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WHITE OAK HIGH SCHOOL . . . Each new yeon an exciting challlenge in your life 3 3 f Q 1 2 z ly 'i -4 I VS i'5 's .KE 5 1 9 1 - 2 K 1 1 s N E . 1 5 v 3 I 5 x Q ' i 1 I 2 11 x magg- - ie 1 I ' rv . , ,V V X 4 4-Efgi' ' ft x . 1 U ' 1 b fffi 112. 5 K N ' ff ., Ni ,,!k K 1. 1 , X Azuz nf Qi 'H 'Q-Nffzgv W., 'J F A . - Wi fi fn .V -23:-LA 'YL - - K .- I-V... .4 X 1,5!3"L.' ' 11 ,Lu -V. 11.-. ' m. 11' .I -1-5 A gf... z i J ,,.: Arif fhl . , , JA Qf.fwS,,f -f f . . .' "ii " A-. ,,,, , 2,342 -gi.-L+ W V . .. ,afslf j!1g3wi:Q3f,, .s.i:a1:1.gf2'1-' ,I P :.. 1 '1-:wa sv ! E ff? . ,, , xi!!-5-' -Sf, , f 4-' 3 ,. ygil.-, g , '-.l..:g5- - ' .' I - 5 ..-. iffiw 3 1 , . .Ag , 4 . 4 . I.!f .. P: vg -53514. .,: -5...:-gf, pg -ff1Jf5i?f1'f,Q' ' EQ .. 'A w , ""f"'Y1b' ff "git z 'fwfr if-.4 I ' f - V. lf' ' J'rf,L,'. "",m. 3' 11, Ng .- , .rim-fg2f5,i.hQxj . ,ts . 1-Am? gijhgg-751553-AN, W N.,f . + . i ...gl mg, Whitt: Q W f. A. . .ii '+A ,A -. f fr- + W QNJ-,??,,.5,eA' -A lfakf ,-.gmggi ig. .. W - . Tj l 5 Q 1 ,.. J- 'ax .L -:Hfivgf A " 'u,.i-1 uh.. .171 ,'-3 , A ,W 1 . ', '. ,ky V :T-3 'K-'w 'T "'f' 'la . , K' " .M-11,1 , '. T33 Vffi 'L. YJ, ff. 1 . ' ,vfxjw A I M L ,4,,f,,.Lf'?H .X ' I ':.vJ',1': 'IKE--f-'f 42 L 1?'fZ',j? F . '., l I ' ' 21" '31','?wRx,f" --5.5.24 2 -,5.-2 v' lg' ' If .man .54 T1 . R-1. MG . T-2.22 A 1 '5.E"F? . L' 4 ' 5-fiFf f'f I - VN R NA l I 141' ' I A Y ' , , . 1 rm , A ' .V .1 VL-'61 . , , 52175 'A J K. " ",.'.,QK- ! U ml - -4. ' ' QL, .fly-QjU'vb ,,".S'- .ffl iff"-2 , - . s . hy,-.'l 'f' f , i 1 .. .' , L5,':'ik"'?. ' A I ' - ' 4 ' fffv 3 "Jil wiq'ff,'F,,f-I gh, , 5.-5, ,L 1 . .3 A K 1iii?'5i1':'f2Li"f' f11 M. .' 5 ' A ' 1 ' ',-T-2,1.-f-'- '.A.,,1',:f'.i-,'."',Q,3,Z,.f.4 ,N .LW 4 41, - .Q-,f-gh. A51 g z.- , " .g5.L. 5-.fy . V- -N lm' f g.. ...Vp 12 .1 wjeH.'J:Agj.V.g .jjl4f'if-.if-2Y'.' 'Q .,5f" N 1gQM,,2 , ' 'ff '. 'G f.j '- 4 In A ,:n'3'f'v:w117 4? . 14' Q.-'if' '1IW"". F' ' A guy " 'A 'A " V ' mf L'fi3u.:. . ' if-9" 'iii-"1'7 if im -'--.1 "i V A V .flu ' . 1. 'Eli "f.3'LLYff .Q . . - .. . ,n . f.. , iii .' 'ix-fi fx i- 1" ' iA',!.-fi. .Al I Q75 . ' ls' ,-3 3' -32,,vf,1 , '-' J-'zwilug-':'.f,'E :T -. ' ,' ,f,. .- m -1,-fq, , I' 3 H,-1'-,fx-'r.! .uf .. .I-...vp ,fl A5 V -5 L, , 1,-.-L,A,, .-I , ,L + v h--' 15-' J' Mfmi ' "f "5 ,' H5513-' Wt' r ' -f"S Vik" ' f ?"'ffsPg, ,f.ffR+:m:.'ffg,-A- . A1-.V . . ...12.w':N.f. L. . qi.. J.. J 3,5 .1 , ,, U.-..L.,,-QL, . V - -1- ,,.r, . l fwxrqg I.. Fir L., 1 f'Aj'-J, .. n - , 'VJ M.-,.. - A X,-'.:i5i-gg".,,-K '. - fiig1.:,5.,. . "Fg,Hl- v-' 3: .'-', -if . -V ' .- ."' f Z" .W--"' '4'..1'-'K Rf. 1 . " 4 411-galyrv-H. - :um-f.'v':' ri. Q M ...LP Ll f53L':,4 fg.6xx,1'gQ" 1. ' 3,,'3.7:f , ,fw-rg,-,i,5:1','. v'fkf14 vi' L +2 1 I-A' 11.1-T144-":' , ' ,.'fff'?,i-fv , ?f:,i'f" W " :-.'i:Q,'wri'Y,'. ii, fig, .Uh - , ' . .ww-, :gill "..q1 ., Yi," A 3 4' Q v.. , ,,-jf','1, ,' Q-jwfgyfqz ..4,.':-f A L , . ' 'QF' uw- 1. ' X N -1, , I K 1.6. eg-I-.211 QQ. , ,cikl H ' - 3 .2 1.5 .nf 1.2111 I. AL Lw:,:p, ,HxLC:j- ' "' "-,',,. L.. 1 ' Q -- ' A l, .Q -fly.--A "1 1 -Q A ' HQ,-.' .'? jf '- -lirl L- ' ' QL D A . - 'f-rftivcglgi: if N b -f J' P Lf -,f-l,j4'LIf'fj- 1'-. I 154' -mfg... . ' FL ' A A 4 aff A A 4 - 1 1. . - . 19,15 "Wt " ISTZ. VF-' 4212, ff NYG. ' V .. SL' Li fig' , ' " 5 .Q . f'2:E:3,:35,.,ff.1 A f'i,ly'fiff:+? .- 1.1 .f,.,fg...,gz.,a,,4e1 , -F' . . . ' A 11357 ,U ' " 'PF' I " 'A ' . .fifif Vg. 41. W J ,-. ,. , qw. '- .... 4 , . 1.- .K .. The l958 Annual Staff Presents Y. E T H H T f R ME! T LI A 'hq' TL O E A " T E A,A,,A, I T A,:, Q , E 5 'fy Tf af 2 T W E ML N ' , ..,, 1 -T - g V fl: + Q H X. TTET ,, .,.., 1 T H E ww Q' R 4 MP O own' u G H N E c K Publis! d By WHITE OAK SCHOOL WHITE OAK TEXAS The a In ofded as rec R 9 s Fore Different from any other pl firne spent of school of ifs cm word vose of our lives is fhe porf of our life . The hisfory of our school is recorded in fhe pages nuols - fhe rrue picfure os we lived if, os we shollever remem- h ber ff- We hope fhof you ond your clossmcfes will "come flvese Pages ond help you fo relive fhe morne Qs we hove recorded if here. Sfep ' fo life " from nfs of your life of school info our book of memoriep- This is Your Life! Shirley Ann D avis EDITOR Ile - I c ' ff The Roughneck Sta Editor' flgdlror. - Assisfan ager' Business Man , - ' flicmor' ' . - Arpy Edifor' ' CD - k Hafvcc' .Cherry it r. I . Subscription Ed' O ff. Subscripfion Src Shirley DGVIS Penick , Kay ' Ellen Elmflii ' . CorOIe Dr . Q - s Cumming . Ann . Bristow . Charlgi, Reeder Alffif' Bali? Fronceitedlin Fog' Herring Mdr K C Glands Cine nite Peng JeCln Willefgr MQFY 'Tn Foirriestlef Prisc Q . NECK QQ vEasoNALmES K 'XR X 'v ORGANIZATIONS Acnvmfs S FACULTY ,fig ,Nl Table :ffm IA 4 of Contents CLASSES 'wr xx P-A -if v jw sw B E x i M, X5 .QQ ' Mm A 3 P' N 91 13 , s ff, . Sw "' h m" 5 9 13 1 E 3'!'5'If.Wgs'. i""?'9'T35, 3' ' 4621 74 am .. .as we proudly dedicate the 1953 Roughneck -to you, The Football Squad and Coaches. In this l957 season you have brought honor and fame to White Oak, claiming for the school its first State Crown in Football. Although this is a Co-Championship shared with the Mart Panthers we are deep- ly appreciative of the hard work and enthusiastic .effort which made this great accomplishment possible. May this dedica- tion be our thanks for a iob well done as your State Co- Championship is recorded in the annals of White Oak 5Cl'100l. Ask. .5 i 1,6444 W 660 ers, eager workers be'r1oXd . Busy minds, qukck ring Turn the pages os your LWB we ' ' s can gNe to :JU some SMXXX som hours 'rhey WX . Prcrivme As d for pXeo O TGWOY l S we're ro xa ! K 1 ! 'S- vgi' , :fix lf X g, Hi 1 ,,- fi' 135- lffl 7 as fhe days are filled with Vacations are over and schoolwork begins .... Our learning covers many phases of life -- First grad- ers, David Linder and Jeannine Weldon learn about the living habits ofthe ants. Occasionally there are slight changes in our reading materials -- aided by our instructors. Experimentsin Physics provide us with some interesting facts concerning the phenomena of the world in which we live. Q lim., R 3.53 ' If X X?1X'uw1.h.,.1X 5 f xv W rxxrxxhm GUM . '32,-:RW ,WL ani., my Qwgaqx wg a kin? 1 wg - r .a ' Jerry Davis, No. 32, scores for The Roughnecks, as- sisfed by Pa? Parrish, No. 54. Tommy Jones will hold and Bob Way? will kick on 'rhe Football In Th Team work sets up another TD. fry for exfro poinf -- he made ifl v 3 A Q Q ll ii 5 i'f ?'3f in E"f'3WP432m.1......w2!'f' W" lR3EI'fhMQH ' ' f:"'v.v Q' .P 'wwf-77 "MY'!W'4W!32mQf5?YBv WVU' . Y' 'fwfffefbi ml Copfains Alexander and Wcyf receive pre-game insfrucfions from The officials. Bolo Woyf Takes The sideline road To "pay-clirf . " ...brings The 'rhrill of TOUCHDOWNS PEP RAl.LlESCmd HALF-TIME PERFORMANCES The Jr. High Team has Those "winning ways," also .... Coach Hanicalc send in re-inforcements .... Coach Marshall cloes double clury as he officiafes a Jr. High game following the High School work-out .... Byron Beckham leads The interference for ball carrier, James King. iii IT'-wrvwn mmm.,- race and Cherry chat with the "Bruce is loose," again Come on, Mrs. Thompson iust a little wider. . . . Shirley, Pat, and Cherry stop over in Mineral Wells on the journey to Breckenridge to see the Roughneclcs play those other Roughnecks from Sundown. Throngs of Wnite Ooldans traveled to distant places as the Football season was extended week after week. The lourneying ended at Waco where the Roughnecks thrilled their loyal supporters as they tied the Mart Panthers in the State Championship Game. 'ENN 73NWEsQH'i4w9mfs .,N'WlMT:,v EH N givin. sh-y IKWAEAP Ca is fun time for the kiddies . . . .parents and teachers extend their talents-- TRIPET i ,,,,,,f" Oh, Mr. King! You missecl mel Mr. Marshall gets a lot of expert advice as he shops at the Country Store. Q 4 e Look, Mommie, real ducksl ,. 3 -:-, ...-. in ' 1'-.5 fa Wg: if f a 1, QQ ya i , - i V ? 5 ,M S ' W Y x Q.. . V Z I af il Q , K ,. 5 ff M - - -f it ' J Q51 2 ,Eff ,Lg ff' ' M 5:35 2 MLZE3' fa 'A 5 1, aa H Q e 5552 ' 1 A L, -.x ,112 1 , ff :ff L r - IVQVA V' A: if Q 2.2 ! rl S I , ,X ,iiw ,Q Sl fit I. fn -5 f ' X ,. A Q ,f-K if 5 X 1 HY i f 1 .ff 1-A ?"' -. ' 'W ' . ..,. , - - Ronme Adams presenfs awards To the 5 556, P -f-Q K 4 1' ' 'W ' if-ffl-fi5T,'LE' Q 6' Best C osfume wmners -- Marsha Her- , fif fj gu, Q ' gk , ron and David Powell . v X ii' i f , Z E- COme One, COm6 GH, There's fun for eVeryOl'1e! Over here, Byron, we have, , 'Fw M? 1 f ,ff if S 1 Nfl-ni' ,, Q" ' .ii i ., ,..- 33-' " HIVEI .h l A Queen Is Crowned The sprrlt ofthe Mardi Gras prevails as Jean Bulls, escorted by Freddie Sutton IS crowned Queen of the Halloween Festrvltles. Queen Jean practicing in her high-heels. . . .Attendants to the Queen are Princess Connie Morgan, escorted by William Atheyp Train Bearers - Susan King and Jane Boylep Crown Bearer - Rickie Burnett. Many hands are needed as final preparations are made for the Coronation and Variety Show ..... Max Cline moves props .... Mrs. Hodson and Miss Ellis and the Homemaking Classes help with the decorations .... more prop moving is done by Guy Arney and Roy Bruce .... Duchess Judy Thompson snatches a few study minutes while waiting her turn at final rehearsal. WX and the show goes on. . . . . . . .as we go to the streets of New Orleans with Sue, Joed, and Judy. . , is Mrs. Lacy and Miss McNamara supervise at rehearsal time .... a little make-up really does wonders for you boys -- Sonny, Bob, David, and Billy. What's this? The crew from the Showboat . . . .why, if's just Judy Schrecker, Carmen Hodge, Princess Silvertoofh, and Nancy Foirriestier Street cleaners arrive in the form of the Eighth Grade Speech Choir W l Christmas . . . .. ..brings o renewal of the old, olcl story ofthe birth ofthe Christ-Child. The students present ci picture story as well as the story in song by the Choirs from Elementary and High School. in WE .ww ,., . 0,1 fx.. Neecl help with your Christmas shopping? Take a lesson from Ann, Pat, Charlcie, Sandra, Ellen ancl Kay -- they found their sewing lessons in Homemaking come in mighty handy. Listen closely, Santa Jordan, while I give you a list of the things I want under my tree Christmas Morn. The gang enioys an old-fashioned Christmas Party and Refreshment time is the best time of any party Ruffnlks and Sputniks are out of this worldl Ex-Coach Mullins returns to act as Master of Ceremonies for the annual football Banquet and to entertain all with his version of the State Championship Game when "Bruce Got Loose" .... Gene King presents Coach Miles with autographed football .... Captain Bob Wayt is privileged to honor the Team Sweetheart Jucly Thompson. R. 1 Cage Teams features both lads and lassies dur-ing the winter months of school .... Guards Horlander, Smith, and Stites .... McMullen shoots .... Miss Baker and Miss Ellis extend a helping hand in keeping time and score .. ..Bob Wayt, Lynda Vaughn, and David Alexander all get high to score for the Roughneclcs. - ' if MW' - 4 2. iw f J M, ., V HH- r ,-15.5,-jst. A signer Q Q5 , V , WE H 22,2 ..., r V. . .... if' ? Iv? fix e we 55? llif 5 ' H 1 Y H V x K L ggqz , , 1 42323 r it s A if-ifilf A s . a we f fffw -it I. 4 Q,- ,' A Nia' gl'-'1 i :,1i.' we ' f r - , Egg im? 5 Q ,gi ,,7,,s i Q? G f we A553 il ' . V. .,,. u,,g,,i gg M e ,Lt ' .. :: A 5? 7 Q FST .. 9 if E- :K v f 2 ' " , . 1152-it M it V, M , ev aa,-5 ' 55f.f4,g,.'f ge Pr 'e f me " . 4 1 ,ewiit M T iff , , a A f ' Q it f 1 with , .. + , swf? V1 t it 1 .,,. , VM 'X M , fi 1' V 0 ' its esss.i.f g , ' Q s e wi 'S.,,,-.-s.- my I A 1: V nib , I, W X---' , if . X 5 M A 'sig r 527' i, -' "" ' ,. fl - ' " , .,,a,......7 K yiggiwuc as 1 A ggi . ' ., f .,'?' ' WJ" rv, I ir? '- gg 1 ' w f 'V 1 ,gy fi , , .'? i fs Q- ffrxw fi say' 4 of ,V .Wy .L .X , :QM M - 2 t'i.5'.J,' fwlnkiyb iff cgi f 9' fa. '- Pwnc J 'f.J,'vJ, . N -fffffiif W ffiwaaafs .,.h4::4s,Sg gig, ij? ey 5 1 ' 5-5, , 'Q i f' V is ,I ,M f ?'1'f' 'f i eifitf i X , 3 ,R1i.,,31?"53' " .. t E gsm- ' Q, -'p , -.f,.,W.f,....,,,,,,: ., ..,-A V .: ,Q.g,:j.'Q, J A in , ' V '32 'Q - -W -is-1. .- at g .- . .Wax .,.,Q.:. .:. - 113:2 3 13 f , V751 4' w njfl sj kpiivs. :fs 1 if .QYGMQM fszxfisiiaf-ww an .fsfff '::w2:'f:-ff--I "" , '::--f-- A :E,,i1.?2- a:, 3-:,, 3- : A " ' , .:.. - 4 7-Wf Q' fm of 1' A -...Qin f f if W 3 ls.1,i:gj .M ,af 5 'Q wwf Www -if? ..,... ff V. , Jw . , 'lt V fi . W 'iq 'ft T ' 'Tiff' W lg 'A ffX'ff53i . 2 MX f U , - rw M mfr AD .4.,f,-:. ew he aff ' ' We J, i JH ,, . rsh? as fm., If-Zi? Ejziif i 42 :-ij'f5:i"..?i.?'2 .v,. ' '-,--- 2 f -:.:., 2 ,,,. -: -,,.: . ---.. - V Panorama of Activities Connie and Pat -- iust a couple of mountain gals .... Mr. McKinney in a pensive mood .... First Grade Boys givea special rendition of "Old Yeller" .... Martha Thompson, as Mrs. Cratchit, gives a lecture to her children .... iust sittin' here wishin' .... "Walking in the Rain" adds a little zest to lite .... the FHA group enioys o field trip to Shreveport. .. ' .... wx ttf 'H :vt '-'- '1..,--:- sw mf 'Rf W f ' H A ,M ' X aff y Seimas : ,..,--pg , Qc' ffl 5 Q uf. ,,... M t .,..,f if , , , , . We .Mn-.,y,,.s,,. -we U, Q, .-,.- si 04,2 uw Ms, Mfg f walt, sfgfgifsiw QSM ff'5'eazf'"fl1aYf-fpfkffnilfi'Y 'i 'ii "" 1: :, l f iii' if-'fifi l M Ll lf' 'fig' 7-' A Q 7 T T JfySf7'5f' f, if 'Wit 'ff 5945553 1 y ' , fshfwwfz'-f'f ' f ft f- - gf 'fa f aifiz K Y? T?-v1 .. :.,.H.:.- A vs f . jfs: if ggi f. ,7 X ,xt7,ggyigQ, ,g ,gwsgmw Q 5 N flqwwrq 2- Q ff - ,kiwi MQ?-f-fffwgzs 3 1 f ' , ' - I is s A Mak , A + , F , .2 H cw 5. egfisagggg ' T 'A Q vi' it-1 3 T. ' ff we, Q 1 T f , 1 , . 2 Wg, f s v i 'l K '- 5 . , -me J ,X 76 L- 4 1 . T 'tm' ' I t., ' f T iight.. T f il li' 2 f iwg Joed gxmu Q ', , Q . s 2 ' if-5' 3155395 fx., L -' , C ,nf " 5' , air 'R-A M X 5, P , ' -. , ,' -ff my Q' - Sharon xxx l 1 74 if ,f rs. ,EQ Udy A t-fp 4 g ' .W 5 T ,gs , 'wx 1 t' f 'ggi ' ' T . Riva, Connie '-W . P , egg xxx 1 , ,Q N Sue 'Xe ,, V , Pat Come on, girls, get in shape! 7 f 3' ag ,r1if":" ,F f 1 gg T 5 tx 1' in 1Q'A T or 4 - 'gfsz U ' a.15i,g I K Kiig gi' My s in is., T Roy Bruce listens as the Trio performs at the Halloween Variety Show. Trio: Grace Mc- Mullen, Shirley Rogers, and Carol McFar- lin. Yep, Bob, little brother Russell likes cake, too. Third Graders from Mrs. Hervey's room presenta scene from "A Vicitor to Mt. Vernon" -- a play in which these students and teacher took a patriotic Teddy Bear to visit George Washington. 1 Q Dee Brown has a big question to ask Betty Blue. Bobby Peery -- one down and one to go. Judy Thompson receives a gift as she is honored as "Miss Gregg County." "The Trail of the Lonesome Pine" was THE produc- tion of the season. William Athey, Coy Hill, Jerry Jordan, and Fred Sutton look as if they are sterling mountain lads. Cast: Miss McNamara, Fay Medlin, Roy Bruce, Norma Hardwick, William Athey, Jerry Jordan, Princess Silvertooth, Sue Huntley, Jerry Davis, Connie Morgan, Charlcie Bristow, Kay Reeder, Coy Hill, Fred Sutton, Tom- my Jones. Seated: Wanda Husband, Mary Sue Donald, Alma Brown, Pat Young, Judy Allison, Sandra Bingham. i f , , sffifgfff' :ffl f ef W iff 1 ' ' t "7f' lff lllff , T T,i A 5 2 1 ' ii '-, ' -X ri l Time out from the badminton game: Betty, Frances, Kay, Janie, Sharon, and Mary Ann. Kay Reeder and Alma Brown -sometimes known as the Everly Brothers. Cherri and Randi Read Pantomime "The Great Pretender." We like that "Sugartime." The annual Doll Show attracts both boy and girl participants from all the Elementary grades. Mrs. Blackstone, First Grade Teacher, sponsors this event. 1.1. SHOW is FHA'ers and dates at their annual Sweetheart banquet. Roy Bruce, Choir Beau, gets all decked out for enjoying that spaghetti dinner. Banquet Time features a "Rhapsody of Hearts" for the Future Homemakers ot America Organization. . . . .Italian spaghetti for the Choir A mb 'sg J, il "',I3f1""5?"' W' fsliif, 5 .A A xxx h V R M i 1 . I Q3 if qi I J is . . .and a "Rendezvous of the Stars" for the Junior- Senior Banquet and Prom. Seniors enioy a Star-Studded Salute as they were honored by the Junior Class .... Faculty Row .... Juniors Judy, Sandra, William, Kay, Jackie, Sue, Freddie, Jean, Jerry, Sharon . . . .Dancers Jackie and Judy. . . .Jerry Davis acts as Master of Ceremonies. I " -vg .,.. f sf 7? . If y , g rr 5 stses is if A .4 'Mn -1 I si -' ' rm-MM: M-V is w ,,',s hrv, t ts ,Q X , - ---v- , 2 J , 'N f U f 1 ,, - is E. - 1 fqszfewfi 4 i is it is 14 A J r J is ,rrs L Rea' 4 -is s . f lie? l iii -.6 X X f,,,s. -3-.QL X W r is the fime for Concerfs, The Spring Concert was a joint affair featuring The High School Band, Junior Band, and the Choir... .Jr. Band drummers Tommy Kennedy, Robbie Hardwick, and Jackie Cobb. . . .Best Musicians for the Jr. Band -- Jackie Cobb and Billy Smiih....Mr. Read directs the Senior Band. . . .The all-girl choir is under The direction of Mr. James Fort. Showers, and Studying for Final Exams .... Public Bath Tub??? Springtime will always bring memories of the Senior Trip taken in June of l957. Recalling the fun on this iaunt to the Gulf Hills Dude Ranch in Mississippi, the Seniors re- member that Miss White and Mrs. Hutchings were quite untidy. ln fact, Mrs. Hutchings had to coll For the assis- tance of Gene King and Phil McFarlin. fa fri r me wig gg-44 K .,.. are - Y 2 -iii "" i fl - was '3"f'-r W A If or , , wif, Z' ,.'m, Q fn, Ci E I X5 W7 4 Q h ' wh-Q r Q wi ll if Q 3 . la ia r-sr H J S g K, ' M ffiiazfa M 2 "': A rr,r Q- A X P ,sf VK Y K g, QA , 2,2 A, Q, A isa s xy V Q 6? 4 V if 'A xg, Z U 5 1 L Z. z s V HAQH, E in M "'i S 1 is 5 'Ks 1 S X s 1 S s i w . . r-re s 5 : i r M a W H -fa , A .H as ' f ,K -i 1 K W .,, , 7 .,5,,,.,, , :N 5' V , A w A V In V S . '-r-- 1 ' ,Q it '-,, . s V Y si s e . r .1r: S r if f f ' , W ff, A 4"-x r 63" sxwe :"f'V1 ,A .A ' 1,-bglw-fs5W'Efi - . Vex 5 w. Graduation Day comes For the young Kindergarten students, the Eighth Grade Class, and finallyfor the Seniors who have long-awaited this day. Student partici- pation was the keynote for the exercises held For each of these groups. Carrington. Betty Latch and Ronnie Rambin re- ceive their diplomas from Mr. E.B. "The Spirit of Citizenship" was the theme for the Eighth Grade Graduation. As one phase of that citizenship, Johnny Parrish presents "The Spirit of the School." Bill Trent and Max Cline receive scholarship awards from Mrs. Taylor, P-TA President .... Valedictorian Shirley Davis .... Kay Penick gives some pointers on "Where Do We Go From Here?" .... David Alexander receives the award for Salutatorian from Principal Mr. C.C. Simmons .... Seniors make final preparations. gi l V, 1, --. gg sf s by l x ISM, 5 . 'R Q ,M S, Q, g ,f :A -, 1 . , 6 ,gg , 4 X 4 M 1r.,g,.,, , ji. Q ii"'23ii"f'iy 3 El Ji an .-fi. f. mek, s 2 Z' Ze N32 H-'HSsfilf.5 :awww 4 s w- 5 9 mf K 351. s is is X ,ing m ,Lx M W Er? iz gigs ' ji' 3 F ra 5 1 v p 5 X rf. f E W , I T El 'Z :1' 6' 32' ,,, 5 ggi s ,nfs N Ns .1 ,aff 5,3 swf ,::, 4 X B mf" W' ,-,.-ww 'YS-mf -I- V 6,6474 J 5 r r , K l W 660 6 s odde and becoming cl us QXX embrace, For spice on p harm, bewXXder , cm ' 6 and esreemed onomkesg Thor c To you our cherrshe Vers 'rh hs gay rediries. ere's 'ro your LXFE wr H N ! grace 4 s , ii Apu- ' 'l- AS- ALlTIES 2 3 f Miss White Oa ' JUDY THOMPSON Q s t i 3' sk , - , ' fiikfr-hw? '61, sf ' f . -I ,GM ., 513: . 'ig zfewf, X, H1 ,W qY.'A ,fa gi, ,.,x A .., , K '-wgwfi? awgg ' ' YI-W' "1 4?'iw2Z2?m , v-jk? ,g-'G,,,4vf" J, A , A, . . , M x, , ,V . 'M wr ' ' I 1 . - f f 2-93, SM iss-mvwm ' ' ff ,,.. , , W W - A . ' W" S aw V, 'J - ,. , , A , 6 I ., , iw-Q ' ' avi? 'ah n 9 , ki l E EH x X i r. White Oak E AFV '-921' : ' , :il 'f 'Q 31E:i3':'V 2 Q - wi-'V-4' if X xx I, , " N ' - 'Q . .ff 4 f . Af X ' x 1 1 .f m n' f ,Q . we f lf N W, I Q5 1 ,- , , . M, f . lik - ' K 1 X ' 'V ' - 4 . ' 'ln A , ef ww-m xff uh? 1, - .2 my my 5-g Q Q 5 'Q . QQ? 3' .'-16321 V ' 1592 gf, 5 iw Q 1, 2 f 5 My 1 Q Q gazgvyk, :xi 4,45 we ff h w wwe9 g,,.,. 5. ,L P 453- mg fi :.5"' F - K. . " , -W fiii ' Q ,',:... 'V .J K, 3-j?o A11 "Q ,T ' ' ' A 'M 73 4- , -r ,ff 'V M 6 1.-,ggk M ,,' W - f:,7'4-J' - 1 , W " Q' 'Mf:?fPQi i'f'fE1qz W-T" 2 1 f 5:7 5135-:?::'-:gFf:9'vr1 A '- T' 5 f f YEL. ',,gT"11i9' fx A, - ' , 2 i ., 4 " 3,-,W .55 if w:.4:1Q.::. cf 1- ' f- - 3553 Q W 'mv mf- 3-ff -ff-Q.: '11 me C . f vi :gawk if Nr ' x .u-. V C if ' ' fa alwiyw' if '-f ?l':?K1x,W'?fs1m ' Q' ff -ff -5 '- m w u - ,nf 3. ' ' ig M A t -QV ,,,w -M-r"",R x ,L 'v ' yn ' 4 , Hall of David Alexander ALL-ROUND POPULAR - Patricia Ann Greer POPULAR - Gene King Fame Shirley Rogers ALL-ROUND 3 xg x ,Al""""'m SCHOLASTIC - Shirley Ann Davis SCHOLASTIC - David Alexander - - ATTRACTIVE - Judy Thompson ATTRACTIVE - Bob Way? ATHLETIC - Grace McMullen ATHLETIC - Pc? Parrish COURTEOUS - Kay Penick COURTEOUS - Billy Rex Parker ,wwf-WWW 1'9" DEPENDABLE - Shirley Ann Davis DEPENDABLE - Max Cline jf! I 76,501 Freshman Class Favorites BARBARA BATES - BYRON BECKHAM M A A ,Have acgpfi f 3 if 'xx M,-,, mn., , 55 LW fi e HS 'Gif N i'i?f?7- sifisghvii , 3 X J son -iii, S lg -fi My , 55 ,-1""' W CLARENCE GRETT - SANDRA PARISH ' 1 Q My-few' Q3 R Q1-f ,,. 1 Sophomore Class Favorites :Maw ,I Junior Class Favorites LYNDA VAUGHN - JERRY DAVIS K is iu ..... ., MNNMWM I 'IJ Senior Class Favorites JEAN MOSS - BILL TRENT Football Sweetheart f L jdyw we 'Wff ,.fs,- Band Sweetheart Basketball Beau 4 ' ll f ' 1 2 , , Basketball Sweetheal 2 2- Mans Best Citizens PAT GREER - BILLY REX' PARKER - " l 5 ' . . Q :SEQ , :N ,. f, z, v , 5213 wg . A ,JV ' 'if X3 W . X . rift xiii' . Af 1-' Q ff iw If iff cfs VN will q 'jj 'Q-ww W? 5 2 he v--an fws,,,K ROY BR UC E Choir Beau SUE CARRINGTON Jr. High Football Sweetheart JUDY THOMPSON Miss Gregg County Judy Thompson, as "Miss White Oak," was selected Queen of the Gregg County Fair. Contestants from all Gregg County schools participate in this event. CONTESTANTS Pat Greer Beverly Rose Mary Ann Egglesfon Carol McFarIin Sanclra Beckham Judy Thompson Connie Morgan Jean Bills JEAN BILLS Halloween Carnival Queen PRINCESS -- Connie Morgan ESCORTS Billy Rex Parker James Lynn Phillips Pai Sfifes Byron Beckham Ronnie Hill Bob Wayt William Atl-:ey Freddie Suffon TRAIN BEARERS: Susan King and Jane Boyle CROWN BEARER: Rickie Burnett 1- gi' 1 am 4 ' 1 Lge P6 o mon For his goui musk fight , A "RoughneckX's" MFE in maroon and white Teiis of his zeci os in Sports he does vie , His schooi's honor to hoid ever high . Q, 1 .LS 3 2 J Q45 SPORTS 957 Football STATE CO-CHAMPIONS CLASS "A" SCHEDULE W.O. Opp. New London 4 ,. 25 Jefferson 8 21 rownsboro 60 7 Canton 51 6 Mineola 19 14 Commerqe 48 O "'Juclson 55 6 "'Hallsville 40 7 'Hawkins 20 6 5'Quilman 39 13 STATE PLAY-OFF GAMES Linden 26 0 Wilmer-Hutchins 46 O Albany 33 O Sundown 6 6 Penefrations 4 2 Marf 7 7 Tie--Co-Champions G f 4 ff 1, -fi I B 'E A 13 is I I ROY BRUCE All-State All-District 2 years All-East Texas 2 years JERRY DAVIS All-District 2nd Team WILLIAM ATHEY All-District DAVID ALEXANDER All-Stale 2 years All-District 3 years All-East Texas 2 years PAT PARRISH All-State All-Dislricl FREDDIE SUTTON All-District 2nd Team BOB WAYT All-State 2nd Team All-District 2 years All-Easf Texas GENE KING All-Stale All-Disfricf A 7l1Bif 'i 9 , ' ' '1 X S i Q i n 4 1' if ',,Ai' E C. f el M" iii "'i"" 4 V . V Wg, f B553 15 4 ' 213i 75il'i' Bene King 'ob Wayf 'oberf Sfanley -Acc Griffin loy Bruce lerry Davis Elenn Acuff 'af Parrish mes Lynn Phillips larence Greft ee Helton uy Arney avid Alexander immie Cox illiam Afhey erry Jordan onnie Hill ROSTER Jackie Orms Horace Sharp Billy Kelley Sonny Beasley Freddie Sutton Tommy Jones Billy Rex Parker Wayne Skelton Corky Orms Eddie Kindle Not Shown: Phil McFarlin Ronnie Adams Mgr. 55 W ll i 'l 56 13 75 Qo,i3Uiif?f'!'0A S ' U- gr' Q8 H' U U L 23 1 Q 60 K if f N531 tx, " THEO "COi'i'Ol"l' MILES BAILEY MARSHALL l'leGd Coach Asslsfanf Coach E55 if 5 Captains I Q. PAT PARRISH Vx my . Tackle H I' is 5 KL. if Leffered 2 years ' Wy- ' I Halfback X IW if -'1--".': I Leffered 3 years A ."' ' y ' I 2 ,I ,ul ' "" I bf ib' DAVID ALEXANDER 4 3 '. 5z..a5:u2 w g , - ' 'I End , ' Le"e'ed 4 Yam JERRY DAVIS A ,. I , Quarterback ' Iraq Leffered 2 years Q , WZ K GENE KING , I . I Center I I 75 W ff gf . ,.... q ,. H K Left d 3 :" V ' 51, 5522 n , I I ,-"--2-- ROY BRUCE I Q .,,,s2 s,.,Q ? 1 brlllbn ,,,,. Fullmck I ,J ,.. A, :::1-, I is fllmg I Leffered 2 years .511 1 X3 . A ..-' Q 2 WILLIAM ATHEY Guard Leffered 2 years I L, X Q 7 .sz1slx..,--.aa....a-31 -um-swan s my M QM w s N sau- . v. f .:g - A, .sw qs, L.. V ,L , .M 'V' Q A 2 fe "-A R, 4- - Q iw K vf 9 aff' 1 f XXV W X19 K kr' :.5 ,A,. 2 my 3 ' I 1 1 f s A ' gnu-u1llll.1-v .swam-nm :N PHIL McFARLlN Tackle Leffered 2 years RONNIE ADAMS Guard Lefferecl 2 years JERRY JORDAN Tackle Leftered I year JIMMIE COX End Leffered 1 year manx1ww.4..n:zxi' 1-w'numu.r-u enwwmauu-:'euna.cx T , is 11 FREDDIE SUTTON HaII"bacIc LeHerecI 2 years PN C' , I , 2 1-i 3 ' 'R A ,YA "t - il, i "ti 7 , ' V- V A, 'rr :-E W ls? .M I 5 , .Fsfiv 1 S,.g ki f Q D it 5 5 3 , 5 i MAC GRIFFIN GLENN ACUFF BILLY REX PARKER Halfback Halfback Halfback Lef1'erecI 2 years Lefiered I year Leitered 2 years Q I 'Necks Trip Linden I Neck D In Bidisiricf Tilt ln R . Uwn fu I Behind the heads-up defensix! ' play of junior tackle Jerry Jorda th White O U the white oak Rougmiecks, D E 0 high! aka R0 lifes' trict 16-A champions, smashed t H5193 46.-V fated ughneck District 15-A champion Limp? rake 01-9111 8 WW11me,-Iflmauled Tigers 26-0 in a muddy bi-disysgofwhjp .GIF first Hd Scot- ufvliins contest at Longview Novembe Udium fmfe 1o...'5'gig,,AfnEhr0ut am. Whiie Oak Roughnecks Spill Albany 33-0 335' To Take Quarterfinals Championship 'fig Behind the 18 point offensive' W' 'ichdowns came on I-II' attack of halfback Bob Wayt, th' cvs , and 31 yards. Half- is White Oak Roughnecks "' N9 Sutton and fullback 1 the Albany Lions I 109 'ons o contributed a tal- quarterfinal r kxe5 , glid Alexander kick- playoffs at De O0 vgn charixgxxooints. tackh 'X Y haydg poweine. deep in the first Bruccav Y 0.53.15 ed C9 X on Pawn k a handofffrom te edg ws 7' '08 r v 'tCoon-eye' Da- mhff, ltfxxgilnecliyiougkgfgfxi teilnfgige F321 rough right tack- tec0velBun50vIYlaixef OCX N0 wnsb' wan- and the touch- Linden i',g,non56 aeags chalfffx Bfec 5"s conversion 'th' ' 'EW '10 '00 Ish!! 39:3 semi: SWAYXAQ enet-V3x:X,iX6 cond quarter 5' ywio robe y,S 9 tab' Ma- iove over left 5328. DEJSQQU? 2212535 oi? 956' out for the gi gs on . - Bod? me it 35 deg, H8909 xander split ,ge W D gift. 6 Q03 pci1e,e5 QOX extra point or nAoW...a SWE MSI naw . ,mf zwmm- mwvwmnmmkvz wv ,1.:' .ru va mwuammimmxmummmnwsrammmwwmn TOMMY JONES Quarterback Leffered 2 years ROBERT STANLEY Tackle Letrered I year gf ., F 'K J l E511 ffml gf er' 5 gf I gs- 'I f' :: - qw 'fi' IXXNJX eh, , f, I ,, env. ' 'E JAMES LYNN PHILLIPS ' I ' I End I az 5 ' 4 Lertered 15 y ' 1 Q S r Z I I 3 I W CORKY ORMS T , Z- I iz End gx A Q5 ,Q ...R gk Q, Letrered I year I " Q-- soNNY BEASLEY y , I W I 'I Halfback Eg, ff' "4QR,!f" fff' Leffered I year IRI E5'-5? .- I I X E WAYNE SKELTON Xa L21 N , 3 I L Z ' Guard I I I ' I Leftered I year 1 2 ffl ff S I' JACKIE ORMS Guard Leffered 2 years mf,- mme ,lf hite Oak and Mart ash For stare Title 3 1- A l f Er WW . J . .,,,A, I Aluqi 5 , 1 Z.. .,,,A, y i. CLARENCE GRETT LEE HELTON Halfback Tackle Lettered I year Lettered I year 7 ' .: IQ: :ASQ , Leif- 1 ' S :S we iw gj9""'V 17' ww S ,T S 'gf r 9? ff -v:'-2-: llll I V H V, . A 4,5 'QQ' v,5.i:t,',.5: "EEA AE,V- I I- S if F 1 Q A 5 2 GUY ARNEY BILLY KELLEY Tackle End Letterecl I year Letterecl I year - 3 RONNIE HILL Guard Leftered I year Coaches Miles and Marshall give a few worcls of encouragement to both team and stu- clent body as the '57 Roughnecks Ieave for Waco to meet the Mart Panthers in the State Class "A" Finals. RUSSELL WAYT Tackle Lettered I year JAMES KING Quarterback Lettered I year -i.r ,sre 1 ,C , if f if 1 .P ' ..'-,.1 , y .VVQ I "r. X F r's.1 ,.,.r I " 5 'uf x l". I Tackle Lettered I year .,,. It'sa big dayand a big season I this '57 Football Team -- the first the history of White Oak to play a State Finals, the first to win State Championship -- sharing tl Co-Championship with the Ma Panthers. LEE ROY THOMAS HORACE SHARP EDDIE KINDLE Manager Manager sv - ., ,. it A, 'Q . ' I .., or W I M ,fs I I I ,A mf I ,ff ,,,,, ' ,rw--'L '..,:,zf-s .L 1 ' S :rr I, f I him S if " w '- 'gf' pi ,' ,I me V 'g g " . V I .v lw m ylzggi x QQSWJ, My sg. ,, Q :f f 1 Q4 is ' ' is :I COACH: Theo Miles Tommy Jones, Freddie Suffon. Baseball Ronnie Adams, Mike Wood, Billy Kelley, James King, Corky Orms, Glenn Acuff, Bob Woyl, Russell Wayl, David Alexander, Jerry Davis, Roy Bruce, Gene King, and James Phillips. .s l fl 1 we 9 A I Q YJ' .tie K s., " ff f ,4'l I f ' J-fi' I x 5 ' " k . , K. ,hz w,, Qs sqimfff gqwqgsly 'riff F 5 Qs. W 2 f ,..w I W ' 1958 DISTRICT CHAMPIONS Schedule W . O . Opp . Longview I I4 Longview 7 21 Gladewater 8 6 wiv? Glodewaler 9 O ' 'fii WM spring Hill 4 33 "'Judson I 2 'Hawkins 3 2 'Quilman 8 0 "HaIIsviIIe II 2 Spring Hill 8 7 'Judson 2 I 'Hawkins 8 I "Qui1'man I4 2 i"HaIIsviIIe Rained Out Bi-Disfricf Game 'Wilmer-Huichins 3 6 xg Qi 2 'li i EMll. HANICAK GENE KING GENE GARY Coach Captain Captain Lettered 3 years Letterecl 3 years Boys' Basketball Milam... FIRST ROW, left to right: Sonny Beasley, Wayne Skelton, Corky Orms, Billy Kelly, Jackie Orms, and Freddie Sutton. SECOND ROW: Clarence Grett, James Lynn Phillips, Roy Bruce, Glenn Acuff, Jerry Jordan, and Guy Arney. THIRD ROW: Bill Trent, Bob Wayt, Jimmie Cixo, David Alexander, Gene Gary, Jerry Davis, and Gene King. THEO "Cotton" MILES B Team Coach ROY BRUCE 2 years WAYNE SK ELTON I year GUY ARNEY I year JAMES LYNN PHILLIPS I year CLARENCE GRETT I year CORKY ORMS I year BILLY KELLY I year FREDDIE SUTTON SONNY BEASLEY JACKIE ORMS JERRY JORDAN Roughneck -- District Champs 1957-1958 S C H E D U L E W.,O Dec. 26-28 Carthage Tournament Converse 58 Leveretts Chapel 61 Cushing 53 Pine Tree 53 Broadus 61 30 Marshall 57 31 Henderson 57 Jan. 3 Marshall 45 6 Tyler 58 10 Henderson 51 17 "Hallsv1lle 69 21 "Qu1tman 70 24 "Hawkins 38 28 "Judson 64 31 Carthage 57 Feb. 4 'Hallsville 67 7 "'Qu1tman 51 1 1 "Hawkins 54 14 Judson 57 17 London 48 21 Gladewater 51 First Round Reglonal 25 James Bowie 40 Total Q Season Record verage per game 57. on 15 -- Lost 7 Iercentage won.681 . OPP 59 50 41 26 46 46 65 52 60 48 46 41 31 30 49 49 36 46 26 58 62 53 1020 27 46 . 36 Carolyn Thomas, Manager T Barbara Bates Sandra Parish Margaret Horlander Joed Stites Martha Martin Shirley Smith Harlene Baird Jean Bills Lynda Vaughn Grace McMullen Norma Hardwick Jeanette Baird Sue Carrington Diane Lloyd Mary Eggleston Judy Bills Carmen Hodge Shirley Dauster Camera Shy: Shirley Rogers HARLENE BAIRD JEAN BILLS MARGARET HORLANDER Forward Forward Guard Lettered 2 years Lettered l year Lettered l year NORMA HARDWICK JEANETTE BAIRD SAN DRA PARISH Guard Guard Guard Lettered l year Lettered i year Lettered l year Dec Nov. Dec. Jan. Jdn. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Girls' Basketball i957-58 S C H E D U L E W.O . 1 25 Leverett's Chapel 35 20 Carthage 47 27-28 Leverett's Chapel Tournament Spring Hill 21 Judson 52 Overton 40 7 Carthage 46 l7 "'Hallsville 40 21 "Quitman 36 23 Troup 37 28 'Judson 50 30 Leverett's Chapel 43 4 "Hallsville 31 7 'iQuitman 35 lO Overton 46 14 "Judson 61 l7 Overton 44 ff A 2 COACH Frances White CAPTAINS SHIRLEY ROGERS Guard Leffered 4 years E? JOED STITES Guard ,V f- ' ' + s M I W Q I 3 X Leftered 3 years h if ix K A X 1 n Elmore lene Balrd n a Husband rl a Marlin rley Rogers bara Bates wda Vaughn y Bulls n Bills ,men Hodge rley Dausfer Elrry Hanicak era Shy: Joed Sfifes Norma Hardwick are YL?'f'f ldfb GRACE MCMULLEN Forward Leftered 3 years LYNDA VAUGHN Forward Leftered 3 years Coach: Frances While Captains: Lynda Vaughn and Shirley Rogers Girls' Volleyball SHIRLEY SMITH Guard Leffered 4 years MARTHA MARTIN Forward Leffered 2 years Junior High Sept. Sept. Sept. Oct Oct: Oct F O O T B A L L Coaches: Emil Hanicak Bob Peery 1957 District Champions Schedule New London Overton St. Gregory "Judson 'Hawkins 'Hallsville W.O. Opp. O O 26 12 T4 0 32 I3 20 O 26 7 FRONT ROW: David Alford, Gary Bost, Bobby Woods, Charles McGinnie, Jackie Woods, Ray Smith, Mike Bates, Ben Brint, Charles Cox, Steve Cline, Randy Brint. SECOND ROW: Eddie Ogden, Ronnie Rambin, Tommy Orms, James Sharp, Gary Leidecker, Mike Wood, Rayburn Medlin, Glenn Skelton, Don Lloyd. BACK ROW: Mike League, Bobby Hodges, Pat Stites, Byron Beckham, Russell Wayt, Lee Roy Thomas, Tom- my Hornsby, Dee Brown, Ernest Higginbotham, James King. T R AC K Dictrict Champions Byron Beckham Ernest Higginbotham Dee Brown Mike League Lee Roy Thomas Russell Wayt James King Sports Basketball Coach, Bailey Marshall FRONT ROW: Glenn Skelton, David Alford, Mike Wood, Rayburn Medlin, Charles McGinnis, Charles Cox, Ronnie Rambin, Eddie Ogden, James Sharp. BACK ROW: Russell Wayt, James King, Pat Stites, Bobby Hocl ges, Byron Beckham, Tommy Hornsby, Lee Roy Thomas. Jan 2 Jan. 9 Jan. 10 Jan 13 Jan 16 Jan 23 Jan 27 Jan 30, Feb .1 Feb 6 Feb 13 Schedule W.O. Opp. Glaclewater 44 42 'Judson 41 15 Longview Tournament Forest Park 44 12 Tyler 44 26 Kilgore 41 40 Nacogdoches 22 45 Gladewater 50 33 'Hallsville 54 19 'Hawkins 50 29 'Judson 45 18 Gaston Tournament Overton 45 19 Leverett's Chapel 41 1 1 Carlisle 31 25 East Mountain 48 16 'Hallsville 51 23 " Hawkins 46 25 Xi STATE PARTICIPANTS Freddie Sutton - 440 Relay Roy Bruce - Mile Relay David Alexander - Mile Relay 440 Relay 100 Yd. Dash Coach Bailey Marshall Billy Rex Parker - Hurdles Bob Wayt - Mile Relay 440 Relay Jerry Davis - 440 Relay Mac Griffin - Mile Relay 440 Yd. Dash 1st Place - Mile Relay 440 Relay 2nd Place - 100 Yd. Dash 6th Place - 440 Yd. Dash N air. me wi ' X. 'fini I I' ack K Eg. ' 1, V ' " I ' 'gf' s T AT E C H A M P s ., qu , + 1 BAILEY MARSHALL 1 Coach .Z A A B51 iw e .- MM F' 4 ' Vw tif 'nf lv '- ' ' if 'Y' A Q V . J, f ,ve J 55,5 2 .. ,f- , s,,,X. , ,',g,?m ' f ' , 1 1. ffdfire -f .- Z" .LI , ' 'T?'Ef,3W.V' ' W" H, V: " . rf L .ws 2' saw: '-if-ff: -255.1 -E 'wifi fl ' ' eff. f- ., mg Y .wr 1 ' 44:11 Jeff 1 A f .Q-".'.g,:.:w'1ffff Ffa . - ' J f f, . , nu-am-Qs.-ffeggi.-,,g .Kf- ,,,, Y 9' 4 sv IN' 'Eta .Mm few 5. My aw' NF ,gig PM Q wifi '- 'iffffff ' 2'-1 .. Back Row: Jerry Davis - 100 yd. dash, 440 Relay Guy Arney - High Jump, 440 David Alexander - Shot Put, 100 yd. Dash, 440 relay,. Mile relay. Bob Wayt - High Jump, Broad Jump, 220, 440 relay, Mile relay. Second Row: Roy Bruce - Discus, Shot Put, 100 yd. dash, Mile relay. Pat Parrish - Discus, Shot Put. Ronnie Hill - 880 Glenn Acuff - Hurdles William Athey - Discus Front Row: Wayne Skelton - Pole Vault, Mile. Bill Trent- Pole Vault, Mile Mac Griffin - 4-40, Mile relay. Jackie Orms-- Freddie Sutton -- 100 yd. dash, 440 relay. Not Shown: Gene Gary -- Hurdles James Phillips -- Low Hurdles Clarence Grett -- High Jump, 44-O 0 Tennis REGIONAL CHAMPS f Girls' Doubles -- Shirley Smith Grace McMullen Boys' Doubles -- Jimmie Cox Sonny Beasley SENIOR DIVISION Grace McMullen, Doubles Sonny Beasley, Doubles Rayburn Medlin, Singles Shirley Smith, Doubles Martha Martin, Singles Jimmie Cox, Doubles JUNIOR DIVISION Sue Carrington, Doubles Diane Lloycl, Singles Jeanette Baird, Doubles r W mafia r 0 N N N N rp ry N xl Our spirh , our song, our phmning For oh , N The bright dreams our ofker-schooX hours recoh . Ny N For these, Orgonkzokions, rake your covered pkxceg X Wy! Here each hoppy momervc of your LWE we'h kroce. N y r l Wy Wy I r .I r Q y N Y H Wyll N M r 'I I' -- K N lil !"' W l , ,.-Q 7, I N uw nM N NN f "! Zff- ' Y orked in GRGANIZATIONS Devotional Chairman. . . . Bob Wayf Parliamenfarian .... .... J immie Cox Devotional Chairman. . . .Grace McMullen Hisforian ....... . .Cherry Hanicalc Student OFFICERS Presidenf .... . . David Alexander Vice President. . . . . Judy Thompson Secretary-Treasurer. . . . . Paf Greer n n I X Be ,ff QSMW :Hz 4 ll my 'f-A I . , . , .... , .,: .. ,Wm L ,V -fax f Y 4 ig if nw- aww- if T' W NVQ., i ASW' , f':f'I4f105f3.,,f:5f?fSj. . -xg. N, - , W ' ' '- , -h 'M iiih ,.... I H , ff' M ' I W , ' 17- ' ' 41- 62" K, ' M , 'fl-D 2 1 f ,Y H-:sz 3? G. ,, 2, 7 f , gifs gg , IZQ V , ,.,,. W :M if waist? 4 n M N A29 IT , Q, Council CLUB REPRESENTATIVES Freddie Sutton ...... Boys' Athletics John Charles Robinson. . Dramatics Fred Pyeatt ........ Band Ellen Elmore .... . . Annual Staff lShirley Davis ....... Commercial Club Norma Hardwick ..... Girls' Athletics Virginia McFall. . . Spanish Club inda Jackson. . . Library Club onnie Morgan. . . . . FHA Club JUNIOR CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Jerry Davis and Sandra Bingham FRESHMAN CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Jerry Lee Perry and Evelyn Kelley I -iw SOPHOMORE CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Margaret Horlander and Clarence Grett SENIOR CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Gene King and Shirley Rogers .M -,f Q5 vga M FRANCES WHITE 590' Sponsor 5 h ,, rv Put YOUHQ we Q 'oeeaea C Cherry Hcnicak 3,55 5 rrrr .E - Q ,,gs- A' mg LJ Shirley Par Grace Cherry if' 1 - ,ii AK ff ,gi A F' V 9+ K at t I B any Q ' . Q X e K W v gwqwwnbn SHIRLEY ROGERS irley, a senior, served as Head Cheer- hder for this quartet. The 1957 Foot- ll Squad provided her with ample op- -trtunity to make use of her energy and press her exuberant school spirit. GRACE MCMULLEN ace, a senior, served her first year Cheerleader. She is an outstanding rticipant in Girls' Athletics and her Lely interest added zest to the Cheer- der group. PAT YOUNG t, a iunior, served her second year in Cheerleader ranks. The slow man- risms used in expressing her enthusiasm her "spray - net" are well- known racteristics. CHERRY HANICAK erry, sophomore, serving her first r as Cheerleader, always had ONE reason to rattending athletic events r loyal and enthusiastic efforts were arded as she was chosen Sweetheart the 1957-58 Cage Team. it Junion Joyce Smith Margaret Leidecker Jackie Cobb Janeen Lyman Betty Blue Deena Hanicak Betty Latch Sue Carrington 1 CHEERLEADERS FOR THE MIDGET 'NECKS Jackie Cobb Joyce Smith Janeen Lyman Margaret Leidecker igh Cheerleaders L CHEERLEADERS For the JUNIOR Sue Carrington Betty Blue Deena Hanicak Betty Laura Latch The White Oak Roughnec 2 F CHARLES GRETT Trombone JUDY THOMPSON Head Drum Maiorette Bassoon MARTHA SMITH Cornet OFFICERS President .... . . Charles Grgltt' Vice Presiclent. . . . . Jucly Thompson Secretary ..... .... . Martha Smith Treasurer ............. . . Jean Moss Stuclent Council Representative. . . Frecl Pyeatt JEAN MOSS Band Sweetheart Percussion FRED PYEATT Clarinet MR . WALLACE READ Director MR. JAMES FORT Assistant Director ry' ,. x JUNIOR BAND NT ROW: Johnnie White, Sherry Frazier, Toye Boyd, Gay Summers, Margaret Leidecker, Donna Mor- gan, Susie Stites, Linda Schrecker, Betty Pace, Quincy Thomas. SECOND ROW: Arlene Sherrell, Mary Wilson, Mary Hurley, Tootsie Orms, Deanna Corrie, David Silvertooth, David Watkins, Robert Elliott, Johnnie Moss, Jimmy Harris, Paul Williams. THIRD ROW: Joyce Smith, Marylee Pyeatt, Nancy lvy, Rilla McMillan, Janeen Lyman, Don Rose, Donald Watkins, Billy Smith, Charlene White, Randy Choate. Butch Drake, Wallace Rhymes, Ronnie McKinney. BACK ROW: Bobby Hardwick, Tommy Kennedy, Mr. James Fort. Band Members Not Shown: Jackie Cobb, Sonny Blue, Nancy Roach, Linda Minnick, Linda Helms, Jimmy Wyble. CLARINETS Connie Morgan, Jean Bills, Judy Allison, Barbara Q -f. y Bates, Linda Jackson, Mary Ann Eggleston. SECOND J' ,jfi ' V Betty Alford, Martha Collins, Delores Greer, Paula Husband, Nancy Trent, Judy Bills. THIRD ROW: Char- . lotte Jones, Pat Musslewhite, Charles White, Patsy 1 0 4 A X sf Q FIRST ROW: Patricia Greer, Joed Stites, Sue Huntley, Q: Y .-V,.,,' 1 .. - 5, Y. 1 a fa f Q in .. ' ' 'P 4 ., ROW: Carole Drake, Evelyn Kelley, Brenda Ashcroft, U, T ,gy ,,., ' 'H !, 4 l l , lv Q Staffieri, Mary Ashcroft, Wanda Thomas. 5 T , ,g A ' , T S , - BASS CLARINETS -- Barbara Thompson ' A Nancy Foirriestier H , , A 5f,. , I :,, L ,Q ,RQQZYL , . V . M. .,,v 5 V ALTO CLARINETS -- Jeanette Hamrick J- S ' ? ,tr I.,, V y ,, k S A g C gi ,.,. s f , Y H' "f rl gyjig Wi -rw is .i qi 4, K ya, 7,1 I M r r , 1 'T it , if ,E Q, X .Jer M V Q , BAND SWEETHEART Jean Moss I, , Mwsefzfmsfxwc-sry Hs ww A 1 . N. R, izwzmaewf Q,-w.w..vgwmm ,o-swme,zwaWvrds rx 2frf+1wHfQefaws.e,ggxs,,zw.m-me -.ww me V sz :M wi swam iw va... tifzfw wmgzmuimma-Saad. a, ., I .. R, . 1 U 3 A - ,.r,,, Z , Q3 1 Q. A ,MW t 4 li: 3 lf ' 'V WI 1 O . X k f'Tv2' ,1J n . r 'I 5 rr W f - l i .',, -, , Ch -ff i-: U I l l l ia,-.,.,.l,, C l 1 Q i, -ir ..:. y lf'-1" . Q' QA 'gf 1., , E, , 1 J f X ' , af , 4 4 Majorettes l DRUM MAJORETTES -- I Judy Tliompson Jean Bills i Joed Sfifes Sharon Hamrick 1 Judy Allison Connie Morgan Sue Huntley Pai' Greer ll 4. 1 K S E 'l :-Jlifnxbk 1 A a ,1 1 1' 1 1' 3 if l f 1 f"'2.f'fs n f - if 4 ,H l , 1 i . M7 wx ' . -.A A ,lg I. l i ff , N qv M, Al, , 4 Ny Q A 1 x ' 9 A ix S ,i I N ,I c ! , I : T " f ' ' W 3' Q -- . , ' me ., ,., if 4 ' F 1 35 cf A Q i- .,,..,, -.- 9 1, m e K O - TA " Q f ' 1 - I ,gif i ff iff if 'fi , K fg l ,. .,.N f P - M' 4 2 x ' ' " 5 " " . fgqglf - . -A ,r x V - " 1, , '- R ' IS Q I I S ,xi l .2 ' hu. 2 " , S 2 I f ,sf 'Swv 4-pf , l 2,971 r ,fi ., f ff f "' 'S A , , s , W , if . AV ' 1 f " if 'xi ,' Q- Wg, 7.4 n n x H fi- A "7 x l :Lil-lk - ' i f ' wi.-f -4 ' A - 4 W Q -Y Q as 1 ,Q A ix, X 5 . i l' J In 1- I, L fi ' L , Al f v,.H..,.aw.V-vx 1 AiAj'iifsbigigigg3Q3"'Q,Q.2,g2T!f'3iES,ll3lggEX 1 'nl zwxei A A fam wi H ' X K ' Q. MMA ' K 457' ry. ,gi J 'f an : fr QA 3, 1 93M 'T M3515 35 lr , , " ff Q Z V 1 5 xx, Wh i o p fm -fa . if W - , , ..,,-.'- I -- '431 J. .ff I lg ' Wu? 4- .ff , h ig. . f ' TE N? 5 Wi 'PC 2? R V , I EWS-B f f 'sigwxwx 'F A -A B 5 . ' W ri L f v,.. mf X, x A Vififfi aggsza A ,,,,,.',q 1 .Ji- iQ .J , Q Jw- " '-73 ff .., 3545 . YQ: S ,XM Sf : fy A Mix . 'A ,LL , ,, ,L Q A ... Vg " ' - A if . , my Y fm 3 fi fr f , jr K 6 in 1 'ZZY . .eg 3 X Q 5 Q F K- " 'ig nib SAXOPHONES Jimmie McNew Princess Silverfoofh Sue Carrington Judy Schrecker Beverly Rose Donna Whifesicle Darrellene Havins Sally Siaffieri Beffy Blue PICCOLO Coy Hill FLUTES Sharon Hamrick Virginia McFaII Carolyn Horlancler Linda Ingram Jerri Kunkel Margaret Brown JEAN BILLS Drum Maiorefte lil..- l lf?" f f f big W ' l " 1' S 4 i l ,Xg ' , S r xr. we . F LW , fl! 5 -.. r? -S C' 70 - V - '. X-1? F i 4 'Su JH-f"'A 9. f' 4 fb," xi. Lt", Xl '27 CORNETS Harry lngram Jerry Lee Perry Ronald Bos? Avon Bowling Douglas Perry Thomas Grett Steve Cline Lonnie Powers Tommy Holland -4 f - ,UN 4 C . I 'wyv !y ,....' 9 mfr , ff ,Q S . - .4 E' .,:, s. si S S A e,-, Q 4 4 M .- lx i- QV ' if If Y xv-J f ' lei 'l 5 ' . 'K 2 ll i. -' Q ' " "1 - 'X X- Wu ' ls Qc 'M fl VME O ' Ge Af ' If ,...L.LIf' S K 'll J f ,fi f 5, g gk if ,!-- f ff f. 3 if . ' 'w, s K? J Rx ' ' ,. C? fi JUDY THOMPSON los! Drum Maioreffe 2 ,. ia: Zzfmilfz ,' V 5 so :r::.:'.:s ' f ' ' 4 . . ' +2 ,. KL T . ' 7 SQSVS: I L 15+ A ef . M l W .W ., fl, Ivy. A ,gr fs: Q. L1 fx, . f w 'J' '23 if N2 Z E E . li . ', nil P : iq? ' ' ' A 7 ,fjgfi i I A S 'fs ' S ,M ,L ,,i, r Q 'JC g .ey 0 RA , g Q My X "' 1 3 .21 5 S ,, 4 fl? fl l S l 'J LQ' N , A x. l sb li Q' ' . s 1' 1 If . i J BARITONES Jimmy Crews Johnny Whife TROMBONES Charles McGinnis Mike lvy Marsine Kirkland Gary Bosf James Sharp ,Wm ., sw ,Wm ffrf W- Nw, r x, f- VWWMV 53113522 qs ' 4 -x 313: W 1 ' ,,,K fs ,VsfWysm,A,,s,W N 'J , ,rfggggfgi ,ss PPP fwfr 1 ,. 1 A P 7 PERCUSSION P k k m A Q" John Charles Robinson ,1,:. X Sandra Parish .35 fi 1 ,gm Sandra Beckham Am IIQII -I "" Carol McFarlin - P ' 'R P Johnny Parrish 621 ' n 1+ , Ja. , ' V' Ama 1, r f' . 3- "' 1 Ann SPQVP P P' E ,ff WEEE' iq 4' Q Margaret Horlander ' 'PU Eiigfiiziif gt, ' T fi gal Q - P P .s-,M , A , .,.. :Mig Q, Q Y 1, A. f A 5 , ia PP "" ' S52 ' . K , - a s , Eiiial, P 1229 f ' a 1 , I Q fr P57 2 P H K -Si gf , if P' briavk rf' ,Eff ,g, r + . P 5 "f- A ' ,Q -211.1 ff. - vi' Ip' , -A ,, up l , 'M I I -J XP W? fa E P P X VQPVAV :. 4153. , ,7 , if t 1 .L K k l' A " Pi 'W f x 1 IF 2? lr V- wb? e W. Q? fm I V lj m f . m A N ' , J V 6' f" 9 FRENCH HORNS :X Q 5 Q 3 , 51 ,J ' Margaret Horlancler X' H4 P ' W. PP f KCIY Burnett P P 'P P' V Kenneth Loft 4 V . . :ii Pi ' P 'V KP.: Si P3 BASSES ,W h PPTP P s P fur?" Tommy Whife ' P 'P' A , Lanny Parish A X -'fix ".' . ' Lf h m1 Hardy Gaunff i f ' Q ' 3. , Q u p sk . : , i ity f ii F Q 1? P 5 ' P ff 2' PPPP 1 P43 , ' tr: tg y P' 5 is 9 if P ff: r s xg fo Y Carmen Hoclge Charlotte Hughes Frances Koiis Grace McMullen Helen Mclslevv Connie Morgan Kathy Olliff Ann Sharp Shirley Smith Sally Staffieri Charlcle Bristow Peggy Cox Shurley Dauster Jeanette Hamrlck Presldent Beverly Rose Vlce Presldent Margaret Brown Secretary Jean Moss Treasurer Prnncess Srlvertooth Student Councll Representative Ann Cummings Jerrilyn Adrian Sanclra Bingham Betty Blue fn ffm-1. I Very Merry And A Christmas Happy I Tau! e New Year. I 'l VOL. 19, NO. 6 Wednesday, December 18, 1957 WHITE OAK, TEXAS BATES AT-TtTTTP?cIToNoI Press Assodfmon Texas I9 Denton . . C9nVeI195 of An annuai nignnilstvgafs K bano , OUGHNEC , the 5 nee 't Oak S 1957 R able men' Vemisoixaiiowed by ngufiiem Whl 9 - 1 honor ber received als-gigrgg, ratings 3333: ballroom of me tion in M -an All-Texas ra onven- Bundigg' ssionf' were GAUGIEZR, ond annual C High Special se ,ni we thirty Serif me. TEXBAT Texas December qnxgxivsi Co-Editors ..... Shi Page Editors Page 2 .... ,. Page 3 .... Page 4 Reporters ......,. ,... Sponsor ,. Mrs. Page 1 .....,., . rley Ann Davis, Fred Pyeatt . Ellen Elmore , Shirley Rogers Judy Thompson Tommy White Robert Stanley, Paul Attaway Cartoonists . Mike and Max Cline J. W. Hutchings I t. tAST CAL Books! Those ers an Gfldf H9 9 As the schoox seni0YSgy Tigre studems t and Yfmflf . D.- ...ms for WHITE OAK ENTRANTS QUALIFY SCI1001 Press' erSiW Denton' able book Yepfesem manis Univ .11 honor and DY 310 be 51- Spwafamgs Wm? Wwogod Ne FOR STATE UNIVERSITY MEET m menuotx ?2aiFtTc?:l-ES ent :ia the Yearticii . O . n . H Se Elgrznthat were suliiligoiyui that did Beatlglfshd aw, Tilar A1l'TenTeS aiaiirst Place awardt meeting. not Qmte fe M.. mp general SCS Fifteen White Oak literary, nis, and track entrants have fied for the State University scholastic Meet to be held at University of Texas, Austin, May 1-3. White Oak captured Class E first place honors at the Meet at Kilgore Junior A 1' 19 With total of 87 U SOD H by LI d In t Bsffvifi Phi' ., 5' . i2E.iQv.d fs Pg, qrlsfmas Hallsville, 12, s. 0 District and Region their places are: Debate... Jackson and Lynn district by default and lost first round in Girl Declaimer lander won second at Junior Girl Princess won second at district. Poetry Reader Beverly Rose second and Senior boy Ronald won first at district andg regional. White Oak's won first place at district ond at region. Martha placed first in Ready Writing in Shirley Davis took first place at district and region in shorthand ua, 049, Champs Face La District Opponen Wrapping up their confer schedule, the White Oak Ro necks, District 16-A champ tangle with the winless Ju Blue Devils at Judson ton February 14. White Oak, clinching the dis title with Tuesday's victory, 46, over Hawkins, brings a pe: 7-0 conference record into !1iSht'S game. The Blue Di have yet to enter the win col in district competition this 3 but they will have the advan of their home court tonight. In an earlier meeting betv the two cage teams at White the Roughnecks smashed the . -fm 1,1 - 4 iz Xe H0053 Girls 10P:o,,c.,ts ' .ng - . Lose 10 . me W?"m23 T I1 ' .nw with , eac ers Recer mmg bacxkcygulleoak goueht 0 e - O ve I ' dass, ciigcthe qidfofles in P nts. x a X se gigckettes aft-5 cnargyezqn to At FIIICII MGQII T ai' rose . . the have k.5a'u me C nd district. Xwmte S38 Vaughfzsciwitnteglgna White Oak teachers we 'Liifxpoiet bifiocomrlbu of Le1'e'5 md by the Parents' zivil laguna Niaitxhe hogggsuaiev an white hllttnn mums nt -i-ill"""" .,.. o ,,., OFFICERS Presidenf ...... Vice Presideni. . . Secretary. . . Treasurer ...... Sen. Adv. . .M . . Kay Penick . .Diane Lloyd rs.Mary Frances Tuel Linda Jackson Evelyn Kelley Kay, Diane, Mrs. Tuel, Linda, Evelyn. Fay Medlin Lynn Harrington Mary Bell Herring Brenda Ashcraff Wanda Husband Kay Burnett Jan Penick Helen McNew Judy Kern Loretta Johnson MRS . W.W. SHIPPEY Sponsor Library Club President Sandra Bingham Future Homemakers of America FRONT ROW: Ann Sharp, Pat Greer, Public Relations Officer, Helen Mc'New, Loretta Johnson, Prisalla Foirriestier. SECOND ROW: Carol McFarlin, Judy Bills, Brenda Ashcraft, Charlotte Hughes, Jean Bills, Pat Young, Dixie Fisher, Connie Morgan, Student Council Representa- tive, Sandra Beckham. THIRD ROW: Charlcie Bristow, Kathy Olliff, Sally Staffieri, Jo Ann Rizzo, Sue Cline, Jeanette Baird, Pianist, Ann Cummings, Parliamentarian, Judy Allison, Historian, Faye Medlin, Norma Hardwick, Peggy Cox, Betty Blue. FOURTH ROW: Kay Reeder, Shirley Dauster, Carmen Hodge, Glenda Keck, Barbara Bates, Patsy Payne, Nancy Trent, Diane Lloyd, Mary Ellen Jobe, Kay Penick, Carolyn Thomas, Jerrilyn Adrian. BACK ROW:Cherry Hanicak, Martha Martin, Princess Silvertooth, Margaret Brown, Martha Collins, Kay Burnett, Wanda Husband, Sandra Bingham, Shirley Rogers, Song Leader, Carolyn Horlander, Betty Laura Latch, Judy Kern. Vice President Kay Penlck Pat Young Dixie Fisher -- Recording Secretary Carmen Hodge -- Corresponding Secretary Kay Burnett -- Treasurer OFFICERS OUTSIDE THE LOCAL CHAPTER KAY PENICK -- National Vice President of Recreation 1957-58 SANDRA BINGHAM '- Area IX Co-Public Relations Officer I957-58, State President of tHe Texas Association 1958-59. CHERRY HANICAK -- District D. Area IX Co Public Relations Officer 1958-59. TYPING Connie Morgan - lst Place District and Regional Cherry Hanicak - Pat Young - 2nd Place District Jean Bills - Alternate SHORTHAND Pat Greer - 2nd Place District, 3rd Place Regional Shirley Davis - lst Place District and Regional, 4th Place State Sponsor - Miss Helen Baker fl DEBATE Evelyn Kel ey Lynn Harringtc Charles Cox Lonnie Powers Lincla Jackson Kay Penick Linda and Lynn particip M W W Shippey as a team at the Region rs. . . Meet. Sponsor K Wffff AL 1 1 ll aaa' as you participated Y , READY WRITING l Margaret Horlancler y 7 In the Interscholastlc Mcrtha Smith lst Place District Lltera ry Events JOURNALISM Z J 1, , ' 'Y . 1 - 5 l l .. y IN , .XX ll lf' llxl Shirley Davis ancl Fred Pyeatt as -l 'll , -"" K V, a team, won 2ncl Place in Region- xx - "1" ixlxx ' W L al. f " ' g " "- Mrs. J.W. Hutchings - Sponsor re yeatt - 2nd Place District fR5gieonal, 3rd Plac ate gy Q 1,4 3 1 if. ' fn SPELl.lNG Mrs. Clyde Tuttle - Sponsor Sanclri Beckham - 2nd Place District Shirley Dauster - lst Place District X Sponsor - Miss Georgette Ellis SLIDE RULE Max Cline - lst Place District 2nd Place Regional Harlene Baird - Cherry Hanicak - 2nd Place District lst Place Regional X NUMBER SENSE Martha Smith - Alternate ike - 3rd Place District 3rd Place Regional ,ussell Wayt - Alternate limm' Cox - lst Place Dist ' and il, Sandri and Shirley, as a team, won 'lst Place District. Guin Browning - Alternate Carmen Hodge - Alternate SPEECH EVENTS Sponsor - Miss Mary Anne McNamara Ronald Gill - ist Place District 2nd Place Regional in Poetry Reading Princess Silvertooth - 2nd Place District in Jr. Declamation Margaret Horlander - 2nd Place District in Sr. Declamation Beverly Rose - 2nd Place District in Poetry Reading cholastic Roster SPECIAL D EPARTMEN TAL AWARDS Commercial.............. Drclmafics. . . English . . . Homemaking. . . ' Shirley Davis . . Bob Wayi' Shirley Davis . .l .. Sondra Bingham Journalism. . . . . Shirley Davis Mathematics. . . . . Jimmie Cox Music. . . . . .Charles Greti' Spanish. . . . . Virginia McFall ' E H sl' vy FRESHMEN -B s'+ss Evelyn Kelley B Shirley Dausfer , ,, ,Q ss . . ,Z, ggi- W M'k Wood Qg1,!Si??Ss H lfiili i 2 A S ' 2 I T fi r J ,1 of ue arrll'19 on 1 , "' - - J 'f V. Avon Bowling 'I E ij, Kay Bwmeff V' I 5 Russell Way? a re gziflfii 1' W are 1' ,ws B yi 3 ckaefiza as k s .,,.,... A7 2 'iiiliifl f bk J, . - ' . Q H soPHoMoREs g K Cherry Hanicok ' , 4 X Virginia McFall i A ' "f' L ',,, i I i f JUNIORS H lx SENIORS I 11 Jimmie COX ' MClfTl10 Smlllq Lynn Harrington - David Alexander - Shirley Davis X 3 s l L Parent-Teacher Association l l P, Q8 '75 li' l L lSTANDING: Mr. Penick, Mr. Abbett, ,s-1 ,f ,..e-f President. . . . Vice President. Secretary. . . Treasurer. . . . . Parliamentarian. . . Historian. . . . . OFFICERS somone . Mrs. B.l.. Taylor Mr. Chester Penick . . . Mr. Luke Abbett o n Mrs. R.L. Sigmon Mr. James Walthall . Mrs. Fred Corrie Q Mr. Walthall iSEATED: Mrs. Corrie, Mrs. Sigmon, T Mrs. Taylor i T "Operation with Co-Operation" is the keynote as the P-TA goes to work each year. Among the many projects of this organization is that of awarding scholar- ships to twomembers of the Senior Class. At the right, President Mrs. Taylor is giving the i958 awards to Bill Trent and Max Cline. Pictured also are the of- ficers for the 1958-59 group and scenes from "refresh- ment time" following a regular meeting. it , 0' '- T.. X 1 .... , 1 -...sw N ' . -.ggg., S V. E QW ,ff Q0 rv 2. 5 :W 'Zi E sf 4, S T T figs' C J A f -'aw I T i Y 4 E51 ... . - A i H3 - bid-ici-'gy' ' 'Q--'db " l Q ,Q - M in W ,-fs 'Z ful Commerical Club Sponsor - Miss Helen Baker Judy Thompson Joed Stites Shirley Rogers Shirley Davis Ellen Elmore USHERETTES Ellen Elmore Shirley Davis Guin Browning Charlcie Bristow Kay Reeder FRONT ROW: Ann Sharp, Nancy Trent, Fay Medlin, Diane Lloyd, Kay Reeder, Linda Jackson, Dixie Fisher, Charlcie Bristow, Alma Brown, Mike Wood, Rayburn Medlin. BACK ROW: Delvin Gage, Charles White, Frank Polatti, Shirley Dauster, Sandra Parish, Martha Martin, Carolyn Thomas, Wanda Husband, James King, Russell Wayt. Spanish Club ,aw Officers President ........... Virginia McFall Vice President... . . .Margaret Horlandei Secretary .... .... F rances Kolis Treasurer .... . John C. Robinson Sponsor. . . . Miss Gerry Pamplm Director Miss Mary Anne McNamara A MARRIAGE PROPOSAL" Stepan Stepanovitcti Tschubukov Freddie Sutton Natalia Stepanovna Princess Silvertooth lvan Vassllxyltch Lomov Bob Wayt One Act Play Cast "A Marriage Proposal," a comedy in One Act by Anton Tctiekoff, was selected for presentation in the lnterscholastic League One-Act Play Contest. This group won First Place District Honors and Second in the Regional Contest. John Charles Robinson, William Athey, Bob Wayt, Bill Trent, Dixie Fisher, Sandra Bingham, Kay Penick, Shirley Rogers. National Thespian Society Acorn Actors Glen Womack, Judy Bills, Ann Cummings, Shirley Smith, Kay Penick, Dixie Fisher, Shirley Rogers, Jean Moss, Margaret Horlancler. SECOND ROW: Roy Bruce, Jerry Jordan, Bill Trent, William Athey, Princess Silvertooth, Beverly Rose, Connie Morgan, Norma Hardwick, Frances Koiis. BACK ROW: Pat Parrish, Mac Griffin, Coy Hill, Lynn Harrington, John Charles Robinson, Bob Wayt, Sanclra Bingham, Mary Sue Donald, Mary Herring. tl HIGH SCHOOL CLUB FRONT ROW: Pat Parrish, James Lynn Phillips, David Alford, Rayburn Medlin, Johnny White, Pat Stites, Harry Ingram, Tommy Orms, Bobby Hodges, C.A. Reeder, Mike League. BACK ROW: Roy Bruce, Jerry Jordan, Fred Pyeatt, Jimmie McNew, Glenn Womack, Wayne Skelton, Guy Arney, Ernest Higginbofham, Glenn Acuff, Gene Gary, Ronald Gill, Don Hunter, Scotty Parrish. 4-H Club JUNIOR HIGH CLUB FRONT ROW: Eddie Ogden, Johnny Parrish, Charles McGinnis, Jimmy Davis, Johnnie White, David Silverfoofh, Ronnie McKinney, Billy Smith, Ray Alford, Lenord Crump, Barney Barrett. BACK ROW: Billy League, Glenn Skelton, Marsine Kirkland, John Tuttle, Danny Frazier, Steve Cline, Ben Brint, James Sharp, Gary Leidecker, Skipper Dean. MIDDLE ROW: John Ashcroft, Clyde Whaley, David Starr, Mike Ivy, Tommy Holland, Skippy Nevins, Wade Lott, Ray Smith. in Boy Scouts FIRST ROW: George Lloyd, Reggie Reynolds, Joey Powers, James Sharp, Charles McGinnis, Charles Cox, Lonnie Powers, Jerry Silvertooth, John Athey. SECOND ROW: James Owens, David Silvertooth, Wal- lace Rhymes, Jodie Hillyer, Billy Smith, Jimmy Crews, James Alford, James Lynn Phillips. THIRD ROW: Don Rose, Butch Beasley, Ronnie Ashe, Bobbie Hardwick, Sonny Beasley, Rayburn Medlin, Bobby Hod- ges, Mr. L.C. Cobb, Scoutmaster. Cub Scouts FIRST ROW: Tommy Cobb, Lee Alford, Eddie Scott, Richard Guthrie, Tony Pyeatt, Jerry Hardwick, Gary Duty, Kenneth Patrick, Paul Davis. SECOND ROW: Billy Rodgers, Dennis Hancock, Elton Sanders, Randy Read, Jimmy Kirkland, Loy Tuttle, L.P. Koiis, G.L. McBride, Ronnie Hardwick, Bobby Smith. THIRD ROW: Alvin Frazier, Darrell Denton, Jerry Lloyd, Alton Davis, Rickey Thompson, Ronnie Davis, David Martin, Bobby Sigmon, Doug Taylor. FOURTH ROW: Doug Kennedy, Jerry Johnson, Jimmy Cox, Jack Davis, Joe Mike McKinney, Bill Tuttle, Truman Meissner, Sidney Cox, Sidney McLane. Sherry Screws Dana Dowell Barbara Ward Jan Stephenson Kathy Heard Sharon Davis Linda Thompson Scottye Day Robin Harris Lynda Boyle Judy Oliver Camera Shy: Janet Cobb Kathy Cooper Janell Wheeler Diane Matney Patricia Haire Lincla Pace Loretta Watson Dorothy Jones Jocie Barrett Helen Smith Mary Thada Joh nson Pricilla White Martha Thompson Marilyn Helton Sandra Cline Camera Shy: Treasa Carty Jimmye Cooper Diane Shaw Paula Colburn Carol Berry Miriam Koiis Joan Cross Georgia Hearron Sherry Myers Marsha Lee Cline Belyncla Tuttle Retha Lynn Hyde Celestine White Pamelia Coker Dean Whaley Linda Ritch Johnnie Ray Ellis Elizabeth Johnson Camera Shy: Jean Whaley Dianne Linder Linda Powell Karen Trent Kathalene Odom 1 56474 W 460 To hoye the rudimenrs of Xeorrurxg is their right , So wee Tots unfokl your LXFE wiih dehghi. Though Hernerxrory they och your Xecrning they get 'che beginnkngs rhey're yearning. From you -E il .Q ELEMENTARY SCHOOL MRS. RUTH MARTIN Teachers College CLASS FAVORITES David Eric Wood and Jeannie Powers s J ATAWA' :,T ' A , av- Ve N292 fi. ' K Ramona Adlcinson I' Q, rl' 'if 46- ' Robert William Ashe i V LTILJ' Helen Carter . 1 5, 6 is 1 L ,, -4- V, Afihgf Qs X up ,,, Ti' Y Y .ill . .JU fr '33 , W is li 3 ff- , i' 3315 . J W.. M f f ' ff ifoi 3 51 M q 'E 5" if iii 1 J.-EL, A . iw' rg WM? A ,QS 2 me 4 "QW ,ZEN Ai .W xiii? A f4' 'dum imma! 1849? we Q Q fy J- r fl, ir r l l J iii frr' .--H sp, 11'.f ' A' i' 4 4 W AFR Mar M5 5931353 img f x: - fc I M, L A ,sf V, 5 C ,,x-in H f i 9 f 1 i C ,L if E MW. f , f . . r Q 5, H55 'Sk ,Q T231 ,' ' pass it ' ,W - ' 1'-' '1- 3 5 Q' E -V f f , ifliwi 'F it vi X 'Q X - . i'i-1-Ll' Ji' Q- 4 My ,,, Q -W' L . A zfwtg? 4 , I W 87 M In - ' . Q W: Ps fill, A we ws j T ri, 1. ,. l. we l S T J M ,W T as 46 W ff "' Y - : . . s -Le """"i -Q. vi Ni -:H ri' 2 .wa T if N x , , ,Q V f' if , - q .. ,Q H51 ' sg 25'ff:::'fA. ,f'.TilIQ'f' :ir " .. ' ff' '- H' I , ' "T-4' f 2 5 i N 'H' " mtg: xy . -I ,aj ' n fl 1 . f 4 4 f 4 f 12225171 ix is ,, , A gy Ser I " . Q V 5 IJ? 3 113- TE?-,EJ 2 M, ig 6,3 W-1' 1' . 1-is .- .,:.-- .- as .. :H .3 ' - A ., Q, if , 32222 no .31 ' I. ,V 1 A , 'r I is Q31 yr E E + ,W if F 'vflgsw 1 is . J, 545 B ...,, , ,- . .4 5 l ,, , , , s . 5 gf, 1 1 + Q V S W, 4 . if "' me I ' ' , 2 ,-w '-2 'iff . ,M A'- M h ,Q jffi' E ,iw .W . My I M B.S., M.S., East Texas State Mrs. Martin has taught, out of her fifteen years career, two years at White Oak. Her hobby is collect- ing books, records, and songs for "little folks." She likes to fish and to go places, especially to Mexico. Chester Lewis Cline Stephen Odell Cox Frank Edgar Eggleston James Lewis Goss Degorah Jo Havins Jennifer Helen ldom Margie McBride Kevin Paul McFarlin James Bowie McMillan Charles David Owen Jean Marie Powers Thomas Edward Perrimon Harry Edward Roe Darrell Alan Teasley David Eric Wood 2 i inc First Grade MRS. VERNON BLACKSTONE B.S., M.S., East Texas State Teachers College Mrs . Blackstone has taught school for thirty-five years and considers it more than a profession -- "lt is a trust," she says. lt is a pleasure for her to work with the Rhythm Band each year and she has a host - of wonderful memories recorded in . her scrapbook of school pictures and activities. ,5'en-S' CLASS FAvoRiTEs f r ' A S Kenneth Bedford and Gayle TaYlor Kenneth Bedford L ,M i t ss, fu P , J Dale Blake Sag, l fwg T, is W Jane Marie Boyle Q 4' W I Qs.. - if in If JR W' L " W... ,A K J, , 'S ji A-H , , s , z 4 31 si ' ,f ' J A lg r wg ,T 1- r Harry Brown K1 "" 'W . A 'li' 'B' F. ll g Sherri Elaine Hyde W SQL, gig, A ' 8 Susan Kay King "'1,x ' I ,W q!,f'w il 1,115 Mike Milligan ,gg f , ,Lf S. , rgg X Kp 1,.4f?l,i a gg' . rim as Fw ' sL,s ,r f- X mx gs: if iii' at f .. 2 :mil , 'YJ .4 551255 "nwv7'iif-E' :QI '-ii Patsy Jean Owens J MA Q. Earnie Perriman Emily Jeanne Richmond Sherry Lynn Screws Larry William Smith William "Bill" Smith Jan Stephenson Gayle Taylor George Tenery Bryon Whited r.- -' Q6 'S I 1u,,..,,- ' as . . , . , . s ., l ff S N ' , - Qin Q y dw ,R J zv an 4.-Q ,,, J S Q - .. Mars' "Z, ,W-. -49--rf 'U - X. ef ' y L -A S , .Lit Tuf f? .,.1..':aa, 'V ggi. S .- rszwff it ' , ' 5:1 11 ' 71' .::'i'E-6122151 "VV r' dmv .v ' -1- so S -a 'r315-i2igffg.:a1- s e at - LEF T' ff? .11 , ,,- M 5 1' -1 ' . - tk rl , S , . s. 2,.,2exafi:am :?5f2 4-ew MRS JANET HOBBS, B.A., East Texas State Teachers College CLASS FAVORITES Don Hearron and Judy Ann Helms i Jimmie Beall , Grady Boyd F ' Karla Bost l l l Larry Payne is .:-:, T - 1 T L' d P ll E' . Kenneth Castle In G owe ,Z .A .J W Melvin Gary gels., A Vg ,Mft Don Hearron ' .,, K -,','l Q. wwf Regina Simpson ' cl Judy Helms Lln a Thompson Bonnie Ingram Mark Johnson Micheal Ward - d - --,, A, Mark Lott Lm G Sue Whlle Pat Martin W5 A Charlotte Musslewhite 5.1 'ff gf N i I S , fel qlffifffg .1 :xiii sccgxgrytmi. gmkisi MRS. WILEY THOMAS B.S., M.S., Abilene Chrisiian College, Easf Texas Sfafe Teachers College Mrs. Thomas enioys making preffy Cake and Parry decorations. She is currently engaged in wrifing, For k publicafion, LIVING BIBLE LESSONS i , For The pre-school child. Q S is .XR lx gx f.. as in f f CLASS FAVORITES David Linder and Jeannine Weldon . g A ' fll W . if ,X K " fs' , A K' K Dane Mafney I 3:1 fu- V' 4' E d Dwighf McFall ig A.-' 1 '- - fl ra e Cafhy McKinney ,fi-K, V, 'fn' KT J V . Qiszff f .- ' -' . ' '-,",'. V4 E X i ,,.L lkiifiij' ,521 ' f Roy Berry ' g . l 5, Timothy Davis ' 1' V nr 1' "" PY ' JC" "',. Beffy Patrick ,5,. .WF 'iam ff' .S N, 'X is 'ff' is Steven Rholes J M, .X Tm is Chrisfena Saunders A "J .Nd J f fi?.,s,sl37i' ' ' JY. 1 c Q 'I AV., T xi sf fm jg' If L f 'K 'jf i I . A 4f1i5l?fff"4f, 7if32i"i gif xiii? T R Jo Ann Fails V ggi V M Randell Kennedy Qi 7' li- G ep Qi ip, James Trent rw., T "'-g ' M AQ Beftye Turner T J Nancy Turner fm X. me . . :f ,. g l if . i Dale Koiis I Nquii lif W ' ,A T yu L J David Linder I ' f 9' . TY F M si Paula Diane Watson 5 M, Qs A Va vi- ' 'W' an ' ..,,:,,, Q W Jeannine Weldon ' -4, in gg A , gf '- F Y 2. A . . . ,V ,f 2 A T -- ,,,V - Pafricia Willirouf W' , ,gg i, is 7 y Ui ' .. l MMI, Ek 6 ' Q 4 agfgiksgggg , if -Q' 1 f .- ' sg,-, ,..,,. J .M -4. " . 4 Efijbn V7.5 3 1' Ax, "" g. 9 'T 4 1 1' WE A ,, . T is T " f fd AX 'Y 1 1' gf 5, . 'A . lf' if h ,lim v ii. Ai Rh thm C I Q , Q 1 A its: l Majorettes Gayle Taylor Emily Richmond Paula Watson Cathy McKinney Regina Simpson Jane Boyles Accompanist: Mrs Teachers: Mrs Mrs. Mrs . Directors: Band Norma Lacy Grace Blackstone Mary Thomas Janet Hobbs Pat Martin George Tenery Charlotte Musslewhite Susan Kay King Jeannine Weldon Judy Helms FRONT ROW: Charlotte Musslewhite, Kenneth Castle, Jane Boyle, Bill Smith, Judy Helms, Jeannine Weldon, Randy Kennedy, Cathy McKinney, Larry Smith, Susan Kay King. SECOND ROW: George Ten- ery, Earnie Perimon, Harry Brown, Dwight McFall, Bryon Whited, Dale Kojis, Jimmie Trent, Melvin Gary, Sherri Hyde, Emily Richmond, Gayle Taylor, Regina Simpson, Betty Ann Patrick, Patsy Jean Owens, Bonnie Ingram, Sherry Screws, Timothy Davis, Karla Bost, Mike Milligan, Pat Martin. BACK ROW: Mrs. Hobbs, Mrs. Thomas, Patricia Willtrout, Linda Powell, Jimmye Lou Beall, David Linder, Mike Ward, Mark Lott, Dale Blake, Jan Stephenson, Paula Watson, Kenneth Bedford, Steve Rholes, Roy Berry, Don Hearron, Mark Johnson, Grady Boyd, Rita Faye Hancock, Linda Thompson, Christina Saunders, Larry Payne, Jo Ann Fails, Mrs. Blackstone, Mrs. Lacy. , 5x 'view obefi X' L ,mf 2 Class Favorites SECOND GRADE Scotty Miles and Janet Cobb Teacher - Mrs. Roe Jonny Fletcher and Donna Colley Teacher - Mrs. Yazell r,e.i'r5?'9?isswr4 ,G Vt f tg.-A A 'IN if ' ig? . -.-- . 3, oxslxxai J. e d P wzzgzcs 1:9 fax ,,,.f-'f' THIRD GRADE Retha Hyde ancl Bobby Smith Teacher - Mrs. Hervey Rickey Thompson and Linda Powell Teacher - Mrs. Dowell Eddy Baird Nathaniel Barrett Michael Bills Lynda Ann Boyle T . ,5 "'r 3, 4 dv -1' an i 4 if fiat, 'W' f' f fr ,ff?fii?ii'i1a,. so K, fm ff? ' 1.1 " t J 9 if y kt ,if www! Q I Q V MM C 5 , J , -umm!" L SL - '...q......i H. A-,fs '-'JK-. Q , 4 V, - . X,-una. it if 2 1 it 3 E2 I L -If X f ML we my :ji-5 MRS.. COTHELIA ROE B,S., B.A., East Texas State Teachers College Janet Cobb Joe Larry Colburn Paul Davis Dana Lee Dowell Carolyn Ellis Terry Ford Elvin Gary Tommy Gill Richard Guthrie Robin Harris Kathy Heard Connie Hiltzman Ronnie Jobe Anthony Carl Koiis Fred Matney Deana Gail Maynard Scotty Miles Eddie Lee Scott Sandra Smith Kathy Warlick Mc' if A R fl all I 1 ge, MRS MARIE YAZELL , orfh Texas Stare College Kerry Jon Fletcher Wally Guess Jerry Hardwick Evelyn Hurley Nancy Kingery Bonnilee Mafney Scoffye Day Gary Duty Karon Fletcher Lonnie Beall Donna Calley ff' -. X lflllro-ll' . Qgfflj-QP ' K , l"',g,Nl '77 amvlrj' AF' -I Kathy Cooper Q ,fl '-7' "' Sharon Davis ..- ' 5 'I ' fi A R Q lui K - M m v.. . I J, AQ: fe 'Nlllgl l i f P T, I K , A A . v""'fg1 l ww" , V-..i ' W sl '1 'W' f Q' Q as Q- ,,- X ' fl v, 'ie Judy Oliver ,d ,El ,gs dh .6 48" ' ' A 5 1 ' Q N. Nancy Owen lm 1' 4 -,-,W W -.- 5 's V ic' J, Gay Nell Pace 43? f V' , 1 gfjf.- A Ke nefh Pat 'ck 4 W 'Y W". R ' n r' vw R ,. -rewrite 'W' we , 1 f' ,:,. . ---. 1 "if ,.."',' jg". I S I l-V..., f ,C ff- will 3 Q 55 f 2:3135 5 D e ll R Gladys Powell , f Tony Pyeatf , ,,. l-af' -W' 9 .1 V..' -Q ,,,,,' Q fe- J F., Candy Robertson J ,,, ME . 5 , f . ,x 4, 5593 Judy Robinson X3 ' '40 ' Mary virginia Rowan Y N V L, W , . '1'l"l A f if 25 A . 2' P... J 5 3 l 2 R ' : QS 'i . A s-: Il. 1- W --" V SN, Paf Rowland R Q ' lll , ' 'R W Ax Becky Sfewarf l I D 6 Q' M ff' ' S S Barbara Ward at an 4 N V' C -J E. N ' Janice Whaley " RW Z Elmer Woods r,, .. 4 'AX f Q . . u 2 4 Ziff' mssh X D A R l fn ' 5f2.fe ' . f '2U"'i"'P' :Z Virginia Barnes Pamelia Coker Paula Colburn Ronnie Hardwick ' ' Georgia Hearron - 4 Wayne Hudson 't , . UIQW Retha Lynn Hyde Thi MRS. HAROLD HERVEY BDA., University of Texas M.Ed., East Texas State Teacher: College L Mrs. Hervey has taught school fl ten years, spending three of them service at White Oak. Her chief irl terests outside of school work an flower gardening and landscaping. JR x Refi" , my " ,t S lf! 'WA if :iff Z' 3? N Q If , Q ' 'xii inf, .. V, :Zi ls Ji ,". 4, 5 2 iigis no ' iw 'Z-2 t5s.wf' it YL 'X ss X E rfifx fs? 'xxij E .flill li X t ' 5 5 HT l 5 2 1 l Q., f. Vigil. Y ,. . t im ,G li Y item' fa-EQ wjm ofa rf?-f H492 fm. Nm if as 9 : ..,,.. 3 sw " 1 ix W fr cs., svv L as L of it Q ' 'S if :-' Vim, X 5 '::, ..,',,., Elizabeth Johnson Jimmy Kirkland L.P. Koiis Dianne Linder G.L. McBride Stanley McCormick Raymond Owens Bobby Peery Randy Read Billy Rodgers Porter Rutherford Elton Sanders Bobby Lee Smith Gilbert Staffieri Dannie Swanson Loy Tuttle Sue Ward Jean Whaley Celestine White Delbert Wykoff rade X MRS. BARBARAH DOWELL B.F.A., University of Texas Mrs. Dowell has brightened the a and props for the Halloween 'nival and Christmas Program with xartistic endeavors. Joan Cross Alton Davis Charles Davis Darryl Denton Johnnie Ray Ellis Alven Frazier Bobby Frazier Larry Frazier Roger Gage Dennis Horlander Miriam Koiis Jerry Lloyd Kathleen Odom Linda Jean Powell Linda Beth Ritch Rickey Thompson Karen Trent Patricia Turner Belynda Tuttle Dean Whaley A J Al a T' mi' oe exan er W VA .A gg, Y' Lee Alford X T 5, xx' XLYXX K W! 'ii xxx? limisfijliiifiei WT A 2 Gloria Beall .V QQ N. ,i ' Carol Berry X - - V' ' 'S x r ..., I Q Charles Busby ,X -. f Qi- 0' A Marsha Lee Cline ' L X f' my f-- - ,-- f Tommy Cobb ,N is ,kim S0 - ,fav fr- ,fi y 'M 'N an... K , L lm Q, Ll?-, ,.. sg ui Mn 'y ,y M. . .1 E.-f I 'Q-. ATT- ' ' W- 9 ,,,,,... fi-'EMS-4-, 5115231-i. . 1, -.1 -.z -- ff A sry' i.,v 1 -.,' ' ,,. P' s 'W' f new fl 47 3' 6 ii PM Q' fl? 'CTT W4 u1,W":jf -1-5.4 1 K ,M 4 yy . if l .Qs ,,, ns "' Q Qs"" .ft . , TSW' xiii!! it-'vi' "'s irilii hm Ii ' f ' i'i!42!la L r Teresa Lynn Carty Fourtl H25 MISS EVELYN HARRIS B,S., Hardin Simmons University! M.Ed., North Texas State Colleg Miss Harris taught two years i an American school in Germany iu before she came to White Oak. Sh now has an outstanding collection c dolls of foreign countries, eac dressed in her native costume. Patricia Haire Mary Thada Johnson Dorothy Sue Jones Diana Matney John McMillan Linda Darlene Pace Dianne Shaw Robert Sigmon Kenneth Stewart Douglas Taylor William Dale Tuttle Loretta Jo Watson Cheryl Wheeler Sherry Woods Srade MISS ALBERTINE GANDY B.S., Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College Marilyn Dale Helton Jerry Wayne Hill Johnny Lane Hill Douglas Kennedy David Martin Truman Meissner Sidney McLane Helen Smith Martha Thompson Pricilla White CLASS JCC- FAVORITE I6 Barre,-f ang J Oh "ny Hill Jocie Kay Barrett Q Sharon Blake Sandra Lee Cline jf--A Je.. WJ' K 1 i EQWQAYQQS T Annie Mae Colburn ,. 4 , M r 5 W Jimmie Cooper il W mi ' ,A l fini James Ronald Davis 2' A S David Fletcher Ju VV h B V I N . .X f Q Q y L s QW! gf yj: ir re was ' - is A y F KJ- 'L1 'Q-1. Tai' X C X 4 K an H nm, 6 an Q ,iw Za 31 trkia Q1 . I ,Nm i n i L 1 I, we 1 V M ,, A x ee f 1 . hkswf Q ' C it of 1 W 5 9 i J l iiui q ft it S J A .lu if 'ic , 1 . M Q . T il ffl? .. ' T. M, M -MA V , A v t,,,. n es: I is fav A f ? , 'H .v,,. ' , fi S P ii J J if si T J T WZ if ii "", ' f 5 '.'.-,1f:1iy'i..g W if-aw QQ Q X SK, I 1 E' 'N ' ix "4'Bn 1' Afzikf " T . 'f..g:fzf.s Xa e:1iL.iiiiSili5sl:3li'lli" John Afhey Richard Barnes Judy Brewer . 5 if" Donna Bryanf Jack Davis Larry Haire i 1 nf Wayne Hearron Mafilda Husband George Lloyd Joe Mike McKinney Sheron Milligan James D. Owens Joey Powers Cheri Read Reggie Reynolds Janie Rifch Bobby Scott Jerry Silverfoofh Merry Silverfoofh June Ellan Thomas Tommy Joe Tuffle James Ward Sandra Wheeler Ray Williams Olivia Wykoff MRS. E.B. CARRINGTON B.S., M.A., University of Texas Mrs. Carrington has Taught school for fifteen years and fwelve of Those af White Oak. Her special inferesf is her family which now includes a grandson. Fift wzrfgfzf zergwilswsgrffrgwvrqffgfwff . f s Q.. w. , ' i' A, gg , Q ag ., M, kt g 5: , 'iff v W . ' ., M , ' ,. F-f -. i' 4r..2:-fiiik i YW fear, . -ff .. .. 7 ' '1 Gr... 5 2 , , f is R W :W 2? F' Urf Vis . , . ,. L.,5igf:5j35j555 vf 5o.ft?5A f Q ..,.. . - :m.'iws,i'L sv ..f 'Vik X 2 x y 9 'K' II- L'-ii? Gigi' W' -' Ronnie Ashe Glenn Beasley MRS. WILMER MEREDITH B.A., Mary Hardin-Baylor College M.Ed., Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College T M James Cox 52 51 abil J ts J M if Ak Q, 'J 'J Q G! L Qs Y , I I ' V J 'X l Q A ' Q . Qs ,si , g Q I t,.- ir "" T1 2' "' J C' gf? '.ik f an f, qs. A qzwlr lf ft, C' , L ff,' waftxw Sl Q is 4 'we 'iff' rf -Q if ' ,S 'E .2 5 f... W-T.--f .4 Ag, 'Q ., nlzltu E lqvi P V , xy .7 is-P Q tttt Q 04 its .1555 A ill - K .," I L4 , 29.925 ff' . , - ji ,,-f is xi 2 - . yt, t,,ll rlll!i Charlene Collins M s 3' s, Mrs. Meredith has spent her e' , . M xi tire teaching career of twenty-s 'heron Ka? Bllls N years in the White Oak School sy- Rqndell Brmf f scqfv gr Dottye Ahn Davis Pamela Davis Russell Don-Carlos Darlene Ford Garry Gill Phyllis Hanicak Jodie Hillyer Hazel Mae Hurley Jerry Johnson Danny Lynn Linder Glenn Lott Jackie McCormick Glenda Musselwhite James Owens Marilyn Rose Jerry Stanley Carolyn Taylor Donnie Turner Jacquelene Whiteside Reba Elaine Wilson 11? 5? vw NAM., .2 is to f X H Q ,A 4 se ,K .K We-3. A I 'C s Q my 'seem Sammy Ray Alford I X MR. FRANK RHOLES B.S.,, M.Ed., East Texas State Teachers College Inaddition to his regular teaching duties Mr. Rholes works with Little League Baseball in the spring and 6th grade Football in the fall . Deanna Corrie Leonard Crump James Davis A' "' i Butch Drake ig? 5. Kenneth Duty Sherry Frazier w K ' James Harris Mary Hurley Mi . Nancy Marie lvy Margaret Leideclcer Janeen Lyman Dalton Martin Ronnie McKinney W 3 X X 1 X .A Ylixiie--frfi Rilla McMillan Donna Kay Morgan Linda Schrecker William Smith Suzie Stites M y ,llgn Y ,R Sit: ?aLISummers ,A-, ,VQW M, on u e what V Clycle Whaley ff s ,, Johnnie White 'if gy ' Mary Wilson P kknu ,,,, - s. QJWW Tommy Kennedy Linda Kay Minnick John Moss Tootsie Orms Barbara Owens Betty Sue Pace Marylee Pyeatt Wallace Rhymes Don Rose Arlene Sherrell David Silvertooth Joyce Smith Lloyd Smith Mary Ann Starr Quincy Thomas David Watkins Donald Watkins Charlene White Carolyn Williams Paul Williams Of Mrs. Watkins' sixteen years of teaching, she has spent seven of them at White Oak. This year she has the privilege of teaching her own twin boys. In addition to her duties in the sixth grade she gives insh'uction in Special Education. Sonny Blue Randy Choate MRS. VENEDIA N. WATKINS B.A., M.Ed., East Texas State Teachers College Joleen Clevenger Robert Elliot Robert Hardwick M Linda Kay Helms S gi Beverly Ann Jenkins g ty, I? S 4. f .Kx .'7j-iyy 'J ix ill mfr' , 'G+ ,mg , Ar 0: 'E 3 p 2 " s i fi -ML, sf. 441 'F for 21,1 v,' 5, ,- .N -any 'V' K Jw ,Q an .-Q. . 'wx dh' 2 Q-A s E "" is , . 1 - - ,Sim V . -,ff zisffi X 5 i ,Je , 9 ' ' . ig ,Q . ' y ir, A if jf.,-.sf it , xx, EJ, 5 ,iff gk An ,hi 3 metal :Zo Q 4 in 241 eg its f ir'-fs 2 , 1 ,isi V ' f .,,. , Hi T in if, if -Q Aff. if me "Ft 5, 5 M- fm I 'gg :vm Lb' QQ w c, C 411 t.,w' y. T is . V7 Qf' ' N .... . X . ly :U Huw: X E ,.,,. V , s ki if '- fl - t ., ,, , ' xset eaiffim "U ' 'A . ,, 1 f 's , .. J If M Wm.. -.fo 'vm 1 . Y fggiiir s-..-f' IV' ,Qs .K E "-5:51 gvfskv' 'f K - f ' "', . in. ,lf ,,, f S .C ' , I, N V A A Ei If-ml , ff :T ii i yxqji -5 r ' T ai l - IW 15 3 ,N J X fs 'r Mi." x Yf""7 f . KJ sc., 2 l Q 2 :riff Agn 3 A E9 ll .Lis H., Class Favorites E JERRY SILVERTOOTH and CHERI READ RANDY BRINT and DOTTYE ANN DAVIS Fifth Grade - Mrs. Carrington Fifth Grade - Mrs. Meredith 1 X BUTCH DRAKE and GAY SUMMERS MARYLEE PYEATT and WALLACE RHYMES Sixth Grade - Mr. Rholes Sixth Grade - Mrs. Watkins O 0 O Junlor Hugh Student Council OFFICERS: Kenneth Lott, P xv-My "'U1l.....- , JS? ,gi ff? residentp Tommy Hornsby, secretaryp Charlotte Jones, Treasurerp and Jerrilyn Adrian, Vice President. COMMITTEE HEADS Betty Laura Latch -- Citizenship Committee Ray Smith -- Clean-Up Committee Betty Blue -- Pr Charlotte Hughes -- Bulletin Board Committee CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Suzie Stites, Tommy Kennedy - 6th Grade Ronnie Rambin, Carolyn Horlancler - Sth Grade Darrellene Havins, Skippy Nivens - 7th Grade ogram Committee Seventh Grade CLASS OFFICERS President ..... Vice President. . Secretary .... Treasurer. . . CLASS FAVORITES . . .Charles Cox . .James Sharp . . . . Ben Brint . Mary Ashcroft Glenn Skelton and Sanclra Wallette i0'r2 S' if-Es? 'TW A I Mary Ashcroft Nancy Ellen Barnes Nathan Baron Barrett Michael Bates Gary Bost Ruel Ben Brint Sandra Carr Steven Russell Cline Margie Collins Charles Cox Bessie Davis Teresa Dillon Dwight Gage Paul Gardner Alice Faye Gary ., Y ,cn AN gun 1 l"!If -.ff f- RV Janice Penick Lonnie Powers Virginia Scoff James Sharp Joe Earl Shaw Glenn Skelton Mary Patricia Sfaffieri Nancy Taylor Wanda Sue Thomas Barbara Thompson Mack Turner Sandra Walleffe Donna Whifeside Jacky Woods Alice Delois Young 'Ny . r ,-. WU' we It 1 3 4, V , ,an-. is M, an Ti. is x. lilxx'-A-Q2 , W ggi lx T. A if if i r ' ti :is - Q an 1-...- f....f- I, a Thomas Greff Deena Hanicak , Darrellene Havins James Herring Tommy Holland Pafricia Hunfer Linda lngram Charloffe Jones Jerry Lou Kunkel Jimmie Wade Loft Patricia Musselwhife Skippy Nivens Karen Owen Douglas Perry Michael Perry 'fs .w w .T fair .. A , Q in P4 - 5 1' re 1 'A ho 4 3 , 'S . ' , on ' , -a of I. QW" , Q , .I S . :-:1 T We il sh " 2' A - ' i'Z'-55 ffl' " 'Z xv 1 ' ,fo Q 'r 1 R if' .J "" 'H , li X K wh, ZQ is K A ., . -',.-.l,.- M :gl X f: 2's 2- P x ' X 2' 'al ,Q .wr - i kr '-:- f,.. K " i l ' i 1 W 2 , N 5,5 f it A Q" ,.,i , fn sa E .1 f M A Q "' if Q iv' E, ' A -' Ai .rg K C 1 1 - '1 V gc ' ' 4, X ,E,.g::, V N -rw. ' af ' A 'H' 5 T V W- M' Y N F' f ' 5 fw4fMif so T T tix, l ix Q .-'V' if 'A ,- . . -3 5: I 4 N y N Q- P3 A 1 41 4 x 'ri' .273 - id, f .su - g.I.L,.,.. ,il F was 39 V, -31, A . 'Z Efw 'Aj V. F urur :,' ' ' 2 "-A', .-,.,. ' A .fits if fimwv- 'wp Q , Jerrilyn Adrian June Alexander Clifton Barnes Michael lvy Mary Ellen Jobe Betty Blue Marie Colburn Peggy Sue Cox Loretta Johnson Judy Ann Kerns Skipper Dean Daniel Frazier Delores Greer Marsine Kirkland Betty Laura Latch Carolyn Horlancler Charlotte Hughes Paula Sue Husband Billy League Gary Leidecker Eigh1 CLASS OFFICERS President ..... . Johnny Parr Vice President., . . . Kennethl. Secretary. . . . . .Tommy Horn Treasurer. . . Ronnie Ram Z .qV. F -.,:. 'i "TQ , 1 C, riff' it if .. K 'rpx f we ,,, 53 1 X Y' 15 J 5 W 4 f J. 6- 1 . 1- W W- .b..,.,w--M mes irade l ,qv 'fun 5 -a lx lXC"'i'! I "5-7 1 We Q rv: .,. T. ....,..,f af? 4-..,-r ,v 4 'R 'E' fx eil' ll P. Hi M M. C.. '. lo ,lf ,Aff sm 1 , . -tt:r!?' Q CLASS FAVORITES Charloffe Hughes Kennefh LOH' Don Lloyd l-lughleen Maynard Charles McGinnis My A., ,,"2 Helen McNew if "" 'mi El N. Billy Minnick , W, -gem- Shirley Minniclc lXf"jjL" Q W ki Eddie Ogden Kathy Olliff Fred Perry Joyce Reid Jo Ann Rizzo Joyce Simpson Louis Ray Smith Sally Sue Sfaffieri David Sfarr g A , ., ,N X. N-A '?'Wvv2'V' 'l.""""' 5 'Q Linda Williams Bobby Woods '--a.a-v" Wg: sa R 4971: L gpg, y l ia w. ., f MN ,.: 1 A6231 , 'v S ' '-vqmllssi 1 i"i 'n u ., . 4' :Y , -V -, V-3, "5 Sgr--. , , 99,47 I l iff' I1 .W A'- Q "QF 9 1 Q - 1 y Y l 5 ' l 3-1 QL. l ,mf .ill 4 D5 lfffx S 4 "iii"-fi ig!! .,-5 milf " Eighth Grade Graduation Billy Joe Minnick Tommy Hornsby Eddie Ogden Johnny Parrish Marsine Kirkland Danny Frazier Gary Leidecker Ronnie Rambin Don Lloyd David Srarr Mike lvy Ray Smith Mike League Kennefh Lofr Charles McGinnis Skipper Dean Carolyn Horlander Judy Kern Betty Blue Joann Rizzo Peggy Cox Joyce Simpson Mary Ellen Jobe Marie Colburn Kath Olliff Jerrilyn Adrian Berry Lafch Charoleffe Hughes Loretta Johnson Dolores Greer Sally Sfaffieri Paula Husband Helen McNew Shirley Minnick Eighth Grade ,MOUND Ronnie Rambin Charloife Hughes IHOLASTIC POPULAR ATTRACTIVE idie Ogden Tommy Hornsby Johnny Parrish :dy Kern Carolyn Horlander Beffy Latch OURTEOUS DEPENDABLE ATHLETIC ennerh Lot? Don Lloyd Gary Leidecker errilyn Adrian Peggy Cox Joann Rizzo K L ff zfgh Mx, Am 'a Q ' A x N W gif, mga: k 'gg it 'ww A' 51 2 Q47 A6444 W 464 Mba ccxrehMy together in equoX ports: Tutor, porenk, teacher , cmd iokher coriessorg Fohi in generoushf undevskonchng and heart, And this WEN be your LXFE, Prdiessor . lf?-'- 11" -,,--' fhe White Oak FACULTY School Administration MR. R.C. FAGG Superintendent B.S., North Texas State College M.A.,., Southern Methodist University ' SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS MR. C.T. McGINNlS MR. D.M. MILLER President Secretary MISS BILLIE HANNA Secretory to the Superintenden B.S., Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College 3 MR. FLOYD BERNARD f fm2s1sxsmmr,:ewmugwnmmi::u L1 . , if 5 1 2 B ,WMS MR. C.C. SIMMONS High School Principal B.S., North Texas State College M.A., University of Texas fini ,.-l MR. E.B. CARRINGTON Elementary School Principal B.S., East Texas State Teachers College M.Ed., University of Texas MRS. MARY FRANCES TUEL Secretary to Mr. Simmons MRS. LEE DOBY Secretafy to Mr. Carrington 74.2. 4. am 14. . I .as FAC U LTY members performing the duties of Librarian, Nurse, and Dietitian MRS. WOODROW W. SHIPPEY B.A., Trinity University M.L.,S.,, Texas Woman's University Nurse Librarian MRS. LOIS BARLOW MRS. FAYE ROSE R.N., Dallas Methodist B.S., Texas Woman's University Dietitian . . .Or giving instruction in INDUSTRIAL ARTS COMMERCIAL SUBJECTS The Shorthand class is dominated by Senior girls. Here we see Shirley Smith, Grace McMullen, Judy Thompson, .Ioecl Stites, Shirley Davis, Pat Greer, Charlcie Bristow fthe only Juniorl, Ellen Elmore and Harlene Baird taking dictation from Miss Baker. Students in this department develop many skills which are beneficial whether they enter schools of higher learning or go directly into the business world. The courses in Industrial Arts help to prepare students for a variety of vocations as they study Mechanical Drawing, Woodwork, and Metal Work. Individual projects are dis- played at the annual East Texas In- dustrial Arts Exposition. HOMEMAKING Mrs. Hodson checks the hemli of Cherry Hanicak's dress befi the final touches are made. A vc ied and active program of activi in this department provides fort learning necessary in the develc ment of efficient homemakers. Z39F5 '?Xwm, -. YN"-p MISS HELEN BAKER MR ROBERT H PEERY MRS., ERNESTINE HODSON B S , Arkansas State Teachers B S , M Ed , East Texas State B.S., North Texas State College College M Ed University Teachers College Homemaking of Arkansas Industrial Arts Asst Coach for Nw, ?i f SOCIAL STUDIES This department provides courses which not only satisfy requirements for graduation but make for a better understanding of the world and current trends. Here Mr. Whatley is outlining important items as a review. Faculty MRS., LENA FAYE TUTTLE MRS. J.W. HUTCHINGS MRS. MARY HERRON B.S.,, M.Ed.,, East Texas State B.A., Austin College B.A., M.A., East Texas State Teachers College M.A., University of Texas Teachers College English l and ll English and Journalism Jr. High Language SPEECH All dramatic activities are under the direction of the speech depart- ment. Opportunities are provided for students to participate in various Forms of speech experiences. ln addition to test papers, themes, and notebooks, there are moments of fun and frivolity in the Life of a faculty member. Mrs. Tuttle proves the point as she "plays" at the Christmas party, Miss McNamara as she dodges the camera. LANGUAGES ln both English and Spanish the students are being trained in the ability to speak, read, and write a language. A study of the literature and culture ofthe countries involved gives a better understanding of the language, its usage, and the people who speak the language. Norma Hardwick does oral read- ing in an English ll class in litera- ture. MUSIC The Music department provides T1 extensive program of activities, entertaining as well as educational. ltere are Band and Choral concerts, otball halt-time performances by e Band, and special numbers pre- red for the Halloween Carnival iety Show, Christmas Pageant, d assembly programs. Faculty mbers also assist with the enter- inment chores as Mr. Read and iss Pamplin, from the Spanish de- rtment, "ham" up a number for e Lions Club Minstrel. Mr. Fort gives private instruction Jerry Lee Perry in preparation for e Spring Concert. MISS MARY ANNE MCNAMARA B,A,, North Texas State College English ll, Jr. and Sr. High Speecl' MISS GERRY ANNETTE PAMPLIN B.,A., North Texas State College Spanish and English '-Quai! ' u l " Q0- f n it C T z A, if MR. WALLACE READ MRS. NORMA LACY MR. JAMES G. FORT B.M., M.Ed., Stephen F. Austin B.M., M.Ed., North Texas B.M., Stephen F. Austin State State Teachers College State College Teachers College Band Director Elementary School Music Asst. Band Director, Choir Director, Sixth Grade Music Faculty MISS GEORGETTE ELLIS B.A., North Texas State College Algebra land ll, Plane Geometry, Solid Geometry, and Trigonometry MR. LUKE C. ABBETT B.A., Rice lnstitute Administrative Assistant Algebra l MR. LESTER C., COBB B.,S., East Texas Baptist College, M.Ed., Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College Jr. High Mathematics MATHEMATICS General Math Algebra l Plane Geometry The Mathematics Department strives to cultivate an appreciation For mathematics and, through these en- deavors, make it possible For the students to engage in rigorous and worth while quantitative thinking, developing efficiency in problem solving. SCIENCE ln the Science Departmentl emphasis is placed on subiect matter that contributes effectit 1 ely to the attainment of deve loping a continuous growth o the individual in regard to phy sical, emotional, and mental capacities that prepare the stu dents for work and further stud in the many fields of pure science, engineering, and th health service . MR. BAILEY M. MARSHALL B.S., Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College Coaches Football, Track, and Jr. High Basketball MR. EMIL HANICAK B.S., M.A., Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College Biology, Jr. High Science and Physical Education MR. ALFRED E. LACY, JR. B.S., North Texas State College Physics, Chemistry, General Science, and Photography MISS FRANCES Wl'llTE B.S., M.Ed., East Texas Teachers College Girls' Physical Education MR. THEO "COTTON" MILES S1-are B.S., M.Ed., Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College Head Football Coach FEW Rfk ,:'EK12'?.e.,, E-Y . , 'Yi "V ' Q ' C: Wil -2 - 2 2f--- ..::1'. 2: ' - FFF PHYSICAL EDUCATION ln the Health and Physical Education department the aim is to educate for health- ful livingand to help provide for a fullness of life for each student through activities which are physically stimulating, mentally wholesome, recreationally satisfying, and both emotionally and socially sound. Mr. Carrington, Elementary School Principal, is quite a "handy man" to have around. His fix-it services are always in demand. The State Co-Champ patches for the ,football were eagerly awaited. Freddie Sutton displays one for Coach Marshall. Cafeteria Staff Mrs. Faye Rose Mrs. McMullen, Mrs. Gilbert, Mrs. Iciom, Mrs. Hays, Mrs. Wayt, Mrs. Oliver Dietitian vi! ' X 4 A fri r V vfffgimiiwk 4 ,, ' A-idx Y ' M ' 2' "Higgs iw M.-,,,.,,,,,,.wt,.s , E- , MH- ' is f-A ZAYMTN 1 , V, ,af-af 1 .d.mmr:fs:s1f.- Lan we v its as Maintenance Personnel Mr Reynolds Mr H E Owens Mr Doby Mr Warner Mr.R.L. Owens Bumpus Turtle McLoughlin McKinney Goss Adams 325 i f - k L i f ' 5 if . , Q .4 i 0 6 'Q 0 'T 1 K Q is Z' 1, V TS ' 2 5 A , Amde Xeorning mdy o dangerous Ring s the LXFE of our Ckmsses here we see , degree , os weu os the cmounk X ciotkons 'chat count. Q ' But ca 'udge the ks and osso We can y O5 Xecrning from boo N 4 .Si beg ' . sz CLASSES ll!-I Ffeghm an Class omcers PreSidenf. Vice President, Russell WOW Secrefafy. James King Treasurer' . . David Alford Reporters D . Mike Wood SP0nsors, . - Jimmy Crews Miss Ge rry Po f,lJ Q MF, Alfred Lucy S- Q 3' MMR Z On l B cl Ashcraff Barbara Bates BY"on Beckham James Dcvlfl ren Q Belly Allow! Alford y A t :t:.., :, f in f M .K . 3 3.45, gg? K Q: Z, 5 'ff A M 'rr+- lr ' r its .. W ' .r., 122' 4 I ,2 Y ," Q ff? 2:51517 l l Qi: l ' rir a ll l Q. V ,f X ,Y M W Q , J Br ant Kay Burnett erry Y J d Bills Avon Bowling Dee Brown U Y fx ml? Aww, who said Algebra was hard? lt iust Making one's own desk witha secret compart- ment can be quite an exciting project, es- V pecially keeping the "secret" from the other twenty-five class members. takes a whiz or two to brighten the class, so says the "Fish . " Freshmen mv- ' 'ms .1-M. , V ,N an , ..-ff S ff' 'Y' 'Y' Sue Carrington fans, 5 S s 43 , an-, L. ai y if--nl Shirley Dauster Q ,gown al' ,....-.-.ak Delvin Gage ai Sue Cline 7 4? 2 M , W. -sr Carole Drake y., ,se Q '-no , 5 4'-ob 'fbi' Virzyq Martha Collins Sharon Cooper Jimmie Crews 'ON nit' fs As, , Mary Ann Eggleston Nancy Foirriestier Priscilla Foirriestier sf- l V ,QXQ , ,:,t fs' :nikki Zh, -V . ,i ,,,,.,,A Z v-,- . X QW, A Y , 7,1 M 5 vm M 1 I V ' 5 . -, ,fs Q .fb J I X - : , 4 fr 15 I xy . 'K ' .9 j 'wp A ' if . uf Q HA- r,:, I J ff'-'--'vi' W-W Q " L S A V ,Y sv A .A ' x iii Q55 ,E -ri-'Em'-if J 4 " ' 1 f i t f 2 , ' A - W ' lf t A. Ronald Gill Cecil Greer Jeanette Hamrick Earnest Higginbotham .. . it was a cold, cold night but a few of us remained loyal to the final touchdown. Mr. Beasley couldn't find an elephant anywhere -- that must be powerful "elephant dust" that Mr. Miles is sprinkling. Sf Q 4 1 v g 3 ,r1, s in 'Q M y ,gre 124, as if fs., B RMT ., 3 , 'W'-Sf" , Ktk, x A 1- eee lm ' F r r,yoc Q Q f Carmen Hodge Bobby Hodges Ann Hudson Betty Hurley Linda Jackson Glenda Keck Evelyn Kelley James King Mike League Diane Lloyd ,N is gli usa? BE Q 41? A f,3-,g,,m ik, K . f , gf sri K W 3 Carol McFarlin Rayburn Medlin Tommie Orms Dickie Owens Billy Don Payne i L. :if me ss df ...to wish you a Merry Christmas as we get together for the all High School Christmas Party. This singing group, composed of Grace McMullen, Carol McFarlin, Shirley Rogers, David Alexander, and Bob Wayt, gives the Christmas Spirit in song. Freshmen -lf, WM 'isa emhewf we J ,. T x 'Sfff Jerry Lee Perry Frank Polatti Janie Beth Raibourn C.A. Reeder Judy Schrecker l""'K rg. Q ,url 3" seg, JQ4 '90 F X CW T, 1 f Bennie Sharp Princess Silvertooth Pat Stites Lee Roy Thomas Nancy Trent fi e l 3324 in , N , :wiriii y .W ., me ' V 132 sw- S .fg- rw N' , 2 Y .,. , :I ,F 1 ef My W 1, R ,dev ' 1 J? ZI: V. xx iiimii I l I 2 , s ig Nathan Walker Russell Wayt Charles White Mary Ann Willeforcl Mike Wood X t l we W 5 Sophomor e Class Qificers Presidenr. . . Clarence Grerr Vlce President . . Cnerry Henicok Secretory. . . Jeanette Bdlrcl Treasurer. . . Sandro Beckham Reporter. . . Glenn Acuir Sponsors. . Mrs. Clyde Tuttle Mr . Wallace Redd eg if L--f 1 Glenn Acuff GUY Arney ,Z Jeanette Baird William Beclll Sa nclra Beckham 'W R th u Ann Blaylock M argaref Brown GUin BrOWnin 9 Nolan Colbu ,,,,,,h-,rg fn BUl'Cl-1 Davi S 3+ 1 . rdf' 4 Keep studying Martha Smith and Jimmy Crews and you will get to the place where you will have those sen- ior rings to compare as we see at the right -- Billy Rex, Kay, and Bill iust can't decide whose ring is the best. 1 " f i - v ,a' i O an , , A xff lk Curtis Gage ' 5 M is S it V , 'dis ' 6 .An Norma Hardwick fx 'K Ann Hunter 7 l Sophomores ., -0- QM . X rw" , " f 'arf vp... 7:-Q to-sy 'W'- a f V w gf --Q ,q.,,,e. .,.r , , . tl' H' ' 'Tiff L ,f 514 55 '-I ff ig r if . B .s 5- g:. JW 33155 as - L 5"Q?x- ,full Ulffff Azul: :f" 't I June Gary Hardy Gauntt Clarence Grett Cherry Hanicak 1 f M 0 'G 1. u f of B jx Mary Bell Herring Lee Helton Ronnie Hill Margaret Horlander 'R 1 if if 'mar 4:-ff' B ':mrsl!ll llllllll1 Harry Ingram Billy Kelley Frances Kojis Martha Martin ,ilf , L .PV g These hillbillies from the Junior class make preparation for the "Trail of the Lonesome Pine." Miss McNamara and Princess Silvertooth give final touches to Roy Bruce's make-up, Wanda Husband adjusts her wig, and Freddie Sutton and Jerry Jordan are iust a-waitin' . Santa Skelton, your beard is slipping. H Jh Ch l 'l'ttl b ,D 'cl, gS1Sencyoruan5rt1:ublle?e oy qv' -W 'Wi Virginia McFall David Nivens Corky Orms Nancy Owens Lanny Parish 'P 'E ' K V l ip.: Z , gfi W x W Q ' gm all f .. rf ibn .Maxi vi: ",' iw- :N . , ' , , AK wg - . , X T S3 ifxxai ,gfilifisxi N s is 4 Q 'i l A i 1 gf s 51 f ik is Sandra Parish Scotty Parrish Jeanette Perry James Lynn Phillips Chuck R0l9iI'1S0l'1 mm , fws. 'M' A swim Beverly Rose Ann Sharp Wayne Skelton Carolyn Thomas Johnny White Junior Class Gfficers President. . . Jerry Davis Vice President. . . Martha Smith Secretary. . . Pat Young Treasurer. . . Sonny Beasley Reporter. . . Tommy Jones Sponsors Miss Frances White Mr. Bailey Marshall , m- l 2 s...,,,f Ronnie Aclams rug. an-s IW' 'Q 1 ""'-1m fi l f RE f , Jucly Allison William Athey av Q Q 'gi P .,: Zi.. , If iw-ff' A bra, l B1 N E W' VV f Sandra Bingham Ronald Bost Charlcie Bristow fi- RQ Sonny Beasley Jean Bills B in '75 v-H' Al ma Brown Roy Bruce 5 The Library offers many facilities for study and preparation as well as reading for enioyment and pleasure. Jaycees . -i 5 HHH? ll ill al "3 i w, -: S J uniors Jimmie Cox Jerry Davis Mary Sue Donald Charles Grett Vernon Griffin ff G bl. .,.. A A ., 'W gf' I he ' ' . IWW' rf' -w. 094599 , ..,,, . A Sharon Hamrick Coy Hill Don Hunter Sue Huntley Willie Hurley Wanda Husband Tommy Jones Jerry Jordan Norma Gay Kennedy Eddie Kindle ...our own Miss White Oak is crowned Queen of Gregg County by a member of the Longview fm iw J' '31 some days we think that June will never come Jimmie McNew 1 Kay Reeder 1"-s Miv- W9 Fay Medlin -RG' We-' ...., 'HX Juniors . . .hey therel watch that locker door 1 ., 2 . 5 , ,kg m I , ey ,N V 4 M, I ' Y 24 i em ' if-h get X ii , - ,gil EXW' , V - QA 51 'V 2 R i ,.,, fl . ' " X A A Connie Morgan Jackie Orms Fred Pyeatt e tts . ,1- IMS n i W ., N. John Robinson x..' ' I 8' il 56 Sq, ' 9 A, W , , 2 ---K. F' ML " , .. J tx, W, , .. .,-W A 1 , V - ,f.gTp4 . r 55:::::' , f :wi V .anfifri ff! 1" 1 nf' 'titlfff ,ESQ f M. ffm aw -Mac. -km'-Vf'-fi' N. ' tr'f"" vi. 'J 1 Ariifiivf . 'tt g:'g.':p3"Zf - 9' I'.!,"'3f'mi If '- 1. V f ,- f,:..w,,f.Ah.- is. : ilm!t::m:1' :' at Freddie Sutton Lynda Vaughn W ? 'W ,- f 5. f or W f 1 Horace Sharp Martha Smith James Starr ,.W. , U9 ' " up-wmv f- as J Tommy White Gienn Womack Pqf Young A I Z f f 2 3 l, l ,? 'fi . . . Bob Wcnyt . . . .Gene King . . . . Pct Greer . .Shirley Rogers . Billy Rex Parker Ernesfine Hoclson Mr. Theo Miles ,4- ' 74 1' JAMES DAVID ALEXANDER "Alex" This is your life, David, as you complete your Senior Seniors of I958 year which is the climax of 13 years at White Oak. You have grown from the young man of the "tricycle set" to become one ot' White Oak's outstanding students which is exemplified by your being selected as both Scholastic and All-Round onthe Hall of Fame. As a scholar of the high- est rank, you were on the Scholastic Roster 4 years, re- ceiving special awards in Mathematics and Social Studies. You have served in positions of leadership as you led your class as President 2 years, assisted as Vice President, and participated in the Student Council 3 years, leading the entire Student Body as Council President this year. Your athletic achievements are many -- earning i6 letters, 4 years in Footbal l, Basketball, Track, and Baseball --- gaining special recognition as Captain, All- District 3 years, All-State 2 years, and the Northern All-Stars in Football, Captain and All-State 2 years in Basketball, All-District 2 years and All East Texas in Baseball, and at- tending the State Track Meet 3 years, running as anchor-man on the State Champion Mile Relay team. To round out your activities you sang in the Boys'Quartetand Mixed Quartet, worked with the Christmas Pageant 4 years, Acorn Actors, and Junior Play, and participated in the lnterscholastic League contest for Slide Rule, going to Regional 2 years. Other honors came as you were selected Boys' State Representative, received an Outstanding Citizenship Award, and won the Area Soil Conservation Essay Contest in 1956. HARLENE BAIRD "Harlum" This is your life, Harlene, as you complete your final year in High School. You have engaged in a variety of activities, working with the FHA, the Band 2 years, and in Slide Rule 2 years in the lnterscholastic League Contest, winning 3rd place in District in I957. Your chief endeavors were those in Girls'Athletics where youwere affectionately known as "Harlum" as you played Basketball 4 years and Volleyball 3 years, earning2 letters in each of these sports. Seniors of I95S DAVID MAXWELL CLINE urMGXnr This is your life, Max Cline, a lite which has been filled with "doing things in pairs" as most of your acti- vities include twin brother, Mike. Your achievements in Mathematics were recognized as you participated in I Field Days 4 years and in the Interscholastic League Slide Rule Contest winning Ist Place in District and 3rd Place in Regional in I957. Other services rendered were to the Baseball team 2 years, as Cartoonist on the Gauger Staff, to the Halloween Variety Show, and in the Christmas Pageant. Your quiet but business-like manner of getting the fob done placed you with the honored and respected on the Hall ot' Fame as Depend- able. WILLIAM MICHAEL CLINE nrMikelu This is your life, Mike, as you complete a High School career of doing things in parallel with a twin brother. Mathematics has been a chief interest of yours also as you attended Field Days3 years and participated in the lnterscholastic Slide Rule Contest. You have given service to the Gauger Staff as Cartoonist I year and to the Baseball team as Manager I year. wmv? aim ? A' fswkw it tt '7 ,iw K nal' Mgy MARTHA ANN CUMMINGS This is your life, Ann, as you complete your final , ,A year of high school at White Oak. Although you came -. , ., to White Oak only four years ago, your impish smile and dancing brown eyes are well-known by ull. Your love of being a part of a group that's doing thingsis exempli- W ---.- , fied by your actively participating on the Annual Staff r 'aa -.. -f' .wweiztlsvmpyws CW. ' - .sss.w., .wwfmf Ag .... :.: si --153, Q. ' ' ' - M k., ,. , , .,..,, .-.4 A .- . P 3 I l 'Q and serving as Subscription Editor this year, being a mem- ber of the Acorn Actors, Library Club, Choir, and FHA 4 years, serving as Parliamentarian I year, lettering in Volleyball 2 yearsgattaining a position on the Scholastic Roster, representing the Choral Club in the StudentCouncil, and performing in the Christmas Pageant. Yes, Ann, even asa "wee little one" you possessed a loveable smile and big brown eyes which, combined with a delightful sense of humor, continued to gain you friends all through your school life. YH 5 S SHIRLEY ANN DAVIS if 4- Y . This is your life, Shirley, as your many memorable achieve- mentsare inscribed on the pages ofWhite Oak's past. First , , - with the most in many fields, you have set an enviable goal of attainment for future Oakies with your four years on the Scholastic Roster. As Editor of both the Gauger and - K the Roughneck, Vice President, Treasurer, and Program if Chairman of the FHA, Secretary-Treasurer of the Speech ' Club, Head Usherette and Representative on the Student Council you have demonstrated your executive and leader- ship talents. And you have shown by your consistently excellent work that you deserve the titles of Dependable and Scholastic on the Hull of Fame. Your special skill in business work is manifest in your contest honors in Spelling, Typing, and Shorthand, winning First place District in all three and going to the State Meet in Typing. A way with words both written and spoken has gained you recognitionin Ready Writing, "I Speak For Democracy," Journalism, and Soil Conservation and Civitan Essay competition. Your participation as an angel and as Mary in the Christrras Pageant, your Junior, Chapter, and State Degrees of Achievementin Homemaking,and your March and October Cairl of the Month honors in FHA add other facets to your personality that prove your versatility. 9' F' A if 'f ,Q I This is your life, Ellen Elmore. Yes, this isclimax to your high school career and your tenth year at White Oak. if 'sit' K ' 99 hs ELLEN ELMORE PM M I f"' ,M ,S E wi S A X You will always be remembered for your long brunette tresses and your "easy come" smile. Your interests have S Q ew 1. been varied and you have endeared yourself in many places K ny' es ,V .,, .5 Q M K in high school. Your activities in the FHA 3 years, Gau- ger Staff as page I editor, Commercial Club, Student Coun- cil, and Usherette provide long-lasting memories for you. You also lettered in Volleyball and have offered your ser- vices to the Annual Staff 2 years, serving as Business Man- ager for the '58 Roughneck. It -1 s -f E? N6 .Ml .-Mt. :ws.:.'L DIXIE FISHER M , This is your life, Dixie, as you complete the final year 5 of a 12-year school career. Your activities include parti- . cipating as a member of the FHA 4 years, Annual Staff 2 . years, Acorn Actors, Thespians, Spanish Club, and Choir. I . f Your most active service, however, has been in the FHA as is you earned Chapter and Junior Degrees in Homemaking, participated on State and Area meetings, and served your chapter as Treasurer, Parliamentarian, and Recording Sec- ieiufii retary. You also have taken an active part in the Christmas Pageant, Halloween Variety Show, and Junior Play. A A 'Es 1' 5 L same .-... I '. ' gg-ss :t':.' 1: ,y 1 h -gmt' ' ' rt . 5. l . Seniors of I958 g GEN E GARY -1 . This is your life, Gene, as you finish your Senior year. N y ' Track and Basketball have been two of your favorite acti- wp vities - earning 1 letter in Track and 3 letters in Basket- ballwith theselectionasCaptain in 1958. Organizational " memberships were in the Acorn Actors and 4-H Club 3 om years while rendering service as Load-Boy for the Band and performing in the Junior Play and Christmas Pageant are added to your list of services to the activity program at White Oak. we s Qs 4 A tiiiiliili'?2m-ig , 551, '.i r ,- .fziimefszbsiszffttf :-'i is t PATRICIA ANN GREER y 1' 2 K a J' if , . A s 5 ts .S y is , A32 T Q S . . I is we wat if '54 i x ' ' A "Pam" This is your life, Pat, White Oak's Outstanding School Citizen for 1958 and Representative in the DAR Good g , 4 Citizen Contest. A quiet and efficient leader, you have it I g I '1 served your class well as Reporter, Secretary 2 years, and gli, Student Council Representative, acted as Reporter and Vice Presidentduring your5 years in FHA, marched in the 'fill 'N front rank as Twirler in your 6th year of service in the Band, and now hold the office of Secretary-Treasurer in the StudentCouncil. Special recognition came in scholas- tic achievementsas you attaineda position on the Scholas- tic Roster 2 years, received a special Award in Band, and entered the Interscholastic League Contests for Spelling and Shorthand. You are well-remembered for your four "angelic" per- formances in the Christmas Pageant and your part as "Callie" in the Junior Play. A bubbling personality, accompanied by a pleasing smile, which has brightened White Oak halls placed you as a Candidate for Halloween Queen 3 times, once in the honored position as Princess, Class Favorite as a Sophomore, and crowned you Popular on the Hall of Fame. , 'Ft 'ts . 'U-', t ,,.,,J. .gg5M,,,.f,f 2 -' A RUTH LYNN HARRINGTON .5 K "Ruthie" ' x T ,hm " This is your life, Lynn, one which shows aptitudes in 15' ,, , SY many fields. Your 6if2 years in the Band and year in the , , Choir attest to your musical skill, your part in the Junior sfifif Play, Thespians, and Acorn Actors 4 years show a flare for ' the dramatic. Leadership qualities are indicated by your its , L ' work as Vice Presidentand Librarian of the Band, President . 4 tk ,, of the Acorn Actors, Secretary of the Freshman Class, Spanish 5lul:r,T1nd Junior Class, reporter of the Sophomore cass an in t e Student Council. Highest among your ratingsis the scholastic achievement which placed you on the Scholastic Roster 4 times, the debating skill filled a Debate career of 4 years and netted you a trip to the State Meet, and the language fluency which won you the Foreign Language Award at White Oak. A ne, , 'as 'f ,af . , .Aw , Seniors of 1958 fps .1 1 EVE? r zsfvi I "W 2 f , ' if .Q fy f A Ji 4.- Y' wt mi! allege if Q, iii? M? 5 W 1 z gi is 1 31 'Q MW M5543 .fx ' fx, ' My f r 5 fs?.e:.f, SHIRLEY SMITH "Snut'fy" This is your life, Shirley, a school life full of fond memories from the days of the "pig-tails" to the now fashionable "pony-tail." Your activities have been cen- tered around Girls' Athletics - lettering 4 years in Bas- ketball with the selection as Captain in 1957, lettering 2 years in Tennis,and playing Volleyball 2 years. Tennis achievements include winning two District Champion- ships, one in singles in 1957 and one in Doubles in 1958. You were also a member of the Band 4 years, FHA 2 years, Choir, and Acorn Actors. ROBERT WAYNE STAN LIN "Ramblin' Roberto" This is your life, Robert. ln contrast to your lack of speed in speech and movements, the title "Ramblin' Rober- to" was given because of your avid interest in hot rods. Your participation in school activities includes playing Football 3 years, participating in the Mathematics Field Day and in the East Texas Industrial Arts Exposition 4 years, and portraying the "keeper of the lnn" in the Christ- mas Pageant. JO ED STIT ES This is your life, Joed Stites. Yes, brings to a close your High School career filled with 4 years participation in Girls'Athletics, 3 years in FHA, and 7years of service in the Senior Band. "Queenie, " your selection as Cap- tain of the '58 teams highlighted the earning of 3 letters in Basketballand 4letters in Volleyball. Special recog- nition in the Band came as you entered Solo and Ensemble Contests and attained the position as Twirler 3 years. Your other activities include acting as Student Director of the Junior Play, performing in the Christmas Pageant and Halloween Variety Show 2 years, and being acclaimed as Halloween Princess in 1956. JIMMY PATRICK PARRISH . sl gow 1,1 4 . npufu 'X .. g . . M., , tw L, .HZ This is your lite, Pat, as you complete your Senior year. - You have been a member ofthe Acorn Actors, Band, and L' 4-H Club 5 years, serving as President i year. Your sports activities include lettering in Track, Baseball 2 years, Foot- Q 1 ball 2 years, and being selected Captain, All-District, and if All-State in Football. As a boxer for 2 years in the Light- Heavyweight division you were, in 1958, the East Texas Golden Gloves and Texas AAU champ and the most out- standing boxer in Longview. Highlighting your sports acti- vities was your selection as Athletic on the Hall of Fame. KATHRYN ILENE PENICK uKuyn This is your life, Kay, which has brought honor and re- nown to yourself and White Oak. You have worked with FHA 5 years, as chapter Vice President 2 years, served as District Vice President and President, Area Vice President, State Vice President, and in this final year you now hold the office of National Vice President of Recreation. Other honors in Homemaking activities were your receiving the Betty Crocker Award, the school Homemaking Award 2 years, and earning the State Degree. Many organizations called for your services as you participated in the Library Club 7 years, serving as Program Chairman, Secretary, Vice President and President, Debate 3 years, Annual Staff 3 years, as Layout Editor and Associate Editor, Acorn Actors, Thespians, Interscholastic League Spelling, Student Council Representative 2 years, and played Basket- ball i year. Stage performances also are included in your memories as you played the part of "Tish" in the Junior Playby the same name. You served as Junior Class Treasurer, attained a position on the Scholastic Roster 3 years, won a Civitan Essay Contest and a plaque for second place in the Regional Soil Conservation Essay Writing Contest, and among your trophies is the honor of Courteous on the Hall of Fame. in . 535 f ,.,,,,,g SHIRLEY ROGERS A ' In uDrooPy-I I gbzufx .ii . 4 ,-,, i - This is your life, Shirley, at the close of a school career . - . full of rich and happy memories. Your enthusiastic school , " spirit inspired all as you served as Cheerleader 3 years, Head X 2 H - . .ggi Cheerleader l Year: in 5UPPorting the athletic endeavors of "' ' the Roughnecks. Your own achievements in athletics won ,:- for you 4 letters in Basketball and 3 letters in Volleyball, -V being selected Captain in each of these sports. Your viva- "'i':':i""' A cious personality has been an asset to many organizations as you were a member of the Commercial Club, Acorn Actors, Thespians, and Gauger Staff, participated in the Band 4 years, serving as Flagbearer, sang with the Choir 3 years, Girls' Trio 3 years, and Mixed Quartet, worked with the FHA 4 years, Song Leaderl year, performed in the Junior Play and Christmas Pageant, and entered Interscholastic League Typing. A popular and charming beauty, you have had the honor of beingClass Favorite 2 years, Freshman and Junior, Candi- date for Homecoming Queen and Halloween Queen 2 years, Boys' Basketball Sweetheart, and surpassing all other honors, All-Round on the Hall of Fame. il V 2 ..: :Q 5 Seniors of 1958 f ,nv KVM. - my ixx ,C X GRACE MCMULLEN I V S i IIMGCII iyyav- an . fn This is your life, Grace, lived vivaciously since you 'ev began your school career at White Oak 12 years ago. i'jjj"' Your activities as Cheerleader in 1957-58 and playing . - Tennis and Basketball 4 years each prove your athletic ability which won for you the honor of Athletic on the , S' Hall of Fame. In Basketball you lettered 3 years with the selection as Captain in 1957. Winning the State Tennis title and the Lufkin Tournament in doubles in 1957, plus Regional two years in singles, highlighted a Tennis career of 4 years. Musical achievements came as you were chosen Best Girl Musician in Junior High, completed 6 years in the Senior Band, 3 years in the Jazz Band, 3 years in the Choir, 4 years in the Girls' Trio and 1 year in the Mixed Quartet. Being on the Scholastic Roster during your Freshman and Sophomore years, participating in interscholastic League events, and serving as Devotional Director for the Student Council showed your devotion to duty. Your antics as "Aggie" in the Junior Play, TISH, was further proof of your lively disposition that gained you fame as one of the wittiest girls in school, and earned for you the affectionate "Mac," ,gf was Q y 5 JEAN Moss fs., 7 - ss fe --Mossy- " ' 'Q K 'X This is your life, Jean, as this year ends your high I . 3 school career. You have been playfully dubbed "Mossy" 5 ' , x ig K by your friends and classmates who have displayed their was I 4 5 , K, affection for you as they selected you to be Band Sweet- 24 , X s. heartand Class Favorite this, your Senior year. You gave ,517-I ' LEQZAP of your time and talent as an active participant in the ' ' Acorn Actors 2 years, Band 6 years, Choir 2 years, FHA 4 years, Junior Play, and Annual Staff. You have served as Treasurer of the Band and Secretary of the Choral Club. -37" r 'K BILLY REX PARKER 7 "Lightin" , "t ' sgisj This is your life, Billy Rex, as you finish your Senior it year of school - your twelfth at White Oak. Lettering ' in Football 2 years, Basketball, and in Track 3 years with trips to the State Meet accounts for your athletic achievements. You are Reporter of the Senior Class and have been a participant in the Christmas Pageant and in ,-. - we Choir Activities. A friendly and courteous manner en- deared you to many as was exemplified by your selection as Class Favorite 2 years, Freshman and Junior, Courteous on the Hall of Fame, and Outstanding Citizen at White Oak. J.W. HERRING llsunnyll This is your life, J. W., as you complete your high M -5 S iiigge .4 .1 3 six? . egg ii' school days with iust over a year in attendance at White w e Oak. Your enioyment of sports activities has been ful- '-r.:- filled as you avidly supported the Roughnecks in their en- is Sf deavors. You rendered services as Load-Boy for the Band, as a member of the Acorn Actors and 4-H Club, and partic- V ..V, ipated actively in Boxing. V GENE RAYMOND KING This is your life, Gene, as you complete an active high school career which has been highlighted by participating at the State Meetin both Football and Basketball. A"crew cut" had to replace the curls as athletics began to dominate your life. You lettered in Football 3 years and were se- lected on the All-District and All-State team in 1957, let- tered in Basketball 3 years, being selected 58 Captain, and lettered in Baseball 4 years. Your friendly, likeable man- ner won for you these coveted honors: Popular on the Hall of Fame and Girls' Basketball Beau. You have represented your class as Reporter, Vice President 2 years, and Student Council Representative. Partic- ipating in Slide Rule 2 years and in the Junior Play completes a well-rounded program of High School activities . PHIL McFARLlN "Mockingbird" This is your life, Phil, as you complete your Senior year at White Oak. ln this, your fourth year atWhite Oak, you can recall activities in 4-H Club 3 years, Spanish Club, Acorn Actors,and playing Football and Baseball, lettering 2 years in Football. l JuLuA LEA THOMPSON "" ""'7 njudyn V, I This is your life, Judy, looking back over the events bi. f' that have made your High School days memorable, we see ' you working diligently on the Gauger Staff, singing with s the Choral Club, participating in FHA 3 years and serving ,Aux Q K ' ,A as Treasurer, performing in the Christmas Pageant and Jun- E , ,f s N I Q . if ior Play, playing Basketball, and taking your place as ilk , "' f Vice President of your Freshman Class and later an active O 't A "gin: member of the Commercial Club. The Roughneck Band will not soon target your six years of service or your year as Vice Preidenif Twirler, and 2 years as Drum Maiorette. Your leadership ability in all activities helped to prepare you for your big iab as Vice Presi- dent of the Student Council. Your beauty, poise, and vivacious personality won for you Attractive on the Hall of Fame, Candidate for Homecoming Queen and Halloween Queen 2 years, Football Sweetheart, and the title of "Miss Gregg County" as you represented White Oak at the Gregg County Fair. Eclipsing all these honors was your winning of the highly coveted honor of MISS WHITE OAK of 1958. BILL TRENT Q Y ftrefflf This is your life, Bill, as you complete I2 years ot' f V, Z school at White Oak. Even though you are known as one of FQ the quietest boys in White Oak High, you have been an -wfzff ., integral part of school activities. You began your sports A X A activities in Jr. High, lettering I year in Football and 2 k g hl- A015731 'I years in Basketball . In high school you lettered 3 years in Track and 2 years in Basketball. You were a class Officer during your Freshman year and "vaulted" to the rank of Class Favorite whena Senior.Your part in the Junior Play, TISH, your activities in Acorn Actors, and your participating in the Christmas Pageant2 years took you on the stage num- erous times. ROBERT WAYT nsobn This is your life, Bobgan active participant in all school activities with an outstanding record in sports -- earning I2 letters, 3 each in Football, Basketball, Track, and Baseball. You received special recognition in Football as you were selected on the All-District team 2 years, All-State 2nd team, and Captain of the 1957 Roughneck team, in Track you helped bring to White Oak a State Championship in the Mile Relay. You have served your classmates well as their Presidentduring your Freshmanand Senior years, Vice Presi- dent when a Sophomore, and as a member ofthe Student Council. Your dependability and cooperative attitude, as well as your ability, has made a place for you in the hearts of all at White Oak as you worked with the Acorn Actors, Tiles - pians, Junior Play, Christmas Pageant, Choir, Boys' Quartet, and One-Act Play, being se- lected on the District All-Star Cast. Culminating your positions of honor on the Scholastic Roster, Attractive on the Hall of Fame, FHA beau, and Library Club Beau come the highly coveted title of MR. WHITE OAK of 1958. R "mf-rs Shirley gives the class some important facts con- cerning the setting of goals as one makes plans for the future . Max Cline P.T.A. Scholarship Award Bill Trent P.T.A. Scholarship Award Kay Penick Lions' Club Scholarship Award Paul Attaway Harlene Baird Mike Cline Ann Cummings Ellen Elmore Dixie Fisher Gene Gary Patricia Greer Lynn Harrington A Q High School SHIRLEY DAVIS Valedictorian Mk? i H4111 film ' ' r ' , . , . , . v A wg.. V, , H-WW X wwrvgyg it A ' r L V.i'i S311 1 f ' , ..yL 'i'i ew 'W L ' ' rr.Q 5 A -.4, ? 3, sgrs i n my . , rrru ,, .-, r ss. 'Y f " .' . U 'r-,,' Y K 5 lf .. . Egg ., , , r C. as: 'f-'- : ' Q ' i f f A Q1 - ii if H y ,,,,., H "" A L . is 'lqz n ' A . A A 'X 3 ki Qs C sa ' A nfl L- x ,. f f.' by it V 1 tg X , . to .L L iii: fi? in so z ei C y - A 1 rsrro rofi susg 'lru rsss M K f, A S A . 1 " w , Y xii i: V' V :Q A ll Y is , by r Qbl an :Z-,-Z I- 3 A r V L . pl it J buuulu ig- f - if zv, 5- Y 1 ..'., ,,'- ' .. k-, l ."'l If Q -Q A ,,, ., i ..,, , If K A. xg,f ,u 1: H illl x li -E -in :-- A ..... 1 4 V , J I E , . it? S ii L 7 Mm: f QW smxW.w,, , ,.. .4.5,1,,.,,.,.,, , :P,..,., .,.. ,N , V, A W W sris rt :Img -as 'WW A-1 4 E my MM Y ,Mg of tw.. K A y o L s i if 1 Q 1 Azv- I. Vr,, Z Q' f: ..,' , 2 22'- if f ' 4 r-rf --rrr'oil ' icr- ' L ' ' ""'i' " er-, , V' -:,r :fi '- 'S 'fig ' , A .',-' S52 83 ' ft " -g . - ig f- , , L , J L ,", ' ,H l W , W Ffiiagg' S31 " wi--1 ' , Q., v D Graduation if ' P DAVID ALEXANDER . in Salutaforian Reviewing The past and bringing The class achvlhes g up fo date was Davicl's iob in preparing the group g for "Where Do We Go From Here? A fr S, 5 , A .D V . W , - f- K Msg-z.s'h We ' Yr 'f ff V N..W.mw 4 M "fair A "Mrs ri, sg, 'fr rf ' .lf ' i if A " 1 A y W A f a l A A A ,. - . .m:,:-gy 'W A D , 4: U Ati? H V - rv z lg.. , A A if r,, A. - l' A s 'A , P' K ie -" A A P1 Q lg iw 4 ' M V .K . X. :,r.. A lf W' sr for 5115 .,,,A,., ,K ,gg sm: fy.. 1:-.Ag f ' 'sf Fifi me 'IR A K N7 4 V,,... , , f , 'gif' gi 4 N .S?f fi if 55, A " fr 4 gf 5 Q 5 g A, rx . A 2' 5 , f A 2 D T' 1 1 - in is 2 igas Gene King Phil McFarlin Grace McMullen Jean Moss Billy Rex Parker Pai' Parrish Shirley Rogers Shirley Smith Roberi' Stanley Joecl Sfires Judy Thompson Bob Wayf The End I 1 . . .thus the final activities end and another chapterin your school life is completed. AI- though this book of memories is closing, other books of school history are yef to be opened. This Is Your Life as you lived it and as has been recorded in the I957-58 ROUGHNECK. UNIVERSITY SUPPLY 8- EQUIPMENT CO. Fort Worth, Texas Wx W EW 5578! W '5' Aww J jf N F, 6-j , 3 2 5 xv H.. .mm - K- , ff' .-ag 'f -,x .M , 1 f ,Mf ,,, 5 1 M35 3 s 'Zin ,::' Pi ? yi fi, sm, hum M an 3. ,gi 7 ,, , .... Q ,, .. .a, ..,... r 1. ,- A ,menu-vvdy . ..,-pf, 1- .. 4 4 if 1 QA . Qw- 1 5 on only yesferday Thus I 5 d z . f l vias Cl parf of you W l 'I 1 ' ,

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