Williamstown High School - Totem Yearbook (Williamstown, NJ)

 - Class of 1973

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Williamstown High School - Totem Yearbook (Williamstown, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 60 of 182
Page 60 of 182

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Page 60 text:

CLASS HISTORY WITHIN MY MEMORY As we the Senior Class of 1973, look back, it is hard to remember all of the little things our class as a whole participated in during our four years here. Many things happened and many things changed. Do you remember them all? As freshmen we were new, inexperienced, and whether or not we want to admit it, we were unsure of ourselves. Mr. Baker, our class advisor, didn't waste any time getting us out on the streets selling magazines, candles, stationery, and who knows what else. Our Freshmen Football team had a sensational season of six wins, two losses, thanks to all of those brave muscular guys, and we beat West Deptford Varsity team 14-6. The Age of Aquarius we'll never forget, all those balloons? We got the hop off of the ground but oh, that Christmas Cotillion. Something else happened, it was the year Women's Lib took a step forward. Girls could now wear slacks to school. By the end of the year the upperclassmen broke us in and finally we would become Sophomores. The first day back as Sophomores something was different-the V.P. After the first week Mr. 0'Connor became well known. That year we were all off to a better start with the help of Miss Devinny. We sold magazines again and held a car wash that left a lotto be desired from the customers-but at least we had a great time. And who could forget that great production of the Variety Show entitled "Rainbow of Stars." We didn't have much luck with the Sophomore Hop because it was cancelled. Every year we decorated our car for Homecoming which, of course, was in our opinion always the best decorated car there. The Rock Band "One Step Beyond" became famous after just one concert. But what do you expect from W.H.S.? During the summer a big operation took place of putting down a new gym floor. Never again would we fall over the boards that buckled up in the middle of the gym. As Juniors we began to make ourselves at home. It was the first year of staggered sessions and it was the first year for the Prom. Unfortunately not everyone was allowed to go because of the misunderstanding between the studentseand the school board. The Prom's Theme was "Colour My World" and it tumedgout gmat. Wegsom candy and programs at the football games and decorated another outstanding car for homecoming. The Junior play "Our Town" also survived and we beat Edgewood on Thanksgiving Day. That was the year we gave all the Driver Education teachers nervous breakdowns. Our Cross Country Team was unbelievable and brought much fame to W.H.S., and last of all our Tennis Courts were resurfaced. The day finally came, we were there . . . SENIORS . . . at last. So much happened. Miss Devinny turned Mrs. John Norcross, Congratulations. The school released us at 12:10 every day because of split sessions. All the of- fices and guidance rooms were redone over the summer to add a new and different sight to the old place. The play under the direction of Mr. Dennis was a success and a lot of fun. The Yearbook took a lot of work and we could never have done it without Mrs. Schafer. The Juniors will give us our prom and we won't have to worry about paying for it. Our three Queens at Homecoming were beautiful and so were the cars. The Seniors on Cross Country came through again in flying colors and we even tied a Football Game. We'll never forget those Senior Supremacy Days or our victory in the Powder Puff Game. Our Soccer team had a fantastic season, and Mr. Gunner was here to see it all too. Our trip was to Washington and we also had a "Class Night" to put on. But of course the day we'll never forget will be the "Graduation of the Class of 1973," Class Officers: Freshmen Sophomore Junior Senior President - John Hewitt Mark Candidi Omar Bey Omar Bey V.P. - JoAnn Leinger JoAnn Leinger Mark Baldwin Roger Cassi Secretary - Debra Janos Dot Krawsky Lea Matta Effie Pappas Treasury - Roger Cassi Terry Mather Terry Mather 180k Rein

Page 59 text:

Comm. 3, Junior Play, Yearbook 4. Scenery Design 4, F.T.A. Sec. 4, Senior Play St Senior Trip Comm. Reimer. CathyACancer-Academic 81 Business-"Far out Man"-Seen with Renae, Renetta, Billie Ann, 81 Tom, Remembers January 27. 1972 -Rock Band Concert. Twirling 1-4. Co-Capt. 4. Varsity Choir 4, Variety Show 2. Junior Play. Rein, Ann Marie-Pisces---Academic 84 Business-"Come On"4Remembers No. 7. 1971 - when she found Bob, the person who has made her the happiest. Hockey 1-2, Basketball Mgr. 1-2, Choir 1-2, Student Council 3. Home Rm. Rep 4, Sr. Supremacy Comm., Homecoming Comm 4. Jr. Play. C.L.C. 2. Rein, JackVAquarius---Academic-"l don't know"-Seen with Barb, John, Ann, Guy. Remembers the day he got the part of Scarecrow in the "Wizard of Oz" and March 10-11. 1972. Fire Patrol. Choir 1, Operetta 1. 3. 4, Junior Class Play. Soccer 2, Wrestling 2, Tennis 1, Choir 3-4, Key Club 3-4, Prom Comm. Class of '73, Treas. Lib. Aid 2, F.T.A. Yearbook, Reflector Staff, Sr. Exe. Comm. Richardson, Delores-SecretariaI-Business-Tennis 3. Richmond. Bernice-Leo-Seen with Priscilla, Val. Emma, Remembers meeting her Mom after 17 years and being in her sister's wedding. Drill Team 2, Track 2. Variety show 2, Flag Squad 3 81 4, Reflector 4. Richartz. Renae-Libra-Academic-Secretarial-"Oh, you little baby"-Seen with Maria, Cathy, Debbie, and Billie Ann. Remembers meeting Richie 9-12-69. Softball 1, Student Council 1, Drill Team 1. Ritter, Edward--Taurus-Technical-"NOVA"-Seen with P.P., C.L.. JP. Remem- bers 8-19-72 - Took Patti down Fortisque. Roesly. Chris--General. Romanowsky. Mary-Aries-College Prep.-"Do it Again"-Seen with El, Jan. Judy. Remembers 10-30-71, meeting someone very special. Chorus 1. Operetta 1, Frosh Hop Comm, Variety Show 2, Exe. Comm. 2, Junior Class Play, J,V. Hockey 3, Prom Comm., Yearbook 4, Powder Puff 4. Homecoming Comm. 3-4. Senior Play Usherette 4. Softball 4. Donkey Basketball 4. Rule, Wesley-Libra-Academic-Business-"Ecpress Yourself"-Seen with Pat, Dennis, Charles, Rich. Remembers getting an interception during a football game against Eastern. Football 1-4, Wrestling 1, 2, 4, Track 1, 2. Rutherford, Keith-Gemini-College Prep.-"What's Happening man"-Remem- bers June 15, 1972, when he got his permit. Track 2, 4. -3- Sabo, Andy-Gemini--College Prep,--"What's happening"-Seen with Bruce, Willie, Dave, Ed, Joe. Remembers basic drafting and Frosh year with Mr. Stanley. Golf and Cross Country. Samms, Emma4Saggitarius-Business-"Ah, Come on"-Seen with Darlene, Kathy, Bunny, Priscilla, Valorie. Scafidi, Joseph-Cancer-Academic-"What's happening"-Seen with Joe, Steve, Gail, Ray. Remembers when he won the soccer conf. against Eastern. Varsity Soccer 1-4. Scarpinato. Eleanor-Sagittarius-Academic-Seen with Mary, Judy. Janet. Remembers after the Homecoming Game. Student Council, Choir 1, 2, Operetta 1, Hockey 1-3, Frosh Exe. Comm., Sophomore Hop Comm. 81 Exe. Comm.. Junior Exe. Comm. Prom Comm, Junior Play, Yearbook, Senior Trip Comm, Usherette for Senior Play, Softball. Seagrave, Judy-Pisces-Business-"Oh my aching back"-Seen with Diane. Carol. and Vickey, Remembers when she had her daughter. Short. Anthony-Leo-"Whats happening"-Seen with Al. Joe, Pat. Remembers the Marathon at Echelon. Siedlecki. Joe-Leo-Academic-"I gotta go home"-Seen with Willie, Bruce, Dave, Bobby, Robby 81 Hawks. Remembers winning the state meet and a 5'5" living trophy at Warinaco Park, Mr. Senior, Football 1, Basketball 1, Track 1-4, Cross Country 2-4. Simmons, Timg-Leo-Business--"Far Out"-Seen with Andy, John, and Dave. Remembers the Summer of '73, Wildwood and the TRIBE, Choir 1-4, Operetta 1-4, Student Council 2, Bowling Clug 2-3. Smith. Katherine-Pisces-Academic-"OOO-Wow"-Seen with Priscilla. Loretta, Omar, Charles, Kenny. Remembers going to the Junior Prom, and graduating from W.H.S. Class Treasurer 1, Yearbook 4, Senior Play. Smith, Priscilla-Scorpio-Academic 81 Business-"Oh Wow"-Seen with Bunny, Loretta, Kathy, Valerie, Paul, Remembers the first time she marched onto a football field with the Color Guard. F.T,A. 1, Library Aide 1. Hockey 2, Talent Show 2, Tennis 2, Color Guard 81 Class Play 3, Rifle Squad, Class Play, Homeroom Rep. 4. Smith. Bob-Leo-Academic-"lt just shows to go ya"-Seen with Bill, Rocky, Bill, 8i Jim. Remembers when he graduated from W.H.S. Smith, William--Leo--Business-"Dingbat"4Seen with Bob, Jeff, Guy, Gary, Mark, Calvin, 81 "Lynn," Remembers when hehas summer vacations and made second honor roll. Smuzinsky, Bernie-Sagitarrius--Academic-"What a bite"--Seen with Sandy, Peg 81 Liz. Remembers getting her car and license. Chorus 1. Student Council 1. Homeroom Rep. 4. Snyder. Clavin-VirgrPGeneral-"Far out"-Seen with John, Fred. Dave. Ted. Remembers that first night at the pit when we were not ourselves. Band. Stadnick. Holly-Capricorn-Academic-"Ya want it? Ya like it? lt's yours"-Seen with Ter, Glo, Cath. Remembers when she was pushed up to playing singles in Tennis against Highland and won. Tennis 1-4. P.A. 1-2. Stage Crew 1. Operetta 1. Basketball 1-2, Honor Society 3-4, Homeroom Rep. 4. Stewart, Jimmy--Cancer-Shop-"Ballet"-Seen with Joe. Tommy 81 Mike. Remembers getting RC. on the road. Buzz. Football 1-3, Homeroom Rep. 1. Track 1-2, Stage Crew 1-4. Stinson. Linda--Aries-Academic-"I ain't going"-Seen with Merry. Lori. Paulette, Sandy, Joyce, Chris, Maryann. Remembers the Summer of '72 down the shore. Fashion Show 2-3. Powder Puff 4. Stokley, Christine--Aries'-College Prep---"Hieee 81 Byeee"---Seen with Verna, Charlotte. Bill, Neal, Bobo, Dum Dum. Remembers the day she found Bobo and decided to go to Devon. Chorus. Stone. Daniel-Virgo-BusinessA-"Right On"-Seen with Joe, Frank, Ron. Remembers the day the Alpine burnt down. Stone. MichaelfAquarius--BusinessA"Just keep cool"--Seen with Joe. Cris, Bob. Remembers the walkout in '72. Basketball 1, Bowling 1-2. Surwillo. Dorothy-Libra--"Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today." Remembers when she came to W.H.S. and how she had made so many friends the first day. -T- Taylor, Rob-Leo-College Prep-"How's it going"-Seen with George, Charlie, Richie, Roger, Marty, 81 George. Remembers the Christmas of '71. Football 1, J.V, Baseball. Temme, Pat-Pisces-Academic-"Live every day to its fullest"-Seen with Wes, Cristine, Judy, Sandy, Barbara, 81 Dennis. Remembers having to walk to school in the snow when all the other schools had off. Chorus 1, Hockey 1-4, Indoor Tract tCapt. Varsityi, Operetta. Thomas, Robert-Aries-GeneraI-"People are people"-Seen with Vince, Frank, Steve. Remembers nothing. Thompson, Jeff-Virgo-Academic-Seen with Mark, Frank, Bob, Ray. Remembers all the fun we had in the Junior Play. Baseball 1, 3, 4, Junior Play, and Senior Play. Tinges, Leo-Sagittarius-College Prep-Seen with Bill, Dennis, Ed, Steve and Joe. Tennis 1-3. Tracy, Mary Ann'-Sagittarius-"Oh my goodness"-Seen with the Art Class. Remembers winning her first one-man art show and making it in the Art Hall of Fame. Hockey, Basketball, Softball, Scenery Design, Yearbook Staff. Trakalo, Sandy-Capricornw-Academic-"Really, don't you think"-Seen with Barry, Terry, 8. Pat. Remembers meeting Barry in History l, and being able to spend her Jr. 81 Sr. Years with him. Hockey 2-3, Basketball 1-2, Student Coun- cil 1-2, Honor Society 3-4, Variety Show 2. Trimbach, Bob-Leo-Seen with Dave, Mike, Dandie, Dot. Remembers graduation day. -V- Ventura, Roseann-Aquarius-Business-J'Really"-Seen with Barb, Margie, Mike, Remembers January 5, 1971, going out with Mike. Senior Prom 1971. Villa, Trieste-Spanish Club, F.T.A. Voschin, Matt-Academic-Key Club 3-4, Bowling Club 3-4, Soccer 2. -W- Watras, John-Academic-C.L.C., Bowling Club, Reflector, Yearbook, Choir, Operetta 3-4, Senior Play 4, Williams, Audrey-Business-Hockey, Choir, Music Dept. Play, Frosh Comm. Williams, Jeff-Aries-"Whata ya doin"-Seen with Pater, John, Gary, Dom, Charlie, Johnny, Bob. Remembers building her coffin in Woods 2. Wood, Michael-Capricorn-Academic-"Love is free but a frog is a friend forever"-Remembers being a member of the Dainty Maidens. Wright, Fred-Gemini-College Prep-"Bull"-Seen with Bob, Bill, Andy. Remem- bers the 1972 Glassbore baseball game which was the first Varsity game he pitched, Football 1, Basketball 1, Baseball 1-4, Marching Band 1-4, Concert Band 1-4, Student Council Rep. 1-2, Cross Country 3, Rock Band 3-4, Pit orchestra 4. Wright, Gregory-Scorpio-Business-J'Payback is a -"-Seen with Kevin, Terry, Terry. Remembers seeing the walkout. Wright, Stephanie--Scorpio-Academic-"You got that right"-Seen with Carrie, Lynette. Remembers becoming a senior.

Page 61 text:

WAS i IZ... 4AH?fw 4 Miwx yt X - sg E 5 l ij W I M f I P f j 2 'ill I N S Fix X QM Hfangh 5 x Aw xigb- , gwfl X Citi! U" '."'i' ': 1 ' 1 .X XXQ j Jus- '-' u' x fi. x-cw if .f f. . x X ' fi 1 X X ll 'I I L li ,A t s . 1 X K .. is ,,,' ,J f2a'lf Q 5472, I , I M605 viii' 3 we N X XV? 'Q' , ' G' f - 'x f Q iQqi i -. .A Senior Activities I N :ho 0 f .E ' if .: 3 ' ix 1 0 0 Q. A925 1 Q X ' V v 5 cfb wwa M 4? f9f K, Q 3 Q! ' 4 1' ui ' i ly Xb . 3

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