Willard Middle School - Target Yearbook (Berkeley, CA)

 - Class of 1974

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Willard Middle School - Target Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1974 volume:

REFERENCE COLLECTION FOR USE IN THE LIBRARY ONLY BERKELEY PUBLIC LIBRARY BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA Central History Room 373.236T174W 1974 The target BERKELEY PUBLIC LIBRARY PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE 1973 marks the 58th Anniversary of Willard Junior High School. It is the first Junior High School in Berkeley and the first of its kind in the United States . This places Willard in a unique position so far as the history of school organization is concerned. This has been another good year for students, staff and the community. It is the year in which we made a concerted effort to develop an operational model to in- clude students, parents and professional staff in the process of collaborative decision making and conflict resolution through our Organizational Development Project. This is not intended to suggest that we have not had our share of difficulties and challenges. We must keep in mind that the freedom to parti- cipate also suggests a form of responsible behavior if meaningful change is to occur which is beneficial to all. My continuous reminder to each of you is that we will receive no more out of our school experience that we are willing to invest in that experience. Success depends largely upon how seriously one pursues his responsibility and how determined he she is to succeed. Best wishes to each of you for a most successful and happy future. Most cordially, Levi M. Poe, Principal WILLARD FACULTY 3 7 i 3 Lyn Atkinson Carol Baker Ellen Baker Carla Gould OH, BABY Barbara Aubrey Sarah Lamb Lynn Pickerell 9 0 Janet Carmichael Reiko Roberts Sandra McPherson SAY, BABY! Way man Taylor 10 11 MY, MY, BABY Michelle Kelly Robyn Safford Yolanda Winchester Cheri Wells 12 Deborah Grossman Jennifer Burrough Tamar Carson Peter Rumsey WEIS • • • 13 Usana Smith Donna Griggs Mary Booker 14 15 Mary Anne Coulter Debby Pryor Cory Fisher 1 16 17 YOU MUST HAVE BEEN A BEAUTIFUL BABY — ’CAUSE BABY LOOK AT YOU NOW Steven Silver Paula Siegel Perri Green Margret Lebbert 18 Jean Anderson Betsy Hafner Gretta Harris Ruth Sopher TA, TA! 19 BIGGEST NATURAL Delcia Young MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Robin Lowitz LONGEST HAIR Catherine Hurley jj 9 K ' d! 1 ' u ' jm i ' 1 i VI 1 1 iMAk n ] SMALLEST PERSON Pamela Caldwell and Felicia Rice MOST ORIGINAL NAME Sharon Archuletta Bobadilla Brewer SEX-Z GIRLS Gabrielle Wilson PRETTIEST GIRL Ruby Garrett AH 15 COMPANY STIVAL thru 3 Ke Rgfj s MOST EFFICIENT BRACERS (TEETH) Jessica Pollack FINEST DUDE Nathan Wills TALLEST PERSON Kevin Pope BEST DRESSED Rubjr Garrett Gloria Crowder Richard McClain t H ve f{ot Bey on a SB • - ' A ' WL ' . " r T ' , mt L jJtW, 5 . 1 vT j gggs ' m 1 : . { k ip . . H t ' l u n y ' JFl " v M f 5 -• ■ SEX-Z BOYS Anthony Taylor PRETTIEST EYES Alesa Davis BIGGEST TONSIL IN TOWN Merreanette Martin Las on j a Brown MOST PERVERTED MIND Stevie Wilson r 1 . , y n rSLm I G A A 32 Abrahamson, Jennifer Alexander, David Alexander, Mai Allais , Joy Pascale Allen, Di ann a Anderson, Juaton Anderson, LJuan Anderson, Yolanda Ashworth, Debra Yvonne Auguste, Mechelle Bade, Anne Bagnall, Brj ' ce Baker, Carol Bal lan tine, Thomas E. Basart, Kathryn Bate}’, Hilar} 7 Bayless, Frank Bell, Theodore Bellah, Harriet Bel lard, Morris Bendich, Bridget L. Bennett, Ivory Bernstein, Steven M. Blackmoore, Jacqueline Bolmer, Hansel M. Bordenave, Sheila M. Bor ns te in, Deborah Bos set, Rosalind Renee Brandt, David H. Brewer, Bo bad ill a SEVENTH GRADE 34 Bridgman, Joel F. Brooks, Charlotte E. Brooks, Liqueattee V. Brown, Anthony E. Brown, Christopher E. Brown, David Brown, David P. Brown, Debra Ann Brown, Gloria L. Brown, Kermit R. Brown, Lasonja Brown, Laurence E. Brown, Samuel Bryant, Herbert P. Brydon, Todd M. Buchanan, David G. Bunts, Rhea Laurie Calhoun, Kenneth Calhoun, Randy Cannady, Albert M. Carmichael, Janet L, Casida, Eric G. Chastain, Nora E. Choyce, Winston E. Collins, Craig A. Collins, Herschel Otis Comfort, Daniel P. Comfort, Jason A. Cook, Bradford L. Cook, Joan Constance 35 Costain, Leigh P. Coulter, Mary Anne Cronin, Stacia A. dimming, Ian A. Dahms, Christopher H. Daniels, Michelle L. Dargahi, Nikolai M. Davidson, Shannon C. Davis, Cyntania R. Davis, Ruth T. Davis, Stephanie L. De Staebler, Jordan L. Dewies, Carmel Y. De Witt, Joel N. Diaz, Caroline P. Dismuke, Shar mane C. Dixon, Kavern E. Dixon, Melinda J. Doherty, Christopher S. Domaguing, Jeanne R. Drummer, Jacqueline Ducksworth, Billy R. Dunlap, Anthony Dunmon, Ke nneth R. Dupree, Luzette D . 4 Edwards, Jerry O. Ely, Roger Emberton, Gordon H. Eng beck, John R. Erskine, Deanne 36 Evans, Ivory L. Evans , Regina Y. Fane, Clyde G. Farve, Marie A. Farrell, Janice Fernandez, Emily L. Field, Jeffrey S. Fisher, Jonathan L. Fleming, Renelia J. Forester, Adam T. Francis, Debra L. Franklin, Carolyn Frappier, Renee Frauenfelder, Michael Frazer, Virginia L. French, JohnN. Garrett, Ruby J. Garland, Lisa Gilbert, Kevin H. Gill, Leori Gilkey, Linda Givens, Jan E. Goertzen, John F. Golson, Keith Gordis, Kent K. Gourdine, Robert D Gospel, Aubrey Jr. Gray, Gayle Renee Green, Brenda J. Green, Kenneth D. 37 Green, Patricia Ann Greene, Kevin G. Guenther, Peter J. Guess, Stanley Gums, Athena Hall, John F. Hagan, Jeffrey G. Hansen, Brenna L. Hardman, La Donna C. Hardy, Monique R. Harris, Regina C. Harrison, Pamela L. Hayes , Linda D . Healey, Sean B. Heckman, Martha A. Heiles, Tod S. Henderson, laternia E. Hendricks, Adam H. Henson, Juan Hester, Christopher Hilliard, Laurence Hilliard, Patrice Hinds, Heidi Hinegardner, Lyn Hirshen, Richard Hoggatt, Dawn Holman, Donald Holman, Terence Hollingsworth, Mark Hong, Celeste 38 Hsu, Milcah Hudson, Lee R. Hudson, Lisa L. Huey, Wai Hon Huneke, Gretchen Hussey, Leigh A. Ipsen, Avaren E. Ireland, Leon R. Irving, Debra D. Jackson, Chandra D. Jacobs, James D. James, Gregory A. James, Michael A. Johnson, Charles Johnson, Crystal L. Johnson, Katherine E. Johnson, Tanya R. Johnson, Wendell H. Johnston, Catherine Jones, Charlene M. Jones, Keith A. Jones, Sterling J. Jones, Terri L. Joralemon, Gary L. Josephs, Leah M. Josephs, MeganS. Kalish, Leah M. Kattchee, Theodore A. Kearns, Reanetta Kelly, Michelle M. Kendall, Brian E. Kennedy, Deborah H. King, Adam King, Daniel K. Lam, Pauline Lee, Jeffrey 39 Lenihan, Hunter S. Lennon, Margaret E. Leonoff, Stacey Anne Lerner, Beth A. Leslie, Jerome Lester, Gary K. Lenis, Yolanda Renee Lind, Roger Lindae, Sandra A. Lipscomb, Loura A. Liskamm, Erika Lock, Kevin M. Lopes, Daphne R. Lowitz, Leslie O. Luks, Harry J. Lundgren, Mark A. Mack, Maria R. Magleo, Ronald R. Majors, Robert E. Manheimer, James L. Mardian, Troy M. Mason, Derek M. Me Cool, La Tanya Me Fadden, Derrick L. Me Farlane, Jennifer Me Gee, Tracey Jon Me Kinnely, Carla E. Me Kinney, WiUiam W. Me Kissack, Craig Me NaUy, Lynne M. Me Neal, Beverly K. Medearis, Dolores C. Me Is on Sherry J. Merrett, David P. Merritt, Timothy Middleton, Jevita E. 40 Milano v, Ossie Miller, Pamela D Miller, Paula Miller, Robin C. Mills, Nathan A. Mills, Philip I. Mills, Stephen Mine, Hilary Mix, Kutrina Mok, Jennifer Montgomery, Linda Moore, Brian Moore, Calvin Moore, Mary Moore, Michael Morgan, Cynthia Motron, Pamela Mullins, Douglas Neeley, Latonya Neff, Julian Nelson, Cahrles Nelson, Jacquline Neumark, Gregory Nicholson, Michael Nishita, Don O ' Brien, James O ' Callagen, Kent Olander, Dale Oliver, Frank O ' Neal, Anthony Ong, Catherine Orloff, Russell Or me, Christine Ostrander, John E. O Sullivan Ann G. 41 Otus, Taras Owens, Connie Pantoja, Maribel Parker, Cheryl Parker, Lisa Patterson, David Patterson, Troy Pavao, Richard Payne, Tyrone Pearlson, Tamara Pecot, Johna Phillips, Zelda Pickus, Joshua Pickens, Rickey Porter, Carolyn Prather, Jeffrey Proom, Elizabeth Proulx, Anne Pryor, Debra Raymond, Alvin Reed, Daniel Reed, Walter Reinsch, Denise Rendahl, Katherine Rice, Donna Rice, Felicia Richardson, Perry Riskas, Joy Robinson, Cynthia Robinson, James Rodgers, Charles Rogers, Mark Rogers, Matthew Rollins, Sandra Rose, Lisa Ross, Ronald 42 1 Royster, Harold Ruby, Karen Ruegg, David Russell, Katheryn Safford, Christopher Scherman, Gregory Scherr, Dove Schneider, Ellen Schooley, Peter Scorse, Jon-Paul Scott, Mary Scott, Norman Scott, Thomas Session, Reginald Schell, Eric Shaw, Cherry Shaw, Eric Shell, David Shoemaker, Carin Simpson, Andre Sims, David Sims, LaVoyd Sink, Leila Sinn, Norman Smit, Catherine Smith, Christopher Smith, Diane Smith, Fredrick Smith, Jennifer Smith, Lucille Smith, Naomi Smith, Sarah Smith, Trina Sosnoski, Daniel Spence, Magdalina Stean, Wesley 43 Stevenson, Christopher Stiths, Anthony Strauss, Michael Stuart, Christopher Sturdevant, Winston Stuward, Ronald Sumlin, Doran Takei, Linda Taylor, Charlotte Taylor, Wayman Tessicini, Juliet Thomas, Michael Thomas, Lisa Thompson, Leslie Thomsen, Kevin Thrasher, Kristin Tien, Norman Tims, Penny Todd, Michael Tolliver, Terri Townsend, Bridgett Truman, Caroline Tyler, Randolph Vaughn, Valrie Valentine, Mark VanEs, Rowland Walker, James Washington, Charles Washington, Marcia Watson, LaTanya Weaver, Francine Wedemyer, Tracy Weinmann, Jeffrey Wells, Diane White, Christian Wilders on, Larry 44 Wilkerson, Mark Williams, Cynthia Williams, Kirk Williams, Ramona Williams, Terrie Willis, Karen Wills, Donna Winning, Roxane Wong, Linus Wood, Heidi Wood, Marina Worden, Pamela Worley, Calvin York, Charles York, Elizabeth Zimmerman, Naomi Atkinson, Carolyn Abrams, Sasha Brown, Ray Ewart, David Freeman, Joran Gilbert, Gillian Gray, Catrina Could, Carla Gourdine, Robert Johnson, Darryell King , Marvin Mead, Michael McClain, Roger Patton, Adria Patterson, Troy Reed, James Thomas, Yvonne Bird, David 45 EIGHTH GRADE Achan, Dwanus Adam, Emily Adelson, Mark Allen, Carla Allen, Paula Altman, Lynne Amos, Alvin Anderson, Jean Anderson, Jennifer Anderson, Renee Apfelbaum, Peter Appel, Mark Appleyard, Rust in Armstrong, David Aubrey, Barbara Bakalyar, Elizabeth Baker, Ellen Banez, Lester Banks, Tom Barber, Dorothy Barber, Thomas Barnett, Brenda Bates, Adrian Behar, Kate Bell, Kevin Beilin, Elea Birnbaum, Stefan Blackwood, Linsley Blevins, Ruby Bloom, Jonathan 46 Bolt, Gillian Bolton, Chantay Booker, Mary Boyce, Bret Boyd, Michael Boyd, Renita Boykin, Brian Boykin, Gregory Boyle, Ann Bradford, Anthony Brentano, Margaret Brosnahan, Amy Brown, Alma Brown, Lovetta Brown, Maryam Brown, Pamela Brownson, Christopher Bruere, Geoffrey Burke, Scott Burroughs, Colette Burroughs, Jennifer Caldwell, Pamela Canfield, Noel Cantrell, Hampton Carlson, Joel Carson, Tamar Chadwick, Karen Chan, Alan Chemsak, Sheryl Chichester, John 47 Chinn, Paul Cody, Nora Cole, Myra Coley, Victor Collins, Maureen Collins, Penelope Collins, Richard Comm ins , Lars Cook, Aaron Cook, Steve Coons, Robert Cooper, Teresa Cornwall, Mike Cotton, Karen Coulter, Joseph Cox, Steve Craig, Lawana Crawford, McKenzie Crowder, Gloria Crowder, Stephanie Cruger, David Crump, Gregory Cummings, Anita Curran, Timothy Cyrus, Darryl Cyrus, Derrick Damerell, Luis Davis, Ales a Davis, Anita Davis, Lloyd 48 Davis, Sandra De La Cruz, Anna Dedrick, Dwayne Dennis, John Denton, Justine Deverell, Ian Domaguing, James Domaguing, Joseph Dorosin, Michael Drummer, Gordon Dunmore, Dwaine Edge, Robert Ellner, Julie Erb, Loriel Espree, Trennie Fairchild, Thomas Feinbaum, Rhonda Finney, Michele Fisher, Corinna Fishlow, Judith Fishlow, Naomi Fitzgerald, Lenardo Fleury, Joseph Florence, Denise Fong, Kevin Forbes, Elma Franklin, Audrey Franklin, Eric Franklin, Robert Freeman, Carla 49 Freeman, Rachael Fremlin, Kristina Friend, Donald Fussell, Victoria Gaffey, Erin Gaines, Karen Gaines, Ralph Galtney, Kathy Gamble, Deirdre Gilkey, Jacqueline Gillies, Ingrid Giralt, Didier Glass, Aaron Golosby, Matthew Gonder, Simone Gong, Alyssa Goodridge, Arthur Gordon, Barry Gordon, Eric Gorton, David Gospel, Michael Gough, Rowena Gould, Jonathan Graham, Donnie Gray, Felicia Green, Linda Greene, Laurel Griffin, Lei and Griggs, Donna Grossman, Deborah 50 Grossman, Paul Gupton, Clifton Guy, Uvonda Hafner, Elizabeth Halperin, Alicia Halvonik, Megan Hans ell, Christopher Hantke, Paul Harrell, Bryan Harris, Gretta Harris, Mario Harrison, Brent Harrison, Craig Harrison, Gregory Hausman, Andrea Hayashi , Stacey Haydell, Paula Hayes, Jerry Heath, Jomo Heisser, Donna Higgins . Ann Hing, Alexander Holmes, Venessa Holtzapple, Robert Hope, Elijah Hopkins, Micheal Horton, Lisa Houston, Cheryl Howard, Alberta Howard, David 51 Hsi, Sylvia Hubbard, Rickey Hurley, Catherine Jackson, Alan Jackson, Gerard Jackson, Ronald Jackson, Stanley Jackson, Winnifred Jaeger, Carlotta Jamison, Mary Jamison, Rachelle Johnson, Amanda Johnson, Michael Johnson, Paulette Johnson, Rudy Johnson, Toni Jones, Francheska Jones, Martin Judson, Stephen Kachiu, Roger Kanstein, Robin Kelsey, Jennifer Knight, Dimitri Lamb, Sarah Lassoff, Abbie Latson, Cora Lawson, Kristan Lebbert, Margaret Leidenfrost, Sara Leider, Hannah 52 4 $ Leonard, Victor Leslie, Yevonne Lester, Vicki Levenson, Leo Levi, Floyd Lewis, Joe Liberman, Matthew Lim, Timothy Link, Victoria Lipow, Jenny Litzey, Timothy Locklear, Timothy Lomack. Lorna Love, Earnest Lowell, Timothy Lowitz, Robin Lubas, John Lubman, Sarah Macking, Silas Maddux, Darryll Mah, Richard Majors, Darla Mamer, Roger Mante, Kwaku Martin, Karen Martin, Merreanette Martinez, Carlos Martsch, Aaron Martsch, Eric Matsumura, Mara 53 Mauchlan, David McCarthy, Ann McClain, Richard McCrea, Lorelei McCullough, Eric McCullough, Karen McElheney, Kathleen McFadden, Denise McHale, Daniel McKinney, Terry McMillian, William McNair, Sonya McNary, Thomas McPherson, Sandra Miles, Arthur Miles, Brenda Miller, Selwyn Moll, Franz Moore, Brian Moore, Frank Moorer, Karen Moran, Rosalie Morgan, Renetta Mullins, David Nakagawa, Kenneth Neff, Laurence Nelson, Bryan Nelson, Carl Nery, Pamela Neyhart, Suzy 54 Nguyen, Tai Norris, Sherry O’ Callaghan, Kate Oldershaw, Leslie Oliver, Jacqueline O ' Neal, Kelly wm m Onitsuka, Noriko Otis, Dana Parker, Marie Parker, Phyllis Patterson, Heubert Patterson, Ricky Pecot, Lori Pete, Anthony Pickerell, Lynn Pierce, Robin Pinell, Carol Pollack, Jessica Pope, Kevin Price, Joanna Pridgeon, Pauline Proulx, Marc Pryor, Marshall Quan, Stephen Raines, Avis Reed, Leilani Renteln, Peter Roberts, Reiko Rohlfing, Chantal Ross, Kyle 55 Ross, Romona Ross, Robert Rozak, Kathryn Ruderman, Jason Rumsey, Peter Rush, John Ruth, Steven Ryan, Matthew Safford, Robin Sanford, Eddie Sano, Jeffrey Saxton, Rico Schemmerling, Mia Schneider, Dale Scott, Lavelda Scott, Malinda Scott, Sheppard Seuell, Walter Shears, Dora Shelton, Bruce Shimoko, Dennis Shipman, Jerry Siegel, Paula Silver, Steve Silverman, Margaret Simpson, Pamela Slifer, Lynn Smith, Charlotte Smith, Dion Smith, Keith Smith, Usana Sopher, Ruth Steele, Lorraine Stenmark, Jane Stermer, Dugald Stewart, Charles 56 Stigall, Cynthia Street, Priscilla Street, William Sugiyama, Stephen Swiney, Jason Tanaka, Curtis Tang, Willie Tashima, Chris Taylor, Andre Taylor, Anthony Taylor, Jerome Teachenor, Anna Thomas , Earl Thomas, Gregory Thomas, Jenny Thomas, Margaret Thomas, Michael Thomas, Michelle Thomas, Ola Thomas, Wanda Thornton, Peter Thrasher, Valerie Tom, Trinette Tomelden, Ana Tong, Ellen Trimble, Jay Truman, Peter VanBourg, Timothy Vance, Elizabeth Vincent, Theodore Wade, Larry Wadleigh, Lief Wadleigh, Mette Walker, Aaron Walker, Janice Walters, Cheryl 57 Washington, Harold Weinstein, Samuel Wells, Cheri White, Bettie White, Nancy Whitsitt, Douglas Wiggins, Trina Wil kins , Alfred Will, Doylene Williams, Kevin Williams, Marlon Williams, Terrance Williams, Tony Willis, Terence W T ills, Darin Wilson, Gabrielle Wilson, Stevie Winchester, Yolanda Winn, Joe Wong, May Woldridge, Kevin Worden, Kathleen Wright, Gavin Wu, Bryan Young, Darrol Young, Delcia Young, La Yolanda Young, Shelley Yovino -Young, Joseph Yamamoto, Keiko Ghelev, Katy Harris, Charleen Ratoosa, Adam Williams, Richard 58 WILLARD ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL Gieg, Kevin Hawkins , T oby Johnson, Lisa Leitcher, David Me Guire, Michael Gilbert, Kevin Gustafson, Heidi Hansell, Jody Harris, Paula Hays, Peter Hewell, Steven Jackson, Marcus Johnson, Linda Jones, Hosea Kelly, Veronica Kreinberg, Jed Lebeau, Dino Lewis, Ronald Matlock, Anetri Matthews, Lamelda McAuliffe, Troy Conlin, Catherine Cook, Melicie Devaney, Tim Devaney, Jack Dennis, Jack Feied, Malcolm Frederickson, Niomi Gaines, Rosemary Gray, Glenn Green, Perrie 60 Spears, Dolores Stewart, Richard Stryker, Nancie Thomas , Michael Talkovsky, Lyn Varela, Joseph Vincent, Fredrick Waters, Heather Williamson, Paul Wills, Nathan 7TH GRADE BASKETBALL TEAM 8TH GRADE BASKETBALL TEAM SOCCER TEAM 63 64

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