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J K MMM S f WMM! fl EMMA' gmfwf Spf! M fv I AQ 1 W fx X, f f ff X Q4 M em mfg,-ff Nestled in the cozy Catskills In among the hills Stands our dear old lindhan High School Sheltered fron all ills. lindham High, yes, we will land thee For the victories gained For the glory that is ours In thy halls or fame. When our high school days are ended Armed with precepts true lay we give the world such service As will honor you. Refrain Shout the name 'tis Windham High School Loud her praises sing With her glories all unnulbered, Let the dear hills ring. Ze Clam lith sincere gratitude for her wise counsel and splended cooperation in all our class projects in our first two years of high school, and with deep appreciation of her good fel lolship and friendliness, we, the members of the Class of 1948, dedi cate this yearbook to Mrs Robert laoNaught 4651, M 1l'x an-fl--'-1 "1 To Miss Carolyn Baniak, our class advisor, whose personal example untiring patience, friendly in terest and unswerving loyalty have been our quiet inspiration and guide through our last two years of high school life, we express our sincere admiration and deep gratitude We offer her our thanks for the many cherished memories of school days which have so enriched our lives. ,old-X, - LJKJPA N . I a n d I ,ft A aQd 5 5. ,gbiecjl Kuff Burdette Is. Woodworth Robert J. Kao Naught A fbi 60 Grant Horse L99 D90k91', Vice-'President Leon Johnson, President Roy Cornell Merritt De Long 4. 942141421021 fd Qmzciw 4 Mrs Miss ITBQ Miss Miss Burdette B Woodworth, A B , M A., Principal Elemcntarl Department Gladys Woodworth, Normal Mary Dunham, Normal Edna Fiero, Normal Catherine Morse, Normal Kathryn Brockett, Normal Secondar .i..-I llr Hillis Quick, B S in Ed Miss Carolyn Baniak B A ltr Herbert Brock, S lliss Ethelmae Dawson, A B. Mr. Sheldon Peck, Normal llr. Philip Sanderson, B.S. in Ed., S.T.B lliss Helene Nichols A.B. B.S. in L.S. Degartme Grade Grade Grade Grade Grade Sci ence Mathemeti c Comercial Engli sh Grade 'I Grade 8 Librarian Mr. August Casper, .B. Social Studies Mrs. Shirley Mac Naught, Ph. B. Languages Sgecial Teachers I1-es Mary Leach, B. S. in Ed Physical Education lr. James G. llackey, B S. Physical Education lr. Charles Greenleaf, B. S Agriculture - Ind. Arts Miss Ann Henderson, B. S. in Ed Homemaking Hr. Frank Biletzky, B. S Music lliss Plgvllis Perlman, B S in Ed Vocal Music Irs. Edith Schermerhorn, B. S., R. N Nurse Edwin G- Hulbllry. 11. D. school Physician . ' 1 2 5 lies Ada Smalling, B.S. in Ed. Grade lg 6 nt 0 0 0 0 , 5. I ' O A O Q O O O C O O Q O 5 W Q9 Z QW fn E111 tor Assistant M1 tor Business llanager Historian Lotivi ti es Literary L1 terary Beatrice De Long Robert Cross Mildred Head. Hsrtha Hiller Im.'l.a Holclridge Ellen Dunham Helen Aesohbaoh C r L ' r f 6. mama! Hey, mom, where is my coat, my books, and my money? That's what was heard in the morning when the bus was waiting out front With a flash we were on the bus After a bumpy half hour of riding we were coming down the last stretch to Windham There standing on the left was the Diner Just over the bridge we passed the Post Office and the Blue Hoon, where all of the kids went for sundaes after school On the left, in the center of the town, stood Hiller Brother's and Bailey's hlectric Shop A llttle way down the street, we saw the Windham l1nt,and before we knew it, we took the turn at Horse's, the place where the kids went, at noon for an ice cream cone and candy. Now we were at the end of our route As bus number four drove into the driveway and to the back of the school, we counted the number of buses which had arrived before us We bumped into Ir Greenleaf, standing at his station, as we walked in the door Finally we had arrived at the lockers. In September of 1945, we rushed into room 12 Twenty four of us began as Freshmen under the competent supervision of Hrs lac Naught Our first task was to elect class officers. Robert Buist was chosen president, Lula Hold ridge vice president, John Fealey secretary, Helen aeschbach treasurer, and for student council representative -Doris Johnson. First we had the ma azine campaign followed by the Saint Patrick s Day Dance. On class night we stole all of the honors dressed to represent hard times That year we were successful in 17119 SON-P drive. We also served refreshments after two basketball games and the year ended with the movie 'Ir Big' Y as sophomo es. Again twenty four of us i mediately elected class officers They were as follows Robert Buist relected president, Maurice Decker vice president Florence Hold ridge secretary, Gloria Van 'Loan treasurer and William Newland student council renre sentative. Our first activity was the Hall oween Dance. Everyone enjoyed working in the scrap paper drive and the magazine campaign. We resumed the responsibility of serving the refreshments after two basketball games. On class night the girls dressed as boys and the boys as girls Our annual movie was 'Boys Re formatory' When lay rolled around six girls from our class had the honor of serving at the Junior Prom. le entered the Junior year determined to make it a success. This year H153 Doro Horne took the responsibility of the adv sorship but in January she was called into the senior home room and so Miss Carolyn Baniak willing ly took over. Frances Layman was elected tc the office of president, Jane Wiers vice pres 7 ll ll. I O In the fall of fourt -six we entered UJL. J. r - m- . . ident, llartha lliller--secretary, Beatrice De Long--treasurer and Robert Cross- -student council representative. Again we participated in the magazine cam-- paign and the scrap paper drive but did not come out on top. Working hard with Miss Baniak and Miss Florence Linindcll we edited the "Blotter". We had our troubles but we had to admit it was pretty good. In February we had the Valent:lne's Dance and Doris Johnson very artistically drew our silhouettes. We were all very excited on the day our class rings arrived. When class night came, we paraded as a circus. This year our class had the honor of choosing a boy to attend 'Boys State", and selected Robert Buist. In lay our class sponsored the Jlmicr Prom, better known as "Tulip Time". Everyone enJoyed dancing to the music of Frank Fitch and his orchestra. The gym was trans formed into a Dutch Garden. The Queen, who was Joan Hauser was crowned Frances Layman. Everyone enjoyed himself at the Junior Senior picnic held at Toconic Lake, even though it did rain. Our activities for the year ended with the Junior girls holding the daisy chain fo: the seniors at graduation. In the fall of fourty seven we entered school with great enthusiasm knowing this was our last year. Don Dresser was elected president, Lula Holdridge vice president, Gloria Van Loan secretary, liildred Mead treasurer, and Jane Wiers student council represen tative. Richard Blum Joined our class this year. As Seniors we had the privilege of using the front door Knowing we were going to Washington we made money participating in the scrap paper dr1ve,magazine cam paign and serving refreshments after the basketball ames. Our bi step toward entertainment was the instrel Show given in November. In DBCSIIIDOI' V9 sponsored the Christmas Dance with music by Steve Jones and his orchestra. On return :from Christmas vacation we ordered announcements for graduation and were measured for caps and gowns. Then came our big week in Washington, which no one will ever forget. Soon came our class night activitles, exams, and in June graduation, with smiles and tears we bid fare well to our high school days. FW FWF ei? ' has '12 8. l 'Br-ring' 'Gosh is was morning alreadyu. A good many seniors were repeating these words on a bright Ctc usj Friday morning, March 26, in 1948. Yes, it was either four or five o'clock and we were to be ready to leave Wind- ham by six, so as to be in the Catskill depot at 7:15 A. H. Of course the train was late but by eight o'olook we were on our merry way. Around noon we pulled into the Weehawkan station. From there we walked to the ferry. A bus picked us up and before we knew it we were on another ferry. After taking a newer and faster train, we arrived in Washington around s1x o'clook. We all went to our rooms and freshened up. Then we went out to din- er and a movie. After we came back to the hotel no one slept because we were all so excited. The next morning we heard the telephone and whom should it be but the operator telling us it was seven o'olook. After a light breakfast we went to the Gap- ital. Having gone through the building we had our picture taken,w1th the Cap- ital as a background. It was nearly noon, so we went back to the hotel for ,1l1D.0h e After lunch we went on a tour of the historic places in the city and the zoo where I am sure everyone enjoyed himself, and then to the Arlington Gementery. That evening we split up, some of us went shopping, and the rest went swim ming at the Ambassador Hotel. Easter Sunday we were up at five getting ready for the sunrise service. After everyone had had dinner we went on a tour to Mount Vernon and theNational Air port After dinner we headed for the Lincoln Memorial and the Congressional Lib rary. I oould'nt tell you what everyone did that evening but a good time was had by all Monday morning we went to the Federal nureau of Investigation, and the Smith sonian Institute. After this we went back to the hotel for lunch. Lunch was over and now for the tour which the girls had anxiously awaited Our first stop was at the Franciscan Monastery and then Annapolis. W were at Annapolis for quiet awhile but around 4 30 we started for the hotel. When we arrived at the hotel we went out to dinner and a movie, as the Amuse ment Park had not yet opened for the year. Of course we went to bed early and right to sleep. Golly, but the time surely went fast. On Tuesday our last day, we headed for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Our it nerary called for a lot more but we only visited the Bureau and the Washington Monument, before it was time to catch the train and leave for the Catskills. Even with the nice clean trains, the wonderful hotel service, poor weather, and plenty of sleep, I'm sure everyone had a wonderful time and met a lo f new friends and still carried out all the rules of the trip. 1 H30- 9. YI ,,h Q 3 I QA in Y x' , 2 f , if 5 I . Z I I O I 8 2 t o , an ' df Ms5hw-4 ' . - I' MQWNG - i f Y 'F AH - p . . pg , M ,. 1-if s- w e to , W 9,A,w'Q?" , 'f, Q f4WQf We the Class of 1948, of the Windham Ashland Jewett Central School, Wind ham, in the County of Greene and the State of New York, being of sound and disposing mind and memory do make, publish and declare this to ba our last will and testament in manner following We give and bequeath Thelma Knapp Richard lac Neil James Mackey Albert Buist Patricia Thetford Edith Walker Richard Bailey Norman Euchler Ruth Daum William Barkley Donald Hunsion William Muller Charlotte Tuttle June Vining William Quinn Thomas lurtha John Bodine lr Brock Miss Henderson Miss Leach lr Mackey lr Greenleaf Miss Dawson lr Casper Mrs. Hao Naught lr Biletzky Kiss Parkman Miss Nichols lr. Quick lr Woodworth Miss Baniak A gift from Sm111n'hd a pair of Buster brown shoes. An umbrella for the brainstorms he is always having. A muffler for his loud shirts and ties ergy The school sousaphone. A gold medal for what she has done for the Junior class. One day of leisure time in which to straighten out her boyfriends. A scholarship to any university in the country he would like to attend. A permanent pass to the street seventh period. All our late slips so she can linger in the hall to her heart'e content. An honorary position as an Arthur Murray instructor. A supply of pastel socks Complete charge of the Agricultural Department. A trumpet so she can make some noise A place on the basketball team. Ruth Daum. Shades for the brightness of his mind. A taxi all to himself so he can sleep on the way home from games. A permanent place as ticket taker at all the games to welcome people with his delightful smile. A Home nc. room full of mice An all day session of Health Classes to discuss what ever they wish. A permanent basketball team so as not to lose them one by one. Binoculars to keep track of his Ag boys. A cheerful smile An Eastman Kodak camera so he can take pictures to his heart's content. Gratitude for her assistance A new supply of sax players Constant success with the chorus. A combination pen and crochet hook to enable her to write letters while she crochets A year's supply of meter sticks. The best of luck with next year's Washington trip. Our thanks and best wishes. 10. Z to: . Paula Hauser First place on a track team to run off her excess en-- I Helen Aeschbach Naomi Barnum Richard Blum Bob Buist Bob Cross Beatrice De Long Merrill De Long Don Dresser Ellen Dunham Flo Holdridge Lula Holdridge Bill Hoyt Frances Layman Mildred Mead Martha Miller Bill Newland hd Partridge Dolores Piergiorgi B111 Richards Gloria Van Loan Lemuel Vining Jane Wiers Q7'ffe bath tub for that soap she is never without slide rule to play with in her spare time megaphone so he can be heard. pass to compete with Frank Sinatra dodge convertible so he can reach p an touch the stars as he flies by. a position as forward on the women's 'All A mericann basketball team, a 'Tonin permanent set so he won't have to set his hair every night an eye lash curler to curl his long lashes a morse code all her own. a pair of shoes that won't wear out under the strain of those Saturday night dances. an extra pair of hands to help at the switch board. a horse to enter in the Saratoga races. twenty copies of nSonny Boyn so she won't b lonesome at Vassar thel sheet music nBill1eu so she won't e 'Ba lou blinders to shade those snappy brown eyes a cannery to can some of that corn. a neddle and thread to keep those buttons his shirts. a party llne so she will Know little gossip '48u Packhard to speed him on his merry way calender to tell her 'How Soonn pair of Addler elevated shoes. card of common pins so she can pin her man down, 11 f 8 . 5 e a a . a u d . Doris Johnson adhesive tape and gauze for her patients. e . b . . ' on ' ' - a . 8 Q a . a a . President Donald Dresser Vice-President Lula Holdridge Secretary Gloria Van Loan Treasurer Mildred Mead Student Council Rep Jane Wiers HOTTO 'Tail Conquers All Things Class Colors Red and Unite Class Flower Carnation 12 ELLEN DUNHAK 'Ellen 'I would be friends with you and have you love me.' Sports Club Chorus Operetta Cheer Leader Play Day Blotter Year Book GLORIA.VAN LOAN Skip WGod giveth speech to all, song to few All State Chorus , Class Officer Band Blotter Year Book RICHARD BLUE Rich 5,4 5,4 2,4 5,4 UI hear, yet say not much, but think the m0I'Ee Transferred to W A J, in senior year. JANE WIERS Janie UA spirit superior to every weapon.' Library Club Blotter Class Officer Cheer Leader 5, Student Council Representative 15. Hs. ff? 155 1- n . 2 p tfvv 2 vm 2 5,4 5,4 3 4 - ll ll o n 'K ,ttf ivx 2 ' "v'N Operetta 2 Txffl 5 4 Il ll r 1 u ' 4 ll Il ,,f 1 , 4 4 Edwin Partridge Nm!! 'Every man shall bear his own burden. Crop Show F F A Soccer Blotter FLORENCE HDLDRIDGE Flo 'The person that loves and laughs must sure do well ' Dramatios 2,4 Sports Club Play Day Christmas Play Chorus 1,2,3.4 Operetta Class Secretary Blotter Year Book Girl Scouts TLitt1 Class Officer Chorus Operetta Play Day Library Club Blotter Band All State Year Book Orchestra .3.4 2,:s,-1. 5 5 z,e,4 z 4 4 MERRILL DE LONG 'Spider' 'Hothing's new, nothing's true and nothing matters." Student Council Treasurer 1 F.F.L. 2,3,4 Blotter 3 Crop Show 5 Judging 2 Soccer 5,4 Basketball 1,2,5,4 Track 3,4 14. W' '-Q, W W. 5 . r... '-,g.,.ssvw 3,445 DONALD DRESSER 'Donn nlingle a little, folly with your wisdom a little nonsense now and then is pleasant ' Basketball 3.4 Socoer Play Class President Student Council Glee Club MARTHA IILLER Wlarty' nhn ounce of wit is worth a pound Chorus Orchestra Christmas Play Girl Scouts Sports Club Operetta Band Play Day Class Officer Library Club Blotter Year Book Dramatios DOLORES PIERGIORGI 'Dee dee' BOPIOWQ 1,2 5,4 1.2. 'Be silent and safe, sil oe never Blotter Student Council Year Book 'The only way Orchestra Christmas Play Library Club Basketball Judging F.F.L. Soccer Blotter Band Year Book betrays you. Robert Cross Bob to have a friend 1 to 15. be one. l,2,5,4 .2.5.4 2,5 5,4 5 5,4 4 4-.-asf' 'N SMI? '1F"'r nonzam Buxsr B 'Bob' D 'Honesty is the best pol1cy.' J Class President ft"' V Soccer B , Basketball W4 Band Student Council Secretary Chorus Blotter Student Council President BEATRICE DE LONG 'Bea' Chorus Christmas Play Sports Club Operetta Play Day Class Treasurer Blotter Year Book Dramatics FRANCES LAYHAN Curly 'He who is strong in will molds to himself Dance Band Orchestra Band Student Council Blotter Class President Year Book "1? LEIUEL VENING 4::: FLem I by the wisest men.' w-- Orchestra l,2,3,4 x y Baseball l,2,3,4 A I 1,2 2,z,4 1,2,z,4 2,z,4 3 3 5 4 NFriendship, like love, is but a name unless to one you stint the flame.' the 1,2,z,4 ,5,4 a,z,4 world 1,2,a,4 v5.4 A little nonsense nov and then is relished Orchestra 5 'Ri fr. 16. ,4 510' S li HD!!! 'flies HELEN AESCHBACH 'Honey' Anything worth doing, is worth vell.' All State Chorus Class Treasurer Cheer Leader Operetta Orchestra Dramatics Blotter Year Book Play Day WILLIAM RICHARDS B111 'Nature seems to wear one universal Soccer Blotter Track Baseball DORIS JOHNSON 'Johnny 'He that hath knowledge spare All State Art Club Chorus Student Council Representative Operetta Play Day Blotter Year Book WILLIAM HOYT B111 th S doing 2,a,4 l2D5O4 gr1n.' 2,3 ,:5,4 words l,2,3,4 'Nothing is more useful than silence. F F L. Crop Show 17, 131:- sad 'fi eifw 'Tall oaks from little acorna grow.' Christmas Play Soccer Basketball Orchestra Student Council Representative Band 'Speak Chorus Glass Officer Operetta Blotter Library Club Year Book Play Day 1 2,a,4 2,4 2,3,4 2 5,4 hams 1,2,z,4 1,4 2 3 1,5 'A day for toil, an hour for sport but for a friend is life too short. Chorus Orchestra Operetta Play Day Blotter Year Book 1,2,5,4 2,3,4 4 4 ll 1 2 Library 3 z 4 1' 18. ZQZJJZQQQ JUNIOR CLASS First Row H, Pousant, J. Lane, N. Jacobson, E Hoyt, L, Piergiorgi, T. Beers, B Irish Second Row First Row Miss Parkman, R Daum, E Walker, C Tuttle, J Vining Second Row T Knapp, P Hauser, D Munson, J Nodine, W Muller, T Murtha, R Bailey Third ROW P Thetford, A Buist, W Barkley, N Euchler, W Quinn, J Mackey SOPHDMORE CLASS W. Mead, R, Osborn, R. Schlesinger, E, Partridge W German, I Terms, P. Fan cher, H. ompson Third Row L. Peck, K Miner, H Thompson, C. Well ington, T, Schlesinger, G Barry, B Dewell, L. Mattera, Mr Greenleaf Not in picture D, Alle, M, Decker, S. lcCoubrey, P Partridge FRESHMAN CLASS O First Row K. Stewart, B Dodge, A. Ising, K. lurtha, I L Kelly N. Stevens, F. Newcomb, T Hayes, G lyining, R. Pelham Second Row T, Layman, M. Reinertsen, C Goslee, Cook, J Quinn, F. Tompkins, I. Moore, F Matthews, P Van Valin Third Row C. Baker, E Blum, A, Brandon, R, Daum, Ir Casper W Phipps, W. Servis, E. Horse, W, ompson he e " . N. e he EIGHTH GRADE First Row Tuttle, R. Goodfellow, J. Matthews L. Partridge, Vallierc, W. Wetmore, C Mallory, G. Hapeman Second Row Hapeman, B. Kempton, M. Johnson, C Hauser, Dunham, M. Burhans, H. Joscelyn, W. Jacobs Valliere, I. Scharf, E Barker, L. Grax Third Row Valliere, I. Scharf, E Barker, L Grassman Sanderson Not in picture De Long, L. Irish, V. Newland SEVENTH GRADE First How . Vining, A. Decker, G. Mudge, J. Brendecke, , Grassmann, D, Decker, U. Conklin, C Raymond., llaben, E. llallory Second Row . Peck, J. Jacobs, J. llaier, A Johnson, D. Thompson, . Hayden, S. Hoyt, G. Alberti, H. Buist Third. Row Hunt, E, Hoyt, H Soule, G. Banks, ll. Robinson, Seeley, K. lIacG1ashen, ll Jacobs Not in Picture Potter, V. Newcomb 21. L H. . B. . F. F. . Fc c 0 5 Q G. Pederson, J . Bailey, G. Haner, J. Bentley, llr. L. B ll . J. llr . I R. . L. . J. FIFTH GRADE First Row Makely, A Decker, G Johnson Cole, J Gorman C Waylett, Brandow, W Disbrow, S Sullivan Brink, L Mulford Second Row Maben, J Buist, H Whitney, Kondras, R Thompson R Bentley Robinson Third Row Mulford, R Judson, A Hoyt Mac Glashen, P Brandow A Thompkins, Hoyt, H Barber C Barber Tomokins, Miss Morse O SIXTH GRADE First Row Smith, R. Wetmore, H. Beers. B- Hell. Waylett, J. Hakley. J. Hayes. Greenleaf, T Halgin, D. lulbury Second Row Thetford, C. Spaulding, R. Hulford, Soule, L Holdridge, I. SteV9n8. Sanderson, T Alberti, T Smith Third Row Williams, D Wetmore, S Gifford, West, L Sutton, V Vining, Mudge, J. Meyers, R Tompkins, Miss Brockett 2. FOUPTH GRADE Sitting on floor A whitney, R Tuttle, R wezmore li First Row ss Smalling, C Kaben, H. Grassman Pergeorgie, J Stewart, J, Dunham, Barker, R Horse, B Hoyt, E. Hoyt, Hoyt Second Row Decker, R Joscelyn, J. Nadine, Jones, I. Partridge, J. Best,.l. Alle Green, J. Decker, A Goodfellow, Ferreira Third Row H L Higgins, F. Soharf, E. Krom, N, Tompkins D. McKean, L. Aplin, R. Mackey 6 De Long, E Vallieres F. Hoyt, I1 Smith B. P. C, . W. D . Ns ' ' Lo 0 ' DQ 0 U no 9 0 a 5 Valliere, B. Know, Li Brink, , ' O I . wi O O D. Jo O I P . S. 0 O . O SECOND GRADE First Row K Hoyt, R Makely, S Brendecke, D9 Long. D Aplin, S Daum, A Pousant Second Row E Derry, A Haoeman, T Soule, H Zeidner, M Mulbury, M Hoyt, C Smith W Vining, R Seeley, M Van Valin, J Kucek, C Gifford, D Newcomb Third Row C. Mulford, G Matthews, D Wetmore, T Stead, G Tompkins, G Dart, W Jos celyn, G Judd, L Mead, J Case, Miss Dunham Not in picture E. Krom, J Oliver, R. Zeidner THIRD GRADE First Row Cross, L, BenJamim, W. Grasberger, Iodine, L. Shufelt, E. Horse, Trudell, I. lurtha D Newcomb, Lawrence, E, Dewel , H latthews, Bourgnignon, R Osborne, D Tompkins, Stewart, G. Aothout, R. Cornell, Sutton, F Holdridge, S Disbrov Second Row Decker T Rowe, H. Souls, J. Kron, Dart, . Brandow, K Turk, H Green, Aplin, D Decker, S Jones, T Quinn, Decker, Hrs. Fiero 5. FIRST GRADE First How Greenleaf, H. Maben, J. Pease, Weber, L Lane, G Wank, Pedersen, R Dent, H. Garraghan Kempton, H. Disbrow, A Harbin Second Row Holsclaw, S Vining, M Shufelt Olver, D Banks, S O'Sullivan Waterman, B Thompson T Mac Donald, Morse, K Osborn, J Gliver, Tompkins, D Stead, R Judd, Irs. Woodworth Not in Picture W, Jokbleff, F, Le Brun, L. Brainerd, L. Chatfield s. p 1- ' l L. i . K Q Q L R, . o B - J: 5 ' . . J, . 0 o F. e Q , A. JOUSB, J. Kavsnaugh, E. Wetmore, J. e , , , ' L C. O O A . , I Q R . . , K O I P . Q S. . Q P I 0 F5 4, 'sf'- Sv. Q M" -:fu U-'N u nf g xt - -5 , as ph., R -4' swf R 61,-I P 5 I I 1. .ff .4 x .uv 1 N ,. 'x if ,..1F1C5-' 'Q ,,, 'ff W, H2 f wr WW, , A - gf x..,:?"Js-1 J ipgl ,, -2625225-X Q x 'fa s ' 1311 zzfaf., ,I R Juv. f ,, f-Af-XA 1 ' ,N 4:18 411,02 11' " f 1 5 'VHS Jmwv- 341 im 'ff'-11' "-..f'V" A 'W f' 5' 411-P' L11 ""' ' "' -f aff, ,--,L .. 'ff f, 4.1- rf- ff fr lf, f ff! fr 1 ff rg f,f,,! ' llf '7- f , f A V Tztf' ...Y if JJ' H ,,r,- -'1Q5:'?f':. ,?,3,e-rgcprf wi 7 e L ,sg P' 35-E 4-vr ,- L,.3?", sf 7i'f-3? gl,- 'B my 4x,MQ1-"'f.v K. , 1., g, ,.-4-A XIV:-:ga nf- fff ff,f, 'I' ff fffff I iq 42' X 'ivan' Qc 'f My iff , ., , -,., '- "J:-'. .VL , - I. , ., Q ,I i , .W K, ' 1, ,v . , . ,L T'u-,.:-A.M, -,sm ' - 5 -.4 f- ,-g- 7 -ng, .1975 vw-A575 - ,N . - T.-3 ,-',".c'j.-w.' ,' 1 4. 24 - 4. jsgvgggf 01- -"fd," , '-L ,Q f ..v,,.R., , x ,,?,.4 v 5, JM,-. 4- A J, 60 Jax L. U ,. - - J-gwfg-, ,.-. - ..w,,'.24 .33-.1 .,v. .':':'s.,-.N'- .-,IN - 5.4 ,fs f.,... Q9 .3 ...,i.:,Z M. . - Ah., . M W' . 1f4::v2'f uf ' .41 3315--. .- ivy' 'iw-gl--' , V4 ' Q?-".,Gi , -. -:':':,3,g. Q , ' 1:-f'1'.. - Q -. - ,rx .'-,-A f , Q.-.Q . Y ef. - -- , 4- ---2.1-A A 2.01, ' ' 1 f -u:"" 1 L --..- ., ' .. -t 1,1345 5' 49' -.. ' - 1 - - . lf-Nfl-f-' .af ,.' H, ' . 4',,1'., -f 41,1-:+:??.-M. 'S-T. ,fmfrf-7-.-f.nfi.-'::-w X . 1 y .:,---fb-'V x X N 3-,ff x-f4.Xf'x74-21 "fm-3 ,N V xv ,- ., i.:.ZZ..,: ., 1' KA J .li , ' Q-QQIB-4 - -.ff .. Lfllff ' Q " --, 3- 3 - ' f'-fi1fff5'iQ"f' ' 5 ff-li " ' 2-r r I , Q.--13.4-L' I A - -' - ,. . .--mmf: 5 4 ,V ,:., U' ,F-":.f5"1-., ' -'I -'UF -N--affx,-lf.. Z"' -, Q--K-I-'l-5114.11 ,uf . ,Q 'g-,,',.:f .if-N' f 6 ' ' '23-,?H f -an-ff --'L 5, - A ,,:g.1- --'r . ,, fx, w ..:, 1 1.1-y .. . . . - , v X, . -.55 'Nt f. V, - X -Zi, K.. -1 '- - Af'-1,27 ,,-.' si "- g. -A-JJQf ' L- -N4 - "'-f A' Lf 151' -2 2 3 . N" vi I ,f - ' .pf Q f ' : .3 . , , sw. ,Q , .-Q, ,Z - , ,Q-L" ' T 1 . Vx" gs .I ,rff -,.'.,-4. A' 1,-, g,A .,,A ?:DL,,,A-,f ' ' M . ,L , 1 ,gf-f T3 ' iff,-. 1: ' J fgfvqi-' 1-':.1.Lf1. Fl 'F'fT7'?1 7-A .4 'f f'ev,2?1"fJ+'7 " 35, ' M 1,5-' Hi:-f 4 1, , ,.fw',, Yxw' ' .' 1-gc cf ' 453 . ,, 1 , , A Y-.k X, G, .- K" 21- 'TL k. , . Q V .f,,,-r V ,ML L ' ' "ff, fp., ' Y Q4 'f '.. , "ff, f, - Y ' 1 Lal' 'ff 'Qi "i1,H . ,, Q., .. K' ff, ff ',,, 'Sf 3 IS. 1 ' X .- 4, "S ' 1 f , , " W 1 f-- ' fl-" ' b Y . 'V . fc ' ' fg, ' f, 'ff 'I .- ' 1' ' 47 f , , 'lv ' . ,Ill ' , b , A. xv Y, H In , V ,f It If -. 5.0561 . 4' V .f,,,' .QC f 'Lf' A' -. Q. 'IL - - ,, . 1 0 GL, ' , 1 '., ' , - , ' I .-, "1 ' V -. 4- f.. "'- f 'ff "2 "ff-,, ,' '-. .4'L'Ci:'i "AZ . .1 . ., Y - zx.. .2 CONNUISSEURS OF CUTLLRY Mrs, C Quinn, Hrs G. Peck, Mrs, M. Hiller, lisa B, Peck SECRETARY TO PRINCIPAL Irs. D Claus CUSTODIAN AND CHAUFFEURS Q G, Jump, ll. Hao Glashen, C, Miller, C, Deyo, H. Mallory, B Van Hoeson, W. llaben, H, Conine, H. Matthews 25, if i .J - w. ll VI' N 4 'lr R, Bailey, P. Thetford., A, Buist, P. Hauser, H. Euohler, W, Barkley, R. Iac Heil, R, Daum, E. Welker Alle, H, Aesohbaeh Bgilgy. C Baker, L, Buist, Buist, R, Cross B Dewell, Goodfellow, C reenleaf, Hauser, T. Hayes, T. KHSPP. Layman, R Mac Neil, B. Mallory, M Miller, M. Moore, U, Newland, M. Reinertsen, H Thompson, M Thompson, P. Thetford, M. Terns, I S011-arf G, Van Loan, P. Van Valin, b. Vining, G, Vining, L. Vining ORCHESTRA CHORUS D, Johnson, B. Irish, P Hauser, C Goslee, H. Pousant, P. Thetford, G, Van Loan, B De Long, P. Fancher, M. Mead, J Lane, M Miller, E Walker, M. Thompson, E Piergiorgi, T Knapp, M. Terns, M. Moore, N, Barnum, T Beers, L. Holdridge, F. Holdridge, R. Daum, Miss Parkman BAND 4 O Bailey, C Baker, A Buist , Buist, R CrOSS, B DQWQ11 Hauser, P Hauser, T Hayes . Irish, M. Johnson, A. John son, F, Layman, R, Mao Neil M Mead, M. Miller, L. Moore Munson, W Newland, J Nodine, H. Pousant, J Quinn, R Schlesinger, K. Stewart M. Terns M. Thompson H. omp son, 5. Van Loan, 5. Vining D R, . R Q R. . 5 P W F . O . ' o g W I R. . . , gi .I . O . B - . . 5. . O I hm - ?7 DRAMAT I C CLUB Left to Right E. Walker, F Holdridge, B. De Long, J, Quinn, ll. Thompson, lies Dawson, ll. Ioore, H. Pousant Seated ll. Hiller, P Thetford :WW O F. BPORTS CLUB First Row Quinn, P. Hauser, C Hauser, ll Thompson Second Row Hiller, P. Fanoher, J Vining Third Row De Long, ll. Moore, Miss Leach Hot in Picture Holdridge, P. Thetford, J. Lane 280 wif fiance VARSITY JUNIOR VARSITY , largaretville Catskill Saugerties Cairo Greenville H. T. C. Margaretville Cairo Greenville Catskill Cairo Greenville Saugerties Cairo Greenville Greenville Sohoharie 4 Round Robin at Cairo iv Quarter Finals at Cairo SOCCER Catskill Saugerties Catskill Cairo Greenville Greenville Cairo Saugerties J vsg UPDFNONPP U-'blbl6'll"'Ol"'N 29. , A V80 Catskill Cairo Greenville Cairo Greenville Catskill Saugerties Cairo Greenville 2 BASEBALL 1946-47 Greenville Catskill Ca1ro Athens Grand Gorge Greenville Cairo Catskill Coxsackie Athens 1:3 ffykyfffzff Merrill De Long B111 Quinn Buddy Decker Left to right Coach Mackey, B Decker, J Mackey, W Quinn, R Buist D Munson James Mackey Robert Buist 50. Donald Dresser Y M, De Long, D. Dresser, R..Croes, R. iailey, W- Newlanav Kg JUNIOR VARSI TY First Row J. Lane, E. Piergiorgi, P. Hauser, J. Wiers Second Row lr. Mackey, S lLoCoubrey, R Mao Neil, B. Dewell, A Brandow, H Thompson, A, Buist, ll. Moore Third. ROW U Thompson, L. llattera, R. Schlesinger, C. H6111-Il8f0na CHEERLEADERS VAASITY JUNIOR VARSITY ll.. Terns, H Aesohbach, P. Fanoher J. Lane, J. glare, K. Hoare' P. Hauser L' Dm'-ham E Piergiorgi 31 . xl nn..-, w. Barney. W- Phipps. C- B9-Kel' SOCCER First Row Brandcw, R German, W. Thompson, R. lac Heil, L. Matters, Alberti, R. Pelham, H Thompson, R. Daum, W. Newland, U. Phipps Second Row Mackey R, Bailey, R. cross, J. Mackey, D. Dresser, li. De Long, Buist, . Dewell, ll. Decker, VI. Richards, J. Bodine BASLBLLL O H. Fi rat Row lr. Mackey, J Iodine, B. Decker, A Brandon, J lacks Barkley, I.. llattera., C. Baker, H. De Long Second Row Newland, R. Bailey, D Munson, R Daum, W. Phipps Layman, E. Horse Third Row Richards, D Dresser, R. liao Neil, U Quinn, R. Buist Thompson, W. Servis 32. O 5 H U O U. . T. W . ,.1 4!' 4. -WTTTN 9114--IFF! QI 'VI WUWTIHCI USTTSI QT WVIVE TWOUN 'ZT 99'9T-T4-T93 'PS 'TT ab s.re1:M away .zessozq uoq qouqqosav 5911014 2uo'1 eq IIT-I-1197! 1999! '99-IPTTN il 0. 15. .0 ueoq mah 91.1019 o a9p'p.zp1oH eouezoig 'oixoog 'BIIVI 11 Suoq eq oouqpeoq ' 4ST'0E Q08 Z 9 rzosmqof suoq 11 f."' Y 4, Q J 1 , M , 5. 2 4-u G' I Eg ! A " m L A I was ' ,, 50 " , l,, 6. 11' 9 1 rf 4. ff ' 7. 9g .,. '-W' , .- ' f- X3 W' 11' 15. 12. 1 0 T 'Q a e ' 9 O8 Q C L . - az. ' Ma a at The Ramb11ng nrecxs Boool Off duty Pals! Lovely! Two's oompan3 Cutel Watch the birdie Bern16 I The pwuse that refreshes H1 Happy days The bang Y A 1 - " ' V 1 M Ji' I 5 QA Q , fe e,.f ZX' f A1 H'f 95 , rv . A K I lei . , Qiiw 5 'mms I 1 ' Y . ,Y I-W 252 L V IE' 5 - E91 r 11 - 2. s .5 1 1 E.. 3 Rouge's gallery Q-'Z vr"f-5' 'Gold Dustn twins Time out Let's Dance Hubba,hubba Hangnail? Ling A Queen Side out Drenched A bit tired? All aboard Q U1"hPl'l 5 if Ktugzinn 198111 BLNEDICTINE HOSPITAL, SLHOOL OF NURSING lhngston, New York Telephone Kingston 2500 Fully accredited three year course beginning September. Modern facilities for study and clinical pra.ct1ce Affiliation for Psychiatric Nur-sung and Pediatrics. Wrlte for catalogue to the Director of Nurses. 35, SKILLS UIDANCE balanced tram mg 8CtlVItl8S Placement in key positions m busmess professional ILBIIY III SIIESS GOLLEGE 126134W h no A Alba y6NY S Ry ed APP 6 isa of ' I I t : . . . . , . and government offices. - as in n ve., n , . . . ure e 'tier -Yexenn nwed Thousands of 51T1S are needea 1H DUSIHPSS and bovernment offloes uOh The Salarles are hioh and the opportunit 1es for advaneement are unllmlted The uuiclest way to prepare for one of these good posltlons 1S to take a bUS1HG s course 227 229 Quail Street, Albany 3 N Y Telephone 5 4436 RnuIbTn1 NON SUMMnd S DQION starts July 6 ranL Shbaluu starts aeptemner 7 STUDLWTSI Have Jon COHS1deT8d NUdbINu as a Professional ua1eer? The K1ngStOn nospltal School of NuFS1Dg Kingston Comoliments WINDHAM ELECTRIC windham, N Y Tel 1 1 Vogt Compliments of Hunter Theatre 37. Compllments PQATTSVILLE DAIRILS Austin C Tlaver Prop. Prattsville, N Y Phone 5433 5450 .F'mA"MMTTT'-'-'T'T'w at - MILDRED ELLEY SECHETARIAL SCHOOL FOR GIRLS , ' " ' ' N.Y. of ' ' of . 4 P. P. . . Compliments of CATSKILL MT. BOWLING ' ACADEMY Prattsville, N.Y. Phone 5572 3612 ' A CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES to THE CLASS OF 1948 W. Sheridan Cammer General Photography. Windham, N. Y. Best wishes to Class o SHOP oREN's HATE' 3 Doors Below Theatre CATSKILL tur 'Greene County's Largest Furni 8 312018 DIEGES 6 CLUST 17 JOHN STREET NEW YORK, 8 NEW YORK Manufacturers of Jewelry for the CLASS Or 1948 n Rings Pins Medals Cups Trophies Plaques athletic Awards HOWARD'S FOR FLOHLRS Jefferson Ave. Catskill Tel. 46 VINING 6 STEWART Dealers in G M C Trucks A Buses Best wishes to the Class or '48 bompllments of ShhLnY'S Hensonvllle, N Y 38. nARRY V NnvLaND INbURaNob Nindham N Y f '48 1 . Windham 545 - K , 0 o Compliments of Domino Photo Service Compliments of Mead's Garage Compliments of Windham Journal Advertising Solicited Compliments of Joseph E. Becker Carpenter Hensonville, N. Y Compliments of Hensonville Meat Market Compliments of Victory Garage Compliments of Virg1n1a's Lunch Bar Compliments of Co1e's Pleasant View Compliments Compliments Hiller BIOS- Claude H. Mulford Compliments Lee R, Decker Compliments Class of 1949 Compliments R D French Compliments Doug the Barber Compliments Shandoah Farm Windham 239 Compliments THE BLUE MOON GIFT bHOP Windham N Y Verm1lya's Newstand Compliments Class of 1950 Compliments G F Morse Compliments Qu1nn's Service Station Compliments Leon's Gift Shop and Lunoheonette Compliments Class of 1951 of Of of of I of of of of Compliments of of of of O I of of 1 59, ' Mr. do Hrs. Jesse Ferreira Mr. da Mrs. Clayton Miller C0mP11men'GS 1 nr. do urs. Leslie B. Holdridge of Frances Matthews HOTEL WINDHAM Donald Crandall windha-me N' Ye Ernest Andrus Mr. fc Mrs. Olen Barnum A Friend Z QLLE 74 1 40, 7 , nn, ,--- wa

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