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0 beau - ti - ful for spa - cious skies, For am-ber waves of grain, THEME " America the Beautiful " JAc Jahqsd For pur -pie moun-tain maj-es-ties Our America We love her parks and mountains tall, Her oceans and soft brown hills. We ' re proud of each stream and waterfall, Her coal mines and textile mills. Her plains are rich with waving grain, Her cities are busy with trade. Here pilgrims come and can remain To worship unafraid. All this our fathers left in our care, And we must keep it free From despot ' s lash and wily snare, Our American Democracy. — Dick Robinson. A-bove the fruit -ed plain. PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF THE WILLARD JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA JUNE 18, 1943 A - mer - i - ca! A - mer - i - ca! Our Best In time of war, each of us needs to remember again his duties and and reponsibilities as a citizen of our country. Each of us must be ready and willing to do whatever is required, whether on the battle front or on the " home front. " Some will be called upon to face hardship and danger; others to fulfill the unspectacular but important duties and sacrifices of civilian life in war time. Let each of us do his full duty, no matter what it may be. — H. N. McClellan, Principal No Less Our boys on the battlefields are fighting and dying for the fundamental freedoms which we practice as the American way of life. It is our responsibility as the citizens of the next generation in the United States to be able to put an end to further bloodshed for these glorious freedoms. We must be fully supplied with brawn and brains to qualify for this task. We can only achieve this great aim by taking full advantage of our privilege of free education and by being thoroughly prepared to meet that generation with our shoulders to the wheel. It must be our best — no less, now and forever, for the Red, White, and Blue. — Kirby Moulton, Student Body President For Victory KIRBY MOULTON While the enemies of mankind Call the hosts of hate to war, And the reign of terror threatens Freedom ' s flag on every shore, Uncle Sam stands strong and steady Through the bitter storm and strife To preserve our loved traditions And our blessed way of life. Let us then with faith and courage Face the task that ' s to be done, Till our enemies are vanquished And our victory is won. — George Kelly. God Shed His grace on thee, mr. h. n. McClellan MR. C. K. HAYES To Mr. McClellan and Mr. Hayes, W E EXTEND our best wishes for success in recreation and in service, and dedicate this issue of the " Target. " — Willard Student Body. Glenn Archer Elbert Bartlett Harrison Bennett Bill Bluford Dick Campbell Melba Clark Ray Davies Eleanor Armit Elaine Batchelor Joyce Berglund Phyllis Book Margie Chamblin Edward Collins Margaleen Davis Carol Aronovici Ruth Beach Melvin Berry Rose Borquez Larry Chase Joseph Cooke Stanley Dickover Robert Atkinson Jim Beatty Audrey Beyer Elaine Brierley Monica Chism Sally Cross John Dixon Dexter Ahlgren Leialoha Auna Kenneth Beaubien Jane Biedenbach Byron Brown Adele Christensen Percy Cruikshank Baizar Donabedian Nelson Alley Hugh Bankston Pat Bedford Eleanor Bird Don Brown Evelyn Christman Barbara Culvyhouse Cleora Dosh Budd Anderson Felix Barbera Joyce Bell Nancy Black Nancy Bullock Virginia Church Robert Custer Edward Downing Nancy Andrews Patricia Barnett Vaclav Benes Susan-Alien Blaisdell Sue Cameron Joyce Clark Judith Daly Gary DuBoiS l. 1 And crown thy good with broth - er - hood From sea to shin-ing sea. Nan Eldridge Robert Fenton Shirley Francis Betty Gordon Donna Ham Regina Clare Hengel Richard Holmgren Patricia Ellis Nina Eremin Patricia Erway Pete Falconer Lois Fallas Marion Farrell Clara Felt Hugh Finley Nancy Fish Alice Fisher Dolores Fisher Anne Foley Robert Forbes Jim Foster Doris Frenz Bert Gardner Marjorie Geldert Dorothy Germann Julius Gilmer Betty Gingrich Paul Gordet Richard Gorman Bruce Granicher Sally Grant Marion Green Ida Guiton Edward Hall Gloria Hall Dale Hammer Rachel Harding Gabriel Hasson Jean Hausske Phyllis Heald Richard Heidloff Donna Heindorff Mary Louise Henkle Lois Herr Alfred Hicks George Hobart Bill Hofstetter Janice Hoh John Hoh John Huetter Gwyneth Hughes Bob Hunter Bob Ingersoll Loraine Ingles Peter Irving Lucy Lee Jackson Nadine Jensen Ora Nell Jones Bill Kenney Bob Kenney Gladys Kermoyan Shirley Kimball Frances Kirk Bill Kleinecke Wary Alice Knowlton Walt Kolasa Jackie Kwei Barbara Latham Richard Legault Diane Leland Ralph Lemon Joyce Lewis Marjorie Lewis Betty Loomis Charles Losee Monez Lyons Eda Mackenzie George Magee Lorraine Mark Dorothy Marshall Elaine McBurnie Marilyn McCreary Ed McDonald Bob McKey Jean Meagher Dorothy Mel Enid Miller Clyde Mitchum Juanita Monroe Kirby Moulton Janice Muenter Ronald Muenter Patty Mullin Katherine Myers Jacqueline Nall Joan North Lyn Nowell Viola 0 1 lerdessen Ted O ' Neil Leona Orme Stanley Orrett Peter Overmire Christie Owen Teddy Pappas Margaretta Park Donna Pena Elizabeth Perry Pauline Pierce Bill Pryor Robert Ray Dick Ready Justine Reed 1 0 beau-ti-ful for pi! -grim feet Whose stern im - pas - sioned stress Bob Reynolds Shirley Sarjent Kenneth Smith Edward Stovall Susan Trescher Betty Jane Warner Wade Williams Priscilla Reynolds Cynthia Lou Sawin Steve Smith Robert Stovall Jean Tritchler Kenneth Watt Ronald Witschi Louis Rhodes Dona Scott Adela May Sparrowe Bob Sutherland Maryln Tritchler Betty Watts David Wood Lois Rice Bill Sellers Margaret Starbuck Arnold Svendsgaard Linda Truxall Arthur Wellington Peter Wright Wood Joy Richberger David Senegal Ada Steckman Ed Swift Nancy Tryon George Wells Ray Wood Jeannie Robertson Roddy Sharp Bob Stevenson Johnnie Terry Mignonne Van Court Thelma White Joyce Youker Bruce Rosenblatt Herbert Sholin Charles Stobing Geraldine Tillie Connie Van Gorder Bessie Mae Williams Don Young Barbara Rupp Elizabeth Skaggs Dacre Stone Marjorie Towler James Wallace Shirley Williams Peggy Young A thor-ough-fare for free-dom beat Toil ' s Reward Flanked by mighty oceans, Rimmed by mountains high, The golden fields in motion Promise abundance nigh. Throbbing cities gleam with wealth Where wilderness once reigned. A happy people dwell in health. Their success by toil was gained. — Vaclav Benes. SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETIES SENIORS Elizabeth Andrews, Robert Atkinson, Ruth Backlund, Cheyney Bailey, Susan-Alien Blaisdell, Howard Bassett, Kay Boucher, Mary Ann Bousman, Jeanne Carleton, Mary Louise Carlson, Constance Carrau, Pat Champlain, Louise Christie, Helen Coxhead, Ronald Dorsey, Anne Foley, Patsy Foster, Alice Frank, Murray Gardner, Dorothy Germann, Peter Goldschmidt, Marion Green, Donna Ham, Jack Heyneman, Tommy Hitchcock, Peter Irving, Frances Kirk, Naomi (.evens, Howard Lewis, Virginia Linforth, Mary Ma- caulay, Lorraine Mark, Joan Marshall, Mary McEneany, Bob McKey, Andy Mirov, Helen Moore, June Nelson, Joan North, Marilyn Norville, Viola Ollerdessen, Peter Overmire, Elizabeth Parrish, David Perkins, Marguerite Petry, Florence Planer, Lloyd Rolfe, Richard Spitzer, Dacre Stone, Doris Stoner, Cecily Taylor, Linda Truxall, Clazina Van Heerden, Dee Vedensky, Phyllis Venter, Carolyn Wakefield, Betty Watts, Kathryn Wert, Jean-Marie Williams, Peter Wright Wood. JUNIORS Sally Ambrose, Carol Aronovici, Hugh Bankston, Vaclav Benes, Constance Bissell, Lois Bourdinet, Flora Burnham, Bill Burgess, Sam Chapman, Barry Decker, Nancy Fish, Bert Gardner, Julie Hagar, Shirley Halbert, Elizabeth Hall, Mary Sue Hamilton, Raymond Hasha, Phyllis Heald, Shirley Houlding, Shirley Humphrey, Edith Lou Jensen, Isabella King, Richard Legault, Jo Anne Lurker, Dorothy Marshall, Kirby Moulton, Lynn Nowell, Bernice Richter, Bruce Rosenblatt, Marcy Rosenblatt, Philip Schary, Kath- erine Schneider, Norman Sorensen, Janet Taylor, Sally Tymstra, Mary Anne Van Waay, David Weaver, Carmen Wetrosky. A -cross the wil-der-ness Advisory Officers PRESIDENTS Elbert Bartlett, Jack Bon- nickson, Sue Cameron, Sam Chapman, Gwen Day, Carl Eh- man, Sally Grant, Anne Har- nett, Patsy Harnett, Merrill Hill, Shirley Houlding, Donald Jacobus, Lucy Lee Linde, Andy Mirov, Dick Miller, Charles Moody, Daryl Olsen, David Per- kins, Dick Ready, Louis Rhoades, Elizabeth Skaggs, Norman Sorensen, Frances Ten- ney, Geoffrey Thomas, Nancy Tryon, David Weaver. VICE-PRESIDENTS Tom Adams, Edward Bullock, Nancy Fish, Robert Forbes, June Foster, Warren Geldert, Shirley George, Peter Gold- schmidt, Phyllis Heald, Jack Hunt, Bob McKey, Adelaide Michelbook, Jack Moline, Tom Morris, Marilyn Norville, Viola Ollerdessen, Shirley Rose, Rich- ard Sellers, Bob Sellers, Alice Smith, Doris Stoner, Clazina Van Heerden, Jo Anne Lurker, Fred MacPherson, Roger Wil- liams, Ray Wood. SECRETARIES Barbara Adams, Dick Alley, Kay Boucher, Mary Browne, Pete Falconer, Ann Farmer, Shirley Francis, Dorothy Ger- mann, Nancy Glenn, Julie Ha- gar, Edward Hall, Richard Holmgren, Laura Anne Liechti, Virginia Linforth, Nancy Mc- Kenzie, John Kellogg, Helen Moore, Tassia Nave, Claire Nowell, Jo Ann O ' Connell, Dick Robinson, Patricia Russell, Shirley Sarjent, Dona Scott, Cecily Taylor, Lenore Wood. H t i 1 wl if 1 MSm ijjf 1 1 51 . 1 [lui m 4 3 | yf l t M | j p ' l v £31 f TBBTT ll i K 4 ■ A - mer - i - ca! A - mer - i - ca! They Guide Mr. McClellan (Principal), Mrs. Abbott, Mrs. Allen, Mr. Ball, Mrs. Bast, Mrs. Berry, Miss Blumert, Mr. Boehne, Mr. Bowles, Miss Chace, Miss Christy, Mrs. Clark, Mrs. L. Clark, Mrs. Conrad, Mr. Cralle, Miss Daniel, Miss Dart, Mrs. Davie (School Nurse), Mrs. Denny, Miss Farwell (Counselor), Mrs. Hardy, Mr. Helmke (Counselor), Mrs. Hoskins, Mrs. Ivelsky, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Kellogg, Mr. Kebric, Mrs. Lamiman, Mrs. Lawson, Mrs. Malmsten, Miss McCarthy, Mrs. Nelson (Attendance Officer), Mrs. Rubin (Secretary), Mr. Salisbury, Mr. Schoenfeld, Miss Smith, Mrs. Sn ow, Mrs. Stewart, Miss Streightif, Mrs. Underhill, Miss Vaissade, Mr. Wylde (Counselor), Miss Wynne. They Govern COUNCIL Bob Atkinson, Samm Axtell, Ruth Beach, Jane Biedenbach, Sam Chapman, Edward Downing, Bob Forbes, George Hobart, Bob Hunter, Peter Irving, Mary Macaulay, Kirby Moulton, Margaret Starbuck. SENATORS Barry Anderson, Howard Bassett, Jim Beatty, Al Braccini, Pat Champlain, Virginia Church, Jimmy Craig, Marjorie Geldert, Bruce Granicher, Jean Dale Gregoire, Carol Harvey, John Hoh, Walter Lippert, Mary Macaulay, Anne Mar- tin, Morton McDonald, Alan Megerian, Dorothy Mel, June Nelson, Viola Oller- dessen, Elizabeth Parrish, Boyd Pearce, Barbara Rogers, Teddy Standers, Hans Stern, Janet Wysham, Shirley Yarnell. SENATE ALTERNATES Carol Aronovici, Constance Bissell, Bob Blanchard, Lois Bourdinet, Richard Caporale, Joyce Clark, Charles Cochrane, Jean Crump, Ray Davies, Anne Foley, Rose Marie Gunther, Jerry Hannon, Richard Holmgren, Richard Hubbell, Jack Ingersoll, Norman Jackson, Bob Kenney, Frank Lloyd, Eugene Long, John Menges, Robert Pecot, Marilyn Rea, Nancy Taylor, Evelyn Tenette, Sally Tym- stra, Connie Van Gorder, Peter Wright Wood. God mend thine ev - ' ry flaw, America They ' re bright green trees in the forest glades With flowers ' round, all different shades, And lovely birds that sing aloud Of beauty made to make me proud Of my America. We ' ve the right to think, the right to pray The way we wish to every day Here in the land that you and I love. Can you blame me? Can I blame you If we are proud Of our America? — Janet Harrison Cooperation The Council, ably assisted by the Senate, promoted the sale of War Savings Stamps and Bonds throughout the term. The Student Body swung into line with its best efforts, and Willard is proud of the results. Recognition Kirby Moulton and George Hobart represented Willard at the launching of the Victory Ship " George Berkeley " at the Richmond Shipyard on June second. This was a recognition of the fine showing Willard has made in sales of War Bonds and Stamps. Our Junior Red Cross Willard students throughout the term have aimed to contribute to the comfort of our fighting men through the medium of our Berkeley Junior Red Cross. As a result they have sent I 12 Easter cards, 88 birthday cards, 15 card table covers, 1569 books, $47 1 .87 for the War Emergency Drive, and $30 for the National Children ' s Fund as an expression of their gratitude and appreciation to our American soldiers. Victors David Weaver won the first prize of $5.00 in the " George Berkeley " Victory Ship Poster Contest. The second prize of $2.50 went to Elizabeth Andrews, and the third prize of $ 1 .00 was won by Jo Ann O ' Connell. These pupils were eighth graders compet- ing with ninth graders in other schools of Berkeley. The slogan for the contest was " This is the boat your Bonds float. " Freedom ' s Refuge The Pilgrims were the first to come From lands across the seas. They came to worship God, To worship as they please. From strife and cruelty they came To law and liberty, To a land where freedom still reigns first, A land for you and me. — Sally Ambrose. Con - firm thy soul in self - con - trol, Law and Order STUDENT CONTROL BOARD Dexter Ahlgren, John Armstrong, Bob Barnes, Ruth Beach, Nancy Black, Bob Blanchard, Jack Bonnickson, Kay Boucher, Bill Burgess, Mary Louise Carlson, Constance Carrau, Sam Chapman, Edward Collins, Richard Cotter, Judith Daly, Barry Decker, John DeLasaux, Stanley Dickover, Gary DuBois , Roger Easton, Bob Elliott, Clara Felt, Anne Foley, Belden Gardner, Bert Gardner, Bruce Geernaert, Nancy Glenn, Peter Goldschmidt, Betty Gordon, Donna Hamm, Shirley Halbert, Patsy Harnett, Janet Harrison, Stan Harter, Jack Heyneman, Tommy Hitchcock, John Hoh, Ted Hollister, Robert Hopkins, Louis Howard, Richard Hubbell, Fred Hutchin- son, Jack Ingersoll, Peter Irving, Edith Lou Jensen, Nadine Jensen, George Kelly, Isabella King, Joy Lane, Arvid Larson, Mary Macaulay, Fred MacPherson, Lorraine Mark, Vonie Marsh, Dorothy Marshall, Morton McDonald, Albert McQnary, Dorothy Mel, Pauline Mills, James Moon, Tom Morris, June Nelson, Marilyn Norville, Billy O ' Connell, Daryl Olsen, Elizabeth Parrish, David Perkins, Kenneth Pettit, Priscilla Reynolds, Louis Rhodes, Shirley Rose, Marcia Rosenblatt, Barbara Rupp, Theodore Shatinsky, Jim Shepard, Joseph Shipley, Norman borensen, Jacquelyn btinrieu, houcrt biovail, «ri,oiu bvei.usyaaro, uecily layiur, janei laylor, Nancy Tryon, Clazina Van Heerden, Dee Vedensky, David Weaver, Shirley Williams, Joseph Wood. STUDENT CONTROL RANKING OFFICERS Dexter Ahlgren, Ruth Beach, Gary DuBois, Stanley Dickov er, Bert Gardner, Peter Goldschmidt, Betty Gordon, Stan Harter, Peter Irving, Nadine Jensen, Mary Macaulay, Dorothy Marshall, Louis Rhodes, Arnold Svendsgaard, David Weaver, Shirley Williams. COURT OFFICERS Bob Atkinson, Joyce Berglund, Elaine Brierley, Adele Christensen, Tom Connolly, Baizar Donabedian, Hugh Finley, Alice Fisher, Shirley Francis, Ida Guiton, Julie Hagar, George Hobart, Gwyneth Hughes, Shirley Humphrey, Bob Hunter, Lucy Lee Jackson, Shirley Kimball, Frances Kirk, Bob Mann, Janice Muenter, Jacqueline Nall, Leona Orme, Christie Owen, Patricia Russell, Barbara Scheer, Katherine Schneider, Edward Stovall, Betty Jane Warner, Arthur Wellington, Peter Wright Wood. Thy lib-er-ty in law. JUNIOR TRAFFIC SQUAD SENIOR USHER SQUAD EMERGENCY CORPS RALLY COMMITTEE JUNIOR USHER SQUAD RESCUE SQUAD 0 beau -ti- ful for he -roes prov ' d The Land of the Free My America is a wonderful land Where awesome mountains and forests stand, Where beauty is seen in every stream, And towering bridges and cities gleam. I love America, the land of the free, Where all men are equal on hill, plain, orsea, And where the Four Freedoms are every man ' s right. May God bless this nation and guide us aright. — Marion Green. In Harmony SENIOR GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB Lydia Ambrose, Sally Ambrose, Carol Aronovici, Leialoha Auna, Jacqueline Bagwell, Cheyney Bailey, Elaine Batchelor, Ruth Beach, Constance Bissell, Susan-Alien Blaisdell, Evelyn Booth, Sue Cameron, Mary Louise Carlson, Pat Champlain, Monica Chism, Adele Christensen, Louise Christie, Virginia Church, Joyce Clark, Sally Cross, Barbara Culvyhouse, Judith Daly, Mildred Durum, Nan Eldridge, Patricia Ellis, Nina Eremin, Patricia Erway, Lois Fallas, Marion Farrell, Clara Felt, Anne Foley, Patsy Foster, Alice Frank, Doris Frenz, Marjorie Geldert, Dorothy Germann, Camilla Giffen, Nancy Glenn, Sally Grant, Julie Hagar, Patsy Harnett, Janet Harrison, Mary Louise Henkle, Shirley Humphrey, Nadine Jensen, Gladys Kermoyan, Shirley Kimball, Joy Lane, Naomi Levens, Mary Macaulay, Eda Mackenzie, Lorraine Mark, Vonie Marsh, Dorothy Marshall, Marilyn McCreary, Meredith McNutt, Pauline Mills, Patty Mullin, Viola 0 1 lerdessen, Barbara Organ, Christie Owen, Elizabeth Parrish, Elizabeth Perry, Mary Louise Proctor, Priscilla Reynolds, Jean Richards, Jeannie Robertson, Barbara Rupp, Shirley Sarjent, Cynthia Lou Sawin, Irene Sawyer, Adela May Sparrowe, Jacquelyn Stinnett, Janet Taylor, Linda Truxall, Nancy Tryon, Sally Tymstra, Betty Jane Warner, Barbara Weiler, Shirley Williams. BOYS ' GLEE CLUB Tom Adams, Dexter Ahlgren, Dick Alley, Nelson Alley, Michael Ambrose, Robert Arnell, Robert Atkinson, Samm Axtell, Hugh Bankston, Elbert Bartlett, Harrison Bennett, Bill Blodgett, Johnny Bloom, David Bray, Don Brown, Bill Burgess, Richard Caporale, Bill Chinn, Dick Christensen, Jay Clark, Charles Cochrane, Raymond Colvin, Tom Connolly, Richard Cotter, Robert Crandall, Donald Curran, Ray Davies, Barry Decker, Dick Desmond, Leonard Dromman, John East, Lawrence Ebert, Sprague Edwards, Pete Falconer, Robert Forbes, Belden Gardner, Douglas Gilkey, Peter Goldschmidt, Bruce Granicher, Stan Harter, Raymond Hasha, Lloyd Henderson, John Hoh, Ted Hollister, Bill Horton, Bob Hunter, Fred Hutchinson, Tommy Hutchinson, Peter Irving, Donald Johnson, George Kelly, Bill Kenney, Walt Kolasa, Jackie Kwei, Bill Lawton, Martin Lebkicher, Richard Legault, Walter Lippert, Frank Lloyd, Eugene Long, Charles Losee, Fred Ludecke, Bob Mann, Morton McDonald, Bob McKey, Dick Miller, Andy Mirov, Tom Morris, Ronald Muenter, Charles O ' Bryan, Ted O ' Neil, Teddy Pappas, Gene Parker, Edwin Parrish, David Pedigo, Charles Perry, Kenneth Pettitt, Harry Pottol, Dick Ready, Don Reukema, Bob Reynolds, Louis Rhodes, Herbert Riebe, Dick Robinson, Lloyd Rolfe, Philip Schary, Will Schober, Jim Shepard, Walton Shin, Steve Smith, Teddy Standers, Dacre Stone, Edward Stovall, Robert Stovall, Ed Swift, Andre Szanto, Bill Taylor, Dee Vedensky, Dick Valberg, Bob Warmington, David Weaver, Dick Wegner, Bill Weill, Robert Wing, David Wood, Joseph Wood, Peter Wright Wood, Ray Wood, Harold Wylie. ORCHESTRA MEMBERS Dexter Ahlgren, Cheyney Bailey, Elbert Bartlett, Wallace Bru, Mary Louise Carlson, Norma Chamblin, Margie Chamblin, Allen Chapman, Louise Christie, Kathryn Davis, Barry Decker, Constance Decker, John Dixon, Mildred Durum, Bob Elliott, Paul Erickson, George Fish, David Furnas, Murray Gardner, Mildred Ginn, Betty Gordon, Jerald Hansen, Charles Harshaw, Alan Haydis, Dick Hermans, Ted Hollister, Beverley Hovey, Louis Howard, Fred Hutchinson, Shirley Ibsen, Jack Ingersoll, Dave Iventosch, Donald Johnson, Tommy Kason, Isabella King, George Magee, Dorothy Mel, James Moon, Jean Myer, Billy Neveu, David Perkins, Pat Posey, Bruce Potter, Harry Pottol, Stewart Pruden, Bruce Rosenblatt, Irene Sawyer, Philip Schary, Milly Sholin, Phyllis Venter, David Wood. In lib-er-at-ing strife, Senior Girls ' Glee Club Boys ' Glee Club Orchestra Who more than self their coun-try lov ' d , HIGH NINE CHORAL LOW NINE CHORAL JUNIOR GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB Pauline Aitken, Elizabeth Andrews, Ruth Backlund, Anne Bingham, Kay Boucher, Mary Ann Bousman, Jeanne Carleton, Con- stance Carrau, Norma Chamblin, Jean Crump, Mary Ann Dickson, Elaine Dukatz, Jamie Lou Early, Lorraine Evans, Arden Farley, Mildred French, Marcille Gass, Jeanne Gedda, Shirley George, Shirley Gregoire, Shirley Gross, Elizabeth Hall, Carol Henderson, Shirley Houlding, Shirley Ibsen, Marilyn Irish, Edith Lou Jensen, Lois Kelly, Isabella King, Anne Loeb, Aileen Maggard, Sheila Mullaney, Joan Marshall, Helen Moore, Nancy Morris, June Nelson, Marilyn Norville, JoAnn O ' Connell, Irene Pappas, Marilyn Pater- son, Mary Lynn Rhodemyre, Evelyn Richardson, Shirley Rose, Marcy Rosenblatt, Patricia Rovetta, Doris Schmidt, Alice Smith, Dolores Smith, Cecily Taylor, Evelyn Tenette, Clazina Van Heerden, Carmen Wetrosky. And mer - cy more than life Girls ' League OFFICERS Jane Biedenbach, Phyllis Heald, Margaret Starbuck. SENIOR COMMITTEE Nancy Andrews, Elaine Batchelor, Ruth Beach, Joyce Berglund, Jane Biedenbach, Nancy Black, Susan-Alien Blaisdell, Eleanor Bird, Sue Cameron, Adele Christensen, Virginia Church, Sally Cross, Judith Daly, Baizar Donabedian, Patricia Ellis, Marion Farrell, Nancy Fish, Anne Foley, Marjorie Geldert, Betty Gordon, Sally Grant, Phyllis Heald, Mary Henkle, Lucy Lee Jackson, Nadine Jensen, Gladys Kermoyan, Shirley Kimball, Frances Kirk, Eda Mackenzie, Dorothy Marshall, Marilyn McCreary, Dorothy Mel, Janice Muenter, Joan North, Leona Orme, Christie Owen, Elizabeth Perry, Jeannie Robertson, Shirley Sarjent, Cynthia Sawin, Elizabeth Skaggs, Adela May Sparrowe, Margaret Starbuck, Susan Trescher, Nancy Tryon, Mignonne Van Court, Shirley Williams, Peggy Young. W. G. L. COUNCIL Carol Aronovici, Jane Biedenbach, Patricia Ellis, Lois Fallas, Patsy Foster, Lora Gernrich, Jerry Hannon, Phyllis Heald, Shirley Humphrey, Marilyn Irish, Isabella King, Lorraine Mark, Maureen Magee, Sheila Mullaney, Leota Moulton, Marianne Nichols, Alice Pappas, Irene Pappas, Avery Perry, Elizabeth Perry, Mary Ruth Phillips, Barbara Rupp, Margaret Starbuck, Janet Taylor, Barbara Tiller, Ruby Young, Joyce Youker. W. G. L. ALTERNATES Joyce Arnold, Dolores Barack, Florence Brown, Elaine Batchelor, Mary Louise Carlson, Lorraine Evans, Shirley Halbert, Nadine Jensen, Norma Martell, Jean Myer, Barbara Organ, Doris Schmidt, Mary Rose Simon, Dorothy Tigh, Betty Jane Warner, Jean Marie Williams. A-mer-i-ca! A-mer-i-ca! For You and Me America ' s a land of rolling plains Where grows our country ' s supply of grain, Where cattle and sheep graze all the day While our nation’s children study and play. America s a land of mineral-stored mountains, Where power is gained by tumbling fountains This is our country, land of the free. This is the land for you and me. — Richard Legault. I 1 5 ' s BASKETBALL TEAM 105 ' s BASKETBALL TEAM UNLIMITED BASKETBALL TEAM COLE ' S SHOESHOP BASEBALL TEAM COLLEGE CLEANERS ' BASEBALL TEAM 95 ' s BASKETBALL TEAM BLOCK " W ' s " May God thy gold re -fine On the Field BASEBALL Low 9 Mary Louise Carlson, Annie Carrillo, Pat Cham- plain, Louise Christie, Carol Day, Mildred Durum, Doris Marshall, Mary Louise Proctor, Jean Schuler. High 9 Carol Aronovici, Elaine Batchelor, Ruth Beach, Virginia Church, Nancy Fish, Doris Frenz, Nadine Jensen, Gladys Kermoyan, Katherine Meyers, Donna Pena, Priscilla Reynolds, Susan Trescher. College Cleaners ' Team Bill Arbios, Bill Blodgett, Herbert Britt, Bill Law- ton, Jack Muldoon, Edwin Parrish, Steve Smith, Hans Stern, Arnold Svendsgaard, Bill Weill, Bill Wilson. Cole ' s Shoeshop Team Jack Bonnickson, Sam Chapman, Charles Coch- rane, Murray Gardner, Patrick Murphy. RALLY COMMITTEE Nancy Andrews, Elaine Batchelor, Ruth Beach, Don Brown, Robert Forbes, Jim Foster, Sally Grant, Bob Hunter, Roddy Sharp, Susan Trescher, Betty Jean Watts, Arthur Wellington, Ray Wood. BASKETBALL 95 ' s Dick Anderson, Sam Chapman, George Fish, Don- ald Johnson, Fred Ludecke, Jack Payne, Emmett Sanders, Hans Stern, Arnold Svendsgaard, Dick Volberg, Bill Weill. I05’s Tom Adams, Budd Anderson, Bill Arbios, Glenn Atkinson, Bob Barnes, Dick Campbell, Dick Christen- sen, Jerry Geernaert, Ned Hendell, Cleon Thomas. I 1 5 s Elbert Bartlett, Jack Bonnickson, Herbert Britt, Donald De Witt, Bob Elliott, Bruce Geernaert, Bill Lawton, Jack Muldoon, Steve Smith. Unlimiteds Melvin Berry, Ray Davies, Edward Downing, Jim Foster, Paul Gordet, Edward Hall, Gabriel Hasson, Bob Hunter, Dave Iventosch, Bill Kenney, George Wells, Wade Williams. Block " W ' s " Budd Anderson, Bill Arbios, Glenn Atkinson, Hugh Atkinson, Hugh Bankston, Elbert Bartlett, Jack Bon- nickson, Herbert Britt, Wallace Bru, Dick Campbell, Sam Chapman, Ray Davies, Donald De Witt, Ed- ward Downing, Bob Elliott, Robert Fenton, Hugh Finley, Jim Foster, Murray Gardner, Bruce Geer- naert, Paul Gordet, Richard Gorman, Edward Hall, Gabriel Hasson, Bob Hunter, Dave Iventosch, Bill Kenney, Bill Lawton, Charles Losee, Jack Muldoon, Steve Smith, Hans Stern, Edward Stovall, Arnold Svendsgaard, George Wells, Wade Williams, Bill Wilson, Peter Wright Wood. Till all sue -cess be no-ble-ness And ev - ' ry gain di - vine. Our Country We say it means so much to us, Our country in which we put all our trust. We say we ' d do most anything To always hear old Freedom ring. We say we love our country free, With starry skies and its lofty trees, It means the world to all mankind To live in a land that ' s as free and fine. If all these things we say are true, If we wish our skies to always be blue, Let ' s put our trust in the One above, He ' ll take away hate and bring us love. — Leialoha Auna. " TARGET " STAFF NURSE ' S AIDES BOOK ROOM HELPERS LIBRARY ASSISTANTS ATTENDANCE CORPS KEY TO LIFE MEMBERS GIRL SCOUTS BOY SCOUTS SEA LAND GIRL RESERVES JUNIOR AIR RESERVES CAMP FIRE GIRLS 1 wET, Ir f . tl tl ' Jr " Target " Staff Business Manager — Bob Atkinson. Editors — Mary Macaulay, Peter Wright Wood. Artists — Ruth Backlund (cover), Patricia Barnett (title page), Edward Collins, Tommy Hitchcock, Enid Miller, Dee Veden sky Typists — Nan Eldridge, Viola Ollerdessen. Associate Editors Sally Ambrose, Cheyney Bailey, Ruth Beach, Harrison Bennett, Jane Biedenbach, Eleanor Bird, Mary Louise Carlson, Louise Christie, Gary Du Bois, Hugh Finley, Anne Foley, Dorothy Germann, Peter Goldschmidt, Betty Gordon, Sally Grant, Marion Green, Julie Hagar, Donna Ham, Phyllis Heald, George Hobart, Peter Irving, Bob Mann, Joan North, Elizabeth Parrish, Margaret Star- buck, Susan Trescher, Linda Truxall, Peggy Young, Betty Watts, Arthur Wellington, Wade Williams. America ' s Riches God gave this soil to willing hands To cultivate and till, And we have used these spacious lands And worked them with a will. These lands are rich with hidden strength, As other peoples know, And we must guard them till at length We ' ve brought their heads down low. There ' s plenty here for everyone To meet his every need, And liberty for all of those Who ' ll work for it with speed. — John De Lasaux 0 beau-ti-ful for pa-triot dream That sees be-yond the years Victory Day In Bright Array Willard ' s Victory Spring Day, sponsored by the Girls ' League as their leading project of the term, proved a great success. The Victory pageant was led by the Goddess of Liberty (Jane Biedenbach) escorted by Uncle Sam (Kirby Moulton) and the Victory Queen (Shirley Williams) escorted by the Chief of Staff (Samm Axtell). Many phases of our war effort were revealed in the costume parade in which hundreds of Willardites participated. A program of music, dramatics, sports, and dancing contributed to the pleasure of a perfect day for all. The Talent Display Willard Dance Band: Cheyney Bailey, Elbert Bartlett, Don Brown, Wallace Bru, Mary Louise Carlson, Pat Champlain, Louise Christie, Barry Decker, John De Lasaux, Mildred Durum, Janet Harrison, Alan Haydis, Fred Hutchinson, Shirley Ibsen, Mary Macaulay, James Moon, John Morgan, Stewart Pruden, Bruce Rosenblatt, Philip Schary, David Wood. Majorette: Mildred Ginn. Victory Gleesters: Dexter Ahlgren, Leialoha Aune, Elaine Batchelor, Don Brown, Bruce Granicher, Sally Grant, Gladys Kermoyan, Lorraine Mark, Dick Ready, Priscilla Reynolds, Steve Smith, Robert Stovall. Dramatearers in " The Stolen Tarts: " Elizabeth Andrews, Jane Biedenbach, Constance Carrau, Shirley George, Edith Lou Jensen, Mary McEneany, Lael Munster, Doris Stoner. Rhymsters in " The Story Book Ball: " Dolores Barack, Mary Ann Bousman, Richard Caporale, Gwen Day, Belden Gardner, Donald Jacobus, Martella Lane, Jo Anne Lurker, Hilda Martens, Charles Moody, June Nelson, Marilyn Norville, Jo Ann O ' Connell, Cecily Taylor, Frances Tenney, Virgil Walter. Accordionist: Jeannine Laursen. Greenies in " A Night Out: " Sally Ambrose, Robert Atkinson, Cheyney Bailey, Ruth Beach, Jane Biedenbach, Constance Bissell, Mary Louise Carlson, Julie Hagar, Patsy Harnett, Shirley Humphrey, Peter Irving, Naomi Levens, Mary Macaulay, Vonie Marsh, Elizabeth Parrish, Janet Taylor. " We Won, " Sav They Dick Anderson, Bill Arbios, George Archer, Glenn Archer, Hugh Bankston, Bill Blod- gett, Bill Bluford, Jack Bonnickson, Lee Boyd, Al Braccini, Warren Byers, Jack Chilcott, Dick Christensen, Larry Christy, Eddie Coleman, Tom Connolly, Billy Costa, Richard Cotter, Percy Cruikshank, John East, Pete Falconer, Hugh Finley, George Fish, Frank Forte, Paul Gordet, Mark Harrison, Raymond Hasha, Gabriel Hasson, Kenneth Hastings, Bill Hofstetter, William Jordan, Bob Kendle, Dudley Knapp, Henry Meadows, Jules Mins, Andy Mirov, Gillard Organ, Stanley Orrett, Robert Ray, Louis Rhodes, Bill Rose, Marshall Simmons, Steve Smith, Teddy Standers, Geoffrey Thomas, Martin Wegner, Floyd Wight- man, Wade Williams, Joseph Wood. They Click Those snaps that you see just over the way Place highlights of Spring Day right on display. ■■ ■ - { fl £• 4- ? « T; •-• t Cv - - X - ' 1V.3L. ■ i jjflk IW l - ? iN i (il l l| A ' i $ ] il L l 1 Thine a! -a -bos -ter cit-ies gleam Winners BOOKS Willard ' s Book Drive for men in service was a great success and placed Advisory Number 4 in the lead. HOBBIES Willard ' s annual hobby show crowded the auditorium with interested spectators on April seventh who readily seconded the judges ' decision in favor of Wade Williams ' protography display as the grand prize v inner. Melvin Berry ' s baking and Eleanor Bird ' s sculpture were most alluring and brought second and third awards their way. The winners of blue, red and white ribbons were: Arrowheads, Bill Rose, blue; baking, Melvin Berry, blue; book collecting, Robert Yaz di, blue; bottles, Harry Pottol, red; bullets, Byron Brown, red; buttons, Marcy Rosenblatt, blue; camera equipment, Wade Williams, blue; carving, Merrill Hill, blue; chemistry set, John Winfrey, blue; coins, Samm Axtell, blue; Charles O ' Bryan, red; Sam Chapman, red; foreign dolls, Betty Jane Warner, blue; Roslyn Millward, red; Mildred Ginn, red; Marilyn Boyd, red; Betty Green, white; programs. Jack Bonnickson, blue; minerals, Howard Bassett, blue; Roger Easton, red; miniatures, Isabella King, blue; Norma Sullivan, red; Mildred Ginn, red; Don Reukema, red; rare envelopes, Lloyd Rolfe, blue; match covers, Bill Ensley, blue; model oil refinery, Jackie Kwei, blue; airplanes, Al Braccini, blue; Theodore Shalinsky, blue; sculpture, Eleanor Bird, blue; Albert Runyon, red; playing cards, William Wood, blue; Jack Davison, red; famous portraits, Florence Fernandez, blue; Lois Herr, red; picture post- cards, William Wood, blue; Barbara Rupp, blue; Barbara Lean, blue; Marilyn Boyd, red; Marilyn Leigh, white; war posters, Nancy Tryon, blue; Bob Barnes, red; Egyptian relics, Ted Herrmann, blue; stamps, Barbara Adams, blue; Esther Anderson, red, and David Wood, red. GIRLS ' LEAGUE SENIOR COMMITTEE BOOK DRIVE VICTORS ADVISORY FOUR HOBBY SHOW OFFICERS Undimm ' d by hu-man tears Willard Merry-go-round February 8 We ' ve started out with ambition bold. We hope we achieve for the " Green and Gold. " February 10 The advisory officers were elected today. They ' ll make Willard tops in every way. February 15 The Senior Committee ' s first meeting was held. Fun for everyone is what that spelled. February 16 Student Body Cards! There ' s not much time, Don ' t be tightwads. They ' re only a dime. February 18 The noon reading-room plan was installed today. It ' s a popular plan, and ' tis sure here to stay. February 19 Cooperation is greatly stressed. In the cafe pack your tray and leave like the rest. February 26 It was a noon dance they put on in our stride. Boys and girls came and they sure were alive. We had the first meeting of Girls ' Glee today. We elected our officers and sang. We were gay. March I Student Control officers stiffened their spines. Student offenders soon showed a decline. March 2 The Victory Book Drive put L7 ' s Number 4 on their toes. They were victors, sure thing! They used trucks for their loads. March 5 Two pictures were shown of art in the making, Stained Glass Windows " coupled with " Broadstroke Sketching. " March 8 For relief on all fronts Red Cross started its drive. To fill up those jars we all aimed to strive. Books for the soldiers were counted today. One thousand five hundred sixty-nine, our drive ' s total, were sent on their way. Poogie Poogie, the magician, and his bag of tricks came, With his rabbits, tall hats, and a stout walking cane. March 9 Student Control officers received a big treat. Elaine Batchelor sang at their first regular meet. March 10 " Brazil " and " Old Black Magic " were chosen by the jitterbugs To be used at Willard shindigs when they are cutting rugs. March 12 In costumes gruesome and clothing queer, The High Eights ' " Bad Taste " was exceedingly clear. March 17 At St. Pat ' s Dance today the prizes were dandy, For where else in the world could one find so much candy? March 20 " This World at War " was the picture shown To make the facts of Pearl Ffarbor known. March 23 In Scholarship Assembly addressed by Rev. Stripp, Brain specials were honored for Al scholarship. March 25 There was a meet for winners of " Letters. " The boys decided to purchase green sweaters. March 26 For China Relief a dance was held, And our donation was handsomely swelled. March 27 Say, pal, it ' s the launching of the new " Target " cam- paign, So you gotta shake loose from fifty-cents again. March 3 I The Emergency Corps was formed today. The Scouts practiced First Aid the Red Cross way. April I Bond and Stamp winners were Room Number 104. The assembly gave cheers and vowed to buy more. April 2 ' Twas the Big Sister Party for High Eights and Low. Their dresses how pretty! Each skirt had a bow. April 6 Almost four hundred and seventy-two American dollars flocked to our Red Cross Drive appeal. Many a wound and sad heart our glad gifts will soon heal. A - mer - i - cal A - mer - i - cal God shed His grace on thee. More Merry-go-round April 7 All roads to the auditorium were crowded today. Those hobbies we boast of were there on display. Wade ' s camera equipment pulled the grand at the show. Melvin ' s baking was second. He can use up the dough. Eleanor ' s birds, beasts, and flowers in soap came in third. The whole show rated tops as, of course, you all heard. April 14 The boys and girls sang, and the orchestra played, And the parents who came were glad that they stayed. After-school softball league began today. Winners receive Circle " W ' s, " and that ain ' t hay. April 16 Today the Girls ' League threw a big-sister party. Their frolic and ice cream should make them all hearty. The A. W. V. S. girls served in Number 104. They’ll do their part to win the war. April 19 Armed with pencil and pad High Nines met who are planning To go to college and do some brain cramming. April 20 " Target " group pictures were taken. Hurray! All dressed in our best, we were some grand display. April 2 I Singing, dancing, and playing today Sped us gaily on vacation ' s way. May 7 A day of fun and frolic was brought to one and all When Willard ' s Victory Spring Day answered our pleading call. May 14 We went to a track meet with Garfield to vie. We stepped on the gas, but the score was a tie. May 18 Victory gardens are popular at Willard these days, Susie Squash and Charlie Carrot show that war farming pays. May 24 The candidates down the stairs they flew. I couldn’t see them, neither could you. May 25 The candidates ' lists with votes were combed, And the defeated politicians sorrowfully moaned. May 27 " We ' ll do our best, " all the nominees cried, All but the W. G. L ' s, who appeared quite tongue- tied. May 28 Today ' s ballot decided without any fuss Sam Chapman ' s vice-president next semester for us. For Student Body secretary Andy Mirob was the lead, He ' ll record the Council ' s business with accuracy and speed. We slipped on our glad rags and rushed with a cheer To that Block " W " Dance. ' Twas a gem. We ' re sincere. June 7 A yell from a senior on " W. G. L. " stand, Brought a Low Nine girl to the front feeling grand. June I I Induction today with pledges of progress As this term ' s fine leaders came out of the harness. June 14 ' Twas the graduates ' dinner, and our fates were fore- told As we leave dear old Willard our futures to mold. To the P. T. A. our thanks we addressed. We ' ll better our best. We promised no less. June 18 Hail, Willard! Hail! Vacation’s begun. It ' s war work for us plus plenty of fun. And crown thy good with broth - er - hood Canny Cracks Anne Foley: " When was beef the hiqhest? " Judith Daly: " When the cow jumped over the moon. " Charles Losee: " Could I borrow your pen? " Vaclav Benes: " Why you didn ' t return it the last time you borrowed it. " Charles Losee: " Now what ' ll I do? I want to borrow it again. " Electric Servicer: " Good morning, Miss, I ' m from the electric company. I understand there ' s something in the house that won ' t work. " Alice Pappas: " Yes, Teddy ' s upstairs. " Joseph Wood: " Did you hear about the military worm? " Bob Elliott: " The military worm? " Joseph Wood: " Sure. He ' s in the apple core. " Teacher: " What is smaller than an arit ' s mouth? " Robert Thorsen: " What goes into it. " JoAnne Lurker: " When is coffee like the soil? " Frances Tenney: " When it is ground. " Belden Gardner: " Why is a book like a king? " Charles Moody: " It has many pages. " Leota Moulton: " Why is ' k ' like a pig ' s tail? " Virginia Linforth: " It ' s at the end of pork. " Nancy Tryon: " How is the best way to get fat? " Marjorie Towler: " Go to the butcher shop. " Joyce Arnold: " When is it ever going to be easy to read in the woods? " Frances Starbuck: " When autumn turns the leaves, goosie. " Bob Ingersoll: " What is the best butter in the world? " Byron Brown: " The goat . " Eleanor Bird: " Why is a steel trap like the measles? " Virginia Church: " Because it is cafching. " Wade Williams: " How does a sailor know there ' s a man in the moon? " Paul Gordet: " Because he went to see (sea). " Stan Harter: " What is mine and used by others more than by me myself? " Dick Robinson: " Your name, wise crack. " Kenneth Beaubien: " I bet you don ' t know what ' s bought by the yard and worn by the foot. " Kenneth Pettit: " The carpet. " Margaret Starbuck: " Is there any great difference between a cat and a match? " Jane Biedenbach: " I suppose so for I think a cat lights on its feet and a match on its head. " George Hobart: " What insect is found in school? " Dexter Ahlgren: " I ' ll tell the world. It ' s the spelling bee. " Hugh Finley: " What is the best way to raise strawberries? " Louis Rhodes: " With a spoon. " Edward Downing: " Plant tight boots, and what will you raise? " Ray Davies: " Corns. " Bill Pryor: " What is a good thing to part with?” Bob Reynolds: " My comb. " Bob Hunter: " In what way do men now compete with the birds? " Dacre Stone: " In flying through the air, and they ' re winners, too. " Sam Chapman: " When do broken bones begin to make themselves useful?” Lloyd Rolfe: " When they begin to knit. " Edward Stovall (in whispers): " That must be looked into. " Percy Cruikshank: " Yes, I know. The mirror. " Gwen Day: " Why is your nose not twelve inches long? " Hilda Martens: " Because it would then be a foot. " Alice Frank: " What is the best thing to put into pies? " Mary Louise Carlson: " Your teeth. " Cynthia Sawin: " In what month do girls talk the least? " Eda Mackenzie: " February, because it is the shortest. " Teacher: " When is the worst weather for rats and mice? " Robert Gray: " When it rains cats and dogs. " From sea to shin-ing sea CRACKS CONTINUE Harry Henderson: " Why does a student never lead a quiet life? " Frank Forte: " I know! I know! He’s always pursuing his books. " Teacher: " Tell me, Edward, would it be possible tor you to walk around this round world of ours if it were all land and no oceans? " Edward Hall: " No, Ma ' m, I couldn ' t. I sprained my ankle, and it pains me to walk. " Gloria Hall: " Why are you taking that cream and sugar to the show, Pat? " Patricia Bicknell: " Didn ' t you hear about it? There ' s going to be a serial. " Ed Swift: " Don ' t take that hay to bed. " Bob Sutherland: " I ' ve got to feed my nightmare. " Alvin French: " What do you want to take a ruler to bed for? " Barry Belmain: " Why not? I want to see how long I sleep. " Norman Strehl: " Did you see that nut sitting on the curb with a piece of bread? " Bill Chinn: " Sure! He was waiting for the traffic jam. " Marion Farrell: " I don ' t feel so good. " Pauline Pierce: " Where do you feel the worst, dearie? " Marion Farrell: " In school. " Elbert Bartlett: " This verb stuff gets me. What ' s a passive verb? " Ray Davies: " A passive verb is when the subject is the suf- ferer, as ' I am loved ' . " Tom Taylor: " Hey, wisdom, what ' s the equator? " Howard Bassett: " The equator is that menagerie lion running around the earth and through Africa. " Janet Taylor: " We don ' t have a mountain range in our kitchen. We have an electric range. " Vonie March: " Of course not! A mountain range is a cook- ing stove used at high altitudes. " MY MELODY Pat Champlain — The First One to Say Good Morning. Stan Harter — Taking a Chance on Love. Tommy Swearengen — Riding down That Old Texas Trail Bob Stevenson — Sleepy Lagoon. John Dixon — Somewhere Sometime. Mignonne Van Court — Breathless. Sally Ambrose — I ' ve Got Rhythm in Everything I Do. Jackie Kwei — Need I Speak. Bill Kenney — Take Your Shoes Off, Baby. Frank Forte — I ' m on Pins and Needles. David Senegal — I ' d Love to Know You Better. Barry Behmain — That Ain ' t the Way I Dreamed It. DIPPY DOODLES Jack Menges was once up a tree, But he was worried as worried could be, For plums there were none, Which spoiled all his fun. He now roosts in a palm, that grandee. Walt poked at a nest with great glee. The hornets were soon on a spree. He took to his heels With squawks, squeaks, and squeals. Their nips Kolasa conceals. There is a young gent at our school, sir, Who was bothered each morn by a rooster. Steve jumped from his bed. And chopped off his head. Smith now snoozes and snores as he uster. Dave Iventosch tooted his flute. The neighbors began to soon shoot. Their aims were not true So David still blew. By golly he’ll never be through. There was a Bob Forbes in a boat. He said, " I ' m afloat on a float. " He let out a scream And sank in the stream. Now Bobbie no longer can gloat.

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