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Wilton High School - Yearbook (Wilton, NH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 15 of 66
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Page 15 text:

Class Prophecy Ladies and Gentlemen : In an effort to predict' where the members of the class of 1956 wlll be ln ten years, we go to California where l am working as an airline receptionist. 'I have just met an old classmate, Deanna Center, who ls a private secretary in one of Cal1fornia's newest and largest enterprises. Dee invited me for lunch at her apartment. As we were eating we watched the news broadcasts on television. Prom New York City the news of the day was the docking of the S. S. Snooty. Coming down the gangplank are Iames Curtis, renowned authority on the duckblll platypus, and Carole Nelson a reglstered nurse, carrying a large glass case of ----- , well I can't see now because Stuart Draper ls right up front taking pictures for the Wllton Journal. Stuart has moved now and we see two more of our former classmates coming down the gangplank. They are Gerald Gallant, world heavyweight boxlng champion and his able manager Kevin Fox. 'They are returning from a world tour. From Washington D. C. Nancy Small, soclety's gossip columnlst reports that Senator Robert Hatch of New Hampshire has been seen at a large number of soclal gatherings with that 'popular new woman senator from Maine. Richard McQuade is also ln the news. He is now an admiral ln the United States Navy. His shlp was in mld-Atlantic when the boiler blew a large hole port side of the ship. It was rolling on its side and sinking slowly as Douglas Brown and Carl Kiellg made a heroic rescue. We now flash back to Hollywood where there is a price cutting war going on between two beauty parlor operators. Betty Tlghe and Donna Starkweather. In an effort to out-do her competitor Donna has engaged Patricia Parsons as manlcurist. The commercial ls next ln llne. A new magazine which is out selling Esquire is being advertised. There may be two reasons why this magazine is selling so well. One is that Edward Martin ls the editor and the second is that the cover illustrations are by Kathryn LaCasse. The sports commentator flashes on the screen next with his sports of the day. Basketball Man of the Year is Dan Mahoney coach of Wilton High School. Dan led the Wilton team down comeback road tg the championship of New Hampshire and had an undefeated season along the way. Now that the news was over Dee shut off the television so we could have a chance to talk. The conversation immediately started by my asking Dee if she had heard that another of our former classmates, Ernest Waters had also been in the news. She replied that she hadn't so l told her that Ernie had recently been test driving General Motors' turbine-powered Firebirds. I had heard that a new recording star was making a big hit ln New York Clty. I wondered if this could possible be one of the graduates of Wilton Hlgh School's class of '56., Upon inquiring I found that the Star was Martha McGrath. Dee told me that Martha had just recelved a gold record, for her recording had sold over one mlllion copies. g She went on to say that two more of our former classmates were employed by Inter- national Harvester. They are Arthur Fulgoni who is a big executive and Blanche Hadley who ls Arthur's private secretary. She also added that Marjorie Burbee had been chosen "Secretary of the Year" and Harriet Iarest "Typist of the Year" by the Dlctaphone Corporation. Now we've seen all our classmates in the news and everyone has been very successful. , Of course this has only been in my imagination, but it's fun to imagine and when all our classmates gather at the class reunion fifteen years from now we'll see how nearly right I was ln thls prophecy. 'Tonight We Launch, Where Shall We Anchor. ' Louisa Stearns Class Will We, the Class of 1956, of Wllton High School, Town of Wilton, State of New Hampshire, being ln a fairly sound state of mind to make, publish, and declare this our last will and testament, disposing of our possessions, sentimental and otherwise. After the payment of our just debts and expenses we give, devise, and bequeath as follows: ' To our Superintendent, Mr. Palre,-we will the tire marks left in the parking lot by the Senior Class. To our Principal, Mr. Sargent, we wlll a set of noiseless keys and rubber soled shoes so the students won't be able to hear him coming. To Miss Lange we will another undefeated basketball team. To Mr. I-lastlngs we will a supply of rubber stoppers to replace the ones the seniors misplaced during home room period. To Mr. Preston we will a new bar-room-mirror inplace of the one he gave us for decorations at the Sno-Ball. To Mrs. Tatarunls we will an elevator so she won't have to walk up three flights of stalrs so often. To Mr. Dwlre we will a ball and chain for each pupil so they won't wander off during MD class. To Mr. Callahan we will an up-to-date joke book. A To Mlss Edwards, we will more musical talent because a lot of the talent is leaving this year. To Mr. Shaw we will a new set of nerves and hope his next home room class lsn't as nerve-racking as we were. To Happy Day we will a new Cadillac, then he'll be able to get to fires on time. To the Mothers that worked on the Lions' Club Suppers we will our sincere thanks and deep appreciation. To our most unfortunate undergraduates, the Iunlors, we bequeath the following: Louisa Stearns wills her innocent look to Pat Hutchinson. Ilmmy Curtis wills his ability to return everything in pieces to Tom Breen.. Blanche Hadley wllls her hobby of "chasin' cowsf' to George LaCasse and Dotty McGettlgan. Stuart Ikaper wills a hundred pounds to Iessle Small. Margie Burbee wills her ability to chew gum without getting caught to Marle Cardillo and Pat Paro. Ernle Waters wills his hot-roddlng ablllty to Nancy Fletcher.. Kathryn LaCasse wills her trusty alarm clock to Vivian Gulgere. Bob Hatch wills his weekend trips to Malne to Johnny Abbott. Betty Tlghe wills her ability to meet boys on class trlp to Bertha Wilcox. Eddie Martin wills his jitterbugging ability to Sandra Lammlnen and Ioe Lorette. Nancy Small wills her quiet manner and shyness to Dennle Shinn. Arthur Fulgonl wllls all his women to Phil Foster. Donna Starkweather wills her talent as a hillbilly to Vlrglnla Breen and Bob Lynn. Douglas Brown wflls his Red Sox banner to Gladys Stearns. Carole Nelson wills her old notes to Arthur, to Ramona Waters. Danny Mahoney wills his love for school and ability to get there early to Iune Starkweather and Patty Poisson. Harriet Iarest wills her love troubles to Dick Duggin. Gerry Gallant wills his knowledge of figures to Harvey Galloway. Kevin Fox wllls his ability to do swan dives off bureaus to any senior next year who goes on class trip. Dick McQuade and Martha McGrath will their mutual understanding to Dickie Gallant and Betty Ann Culllnan. Patty Parsons wills her ablllty to make ice cream sundaes to Edie Ayers and Ann Quigley. Carl Kellegwllls his crutch to any unfortunate basketball player who may need lt next year. I, Deanna Center, will my favorite song, 'Absence Makes The Heart Grow Ponder Of WHS' to Malcolm Shea and Ianet Clark. The 'Big Four' will their seats at Flo's Spa to Gerald Little, Bob Warren, Ioe LaCasse, and Michael Davidson. The Senlor girls will their bashfulness towards boys to the Iunlor glrls. The Senior boys will their great athletic ability andex-glrl friends to the Iunlor boys. The Senior class will their quiet and dignified manner in study halls and classes to the Iunlor class. ln Witness Whereof, we have hereunto set our hand and seal this fourteenth day of June ln the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and flfty-slx By Deanna Center 11

Page 14 text:

Salutator l956 by Stuart Draper Superintendent Paire, Mr. Sargent, Rev. Howard, Members of the School Board, Teachers, Parents and Friends. On behalf of the Class of 1956 I deem it an honor to welcome you to our Commencement Exercises this evening. It is good to be an American, no choicer heritage could be given to anyone. Our birthright includes a majority of the things that the men of most other nations only yearn for, scarcely hoping that they will ever be realized. Our nation was founded upon the ideals of equality and opportunity.. Its objective through centuries has been justice and happiness for all. V The Declaration of Independence states that "All men are created equal. " Most of us will no doubt think of these gifts as we go forth in our own ways, deeply grateful for these privileges we enjoy. The very right which is ours of thanking God in any way we choose was won for us by our forefathers who paid dearly for that right. There is, for each of us, the inescapable duty to protect and preserve our liberties, so that our children may also share them, to defend our nation against attacks, either from without or from within, and never to compromise with wrong. There are many places in the world where liberty is being des- troyed day by day. It is our duty to see that this does not happen in our country. There is the further duty re sting upon each of us to try to make this country a better home for all. Let us show everyone we love our country, and let us be loyal to American ideals. We know not what another year may be like, what path we may be called upon to follow, but what- ever the year may bring fwherever we anchorj we hope that we shall, as a people, again be thankful to Cod for what He has done for us. I think the thoughts of each one of us are expressed in a poem I once read: The poem went some- thing like this: Good night, old years! Farewell old friends and teachers We stand here on the threshold of tomorrow Wiser for what you have taught us, Stronger because of the problems you have forced us to solve. More patient because of errors you have made us rectify, Our vision clearer because of the things you have shown us, More tolerant because we have known temptation and trial, Happier because we have known success and triumph in a measure, More humble because we also have known heartbreakg Hopeful that the future will bring something of victory Because the past has brought something of understanding: Wise teachers, counsellors, guides and friends, we thank you. May God guide and direct the Classof 1956 to pursue the way to a greater knowledge. Valedictor l956 by Iames Curtis Tonight, for the last time the graduating class is meeting in its entirety. For the past four years we have worked toward a common goal. We have achieved that goal. While the friendships established will live on, the class as such will dissolve. The time has come for the members to separate into various paths of life. Many will go directly into chosen fields of work, while others will first serve a period of military service. Still others will go on to college in preparation for a profession. In view of these differing courses it seems unlikely that the future holds much in common for the graduates. However, in common, in the careers of us all will be the training received at Wilton High School. We shall all benefit in varying degrees from our education here. . In leaving you we have mixed emotions. We are glad to reach a goal-that has taken us twelve years to achieve. During that span we have seen many of our companions drop by the wayside. Yet we unanimously agree that it has been worth the effort. Still, it is with a twinge of sorrow that we part company with those who have come to mean much to us. As we go out upon the pathways of life we carry with us fond memories of our experiences during high school. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the teachers for their efforts on our behalf. We can but hope to justify the confidence held in us by the faculty and school officials. It is with regret, yet with renewed hope that we bid you farewell.

Page 16 text:

Class of I956 Histor by Kathryn LaCasse As we stand on the threshold of our future, me the graduating class of 1956 would like to relate to you the history of our high school years. We entered our Freshman year in 1952, timid and a bit scared at the thought of being initiated. After bowing to Seniors for one week, looking up a coat sleeve to be drenched with Water, walking in corn flakes barefooted and other miserable tasks we were given a Freshman Reception Dance by the Seniors in our honor. Our class officers that year were: President, Robert Hatch: Vice-President, Gerald Gallant: Secretary, Carole Nelson: Treasurer, Carl Keilig: Student Council Members, Ioan Bergeron and Daniel Mahoney. In October we sponsored our first real dance, the Sadie Hawkins Dance, which proved to be quite successful. We owed much of its success to our home room teacher of that year, Miss Iean Baker. We entered our Sophomore year with the loss of five classmates: Ioan Bergeron, Thomas Broderick, Eleanor King, Iohn Sheldon and Robert Hatch. Our class officers that year were: President, Gerald Gallant: Vice-President, Daniel Mahoney: Secretary, Carole Nelson: Treasurer, Kevin Fox: Student Council Members,,Marjorie Burbee and Carl Keilig. We ordered gold class rings with a green stone from Iosten's in the fall and received them after Christmas. Robert Hatch returned to our class again. ' Those in the Biology class that year took a trip to the Harvard Museum in Cambridge, Mass. with Mr. Sargent, a trip which proved to be fun as well as educational. I'm sure Richard McQuade will not soon forget the milk bath he received from Stuart Draper in a Cambridge Cafeteria. To earn money that year for our class trip we sold Christmas cards, Christmas gift wrapping paper and school book covers. At the end of the year we sponsored the Commencement Dance. Our home room teacher that year was Miss Baker, who during that year became Mrs. I. Polluck. We entered our Iunior year with the loss of four of our classmates: Faye Ann Anderson, Sandra Gagnon, Martha Gertln and Walter Riendeau, but gained three new pupils that year: Ioyce Russell, Shirley Gilson and Edward Martin. Our class officers that year were President, Carole Nelson: Vice-President, Donna Starkweather: Secretary, Patricia Raymond: Treasurer, Dorothy Lorette: Student Council Members, Carl Keilig and Marjorie Burbee. For activities that year we sold Christmas cards and wrapping paper, school book covers and held a rather unsuccessful food sale. In April we started plans for our junior Prom. After much discussion about the orchestra and the theme for decorations we started the hard work of preparing for a successful dance.. But since it was a success the work was not in vain. During the latter part of the year we presented bi-monthly Lions' Club Suppers. At the end of the year Dorothy Lorette left our class to be married. Again we went through the same procedure in preparing for the Commencement Dance as we did for the Iunior Prom. Our class advisor that year was Mr. Raymond Bissonnette. At last we were at the top, we were Seniors. Our class officers this year were President, Carl Keilig: Vice-President, Donna Starkweather: Secretary, Carole Nelson: Treasurer, Marjorie Burbee: and Student Council Members, Daniel Mahoney, Carl Keilig, Robert Hatch and Douglas Brown.' Last fall we lost Patricia Raymond, Shirley Gilson and Ioyce Russell, but gained Nancy Small to our class. We started our activities off by giving the Freshmen a special welcome---Freshman Week and Initiation Day, but despite the humiliation they were subject to they proved to be good sports. To encourage the sale of tickets Mr. and Mrs. Sargent gave us a ticket party at their home after we had canvased Wilton and surrounding areas for the Freshman Reception Dance. ' Mr. Sargent, our class advisor, suggested that the Seniors present an assembly by pantomiming records. Because it was quite successful we presented it again at an Antrim High School assembly. On November 17, with aid from Mr. Howard Preston we presented our Senior Class Play, "Hillbilly Wedd1n"', a hillbilly comedy in three acts. It was a play we all enjoyed presenting. Throughout the complete year we sold book covers, gave a monthly Record Hop with student disc jockeys, and served bi- monthly Lions' Club suppers. These suppers were presented by several mothers of the class, without whom these suppers would have been impossible. On November 25, we sponsored the Alumni Ball. For the permission to sell refreshments and check coats we decorated the gym for the Monadnock Area Square Dance. I'm sure those who went will remember the night we all rode in the back of a pickup truck to Hollis to get some pumpkins and corn- stalks, only to find we didn't remember the name of the particular farm. january 28, we sponsored the Sno-Ball dance. with 24 queen candidates from 12 schools. The two candidates from our school were Carole Nelsonand Nancy Fletcher. We were all proud when Nancy was chosen queen by Wes Powell, John Pillsbury, and Miss New Hampshire. This dance was such an event that it was even televised on Channel 9. At long last that date finally arr1vedApril 20, the night we left on our class trip. We took the usual tour of New York and Washington D. C. , plus other surrounding sites. Everyone had a wonderful time meeting other students from different schools around the nation. Especially those schools from Troy and Mobile, Alabama: North Carolina: Rumford, Maine and Limmerick, Maine. We were fortunate enough to have wonderful chaperones, Miss Ruth A. Lange and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bigelow, who took every opportunity to make the trip more beneficial and for this we thank them very much. One week later we arrived home a very tired group, but a bit sad because it was all over. The Bigelows gave us a wonderful dinner May 20. We were surprised to find the four students from Limmerickx, who were with us on the class trip. Bob Hatch was simply overjoyed. After dinner we had a girls versus the boys softball game. The boys had a slight handicap since they had to play with a hockey stick despite their protest. The girls won, since their score was recorded according to the number of runs in their stockings. I Tonight concludes the last of our days as Wilton High School students. Although the past is gone forever, fond memories of our teachers and classmates will. never die. "Tonlght We Launch, Where Shall We Anchor. "

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