Wilton Academy - Eagle Yearbook (Wilton, ME)

 - Class of 1934

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Wilton Academy - Eagle Yearbook (Wilton, ME) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Page 15 of 116
Page 15 of 116

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Page 15 text:

I-I UI ISI I XC IICUXXSC lxmflness llie poelrx of the heart Aunt llartm Classical Course I' CJ Diploma Class Historx Honor Rank Politics Cllub -I President 4 Home hcononucs Club 1 2 3 Chorus 2 3 4 Class Plaxs 2 3 umor Production Chorus 1 7 Field Ilockex 4 Basketball 4 ll Club Fagle Board MX xerx studlous and demure ldssle is our I ouise but behind ill serious ness .and her shx nature is a sunnx smile 1nd rare MII Her studious mind is dw ns elger to know more Such 1 lovil supporter of sthool it IXITICS is rurelx found -X smile will ke 1 long long' x ruse it If ROBI IU Xl II I I-XXI RXINI X Hzs sparkling sallzes bubbled up asfrom aerated natural fnunlams Carlyle C lassiml C ourse P C Diploma Ilonor Rink 'Ireasurer Senior C lass Secretarx -Xthletu Council 4 Politics Club 4 Chorus 1 2 3 4 flee Club 3 4 Urchestla 1 2 uruor Production 3 Class Plus 4 Basebill 2 3 4 C xptam-1 Ice Hotkex 2 3 4 Iraek2 3 4 Nl1nagerI'ootb1ll4 X ice I resident ll C lub 4 Eagle Board -X laughing word an infectious grin thut s Bobby A friend to ex erx one is this hd Rs captain of football Bob xou showed us w hut 1 leader xou are 1nd whit grit sou haxe If xou push through ex erx pl ice in the world FRCJSX I- NOR XX ILLI ANI SAISIN Lzfe zs a jest and all lhzngs show zt -Gay hgI'IC,LllIlll'll Course Ifuture Iwrmers Club Xice President 4 C horus 2 3 4 C lee Club 3 C liss Pla Xle see vers little of llilly tround school for he is in inibitious I ul who spends his spnre time in prolitible work On the few occmsions when we do glimpse him he is worshiping in the sophomore temple before in auburn goddess ll e heir thit fxrmers md store keepers ni Ike good husbinds liill ind we wish xou hippiness CRII I X I R 9 lou hate but ln smile lo um Scientihe C ourse loist to Athletics Ilonor Rink Qtudent C ounul 2 3 r sident 4 lfagle lioird Xthletn I urime I 2 S Cl otb1ll4 C oss COIIIIIFX I Ice llorkex 3 -I 'I sebllll u Shel is our left h tndcd lthlete whim h just goes to proxe thlt being, left h lllClCCl is no h xndu tp Ile h is pltc had Ill tux thne g une for XX X besides doing his bit in footbill 1nd ue hotltex qhel is 1 good student too ind his ple lbllll smile is sure to win hun Ill mx friends It Xliine 13 I, 'f -Q C. ' '.'l'l .. I , ..- . 1- - . . . Z . ,. . Q : I 1, -we i 3 . . t 2 3 l I X , , 1 - . . 5 I Y J ' . ' ,' ' ' ' ' . ' 3 ' z A - ' ' 1 'z-' 2 ' i. ' 1 7 L it ' ' -' . . ' ' tu ' you z , my, l.o ,z 1, S. IN. I, . - . - ,. 1. .C . :D .wi .. :N i K gi. . ,I J 5 ,' - ' ' :I . 1 Q , , , : 1 , -2 I ' , :I M L 1 1 Q Q 1 ,-,iq ' 1 Q 5 . - , - - - , I. ,H - . , i' 1 . v w ' ' C. I LL 'I . v v . 1 - - ' v v , ' thing in life with this determinzft ion w'e :are rertain you will End 21 high J ni I lltv I A L x4 Av .I - - - - - ., , '. , ' . ' ' ' ' " ' f. ' - A 1 v 1 V r v l, , , g 1 3 4 y2. , v U . H . 7,,2 .Qi K . . 1 2 . ' 1 . z 1 2 .I - H, , ,A , - . ., , . 1 . NIIQI . , f RTI If . lllil-X .. f H ' ,,- .1 , . "' im.. . 'ig 4 3, ' V ,.g I' e 1 I z 3 . ' ns 1 ' , , . 5 :iss Play 3, 43 lfo 1 5 'r " 5 ' :lsr 1 .,4g"XX"C'Il1-I, H ' J' '. , - , , . ', ' . . , . ' , I V I . ' It . I 4.1 .V til.. U I 'H D 1 ., 3 , ,z ' zu ' ' " I ' 1 1' ' .'1

Page 14 text:

I-I Xl I I I X J X x Pahenre and tzmc CUHQNPV all lhmgs ruulturil Course I lxtns Club 4 t nrm I Ire isurer 4 C horus 2 Xerx smill ns Xlix 'md seemmglx shx liut those xx ho lxnoxx hun lxnoxx better XXe h1xe heird rumors of the lllljsllg he has 1 iused u I ughsh class 'Xhx IS 1 DTOIIIIIICIII future fumer and xxe lxuoxx th it he xxlll succeed m his xot mon IC Ill 'N I To 4001611 silence gz es fhezr proper grace Soplmcles Inghsh C ourse Home I Lononuts C lub 7 3 4 K hon us 7 3 4 lhslxet 1 4 X Clu Gretth Qlxxaxs looks xs If she had Just stepped from 1 btnd box xx henexer and xx herexer xou see her Xncl xx hen she idx tutes toxxard xou like a brecnan goddess xou max feel somexx hat ixx ed Iiut once she smnles all that IS changed for C reu hen s smnle shoxxs her ts she ns 1 fine frnend good sport 'md a fun prox olung Ilss XXISILX PXINI NILSOX Il hen Duty whispers low Ihou musi The Youth rephes I can cI'lSSlLdI Course P CJ Dlplonn Iwrst Honor lsslx Ilonor Iillllx Orchestra 2 Presxdent 3 4 Theorx 2 Xlusu Club 3 QCLICIIFX Cl1ss Pltx 2 liusmess 'XIan1ger3 4 Une Xtt Plix ioutest 4 PIIIJIIL Spellxmg, 2 3 4 I'm1l1st I xford C ontest 2 I'1rst Plue Ill I of 'Xl IJCXIIIIIIIIOI C ontcst 2 lllmchlrd PIIITIIL Spetlxmg Xxx 1rd 2 3 Seuet ux off lass 3 lt cs Klul on X lung 4 Xth oum ll 4 5 xptl II gm I S ure 4 Student lountx Sill ux Lb h is been 1 ox 1 su :potter of XXlltou Xt ultmx s student and his been DTOIIIIIICIIY ut m mx sthool utxxltxes llc lb xxcll hlxed bet luse of his drx frlendlx humor I lustrx lntlou md tellett these qulhtxes pronuse suteess lox the futuu. 'NK XX X X I Strength for Ihc dazlv task courage fn face' Ihe mud Rnbmsnn :sh I ourse IOIIIILS C lub 3 4 Ioylblll 3 -I Ltlnll tsebill 3 1 lu Xlthough Dunn nu h is been xxlth us but txxo xears xxf. lxnoxx huu lulll Jollx frleudlx felloxx xx ho has proxed hlmsell to be 1 most xersunlc uh le e I ootball blseball basketb lll tr u I. e It I1 one sees Dum xxorlung for his foster sehool Ixeep lt up Dum the xxorld needs Just such people as xou I

Page 16 text:

H llll DX XXITX SC WIT ll :Nz her rxfx IPI flfrml ull: Ianghler Wfakexfzeare sn1l C1 se C Dnplunn CI1ss XXIII Honor Rlllk Xth etxt C ounul 4 lol1t1csC lub 4 Home l'C0ll0l11lCSC lub I 2 3 4 Sec retarx 4 orus l 7 llllflfld C lee C lub 3 Orthe 2 3 4 Se x I e1surer4 Xlusu Club 2 3 4 1 I1xs 2 3 4 Senior C I I I umor I TOCIIICIIOFI Chorus I 2 3 XI1n1ger I'1eld Hoekex 4 XX C lub 4 Public Speaking 2 3 4 Ifnlxersxtx of Xlanne C ontest 2 lagle Boird Xssxst mt C heer I e1der .3 Ile 1d C heer I eider 4 D 1m Ing ex es ind fl 1shmg snule tell us 1h1t she ns brunnung ox er xx uh glee -X keen enthusnst of sxx ill dxxmg she xx Ill surelx dnxe through the se1 of lnfe xxuh sxxuft grace Xs our emuent cheer le1der she his .xlxx 1xs spurred the plax ers on to the end Thoughtful llllCl8!'Sfd.llClll'lg 1nd I heerful success xxxll surelx he hers I IDN-X XXX NNI PRI IJ SC CYII Angels hslen when she szngs C I ssn xl C o rse I C D1plon11 'Xlerxt letter 3 Chapel Ie1der 4 Polmts C lub 3 4 Home Ilononucs Club I 2 3 4 Chorus I 2 3 4 I resndent 4 C lee C lub 2 .3 4 Orthestrd 2 3 Xlusu. Club 3 4 Class Plaxs 2 3 umor Productnon C horus I 2 XX C Iub4 Debat1ngC lub 4 Xarsltx Delntmg 4 XI umger 4 Pllbllb Speakmg 3 4 Representatuxe to Hamlm Spear C ontest 3 4 U of M Contest 3 4 Eagle Board The gurl xx nth the golden x one IS XX x nnefred -Xlxxax s bustlmg about she has been a gre'1t benefit to our class -Xnx comnnttee xxlth XX x nne fred behmd It IS sure to go oxer xxnth a bmg Her frlendlx sn11le s generouslx gxx en 'md 1 true p 1l -,he IS to all Xlax she beeome .1 IJIIIOUS pr1n11 donn1 QRX I XRI I IR XS x Be 5-wzft to hear slou to speak Classnml Course I' CJ Dnplonm Eagle Board Class Plax 2 Cross countrx I 2 3 4 lr1ck4 Xlanager AIBICIILCOLIIILII4 Basketball-4 X C lub 4 Here ns the xx olnan hater of the glass Xlx hoxx he does storn those frlx olous fems and thexr Idle chatter But latelx I:.arle seems to be losmg thus reputatxon for once In a xx h1Ie1 eertfnn xoung ladx mspnres .1 sloxx snule harle s drx humor h1s mused manx .1 hugh 1nd hrs sxxnft feet n11nx 1 Cheer RCJBIARIA CIICJRX XXII x5 Induslrwus and uorlemg Dui 3014 ezer see her Shlfklllgp Ilome I Lononncs C ourse I C Dxplonu llonor R 1nk Polntles C lub 4 me I lononucs C lub 1 2 3 rus I le Ur1hesIr13 4 Xlusu C lub-4 CI1ss Pllx 2 XX hot 1n hnd 1 truer frnend thin Bern xx Ith her happx snnle? XXe defx xou to End 1nx one xx ho can surpass her Ill llonle I eononuxs .1 nurse Bert 1 xx Ill brmg r'1x s of sunshnne to the most depressed p ment XXe 1re sure th it through her e xrnest ende 1xo1s she xxlll L 1teh that xxlll u the xx usp 1 IIICCI suatess 14

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