Williamsville High School - Searchlight Yearbook (Williamsville, NY)

 - Class of 1947

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Williamsville High School - Searchlight Yearbook (Williamsville, NY) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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sfifzfgeznfa z glgevegfmfifsfrfafi'ri'41i2'f's +f+'Qw:i?'4f1ze :f4z+fefes+14z4z5: 1 4 4 Qi! L7 423441 fvlllqgd ,V Zif- f Sf 71 f X 4f JAQL4444 H ' X 7 1 .1 L1 -1'.ia51 iziiltliliiii i214 i Z YL 1:-r L :Aviv 4? 4 134 !4E41l!4i 5? 4 i 4- 3 i liliizidil -iIiIi'!4I?1E1'Hi-I41'5 351 ilililti 711475 f4?4 TQTQIQIQIQIZZEIEI-I 15251-Z-Iifiliii-241514153435 fE02IZ9Z'.0x THE SEARCHLIGHT A WILLIAMSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL WILLIAMSVILLE NEW YORK i f 4 CL SSOF1947 : if 11 mvmnrtam 43 IOM E M CHRIST Xf- F2 UBERT KOH MAP To Hwree of our fellow sfudenfs George M Chmsf Robed Kollmar and Louis I. Kelsch who passed away durmg I946 The class of I947 hurrbly dedlcafes 'fb 5 yearbook :- -its LOUIS L KFLSCH ADMINISTRATIGN YY '7 S P rx C1 fx n 1h S S r r rnsv dererrnnnrnq share and coua e rr' 0 U r an W foo e careers a nerd From e he wf were nr a y 5 n bark e 16 rs I o w Q commrsswons f 0 e mr ass d re e ve honorabk drscharqcs h a unsen s y u sf r wse us mf A swsfenr 0 Cave n Murray rs O acer ha ca fl ou many of M Herring tons decrees To the crew o fh n a Mon fo hrs excelrenf Yea h Y O ft I V' px ed hrs ou?s'an ef c a r+ has ended zrnrne ura mo! In PATRWCKJ MURRAY Assws'a + Drncnpal When we were landlub ers I up on S M Broc helped ou de ou deshnres as one of our frrsf superror o ncers H w s uns ru rn nm! nn provxd nq a e uafe b ss fo u fu we educahon enablrng us T er our rn w moved mfo hugh schema! and on fo more drfrruh underfaklngs EARL E BROCK SJW msrr of thc, Gregg, fhroe Mr, HO I. 'Vzn hu b.en C' u1r'ipV?. rwn e .. "' f VVYVQ We, r ' . Hs ' qy 's dur' ,rg 1- -bfi NC I , b . A th U1 2 , , dir r ua- mo 4, In th rrd: ' - un1'N w flnahy on nsixgn ' ' fin h. Sin' Ci 1 an C ' d ou" ' , e h s .VR hf in P Med us, fd A ,d , and raufzhf Us 1 'rr' d "'Y,w.-n5h'g:. WALTEQ J. HERYNNGTON SuDev.fIS'V'1 Prfhfpuf Cne s' ' Y 'he , E Mr. FI T , 5 r 'ed 1' r ". I - 17 e 5.5, W. I ddf- C , lnq, he has insfilled in us 'he 'd o d'e sp' YY, ex- ern WE in ' N d- 'ng a+h! I feanns. Th + sp? 3, ' 4 ase b5y in d' 13 our ihari:fe'S, b N iusr s7gn'ng fhe .S. W., r. k .ht . e a A f - e ' ' i d - q a T r 0 r Y ' A , ' 0 berf a .lc as e MRS GLASER relary fo flwe Pwnc a CUL As Warranl Offncer Mrs Glaser has served ably and well as llalson befween flue Admlmslraflon and seamen of Hue SSW use L or s 5 Ecu allen an al Mlss Rel er Mr ede s U5 Gil' s Wa er s I rs e Mss M J N M ss we M y e Mlss s O M ss Wefherbee 5 il' lI"OJS4Vldl Ar s Mess Mlss Marlw Mxs Web sler for Mr Sle rw M ss K e Q W M ss OUI' , ge e , j Us - , Ei? .ll l Se: ' lpl Aff, M F , lbr y, PM f: l V 2 ' d l-le 'lwz ' lv , . l. fe' Mr. Ber- l, Mt P . , Mr. l'le""'1lc, Mf. lr MISS Ccenfi- MM C:'eMa', Mss Gefslwf-l. l.1"'1'a:i-3 l-love ECO'i"'f'?s Bu ivess M546-"a'les rd SC'- ewie: M . Res, l :Fi an T Max! ll, r, L lc , ' Wllscr, M's Nell, H' 'or4,', E'qlSslw . d ' 'N .' l : Mr. M'ss Cuwls, IF ll . I , I ' Ulf Ml, il SO' ' Geerzge. CUL The TaculTy our commlssuoncd ofhcers on The S S Wulluamsvulle were Those wlTh whom we had closesT conTacT ThrouqhouT our hrgh school days They were our advlsers and nnsTrucTors Trom The Tame we were sTruggllng wTTh The ABC s unTzl we had masTered The nnTrneacles oT Trlg The UnuTed STaTes ConsTlTuTuon ano Shalcespeare s MacbeTh SomeTumes we have Complalned aboul The orders They vssued and exen more abouT The punush menf :T we Talleo To lrve up To Those demands buT now as we near The end of our servnce on The SS W we reallze how much we owe To Them Tor guvlnq us our basuc educaTon and preparlng us Tor The blqqesl' unde-rTalcunq oT all The TughT To wan a berTh on The Shlp oT The World Klrdergaden Grades One T o and Three Mlss Thompson Mrs B own res l'Ofl FS Iso Mvss Bear sey Mass Muegel a es F ur Fwe ar x vs Tru e rs n a Mnss Shles e ss Al M ss S l T Mrs Rowe live . . , T . . , . ' . . w 1 ' T . V v Mrs. Panda, Miss Bruckley, Mrs. Fi lf Tl, M . Wf' n, A dl , Gr d o , ' d ST I M . d ll, M . B v e r , n, ' ' l y. MT lqrlm, I else - X Mn, '. M l nc W a r as Hon o Hube S Suhner ConTinuing The excellenT accomplishmenTs OT previous organizaTions This years STudenT Council has adminisTered The aTTa'rs oT The Williamsville T-ligh School sTudenT body in a crediTable Tashion. Made up oT Two represenTaTives oT each oT The High School and Junior l-ligh School classes and advisers Trom The TaculTy The Council presenTed The l-lammond organ To The school aT Tormal oledicaTion ceremonies aT The TradiTional Memorial Day exercises. The organ is a lasTing TribuTe To servicemen oT W.l'l.S. during The Second World War. Also The STudenT Council senT ChrisTmas gre-eTings cT Trendship To nearby high schools and expressions oT sympaThy To bereaved families. The annual spring dance sponsored by The Council was a huge success. On May I6 PresidenT MorTon Briggs escorTed The May ueen To her Throne aT The colorTul May Day program. ThroughouT l946f47 The STudenT Council has worlced Tirelessly To uphold The Tra- diTions oT Williamsvilie l-ligh School. Row O 1-J. codbwn R. LaWi N. MiCe,a" D. M R - l-l. iiman. Row Tw AML Measer, M3ss 0 Neil Mx Muuiay Mu l'lf"'-T :'i' Rim Thieeeb Green 6. L7r:oe'T H. Lcrierce, P. r, , . . i 4 i i fSYYSIk XX SENICDRS As we near fhe close of our cruise on fhe SS W1lluamsvuHe we fhe sensors have our prfzed offncers caps and dnscharge papers wnfhm our grasp And on Hue foHowmq pages you wall see Ius+ who and wha+ we are 5 SC 60 erghf NICDR 0 ICE haf' 'M-sv CHARLES LEON MAISCH NORMAN LAWRENCE WICKSON Presldenf Vice Pres dem' PHILIP LINDELL ALSWORTH NANCY LEE AMMERMAN Secreiary Treasurer ELAINE MARIE ABBOTT Abby Pouer duellr uilb fbeer ulneu Malor Scrence Honor Roll 47 GAA 47 Dramahcs 47 Dramatucs Club 47 Transferred from Benneff Hrqh School Buffalo ROBERT DOUGLAS ADAMS o None bu! hmuel rm be bu pzrzllel Mayor Scrence Searchlqhf 46 47 Yearbook 46 47 Yearbook Phofoqrap rc Ednfor 4 Foofball 46 47 Camera Club 47 Transferred from M1 Lebanon Hgh School MY Lebanon Penna 46 THOMAS TlLLEY ADAMS Adama Life 1111110111 lmgbler If 1 drezrg blwk Mayor Scuence Honor Roll 44 45 46 4 Searchlnghf 44 45 46 Chorus 44 45 Baslcefball Manager 4 Lvbrary 45 Dramahcs 45 46 Debafe Club 4 NORMA CLARlCE ADRIAN Norm True lmpplnexf 401151511 only III don good Mayor Home E-conornucs Chorus 45 GAA 46 47 Knuffnnq Club 47 GRACE LOUTSE ALLAN Gracue kind uordr bring bunk kind erlmel Major French Chorus 44 45 46 Drama? cs Club 47 nlnb GH mf gem! 'lla ASS 38 X PHILIP LINDELL ALSWORTI-I Joup Der upon lbs' mntage ground of zrutlv hr rrmdr Mayor Lahn onor Poll 43 4 4 Class Secretary 47 Searchlqhf 47 Yuarboolr Lrera y Edyfo 4 C orus 43 4: ebrll L He S 3 Dramafycs 45 47 Debale Club 47 NANCY LEE AMMERMAN Sunshrne Iww lbe rrouzz of ber bg zd If Ike lip 0 ber toe rhe rr all mrrzh Mayo French SIudenrCour1CIl 45 Class Secrefary 47 a chly I' 4 Chorus 44 45 A 45 46 Dramafrcs 45 47 GILBERT JOSEPH BARBERIO S11 I IIIIX7 nz md 3 1111 M Nrlilllg dllllllllldl Mayor Scyence Rod and Gun Club 47 Transferred from Lalayerle Hugh School Bul' falo 47 JULES ERNEST BEAUMONT oc Good ll 1 ight lan! hem: xt jvlzy Mayor Business Eoofball 44 Lelfers 45 47 Avyahon Club 47 NANCY LOU BECI-IT Nance Her I1 e 11 ull 0 jllearure r 6 ru fiend 0 all Mayor Busyness Searchlrghr 46 47 Chorus 45 47 G A A 44 45 DIGVYIGMCS Club PATRICIA RUTH BREHM a 0 kflflll 17215 mmderz right you llllllf r1gl11 zu know ber Malor Sclence Honor Roll 46 Class Vuce Pres den? 46 Searchlnqhf 47 GAA 46 47 Presldenf 47 Transferred from Unronfown Sensor H gh Umon Town Penna 46 JOSIAI-I MORTON BRIGGS 1 1 be1 I 111 11111111 1 Jem! Malor Sclence Honor Roll 44 4 6 Sludenf Councnl Presudenl Class Secrefary Searchlnghf 45 Chorus 45 46 Foo ball 45 46 Baslcefball 46 Lelfer 47 Gof Lellers 46 47 Dramahcs 45 46 47 NANCY LOU CI-IALMERS She 10051 qlxlfl md 1723 71111 Jn fudge 11 book by IIJ mzef Mayor Scuence Honor Roll 47 Searchlnqhl' 44 4 4 7 Chorus 44 45 GAA 44 45 Dramaflcs 44 4 Dramahcs Club GLENN ALLEN CHILDS Molren 711111 1 le Nance 1 111111111 1111 :gr Wheahes Illlllf' Yer bill or 11111 1be111 11 lllrlll Mayor Busmess Chorus 44 45 Baseball 46 Debafe Club 47 NANCY FRANCES COPELLA Nance Ezeryllanlg III tbe uorld fomef nghl lj ue 115 11211 long enough Malor Busmess Searchllghf 46 47 Chorus 45 47 GAA 44, 45, 46 47 Dramahcs Club '47 0 'S 9 eleven RUTH IRENE DANIEL Rufhue 7 5. ,Q Ma o Home Efonomncs Chorus G A A 4 7 In CIub 4 NORTON BRIAN EASTMAN Byron f Q 111 rm! md be wcrn May r I-Irsfory MARY JANE RUTI-I ELBERSON Booq Jr If my Inf Ifun 1 7711116117171 567 L 5 aye Bu re 5 -Q LS 44 4 A 45 4 RY LOUISE FINLAYSON ou ll 1 n 7 v Major-Scienco Sdarchliqhf '47 6.A.A. '47 Drarnancs '47 Dramancs Club '47 - Transvrered from Kenmore Senior High, Ken VI, 9, . ., BEVERLEY LQVAN IZOLSOIVI I'Iedy II 6.11 uv fee dejwzzdi muifzly on ufbpzf we look for. Ma'or-Ar? Seamhliqlwf '47 Yeafbook '47 C orus '44, '45, '46, ' 7 GAA. '46, '47 DISVYWQIACS '44, '45, '46, '47 Pniemm ij 0115 af 1116 111.1i11 rmzdilifnzf of ,fznrcivf in IRI ." I It ' '47 . . . ' 6 '4 D 'matics ' 7 uv'-' .1 A 2 , -I." Smderf C::urCiI '46 ' Kcllfff, IXIK ', . J ,f" 'I '. ' I :V-U M ' f- sH 5 CI1 1' ' , '45, ' 6, '47 6.6. . , ' 6, '47 ..L . vb: .1 .11 tg od .11 514' uxu f.1i or N Y '47 .. I I In 4 SALLY VAN RENSSELAER FRETTS a ll ee mnderl LYINIFUII Izpjcd HUIIG1 Mayor French nor Roll 44 45 CIass Secrefarf 44 Seorchlnqhf 45 46 47 Searchhqhf Eddor n Ch ef 47 Chorus 44 A 44 43 4 Dramihcs 44 45 Dramaucs CIJD 47 ELIZABETH ANN FRIEDIVIAN I you bln lumledgr let frlbur by II Mayor Mihunafnrs nor RoII 44 45 Searchllghf 46 47 Chorus 45 Yearbook 47 A 44 45 4 Dramahcs 45 Knrfinnq CIub 47 ROBERT HOLLOWAY GOLDSMITI-'I Bob e e 1 1 mb 4 Uffllllflll M or Lahn onor RoII 44 45 4 S archlrqhf 45 46 47 Yearbook Edlfor IH Ch ef 4 Sfudenf Coun I 45 Chorus 44 Orchesfra 44 45 Boskefball 47 G Leffers 46 47 ADRIAN LANI-IAM I-IARRI5 Ades 1416781 1110! ll Illl Ill ilu wvld 1 1 gllm lfuozz 14 here lo nd ll Mayor Arr Chorus 44 45 Avnafuon CIUIJ 47 JCI-IN DONALD I-IUCK Roses lflllflflg If fm! zu NHL II 1 I4 zf llnn fl Mayor Sclenre OIOGII L If 45 4 BasebaII 45 46 Rod md Gun Cub 47 Ho I , I , '46, '47 . . J W I , GA. .I . I ', I 6, '47 I 'P f f ' K". f' . ,M I X R . Ho , I , I , I46 A X . G.A. . I , I . I 6, '47 .fr ul rf uf 121 'f or lun lla 1 aj - I I'I I , I , I 6, '47 e . . V . X , . -. f E , 7 ci I olf, ' , ' I ff 'V H , I . 7' 'I ,' I, . I 1 .1 ' fr Fo I . e ers I , I 6, '47 Q I I loulleen ,v ,.- x-Axim. 1 RICHARD LAWRENCE JENNINGS Drck Thy moderty J a randle fo lby mern Mayor Scvence Chorus 44 46 Foofball 45 Rod and Gun Club 47 FAITH VIRGINIA KERRIGAN Faulhy Expemfme ilu! euellenr 711411167 bu laugh! ve mufb Ma or Lafm H nor Roll 45 46 7 Searchluqhf 47 Yearbook 47 Clworus 44 GAA 44 47 Slcelclw Club 47 GEORGE PAUL KNAPP u L 70!Il1Lc I IH 1 A Mayor Sclenc e5rCl1llgl'Il 45 46 47 Baslcelball 45 46 Foolball 45 arvve a Club 47 DONALD FRANK LANG Lanqy 4 umnzn IJ only 1 uofnzn buf ,1 gnnd rlgar JJ n .I'I1l0l'C Mayor Scnence C orus 44 45 46 47 Foofball 44 Lellers 45 46 47 Baseball Lellers 44 45 46 47 Baslcefball Manager 44 ramalucs 44 45 46 47 BERNADINE MARY LIPPERT "Berme" ' They are nezer alone float are urmmjvanzed by noble Ilmuglm' " Magor Scnence Honor Roll 45, 47 Searchlnghl 47 ROBERT BYRNE LITTLEEIELD Robin A Jlzzrdj Jlfllllh be u ar and 1111 A 6 Major Scuence Chorus 44 3 Baske+balI 46 47 83- Rod and Gun Club 47 LEONARD FREDERICK LOHISER up H un nezrlg killed 01118 by 1 H1111 of llllllgbf rumznzg through hir herd Mayor Business Rod and Gun Club 47 ROGER LEIGH LOOMIS 09 I ir 11 uell muff mm 14 f 1 gum' 4 r NIH! H1011 Mayor Mafhemaflcs Foofball 44 45 Lefrers 46 47 Baskefball 44 45 46 Leffer 47 Golf Leffers 46 47 ROSS SHELDON LOWN JR A book J .4 book zllbonglz Ilzere r rmtbmg Nlllfb m Magor Busmess Searchluqh? 45 Chorus 44 47 NANCY LOU MCCLELLAN Ari IJ flue perferlmrz 0 mature Mayor Lafm H nor Roll 44 45 46 7 Sfudenf Councf Secrefary 47 Searchluqhi 45 46 47 Chorus 44 45 A 44 45 46 Dramahcs 44 47 UU 6444 if Wg sn fnffeen snxfeen -ev EDWARD FRANCIS McRAE Il bo Illllqllefl' me fb :Il md 1 rrubbmrz ae Ma or BUSIHS s AVI5lIOU Club 47 Transferred from Teclwn cal Hqh School Bul lao 47 CHARLES LEON MAISCH Chuck A leader of men K1 follauer of zzomeu M lor Busme s Cass Presrdewl 44 45 4 Foolball Leffers 44 45 46 ROBERT WILSON MARSH o I 1 ond of lf: 1171171711 7 1 nm 1 Malo Buslness Sluderrl Coun rl 44 Av allow Club 4 JOHN MARSHALL MET! Gus Imuuu bztb molded J mzglm m U1 Malor Science Class Treasurer 46 Foolball 46 Leffer 47 s efball Left rs 46 aseball Lelfer 46 Transferred from Parlrer Hugh School Clarence 46 HOWARD LAWRENCE MEYER Roundy Oh lbe dlllllllj nf bemg rlrb Malor Sclenre Foolball 44 Le+'ers 45 4 47 Baseball Manager 44 45 Debafe Club 4 ROBERT BURNETT MURRAY ll 11 II 1111111 11f 1111111 llllllflt M101 Ecnrlw HOV Seavdwmqhf 49 4 5 f sebmll CMD DIANE ANNE OECHSNER 1 Il 11111111111 3 O Y a :H+ 1F Hovua 4 A 44 ED JEAN ANNE PACK 1 1111111 1 1111 1 I1 7L 111 1 01 5 GI' W C orus 45 46 7 A 44 4: ama'f1 S 44 45 Skefch Club 47 BEVERLEY JEAN REEB 1111 1111 qr Ill bzrfe b1111 L7 ll 1 burn Mayor Semen Searchlxqhf 47 JACK PARKER REGAL 1 It 1 111 j111l 111 1 ll 1 111 Ib, llll Malo1 Sale Chorus 44 40 Rod and GLA Club 47 Jeanne- ev F -ll sevem?een enqhfeen E- N... FREDERICK B REIFSTECK Il 11 1111111 IIIL 111 11611111 ze' Malor Busmes BasIrefoaII Manader 45 46 IANCY CAROL REIMAN 1 11114 V111 111111 111111111111 Mayor Fvendw 'mor Rel 4 iss J nf S a1cI'1I qI1I 44 7 Yearbook Assn Ianf Eddo C orus 44 45 7 A 44 46 C eerl d nq 46 47 aamofwrs 44 45 7 Dmmaf cs CIUIJ 47 RALPH EARL REINER 1111 1111141 Nfl V I Mal 1 wa? V1 CIUIJ Reefer Reims 7 IN 71 RaIpI1e SIDNEY RAYMCND RENTE JR 1 md 111 11 Ma or Scwen e Siudenf Counc Chorus 44 4:1 FooIbaII 45 I PRISCILLA MAE ROTE 131113 If Ike 11111111111 of 1112 60111 Mayor Busmes C-AA 46 47 1 If 1 11111 r11r111 11 11 Percy 3 7" s 1 L I 'Au P A . . f 1 I 3 1 V I Q 1' 211 L' '. 7 . '.' '4'.:1.1'1' .Q 11'." H I '44, '45. ' 6, '47 E CI Wie-preside '44 Q I ' , '4 'S ' r '47 I1 ' , ' , '4 I K GAA . I , ' , '47 54 I1 ea i , Dr ', ' , ' , '4 .C I .. E , l- "KW H. 1.1 . 77 f1'11n'1f.'A A 7317A I fig A ' io '47 , ' I . IIS-dv ' ' A "If14'11 11141 KQ1'LHllL'.If 1111511 .1111 .1 fwlfl ' ' 11 . .LI ,U I 4 ' 1: EI '46 b , ' ' , .overs '46, '47 EUGENE E SCHULENBERG Big thug. fum nz 111llL fur :QU Mayor Busmess Rod and Gun CTub 47 'EANNE M T SCHULTZ 1 IL 1 md UIQ jf Illllf for urchl hi mu 45 A 45 6 VTT1 C BARBARA JOAN SHAPLEY lllll lc I 4 ,L lib V ll IU! Q 0 Lahn or P C13 5 Treasurer Search' lhf 44 4 7 C oru 44 5 C A 44 5 D amunc I TH Club PETER STORMS QHEARER nzzlgfqg lfz lar ll zz n Mugor amen: nor Poll 44 45 4 .1 archlwqhf 43 46 7 Searcrmqhf Ass sfanf Eddor 47 Chorus 44 amwfnrs 44 45 4 Dramafucs Club 47 EDITH ANN SHEASLEY I cr lzleufa new 1 Ib: 1116111411 Magor Scenic mm: Rm 44 4 u nf Coun arclwl gh? 46 oru 45 A 44 5 Unmwfr s 4 Dlamaflcs CMD 47 Schuly Jeanne I I I Shape I fl I Pe-fe sfzz mu fllllb I6 SEHK' I '33 kv! 'Q' mnefeen lwenly .r-V432 ang 'c""n CAROL JOAN SMITH lm A daugbier 0 fbe godr 11111115119 1111 and mos! du mely fdlf Malor Ari' Sea chlvqh+ 46 47 Yearboolr 47 C orus 44 46 47 G A A 44 47 JEWEL CAROL SMITH A rmgbtg lamzler and her prey ua Mao Mafh mafucs H nor Roll 44 45 46 7 Class Treasurer 44 Searchlnqhr 45 47 Yearbook 47 Chorus 44 47 A 44 45 46 Cheerlead ng 46 47 Dramaflcs 44 47 Dramafcs Club 47 DOLORES MILDRED SOULE L1 4 10 me 1 0110 gn 11 11 e Ma o Sc ence H no Roll 47 A 45 46 Dramalcs 47 D amaf cs Club T ansferred form Gro er Cleve Buffalo 45 RALPH NEIL STEINBRENNER And 1 710,711 lud be II mo Mayor Arr Searchlughf 47 Yearbook 47 Rod and Gun Club ROETTA JEANNE STILINCS Ir 7101 Illdklflg when happy lbe 71 Major Sclence Chorus 44 46 47 6 A 44 46 7 Judy 771 J Il Ofy land Hugh School OS Jeanne er! 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'Q"'v 1 1 NORMAN LAWRENCE WICKSON WTQL I JI 71111115 Jlffl JI 111 111 771 11111fv ugul 17111 161 Scmnrf, Hdnor Roll 45 CTass P essdcni 46 C ass V ff. Pr sadonf 5 a 4 ' BasebaT 44 Lefievs 45 4 7 DANIEL NATHANIEL WILLKENS an 1 111131 1111 zz Major Scuencc Honor RON 44 avdwlqlwf 45 46 L Vmaws 5 d G Cub GEORGE ALBERT WRIGHT LJ 111111 1 1 G Sclef' fx arch! qlwf 46 oru 44 6 BaSebaTT 46 Cu RALPH ALBERT YOUNG Hr 11 1 :lem 111111 ,141 1 gentle Jem! 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I r n lcon i ued on page lorlyl W n ' YEARBCDOK T enTy fou o S be V P EeaTurung added emphasrs on hrgh school acTuvrTues nd a nauTlcal Tneme rnTer woven among The numerous secTrons oT The publrcahon hrs edrTaon oT The Search Ilghf was ednTed by RoberT 6oldsmuTh wrTh Mr Harold B STeun servmg as TaculTy adviser OTher Teachers who assrsTed The sTaTT IH planmng The yearbook Include Mrss Alrce Gershel and Mr Erwm Lederer Indrvudual porTrarTs oT The senrors were Taken by RoberT A Kurchgessner an alumnus oT Wlllramsvrlle Hugh S hool lClass oT I94I D ne Oechsner deslgned The book s unlque cover The boolc as a whole as a pro1ecT oT The senior class The ednTorIal sTaTT Tollows ROBERT GOLDSMITH NANCY REIMAN ROBERT ADAMS DIANE OECHSNER PHILIP ALSWORTH ELIZABETH ERIEDMAN EDITH SHEASLEY EduTor ur' Chref AssIsTanT EdnTor PhoTog phlc EdnTor ArT EdsTor l.nTerary EdnTor Business Manager Treasurer Row one-E. Friedman, R, Goldsrr'iTh, Mr, Sfeln, N. Relrrar C, eLffeuw. Rm. 'wc-N. Teln r nner, E. Kerrlqan, C. Srnffh R, D. Adafs. Row 'hee--G. ogerau J. Sr-Wh . Asw:"h E. Sheasley, D. Oechsner. . . . . . . 6 . , . A ' ' ' ' C fa ' ra ' ' .......... w - r I SENIOR PLAYS NOBODY SLEEPS ri Neas M E Ab Om March 28 The Class of I947 presenled lwo one acl plays before a capacrly aud ence n The hlgh school audllornum The llrsr play enlnfled Jean Valgean and 'rlwe Buslwop was lranslaled and adapfecl from Les Mrserables by Mnss Wellrmerbee who was also 'rlme dnreclor Mr Measer durecfed 'ne second play Nobody Sleeps an amusmq comedy abou? an amafeur burglar JEAN VALJEAN AND THE BISHOP MLW ss W llw b P- u P w lwenfyl e ,. N . 2 ' M iw A S' f" w l h . A I ' N, Pr""'e"'oar N, Reflrvxpf Mu lv or N. :Cb ar, M. Brlqqs, J. Swirl: . bell. I I . . . ' . , I . , . ,f , W, M,r,,,M,,,v,, , 4 ,. ,. , ..s,m,,..N , ., ., . , N H, WWW? I . ' i ' 5 f 'K f , , 1 y h , N. . I A 1 V, it E - , . Ki' 72, Ml e er e ,, M. Slunlz, D. So lu, , Ala orllw, R. Murray, P. Slmnrm,-r, - lv NIOR SECR ETS ' I 4 ' , Z., - . V . ' , if I' - I., , . . . ." L 1: W ' , '. ' " ,V 1 ' - ' ' I , .. 3 '. : x-.- - - 3- , ' V - X 'A V K F u . , 'N V . ,, . . 1. f' ' ' ' 1 ' ' l . 1' ' -f . r- W h 1 ., .M ,Y ,. . Q : ' ,' , - V . ' wi I 1' '. X, ' 1- ' : , I ,W V: pm' .Av .1-S .V 1. L , ,. I, . , , , I F . ',:,,: ., Q z..'.1:, L. ., A I I - ,, ' .. ' ,W ., , 1 mu - L f.'f': S-if' f.' A1-if , .:' : .: 1' T L.r'. 1'1v"': " T."f H, X 1' Yugi., w VJ: X 'H r ,,g: ' - ,' fy ,v F,-1' I- ij, 1L, A' VQ .'1. ,,'? .. 'V' -- - A- , l, ly .V V -, K. f, 1-x ALMA MATER Vw F w Q, r K AML 'vm P',1i"'Y ' V ., " MN1 ':'!14-' . H ,' :"1g, ww." 7 V, rm ,A 'vm N1 Nw 1 -N 'x 1' :J 11: , ..u7, 5 "rr T'Q"x1NWi: ' I" f'. f "'-jr f' , w 1' " "fa N' 1'-cr ' vi' f' H fn Jlmffr 3. fm ' ff: fill-1"f ,, 'w " f bf-' 1..l"'Llx'.HI'1!T' rw- ? ,AJTWU N',1T:?' VJ X,,X. rv' NIM I " ww f"-v 1 : V' rw Tifxw- wr ,-J1' , ,N : af- fidlHlV yum' ff, " N w wwf ,A :vm M H+-' wc "sf M1f'ffxf5IWi NWJR QQMW ll Ml l '14.X: ,! SHORE LEAVE r -, 41 . ' W I sw,x "'ev' l' .s3l..4q Tv S ci acM M L r 1 S M qv! hwy Asa qv Q3 Face p S U 3 v E Mu U "R 'fi h .sei -- . A . ' ' Q' 'ga E -- I J lg? , E H E ffv ' QSM it AMX X 10. 3 ' E E A Y w V, 0 Acaws Pm WA'd Cagne SC wfsfu Hcw f' eye" 2. M2 Muffar 3, Bqvbya SMPH Dick Q Kiwis? 4. v. M 'ug 5. Mr, Lea' -'-- " 6. flfnff- Oefsfy' E. M'. SWK" S, TW- MJSSL-'W Gemini Krvipzsj 9.81651 M'z'T'z'v Ju.-.N SWVYH BMW p"1v.--1 Af 'Q M. E' Suv Z1 Vmlai N 1" , art Cui CEE' Fuwfv A" Wi-"' 'fn' 'O, v. '5"Q" 3" II. l ,aw Vw- 'N-' M' 'W Bun i j IQ, EE! - IP-fy' 13. Tj' Y"5 B- b v' S Y' , PHL A' v.g"P" I4. My M 1' , Mf.He"r1.3?fgv'j ',.A.P4avvI5, B. 35 nfenfy-elghf Oo CLASSES These are The seamen of fhe SS. Wiiiiarnsville whose hifches have one or more years fo run. They have undergone fheir basic fraininq and are now enfering the iinal phases prior To becoming seniors and winning fheir Commissions. 946 1-.... f .2 1 eriiy n JU NICDR CL Diff 1"-'f---S. Hz-fo J. Fvswfpvrh J. BJ" C. Lf-vffv C. :DLG-:ww Ywasuww.. B, Cfvbufm 1'--id'-'Yu P. Ha'dr': 's':'rQTn'yj. D. Lacs E.C1wwf, N. Ling J. Hadlf-vt. Rf7w7wUA--YV1'SS MC- Cvwm, .J. Bfzck. T. BudOf:rvFam:n E. Chapman U. Cvosby. J. f",?""1a'm R. Buvdscif. D. Gfvfnfh M. Bwnouv-Y M-ss Maxwe1'. Rvw fhfee-H. BH211 C. Fffb. L. P-'gsce D. Eyemafcr' B. Dwyer. L. Fe 33, D. Ha!! R. Beane H. Jffvvf R. Luge' J, Fvavfivfvv. +L' rfv a U M1 s VV 5 A Q 5 L? Z sv V M W as L Wow W1 L S WP V1 rw i aw fxN fi V Y In u 4 W VN r' S J 7 VN fwfr-D, P555 J. M iM "He M, f' V11 . Wn"3fe d . N hfb ss F. Rcmgicr -'io :Hrs nwrrj F, ,i'3E' E. ra: WW . CW: H. S"Wi'F S. le'5'Na'Fa4. Rm N'ffM'. MC C' M. V- . 'MQ' J. 'f u' N. Reiss S. SL."'ff' . Gain J. N dk . B. T U N y. H. Sfhfvnbfi-vg. Rv 'Ffflfb J. W ika- T. Nell 5. Mfxvtfm A, Miele, M. S 1.-fasif-, N. Schawffrv, B. ffmwf-N U. CDNOV'dfT'+' 6. pf-TUSHH. Rfv. ffpw- W. Y WY' H. Mf"'b0V"lV R. Mal U5 J- MWNOY1 . 'FM-, J. Siwwpso, W, Fly . Rgwu, ASS Gram' N, Cf'rT"L.:i' V. 'wbuszlw F. Hfxmav Rxw ffuv--J. Aryeci' F. Lionef' K. Guy U, SOPHCDMORE CLASS Ryu fre -J. Mavxanl E. Mar-19-, J. Ward P. M5515 J. T',"'TpRvVS E. Zu'vB.wrsfHr' U. OHDS M. Pts' R, Sdvvocjie. Rmw fW0'MI'. Lylce, D. Vohemou M. ROTQ, M, Tcfvfzrfiff D. Rose M Mf.Klrwrwy E. PVQH, Mrs. Wfrbsfer. Row ihreeffk, SCHQU, P. Suqq. M. STOH, E. SCN' R. OCCHSUGV, J. Sonor, J. Rlfman M. MRHM, J. SNHW. Row four--J. MHCHQU. V. Riley. R. Macoowb, D. Lundyen. A. Vma, S. Pvawel, D. MnRno. U. Ynurm. C L rw v mf wss f-vs n N 7 ri V G 9 Lf' W O V V K H Hf mr fhwrfy one Rfzf, f-ng-WJ, Evr-Q-Win, A. Hughes Mx Sv-In R. Hum" H. hDf3Wa Hmas "Tl J. Hmwivd ipV'.JSgG'.V"f C. C"'sf fscuofivyl R. Ahvar 'vicqazvwsldv M' G- Hel B. HH f-fkfv, W, FMS' 11" . Ri fwofB. Bwrhvw, R. G-1' Sm' R. i-Wzkfimn, S, Adams, D, BVU J. "frm R. HQWP1- VH. M. Bwncs, S. Bfdf-V' U. Avkfx 1-ist. RW 'Fvfw---J. Klwbfx W, '3jrrward+, R. A" Jdm N. FN 'ff P. Hon fisf1n,C. Ffsff-2 S. M113 H, B. Klvvioy M. Fasfwmv' W. Mr, D. Bmz. Rfw. 91.17-J. Cv1'1U2- M. lr'1fwHmardf, B. BMW. J, BIH1.-www, R. A'f"fm, R. Hmm'-fir, R, Kfwbicv, W. Pfvffk ll. Hubwv, . 'ww w. RESHMAN CLASS R'w N"'?"LV1SS Knife' N. FFL-xwsw' J. Jaw'-fff G LLf'DD9'f R. Gm "'eas.V'?' , B. Gvf-r-in P: R . :if-3f3wr", J, H 11.3 '-" S FV-fs J. EN 'S 'www R. KLPQLDO' B. JSQQQ' T. C'f3'd2aLL E. Barb J. Fafbefs N. Hhs? A. Harws S. HA5f"ad Rvw 'Lree-U. Brine? J. Gfzuld T, 'Li"":v B. Lovazk R. Qe'fi'i R, Jaf'e'Lf2 A.G'oH:eba1w J. Fawcvf, Rm. fu-A. Fffar-fhnw R. LV'-efefd D. Brovm C. Lee D. Haricrw, S. Cafme' H. F9's'ef R. G. Adfvfs. e Q 5 CWe-Lfvac w wo M e deL J Ro e W 'w Q55 9 E Vdqerau Ma w N Rcw of -J, Sheadey, E. S:c'r. E Suckfek F. Waco N. N Ne, N. WJ 3' . ' e- b Ln J. Regain, W. New, L. SIMCF. Rc f - rx L defef F. Noe- e, N. SC?'u'efbefg, , gg . H, Mc'swaLN R. Rauwr V. S'E""v C. M5ddl-aforv R. VV"eHead D. SQLw":1', Row 'Free-W. She" F. 7k'rwso. L. Price. E. R , S, Rfe7N R. Ra"""rg C. ,e+r'sorw, R. CKee:e . , J. . gf, Ro :cur-T. M":F-3" L. Shay D. Time' R. Re"ef L, Rage" A. SUMP9' R. Thzmsscf W. SfeeNe J, equene. GHTH RAD Rmw one-C. RQNKY, J. Peacock, L. Barie, N. Smiih, R. LaWaH, B, BVIB. H. Hammill, S, Budderw Emo' R. Wood, Row fwcfivliss Geofqe, M. Sumner, D, Savsy, R. Marcom, J, Menge, S. Vdiafd J. Bure, R. RavdaJ D, Hand, S. Naqei. Row Three-S. Judson. A. Albrecht C, WUBQ- an nf- R. BaHe:, E. Faxa'1e' B. Worden B. Malsdm, B. H"'e, J. Mclnnes. Row fvur-K. Heidio C, Je-H' 'As L. CNrwWwv P. Gerwih, R. S'r'QkNand, E. Pesjardks R. Reffsfeck, Q Q Q 1 urwvr ao au J Woo urn eovev R Bear a H QQJ A C sm w u s vm r R HGVVWGW M Clwarfe fw Nhm A Sm www. R Sv. gre-R. WENT- S. Abeih, R. Rf ' Q A. Cl 'Q . db' , M, S Y ', . y, N. A r . D Yew. Rc Wm- W. Hr' A MASS C MR M, E' e . . Som ' AMN 3. SARQV J. Kerri D. Sfuiof A. Beowwaw. Row Wfeefc. Seidel, W. Evavs, E. Rope Y 5231- A, B'-awmn N. T"9 "1 . W-i-s':Fi R. f:As':r' W. rv' Qv. RSW :cuff . Q4 ef L -. K"9S'xVv B. Zfwsfw' H B:-W' N, Vvvnmr' R, Cn':.s. S EVENTH RADE Row one-D. Jepscrv S. Srrrrrv, R. We'ze M. Prarr J. M'dd e-'cr M'ss Wrlsc' J. Gferzebaclw, J. Brlrrinq. C. Bjerke, N. Nash, R. Dorio. Row 'wo-B. Yelser B. Tbcmosirv N, Perksz, G. Ls-wdway, L. Peabody, H. Lawrence R. Pefrrson, D. Bruno, D. Kohler, E. Wcrden. Row rhree-C. Leedham. J. Heihnan, R. Hama! M. Underwood, P. Rafe R. Menzie, J, Fitted G. Nathbar, B. Gfrrwmeff. Row four-E. Wray R. Lyman H. Wray, G. Hive M. Whissd P. C'a"ver E. Cfbmm M. LVLOQNOT, C. Bea+rTe. fhlrfy fuur wone R owe qaar M erwa Q R Reeo werfzer w +wo ermarw R O R Re Banaszak S Schulervbeg B Albrechf J deLeeuw R Harwood R + abr: J Tuyn C way an Franc ow Meserve R Ro - . R , L. Krefd d. G. :V , Miss Mardr E. S MHZ C. Cabeau . '. J. S ' . Ro . -B, Br , C. Siege! C, Jones, . Ceae M. Br ck, N. Jcfes . eb J. Warmer, C. Saunders, J, EWOH. Row flwfee-R, Nash R. C5'aser J. Tovepkirs J. Bufder- F. , . ' ' , . , . , . . Sw law-R. Beaver. D. 'R 'sry . , B. on P. L g, J. h , B. . J, Crsge J, L4rrNe . Dean. fiYSX X ACTIVITIES S W'II' msvIIIe we Iook parf in various acIivIIIes which were Gm IIwe S. . I ua on Ihe IIqI1Ier sIcIe of our Ionq service. We all IOOIQ parf In one or more, I1 III sh: s musIcaI orqanizafions, newspaper, dramafic enIerIaInmenIs sus as e p for passengers and crew, or Ihe sIaI'Is. XS KX 9 J 2 X5 XI ' M SICAL P a an Bu en a J Wh F Ba as an ORCHESTRA Tne orcnesfra under We ba'ron of Mrss Oconneli lnas added greafly 'ro our var ou programs rhrs year sucn as fne assernbr es ine opererra rne Easfer can+a+a and May Day Aso fine orcnesfra was heard rn Mree se ecrrons on Hne nrqnr of +ne Senror plays CHORUS Conducred by Mr Hemrnk Hne cnorus was agaun organrzed as a mrxed group wrrn excerlenr resulrs Tne fearure of rne years work was The annual opereffa en rnned Mary Ann The clnorus arso sang for fne Clrmrrshnas pageanr and presented for rhe frrsr rrn a canrafa prror To me Easfer yacafron Row' one-R. Hickafzn N. Bare C. F'r'scF' B Zrrofer I, Hficehon J. V' 'ge Qfw +wo- E. Menqe, C. Jennings, A, Srxnner Miss Qcorneri J. Menge B. Erennan D. Ge'wr': H, Marshal! R. Lyn' S. dd In gen , T'e . n 1 . 3 2 ' r E r , r I ' - 1 r - - 1 , , I , r .r . - r r, ORGANIZATICDNS Row one-D. Volqenau, A. Sumner, E. Sudrfr-H, J, Marraanr V. Randall, Mr. Hevwrnk. J. Smirh J. Ward D. Lapp, R. Scrvmeqrer, S. Weir, A, Nelwrbass. Rcw 'wo-VJ. Cragie R. Ward, G Srrowar' D. Lanq. J. Whrre, R, Mcccowb D, Eyernqfoa, D. Bmwn, U. Lurwds'er', S. Prawel, J Simpson, C. Smiflw, 6. WrEqh?. R, Murray. Row frmreef-J. Rowe J, Pack, N. Long, E. Sheasley, D Pass P. Mdsch E. Merrqe, N. Relnrarw, J. Schurfr E. ZumBarwsen P, PauHirm, M. Swrwfz, D. Oechsruer. Row four-B. Reeb. A. Thuwan, M. Torrerwge, 6. Liepporf, H. S'Jm'erwberq L, WQ7'fQr J. Warkffr M. Sheasley, R. Stilinq, D, Rose. W u a as 'var' W Gr rv w Three S Adams B D e rnes S Cra man ad ur L r w rw L e cz D Arbcw H Hmrrfy Seven R3 are-A. H gbes J B45 M. E' r . . C. Chrrsi, B. Hcmezler, . Ffswr B. e zcbach S. F01-S. Rfv- fwoffN. E fff' J. Hegfrwar' Rgarrael,E.Carr'1er,R.Her'rr1-POF J. H'CLfJ"i'1. D. Bfrl. RO 7 . . re? r. M. Ba , ,Bodom P. Huber. E. L p ' , M. Br b y, .6 ear. Ro f9urfB. Folso N. B-irwr B. Br hw N. Capelia, C. 'eLe-:aw . Mai' 2. ,aH. SEARCHLIGHT BUSINESS AND EXCHANGE STAFFS RCW f'-br-W. lu, W. F0991 M. Fiffayson 1ExQPva'1f1- EdR'SvJ N. M'Ce-Van JBUSMQSS Mana- 2e'. N. CTTGTVWGVS fC5':U ii"T'1 J. Bef' J. Miriam' Biw 'vw'-H. Simefbefg E. Carrwe' N. Lcvg, R, Oechsmer. S. SLMPQV J. Hevfmanf N. A""werN,w E. Cbecmar Row fhree-T. ACJGWTS H, Brifflmq, D. Vf:f:e'au G. Sfvovvan, R. YQUV: J. Abwf.H'. D, Wf"Re's. Row fow- M. Rye C. deLeeuw E. F"-f3C1"'5V M, Bradbufy B. BTEC?" L. Gee' J. 55:4 A. Makaey. ye LITERARY SPORTS ART PHOTOGRAPHY STAFFS C L1 D D D Q M e S r T a a or asurerx 5 L Grgen L, ow ow w cum osonr c C swer Ree 'L v A w K D Gr 1 1 1 RCN ore-J. S H Pi. A. Nehf' ass N. Rfdmaf Yu' " IV, S, Fr +' fEdi'cf-A -Chia P. She fer LI'ef ry Edlf E. Sneayey Ure J. STJH IAM Eoifcri P, R Fdaix, , fEe-affe E Yorl. R ? 0-R. Y q, B. FT H, Cop:U, D. O95 , B, b, B. SHa:e,f N. Beclv A, Vmma' F. Kerriqan, Mn S'e'r. Row 'Mae-76. Kr-apD Q, Wriqhf, B. KV' ey N. Csxoeh J. Aiswifnv M. S. wt. N, Euf:" R. ME fzy, N. STeIfbfe're'. Row TQW4 P. .sw5f'h, P. Brebm, J. Godcv C. deLeezu , M. Sheashf S. Baden, J. WaQ'Qr . THEM. - Iqhf UBRARY M. ROM M. S'in'l Mlzs p"'Fc' A. Hu-qhus M. Tfuwm Q: U. RCS' F Vtfu ni, TAFFS CAFETERIA ow one C del.eeuw rs uc:DCosbvJWl'vfQ W JANITORIAL M Yc and A Grerfe adm Yhlrfy mme . x . XZ b . R f . , M . R qu , r '. . ' , Rc rwoiJ. Roqcc, J. Reqdh, D. Pfwss, N w LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT orly WHEREAS WHEREAS WHEREAS WHEREAS WHEREAS WHEREAS WHEREAS WHEREAS WHEREAS WHEREAS WHEREAS WHEREAS WHEREAS WHEREAS WHEREAS Nell STennbrenner leaves The posToTT1ce To Carolrna deLeeuw whnle Jack Pack Bev Reeb and Prlscrlla RoTe leave Ben Franklun s much To The delnghT oT The manager STd RenTe oTTers has amazung sodas To Tnose who have The cash To Tnnance Bromos whsle Gul Barbermo reTurns has PepsodenT smsle To Bob Hope and Dear Murlum lrlum Drane Oechsner bequeaThes her passnon To Mr Wnllram A Measer To The Freshman Cwrls as TT They dndnT have one already and Phl Joup Joup AlsworTh leaves has lkwng T says h re Tor Mama Herrmanns orchesTra To Mlss OConneII s Jazz Band Bob PersonaluTy Adams leaves a galon luo oT l1ghTer Tluud To anyone lookong Tor a qulck explosion and PaT Brehm guves Pennsylvanua back To Wnllram Penn MolTen Brlggs Bob Goldsm1Th and Dcadley Smedley Loomms wl Thenr SaTurday nnghT prnochle game aT Brsggs To Harrns BrTT g Daka Ward and Jlmmy Walker Edie Sheasley Bernue Lnppe-rT and BeTTy Ann Frledman leave Themr socnal gaTherTngs around Room 205 To The ChaTTerboxes oT nexT years Sensor G rls Nancy Glamourpuss Relman wnlls her vowce To all Those kuddoes who as are To sung The Anvrl Chorus and Wheahes Chulds 1usT pla n leaves Nancy BechT and Nancy Copella bequea h Themr lasTTng Trvendsh p To Carole ChrTsT and PeTrupoT PeTrTson wh le George WrTghT leaves has record oT perTecT aTTendance as a hvTng memorial To whaT perseverance can do' Larry Wuckson walls has Hamburg women To anyone who canT see Too well and Flashy Freddue Re4TsTeck leaves has car unlocked aT noon Tor The beneTlT oT aTTer meal sTroll rs Elaine AbboTT and RoeTTa STllung wll The Hour oT Charm To nexT years Physrcs class beung under The Tmpressron ThaT musuc haTh charms ThaT sooThe The savage beasT Lou Funlayson leaves her slsTer To GenTleman Jam Eranchow and Bobby Marsh and Curly McRae wall Theur muTual admTraTTon oT Mnss McGowan To TuTure Sclence Slaves Dolores Soule leaves her Tear oT Jean Vallean AlsworTh To Rosle Oechsner and Jnnny Warung wnlls her horses To Mama R gg Tn hopes ThaT she can keep The menu IU The faTeTerna up To daTe Byron EasTman bequeaThes hrs delTghTTul expernences nn The servlce To anyone snnocenT enough To enlTsT Duck Jennmngs leaves Margo STunTz To The Manru Melody Men and EalThy Kerrlgan walls her red sweaTers To Duzzy Dell AlbrechT PeTe Shearer and Heavenly Bob Murray leave Thenr secreT meeTmg place To Teddy Buddenhagen and Long George Knapp begueaThes hns golden barnTone voice To VTTalns Jack WhuTe Slgned and sealed by The Class oT 1947 who benng oT sound mxnd and body do hereby acknowledge Thus documenT nn The year and during The rengn oT The hlgh and nmpernal poTenTaTes Mr WalTer J Herr1ngTon and Mr PaTrnck J Murray one Thousand nnne hundred and TorTy seven Thomas Adams Nancy Chalmers Donald Lang Sally FreTTs and Russell Ward lconTTnued Trorn page TwenTy-vhreel . . . TT TT T T ' I A 'S . ' . . T ' l 'T T T T .T TT lr TT T A T lu e l 1 T . T. i . . . -ll 'T ' T ' A A " ' TT . . . . T . .Hn I A T . 1 + . . . T . , K3 T I TT . TT . . .T .T U . fi.'YSIk X ATHLETICS Dunnq our shore leaves we engaged In afhlehc: Conlesls among ourselves and wnlh ofher crews Foofball baskelball baseball and ofher sporfs occupned our spare fume Thus we developed 'rhe Sh p of Life forly one physique and +he spodsmanship so necessary for a sailor on +he i ' . N X N X ' X J SNAPS FROM AMHERST GAME forfy Two OCDTBAL I l eB ag JHaro Our TooTbaII Team Turned un an exceIIenT performance un VVuIIuamsvuIIe Hugh Schools unuTuaI season un The Tru CounTy League as uT copped second place un The Tunal sTandungs Coached by Mr Murray wuTh Mr Coleman as assusTanT The Bullues won Tuve and IosT only Two Workung ouT oT The T TormaTuon The Team was quarTerbacked by Bradley Coburn wuTh Jack Huck and Charles Mausch ICapTaun doung mosT oT The runnung and passung Trom The wungback posTs Fred Roneker and Jules BeaumonT duvuded The fullback duTues The laTTer movung unTo The backTueld Trom guard aTTer Rorueker was Torced ouT oT The Iuneup by ullness Jack Harwood TuIIecI un as a deTensuve haITback or aITernaTed aT quarTerback wuTh Coburn The Iune averagung close To I8O pounds was anchored by Marshall MeTz and Thomas Neull aT ends Howard Meyer and Sudney RenTe handled Tackle assugnmenTs whule Don Lang playung cenTer Roger Loomus and Duck BeaTTue Tormed The unner deTense BeaTTue was also used as a Iune backer upon occasuon Durung The seven game season The Bullues rolled up 93 pounTs To only 29 Tor Theur opponenTs a Tune record ATTer wallopung Akron Hugh School by 20 O un The opener The Blue and WhuTe grudders suTTered a I3 2 deTeaT aT The hands oT Sloan The league pennanT wunners In succeedung conTesTs The Bullues Trounced Blasdell ZOO came Trom behund un The second haIT To edge Pune Hull I3 I2 and Then won a handy I3 7 conTesT over forfy Three I I u IQ I Row on - . Coburn, D. L n , J. Huck, C. Maisch, R. Loomls, T. Neill. Row Two- . w od, M. Mefz, H. Meyer, R. Beaffie, J. BeaumonT, S. Renle, Coach Coleman, Coach Murray. WesT Seneca The TacT ThaT Mr Murray IcepT The Team under wraps IH prepara Tron Tor The AmhersT game accounTs Tor Tne one Touchdown margln agaunsT WesT Seneca Playung on The W I-I S Tueld The Bullues bowed To AmhersT CenTraI by a I2 7 counT a week IaTer A crowd of nearly 2 SOO saw AmhersT come Trom behund wnTh a lasf haIT Touchdown To overcome a one pounT deTucnT or Their TITTh vncTory In The TourTeen year husTory oT The Traduhonal serues As a TlTTung conclusnon To The campaugn The Team puT on one oT The greaTesT gridiron comebaclcs an The hlsTory oT Wnllnamsvulle I-Irgh School To score a IasT second I8 I3 wan over a surprnsmgly sTrong GrITTrTh InsTnTuTe Springville eleven nn The ram aT Sprungvnlle The hosT Team pushed across a Touchdown w1Th only Two mlnuTes oT playing Tnme remaunmg In The TourTh quarTer To Talce a I3 I2 lead buT Then The Bnllzes Travelled 65 yards downheld ID Three plays Tollowung The IcIcIcoTT Tor The wlnnnng score Charles Mausch raced unTo The end zone Trom The II yard Ine behind perTecT nnTerTerence on The IasT play oT The gam To gnve The Blue and WhnTe a well deserved vIcTory AT The close of The season The VarsuTy presenTed Coach Murray wuTh a gold wrnsT waTch an recognnhon oT hns exceIIenT coachnng eTTorTs Mr Murray Mr Coleman and all The players on The Team deserve especnal commendahon Tor Theur ach1evemenTs on The grnduron IasT Fall JUNIOR VARSITY TorTy Tour H w one I pson uman Pe Tallam K Gu W Sha Row O S e r man gen re e r y B O Keefe T Buddenhagen R Adams R Jaeckle Coach Paar . . . . . - i . . D . . . A G if 0 . I ' ' Q- 'T .. 5' aj 4 B gk g I . Q Ro -. Slm , I. Cromwell, R. Th , I. Tzing, B. y, . y. . y. Tw - . Praw I, R, AT , D. Luf , I. MITchell, C. T bl , T. RenTe, I. Mole , B. Iaclc, R. BASKETBALL efeld e ez n H o R Go dsm M Brig S BeaTTle R Looms Coach Coleman Wnnnnng Ten games nn TourTeen league sTarTs The Blue and WhnTe cagers Tnnmshed In a second place Tue wnTh Pune Hull an The NorThern Erne CounTy League durnng I946 47 James H Coleman servxng as head oaskeTball menTor aT W H S Tor The TxrsT Trme Turned ouT an excellenT Team desp1Te The TacT ThaT Williamsville us The smallesT school In The loop UnTul laTe nn The season The Bullues were an The Thuck of The T1Tle race beung deadlocked Tor T1rsT place Tor several weeks However They were knocked ouT of Duck BeaTT1e and Don Terwllhger aT Torwards Howard JohnT aT cenTer and Marshall MeTz The lone holdover Trom The l945 46 VarsnTy and Jack Harwood aT guards comprised The T1rsT Tlve MorTon Briggs and Roger Loomis won Theur leTTers as subsT1TuTes UndoubTedly The hnghllghT game of The season was a 39 37 vucTory over Pune Hul which snapped a lengThy Hallers wan skeun T :lung 3I I2 aT The half Bullues played magnnTlcenTly The resT of The way all buT runnung The Pune Hull ouTTuT OTT The courT The Tyung and wnnnmg pounTs were scor d In The Tmnal 20 seconds oT The conTesT OuTsTandsng lndlvndual perlrormance of The year was a new league record of 240 po1nTs seT by Terwmlluger IT was wsTh The Tune cooperahon of has TeammaTes especially laTe In The season when he huT Tor 79 ponnTs In Three games ThaT he com paled The mark Terwnllnger was voTed The mosT valuable player nn The NorThern Erue CounTy League and was unanimous chonce Tor a Torward posT on The All STar qunnTeT JohnT was named as a guard on The All STar second Team whsle Marshall MeTz receuved honorable menT1on A greaT amounT oT creduT IS due The coach and players Tor gnvmg Wullnamsvulle Hugh School a Team To be proud oT lorly lve R. LITTI l A, D. Terwillig r, M. M T, H, Joh T, J. arw od, . l ith, . ' 'g , R. T - l, . ' V - . I conTenTion by Depew, ulTimaTely The league champions. 'l, ' ' ' ' ' . ra' - , The ' l The Junior Varsify won Ihree games of Ihirleen played fhis season. However, Ihe main purpose of 'rhe Ieam was To give as many boys as possible an opporlunily Io gain experience before moving up Io The Varsify squad. Highlighf of 'rhe Jayvees' campaign was a 3I-20 conquesf of Ihe Amhersf Cenfral Junior Varsily. Scores of league games played during l946f'47: Dale Opponenl Dec Dec. Dec Dec. Jan Jan Jan. Jan. Feb Feb Feb e e G Va rsiiy 6 Lancasfer 47 45 I3 Hamburg 38 43 I7 Depew 50 39 20 Arnhersf Ceniral 4I 43 IO Easf Aurora 49 32 I4 Pine H'II 39 37 I7 Alrron 39 37 24 Lancasler 38 3l I Hamburg 40 37 7 Depew 38 46 I4 Amhersl Cenfral 36 42 Easf Aurora ne HI Alcron W.I-I.S. Opp. Junior Varsity W.I-I.S. Opp 28 20 I6 26 22 28 3I 20 25 37 23 20 23 33 2I 22 24 26 20 4I 24 4I Cancelled Iorfy six Row one R Honeclc R Allman C Treble R Arfman T Budalenhaqen D Griflilh Row Iwo G Pefrison J Rowe W Shay H Engelhard? K Guy D I-lube B Black Coach Coleman JUNIOR VARSITY Ulf' H9 1 HX. wfkr nys. Q-N. 'W s DECK 1. Vw' I fl N 35 95 EH! 'J 'Q 35 4' .-+9'.'S." if his 'atb fi uv mlagxw ,A-so 'ul' 'K ,,,f .0 lv'-"' v -rf'f"', gg J' A..- -.., Y -'Y-2' V5.3 4...2'1'!!4f'-vffn " 9' Tl.. i 5 "N- ldemfwfcamors W Marshal! Mofz 2 Brad Cobwv 3 Jed Modcv 4 Don Lamfg ' Q ff' I' 'S ,un A Y- . ,Z A , 3, - fa 1 - 1 . . A . Q., it - 5 W 'I if A I K- x f ' ' . I E b" l ll 1 . J - - fs q . - wtf. , J ff' . H x A . v ' v ' gf, , . 2, ' ' ,I W H ' v - -5 . , L,3: V : A 0 5 ,. , jw ,L .gl A 4 A , , -5 1 V V . ,ii ft ,W,W A K 'Wq?'w,ff,4g.,,1S. - 2 'f i , v- . , O -- . .,.... .V N '75, 4' ' A" I ' y r J K Y 1 5 w- w I 4 .A x -I ,, E. ,W -.. -R'.,?,,,.,,, 5,1 , u-.- Q X ' 2, 'V J, R nc- ' Ax. ny- if U s f A In Y - Q .wg ii' 1.4 at ,YA SA I 4, 1-,.,. , KH "M 3'ZI."""" WT' Wim , " x 1 -, A K K ' ' 'N ' V ' N "' ' ' " ' 5 ' - , 1- -, Q'-in . ,, . - ' ., Q 4 f -" A-'J 7' '7 Q 1 ..,.. -Q I M ,xv . -' ' .V 1 I 1 - 8 M -ky i, :ju 3.1, ' f ' . " f--.A - cn' Aff- VQQ -ru.. "L" .' 1- ,A Q., -.A - "M ' 1,12 --F -2-A ' ' . -bf-V ' - - , ,. ..-:-' ""41 .1-1: Q,f'fy.4.1.'-:.L ' ' 353' " ' . xx f' , A 3.14ffe.3, X .Iv ' ' QQ-L:-' A tl 2 ,I .K . Q ' , . 1 'B ,. I 1 L X' , .. Y, - , ,f . r x if f' f 4 . l , BA SEBALL Row one-J Morley C Trebe B Tallamy F Ronelrer R Honeclr P Alsworlh N Confruccx Row fwo R Fuelds B Coburn D Lang H Johnf M Mefz L Wclrson K Guy R Murray Coach Coleman Under fhe dnrechon of Mr Coleman The Wullnamsvulle Hugh School Varsnfy played lwelve games nn 'rhe Norfhern Erie Counfy League fhls Sprung ln addnhon several non league games were played Refurnlng lefrermen 'rhls year included Marshall Mefz Don Lang Phll Alsworlh Larry Wnckson Bradley Coburn and Howard Johnf The I 947 schedule Ik Apr: Apr: May May May May May May May May May May May May lndncafes 25 Sloan al Wllllamsvnlle Wnlllamsvllle al' Pune l'lxll Nichols al' Wnlllamsvulle Wnlluamsvllle al Hamburg Clarence af Wnlllamsvnlle Wzllnam vllle al Easl Aurora l4-Amhersl al Wnlllamsvnlle 28 Wnllzamsvulle af Akron Lancasfer al Wnlluamsvalle Wnllnamsvllle al' Amhersl Wnllzamsvllle a+ Clarence Akron af Wllllamsvulle Amhersl al Wllluamsvalle non league games l l l, . . . . . , . , . '. --. .I -Q .. . ,,, 'l 29-Depew al Williamsville 2- . . . . . Su- . .. . ,,, 7- . . . 9- . . . 12- ' ' 5 ' - l6- ' ' ' A Ig- . . . 2I- . . . 23- . . . 26- . . . lorly nlne BASKETBALL WINNERS Hughes S Hnrsch R Herrnng lon Row 'lwo M McKlnney B Brehm, D Volgenau D Rose M Torrence iv deLeeuw The Glrls Afhlehc Assocuahon ns one of The largesl' and mosl achve organuza hons In lhe hlgh school Ever snnce Hrs vncephon some 'fhnrfeen years ago fhe GAA has Increased :ls membershup 'nl now a malorufy of The gurls IU hgh school 'rake parf an 'rhe achvnhes offered Throughoul +h year held hoclcey baslce+ ball volleyball baseball and ofher sporfs have occupied lhe gurls afler school lame Durxng lhe Wnnler baslcefball leagues were orgamzed wnfh fhe wnnners leam pncfures shown on fhus page Under lhe gundance of Mrs Walker lhe GAA uhluzes lhe gymnasnums and parf of fhe alhlehc held for :ls games Presfdenf of lhe Assocualuon for I946 47 was Palrlcua Brelnrn Row one Kam e " ..W. gs., ,lgiggsw K 'f' V '.s, K H 2 2 as , i l ' l sv rl E, ' I V D. U sggg, , . ' M A 3 A-- if ' I . l I "" - - E. Chapman, D, Ha .K 'L-.lvl . 4 - V Pi is M 'A 5 V . I . . . I . I Un . I. . . . I i c 0 6 a - .V . N f l 4 3 'A --B. ' l y. A. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSCDCIATICDN Row one-N. Long, S, Ffcs. J. Jarecle M. Mar5naU, J. Spoof, S. Hnscn P. PauWn, B. Levaclc. Row fwo-B. Henderson A. Huqnes. W. Fosfcr, A. Nelwrbass, P. Bronm Ipreslds-nfl. E. Sfwasfoy, E. Cannon E. Zu'nBan5en, R. Herrirqfon. Row flnrec-fc. Srnl?n, A. Hannas. C. SQLJNQ. J. Hadhv, B. B'C+'7f" M, McK'r'ncy, L. Hoppe. N. BCCM, G. Voifgenau, N. Adrian. Row Hur - M. Sneasky. M. Terrence. C. de-Leeuw, E. Fr'ed'nan. P. Dcnnq. S. Surnno' E. Cnapwrar, E, Abboff D. Rose, RCW Vvefi.. Green. P. Harding R. Sfninq, B. Kiwwlev J. Gofdgw B. Dlefef. N. CTTDQJG J. Sanuk D. Bfflf S. Boden, w one B rn ro a'ns ue er mm Re Row wo mn u er I son r 5 er as nnan Fe s Ran a app ow vee ar a 0 mar- Q ec ne C ra adv fee L M C wx 1 anan 1 Wav Y W Ro 3 . S HH, J, Jarezke, N, EU' H, S. Ad V , G. L' pp f, V. St? , N. ad. T -J. S 'fn P. H b , M. Pnfay , C. Ch 'st Mrs, W Ek . M. E f , S. r H, P. d N. D. L . R fn -H. M sh WI, S. H FP x, S. PF FV. D. O hs ', J. Pa k, B. P M. H. C:npeUa S. Howe, D, Haxf. G. Sfroman, Row Four-V. MQMFH N. Cbdwwers, C. deLeeuw, L, We"'ev M. Bv bu y N. Sh Je' R. Rc"'nn'ng .Gwen N. CCY Wan. Qc fve-D. Afbivasf B, Mivfon E. CMD' N. Amwervvgr D, Cwsby R. Goinyngr J, AJSw"'Th, J. UV-' B. V'CJYYL', GULF "Wm-Y 'SZ J Afbreghf R Goldsrmflw R Loomns F Reufsfeclr R Young M Brggs Coach Measef E Fsf+y two Row one S Zaclwaruas C Chnsf B Morfon J Smdh N Rewman Row fwo H Schulenberg E Prawel R Oedwsner M155 McGowan CH ERLEADERS SENIORS NOTED FOR WEAKNESS SUPPRESSED DESIRE SE IOR SECRETS TOGRAPH Patrons and Patronesses 31 MR AND MRS JOHN ADRIAN -X MR AND MRS IRVING L JENNINGS MR AND MRS HENRY S GOLDSMITH MR AND MRS CHRISTOPHER A SHEARER MR AND MRS A G PACK MR AND MRS D W MQCLELLAN MR AND MRS THOMAS E HUNT MR AND MRS HOWARD W YOUNG DR AND MRS HARRYA MURRAY JR MR AND MRS R D OECHSNER MR AND MRS E SHEASLEY MR AND MRS J M KERRIGAN MR AND MRS GEORGE P SCHULTZ MR AND MRS HERBERT DANIEL MR AND MRS M FREDERICK STUNTZ Patrons and Patronesses 44 Ak Lx A D Q f AND Tx LO x AN f' Lt AN L AL N f AND V R AND MRS C A SM H M COL AND F PR A AND Q ANL L MR AND WRS F R ABBOTT lx R AND MRS F T ADAMS MR AND MRS FRANK R LANG JR AND MRS H L WLCRSQNJ UAL A T N VRS LPI YH lfxSVM,f NR. 1 f'RS, RCSS ,NWN MR- D rx L, A fCR'LJL'NBLFQC3 MR., D '.'R:. Ly . .SX 5R74 R. AIXIQV MRS. Cru' RLLL 7. CO MR. ,IN VRS. 3. A'.'WE?N',A'1J J , D , , . JT LlFL". S, . MRS. . BELTS R R. MRS. L. N. BECHS My , 'N MRS. L. L, DL N1 J LAI . Q . . . Wu ' Professional Cards DR AND MRS W C BAKER DR AND MRS FRAN IS BCZLR ID DR R RENT SUPERVISOR AND MRS ALBERT HERMAN DR AND MRS RUBERT CRHL DR AND MRS RAK C HERMAN DR AND MRS L IJ L PP DR AND MRS R S PRATT 1 -X if F H.J.AL ,AASATTL T7 Va . . A M GEL CI1aImers CI1ocoIaIe Pucldmg CHALMERS GELATINE CORPORATION HIGHLIGHTS OF SCHOOL LIFE Nw ww A THE AMHERST BEE E cry I3amIIy 5 Iws om Ikce ng ARE YOU A SUBSCRIBER? if ix' IIIINT C Tiki? TI Y B Id I5 f . 1 Aw- MU' wo Ee I' I-'.'v,-i-- ' 5 5115- aI Q' CBE 'HE CON ,'I' I I- E9 EER v ' ' Ha TIE MA -I o V pl In Direcf Touch wIIIw The Sdwoo I' JCB E5 'ING S A ,EECIALTY Iv CLD QVFII A S H-11 ' I f 1 Orr L. T I I ' II' ' 3 HUTT S DAIRY CONGRATULATES THE SENIORS OF I947 NEHRBASS MOTORS y Gas in vfruifil' USED CARS HONESTLY BOUGHT AND SOLD My Repuf Ion Means Mo e Io Me Tha P off WILLIAM S BILLY NEHRBASS 43 M Sr I J IDI I ICI Thus - Iu Os - BQIICIIQS - Fun Br-Ifs S, In PI IS - F I P ps - USIIJLII ' Pif,I' G,eSIo,S I, adB ke Ss: 'ce So. I f CI OI ai r n r I .' ' IJ'II 01515112 nn Vfiv ,IR DA N cus KNOWN FOR GOOD FOOD AND MIXED DRINKS WE CATER TO PARTIES 9a MANSION FASHIONS 5485 MAIN STREET WILLIAMSVILLE JOHN W TRAGO WPOLESALL CONFECTIONFRY CIGARI IIS ANI FCUNTAIN UIPL IS PIII W N , aux A 1 X N f 'I ,I f 7 ' ' U 'I III! vw I V, ww YVNE ,Im Qhc Iwfzf-1? pfcifi 5I'rf- FA. QL V "r,T":"'s I , I Th Nm-. Ladks SWF Pfvne 763 Cash and Carry or Delivery Service C5'npIImem45 if L ' I . , 1 E' I A G I ' Q I Place ilIiemsvIIe, . h ,I 3224 RAY R BECKER INC PRESCRIPTION OPTICIAN F N CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE GRADUATES OF VVILLIAMSVII LE HIGH BEN FRANKLIN STORES READ MOTOR CO ers RD bb! MAIN STREET WILLIAMSVILLE N Y YOUR VITAMIN STORE OVER 600 VARIETIES OF VITAMINS IN STOCK WILLIAMSVILLE PHARMACY PHONES WILLIAMSVILLE wo BUFFALO PARKSIDE 5:52 CompI menfs of GEORGE F. LAMM POST AMERICAN LEGION WILLIAMSVILLE WAS inc on Res. WilIiamsviIIe 364 . , . YO? r.wII'r S, -I Rus. IES wvII1 Fnrfzsf Road BUIII , N. Y, WiIIfxv11K,vIIIfr, N. Y. C'n"1pII:'u-nfs :XT C A I: O - Trucks I AMHERST APPLIANCE CO Zen II1 Radnos G E Apdamce BENDIX HOME LAUNDRY MA N WILLIAMSVILLE MOTORS DODGE and PLYMOUTH MOTOR CARS and TRUCKS V I 9 HOWARD G BRITTING AGENCY REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE 5574 M 4 NC THE VILLAGE SHOPPE GIFTS CARDS and STATIONERY 5550 M 5 I W Phines: VV" i'amSsvTIIe I4i ---- AMhersT NI' I I 7 , . I S I. II I,z I.'.n- ii?-? I STPEIT Ehones: wffIIIfa'wsvIII+1 205 547 Iv1.aIr' Swai- BJIIII IIA. -OI4 VVI'IurHw-IIIr- N, Y . , I am SMQQI WIIIIamsviIIe, N. Y TeIer:IwmAs: TIE ---- 2S-- 598 I am 'we iIIiamsvIIIe, N. Y ITS A HEALTHFUL HABIT TO EAT ICE CREAM DAILY c Q PER YS Sold af WILLIAMSVILLE HIGH SCHQQL PERRY S DAIRY S RIIQNE 598 AK QN N Y D AMHERST DRUG STORE THE REXALL STORE H J VVRIIQHT TEIEODORE JUNGEY ROGERS MARKET pIes FIR E S T O N E HQME AND AUTO SUPPLY 5 8 M Sfoof bIue coal Semef Sol ay Cole That Sai sfIes WILLIAM DAHL T R ad W I Complmems I AMHERST RECREATION CENTER Compl m nfs of TOM HUESTIS PLUMBING HEATING SEWERS 96 PTOITI Place W II a f LfvfuIc Ior IIT Siln I R A f W0 all Dulanoy Frozen Cmvda ' R , We eIIver . . A ' --- :ard --- V Bae Bwldini WI 'amsviife Com Im TTI of I' II - v I II9 SouI'1 Unlon 0 SI an I iIIiamsvIIIe O4AR I e I, o I I msviIIe, N. Y. Co-wlImenIsf1f KNAPP S CHILDREN S SHOP AMHERST QUICK FREEZE INC FRESH FROZEN MEAT VEGETABLES FRUITS POULTRY FISH MAIN I D 8I E MOTORS THE HOME OF AN HONEST DEAL Exclusive LINCOLN MERCURY Dealer HON RA If DIETER S FRONTIER SERVICE BATTERY TIRES LUBRICATION SERVICE DOUBLE REFINED GASOLINE AND OILS POPES MARKET EILEEN BEAUTY SALON I9 CAYUGA ROAD QUALITY MEATS PI 492 Q may dFd,E I I - I i 54h5 S :EET rv '- SMS- I 5 E: , P S :E 'ZCQ I at Us IWIDIUS WAII'g:rI5vf Iv I29 VV' I.i"S-III I Phone IO3 'One EC' 'Jn 5 an r' df von' LITTLE WHITE HOUSE HENRY P BRONKIE IP MAPINL CASUALTY III INSUPAIC AMHERST HARDWARE Inc IA IVNAPI PAINT U LII 549: M U62 AMHERST WALLPAPER AND PAINT 'J MAIN STRELI WILLIAMSVILLE TIRE SHOP W ANI USED T S 458 M WIla"ws N apo 3 FRIEND THEODORE E SMITH MUNDIS SERVICE STATION C MARTIN GILBERT www CLERK A E FIDINGER VNERAL CONTRACTOR k,','RC,"',,IS f - F .Q . V. V11 I. L V DI IN,A,'w, AISI VfIII1vw,' I" IUN R I ww f ILIISIRICAL S PP 'S ' In Straw? VVIIf1'v'Sf 'P QI, Y. 545 'IX VV" I. x44 ANI. N' "PZ WIIIIVI ,f III' PIII PH Lvrir' :I CompIIm0nIS Of NE. ' Q I IRES . Jr. an S+. I 1 I -fee, , Y. ' VL.Ica":"g Re: im CmmpIImonIS of Com: M., ' 'S A Mah and N. EIIICQII Ompumems OI C0mpIime2nI5 of ' G. . Supervvsor and Mrs ALBERT HERMAN GRELL S DELICATESSEN ROSWELL L TURK I MA N STD THE YARN SHOP rc NORTH fmm-,A B MILLER CO IAQ WAV? NUPSI RY HU UM5 N HERBERT L PERNEY msn Q AL ES A swam Of 57M W WILLIAM VOGELSANG FUNERAL I-'OME S NELSON H BLOCHER GENERAL INSURANCE Pone 3II Ga N Y QI MR and MRS A W HARKNESS Cf '1vp'l"'- 1 I ' I Cf'xrvvplImf3r'f5 jk I-'FAI SIAIE INTUTAIWI 5495 I LU VVIIITAHISVIIIO N, Y, ' ' R . L . C K 5 NIU? SY VU' EW, I N, Y, :L Y 57 :L r.?A' Nl, ' if I E gum I g I swam 5'I""' 'S 3' Evofrvqs PFQPQ 400 FHSFQ 223 5495 Ma?" S LICI, f E I TE w 'R I ' Iffce: 3 I . a 'w Sfvcff' EQO7 Mijn SI- W II awsvg IL, N, Y I'IIm1frZ IIIia'vsv7 If' VIS Mlm' 355 W Lax' QQII qLu'i'y SCMIQQ ' Com imenfs of IN . . . . IO7 rrison Read WIIIiamsv1Ile, , . HOAK ELECTRIC E TRICAL CONTRACTINC AE LANIC S MRS HARRIET TAYLORS DRESS SHOP SUGG and WOLF AMI-IERST SERVICE COMPANY CONN SMITH LUCILE CORTI Mow MAJE CANDIES SHISLER S GREENHOUSES ICI1 u Flo BEITERS FEED STORE S628 M FIELD AND OAR BEN SEEDS FERTILIZER BABY CHICKS WERSTINE BARBER SHOP L STANLEY BEACH VUNEPAL JIRECTORS WI I N Y EL C O v V Q v p I E ' I'r"w- WI " NIIIH III? IIWJU NIQIVL 'SM'-of MW' Ik' 'I .. 'H-VIII,-, N,--,v Your I ci -"1 wI. 'f-rf, I-I Growers o oice C I wers , AVWIMI, L-M-HvvII1Is, B'uI:'IIm4 Wnn' ' Ei' :I LJI:s':fE1.5 Mx? U"-I-7 xml Ufm Rfw'I N N. Y. I F aIn S' N.'VIIlI3msviIIe, N COrr'pIT"'0'wTf. WI 'E ' I PI-QFQ' WIIII.1rrw5viIe I77 We LJGIIVCV Comp1I:VxL1's QI CCmpIimu"'S JI I CompII'werIs of Suzi or fc 'NQIVIQ 84 Bar, Ir, Ini. d I DR. ' II 'a"wsvI1':, . . MISCHLER S FLORIST CUSES C T OQ ST O I, ADD TO YOJ SAVINGS WILLIAMSVILLE SAVINGS 81 LOAN ASS N 1 LOVE QUEEN O IN IIEEN SPARKLING BEVERAGES P-Zeaoww m www api Ben Swan PHOTOGRAPHER Ph Ah 8363 S BIII N Y Flowers Fm AII vccasions I GREEN!-I' -IIESUI-IF.E RAI RSMEI and VVIIcIeSe Q S 'L ', HSA pk., V. ' R :N J"'A'1: We I I C'gG Ivy I ES n W I 7,1 ILK I XIX I A-, M il I1 C .sf . : W In r n '5'T i4igQn:i5 f3fgf355iEfg'.!T1iJT! fs? T!'i'i1ef1??T3T2TlTlTi7aiS7lZlTfflTl1liiTl-T. T471 Tl 'zziflfe-IfT-FTLTQIL76732-ILTfTlEgELELE?24ZYiifffilffrifg?1flj1:lEL5lSLflT-Z: 1lTl'l1L' :Iit-i1lI4?67434337-i-viii?343431EiiififelegleliiiliIihiil-1251iI:I535xiz:I9I3E4i-'-ifI-:fi-5121211-I-24241 'Ju+i2E1:+4i4?4u!4'1n1?:,x - 1 . A .11 111 .1 ,:.1.: , 41-14 .4-1-gnu, Fi 1 7 I 4. 21 FI YI fl Z1 if .- . Ei gi .3 Y T 23 12 . 2 4 2 I 1 1 L fi is ii li ' ' L .2 . 5 A I . T Q I I1 51 li fi fl if ii rl 'S if -6 V. ? I 1 i s 4 5 ? Q. 1. L I. L. fi fi , - ti .. 'Q ' f ' 5 I : 1 1 5 i i 4 E L1 .I Z1 ii '11 za. u1a.-.::- 1 -L .-1 7+--ir?-I+. . .-1-nf 9 .- -. ..-.-.-. l?i. l1:?L iTlT l+ZflT 'STITS :1'r:1:'4!-.-4-f4T4T2!.Z1Znll-A-1v.Ln .---sux::v:u::1:v:f:':vv:ff':fi non 3 I v 1 O 4 Q'99 L """ I..

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