Williams College - Gulielmensian Yearbook (Williamstown, MA)

 - Class of 1942

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Williams College - Gulielmensian Yearbook (Williamstown, MA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 30 of 224
Page 30 of 224

Williams College - Gulielmensian Yearbook (Williamstown, MA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 29
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Williams College - Gulielmensian Yearbook (Williamstown, MA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 31
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Page 30 text:

W 'Qi' 'C A. H. BUFFINTON J. N. Cau E. L. PERRY C. S. HOAR V. H WFILS ARTHUR HOWLAND BUFFINTON, PI-LD., Asrocialz' l'1'Qfr.f.r0r iff 11f.l'l0I:1l -- Graduated in 1907 from Williams. Stayed at Williams as Assistant in History, 1907-1908. From Harvard received his M.A. in 1909 and his Ph.D. in 1925. Pur- sued graduate studies at Harvard from 1909-1911. From 1911-1914 was Williams History Instructor. For 1914-1915 returned to Harvard, and later continued further studies at Washington, D. C. In 1918 was called to Williams as Assistant Professor of History, becoming Associate Professor in 1932. He is a member of the flllili Society. JEAN NORTON CRU, Diplome de l'Universite, Axrocinln l'rqfr.r.mr Qf lfranclz - Received the Bachelier des Lettres degree from the University ofGrenoble in 1899 and the degree of Diplome ofdlSuperieures from the University of Paris in 1913. He was Instructor at Granville College, Ramsgate, Kent, England in 1900 and Professeur de l'Ecole Superieure at Aubenas from 1905 to 1908. Received Certificate d'Aptitude in 1906 from the University of Paris and was Instructor of French at Wil- liams from 1908-1911. In 1911-1912, was Instructor of English at the Lycee d'Oran fFrench North Africaj. Was granted a leave of absence from Williams in 1914 to serve in the French Army. For three years he served as corporal and sergeant until called for liason duty with the British and later with the American armies, 1917. After promotion to the rank of lieutenant, he joined the French High Commission at Washington, 1918-1919. Returned to Williams in 1919, and became Associate Pro- fessor in 1932. Among his published works are Temoinr, a critical study of the French war literature written in 1929, Du Tmnnzlg- nage in 1931, and an article in La Vie Intellectuelle on the various plans for a League devised within the last three centuries. CARL SHERMAN HOAR, PH.D., A.mocz'ate Prryfesror Qf Biology- Received his B.S. degree from Dartmouth in 1911, M.A. in 1913, and his Ph.D. from Harvard in 1917. Was Assistant in Botany at Harvard and Radcliffe, 1911-1913, was Assistant Teaching Fellow at Harvard, 1913-1915 and Instructor in Botany at Kansas State Agricultural College, 1915-1916. Came to Williams in 1916, and was Instructor at Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Massachusetts in the summer of 1917. Enlisted in U. S. Army in August 1917 and served as an enlisted man and commissioned ofiicer until his return to Williamstown in january 1919. Became Assistant Professor of Biology in 1920 and Associate Professor in 1932. He has pub- lished articles for Science, Annalx qf Bolarty, llze lfolanical Gazette, and the .'l7710fl'L'Ullt70IlI'Il!ll of Botany. He is a member of the Amer- ican Association for the Advancement of Science as well as the Botanical Society of America. VOLNEY HUNTER WELLS, Pu.D., Asrociate Prrjerror Qf Alallzernzzlics- In 1909, graduated from Olivet College. From 1909 to 1913, was Instructor at Hastings College. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in 1916. From 1913-1917 taught Mathematics at the University of Michigan, at the University of Pittsburgh in 1917, and at Carlton College from 1920-1922. Was called to Williams in 1932. Doctor Wells was formerly Chief Statistician ofthe Treasury De- partment. He is a member of the American Mathematical Society, Mathematical Association of America, Mathematical Society, and of the American Statistical Society. Page 28

Page 29 text:

N. S. BUSHNELL A, G, NOBLE E I Snnpmm C. W. ,IonNsoN BUSHNEU NELSON SHERWIN BUSHNELL, LL.B., flxxoelhle Profe.r.vor cy' Ellgfliill - Upon graduating from VVilliamg in 1920 Mr. Bushnell studied law at Harvard and at Baldwin Wallace, receiving his LL,B. in 1923. Admitted to the Ohio bar the same year. Instructor at the Taft School and the Evans School in Arizona from 1923-1925. Received his M.A. and Ph.D. at Har- vard while Assistant there in 1927-1928. Came to Williams in 1928. Called to Northwestern University in 1928, where he was Assistant Professor, until he came back to Williams in 1931. Among his published works are Hzkloriml Ifaeijqrouml of linglzlvlz literature, A lfifallf After John Keats, Lilerarjy Ma.s'l1'r'.s' Qf Englmzd fin collaborationj, and Outline Guide In Alajor Englixh l'omi.r. He is a member offlllili and of AKE Fraternities. ADDISON GRANT NOBLE, D.D., College Cllllflldlill - Received a B.A. degree from St. Stephcn's College in 1925. In 1929 was awarded his S.T.B. degree from General Theological Seminary. 1928-1932, graduate work at Yale University- He scrved as Episcopal Chaplain at Yale, 1928-19365 lecturer at june Northfield Conference, 1933-1940g summer preacher at St. ,Iohn's Church, Essex, New York, 1932-19373 and summer preacher at Stanford University during july, 1935, In 1936 came to serve as Rector of St.,Iohn's Church in Williamstown. Became College Chaplain, 1938. Member of the College Com- mission ofthe Protestant Episcopal Church, 1934-1938, member of the National Conference of jews and Christians, and a Trustee ofthe Church Society for College Work, and a member of St. Elmo Society, Yale. Has published .articles in The Living Clmrrlz and The Przrerzls Aflagazinc. He received his D.D. from Williams in 1938. ELMER IRWIN SHEPARD, M.A., Asxorialz' Prrjessor Qf Mallzemalirs- Graduated from Williams in 1900. From 1900-1901 studied at Columbia University. Taught Mathematics at the State Normal School, Charleston, Illinois in 1902 and 1903. Came to Williams in 1903 as Instructor in Mathematics. Graduate work at Harvard from 1906-1910. Became Assistant Professor of Mathematics in 1910 at Williams and Associate Professor in 1932. Mr. Shepard is a Lieutenant Colonel in the 30th Field Artillery, U. S. Army and is Ehrensenator at the University of Tubingen, Germany. A member of the SAX Fra- ternity and the IIPBK Society. CARL WILHELM JOHNSON, PH.D., Associale Prqfessor fy" German - Received his B.A. from Bethany College in 1900, his M.A. from Yale in 1902, and his Ph.D. there in 1904. Was called to Williams in 1906 from Pomfret School, where he had been in charge ofthe German Department from 1904. Dr. Johnson became Assistant Professor of German in 1912 and Associate Professor in 1932. From 1920-1922, he was Assistant Dean ofthe College and Secretary of the Faculty. During 1918-1919, was Second Lieutenant of Infantry, U. S. Army, and now holds a commission as Major, Adjutant General's Department, Inactive Reserve, U. S. Army. A member ofthe AY' Fraternity. Page 27

Page 31 text:

C. GRIMM E. L. Piuuu' W H Roo'r H. Giucol-:Rsim GRIMM CHARLES GRIMM, Pn.D., Docteur de l'Universitc de Paris, Prqfessor' Qf Romanca Laz1g111zgm-- Graduated from the Ecole Superieure cle Commerce ol' La Chaux-de-Fonde, Switzerland in 1912. In 1918 received the degree of B.S. from New York University, the degree of Ph.D. from Yale in 1923, and the degree of the Doctoral from the Sorbonne in 1930. Instructor in Modern Languages at the Brown School, New York City, 1915-1918, Instructor in Romance Languages at Yale 1918-19223 Lecturer in the Summer School ol' New York University, 19185 at Harvard 1920, 1924, 1928, 1935, 1937, 1941, and at Columbia 1929. Called to Williams in 1923, made Associate Professor in 1932. Dr. Grimm is a member ol the Modern Language Asso- ciation of America: the Modern Humanities Research Association, the American Association of Teachers of Italian: the Amer- ican Association of Teachers of French: the American Association of the Teachers of Spanish, the Mediaeval Academy of Americag the Linguistic Society of America, the American Association of University Professors: the Societe de Etude Rabel- aisicnnesg the Societe de Linguistique Romaneg and the Union Intellectuelle Franco-Italienne. He is the author ol' Iflurlc .mr lr Romzm dw l'l!I1IIll'lIEIl, and ol' several scientific articles, and the editor ol' Srila Conn-.v 'l but fWnrlrr11f.f and l.emereier's CVlI'l',1'l0fI,l6' Cnlmnb. ELWYN LIONEL PERRY, Pi1.D., .'l.1'.t'lICl'IIf1' l'rqfw.s'.rm' Qf Urology - Received his l3.S. from Tufts in 1923. Was Assistant in Geology at Princeton 1923-1926, receiving there his Ph.D. in 1927. Instructor in Geology at Princeton, 1926-1928. Came to Williams in 1928. Dr. Perry belongs to the Seismological Society of America, the American Mincralogical Society, the Geophysical Union, the American Museum of Natural History, a Fellow in the A.A.A.S., and a member ol' the fllllli Society. An Assistant in the Vermont Geological Survey, 1925-1926, Assistant Director of the International Summer School of Geology at Princeton 1927-1929, Research Associate on the Bighorn-Beartooth Expeditions, 1930-1931, and Councilor Yellowstone- liighorn Research Association 1937-1938. He has published articles in Sczhirr, 'I 711' .'1lllI'l'lilTlIlI,70lI7'lII1l Q1 nSt'li1'll!71?, and Rnrlxr mul' 1Vlirtrr'r1l.r. WINTHROP I-IEGEMAN ROOT, lJIl.D., .flrrorfnlc l'rzgfz',v.mr Qf Gfl'lIIllIl - After graduating from Amherst College in 1923, he studied at Cambridge University, 1924-1925, 1927-1928. In 1925, received his M.A. and in 1931 his Ph.D. In- structor at Wesleyan University, 1925-1927, at Columbia University, 1927-19285 and following his year at Brown University, he came to Williams in 1930. His published works include G'r'rman CI'l.ll.fi.VlII Qf ,Zola and articles on Naturalism in the Germanic review. He belongs to the Modern Language Association of America, the ATA Fraternity, and the Klfllli Society. HALFDAN GREGERSEN PILTJ., Dean and A.r.rocz'1zl1r lJ7'QfI'.!'.V0f qf Romania La11g11a,qf.r S Graduated from Stanford Uni- versity in 1922 with an A.l5., obtaining his A.M. the following year. Studied in Denmark 1923-1924 as a Fellow ofthe American Scandinavian Foundation, in France and Spain, 1924-1925, and in 1925 at the Harvard Graduate School. Appointed In- structor ol' Spanish in 1926 at Columbia University for three years. Was Instructor in French and Tutor in the Division of Modern Languages at Harvard in 1930, becoming resident Tutor in the John Winthrop House a year later and Senior Tutor in 1932. In 1935, was awarded his Ph.D. by Columbia. Came to Williams in the fall of 1938 as Dean and Associate Professor ol' Romanic Languages. He is the author of "Foreign Languages in the United States with Particular Reference to Spanish" in Ilixjzania, "The Spanish Romances" in Tim Crea! Lilmzture QftSlIl10!!.Ndli0Il.Y, "Ibsen and Echegarayf' l1z'.rjmnir lirzfiezu, 'LVisiting Italian Interpreters of Ibsen in Barcelona and Madridf' Ifliyldllib' Rzrvicw, and Ibsm and bylain: A Slnzlv in Conzjmralizfe Dranm. He is a member of the fl1l3K Society. Page 29

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