Will Rogers Junior High School - Astronaut Yearbook (Miami, OK)

 - Class of 1965

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Will Rogers Junior High School - Astronaut Yearbook (Miami, OK) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Cover

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r ' li ' ' H ime ,1 II ' - I ' ll ,1 1 yd II I I [1 1 ' ' ' f - " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' I iii ' iiTrnTifiTTil ' " 1 J( m :t r 1 f j . ' ■ 1 B « ■■ - ' 5P» K i " w .1 iJis V. . ft fc % HI d 1 • ' ij i 1 t r ; i t. ' ? ?;; mT K H P u m i 1 V £ A fLlT ' CV l 1 E 1 f ' ' . ■ . • » 1 u 5S% m " ' l f A ,..•. Jt.i 4 n ' V 1 Kl y 1 1 ml Wk ' K K m ' ' ■ « »r zr M l H 3 1833 01877 4833 J 1. 1 ' J Hi M 3 V ' y B» Jh nBHitec., ' S " ■ I mt si PM ■ (X. 5 » I ASTRONAUT WILL ROGERS JR. HIGH SCHOOL Miami, Oklahoma Editor - Sandra Dale Business Managers Dudley Gibbs Jimbill Schuelein Diane Crawford .,tf-W " In Miami, which is the most beautiful city in North- eastern Oklahoma, is located one of the best junior high schools in the world. Out from the main part of town on Goodrich Boulevard, the school ' s broad expanse of land furnishes a home for the city ' s youth. In its halls are heard the sounds of laughter and joy as well as the murmur and bustle of studious activity. Within its walls, friendship and scholarship abide together with a feeling of pride and well-being. To those who reside here. Will Rogj future a preparation consisting of majj books. For those who leave, t here been a member of the student body- lor High School gives for the of learnmg not always found in a lasting satisfaction for having For future generations. Will place for learning and social the curriculum will contin and the complex needs of nior High School will remain a good ent. As time passes, it will grow, and nd to meet the challenge of the present anging world. . . , . ADMINISTRATION Harold Erwin, member; David Carson, member; Cari Hilliard, vice-president; Bob McFerron, J. T. Hudspeth, superintendent; Bob Paul, clerk; president. 1964-196 J. T. Hudspeth Superintendent of Miami Schools Bill Smith Principal of Will Rogers Junior High School Claire Oliver Science Leslie McCord Industrial Arts Rose Wilkins Physical Education Sara Eaton Mathematics W ' 1964-1965 Thelma Younger Language Arts Jack Wallace Physical Education Ethel Mailath Language Arcs Patricia Heck Home Economics i Phyllis Sanders Business Skills JOHN GILLETTE Fine Arts FACULTY Sharon Chambers Language Arts Francis Miller Science L. F. GEORGE Mathematics J. W. ROSE Mathematics Hiram Sapp Social Studies 1- Rodney Stover, Jimbill Schuelein, .,,.,. .cland . Mickey Wilson, Mike Duniphin, Virgil Nidiffer, Charles Grayson, David East, Ricky Craig. Row 2: Wesley Wilson, Bobby Gaines, Kurt Frances, Bruce Barnes, Mike Lilli, Lloyd Cullison, Ted Woods, Steve Chastain, Chuck Chesnut, Henry Absher. Row 3: Kitti Wilson, Bette Sanders, Becky Wilson, Cindi Macklin, Vicki Lorenson, Cathy Crow, Terre Whitaker, Larry Owens Mike Cole, John Reynolds. Row 4: Karen Smith, Tomi Chandler, Kathy Patterson, Janie Rhodes, Cynthia Cowles, Mary McDonald, Gail Stepp, Pam Acton, Jan Smith, Janie Stoner, Carol Searle, Mr. Rose, sponsor Row 5: Pat Campbell, Vernon GladhiU, Scotty Taylor, Scotty Baldridge, Cheryl Foster, Cicely Malocsay, Linda Anderson, Kenny Scott, John Roberts, Mark Cordell, Jack Smith. STUDENT COUNCIL J. W. Rose Sponsor of Will Rogers Junior High School Stu- dent Council Larry Owens, president; Mike Cole, vice-president, Terre Whitaker, parliamentarian; Cicely Malocsay, sec- retary-treasurer. From Different Points of View ' TYZJZ EIGHTH GRADE •-.M, Henry Absher c ' t i Linda Adams Pamela Allen Robert Archdale Skip Atwood .11 all I I I u m m . James Bailey Scutt - Baldridge James Baldwin Becky Barnes Connie Bailey Kathy Baum Cathy Beard Jearmie Belche: Cv ); EIGHTH GRADE 1964-196S V - Sam Cook Larry Benbrook Beverly Birch Kay Birkes Gloria Bishop ,sn Cynthia Bivins Linda Blaikie Sherry Blaine it fi% Roberta Blizzard NancN Bulmstedt Larry Botts Elizabeth Bowden Pamela Bradley Joe Brad Beckv Branson Roberta Breaune David Brcxlerick Bobby Brown Gayla Brown Diana Brumback Connie Bump fc l Margaret Burton Jim Burum Barbara Byrd Rusty Callahan Mike Campbell Pat Carter Tomi Chandler i-IMliiiill Brenda Chaney Blen Clayton Timmy Cline Donna Coker Mike Cole David Collins Allen Conner K Dennis Conner Geraldine Conner Melvin Cook Uean Coppedgt i . a .Ji Trevis Cornog Peggy Covert OTithia Cowles Sue Crane Diane Crawford Patricia Crockett Wayne Crosswy Jimmy Crow Rebecca Crowe Rick Crownover I ' . ' , - , Lawrence Cummins Delphin Cunningham Maureen Dainty Sandie Dale Christy Deems Gregg Diebold Pany Dodson John Draper Max Dull Mike Duniphin Carol Dyson David East - . Steve Epps Lawson Essex Debra Evans Sally Evans 4i mi I Johnny Fairres Tim Fare Tommy Fields Ted Finke Bob Foster Cheryl Foster Carohn Foust Barbara Foust Kay Franks Kathy Gailey Bobby Gaines Butch Gaines Sammy Garber Sharon Garrett i ' M . 1 i Susan Gay Dudley Gibbs Patricia Gibson Debra Gray Thomas Gray Charles Grayson Vl iN, Pamela Griffith Janie Thomason X Claude Hailey Joe Hankins Debbie Harper Terry Harper Beth Green K a thy Harris Kenny Harris George Harrison Roy Harrison Ronnie Hawkins Brenda Head Sonyia Hearne Cara Helmick Gary Henderson Carol Hanson Steve Hester Jeannie Hicks ?i.v»,W«» -.1. ' . ' . ' .S- . «a. Norman Hildebrand Chester Hogan David Holden Jeralyn Holt Clifford Honeycutt Janet Hopkins Nancy Hopkins Vernon Hopkins Dale Hughes Debbie Hulen ■i .A. mmwik Kathy Hulsey Guy Humphrey Linda Innman ■ £.. Randy James Dan Johnson ., 0 ' ij, m. M:i »N Linda Johnson Pam Johjisor Debbie Jones Kenneth Jones p-t " " If • Patricia Jones Doug Joumeycake Sharon Kayser Ethel King Beatrice Kor J Carolyn Kreider Doug Kruithof Geffory Kyser 1 Tommy Lay Margaret Lazenby Linda Lehman Kathy Linton Don Lockard Pat Loehr Vicki Lorenson Connie Lowe John Luttrell Judy L -nch Cindy Mackl Jerry Mahan Dale Mahurin Thena Mahurin Anne Malocsay Cicely Malocsay Franklin Mangold Gloria Marke ! C f . " m 1 hirley Marshall Vicki Martin Richard Massey N Mark McCool Eddie McCord Sammy McCord ■ ■ V- Mary McDonald Cathy McFerron Kenneth McKinzie Robert McNabb Leon McQuistion DeWayne Mead Phyllis Mercer ) ' Retha Mercer Jimmy Miller Kathy Miller Rickie Miller Linda Milliser Jimmy Moore Thomas Morgan paul Moss fe Jimmy Murphy Billy Nance Robin Branson Gary Neel 4kl Rex Nehring Steve Nelson Steve Nickels Nancy Nidiffer Virgil Nidiffer David Nixon Ruth Oliver Vicky Olsen Hugh Oswald Larry Owens Patricia Parcell ' i:- Kathy Patterson Steve Patterson Patti Paul Mac Payne John Peacock Simmy Peacock Deloris Perry Andy Peters ■ Lisa ruta Robert Price Rosalie Radford V ; Tab Raines t Mike Rainwate] Jimmy Ray Patti Ray Rex Read John Reynolds Janie Rhodes Aaron Richardson Kathy Roberson John Roberts Patricia Reavis Steve Rebish Janet Robison Linda Roderique Ronnie Rohmiller Lisa Ropp Ray Ross Bette Sanders Paula Sanders Tim Schofield Jimbill Schuelein ■ w ; -V- ■::Ti ISu. ill v ■ [ , Clara Searle Kenny Scott Greg Seroy Jolene Sharbutt Saundra Shaw Waundra Shaw Kathy Sherard m «■ |, ,. V Jackie Short Jimmy Smith Louis Smith Mike Smith Ronnie Springfield Sherry Spurgeon Marilyn Stackable Margaret Sutton Janet Swogger Donald Taber Kama Taylor Scotty Taylor Rosey Teague Bruce Tippit Joyce Todd Danny Tunnell Linda Turner Sherry Turner Richard Varley Audrey Vaughan ;.- ' " S.. r. V: i Diana Vaughan Sherry Vaughan Marilyn Venis Marsha Venis Cathy Walker Glen Walker Louise Walker Renae Walker Roger Walker Mary Wallace Sally Wallace David Watt Sandy Weatherby Suzanne Webber M§ik IJ K ' a A •; Charles Weldon James Wellman Mary Williams Tommy Williams Doyle Williamson Becky Wilson Kitti Wilson C ' -•• . ..% ] iii«i ! f Rl Mickey Wilson Ted Wood Beth Wright Jerry Wyrick Caren Woods Reed Woods Sharon Woods Leland Wooldridge Pamela Worcester Pat Yust Sandi Yust ,-«v I- V t Vicki Zebert Jerihn Zordel Donna Hawkins f % ' A SEVENTH G Jerry Abell David Absher David Adams Bill Adkins Carol Allton Sara Jane Alquist Linda Anderson Jimmy Anderson Chuck Babcock Andy Bailey Dianna Barbee Bruce Barnes Vicki Beard Ralph Beaty Phyllis Bennett Jerry Benson SEVENTH GRADE 1964-1965 i Joyce Bilke Ruby Blalack David Blazer David Blevins Sherry Bond Becky Booth Dottie Botts Hershel Brewster Betty Brockman Dellene Brown Lucky Burnes Jerry Burum Jeff Butcher Jack Campbell Pat Campbell Steve Capansky Karen Gibson Scott Carroll Terry Caywood Mike Champlin Doug Chaney Pamela Chaney Debbie Charlton Steve Chastain V ' . Chuck Chestnut Donnie Childers Ronnie Childers Joy Choate Linda Clark Joe Clay Caren Cole Mike Coleman Gary Collins Brenda Conner Mark Cordell Nancy Cosby Onis Couch Gary Countryman Leroy Cox Vicki Cox V i ' Rickey Craig Penny Crosby Cathy Crow Gary Crow Darla Crownover James Crunk Lloyd Cullison Donna Darter t f 1 1 ,) » Debbie DaVee Duane Davis Larry Davis Dennis Deaton Bill DeLozier Janie Dembinski Marjorie Dent Donna Dinwiddle -• ' 4. fev " ■ A " Vicky Donaldson Donna Donnell Randy Donnell Barbara Dotson Vesta Downing Ramona Dowty Joe Dunn Linda Dupus Mike Durborow Carol East Karen Eastwood Tim Edmondson Alvin Edwards Rita Elkins Susan Elliott Starr Erwin M i Pat Evans Linda Fain Carolyn Faulkner Uanny Ferguson Barbara Fields Gary Fields Kurt Francis Harold Garoune ! U Z? - , ' t Cathy Gilmore Debra Ginn Vernon Gladhill Debbie Gosney Terry Gower Gary Graham Robert Graham Gary Gray Kandy Greer Charles Greenback Mary Greene Cecil Greninger Debra Greninger Mike Greishaber Deborah Griffith Stanley Grooms Chris Gwartney Deborah Hale George Haralson James Harmon Bill Harney V Eric Harnish Robert Harrison Stanley Harrod James Hartman Donna Hawkins Ronnie Hearne David Helms Mike Helton Marsha Henson Ginger Heydt David Hickey Bruce Hobgood Delia Hogan Ted Holt Ricky Honeycutt Doug Hooper Sherrie Hoover Steve Hopkins Beverly Housman i V 5 ' - Debbie Hudspeth Harold Huffman Darllta Hunter Susan Hylton Scotty Jackson Howard James Karen Jeffries Roland Johnson Vicki Johnson Gregg Jones Jerry Jones Pam Jordan Elaine Kay Kathy Keah Teresa Kelly Carol Kenreigh Wa Tommy Ketcher Jerry Keith Don Kimbrough Brenda Klimek Paul Knight ' V Cheryl Knorr Cheryl Knorr Debbie Korb ik iLk W Linda Lacy Richard Lawson Jimmy Leonard Sammy Lewis Mike Lillie Jan Long Glenda Lynch Linda Marcum Nancy Martin Ricky Martin Willie Mathews Tommy Mathews Philip Mays Curtis McBrian Ted McCullum Debbie McClure Doug McDowell John McFerron Karen McNeils Michael McVay Russell Medley Tina Micka Jackie Miller Linda Miller ! i, Mike Miller Retha Mills Donnella Moore Brenda Morgan Doris Morgan Robert Moudy Kent Mountford Ray Mountford I ' Brenda Mouser Jack Myers Kay Myers Linda Neel Jodena Netherton Eddie Koel Gary O ' Banion Penny Oldham Debbie Patterson Pat Patterson Pat Payton N. Jean Peek Barbara Platner Kathy Pliler Jimmy Potts David Price Arthur Radford Regina Radford Sheila Radford Daryl Randall Loretta Reavis Steve Renegar June Reniker ' -? i. Carol Rentfrow David Rice Regina Richards John Richards Gerre Rickman Ivan Riley Sherry Ritchey Belinda Roberts Connie Roblyer Tommy Romick Steve Rush Cheryl Schumacher Carol Searle Ricky Shamblin Marcia Shipman Dennis Shirley o ' - ' : m " " Gary Shoultz Robert Sills Helen Simpson Linda Simpson Steve Sly Carol Smith Jack Smith ' . V ' Jan Smith f fl . r f J Karen Smith Randy Smith Harold Snyder Marsha Spangler Tony Spinks James Spoon Sheila Spurgeon Jesse Standlee Janya Stapp Linda Steffens Roger Stepp Janie Stoner Kathryn Sturdy Garland Talley Robert Taylor Cindy Tebeck ' [I Roger Thomas Bobby Tompkins Gary Thompson Forrestette Turner Johnny Turner Bruce Vandiver Ruth Vaughn Shirley Vickers Paula Warner Teresa Waldon Kathy Waldron Mary Walkenshaw Debbie Wallace Ronnie Walters Ruth Warner Henna Webber Danny Welch Doug Wells Terre Whitaker Terry Whitely Donna Wilburn John Wilhoit »» ; I Virginia Wilkerson Jerry Williams Kenneth Williamson Wesley Wilson Roger Wolf Teresa Wolf Jack Wood Michael Wright ' 1 ' I A w Cliff Johnson James Wyrick Mike Yust Robert Miller Christmas float, Will Rogers Junior High School .1 ,i. DEPARTMENTS DEPARTMENT OF McFERRON ' S BROTHERS FEED STORE 501 EAST CENTRAL LANGUAGE ARTS EAGLE-PICHER COMPANY DEPARTMENT OF LANGUAGE ARTS JkY ' [ I H Wtm ■ • m B. " f ' l l 4 SANDERS BROTHERS LUMBER COMPANY I40Z N. MAIN STREET DEPARTMENT OF HOME ECONOMICS HUTCHINS FUNERAL HOME 15 A ST. N. W. DEPARTMENT OF I !. MIAMI SALES COMPANY 208 N . MAIN SOCIAL STUDIES MIAMI SALES COMPANY 208 N. MAIN ?J. — ' " JF ' ' ii ' , ' ! ' ' r WILEY-COLE REXALL DRUG COMPANY 2 SOUTH MAIN MATHEMATICS MIAMI SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION DEPARTMENT GOSNEY PRINTING 22 SOUTH MAIN OF SCIENCE TRI-STATE LUMBER COMPANY DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL ll EDUCATION AND HEALTH BOWLING DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS SKILLS NELSON FURNITURE COMPANY 117 NORTH MAIN DEPARTMENT OF FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF MIAMI 2 NORTH MAIN ARTS AND CRAFTS MIAMI NEW AND USED AUTO DEALERS M 1AM I, OKLA. , WILL ROGERS JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL BAND Back row, Left to right Don Lockard, June Renegar, Linda Lacy, Debra DeVee, Donna Wilburn, Tina Micka, Ruth Ann ' Warner, Rehta Mills, Donnie Childers, Brenda Conner, Bobbie Killough, Brenda Mouser, innie Robyler, Third row (left to right) Ginger .t. Duane Davis, Jean Peek, Betty Doty, Jimmy Pam Chaney, Terry Whiteley, Mike Second row (left to right) Roberta ' Brown, Kay Ellis, Sharon Kyser, m Griffith. Jeannie Belcher, Rosie Wilkerson, and Bill Nance. First row ( B Anne Malocsay, Marilyn Stackable, Louise waretta Reavis, Linda Lehman Frencii Horns -( Bjht) Lisa Pitts, Pat Yust, Beth Wright Percussioi to right) Shirley Vickers, Steve Nelson, Ra- Bh, Doug McDowell, Ron Brooks, Jimmy Potts Back row (left to right) Eddie McCord, Franklii. Mangold, Robert Harrison, Jimmy Murphy, Hugh Oswald, Tim Fare, Jack Wood, Jimmy Spoon, George Harrison, Mark Cordell, Steve Hester, Joel Clay, David Watt, David Nixon, Robert McNabb. Second row (left to right) David Rice, Ronnie Childers, Ronnie Walters, Ricky Martin, Timmy Cline, David Price. Third Row (left to right) John Turner, Danny Welsh, Sammy Louis, Scott ' Jackson, Gene Archdale, Delphin Cunningham, Louis ' Price, David Blazer. Fourth row (left to right) John Wilhoit, Wesley Wilson, Gary Crow, Kenneth Williamson, Steve Rush, Roland Johnson, Harold Snvder, David Collins, John McFerron, Rex Nehring. Fifth row (left to right) Kathy Patterson, Dan Johnson, Richard Massey, Trevis Cornog, Robert Price, Rusty Callahan, Ricky Miller, Andy Peters, Sixth row Qefz to right i Patricia Parcell, Mary Neel, Jackie Miller, Debra Greninger. DIRECTOR, Mr. John Gillette BOWLING, PLAYLAND LANES DEPARTMENT OF MUSICAL ARTS SEVENTH GRADE CHORUS Top Row Kathy Gilmore, Gerre Rickman, Pam Jordan, Becky Booth, Betty Brockman, Nancy Martin, David Absher, Jack Campbell, Alvin Edwards, Pat Evans, Linda Clark, Vesta Downing, Linda Steffin, Penny Oldham, Jan Smith, Vicki Donaldson, Janie Stoner, Glenda Lynch, Dianna Barbee, Paula Wagner, Kathy Pliler. Second Row (left to right) Terre Whitaker, Cindy Tebeck, Jan Long, Vicki " Cox, Karen Smith, Shelia Spurgeon, Sherry Ritchey, Jackie Miller, Starr Irwin, Linda !arcum, Teresa Kelly, Debbie Hale, Marcia Shipman, Teresa Walden, Linda Neel, Debbie Griffith, Darlya Crownover. Third Row (left to right) Sheila Radford, Nancy Cosby, Margie Dent, vTcki Johnson, Carol Rentfrow, Phyllis Bennett, Shirley Brook, Donna Darter, Donna Hawkins, Carol AUton, Cathy Waldron, Teresa Dembinski, Karen Eastwood, Debbie Ginn, Debra Hudspeth, Rheta Elkins, Kathy Keah, Dellene Brown. Debbie Ginn, Cathy Waldron, Teresa Dembinski, Darlya Crownover, at the piano with David Blazer, pianist. Mr. Gillette at work. EIGHTH GRADE CHORUS Row l?J. ■ if? ' ° ,- " ?, " ' ' Murphy, Bruce Tippit, Dan Johnson, Paul Moss Second r?a , rI r n - Pamela Worcester, Kay Birkes, Rose Anne Stich, Kathy Hulsev, Debbie Rrnwn Rv ufM " ■ ' ' ' ' V ' i ' ' l.™ ' ' ° " S ' Q ' ' ' ' Lehman, Elizabeth Bowden, Gayla K t° w ' -f ilso " ' Kathy Harris, Linda Johnson. Jeannie Belcher, Pam Griffith Pianist- Roberta Breaune, Gayla Brown, Kay Ellis, Sharon Kayser, Jeff Butcher, Ginger Heydt, Duane Davis, Jeanne Peek, Don Lockard, Linda Lacy, June Reniker, Ruth Ann Warner, Dan Johnson, Jimmie Murphy, Tim Fare, Eddie McCord, Anne Malocsa y, Marilyn Stackable, Linda Lehman, Louise, Walker, Franklin Mangold, David Nixon, George Harrison, Mark Cordell, Andy Peters, Robert Price, David Blazer, Jim Potts, Ray Smith, Doug McDowell, Steve Nelson, Rex Nehring ' , John McFerron, Harold Snyder, David Collins, Roland Johnson. PEP BAND Scenes at a Will Rogers game. SPORTS Top row (left to right) Richard Varley, Robert Price, Steve Nelson, Greg Diebold, Rickv Miller, John Roberts Second row: Kenny Scott, Mickey Wilson, Rex Nehring, Mike Duniph ' in, Doug Wells. Third Row: Randy James, Mike Campbell, Virgil Nidiffer, Charlie Gravson, Jack Wood. Fourth Row: Kenneth McKenzie, Tom Gray, Bobby Gaines, Butch Gaines. Virgil Nidiffer, Roy Harrison, Mike Campbell, Ricky Miller, Mickey Wilson, Charles Grayson, Richard Varley, Mike Grieshaber, Rex Nehring, Dale Hughes, Mike Duniphin. MIAMI READY MIX 817 □ N. E. HARALSON CONSTRUCTION CO COMPANY ROCKETS I«1Z NORTH MAIN d, .- likWmtmM fi Wi SiSf J. Top row: Scotty Baldridge, Steve Epps, Steve Nickels, Claude Hailey, Chris Gwartney. Second row: Ronnie Springfield, Dale Hughes, Steve Hester, Jimmy Miller, and Roy Harrison. Third row: David East, Steve Patterson, Mike Grieshaber, Rodney Stover, Skip Atwood, Harold Garoutte. Fourth row: Jimmy Baldwin, Lloyd Cullison, Pat Carter, Tim Fare. 1965 MARK ' S MOONWINK GROCERY J ANO NINTH STREET N.W. DIXONS I2S NORTH MAIN . Jim Burum Rick Miller Mike Duniphin Rickv Strickland Coach, Jack Wallace 1965 Pictured from Will Rogers are Charles Grayson, Mike Duniphin, Virgil Nidiffer, Glen Clayton and Mike Campbell. MIAMI LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING 217 SOUTH MAIN BEACON MARINE 1731 NORTH MAIN Mickev Wilson bteve Hester Greg Diebold manaeer Tim Schofield i Charlie Grayson ROCKET FREIGHT LINES 22 AND G N. W, WRIGHT PRINTING SERVICE 312 NORTH MAIN znrs Virgil Nidiffe In for the basket is Mike Campbell Up for a try at the basket is Charlie Grayson. Mike Campbell Sh A fc.t.J m B- H Manager, John Roberts Rodney Stover DeWayne Mead Bobby Gaines BACK ROW (left to right) Sally Evans, Kay Birkes, Rose Ann Sticn, Gloria Marker, Cynthia Cowles, Cara Helmick, Kay Franks, Terri Stines, Linda Innman, Betty Doty. Second row Sherry Turner, Brenda Head, Rebecca Crow, Debbie Gray, Elizabeth Bowden, Paula Sanders, Debra Evans, Becky Wilson. Third row Kathy Miller, Margaret Sutton, Retha Mercer, Beverly Birch, Kathy Linton, Cynthia Bivins, Cheryl Foster, Maureen Dainty, Pam Johnson, Peggy Covert, Nancy Nidiffer, Louise Walker. Fourth row Patti Paul, Cicily Malocsay, Debbie Hulen, Susan Gay, Carolyn Foust, JoleneSharbutt, Renae Walker, Linda Johnson, Kathy Harris, Judy Lynch, Jeannie Hicks. Fifth row Mary Wallace, Sharon Garrett, Glenda Taylor, Vicki Martin, Janie Rhodes, Janie Thomason, Cathy Patterson, Deloris Perry, Pam Grittith, Jeanie Belcher, Sonyia Hearne, Linda Roderique, Susie Webber. Sixth row Sandy Dale, Becky Branson, Gail Stepp, Vicki I.orenson, Pam Bradley, Nancy Bohnstedt, Marilyn Venis, Lisa Ropp, Sandy Yust, Sharon Kayser, Cathy McFerron, Patricia Gibson, Jerilyn Zordel, Brenda Chaney, Christie Deems. Seventh row Sally Wallace, Patty Dodson, Kathy Roberson, Debbie Jones, Diane Crawford, Becky Barnes, Kathy Beard, Janet Hopkins, Kay Ellis, Gayla Brown, Patricia Crockett, Anne Malocsay, Marsha Venis, Connie Bailey, Debbie Stafford. Bottom row Bette Sanders, Clara Searle, Carolyn Kreider, Cindy Macklin, Mary McDonald, Pat Loehr, Susan Crane, Kathy Baum, Simmy Peacock, Tomi Chandler, Thena Mahurin, Patricia Parcell. SEVENTH GRADE ROCKETTES Top row (left to right) Kathy Sturday, Carol Allton, Tamara Romick, June Reniker Nancy Cosby, Penny Oldham, Terri Whitaker, Karen Smith. Second row Karen Jeffries, Vicki Beard, Carol Kenreigh, Loretta Reavis, Regina Richards, Debbie Griffith, Starr Erwin, Connie Robyler, Janya Stapp. Third row Sara Alquist, Marcia Shipman, Joyce Bilke, Pam Chaney, Glenda Lynch, Cindi Tebeck, Vicki Donaldson, Janie Stoner, Carol Searle, Forrestette Turner. Fourth row Mary Green, Debbie Gosney, Helen Simpson, Karen Eastwood, Paula Wagner, Benna Webber, Diana Barbee, Vicki Cox, Cathy Gilmore. Fifth row Cheryl KTiorr, Donna Wilbiim, Susan Elliott, Dellene Brown, Kathy Johnson, Carol Rentfrow, Sheila Radford. Sixth row Lucky Burns, Sherry Ritchey, Bette Brockman, Cheryl Schumacher, Sherry Bond, Joy Choate, Ruth Warner. Seventh row Debbie Hudspeth, Debbie Ginn, Linda Stefflns , Pam Jordan, Ginger Heydt, Jan Long, Margie Dent, Linda Marcum, Teresa Kelly. Bette Sanders Tomi Chandler Carolyn Kreider Cindy Macklin Simmy Peacock Clara Searle CHEERLEADERS Mrs. Oliver and Mrs. Wilkins, sponsors; Susan Crane, secre- tary-treasurer; Mary Jane McDonald, president; Pat Loehr, vice-president. Alternates Patricia Parcell, Thena Mahurin, Kathy Baum . s ENTERTAINMENT at the All- Sports Banquet BANQUET Mr. Miss Rocket Charles Grayson and Clara Searle OKLAHOMA DISCOUNT FURNITURE STORE 114 D, N. E, WILSON DANCE STUDIO 105 1 2 S. MAIN During the ceremony flower girl, Lisa Campbell, and crown bearer. Bill Wilkins, ascend the runway. Cicily Malocsay and Mike Campbell Mary MLlJonald and Mickey Wilson The Rockettes march back to their seats while the band plays. FOOTBALL QU Attend Clara Searle and Charles Grayson Tomi Chandler and Glen Clavton Cara Helmick and Mickey Wilson Sharon Garrett and Glen Clayton Mike Duniphin and Cyndee Cowles Charles Grayson and Simmy Peacock flower girl - Lisa Campbell crown bearer - Tod Buzzard BASKETBALL QUEE Attendants During the Crowning ceremony, the attendants from Will Rogers Junior High School await the queen candidates from high school. ACTIVITIES ar Mike Duniphin and Becky Branson Patti Paul and Charles Gravson DUNBAR ' S SPUDNUT SHOP 26 GOODRICH BLVD. NELSON FURNITURE CO. 117 NORTH MAIN Cicily Malocsay and Charles Grayson BEST ALL-ROUND K.C. JEFFRIES OIL COMPANY-APCO DISTRIBUTOR Toml Chandler and John Roberts Sally Wallace and Mike Campbell M lAM I , OKLA. il Simmy Peacock and Kenny Scott jT ' li 1 ' Bob Gaines and Sandy Daie WITTIEST Debbie Thulin and Ken Jones MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Mike Duniphin and ( " indv Macklin Larry Owens and Bette Sanders Mary Marv Jane McDonald and Jimbill Schuelein Ron Brooks and Becky Wilson MOST PERSONALITY Vicki Lorenson and John Reynolds i F 1 Janet Hopkins and Mike Rainwater MOST FRIENDLY Tom Fields and Cynthia Bivins Mary Wallace and Joe Hankins :i " I Henrv Absher and Beckv Branson I • ■. -, 1(1, , I ■ ' •••••■••■■■•••■I Andy Peters and Clara Searle MOST COURTEOUS Pam Acton and Richard Varlev QUIETEST Trevis Cornog and Patricia Gibsc Paula Sanders and Paul Moss Jane Thomason and John Draper (Front row) Donna Donnell, Maureen Dainty, Pam Allen, Elaine Dowty, Jeannie Hicks, Ruth ann Vaughan, Curtis McBrien, Debra Patterson, Becky McClure, Richard Talley, (Back row) Randy Green, Charles Greenback, Bruce Vandiver, Herschel Brewster, Retha Mercer, Joyce Bilke, Jodena Netherton, Roy Ross. 4 H CLUB wj- ' -yyi " ' ™- ' Cicily Malocsay and Louise Walker together with a sponsor, Mrs. Vanatta. SECURITY BANK AND TRUST COMPANY 1 SOUTH MAIN Mrs. Miller, a sponsor, with Lisa Pitts. SCIENCE CLUB A number of members are shown with the project they exhibited in the school science show. Club officers. GMNES BROTHERS GENERAL CONTRACTORS M 1AM 1, OKLA. ARCniir ' - •. , r r A Back Row (left to right) David Blazer, Lloyd Cullison, Jim Leonard, Carol Allton, Teresa Kelly, Linda Marcum, Nancy Cosby, Kurt Francis, Duane Davis, Andy Peters, John Reynolds, DaleMa- hurin, Ted Finke, Carolyn Foust. First Row (left to right) Mr. C. H. Mullendore, Mike Cole, Pam Worcester, Tammy Romick, Patricia Gibson, Paula Sanders, Sally Wallace, Debbie Ginn, Mary Neal, Debbie Hale, Richard Varley, Delphin Cunningham, Lisa Pitts, Mr. Smith SCHOLASTIC AWARDS J. C. PENNEY COMPANY 20 NORTH MAIN STUBBLEFIELD ' S CANDY SHOP THE HONOR SOCIETY HELPS THE L RCH OF DIMES Eighth Grade: First Row: Ted Finki, John Reynolds, Rex Nehring, Richard Varley, Henry Absher, Dale Mahurin, Doug Kruithof, John Roberts, Randy James, David Collins. Second Row: Vicki Martin, Debisie Jones, Diane Brumback, Vicki Olson, Ruth Oliver, Renae Walker, Pam Allen, Kama Taylor, Ann Malocsay, Becky Wilson, Patricia Gibson. Third Row: Janet Hopkins, Lisa Kopp, Cynthia Bivins, Cathy McFerron, Cicily Malocsay, Kathy Harris, Vicki Zeber ' t, Pam Bradley, Xlargaret Lazenby, Ronnie Brooks. Fourth Row: Tomi Chandler, SandiYust, Simmy Peacock, Patti Paul, Mary McDonald, Vicki Lorenson. ASTRONAUT Seventh Grade: Karen Jeffries, Susan Eliott, Kathy Sturdy, Starr Erwin, Jack Smith, Mark Cordell. Row 2: Nancy Cosby, Linda Marcum, Cindy Tebeck, Jan Smith, Tina Micka, Sara Alquist. Row 3: Carol Rentfrow, Vicki Johnson, Mary Neal, Debra Gosney, Penny Oldham, Carol Searle. Row 4: Kurt Francis, Tommy Ketcher, George Haralson, Scotty Jackson, Terry Caywood. Row 5: Tim Edmondson, Lloyd CuUison, Steve Renegar, Pat Evans. Wesley Wilson, John Sly, Chuck Chesnut. Editors-Paula Sanders, Sally Wallace, Kitti Wilson, J i m b i 1 1 Schuelein, Dudley Gibbs, John Payne Sponsor, Sara Eaton, Kathy Hulsey, Elizabeth Bowden, Pat Loehr, Ronnie Rohmiller, Andy Peters and Sandv Dale. 75 Mr. Hudspeth leaving Will Rogers Junior High School. The money counters Traffic is terrific I 29 NORTH MAIN McALEER DRUG STORE 102 NORTH MAIN Peanuts for the March of Dimes. Refreshments Thev left their g ' m suits at home. Guiding the guests Home Ec. was popular Patrolling the hall KISSEE FORD MOTOR COMPANY 521 NORTH MAIN HUB CLOTHIERS AND BOOTERY 25 NORTH MAIN SHOWER OF FASHIONS HOME ECONOMICS STYLE SHOW p. VETERANS DAY £MBLY 80 HOME FURNITURE III NORTH MAIN MIAMI AIRCRAFT. INC. 22ND G STREET N.W. Paula Sanders, Sally Wallace, Mr. Stan Ulmer of the Goodrich Rubber Company who was the featured speaker, and Mike Cole. HONOR SOCIETY INITIATION Honor Society members participating in the initiation ritual. Mr. Smith, principal of Will Rogers Junior High School, giving the membership certificates to new members as they file under the arch. Annually, the faculty and staff of Will Rogers Junior High School give a banquet honoring the school ' s finest students. The parents of the 82 honor students and other persons who have contributed to the success of these well-rounded scholars are also invited. BANQUET I 83 Robert Graham, second medalist in biology. Sandy Dale, first medalist in mathematics. TOP PRO- JECT AWARD for the en- tire junior high school division. Larry Benbrook, third medalist in biolog ' . i% ;j-; J is i H Paula Sanders, first medalist --chemistry paper. Susan Gay, third medalist--astronomy paper. Sally Wallace, red ribbon. SCIENCE FAIR SCIENCE FAIR Ted Finke, first medalist in chemistry. Mac Payne, first medalist in physics. Scott Jackson, blue ribbon in biology. David Adams, red ribbon in chemis- try. » A, Motiier, I forgot my books. Ready for the gamel Mike Cole, president of the Honor Society, and sponsors, Mrs. Rodgers and Mrs. Younger, present a check for $179 to Dr. Bill Goodman for die March of Dimes. Favorite occupation between classes. One of our st lish models 86 The Will Rogers Junior High School Band is ready to move. Our custodian, Mr. George Mericle, can fix almost anything! Two of the World ' s best cooks, Mrs. Edith Van Gundy and Mrs. Darlene Angel. 87 r CCJ ■e - - V.] V ' X. i l V.--: r.-U:«. Mo USA ' I Ill £k « l | III 1 1 1 f I • • • - •• III HM ' , iMiL , ■Vi - . O ' ' ■ - ■I,,:, : lri;

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