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w' P w w r 1 lu ,-f, ,M . w THE TUSAYAN THE TUSAYAN 1946 Edited By The SENIOR CLASS OF 1946 Published By WILLIAMS HIGH SCHOOL Williams, Arizona 1 THE TUSAYAN BUILDING OOL SCH MS HIGH WILLIA A w x 1 v 3 N w 1 When we are seniors We realize that We have been privileged to live in a very beautiful country of tall pines, graceful aspens, hardy oaks 'and gorgeous sunsets. Our lives are undoubtedly richer and better because of the happy times we have spent in the Woods and mountains. To keep- in mind some of our experiences, we have taken as the theme of our-annual the four seasons of the year as we see them here in Northern Arizona. In the late summer, Wlhen We start to school, the forests are like a deep green carpet through Which the soft pine breezes blow. Dedication r , w L I r V I T l A U X u N l "Qin THE TUSAYAN "1 EST' gr 35' W TO M iss Mary Watson Our librarian and our friend, in gratitude to her for her never failing interest and kindness, We, the Class of 1946, do affectionately dedicate this volume of The Tusayan. This year brings to a close her successful career of thirty-six years in our schools. 3 THE TUSAYAN , gil: iff V' am 3-W, ' ,- ,Q' ,uf 11 i Km'-f , F QQHQQM emnegm sngawivw H5 ! nassxssnfsf was M, D x, WJLEQW HBH!! 4 3 wx Q iii? N le , Hi fgigmwgb wW,g,??f-5 A-H wvfpnmif 'i 'G' V, , - ., 4., 5, F BOARD MEMBERS RALPH SOUTHWORTH Clerk LEVI MONTGOMERY CURTIS WHITAKER Member President 4 F -- ,.-, ..-. fxgwinnizfmmffw- P 5' ,..' Z.: .p....o Y . - M., . . ....-,. ... v 1 , w w 1 '. I In the autumn, when the days are grbwing cgldev, the frees begin to turn bright. Soon after the firsfgfrost the :forest is ablaze with the reds and yello-ws of the aspens Pand oaks that blend with the evergreena 1 1 ' W IP " L acuity and THE TUSAYAN MissFu-n Nfbqvyae d.Kn.y1Q mA'.Klo.ss E.CI-ang K 93 fx 0 THE TUSAYAN In!!! .. Pvt. Joe Baca Killed at Okinawa June, 1945 Pvt. T1homas Eugene Dial Died in Williams, Arizona. August, 1945 Sgt. Charles C. Hogue Killed over Borneo Spring, 1945 S-Sgt. Robert Lawrence Vidler Killed in France December, 1944 6 Seniors THE TUSAYAN Ann Johnson President Donald Gaddis Secretary-Treasurer Ivan Wilson I Donna McLeese ' Vice-President Velma Bryant Jack Whitted Alvino Figueroa Kathryn Dye 7 THE TUSAYAN Bonnie Williamson David McNelly Jack Grace Patricia Mowrey Billie Joe Gulledge Robert Blanton A Raymond White Margaret Barker 8 THE TUSA-YAN Tachie Navarro A Esperanza Martinez Dolores McNiel Harold Curry Harold Campbell Victoria Lizardi Susie Lloyd Harvey Cottolendy 9 THE TUSAYAN Richard Kielhorn Rosa Trueba Peggy Doubek Dora Manrriquez Rosalie Curry Dolores Collins James King Sponsor 10 THE TUSAYAN SENIOR CLASS HISTORY In September of 1942, our class of thirty-one .frightened freshmen registered in Williams High School. We were duly initiated by the sophomores and in return for the initiation dance which they gave us we treated them to a Hallowe'en dance. At our first class meeting we elected David McNelly, president, Picho Torrez, vice-presidentg and Hortensia Gutierrez, secretary-treasurer. The only thing marring our first year in high school was the death of two of our classmates: June Keys, who died September 29, and Victoria Corona, who died March 14. Tlhe first thing we did when we finally became sophomores was to hold an election of class officers. Ivan Wilson was elected presidentg Kathryn Dye, vice-presidentg and Pat Mowrey, secretary-treasurer. This year we had the opportunity of initiating the freshmen. Raymond White, Bob Blanton, Billie Joe Gulledge, Wanda Welker, and Ann Johnson entered our class from other schools. Don Gaddis, David McNelly, Ivan Wilson, Tachie Navarro, and Alvino Figueroa repre- sented the sopihomore class on both the football and basketball teams. Bonnie Williamson was a cheer-leader and several other girls were members of the Drumiand Bugle Corps. Ann Johnson, Donna McLeese, and Pat Mowrey were on the Viking Staff. In '44 we were upper classmen. One new member, Dolores Col- lins, entered from Washington, D. C. Class officers elected for the year were David McNelly, president, Ann Johnson, vice-presidentg and Billie Joe Gulledge, secretary-treasurer. At our next class meeting we proudly ordered class rings. On February 9, ten juniors presented the junior class play, "Enter the Hero," which was a great success. Two of our classmates, Piclho Torrez and Gustavo Vargas, were inducted into the Army. The class rings finally' arrived on April 9. The juniors participated in many school activities this year. David McNelly was selected as a guard on the All-Northern second string in basketball. Bob Blanton, Picho Torrez, David McNelly, Don Gaddis, and Ivan Wilson were lettermen. Ann Johnson and Alvino Figueroa were members of the Art Club. Bonnie Williamson and Donna McLeese were cheerleaders. Ann Johnson was a twirler. Into the Tihespian Club were initiated five members of the class. Ten juniors were on the Viking Staff and five were in the Swing Band. Our junior year was closed with the Prom, which was given on May 23. In the fall of 1945, we came back to our last year of fhigh school CContinued on Page Twelvej ' 11 THE TUSAYAN CContinued from Page Elevenj as seniors! Officers elected were Ann Johnson, president, Donna McLeese, vice-president, and Don Gaddis, secretary-treasurer. There were thirty of us, with Peggy Doubek and Susie Lloyd entering from other schools.. The senior class played an important part in all school activities. Bonnie Williamson, Donna McLeese, and Peggy Doubek were cheerleaders. Ann Johnson was majorette and Pat Mowrey was a twirler. Donna McLeese was president- of the Drum and Bugle Corps and Dolores Collins was- vice-president. David McNelly was president of the W Club. Ten seniors were in the Thespian Club. Six senior boys- Ivan Wilson, David McNelly, Don Gaddis, Tachie Navarro, Alvino Fig- ueroa, and Richard Kielhorn-received football letters. David McNelly received a gold football charm as an award for being chosen guard on the All-Northern football team. Taclhie Navarro, Ivan Wilson, and Don Gaddis received silver football charms for Honorable Mention. March 1, the senior class play, "Out of the Frying Pan," was presented. It was the greatest financial success in the history of the high school. Eleven seniors were on the Viking Staff. Jack Grace, David McNelly, Tachie Navarro, and Alvino Figueroa received basketball letters. Ann John- son was president of the Art Club. Rosalie Curry, Peggy Doubek and Donna McLeese were members of the Dramatic Club. In the class there were fourteen who had been together since the first grade. Tlhey were Margaret Barker, Harold Campbell, Harvey Cottolendy, Alvino Figueroa, Jack Grace, Dick Kielhorn, Victoria Lizardi, Donna McLeese, David McNelly, Dora Manrriquez, Pat Mowrey, Tachie Navarro, Rosa Trueba, and Ivan Wilson. The Senior Hop was given April 27, and our lhigh school days were concluded with graduation on May 24, 1946. Billie Joe Guliedge, Class Historian. 12 THE TUSAYAN CLASS PROBHECY PLACE-Grace, Grace, and Disgrace Mortuary. TIME-May 24, 2006. SCENE-Old Jack Grace is on his last legs and is feebly looking through the mortuary records, which contain the names of the senior class of '46, As the scene opens, we hear soft funeral music in the background as Jack mumbles slowly to himself: Well, I was down to see the doctor today and he says tlhat I haven't long to live. My passing will mean the end of the senior class of '46, of Williams High School. I just received a wire from Jimmy Bowie, the Superintendent of Williams High School saying that Donald Gaddis, the next to the last living one of the group, had just graduated from high school and had died from the shock as he was- handed his diploma. I-Iere's an interesting case. I remember :how Dolores Collins used to love horses. She finally met her end when her favorite horse, Dog Biscuit, kicked her behind the ear. It wasn't very long ago that Alvino Figueroa fthe man who put Harry James out of bus-inessl was playing a hot number wihen hegot the hiccoughs, swallowed his trumpet, and choked to death. I remember when they shipped Ann Johnson's body back from Africa. She had become an explorer and Wlhile hunting in Africa, chased a male ape up a tree. As she scrambled up after him, her weight was too much for a branch and she crashed to the ground. Poor Ann! Bob Blanton, who was a wealthy bean farmer in Missouri, was killed on June 1, 1995, when a runaway tractor ran over his head. Poor Bob! He was.a little eccentric in his old age. On the day of his death, he thought he was an ostrich and had buried his head in the sand when the tractor happened to go by. A little habit of Bonnie Williamson's was her downfall. At the ripe old age of 75, she was chasing a young sailor up the gangplank of a battleship. Her cane slipped and she fell overboard and was drowned. I can remember back in the good old days when David McNelly was always "throwing the bull." A reverse of this situation caused his death. One day he went out to saddle his horse and, his eyes being terribly weak, fhe saddled the bull instead. He hopped on the bull and was thrown off. As he flew through the air, he landed head first in a milk can. He was unable to remove the can and was smothered. Kathryn Dye opened up a coffee shop, which she ran for a number of years. But in her old age she began to get absent-minded. As a matter of fact, she became so absent-minded that one day, without fContinued on Page Fifty Ninej 13 THE TUSAYAN SENIOR CLASS WILL We, the distinguished Seniors of 1946, in order to perpetuate our cleverness, talent, and mannerisms, do hereby draw up our final will and testament, bequeathing to those less favored these valuable gifts. Please use tlhem for the honor of dear old Williams High or be forever haunted by the memorable Class of '46. I, Harold Camplbell, will my ability to speak good English to David Mowry. I, Dolores Collins, leave my love for horses to Bonnie Blanton, knowing with it she won't be so afraid of them. I, Harvey Cottolendy, bequeath my size 13 cowboy boots to Phillip McDonald. May he grow to fit them. I, Alvino Figueroa, bestow upon Bob Starkovich my ability to play the trumpet. I, Donald Gaddis, will my full set of wihiskers to Mark Byrd, knowing that he will encourage them as they deserve. I, Jack Grace,' leave my ability to play nose poker to Marc Smith, hoping his nose won't get as large as mine. . I, Billie Joe Gulledge, bequeath my nickname, "Frenchie," to Nancy Samson. I, Ann Johnson, bestow my Lauren Bacall look to Martha Melick, hoping it will make David happy. I, Donna McLeese, leave my ability to cihatter all the time to Jeanne Vick, knowing she' doesn't need it. I, Rosalie Curry, will my ability to become engaged in high school to Elaine Thomison. ' I, Margaret Barker, bequeath my platinum blond hair to Roxie Ralston, seeing that she already has- a good start. I, Esperanza Martinez, bestow my dimples upon Carmen Gamboa. I, Dick Kielhorn, leave my bashfulness to Johnny Tissaw, knowing he'll put it to better use. I, Victoria Lizardi, will my ability to type to Billye Joyce Keys. I, Bonnie Jean Williamson, bequeath my stepladder for getting into my locker to Sheila Williams, hoping it won't be too short. I, Harold Curry, bestow my SEE-GARS upon Gene Lovitt, with no intention of stunting his growth. I, Kathryn Dye, leave my pin-up boy, "Bugs Bunny, the Wittlc Wabbit," to Naomi Whitted, knowing she will keep him in 'ikawotsf' CContinued on Page Fifty-Eight! 14 uninrs THE TUSAYAN Barry Sutton President Johnny Tissaw Vice-President Pat Henderson Secretary-Treasurer Ilene Barker Neal White Wayne Massey Maggie Trueba Dorothy Crum Arthur Lopez 15 THE TUSAYAN Sheila Williams Robert Starkovlch 40'-'ff' df' 4 C7.SfpQp r -'V ff 51, 0 D ., Fra' 4-' A HL! Sal Balderas Q . is f Julia Lizardi r r ,R . Y wr? 2 . EQ Delia Negrette Ozro Lee Charles Guerry Martha Melick Susie Bennett .. N My ,U -. . fn.. 'J 'Br' .12-'ILL . !.,yQ1Nm wb ,,4, THE TUSAYAN Nancy Samson Robert Dean Wilson John Garcia ww Wwe? Um Kina ,f U V Bryce Bowdon John Joe Ayelai Z3 0! ff-"4"jd , W If Dean Sanchez Lillian Manrriquez Mrs. Aileen Klass Sponsor 17 f LJ A l if J l Carmen Gamboa f' .vig U f' n 3 l THE TUSAYAN JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY In the fall of 1943, 44 students, 21 of whom had just graduated from Wlilliams Elementary School, were enrolled in Williams High School. Tlhe following officers were elected: Sal Balderas, president: Beverly Brown, vice-president, Betty Mae Dyer, secretary-treasurer. After a two-day initiation we were entertained by the sophomores and were treated as if we belonged. Tnhe Hobo Hop sponsored by the freshmen was given at Hallowe'en. We did our best to make it a suc- cessful party. There were two girls on the Viking Staff, Beverly Brown and Nancy Samson. Dean Sanchez, John Joe Avelar, Robert Dean Wilson, and Barry Sutton were on the football squad. Arthur Lopez, Sal Balderas, Dean Sanchez, David Hulett, Robert Dean Wilson, Joihn Joe Avelar, and Johnny Tissaw were on the Termite Team in basketball. As the term ended we were looking forward to the next year. We were finally sophomores-, actually sophomores. We elected officers: Barry Sutton, president, Wayne Massey, vice-president: Robert Dean Wilson, secretary-treasurer. This year we had the privi- lege of initiating the freshmen, and we gave the initiation dance which followed. We lost seventeen members and gained six new ones 'this year. We had four members on the Viking Staff: Martha Melick, Sheila Williams, Nancy Samson, and Dorothy Crum. Arthur Lopez, and Johnny Tissaw were additional members of the football squad. Bryce Bowdon represented us in Pep Squad by being elected twirler. In the fall of '45 we came backifull-fledged upper classmen. We again lost members of our class: Betty Mae Dyer, Ralph Garcia, David Hulett, Gail Hopkins, and Teresa Sanchez either withdrew or entered other schools. Santos Garcia went to the Army in tihe spring of '45, and Virginia Crockett married Donald Pedigo, and moved from Williams. We were saddened by the death of Merle Platt who died in Phoenix while taking his physical before going into the service. Three new comers to our class were Bob Starkovich, Ozro Lee, and' Clharles Guerry. Officers elected were: Barry Sutton, presidentg Johnny Tissaw, vice-presidentg Pat Henderson, secretary-treasurer. Neal White joined the six other junior boys of the football squad while Bob Starkovich and Barry Sutton joined the basketball team. We had four members on the Viking Staff. Nancy Samson and Martha Melick were on the Tusayan Staff. We 'had five members in the Rifle Club, three members in the Dramatic Club, and one member in the Art Club. Bryce Bowdon was awarded the Citation of Merit from the Scholastic Art Contest. The juniors were well represented in the music festival held in Flagstaff, April 12 and 13. The junior play was not given because of illness in the cast at the time it was sclheduled. Three junior girls were in the Dramatic Club play. We gave the Junior Prom on May the 18th. Our theme. was an under water scene. We ended the year by entertaining the seniors at a Junior-Senior picnic at Oak Creek on the Friday after Commencement. 18 I X I Sophomores Freshmen THE TUSAYAN SOPHOMORES Aljoe Suncelia President b Mrs. Edna Johnson . Sponsor Clyde Polson Marcus Rawlins Wanda Rippy Frank Carrillo Carl Curry Joe 'Cortez Phillip McDonald Donald Cameron Stanton Wyche Joyce Simms Nancy Grace Marc Smith Angelita Pozas 1 Frank Holladay rry Massey Jeanne Vick K Qilly Gene Lovitt ,lrf Betty Jayne Wolfe Emma Jane R'gins Billy Baker Dorothy Hogue Virgil Crockett Charles Smith Billye Joyce Keys Robert Maidhel Roxie Ralston 19 Bob Leverett Charlotte Anne Wilson gy ,rub .. . , gf -X55 X 43 'ty tif N ffl if kg 6- nk '3wf""M'1v4"'4'W"' fl!-4?'LGp sf '3 ' THE TUSAYAN FRESHMEN V 5' L' ' l .fu ' Q' Wu Mrsfifffelia V cher nptggionsor K President David Mowry Margaret Elizabeth Fisher Retta Lee -Melick Rose Mary Gerkin Mildred Williamson Barbara Bowden Collin Owens Lula Mae Willsey Julia Lopez A Joyce Gilbert A Angelita Rodriquez Lucille Martin John Johnson - ' Naomi Vifhitted 4 , p 1. 1 2 1 Sli V4 is f J av 1 yji . W l Jimmy Burrage Natalie Martin Mary Vargas Rudolpho Martinez Bonnie Blanton James Pedigo Alber-L Balderas Elaine Thomison I Mark Byrd Nadine Honwesima Sally Contreras Barnabas Bennett Refugio Avila Bill Huster 20 wif 0 N I When winter comes to Northezjn Arizona, the foresfi puts on its heavy coat of clear shining white and the ground is covered with a thick blanket. The skies are deep blue and the shadows purple in great contrast to thc! snowy ground. Activities X V, 'I I ..I I- -I.I .--III. 3- ..-II II.. ,I f . . .'I II- .'- I I.. - :.I. - --f '.I.III . -' ' I ..fI'.. II '-5' I.I I..'-I-. 1I..I p.II-'- 'r'- Lcf. -I.- I- I .III .I.-I .'-.' II- I'.. - F 'I.I - " f.-II 'II4I.- -. -. -"II"h-H ..I.II '- "I I -, -. " 'I'. "..5"-'-Pl' 5.--..-.I. -..- .I-.II. I, I.. II. ,.'I.-r. ....I,I-J.- .I.- . I .I.I 21- .' 'I. .I.' - I -.. .- '. 1. F ,. .I. .II.1 ' 41- I--. -- ' I.I" ' ""... .E. '."PI 4' " I"'- I" ""'I'.' -III .."-'-'-'I1'f15'-.' I' f"'.'3".J.'." L" ' " 'C'. -. - ."I. '... .".' d"I'I '- ' '.II ' -'L-I'.-'IIN .' '.I..' ."'5 It L? 1'-1 f. ' -'....' .1I."'H'.-P .I ' - " IH.. -- .-. I--f-'I " ' 1 - " - ' ' I .1-1. ' -2 37 'L I ' 1 .- ' -I .'."'I.'I.J':..I' 'gil "I. -I ' .. .. .I 'IRIII ,"' '5'-I' "' '. - 'J' ' I-III-I . ' gl '- - J , . 'fl -' ' -,, . - ' I 'J '9'.'.-If '- -' .-1 "I..'I .'.-" "'I.-' -IIII-I1J'.' , . "'. '-'.I. U . FI" .' . I. IL' ..I , -1 - L . ' .. II' '.I -.-I-. -j'jI-..-- . II ' I .IIIII II. II 'III I I'f..II- .III I I '.I..'..+I 'Ip-lj' I . .. " -I -I.- I - ."II I 'I ..I-I II. I -t-.IPI .III .. . ',-,.'.'.:f.-'...'.."!. .-'.' -. 1'1" T.':.' f'-' " ' .J -I 'Z-9-.1 ' '1'-I"1fi."'.f I III' .I'. -II..1...II'I..III-I"II J 1' "II ' "LIII.. ' . IIIII -1 4I.I.I--I .I ' ...I II'JI.1-'IIT-:I 1. .-"..': ' -1' ' ' , -,iff I '-.- .'1.'.:. 'g..- I .- L-'.'I:I .- ' ' .. ..I -I .-- I-I-' "'-1 -. 5- L- I ,.II- I- .. -,I .I II I.'- -.. -I JLII I ..I. II- . . I. I,..-I I I I. IIII-III---I . .fwI J II... IIII,-..I. lI.C..-IwIII'L . 'I-. -'I..EII.'III i--I."' II..HIIIIIIIII ..'I.'..- 'L.'I ' " - I- II NI- -I I .' .---H.-II I . II .- II . ' ..I -Prl . J .. . . 1 - J - , - . - .-. -' ..'.I'.. I.I. rIIIIIII- .-.I---ILIITIII II II FJIIII I. ILIIIIII I-II? EI-I.I III-IIIIIII II.IIII I I. I . III.I.I.I . A.,I I!-II'-IIIII.I I. .. I-I .ILI I-II-W -' ". 1 IJ-'- ' I. '. I.-'U-..-I..'-- . - ' 1 'L""' '. II . . I'.-"T I.I I--- I .I'.I'.II .I .'II I. I." I.. I. I..II,I-." . uI.II I ..."- VII-'I 'I "I-,'I. .. IIIIIH I.I I I.-.I-I -.-IIIIKII I ... IIIII. II-TIII -III II III I III I I I IIIII-II. I I .5 I I- I.I 1-IrII'I HJ I I I1 r. IIIIIIIII .. I ., IIIIIII IIIIII-f. JI .II.I.II1I-I:.I-II I.I-III.. . I II ...II -..I,I.I-III -.II WI-I!IIIII.f I II .II-I I "'."'. 'T '. ' .I' -' - " .""'-U' . " II I ..'.'.u' . I-'If' I- I -1. .I ' ' I.. . ..r. .. '.-. .I . . , .. -1 - .,I .I I.I -I. I .. I - '.-j'I .II II " .I . I. .'...I.I I'. I., II. I .. I-,II-I' -I-I . L IIIIIIIII III I-III' .I 'IIIQ-LIIIIIVI II ..I.III IIIIIIII.I-I- IIIIIII -I Ii: I I ' I.I.ffII I-IIIII1II-I III..-I -.I -I.3III.-I.III .IIII. I IIIIIII '-I. .I. I IIII.I' . I...W.I'II-II' -"II-,-,I I"- '. II'.I - IIIIIV' .D-.I. - I J. 'I-I-'..I I-1 - I 1' I 1. .'I "-. .I - II I .. -. II 5 II '.'-' LII.-.--' ...I-"I -'IIg. -. - .. ' -. - II .- ' I I 4. Ib' III 1 1 -, .I. .- -' ' -II . '.. 'I ' . I. .I . . -- '.' '..I 'I'-1' ' .I..I.'I ' "','1 -.' -.'1-I'.' u'I.I"I'-' ' . 1 '. 1 "I'.-'I'. 'L Q'-5' Q " I ..' I' I.I.. 'F ..- '."J'.-- .I I .I .. 1 1 -.3 . -if mf .3 .V ,I-I1 I'I. .I .IIT .E -' .I'. "I ...---I.I . II g ' I 4 . '31 'I -.. ' -:II .. - ' Hg If Ig ,.j. .--' ' 2. ,.-. -"I'..I..- '..---1--If-1'-" ' :'.r.-- , '. .. .U "f.'I-1II'.-I.." .':I.I 'f'I"' ' .'I"1f'I-II. r",. II .I I I I I ,IIIII I Ig -III 'I. "'-1.I-. I I I .'I 'I W.. ' '-'I " ' Q ... . ' '. 1 II II4' A '- , I . I I. I . aw- .. I I.II III. II.. .I. .. I III. IIIII . 'I 1.IIII'III'III. II II I.. I.IIII-I.I.-III.. I JI 1III'II.II' III .I. I I IIIII.. -. . . . ' .-. . YI. .-.. I .I - -I. .-. - ... '-' ZWIQI'-I.I I. - I-III"f.'.5 II".'."'lI'..!I'UI 'I.' IIIII ,.-. .I ' QI- MII "'II I1.I - 'II' ' . PL 'PI " " LII ... ...-... . .-.-- . I I- "II I -. - . , ' '. I- . .-...II - "II'II II .I.I " III'I.'III 'II'I'I I7+..I- .ITT ',' 5I"'.I I'I -.I I'-' I I rIfI I .Q'-If.'- I II'I'-.I-.LI1I'..I.Tf .I.I 1'I.III'If -1 " --'-' '- I ' .. " -. I.'II '. . ' I . 1... . 'I..- 'If' .-1 -' " .. I-1- I II ..II I.I.II.I I ...,I .--J ,- IIII .. III.. IIIII--I.IIII ..- I L -..II If. I I .I I I I..II.- :IIILT II II. IIIII I. I- .1 '- '., "".I'.'. ...'hr I'.. ' f 1 . - I. . 'IJI .-I - ....-.I Il.-I.3' ' .I. I .II-'-'-If ' I ' I-II I, I . LI, I r I , I I I. I1 - .I.I I I.I , - .. 'I I.. -. r. '. I I. ,If-III .iI- 'I-II..-' -'J I LJ' I. .-gI- '- IIIII. .I- I. :I II'-IIIIIIIIIII I IIII III IIIIIE I..-I ..III I I. IIII II , I, II I.III.I IIIIII IIII .IIIT II .II-III III I L-II.I:.IIIII II IIIIIIII Ib II .IIIII II :T - ' -- . .... ..' I- ' .. I .. II . .--Ia'-I' .- I 1- '-' ..: - I.'1.'- " -- '."I . .L IIJ .-' I 3 I'.. III ' 'I' J-' "'I' I -'HI' - I'.-' 'YJ " g' '-.I.-' ' "' . '..' II- f'.." .'."" IJ I II I "3 I-J""'I. .. ... ' I"L-" ' ". '-71? .'I. "r'- 'L""-"- 'Tv ' ' -.' ' ".I.rII I .- -: 1.'. ' I' .."I IT -I. .. ---I I' .-.. I'.I-1 "3l'If.q - "II.".l-I...'.'-I-' ILII. ."III'I 3. II'1"f'1 Q.-T."-. .--IJI-'..'--III I, 'I-.JV . .-'1' I" I. Ir' 'I T, '. I"'L'1E.' 'I 'I'-"" ' 1 "-I' - ... -' ' 7. "r ..'I-'J ff? I I- '-- '. . I' .f-fI'I "-I "'. '. 'W' 1 ' ."' VT' ..2'I.-W I'IIII 'QE' 'I IIIII 'I I I " .u"' " '.' . 5-II I'- I .111 'I 'f'-1' .- -I.l "'.I' ,,' if' I... .I 'I ---.WIII II-'CI-I. -' . "I'.II' -" ,-".-I I "' I I ' -1' I' "'I'III-1 -I.. ..I-- - ...I ..--. .I.-. . . II. I.I..-I..., I II II.-M -,- I- I..-:"'-. .1"' I:--- 1.-'-'-I '.I.. IIIII --.I'F.'- ...-III- "" --I. 23... I'T.f-I,:I'I.I:..- --' I.'L: ' 3 I .III-. -'1III.I- gg-" ,,1'i-'- .. I L -,?gII".I. I I ..-I .-. I -'I .-.1. J,-..-II I I.I - ...--. I II.-IL.I I IIIII .IIIII. I. II . I I-I.-..-I II .-. I. ...I .I.. -. II.II ..I '..." I'I"'.III . .I .I ...... . - I I. .I IIII. . -I.'. I III'I' . II'IFII. ' ".'I' I.I. U. . I1If::""'F-'..IIfI' -II" ' ' H11-I'.',' ,'-." '. a'I" f '-l--.I-I Ir -1' .I' .I I .'I"I.I' " I' A ' L I .. ."' . 'I I' . .' -.I.:-- I"'I '-' ..- 'I 1'-.1 JI .3 'I-'-. .I '.-' -.q.e:.- I ' -.I...I'.5- - .- 5- , ' -3. I-.' -'f"?12I:.2.' ."-I ' .'.I'-,-".aL." . -I." ' ". .' . - - I '...-'L-...I I '- I"-L. I:-U .I 1-I I'-I' ..'?fI'iQ '...'I1'I ,1" 'I'..' ' .. -' .-I - ...-.I I - --...3- .I.I I. ' . ' I,- -'.' II .I.I.',' -1 .'II- I- II I' " ' .- FI.I.- -II . --I- -11' I"- I'IIII - IIIII . III.II'I. -- .I 'II-II.II...I.mI,.I.I ""If II.IIII FII-,IIIIKII-1 - I I.I.!-, I'I'I'I'.IILsIIII'III' -I .,II.'I.III .I IF' I- I ,-I III.. .I-III.I'II.I.I'II .'L '... I'- I'. . ' "-..". ' '. .-. J.....-1...-' . '- ". I"- -" ".-. 'II' -... - -I If- I'.'1"."I"5'I ""I". "!I"I'I :.-I-.'.I'.-IQ. 'II I'. Ip' 'i.T.j'I-l'-- III'H""IIf1. I.EIII.'.L'-' -' 'I '.I'I 'II'?'.II"' .. 1.-... .- -....1 -I -..- . 1 -"-. '."'-""'1' "IIA . "'.'I. - "I 7: ' 'II 1' E'f.'Ij5"'.""' '."."- ' -"W - .1 "'H " '.-II ""C-C' 'III I.". . 'IJ' .. '. 5' J.' .. I' '. -I,' 'I flq 9. .1 ..I. ' f"I-f.I1'- ' 5 I- ' If I. .'II"I'. " "II.I Ig.'.I '1'I. -III .IT!f'-I .III.m lIII"r4-fII- I. I:"- JQ.'I":'.IrL" x'III'f"" IIIII IIT'IIIj'II1 LIII"'I-. 'I' l":II: .,'I' III' III- I'.': ' - 1 - .1511:-.',I-.-'-'-'-'.f -- ' --..',.s'. 11. -... -'I.-3 I' ...- ' ' .'.l'-' LET- '-' J." -- Q." I-""".15'- '.P ' ' 'HMS "4'IW-- iw- .- "'L'.'--.I"a1- .f -1 ... "'1"'." I 'I 'I I IIIII I- .. 'II I' ".1' .I...J1....'I'1. ..'. - -' -' -3- .'I . 'I' .5 .II.", - I. -II-.' .-. 'I.'.EI--'. ' "IJI'-'u',.'.- .I.II I. I.I.II..I.I I... IIII1 .IT I- , . Hi-.IIIcL.,II,III I IALI I 1- I.I. I .II .IIIII-III-IIII ,- I. I I I II .I I.-. II.. I.. .I 'IIIII .II IIIIIII I..I I I IIIL III I: .I IIIII - III.III.I, II. .IIMIII 'I-' II II I YI-'I I I- .Ir K' I.II.I.I IIIII- -'..-IPI., IILI .L II-IIII.I I.I..' I "' I -"Ii."' "-"L .. "II-"I:1." -' " I . Il"I I- FII' ' I "I .L " F' '..I' " 'II' .I.III . III.I.... ., I.-JI I IIII. . .I. I-III IIIIIII. ..I,.,II. .II .-.I..,L. IJ"I . ' ' "I.I ' III I.-.FII .II.- ,Ig ' ' I J '1I I .. ' - ,.I'I' . 'II I PIII -f-.-. I- I -. .- 4.1. - vIIIr. I.I.. - II I. U- . I I,.I,. ' I -., Z . I,' .I-... . I I I" I IIII"g.:I1I"II .j"' .-'I'I.I'.II- II . . '.- .- I-II I-'- I' .I '.'.I1I ,..1- '- I 'If' II "I-I ' " '.. ' I V . I.I I." ,-QI ' ' ' . ' 1 I.. -. 'f I,-. ' - .-"'. '.' .. .' 'I .II. . ' E' Q Il.I""' ..I'.-. JF'1"'-I f"1"' ." L ' '- -"-F. '1 'L1 1" - .'-"IT 'Is "'-' 'I'. . I . III . I.. .I.I II. . ,-I I . 1 .I. . I I , . . . ' -. II --'III.jI.I' IIIIIII.. IIIIIIIIHII. . I- 1 III f j..-1 '. II-I.II"III' III I- :II.II.I I ... ...--.I. 1.--II.-I, ,..'- -... -.fir-"' -. I I, I, . -I . .I'.'T..I"gI' 'I' I 'I'- .Ig - . dh"--'..-.1".'-""" . '-' jf' "'l.. '-" --II"'I2"'.1"-J'- --1 I - - - III ' .' IIIJII 'T " ,I..lI 4 I' -. II I ,' I III-I"t 'T' '-IIII "' ""'." "- 'I II-'wfq 'I-.'I'- ' ' FILQI II - -'I I1 '-1II'I I. ..I.I .IFJ .-"III -II-- ' "I.1I.IL IQ.. II-I.." " 'I . .'-III.II1II.II-'-'ks -.'Ii.I. 'II.I LI -' "HI- .'.I IIT. -I - ' ' .JI - f .. '.'.IL . .-I' . I' - I- -II1.I - I 1 .J- I- --.Q - 4..III,II. -.' I. .-..I .. .-' .I I. ' .I - II., - '- .I .II ... . I III.-'..1II-g..L.. - I '.. " ' -'II'II.'I1. "'.JF. 'U 'I'.' " YI ' ... A 1 I 1. "-' 1' I ' "I' . .I. I II:II.I I I-IIIIIJ.IIII I .-II-I.LI-. .'.IIII I .I.I I II. I II .II I-. QIIII.-.II II-.IHII:r-II-II.II:.: 'I -, -.III . ,.'-f'.2. 'J' I I---" - Lf--I -1. .ww ' . -I ' ' -".1.5'f , , - -IIIII"I II ' IIII- -..I.-.III'I' 'HL I'. IIIIIIWIII T., II .. .' - 'I.I- 'I I" . - I- - - I II .I-II- ..I I .III g .ITI III, I II I III. . I- .I IIII.I I IIIIII:.I I IL. I- in I- A-I I- II- -I '- . I II I.I I .II AI - I'..'I . I-r.: -, -I. I-. -I I.--. ' --,w ',-II ' -'. CI.:-'-'Q .- -fff I-I-.I-III ff' 'I 'I' ' 4- "--IJ 'I '. I-I,I5. I' III.,-I ' I .II" .-" I' ' '-.I . -.I- I'- ...'I "'I'..'I--JfI'I".'If-"' .'.1...II. HIL "I '- " - "- - 'RTI - "-.." -' r' I ' ' .' - N "Vi P -"-fv..'.- . . - .. - -- - . - - I . I.-.I ' .- - 1-I-1 .1 ' --. - -. - . -. I-.-I' 1,'-.?'- - :.:. , - f ' . -1. J- - ...-f -- ' -- -'f ... ' .. - . .. . .-.I --I .. I L . - . ' '-."'- . I- - ,. "." ' r I'fr'!' "III"I- '1' -IIT. 'I -'. " " ' YI '2' 2 " ".. " . I I1.'.IH"' '- -.III-' .' - -EI' IJ'-' -'f"II.'I' I.'IIIIIfI .." I I'1.I.I ... "I ' ' ."'I1"' ' '. I ' V--"1-'LI',, -I I - -,IIj'u, ' ' I-.I " I '.' .I U' n"' ". ""L' II'-I':"'f""-.'."' 7 .' " -' ".I"' - 1" .. T' . .-'..f-II. .I II. I'. -. I-. . .',.' .I. 'I-'I "'..' .' '..' '.- ..I-II. II -. I - I .' . I.-I 1 .'- " 'LI I--L ' LII' .'If4.fI'I". '?II'III--'I ...JI II'II I'1'f-'-' L. .'l- I..'. " .'f"f-I I' ' "I " I .,' "J .'I' . .':I'If"L' I I. I I- rI I . I..' -I. -." --rj ... I . .--'I 2- I- I,.I---' II- .. - II.. II--.I-. .I- . .. I-I .' .'..'I FIIIIL I'Z"."jI'I ft 'I . -.TI -II I.I'-' ' ..I ' ' .'.'. ". 1-.'Ig.'--.-. .-'- -' . .II ' "ILM" I'...-'IJ-'I. ' ' '-IIK' I-I' '-.. rf."' " I' Jf'IJ'l'. " .' ".'.' "'.'.I...1' ."'f"-'-""" J' "-""" -"'Il- . '. 1f""' .'I""H'I. ""I"' ' 'I 'V mi 1 J'L.I'. .7'rT. .' ""I" "P-.I 1 .I.I..i'I I'. M.. J. '-.I " ' - I' ' . :.-I..f:b- I'. . - '- -' ' -F 1' 'FI ' ...- "'. II' '...'.""" " 'I-III' 1' "H"' -' .I II '-.... .. .I. .-'. I. " I L ...r II.. . . ,.I. . . ... LII IIIIIIII...I I . .I.. THE TUSAYAN V i rusmu I w I I 1 1 0 i L uf'-Hai' ' VJ wi A ' r s rey M9W V A . Johnson Wm Guia l ie Llza roll 21 THE TUSAYAN 22 THE TUSAYAN Mfmelnck m 23- THE TUSAYAN 24 THE TUSAYAN DRAMATIC CLUB PLAYS His First Shave" "Hold Everytlhing 25 THE TUSAYAN 26 Masg ey THE TUSAYAN Gulled e Ediior-ifl-c Jef 27 THE TUSAYAN 28 Avila THE TUSAYAN V " Doubek I Hbrjjulsirrfoa vu k 29 THE TUSAYAN - DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS The Drum and Bugle Corps resumed its activities With the opening of school under the supervision of Mr. Schruben. Election of officers was held the resultsof which Were: Donna McLeese, president: Do- lores Collins, vice-presidentg Charlotte Anne Wilson, secretary-treas- urerg Ann Johnson,,majoretteg Charlotte Anne Wilson. Martha Melick. Pat Mowrey, and Bryce Bowdon, baton twirlers-3 Peggy Doubek, Donna McLeese, and Bonnie Williamson, cheerleaders. The first activity of the year occurred when the corps traveled to Flagstaff, where they appeared between the halves of the Flagstaff- Williams football game. Tlhe first home appearance was made two Weeks later between the halves of the Williams-Wins-low game. Ap- pearances were also made during the basketball season when the Vikings entertained Prescott, Winslow, and St. Johns. In addition to the drilling and appearances at the games, the corps sponsored ,a high school Co-ed Dance, a public dance, raffled an electric mixer, which was donated by the Williams Lions Club, and sold candy and cokes. The purpose of the money-raising activities is to collect enough money to purchase new uniforms. At the present time over 39600 has been raised and it is hoped that the corps will have suf- ficient funds to obtain the uniforms for the 1946-1947 school year. Tuhe Drum and Bugle Corps proved to be one of the most active andthe most popular girls' groups in the high school. In full force it consists of fourteen drums, two cymbals and twelve bugles. In addi- tion to the members with instruments, there are four baton twirlers, one majorette, and three cheerleaders, with the color guard being an additional duty of the cheerleaders. Plans are already underway for next yea1"s activities. 3 0 THE TUSAYAN Glee Club Drum and Bugle Corps in :formation Majorettes ' 31 THE TUSAYAN SPORTS Our football season for 1945 was more successful than the two previous years because of experienced players. Our team started the season in high gear, by defeating Jerome and Snowflake in our first two games. The third game we lost to Clarkdale, upsetting the two wins, but the Vikings came back into showing by tying Flagstaff., ,This was the game in which our center, Don Gaddis, broke his shoulder. The next two games we lost to Kingman and Winslow. ' Seniors lost to next year's team are: Captain Tachie Navarro, Alvino Figueroa, David McNelly, Don Gaddis, Ivan Wilson, Dick Kiel- horn. ' The returning lettermen are: Barry Sutton, Robert Dean Wilson, Marc Smith, Johnny Tissaw, Joe Cortez, Aljo Suncelia, Mark Byrd, Collin Owens, Dean Sanchez, John Joe Avelar, Neal White. At the end of the season David McNelly was selected All Northern guard and was given All State guard, Second Team. ' Don Gaddis, Ivan Wilson, Tachie Navarro, Marc Smith received Honorable Mention. l Williams 6 Jerome 0 Williams 18 Snowflake 0 Williams 7 Clarkdale 25 Williams 13 . Flagstaff 13 Williams 7 Kingman 26 Williams 'T Winslow 32 The 1945-46 edition of the basketball team played in hard luck the entire year. The scores do not indicate the type of team that wore the black and gold. Time after time the team lost by only a few points after playing a good defensive game and looking well on the floor. The season opened with two victories over the Ashfork quintet. Seligman and Kingman took well-earned victories from the Vikings before victory was enjoyed again. The next victory came during the trip into the valley when the team met Tolleson and eked out a 27-26 win. The following night they played the powerful Glendale team on even terms for three quarters, but weakened during the final quarter to fall behind. Captain David McNelly, Tachie Navarro, Alvino Figueroa, and Jack Grace are seniors. Although their loss will be felt, the prospects fContinued on Page Sixty Twol 32 THE TUSAYAN 33 THE TUSAYAN 34 THE TUSAYAN Nmva GPGCO-For 35 THE TUSAYAN Z3 G In N S THE TUSAYAN 945 257 THE TUSAYAN 38 THE TUSAYAN 39 THE TUSAYAN 40 THE TUSAYAN 41 THE TUSAYAN 42 THE TUSAYAN COMPLIMENTS of CENTRAL DRUG PARLOR POOL and HALL CURlo STORE Bowden and - -- Melick P Williams Arizona rops. Williams Arizona CO MPLIMEN TS BEST WISHES of TO THE SENIORS ACME PLUMBING and ' i- ELECTRIC SHOP ' to the WHlTAKER'S Class of '46 UNION STATION Harold Scildder, Prop. Williams Arizona Williams Arizona 43 THE TUSAYAN B. E. Herrmann WILLIAMS AUTO DENTON DEAN SUPPLY Contractor Automotive Supplies Cabinet Maker Firestone Tires Williams Arizona Wllllams Arlzona CUNTRIBUTED SAFEWAY STORE by No. 123 A GOOD QTRIEND Groceries, Meats ' of tlhe and Fresh Vegetables HIGH SCHOOL Williams Arizona ROD GRAVES STANDARD OIL CO. T. A. McGrath STEAK HOUSE Wholesale Distributor Williams Arizona Williams Arizona MONTGOMERY GOLDEN WEST Furniture and Hardware DAIRY L. W, PERKINS G. B. McNelly Prop. Owner Williams Arizona Williams Arizona THE TUSAYAN CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS MILLS CAFE "GOOD FOOD" ALICE and GEORGE BAILEY Proprietors Williams Arizona BEST WISHES to the SENIOR CLASS OF '46 RITTENHOUSE MEN'S STORE E, M. HOFFMEYER, PROP. Men's and Boys' Wear - Shoes For the Family Williams Arizona 45 THE TUSAYAN BEST WISHES t th COMPLIMENTS o e SENIORS Of 8:1-'.l:'.CONOMY GROCERY l WOMAN,S CLUB Ed. Kline, Prop. V Williams Arizona Williams Arizona COMPLIMENTS BRICE BRALLIAR of General Repairing M t T WOMAN'S BENEFIT 0 or uneup ASS7N Brake Service u U ' Phone 252 Williams Arizona Williams. Arizona FORD SULTANA BARBER SHOP GATEWAY MOTORS ' "It Pays To Look Curtiss F0-rsythe Well" Williams Arizona Williams Afizfma COMPIQIMENTS RICHFIELD STATION of Gas, on SPROUSE REITZ INC' C. T. Godwin, Prop. Williams Arizona Williams' Arizona THE TUSAYAN GRAND CANYON DRUG COMPANY "The Rexall Store" G. H. McLeese, Prop. COMPLIMENTS of COFFEE POT CAFE R. E. and Vera Dial Williams Arizona Williams Arizona COMPLIMENTS ARNOI-D'5 Of CAFE McDOWELL'S WAGON WHEEL S. SMITH Lomas and J. MILLS, GO1'd0I1 Props, and Nita McDowell Props. Williams Arizona Williams Arizona THE TUSAYAN SAGINAW AND MANISTEE LUMBER COMPANY ARIZONA som PINE A L mber, Timber, Box Shocks and Lath Flagstaff Arizona 48 THE TUSAYAN TEXAC0 THE BANK OF ARIZONA SERVICE STATION Oldest Bank in Arizona J- C- Richards Established in 1877 BEST WISHES - 2 1- Co the CLASS OF ,46 Checking Accounts Member, Federal Deposit Insurance, Corp. Firestone Tire Service Phone 147 " ' '- Phone 37 Williams Arizona I Williams Arizona WILLIAMS - GRAND CANYON CHAMBER of, COMMERCE WILLIAMS ARIZONA 49 THE TUSAYAN BEST WISHES COMPLIMENTS to the of SENIORS DEL SUE VAUGHN'S INDIAN STORE AUTO COURT Williams Arizona Williams ' Arizona CUMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS of of THE BOOK SUPPLY CO. SUTTON'S HOTEL Publishers and Booksellers C01-1-AGES ChiC9fg0 Illinois Williams Arizona CLARK'S CAMP SHELL OIL Claude Nichols, PFOP- Bob Thurston, Prop. Williams Arizona Williams Arizona TUSAYAN BEST WISHES Editors-In-Chief Tusayan Business Manager DQNNA MCLEESE IVAN T. WILSON, JR. I and Williams Arizona JACK WHITTED Williams Arizona THE TUSAYAN BEST WISHES JACK H. WHITTED to the ' CLASS f '46 0 - Automatic Music For Your, i- I W Entertainment BLACK and WHITE CLEANERS Phone 68 108 W. Sherman Williams Arizona Williams Arizona CONGRATULATIONS To' The BETHEL S AUTO SENIORS COURT ' WILLARD'S AUTO SERVICE MIKE STARKOVICH A Kaiser-Frazer Prop' Standard Gas Phone 132 Williams Arizona Williams Arizona THE TUSAYAN Sincere Best Wishes For A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS FUTURE To The GRADUATES OF THE 1946 CLASS CHAS. M. PROCTOR - - COUNTY SUPERVISOR 2 THE TUSAYAN BEST WISHES COMPLIMENTS I from of MARSTON SUPPLY COMPANY KELTON AUDIO EQUIPMENT 'C0. Everything for Sports and Schools Phoenix Arizona Tucson Arizona CONGRATULATIONS SANITARY SUPPLIES Class of 46 - LONE STAR SHOP Magazines and Newspapers Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Reaves Hammond Soap and Chemical Co. 115 W. Jackson St. Williams Arizona Phoenix Arizona THE WILLIAMS STUDIO Robert L. Ziriax 0. C' TANNER Co. Prop' AManufacturing Jewelers' PORTRAITS AND COMMERCIAL 44 W S d S th PHOTOGRAPHY ' econ ou Kodak Finiswhing Williams Arizona Salt Lake City Utah THE TUSAYAN COMPLIMENTS OF HARRY L. NACE SULTANA THEATER For Your Evening's Entertainment Good Sound Good Pictures Williams Arizona AUTREY BROTHERS Engraving 1 Embossing Diplomas - Announcements Denver Colorado 54 THE TUSAYAN ATTENTION Teen-Agers CONGRATULATIONS Decca has the best bet T0 The for the SWOON-SET! Headquarters for Columbia - Okeh - Decca Records Albums - Ncedles-- Record Logs BINS AND RACKS WILLIAMS ELECTRIC CLASS OF '46 Authorized Dealer Chevrolet - Buick Oldsmobile - Cadillac CI-IESHIRE MOTORS CENTER W'll' -- Williams Arizona I mms Among CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS To The To The SENIOR CLASS SENIOR CLASS OF '46 WILLIAMS ASSEMBLY BY 3 GOOD FRIEND No' 20 of the ORDER OF THE HIGH SCHOOL RAINBOW FOR GIRLS Williams Arizona Williams Arizona 55 THE TUSAYAN Trade Tj Williams' Safely Pioneer At Store Q 9 ,EST ISILISHED H539 Complete Department Store CONGRATULATIONS To The CLASS OF '46 And The WILLIAMS HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY Williams Arizona 56 THE TUSAYAN CONGRATULATIONS COMPLIMENTS To of THE SENIOR CLASS ' HUSTER'S INDIAN CURIO STORE NORTH SIDE GROCERY The Three Marions George Haste' Proprietor Williams Arizona Williams Arizona Congratulations to Class of 1946 Business and Professional Women's Club WILLIAMS REBEKAH ' LODGE No. 10 Mary Duffield, Noble Grand Clarabel' Kelly, Vice Grand Mabel Easton, Secretary Clara Drummond, Treasurer Williams Arizona SAL'S AUTO CONGRATULATIONS To The COURT SENIOR CLASS OF '46 1 Z I- By 3, Bill McKee GOOD FRIEND P. of the mp' HIGH scnool. THE TUSAYAN CLASS WILL CContinued from Page Fourteenl I, Rosa Trueba, will my trips to Phoenix to next year's basketball boys, wishing that they may reach the tournament. I, Peggy Doubek, bestow my "dear" hunting license upon Angelita Pozas because she likes my sailor. I, Susie Lloyd, bequeath my freckles and two-toned top to Donald Cameron. I, Velma Bryant, leave my inclination to study to Robert Dean VVilson, with instructions to use it. I, Dora Manrriquez, will my ability as an artist to Julia Lizardi. I, David McNelly, bequeath my milk route to any poor chump who will have it, together with my alarm' clock and flashlight. I, 'Jack Whitted, will my name "Professor" to Wayne Massey, knowing he will put it to good use. I, Bob Blanton, bequeath my stubborn Missouri will to Charlotte Anne Wilson even though she doesn't need it. I, Dolores McNiel, leave my reserved seat at the show to Dorothy Hogue provided she stays on the main floor and does not go near the projection room. I, Tachie Navarro, will my guitar and romantic love songs to John Johnson. I, Raymond White, bestow upon Dean Sanchez my long legs. I, Pat Mowrey, bequeath my ability to ski to Emma Jane Riggins. I, Ivan 'Wilson, leave my ability togfall in and out of love to Stanton Wyche. In order that the rest of the Student body will not feel that they are being slighted, we wish to leave to them our shining countenances and our studious attitudes. In witness whereof we have hereunto placed our seal. CLASS OF '46. 58 THE TUSAYAN CLASS PROPHECY CContinued from Page Thirteenl thinking, she drank a cup of :her own coffee and died of indigestion within fifteen minutes. Oh, here's that terrible story of Harold Campbe1l's death. He became a butcher not long' after graduation. Harold was very suc- cessful until August 20, 1986. That was the day when he got his nose caught in the electric meat grinder and before anyone could shut off the switch, he was hamburger clear back to the ears. My, what a fine specimen he was to work on! Billie Joe Gulledge had a very strange demise. I recollect that she was the editor-in-chief of the New York Times. One day, wihile loafing near the printing presses, a window was opened and a strong gust of wind blew poor Billie into the presses. She made a big splash on the front page of the morning edition. I recall that fateful day in Marcth of 1963, when Ivan Wilson, the famous test pilot, flew through a cloud and met av mountain tperiodj. This peak was named Wilson's Folly. Quite some time ago, Donna' McLeese's dramatic career came to a sudden end. She was playing the part of Lady Macbeth when the incident occurred. At the end of a particularly dramatic scene, she was showered with rotten tomatoes. She stepped on one of the tomatoes and slipped off the stage! Donna landed on the grand piano, found the lost chord, and broke her neck in the excitement. Richard Kielhorn, after working as lookout on Bill Williams Mountain for fifty years, ended :his work abruptly when he went to sleep on the job and fell out of the tower. It was at the age of eighty that Rosa Trueba took her last breath. She was trying to get all of her sheep in the sheep dip at the time of the accident. She was standing on the edge of the vat pushing them in. But Rosa leaned over a little too far-SPLASH! On the Christmas Eve of 1990, Jack Whitted, the Juke Box King, decided to surprise his grandchildren and play Santa Claus. He underestimated lhis circumference and got stuck while going down the chimney. Boy, was Jackie ever burned up! Pat Mowrey, the great musician, heard she could learn to play the slap bass fiddle by ear. One day while practicing, her ear got caught in the strings and the vibration shook her :head so violently that she broke her neck. It was too bad that Harvey Cottolendy decided to use the high- tContinued on Page Sixtyy 59 THE TUSAYAN CLASS PROPHECY CContinued from Page Fifty-Ninel speed gasoline he invented the day he visited the Grand Canyon. He had a blowout when the car was nearing the rim of the canyon. He was last seen two miles out and one-half mile down. Dolores McNiel became a famous woman lawyer and was elected United States Senator from Arizona. Wrhile engaged in a filibuster, she talked continuously for two hundred and forty hours- without stopping. The strain was too great and she "filibusted" her vocal chords. The doctor told her she would never be able to talk again, and, she died of a broken heart. In 1999, a postman was delivering mail along a rural route, when he was bitten by a dog. The postman, whom we all knew so well, was Raymond White. Raymond got angry, put in his false teeth, and returned the bite. They both died of hydropdiobia. However, Ray- mond had the satisfaction of seeing the dog die first. Peggy Doubek, the great flying trapeze artist, went hurtling through the, air in 1980. She was practicing a new routine when the trapeze broke and she sailed through the top of the tent. People outside cried, "It's a planeg it's a boidg no, it's only Peggy Doubek," She landed gracefully in the street in front of a steam roller. Poor Peggy! They picked her up on a blotter. A world's champion cowboy was produced by the Class of '46. In 1960, Harold Curry was crowned King of the Cowboys in Madison Square Garden. His triumph was short-lived, because when he returned home after his great triumph, he refused to buy 'his wife a fur coat. His wife then crowned him againg this time with a stove lid and Harold died of a brain concussion. Susie Lloyd became the manager of a department store in Los Angeles. One bright morning in 1987, while hobbling to work, she got caugiht in a revolving door. Before anyone could stop the door and get Susie out, she ran herself to death.. 'Pachie Navarro, the world famous bullfighter, went to Spain. Even at the age of 77, he was still one of the world's greatest tor- eadores. He got a little careless in his old age, however, and one day while in the ring with a ferocious bull, he kept watching the pin-up girls in the grandstand instead of the bull. But the bull watched Tachie and pinned him to the wall. This made Tachie the greatest pin-up boy in Spain. CContinued on Page Sixty-Unel 60 THE TUSAYAN CLASS PROPHECY CContinued from Page Sixtyj Victoria Lizardi became a famous fan-dancer. One night wihile performing she became so enthusiastic that she began waving her fans faster and faster. She whipped up such a wind that she caught pneumonia and died. A Tlhe famous tree surgeon, Velma Bryant, was practicing in Canada when a horrible accident occurred. She was perfoming an amputation on a poor sick tree when suddenly-TIMBER-. Poor Velma! Esperanza Martinez became a beauty operator. She had invented a new wave-setting machine. After many years of successful opera- tion, the machine short-circuited one day and put a "permanent wave" in Esperanza. It was too bad the way St. Joseph's Hospital lost their head nurse. Rosalie Curry. In her old age she used a wheelchair. One day while scooting down the hall, she guided her wheel crhair into the elevator. She made a slight mista-ke, however. She was on the twenty-fifth floor and the elevator was on the first floor. Dora Manrriquez became a driver for the Greyhound Bus Com- pany. One night while driving across the desert, the bus stopped. Dora got out and lit a match to see if the bus was out of gas. WHOOM- It wasn't out of gas. Hm-m-, Margaret Barker. I don't recall her funeral. Oh, now I remember. She became professor of biology in a women's college in the East. She was getting old and feeble wlhen she fell into a vat of formaldehyde. Now she is the prize preserved specimen in the college. My life's work is complete and now Fm the only one left of the Class of '46. I've really got the laugh on all of them. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! NEWS ITEM-Well known mortician dies. Yesterday afternoon while going through his record book, Mr. Jack Grace collapsed and died. ' Doctors expressed the opinion that he laughed' himself to death. At this writing the cause of Mr. Grace's amusement is not known. 61 THE TUSAYAN SPORTS CContinued from Page Thirty Twol for next year are bright and the 'team looks forward with confidence The team took part in the district tournament at Flagstaff and lost two games after playing their hearts out against the strong VV1nslow team. Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams- Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams 'fWilIiams "'Williams 'fGames at the tournament at Flagstaff. 62 Ashfork Ashfork Kingman Seligman Seligman Tolleson Glendale Jerome Flagstaff Prescott Winslow Clarkdale St. Johns Jerome Flagstai Clarkdale Prescott Winslow Holbrook Winslow THE TUSAYAN CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '46 THE WILLIAMS N WS Printing and Publishing Williams Arizona 63

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