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Text from Pages 1 - 142 of the 1988 volume:

THE WINOLA HIGH SCHOGL CLASS OF 1988 PRESENTS THE 36TH EDITION OF WINGS .-.L-..--.-X I X 4... f J ' ' I ' w :fri f Q V I , '1"L-Nz., ' ,Y S f. .M ' ' A . V ,,,,.:,g,f,'wn--"-.g YA Y ww, I V- 'T' - W" '::,i.r-,. TT "' 'Av f - , . wJg444Lwm4F,.av - . ,wax ' 'W I ,",4fg- " ' , G -. ' frhfff' fr f, . , ,T Ib. , ,-- .v,,,f,, V , f 7 X M TABLE OF CONTENTS FACULTY STUDENT LIFE SENIORS UN DERCLASSMEN ORGANIZATIONS SPORTS MUSIC MEMORIES MW mile is a word defined as a slight upward curve of the mouth due to an overabundance of joy or happiness in oneself or the people around them. Smiles are hard to discover in the early morning, but as the day comes to a close slight turns of the corners of students' mouths emerge. Finally, near the end of the day of hard work and study smiles come through and are seen as the 3:10 bell rings. just remember: Smiles take no energy and may cause another person to show their "pearly whites!" So, smile to show the people around you that life isn't all that bad! , 'nu' A smile is a SLIGHT upward curve of the month, Dani? FASHIO PADS - - TRE DS!! As a person makes his way through the halls of Winola, he may notice the different clothing and apparel that each of the students may wear from cowboy boots to wrestling shoes, designer jeans to mini skirts, school jackets to trench coats, and even P.E. clothes have come into fashion! To many people, being with the fads and trends is a way of life and has proudly become a custom at Winola High School. dam Ava I , K' I f I 1 fi? f r 4 'I f Wi o 6-- -XNKDL4 WAYS EF 'wllxunli i Maw! 3 T 'S 3 HAT ARE YOU BLUSHI G ABOUT?!? Many things happen to people everyday. It may be good like getting an 'A' on a test when you thought you had bombed it. Or it may be bad like burning your cake which was being graded on in cooking class. But how about the things that make other people laugh and make you feel embarrassed. Well, here are some things which have happened to a few students at Winola: - "I was an attendant at Homecoming and fell while walking down the aisle at coronationf' - "At our ROWVA basketball game, our team walked into the women's restroom instead of the locker room." - "When I walked into Hardee's with my date, and we ordered. I went to pay, but didn't have enough money." - "Sth grade P.E,, we were playing basketball and I took off the jersey and my shirt came off, too." - "Getting caught 'borrowing' the answers to a history test while Mr. Nelson was in Washington. " - "When I was trying to impress a guy that I really liked and tripped over my own feet." - "When the ceiling tile in the boys' locker room was open, I walked into the room with no clothes on to find a bunch of girls watching." - "When I got caught by the mailman with a girl, doing something I shouldn't have been doing." And last but not least, what seems to always happen to a person with a cat . . . - "Locking my keys in my car!" use we as if fx iid, x 3 j lb if NP idx NN gist ij! fs f 8,55 4 6 We t X g s 3 swat is 2 Q..-W iff ? V9 'V ? 5, by SQ Twig is as Y ' , X593 1 P X - W, . ...... ,,, w.L, ' mms fm 3, I 35 4 4 V , V M 5 , .Q .. w f 64 EW: f' 7 as Ar S? -uv sniff Ln! ,ik l an 4 A DISGUSTI . The definitions of many words are most likely found in the Webster's Dictionary, b the word "disgusting" is defined more appropriately by the students of Winola w dine in the well-known eating establishment, the school cafeteria. Though cafeteria fo does not beat the favorites like Hardee's, McDonald's, or Taco Bell, it still is not as aw as Grandma's thrown together mystery meal or Dad's family favorite - TV Dinne Those of you who took the time to fill our our precious poll allowed us to know yc favorite school meals. Clf you had one.J They are as follows: U Turkey Casserole 21 Pizza 39 Tacos 47 Ribbert 53 Chili and Fish Stick tied. '45, S4 F 5 1987-88 was a year when rules were made, and then broken . . . nese two guys look like trustworthy seniors with good advice? ttt QL ,frm -fs -,,, EXPERIENCE SPEAKSQ UNDERCLASSME LISTEN! Through the last 4 years, this class of seniors have been blessed with experience and lesson learning skills! So, who better to ask advice? Right? To the underclassmen: - "Don't be like everyone else. Be your own person!" - "Don't let what other people say bother you!" , - "Make the most out of high school and don't spend all your time arguing." - "Don't wish your high school days away!" - "Hang in there! It's worth the 4 years." CEE THE DEEP E D! Fingernails ran down the chalkboard, feet tapping vigorously, loud excessive noises, etc. all are able to drive someone off the deep end. Everyone has something that totally irks them and gets on their nerves, even if they cannot think of one right off hand! Here are some of our favorites: - "When people say they're fat, and they're not." - "People who talk all the time, but never know what they're talking about. " - "People who actually look dumb." - "Gossip!" - "When someone doesn't put the cap back on the shampoo bottle." if - Girls who wear baggy clothes." - "When a TV show leaves off at a good part until the next week." - "When people call us 'Twins'." -- "When someone keeps changing the radio from station to station." Waww E E ,....., f " ' :W77 'l' "'ffL...:f' , 9 WI OLA GULF gosh alll? l l Q rw 'u:1'f7. V 1 l , f 1 5 nw g ,L xl Thxs year golf was added to the extra currrcular actnvme Wrnola Darek Dowsett became the first Wnnola golfer Altho he practrced wrth and golfed with the Aledo squad he was st Wrnola jet There Darek golfed on both the Juruor Varsrry Varsrty squads Darek drd an excellent job representmg Wrnola should be notnced for hrs great accomphshments X J' I FTXV, rf I f X F ' m l Q Q 4 X L 2' ll X ADMINISTR TIO School board members from top to bottom are as follows: john Carlson, Kirk Sims, Michael Nelson, Larry Streeter, Roland Nelson, Sally Chapman CSecretaryD, and Robert Olson CPresidentJ. Jeanne Davenport - Winola High School Secretary .,... vin. Q W t X we me ss ft: S X x y NN XX N15 Q . Charles Lane James Newton 4 ' p, Q High School Principal Winola Superintendent EI' X . ..,.f . 1 LLK-L 3 i K ' .,., Lg. F' if--,fn It ' Y . ' R ' JV Li- Q., ' . 1 2 Y W X Back row, cooks: jennifer Gregg, Ola Robb, Joyce Devlin, Front row: Tracy Sullivan, and jami Bell, Substitute not pictured is Ardis Hampton. I2 janitorial Services - Nancy Olson, Russell jenkins, and Otis Saunders. FACULTY of FACULTY "Dedicated Librarian" "I-Ie's at it again!" - .... 6 Q Nor Again!" Shown in this picture is only part of the Winola High School Staff that has taught us many things over the ,, A couple of "real hams WU f il w 1 Y X d ci 0 J 4 4 V X X KT fi RWM fi ff! x E 1 v .' X--'ww E' l HQ .ig 5 : ' 1'P , X ffl -xi ..,,., I . Q,n qbE , q , K .-1: 'Ng . - a xi . 9IwswQi,.... ..... kgkgwfxi ',,,,..-g 111111.1 ,U F 19 0 ff 1 7 AX AX Qmwfw -1 11 ga ., ff' gsm ,Z Az, E- I . ww x ll .V 5 u1"g1?' A l MW, M, Wai: W Mr, , , ,sb 1 All w if "'X.,. ' T , V 5 , rea-f Mai ' as ' ,V ' 'il Q M fr 5 ' 3?'3"i" ' 'uf r 'sr V I IN MEMORY OF TODD CHARLES DAVENPORT Todd passed away December 23, 1986 of his junior year. To all who knew Todd, he was a fun-loving, courageous, and one-of-a-kind friend. Even though his life was full of setbacks, especially his neck injury during football of his sophomore year, he always kept a good outlook on life. Wherever Todd is, we know he is having the time of his life and although we cannot be with him, he is with all of us in our hearts and memories. if ri'-1 35: MY V M. N ,T ,4 A' la. i J, .1 Ui s 1 ,,. Til R' ' .' .J , " , 1 1 if 19,93 r- ',:4',5, 2, If I . 1 , 3' I6 if 1 1 ,ui - da 1 A 1- 45 1 ,A .117 , -M,t:4' 2 Q m ,s . ,Q -5 ,1,,., I .I Q 'iff vial? ,I a ul S ' ws, ' . ap ri .2 L .gg-v ' i i SE IORS xx ,rf LN . , 1 . I I .4 i 2 v U 1 Arr 5 , X n' ' r x Ex 2 IME? f Darci Andrews Clint Barnes Tim Becker QQ' J Harvey Brandon Herk Brandt jay Brooks Q i 3 Scott Brooks Shaun Cassidy Angi Chapman 434 SEN IORS - SENIORS - SENIORS - SENIORS - SENIOR , ...,, KE, L J 'w 20 HOIVIH8 - ZHOIVIEIS -- ZHOIVIEIB -- BHOIVIHZ - EHOIVIEIZ SENIORS in SHIT' Shannon Clack Sherri Crow Dani Davenport r R ., xi . f Y jennifer Doonan Dena Dowsett 5 Uwe? 3' Q VG, X nikhggmb six? ga? TI W5 filo , f W ww 5 sm A 1 Lance Dowsert Mindi Esslinger jennifer Gregg Bill Hickok .X E. ..1 ' - 'ef ,W 1 . . x ,,. 71 i 5 1? .. xg .f.:.. 1.5, if 9 3 F I ff 2 4 YW: 'E af ' Af eng..- hfaf v K M, .,,,, lm QQ I' M,,,,,M, ,, 25 X X k N 26 SEN IORS x Michael Maxlier jim McAfee jason Minreer Alan Needham Dana Schaechter Amy Schone Sandy McMullen Eric Noyd Debbie Schurte SENIORS Brooke Shaw Kevin Smith Richie Stropes TW Brian Struck Kimberly Waldron Eric Whan 1 45- a K jackie WiUiams Doug Woolam Bob Wright GAME QR i?l1lL5II!JLiJ'Lf I.'5IUl3UI3E1 CEFRUE Cf? :Fw gill 3 E essicu falls 2 IJ EIL :E emi!!! wellfcg Eg ' IIN . f"-2 Xoiflos 5 Eeipggwlggggi U G Nl . T Wglgowwg Q C93 V' stag nut M ogonggof Q 232 uf the QWRSM M wfreshmen M time Five U Extinngunislmeno? QGET Q I A ,ij Q Gef off' ME!! LIFE! euocsewecoew ew emma X Z E consolidation talks- ogg F Qdonts soeah out :::o:X::::sms Z 5 M3 W lli!lHNWS Q1 lNiMXIHl3 g g il!IQ UILIHID SEIl 1?lIn 3 ons I0g.g.fh0n ILGNGER LUNCH-ll U, lllmlllm lllllle " mmm DMS l- wllleve o se o Wlllmllf We tlirtg Q magfhgfwggf da"":""g 3 mamrauuvuoauues u-:cola loom nf'AfljE mofolwom femofi We U S A. D- Jcwml fof umm M fl S S 3 IEW WWEC WWWWQ mmm 3 3 l1Me1eM,lg,lf uma ww xo El!ZIeJC5El!"fEl!Ile1QC5QJl3 Q AU :X:Ar::::v :2EAs,A.:N: SETS ::A:N::::E:m- N 5 'E' BTIFFA Q0 iicaululxgaez Elllaafa Q SIDES: Qemfilllfaez 5 lfm.oQmM gm vw, ezwwzqz 5- . N0-Varsity Football 23125 Cheerleaders! page 52" E-Il HART Irie? 5 bo2us! allam fm' 88 sl-ss MB uo 910.1 H901 .W , 'wr rp, mg .X -'hr -uw "JY, "?L ."AX Y w is hx' .-.maven-kms 30 T, 'L E E Q-ndulniuh-A mfg.,- Tyr ' 'llf Tu 'A u Lv,-L 4-A 1 ' R -Y Y IM T -. 35" '35 W if Q . ' g X A N., 2 ,, ,Ahab fx. J i K ,..qr"Y'- LJ' V Y' HQ km F . - + Q: 1 ,-f' , r""" 1 , "5 , N ' f' A 2, umga . 'T - X 32 . 3. mix- gf ws- ,, X if fa I A ng - f ' -ww ig"-5: f ' if "' 2 '54 L J' TIIIH. 15 ,.,. , 9 A X AN Q... H '7-zuf0fL1Z'ZA WK " e .xox 0 X it E , ,J .. , in X QW i flllllg, 'H , ' 'C ,5,f,,f, ' 'f "" 6" ,, , --Z 36 2 P, ' ' w -1 -L-s fa, ' w 1 A 35 My 1 n , J " M- , ,Jw 27 ' ' E ' ,im ,. ca 1 I .. S " 1 ' ----" WV? Q V -wif-:if , if H ..,, .. - f f ff f " f ,, 2 1 -, ZW: ,W , -J 1' W" W ' ' f S 35 3 W 5 X Q rf ff .- 11?-Q.. fi i 5 wr S KN , , -. six 5 Q - C Sis , . 5 Ext' Q George Adams .a ls- Rob Baldwin Y . . 5 W ' Ruth Beechamp ' M Jaml Bell rd rr ir 5 ry C 1iQX:,nr:55L 'If ' f - .5 fi I X :SN.'Qss,1?E555E 'N A - K' f . ' C T ' - X W f Fluff ' Y I: ': :Q r' : . X C -. 3 r gi -' . f Traci Brooks Gary Brown joyce Carpenter jim Coon Dano Dalton Lynn Fair Ed Fonrenoy Craig Hand KES 5 E ga 2 1 2-I N , my X W S . ' . 1 :Q u 5 I x V is r , K an r S? hzasfgr XSS: ir , s s F' 1 Q ! junior Clam Offiffff Gary Brown, Traci Brooks, Todd Nelson, Chris Vavrosky, jeff Richmond, and Kelly Harrison , 9 V 7' 3 ! Q 1 Kelly Harrison . ' ' K . f ig - if Linda Hays V if , 4 Stacy Herbert 7 ' f Elise Hoglund iff Annette Houdyshell Brad King Clint Kinsey Nikki Kroeger Steve Kruse john Mack Kelly Mack Rusty Matter 35 ...nn Brett McWhorter Mary Moseley Todd Nelson Angie Newton Violet Peterson jeff Richmond Lora Saunders john Shull hr , . S ,,,,,,, ,tg W vs f X X kd X fb M S we X X ff 5 -iw, Q Ne M X X x X N , X m R i jill Skinner Pat Smet Scott Smith ,, , , .... 5 ,M ,, ,,,, gms ES E in -.W ' 1 in Kim Srruble Tracy Sullivan Clark Swank Chris Vavrosky Kim Weikerr Roy Whan jennifer Wilson Kym Young ' 1 Q5 oi QQ, O ox' Q C50 38 Aaron Anderson Eric Bergheger Lisa Bisom Nicole Bollinger john Brewer Craig Brown Marcie Brown john Bruce Angelia Denney jennifer Dilrs Pam Eckhardt Eric Flynn Michelle Garrett jewell George Lisa Goben Deana Hacker ,ffm .,.. iw, re? ..,,, , ,V My, if W MW 535 ff x 7 W f 5 , Z KHWZZ f Q 2 , aa X 3 KLM f fa 3 Q , is fifw, af ,fa ,, re 2 2 Wwlizii ffhwi . ,,l, V .... W, N,,.... 7 zyff .,,,,,,, - e 'fff ga W, Jw f , W, ,,i..,,,, , 1 .,, 'HL ,,, M vf-wiv Q fl' L., W, ' if X 'MQ ,Q A fi WT x 5 uw R, if ,,,r 5: , . fffi f , fa , L ,, ,fi f", f -ll Y' I, E v Qt" N. ,R J Sophomore Clan Offer: Chad Minch, Bill Monson, Nikki Bollinger, Kristi Swank, Tara Smith, and Carl Johnson I J, .,..f -...f , Mark Harkert Jason Hast jeff Hay Glennys Heck V' 'I lr Malisa Herbert Candi I-loudyshell Carl johnson Teri Knox : E H tj Todd Ianrau Curt Livingston Chris Lomelino Chad Lundquist 39 Kristi McCaw Beth McKinley Donnie Miller Chad Minch Bill Monson Angie Olson Anna Olson Nathan Orrner jamie Phillips Pam Redding Lanie Riddell Chris Rigg HPV' Mgwm W, , .x Y if i QW 5' A f, -' f ffvfff -- - ,,,, i 1 ,,,, M M ., ... , f W 7 1 H 0, W Q V 7 fini ' ' ' as A m7iHVAWl ,.-, . Q , , ? 1 if 'fs E . W? z V MQ l MZ' f I i s mf Q QQ' fU fiiif"w7 1 1 WMM. N 1 ,,,,k W ,,,. ,,. 'gee , f f f KI f M, f , S , s 1 f 1 f WW my X we 'a f , 4 f' af s ' f 4 fi 1 vi' 1 P' 7 9 7 W X if pa 2 i Z f l SX Randy Smith Tara Smith Bill Srarcevich Becky Stropes Mark Sullivan Kristi Swank Kris Topping Mike Webb Mike Wfherry Richard Wfilliams Brian Winters Chad Yerkey Eric Young QQ3!C3f??3x K9 Linda Adams jamie Becker jennifer Bird Chris Brooks Kim Brown Mike Campbell jamie Carlson john Carlson Philip Collins Mike Daniels Chad Denney Darek Dowsett Nicki Feik Beth Flores Billie jo Garrett Mike Gregg yjff iiitt EE WWWQNMW 5 IW A Q, H ii 5531? A fg f f , f W m Q W X , , ff! gi Z, f fi VXA! .al Z2 1 f ff ,Egfr as iw ? fs? ez f ASW f 1 W fxf 'lg X me 3 , Q 4 i B B iiii B rrr X O! fs gkflx 2 f 5 W ,, fyfy 5 1 W Gif! f l .ffl ' "1 '12 , ,,.,,,, ,,,e 5,,,.,,,,., .1f,f- is y L WQw-34 iiiiyri 6 J M awww fry? A 3 , ,,,, , 2 ,, ,eal , Jr , , W, 1 in Frerbmen Clan Ojfirerr Kristi McKinley, Karen Stoner, Thad Miller, Mitch Wilson, Jon McAtee, and Mark McCready josh Hall Ryan Harkey Pamela Harrison Angie Hofer Shannon Hofman Heidi Hollar Angie Houdyshell jennifer johnson Kristi Keck Toby Lingafelter jeff Manthe jon McAtee 43 Mark McCready Kristi McKinley Bob McMullen Coby McWhoner DeDe Micheals Thad Miller Troy Nimrick Travis Noyd mn Sandra Owen Clay Riddell Melaina Robinson 15? i . , " in . 1 rf " K k . ,MR . i it 1-:iii-Fmfifiiirlf X N X X X N N K x X if -MQ: . :Q-Sea: 'IXEEEVI Q 1 ,,,,, I 'lilmff fifwfi N li S ' 5 it-Y. L i wp 2 E egg: wi - ' - if - 2.2. .1 2' sw, " are' QS -v N v 'K' QQ' Rusty Smizh Karen Stoner jennifer Wfillems Chuck WiUiams Cory Williams Mitch Wilson jim Rowland Rhonda Sandahl Tara Schaechter Kim Sloan 'ss 5 , :Lx l 45 90 jg,-L lllllll. FU FQ F GX Qw CB .,, 1 5 A ,Q " ' , -- S.A.D.D. S.A.D.D. officers for 1987-88 were: President - Annette Houdyshell, Vice Pres. - Pat Smet, Secretary - Lynn Fair, Treasury -- Kim Struble, Committee Leaders were: Mary Moseley, Linda Hays, Elise Hoglund 48 The S.A.D.D. organization is goin5 its third year running. As Presidei would like to thank everyone for U hard work and dedication. When Mike Robinson first brot S.A.D.D. to Winola, everyone acted , it was a big joke. Now, we are all wor as a team to publicize the importan drinking and driving and what it ca to us and others within the commung Graciously yours, Pres. '87- Annette Houdyshell TRI LIFE A... FULL OF FUN FHA FHA FH FH FH FH Are they BIG enough? HURRAY' I WON" .- , r ..:. Q - 2 . an ig.. NW ,WM 3 kk 'rpg' Q xxxx i i . , --L X ...H 6:3 V .. .... . V' U . ' . A, E I F... , i t r r L . . sw. if few Q f , . .. . , ss ...- -. - .- EER -. . , 1' ., " f A . ..F.. , .F.H - - k ,,,, ,. k . ,, ra ..... U a r: - 1 :5111 -g r::: - -"' - wr. as Q ii E assesmqffgcffififslfgi :Pierre -gms an 's e as -" If -eff, 'K .I 1" fi' , sr. X. www . .ss-miss ---f' -- i - r A This year FHA did many wonderful projects. FHA had Daddy Daughter Date Night for all the FHA members and their fathers, had a style show for the public where FHA members modeled outHts from surrounding stores, lock-in where freshmen were welcomed, sold spices, treasure chests, pizzas, Easter candy, Bears, and many other things, This year the FHA went to Chicago and visited Brookefield Zoo, and ate at the Hard Rock Cafe. This year Wintmla should be proud of four outstanding members who achieved higher positions in section and state offices. jennifer Wilson went from Region 5 State Officer to State President. Traci Brooks went from Section 3A Vice President to Region 3 State Officer. jill Skinner is the 88-89 Section 3A President. Kelly Harrison is 88-89 Section 3A Vice President. Without Mrs. "BH these four girls Wouldnit have these important offices and responsibilities. Thanks Mrs. HBH! The following pictures on this page are of State Convention. 50 Don't they look lovely 7 if you only knew why they're in the closet! .1 I 1. ' in eleell L Q 4,, jennifer johnson jennifer Wilscxn Kim Brown Voting Delegate QNWF Chris Vavrosky At least smile Traci? 88-'89 Region 3 Oliliter 7 Kelly Harrison 87-'88 State Offiter Chp. Rep. Voting Delegate 88-'89 Set. SA Vice-Pres. 88-'89 State Pres. jill Skinner 88-'89 Set. BA Pres. The WILD Mrs. HBH!! 5l STUDE T CCUNCIL OFFICERS: Dani Davenport - President, Lame Dowsctt 1 Vice Pres- ident, Chris Vavrosky - Secrcrary, Dena Dowsutt - Treasurer 52 if Such bravery deserves that award! . I X ., wal? af Q This year the 1987-88 Student Council did many activities. The student council was in charge of homecoming week, held two blood mobiles which were successful, helped with new foods on A la Carte line, and renewed school's library magazines. Without Mrs. Neder- brock's help the student council wouldnlt have managed. Thanks a lot Mrs. Nedetbtock. H Q -fs e Q1 XX .F -vv N -, .. I QS as . H I , A ' X " ' Lv ,,-,- H, ., X' - X ' X 4 4 vdll' BL - ,. 58" A - ' I, , l . R -1 5" - 1 1 -- f - ax at x v " x A., 1 5-' M F Q LIBRARY CLUB lg 1987-88 Officers: President - Dena Dowsert, Vice President - Brooke Shaw, Sec,fTreas, - Angi Chap- fllafl I Lv S.A.E. S.A.E. is students taking action for education. This year we had students who ran errands, picked up attendance slips, and handed out announcements. Sorry for the inconvenience but the yearbook did not have a picture of the S.A.E. officers. Again sorry for the inconvenience. 54 pictured at the left is Tom Mack The Art club for 1987-88 consisted of nine members. je Doonan, Melaina Robinson, Kathy Portugue, David Croxton, S Cassidy, Mary Moseley, Pam Eckhardt, Tom Mack, and Pete M The club went on a day trip this year to Chicago, where they v the mall and saw a play "Once Upon a Mattress". The club also to the Winola Elementary and painted pictures on the children's The clubls sponsor this year was Ellen Weaver. 1 S' ll 7 :., ,jg tl lf! J , Qu -'Q'-EX Q5 3 alll .L - fb' W I DUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB This year, the Winola Industrial Arts Club was busier than they have ever been. In ition to their raffles of three hand-made clocks, they also raffled off an adult-size :ing horse, and sold shadow boxes and bread boxes for Mother's Day. fhe club also competed in the 31st Western Illinois Art Fair, where they won lst place iround in the class II schools division. Out of the 49 projects entered there, the Winola ustrial Arts Club had l winner of an excellence award, Tom Mack, and also received 19 standing awards, 20 superiors, and 9 honorable mentions in the fields of furniture ting, metals, machine woodworking, sheet metal, mass production and general mdworking. Left to Right - T. Mack - Pres., S. Smith - V, Pres., M. Kness - Sec., Mr. Weese - Sponsor, j. Mack - Student Council Rep., R. Stropes - Alt. Student Council Rep, T. Becker - Treasurer Mr, Weese - Hard at work A survivor , , . CLGSE-UP VARSITY CLUB nf 15, S IPIINH 2 I A warm WK vii + VARSITY FOOTBALL Top Row: Rob Baldwin, Brett McWhorter, Lance Dowsett, jeff Richman, Mark Harkert, Todd Lantau, Chad Minch Monson. Third Row: Richie Stropes, Bill Hickok, Clint Barnes, Jason Minteer, Jay Brooks, Harvey Brandon, Eddie Fontenoy Scott Brooks. Second Row: Eric Noyd, Kevin Smith, Scott Smith, Pete Mack, Gary Brown, Brian johnson, Carl johnson Johnson, and Eric Whan. Bottom Row: Assistant Coach jim Lee, Head Coach Jim Kovac, Tom Mack, Matt Kness, Roy Assistant Coach jack Welch. ..s..w-w"Q"'N SENIORS: Top Row: Tom Mack. Third Row: Richie Stropes, Bill Hickok, Lance Dowsett, jay Brooks, Clint Barnes, Eric Whan, and Scott Brooks. Second Row: Eric Noyd, Pete Mack, Chris johnson, Brian johnson, Harvey Brandon. Bottom Row: Kevin Smith, Matt Kness. Coaches: jack Welch, jim Kovac and jim Lee VARSITY FOOTBALL We vs. T I4 Westmer 6 Warren 6 Cambridge 0 Wethersfield 0 Toulon 26 Alexis 6 ROWVA 26 Alwood 2 l Galva Conference Record 3-4 5th Place I? Moseley Schaechter Doonan Fx at 5- V "J 1 A 'x ,, 1 , g.,f ,, - A X. Sorry for the inconvenience, but award pictures did not tu VARSITY FOOTBALL AWARDS ffl Ollf FRE H-SOPH FOOTBALL QQ Carljohnson Eric Berheger Chad Minch Mark Harkert Chris Rigg Todd Lantau Bill Monson Kris Topping Chris Lomelino Coby McXVhorter Travis Noyd jim Rowland Mark McCready jeff Ortner Mike Campbell jon John Carlson, josh Hall, John Peterson, Mike Gregg, Bob McMullen, Clay Riddell Coaches: jim Kovac jim Lee jack Welch ' in determination. Although their record did not indicate played good football throughout the season After struggling all season and losing some close young Jets put it all together in a season finale Whipping of With a continued commitment next year the Fresh-Soph hopes to be more successful. The 1987 Fresh-Soph Football Team was lacking in size 9 9 Scores Us They 0 Westmer 14 0 Cambridge l 4 Vlerhersfield Toulon Alexis ROWVA Alwood Galva Q' id" in 1' Mar-v"'r Awards The fresh-soph footba.ll team individual awards are: Travis Noyd, 3-D awardg Todd Lantau, best offensive back and most valuable playerg Carl johnson, best defensive linemang Kris Topping, most improved playerg Chad Minch, best defensive backg and Chris Lomelino, best offensive lineman. wg VARSITY OLLEYBALL Back row from left to right: Dena Dowsett, Amy Schone, Mindi Esslinger, Kelly Mack, Pat Smet, jennifer Wilson, Chris Vavroslcy, Coach McCormick. From row from left to right: Missy I-Iofer, Dani Davenport, Sandy McMullen, Jennifer Doonan, Traci Brooks, jill Skinner, Kelly Harrison, and Angie Newton. SENIORS: Front row: Dena Dowsett, Amy Schone. Second row: Mindi Esslinger, Missy Hofer. Third row: Sandy McMullen, Dani Davenport. Top: jennifer Doonan. Alwood Westmer Aledo Alexis Rockriclge Toulon Union Galva Sherrard Alwood ROWVA Werhersield Orion ROWVA Westmer Cambridge win win win win ost win win win ost ost ost Win OS! OSI OSI win Regionals - made it to semi-finals. w l l Westmer Tourn. 4th place 1 l l 1 1 sf .- Ax ...mi .. M .. S ? K ,xp F x .... t ... i .... " K .. N .. 2 A 1 X' in HE: ,, . .. ,H .. , , .i :ix ., -, EN .X .. .. if E. gf. .. .. .RKLNXX k . , : ...A XIX L S .. f A .. 3 M,g.., , go . -f Q wx K " - E ---- . . Y ..:..l V ix R ,L -, W ,,oo L lo.lo R Q Q in i Q rl ,Q 1 i 155 il, so ,LM Q WK K i Q N- W l X X W X XM www ,N nw w Q , , A 3 R K 1 Q X X X , .... ww W Wfglvm X K . H vii. 2 .asv-um - .Q Q, -' -i - :wq4M..m,,, X ill.--.5 kY:771i,i,5:" ' A . ' X Nw X... l Q X 63 l The Fresh-Soph Volleyball team had a great season this year. The team won fifteen out of sixteen games with just one loss against Orion. The team also received a trophy and first place at the Alwood Invitational Tournament. They had a perfect record of 8 wins and O losses and easily took the Championship of the Lincoln Trail Con- ference. FRESH-SOPH VOLLEYBALL left to right: back row - Anna Olson, Nicole Bollinger, Angie Olson, Beth McKinley, Tara Smith, Kristi Swank, Lanie Riddell Head Coach Maud McCormick Front - Karen Stoner, Kim Brown, jennifer johnson, Kristi McKinley, Jennifer Willems, and Kristi Keck Fresh-Soph Coach Robin Leonards Sorry for the inconvenience but the award pictures did not tum out Awards were given and received by: Kim Brown - Most Improved Nicole Bollinger - Lady jet Award Angie Olson - Highest Serving Percentage Beth McKinley - Best Offensive Player Lanie Riddel - Best Defensive Player Tara Smith - Most Valuable Player Alwood W-W Westmer W-W Aledo W Alexis W Rockridge W Toulon W Union W Galva W Sherrard W ROWVA W-W Wethersfield W Orion L Cambridge W flinging Wag. ' 532' f , QW. ease 5 'iii .nausea rears aging at asset fiuguzire 355555555 ZEEESQQ mime PO -PO The Pom-Pon Squad this year did a number of creative, sequenc- ing routines, and also a variety of novelty routines which were crowd pleasers, The squad would like to thank Nancy Olson for being spon- sor this year who helped come up with many routine ideas. They would also like to thank the moth- ers who helped make the new skirts for this year's squad. fm 1 aw! mama si Q in N sagem al ex-fssaasrfbfislev,HQEWSW' krfszmmmfazfeafw W Q mmmmvw QM-Jil? ,xl 1 :Z xQx:1xii::3F5Vl!ifI5Z-fwwvifv' ggefgetgmKmre2'fEa5Q?Ee?'?ff1ieKHs1S:5mM- I,gm-avrgmmrfmwsefagekmswk-W 59irxiiAi'i?55i51?l51fili5?5lfWH W,,.tM,sia, w aeifrsfw my 66 I Mfmizf Lismem X mgexzm re,,t,,,,,,,8-1 W we,ig9EgwQw3QE,1Mgt . ,gfxirfxmgme-f ,Qi mart,,r4ez1faa ..nn1srwH-'M wn: Kim Sloan, Karen Stoner, Anna Olson, Kristi McCaw Center middle: Sandy McMullen, Par Smer, Debbie Schutte, Sherri Crow Right down: Rhonda Sandall r Bird, Hiedi Hollar, Angie Olson. Awards for the 1987-88 year went to: Most Pep - Debbie Sehutree Most Valuable - Pat Smer Most Improved - Karen Stoner SPONSOR: Nancy Olson DRS: Debbie Schurre, Sandy McMullen, Sherri -- . .WM .. 'r"'--"'- v if r K: L- .. K , K my 1 . M M - ...S ,X S , Q 67 "FOOTBALL CHEERLEADING' ' ! i K 2 Back row: Marcie Brown, Pam Ekhardt, Missy Herbert. Front row: Melaina Robinson, and Angi Houdyshell. 68 Winola Fresh-Soph cheerleaders made jot breakthrough in Winola's history this - , u m They cheered not only for Fresh Soph b for Varsity. Although it took a lot of ti hard work, they pulled through as a team received their Varsity letters. BASKETBALL CHEERLEADI 1987-88 Cheerleading Squad ow: Eddie Fontenoy, La.nce Dowsett, Marcie Brown, Angie I-Ioudyshell, Chris Vavrosky, Kelly Pam Eckhardt, Brian johnson and Pete Mack. Front row: Melaina Robinson, jill Skinner, Kym and Traci Brooks. ir the first time in the history of Winola the jets did not have a Varsity Football ing squad, so the Fresh-Soph cheered for both teams and received their Varsity . This year we had four cheerguys: Pete Mack, Brian johnson, Lance Dowsett Eddie Fontenoy who did an outstanding job at pyramids and partner stunts. was probably the most co-operative squad Winola has ever had. The squad very excited and proud to win the 1987 Winola Holiday Tournament, nially since it was the last one because of the annexation with Sherrard. Winola we proud of its past cheering squads and this year's cheering squad ever for bla. enjoyed working with this squad this past year. It will make my last year as a :la sponsor a memorable one" quoted Susie Adams. CHEERGUYS: Eddie Fontenoy, Lance Dowsett, Brian johnson and Pete Mack. 69 Front: Dani Davenport, Mincli Esslinger, Dena Dowsett, jennifer Vlilson, Angie Newton, Kelly Harrison, Beth McKinley, jami Bell, Pat Smet, Manager: Angi Chapman 70 Record 20-40 1988 Senior girls line up ,Q N1 9- X ,441 K " s Nigv Y-ff 'Y .1 'gf' Varsity Girl's Scores Winola vs. Westmer 47 Winola vs, Aleclo 37 Winola vs. Warren 48 Winola vs. Rockridge 32 Winola vs. Sherrard 42 Winola vs. WethersHeld 40 Winola vs. Cambridge 24 Winola vs. Toulon 4 l Winola vs. Alwood 29 Winola vs. Galva 5 3 Winola vs. ROWVA 42 Winola vs. Galva 38 Winola vs, Westmer 4 l Winola vs. Alexis 40 Winola vs. WethersHeld 47 Winola vs. ROWVA 29 Winola vs. Toulon 24 Winola vs. Alwood 40 Winola vs, Galva 41 Winola vs. Cambridge 36 Winola vs. Alexis 49 Regionals 71 FRESH-SQPH. GIRLS' BASKETBAI Concentrate, Tara! , ff? 4 x ,, i 1 Q... .f K Over the top, Lisa! WINOLA FRESH SOPH They Westmer Aledo Warren Rockridge Sherrard Werhersfield Cambridge Toulon Galva ROWVA Galva Westmer Alexis Wethersfield ROWVA Toulon Alwood Galva Cambridge Alexis Have no score Have no score -vs- We 28 24 31 28 44 23 ' 32 31 29 31 27 20 ' 24 34 36 21 Alwood 20 24 31 15 25 29 ' 35 34 31 23 20 32 34 31 35 29 43 23 ' 43 44 A 33 30 ottom: Lisa Bisom, Heidi Hollar, Kristi McKinley, Ianie Riddell, Kristi Swank, Kim Brown, Anna ara Smithhlennifer johnson, jennifer Willems, Nicole Bollinger, and Angie Olson. Not pictured is m Lee, The Fresh-Soph girls' Basketball team ended their season with a 13-7 record. Although their season had a "rocky" start, the team pulled together with a little hard work to end the season on a happy note. The squad finished second in the Orion Tournament after finally defeating ROWVA. Other highlights of the season were their victories over Aledo, Alwood, and their tough losses to Cambridge and ROWVA during regular season play. Overall, the girls had a great season. 73 VARSITY BOYS BASKETBALL Back row: Coach jack Welch Middle row: Chad Minch, john Shull, Tim Becker, Eric Whan, Rob Baldwin, Bill Monson, and Tom Mack. Front row: Gary Brown, Todd Nelson, Roy Whan, and jeff Richmond. ks VARSITY BOYS' BASKETBALL We began the 1987-88 basketball season with a very young 81 inexperienced l l man team who wanted to play basketball AND WIN. Working with these athletes throughout the season consisted of many UPS and DOWNS. Q Making important 3 points - To - Missing key freethrows Great Assists - To - Crucial turnovers Double OT WIN - To Tough OT loss Having Unanimous All-Conference Selection - To - Key injuries Players scoring 8-I4 points a quartet - To - 4 total points an entire quarter That's what makes basketball what it is. I loved the entire season. We had several goals and did quite well. We had 4 players receive votes to the All- Conference Team. This indicates the total team concept in which the bench played an important role. Coach Welch 74 5 2 E Seniors: Tim Becker, Eric Whan, and Tom Mack. l I L Winola Winola Winola Winola Winola Winola Winola Winola Winola Winola Winola Winola Winola Winola Winola Winola Winola Winola Varsity Boy's Scores vs. vs. vs. vs. vs. vs. vs. vs. vs. vs. Regionals Atkinson Aleclo Wesrmer Wuren Wlethersfield Cambridge Toulon Alwoocl Galva ROWVA Alexis Wethersneld ROWVA Toulon Alwoocl Galva Cambridge Alexis FRESH-SOPH BOYS BASKETBALL ,Jeri-5 3 E Q-fm 1 l X N S Nm K 1 Q BBBB ' ' KKLA S B ' B BBB: if A . A Front row: Travis Noyd, Mitch Wilson, jamie Becker, jamie Carlson, Mark McCready, john Carlson, Back row: Toby Lingafelrer, Kris Topping, Mark Harkerr, Eric Ber jamie Phillips, Troy Nimrick, and Bob McMullen, nor pictured: jason Hasr. 76 RECURD 2-20 This year's Fresh-Soph Boys basketball season came through with a record of 2 wins and 20 losses. Their wins were against Toulon and Vffethersfield teams. Although this record may not show the whole story, but these boys have had a strong and hard season. The team consisted of 3 sophomore boys and the rest freshmen who worked together to accomplish goals as a team. In this process, they came out with a new coach and assistant Varsity coach, Mr. Denise Henderson. At the end of the season, the boys will participate in a week long tournament at Yorkwood. Z 7 .E ifgt lx, ll in ,I W- Winola Wmola Winola Winola Winola Winola Winola Winola Winola Winola Wmola Winola Winola Winola Winola Winola Atkinson Aledo Westmer Warren Wethersfield Cambridge Galva ROWVA Alexis Wethersheld ROWVA Toulon . Alwood . Galva . Cambridge . Alexis Yorkwood Tourney Fresh-Soph Boy's Scores 42 ' vs. ' 67 42 ' vs. 55 43 ' vs. 65 46 A vs. 60 40 ' vs. 36 37 ' vs. ' 64 3 l Winola vs. Toulon 60 30 ' Vs. 58 3 7 ' vs. 48 45 ' vs. ' 5 7 50 ' vs, 63 42 ' vs. 5 5 38 4 vs. 20 39 ' vs 42 34 vs 54 40 vs 57 66 vs 69 BOYS' TRACK f Q.. HTL as ii f 1 'X 'A I K 4 ft 6 A, ff? KF , .5 1 my M A91- X Q, 131151 fr' w: Coach jim Kovac, Cory Willems, Mike Gregg, Bob McMullen, john McAtee, Mitch Wilson, Mark McCready, jamie Becker, john Carlson, Mike Campbell Mike Second Row: Craig Brown, Todd Lantau, Tom Mack, Chris Rigg, Brett McWhorter, Scott Smith, jeff Richmond, Todd Nelson, jamie Carlson, Gary Brown Third nach Mike Patterson, Tim Becker, Carl johnson, Pete Mack, Eric Whan, Clint Barnes, Harvey Brandon, and Coby McWhorter, Coach Mike Patterson with spectating viewers. vlilllik N Coach jim Kovac working on the sidelines. This year's boys' team worked hard toward personal goals during the season. They built up strength with weight lifting which was done during P.E. class and also throughout practices. Awards for this year's season were: Most Improved -- Chris Rigg Most Valuable - Brett McWhorter Country Companies - Pete Mack GIRL TRACK First Row: DeDe Micheals, jennifer Willems, Second Row: Kristie McKin- ley, Kim Sloan, Hiedi Hollar, Kim Brown. Third Row: Angie Olson, Nicole Bollinger, Lanie Riddell, Kelly Mack, Anna Olson. Fourth Row: Dena Dowsett, Debbie Schutre, Angi Chap- man, Coach jim Lee. Not Pictured: Lisa Bisom, Kristi Swank, Beth McKinley, Kelly Harrison, Angie Newton. 7, eff Lisa Bisom - lst in shot put at Conference SENIORS: Debbie Schutte, Dena Dowsett, Angi Chapman Coach "General" Lee and Sectionals and 7th at State. This year the 1987-88 track team worked hard, complained a lot, but overall had fun throughout the whole season. The team new faces not just the freshman, but also the coach, Mr. jim Lee. He pushed us to our limits, encouraged us when we needed it, and around in the times we needed it! The team had many accomplishments during the season. Kim Sloan received lst in conference in the 2 mile run, Beth McKinley took conference in the high jump, and Lisa Bisom stole lst in conference for the shot put. She also took lst in Sectionals, and 7th at Stat' s wx 'sm ' K xii - Q Ti. , Q W:-...-:-1-:-Y! x::--:mx W 5'1- . .. W: " ff :SN 'Ai' "if fA...sS -R., KQAAN -Aw. ' Ask SK-finlixmn V Agfafggfih 1 M 25. 93535 -:iii W 9 m5gga3mE??3S2ff'W weargw-HY" A -ww Ai .QQ A M, mffiixsgggy Afmswy 5 Qgssw My fwgiggsif Saw ,wane ' ,4xA1gggg?5g?gsKf' QSQEQQUWE . xii 'LS 'i1'A5'i: . Amg ,fm ws: f?31,g25gfa52m-- WWA Vw :xx Q m ea, ,A ee .i+imw3Qai5' saws, ks3,Aggygz:mfgg-W MA. ,Aw em 3255552588 12'-annex Ka., . ,mwe.L,,,Af wxxfsmgmugw gsm fm 1 ss,Am-iw-E -5 vm game. Wm Am A. Qgamm A A. AM vfkiiiafmilsxvf fafwizffiiiy' mai. ,em- Lsskiwfi qklgma, ss -Q:gsi?n:5" mm-W immm. QW!! .:'f,,i?91 Nm. ,A. - mgggS,m,.,.AA.., A. fm... .M AWA. ,,.sAfE2w?w .M,7.xx:. izifgfiefiffisigigw -Qgsgggsgg iirfeswsga Aksfwiizlsiriasiisf uamfsgx , .Wg,.g.gw5Aw 255255225 Afzgifgsgzmsgw' M ESSKTL .a1E55'Vi271'fqf1i5V" QSEFQQQZQ, Q.szgqQEqafigff Am ZA.. . ,A MA Am- W .S Z, QA WA. A if- 2?is?5B3Ssimyg5S-w 555 S' ,.ssw.w:51Q1.QsfL5Sf-w Ax, f S-.L N. umfaafa-W' wfiwgew Isa .fw- -5221 r 81 SPORTS PAGE IHll3ll- ' ci 9 1 N A 3 AMW 4 MARCHING BAND 1987 Marching Band had a great year with their new director Mr. Robb. They are all looking forward to an exciting year next year. GO BAND!! r 1 in s Award - Eric Noyd, Sousa fVf.f Angi Chapman 'Y That Attentxve jazz Band CHQRUS The chorus faced some huge challenges this year with a new choral director and low numbers. After recruiting new faces, the chorus began to work on their sound. The chorus sang at four concerts and baccalaureate. They also participated in one solo fensemble contest. At the end of the year, awards were awarded. Award winners were as follows: Doug Woolam - Arion Award, jennifer Gregg - Di- rector's Award, and Chris Rigg, Eric Young, and Nicole Bollinger - Drama Excellence Award. rsssr . se' 5 t Members of the chorus at the end of the 1987-88 school year were as follows: Jer Johnson, Anna Olson, Chris Rigg, Travis Noyd, Eric Young, Eric Bergheger, Marcie Br Linda Hays, Rhonda Sandahl, Patty Smet, Kym Young, Annette Houdyshell, Kristi Sv- Steve Kruse, Doug Woolam, Mike Wherry, Angie Olson, Nicole Bollinger, jennifer G and Lota Saunders. 5 Wagga WU I , ' ' r f ,Q w X 5Vf gy 2' ,ya ff 7 QSM? , ,WM if Q tl 5 , , gi 5? 5 s 1 Z 5 3 5 sis 22 f2f,f7ZfaWj,,, x 5,952 X37 fl f 22 E V T Aw ,X ,, ,fy ww fM,.,fff,f:ffM , 9 at--. qw. . EG .M ia , "" ' nan jf "gg-A fig.-:fwwaf f Wisawffg .. We V'f'iw14L, 'ff 1' f W - H fe? ' , " f ai? 'r - l'V5:1l fV ir. E555 'TEL : : 'i-lf" M M W' ' ' X i We if DW t ,, XMGQQZ 'xg , I A 5' fa Q1 . Q ,, M., . f-., f -X 8 N gym K ' 86 wr -ni if -4 JP -.fu .W W ' New .. Mmierfi- 'K F i I xt Ns! xl -S .4 A ' V If ' Fe'-:A swgi sf ,W ' Q, " 5' QQ J, , , Q05 1 A 'V , ' Ffa Q X ,, "FI-f""" '1-q'ka.:,,f -fa ggygys ga, if - A' zfvv M ,F TIMER TI AGAI Director - Russell Robb Assistant Director - Dee Robb Choreographer - Suzie Adams Technical Director - Russell jenkins Vic Ames - Chris Rigg Electra Mulligan - Kym Young Marlon Van Brut - Doug Wfoolam Mr. Amesfwolf - Eric Young Mrs. Amesfjennifer - Nicole Bollinger Morris Schwarzenegger - Eric Noyd Miss Laine - Annette Houdyshell Amanda Venezuela - Pat Smet Mrs, Swanson - Brooke Shaw Miss Guppy - Rhonda Sandahl Horace Wfood - Mike Wherry Archie - Darek Dowsetft Felicity Fern - Kelly Harrison Stacie Sledge - Kristi Swank Mary - Kim Struble Venus di Mulligan -jennifer Gregg Louise - Kristie Keck Coral - Kelly Mack The Wild Ones - Angie Newton, Kelly Mack, Kristie Keck, Eric Noyd Student il - Melaina Robinson Student 9562 - Marcie Brown Waitress - Lota Saunders Other students - Mary Moseley, Lynn Fair, Elise Hoglund, Annette Houdyshell, Lota Saunders, Pat Smet, Brooke Shaw, Rhonda Sandahl, Doug Wtmolam, jennifer Gregg, Kym Young, Kelly Harrison, Kristi Swank, Mike Wherry, Darek Dowsett, Kim Struble, Melaina Robinson, Marcie Brown Lighting - Tom Mack, Pete Mack, john Mack, Kris Topping, Angie Chapman Stage Crew - Lisa Bisom, Travis Noyd, Tara Schaechter, jeff Ortner, Kim Brown, john Peterson, josh Hall Pit Band - jennifer johnson, Karen Stoner, jeff Hay, john Carlson, Toby Lingafelter, Steve Kruse, Dee Robb Scenery Design -jim and Sue Robinson Costumes - judy Bollinger, janet Mack, and the Prairie Players theatre. 87 J v,,1. v ,V ,.. 251, wg.-: ,, , '. AK K K ia, Q1 f H: iw. ff . , ,, J ..,,,, K an X ff V eff , M , Z f f , 1 , , f f 5 f fe j ad f Z? ,X W W if f f f A f fr Q ,f 2 , ,,,,,,,, E ,,,: ,:,k, K W , ,,,,,,, , K 2 iff .f' " ,,,,, ,, , if .1 y -'ff P, . ,,:gu,iwi, , , , g ,,,, MSI HUMECOMI ,W N ,, ',, . if 'g'22,, fb if g X fm Nl: fi K' X f, 'Q' gal Kr' 2 , , k MT f f Q 'Z S ,yd .. ,. 4 f fy gf, 4 J 0 'WJ af ' f " .. ,,,f fy VWWWWMWM ff +22 ,M 1 s ff 9 4' fy f 1 1 1 g gl, 9' 3 1 H gi2235if5, Q 2 2 ff ff Z Q, 4 A 1 fa Z 4 4 Za V ,--, H :VJ 4 1 , V' far, , " -' 2 i , 2 Z K , , , X V f W, f I M ,,,,,,, I M y ,,,, mm ' -Xgg'h .- 1 : A X ,f ,Kg Q . 5 ' EW V E ?KK , k V Q . ,s 5 ' A A FT- A Q ,iuh z zw 5 ' '-'g' 1 'X gi' S, W A Q - Y "ET - A if Q L W f 5 1' We- 2 VH " N" N. 'ff aff . " ' 'rf f f iii "" ..... . .. K K - mf f Q x ' - ---- ----- - M: - -, - W 1 glam -- - A f W ,KKK K . X ' 5 k g -3-W 1 L . 'E N V .K .:.,, JK , A X ...,' Q g ..:.,. g K :...: ::-:::- 5 .. ,1 r 5 ' W . Eii:Tm-"1E2'iE::1:i1' .. . K S ,gud ,,,,,, KKK . lfsqr rr w 'Wf4l f " 2 YK ---' ' ' -51 M ,,,, . . .,.. ,V .K.. , .--- E., K ,, M .----- , X..,, ,,, X. ,, , ' . f A ----' Q n , x 55 5 Q 88 iw fel I K ,, 1' f f gf f 3 'Hi E 2 9 xx , M f h f 5 Q e I 5 ' 5 K f Q K X Q, f as f K I f y 6 ,lwwwfm mwiwfu, .,,,,,,, ' VVV, z ,, ww , :, , -fj-, 1 1' X , Wm Iz, ,. ,. , ,., , N pgs, , W 5 ff , , .... K f Wgii M , ' "" f H ' I ill , K! .aa , L' ,, ' T, Aw- 4 :Xa W W 5 Zzggg-if 21. 2 ,,AA, f 3' Y, ""' ' , ,W.,,,, -,ff-W3 eg W'- ,If M I 'min 9 'HW , , ' ff ff fi ' " W H KAVVI ,,,,.. 2 VVV: gzy E, ,,,,, , , W-ffwafgwg 1- .aw M asf 'W' , 5 , ,V 1 89 HOMECOMIN G if A ' ' W Q Zi '51 ' 3 m 3 ' 11 , 5 ' ' ,f 5 , " 2 "' f' f 90 GN IMGCEMOH L ffbf ,. R B ' f . '4, 'v',, l ,HB 'M f' R W , , s s " ' R AQQ Senior Results Box Stacking - 3rd Floats - lst Games - 2nd Cheering -- lst junior Results Box Stacking - s Floats - 2nd Games - s Cheering - n Freshman Results Box Stacking - 4th Floats - 3rd Games - 4th Cheering - 4th Sophomore Results Box Stacking - 2nd Floats - 2nd Games - 3rd Cheering - 3rd I R 1' 91 King: Brian johnson Queen: Dani Davenport Theme: "Can't We T Crownbearers Jamie Wrxght an Abby Hamnlton Music by Mas . . W ' s T . was f l X ' I ,,.,.... , L? Il 'xy :I X .. k , ' ' ' Q s 4 i 1 X if if N 5 :iz A S lil ' ,f la 2 . 3 Lm.L , -Mi Matt Kness Dena Dowsett Y - .. we 1 ' se - i r rrrrr ' f .,.l A ,K I s W fgsfiw I 5- ' . 5 ! 1. -C . 5 S 4' 'f-.J :- ,f i Sa ,. ,gi M l , 1 .J -.f-'mi is si is f - - K5 --Q . ,A S .1 i. I M L KN L is s L.. iff? lr., , 5 4' WY? U13 lf, S aryl iss 'ggx-ff . :, my-m - p ' K . . .. If- K .. 1 -, '-- 1 AA jay Brooks jim McAtee Amy Schone Sherri Crow V 'Oil K iw. i. Aix: r. ., if Vs. w :S X ' , ...,, -f f . ' XXX .Q Exo N X Q x S' Y Q x 'ik vm ,qs xx X :rsqx ' ' -'sf-sf' if A- .W frQ?fsf" . . 1' mmf- f, 4 W! - 11 as-i, ,rs , 1., 1 x +2 Nf- Brett McWhoner Bill Monson jamie Carlson Kelly Harrison Kristi Swank jennifer Willems Y 17 I fx " if V , 'I' , A .,, i s 1 N4 'K 93 SNGXWBALIIS ROYAL COURT King: Tim Becker Queen: Darci Andrews Seniors: Bill Hickok Sandy McMullen Seniors: Clint Barnes Mindi Esslinger ,K YU' x V V juniors: Eddie Fonrenoy Kelly Mack 9 at Qf X 4 JW SN 0WBALL'S ROYAL CGURT 0 0 8 0 6 0 Sophomores: Ianie Riddell Freshmen: Jamie Becker absent: Chad Lundquist Kim Brown ll Crownbearers: jason Craft Randi Easley Chaperone: Connie Brooks Helper: jim Robinson LOVE WILL FI D A WAY You don'r look like you're enjoying yourself Melaina Robinson? SWEETHEART BALL 1987-88 HHONESTLYN KING PETE MACK QUEEN AMY SCHONE Tom Mack and Missy Hofer Debbie Schuttee and Eric Wham Crownbearers: 5' Brock Luxmore and Ashley B 11 juniors: Traci Brooks 81 Todd Nelson Sophomores: Nicole Bollinger 81 Chad Minch H295 xg ,- ,IA iw? 3 X 3? Freshmen: jennifer johnson 85 jon McAttee M0 x.,- 4 5 5 . l X Z, . sw Q w. A 3 .K 1 ' X , Q 3 xx 5 . ,,,E1 K, ."E! -ff K Q,, : 1 fi WF -E? , wig . 4 lOl PRGM 1988 ...K 'f 5 .vgi V if fi H 4 Queen: Dena Dowscrr Wclriwmu - Chris Vavroslcy King: jay Brooks it US. w Q Toastmistrcss - Kelly Harrison Dcdiiarion to Seniors - jill Skinner " EVER SAY GOQDBYEH 1... W Q Kim Srrublc and xlcnnifur XX'1l5on 1988 junior-Senior Prom was held at the Entertainment Source in Hampton at 6:30 on the thirtieth of April. We sat down to eat the dinner served by HY-VEE, at approximately 7:00. When we finished eating we danced to the fantastic music played for us, After coronation at 9:30 we danced some more until it was time for all of us to leave for Post Prom held at the East Moline YMCA. Post Prom was over at 5:00 a.m. 3+-al' ft r u iw-+:,, W flli' 104 TA - X lgg g 1 ,.., A .5 N K M X X. ,' ' 11 A Ex fd Q K X N X fx xi fx rs: 3 -'MQW -Q f . R A L- ' ss. X ' H ZII A 51" my Www ,f Wy A ,, ,1-W M WN 4, gww w M 1 P0 T PROM Dunk concentrate too hard, Ed." E 1 HE "I hope we aren't arguing now? M "Seniors in Space," R 15 ' Q "Not feeling sleepy now, are wc Paula? "What a Pro!" --- Wet and Wild!" "WarLh out, here I Loma!" 107 K 'Q X f 4 !sSi,ssQQ4Qs,, ness, H X K 2 :sz,A::.sffg,fm if W W, ...,,,,.. W,,,, . L. ,,,,,, , M" -A-Wil: "TEES 2 ,,,,,, ,H 3555 ,V wig-i , .. X in S:-,:-- f, ,fy J, --fa vs' MM' X W X , , Q f 4, 2 K Ama, fn, W . 35 K 14 ,, 0, ,,,,, M J m ,,,,wQ, 1:5 ff M 2, 'S W ' k :Zia f WN WM as ya 4 L S? 5 in . X : -, :aw 4 ' 5' XM511 ' -'15 -M f H 5 U if i 5 sif 5 Z 108 F1.IQ nl GX P if I Wemorieb W WT v JU 1oR H0 oRs GIRLS' A D BGYS' STATE Each year students are selected to participate in Girls' and Boys' State in which they learn about out government and everythi involved. This year for Girls' State Traci Brooks and jennifer Wilson were selected from New Windsor and Kim Struble from Viola the Boys' State, Scott Smith, Gary Brown, jon Mack were selected from Viola and Steve Kruse from New Windsor . ,. ,. ,f 1-az -2 f 'fir 61-.1:fEa5,, W1 NAUONAL junior National Honor Society - Left to Right: Kim Struble Pat Smet Anne HONOR soggy Houdyshell, Todd Nelson, Chris Vavrosky, jennifer Wilson, Kelly Harrison and f Skinner. x NX w 'f S 1 5 ' T Z . O llO SENIQR HO GRS 1987-88 Valedictorian Brooke Shaw Salutatorian Angi Chapman Top Ten Back row: Darci Andrews Amy Schone Tom Mack Brian johnson Eric N oyd Front row: Sandy McMullen Brooke Shaw Shannon Clack Angi Chapman Dani Davenport non Clack, Dani Davenport, and Brooke Shaw. National Honor Society - Back row: Amy Schone, Tom Mack, and Eric Noyd. Front row: Angi Chapman, DAR DA 1 DAVE PGRT SAR PETE MACK 9 5' 2 ' 15 I , . 525252 : : ' '-'i Viwz ""' -'.. .,.., X M Q wx , 1: :1Eg5QgE5E55:g ----,- Z SENIDR A ARD D SCHOLARSHIPS Tom Mark - Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics Achievement Award, Presidential Academic Fitness Award, Wincmla Industrial Arts Club 35200 Scholarship. Angie Chapman - Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics Achievement Award, Presidential Academic Fitness Award, Illinois State Scholar. Dena Dowfett - Winola Senior Girl Athlete of the Year Award. Erie Wban - Winola Senior Boy Athlete of the Year Award. Debbie Sehulle - Black Hawk Foundation 35500 Presidential Scholarship. Dani Davenport - DAR, Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Erie Noyd - Mildred Thirtyacre Memorial Scholarship, Presidential Fitness Award. Pele Maek - SAR. Sandy McMullen - Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Brooke Shaw - Presidential Academic Fitness Award, Illinois State Scholar. Mindi Eulinger - Black Hawk College Basketball Scholarship. Clin! Barnef and Tim Berber - Presidential Physical Fitness Award. BACCALAURE TE Cgaccallauneate Cpnogiram WINOLA SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL SUNDAY, MAY 29, 1988 8:00 P. M. ' Processional ..... ........,.,...,.4......,.....,. C laudine johnson ' invocation .,,.,.., ..,,...,. R everend john Paul Dexter, Pastor Calvary Lutheran Church of New Windsor Musical Presentation-"Adaramus Te" qWe Adore Theej .... L. P. Beveridge Winola Senior High School Chorus .....,.4......,, Russell Robb, Director Welcome and introduction ........4 ......,... C harles A. Lane, Principal Winoia High School Scripture -Psalm 8 ,..., ,....,,.......... ,.., . .,,......... ,.,..... R e v erend Dexter Message-"Now What's In the Stars for Us". ,..... Reverend Dexter Musical Presentation - "The Rose" Winola Senior High School Chorus ' Benediction ....,, ....................,... ' Recessional -"Let Me Ride" ..,.,.,... ..... . . ...Amanda McBroom ......RusseiI Rsbb, Director . .... Reverend Dexter Kirby Shaw Winola Senior High School Chorus ....... .,.... R ussell Robb, Director ' Audience Please Svond rf 1 ., ,r r if . ri -"rf 'Z22iff?4'E2 gf?3':f:,:3.3'I.g5:Z'7' gl K V . :,W,:,, 413 ,,,,:,:,.,.,.,..., .. . vw-Iarasfvm ,zvjzr gg.g:g:gg.,:1:5:5f 2252515 - :.:.,,,. , fr f 35' -1- . , 1 .. . --pf'-'mf 9-1-1-W2114 ' 3535 ai, QL. 5' ' :ia 15' - ' sri! gg, 3251 ' H fi- 5 , lg .- - ,Mr ...- r-- r -. 1. -r:.:,-r:.W4.:,, rr' rr ,5:3:53g5g,g5g1g,44 117 4'l55'i5?f'f5'1Tr:. ' E. . I ff MARSHALLS Z7 X ' f f Kim Struble Gary Brgwn QM! 94 usi-ie RS K 1 .11 Kelly Harrison Elise Hogluntl Brett McWhorter Mary Mr'-seley Todd Nelson jill Skinner Pat Smet jennifer Wilson ff! ' -V .I 451. 71 1 f ' :z:r::z:zz22-2225ff' - .. .... 44 rr E X V ' gf f 4 , 24 f Q 25 Q fi 4 fs W ,Il 4 fi if life , 1 f 57 f 7143 7 lm ,M 41 I, Q , 1 2 , f ' , fig 7 f 5 j f v :V - :EIS-:Zi-2" W 52353. :.::'::iE':'.:.f355: 2' ir?"-,...r ' .1i:. Q -5 ' .2-M35 f '32 V , , "55i,: V'f'2!,,ff' ' X f Z my IVV, I .. Vmaz., sd, 1 2 ,,,, ff Pastor john Paul Dexter speaking with the 1988 graduates V13 :ggsg:3:g.:i2:s", 'I fa' g25s:2",..f?'-2-': f '-'-'Vp'-V'2'1V ,, fy ' f f ff 4 ,J , gujgflz , :I ' A' ' iz, . , :gf 1 -V ..VV.V.V.,., V V, W5'3E'23'7' wwf X, ,,., ,, ,. , V,:,, V f-'-' '.-'I:f'-:-,z-.-1442:-11514:-! H ,.WVW :.:,, ,,,,:V-3 '- .VA f' LV. -f V:V,.,.., V: . f fy X V I ' f ,n1V:,:,1,:a9 :,,,:V 44,5551::9gsgg15:5f55gf:--:I ' :K f ' f , I ff If f f if f f haw ff "1'.1:,, V- A , ,,,, , EV . "" if f' A 1 1 'V 12,12 I 31 ,.,, M " Ziff? . gf-f 31:3 15-1121:-1255 f 459. H ,f-.jzzg vj ,:,g:If-l'-4- 1 Q , 35... ' ' , f 1 Q5 'so ., 4 ,, , ,J ' , . . f V 62:53:55: W f f f U If ,I ff f , , , if f ff 7 0, fy ..,1 1 , Z, W COM Commencement Cpiiognam WINOLA SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL FRIDAY, JUNE 3, 1988 8:00 P. M. -v C 1X ' Processional - "At the Summit" by Nowak "Pomp and Circumstances" by Edward Elgar Winola Jnit Concert Band Russell Robb. Director 'Invocation Danielle Davenport. President Class of i988 Salutatorlan Address . Angela Clwacrnan Music Presentation' "Battle l-lymn of the Republic" Winola Unit Concert Band Valedictorian Address , Honors. Presentation of Class Presentation of Diplomas arr. james D. Ploybar Russell Robb, Director - Brooke Shaw Charles A. Lane Principal Charles A. Lane Princioal , Robert Olson President, Winola Board of Education " Benediction Amy Schone. Secretary-Treasurer Class of 1988 ' Recessional - "Citadel" by Edmondson Winola Unit Concert Band ,Russell Robb, Director 'Audience Please Stand MARSHALLS Kim Struble Kelly Harrison Elise Hoglund Brett McWhorter Mary Moseley USHERS Gary Brown Todd Nelson jill Skinner Pat Smet jennifer Wilson r -3 PV , Valedictorian - Brooke Shaw Salutatorian - Angi Chapman 116 fre 7 ..,:-:-93525 Presidente. ,.., .,.,,DanieIIe Davenport Vice President... .. .. ,, .,.,,... Brian johnson Secretary-Treasurer, .... ,,,, , . .. ..,. Amy Schone Student Council. , ,. ,..,.. ..... T om Mack, and Pete Mack Class Sponsors. ... . Shirley Stead and Doug Stubbs Class Morro: .-.. V Den'r go where the path leads. Raiher go wl'iere fl'1ere is no parh, and leave a frail. Class Flower: .. .....,... .. .................,,.,. ,.,.....,...., .......... W h ire Rose C1555 Colo,-,,., .,.. .. . .,.... ...,...,.... . .. ..., , Royal Blu, and Purple We bring you flowers, will never forge! Bur we don'f understand, not fusv yer. Graduation is here, and memories Hold. We miss you, Todd- God rest your soul. In Memory of Our Classmore TODD CHARLES DAVENPORT Feb. 2, 1970 fo Dec. 23, 7986 117 ss LS, 118 ifky TW I r ! This year as editor has been mind boggling and hard work for me, but if it wasn't for the following people, the l988 yearbook wouldn't have been pos- sible, I would really like to give a big thanks to jim Robinson for designing this year's cover, Kelly Mack and Tracy Sullivan for being the yearbook's pho- tographers, and Brooke Shaw for being the business manager. Also, I would like to thank the following staff members for their long hours of work and putting up with me: Anna Olson, Angie Olson, Chris Vavrosky, Brooke Shaw, Dena Dowsett, Lynn Fair, Annette Houdyshell, Linda Hays, and Nicole Bol- linger. I would also like to thank Tom Mack for taking pictures when we needed him. Also Thurman Wil- liams for supplying the yearbook with film, devel- oping film and taking pictures for all school activities. This Yearbook is special this year because it is the last yearbook of Winola. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as all of us yearbook members enjoyed putting it together. Traci Brooks 1987-88 Editor Kathy Barth - Advisor I Y Yearbook isn'r all hard work. YEARBGUK 120 mi ww W, -: x X N my fe Q isewgigiif .i .zmst-mv:fmx,,zgwg , ,gi X S WM' K Qi X www, .... X.-KX mwww -1 W --QRS? .au ww W :- ST FF ff' guppiy gg , METHODIST Grain - Building Materials Custom Grinding 8 Mixing Grain Bank Service WE CARE 5 Sunday School - 9:00am Phone: 596-2I33 Viola. Illinois Church Services - 10:30am FARMERS GRAIN AND VIOLA UNITED , UW..-Q Country Flowers I i s and Gifts 2 Ig BEST w1sHEs S25i'5'ALSS'2-IS 3255! 15555222525 as -- ' JINKS FUNERAL HOMES Flowers 8K Gifts for all Occasions 0F DELIVERY senvnce open MERCER COUNTY Q15 non PAn'rLow Mon.-Sat. .- owNEn 9205 WEDDING AND ALL OCCASION CAKES STUTS DRUG STORE RYAN'S CAKE AND CATERING CENTER 107 9. College Ave. Rural Route ALEDO, ILLINOIS Viola, Illinois 61486 5 9 2 - 5 1 51 1309! 596-2925 vb' D Qd R I d R Ph BVI 9 BFI ef, . . Full service catering No party 2 C- Wm- Stancllff- Mgr' for all occasions too large or small TERRY'S FROM OUR PIZZA PLACE XPERIENC pizza, Tacos, Submarines Crop Production Services Ice Cream . . Terry andoEIIen Starcevich Bcgin:gEtiFN2':::TTc DZQSS W"e'S 309-596-2102 om' CHRISTY S PLUMBING 8: Good Jack senzors C pliments of - 9 rl E 4 New Windsor, Illinois 61465 , Qin: N o ez - ELECTRIC I I FT , i can " i,j?fdsff,,31'tl7 I 0.9 il Ph H 6572414 Winola Band Boosters HFLQ HOUR? Y5 ,WH """-'.-. 0 Mon., Tues., F I x Wed, A sn. 9IID - uoo 'S .Q Jean Swanson WSIIIIIIIIIW owne' l3l6 I7lh Avenue Box 276 Work: 309!596-2622 Viola, Illinois 61486 Home: 3091482-3867 Your Newspaper "WINOLA THIS WEEK" Published By The Times Record Co. NEW WINDSOR ELEVATOR DIV. of ONII F d S d 395351 Fil Vrffsx E ee , ee , Grain Services S Z mo. ...,,.,.c" 667-2731 IIIIIUIIE FEEDS 1' AEG? f ' if n 4,44- Compliments of HAPPY .lOE'S ALEDO GOOD LUCK GRADUATES MARTHA'S FAMILY RESTAURANT AND MAIDRITE Salad Bar and Banquet Facilities ,K f-Q12-1 X.N 112 Block South Viola, Il Rt. 17 81 67 309-596-2525 Your Business ls Appreciated Ruth Mackey Owner Craft Items and Supplies Full-Service Film Processing Box 393 Viola IL 596-2280 6I486 Q 596-9224 5 am.-n p.m. Route 67 North VIOLA, IL 6I486 GAS - ICE - GROCERIES - POP MACKEY'S SUNDRIES 337596298 LW .., .Weiflzk Jfufo Sales We Hn: Quiz?-y Und' Cu: ROUTE 17 81 67 KEITH BLOOMFIELD VIOLA ILLINOIS 61486 OWNER WINOLA FHA Best of Luck Graduates! d""""sf 1 V . . , o of 9 I2 S 'Ez 2 9 6 8 e 10 440 ,mu New L1nda's Beauty Boutique And LINDA SPENCER New Windsor 667 2447 Tanning Salon Compliments of - DR SURESH L ABAD 1314 17th Street Viola Illinois 61486 WILLEMS HARDWARE NEW WINDSOR ILLINOIS 309-667-2512 mt NIAYIXAG E96-2195 MIDWEST FIBRE PRODUCTS CO. VIOLA HOME TELEPHONE CO Box 391 O VIOLA IL 61486 596-2222 P O BOX 397 0 VIOLA ILLINOIS 61486 RUGATED B OLDING CARTON IBRE ASES o QILJR f 9 IIIIIIEIII ICIEEIIEEILII, SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION slncf mo axzuapuim' KEWANEE MILAN Mounf EAST Mouuf VIOLA onion SHARON ESSLINGER 596-2329 Y REALTORS? Inc. RESIDENTIAL. COMMERCIAL alnd FARMS Compliments of FUNERAL L! HOMES Q ALLEN OIL Q33 STANDARD Q' SERVICE STATION Phone 667-2413 NEW WINDSOR, ILLINOIS EIEHJ ALLEN OIL CO., INC. i 1 I Q , If FAMILY CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC OF NEW WINDSOR N Dr. Cathy R. Huffer 508 MAIN STREET 43091 667-2202 NEW WINDSOR, IL 61465 Clty L1m1ts M Tom and Marian Cudd Owners A M5 6091596-2880 of Viola, Illinois 61486 JI E4 JI Cunsttonim Combining Jack Bollinger - New windsor. IL C3093 667-2 5 51 I 3453-I if-3 Junction of Route 17 2' and Route 94 East Phono 582-5617 Save "mr wuz-mm wr: rf' RICK WILSON Agent Illlancearldlnvednlentieniro . . B ' ' ' 61486 596 2988 LIFE - HEALTH - AUTO - HOMEOWNER - FARMOWNER COMMERCIAL - CROP HAIL - ESTATE PLANNING MER-ROC FS INC ROUTE 17 I2 MILES EAST OF ALEDOI P O BOX 129 ALEDO ILLINOIS 61231 Joy Plant yi Reynolds Plant M Er S Cleaning Service . d MCM B 1 2A 3091596-2720 ' ' ' 61486 Il i!-I CREEDOS CORNER CAFE 201 East Main NEW WINDSOR IL 61465 Mike a d Marilynne MCC eady I I -Q- 18 vu N 5 Small Business BI Residential Cleaning ? Bd H I R I' .L , San ra eekan ox 3 ml Viola, Illinois I -ve 7 Il Y' Attend and Enjoy Winola Sports Activities Winola Athletic Boosters VIOLA IcI5 CREAM Q E SHOPPE A Ice Cream - Slushes ' Short Orde s To Go Sandwiches - Nachos c. DAVE'S DAIRY Rt 17 8 g4 Milk - Orange Juice Fudgeclcles Popsicles - Drumsticks f, m ny or IS Ugllqy ALEDO IL Dave Maynard ow Pfwuf: Matherville, Illinois "O"OWa"'S'O ""' 7 aum- 9 p-m Viola, Illinois R R L ox 236 , I U Et HBUIIUINQ fOl' the FUfUf9H 309-596-2131 Highway 67 North Viola, Illinois ,A . f I - I 309-754-88lO QT ossom ZUY Cohn SZ your I otal mage G0 or Z7 af J' Xlf' 1312 17116 Z . V . U' X, 9.6 61416 5 fm 309759672934 CC UUFHQJ Dnlgnon I Bulldon of: J'gs Des F lures Special Macrrnes General Machining Manufacturing company VIOLA IL 61486 0308 TAMMIE S BEAUTY BAR Tammie Noyd R. 1 Box 285 Viola, IL 61486 Perms Tanning Haircuts Styles VIOLA LIONESS CLUB ,,i1 Qu A ' VIOLA LIONS CLUB f Fgiiunrif' 'A SAM S 66 HIGHWAY 67 NORTH VIOLA, ILLINOIS 61486 DIAL 596-2662 TIRES - TUBES BRAKE JOBS BATTERIES TUNE-UPS ROCK RIVER DECOYS DECORATIVE DECOYS WILDLIFE ART COLLECTIBLES BILL and SALLY CAMPBELL I309I 596-2582 I309I 596-2826 P,O. BOX 327 VIOLA, IL 61486 ? f 1A or 0 T54 ' ix V A N XI N I f 0 ,,, ,Barbara uy Pr 1 I W 20 pgs? In 'I' 51 Q , 9 if I , 13091 me vs ie mx NO 13091 786-7654 LOUSBERG KOPP AND BONNETT 202 BLACK H WK FEDERAL BUILD NG I 'OO FOURT VENUE P O BOX 4030 ROCK ISLAND. ILLINOIS 61204-4030 f' M gm dw 'I M Xi Kappa Lambda Sigma Upsilon Epsilon Alpha v A i o H A n wil? 4 Ip' g2:?! ia' 51. ' C3093 596 2106 I ,M if v g -1 xv gj"" -4' Viola Aggregate Supply Co. READY-MIXED CONCRETE P. O BOX 457 I HWY, 67 NORTI1 VIOLA, IL 61486 Phono 0091596-2232 CSAGIII LgI2JUf'C1IIC9 LWYGHW JESS SHAW Locsllon 'A' Block Nvfih RR. 1, Box 112 RIA I7 A 57 Viola. IL 51493 HARol.os MIISHIZEII S Congratulations to the CAMP Class of . any .glam We hope you have , n f zffg.-ig-2"-":"' 31.025 TI l.lII:lIe New 3?I.i.,??HEeL1465 Winola weph Student Council 1-309-667-2709 FISHING SWIMMING HAY RACK RIDES Bannk of Vilolla Viiolla, Illlllflnnoiis 6:14186 "Serving The Crossroads OfMercer County " Member F .D.I.C. Phone 309-596-2189 , 'N inltt uttrh rrshgtrriatn III urrlt X A Calvary F 31' Ill li --v- ,.,,::i1f:1:.:zi.,, ' 7 Lutheran 1 if if 3 EE , Come and Worship With Us. h 9:00 a m Sunday School 10:30 a m Worship Service New Windsor 112 0- a m Fellowship Tim Z7 , , Illinois Mffwlffitfuff CROSSROADS HARDWARE A E "MORE THAN JUST A HARDWARE STORE." Licensed, full-time plumbing, heating, and S Hardware air conditioning serviceman IL4058-11-64-84 MARY's MOP SHOP Mary Maynard, Owner fix'-QQ Q' For Men. Women 8 Children j 'gg Haircuts. Perms. Color. Nails. Etc. 7 , , Other consultants - Brenda Robbins 8 Linda Wells "ff -'j 596-IIB! FARMERS STATE BANK OF WESTERN ILLINOIS Offices: Alpha, Illinois 61413 New Windsor, Illinois 61465 Viola, Illinois 61486 1, mmm ,li-Qgl' M Xe You 4 - 14 r Community Bank rqgyni Il 9 Strong and Independent jg J... iff? gs? zo: was I . I ' ,,"-li gg A - 'ss' A -I rr ,. f t . s . ' -T :5 K r R.. . u 1... . me .. , W... s- -f .f,:Mm"f" ..........-as . . . M' 1 - . A . Q-mms. N 2 "- Y. K: -f 1,5 L -I ' -O, K fu . Q ,,,, J " , 3. . . . K, W. S i: L,,, L x. MiA' ,z T MAIN o ALEDO, ILLINOIS 6I23I PHONE 309!582-5l7l 0 MEMIII F.D.l.C. ' Autographs 955535822 San angelo, texas ,W , 1

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