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- . » • r ' • , • . ' ' I ■ er 1 • . r ' ' ' ' , N ! ■ I - v ' ' ■ m3 ■ . .. - • .-iJ :■„ . 7 € . (4«w V ■’V J s ’ ’ WestvfardAhe course of empire fake its way, |he four first acts already pest, , ' A fifth shall clpse the drama with the day, J ' f Tifne’s noblest offspring is the last.” 4 BISHOP BERKELEY ’’f iV V rS . P u bl is bed b yt h e S tu d e nts-of the AV Jun © , 1 942 . i Berkeley Californra V : l t ■ . . .4 MR. C. K. HAYES, Principal CITIZENS OF WILLARD: Berkeley, a truly great city, built upon a hill, a place where founders ' ideals and dreams have been transmuted into homes, a cultural center which is ours to cherish and to promote, to keep great, and to make greater. With you, the leaders of tomorrow, I wish to share a great thought from Walt Whitman: Nothing endures but personal qualities. What do you think endures? Do you think a great city endures? Or a teeming manufacturing state? or a prepared con- stitution? or the best built steamships? Or hotels of granite and iron? or any chef-d ' oeuvres of engineering, forts, armaments? Away! these are not to be cherished for themselves, They fill their hour, the dancers dance, the musicians play for them, The show passes, all does well enough of course, All does very well till one flash of defiance. A great city is that which has the greatest men and women, If it be a few ragged huts it is still the greatest city in the whole world. What Endures? — Walt Whitman. C. K. HAYES, Principal. DAVID AMBROSE FROM WILLARD ' S PRESIDENT: Our best — no less has been our slogan, and Willard has aimed to live up to it. We have been constantly inspired in the fulfillment of this aim by the beauties and the many civic and educational ad- vantages afforded us in this city in which we live, Berkeley. Willard dedicates this issue of the Target to this city and wishes to express its sincere thanks and appreciation to City Man- ager Chester C. Fisk for the privilege of using the design of the City Seal on the title page and to the Berkeley Chamber of Com- merce for our Berkeley pictures. DAVID AMBROSE. BERKELEY, MY HOME, MY OWN Wide green hills rise into the sky, While nestled close to their sides, Is a city of peace and harmony Where friendliness ever abides. Birds joyously sing in trees lining the streets, On the campus ' green grounds we may roam, But it ' s love and happiness lingering there That make Berkeley my home, my own. ANN HUTCHINSON. Willard Faculty and Office Corps Mr. Hayes (Principal), Mrs. Abbott, Mrs. Allen, Mr. Ball, Mrs. Bast, Mrs. Berry, Miss Blumert, Mr. Boehne, Mr. Bowles, Miss Chace, Miss Christy, Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Conrad, Miss Daniel, Miss Dart, Mrs. Davie (School Nurse), Mrs. .Denny, Miss Farwell (Counselor), Miss Fraser (Sec- retary), Mrs. Gavin, Miss Gifford, Mr. Gremaux, Mrs. Hardy, Mrs. Hoskins, Mrs. Ivelsky, Miss Johanson (Attendance Officer), Mrs. John- son, Mrs. Kellogg, Mr. Keran, Mrs. Lamiman, Mrs. Lawson, Mrs. Malm- sten, Mr. Rice, Mrs. Russ (Counselor), Mr. Salisbury, Mr. Schoenfeld, Miss Smith, Miss Streightif, Mrs. Underhill, Miss Vaissade, Mr. Wylde (Counselor), Miss Wynne. OUR BERKELEY We gaze upon the rolling hills, We look across the bay. We watch Aurora ' s chariot And see the close of day. We watch the big ships come and go, Their wakes the waters churn. We see the seagulls flying high. They dive, they wheel, they turn. But best of all we like to see The places near and dear, Our homes and churches, schools and parks, And factories in full gear. We walk along our Berkeley streets And talk to passers-by. We know a victory ' s coming, And there ' ll be a brighter sky. ELMER WHEELER. STUDENT GOVERNMENT The Council and Senate have striven to measure up to their re- sponsibilities. They stabilized the cleanup spirit, guided Willard ' s Junior Red Cross efforts, played an efficient part in the sugar ration- ing registration, and intensified the spirit of loyalty and cooperation in the student assemblies which they sponsored. COUNCIL Howard Albertsen, David Ambrose, John Andrews, Patricia Bram- ming, Bill Byers, Eric Cochrane, Richard Comstock, Joan Fletcher, Peter Goldschmidt, Peggy Hoyt, Peter Johnson, Peggy Linforth, Arthur Martinson, Mary McEneaney, Sally Miller, David Moran, June Nelson, Eulalia Vering, Ruth Wood. SENATORS Howard Albertsen, Walter Brennan, Charles Cochrane, Richard Cotter, Peter Falconer, Suzanne Geary, Jeanne Gedda, Jacqueline Grover, Lorene Howson, Bob Hunter, Fred Hutchinson, Michio Kat- sura, Mary Macaulay, Betty Ann Mackay, Andrew Mirov, Lael Mun- ster, Janet Pierce, Mary Procter, Bill Pryor, Kinnear Smith, Virginia Smith, Susan Trescher, Edward von Adelung, Coleena Wade, Hisako Yoshi. SENATE ALTERNATES Eleanor Agabashian, Pauline Aitken, Billy Arbios, Joyce Berglund, Patricia Champlain, Peggy Cunningham, Ray Davis, Vance Dickinson, Ray Gaisford, Bruce Geerneart, Betty Gordon, Ted Hollister, Joyce Kennard, Helen Moore, Eloise Nichols, Desmond Owen, John Peters, Dick Ready, Virginia Roberts, Bob Sellers, Alice Thompson. BERKELEY DOES ITS PART Berkeley ' s a town of the brave and the free, Where all of us, that means you and me, Are doing our part this very day, Doing our part in our own best way. Some are buying Bonds and Stamps. Some are planting Victory plants. No matter what, we all pitch in, So that we of America can win. JOHN HOFFMAN. Student Government — Law and Order Court Judge Peggy Hoyt advises you at all times to respect the rulings of the Court. If you have a ticket, be truthful. If you are a witness, be willing to testify. Help the Court to maintain its motto, Justice for All. COUNCIL SENATE r -» «eQ£fl| tv -k Wr s SENATE ALTERNATES COURT OFFICERS I fX. : jim, ■ Ym Wt ■ W STUDENT CONTROL BOARD Student Control Ranking Officers Chief John Andrews, Capt. Lois Grosh, Capt. Jack Rasmussen, Lieut. Patricia Bram- ming, Lieut. Dorothy Eastwood, Lieut. Gendron Langley, Lieut. Larry Mason, Serg. Nancy Allen, Serg. Pete Johnson, Serg. Sally Miller, Serg. Stuart Morshead, Serg. Kinnear Smith, Serg. Edward von Adelung. TRAFFIC SQUAD USHER SQUAD RALLY COMMITTEE AND BUTCH Student Government— Law and Order Student Control Chief of Police John Andrews urges the observance of all traffic rules. David Weaver ' s winning safety jingle is a warning: WATCH OUT Do you dash about the corridors, And teachers do you hit? I really think you ' re old enough To do your helping bit. And, when at last you ' re finally caught, Do you cry and sulk and pout? Yes? Well — the Goblins will get you If you don ' t watch out. EVERY SHOULDER TO THE WHEEL In every house and up and down, On the streets of our home town, Loyal Berkeleyans do their part, Keeping cheer in America ' s heart. Soldier, sailor, and marine On Berkeley ' s streets are often seen, Protecting the land of fhe brave and the free, Displaying the flag we love fo see. Every shoulder fo fhe wheel Soon will make our efforts real In this war until we ' ve won. Your task and my task have just begun! BETTY ANN MACKAY. Advisory Officers PRESIDENTS VICE-PRESIDENTS SECRETARIES Scholarship Only A ' s and B ' s are considered for scholarship honors now. Just sharpen your wits and be on the lists. Senior Scholarship Society Don Berry, Susan Allen Blaisdell, Mary Lou Carlson, Richard Comstock, Judith Daly, Joan Fletcher, Lorraine Golis, Lillian Guillaumeron, Donna Ham, Phyllis Heald, Patsy Heidt, Don Hollister, Peggy Hoyt, Shirley Humphrey, Phyllis Karg, Patricia Kett, Beverly Kristich Lillian Louie, Mary Macauley, Stuart Morshead, Aurora Nakano, Dwight Nishimura, Joan North, Yurie Obata, Elizabeth Parrish, Olga Petroff, Leona Reukema, Patricia Tullock, Peter Wood, Ruth Wood, Donald Wysham, Hisako Yoshii. Junior Scholarship Society Howard Albertsen, Elizabeth Andrews, Robert Atkinson, Ruth Bachlund, Jane Biedenbach, Eleanor Bird, Barbara Bruce, Charlotte Cameron Eric Cochrane, Nancy Fish, Anne Foley, Bert Gardner, Mary Gildersleeve, Sally Grant, Rachel Harding, Patsy Harnett, Nancy-King Harrison, Dona Lee Heindorff, Lawrence Henderson, George Hobart, Mary Helen Hodge, John Hoh, Louis Howard, Peter Irving, Nadine Jensen, Robert Jensen Michio Katsura, Gladys Kermoyan, Barbara King, Jimmy Koide, Naomi Levens, Betty Ann Mackay, Dorothy Marshall, Arthur Martinson, Dorothy Mel, Lorraine Morgan, Tom Morris, Kirby Moulton, June Nelson, Eloise Nichols, Marilyn Norville, Peter Overmire, Helen Pope, Jeannie Robertson, Bruce Rosenblatt, Tatsuo Sano, Kathryn Schneider, JoEllen Spindt, Frances Stoll, John Sutter, Arnold Svendsgaard, Langdon Taylor, Sally Tymotra, Clazina Van Heerden, Edward von Adelung, Shirley Williams, Hiroshi Yamauchi. SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY JUNIOR SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY GIRLS ' LEAGUE OFFICERS GIRLS ' LEAGUE SENIOR COMMITTEE GIRLS ' LEAGUE COUNCIL Willard Girls 7 League The Girls ' League sponsored Willard ' s Spring Day. The program from beginning to end was in their hands. Fun and trolic prevailed, and a most successful day they made of it in dollars and in smiles. Senior Committee Faye Beattie, Norma Beery, Patricia Bramming, Jean Cantelow, Jean Cobb, Arleen Dickinson, Delight Downs, Dorothy Eastwood, Joan Fletcher, Lois Srosh, Betty Heaslett, Doris Hill, Lorene Howson, Peggy Hoyt, Phyllis Karg, Joyce Kennard, Beverly Kristich, Jean Lundholm, Betty Ann Mackay, Marcia McCorkle, Sally Miller, Betty Jean Nicolson, Eleanor Norris, Sally Pillsbury, Leona Reukema, Mary Ellen Richard, JoEllen Spindt, Euialia Vering, Elizabeth Weir, Ruth Wood (President). Council Representatives Anne Bingham, Jean Cantelow, Arietta Chemnitz, Carol Demichelli, Patricia Ellis, Lora Gernrich, Lois Grosh, Donna Ham, Joyce Kennard, Frances Kieffer, Naomi Levens, Virginia Linforth, Lorraine Mark, Marjorie McCord, Marilyn McCreary, Betty Moorhead, Joan Mosely, Sheila Mullaney, Betty Jean Nicolson, Jeannie Robertson, Carol Smith, JoEllen Spindt, Jacquelyn Stinnett, Patricia Tullock, Mignonne van Court, Ruth Wood. Council Alternates Faye Beattie, Sue Cameron, Joyce Day, Carol De Julius, Dolores Diehl, Mary Ann Dickson, Patsy Foster, Rachel Harding, Shirley Humphrey, Barbara King, June Kronick, Dorothy Leming, Joan Lehto, Jean Lundholm, Dorothy Marshall, JoAnn O ' Connell, Christie Owen, Peggy Rasmussen, Leona Reukema, Barbara Rogers, Doris Schmidt, Doris Ellen Stoner, Delores Tugby. They Harmonize Orchestra Eleanor Agabashian, Dexter Ahlgren, Bathaline Anderson, Claud Argali, Cheney Bailey, Betty Benno, Don Berry- Eleanor Bird, Wallace Bru, Bob Campbell, Mary Lou Carlson, Margie Chamblin, Virginia Church, Louise Christie, Norine Collins, Marian Covert, Peggy Cunningham, John Dixon, Betty Dougherty, Dorothy Eastwood, Gracia Ebert, Paul Ericksen, Joan Fletcher, Murray Gardner, Betty Gordon, Bruce Granicher, Bob Harpainter, Dale Hays Doris Hill, Robert Hopkins, Louis Howard, Shirley Ibsen, David Iventosch, Tommy Kason, Dorothy Leming, Peggy Linforth, Carol Loganbill, Lorraine Mark, Arthur Martinson, Lawrence Mason, Mobuko Mayeda, Dorothy Mel, John Miller, James Moon, Joan Mullaney, Gregg Munster, Lawrence McDonald, Richard Nolder, John Peters, David Perkins, Ann Perry, Charles Perry, Patricia Posey, Bruce Potter, Harry Pottol, Willis Pottol, Marilyn Rea, Bruce Rosenblatt, Vivian Searcy, Bob Sellers, Milly Sholin, Dacre Stone, Donald Thomas, Mignonne Van Court, Phyllis Venter, William Wood, Don Wysham. Band David Ambrose, Bathaline Anderson, Claud Argali, Ben Armstrong, Cheney Bailey, Douglas Baird Bob Barnes, Don Berry, Marilyn Boehrer, Walter Brennan, Wallace Bru, Bob Campbell, Ray Allen Chapman, Harold Chapman, Richard Comstock, Barry Decker, John De Lasaux, John Dixon, Bob Elliott, Joan Fletcher, Bruce Granicher, Lillian Guillaumeron Jerald Hansen, Stan ' Hardwick, Alan Haydis, Don Hollister, Robert Hopkins, Louis Howard, Fred Hutchinson, Jack Ingersoll, David Iventosch, Loyd Kerp, Arthur Martinson, Lawrence Mason, Harold Mathews, Lawrence McDonald, Ross Merriwether, Jerome Milani, John Miller, Berry Moorhead, Sheila Mullaney, Gregg Munster, Billy Neven, Dwight Nishimura, Richard Nolder, David Perkins, Charles Perry, Jimmy Perry. John Peters, Harry Pottol, Willis Pottol, Bruce Rosenblatt, Jimmie Rowland, Philip Schary, Vivian Searcy, Bob Sellers, Albert Sheridan, Herbert Sholin, Ken Smith, Margaret Starbuck, Andre Szanto, Langdon Taylor, Donald Thomas. Bill Wilson, Joseph Wood, Vincent Wood, Don Wysham. 47 f 1 1 I - 2 ! f. 1 mm r - C-- £• 9 1 ■ . ■ . — . . ■ ? f ,. :■ ■ - ,y- 4®, , ' L... . j . w in a ft - A K - J j| — W 3a TjP J ' .ji . Hi - BF m Wi, T fl| lyr fM A K’ B L • 1 . j Bv - j pvlm . % i g + 4 t ■ [•»! jg And Vocalize Senior Girls 7 Glee Club Doris Adkins, Nancy Allen, Enid Bates, Faye Beattie, Norma Beery, Dona Bell, Patricia Bloom, Yvonne Bourbousson, Patricia Bramming, Barbara Bruce, Jean Cantelow, Arietta Chemnitz, Carolee Chinn, Flora May Clark, Jean Cobb, Norine Collins, Marian Covert, Prudence Crisara, Joyce Day, Arleen Dick- inson, Eileen Dickinson, Dolores Diehl, Delight Downs, Jean Elliott, Olga Eremin, Mary Gildersleeve, Lorraine Golis, Gail Graham, Shirley Green, Lois Grosh, Jacqueline Grover, Nancy-King Harrison, Betty Heaslett, Patsy Heidt, Mary Helen Hodge, Joan Houlding, Lorene Howson, Ann Hutchinson, Joyce Jaeger, Nancy Jones, Phyllis Karg, Patricia Kay, Joyce Kennard, Kathryn Kennedy, Patricia Kett, Barbara King, Dorothy Knight, Valone Knox, Beverly Kristich, June Kronick, Mary Alice Lane, Rosslynne Lindenberg, Marjorie Lukes, Jean Lundholm, Betty Ann Mackay, June Marcellino, Lynette Martin, Marcia McCorkle, Ann Medlin, Sally Miller, Lorraine Morgan, June Moyle, Susan Munson, Eloise Nichols, Betty Jean Nicolson, Deborah Noack, Eleanor Norris, Roberta Nunn, Pat O ' Neill, Olga Petroff, Sally Pillsbury, Marylyn Reimers, Leona Reukema, Mary Ellen Richard, Virginia Roberts, Matilda Shoenberg, Virginia Smith, JoEllen Spindt, Frances Stoll, Jeanne Stovner, Patricia Sweetser, Patricia Tullock, Eulalia Vering, Coleena Wade, Elizabeth Weir, Shirley Werner, Billie White, Ruth Wood. Boys ' Glee Club Howard Albertsen, Paul Alexander, Nelson Alley, David Ambrose, Ben Armstrong, Robert Atkinson, Glenn Atkinson, Harrison Bennett, David Bray, Donald Brown, Bill Chinn, Charles Cochrane, Richard Comstock Tom Connolly, Richard Cotter, Robert Custer, Ronald Daniel, Ray Davies, Barry Decker, Dick Dennes, Vance Dickinson, Bob Duncan, Pete Falconer, Bob Forbes, Douglas Gilkey, Peter Goldschmidt, Jerry Green, Arthur Griffen, Frank Griffith, Jimmie Hamby, Stan -Harter, Lawrence Henderson, Loyd Henderson, Kennan Herrick, Bill Hodges, Don Hollister, Teddy Hollister, Bill Horton, Bob Hunter, Fred Hutchinson, Peter Irving, Leonidas Jackson, Spencer Johnson, Tommy Jordan, Hewitt Kendall, Bill Kenney, George King, Walt Kolsa, Gendron Langley, Ben Lindsey, Bob Lindsley, Walter Lippert, Robert Lord, Bob Mann, Bill Martens, Lawrence Mason, Lawrence McDonald, Morton Donald, William McGregor, Andrew Mirov, Phillip Moberg, David Moran, Stuart Morshead, Ronald Muenter, Dwight Nishimura, Sandy Perry, Don Patch, Jack Rasmussen, Jerry Reese, Robert Rhoades, Douglas Richards, Dick Robinson, Jimmie Rowland, Toshio Sano, Philip Schary, Kenneth Shepheard, Jim Slusser, Ken Smith, Steve Smith, Norman Sorensen, John Stern, Frank Steffanelli, Bob Stevenson, Edward Stovall, Robert Stovall, Norman Strehl, Arnold Svendsgaard, Edward Sweft, Andre Szanto, Langdon Taylor, William Taylor, Earl Van Gundy, Dee Vedensky, Edward von Adelung, Robert Warmington, Bill Watson, David Weaver, Elmer Wheeler, James Wilson, Melvin Wilson, Robert Wing, Peter Wood, Ray Wood, Vincent Wood, Kenneth Yeager. ' O n r; i - fi ; £» £ Junior Girls ' Glee Club Lydia Ambrose, Carol Aronovici, Ruth Beach, Beverly Bennett, Joyce Berglund, Jane Bieden- bach, Eleanor Bird, Elaine Brierley, Sue Cameron, Virginia Church, Joyce Clark, Sally Cross, Barbara Culvyhouse, Jean Curtis, Judith Daly, Maxine Davis, Baizar Donabedian, Patricia Erway, Patricia Ellis, Marion Farrell, Clara Felt, Nancy Fish, Alice Fisher, Anne Foley, Marjorie Geldert. Betty Gordon, Sally Grant, Donna Ham, Rachel Harding, Phyllis Heald, Lois Herr, Gwyn Hughes, Nadine Jensen, Gladys Kermoyan, Barbara Latham, Joan Lehto, Marjorie Lewis, Peggy Linforth, Eda Mackenzie, Lorraine Mark, Dorothy Marshall, Dorothy Mel, Janice Muenter, Juanita Monroe, Katherine Myers, Jacqueline Nall, Viola Olierdessen. Christie Owen, Elizabeth Perry, Jeannie Robertson Barbara Rupp, Shirley Sarjent, Cynthia Lou Sawin, Ann Sheridan, Elizabeth Skaggs, Adela May Sparrowe, Betty Stuart, Nancy Tryon, Mignonne Van Court, Shirley Williams, Hisako Yoshii, Peggy Young. Athletics Basketball was the sport for all, Girls and boys both short and tall. We had our share of victories too. We ' re proud of our teams and so are you. HIGH NINE BASKETBALL TEAM LOW NINE BASKETBALL TEAM HIGH EIGHT BASKETBALL TEAM LOW EIGHT BASKETBALL TEAM REFEREE CLUB Activities TARGET STAFF CAMERA CLUB WILLARD EMERGENCY CORPS KEY TO LIFE CLUB Graduates Eleanor AgabasHian Leonore Alderette Paul Alexander David Ambrose Bathaline Anderson Raymond Anderson John Andrews Nelson Andrews Ed Arbios Allie Baird Douglas Baird Myrna Baker Enid Bates Barbara Batten Faye Beattie Norma Beery Dona Bell Betty Bcnno Shirley Bicknell Bob Bischoff Janet Blodgett Gilbert Bouldin Patricia Bramming Walter Brennan Janet Brewer Jce Brooks Gilda Burnside Bill Byers Bob Campbell Jean Cantelow Fanny Carew Kenneth Ceremony Harold Chapman Eileen Chase A drian Cibilich Bill Clark Flora May Clark Stanley Clark Gail Cleverdon Genevieve Cline Virginia Coates Jean Cobb Eric Cochrane Prudence Crisara Peggy Cunningham Cal Decker Herbert de la Montanya Dick Dennes Arleen Dickinson Dolores Diehl Ann Ditora Earle Dodge Delight Downs Alice Duthie Alice Mae Dykes Edward Dykes Dorothy Eastwood Gracia Ebert Tomiko Endow Robert Engle pi g a Eremin hirley Green Nancy-King Harrison tanley Hinman eggy Hoyt Wilbur Fariss Arthur Griffen Dale Hays Paul Hinote Ann Hutchinson Joan Fletcher Lois Grosh Betty Heaslett Lillian Hirose Doris Hyde Jim Freel Jacgueline Grover Helen Heffron Bill Hodges Peter Johnson Mary Fukada Betsy Gulick Fred Hellmann John Hoffman Spencer Johnson Art Gary Max Gunther Lawrence Henderson Perry Hooks Nancy Jones Bert Gould Bob Hamilton Kennan Herrick Alden Howells Raymond Jyrinki Gail Graham Bob Harpainter Doris Hill Lorene Howson Richard Jyrinki Graduates of lune, 1942 i Graduates Phyllis Karg Kathleen Keeney Hewitt Kendall Joyce Kennard Pat Kett George King Martin Knapp Dorothy Knight Richard Kolb Beverly Kristich Barbara La Brash George La Brash Jerry Landsmith Gendron Langley Marcel Lassegues Bob Lindsley Lillian Louie Burke Lucas Marjorie Lukes Jean Lundholm Betty Ann Mackay June Marcellino Bob Marshall Bill Martens Lawrence Mason Mary Matsumoto Billie Jean May Marcia McCorkle Lawrence McDonald William McGregor Mercedes McKey Ann Medlin John Miller Sally Miller Hazel Monroe David Moran Lorraine Morgan June Moyle Larry Muilenburg Joan Mullaney Coral Nagel Bill Nicholls Betty Jean Nicolson Eleanor Norris Yuri Obata Junior Olson Bob Patmont Sandy Perry John Peters Sally Pillsbury Helen Pope Jack Rasmussen Dorothy Ray Marylyn Reimers Leona Reukema Mary Ellen Richard Virginia Roberts Stephen Roseveare Jimmie Rowland Ralph Runckel Lois Sanders Patty Lou Smith Ruth Tanner Eulalia Vering Phyllis Wilson Juergen Schulz Leatrice Spady Charlotte Thieme Edward von Adelung Whitney Wincapaw Janette Searcy Jo Ellen Spindt Donald Thomas Bill Watson John Winslow David Silveria Helen Sproule Toyoko Toppata Elizabeth Weir Ruth Wood Jimmie Simmons Agapi Stephanos Russell Toutjian Elmer Wheeler Don Wysham Kinnear Smith John Stephenson Yumiko Tsugawa Billie White Wanda Yoakum Patsy Ruth Smith Frances Stoll Earl Van Gundy Melvin Wilson Hiroko Yoshimine Graduates of lune, 1942 Ready and Steady Willard Junior First Aid With First Aid Certificates — Diana Arpke, Jane Biedenbach, Eleanor Bird, Elaine Brierley, Flora Burn- ham, Viola Jean Bushey, Jean Curtis, Mary Ann Dickson, Lorraine Evans, Arden Farley, Shirley Francis, Lillian Guillaumeron, Dorothy Hadley, Elizabeth Hall, Phyllis Heald, Shirley Houlding, Gwyn Hughes, Nancy Jones, Dorothy Mel, Marilyn Norville, Marjorie Nunan, Elizabeth Perry, Helen Pope, Virginia Roberts, Jacquelyn Stinnett, Betty Stuart, Cecily Taylor, Mary Lou Vaissade, Mignonne Van Court, Phyllis Venter. Girl Reserves Bathaline Anderson, Ruth Backlund, Patricia Bloom, Patricia Champlain, Arietta Chemnitz, Louise Christie, Carol Day, Carol Demichelli, Arleen Dickinson, Eileen Dickinson, Inge Dix, Virginia Edwards, Nina Eremin, Olga Eremin, Lorraine Evans, Chizuko Fukutome, Marcille Gass, Janet Harrison, Alice- Elaine Hays, Mary Helen Hodge, Ann Hutchinson, Nancy Jones, Naomi Larkin, Marjorie Lukes, Bobby Jo Matthews, Coral Nagel, Eloise Nichols, Roberta Nunn, Helen Pope, Bertha Porter, Leona Reukema, Mary Ellen Richard, Jeanne Stevenson, Margaret Swisher, Evelyn Tenette, Charlotte Thieme, Dorothyann Tolle, Patricia Tullock, Fumiko Watanabe. Boy Scouts Alfred Cope, Donald De Witt, Robert Lyon, Fred MacPherson, James Moon, Darrell Morrison, Will Schober, Herbert Sholin. Berkeley From the green covered hills beneath the big C Down to a great bridge, the bay ' s silver key, Here lie beauty, commerce, and wealth, ( Scholastic fame, and civic health. This a city where freedom starts, The envy and yen of all other hearts. This is Berkeley, my home and yours, Berkeley, where sunshine and happiness score. SALLY MILLER Target Staff Business Manager, Eric Cochrane; Editor, Joan Fletcher. Staff — Norma Beery, Don Berry, Patricia Bramming, Walter Brennan, Richard Comstock, Joyce Day, Nancy-King Harrison, Lillian Hirose, Peggy Hoyt, Ann Hutchinson, Joyce Jaeger, Nancy Jones, Phyllis Karg, Mary Alice Lane, Lillian Louie, Burke Lucas, Sally Miller, Helen Pope, Kinnear Smith, Jo Ellen Spindt, Jean Stovner, Eulalia Vering, Edward von Adelung, Ruth Wood, Donald Wysham. Art (Designs and Blocks); Nancy Jones (Cover); Shirley Green (Title Page); Faye Beattie (Cartoon Page) . DIZZY DATES January 26 As the old term went, the new one began With the Pledge to our flag and our best for Uncle Sam. January 27 Cafeteria manners demand much poise. That means forks, not fingers, no scraps, less noise. January 28 We dropped our dimes and dollars into the Wishing Well, And wished the crippled children might soon again feel swell. February 2 Our Willardites ' sportsmanship ranks very high. When we played El Cerrito, our team sure did try. February 7 Big dolls and small ones, foreign ones — look, do! The dolls that day were on parade. The boys took glimpses too. February 9 Clocks whipped ahead. One hour gone! Daylight Savings pranced speedily on. February 9 Bean shooters and matches were watched with concern For teachers said pupils were at Willard to learn. February I I The Valentine Dance! Wear your heart on your sleeve. Your best girl you ' ve dated? Swell! Believe me she ' s pleased. February 16 We have bought many Stamps. We are buying them still. To share in America ' s victory is every student ' s will. February 18 At assembly Willard ' s officers and grade prexies too Told of Lincoln and Washington and heroes true blue. February 23 Smiles and jokes passed to old friends and new At the Big Sister Party for the many, no t the few. February 25 Dig in your pockets. That dollar’s just sublime! Give to the Red Cross while there ' s still time. February 27 The Rally Committee put on a noon dance. While couples were drifting, it dealt in finance. February 27 Those who like birds and delight in their way In the aud. saw those tweet-tweets at work and at play. March 2 The First Aid Class had a meeting today. Breaks, cuts, and burns they quickly allay. March 5 Buy your ' Target ' right now was the popular cry. And the Target sales boomed, as we hoped, to the sky. March 6 At the Scholarship Assembly brains galore were met To receive those gold pins which they earned, you bet! March 9 Watch the birdie and grin now, quick! The High Nines squirmed as the camera clicked. March 10 Knuckle down, buckle down, and use your fertile brains. How comes it, High Eights grand and game, ye found that test a strain? March 13 My Mamma done tol ' me the faculty won Over the students in basketball fun. March 16 Well, dip me in rubber and call me precious. With rubber bands now it pays to be cautious. March 17 Around the school was Ireland ' s green. In St. Patrick ' s Day fun it reigned supreme. March 20 Those who knew how to skate and those not so hot Went to Iceland for fun. Some stood up — some did not March 24 The girls of the Low and High Eight all exclaimed, Wonderful World! at a party for same. March 30 Is everybody happy that Willard is out? It’s Easter Vacation! Let’s be going. Shout, shout! April 8 Our counselor presented the subject on hand. Yes, Low Ten Programs were the great demand. April 10 Americans All was the film that told That the Good Neighbor Policy is as good as gold. April 10 Do not climb the cherry tree just to get some fruit. You might get a whippin’ and a stomach-ache to boot. April 15 Those May Queen candidates proved to us That beauty and Willard deserve A plus. April 16 Blankets, jars, bottles, salt, boxes, and soap Poured in for Emergency. No need, let ' s hope. April 17 Athletic awards were presented to those Who chose sports as a pastime and kept on their toes. April 20 Willard ' s Variety brought forth a display Of talent abundant in fullest array. April 21 The Senior Committee stepped forth in a play. Those gals At the Fountain were professional, I ' ll say. April 27 The Cleanup Campaign started off with a bang! Each pupil a-striving to win for his gang. May I Hard times a-plenty, the colors so gay, The May Queen so beautiful, that was our Spring Day. May 1 6 On May the sixteenth a pet show came ' round. They wiggled and squealed and rolled on the ground. May 22 The Musical Organizations were thrilled to the bone. As Mr. Hayes ' guests their music outshone. May 28 The election finals were held. Oh say! And the sifting was done without delay. May 29 The W.G.L. ' s installed today Their elected favorites in a solemn way. June 5 Old officers were ousted, the new put in, With all such officers we ' re sure to win. June I I The High Nine Party was loud and gay. All classmates shouted, Oh Happy Day! June 12 To Class of ' 42, at work or play, Willard ' s best for good luck each day, each way. Class of ' 42, hip! hip! hooray! Echoes of Spring Day Spring Day dawned in best Willard style, With sun shine and flowers and happy smiles. May s Queen held the sceptre and led the parade With a bevy of beauties, most charming young maids. Festivities gay and mirth held full sway. It was voted by all a most perfect day. QUEEN OF MAY — Peggy Hoyt. ATTENDANTS OF THE QUEEN — Faye Beattie, Norma Beery, Patricia Bramming, Delight Downs, Dorothy Eastwood, Lois Grosh, Joyce Jaeger, Betty Ann Mackay, Sally Miller, Susan Munson, Virginia Smith, Eulalia Vering, Coleena Wade, Ruth Wood. SPRING DAY COSTUME AWARDS FIRST PRIZES (blue ribbons) — Paul Alexander, Douglas Baird, Jim Bragg, David Bray, Bob Bullwinkel, Eric Cochrane, Burt Davidson, Ray Davies, Edward Downing, Bob Duncan, Ruth Joy Gabrielson, Richard Gorman, Shirley Houlding, Hewitt Kendall, Ken Kendall, Valone Knox, Ben Lindsey, Virginia Linforth, Vonie Marsh, Dorothy Mel, Helen Moore, Leota Grace Moulton, Christie Owen, David Perkins, Marylyn Reimers, Dick Robinson, Steve Smith, Arnold Svendsgaard, Edward Swift, Elmer Wheeler. SECOND PRIZES (red ribbons) — Helen Adams, Dick Dennes, Bob Elliott, Pete Falconer, Diana Farley, Patsy Harnett, Phyllis Heald, Harald Heidekker, Nancy Jones, Tommy Kason, Patricia Kay, Barbara LaBrash, William McGregor, Nancy Morris, Betty Moorhead, Patty Mullin, Don Patch, Leona Reukema, Ralph Runckel, Vivian Searcy, Phyllis Venter, Bob Warmington, William Wood. THIRD PRIZES (white ribbons) — Dexter Ahlgren, Nelson Andrews, Ida Mae Carew, Jeanne Carleton, Harold Chapman, Virginia Church, Mary Gildersleeve, Sally Grant, Hugh Ward Harris, Mary Helen Hodge, Shirley Humphrey, Mary Alice Knowlton, Sylvia Love, Bill Martens, Marjorie McCord, Mercedes McKey, Ann Perry, Virginia Roberts, Dolores Storck, Janet Taylor, William Taylor. ADVISORIES 100% IN COSTUME (fern awards) — Rooms 4 (Miss Dart ' s), 101 (Mr. Rice ' s), 109 (Mrs. Abbott ' s), 201 (Mrs. Underhill ' s), 202 (Miss Blumert’s), 208 (Mrs. Lawson ' s), 210 (Mrs. Ivelsky ' s), 212 ( Mrs. Hoskins ' ), 2 I 7 ( Mrs. Johnson ' s) . Berkeley ' s Seasons It ' s springtime in Berkeley When buds are drawing bees, When birds have left their winter nests, And trees are sprouting leaves. It ' s summertime in Berkeley When days are warm and long, When butterflies flit here and there, And crickets sing their song. It ' s autumn time in Berkeley When breezy north winds blow, When leaflets don their autumn coats, And signs of summer go. It ' s winter time in Berkeley When ends the seasons ' round, When peace on earth, good will to men, Within all hearts abound. PHYLLIS KARG. Those ca mera clicks on this page that you see Are Spring Day pals or yourself I DIPSY DASHES Now don ' t look sad ' cause school ' s begun. Study hard, little girl, and the battle ' s half won He ' s under the desk for safety ' s sake. During an air raid he ' s wide awake. Gee, gosh! don ' t you fumble or we ' ll sure take a flop A drop in the basket and we ' ll wiggle the mop. You can foxtrot, twostep, and jitterbug too And dance with your friend — Ouch! that was my shoe A bandage here and a broomstick there — The First Aid Corps will take good care. Jump those hurdles and jump them high. A nice, big hand if you touch the sky. These gleesters sang their melodies, Their songs you may recall. ' Twas at the last Spring Concert, Applause rang for them all. He scattered paper and scraps everywhere. The cops sought him, caught him. Now knee pads he wears. Sodas and sundaes and cokes Joe fixed. At the Fountain that jerk was sure in a mix. Around and around in that dizzy dance At the Fiesta she held all in a trance. May Queen and dance and rags on parade Meant frolic and mirth for all Willard babes. Bring your skates or rent them. She knew how to pose. Just my luck, I hear you say, To balance on my nose. Target” pictures, strike a pose! Give a smile. Don’t dare doze! Grasping diplomas, formalities over, The High Nines now think they sure are in clover r ia M Jjk Ji A . f . A I 1 A fijt. Jt •» fi : : . . 1 r • . v - rnmm—m J - C ? • 1 - ' . - - 1 r ' r •- ! »r ■■ ■ . x 1 ■ 1 ! v j ' - ' HSk jB • f •- ■ B

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