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Gem wiiWtWf.N t-ouNrv pud ill ii imm rf 3 1833 01763 7759 GENEALOGY 977.20E G69WJ, 1972 ■J Dedication During the year Whiteman eighth and ninth graders took part in an experimental program in English. They elected a semester course in the English areas as a sub- stitute for one semester of regular English. Courses offered included: Creative Writing, Theatre Arts, Literature and the Contemporary World, Discussion, and Debate, Business and Industry, and Basic Communications. Atpublication time plans were being made to expand the pro- gram to include all eighth and ninth grades students. One hundred fifty eighth and ninth grades participated in the program. Some of the braver ones are shown below. They took part in a program which displayed a willingness on the school ' s part to allow students to make theirownchoices about school. We salute them. Whiteman Junior High School Goshen, Indiana 1972 Theme If you do not raise your eyes, you will think that you are the highest point. 9 Antonio Porchia WHITE MAN FACULTY AND STAFF A teacher is many things. Heis a device which teaches and explains. Hegivestests, figures grades every six weeks or sooner, and worries about each and every one of his kids . A teacher is seen as an ogre, a sadistic monster, and easy grader, a Gestapo henchman; and he doesn ' t like the images anymore thanthose he sometimes gives to his kids . Ateacher is a person who guides, instructs, advises, com- mands, listens to students. He wants to help them, and he wants to understand the problems of each of his kids . Ateacher isa subjectof ridicule, praise, mockery, love, hate indifference - the works. But for every teacher who ever walked into a classroom, there is but one reward worth living and teaching for. And that is a word of thanks and appreciation from one of his kids. Mrs. Marilyn Butler, Secretary. The office is the center of all school functioning. If your book is lost, go to the office. If your mother left your lunch money that you forgot, go to the office. If you were absent, you need an admit slip. Go to the office. Do you need change? Go to the office. Did the telephone break again? Go to the office. And did you throw a spitball at the teacher? You guessed it. Go to the office ! When you go to the office, try smiling. The two ladies shown here will be ready to help you, but remember The smile you send out comes back to you. • Front Office Busy With Daily Activity The office is also the center for the teach- ers. Come to the school any morning and walk in the office and you will see Whiteman ' s teach- ers preparing handouts, tests, quizzes. At noon and after school they ' ll be getting their mail or perphaps sending messages about meetings. Mrs. Kehr is the person who the teachers go to for help when they need it in any secretarial needs. Mrs. Kehr types class material, dittoes handouts, orders materials. Without Mrs. Butler and Mrs. Kehr, students, teachers, and the administration would be lost. Not only that, but the school would be pretty dull. Mrs. Marilyn Kehr, Auxiliary Aide. Administration At Whiteman Makes Decisions, Handles Problems You may never agree with them. They could be dead and forgotten for all you care, you sometimes think. They do more harm than good and they pro- bably are wife beaters, you imagine. Yet how will- ingly would you assume the responsibility that they do each day? Mr. Sample, principal of Whiteman, feels the weight of his job every day. Now a member of the North Central Association, Whiteman has certain standards to uphold. The teacher evaluation pro- gram puts much strain on his time and scheduling. Each Spring Mr. Sample must go through the task of making out five hundred student schedules. He also must coordinate these to teacher schedules. Being the principal is a big job. Besides his duties as the Assistant Principal, Mr. Michel must put up with everyone mis- pronouncing his name. As a teacher and spon- sor of student government, Mr. Michel finds the many hours in the day become all too few. Mike has also spent much time with the athletic department in his capacity of White- man ' s Athletic Director. That ' s quite a few jobs for any man. Guidance And Health Services At WJHS r. Guidance Director, Herb Amstutz, has got- ten some additional help this year in the work of Mrs. Mary Blough. Mrs. Blough works in the office in the afternoons typing notes and other work for Mr. Amstutz, giving him more time to work with counselees and do fellow up work on teacher references. His office is now „■ located in room 31, opposite the home-ec. rooms. In addition to his duties as Whiteman ' s bus- iness teacher, Mr. Howard King, serves as the assistant guidance counselor. Mr. King is in his second year in both these capacities. Counseling with eighth and ninth grade stu- dents takes many hours, but Mr. King can us- ually be found with a free moment on his hands in the guidance office behind the principal ' s office. Serving in her many duties as school nurse, Medicorps sponsor and Goshen Community Schools Health Services Director, Mrs. Dorothy McFarland leads a very busy schedule. Seeing her during the day may require some work be- cause of this full work load. Make sure you go to the office first; they can help you find her. New director, Mrs. Morse, poses with her staff. WJHS Cafeteria And Janitorial Staff Because we need to eat and because we are basically very sloppy, we need a com- petent cafeteria and janitorial staff at Whiteman. Our school is blessed with a fine staff in both areas. The cafeteria menus have taken a steady turn for the better since last year. And the school looks and smells cleaner than ever. Ben Miller cleans a room. Mrs. Smith works upstairs. lii ilia Herb Amstutz Marg Brainard Marilyn Butler Doug Cartwright Mildred Cotton Helen Fretz Dean Gallahue Pat Hampton Jackie Hinckley Tom Holtzinge Jim Hughes Mary Judkins Howard King Brian Kirk Jim Kirkton Jim Kouts Karen McDonald Dorothy McFarland Phil Michel Marilyn Miller Art Reinhard Ernest Sample Rob Sharp e Jerry Snyder Jim Stack Marge Stansbury Don Stevens G.M. Swartley Milt Thomas Bill Tichenor Gladys Wade Pete Weddell Chuck Wheeler Margy Wiggins Alice Zercher Mr. Hughes, whistling while he works! ' STUDENT PICTURES About the only truly essential ingre- dient in the school is the kids. White- man soared over the five hundred mark in school enrollment this year, becoming larger than Towncrest for the first time in many years. Here are the faces behind thoses numbers. ■ K ■■■ r Freshmen Ready To Move On To GHS Kathy, Kay, Richard, Jeff, Julie, and Debbie The Boss Which one, Dan or Dennis? Jim, Pat, Debbie, Kay, Bonnie, and Lupe Aaron and Mindy Living it up in DAC ' s room Jim Ann Ainlay Cindy Alexander Lola Alibek Jerry Archer Brian Bailey Don Battles Phil Beachy Don Bedwell Mike Bender Ruth Bickel Rudy Blanco Dave Bontrager Mary Bradley Wade Branson Debbie Brown Jayne Browning Barb Butler Soni Butler Jim Callahan Lupe Casteneda Bob Claprodt Darlene Cox Gary Cramer Mary Cramer Donita Cripe R. Cunningham Beulah Damron Tom Damron Peggy Davis Sue Eiermann Rick Elliott Becky Farrier Dan Faulkner Dennis Faulkner Susan Fisher Lynett Fuentes Victor Garcia Cindy Geleske Marc Gouin Jim Grimm Ron Grinstead Steve Grise Vicky Hall Robyn Hampton Wayne Hartman Matt Hay Phil Hendricks Ther. Hendricks Aikki Larry Hertzler Kay Hill Carolyn Holmes Mary Honey K. Hoopingarrer Terry Hostetler Dan Howard David Howard Diane Jarvis Clarke Johnson Jim Jones LuAnn Kaufman Greg Keim Kay Keim Ron Kidd Dave Kindy K. Kirkpatrick Linda Kistler Debby Knight Lisa Krueger Rita Lambdin David Lantz Vickie Lantz E. Larranaga Bob Lau Dale Laws Cathy Lee John Long Venus Markham Rose Marsh David Martin Carol Marttila Linda May Beth Mayberry Scot McAfoos Julia McCally Pat McCloughen Rich Meyer Bonnie Miller Charlie Miller Cindy Miller Cyna Miller Delbert Miller Cathy Miller Lori Miller Nathan Miller Lisa Mishler Vanessa Mishler Steve Morse Pat Myers Eric Neumann Rory Norton Patti Oliver Rita Ortiz Machela Ott Karen Pangburn Beth Ramseyer A % Sharon Ramseyer Carol Reiner John Replogle Scott Rhude John Ride Sonia Rios Marg. Rodibaugh Gregg Rogers Jeff Romans Sue Rudy Wynn Schwalm Diana Seidner Mary Shaffer Debby Shephard Mark Sherer Linda Shively Jim Shrock Bonita Smith Karen Smith Carol Smucker Joe Springer Jackie Stack Roy Stahl Sue Stahl J. Stellingwerf Richard Stilly Donna Troyer Elaine Troyer Renee Troyer Irene Vance M. VanKlavern Laura Vanover Mary Wanamaker Bill Warble Karen Washington Lisa Weaver Sheila Westrick Lori Wiesjahn Debby Willis David Zentz Kirk Zimmerle Tony Wood Beth Yoder Omer Yoder Camera Shy: Robert Butler Bertha Garcia Gale Hartman Ken Sharp Tony Streikus Jayme James Don and Scott toiling away. Bob Lau in shop class. Vickie Hall ■ ' • ■■ .- Ann seems a bit camera shy in this group. FIRST SEMESTER STUDENT COUNCIL: Dick Stark, Lowell Flint, Denny Weigand, John Hoogenboom, Lynn Pratt, Debbie Bickel, Tim Lower. Eighth Graders Soon To Be Frosh The eighth grade class, the class of 1976, shy and afraid the year before, pow stands in line to the throne. For come September they will pour into the halls of Whiteman as a class of freshmen about 160 strong. SECOND SEMESTER STUDENT COUNCIL: Valerie Abney, Debbie Bickel, Lynn Pratt, Lowell Flint, John Hoogen- boom, Mitch Weaver, K. Clason, K. Hausbach. Valerie Abney Jim Ad kins Wanda Ad kins P. Alexander John Anderson Tracey Bail Jeff Bainter Rob Barker Pat Baumgartner Ken Beachy Lynette Beachy Mike Beachy Jeff Beall Angie Beeson Sherri Bellman Debbie Benton Tom Berkey Debbie Bickel Rob Bickel Stan Bickel Tim Bigler Tammy Blackport Rose Blanco Mike Blevins Steve Bontrager Tom Bowser Dan Bradbury Ken Brimhall Diana Brock John Buschert Camille Chrispyn Doug Chrispyn Linda Christner Kathy Clark Kevin Clason Grace Collins Sharon Compton C. Cottingham Don Cramer Tim Cripe Debby Curry Bill Davenport Salvador Diaz Nancy Dragoo Cindy Dulaney Joni Elsvick Toni Elsvick Joyce Evans Whitney Everest Beth Eyer S. Fleming Lowell Flint Victor Flores Joyce Fuentes Dewayne Gangwer Kim Gardner David Gibbs Sharon Gary Cathy Griffis C. Haberstich Rich Hardesty Heather Hardie Mike Hartman Kim Hausbach Etta Hern Carolyn Hershberger Connie Hershberger Vicky Holdeman John Hoogenboom L. Hoogenboom Anne Hostetler S. Hostetler Barbara Howell Mark Huser Lisa Jones Laura Kinney Nancy Klatt Jane Koch Erica Kramer Cathy Kyle Carrie Lamb Gloria LaMunyou Jeff Lantz M. Leatherman Ben Lehman Debbie Love C. Lindsay Tim Lower Bill Lower Steve Loy Kent Lung Scott Madison Connie May B. McDonald Anita Miller Bruce Miller 1ST SEMESTER STUDENT COUNCIL: Tony Howard, Kathy Kime, Tammy Sorg, Kevin Cotherman, Charlotte, Joldersma, Anne Meyer, Steve Mishler 187 Seventh Graders Jam Whiteman ' s Halls The seventh grade class at Whiteman looks great in its promise for the future. Bringing a winning record to Whiteman athletics, the sev- enth grade hopes to improve on perfection. Here are some of the members of the class who help to make it one to remember. Tina explaining the finer points of dissection. 2ND SEMESTER STUDENT COUNCIL: Dave Smith, Tim Sohwalm, Randy Dennis Tony Howard, Steve Mishler, Viola Garcia, Tammy Sorg Andrea Angelo Dan Anglemyer Brenda Bailey Paul Bailey Jeff Backer Rosa Bartley Laura Battles Becky Bauman Debby Bender Rick Berkey Sherri Berkey Jim Binkley M. Bontrager R. Borzeniatow David Bradley Kathy Bryant Mike Brock S. Buckw alter Cindy Butler Larry Champ Rick Charles Ed Collins Chester Compton Lori Cook Kevin Cotherman Joe Craig Amy Cramer Barb Cramer Lois Cramer Jerry Cripe Milton Cross Dan Crowe Larry Culp Tony Cundiff R. Cunningham Kim Cuthbert Charles Davenport Margo Davis Dennis Randall Ann Detwiler Jackie Disher Rick Duncan Debby Eash Charles Eaton Kelly Ernsberger Kevin Gates Larmar Gay Don Gillis Rich Klatt Virgil Kistler Debby Kinney Susan King Cathy Kime Henry Kidd Joy Kaufman Grover Kauffman Laura Kasdorf Jeanne Jones C. Joldersma John Johnson Cindy Johnson Robin Hummel Larry Howard Tony Howard Tim Hoogenboom Judy Hollinger Nancy Hertzler M. Hershberger Clarence Hern Rachel Herman David Hart Brad Harris Dora Hardesty Worthie Haney Mary Hagerman Scott Guffey Suzanne Gross Tim Gray R. Gingerich David Knight gem Knig Vincent Knight Tracy Kramer Connie Kraus David Kruger Kevin Kruse Dallas Laws Sharon Lee N. Longardner Kathy Love Tom Lower Jolinda Lung Stacy Lung Cheryl Mable Mark Martin Jane Marttila Jim Mast Bill Mathis Pat May Kathy Meadows Jim Metzger Anne Myers Bruce Miller Curt Miller Glen Miller Karen Miller Rose Miller Sandra Miller B. Miltenberger Steve Mishler Sherry Moles Mary Moreland Nancy Moyer Gladys Ortiz Sylvia Perez Cathy Pestow Vickie Potter. Sandra Randolph Susan Reiner Jan Rensberger Jim Reynolds Karen Riley Rick Rink Sonia Rosbrugh Dennis Rugg Mark Scearse C. Schlabach Ron Schmucker Lori Schwab Tim Schwalm Dan Scott Karen Seidner Myra Shaffer Susan Shepard Bill Shively Sherri Silvey Dennis Simons Sharon Labaugh David Smith Beth Smucker Bobby Smucker Kieth Snyder Tammy Sorg Tina Springer Scott Springer Camera Shy: Steve Baer Mike Bryant Brian Caldwell Jacob Folker Viola Garcia Perry Hunter Rich Jarvis Sue Ann Riley Mr. Wheeler offers help to the needy. 25 SPECIAL EVENTS What is a school without the extras - those special events that help to make your school years memorable and, well, special? Therr dances and three skating parties highlighted the social life of the junior high students. In the middle of February the dance season was given a boost with an extra special event - Whiteman ' s first Sweetheart Dance - where a queen and her court were selected by popular vote. The Talent Show this year, under Mrs. Wiggins control, outdid itselfwith a superb, sparkling hour of entertainment. A variety hour of music, dancing, and comedy was high- lighted by a spoof on our teachers and their 1950 ' s dancing styles. Again there was the cap to the school year, the annual Whiteman Field Day; but its existence seemed threatened by the condition of the new field which was being removed. It was a great year for special events. Like Romeo and Juliet There Will A Iways Be . . . , . Wynn and Bob . . . Lisa and Wynn , Earnie and Nancy , Mr, Kouts and Miss Hendricks , Tina and Jane , . ? and ? , Bob and Bonnie .Jeff and Pat , Mitch and Angie .Carrie and Kevin Wi M.C. , Larry Hertzler 1950 ' s dance by John and Bonnie. Wide Variety Of Acts In Talent Show Whiteman ' s all-school talent show this year was held earlier than ever, and the re- sults were surprising. Despite the lack of available practice times, the show was a smashing success. Charlotte collars John. Debbie and Charlotte. Molly does an impress- ionistic step. 28 Mrs. Wiggins is mobbed by the crew. Rocky Raccon by Andy. Debby Shephard crosses the line - a winner ! Field Day 1971 Dan Bradbury watches as John Hoogenboom pre- pares to jump. Field Day is one of the Whiteman tra- ditions which is the most fun, bringing competition and sports to all students. Here are some shots of the 1971 Field Day. Pictures for the 1972 event ar- rived too late for publication. — M The Sack race provides action for all. 29 Shindigs Big Thing A t WJHS Joe working up a sweat? Swinging along with John and Kay. There were many couples at the skating party. Large Number A ttend Skating Parties Gallahue getting into the swing of things along with Sue and Ernie. 7th graders seem to be enjoying themselves. Speed-Demon Hummel. Tom treating the girls. (Fork it out, Mr. Holtzinger ! !) 31 ORGANIZATIONS The heart of a school is the extra-curricular act- tivities which students find to keep them busy during their extra hours. Whiteman has a high ratio of bus students, a fact which hurts the number of offerings which are made to the students in the way of organizations. Yet there are many organizations which have become a tradi- tion at our school. The newspaper staff and the yearbook staff keep the students at Whiteman informed of school happen- ings, both past, present. The Girl ' s Athletic Association is active still. It provides a source of physical activity for girls. Intra- murals does the same for the boys. The library club, Medicorps, rocket club, Latin club, and others provide special interest area organ- izations for the different likes of each WJHS student. |GK3| IRST ROW (on floor): C. Lamb, H. Hardie, J. Stack, S. Ramseyer, A. Meyer. 2ND ROW; T. Springer, D. Bender, D. tfartin, D. Lantz, S. Rudy, C. Smucker, B. Miller, A. Hostetler. 3RD ROW; N. Hertzler, L. Pratt, J. Springer, B. Price, ). Cox, E. Troyer, E. Neumann, S. Rhude, Mrs. Cotton. Other people in back: K. Riley, B. Bauman, T. Blackport, K. arkpatrick, S. Eiremann. Library Club Grows At WJHS The Whiteman Library Club has enjoyed a rapid growth in the past few years. Mrs. Cotton, Librarian, is the clubs sponsor. The officers are Joe Springer, Pres- ident; Renee Troyer, Vice-President; Jackey Stack, Secretary Treasurer; and Sue Rudy, Reporter. This year ' s fund raising project was sponsoring the Sweet- heart Dance in February. Profits are used for new books in the Whiteman Library. Medicorps And Rocket Club Also Active At WJHS Medicorps and the Rocket Club have also been active this year at Whiteman. Due to circumstances beyond our control pictures were not available for these clubs. Mrs. McFarland is the sponsor of Medicorps and Mr. Tichenor is the spon- sor for the Rocket Club. 33 Jigsaw ' s Staff Falls Apart Every M W And F The Staff members are: A. Ainlay, D. She- phard, L. Alibek, S. Fisher, D. Brown, B. Miller and P. Beachy hiding, S. Ruby, and L. Hertzler. The Jigsaw , a supposedly bi-weekly newspaper, is Whiteman ' s answer to the New York Times. Sue Rudy, as editor, is actually a reincarnated Horace Greeley. Debby Shephard ' s lovely artwork enhances each issue of the Jigsaw ' The Newspaper staff is a motley crew containing everything from a gypsy queen to a professional lazy bum. For a picture of the lazy bum doing what he does best turn to page 53. 34 Lola Alibek and Susan Fisher discuss an article for the next Jigsaw Best Ever (?) Yearbook Produced By This Team Of Smiling Talent Our glorious yearbook staff is: FRONT ROW; Phil Beachy, Sharon Ram- seyer and Dan Keim. BACK ROW Renee Troyer, Joe Springer and Beth Ramseyer. Randy Cunningham was our photographer. Anything we could think to say about the yearbook would better be left unsaid but we had to fill this space. The staff actually made the deadline this year working only a few hours extra after school and on Sunday. As was stated beneath the pictures, Mr. Cartwright was our sponsor and Randy Cunningham was the pho- tographer. Joe Springer was editor-in-chief. Our star worker, Sharon Ramseyer, is typing the names for student pictures. The fearless leader of both yearbook and newspaper staffs, Mr. Cartwright, appeared from under his rock on sunny days. 35 Kevin, Bob, and John play. Dave gets his fondest wish. Latin Club Still Active At WJHS The Latin Club remains as one of the most active clubs in existence at Whiteman year after year. Among the many activities it plans each year is the traditional Roman wedding ceremony. From the looks of things, Rome is get- ting a little more swinging. Nero must be back. FRONT ROW: H.S. aide, Jayne Browning, Bonita Smith, Theresa Hendricks, Greg Keim. BACK ROW.- H.S. aide, Cindy Geleske, John Long , Kevin Kirkpatrick , Dave Kindy, Phil Hendricks, Eric Neumann, Boy Lau. Sponsor: Mrs. Minier. 36 4 FIRST ROW: K. Van Klavern, D. Zentz, T. Sorg, S. Kramer, A. Angelo, B. Bauman, T. Yoder, D. Smith, R. Hummel, D. Kintigh, J. Marttila. SECOND ROW: A. Cramer, N, Longardner, T. Hoogenboom, K. Seidner, P. Yoder, T. Schwalm, M. Cross, D. Anglemyer, B. Miller, S. Miller, D. Waun, T. Stoffel, S. Lung, J. Rensberger, K. Cuthbert. THIRD ROW: T. Lowery, T. Cundiff, and T. Howard. ABSENT: B. Harris and Larry Champ. Whiteman Bands Show Superior Style 8TH, 9TH BAND: M. Ott, K. Miller, B. Eyor, C. Lamb, P. Reynolds, J. Koch, B. Miller, B. May- berry, L. Wiesjahn, B. Ramseyer 2ND ROW: M. Rodibaugh, E. Kramer, C. Clark, B. Richards, R. Bickles, J. Snobarger, J. Snodgrass, M. Miller, P. Davis, B. Smith, E. Laranaga, K. Hoopingarner, J. Munson, T. Morse, V. Mishler, L. Hoogenboom 3RD ROW; N. Moris, R. Meyer, M. VanKlavern, B. Lau, L. Christner, B. Miller, V. Mullet, M. Leatherman, T. Blackport, R. Ortiz, K. Washington, S. Schudel, J. Callahan, K. Lung, D. Wilder, S. Bickle, B. Shrock 4THROW: K. Kirkpatrick, J. Beall, N. Klatt, J. Smith, P. McCloughen 37 h- 1 t -T 1ST ROW: R. Troyer, B. Lehman, M. Hershberger, S. Gross, N. Miller, N. Dragoo, C. Smucker, S. Fisher. 2ND ROW: Nancy Hertzler, Cia Viacrucis, C. Miller, B. Smucker, M. Troyer, J. Hollinger, L. Kinney, J. Lung, L. Kasdorf, A. Meyer. 3RD ROW: Mr. Kirk, J. Smith, K. Kirkpatrick, M. VanKlavern, B. Lau, B. Ramseyer , P. Davis, K. Miller, B. Smith, B. Schrock, S. Bickel, J. Stellingwerf, C. Jolders, L. Hertzler. Camera Shy: B. Price, L. Wiesjahn, P. Myers, J. Springer. Quality Orchestra And Choir Displayed In WJHS Music Program 1ST ROW: D. Martin, D. Lantz, J. Ride, R. Stark, M. Sherer, J. Springer, B. Claprodt, J. Grimm, M. Gouin, J. Long, J. Buschert, H. Stoltzfus, K. Zimmerle, D. Chrispyn, P. Beachy. 2ND ROW; D. Bontrager, W. Everest, J. Hoogenboom, R. Barker, M. Weaver, A. Rieth, T. Bowser, S. Phend, T. Cripe, G. Miller, R. Grinstead, D. Kindy, L. Flint, T. Bail, BL. Walton, D. Gangwer, M. Blevins, S. Bontrager. 3RD ROW: Mr. Swartley, L. Pratt, A. Beeson, C. Perrin, C. Rorhbaugh, D. Bickel, S. Compton, D. Curry, E. Nuemann, G. Cramer, R. Meyer, D. Zentz, R. Blanco,. J. Roll, C. Lindsay, L. Beachy, T. Smith, K. Gardner, D. Benton, G. Myers, H. Hardie, K. Kyle. 4THROW: C. Holm es, S. Stahl, K. Lee, M. Honey, S. Ramseyer, D. Brown, J. McCally, L. Alibek, S. Fisher, L. Miller, R. Hampton, B. Smith, S. Fleming, R. Troyer, S. Rudy, C. Manilla, B. Miller, K. Miller, A. Ainlay, J. Stack. 5THROW: B. Miller, A. Hostetler, L. Casteneda, S. Palmer, B. Farrier, K. Sherer, D. Cripe, C. Smucker, B. Yoder, C. Geleske, S. Eiermann, C. Reiner, K. Hill, E. Troyer, L. Krueger, E. Larr- anaga, K. Smith, L. Kistler, D. Jarvis. CAMERA SHY: M. Beachy, J. Elswick, T. Elswick, L. Jones, R. Smith, D. Wiegand, R. Wyatt, B. Butler, M. Cramer, R. Cunningham, D. Knight, K. Hoopingareer, 1ST ROW: S. Ramseyer, G. Myers, D. Brown, R. Ortiz, N. Morris, G. Collins, J. Snobarger, L. Jones, L. Alibek. 2ND ROW: D. Shepherd, T. Morse, V. Mishler, K. Miller, S. Rudy, C. Smucker, B. Miller, C. Manilla, L. Beachy, L. Wiesjahn, J. Stack. 3RD ROW: B. Eyer, T. Blackport, J. Koch, N. Klatt, L. Hoogenboom, M. Ott, K. Washington, A. Swoveland, P. Myers, Miss Stansbury. GAA, Intramurals In Full Swing The Whiteman Junior High School e- dition of Girl ' s Athletic Association has been one of the most active organizations in the school over the years. Under the sponsorship of Miss Stansbury , eighth and ninth grade girls take part in all types of physical activity after school. The pro- gram is run during the winter months on Wednesday evenings. Whiteman moved into its second full year of intra-mural activity with Mr. Tichenor at the helm. Operating under the handicap of having to meet on Friday nights after school, the intramural pro- gram was still active and successful. The intramural program is open to all eligible seventh, eighth, and ninth graders. 1ST ROW: T. Striekus, V. Stilley, P. Beachy, G. Rogers, M. Bryant, D. Wagner, T. Grog, Mr. Tichenor. 2ND ROW: R. Simons, S. Springer, R. Stilley, T. Mitchell, C. Compton, B. Davenport, J. Grimm, D. Bradbury. 3RD ROW: T. Wood, L. Hert- zler, S. McAfoos, J. Potter, J. Callahan, D. Bradley, S. Madison. mm 3-fRi 39 SPORTS For the first time in many a year the White- man fans found victories other than moral victories to be proud of. 1971-2 marked the start of a winning tradition all over again at Whiteman. The glory was mostly provided by the seven- th and eighth graders, but the freshmen were not to be shown up. They had a few surprises themselves. A few breaks in basketball and we would have had two conference champions to celebrate. We now look forward to some of Whiteman ' s greatest years in athletic competition. But for now let us look back on those teams and coaches which have given us reason to be hopeful and even anxious. 40 1ST ROW: P. Hendricks, R. Grinstead, G. Rogers, R. Norton, W. Schwalm, T. Hostetler, W. Bran- son 2ND ROW: D. Faulkner, S. Morse, P. McCloughen, J. Jones, D. Faulkner, M. Hay 3RD ROW: Mr. Stack, R. Kidd, B. Lau, M. Gouin, D. Zentz, D. Kindy A Few Highlights In Frosh Season It was the second year for the ninth grade football as headed by Coach Jim Stack. Some improvements were seen along the way, especially in the entrance into the win column. Whiteman ' s 20-0 win over Northridge seemed to be the catalyst, but a tough Pierre almost pulled it out with one of their best efforts. Record Whiteman Opponent 6 Northwood 28 20 Northridge 6 Pierre Moran 22 North Side 20 Concord 6 Towncrest 6 Brookdale 16 41 1ST ROW: T. Mitchell, B. Richards, L. Pratt, C„ Lamb, A. Beeson, K. Clark, A. Rieth 2ND ROW: J. Thiele, J. Bainter, T. Lower, M. Hartman, D. Starck 3RD ROW: M. Beachy, M. Weaver, T. Truex, J. Potter, T. Cripe, C. Wright 4THROW: K. Clason, K. Hausbach, G. Miller, J. Gregory, M. Huser, R. Barker 5THROW: D. Weigand, G. Pestow, J. Hoogenboom, R. Miller, T. Bowser, Mr. Kouts. Record Whiteman Opponent Towncrest Jimtown 10 Concord Northridge Pierre Moran 40 8 Northside Eighth Graders En i°y T y in g In one of the most unusally successful sea- sons in Whiteman history , the eighth grade football team ran up a record of two wins, one loss, and three ties (2-1-3). Oddly enough this record was good enough to give the Redskins a second place finish in the Big Eleven Confer- ence. Despite the lack of a great many victories, the season was helpful in giving the program a shot in the arm. For once Whiteman was not acting the part of a doormat. Mr. Kouts was even heard to say, I ' m glad I was part of bring- ing back the tradition of tying to Whiteman. 42 1ST ROW: T. Lower Mgr. , D. Crowe, T. Yoder, R. Charles, M. Scearse, B. Harris 2ND ROW: T. Howard, D. Smith, A. Cundiff, C. Compton, V. Kistler, Coach Kirkton 3RD ROW: C. Eaton, T. Schwalm, T. Hoo- genboom, V. Yoder, K. Cotherman, J. Thomas 4THROW: R. Vestal, R. Dennis, M. Weber, R. Klatt, N. Longardner, D. Bradley 7th Graders Have A Fine 4-1 Season Co-Champs Of Our Division Of Big 11 Conference Record Whiteman Opponent 30 Northside 12 18 Northridge 12 WestSide 6 8 Towncreast20 16 Jimtown 6 3- g What a season! It had to happen We were too nice to always finish last. The seventh grade gridders brought glory back to Whiteman by capturing the Big 11 Conference title in Coach Jim Kirkton ' s initial year. Coach Kirkton giving instructions to the team. 43 1ST ROW: D. Shepherd, R. Oritz, C. Miller, S. Fisher 2ND ROW; E. Nuemann, W. Schwalm, T. Hostetler, R. Grinstead, J. Romans, S. Morse, D. Zentz 3RD ROW: J. Shrock, B. Lau, R. Cunningham, M. Gouin, R. Kidd, D. Bedwell, Mr. Reinhard 9th Graders Finish Season 4-11 ■1 v n Record V »¥ Opponent Whiteman Northridge 27 26 1 vy S Towncrest 44 40 Northwood 32 27 Bethany 32 42 Jimtown 29 44 Westview 42 37 Brookdale 46 43 Fairfield 41 50 Warsaw 35 32 Northside 45 39 Westside 39 41 West Noble 39 47 Concord 42 36 Wawasee 47 36 Bob Lau drives for a Pierre Moran 53 52 layup. 44 1ST ROW: G. Pestow , B. Walton, T. Lower, M. Weaver, M. Huser, K. Hausbach, M. Beachy. 2ND ROW: K. Clason, R. Stark, A. Rieth, J. Hoogenboom, T. Bowser, D. Wiegand, R. Barker, G. Miller, Mr. Thomas. 8th Grade Ends Season At 6-9 8th Grade Record Whiteman Opponent 26 Northridge 30 28 Towncrest 44 15 Nappanee 26 33 Jimtown 38 36 Brookdale 22 35 N. Wabster 39 39 Fairfield 29 26 Northside 22 38 Syracuse 37 39 Westside 47 o J EMU ffi i fy}W 51 Concord 40 41 Wakarusa 44 34 P. Moran 51 Tourney 50 Jimtown 38 44 Towncrest 47 Won 6 Lost 9 45 1ST ROW; T. Sorg, N. Moyer, J. Manilla, T. Springer, B. Bauman. 2ND ROW: R. Klatt, T. Lower, M. Weber, K. Cotherman, J. Johnson, B. Harris, V. Yoder, B. Caldwell. 3RD ROW: A. Cundiff T. Schwalm, N. Longardener, J. Baker, J. Thomas, T. Hoogenboom, B. Wartsler, P. Yoder, Mr. Snyder 7th Graders Conference Champs Whiteman Opponent 39 Northridge 30 52 Towncrest 53 36 Nappanee 37 38 Jimtown 36 48 Brookdale 39 48 N. Webster 40 42 Fairfield 44 38 Northside 22 47 Syracuse 27 37 Westside 21 48 Concord 58 58 Wakarusa 47 44 P. Moran 53 46 Won 11 45 Jimtown 40 46 Concord 41 46 P. Moran 45 Lost 5 Bob the Big barely outjumps Moondog. Faculty Beats Students By Two Measly Points Our one and only Roman (fortun- ately) making a basket. Waiter! Make that a double. 47 SCHOOL ACTIVITIES When all the parts of school are added to- gather, there is still one missing ingredient. The classes, the activities, the teachers, the organizations - what is it all if not school? And being in school is being with friends and doing things unsponsored , unstructured, unlikely. The few pages that follow represent the whole range of activities you might see on any given day at Whiteman. As you will see, it is a busy school with a busy student body. Art projects are getting attention Jeff Baker gets a scientific second opinion. Activities Vary At Whiteman Grinny Kathy, John, Mike, and Cathy enjoy just sitting at the dance. 49 mm No pictures in lockers m A shop project needs work Denny seems proud to push a broom in shop. z Matt may be surprised, but Dave is unconcerned. What ' s so interesting? 52 Phil, Terry, and Kirk return. Randy Cunninham Pat Myers The Campbell Kids say Mmm, Mmm Good ! Wil u b mi fwend? Phil Beachy at work. 9th Graders Haven ' t Really Changed Guess The Babes 1. Eva Larranga 2. Venesa Mishler 3. Carol Manilla 4. Debbie Shephard 5. Joe Springer 6. Kathy Miller 7. Lori Wiesjahn 8. Lisa Krueger 9. Renee Troyer 10. Beth Ramseyer 11. Bob Lau 12. Phil Hendrick 13. Jackiey Stack 14. Jim Shrock 15. Teresa Hendrick 16. Karen Pagburn 54 If you do not raise your eyes, you will think you are the highest point. And so we reach the end of another school and another year- book. Our theme this year, If you do not raise your eyes, you will think you are the highest point, was inspired by a poster in Mr. Cartwright ' s room. We found that it captured the idea of school and education. Man cannot cease to strive for knowledge or for answers to the unknown, for then he would be admitting his greatness. This is part of the reason behind education. But education need not be painful and hateful. For this reason we tried to show you the fun of school by capturing in pictures some of the memories you may cherish most. Whether, like the picture below, it is the magic, happy moment experienced with one of your teachers or just the happiness of June or a d ance , school is a memory of youth and learning. School is friends, teachers, organizations, activities. But school is learning that If you do not raise your eyes, you will think you are the highest point. The Staff 55 BOO!

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