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Text from Pages 1 - 60 of the 1969 volume:

REFERENCE COLLECTION FOR USE IN THE LIBRARY ONLY BERKELEY PUBLIC LIBRARY BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA Central History Room 373.236T174W 1969 The target WILLARD JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA BERKELEY PUBLIC LIBRARY Principal ' s Message We would add a word about the theme of this issue of TARGET , integration. Willard has been racially integrated for many years because its boundaries included a cross section of our city. However, Willard has received its students from seven Berkeley elementary schools, two of which were integrated while the others were segregated. Now, in the fall 1969, the first time, Willard will receive most of its students from only two elementary school s, both of which are integrated. Webster defines integrate in nine different ways, as follows: (1) to unite something with something else. (2) combine together; (3) to incorporate into a larger group; (4) to end the segregation of and bring into common and equal membership; (5) to desegregate; (6) to indicate; (7) to find the integral (8) to make complete; and (9) to form into a more complete, harmonious or coordinated entity. It is our hope that all the activities of students and staff at Willard will serve to form our school into a more complete harmonious and coordinated entity. To our eighth graders we say, work hard and give your ninth grade mind and statue. To our seventh graders we say, look toward the opportunities for leadership and service in your eighth grade and our school will become more complete harmonious and coordinated entity. Sincerely A. V. Shearer student Body President ' s Message I have been asked to speal about integration in Berkeley schools. I will speal ; of it in two sections : first, kindergarten-6th grade, then, 7th-l 2th grade. Going to school is a starting place for students, where they leam about people, people who may be different from them or like them. In k-6th, integration plays a big role in our society. I believe that if a child is taught the true meaning of race relations early in his life, it will stay with him the rest of his life; but if a child isn ' t taught this he will leam some other way, and this will mean trouble for everyone. A large part of education starts in the home for different students. Some kids are taught to be plain prejudiced by their home environment. The other section is the secondary schools from 7th through 12th. Grades 7 through 12 should have already had integration in their eveiyday learning and ac- cepted it. Yet there are a few people who spoil the whole program. For example, talk goes around, then spreads, and soon you have a rumor that some White Boy beat up some Black Boy; then all the Blacks are going to beat up the Whites. Yes, there are a few Racists who spoil the whole program. We could all get along with integration if everyone would be cool and naturally do their own thing. Dr. Sullivan set up this program of integration with a great outlook in mind — of Berkeley being one of the ' ' super cities in the United States. It will take a long time for this program to prove itself. When it does we can all be proud be- cause we can think in our own minds that we helped it along. . . With sincere thanl s, 3 A SCHOOL YEAR IS: HOMEWORK, COLD SHOWERS, BURNT COOKIES, THE BARE FACTS IN SOCIAL LIVING, AND . . . Fashion Show, 6 Abaya, Sonny Abel, John Ballard, Carmen Barber, Christine Barnes, Theodore Adams, Ricardo Adkins, Jeffery Bartelme, Jane Bartlow, Rosalie Basuel, Ruben Aguirre, Charles Allen, Matthew Bautista, Teriy Baylis, Annie Beacham, Sandra Allen, Robert Anania, Karen Bell, Deborah Bell, Raymond Bendich, Nora Anderson, Donald Anderson, Rebecca Bene, Peter Blacks her, James Bledsoe, Hai ' old Anderson, Stanley Andrews, Patrica Bogas, Barbara Boles, Ray Bolton, Jeriy Borowiak, Scott Bowe, Steven Brandt, Elizabeth Carey, Diane Carpender, Thomas Brazil, Patricia Breuer, Lisa Broach, Marilyn Carter, Vera Chow, Tamara Broadnax, Anthony Brooks, Winifred Broussard, Benjamin Choyce, Sandra Clark, Elizabeth Broussard, Michael Bi-own, Arthur Brown, Brenda Clark, Jeanne tta Clark, Steven Brown, Catherine Brown, Chastine Buchanan, Wartney Clarke, Kaylene Clay, Von Ray Burger, Eileen Burgess, Dawn Campbell, Duncan Cocallas, Conan Collier, Brenda L Collins, David Coopex ' , Luverta Duffy, Paul Dutton, Gus Easley, Bobby Crum, Anneliese Culver, Kym Edwards, Napolean Elizondo, Denise Englund, Kirsten Curran, Suzette Daniels, Jeffery Englund, Mark Englund, Vi aan Essig, Kevan Da ds, Reginald Decker, Douglas Evans, Harold Evans, Hilarj Fernandez, Catherine Dellums, Pamela Dennis, Shirley Fernandez, Leo Fernandez, Miguel File, Laura Doniger, Kenneth Ducote, Deborah Fischel, Corinne Floyd, Stephanie Fluss, Robert Foley, Donna Fox, Warren Franldin, Gwendolyn Gilmore, Paula Goria, Deborah Frasco, Christofer Freeman, Laura Friedericks, James Granicher, Jill Gray, Rhonda Fukumae, Paul Fukumae, Peter Furey, Martin Green, Andrew Green, Gregory Gadolin, Sylvia Gagnon, Yvette Gammon, Jovett Griffin, Vera Grimes, John Garcia, Annelle Gee, Dolores Gee, Leslie Gustafson, Richard Hafner, Julianne Gerver, Kenneth Gilb, Tyra Gilbert, Ann Hagwood, Jonathan Hall, Gary ' 4 Hamer, Sylvia Hammond, Gill Hawkins, Sandra Hays, Charles Heard, Rcnetta Hansen, Claire Hantl e, David Hcckman, John Helwig, William Henderson, Donna Harden, Brenda Harder, Catherine Hendrix, Kevin Heppler, Bmce Hester, Janice Hariis, Gregory Harris, Phillip Hester, Wesley Hicks, Tromaine Hill, James Harvey, Stanley Hatter, Gary Hill, John Hilton, Edna Hoag, Cynthia Hauser, Max Hawkins, Johnnie Hodges, William Hofmann, Vicky Hoggatt, Tina 9 m Jm V 10 Holman, Willie Houghton, Elaine Houghton, Wendy Johnson, Lorenzo Johnson, Robert Houghton, William Howard, Carla Hubbard, Tony- Johnson, Ronald Joseph, Reginald Hudson, Brenda Hunter, Lester Huts on, Denis e Kahn, Michael Kalani, Roseanna Jackson, Alvin Jackson, Barbara Jackson, Beverley Kamada, Gail Kaster, Jeffrey James, Rewina Jay, Julie Jemerson, Sandra Kato, C3nithia Kelley, Walter Jenkins, Cora John, Annette Johnson, John Kidd, Sharon Killeen, Kate King, David King, Mohammed Knott, David Kulp, Diane Lane, Robert Mackey, Angela Maiden, Gregory Maiden, Yolane Maier, Jeff Mann, Claudea 12 Mar gen, Peter Mai ' golis, Paul Mark, Jane Marks, Leslie Marshall, Gregory Mason, Victor Mathews, Raymond Mathis, Diane Maxwell, William McClennon, Mark McCue, Mark McCullough, Craig McDonald, Bruce McFarlane, Lynn McKee, Robert McKinney, Sava McLaren, Libby McRae, Eric Mealy, David Merritt, Randall Moore, Marilyn Mo ran, Susan Moses, C arietta Moss, Hercules Murray, David Nakayama, David Nikcevich, Tim Nishi, John Nishioka, Janet Nishita, Robert Patterson, Bruce Pavao, Susan Peach, William Pearce, Elaine Peck, Daniel Polk, Bruce Polk, Reglna PoUc, Suzan Porter, Donald Prevost, Carol Rhoder, Cynthia Richard, George Rigmaiden, Marilyn Rizzolo, David Roberson, Debra Rohlfing, Eileen Rose, Willie Rosekrans, Adolph Ross, Chaneta Rowland, Wayne Perry, Drexel Pliillips, Isaac Pierce, Crispin Pine 11, Anthony Player, Michael Privitte, Terry Raines, Debra Raphael, John Reed, Dwight Reyes, Maria Roberson, Ivy Roberson, Nellie Roberson, Randy Roberts, Cassandra Rogers, Michele 15 7 r Rust, Liz Salz, Helen Secrease, Roosevelt Sedgwick, Karen Sessler, Daniel Sargent, Todd Sayles, Deborah Severj ' , Bill Shannon, Henrj ' Shaw, Thoette Schatzki, Dave Scheer, Ted Sherrill, William Shum, John Simmons, Kendrick Schuettge, Karen Schulz, Ursula Simon, Eva Simril, Marguerite Sims, Pat Schwartz, Judy Scott, Anthon5- Slaughter, Barbara Smith, Bobbj- Smith, Janet Scott, Greg Seabur -, John Smith, Richard Smith, Steven Sobers, Mark 1 Iv ' i r 16 Somers, Scott Spellman, Morris Spindt, Don Tetlow, Mary Thomas, Betty Stephens, Elliott Stephens, Michael Steward, Bob Thomas, Donna Thomas, Joe Stickney, Will Stone, Jeff Stradford, Jon Thompson, Anita Thompson, La von Strange , Brenda Stubblefield, Keola Tabor, Doris Thomson, Ellen Tims, Larry Tallvovsky, Jil Talley, Janet Tanalca, Bruce Torres, Luis Tousley, Allen Taylor, Henry Taylor, Robert Temko, Susannah Turner, Deborah Ulp, Kathleen 18 Uno, Carol Vansant, Laurence Weeres, Bruce West, Marilyn Weston, Joan Vasquez, Martin Veal, Curtis White, Stephen Whitener, Julie Wilcher, Kita Vincent, Bj ron Violich, : Iaria Will, Audrion Williams, Linda Williams, Reginald Visser, Joj ce Walker, Betty Williams, Ronald Williams, Valerie Williams, Venida Walker, Gwen Ward, Allen Willis, Pamela W indie, John Winkler, Karen Wasser, Da ad Weeks, Robert Winning, Michelle Wjmne, Bridget Young, Brad Zetar, Henry Zichichi, Joseph Zimmerman, Eric Nina, Menendez Plane, Martha Stocking, Rachel Tigner, Maria Ballard, Carmen Gaffey, Kieran Rogers, Debra Thompson, LeVon Vance, Rita Louis Bar re re Horace Finley Ronald Rhem Paul Bishop Kevin Franklin Aileen Robinson Brenda Collier Sylvia Hamer Margie Scoggins Wayne Crump Judy Haynes David Sophus Calvin Daniels Nell Hoffman Johnnie Thomas Dexter Daniels Leslie Mario Tonero Thomson Carlton Dixon Clarence Pree Deborah Turner Gloria Dorsey Helen Rhem Bridget Wynne 1. Robert Pinell 2. Debbie Turner 3. Patty Brazil 4. Miss Higman 5. Julie Jay 6. Janet Lew BABY PICTURE ANSWERS 7. Gwen Walker 13. 8. Sandra Choyce 14. 9. Michaele Lundberg 15. 10. Siri Aarons 16. 11. MigTiel Fernandez 17. 12. DaMonica Robinson 18. Katherine Hayashi Libby McClaren Mrs. Siebentlial Ann Stewart Tanir Milanov Jane Bartelme 19. Guess? 20. Gloria McClenon 19 CLASSROOM CANDIDS ft 1 Aarons, Siri Adams, .Monica Armstrong, Eleanor Artie, Eva Artie, Thomas Adams, Stanley Adams, Tammra Babcock, Cristin Bailey, Deborah Baker, Susan Allen, Adeline Allen, Emry Balderston, Thomas Barlow, Shairon Barnes, Kenneth Allen, Laura Allen, Ray Barrett, Claudia Bates, Ian Batey, Valerie Allevato, Antonietta Anderson, Xorman Batterman, Hollis Baum, Rachel Bay lis, Anna Anderson, Sabrina Armstrong, Carlin Bellah, Jennifer Berger, Steven Bergman, Madeleine 9 ' K — w I i ii If ' - 1 n Bias, David Birge, Bettine Brewer, Verline Brickman, Lawrence Brodie, Robert Bivens, Reginald Blades, Joan Bronson, Matthew Bi ' own, George Brown, Gregory Blanco, Lisa Bloom, Claudia Brown, Ian Brown, Jackljm Brown, Karen Bloom, Madeline Bowling, Cheryl Brudy, Alexandra Burger, Marlene Bui ' i-ous, Fi ' anlc Bowling, Tony Bradley, Edwin Burton, Barbara Buteyn, Carol Butler, Daryl Brewer, Carroll Brewer, Colet Butler, Michael Call, Connie Capres, Myrita Cicero, Julie Clark, Jason Clark, Tom Cline, Mitchell Coats, Lydia Cornier, Leroy Conerly, David Cook, Alison Cooper, Wendell Copeland, Brenda Cross, Valon Crowder, Cedric Davis, Carol Davis, Daren Davis, Pamela Li 1 i ; .r ■ Jr Castillo, Brad Chatman, Joe Cheney, Elizabeth Chow, Marina Choyce, Tony Cobum, Scott Cody, Martha Coffin, John Cole, Phyllis Collie, Crista i mm ' Copeland, Elaine Coulter, Linda Coval, Alichelle Crittenden, Catherine Cross, Mel Fleming, Hilari Fluss, Larry Foley, Daniel Foy, Larry Fulmar, Elizabeth Dawson, Patricia DeBerry, Antonio Delacour, Kathy Dennis, Bi ' uce DeVos, Michael Dumas, Edwina Easley, Darrell Ekman, Robert Ellis, Pamela Eppinger, Bruce Feied, Clinton Finn, Marlon Finney, Kevin Fjeld, Jeffrey Flanagan, Kerin 4. . i Furey, Antonia Gagnon, Donald Goldsby, Wendy Goodwin, Annette Gorevin, Mark Gai, Bradley Gandy, Mary Grady, Ron Graham, Kim Graham, Theresa George, Deborah Gill, David Grassetti, Richard Gray, Evelyn Green, Charles Gillies, Anne Glaspie, Larry Green, Kevin Green, Sheldon Griffin, Leora Glines, Laura Glover, Yvonne Griffin, Nannette Grodin, Sliaron Grosman, Miriam Gock, Lorraine Goldberg, Heidi Haas, Greg Hafner, Parker Haines, Reagan Hall, Alison Hall, James Hambly, Margaret Hill, Henry- Hill, Janet Harkins, Jerry- Harms, Mimi Harris, Gail Hill, Mark Hing, Catherine Harris, Kate Harris, Sharon Harvey, Vernon Hiraoka, Martha Hopson, Janice Hausman, Marjorie Hayashi, Katherine Hayashida, Irene Hori, Glenn Huber, Robert Headd, Jiminie Hedge, Sheila Hegler, Marvin Hudson, Renee Hung, William Helwig, Paul Hester, Jenell Heumann, Stephan Hunter, Pamela Hurlbut, Catherine 27 Hurley, James Hurn, Margaret Hurst, Suzetta Irvin, Linda Ito, Grace Joseph, Sharon Joyner, Karen Jue, Gerald Kami, William Kammerer, Andrew 28 Klickstein, Robin Klingelhofer, Mark Kliot, Tara Knight, Cheryl Knight, Mike LeBlue, Vicki Lee, Angela Lee, Barbara Leggett, Mike Lennon, Katherine Lim, Colleen Lind, Fred Littel, Stuart Littlefield, Billy Lock, Suzanne Kammerer, William Kehoe, Stacy Kellogg, Steven Kenyon, Katherine Kerins, Constance Josh, Knoblock Koel, Laurie Laforteza, Walter Law, Don Lebbert, Amy Leonard, Mark Lester, Angela Lester, Herbert Levin, Laura Lewis, Johanna 29 i Pencot, Herman Pennell, Robert Reiche, Erin Relyea, Eric Renne, Paul Plapp, Steven Porter, Edward Ricca, Guy Riggs, Nancy Roach, Mary- Porter, Steven Posey, Sarah Robe rs on, Ronald Robinson, Curtis Robinson, Da Monica Pree, Anthony Prescott, Gregory Rogers, Ann Rohlfing, Loma Rose, Janice Quails, Braderick Randle, Brenda Ross, Michael Sachs, Anna Salz, Dasha Real, Juan Redd, Clarence Samuels, Gail Sanders, Johnnie Sawyer, Karen Sayles, Lois Schenck, Barbara Shum, Leon Shye, Daphne Siegel, Claudia Scholes, Timothy Schuler, Sara Sills, Jennifer Simmons, Margot Simmons, Valerie Scott, Rashel Sessler, Jonathan Simonds, Charlotte Siverson, Karen Sloan, Christie Sevilla, Anita Seymore, Willie Smith, Bradley Smith, Brenda Smith, Darryl Shearon, Paul She r rill, Adriene Smith, George Smith, Glenn Smith, Kathy Shimoko, Janet Shiver, David Smith, Kent Smith, Michael Smith, Michelle 33 Smith, Sharon Somers, Bruce Stewart, Anne Stocking, Melissa Stoehr, Tracy Spears, Henry Spencer, Janice Stone, Margaret Stone, Stephen Strange, Claudia Spencer, Michael Spencer, Pamela Strassner, Orvelester Striplin, Reva Suzuki, Fumi Spivey, Thomas Stafford, Julie Tanabe, Emily Tanaka, Doris Taylor, Donald Stead, Lola Stean, Stanley Taylor, Gary Thomas, David Thomas, Eric Stenmark, Ruth Stem, Lesley Thomas, Janis Thompson, Gregory Thompson, Sandra 34 Thornton, John Tims, Keith Ward, Selina Washington, Frank Watts, Weifred Trent, Carlos Turner, Gregory Webster, William Weeres, Leslie Weiner, Daniel 1 J ■ • Turner, Sandra Ugaki, Raymond Welch, Gloria Wlrite, Marsha Williams, David Vicars, Richard Voight, Rebecca Williams, Jeanette Williams, Jeffi-ey Williams, John Wachter, Stephen Waldman, Thomas Williams, Leonard Williams, Ricky Willis, Candy Walker, Christopher Walker, Cleveland Wilson, Linda Wirta, Evan Withe rell, Nancy Witt, Mallory Wolgast, Stephen Wu, Donald Wysham, John Zichichi, Mary Wright, Bill Wright, Dwayne Fuchs, Andrew Lopez, Florence Rainey, Joan Stewart, Dan OTHERS, Broughton, Lucia Dennis, Davis Figenshu, Karen Love, Aubrey Montgomeiy, Richard McGuire, Sean Ostroff, Nicholas Papillon, Debrorah Ratcliff, Donald Rogers, Roy Rose, Marilyn Rove re, Craig San Jule, Tamsen Saunders, Alex Scott, Tyler Sims, Kathy Trout, Cherie Warfield, Terry White, Marvin Whitley, Patricia Williams, Darryl Williams, Walter Don Gagnon Fumi Suzuki Joan Blades CARTOONS Deans: Mrs. Manning Mr. Isono Counselors: Mrs. Boxer Mr. Burke Mr. Ashley- Mr. Bliss Mrs. Agretelis Mr. Albright Mrs. Allday Mrs. Becton Miss Buell Miss Burr Miss Cannon Mr. Collins Mr. Cuffee Mr. Dale Mr. Davis Mrs. Deo Mr. Elliott Mrs. Evans Mr. Felker Mrs. Forman Mrs. Goncalves Mrs. Grissom Miss Harris Mr. Hendsch Miss Higman Mrs. Holsing Mrs. Huffman Mrs. Inge rs oil Mrs. Kelly Secretaries: Miss MacDonald Mrs. Dawson Mrs. Enos Mrs, LeBon Mrs. McCoy Deans Assistant: Mr. Collins Mr. Watkins Mrs. Watson Willard Substitute: Mrs. Olds Guidance: Mr. McKeown 39 Matron: Mrs. Porter Locker room Attendant: Mrs. Cady Gym Assistant: Mrs. Dowler Also on the Staff: Mrs. Del Rio Mrs. Ferguson Mr. Griffin Mr. Hill Mr. Jackson Mr. Kalter Mr. LeBlanc Mr. Lelchuck Mrs. Maibaura Mr. McCasland Mr. Norwood Mrs. Ploss Miss Prisk Mr. Reynolds Mrs. Rice Mrs. Snyder Mr. Thornburgh CAN YOU IMAGINE...? Mr. Kalter in baby shoes Mrs. Agretelis acting normal Mr. Cuffee standing on his head Mrs. Siebenthal with long blonde hair Mr. Hill as Mr. Clean Mrs. Loe doing the Four Corners Us writing this insane Can You Imagine Mrs„ Becton in a gym suit Mr. Thornburgh taking the day off on Feb. 2 Mrs. Holsing in a natural wig Mr. Hendsch as Batman Mrs. Price weighing 350 pounds Mr. Norwood taking ballet lessons Mrs. Ploss having two long pigtails Mr. Slater teaching homemal ;ing Miss Vincent as Cleopatra ..... Mr. LeBlanc Miss Huffman as Cinderella Mr. E. Collins being 4 ' 2 Miss Ferguson in high top tennis shoes Mr. MulhoUand with a crew cut Mrs. Maloney styling in a Cadillac Mr. Felker in shoulder length hair Mrs. Maibaum as Miss America Mr. Isono in a toupee A SCHOOL YEAR IS ALSO . . . Shakespearean Scrolls, Watching Shamrock Hop, A the Movies?, with Statue, 1 » Christmas Dance, Mr. Jackson Dancing? Buffing up, Eating Lunch, and Awards Assembly. BREAK STUDENT COUNCIL S. B. President-David Murray S. B. Vice President-David Nakayama S. B. Secretary-Libby McClaren S. B. Treasurer- Lisa Reyes 8th grade President-Sean McCullough 8th grade Vice President- Terry Privitte 7th grade Pi ' esident-Greg Haas 7th grade Vice President-Anne Stewart Officially CLUB AND ACTIVITIES CHESS CLUB WRESTLING TEAM 8th GRADE BASKETBALL TEAM GIRLS ' DEAN ' S AIDES BOYS ' DEAN ' S AIDES ATTENDANCE OFFICE AIDES COUNSELORS ' AIDES 1 MAIN OFFICE AIDES STUDENT STORE BOOKROOM AIDES STUDENT SERVICE PERIODS STUDENT SERVICE PERIOD 6 TRAFFIC C.J.S.F.GRADE7 C.J.S.F.GRADE8 BERKELEY BOYS ' WORK ASSOCIATION I. V SCIENCE CLUB GIRLS ' GLEE GRADES BOYS ' GLEE ORCHESTRA BAND DANCE BAND GIRLS ' GLEE GRADE 7 54 56 am PI8C THIS TARGET BELONGS TO- PI8CHEL

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