William Logan Stephens Middle School - Scroll Yearbook (Long Beach, CA)

 - Class of 1950

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William Logan Stephens Middle School - Scroll Yearbook (Long Beach, CA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 14 of 36
Page 14 of 36

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Page 14 text:

mwii itx s NAME Diane Deil Clifford Diefrick Donna Deitz Don DisKon Kobe Dohara JoAnn Downing Shirley Eagle Albert Eddow Jo Ann EIrsman Rita Farrow Mrgaret Fischer Bill Fife Bernice Flink Jack Fulmer Shirley Gallehue Jannes Gavin Roger Gehring Larry Gibson Ralph Gibson Joseph Gilbert Bob Gill Gerald Gillies LaBelle Glasman Esther Gonzales Dick Gorman John Green George Guay Robert Guiltory Mary Hadley Evelyn Hagaman Gladys Hall Harold Hansen Sandra Hardin Bill Harley Sara Harris Louis Harrold David Hart Don Hatfield Joene Hay Arlene Hayton Don Hedrick Bob Hegel Barbara Heller Carl Hensgen Cortland Herr Lester Hess Margaret Holloway Dolores Homerding Jimmie Hood Carol Hope Blossom Hortmoto Mary Lou Howard Tim Hubbard Tim Huitt Glenda Hutchison Jimmie Ichikawa Shig Iseri Jan Ishii Sets Iwamoto Allen Jackson Steve Jackson Jennie James Lee Jensen Lee Jerde Helen Johnson Harvey Jones Shirley Kelly Woody Kelly Aliene Kennedy Shelba King Shirley King David Kingham James Kinnicutt KNOWN FOR Horseback riding Washing dishes Teeth IB-inch arms Not getting work in Being nutty Hot ideas Haircut Staying at home Being smart Accent Track ability Neatness Tardiness Dancing " How you? " Being tardy Roughness Hitchhiking with J. K. Smile Gum Red hair Drinking malts Eyes Quietness Hair Dark hair Looks Hair Eyes Quietness Shortness Smartness Quietness Boys Trumpet Drawing Laziness Sweetness That red hair Pretty hair Big hands Small feet Insulting girls Weather reports Tennis shoes Sweetness Brains Grammar Shyness ( huh? ) Whistle bait Temper Smartness Shot put Deep brown eyes Voice Neatness Brains Clothes and laugh Wig Good looks Her dates Speed Tonl ' s Hair Butches Making friends Brains Pretty hair Sports ability Bashfulness Nice disposition Looks AMBITION Airline hostess Basketball player To get one of two boys Mr. America Loverboy To learn to jump a tennis net To be a disc jockey Technician To wiggle her ears To go to college To live on Mars Track star Secretary To be smart To sing on the stage Army officer To beat the bell! To sell fly paper To thumb and have milltont F. B. I. man Finance man School teacher Writer To climb a telephone pole To go to college Rancher Grow potatoes on Pluto To live on Mars Animals Stenographer Dancing Sleep Olympic skating star Draftsman Actress or model Pilot Athlete Teacher Student nurse Secretary To sit around To get out of work To get R. Mc. Bum Scientist To avoid work Secretary Secretary Bum Model Airline hostess To be shy like S. K. To get out of school Millionaire Football star Auctioneer Ball player President of U. S. To beat up C. A. Superman To be a genius Career girl Public Enemy To dig a ditch To fly Window washer Larry Anderson Pitcher Actress To swim the English Channel To have a temper A " s in social Girls WEAKNESS Duane Girls One boy Weights School Yachts Bill Cain Electricity Boys Boys Social living Running Mr. Darling Evelyn Hagaman Richard Bezie Uniforms Kay Mc. S. N. Hitchhiking Jokes Women, money, and cars Flowers Boys with cars L. N. Food Talking In class Good-looking girls His dimples Bob Williams Jack Fulmer Boys Work Comic books Home work Food Codliver oil Girls School Lee Ann ' s lunch Boyi Girls Lee Ann Richard Girls Blossom School Sewing Boys Fishing Ice cream sticks Boys Wally Hodges Reading Typing Dark Alleys Girls Baseball Miss Coughlin Being short Barbara Girls Boys Jokes Would fill a book Boys First base Larry Anderson Baseball Roger Moss Bob Propster Bob Gibson English Dixie DESTINY Duane Poly High Housewife Success Cigar Store Indian Ukelele lady To get married Inventor Housewife Woman president Football player Librarian Housewife Cab driver Night club dancer General In the army To grow up To be a girls ' gym teacher Knight of the open road Opera star Policeman The end of the road! Trip to the moon Beachcomber Dmjggist Giant To get along with teachers Giant Heaven Medical secretary Housewife To grow tall Janitor Draftsman Scrub woman Life guard To go to Heaven Supt. of Schools Hash sllnger Bubble dancer To get out of work Auto mechanic Good girl Garbage collector Astronomer Junkman Seamstress Mr. Liff ' s secretary Truck driver Good Humor woman To join a troop of seagulls Never to be shy Bottle washer Candy manufacturer Gun moll Sore throat Ball player Premier of Russia To be a midget High school teacher Fan dancer Actress Cabflllo To live In the ditch Test pilot Bachelor Heaven Right fielder Housewife Secret police High school graduate Bank president End of school

Page 13 text:

ruPiiCCY NAME Charlotte Abbott Chuck Acosta Adrienne Moses Bob Alston Betty Anderson Larry Anderson Marilynne Andrews Elvena Angus George Armstrong Arthur Asman Jimmy Atchison Jerry Bailey Roger Bailey Ronald Baker Barbara Barr Gail Barr Annette Barron Shirley Barton Betty Battles Coni Beachler Haroleen Beck Milton Becker Walter Becker Cheryl Bergstrom Shirley Biard Max Biggs Beverly Belerle Kent Bingham Marilyn Blazevich Joan Boaz Harold Bogert Shirley Bohac Barbara Boston Shirley Bowman Shirlee Br ' gg James Brashier Louis Brashier Barbara Brooks Beverly Brown Bill Brown Edgar Brown Joyce Brummett Fred Burns Gene Byers Terry Calsinc, David Cameron Lottie Canady Daniel Canchola Shirley Carrlck Lee Ann Carruthers Don Carter Margie Castillo Adolph Castra Donna Chance Dewey Chase Alvin Ching Marian Claycomb Charles Cobb Robert Cole Ronald Colefleld Bruce Collins Jerry Collins Merle Cooper Donna Crandall Nancy Crossett Lurlynne Crosthwatte Brian Crulkshank Neil Cunningham Ronald Curry Emma Jane Darling Sally Darrow Neil Davis Bob Davis KNOWN FOR Jokes Personality Flirting Muscle Sweetness Being a fast worker Personality Little feet Flirting Flirting Shortness Freckles Being a good speaker Muscle Blonde Hair Lamenue Dance Good grades Looks Long hair Always true to her steady Knitting Brother Wiliby Twin brother Loafing Long oral reports Shoes Quietness Good looks Ability in Social That red hair His valentines Bangs Wearing scarves Liking Dick Playing clarinet Chewing gum Love for Texas Hair Love of horses Love of Oklahoma Blond curls Eyes Talking too much Texas Bright shirts Hating homework Long hair His boots Talking Eyes Red hair Being sweet quietness Personality Hair Art Being nice Slick hair Good build Hair Picture In Daniel ' s locker Looks Dancing Laughing Laughing Ability in volleyball Speed Sports Trumpet Hair That laugh! Quietness Silly remarks AMBITION Disc Jockey G-Man (Girls ' Mar ) Equestrian To be popular To go to No-Man ' s Land To get out of work F. B. I. woman To be popular To ride a flying saucer Welder To be tall Aviation To be a test pilot Mr. America Secretary To Travel around the world To fly to the moon To be a good kid School majorette Fan dancer Secretary To be a ball player To be a ball player To play the ukelele To grow carrots on Mars To be a fighter Public Speaker To be an architect To get A ' s at Poly To play the uke To keep his hair combed To swim to the sun None To be a secretary To marry B. T. To be a truant officer To fly a flying saucer To test iets Cowgirl To invent non-smear lipstick To go steady with 2 girls Schoclteaching To get someone else ' s girl To be an archaeologist To be a mechanic Bookie Model To own a lot of horses Secretary To walk on the ceiling Barber Dancer To overcome shyness To meet Tennessee Ernie Girls Artist To marry a rich man Rachel? Mr. America Football player To draw Ball player To sing with a band To see little men from Mars To be a photographer To play boogie on the piano To learn French To be a Marine To play for Harry James To get out of school Lawyer To get work In To have curly hair WEAKNESS Parties Jokes Lioyd Jokes Jean and BIN Wlmmin Parties Gary O ' Neal Running Drive-in movies Girls Planes Planes Females Candy Neil Green cheese Boys Knitting Tall, good-looking guys R. H. Food Shyness A certain boy Bugs Bunny Girls James B. Shirley Bill Lawrence ' s singing Dark eyes Talking Boys Boys Dick Bob James Girls Grades Boys Horses Seventh grade girls Black-haired girls School Grammar Horror movies Mrs. Olson Doris Seager Men Girls School Bob H. Motor scooter Boys Girls Talking with her hands School Jokes Money Girls Arithmetic Girls Girls Social living Any boogie music Jokes Purty pictures Bashfulness Glenda H. Girls Work Diamond rings His middle initial Is L. Homework Trouble DESTINY Seal trainer Baseball player Housewife Seal trainer To marry Jean and Bill Service station Ditch digger Heaven To be Hob Bope II Milkman Twelfth grade Deep-sea diver To hit 6 ' 3 " Street cleaner Housewife Kindergarten teacher Lumberjack Housewife Airline hostess A Torch Singer Librarian Outstanding driver A Second Babe Ruth To marry a millionaire Barmaid Success Matrimony Hobo King To go to Mars Sing-Sing To be a genius To marry the man in the moon 7 ? ? To get married Stable boy Truant officer Knitting argyles Flagpole sitter Hoppy ' s wife Sheepherder Second Frankle Lalne First Lady Salesman Digging up burled bodies Twelfth grade Going to the horses Burlesque dancer To own a boot shop Policewoman To sing on the radio Engineer Teacher To be a criminologist To sing on the radio Heaven Radio comedian Poorhouse Texas Baseball player Who knows?? To join the WAC ' s Marriage To record popular music Nuthouse The Jail house To be Chief of Police Knight of the open road Working for Mr. Ware Ditch digger Digging ditches First woman president Road to Poly To pass ninth grade

Page 15 text:

rKirkccT NAME Jimmy Kirkland Jack Klassy Lorraine Klay Don Gene Kline Helen Kobata Jack Kopp Shirley Kraemer Edward Kubo To,qaku Kuroda Bob Larwood Bonni Lee DQ4M)ld LeHa John Lewis Shirle Lewis Ramona LInebaugh Jimmie Little Dick London Anita Lopei Eddie Lorente Loretta Magee Melody Manning Vincent Mariner James Marsh Beverly Martin Lloyd Martin Ed Mathews Dariene McAuliffe Jack McCleary Harold McClure Maxine McConnell Frances McCord Pat McDonnell David McFadden Jimmie Mcllrath Dennis McKee Richard McMIchael Janice McPherson Jack Melton Bob Mesa Lillian Messerschmidt Johnny Meyer Wayne Milburn Jimmie Miller Johnny Miller Tommy Miller DeWayne Mortenson Shirley Mosley Roger Moss James Munch Terry Murakame Fred Nagel Jack Nelson Jim Nelson Yvonne Newgaard Gilbert Nieto Sharon Numbers Hitoshi Odama Gary O ' Neal Rachel Owen Don Pac Mickey Park Kay Parkin Virginia Payne James Peek Rachel Pepito Ronald Perrot Chuck Peterson Diane Peterson Delores Phipps Barbara Pinkerton Mary Lynn Pittman Bob Powell Rolan Pucketf KNOWN FOR Paper route Broken arms Playing violin Writing ability Sports ability Shot put ability Tan Getting A ' s Smiles Freckles Personality Dark hair Butch haircut Art ability Alto voice Green eyes Teeth Dark eyes Arguments with " Bubbles " Being quiet Brains Writing poems Shyness Being quiet Trouble Electric gags Pretty hair Good grades Handsome face Flirting Temper Clothes Personality Shyness Smile Good looks Brains Student manager Sports Neatness " Flat-top " Jokes? Trouble Eyes Neat dresser Quietness Personality Broken finger Haircut Tennis shoes Hair in his eyes Corny jokes Jokes? Dancing Sports Going with L. G. Quietness Big feet Pretty hair Brains Voice Sweetness Haircuts Texas hobo Laugh Shell collection Curly hair Quietness Jewelry Algebra scholar Good times Talking Broken bones AMBITION District manager Bum Model To replace Milton Berle To go to the moon Muscle man Majorette Scientist To be a hobo To have 10 kids To cut N. C. ' s hair To live on the moon To sell mousetraps Model Second Doris Day Ball player To go to O. U. Jungle lady To live in Texas Designer Teacher Writer To quit school To travel Magician Electrical engineer To be an old maid. To see a flying saucer Piano player To go steady Friend of S. D. forever To own a convertible To hit six feet To have a harem Champion water skier To live Champion swimmer Big businessman Ball player To know all! Wealth Baseball To finish school Not certain King of Hobos Ball player To play football Pilot To be like Don D. Captain Marvel Track star Doctor Clock watcher To go to West Point Sports official Disc jockey Strong man Farmer Airline hostess Architect Opera To go to B. Y. U. Nurse Baseball player Nurse Clown in circus To sit in first row Interior decorator Model Secretary Telephone operator Dictator To be smart WEAKNESS Collecting Work Gossip Hunting Wearing glasses Girls Marvin Stover Red-headed girls Studying Charlene Jimmie P. Candy, sweets Girls Boys! Breaking bones B. L. Girls 0. Hart Texas Apple pie School Food Gi rls W. B. Wrestlers Washing dishes Joe C. Girls Loralne Dick W. Dancing P. C. Club Feet Work Eating In class Girls One certain guy Nickels Girls Clothes Tall girls Studying Women Who know? A. H. Girls Baseball Girls Miss Barker Girls Girls Not known Girls B. T. Giggling Larry Gibson Nothing School Jerry Too quiet Girls Bud S. C. H. W. C. Studying Food Vacations Book reports Boys Boys Boys Keeping quiet Girls DESTINY Newspaper editor Hobo king Flagpole sitter World dictator To be a private eye Mr. America Heaven To invent a bomb Parachute jumper Sports announcer To marry Farley Granger To finish school To be tall as Dennis Bubble dancer To sing commercials Marriage Coach To the end of the road Texas Cooking To be in Olympics Wrestler Architect Butcher Magician Her nit Can ' t tell! Scientist President To graduate Model College graduate Ballet dancer Baseball player Private eye Movie star Undertaker Poor house Singer Rag picker Giant? Ditchdigger To attend Vassar Playboy Tarian Movie stai Pilot To fly like Superman To play with Bosco Tramp Twelfth grade Ditchdigger Fisherman Beautician F. B. I. agent Housewife Oil man Heaven Auto mechanic Architect Acrobat The best School teacher To marry Jane Russell Secretary To weigh 600 lbs. To pass ninth grade Author Poly High Weight lifter Marriage Butcher Garbage collector

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