William Logan Stephens Middle School - Scroll Yearbook (Long Beach, CA)

 - Class of 1953

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William Logan Stephens Middle School - Scroll Yearbook (Long Beach, CA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 14 of 40
Page 14 of 40

William Logan Stephens Middle School - Scroll Yearbook (Long Beach, CA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 13
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Page 14 text:

NAME Dennis Greenwell Jimmy Griffiths Jerry Guzman Elizabeth Haas Marian Hada Noel Hall John Hamilton Edward Harris Marcia Harrold George Hash Barbara Hatfield Marie Heins Ruth Henderson John Henry Calvin Herman Judy Hesse Tom Hicks Jane Hilts Wayne I-Iigley Paul Hipp Danny Hooker Coni Hope Gary Horton Marvin Howey John Hunter Wanda Hutcheson Gary Hutchison John Hutchison Linda Irwin Mike Janisch David Jenkins Sonja Jenson Bob Johnson Carolyn Johnson Dale Johnson Ross Johnston Dennis Kee Marilyn Keller Chuck Kennedy Prentice King Bill King Georgette King Michael King Larry Kishiyama Dick Klassy Emi Kobata Nobuye Komori Christina Kridle Kenneth Kupstas Art Laurey Bob Lavin Lynn Lewis Susan Lewis Beverly Ann Likai Joyce Loless Ernestine Lopez Louis Lopez Dianne Loundagin Carolynne Lunt Harold Maglio Sandra Mapes TEN d CAN'T ILIVE WITHOUT Marshmallow malts Girls The crazy dances Myself Destiny Boys Rachel Chavez VVomen Air Television Johnny L. Decker Ronnie Willson Dave B. Hesselrode The fish Girls Popular Songs VVierd music Jerry Gray Food Going to Ark. once a year Girls The beach and boys Gum Deanna Murphy Country Club That would be telling Big HJ." Radio and TV Dad and Mom A certain someone Air Air VVomen Chocolate cokes Women Chili beans that speak Money Certain boys The gang Money CO2, H20 Horses Air Social teachers??? Hands Air Myrna's laugh My dog: Pretzel Von Kridle Money A brain Food Weekends Carole's talking ' Boys Boys Fernado O. Food, girls, Marilyn Monroe Movies on Saturdays Ralph Gocke Air Force The world PET PEEVE My telephone The heat Cowboy records Most boys Homework Guess School Big feet School Tardy kids To practice baton School Truman Boyd Manor Fish's Maggets Teachers School Okie Records Boston baked beans Hard work Conceited girls Girls To be called Conerva Spelling School work The big brother Never mind Truant officers Money Jimmy's jokes VVork fany kindj Scrubs School Pencils The dogs next door Cemeterys People that don't like beans Money lVIy blond hair Redheads Cats Education Fish and fishing Getting up to go to school Mechanical drawing Sneaky teachers Dog catchers Boring people Tests on Friday Tests Science and math Friday Nighters Homework Loud gum-chewers Little brothers Homework The curfew and squares Dill pickles, onions Test on Fridays My sister and brother Second Lieutenants Black cats ADMIRER OF Hot rods Cars Big J. iMcNeely Edna R. Walt Disney B.C. and K.B. Uncle Archie Hunter Hancook B.N. VVar Comics Ruth Henderson Ronnie Willson Barbara Hatfield Grandpa Superman Cute Boys and Money Joe Houston Jerry Gray Goose Tatum VVine, VVomen and Music L.L. and N.H. Ray Solorzano War comics Deanna Murphy Girls that are Girls! Black hair and blue eyes Esquire Magazine Edison Johnston High School Harlem Globetrotters Bleached hair A's on my report cards Don't know, do ya! The man in the moon Living to be 105 years old Chili Beans Money Frankie Laine-Ah! Darlene Cook Jerry Lewis Money A certain boy Susan Lewis Summer Vacations Suzy L. Lassie Betty's horse tail Mr. Eizak Sports Guzman's mob Girls "Chick" Horses J.L., M.B., E.F. and M.N. My mother Fernado O. Girls' names starting with C A's on Fridays Ralph Gocke Colonals ffemininej Tall boys GREAT AMBITION To To To travel be a great lover go with Josie of Elnieto To live in the zoo To be a cartoonist To be like Miss Turner To sell tickets to Mars To be a Disc Jockey To meet the Man from Mars To ride the Monorail To get Karen's brother To get RNV. To be a house wife To To catch the fish on a hook go to the Moon To become a Nurse To go with Bev. To ride in Jerry's car To be wealthy To be 5 feet tall To have zx flock of kids To be a secretary Deep sea diver To settle down To be a tramp To grow Crooked politician To be an engineer To go home to Illinois To own a "heckacopter" Ditch digger To get out of school To be a hermit To fly to the moon To be a miser To own a Chili bean factory To work in a bank Go to Mars and be a Martian To be :1 Darlene lover Pilot To be an aviator To breed horses To be a great track star To live till I die To be like my brother To ride on a flying saucer To meet a certain person To live on Catalina Island To be a rancher To graduate from school To be a man ??? To go to Rome To be successful To be a housewife ??? Fire bug To get through school To be a housewife To be a Five Star General To have success

Page 13 text:

f V o r v is L Q Lf tn! Q ls NAME Ralph Acosta Carlene Adams Carolyn Alston Gloria Arnold Dorothy Arthur Tom Atkinson Allen Austin Harriett Baker Robert Baker Michael Barrett Carol Barton Robert Bertoni Ken Biggs Linda Bishop Karen Blake Dennis Boaz Bill Bogan Karen Booher Richard Booth Jeanette Bourgeois Dale Bowers Doyle Bowers , Mike Brookhyser Sandra Brosh Bob Brown Edith Brown ' Frank Brown Masa "Boots" Butsumyo Cecilia Bryant Charline Burns Ronald Bushey Virginia Lee Campbell Brian Carroll Billie Jean Cassingharn Mario Castro Carole Chase jimmy Christison Clisson Clarke Ernestine Connell Caroline Cook Judy Cooper Richard Cox Joan Crane jack Criswell Nan Cronk Pat Curran Connie Dandrew Teddy Darling Velma Davis Genevieve Delgadillo Claudette Dixon Anita Duncan Sherryl Eaton Nancy Eddie ' Jennie Elisary Raymond Engelke Jeanine Fairchild Charolene Fosnot Jimmy Fukumoto Shigeko Furuta Lila Mae Gallegos kk N fl -CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT 'X ,. C ,Z Beans, tacos, and more beans Food Horses ' Polka-dotted horses Lanamere sweaters Money Boats My family Food Food P. C.'s Food and guns Vera Tony Curtis B.M. , Carrot juice Food The Air Force H20 Friends Air Love Money A boy-any boy Food ' Air . Cousins Money Boys Fog and smog Food,' girls Life Chicks Dancing Girls Susan L's laugh Food Air ' Television A telephone Nick Ciccone A body, etc. Money Air A lot of things Lynda Hall Direct objects Candy Skirts and sweaters ??? A certain person Air Judy, Coni,and Mr.Magoo Horses and black hair Boys and money Burpo, Soda Pop Eyes of sardines I My dog Satan An education Air fthe stuff you breathj Air He PET PEEVE Television Commercials Home VVork My Freckles Typing Foggy mornings Being broke - Water Being short My name School History dates School as a whole Squealers Dishes and typing Spanish Hey Red School School School Kids who make -fun of others Little brothers My locker Washing dishes Early curfews All schools My brother's corny VVomen teachers VVomen Black jelly beans Homework English School Vllebster Webfoot Wise Cracks All-school dances Alarm clock School Bubble gum Home Work People who call me Cookie Canada Notebook Horses--Nightmares jokes Hepped up sweaters My brother Conceited Boys Boys fighting in my car Pronouns School People who pop their gum A certain teacher To be called "tag along" Reading bo'oks Exits School elections Squares Sheriff John's, Handy Hints Home work Test on Fridays "Primates Hic-cups People who act dumb H . 2,- O ,xx XR W X I-, 'l 'Tlx Q '1 'I .L Ji i lat-Vx I . bf 4 ,-,,.--L -xx ,',,,.. xg X, ADMIRER OF A certain girl Television Certain boy A certain someone Black hair Girls Boats Tall girls Miss Turner Shows Jasper's Jokes? Money Dilinger Ralph A. B.M. Boggs Bunny Horses 9 year old boys Cash Nice people Money Don Kendall My cousin Jean Ann Fishing Short people Money Tall people Electric Dishwashers Perry Como Susan Hayward Billy Russ R. M. Boys Girls' names starting with C Frankie Laine Mr. Hasson Girls A certain boy A guy in Delphi Nick Ciccone Pink Elephants VVouldn't you like to know? Hot rods and shot rods Dark curly hair VVomen Linking verbs Sleep Long hair That would be telling Mary S. and Jackie D. Cupid Cliff Shirran Appalopsas with pink spots A certain person The man from Planet X Charley McCarthy A's on test days M. Y. Popular Songs John Derek GREAT AMBITION To play varsity at Poly Graduate from high school To raise horses A hopped up car To graduate To own the U. S. mint To skipper my own boat Interior designer To be a teacher Poly To be a millionaire To get a hopped up car House Wife To get to Poly To be a Flea Trainer To be a great rider Guess? A To get out of school To become a nurse To speak Spanish Engineer To join the Navy To get to Poly Prize Fighter graduate like cousins . be a bachelor have 10 telephones a foreign correspondent walk to Hawaii To To To To Be To House wife To play basketball at Poly To run own dancing school To be better than jim Thorpe To fly to the moon Baseball player To be a Army Tank Man To pitch for the Yankees A date with Tony Curtis 4 To go steady with N. C. To be a Glory To picnic on the moon ' To be a test pilot To live alone tha haj To get a new car To teach math To get out of school To travel around the world To be a "beach tramp" see Harvey and George To Secretary To be successful To get an "A" from Miss T. To write a crazy song Be like the Caboose Goose To sunbathe on Pluto To get through high school To be an atom scientist To be a secretar To be a houseifiiie NINE

Page 15 text:

NAME Barbara Martin Frank Martin Virginia Martin Petra Martinez Joyce Massey Sammy Matsumoto Pat McBride Paul McCarthy Leila McCuller Bobby McKean Helen McKelvcy Jeanne McMurray Kay McPherson Lee Merryfield Donald Miller Larry Miller Glen Morgan Nancy Mosley Paul Motz Landell Myers joe Nabors Don Newton James Nier julio Noon Barbara Norman Bob Norris Robert Norton Tsutomu Ono Hank Osterhoudt Marc Osterhout Don Palmer Bob Parkin Joe Passmore Bill Patten Myrlin Perkins Toni Phillipi Gary Piercy Claudette Poole Robert Poole Robert Price Carol Quinlan jane Randall Timothy Riedi George Render Charles Reeves Buford Reynolds Lynn Roadstrom Edna Robb ,lack Robertson Evelyn Robinson Alan Roebuck Don Roseff Nina Rosenbaum Howard Rosenberg Ruby Jean Rowan Betty jean Ruff Janet Ruhlig Kenny Sathcr Beverly Schwartz Mary' Shamp CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT Salt Fishing and hunting Music while doing homework Being born A certain boy Money A certain person jane Russell johnny Scammon Food i Boys and money Boys I Frankie Laine Food Dr. Ross Doggie Bon Me, women and song A heart The time Money, air Girls My head Food VVater Money Boys Money Me Food Ruth Henderson The comedy club Money Money Fine females and fun Air G Weekends Air European women Mario Castro Girls Money Fflflll Money Enough money Girls Food Boats The beach and boys Money M.A.S. A certain somebody Human consumption Gum llim Mr. Cannon's jokes Boys ' Leslie Stevens Peppy Martin Food I Trouble Boys Bons alfnlihi N PET PEEVE Bus drivers To go to school Truant officers Sitting on thumb tacks Social living VVork To be called halfpint Cats and dogs Vilaiting for johnny Teachers Social living Homework My locker Girls Homework Owner of Fort Knox Friend clams Strings Teachers and homework School School To go to school VVater Being broke Little and big brothers School and teachers My two little sisters Homework Getting up to go to school The "Bonnie Hop" VVomen Dirty basketball players To run out of money VVork My brother My freckles Homework School Teachers School Dumb acting people Being tall All schools - All schools People smarting off Horses Unhep parties Most boys To be broke Someone I know Ugly people Four sided-guys tsquaresl Sisters F's Homework My black hair School VVork Thinking Television A, .l ADMIRER OF Millionaires The Globetrotters G. H. California sunshine? Chuck L. Money Crazy Parties Bob VVaterfield Johnny Scammon Girls Claudette and Irving B. C. Cigar store Indians Fighters That would be telling VVarden of Sing Sing HOPPY Ronnie Cameron Money, girls Food Archery Sports Water Girls B. I. Marcia Harrold My big sister Football Ruth Henderson Stan Musial Russ Morgan Bob Parkin Valentino Girls Mrs. Hanson Mrs. Pike European cars Mario Castro Courage Nat "King" Cole Fine clothes Tall boys Arithmetic lessons Girls D.j.E. G.- King Bob Johnson Elizabeth H. Diana Lynn A certain person Our Southern Neighbors Little men in white coats People who get A's A's Rickie Ricardo A certain someone Peppy Martin Money Bugs Bunny A certain person GREAT AMBITIGN To type 80 words a minute To go to Canada To go to Notre Dame To polish bald heads To get a certain boy To he a millionaire To be taller To jump from a plane To be a juvenile Officer None To get to Poly To get "A's" To pilot a flying saucer I Boxer ' To see sun in California To own Fort Knox To own a nut house To be smart Airline pilot To eat To hunt in Canada To make the Poly team To own a lot of water To live To get a husband To fly to the moon To go fly a kite To be a success To win an argument To play pro baseball Sailor Pretzel bender To make a million dollars Bone crusher To go to Poly To get A's in English To live in England To get Mario Castro ??? To be a billionaire To graduate To play the piano like N.T. To be an electrician To raise chinchillas Make money Naval Architect To To To feed Bob I. spiders live in a pig pen be a good bowler That's my secret To become a mathematician Trumpeter To learn Spanish To type 125 C.W.P.M. Stenographer To get a pair of warbonnets Private secretary To finish school To grow up To become a housewife :steven .1 ' ' J. -tw

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