William Logan Stephens Middle School - Scroll Yearbook (Long Beach, CA)

 - Class of 1951

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William Logan Stephens Middle School - Scroll Yearbook (Long Beach, CA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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dAjHT Ir— V 2,U This, the 1951 SCROLL, is respectfully dedicated to the troops of the United Nations who are fighting on foreign soil for a free and better world; a world in which there ore no tyrants, bullies or dictators; a world in which there is no slavery or unrest; a united world, dedicated to peace and prosperity for all, regardless of race, creed, color or religion. €1 II V Miss Nolds, Dean of Girls Mr. Liff, Principal Mr. Farrell, Vice Principo Not Pictured: Miss Jones, Counselor CXa vOZ- Front Row: Mrs. Armstrong, Miss Barker, Mrs. Pike, Miss Ma.tern, Miss Cobb, Mrs. Burns. Row 2: Miss Wishneff, Mrs. Closer, Mrs. Paine, Miss Stoelt.ing, Mrs. Olson, Mrs. Hooper. Row 3: Mr, Bruno, Mr. Dorling, Mr. Ware, Mr. Eizok, Mr. Cossora. Row 4- Mr. Brodeur, Mr. Saporow, Mr. Robinson, Mr. Hughes, Mr. Hasson, Mr. Roth, Mr.Connon. Not Pictured: Mrs. Beouloc, Miss Coughlin, Mr. Davies, Mr. Kaufman, Miss Loss M.ss Macartney, Mrs. Peralez, Mr. Nopper, Mr. Thienes, Miss Turner, Mrs. Wong, Mrs. Caskey. |jciad«»i Mr. O ' Brien, Mrs, State, Miss Jones, Mrs, Caskey, Mrs. Hatch, Mrs. Wright. Miss McAnulty, Mrs. Gale. STUDENT GOVERNMENT. - . j , Front Row: Harold Pastorius, Kay McPherson, Alberta Triggs, Jo Ann Evans, Nellie Bell, Judy Fader. Jerry Wilkerson, Row 2: Douglas Hannah, Joan Crane, Norma Tanega, Margo Robertson, Jill Buchan, Arlene Pastorius, K.tty Curry, Charles Curtis, Row 3: Paul Blake, Patsy Williams, Eleanor Barker, Diane Revo, Renee Faubert, Sandra Quockenbush, Don Tessier, Miss Nolds. Row 4: Ralph McAdams, Doris Bowman, Carolyn Carlson, Terry Paige. Myrna Kelley, Tsutomu Uchida. Chene Jolin, Bill Fedak. miliiailcK Emiko Kathryn Alice ramobell Carol Crane Shirley Cravalho Arlene Barbara Cross Cutter n . ' : . V ' iLi Thecia DeLuberto Bob DeMarco U. R. Dum Don Fader Stanley Faubert Bill Fedak Carole Fell Irving Engel Shari Eurton n m 1 Virginia Ferrier Virginia Fitzg erald Darrel f% Donald Frazeur MUd Dolores Friend i Marsha Froelich Virginia Gann Don Gardner Kenneth Garst Gladys Gehring Barbara Gibson Ronald Gilbert Avis Goodrich m it ' iAt Bill Goodwin Joan Greenwell Douglas Hannah Lester Hartzell Gary Heaslet Delia Hernon Janet Hernon m Robert Herpst Carol Hershey Glenda Hess Robert Heustis Sharon Huddleston Zarol Ann Huff Arnold Hull Joseph Incardone Wilbur Imhoof r o r ii 1 — • ■4 Shirley Jameson Benny Johnson Kathleen Johnson Joyce Johnston n Lee Max Cherie Johnson Johnson Jolin Verna Jolley Jones Jeffrey Jones • . Kenneth Katy Kadrie Kangaroo Ivan Kapovich MichI Kawano ■ l » - Mildred Kile ■ Edwin Curtis Kinnan Kinney i fXt Wally Kimball a Bill Don Kirkland Klabouch Shirley Klamm Mildred Kobata Wanda Kohl Kikuye Komori Gordon Knorr Maureen Kramer Jeanne Kuzmin Frank Larragoitiy Malcolm Liedahl c:k ri Faye Jean Lyies Don Mackey Darrell MacPherson Mary Ann Maglietto A. Mammal Ernest Martin Sam Math is Don Mat land Joyce Maxwell r ; ■ Ralph McAdams Ray McAdams Mary McCafferty Mary Joan Thomas John Billy Pearl McCart McCullough McGinnis Mc Kean McNeil Jerry Meza Gloria Raven Dayton Reaney Lowell Renold Clayton Rhoads Bobbie Richter Velma Roberts Thelma Roberts Diane Maureen Sawyer Schneckner ■Tv ' Oval Stephens Darrell Loretta Stock Stovall Mark Taylor Janet Teney John Jacquetta Trimble Trimmer David Terry Don Tessier Dwone Twitchell Tsutomu Uchida Gordon Jimmy Claudia Thomas Thompson Tilton f P C l V ' - m ¥ -• V m ' • ' T V V V- 4 Helen Jim George Urrutia Wagner Wallach Jon Tanigawa Bruce Toilefson ' Maxine Torre Ci M M Kenneth Warren Jeri Warrick Richard Warrick Robert Wei man Barbara Wohlschlagel Kathryn Wolfe Douglas Wood Jane Woolner Janele Worster PriKi! Tiioin CONTRAST The night settled down Like a blanket, The sounds of the day slowly died Leaving only the chirp of a bird And the soft murmur of a brook Trickling everlastingly down the hill. Out of the north came a rumble: With a sweep and a wail It grew nearer. Its eyes flashed. A thousand legs seemed to speed it along. With a mighty roar it swished by And sped off to the South. And the night once again settled down With the last evening chirps of a bird. And the soft murmur of the brook Trickling down the hill. by Robert Partin, 7-112 NAME Ted Adams Sharon Alexa Meridel And Jim Allen Sandra Bailey Glenn Bakke Bill Bair Bobby Baldwl Patricio Ba Richard Bar Bill Barker Eleanor Barker Marlene Barnett Carol Bean Lee Anne Beckstrond Helene Beecroft Frank Benson Jock Berry James Berry Paul Blake Rose Mary Bonavontura Ken Booker Joe Botti Chorlene Bowlin Doris Bowman Lynn Boyington George Brannon David Brant Bob Breoux Bill Briggs Janae Briggs Anita Bri llo Alta Brown Richard Brown Bob. Burns Emiko Butsumyo Kathryn Caldwell Carolyn Carlson Alice Campbell Claudia Carteen Tom Carter Joe Castillo Moses Chovez Naoma Choate Richard Clark Georgene Clotfelter Dixie Cogle Gene Coleman Gary Cooper Patsy Cramer Carol Crons Shirley Crovalh Arlene Cross Barbara Cutter Morybelle Darlin, Thecia Delubert Bob DeMorco Stonie Denham Irving Engel Shori Burton Don Fader Bill Fedak Frances Falgren Stanley Faubert CAN ' T LIVE WITHOUT My b lond hair Cherie Jolin Girls Money That would be telling Money Trumpet players Wilmos Food Food Food My Head Laughing Girls Girls Friends Don Tessier My b ig toe Beautiful girls Money Money Money Ronnie My family G, H. Money Vacation Teachers Air Laughing My s isters A pair of shoes Bar bells Food and water Boys Food and air People ohnny od levis ion certain someone riends Cotherine Madison William March, Jr, •vF ' jaod and water I Dl H. Television Bubble dancers Food and clothing fiat rouble Food Girls Talking Hopalong Cossidy PET PEEVE Redheads Stuck up girls People Work T. E. Social Living Teachers Little brats Fingernails scraped on blackooards Cokes My s ister Homework People who whistle Getting up Mornings Short people Tickets Work Wise guys Stephens She Teoi Work My conscience Boys Conceited g iris Love spats Boys People who talk too much School Buddy Palmer Teachers Nanny Chavei Teachers ' jokes Teachers Teachers Homework Blondes Homework Teachers My friends Stubborn people Clothes Teachers Work School My mirror Trouble School Girls who call me Billy " Catty people Girls ADMIRER OF Glenda Carlson Horses Mr. Hughej Girls Farley Granger Television Cors The ocean Mr, Thienes Roger Mackey Hot rod cars Somebody with long hair Good wisecracks L.A.P, and R.H. Teachers who give A ' s Bill Carson Baseball players Football players Music Girls R. L. M, F. Myself R. M. Ninth grade vice president Teachers Most girls Money Pretty g iris Girls Jeridee Tinsley Dances Alan Ladd Eizak " Brains ' Anthony Curtis J. A. Cashmeres Harold Peermon Roger Mackey Weak-minded girls M. Z. Howard Seward Nanny Chavez Good-lookihg boys Clothes and models Pro baseball players Napoleon Clothes Esther Williams Jim Atchison William March, Jr. Vaughn Monroe G, F. Animals Good-looking females The mon in the mirror Mr, Darling Nora Webster P, B, Beautiful hair Jane Rusiell GRE BITION cretory I basketball ToTKive gWot ambition Mode To learn to swim To See Fee Fee Baseball player Football player To get out of school To pass To be a secretary To get o car Lady wrestler To have success in work iJon ' s favorite secretary To fly a space ship To sail around the world Not to be a square To eat three times a day To get money Egyption dancer To be a secretary Nurse To leave Stephens To be a photographer To live ' till 2100 To be a secretary To give teachers a drop drill Twelfth grade graduation To be a secretary To pass To be six feet tall Bum Roller skoting Bum Air I ine hostess ?del river captain in service Sunday Darling s, ed, teacher Deep-sea d iver To be a housewife To be wealthy NAME CAN ' T UVE WITHOUT PET PEEVE ADNQRER OF GREAT AMBITION Carole Fell Virginia Ferrier Loreen Fin ley Virginia Fitzgerald Darrel Frazeur Donald Frazeur Marsha Froelich Virginia Gann Don Gardner Gladys Gehring Barbara Gibson Avis Goodrich Bill Goodwin Ronald Gilbert Robert Gordon Joan Greenwell Rodney Gross Nancy Grove Carol Guy Marlene Hada Jim Hagamon Sherry Hall Juleen Hancock Douglas Hannah Joyce Harris Edwin ! arrison Lester Hartze Gary Heaslet Otis Henderson Delia Hernon Janet Kay Jnernon Robert He Carol He Glenda pess Robert IHeustis Bill Hcjdges Frances HopperstH James niouston Roger Hbve Arnold h iI Wilbur liiih f Joe Incardone Joe Iseri Benny Johnson Joyce Johnston Kathleen Johnson Lee Johnson Cher ie Jolin Verna JoUey Doris Jones Jeffrey Jones Alfred Jungers Kenneth Kadrie Ivan Kopovich Michi Kawano Jack Keeling Myrna Kelley Erwin Kiblin Mildred Kile Wally Kimball Bill Kirklcnd Kikuye Komori Edwin Kinnan Shirley Klamm Mildred Kobata A " Carrot top " Crazy Cars Hollywood stars parents Tho Thing Thing Cleo Loop Miss Jones Good looking girls Men with red hair My dog Horses Fishing Beautiful girls Baseball plav s L. T. ( Y ' A family Food and water Money Money Wom Curves with short dresses ' ood and water Money Frank Women Dark eyes Muscles Food Brains Women Love Air (the stuK you breathe) English Bus drivers Teachers Work Dull people L iars Long haired musicians Horses The Coribean Sea T. V.- Nothing A brainless wolf My sister ' s boyfriends Non-conversationalists Boys To be like Francis To marry Chuck Ostro Secretary To get out of school To be a hobo Tro bepall player TofTfiiph school To be a nurse To get rnbrried To grow KDng hair To go to ojvllege To be a se retary Fisherman To be an aviator Hobo To be a success Getting through college To win bet with C. C. To see the Olympic games Destination moon To be 6 feet tall To spend a million dolla rs To give Poly o paint job School teacher Singer To be an architect A Flyer To fly to the moon To be a ballistics expert Fisherman ousewife o rule the universe Ni ne Professional dance skoter rule the world o get out of ninth grade To type 50 c.w.p.m. To kill Stalin To join Job ' s Daughters To be what I oin ' t Baseball player To rule Mars Doctor ball oduate liton Opera singer feet tall rt v iolinist Secretary o r ide in a rodeo o graduate To go to college To get out of school Doctor To be a secretary To pass in social To join DeMolay Baseball player To clean false teeth Green hair on my chest Baseball Brain surgeon To teach English in Japan To be a movie siren To fly to the moon NAME CAN ' T LIVE WITHOUT PET PEEVE ADMIRER OF GREAT AMBITION Wanda Kohl Maureen Kramer Jeanne Kuzmin Frank Larragoitiy Malcolm Liedohl Donna Lockerby Cleo Loop Bill Lovelis Donna Lo ' Bob Luckie Fay Jean Lylo Don Macke Darretl Md Ph son Mary Ann Mo ietto Ernest Martin Wayne Mothil Don Mot land Joyce Majtwel! Ralph Mc Roy McAdam Thomas McCulloug Mory McCafferty John McGinnis Ronnie McGlinchey Billy McKean Pearl McNeil Jerry Meza Carol Miller Jean Ann Miller Pat Miller Grace Mizumoto Anita Monchen Marilyn Mortenson Wanda Moss Shige Murakami Franklin Neman Tom Newberry Lynn Newton Corol Nordschow Nelson Nunez Dorothy Okabe Da vid Ortega K im Osmon Terry Paige George Palmer Donna Palmer Phyllis Parks Larry Patrick Ralph E. Pearmon John Perrot Wando Pilcher Lloyd Pollard Shirley Proo Bob Propster Beverly Query Sondro Ropuono Gloria Raven Dayton Reanoy David Reardon Jim Reon Wini Revo Lowell Renold Clayton Rhoadi Bobbie Richter Roger Roeker Girls, money Women Apple pie Food and water J. Stinky D. Boys My Uncle Bill Myself Fun Friends •Doc ' Love and friendship Drawing pictures Being crozy The opposite sex Money Friends Money K ikuye Komori Carolyn Churchill Cars Hughes Junior High Food, water and air Boys Boys Women My heart Girls Sleep The Thing Having fun Eyes of sardines Television Ray Sanders Baron Michele Leone Air Food Toffy P. G. L. A. A. Baseball Poly, whot else? School When Henry doesn ' t show up Southern accents To get up early Loud mouths Teachers My sisters Little brats called brothers Drive-in ' s ills All schools Work People eating ice Going on d iets Girls with long dresses Scrubs ' xided b londes tier Holidays School Girls Teachers in general Howdy Doody School Someone I know Can ' t dance Teachers Oral reports Skeletons in my closet Conceited people People that laugh too loud Silly people Fish Cold weather Arithmetic Crazy people Girls on the boys ' playground My brother Some people Work Smart people School People who think they ' re right Spanish James A lien School Spanish book Teachers After school C ' s in Spanish Washing dishes Girls My nickname " Puddles Homework Butter on onything That mad driver Broken promises My brother School Most girls Trouble Joe Teachers Rain Crazy cars Eddie Smith That ' 51 Mercury Legs Girls Dancers Marsha Froolich Bubble dancers Fronkie Laina The Thing Fine cars with twin pipes Food Randy Wilson Miss Turner Beautiful legs Girls Tennessee Ernie N. C. Max West Sam Smoo Money A toll blond Beautiful g iris Girls Golf J, B. Sharp cars Glen Ford Einstein D, H. Tall people Tall people with short feet Mr, Nicholas Furjonick None Cutaway pictures of planes Monkeys Great wonders Long hair and nice clothes A. J. Football Gene Nelson Carolyn Churchill K im Osmon Girls Swimming champion John Wayne B.R.W. and G.H. Betty Grable Food Sleeping and eating G. B, Baseball People with get-up and go Miller ' s size Gene O ' Quinn Them eyes of hit Baron Michele Leone Birds Money Pretty girls T. W. Los Angeles Angels Baseball Those Poly guys Jane Russell To be a bubble dancer Plastic surgeon Singing Professional ballplayer To get out of school To be secretary To control all moles Mechanic To be a bum To be a mil lionoire To go on living Gangster To be pharmacist To get marr ied To judge a beauty contest To work in an art gallery Beauty contest judge To go to New York To become a sports announcer Tenth grade Mad lover To be o stenographer To have fifty wives To be a mill iono ire Fishing To finish school To control Stinky Singer To catch a morlin Secretary To grow five inches To 1 ive whi le a live Musician and composer To be a housewife Hermit Bum To be shipwrecked Solar flight with Buzz Corey To be a famous person To leave Stephens To marry o millionaire To be on electrician I don ' t hove any To pass a spelling test Army officer To get out of school To be a dancer and singer Ice skating Money To get an A in Spanish Secretary To get out of school To learn to dive heod first To pull out the ocean ' s cork To marry a wrestler To be smart To marry B.M.L. 6 ' 2 " To be wealthy To be 5 ' 8 To go to the B. Y. U. Sports announcer To play baseball To be a Polyette To own a car NAME Thelma Roberts Velma Roberts Margo Robertson Loretta L. Rominger Eleanor Ruff Fred Sandberg Mary Sanders Gilbert Satin James Savo Diane Sawyer Don Scott Marjorie Sheldon Pat Shromek Alberta Smort Art Smith Jimmie Smith Cameron Stephenson Darrell Stock Loretta Stovall Ted Strand Mary Sullivan Carl Sutow Don Swanson Jon Tanigawa Billy Talbot Marthona Tarpy Mark Taylor Janet Teney David Terry Don Tessier Gordon Thomas Jimmy Thompson Claudia Tilton Bruce Tollefson Maxine Torre John Trimble Jackie Trimmer Tsutomu Uchida Dwane Twitchell Helen Urrutia Jim Wagner Skippy Wailach Jeri Warrick Richard Warrick Ken Warren Bill Weaver Ginger Welshans Benny West Calvin West Violet West Donna Wheeler Ralph Whetstone Richard Wickert Jerry Wike Pat Williams Randy Wilson Barbara Wohlschlage Douglas Wood Jane Woolner Kathryn Wolfe Jane lie Worster Helen Worthen Luther Wren Takashi Yamasaki CAN ' T LIVE WITHOUT PET PEEVE ADMIRER OF GREAT AMBITION Boys Party lines Ray Mortin Marriage •Chicanos Late dates Roy S, To live a long life Fresh air rabbit tracks Bullheaded s tubborn boys Ronnie Thorpe To feed Harvey worms Boys Beach parties Tennessee Ernie Boys ' P. E. Teacher Food My brother Money Nurse Money Ice cream sundaes To pas ' s in typing Gum R. S. Cute boys To be morried on Mars Teachers Vacations Jane Russell To moke money without working Air Teachers Summer vacation Bum Air My s ister Vic Damone Interior decorator Food Teachers Money Eating To be a nurse People who act dumb The Navy The mailman Eskimos My sister J, S, To see the world Money Blond eyes and blue hair John Wayne To know more people Females Social living teachers Girls To get our of school Oklahoma Pretty-boy Floyd To be a flagpole sitter M, R. Bookworms Girls To play for U, C. L. A. Being in mountoins Dancing Wild game To be a guide Harlem Matine Cabrillo When 1 have ) o walk Crazy cars To learn to boil water Money, girls, more money CD. won ' t carry my books All kinds of foods To be healthy, wealthy and wise Money Drop drills Report card with A ' s Writer Air Homework Baseball To graduate from High School All my brains Teachers Women To get out of Stephens Airplanes Aviation The Wright Brothers To design airplanes Women Homework Betty Grable World ' s richest hobo Boys Dressing for gym Tommy To be a secretary An escort to office Homework mean teachers Women nice teach lers To graduate this year Mother and Father Housework Horses To own a boarding stable Food Spanish Women To become rich Cabri llo Juvenile Officers Doris Ping Pong champ A good looking g iri Spanish The girl downstairs To be a mechanic Food Cats Money To get out of school Sandown our dog None Junior business Elementary teacher Money Homework To go to Cyrus. Minnesota Hadocol Getting up in the morning Space-Patrol To live in the atomic age Money Guys who don ' t pay back $50.00 bills Dances My sisters Money A secretary Food Dumb dames Women To be success Rats and dogs Music Girls To be on M. D. Clothes Homework Boys Can-can dancer Horses M. C. Moses C, r Tp fight Nanny Air Work Egg Egg T. V. Announcer A ring around my neck Smoking Esther Williams •yT «i K np " leet Buzz Corey Myself Someone 1 know Richard Warrick % ' ' " ' o go to Mars Money My brother Myself J Po be a mechanical r Xi -• engineer Phys. ed. Eighth grade kids Ty Qob X J Piofesyb«l baseball That certain guy Environment My mocTaVd %aar kID yBiibble|dalicer Air Algebra Joe PalboWv •HopilA ?C TJo do r ptl ng Money Girls " lobe 5 r Food A girl whisti ing at boys Carol Hoo r Hb V lo be a lurseX Carl Gibson School Miss Jones S j D be oAlavy Wave M. Sherman Working - ' " " r. roVigr y Mary 1 Girls Teachers Girls kj A man To be an o otor Money Teachers Girls F Money People who i never smile J. L. i ( to be- ogpole sitter Girls Tall girls A. F. JTo oe a psychologist Crazy people (what fun) Quiet people (dead heads) Clothes Vs S- X Air Vine stewardess Girls School A beautiful g??V A u b ve a fine wife k Eighth period Circuses Uncle Henry -J ' To be a Commando Mother Cats Clothes To be a singer Boys Bashfulness R.C.L.P. To sit on the boss ' s lap Boys— cute ones Hot dogs The Baron To got married Money Cops H.L.B. ' srod To be a big wheel Food Homework Toll boys To become a husband I mmI I .msx Barbara Osterhoudt, Jo Ann Evans, Barbora Thomos, Dwane TwitchelL Sii r V i«: i» Lisai ij iiift Front Row: Kitty Curry, Alberta Triggs, Gary Kirkbrido, Anthony Andrews, Roy Cowlev, " George Rose, Jerry King, Elaine Julian, Rosemary Bonaventura, Nellie Bell, Diane Joseph, Q fj Craig Thompson, Billy Ippolito, Billy Heller. Row 2: Vernon Peterson, Pat Miller, Dorothy O ' Kobe, Bobby Jordan, Jo Ann Evens, Linda Jones, Evelyn Housmon, Sue Goden, Arleiie Postorious, Kothryn Caldwell, Jane Roberts, Richard Cooper, Delores Pepito, Joan Roberts. Row 3: Robert Taylor, Ed Kinnan, Lowrence Frey, Bob Seida, Corol Bean, Wanda Pilcher, Jeannie Gregson, Corolyn Connon, Diana Meddows, Barbara Gibson, Jo Anne Vandette, Barbara Bennett, Terry Zimmerman, Ruth McHonry, Moxine Torre. Row 4: George Florence, John Trimble, Bill Kirkland, Calvin West, Tommy Blocksfone, James Houston, Dwane Twitchell, Tom McCullough, Kent Gibson, Michael Duewel, John Burrow, June Ellison, Patty Rosenboum, Miss Molds. ■ — %UhiiiMA ' ' AiMlUi-ViKiial Front Row: Mr. Robinson, Bob Propster, Ralph Mc Adams, Frank Larragoltiy, Bill Weaver. Row 2: George Brannon, Jim Allen, Jim Hagaman, James Houston, Bill Fedak. Row 3: George Rose, Richard Hendrix, Miss Nolds, Harold Pastorious. Row 4: Michael Duewel, David Jenkins, Charles Leonard. Front Row: Cheryl Jolly, Jackie Hart- tell, Norman Orton, Howard Rosenberg, Don Swann, Jack Criswell, Donald Hensley, Bill Show, Elizabeth Haas, Catherine Custer, Beverly Schwartz, Aarilyn White, Edith Gardner. Row 2: Carlo Collins, Barbara Hat- field, Darlene Kiefer, Judith Hesse, Billle Jean Cassingham, Jim Rogers, Roy Bronte, Artie Hart, Jimmy Fukumoto, George Kinnicut, Bobby McKeon, Clarence Heard, William Wurphree. ?« Row 3:PhillipCostello,WesleyClubb, Rudy Martinez, Bob Lovin, Roy Solor- i zano. Dale Porter, Mike Janisch, Ann J j Chombliss, Mary Ellen Schroeder. Row 4: George Render, Michall Barrett, Richard Long, Billy Wilkinson, Johnny McCarthy, Vernon Peterson, Daryl Gibson, Joanne Palmer, Berta Spindler, Pot DeVantier, Nino Hash, Nellie Hunter. «E m v,ti sin4 I Lil M ' J ii ' H Seated at desk: Shirley Proo, Pot Shramek, Frances Fal- gren, Julene Hancock. Standing behind desk: Doris Bowman, Dove Reordon, Bill Wills, Terry Paige, Ray Mc Adorns, Don Fader, Carol Miller, Gladys Gehring, Dorothy O ' Kabe, Otis Hend- erson Front table: Loretto Stovall, Glenda Hess, Lynn Newton, Diane Sawyer, Nancy Grove, Anito Monchen, Seoted at bock table: Grace Mizumoto, Jeri Warrick, Standing: Dorisjones, Rose Mory Bonaventura, Moxine Torre, Alice Asman, Pat- ricia Bales, Sondra Rapuano, Thomos McCullough, Edwin K innan. Sclioliir FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS: Tsutomu Uchida, President Terry Poige, Vice President Kitty Curry, Secretory-Treosurer SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS: Corolyn Carlson, President Morlene Hado, Vice President Myrno Kelley, Secretory-Treasurer FACULTY ADVISORS: Miss Turner Mr. Cannon Moridel Anderson Adeone Arnold Dorothy Arthur Alice Asman Martene Barnett LeeAnne Beckstrond Carol Beon Poul Blake Doris Bowman Roy Brant Michael Briley Shannon Brown Jill Buchon Emiko Butsumyo Viola Cadranell Corolyn Carlson Patsy Carter Roy Cowley Billie Jean Chambers Ann Chambliss Corole Chase Terry Cookman Marilyn Corning Joon Crone Carrol Crose Kitty Curry Carole Dinnen Marjery Dreith Sherryl Eaton Nancy Eddie Jo Ann Evans Judy Fader Renee Foubert Carole Fell Lowrence Frey Jimmy Fukumoto Shigeko Furuto Sue Gaden Jenie Gregson Joyce Griffith 1950-51 SCHOLARS Donna Grindy Noncy Grovo Marion Hada Marlene Hada J im Hagamon Bertrand Hawk Lois Hendrix Patsy Hoover Roger Hove John Hunter Robert I shii J oe I s e r i Mary Sue James Ardeli Johnson Carolyn Johnsor Deborah Johnsoi Kathleen Johnsc Cheri Jol in Elaine Julian Alfred Jungers sship Kwcicrhi SOCIETY MEMBERS: Myrna Kelley Mi Idred Ki le Gary K irkbr ide Mildred Kobata Robert Kobata Ann Louise KoeppI Kikuye Komori Nobuye Komori Maureen Kramer Patricia McBride Kay McCampbell Norma McConnell Darrell McPherson Kay McPherson Jean Ann Miller Grace Miiumoto Jean Monchen Marilyn Mortenson Nancy Moseley Margaret Mowry Jane Nelson Sonja Newgaard Judy N ickerson Nadine Norlin Marc Osterhoudt Terry Paige Herman Pahl Arlene Postorious Harold Postorious Vernon Peterson Joy Phillips Gary Piercy Shirley Proo Mary Puckett Sandra Quackenbush Kathryn Randall Dayton Reaney Lowell Renolds Morlojean Ross Janet Ruhlig Clayton Rhoades Jane Roberts Joan Roberts Evelyn Robinson Borbara Rowe Shizuko Sakamoto Richard Solchunas Murray Shaevitz Stephen Silverman Janice Smith Mary Sullivan Neta Sullivan Corl Sutow Carole Swanson Norma Tonego Charlene Thomas Carole Thompson Gail Thornton Tommy Tichener George Tong Alberta Triggs Kayko Tsuno Tsutomu Uchido Jo Ann Vandetto EijI Wakomiya George Wollach Jack Warren Barbara Watson Virginia Welshans Roberta Wieland Doris Wilkey Ellen Williams Faye Woodland Ruiko Yamashita Terry Z immermon Larry Hunter nsi« I ' ' «lil|»8 o«:ial GRADE 8 Front Row: Joan Stephenson, Shirley Rohrbaugh, Judy Nick- erson, Deboroh Johnson, Delores Pepito, Jockie Mc Auliffe, Kitty Curry. Row 2: Thomas Eagle, Andrew Biggs, Jack Warren, John Gould, Jack Harris, Dale Walk ' er. Row 3: Mrs. Paine, Wayne Brown, Louis Stewart, Gary McMullin, Ronald Schwenn. Not Pictured: Shirley Brown, Ann Chambliss, Linda Jones, Joan Worthen, Elouise Wilson, Larry Gordon, James Modigan, Joseph McGivney, Richard Salchunas, Bill Shaw, Jerry Wills, William Murphree, Roberta Spindler. GRADE 8 Front Row: Rolph Smith, Bob Stevens. Kathleen Carrick, Darlene Kirkland, Peggy John- son, Joan McKenzie, Catherine Madison, Peggy Duffer, Alda Robinson, Joyce Griffith, Dovid Curtis, Billie Ippilltto, Row 2: Kenneth Edens, Don Cormany, Donald Wall, Marie Sheldon, Philip Costello, Jane Nelson, Jenie Gregson, Ellen Williams, Loretta Newton, Mrs. Olson, Not Pictured: Roy Brant, Wesley Clubb, Arthur HoH, Richard Long, Norman Orton, Janet Akers, PatriciaDevantier Jackie Hartzel I, Nellie Hunter, Nino Hash, Darlene Kiefer, Nadine Norlin, Joanne PoJmer, GRADE 8 Front Row: Billy Bornett, Don Pierce, Gary Kimes, Craig Thompson, Bobby Jordan, George Rose. Row 2: Mr. Cassora, Nellie Bell, Mory Shermon, June Plant, Ethel Seely, Neta Sullivan, Judy Fader, Diana Meadows, Anthony Palombo. Row 3: Patsy Mostow, Marilyn Hopperstad, Janice Morris, Bette Harrison, Thelmo Smith, Dorrs Wilkey, Borboro Kelly, JoAnn Evans, Carolyn Church- ill. Row 4: Larry Newsome, Ronald O ' Halloran, Jock Pumphrey, Jim Nolen, Bob Hesse, Jim Rahon, Bob Osterhoudt, Kent Gibson, Richard Hendrix. Not Pictured; Carolyn Connon, E lizabeth Jones, Nora Webster, Dick Fryer. Llvlnij i GRADE 8 Front Row: Julia Collister, Joan Jordan, Melvin Rosello, Larry Ivio, Yukiyoshi Naka gawo, Jerry Kimball. Row 2: Mrs. Beaulac, Don Sorenson, David Cancholo, Teddy McOsker, Billy Whitten, Bob Baer. Row 3: Norman Paul, Jim Moe, Bob Spindler, Mike Coldera, Leighvon Place, Carol Bromley, Adeline Castillo. Not Pictured: George Florencio. GRADE 8 Front Row: Carole Taylor, Patsy Carter, JoAnn Vondette, Kenny Towne, Floyd Duncan, Dick Cooper, Row 2: Art White, Janice Shuman, Joan Muehlstedt, Nancy Walters, Shirley Shew maker, Jackie Bowen, Sally Smith, Lloyd Taylor. Row 3: Ray Dior, Ty Paul, Barbara Bennett, Barbara Marsh, Joyce Whitener, Evelyn Honsman,Judy Pittillo, Robert Kobata, Robert Russell, Miss Wishneff. Row 4: Larry Hunter, Joan Roberts, Jane Roberts, Jill Buchan, Shirley Byrne, Adeone Arnold, Carrol Crose, Ruth McHenry, Virginia Wilson, Tommy Blackstock. Not Pictured; Neal Rosenfeld, Gary Temple, Wanda Teltoe, Norma McCormall, Dick Byrd. GRADE i Front Row: Winifred Corton, JariDee Tins ley, Judy Wheeler, Marina Roderiguex, Alberta Triggs, Alan Maclver, Gary Kirkbride. Row 2: Andrew Biggs, Daird Lytle, James Rodin, Joy Peter- sen, Murray Shaevitz, Richard Broadhead, Donald Gilbert, Anthony Andrews. Row 3: Rita Campbell, Thecesa Schifaudo, Carol Hewitt, Aloha Bliss, Dorothy Bourgeois, Sandra Zeaser, Carole Thomp- son, Sonjo Newgaord, Carol Gray, Carolyn Canody. Row 4: Nancy Price, Jeanette Jennings, Jock Abbott, George Long, Laurence Frey, Curtis Hayes, Terry Moses, Frederick Barrett, Donald Garst, LaVerne Fefner. Not Pictured: Virginia Busher, Janice Chainey, Noncy Todd. ii«:ia I GRADE 8 Front Row: Richard Horning, Barbaro Reed, Carol Swonson, Sandra Goodrich, Joyce Kenyon Anita Harper, Betty Johnson, Florence Posey, Joan Embrey, Potricia Bran nan, Janice Smith. Row 2: Jimmy Carriclc, Terry Zimmerman, Goil Thornton, Hatsume Mosutosko, Arlene Postorius, Joan Smith, Billie Jean Chambers, Sue Gaden, Winona Wilson, Junjetta Ellison Mrs. Olson. Row 3: Ralph Korti, Terry Cookman, Michael Duewel, George Harmon, Frank McKeon, Don Cossingham, George Morris, Lewis Tate, Normon Greg son, Harry Stiller, Russell Tweddell. Not Pictured: Leiia McCuller. GRADE 8 Front Row: Jock Gilies, Marvin Baskin Jerry King, Jerry Cunningham, Jerry Thornton, Hachiro Yasumura, Bill Heller, Stephen Silverman,Dick Borrell Roy Cowley. Row 2s Mrs. Beauloc, June Harper, Angeline DiDomenico, Diana Joseph, Joan Nichols, Barbara Gaffney, Judith Weiss, Betty Duffer, Barbara Rowe. Row 3: Sandra Quockenbush, Faye Woodland, Frances Wiggins, JeanMonchen, Audrey Goldberg, Gloria Forris, Pat Wanamoker, Shizuko Sakamoto, Sharon Barrie. Row 4: Gary Armstrong, Robert Taylor, John Burrow, Patty Rosenbaum, Dorothy Pierce, Pat Dixon, Marilyn Burton, Rosemery Walker. Not Pictured: Eva Wholen, Shirley Shewmaker, John Morrison, Bud Peorman. GRADE 8 Front Row: KentTimboe, Loyd Goolsby, Georgia West, Loeta Brooks, Elaine Julian, Steve Toth, Tom Hicks. Row 2: Bob Heustis, Bill Du Bourdieu, Dick Goforth, Bob Seida, Harley Campbell, Clifton Shirron. Row 3: Gory Grimes, Eiji Wokomiyo, Larry Haas, Mor jorie Vidmoj Jackie Dovis, Janet DeGraff, Sheila Wllhelm. Row 4: Jim Huffman, Harold Postorius, Donna Weston, Margery Dreith, Re nee Foubert, Ralph Dunn, John Skelton. Not Pictured: JoAnn Brock, Sherril Umborger, Carlo Collins Dick Brock, Doryl Gibson, John Mercer, John McCarthy, Vern Petersen, James Ransdell, Billy Wilkinson. GRADE 7 Front Row: Carole Pottenburg, Shigeko Furuta, Carol Quinlan, Viola Cadronel I, Nancy French. Row 2: Richard Cox, Dick Thurfle, Nina Pitcher, Donna Addleman, Mary Jane Toth, Margaret Zaragosa, Nancv Moseley, Murlyn Perkins, Jock Harris, Herbert Jolin, Row 3: Mrs. Armstrong, Masa Botsumyo, Raymond Belhemeor, Ruicko Yomoshita, Jennie Elisory, Aletha Jones, Jeanine Warrick, Jeanine Fairchild, David Stoll, Oscar Rivera. Row 4: Jerry Rollins, Stanley Gorden, Bob Ishii, Ross John- son, Stephen Kapovich, Ted Schlosser, Ronald Pitcher, Forest Goodwin, Robert Part in, Ronald Leothermon. Not Pictured: Donald Swann, GRADE 7 Front Row: Bonnie Thomas, Coni Hope, Lillian Kadrie, Ann Brooks, Sandra Brosh, Shirley Clork, Rito Black, Charline Burns. Row 2: Glen Morgan, Tommy Atkinson, Dale Johnson, Joe Nabors, Terry Smith, Tom Skidmore, Gordon Dees, Lorry Miller, Ronald Bushey. Row 3: Betty Thompson, Doris Merrick, Shirley Lawson, Connie Dondrew, Jane Randal 1, Joan Brashier, Karen Booher, Kay McPherson, Mrs. Hooper. Row 4: Lorry Glosman, Alan Roebuck, Pat Curran, Benny Clayton, Bill Patten, Harold BIy, Honk Osterhoudt. Not Pictured: Barbora Martin, Susan Lewis, Lee Cox. GRADE 7 Front Row: Teddy Darling, James Young, Kenneth Martin, Londell Myers, John Henry, Don Newton. Row 2: Irving Buffalo, Mario Castro, Raymond Engeike, Phillip Shrotman, Gary Wood, Carl Kloster, Robert Hernick. Row 3: Miss Cobb, Wanda Hutcheson, Margie VonMeter, Peira Martinez, Kayko Tsuno, Morion Hodo, Sandra William- son, Emiko Kobato, Norma Tanego. Row 4: Deonna Thorpe, Marie Heins, Joyce Show, Fred Wilson, Ralph Acosto, Frank Mortin, Bob Booker, Koneta Anderson, Cecilia Bryant, Caroline Cook. Not Pictured: Dick Klassy, Mary Sue James, Robert Bean, Betty Donica. s o«:isi I GRADE 7 Front Row: Roland Smith, Gone Barnard, Jane VanDoren, Wilmo Levin, Sylvia Bowman, Shirley McOsker, John Eogle, Roger Smith. Row 2: Joyce Loless, Corol Barton, Jimmie Christison, George Hosh, Mike Brookhyser, Dovid Schewnn, Dorothy Arthur, Carole Chase. Row 3: Mrs. Hooper, Dorothy Guiselman, Louise Bennett, Barbara Osterhoudt, Colvin Herman, Charles Curtis, Danny Hooker, Danny Murphy, Wayne Rose. Not Pictured: Glorio Arnold, Ri chord Bowen, Marion Briggs, Donald Burton, Jerry Guzman, Karen Sadek, Joy West. GRADE 7 Front Row: Miss Cobb, Connie Turman, Donald Smith, Ozzie Williams, Gary Tisor, Charles Kennedy. Row 2: Jerry Wilkerson, John West, Gory Whitcomb, Tsutomu Onu, Bobby Brown. Not Pictured: Michael Barrett, Linda Bishop, Anita Cobe, Deanno Friend, Edith Gardner, Barbara Hotfie Id, Cheryl Jolly, George K innicutt, Bobby Lovin, Bobby McKean, Rudy Martinez, George Render, Mary Schroeder, Peggy Stout. , GRADE 7 Front Row: Carolyn Lunt, Linda Black, Lynn Lewis, Janet Ruhlig. Row 2; Edno Robb, Nino Rosen- boum, Karen Bloke, Frank Brown, Paul Motz, Lawrence Kisheyama, Mrs. Peralei. Row 3: Velma Davis, Myrno Southern, Joy Kennedy, Charles Leonard, Bill McMahon Robert Holder, Marc Osterhoudt, Not Pictured: Billie Jean Cassingham, Cothorine Custer, Elizabeth Hoas, Judy Hesse, Beverly Schwartz, Morilyn White, Jack Criswell, Jimmy Fukimoto, Clarence Heard, Don Hens ley, Michael Janisch, Dale Porter, Howard Rosen- baum, Roy Solofzono, Bob Jenner, LivlniC GRADE 7 Front Row: Betty Jean Ruff, Joan Crane, Joan Kipling, Marcia Harrold, Mary Ann Pierce, Christina Kridle, Joan White ner. Row 2: Neil Halloran, Edward Williams, WayneHigley, Jimmy Griffiths, Jere Greene, Donald Miller, Hideo Yasumura, Leo Harrell. Row 3: Evelyn Robinson, Joy Phillips, Lyn Whitlock, Bar- bora Van Dusen, Jean McMurry, Toni Phillipi, Marianna Sher- man, Barbara Thomas, Lynette Roadstrom. Row 4: Mrs. Wong, Carole Cart- wright, Mary Shamp, Jack Robertson, John Hunter, Brian Carroll, Paul Hipp, Paul Studer, Kenneth Kupstas, James Harris, Delores Denny, Mr. Gergen. Not P ictured: Wa Iter Whetstone. GRADE 7 Front Row: Richard Clark, Morey Randozza, George Vablousky, John Lindley, Louie Lopez, Larry Jepson. Row 2: Mrs. Armstrong, Nobuye Komori, Claudette Dixon, Noel Hall, Glenda Johns, Pat Mc Bride, Rosolie Perrot. Row 3: Ronald Brown, Sherryl Eaton, Nancy Eddie, BillieNeli Woods, Jeonette Bourgeois, Patsy Smith, Dale Meeker, Ronald Clotfelter. Row 4: Jim Rdgers, Dennis GreenweU, Ernestine Connell, Georgette K ing, Judith Cooper, Helena Browning, Allen Austirt Gary Skelton. Not Pictured: Sonja Jenson, Larry Teddar, Douglas Williams Sammy Matsumoto, Sandra Mopes. GRADE 7 Front Row: Deanno Campbell, Lillian Uchida, Corolyn Alstorv Leona Blonchette, Gail Rod I in, Sondro Nelson. Row 2: David Nelson, Buford Reynolds, Norman Woodson, Bobby Whitten, Bobby Parkin, Eugene Linley, Allen Alevy, Donald Roseff, Marvin Noway, David Livingston. Row 3: David Jenkins, Gary Hutchison, Linda Anderson, Virginia Martin, Marcia Seager, Pat Swinney, Terry Sawyer, Marion Smith, John Hutchison, Ken Sathers. Row 4: Mrs. Wang, Marian Kostielney, Donna Hernon, Milton Stovall, Paul McCarthy, Billy Pinkerton, Billy Speors, Carolyn Johnson, Diane Revo. Not Pictured: Joyce Livingston. r ill Krort ' si ATHLETIC COMMISSIONERS — Kikuye Komori, Chief Color Coptoln Cherie Jolin, Athletic Governor Delia Hernon, Assistant Athletic Commissioner MAJORETTES, POM POM GIRLS, CHEERLEADERS — Front Row: Julene Hancock, Kothryn Randall, Nancy Grove, Margo Robertson, Carolyn Carlson. Row 2: Jane Von Doren, Dorlene Kirklond, Kathleen Carrick, Barbara Kelly, Carolyn Connon, Janice Morris, Dorothy Arthur. Row 3: Virginia Wilson, Sondra Ropuano, Shirley Klom, Jeri Worrick, Karen Block, Noel Hall, Billie Woods, Jeorjette King. 9-109 CHAMPS — Kneeling: Thecia De Luborto, Kikoye Komori (Captain), Dorothy O ' Kobe. Standing: Velmo Roberts, Thelma Roberts, Eleanor Borker. 7-202 CHAMPS — Kneeling: Margie Van Meter, Wanda Hutcheson, Koykd Tsuno (Captain). Standing: Donna Hernon, Caroline Cook, Koneto Anderson, Marian Hoda. HONOR HEALTH CLUB — Front Row: Margie Van Meter, Noel Hall, Wanda Hutcheson, Sandra Williamson, Jeanetto Bourgeois, Coni Hope, Claudetto Dixon, Billie Nell Woods. Row 2: Marian Hada, Mary Sherman, Glenda Johns, Judy Cooper, Georgette King. Row 3: Karen Blake, Jo Ann Evans, Cecilia Bryant, Janice Morris, Carolyn Connon, Virginia Fitzgerald, Renee Faubert, Miss Mattern. Row 4: Donna Hernon, Catherine Madison, Jo Ann Vandette. Row 5: Joan Jordan, Helena Browning, Judy Nickerson, Carrol Crose, Jill Buchan, Margery Dreith. rr K- f .. ' J Krori K TRACK SQUAD — Front Row: Bob Ishii, Carl Kloster, Mario Castro, Ozzie Williams, Bob Lovin, Mike Brookhyser, Joe Iseri. Row 2: Ralph Acosta, Steve Kopovich, Don Fader, Gordon Thomas, Dennis Greenwell. Row 3: Joe Costillo, Ernie Martin, Ralph Dunn, Tsotomu Uchida, Comeron Stephenson, Terry Poige, Don Tessier, Ivan Kopovich, Rolph McAdams. GYMNASTIC TEAM — Front Row: Floyd Duncan, Joe Iseri, Don Frazeur, Kenny Towne, Charles DuBourdieu. Row 2: Terry Moses, Ernest Martin, Tsutomu Uchida, Horold Postorius, Ted Adams, Edwin Harrison, Bill Fedok. ALL-CITY FOOTBALL — C Teom- Frank Larragoitiy, Stephen Kopovich, Roy Diaz, Oziie Willioms, Curtis Kinney, Joe Iseri, Frank Benson, Don Frazeur. B Teom: Jack Berry, Don Fader, Richard Barbee, 1 1 van Kopovich, Alfred Jungers, Jim Reon, A Team: Bill Wills, Ernest Martin, Don Tessier, Gene Coleman, Terry Paige ALL-CITY BASKETBALL — C Team: Paul Hipp, Hochiro Yosumuro, Murray Shoevitz, Jay Peterson, Gordon Thomas, Marvin Boskin, Fronk Larragoitiy, Frank Benson, Joe Iseri, Ty Poul. B Team: Ivan Kopovich,, Don Fader, Jock Berry, Richard Barbee, Alfred Jungers, Don Frazeur, Jim Reon, Edwin Kinnon, Curtis K inney. A Team: Paul Blake, Bill Wills, Bill Osterhoudt, Terry Poige, Gene Coleman, Benny Johnson, Roy McAdams, Tsutomu Uch.do, Ralph McAdams. I oiiriiaiiisiin I This year ' s SCROLL artists were Carl Sutow and Nelson Nunez, who worked under the supervision of Miss Barker, their art teacher, and Mrs. Wagle, a student-teacher from Long Beach State College. Members of the journalism class wish to express their appreciation for the fine work done by the SCROLL artists. Seated: Eleanor Barker, Catherine Madison, Carolyn Churchill, Jo Ann Evans, June Harper, (Editor of the CHATTERBOX), David Ortega, Richard Hendrix, Don Pierce. Standing: Jo Ann Brock, Daryl Gibson, Sheila Wilhelm, Bobby Jordan, Luther Wren, Billy Bornett, Mrs. Not Pictured: Kathleen Johnson (Editor of the SCROLL), Janice Morris, Sherril Umbarger. x - e U - . A-e L L- v-c ' - - tfTiie e.» - p44 Ol aM,j,u T f ruiA M-J " A- . yy v:y eksoM l A jAf KX. (iV ( •nSU H ;- " X A r - V: - C n l CW ' n f, L I " - ri m

Suggestions in the William Logan Stephens Middle School - Scroll Yearbook (Long Beach, CA) collection:

William Logan Stephens Middle School - Scroll Yearbook (Long Beach, CA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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William Logan Stephens Middle School - Scroll Yearbook (Long Beach, CA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


William Logan Stephens Middle School - Scroll Yearbook (Long Beach, CA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 31

1951, pg 31

William Logan Stephens Middle School - Scroll Yearbook (Long Beach, CA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 5

1951, pg 5

William Logan Stephens Middle School - Scroll Yearbook (Long Beach, CA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 11

1951, pg 11

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