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In Recognition Of L to R with GPA: Joe Ysais-3.26, Celena Bosetti-3.22, Brian Rainey-3.38, Patti Graham-2.93, Tom Jones-3.05, (not pictured) Chris Sinclair-3.38 BRIAN RAINEY TOP SENIOR GPA L to R with GPA: Lorrie Nelsen-3.33, Joe Hasselwander- 3.17, Monica Drake-3.33, Kevin Latham-3.17, Teresa McNab-3.00, (not pictured) Serena Richard-3.00 It is not often that students are recognized for their achievements in the classroom. Most of the attention is given to the athletic activities and social functions. When you look at these students, you see the top achievers in each class. These students carry the highest grade point averages at their grade levels. They have been successful in gaining recognition earned through their own efforts. They have achieved this while maintaining a chosen balance between academics and extra curricular activ- ities. They all do more than just study . L to R with GPA: Armand Carrera-3.17, John Krajcirik- 3.83, Robin Spencer-3.17, Julia Smith-4.00,Jeff Edwards-3.67, (not pictured) Steve Alderman-3.00, and Jill Kersh-3.00 JULIA SMITH TOP SCHOOL: GPA L to R with GPA: James Spencer-3.17, David Thomas- 3.67, Bev Graham-3.83,(not pictured) Joe Leone-3.33JOURNALISM STAFF ADVISOR Mr. Phil Bryant Lee Armstrong Celena Bosetti Mike Cox Eddie Egyed Scott Harper Cory Hedrick Lori James Teresa McNab Jim Oxford Mike Pettengill Jamie Silva Jessica Welch Susan Wilson Jackie Wright EDITOR Chris Sinclair 2KENNY BELL 1-V. Football CELENA BOSETTI 2-Homecoming Princess, 1-Queen, 4-V. Basketball, 2-Softball, 1-B.B. Sweetheart Princess, 1-V. Cheerleader, 3-Football BRETT CANTRELL 1-J.V. Football, 2-V. Football Stat, 2-Class Vice-President, 1-Student Council, 1-Journalism i ' DAVID CLEVELAND CHRIS CEACLIO 4-V. Basketball, 4-Softball, 3-Football Stat, 1-V. Cheerleader, 3-Class Secretary, 2-Journalism l-J-.V. Football, 1-V. Football, 1-J.V. Bas- ketball, 2-V. Basketball, 3-Baseball ROSENTO CORDOVA Sl-J.V. Football, 1-F.H.A., 1-V. Basket- ball Mgr.  MIKE COX 2-J.V. Football, 2-J.V. B.B., 2-V. :B.B., 1 Baseball, 2-Journalism EDDIE EGYED 2-J.V. Football, 2-Track, 2-Class Vice President, 1-Journalism CORY DRAPER 2-Wrestling, 2-V.I.C.A. KAREN HARRIS 1-Journalism, 2-J.V. V.B., 1-M.V.P. 2-V. B.B., 1-Softball, 1-S.B. Stat, 2-V. Cheer- leader, 1-Academic Olympics, 1-F.H.A. MARVENA HARRIS 2-F.H.A. PATTI GRAHAM 1-V. Volleyball, 1-V. B.B.CALVIN HENDRICK 2-J.V. Football. 2-V. Football. 4-Wres- LISA LINZL 4-F.H.A.. 2-Softball tling, 4-Track I OKI JAMLs 1-F.H.A., 4-Softball-Most Improved, l J.V. Volleyball-Most Inspirational, 2-V Cheerleader, 2-Journalism, 1-Busines Manager, Who's Who Among American High School Students, 1-Adv. Band 11 1 iO l 4-Wrestling, 2-J.V. Football, 2-V. Foot ball, 4-Golf, 2-V.I.C.A. BARBIEE KRESGE 1-Track RICK LEBERT 2-J.V. Football JIM OXFORD 2-J.V. Football, 2-V. Football, 4-Baseball, 1-Journalism, 2-J.V. Basketball DAN MIX MIKE PETTENGILL 2-J.V. Football-l-Most Inspirational, 1- M.V.P., 2-V. Football-l-Most Inspira- tional, 2-All league, 4-Track, 1-Most Valuable Player, 2-Most Inspirational, 2- J.V. B.B., 1-Most Inspirational, 2-V. B.B., 1-Journalism MITCH WASIK 2-J.V. Football, 2-V. Football, 3-Track-l- Most Improved, 1-J.V. B.B., 3-Physical Fitness. BRIAN RAINEY 2-J.V. Football, 2-V. Football-l-Honor- able Mention, 1-J.V. B.B., 3-V. B.B.-2- Captain-2-All League, 4-Baseball-l-Most Improved-3-All League, 1-S.B. Pres., 4- H.R., 1-Soph. Class Vice Pres., Who's Who among American High School Stu- dents. CHRIS SINCLAIR 1-J.V. B.B., 3-V. Basketball-l-M.V.P.l F.R.L.M.V.P., 4-Baseball-2-AU League, Soph. Class Pres., Senior Class Pres., 1-| Yearbook Editor, 2-Journalism. I JACKIE WRIGHT 2-J.V. Volleyball, 1-V. Volleyball, 1- Girls Basketball Stat and Mgr., 2-Wres- tling Stat, 3-ROP Food Service. JOE YSAIS 2-J.V. Football, 2-V. Football, 4-Track, 2-t J.V. Basketball, 2-V. Basketball. 1 Where's my crown? I want one too! 10 Kiss me you fool!JUNIORS. Alexander L.Armstrong T. Bailey R.Cheraz T. Dickson M .Drake K.Edmonds M. Graham D.Hans S.Harper J.Hasselwander C.Hedrick r 12D.Hedrick J. K i rk K. Latham T.McNab D.Nattress L.Nelsen R.Pettengill L.Roberts S.Smith K.Sawyer J.Thornton K.Smith J.Welch S.Wilson 1314 Teresa, Checks it out!SOPHOMORESJ. Abies S. Alderman M. Atkinson N. Barrera D. Bruening A. Carrera C. Daniels N. Davis A. DeWitt T. Dunton K. Edmonds J. Edwards C. Ferguson J. Funk T. Giddings B. Gray 16N. Lee J. Krajcirik J. Kersh J. Hoaglen Wood Stevens Spencer Smith 17SOPHOMORES ON THE MOVE And where were you three? Is that Mike? Derek Bruening and Kevin Edmonds really concentrate during Family Life. 000H Tad! f Eat your heart out Buggs Bunny! 18RESHMEN-S. Albright M. Atkinson J. Baldock D. Bennett R. Bruecker T. Byrd K. Carr P. Carrera M. Clayton R. Draughon T. Ferguson D. Gibbs R. Gilly B. Goss B. Graham C. Hanners 20P. Hollander R. Ihsen 3. Leone S. Mix L. McCormick M. McKown 3. O'Shea J. Ponce T. Richards D. Shy H. Sifton 3. Spencer R. Stewart D. Thomas K. Vernon J. WrightITS ONLY THE BEGINNING. Our father who art... Checking out the NICE scenery with Lisa and Chevi. Hey B. Paula Hollander, ready for P.E. My braces are brighter than your braces. Freshmen show their best side. Jennifer O'Shea, hugs for charity. 22Exchanging gossip on the log.ADMINISTRATION Superintendent Principal Mr. Herold Sinclair MR. HEROLD SINCLAIR, is one of a kind, no one can replace him. He is there to talk to or if you just need someone to help in any way. Mr. Sinclair has a lot of school spirit. You see him at all the games, such as Football, Volleyball, Basketball, and Base- ball. Besides all of that, he cares about what hap- pens to the students and the school, Mr. Sinclair wants nothing but the best for Westwood High School. This is what makes Herold Sinclair so special to the students and teachers of Westwood High. Administrative Assistant Mr. Phil Bryant MR. PHIL BRYANT, is our Administrative Assistant. His ability to understand the students has made Westwood High School a respectable place for learning and having fun. Phil Bryant has made the school the way it should be, by administrating discipline when needed. Student Counselor Mr. Will Wright MR. WILL WRIGHT, has a very hard job. Arranging every students' schedule to benefit their future career, can be very aggravating at times. He also teaches Mechanical Drawing, General Math, and coaches the Track team. Over- all Mr. Wright is very good at his job.FACULTY SUPERINTENDENT KITTY SUNTKEN SECRETARY LINDA GWYNN SPECIAL EDUCATION BOB CLARK ENGLISH LAURIE ALDERMAN BOOKKEEPER FRED BINSWANGER PHYSICAL EDUCATION HILDA MORLANG LIBRARIAN SUE COX CAFETERIAFACULTY HOME EC. Is this what we pay them for? SHERI BINSWANGER BUSINESS RANDY CHURCH HISTORY 26 JEFF MILLER ENGLISH BARBARA SUGAYA-JONES ADV. MATH ADV. SCIENCEFACULTY ARNIE HASSELWANDER SCIENCE LYNNE HAAS LIBRARY AIDE PAT CHURCH FOREIGN LANGUAGES LOU HAMILTON BANDHOMECOMING 1984 Queen Celena 1984 Homecoming Court Brian and Celena The 1984 Homecoming actually began a week before the big night. The week featured many different activities ranging from dressing up to hall dec- orating. During this week the true meaning of homecoming was established. Since we were playing the undefeated Greenville Indians. The players and student body were fired up. The occasion was enhanced by the traditional assembly held for the student body. At this time the queen candidates were introduced. Despite the rain, homecoming ceremonies began be- tween games. Senior Princess Celena Bosetti was crowned 1984 Queen, by former Queen Gina Richards Jimmy and TessaSENIOR PRINCESS CELENA BOSETTI ESCORTED BY BRIAN RAINEY SOPHOMORE PRINCESS connie McConnell ESCORTED BY MITCH WASIK JUNIOR PRINCESS JAMIE SILVA ESCORTED BY MIKE PETTENGILL FRESHMEN PRINCESS TESSA RICHARDS 3 ESCORTED BY I JIM OXFORDM BE JACKS On February 20, the night of our final league game with Chester, The 1985 Basketball Sweetheart com- petition was held. The candidates and sweetheart were both chosen by the boys J.V. and Varsity basket- ball teams. The candidates were juniors Jamie Silva and Monica Drake, and seniors Chris Ceaglio and Celena Bosetti. The winner was Celena Bos- etti, she was crowned by last years sweetheart, Sam Sifton.1985 BASKETBALL SWEETHEARTSVV lid L up, U1U ....and we only fired 2 shots! Westwood fans, hangin' loose in Juj corner, Celena shows off the latest from Vogue. Steve and Darin, Refuge bound Popcorn isn't fattening, is it?iaving a GOODTIME ! Joe Cool and Junior Mints check out the scene. Droopy and his partners in crime. Mrs. Morlang trains John Krajcirik for her new P.E. assistant. These girls are the original founders of the Surf Burgers. Where's the beef? 33GUMPINESS AT IT’S BEST Steve and Randy, A pair to draw to . 34SPORTS a IT'S NOT THE SIZE OF THE DOG IN THE FIGHT IT'S THE SIZE OF FIGHT IN THE DOG. SPORTSVARSITY FOOTBALL BACK ROW L TO R: K. Sawyer, B. Cantrell, Cory Hedrick, J. Vsais, J. Hasselwander, R. Pettengill, MIDDLE ROW: Coach Binswanger, L. Roberts, R. Nelson, T. Jones, D. Hans, B. Rainey, S. Harper, T. Dickson, M. Wasik, Coach Stowell, FRONT ROW: D. Hedrick, K. Bell, J. Oxford, M. Pettengill, J. Thornton, Calvin Hedrick. Head Coach Fred Binswanger and assistant Danny Stowell, anxiously await to see how their Jacks will react on a key 3rd down play. FLASH BACK............... The 1984 Westwood Lumberjacks finished with a 2-1 record in non-league play. Coaches Fred Binswanger and Danny Stowell were very optimistic about their chances in FRL games. Although the final results produced a 1-3 record, the team demonstrated the traditional toughness that characterizes Westwood Football. Take away a few key injuries and the 1-3 record could well have been 3-1. Senior Brian Rainey had a great year as the quarterback for the 'Jacks. Brian's primary receiver was junior Scott Harper. Mike Pettengill was another standout for the 'Jacks as he earned All League honors for the second consecutive year. Linemen Tom Jones, Calvin Hedrick, Jim Oxford and Joe Ysais were the anchors throughout the year. 36VARSITY PLAYING THE GAME Wasik and Ysais anchor the defensive left end at Chester. Pettenqill and Ysais team up on a tackel. The 'Jacks break through a half- time banner. Darin Hans reflects on the action. Any loss is tough to take; twice as tough if it's to Chester.VARSITY IN ACTION .......... receives congratulations from Hitch and Jimmy. Senoir Captain Mike Pettengill reflects on his season after a tough loss at Chester. A team tackle on the goal line. Ken Sawyer takes a block in the back. '0P Mr. kick, Joe Ysais. 38VARSITY JACKS Mike Pettengill Westwood's hitman, his mission to seek and destroy... Calvin Hedrick takes on a blocker in route to a tackle. Quarterback Brain Rainey takes the exchange from the center; as he moves from behind the offensive line. Jim Oxford, co-captain for the Chester game. om Jones prepares to take on Chesters Ken Sawyer puts a nice hit on a Chester sfensive line. runningback. 39J.V. FOOTBALL BACK ROW L TO R: M. McKown, J. Krajcirik, T. Dunton, P. Carrera, D. Shy, S. Alderman, J. Spencer, D. Thomas, J. Leone, FROM ROW: D. Gibbs, A. Carrera, C. Ferguson, R. Ihsen, N. Lee, Coach Dobson, B. Gray, J. russell, V. Growdon, T. Hasselwander. Gaining experience Learning fundamental football was the goal of Coaches Mike Dobson and Bob Clark. The 1984 Junior 'Jacks were led by the hard running of tailback Jimmy Russell and the spirited defensive play of Mike McKown, Tyrone Dunton, Tom Hasselwander and Robert Ihsen. Although the win loss record doesn't indicate it, the Jr. Jacks were a hard working and enthusiastic group. Coaches Mike Dobson and Bob Clark led the J.V. Jacks in their 19B4 efforts. 40GRIDIRON ACTION Jim Russell turns up field- Coaches Clark and Dobson show the intensity of the game. «.HE JACKS Defense gets stingy. CONGRATULATIONS after a tough game. The small, but hearty, junior Jacks offense. 411JV GRIDDERS IN ACTION Steve Alderman turns upfield for a biq gain. Armand Carrera feels the pains of football. Mike McKown a freshman, was an out- standing preformer for the Jacks. WHS 0 Hamilton City 37 WHS 6 Mercy 48 WHS 0 Dunsmuir 42 WHS 12 Fall River 24 WHS 0 Portola 22 WHS 14 Greenville 48 WHS 0 Chester 36 WHS 30 Loyalton 20 Tom Hasselwander takes on a block. An anxious Junior Jacks bench waits for playing time. 42VARSITY VOLLEYBALL LFFT TO RIGHT: Nicki Davis, Patti Graham, Lee Armstrong, I orrie Nelsen Jill Kersh, Mary Graham. LFFT TO RIGHT: Susan Wilson, Robin Spencer, Nancy Barrera. The Jills were held together by enthusiastic and spirited play. Their offense was led by the spiking of Lorrie Nelsen and Nicki Davis. While the defensive efforts were keyed by the digs of Nancy Barrera, Susan Wilson and Robin Spencer. Coach Sugay-Jones developed a strong sense of pride in her young sguad, a team that will sure- ly challange for the title in 1985 43VOLLEYBALL A diving attempt by Nichole Lorrie Nelson puts Chester to rest.The 'Jills defense sets up for a Mary Graham anchors the front line of the 'Jill defense. 45JV VOLLEYBALL Back Row L to R: K. Carr, B. Graham. Middle Row: R. Stevens, V. Hinze, R. Bruecker, T. Ferguson. Front Row: C. McConnell, A. DeWitt. The Westwood JV Volleyball team was deep with spirit and enthusiasm. Their efforts paid off with several close games and alot of fundamental development. Coach Hilda Morlang directed the young 'Jills and was instrumental in guiding their progress throughout the season. The girls were led on the court by the fine all around play of their MVP, T ani Ferguson. Other award winners were Most Inspirational Ronda Bruecker, and Most Improved Tessa Richards. The continued progress of all the JV girls should point to success for Coach Barbara Sugaya in the future. Westwood 0 2 Chester W estw ood 0 - 2 Downieville Westwood 0 - 2 Quincy W estwood 0 - 2 Loy alton Westwood 0 - 2 Portola Westwood 0 - 2 Greenville April DeWitt on the go! 46Tough on defense is April DeWitt 40. COACH Hilda Morlang. J.V. Bev Graham bumps the ball. The team work of Robin Stevens and Tami F erguson. Connie McConnell Practice makes perfect! 42 Vangie Hinze gives us her power serve. Ready for action is J.V. Rhonda Brucker. Tessa Richards intensity at it's best. BOYS BASKETBALL NON LEAGUE WHS 67-46 ELK CREEK WHS 60-72 HAMILTON GREENVILLE INVITATIONAL WHS 64-31 MAXWELL WHS 56-43 GREENVILLE WHS 46-47 McCLOUD PORTOLA INVITATIONAL WHS 76-61 NAPA VALLEY WHS 58-54 PORTOLA WHS 64-47 QUINCY LEAGUE GAMES doing it our way BACK ROW L TO R: Brian Rainey, Jack McCormick, Joe Ysais, Ken Sawyer, Rosento Cordova, Scott Harper, Mike Cox, David Cleveland, Joe Hassel- wander. ERONT ROW L TO R: Chris Sinclair, Jim Thornton, Mike Pettengill, Rick Pettengill. WHS 63-48 HERLONG WHS 70-66 DOWNIEVILLE WHS 58-64 PORTOLA WHS 51-66 QUINCY WHS 77-41 L0YALT0N WHS 75-49 GREENVILLE WHS 77-72 CHESTER The Westwood Lumberjacks made it two in a row as they powered their way to a 12-2 ERL record, and another league championship. There were indications of things to come as the 'Jacks tipped off the season with a narrow loss to McCloud in the finals of the Greenville Tournament. They swept straight through the Portola Tornament to win the championship game by 17 points. Several individuals played key roles in produc- ing the ERL title. Co-captains Brian Rainey and Chris Sinclair shared the leagues MVP award and received all league honors for the second straight year. Mike Cox, Scott Harper and Dave WHS 74-68 HERLONG WHS 73-44 DOWNIEVILLE WHS 67-65 PORTOLA WHS 47-40 QUINCY WHS 49-28 L0YALT0N WHS 86-54 GREENVILLE WHS 68-62 CHESTER Cleveland dominated the boards and intimidated opponents with their shot blocking ability. NOR-CAL SECTION SEMI-EINAL To make it three in a row is the goal of an outstanding group of juniors led by Hasselwand- er, Thornton, Sawyer and Harper. WHS 65-63 LOS MOLINOS NOR-CAL SECTION EINAL WHS 55-86 McCLOUD 48The Starting Five BRIAN RAINEY a three year starter, finished an outstanding career by being named Co-MVP of the FRL. GUARD 228 POINTS 71 REBS. CHRIS SINCLAIR capped a brilliant career with a second straight ERL Co-MVP award. GUARD 158 POINTS 68 REBS. SCOTT HARPER led the 'Jacks in rebounding in his first Varsity year. FORWARD 103 POINTS 109 REBS. MIKE COX was the man in the middle as he finished his senior year with 143 blocked shots. CENTER 92 POINTS 102 REBS. ! DAVID CLEVELAND was a big reason the 'Jacks repeated •as ERL Champions in 1985. FORWARD 140 POINTS 71 REBS. 49Coach Bryant and the Westwood Lumberjacks put it all together for their second straight Feather River League Championship. Junior guard Rick Pettengill sparked the 'Jacks fast break as the fourth guard. 50 the FRL title. Ken Sawyer shows why he is ready to take over in the middle of the 'Jacks 1986 attack.1985 Captain Joe Hasselwander It’s a Team Effort Mike Pettengill hits from the line.J.V. BASKETBALL Left to Right: Mark Growden, John Krajciric, Jimmy Russel, Tom Hasselwander, Rick Adams. Left to Right: Robert Ihsen, Donovan Gibbs, Steve Alderman, David Thomas, Armand Carrera. Not Pictured Mike McKown and David Shy. First year coach Roger Cox is pictured here with stats Tessa Richards, Connie McConnell and Teresa McNab. WAY TO GO BIG RED The J.V. Jacks were not expected to do well this year. But under the leadership of young Roger Cox, the team pulled together to es- tablish themselves as a power in the F.R.L. The Jacks finished with an overall record of 15 wins and 6 losses, placing second in league. The highlights of the season were two close victories over Chester. The Jacks will be loosing key starters John Krajcric, Jimmy Russell, Tom Hasselwander, Rick Adams and Steve Alderman to the varsity next year. The Freshmen will have to estab- lish themselves as the new starters. 52JV HOOP Tyron Dunton works for position. Donovan Gibbs pushes off to gain an advan- tage inside. Robert Ibsen defends the paint. Mike McKown takes a jumper. Captains John Krajcirik and Steve Alderman get pre-game instructions. Rick Adams and Jim Russell work the offensive boards.Donovan Gibbs crashes the boards while Robert Ihsen looks on. Loyalton attempts to keep West- woods leading rebounder, Jim Russel off the boards. The mini-Jacks watch as David Thomas looks to go inside. Rookie coach Roger Cox expresses a little emotion during a time out. Mike McKown passes around the much larger defender. 54v Alidi I T UAblVb I BALL Left to Right; Patti Graham, Carol Daniels, Nicki Davis, Celena Bosetti, Mary Graham. Left to Right; Lee Armstrong, Chris Ceaglio, Jill Kersh, Nancy Barrera. Not Shown Are Lorrie Nelsen, Serena Richards. Coach Jeff Miller explains the strategy to the Varsity Lumber- jills between timeouts. The 1985 Jills began the season with high expectations. Injuries and some close losses got them off on the wrong foot. Once things began to fall in place the Jills finished strong, winning their final games. With a young team, things look great for the 1986 season. ww 34 35 Happy Camp ww 32 40 Portola ww 59 36 Shasta ww 25 45 Quincy ww 33 38 Trinity WW 46 31 Loyalton ww 23 41 Williams ww 43 34 Greenville ww 35 55 St. Bernard ww 35 47 Chester ww 33 37 Pierce ww 39 61 Downieville ww 61 26 Greenville ww 21 48 Portola ww 38 46 Hayfork ww 42 44 Quincy ww 53 40 Chester ww 50 41 Loyalton ww 48 58 Downieville ww 58 32 Greenville ww 50 46 Chester 55The Graham sisters offered supoort and pride to the 'Jills. Sophomore guard Jill Kersh open on an inbounds play. ON TO VICTORY Senior forward Celena Bosetti hits a jumper.Nancy Barrera and Celena Bosetti check out the compe- tition; and the guys. Sophomore guard Nancy Barrera looks for an open teammate. Lorrie Nelsen shoots under pressure from Greenville. JILL’S ON THE MOVE Senior Chris Ceaglio starts the fast break. Lee Armstrong goes up for an easy two. At the center of the 'Jills offense is soph- omore Nicki Davis. 57BACK ROW L TO R: Julie Baldock, Kris Carr, Coach Trenna Alexander, Laura McCormick, Tami Ferguson. FRONT ROW L TO R: Jennifer Wright, Robin Spencer. The J.V. teams are mostly for learn- ing the fundamentals. The girls didn't have a very productive year, although they did learn the basics of basketball. Coach Trenna Alexander thought she had a pretty good ball club and she enjoyed working with her girls. Robin Spencer was the J.V.'s floor leader. She did most of the ball hand- ling and had scoring responsibilities. Hopefully next year the J.V.'s will continue to improve. ►J CQ H UJ £ c 5 CQ • D Robin Stevens. Lisa McCormick ww 17 38 ww 16 49 ww 21 46 ww 18 17 ww 10 30 ww 20 16 ww 24 61 ww 27 49 ww 13 52 ww 31 32 ww 36 19 ww 27 35 ww 19 40 ww 36 22 Happy Camp Sacred Heart Williams St. Bernard Pierce Greenville Downieville Portola Quincy Greenville Chester Quincy Greenville Chester The junior 'Jills take a much needed break.April Dewitt fiqhtinq for position. Robin Stevens with a touqh layup. Lisa McCoi'mick takes a well deserved drink. Robin and Vanqie qet inside position for a rebound. Chris Carr takes a shot from the baseline. Tami Ferquson leads a fast break for the 'Jills. Coach Trenna Alexander has a few tips for her 'Jills.WRESTLING Coaches Joe Rarcia and Anqel Valles led the wrestling squad to an exciting season. The team was plagued with injuries before many of the meets. Seniors Calvin Hedrick and Tom Jones provided the spirit and leader- ship while the team did their personal duty's. Garcia and the team hope to have better luck next year. STANDING L TO R: James Kirk, Jim Funk, Corey Draper, Coach Garcia, Coach Valles, Larry McKee, Damon Hedrick. KNEELING L TO R: Art Lopez, Calvin Hedrick, Nathan Lee, Tom Jones.BASEBALL BACK ROW L TO R: Cory Hedrick, Larry Roberts Chris Sinclair, Shawn Alexander. MIDDLE ROW: Robert Ihsen, John Krajcirik, Brian Rainey, Joe Hasselwander, David Thomas. FRONT ROW: Steve Alderman, Jim Oxford, Jim Russell. Coach Phil Bryant leads his team in a quest for their sixth straight FRL title. Returning all league players Brian Rainey and Chris Sinclair will share pitching duties and power hitting respons- ibilities. Other returnees are Jim Oxford, Jim Russell and John Krajcirik. Early drills seem to indicate that Shawn Alexander, Steve Alderman and Larry Roberts could be very key people. THE STOPPERS. Brian Rainey and Chris Sinclair are the main gears that move the 'Jack baseball machine. 61 Returning lettermen from the 1984 Championship team.GIRLS SOFTBALL BACK ROW L TO R: Tom Jones, Chris Bratcher, Joe Ysais, Cherrie Wood. FRONT ROW: Tyron Dunton, Gwen Hamilton, Rick Pettengill, David Shy. BACK ROW L TO R: Coach Allison, Nichol Davis, Lorrie Nelsen, Lori James, Robin Spencer. FRONT ROW: Tessa Richards, Chris Ceaglio, Susan Wilson, Nancy Barrera. Senior Lori James warms up in the gym. GOLFTRACK Scott Harper returns as FRL Champion in the high jump. He is joined by senior hurdler Mitch Wasik and distance man Mike Pettengill to form the nucleus of the 1985 track squad. BACK ROW L TO R: Coach Wright, Mark Growdon, Jeff Edwards, Chuck Hanners, Tami Ferguson, Jamie Silva, Carol Daniels. FRONT ROW: Mitch Wasik, Jim Thornton, Danny Turner, Robbie Draughon, Scott Harper, Mike Pettengill. Harper and Wasik warm up with jumping jacks in the weight room. 6364CHEERLEADERS Head Cheerleader Monica Drake JV Cheerleaders L to R Cherrie Wood, Gwen Ham- ilton, Sam Albright. Can you guess whose legs these are? The game Celena, the game. 65I The Wet Head Is Dead! Sam gets the crowd going for the J.V. Jacks. The 1984-85 W.H.S. Cheerleaders. One o the many run-thru's Soike and the cheerleaders made for he Jacks. The COOL CLUB Jessica's comment to the Greenville Cheerleaders.SAY IT WITH A SONG FAMILY LIFE LOVERBOY BILLY OCEAN 67ON THE CRUISE AT WHS Steve Smith's comedy corner. Your suppose to drink it Nancy. 68REAL MEiN HAVE MUSTACHES WHO'S WHO ? MIKE PETTENGILL KEN SAWYER JIM OXFORD DENNY SMALLEY CORY DRAPER EDDIE EGYED CHRIS CEAGLIO ART LOPEZ STEVE SMITH RICK PETTENGILL SHAWN ALEXANDER MIKE COX1:00AM on the bus is not much different than 2:00PM in class. Steve Alderman gives a classmate a Who are these guys? hand. Homecoming captains Calvin Hedrick and Mike Pettengill. Tom and Jim enjoy a varsity halftime.REAL PEOPLE Nicky Davis and Cory Hedrick try to stay awake while they wait for nutrition break and lots of cookies. PLAYMATE PINUP DAVID THOMAS Chris and Chris ? Or Firmit the Frog Tom Jones gets into his computer and Mr. Piggy ? assignment.PLAYMATES OF THE MONTH Rick Lebert Jack McCormickIF THEY COULD SEE ME NOW Jujbro's, Jimbuck and Crisollo. Lisa shows us the Coming Attractions . Earth to Lori. Darin Dazen or Dazen Darin? Have a coke and then smile. Celena gets a love letter from Mike. Get out of my face! 74JACK’S SPORTING GOODS IfnW i .1 Liil y. jg SUPPLIERS OF BASKETBALL EQUIPMENT PE SUPPLIES JACKETS HEART FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN 236 Main St. P.O. BOX 399 CHESTER CA, 96020 Good Luck To The Class Of “85” From Heart Federal Savings LoanSUPERIOR DRYWALL OWNER BUTCH SPRAY TEXTURING CHAPPELL ACOUSTICAL SPRAYING HANGING TAPING CALL FOR ALL YOUR DRYWALL NEEDS CONTRACTOR LICENCE NO. 290960 P.O BOX 1116 WESTWOOD 256-2286 WESTWOOD CA. QUINCY 283-1153 96137SLIDING DOORS • WINDOWS • SHOWER DOORS MIRRORS WINDOW GLASS • PLATE GLASS • AUTO GLASS COMPLETE STOREFRONT SERVICE Tri County Glass Co. SCL 234382 PHONE 257-5111 35 NO WEATHERLOW ST SUSANVILLE. CA 96130 BOB TWEDDELL CAL GAS - CHESTER R1CHINS PROPANE LEN La LONDE Manager Res. 258-2074 Bus (916)258-4141 P O Box 307 143 Mam Street Chester. CA 96020 FRANK WIGGLE STORE MGR. (916) 257-7153 a division of Tahoe Office Systems DON ASHLEY BRANCH MGR (916) 257-7153 1002 MAIN STREET. SUSANVILLE. CA 96130 PBonnie VP ((Uyde (Uifi floitU SPAelly ((ea jlio ( H6) 256-3556 CROSSROADS 3165 HWY A-13 NAPA (916)257-5131 QUALITY AUTOMOTIVE PARTS AND SERVICE 596-4176 Dinner Cocktails 1289 MAIN ST. 78 CP NATIONAL WESTWOOD “Y” MARKET Your friendly store! Beer, Wine, Groceries, 65 S.ROOP ST. Meats, and Clothing. SUSANVILLE, Westwood Y - HWY 36 236-3783 CA 96130 EASTSHORE SPIRITS SPORTS GOOD LUCK AND BEST Hwy. 147 at A-13 Lake Almanor WISHES TO THE CLASS 7640 Eastshore Hwy. Lake Almanor. CA 96137 OF 1985. BILL and GLADYS ADAMSON Phone (916) 596-3236 TELEPHONE 916-258-3191 DR.DAVID WALLS FAMILY PHYSICIAN g “st” DR. WALLS AND STAFF SENECA MEDICAL GROUP,INC. P.O. BOX 766-BRENTWOOD Dr. CHESTER CALIF. 96020 79COLLINS PINE COMPANY Good Luck Westwood High School Consistent quality since 1850 Chest er, California P.O. BOX 796 258-2111P M CEDAR PRODUCTS OVER 60% OF THE WORLDS PENCIL STOCK HOWARD PETERSON REGIONAL FORESTER Res.(916)256-3980 P.O.BOX V WESTWOOD,CA 96137 81 (916)256-3101Restaurant Lounge Grocery Store • Deli • Cabins • Motel • R.V. Park Riding Stables • Full Service Marina • Gift Shop Courtesy Boat Dock • Laundromat (916) 258-2281 3000 Almanor Drive West • Canyon Dam, 95923 Located On The Beautiful West Shore Of Lake AlmanorSPONSORSHIP'S Vy ax id Jack Hyatt 55 N. Roop St. Susanville, CA 96130 Phone: (916) 257-4841 Congratulations Class of 85 Ches-Mart Main Renolds, Chester CA 96020 Phone: (916) 258-2661 Good Luck Class of 85 V rin te GOOD LUCK SENIORS OF 85 357 Main St. (916) 258-2336 Chester, CA Jim Sherry Roscoe N.S.T. Engineering Associates, Inc., 45 So. Roop St. Susanville, CA 96130 Phone: (916) 257-5173 Congratulations Class of 85 Susanville Florist 2200 Main St. Susanville, CA 96130 Phone: (916) 257-3545 Good Luck Class of 85 Gasoline Car Care COUNTRY CLUB LIQUORS (916) 596-3365 Deli Groceries Spirits of Ail Kinds Phil Lori Webb 453 Peninsula Cr Lake Almanor. CA 96137 WESTWOOD.CA 96137 ON HIWAY 147 DUS. (9161 256-3443 HOURS: RES. (916)256-2226 8 A.M.-6 P.M. Ron Marten and ED S AUTO BODY Complete Auto Body Repairs And Paint Work Hw . 36. Westwood V. Westwood Associates Phone: (916) 258-4144 El) BRl'EMM. OWNER BOX 926 WESTWOOD. CA 96137 Highway 36 Marten Way Chester, CA 96020 83!Z7t££ 3ofifiiny, 'Jxbntnincj z Einoiraf Gilbert's Tree Service INSURED cf on and L( atfizyn Calif residents Call 800-772-3545 Ext 678 Out-of-state Residents 800-227-1617 Ext 678 HOME (9161 256-2435 GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF “85” of Cy j Xx o £ % £ r. We CARE about you! % MILLAR HARDWARE (JucelSg£u£) 618 Main St. — Susanville, CA 96130 Phone: 257-4616 DOUG LORENA MILLAR FRONTIER PLUMBING SUPPLY P.O. BOX 1159 CHESTER, CA 96020 (916) 256-3276 MOB I L WESTWOOD MOBILE SERVICE PETROLEUM DISTRIBUTORS HEATER SALES SERVICE GOODYEAR TIRES Gary Smith (Owner) 3rd Ash Streets Westwood, California 96137 84ROBBERS CREEK CYCLERY SALES SERVICE HOMELITE ECHO AND JONSERED CHAIN SAWS SEKAI BICYCLES 724 BIRCH ST. WESTWOOD 916,256,3232 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF “85” ft088EftS C8EEK CYCLERY N) Z56SZSZ 1 EDDIE EGYED OWNER OPERATOR RAY POGGI Crystal Distributor P. 0. Box 1164 Westwood, CA 918 256-3732 CRYSTAL CREAM AND blitter company 1013 o street SACRAMENTO 95814 916444-7200 9X6 256-2143 310 Birch Street Westwcxxl, CA 96137 THE HAIR AFFAIR A Salon of Beauty JILL PATTON STYLIST OWNER 'Uoftfiintj, 'ZfiimmLntj tr Gilberts Tree Service INSURED Calif Residents Call 800 772 3545 Ext 678 Out OF State RESIDENTS 800 227 1617 Ext 678 HOME 19161 256 2435 (916% 256'2136 ARTHUR LIZOTTE FRONTIER Plumbing Supply Highway 36 P.O. Box 1159 Chester, CA 16020 85STEPPIN’ OUT Ben Jennelle Cathy Jennelle (916) 258-3003 IN STYLE P.O.Box 1007 101 Willow Way Chester, CA. 96020 TOP IT OFF FASHIONS 324 Birch St., P.0. Box 632 Westwood, CA 96137 (916)-256-2244 GOOD LUCK CLASS OF '83 Almanor Busy Bee Reality 2 Locations to serve you... 417 Peninsula Dr. - Lake Almanor Hwy. 36 - Hexaplex (by A W) in Chester. Congradulations to the Class of '85 !! BANK OF Westwood Senior Citizens AMERICA 2nd and Birch Serving your local community: Westwood CA 215 Birch Street 256-3009 Westwood, CA MEMBER FDIC ® CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OE 85 86C athletic supplies A R T ■ 540 RICHMOND ROAD 9 SUSANVILLE. CA. 96130 ICCrtR R€CH- •EWTTHINC IN ATHLETICS Blevins Travel Service Airline Tickets-Cruises-Tours Amtrak-Hotels-Car Rentals Major Credit No Charge For Cards Accepted Our Service cMi(wood 'Jtozidt czNaziezy 2020 Jliain St. eSuianoille, da. 96130 (916) 257-2515 ox 257-9194 (BoC (June c fnnand. Owneri (Patti c JnnanA, aAianajez Coast to Goast TOTAL HARDWARE Phone 257-4117 2845 Main Street SUSANVILLE, CALIFORNIA 96130 We’re Goast to Goast and we can help you. 403 Ash Street, Westwood, CA 96137 FOR RESERVATIONS: (916) 256-8257 Proprietors: Dennis Peggy Harris 87ROGER MEDICI LOGGING 301 DELWOOD WESTWOOD 256-3177 96137FILM PROCESSING PASSPORT PHOTOS CAMERAS SUPPLIES CHESTER PHOTO CAMERA DIANE TACKETT, OWNER P.O BOX 336 258 3423 353 MAIN ST. CHESTER, CA. 96020 GOOD LUCK CLASS OF “85” Westwood Sport Shop 315 Ash P.O Box 697 Westwood. CA 96137 916-256-3202 ESTELLE CARY ALMA’S BOOKKEEPING 101 Elm 256-3504 Westwood, CA 96137 Telephone (916) 258-4116 JOSEPH D. CACIOPPO, DO., INC. Office Hours P.O. BOX O By Appointment CHESTER. CALIFORNIA 96020 89Sonrise Transmission And Muffler Service (916)-257-4178 O n f TOWN COUNTRY L(-f[ REAL ESTATE Eastman’s Studio Photography BEN FINIZIO REALTOR GEORGE KLIEWER 914 MAIN ST. OWNER SUSANVILLE. CA 96130 221} MAIN STREET SUSANVILLE. CA. 961)0 BUS.: (916) 257-6111 RES.: (916) 257-44)3 DAVIS HAMMON CO. hs0wxeg AgentJ Certified Public Accountants Ann Roper CAROL JEAN CURRY, C.P.A. MURRAY INSURANCE AGENCY PARTNER 319 BIRCH DRAWER X WESTWOOD. CA 96137 257-2101 30 So. Roof SUSANVILLE, CA. 96130 OFFICE RESIDENCE (916) 256-3210 (916) 256-3432 90WESTWOOD PHARMACY 313 BIRCH St. P.0. BOX AA WESTWOOD, CA. 96137 LASSEN COUNTY COSMETICS, CARDS, GIFTS, FILM, BOOKS, TOYS. HARVEY VERNA HAMILTON ST0RE(916) 236-3784 H0ME(916) 256-3906 LITTLE NORWAY 432 PENINSULA DRIVE 596-3208 wishes you those things you want most in the future KNOTBUMPER Chester, Ca. 91HOLT LOGGING Good Luck Class of ’85 BY HIGHWAY 36 256-2206 WESTWOOD, CA 96137 HOLT LOGGING 92THE OLD MILL 00§n !i0Q§m =7109pm M@n = life (§umm§p) Tuisi =lafe (®fe§?) mmn 114 li?gh ifes W§§few@@9 g§ 11117 THE BOOT1RY sines 1940 LESLIES JEWELRY IIPT ITiMi §ILViRWARi= ikRY w-mi 70£j MaiR it, lUiinvifelij 0§« 11010 M0N=!AT 1 m=i ill MAIN IT 60NViNIiNT TiRMi iUlANVIfefei, 0A 117=1118 Jeriys Hill? BTWIQB Pmk§mmi PJiQlsgmphy Per Amj ©§§s§?§fi Quality Meats IP10iAli|lN§ IN U§8A llgiei MIAfi (§!§) SS§=SS § §©N R!§§! W«SfW88B: SA: 111 liRgH §1, 00WNT8WN WIITW888 m=m§Stanfield Associates, Inc. WALKERS CAFE A GOOD PLACE Chester Ca. 96020 TO FILL YOUR FAMILY 571 Willow St. P.O. 1119 Bus: (916) 258-3477 Res: (916) 258-3321 PHONE 257-3212 1600 MAIN STREET SUSANVILLE, CALIF. PLAYIN ARCADE TRACK FIELD DONKY KONG % TEMPEST d MAPPY + °0 TURBO Jy C ASTROIDS 4' P A C M A N O MRS PACMAN «] . rot uxauwa) 614 MAIN STREET SUSANVILLE, (916) 257.6694 Soups, Salads, Sandwiches, Soft drinks Come have lunch with us 1 1 “WE MAKE YOUR DREAM HOME COME TRUE” Nancy Zaengle Sales Chuck Vera Copp 2 5 6-2 4 8 9 PLAYIN ARCADE GO BIG RED ! «RQpBI S ‘HOUSE» ‘FlJRJNlTURE, 4L “TTj00Ro ©OVtR Q (916) 257-7788 2830 Main Street Susanville, Ca. 96130 94CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1985 FROM ULTRAPOWER 2 utilizing renewable resources for energy !PINE SHACK FROSTY SHAKES AND FREZZES IN 31 FLAVORS!! SUB. SANDWICHES PRAWNS EISH-N-CHIPS HAMBURGERS FRENCH FRIES FRIED CLAMS CHOCOLATE BANANAS EREASH FRUIT SUNDAES MOON ROCKS FLOATS CONES DIPPED CONES MAIN STREET IN CHESTER 258-2593 SUMMER HOURS: 11AM to 9:30PM BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '85 !! PARKER SHEEP Westwood CO. Authorized Xerox Sale Agent XEROX. 237-4330 257-7994 FOREST OFFICE EQUIPMENT SALES SERVICE 96 iff  %. .—v- « -£ z - r.- -7-.- C ' »y ,Jr - —»-ik' . . - •» —■ - r-c ' r -. -C: • - !j V ?r '’ - - • .’ - 17-7 .—V y . % £rr w f Tr rrC J V •v- y x'- c?z..-r: V- ■- ■ r .-r - -X7 ■ • - ' - kT . : ■ —. 1 v — . •• »■». 77' - 'V - -. V’ ' £r •—. .%' 4. w . Six -r .-l :5- - 7: r . - -— ■ ■' „ - -.. v — -■' ‘ f. . ‘ z s?i0m - ■ •• ■•» - ✓ - 1“-. - ■ « -A V A- - '2 -C • 2ST 5c ‘- s r ' • v ' - - - 'v: ''' --’-5 --'’'-. — 'I'-'-C ■ I'l'H ?-' 'li f-' -lirm-s“ 1 ’-r' Z' .-■- - '-■ • .r - % ,.7% m .. 7-‘ .. 1.' “ ' ■ L -- ; • %r j . s. ''' : J:i -» r’— ... -7 ' --• ;-. ' ■ VT- 7 ' “ • -' 7T -• v “■ ■ • 7 t. r' ■ x-j - J - v a - v rv- r « •- y V t A • P’ •w ? .---' -' 2 m - . .• ' % • •. • •:- ' '•‘V;-. 7 -- — •. . »+ + v • -. - • . •% • . — - - r v. - -- - ----------------- - - -'• -- -

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