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Willard Middle School - Target Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1975 volume:

REFERENCE COLLECTION FOR USE IN THE LIBRARY ONLY BERKELEY PUBLIC LIBRARY BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA Central History Room 373.236T174W 1975 The target ■ p fj £ 4 i ' f ■ J « V .4 Yearbook Staff - With a little help from: Becton - Collins - Felker - Hendsch - Holsing - Seward Karen Ruby Linda Van Ingen Monique Hardy Tammy Meida Cover by Dean Lewis Stephen Mills Toby Hawkins 4 00V Carol Diaz Carol Baker Nancy Coneyama THAT’S THE WAY WILLARD CRUMBLES! Yeah, you read the title right! Willard is being cruelly demolished next year, because it is not earthquake proof. We are the last to see it aUve and kicking. And I mean kicking. Willard has seen an unbeliev- able number of principles, teachers, students dog paddle in and out in the great swimming pool of life. So, good-bye old pal. See you in the great court yard in the sky. By: Dawn Hoggatt Willard Junior High was built around 1912. So far it is still standing. But not for long. It will soon be nothing but wood and stones to be carted off. So on your way out the gates this June of 1975, take one last look at Willard. By: Ann O ' Sullivan WILLARD JR. HIGH ' S LAST STAND . . . For both seventh and eighth grade students, this is oxir last year here at Willard, and we are the LAST ONES to leave this school. Next year, the seventh grade students will have to make do with what they ' ve got, and hang in there with the few buildings that will remain standing. As always, the eighth grade students will have to move on, to meet their new destination (as many have done through the years) for the last time. Who knows what ' s in for next year ? ? ? ? Nobody knows, but we ' ll soon find out! The reason for this unusual event, is to make our school built-up , in-shape, but most of all. . . EARTHQUAKE PROOF! ! ! gy. Bridget Bendich Goodbye The year 1974-5 is the 59th anniversary of Willard Junior High School and will most likely become somewhat of a milestone in the history of our school. The majority of our classrooms are being considered for replacement, or rehabilitation, under the earthquake safety provisions of the Field Act of 1933. Thirty-one classrooms in the ”H and L Buildings are imder consideration at this time. Therefore, the graduating class of 1975 may be remembered as the last class to be housed in these classrooms. We have had another very good year together; a year in which we have attempted to accomplish something extra to make things a little better for everyone on the campus. This may be remembered as the year of the homeroom showdown , or rebellion. It has been a relatively quiet rebellion so far as students are concerned, but more noticeable through expressed staff concerns. The years ahead will find us continuing to press oxir efforts to provide activities and experiences designed to stimulate young people to develop constructive attitudes toward each other and to cope with the social and academic realities of the world in which they find themselves. if you treat a person as he is, he will stay as he is, but if you treat him as if he were what he ought to be, and could be, he will become that bigger and better person. Best wishes for a most happy and rewarding future. 4 Kimball, Ms. Marjorie J. Speech Hearing Specialist McDonald, Ms. Kay School Secretary Dawson, Ms. Alexine M. Registrar Hill, Ms. Jerilyn Attendance Clerk Del Rio, Ms. Olivia English Deo, Ms. Clara E. History Dolinar, Ms. Karen Homemaking Elliott, Delwyn Instrumental Music Evans, Ms. Katherine K. Social Living Felker, George, HI English, Department Chairman Ferguson, Ms, Joyce E. English Freeman, Ralph T.T. Custodian Garcia, Joseph B. Custodian Griffin, Michael M. Computer Programming Hendsch, David A. Math, Typing, Student Activities Hill, Dan E. Science Holsing, Ms. C. Adeline English James, Ms. Clydine A. Homemaking LeBon, Ms. Arthurine L. Johnson, Ms. Christine Secretary, Counselors, Grade 8 Cafeteria Helper Renteln, Ms. Lillian Jones, Roy D. Secretary, Counselors, Grade 7 Science, Department Chairman Poe, Levi M. Principal Dell ' Ergo, Vincent C. Vice Principal Isono, Yoshio Dean Manning, Ms. Ruth I. Dean Kaneko, Robert T. Head Coimselor Ashley, Robert E. Counselor McDaniel, Ms. Athalia S. Counselor, Grade 7 Revtyak, Charles J. Counselor, Grade 7 Russelle, Ms, Cleodel J. School Psychologist Adame ' , Ms. Lorain Cafeteria Helper Agretelis, Ms. Margaret L. Girls P.E., Dept Head Anthony, Jesse W. Choral Music Director Becton, Ms. Emma Math Burnt ck, Ms. Merle T. English Cady, Ms. Clara I Girls ' Locker Attendant Caldeira, Ms. Evelyn I Cafeteria Cook I Charles, Ms. Flora L, Health Assistant Collier, Robert D. English Jurgensen, Ms. Anita B. Cafeteria Helper Kalter, Arthur M, History Kelley, Ms. Ying Lee English Krumins, Ms. Miriam German Lamp, Ms. Nancy A. Math Lee, Ms. Mary K. Learning Assistance Lelchuk, Frank Woodshop, Mech. Drawing Limbrick, Joe T. English Long, Ms. Evelyn E. Math Paige, Joseph N. Attendance Supervisor Collins, Edward D. MacEwan, Andy Coordinator, Student Support Service Math Gormley, Ms. Ruth G. Media Specialist Nehls, Ms. Diana J. Health Consultant Seward, Norman J. Teacher Corps, Team Leader Cuffee, Clarence J. Social Studies Dale, Jim E, English, History, Guitar Dean, Alfredo D. Science, Arts Crafts Maibaum, Ms. Elaine D. Spanish, English Manyore, Kuria Afro-Culture, Black Drama McBride, John A. Gospel Chorus Accompanist McKeown, Ms. Katherine C. Buell Learning Assistance McLemore, James R. , Jr. Math Miller, Samuel Custodian Mitchell, S. Boys P. E., Department Chairman Mulholland, James R. H. P. Coord., Latin, Chrmn For. Lang. Dept. Nystrom, Ms. Joann M. Cafeteria Manager H O ' Loughlin, Masefield M. Science Olsen, William R. Boys P. E. Pete, Ms. Hazel F. Reading, English Perry, Ms. Lillie G. Cafeteria Helper Ploss, Ms. Margaret History, English Prisk, Ms. Evelyn D. French, English Schoen, Ms, Aase Math Shortridge, Edward A. Custodian Simon, Ms. Zeola Library Assistant Sims, Ms. Annis J. Teacher, P.E. Slater, James P. History, Department Chairman Stepney, Richard A. Custodian Tidwell, John W. Custodian Thornburgh, Frank Math, Department Chairman Tyrogalas, George S, Metal Design Wasdon, Ms. Dorothy Y. Typing Watkins, Harvey Student Supervisor Watson, Ms. Faye Student Supervisor Willcox, James G. Reading Williams, Hank Social Living, Science 5 Johnson, Christine McKeown, Katherine Lee, Mary LeBon, Arthurine J ti I Russelle, Cleodel Hill, Jerilyn Vincent Cuffee, Clarence J Williams, Hank Poe, Levi Agretelis, Margaret Dale, Jim E. Russelle, Cleodel Slater, James 7 Watkins, Harvey O ' Loughlin, Masefield Brown, Ray Kelly, Ying Lee Limbrick, Joe Olsen, William Collins, Edward Ferguson, Joyce ' n Hcr Mitchell, S. V -. Nr- Nehls, Diana MacEwan, Andy Hendsch, David Dawson, Alexine M. McBride, John , Becton, Emma Felker, George, m Hill, Dan Manning, Ruth Charles, Flora L. Manyore, Kuria Wilcox, Janies Thornburgh, Frank Staff Tyrogalas, George 11 Perry, Lillie Adame, Lorraine Nystrom, Joann Calderra, Evel5m Krumins, Miriam Elliott, Delwyn Holsing, C. Adeline Stepney, Richard Griffin, Mike Watson, Faye Maibaum, Elaine Ploss, Margaret taHP rt; in i Alexander, Peter S. Allen, Charles A. Allison, Theresa A. Allmond, John P. Appel, Heather L. Appleyard, Moana Armstrong, Carla D. Artie, Peter L. Ashman, Tia-Lynn R. Austin, Scott M. Baca, Sheila M. Bailey, John M. Ballaine, Anna T. Banez, Melchor B. Banks, Mercy J. Bartley, Kimberly A. Battlste, Anthony J. Baumgartner, Margaret Beatty, Sarah Ann Bell, Daphne L. Benton, Bobby Jr. Berlin, Marc E. Berry, Angela F. Bivins, Mishern L. Blackmore, Jacqueline Blackmore, Zulla R. Blayney, Marianne H. Blomqulst, William A. Boggs, William P. Bolt, Robert C. Booth, Jason M. Borsch, Benjamin M. Bowers, Brldglt L. Boyd Lisa A. Brewer, Willie E. Brice, Yvette C. Brooks, Carla D. Brown, Eugenia N. Brown, Michele L. Brown, Susan E. Burch, Merrell BurensHne, Alex D. Caldwell, Rodeiic T. Calhoun, Jacqueline Campbell, Ricky D. Carr, Brian K. Carroll, Brian C. Carroll, Kathleene S. Carswell, Darian D. Casey, John M, Catanese, Crltendon L. Cavana, Michael J. Chemsak, Laurie A. Cheung, Shlu Hong Clark, Angela M. Clark, Erin E. Clark, Gregory L. Clark, Megan J. Clausen, Kurt Clewls, Yolanda Y. Close, Jessica L. Cobb, Melissa B. Codella, Kim C. Collins, Fred C. Collins, Norman R. Conlln, Kelly A. Cook, Etna G. Cooper, Ian M Cosper, Marvin Craig, Cleveland Crocker, Martha W. Cruger, Thomas L. Cummings, Deandre Curry, Kevin L. Dahm, Julia D. Daniel, Dianne R. Davis, Andrew P. Davis, Audrey L. Davis, Lament V. Davis, Lee A. Jr. Davis, Suzan Y. Day Cheryl A. Dediick, Germaine C Delgado, Mark A. De Loatch, Rueben M. Dennis, Jack R. Dennis, Owen F. HI Dew, Michael A. Dillon, Lenore K. Doherty, Randy J. Donahue, Sara G. Dorsey, Stephanie J. Dougherty, Mary P. ntls, David H. Droii, Thalia C. Jacks, Ranetta C. Ducksworth, Ralph D. Jackson, Debra A. Dundes, Lauren Jackson, Jonathan H. Earle, Mychele D. Jackson, Larry L. Eastwood, Mary E Jackson, Marcus A. Edenborough, Christopher Jacobs, Martin Edwards, Melanie James, Demanus M. Elsenberg, David A. January, Denecla L. ElUott, Mark A Jensen, Kristen A. Entes, Victor F. Johnson, Connie Louis Ettlnger, Jonathan Johnson, Elson K. Evans, Dwayne D. Johnson, Eric L. Evans, Kenneth G. Johnson, Fatrle B. Ewell, Sheila R. Johnson, Katherine M. Feng, Kathaiina J. Johnson, Phillip Field, Anthony M. Johnson, Simon A. Finley, Brian L. Jones, Kimberly S. Fleming, Gary B. Jones, Marina R. Flenaugh, Martin A. Jones, Michael L. Fong, Karen H. Jones, Naomi V. Forbes, Jay M. Jones, Robbie M. Forester, Catherine A. Kachiu, Virginia M. Foster, Alisa M. Kanstein, Theodore L. Frauenefelder, David W. Kauffman, Andrea S. Freeman, Eric Lee Kehoe, Holly Freeman, Troy M. Keith, Judith L. French, George S. Kelly, Pariss W. Frye, Mark P. Kennedy, Kenneth L. Gaffey, Brian C. Kennedy, Lisa M. Gailliard, Alvin C. Kenyon, Alan M. Gaines, Susan R. Kilham, Nancy E. Gardner, Erma J. King, Caitlln F. Garrett, Gina M. King, Daniel K. Garron, Darryl G. King, Jane E. Gasaway, Gary A. King, Jonathan Gaustad, Martha E. King, Pamela M. Gerlach, Rachel A. Klein, Martin Evan Ghelev, Polly H. KUot, Perrin A. Givens, Odette L. Knox Brigld Glasper, Pele A. Koerber, Peter A. Gock, Jon Philip Krishnan, Vljayalakshm Gong, Derek P. Kuby, Paul S. Gong, Montgomery M. Laetsch, Krishen Goode, Pradenea E. Laner, Katherine F. Goodman, Joseph L. Lamey, Sarny Goodridge, Theron C. Lattany, Wanda F. Gordon, Abigail Laverne, Deborah J. Graham, Lisa Lawson, Marta E. Green, Brenda J. Lee, David Guy Jr. . Greenbaum, Michael H. Lee, Marlene Greenbaum, Peter A. Lee, Mary Amanda Greene, Deborah L. Lee, Naedena Griffin, Sonja L. Lee, Pamela Griffin, TelUs L. Lee, Share D. Gunnell, George V. Lee, Theodore Gupton, Rufus A. Leider, PoUy R. Haines, Alfonso R. Lepplch, Brenda L. Hammond, Hutler Leslie, Jerome Hancock, Lelta M. Lester, Melvin C. Hansen, Katherine D. Letchaw, Nina M. Hanson, Lucy G. Lewis Diane Hanspard, Kevin L. Lewis, Theresa A. Hardman, Richard L. Llm, Michael S. Harris, Gwendcljm F. Limbrick, Derrick D. Harris, Judith L. Lincoln, Lawrence M. Harrison, Laird K. Littlejohn, William L. Hawkins, n Michael J. Logwood, Marcella L. Healey, Patrick M. Lok, Joseph Heard, Bryant L. Love, Steffan B. Heard, Lollsha D. Lovett, Anthony J. Hedge, Ronald M. Lowe, Sarah Henderson, James A. Lowitz, Leza A. Hendry, Linda L. Lubin, Christy G. Hettmansperger, Kathry Luckett, Brenda J. Hewell, Steven F. Lupoff, Kenneth B. Hicks, Wesley B. Mackey, Norma E. Hicks, Yvette D. Maddux, Andre R. Higgins, Honathan K. Marcus, Benjamin S. HIU, Loma R. Marshall, Brenda J. Hills, Marion R. Mathis, Jeffrey Hobbs, Tujuna Mayo, Tonla D. Hogerhelde, Derek A. Me Auliffe, Eden C. Holmes, Ivorita V. Me Bay, Anne Inez Hooey, Leah A. Me Cabe, Robert E. Hope, Keith T. Me Corklndale, Carrie Hope, Schandra Me Cullough, Farrell Houghton, Nina P. Me Fadden, Lisa R. Hsl, Mary C. Me Govern, Silvia E. Hudson, Billy R. Me Gulre, Angela 1. Huey, Yee Un Me Klnley, John E. Hunt, Denise R. Me Kinney, Page Me Kinney, Renotta K. Smith, Laura A. Me Mlllan, Marion A. Smith Rene E. Me Whorter, Ian A. Smith, Robin Mead, Michael M. Sneed, Herbert S. Merchant, Laura K. aiyder, Silas S. Meyers, Nathaniel A. Somerville, Craig L. Miller, Donna R. Sopher, Deborah S. Mlnnl weather, James C. Spikes, Kenneth L. hfitchell, Ian N. Spinka, Paul J. Mohr, Gerald W. Stauduhar, Christian Mok, Clement, G. Steiner, Noeml C. Murrary, Rachel B. Stephens, Sandra Myers, Diana D. Stevenson, Lisa J. Myers, Keith E. aewart, Loma A. Nadallna, Maria Swane, Alan E. Nelson, Christopher Takata, Bruce Y. Nlvins, Mark H. Talbert, Gregory Norris, Vincient E. Talley, Elaine M. Nowik, Alexander H. Taschlan, Helen J. Oldershaw, Barbara Taylor, Shari R. Oliver, Loretha N. Teachenor, Mary R. Oliver, Soren A. Thompson, Alan K. O Malley, Sara S. Thompson, Charles L. 0 Neal, Kenneth A. Thompson, Eric F. Orellana, Roberto E. Thompson, Harold L, Orme, L}mette M. Thompson, Kathryn L. Osborne, DonneU R. Thornton, Jeffrey F. Owens, Tanya Charlene Thuesen, Mark S. Palmer, David W. Timm, Penney A. Parker, Jeffery J. Tod d, Andre F. Parker, Stuart T. Tolbert, Victoria A. Parks, Daphne Andre Tossavalnen, Eric Y. Parks, Tina Y. Townsend, Bridgett D. Parr, Willie M. m Tracy, Hugh G. Partridge, Aaron Travis, Crystal L. Patner, Joshua N. Tribe, Langley E. Patterson, David Troutt, Tracy H. Patterson, Paul C. Tubman, Marianna S. Patterson, Steven Tucker, Lisa M. Payne, Kelli A. Truner, Donna J. Peeler, Monty C. Van Ingen, Linda Perkins, Tanya M. Vaughn, David P. Perry, Elizabeth L. Vinson, Michael J. Perry, Kathryn A. Waldman, David G. Phillips, Wanda J. Walker, Mchelle Pinell, Tracey C. Walker, Pamela S. Pleasant, Yvette M. Walker , Tracy Lynn Pope, Lisa L. Waller, David E. Proulx, Elizabeth M. Ward, Darryl D. Randolph, Marian C. Waterman, David A. Reed, James C. Jr. Watkins, Abrahn C. Reed, Jennifer A. Watson, Alton L. Reed, Paul C. Webster, Lisa A. Reid, David E. Weinberg, Brian G. Rendahl, Ann E. Weiner, Henry S. Roberts, Yvonne M. Weinstein, Rebecca N. Robinson, Harold H. Weiss, Pamela Lee Robinson, Michael W. Wells, Ralph E. Robinson, Nicole Wentworth, Stuart H. Roddy, Randal J. Wheeler, Angela M. Rohlfing, Carrie E. Wheelock, Gary A. Ross, Ronald T. White, KeUy L. Rusch, Derek M. WTiitehead, Herbert V. Ruskln, Julie L. Whitehead, Yvonne A. Rust, Marion L. Wichmann, Sonia M. Ryan, Rebecca L. Wilkerson, Demetrius B, Qualls, Carl G. WiUlams, Eric K. Saldlnger, Bruce J. Williams, lana Salzgeber, Jennifer L. Williams, Kendra A. San Martin, Gregory J. WiUlams, Yvonne A. Sano, Sara H. Williamson, Glen F. Savage, Slblla K. WilUanson, Juila Scarbrough, Tamara L. WiUlamson, Katherine Scharlln, Marcy J. Willis, Sharen A. Schultz, Timothy M, Wilson, Christopher A. Sellers, Steen H. Wilson, Michael A. Seney, Katherine L. Wilson, Sergae D. Sergent, Dannlelle S. Witherspoon, Eddie L. Seuell, Ramon B. Wolinsky, Jeffrey M. Shapiro, Julie M. Wond, Roberta L. Shaw, Mitchell T. Woo, Rocky Shearer, hlichael W. Wood, Joseph Jr. Shermoen, Frank W. Wood, Raegan B. Sills, Jonathan E. Woodcock, Jennifer K. ammons, Rhonda R. Woods, Valerie P. Simon, Charles S. Woolridge, Craig A. amon, Cheryl L. Wu, Keay R. amon, Ruth Wu, Victor E. Simpson, Elizabeth T Yoneyama, Nancy H. Simpson, Stacey L. Young, Judlty L. ason, Rubeliza M. Young, Kenneth Skolnlck, hfichael A. Younger, Kevin H. 16 17 18 m 1 - !i - ► ' 1 « ' »• « i i H 20 4 23 26 27 28 29 I 30 • , H li . !( ]■ M ‘C ’ tj .li v 31 32 33 34 Spring Day 1974 Cook Out r 3- Marina Wood Sister Brad Cook Pam Worden Guess who? Nadena Lee Share Lee Jennifer McFarlane Carla Gould Melice Cook Lynne McNally Monique Hardy Katheryn Russell Karen Willis Joan Cook Debra Brown i AM Matthew Rogers Jennifer Smith I L . O -il V Abrahamson, Jennifer Devaney, Timothy Hester, Christopher McClain, Roger Scherr, Dove Aidala, Darius Dewies, Carmel Hill, Jennifer McFadden, Derrick Schneider, Ellen Alexander, David DeWitt, Joel Hilliard, Laurence McFarlane, Jennifer Schooley, Peter Alexander, Mai Diaz, Caroline Hinds, Heidi McGuire, Michael Scorse, Jon-Paul Allen, Dianna Dismuke, Sharmane Hinegardner, Lyn McKinnely, Carla Scott, Mary Anderson, Yolanda Dixon, Melinda Hirshen, Richard McKinney, James Scott, Norman Ashworth, Debra Doherty, Christopher Hoggatt, Dawm McKinney, William Scott, Thomas Atkinson, Carolyn Domaguing, Jeanne Hollingsworth, Mark McKissack, Craig Shapiro, Marya Auguste, Mechelle Drummer, Jacqueline Holman, Donald McNally, Lynne Shaw, Cherry Baca, Deborah Ducksworth, Billy Holman, Terence McNeal, Beverly Serman, Kenneth Baker, Carol Dvmmon, Kenneth Hong, Celeste Medearis, Dolores Shoemaker, Carin Ballentine, Thomas Dupree, Luzette Hsu, Mlcah Meidav, Tamar Simmons, Edith Banks, Maryann Edw ' ards, Jerry Hudson, Janice Merrett, David Simpson, Andre Baptiste, Cynthia Ellis, Bruce Hudson, Lee Merritt, Timothy Sims, Lavoyd Barnes, Carrie Ely, Roger Hudson, Lisa Middleton, Jevita Sink, Leila Barron, Craig Emberton, Gordon Huey, Wai Hon Malanov, Ossie Sipos, Kristina Basart, Kathryn Emerson, Yolanda Hughley, Althea Miller, Pamela Smit, Catherine Batey, Hilary Engbeck, John Humphrey, Alesia Miller, Paula Smith, Diane Bayless, Frank Erskine, Deanne Hussey, Leigh Miller, Robin Smith, Elizabeth Bell, Theodore Evans, Ivory Ip sen, Avaren Mills, Nathan Smith, Jennifer Bellah, Harriet Evans, Regina Ireland, Leon Mills, Philip Smith, Naomi Bellard, Morris Fane, Clyde Irving, Debra Mills, Stephen Smith, Tina Bendich, Bridget Farrell, Janice Jackson, Chandra Mine, Hilary Smith, Trevin Bennett, Ivory Farve, Marie Jacobs, James Mok, Jennifer Sosnoski, Daniel Bernstein, Steven Feder, Rebecca James, Gregory Nlontgomery, Linda Smpece, Gretchen Bordenave, Sheila Fenner, Anthony James, Michael Moore, Brian Spence, Magdalina Bovie, Xavier Fernandez, Emily Johnson, Charles Moore, Mary Stean, Wesley Bowler, Yolanda Field, Jeffrey Johnson, Crystal Moore, AEchael Stevenson, Christopher Brandt, David Fisher , Jonathan Johnson, Eric Morton, Pamela Stiths, Anthony Brewer, Bobadilla Fleeton, Anthony Johnson, Katherine Mu, Yu-Mei Strauss, Michael Bridgman, Joel Fleming, Renella Johnson, Linda Neeley, LaTonya Stuart, Christopher Brooks, Charlotte Forester, Adam Johnson, Michael Nelson, Charles Sturdevant, Winston Brooks, Liqueattee Foster, Cynthia Johnson, Tanya Nelson, Jacqueline Talkovsky, Lyn BrowTi, Anthony Francis, Debra Johnson, Wendell Nicholson, Michael Tarr, Michael Bro- vn, Christopher Franklin, Carolyn Johnston, Catherine Nishita, Don Thomas, Michael BrovTi, Davdd Frappier, Renee Jones, Charlene Olivier, Frank Thompson, Leslie BrovTi, David P. Frauenfelder, Michael Jones, Dean Ong, - Catherine Thomsen, Kevin Brown, Debra Frazier, Virginia Jones, Hosea Orloff, Russell Thrasher, Kristin Brown, Gloria Fredrickson, Niomi Jones, Terri Orme, Christine Tims, Penny Brown, Jody Freeman, Joran Joralemon, Gary Ostrander, John Tolliver, Terri Brown, Lasonja French, John Josephs, Megan O ' Sullivan, Ann Traver, Sandra Brown, Laurence Gaines, Rosemany Kattchee, Theodore Otus, Taras Truman, Caroline Brown, Sammy Garland, Lisa Kelly, Michelle Owens, Connie Tyler, Randolph Bryant, Herbert Garrett, Ruby Kelly, Veronica Parker, Cheryl Vaningen, Caroline Brydon, Todd Gieg, Kevin Kendall, Brian Parker, Lisa Vincent, Frederick Bunts, Rhea Gilbert, Gillian Kennedy, Deborah Patton, Andria Walker, James Calhoun, Kenneth Gilkey, Linda Kerr, Anthony Pavao, Richard Walter, Tara Calhoun, Randy Gill, Leori King, Adam Payne, Tyrone Washington, Charles Cantrell, Ann Givens, Jan King, John Pecot, Johna Watson, LaTanya Carmichael, Janet Goertzen, John Kingenberg, Karin j Penny, Leticia Weaver, Francine Casida, Eric Golson, Keith Lam, Pauline Phillips, Zelda Wedemyer, Tracy Chastain, Nora Gould, Carla Lee, Carla Pickus, Joshua Weinmann, Jeffrey Chen, Helena Gourdine, Robert Lee, Cheryl Prather, Jeffrey Wells, Diane Choyce, Winston Green, Christina Lee, Tommy Proom, Elizabeth Wells, Ralph Clarke, Jason Green, Kenneth Lenihan, Hunter Proulx, Anne Whitaker, Hillary Clements, Lawnence Green, Patricia Lennon, .Margaret Pryor, Debra Wilcox, Kimberly Clyde, Amy Green, Kevin Leonoff, Stagey Raymond, Alvin Wilderson, Larry Collins, Craig Guenther, Peter Lemer, BethJ Reed, Daniel Wilkerson, Mark Collins, Herschel Guess, Stanley Lester, Gary-, - Reed, Walter Williams, Catherine Comfort, Daniel Gums, Athena Levitch, Jeffrey Reinsch, Denise Williams, Cynthia Comfort, Jason Hagan, Jeffrey Lewis, Dean Rendahl, Katherine Williams, Kirk Conlin, Cathy Haines, Catalina Lewds, Ronald Rice, Donna Williams, Ramona Cook, Bradford Hall, John Le vis, Steven Rice, Felicia Williams, Terrie Cook, Joan Hansell, Judith Lewis, Yolanda Richardson, Perry Willis, Karen Cook, Melicie Hansen, Brenna Lind, Roger Riskas, Joy Wills, Donna Coustain, Leigh Hardman, Lodonna Lindae, Sandra Robinson, Cynthia Winning, Roxane Coulter, Mary Hardy, Monique Lipscomb, Loura Robinson, James Wolinsky, Laurie Cronin, Stacia Harris, Paula Lipscomb, Peter Rodgers, Charles Wond, Linus Cumming, Ian Harris, Regina Liskamm, Erika Rogers, Matthew Wood, Heidi Cyrus, Darryl Harrison, Pamela Lock, Ke dn Rollins, Sandra Wood, Marina Dahms, Christopher Harts, Vicki Lowitz, Leslie Rose, Lisa Woodcock, i ' eralyn Daniels, Michelle Hawkins, Tobias Luks, Harry Rothschild, Dina Worden, Pamela Daniels, Steven Hayes, Linda Limdgren, Mark Ruby, Karen Worley, Calvin Daniere, Jyoti Hays, Peter Lyons, Kim Russell, Katheryn York, Charles Dargahi, Nikolai Healey, Sean Magleo, Ronald Russell, Korissa York, Elizabeth David, Natalia Davis, Cyntania Davis Stephanie Dennis, Alma deProsse, Frederic Heckman, Martha Heiles, Tod Henderson, Latemia Hendricks, Adam Henson, Juan Manheimer, James Mann, Mordechai Mason, Derek Matlock, Anetri Matthews, Lamelda Safford, Christopher Samules, LaRhonda Sandberb, Moriah Schell, Eric Scherman, Gregory Zimmerman, Naomi 40 42 wMPwinilll • ♦ , »♦♦♦ ;»♦ ♦♦ • » . i 43 ..rnslimm 9 44 45 47 I ' lfc ) , I . 1 - 48 ill liiii :;= i!S 49 50 “T ■ ' ' ■lipipiti|JWi|lllil. I , .ui]p 1 51 i ! 54 ' msm CHARLES E. WASHINGTON 1960-1974 WE AT WILLARD JR. HIGH SCHOOL ARE DEEPLY SADDENED BY THE SUDDEN DEATH OF CHARLES E. WASHINGTON, A FORMER STUDENT OF OUR SCHOOL. WE EXTEND OUR SYMPATHIES TO HIS FAMILY IF CHARLES WERE HERE THIS DAY, HE WOULD KNOW HOW MUCH PEOPLE REALLY CARED. 56 Willard Drama Contest The Importance of Being Ernest The Madwoman of Chaillot January 1975 Anastasia Anastasia Mourning Becomes Electra Pygmalion Our Hearts Were Young and Gay 59 Drama More drama scenes Wardrobe ladies 11 i . 9 SPORTS SPORTS 66 67 1 . i LOell ' oo ' e ier bak os t ' lOhinQ bo ' V Ia3 ' ' 1 kc k • Q loV c ' ori o )0T ■VW £)0 s ' 1 uej c5 a ' b kO ' jlafxi b jV YVicyb lOd cc r ■k sk ' i nG ]ca ot Hx ' JO q 0,00 q.ui ' rv ec; OocLj BsooOiO ncy f Mr ■ arv nc vcr?r -J 5 c rr » 74 o% Cc : ‘ fL ' v.cX ovAC V 4 cy ' d)0( c c- ' K , uj-cL iCtCv ■? vO ' (?of 75 76 77 78 79 1 78 80 1

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