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Text from Pages 1 - 56 of the 1959 volume:

WHITE RIVER HIGH SCHOOL W'h1te River South Dakota Verna Chamberlam Edltor The 1959 Tiger ll xl Annual Staff LEOTA 7' ,i Verna Chamberlam Edltor Leota Smlth Busmess Manager Glenyce Best Typlst Beverly HlX Typlst Audrey Mednansky Grade School Edltor LORGIA Georgla Zlmmerman Muslc Edltor Lee Ham Sports Edltor Fremont Falhs Clas s Hlstorlan PREIN, ONT AUDREY LEE VERNA GLENYCE We Dedicate . To two people--a couple--a pair, Our Superintendent and our Sponsor, Our Counselor and our Advisor, A man and his wife, Who simultaneously arrived with our -high school career, And Who guided us through four years of Sunshine and of rain, Of peace and of turmoil But of joy and of pleasures, With a firm hand and an open heart, Prom Adolescence to adulthood, With only OUR Welfare And OUR Education uppermost in their minds. WE, THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1959, DEDICATE THIS BOOK--OUR ANNUAL--TO SUPERINTENDENT AND MRS . BRYCE CHRISTENSEN 4 45 f W5 V 'A E Q . Q- y N? YQ Vw 7 Vw nil: 79 ' ? GLENYCE BEST Student Council Play3,-15 Declarn 35 Glce Club 1,2,45 Physical Bducatxon 1,25 G, A. A. Z5 Candidate for Homecoming Queen 25 Student Council 45 Homecoming Queen 45 Annual Staff 4. MIC HAEL SC HMI DT Class Officer 35 Play 3,45 Declam l,Z, 35 Physical Eklucation 1, 25 Football 15 Basketball 1, 2 , 3, 45 Track 1, 25 Safe Driver 35 Boys' State Alternate 35 Annual Staff 4. LEE HAM Student Council Play 3,45 Declam 35 Physical Education 25 Football 3,45 Track 2, 35 Candidate for Carnival King 35 President of Student Coun- Cxl 45 Annual Staff 4. FREMONT PALLIS President Class Officer 3, 45 Play 3,45 Declarn 35 Football 2,3,45 Basketball 45 Track 3,45 Physical Education 1,25 Annual Staff 4 VERNA CHAMBERLAIN Class Officer 35 Play 3,45 Glee Club l,Z,3,45 Declan Z,3, Mixed Cnorus 2,35 G. A, A. 2, Pnyslcal Educatior 1,25 Majorette 2, 3,45 Girls' State 35 Offlce Secretary 45 Pep Club 45 D. A. R. 45 Annual Editor 4. an-i' ROLLIE IOHNSON JERRY HITC H1 ISGS Play 3,45 D',c1.1:'. 3, Pnyszcal Ei.1cat.zn l,2,37Trac21 3, 4, Pos Play 3,45 Declam 35 Physical Educatxon 1: Muccd Cnorus 15 Football Z, 3,45 Track 3,-lg Basketball 2,-1, Annual Staff 4. twl, -lp oiqg m Ihlmgger 3, fm:.,cl Qui: 1. BINERLY :IDC Secretary Class Ofuczr 1,2,3,1g Pl,1Q,'3,1, D',CluIT. 35 Ll.: Clu l 2 4' Ch crif-acigr 1, 35 l flQ'.l.CL1l 11111153.03 1,25 Candl aut :or CQ::.vQ. OJ:-r.l,1,C,1. M. . .4jG1fL- Stat Alt'-:ndtff 35 Annual Sufi Al. AUDFJIY 5.1 EDIJANSKY Cusb O..Lc 1 1,-,-1714113 5,17 1J-,cl.1:.,3,L,l1- C145 1, 11. ..,-1, lv.--.-.L C,1l,:-g gg En 51c51 Bi4c1:.Qr11,25 Cangldgtf .o, ho., ,QV ...,n, ,,,,..1 -l..,Q1 alll.. ALLEX 1 1EP.CE Play 1,-25 D C1411 37 ?nQ.:n.1l 1l1Jc.aL.,m 3, .Styx ut hlmlq, ROBERT PIERCE Vico Prosidcnt Class Officer 45 Play 3,45 Doclam 35 Physical Education 1,25 Football 3, -55 Basketball 2, 3,45 Track 1,45 Annual Staff 4 . LEOTA SMITH Rtvinia 1 l!25 Play 3,45 Declam 35 Physical Education 2, 3,47 G. A. A. 1,2,3,45 G. A. A. Officer 3,45 Glee Club l,2, 3, 45 Candidate for Carnival Queen 35 Student Council 35 Pep Club 45 Annual Staff 4. W.. 'fa 5 rf The Class GEORGIA Z1 M M ERMAN Rapid City 15 Play 3,45 Dcclam 35 G. A. A. Z,3,45 Physical Education 2, 45 Club 2, 3,45 Band 2, 3,45 Mixed Chorus 1,25 Pep Club 45 F. H. A. 15 Batty Crockur Homemaker of Tomorrow -15 Annual Staff 4. ALVIN STROMER Class Officer 1, 25 Play 3,45 Football 1, 2, 3,45 Track Z, 35 Basketball 2, 45 H. S. Rodeo Z, 3, 45 Candidate for Camival King 1,25 Annual Staff 4. of '59 liga Class History 1955 1956 Our Freshman year began w1th twenty two members strong We were welcomed by the Sophomores who held an In1t1at1on Day soon after school started Our sponsor for our Freshman year was Dale Plooster The class officers were Alv1n Stromer Presldent James Burnette Vice Presldent Beverly Hlx Secretary Audrey Mednansky 'Treasurer The members of the Student Councll were Sandra Swanson and Mlchael Schmldt Beverly I-hx was a cheerleader Audrey Mednansky was the candldate for Homecommg Queen Carnlval Klng and Queen candldates were Alvm Stromer and Beverly Hix 1956 1957 We returned for our Sophomore year w1th tvven ty two members 1n our class We lost Sandra Swanson and Larry Smlth but we galned Georgia Zimmemman the flrst semes ter and Leota Smlth the second semester Our Sophomore class was sponsored by Gerald CUH1In1DS The class offl cers were James Burnette, Presldent Alvln Stromer V1ce President Beverly Hlx Secretary and Audrey Mednansky Treasurer Iva Brown and Charles Kmspel represented the class ln the Student Coun C11 Glenyce Best was the candldate for Homecommg Queen Beverly Hut and Alvm Stromer were Candi dates for Carnival Kmg and MOTTO -'ffq al It Ben CI.ASS.CDLOR.. Blue andvlfnrt CIASS ELTVER 5 White Ros .43 1- ,li 2 1957 1958 Back to begm the last half of our hlgh school days We now have elgh teen m our class We lost Charles Kmspel and Iames Burnette the last semester Th1s year was a busy one Our class sponsor was Laura Patnoe The class offlcers were Mlchael Schmldt Pres1 Vice Presldent Beverly Hix Secretary Verna Chamberlam Treasurer Lee Ham and Leota Sm1th were elected to the Student Councll Beverly Hlx was a cheerleader Iva Brown was the candldate for Homecommg Queen Car n1val Kmg and Queen can d1dates were Lee Ham and Leota Smlth Our play ICEBOX, fa mystery com edy I was presented December 8 1957 under the dlrectlon of Laura Patnoe We honored the Seniors w1th the Iunlor and Sen1or Banquet and Prom on May 12 1958 The theme of the prom was Hawanan Hollday Glrl and Boy Staters from WRHS x xc Verna Chamberlarn and Allen u Q - O . ' . I . . - . . . l 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . . . . . 1' ww 7,11 . ,'iiS .-T. . . 4 V k Y i 1 .- : 1 N ' ii 4 , A- -1, . 1 , g , Q' L - A I I N. i 1 - ' ' x 1 Y ...., , . , se---1 L1 . ,4 ' -- A. .V W - - 4 I I - ' ' ' S ': 4 ' --'LT' ' . ffzg 5 , 'T - ' ,'- 0, er-3-r1,- . - L T. 5 ' - .. 4 ' - ,. ' . ': - - 0 ' L-F A , 1-A -Y ff ' 5 . , MR. I 1 1 ' 1 . 7 , 1 I I 1 ' ' 1 1 ' I ' ' - . ' - o , . . . ,, .. . . . - u . . . . . - . -v - , - . v C I - Q 1 I ' u ' 1 1 A . . . . F , . ., I I . ' Q . - . , ' ll ' ll ' 1 1 ' 1 Queen dent Fremont Fallls P16106 1958 1959 The last b1g year has arrlved at last September 2 1958 found slxteen Sen1ors reglsterlng for the last of our hlgh school career I1m Burnette qult school the flrst semester maklng flfteen Sen1ors The Sen1or sponsor was Annette Chrlstensen The class hose Fremont Fallls as Presldent Robert Plerce as V1ce Presldent Beverly Hlx as Secretary and Audrey Mednansky as Treasurer Clenyce Best was chosen Homecomlng Queen and Ierry H1tch1ngs and Alv1n Stromer were football co captalns Verna Chamberlam was chosen D A R Representatlve for Mellette County October 25 1958 the Seruors of WRHS went to the H1115 on the Annual Sen1or Sneak Trlp Laura Patnoe Martha Chamberlam and Bryce Chrlstensen provlded the transportatlon. Our play, THE BUS STOPS HERE, fa comedy dramal was presented on April 3, 1959, under the guldance of Catherlne Fosket. As the year draws to a close, we fmd flfteen Sen1ors 1n the halls of WRHS anxlously wa1t1ng for Baccalaureate May 17, but most of all Graduatlon May 18, 1959. Babies in '41 Graduates in '59 Tony Bryan Glenyce Best Verna Chamberlain Michael Schmidt and Ien'y I-Iitchings Lee Ham Beverly a Shirley Alvm a Wayne Stromer Georgia Leota Smith Zimmerman Rollie and Bonnie Robert a Allen I Ohn Son Pierce 10 Audrey Mednans ky 154. N! 9 X7 ,fu V ,f- - ' 'x V .V . . , ' I1 5 .'-J X A , , ll .T X, XX W X If 4' xl N ni? ' ' ' N 7 ' 1 f 4 K '1 , : wtf I. A .q0.,,. .LMQH J N 7.7,-My .fmwf ,aa . A. 45 J BACK ROW Vlctor Brown Im Sumner MBFVIS Lctblllcr Roo rt Ivuser Ro nay M n nhl' Io m Iongb Jgnnxs Green FRONT ROW M F ra oskct Mary CI'1ICh1 1 Iam Kmspel I net Hxrchmgr, Cqrn H J 1 E11 nlw n Sandra Iarl Kar P Ionnson Iamcc W ek Jud, Hlx Freshmen and Sophomores Parlcz vous f.ranca1s'? Yes I can sp an Frercn T115 IS what Mrs Pctnon says to h r begx .mg FrcnC'1 C1 S K ROW P 1 Tr Qrr msn r n lun Cllr r uyt r rr, r FRONT R N Iu , rix c M f Sno r Bc rmce B F lo r C .J :QRQQGS truriglg-Q 5:1 :,L':k1rf 332541: Ln :ns r,f,-.L QfI2Q5fk3'LfT1:lffQ 5t.1,gLr.::. -,...X..- ..... ...., . v 1 5 l 4 BACK ROW: Mrs, Ikmmg, Mxcfzq McCr1jht, Stn' Ii' pit r, Ixighf Clfplrg, Ernvpst Linh L, DA: L tx A1 1, G Hqrrm, F1114 Sa:':.,1'.l:Qn, Iucg .J,LJ:,' 1, Darcl, G1 , Ixhlrvr. Burn Aux, INAlQlg B,-gy r. FRONT RO'-'11 mor Snuhllgls, Virla LL1'.'.'g'ur, Mlxnlyn Kriwgzxnzr., Ag: a K.1r..:., Amie 13.11, fL, Caarkgi, Ei'.Q, Lkxvuifp ii.1::., B,-v, Stra.t, Marg' Lou Czmpgr., Elene Iv,rs:r.. xg 111110 C ass pr 5 nt cm 2 1 0 ,201 I Cu1CO1 J c I' 1 o tl fill -f nd. +1-' fm 5 fl Al f ff' BRYCE CHRISTENSEN Superintendent LAURA PATNOE CATHEMNE FOSKET Prlncxpdl Mathpmatxcs English ANNETTE CHRISTENSEN Commercmal 4 X ui' is 5 ,x 6 - , , ' ,4 ff 6 5 , M Mx A . 11- . 17 Q- . V A- -ez-W5 H 'SMH -V0 ' , 6 I i O35-1 ' A x 3 F1 5 ,N . -,gd 'hi N , ,I 1 A 1 , y K '- 7. A '71 . X ' xv, 1 ' wx Nami! . f Whxte River Physxcs students reallze the xmportance of Scxence m today s busy world Students At Work 1 QQ 1 J Rollxe are you the only one IH the Semor Engllsh Class who knows the answer to Mrs Fosket s QUBSUOD7 The Iumors and semors are learmng then P s and O s m Advanced Typm, fb Iumors, you better get busy on your Hxstory for the Stx Weeks Tests are commg up Tne lass 'may e small but tney 4:1 w then' yxoftnan L 'U '1 .SQ-s Iuiy Hlx Freehrran :ECRETARY :har n Bryan .wg h 1 ore Mxke Caple Iumcr VICE PREJIDIINT Glenyce Best oem r Lee I-lar r .sem I PREQIDENT Mdrrlyn lxmgran Iumor TRI:'A:,URER Dan O Brlen 5 ,homore Marv1s Letellrer Fresnran il.. STANDING Mr Hall Mrs Patnoe Mr Tre1cn4 SE M ATED Mrs Monroe Mrs Burke M1ssBade r-Q Kee er Mrs Hxrrx M McCr1qht Mrs Fosrcet ILPN CfrRK, IR p eq 9-1 Paulxre hee er QECRETHRY, Fern Iv an VICE PREJIDEINT, Catrerme Fuslfet TRI.-RQURER f r . 4 ! T3 I i . - 1: ,L' 1 r - .- Y, . I 7 ' vi . ' - ' ' , ,- ' ' N . ' L , . A ,, . . H - A 'I 732 VJI , if ,ff ' ,hi I x - ' If - N I 11 - - . -.' ,' Ll '- ren , ' - W- - I ', - 'H r-' 11- ' , 'f 'X .. - ' - ' , ' ' - L: , ' I 'I J -.2 ' , . v , '. 1 's, rs. ' , . ' I . A r , 'Q 9. Winners of the local Declamation contest were: Mary Chapin- Iunior-DRAMA, Jerry Fisher-Sophomore-POETRY, Steve Hepler- Iunior-ORATORY , Kathleen Schmidt-Sophomore-HUMOROUS. fc!-N l 4 xnuk Q S 6' Q2 5, -X 9- ox, 42 Kr 1 r X Y Z -A X YJ S Dlln I 'N Nfw 10 e we ,,,JL91 ffa 5,311 Q fiAXE Qfvnlfswnnmx D I , Carolyn Carr and Mike Baker were delegates to the Teenage Safe Driving Conference held at Pierre . I Q ' f' Y gmc xx DAKO A' rn: Q5 I 1' X gffigagg 49 4 '5zSEa'c2?Ns --sg-,,. an Verna Chamberlain and Boy Staters for 1958. I Allen Pierce were chosen as Girl ana x GEORGIA ZIMMERMAN Homemaker of Tomorrow' ai , f X , 'Ah 'V V25 8231? WW W4 Qu., V0--', BACK ROW: I. K. Hitchings I. M. Hitchings I. Knispel K. Iohnson B. Banek Q C. Carr M. Shouldis V. Chamberlain. MIDDLE ROW: I. Green L. Lowry V. Bechtold M. Chapin I. Week K. Schmidt A. Karlln. FRONT ROW: L. Smith G. Zimmerman S. Iarl E. Iversen V. Lawyer E. Iwan C. Hight. CHEERLEADERS: B. Strait S. Bryan M. Krogman I. ix. f 4a BACK ROW Bernice Banek Leota Smith Verla Lawyer Ellen Iwan Elane lversen Beverly Strait LaVonne Ham MIDDLE ROW Kathleen Schmidt Sharon Bryan Georgia Zimmerman Sandra Iarl Carolyn Carr Karen Iohnson FRONT ROW Mary Critchfleld Ieanette Green Vernlta Bechtold Linda Lowry Mary Chapin Judy Hlx Catherine Fosket Sponsor I I K ' li' ,if .ti 2 K! ,, F fi X lil BACK ROW: Karen Iohnson, Ianet Hltchlngs, Ianis Knlspel, Carolyn Carr, Vernita Bechtold, Linda Lowry, Iudy Hix, Ieanette Green, Mrs. Fosket. MIDDLE ROW: Leota Smith, Georgia Zimmerman, LaVonne Ham, Connie Hight, Ellen Iwan, Iean Larson, Sandra Iarl, Sharon Bryan. FRONT ROW: Mary Critchfleld, Iudy Hltchlngs, Kathleen Schmidt, Bernice Banek, Mary Shouldis, Iamce Week. BACK ROW B Banek A Mednansky I Kmspel A Banek C Carr K Schmxdt K Johnson C H111 I Hxtchlngs V Bechtold L Lowry M Crrtchfleld I Green A Karhn FRONT ROW G Zimmerman L Smlth G Best B Hix S Bryan V Lawyer V Chamberlarn E Iwan I Larsen S Iarl B Strait M Krogman I Hix Mrs B H11 Drrector Ieanette Green Kathleen Schmxdt Marxlyn Krogman Beverly btraxt Verla Lawyer Ellen Iwan sharon Bryan, .sandra Iarl Amta Banek Mary Crxtchfxeld x... 'Us B. Hix-PRESIDENT, G. Be-t-VICE-PRESIDENT L. Smith- SECRETARY AND TREAJURER, A. Meznansky-LIBRARIAN AND PUBLICITY. BACK ROW: F. Samuelson, D. Green, K. Johnsen, L. Spotted Elk, M. McCright, S. Astlefcm, E. Iwan, L. Christensen MIDDLE ROW: Mr. Hall-Director, M. Caple, C. Harris, L. Hratt, K. Hiatt, B. Iengen, 5. Krogman, C. Hxqmt L. McCrxght. FRONT ROW: G. Zlmrnerman, M. Zimmerman, M. Samuelson, K. MICKEI, B. Stromer, I. If K. Samuelson, L. Cnrlstensen. Iwan Chamberlain Ivereen 5cnmi.1: Becntilgz Hn rt, Carr 4 . 1 ,X V R sv 1: gy n,.- Ll BACK ROW: Mr. Hall-Directcr, K. Hncnrnson, R. Cagle, H. Crxtchfiels, L. MCC:ight, I. Slegriune T. Birke, K. Harris. FRONT ROW: D. Fosket, B. Cooper, P. Carr, G. Hutchinson, M. Gere, K. Lcwrg M. McKean. SILNIORS Pc? ni Fallxs-PRESIDENT, Rzxbert Plerce-VICE PRLSIDENT, Beverly Hu:-SECRETARY, A-4rQ Meqnengky-TREAJURER. S 32 U 'I A 'f .. 1' , Z11'4 fs ' B ' Q 'tif 5' P45831 'L ?'F4?i xxx FRESHMEN Karen I,hn:,on-.HICRETARY AND TREAJURILR, Janis Knxapel-PRESIDENT, lim 5umner-VICE-PRESIDENT 1 Bermce Banek-VICE-PRESIDENT, Orland Chic- SECRETARY PRESIDENT JOPHOMUREQ AND TREIQURILR, Remhla Banan- IUNIOR5 Charlene H111-TRUQIJRER, Beverly 51:a1:-5ECRi- TARY, Gary Herrn-VICE-PRESIDENT, I-Jute Baxera- PAESIDENT VHF' wlliwv-w-k Q CLENYCE BEST ANITA BANEK sz-1ARoN BRYAN MARY CRITCILIFIELD Homecoming - October 17, 1958 Co-Captain JERRY HITCHINGS QUEEN GLENYCE BEST BACK M1ck McCrxght Steve Hepler Lee Ham Rollxe Iohnson Gary Harris Fred Samuelson Orland Cllno Levx Leverlng Fremont P51115 Coach Phlllp Trelck MIDDLE Ierry Hltchmgs hm Sumners Robert Plerce Ilm O Brxen Allen Pxerce Dan BACK Mxck McCr1ght Steve Hepler Lee Ham Rollze Johnson Gary Harms Fred Samuelson Orland Clme Levx Leverlng Fremont Fallls Coach Phllxp Trulcl' MIDDLE Jerry Hltchmgs Ilr Sumners Robert Plercc. Jim O Brxc n Allen PICICL Dan O Brien Mlke Caple FRONT Iohn Iones and Vlctor Brown Student Managers 'SWKQQ lf IK, Omda fb CJ Kador a lvlurdo P'lll.lp vs Z SENXOR PLAYERS I Hltchlngs R Plercc A Pierce CfachP Tr ck L Ham R Io rson F Fallls Q ,Z - , 1 1 1 V , l V 3 ' lf. , lx i il 1. W. R. U Ft. P11 '- ell W. R. U Mission 61 W. R. 12 ' ' U W. R. 13 P '-She 7 W. R. 6 ' 'Q' 33 W. R. 33 ' ' 34 W. R. O L' ' 43 F A EE' S 3 f in 3 2 s F 1 F F ' F 1 l E I 4 A Q Basketball DAROLD GERE Guard W. R. W. R. W. R. W. R. W. R. W. R. W. R. W. R. W. R. W. R. 5 A D X lil v X MIKE CAPLE Guard I. Iones, D. O'Bricn, M. Capie, L. Spotted Elk, T. Bryan, G. Harris, F. Samuelson, R. Iohnson, F. Fallis, A. Stromer, J. O'Brien, D. Gere, M. McCright-Student Manager, Coach P. Treick. 31 Oglala 68 W Martin 56 51 Wood 52 W Mission 81 59 Burke 61 W St. Francis 60 45 Witten 4 4 W Wood 5 6 46 Kadoka 67 W Ft. Pierre 73 5 1 Winner 74 W Mission 65 67 Martin 44 W Philip 62 32 Witten 46 W Murdo 49 40 Philip 47 w Kadoka 45 40 Murdo 44 W Reliance 50 TONY BRYAN Forward GARY HARRIS Center 2 1 Q A FRED SAMUELSON Forward T TO RIGHT V Brown, S. Heplor, E. Endas, R. Banen D L t 11 B rry M Let lher R Pxer M Baker D Green Student Manager, Coach P. 'IYCiCk. DAN O BRIEN HIM O'BR.IEN For .ram Guard ALVIN STROMER For HJ BACK D Gro n V Brox n, L. Lcvf-rxng, D. Germ, L. Ham R o r Sport L C I. Iznes, M. McCrLght, Coach P Tr xcc FROIN Piero , I. O'Brxen, D. O'Bnen, I rhtcmwqg CK ROW Denms Lolley Anthony Castaway, Delano Claxrmont, Iohn Toft Kathryn Mxckel Darlene Langaas Loren Hxatt Rubymae Plgg MIDDLE ROW Delorxs Hlx Pellx Black Wolf Gary Clxne, Wayne Bryan, Martlyn Samuelson Betty Stromer Mary Zxmmerman, Alvxna Standxng Elk Sandra McKee Mrs Keever Teacher FRONT ROW Marn Bartlett, Barry Iensen, Glenn Harms, Dex Hlght, Sharon Astleford Iacquellne Cash, Elvm Larsen, Ioell Iwan Beverly Bechtold .-, P A 1 BACK ROW Nlcholls Dldxer Lorenzo Thxn Elk Franklyn Iyotte Earl Pxgg Twyla Bearhorse Carol Knispel Sharon Croxen Karla Samuelson MIDDLE ROW Edward Bordeaux Leonard Hxx Leroy Hlx Elvern Standlng Elk Israel Kmfe Iom Bower Neva Bordeaux, Donna Dolezal Donna Bartlett Mrs Monroe Teacher FRONT ROW Karen Hlatt, lack Turpltt Wayne Stromer Stephen Mlller Ball Caple, Loren Christensen Marcella 'ash Shirley Krogman Linda lvbcflght ' . , , J 8 4 ' I 'N X BA : ' , I ' I , I ' , I I , , ' ' 'I , I , - , - : ' ' , ' ' 2 fx: u D N ,I , Y ,Q 5 , , . v . M ,V . ' .L - - - ' 9 'L ,A . X' , K ' ' . I. Rf A if H , l , , raid ,jj . 5 S L v 'I I BACK ROW Ronald Knxspel Louxe Olson Pat Larvxe Karen Lowry Sherry Dolezal Martma Bordeaux Bonnie Pallls Terry Burke Ricky Caple Harold Critchfleld MIDDLE ROW Karen Croxen Linda Shouldls Mark McKean Cathy Hollinger Ieanna Christensen Karen Harris Pamela Carr Mrs McCrxght FRONT ROW Rebecca Bechtold Deanna Krogman Glenda Hutchmson Elvlrla Thm Elk Beverly Cooper Patty Bordeaux, Margaret Gere Geneva Mlller L I A x BACK ROW Mxss Bade Lols Amber Leo McCr1ght, Iohn Slegmund Allen Hlx Doris Fosket Sharon Bordeaux Leroy Iyotte Lawrence Iyotte FRONT ROW Mary Cash, Randy Hutchmson Ianet lversen Ioan Olson, Arnold Bordeaux Teddy Bartlett Keith Hutchmson Ioseph Mlller -,,' I ' - 'V ' qu. Q 'ntl BACK ROW Patty Fosket Iudy Iyotte Larry Blackwolf Iohn Wacek Melody Ozanne Margie Hollinger Barry Hutchinson Roger Laird Rlcky Burke MIDDLE ROW Gary Ellls Casey Briggs Inez Bordeaux Glenda Dldler Bruce McKee Ian Astleford Ardls Gingery Peggy Bowers Kathy Harrls Generose Knlspel Mrs Burke Teacher FRONT ROW Ricky Iensen Roger Glynn Sandra Lee Crystal Mlller Dianna Petranek Rhonda Hutchinson Eddie Atklnson Clayton Glynn - sf . BACK ROW: Mrs. Harris Janice Mednansky Glen Garneaux Icy Lee Muck, Robert Frederick Stanley Ellis Dlanney Hall Clifford Glynn. MIDDLE ROW: Helen Thin Elk Iohn Boyles Velmar Standing Elk Kerry McKean Cynthia McDonnell Chris Bartlett Coleen Berry Clifford Sharp Butte. FRONT ROW: Mack Cash Herbert Rattllng Deaf Ir. Bobby lee Lyle Smith Sarah Cassidy Phyllis Rivera Sandra Olson Cheryl Carr Shelley Kirsch Bobby Hutchinson w 4' A X 1 25,31 iii. .sk Qx 12 i T 'Dain h Q I A I x V ta x4 S l Q x. v , MICK . as eff? uwmavqy. 3971- Kamxleen pcnmldt Valentine Sweetheart EW ff Senior Sneak Trip '59 rw if Bl A 5 Y i-In ': .. rx 7 ii? x, xl K 1- ' 'A fif. w And More Girls ,- I 0 J U N I O R Cooks Alone figure working around the school 1 Doc Hermsen School Custodian BACK ROW E Larsen M Knispel FRONT ROW M Christiansen G Zimmerman M Shouldis D shouldis Maggie and Eva with pot and pan in hand prepare our school lunches Cooks and Kitchen elpe rs O r V9 K Y 1 an I S .. .. - . I 'iii K, W 1 I I E X T :X We VVl n to eftencl our tnank to th WVHITE RIVER AREA Lyle Cnarrbe lam lamlly Mr and M Iack Carr anl g1r s Rafnoncl suoulul fG'Tlll, O wald Iarl Ranch Ilrn snouldl larnllf Gene Hutcaln on Ir famlly xN1ll1am .starfjahann Ranch Iohn C Ian Amer1can L ,ron Otterman Plst 94 G E Gunner RODOFL Bak fanul Arthur QISQWUHI U S Postma er Hlatt Rancnlanl Drug samuelson s Motor Co Wnlte Rlver Bakery Wnlte Rlver Barber shop W E Chamberlaln ani sans Celarbutte store Herman otromer Ranch Glllen s statlon Ray s Pool Hall Whlte Rlver Tneatre Wacel' s Electrlc Whlte Whlte Whlte Whlte Rlver Rlver Rlver Rlver Locker Cafe O11 Co Farmer State Bank Mlckel The Frlendlf Store Olson Marr et Jay Carr Implement anal Truck Co lwan s Garage Whlte Rrver Lumberyaru P E Lakstlgala M D btralns aeel WOOD Lee McDonald Rex blnclarr Rusebul Grain ani Lumber Co CHAMBERLAIN Chamberlaln Water Co MOSHER Mosher Elevator KADOKA lxadoka Bottle Ga s . , , , . .. , . ., V. . ,. ,-X , . ,. ,Q . .5 G Q F t ' J AJ f-Q V 1 l 5 - . A l Y 4 ' . f rss , I ' ln so A ,. .. . . I ' r I S l ' ' - - fu I . , , A , 3 l ' .3 ' . 1 . S , , r , . . ,, F . .r 1 - Y . . . . t f- ' rrv 4 ' r u D AA I QT' V, F Q - . . '- ' v I 'N' 7 . 11 n J, . . at - - ,. I I 'f A .1 K . v . . 1 - - f. , , I nr . . f ' F1 5 .IV . . A F . . So . , ,, . - ,. I . . . . , - I ' ' 1 X . . r . , . . - - V . . I g. -fw l S f ' 1, ' X . . . . f . ' M - . 1 . . D 4 ' 'K' . . , . Q ' ' 'J 'V ' 4 'W r ' . r , S . V ,Q , ,Q g . r 3 , C f ' 4' f . A . . 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Suggestions in the White River High School - Tiger Yearbook (White River, SD) collection:

White River High School - Tiger Yearbook (White River, SD) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 45

1959, pg 45

White River High School - Tiger Yearbook (White River, SD) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 52

1959, pg 52

White River High School - Tiger Yearbook (White River, SD) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 11

1959, pg 11

White River High School - Tiger Yearbook (White River, SD) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 7

1959, pg 7

White River High School - Tiger Yearbook (White River, SD) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 37

1959, pg 37

White River High School - Tiger Yearbook (White River, SD) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 26

1959, pg 26

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