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Willard Middle School - Target Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 47 of the 1961 volume:

BERKELEY PUBLIC LIBRARY BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA Reference Collection FOR USE IN THE LIBRARY ONLY Central History Room 373, 236 T174w The target 31913017842441 TARGET 1961 This year marks the forty-sixth anniversary of the Willard Junior High School Tar- get. Since the first Target in 1916, Target staffs have enjoyed bringing back many happy memories to Willard Students and friends. We hope you will enjoy reading this year ' s Target as much as we have enjoyed composing it. THE STAFF We would like to thank Mr. Cralle who spent many hours taking the pictures used in this year ' s Target and Mr. Caldwell who took the picture used on this page. BERKELEY PUBLIC LIBRARY DEDICATION - The 1961 edition of the Willard Junior High School Target is respectfully dedicated to the memory of Miss Marguerite Dart who served in the Berkeley schools for over thirty years as a teacher and a counselor. Miss Dart was devoted to her students and her profession. We will remember her as a person who tried her hardest to help us all. PRINCIPAL ' S MESSAGE - I think the following quotation has meaning for us in 1961: When we were boys, boys had to do a little work in school. They were not coaxed; they were hammered. Spelling, writing and arithmetic were not elective; and you had to learn. In these more fortunate times, elementary education has become in many places a sort of vaudeville show. The child must be kept amused and learns what he pleases. This complaint about the schools appeared in the New York Sun of October 5, 1902. People still complain about education, and in some ways it is good - if it leads to learning more about the program of the school, visiting the campus, talking with teachers and other staff members, and making a real effort to understand the whole program offered all the students. Willard is an exciting and stimulating school in which to learn. We have students of many races, of a variety of social, cultural and economic backgrounds; and of a great diversity of talents. This great diversity of needs is being met by a devoted staff who remain at Willard because they like boys and girls and because they find teaching here rewarding and stimulating. In our school, teaching and learning are carried on in a multitude of ways as we try to meet the varied needs of our boys and girls. Through our classroom work, our club activities, our athletic program, and our general student activities, we are giving all our students valuable opportunities to learn to get along with their peers and to work together in friendship, understanding, and harmony. Willard has been named for one of the great women of our country, Frances E. Willard. I’d like to close this message with some words of advice she has passed on to all of us: The world wants the best thing - it wants your best. Our desire at Willard is to help each student bring out the best that is in him. Sincerely, Arthur V. Shearer FACULTY - 1961 Mrs. Andes Mr. Cralle Mrs. Jameson Mrs. Pittman Mr. Ashley Mr. Dell ' Ergo Miss Judd Miss Prisk Mr. Berry Miss Ferguson Miss Lavers Miss Randolph Mr. Bisio Mr. Garcia Mrs. Lewis Mr. Revtyak Mrs. Blackburn Mrs. Harsh Mrs. Manning Mrs. Rice Mr. Bliss Mr. Hasz Mr. McNamara Mr. Rock Miss Blumert Mrs. Headrick Mr. Mulholland Mr. Shearer Mr. Burke Mr. Hill Miss Myer Mrs. Strangman Mr. Caldwell Mr. Hughes Mr. Nevins Mr. Thornburgh Miss Cobb Mr. Isono Mrs. O ' Neill Miss Vicent Mrs. Cowan Mr. James Mrs. Pete Mr. Wells Miss Phillips Mr. Williams STUDENT BODY OFFICERS President MARK DINABURG Vice-President STANLEY NAKAHARA Secretary JANET BISHOP Chief Justice Chief of Police - - Rally Co-Chairmen HARVEY HUMES - KENT MUNRO ■ MARY STAATS BOB SCHWIERS Student Government Sponsor - — MR. WILLIAMS SPRING CLASS OF ' 61 Absent — PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Absent PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE PHOTO LARRY ACKERMAN ROBIN ADAIR VALJEAN ADAMS ARCHIE ANDERSON EARNEST ANDERSON SHERYL ANDERSON BRUCE ARNOLD OCIE AUSTIN RICHARD AVIANI PETER BALDO MICHAEL- BANKS THOMAS BARBEE TIM BARNHART JOHN C. BARR JOHN K. BARR JOSEPH BEEGHLY ALBERT BELL JOHN BELLQUIST PATRICIA BENNETT YVONNE BERNKLAU VAN BIERBAUMER LYNN BLACKBURN JULIA BLACKWELL MILLIE BLUFORD DOUGLAS BOAZ RICHARD BOONE BARRY BOWERMAN DELORES BOWLING ROMANETA BOYKIN JONETHEL BROADNA THURMAN BROOKS VOLLIE BROOKS JOYCE BROWN ODELLA BROWN BEVERLY BURKE MICHAEL BURNETT CHARLES BURSEY CAROL BUSS ROGER BUTLER GLORIA BUTTS JACK CARLISLE ELSIE CARTER KEITH CARTER THOMAS CASTRO THOMAS CASWELL GRETCHEN CLARK LAUREL COATES DARLENE COLEMAN EMMA COLEMAN GARDNER COMBS GRACE CONDON ALVIN COOK JACK COOPER CAMERON CORLETT MICHAEL COSTA PAT COWAN SANDRA CRAIG DAVID CROWDER JOYCE CROWDER CHARLOTTE CRUMP JAMES DANIELS CHARLENE DARDEN LA DONNA DAVIDSON CHERYL DAWSON MARK DELWICHE DONALD DEWEY MARK DINABUEG BERNADETTE DISTON DIANE DIXON FRED DOLE RON DORFMAN PATRICIA DOWNEY THOMAS DRAYDEN RUTH DRIVER LEE DUCKLES DANNY DUNKLEY ALFRED EARLY MARK EDMUND SUSAN EGGLING GERALD ENEZ MARIA FARRON KAREN FEELEY DIANE FERGUSON STEPHEN FERRIER BENNIE FIELDS LINDA FLOURNOY DOROTHY FORD PAT FORMICHELLI BEVERLY FRANCIS JOSEPHINE FRENZA LA VERNE GAGE FRED GAPASIN LESLEY GILB TAMARA GILLILAND CHRIS GILMORE JAMES GILMORE OTIS GOREE CATHLEEN GOW DOUG GOW CHERYL GO WAN DANIEL GOWAN KENNETH GREEN ROBERT GRIMES WAYNE GUMM ROBERT HAMILTON WALLY HAMMOND OLAV HAMRE LINDA HARDAWAY PHOTO ' I Not Available PHOTO Not Available SHARON HARDIN DAVID HARDING GLADYS HARRIS JOYCE HARRIS PAT HATFIELD DAVID HAWKINS LAVORA HAZZARD ALEX HENRY CORNELL HICKMAN KAREN HILBURN JOE ANN HOLLIS WARREN HOLMES DAVID HOMRIG KAREN HUFFMAN HARVEY HUMES WINI HUTASOIT SHARON IKAMI LINDA IVORY ARTHUR JACKSON RONALD JACKSON MARY ALICE JAMES RANDALL JAYNE FRANCIS JENKINS JACQUELINE JENKIN MICHAEL JENKINS BERNICE JOHNSON JEWEL JOHNSON RAY JOHNSON ROBERT JOHNSON ELEANOR JONES REES JONES KATHY ANN KAISER ROBERT KASSOW CAROL KATAYAMA CAROLYN KENNEY PAT KREIDER YULANDA KUNG MAXINE KURAHARA ALICE KUYKENDALL CAROL LAJOIE URBAN LARS SON STEVEN LATHROP JIM LAWRIE NICK LAWTON CHRISTINE LEE GWENDOLYN LEGGETT MARGARET LEWIS BONNIE LITTLEBERRY VALERIE LOEB WILMA LOTT HAZEL LUPERINE WAYNE MADDOCK JUDITH MANN CAROL YNE MARTIN ALBERT MARTINEZ CAROL LABRIE MARGARET MATES JACK MATTSON GARRY McCANN GAYLE McFADGEN ERICA McLANE ROBERT MICHENER FREDDIE MILES FANNIE MILLER TRUDY MILLERSTROM ERNEST MOLINA BARBARA MONTGOMERY JANET MORGAN DONALD MORRILL JERI ANN MORRIS MONICA MUNGER KENT MUNRO ALEX MURRAY STANLEY NAKAHARA WILMA NEDD CARL NELSON DENISE NIEMI RHODA NISHIYAMA MAURICE NORRISE MORR IS NORRISE ROBERT O’CONNOR SARA OECHSLI DOROTHY OLSON DONA ONTIVEROS CARLOS ORTEGA CYNTHIA OSBORNE ALICE OUYE RICHARD OUYE ALAN PARK GENE PARKER MARGARET PARKER PAUL PARKER GARY PETERSMEYER RAYMOND PICKETT EDWARD PIERSON ERNEST PRICE THOMAS RAMSEY DREW REESE SANDRA REIDENBACH ALAN REINKE THERESIA RENSEN LOLA RHODES SUSAN RICHARDS PAUL RIVERA BILLY ROBINSON JOYCE ROBINSON RITA RODRIGUEZ DARLENE RONNEBERG BRUCE ROSEN GILDA ROSS GEORGE ROUX SYDNEY RUGG TOM RUST PRISCILLA SANCHEZ GLORIA SANDERS DENNIS SANO ERIK SATER MIKE SAXBY VICKI SCHUBERT JOHN SCHUNHOFF ROBERT SCHWIERS MARGARET SELZNICK LAURA SHEWMAKER JUDY SHIRTS RALPH SHORT KATHERINE SIMPSON PATRICIA SKAGGS MICHAEL SKOOR BEVERLY SMALL RUTH SNIPPEN SANDY SOULE ROBERT SPROUL MARY STAATS GRETA STAFFORD FLOYD STANTON RENNY SUMNER LINDA TABOR JAMES TAYLOR LESLEY TEMPLE RONALD THOMPSON DALE THORNBURG JANET TIBBS JOEL TOLBERT MARILYN TORIUMI EMI TSUNO DAVID TUSSMAN SEIGO UDA BEVERLY USHER BRENDA USHER LAURA VALREY KARL VAN ESS MARVA VERNON ALEKSIS VTEGLAIS CALVIN WALKER CHARLINE WALKER DONNA WARE LOLA WASHINGTON VICHAI WATANASIN NANCY WATSON MARGIE WELCH JAY WENTWORTH DONELL WHEAT MELVIN WHITE JIM WIEDENHAUPT RANDY WIGHTS REBEKAH WILCHER DANIEL WILLIAMS ESTHER WILLIAMS ' 9 HARRY WILLIAMS JAMES WILLIAMS ROGER WILLIAMS PAUL WILLIAMS ROY WILSON JOSEPH WINTERBURN KATHLEEN WITHERS JUDITH WONG WILBUR WONG HOWARD WOODRUFF DORIS WORSHAM PETE YOUNG JAMES YOUNG H-9 TRIVIALITIES FAVORITE HOBBY AMBITION Larry Ackerman Tic-tac-toe beat his sister Robin Adair electronics mad scientist Valjean Adams laughing serious for one day Earnest Anderson baseball get out of right field Archie Anderson spend thrift millionaire Cheryl Anderson wasting time get married Bruce Arnold eating be on Popeye Show Ocie Austin model airplanes college education Richard Aviani girls playboy Peter Baldo Ha-Ha-Ha! die with smile on face Tom Barbee football get off bench Tim Barnhart dozing graduate in June John C. 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R. gym teacher beaver PABLUM PORTRAITS CtfOOfN KEHJAJey S m iWetj fCncfM S UlCMf S rr ' IoORlS UO Sc.t VB££T LirJbA C AfLaL. Fbovikh V-fi TtfAMA Mu }£ - EU fV0 ctt Y Alice Cf thy q LaJiluApiS Kfinty fatsos. FomiciJell. i Kath y U i tHexs Bev Fgj vas I SCtLLA Sa kloUcy FALL CLASS OF ' 61 DONALD BENNETT OLIVER BROWN ALLOY BROWNLOW KENT CADE JANETTE CUMMINGS DENNIS DEAL RONALD EXPOSE FERN LEE LABUHN DENNIS MAKISHIMA ELIZABETH OWENS MICHAEL PERRY SANDRA PICKETT KENNETH C. PIERRE JOHN SALAZAR KNARL STUART VARETTA THOMAS JOHN W. THROWER JOAN WONG Aai a L-9 TRIVIALITIES FAVORITE HOBBY AMBITION Oliver Brown fishing in the bay play the bongos Donald Bennett dancing learn the pony Janette Cummings collecting old stamps be a tramp Dennis Deal girl friends get one Ronald Expose fishing for shoes football player Fern Labuhn boys marrying one Dennis Makishima collecting junk junk man Michael Perry collecting coins collect garbage Sandra Pickett boy chasing boy catching Kenneth Pierre cars own junkyard for cars John Salazar collecting fly wings live to be old man Knarl Stuart playing records live off relatives Varette Thomas cooking home economics teacher John Thrower fishing operate on self Joan Wong collecting feathers a bird brain H-8 Advisory 204 MISS LAVERS Advisory 210 MRS. HARSH Advisory 20 7 MRS. STRANGMAN Advisory A204 MR. HILL Advisory A101 MRS. O’NEIL Advisory 104 MR. MULHOLLAND ■7 Advisory 111 MISS PRISK Advisory B-3 MR. WELLS Advisory A 102 MRS. HEADRICK Advisory 110 MR. NEVINS Advisory 103 MR. THORNBURGH Advisory 201 MISS BLUMERT Advisory B-l MISS FERGUSON Advisory A 205 MR. ROCK ■8 Cafeteria MRS. ANDES Advisory B-2 MISS COBB Advisory 1 MR. BISIO Freedom Fortnight Winners STUDENT COUNCIL Sponsor: MR. WILLIAMS STUDENT COURT Sponsor: MRS. JAMESON RALLY Sponsor: MR. ISONO GIRLS ' LEAGUE Sponsors: MRS. ANDES MRS. MANNING TARGET Sponsor: MR. THORNBURGH SUPERIOR SCHOLARSHIP GROUP MR. MULHOLLAND GOOD SCHOLARSHIP GROUP MR. BURKE SCHOLARSHIP GROUP MR. THORNBURGH COMMUNITY SERVICE Sponsors: MISS RANDOLPH MISS COBB SCOOP Sponsor: MR. MULHOLLAND STUDENT CONTROL Sponsor: MR. DELL’ERGO PROJECTIONISTS Supervisor: MR. REVTYAK OFFICE AIDS Supervisor: MISS MacDONALD LIBRARY AIDS Supervisor: MISS VINCENT BLOCK W” Sponsor: MR. BERRY STUDENT CONTROL DRILL TEAM Sponsor: MR. DELL ' ERGO CHESS CLUB Sponsor; MR. GARCIA SCIENCE CLUB Sponsor: MR. WILLIAMS DRAMA Sponsor: MR. BISIO CHEER LEADERS Sponsor: MISS PHILLIPS S rt i t SPORTS INSTRUCTORS: Gills: MISS MEYER MISS PHILLIPS BASKETBALL C and ”D Teams VOLLEYBALL C and D Teams FOOTBALL C and D Teams G. A. A. Dance Group SPORTS INSTRUCTORS: Boys: MR. NEVINS MR. HASZ MR. ISONO MR. BERRY BASKETBALL A and B Teams VOLLEYBALL A and ”B Teams MEDAL WINNERS City Fitness Contest G. A. A. Free Exercise Group sy AUTOGRAPHS Name Unit in ; ] iJm

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