' ' 'I ,5 A N, Q' 5 1 f 4' f 4 f 1 EL ? 9 3 E Q E fg 5 q L V ,S . ,Q i , ,Q qs f xg Q .V S 5 v 5 2 4 , 4 6 A .L , , y 5 7 E Q r 3 w is Q M., 3 E S 5 Q f W 3 ,g i Q 2 1 r 4 f 5 4 g 4 . 5 f 5 f . www.- 3 X X. Qi K.. wi , . ueen 0 xf eaufzbs X DORIS ANNE GLAZE N ,-,.-agwafe,1ekLw.f , Mgr ACTIVITIES Zefa C M16 FIRST ROW: Gray, Glaze, P. Hood, Taylor, Wakefield, B. Overton, Hannah, Baggett, I. Bartlett, Elliott, Godsey, Shaddigq, Miss Robinson, Ivlrg, Lovett, Richardson, C. Bonds, Robins, R. Hood, G. Bonds, P. Baccus Crittenden, Cobb, Frazier, Wilson, K. Prater, Chambers. THIRD ROW: Whitson, Watts, Lovelady, Waid, Curtis, Harris, Powell, J. Baccus, Pulliurn, Pearson, B. Newhouse, Denton, H. Newhouse, Davis, S. Hadder Pope, McCullar, Carter, Miller, I. Prater, N. Prater. FOURTH ROW: Cole, Vickery, McGee, W. Bartlett, Little, West, Reynolds, D. Hadder, ,P, Overton, Kilgore, Williams. s1'wm'lA, I 1 wil- WD . , is We i:::x .,., i . , K 'G' f-""'w..sf' BETA CLUB OFFICERS and SPONSOR: SEATED: Geraldine Bonds, Vice President: Pat Baccus, President: Beverly Robins, Secretary. STANDING: Miss Robinson, Sponsor: Kathryn Wakefield, Reporter: Jayne Shaddix, Song Leader: Rose Etta Hood, Chaplain. SPONSOR: Mr- Whmm, CHAPTER SWEETHEART: Sherry Frazier Lamp, om FIRST ROW: Annette Prestidge, Iean Sutherland, Diana Robins, Gary Cole. SECOND ROW: Kenneth Berry, Mrs, Mitchell Drake, Barbara Bailey, Betty Carter, Bobbie Harris, Peggy Denton, Bobby Prater, FIRST ROW: Mrs. Whitson, Curtis, Baggett, Richardson, Frazier, Harris, Bailey, Overton, McCullar, Nichols, Peak. SECOND ROW: R. Hood, Densmore, Wolfe, Hogan, Chambers, Wilson, Davis, Shaddix, Pullium, C. Harris, Gray, P. Hood, Moody, S. Batchelor, Taylor, Robins. THIRD ROW: W. Wilson, I. Bartlett, Crittenden West, Whitson, Williams, Martin, J. Kilgore, M. Kilgore, S. Batchelor, Bonds, Wakefield, OFFICERS and SPONSOR: Mrs. Whitson, Sponsor, Brookie Overton, President, Johnny Kilgore, Vice Pres., Janie Harris, Secretary: Jayne Shaddix, Treasurer, Jane Bartlett, Anita Baggett, Song Leaders, Gerry Bonds, Chaplain, Kathryn Wakefield, Parliamentarian, Sharon Nichols, Historian, Elizabeth Chambers, Librarian. .......amfd MISS F.T.A. , Linda Gray MR. STATE F. T.A. , Johnny Kilgore SEIENEE CLUBS UF HMEHIEH 'Q 1" Csenzbf Qgczken CQ X pf s M 'nap - .L , L - 1 il E, K 2 A ' .Ng f Q 1 1 2 W 4 Xxx if SPONSOR: K f junlor CSCIQHCQ Mrs. Loyce Whitsou SPONSOR: Miss Maxwell NKQ MAKHQJ. l Q' 4 l '- , T: 5 R , wb I Om? i V 'faq 5 , O I M 5 ' oe P0 NEW H010 'ef ,, r--...- OFFICERS Sherry Frazier - Recreational Director, Jannie Harris - Treasurer, Beverly Robins - Vice Pres. , Von Taylor - Sec. , Bobbie Gilbreath - President, Joan Franks - Historian, Jayne 1:53 Gf0CAQf Shaddix - Parliamentarian, Brookie Overton - Reporter. Martha Nell Williams 975305122 y Zcznof FIRST ROW: I. Bartlett, S. Hannah, Y. Taylor, F. Richardson, K. Wakefield, M. Crittenden, J- T3-YIOT. SECOND ROW: C. Patton, N. Pelfrey, A. Batchelor, S. Batchelor, V. Farris, E. Chambers, M. Drake, B West, D. Wilson, D. Glaze, R. Kilgore. THIRD ROW: J. Godsey, M. Godsey, B, Alford, K. Bonds, E. Weaver, S. Taylor, W. Wilson, D. Overton, I. Kilgore, D. Whitson, B. Overton, FOURTH ROW: W. Vanzant, A. Harris, L. Gray, S. Frazier, B. Harris, T. Martin, K. Williams, W. Bartlett, J. Pelfrey, S. Bonds, F. Burdick, I. Shaddix. ,+wN,.....,. W ,dm ,W- W,-ww-:eq:Q, L. 1 M, , W W, WM., M. fmmww,,N,vM- Wi K i x .Q N H ,gy Q .,...,,.w.. 'ww .strif ,,,, . 'X- Nw swag,-MWQQQQM M2 x 611. ATHLETICS QF si if Q 5 rf 2 5 B 25 if 25, -s sg S :S if .5 ii 13 1 as 5 15 e 1 zu 33 5 3 i 2 l N 1 X i fgmwwxmfwmwwwwwzmmawwwwwmwmmmwmmamu mm ecomzlrzy '61 Queen Barbara Densmore crowns U7 f' 7' A C IUI IGS '62 Queen Kathryn Wakefreld ni Escort - Sammy Batchelor " Qi at r , Yr " i .wi at Elf th ,uv--H N ,K ' if . , Homecoming Float FROM BACK: Queen Kathryn Wakefield, First Alternate - Sharon Nichols, Second Alternate - Elizabeth Chambers, Dyna Robins, Ann Lovelady, Annette Batchelor CHEERLEADERS: G. Bonds, I. Harris, B. Moody, L. Cobb, B Robins, C. Bonds 'fr -'N Guthrie makes a Touchdown W. C. H. S. band leading the Home coming Parade 1' W.C.H.S. 26 W.C.H.S. 6 W.C.H.S. 6 W.C.H. S. 0 W.C.1-I. S. O W.C.H. S. 14 W.C.H.S. 20 W.C.H. S. 18 W.C.l-l. S. O W.C.H. S. 13 1963 YELLOW JACKETS FIRST ROW: Gary Horsley - Manager, Larry Guthrie, Roger Gilbreath, Joe Beck, Anthony Tucker, Gary Guthrie, Jimmy Little, Johnny Nichols, Elmo Robinson, Glenn Ford, Mike Kilgore, Dale Covington. SECOND ROW: Sammy Tucker Ronald Densmore, Randy Wilson, Eddie Densmore, Malcolm Ward, Jimmy Kilgore, Cherry Brown, Keiffer Guthrie Larry Webb, Roger Batchelor, Jerry M. Stockton, Jerry Brock, Wayne Crockrell, Lance Horsley - Manager. THIRD ROW Coach Billy Farris, Glendell McCombs, William Adams, George Chambers, Johnny Blanton, Jimmy Barnett, Jimmy Vickery Doyle Hasford, Sammy Batchelor, Terril Hood, Terry Cole, Steve Baccus, Homer Rice, Coach Larry Yancy OUR COACHES AND CAPTAINS, Left to Right: Co-Capt. Jimmy Barnett, Assist. Coach Billy Farris, Coach Larry Yancy, Co-Capt. Jimmy Vickery, Capt. Sammy Batchelor Meek Winfield Phil Campbell Addison Cordova Lynn Bear Creek Curry Haleyville Oakman Sammy Batchelor is receiving COHgrHlUlBIiOHS Terry Cole is receiving congratulations and a trophy for and a trophy for being voted "MOH OUiSf3V1diUg being voted 'Most Outstanding Lineman of the Year." Back of the Year." s Q, ' - K, 4 H A 12 A v - E Eff' H -k. ' It r", 3 N, 1 . Vi whiff' , ' ' .,,: VN 1 I -at ry - r s v f r . . I is ' f-Q' w i ',,.' , K Ql - , 2. fu' H is '21 1 ---' . ..z 5 ,. U 5-,asf , A W A 1 K ' K' K ".,:3I"3.2"i??" ff: ' ' ff' fa-15, ff -fy Q fii yic ry y A it s is 's r f 1 , 4-- ,Q ,MQ r Q was - ,, gf , . . ..., V gy, f , ' t Yrr .r-, 'ix , HOMECOMING Sharon Nichols - lst alternateg Homecoming Queen - Kathryn Wakefieldg Elizabeth Chambers - 2nd alternate 1 E W 'i i E E e 2 5 if 5 3 Y S Z Q 5 fi 9 g 3 5 2 X ? 3 WILLIAM ADAMS SAMUEL BATCI-IELOR JOHNNY PAUL BLANTON GEORGE CHAMBERS cgenzbr Szoofgaf yhygfb' TERRY COLE LARRY GUTHRIE DOYLE HASFORD TERRIL HOOD JIMMY STOCKTON JIMMY VICKERY Za.sfQf6aH if E E A-TEAM Coach Larry Yancey, Larry Guthrie, Samuel Batchelor, Wayne Cockrell, Steve Baccus Kieffer Guthrie, Cherry Brown, Malcolm Ward, Jimmy Little. B-TEAM Coach Billy Farris, Jerry Frazier, Jimmy Barnett, Elmo Robinson, Homer Rice, Larry Webb, Eddie Densmore, Glenn Ford, Burtis Young, Gary Guthrie. FIRST ROW: Eddie Bonds, Tony Brooks, Alan Gray, Terry Benson. SECOND ROW: Ronny Godsey, Frank Robinson, Billy McCullar, Jimmy Ward, Roger Gilbreath, Eddie Densmore, Donnie Jackson, Elmo Robinson, Lloyd Oliver, Jerry Stockton, Jerry Little, Tommy Jackson, Coach Yancey. NYU" C115 ISERS , A 15 , 1. T? xii W. fsf, .Q I - 2 3 A- ' ' LFATZ I ff - Eg 1:5 - "iii-'f '.'i ,. n l 2155 X- ,ga 2 :I -ill IQ? CR A.-,.-.315-I-.Q , 1 :g :H 5 - :uf ge '-:-'-9.1-g.5.fJ'.' N :Q ,V-' 3 -, ..'fg-3.j.y.5.', I -: :U 1' 23 . - -, E-. -. -, 4 , Q ,g.5,:,-N -Vt 3... 2 gt... I ' " If 5:1 nz' 5 ,N ' SMALL - :aff- .::E1E - - - - ' . WE WELCOME YOUR ACCOUNT I as TRADERS S3 AND L ' ' FARMERS BANK Double Springs , Alabama Deposlts Insured by the Federal Deposlt Insurance COrpOrat1On Up to S10, 000 YOUR TROUBLES CQCKRELI.-WEST MCTOR COMPANY 8 N lub :FEEEL Your ' W mea er A A Haleyville, Alabama Sales Serv1ce SON'S SUPER MARKET Jasper, Alabama -f Z, , NICHOLS FLow1-:R ...Q SHOP K Haleyville, Alabama GOLDEN FLAKE POTATO CHIPS Birmingham, Alabama G. MAY'S 8: SON'S Jasper, Alabama TOP'S FURNITURE CO. Haleyville , Alabama Compliments of L. H. MCDONALD PROBATE JUDGE BLACKWOOD INSURANCE AGENCY Jasper, Alabama Double Springs, Alabama Compliments of WALKER CO. BANK Jasper, Alabama EN INTHE WH run GD mile F000 lil V. J. ELMORE STORE Haleyville, Alabama STEELE'S WHOLESALE 8: RETAIL Wrecker Service Double Springs, Alabama BA RT LETT FURNITURE CO. Double Springs , Alabama Compliments HA LL BROTHERS CREDIT BUREAU OF HA LEYVILLE SPORTING GOODS 1817 4th Ave. - FU 4-3463 Jasper, Alabama GODSEY'S DRY GOODS Double Springs , Alabama Compliments of BOYCE ALBRIGHT Suptw. of Education Double Springs , Alabama ---- -- 7- THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF JASPER Jasper, Alabama omplete Banking Service ber Federal Reserve Syst er Federal Deposit lnsura Corporatio BURSON "TOODLUM" DOBBS INSURANCE AGENCY Qaida' 'F Ear ,O 49 .S Ou. K THSIIZTHT Hale yville , Alabama Compliments of MR. AND MRS. C. D. COVINGTON Compliments of FRANK CHAMBERS L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY 805 South 26th Street Birmingham, Alabama Cornpliments of HALEYVILLE MARBLE WORKS Haleyville , Alabama MEADOW GOLD DAIRIES Jasper, Alabama HALEYVILLE TEXTILE MILLS, INC. Haleyville, Alabama THE COTTON PRODUCERS DOUBLE SPRINGS FARMERS COOPERATIVE , MARKETING PURCHASING INC Compliments of SIPSEY RIVER TIMBER COMPANY MACK FRAZIER Phone 2772 Haleyville Alabama Double Springs, Alabama DRAKE 8: DRIVER DRY Gooos LEHMAN "The Store of Better Values" Phone HU 6-3223 Haleyville, Alabama I FURNITURE COMPANY Haleyville, Alabama DR PEPPER BOTT LING COMPANY p is X V , jf Haleyville, Alabama "Good Luck, Seniors" . H. ALBRIGHT AND SON'S Haleyville, Alabama Compliments of J. N. BAILEY, JR. Double Springs , Alabama BATCHELOR CERAMICS Double Springs, Alabama TEAGUE ELECTRIC AND HARDWARE Haleyville, Alabama Compliments of MRS. SELVA MOODY Double Springs Alabama WJBB se Rvlcej ilk-E Casa, Q 6 IS OUR jf y FIRST I THOUGHT I Compliments of C. 8. H BUILDING . . SUPPLY Your Radlo Statlon Double Springs, Alabama Haleyvule, Alabama Owners: BLAINE CAGLE and FRANK HORSLEY X GILBREATH'S GULF SERVICE Double Springs, Alabama L. C. GILBREATH - Owner Compliments of MANASCO-MANEVAL HOSPITAL Haleyville, Alabama to Class of '63 Ivy, 6 - 1 lflfx I-Ialeyville, Alabama Owner, L, B, WILLLAMS Qngruiulutluns A s -to the graduating class HALEYVILLE A AUTO PARTS -aww .1-nu ...v..Q.m Q, 1... wo lu.. 40..,.,.. .. JASPER COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Jasper, Alabama Haleyville , Alabama ' Wi P A T UQ ., W e- S ON 4 xvig X 1 if ff A ax. Double Springs Alabama Owner - W. S. COATS COMPLIMENTS OF DR. T. M. BLAKE AND DR. R. F. BLAKE BLAKE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL COMPLIMENTS OF -N S ,, uoU UOOERLY UWC oamf DEUUOUS VITAMIN "D" VITAMIN "D" ' www my v www c ww mu mvn mm- a um Ll v.n.vIaIcIIIIIIII.:IIIsI.Irul own l.l.l.1. vIIIall'3IIlIIIII:Ill :mn HOMOGENIZED HOMOGENIZED , HALF GAIION IIQUIID HKU' GALLON UQUID DEEP SOUTH CREAMERY 2210 Euclid Avenue Jasper, Alabama Telephone FU 4-4181 LAWRENCE CUSTER, Manager WFREESTONE CAFE AND SERVICE STATION Double Springs, Alabama L. E. TAYLOR - Operator Compliments Compliments of of JAMES AND RUTLEDGE Attorneys at Law Haleyville, Alabama DR. EARL MITCHEL Haleyville, Alabama Compliments of "TWEEDY'S OF JASPER" FRANK'S FURNITURE AND CLOTHING Jasper, Alabama "Best Wishes to Seniors" JOHN NICHOLS Double Springs , Alabama HA LL BROTHERS "The Sports Center" Jasper, Alabama Compliments of Your Daily Newspaper , GODSEY'S DRY Goons IX , NORTHWEST '1,, "" A LA N Double Spring s , Alabama Haleyville , Alabama PRIDE ICE CREAM COMPANY Tuscaloosa, Alabama I ,-Jlfu,-" GOODUMFOOD 2 c iff 1 ' ll-A , -.a. fri? P". 'R 2a,,,, 17535 X 4 Ewa X "I-edu. .Wx "'x1Ll,' Owned and Operated by ELDON CURTIS, J. C. BATCHEL i BARTLETT MOTOR COMPANY 1 Double Springs , Alabama Compliments of WINSTON MARINA . -. .-3, Q71 ' ' a n . A" ' I ,vw Q x Q fl' is -' :L K Y x . Owner - DR, T. M. BLAKE 7 Day Phone 2891 - Night Phone 2867 W SERVICE STATION Double Springs , Alabama af OR C F STOCKTON'S . 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Suggestions in the Winston County High School - Winsaga Yearbook (Double Springs, AL) collection:

Winston County High School - Winsaga Yearbook (Double Springs, AL) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Winston County High School - Winsaga Yearbook (Double Springs, AL) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Winston County High School - Winsaga Yearbook (Double Springs, AL) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Winston County High School - Winsaga Yearbook (Double Springs, AL) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Winston County High School - Winsaga Yearbook (Double Springs, AL) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 48

1963, pg 48

Winston County High School - Winsaga Yearbook (Double Springs, AL) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 26

1963, pg 26

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