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f 1, 1, 64,1 v!'f?4If1k X J- yffv f ' f .f A 'N Qikllwff LA.. LWL Xrffyf, 1 EQMULQ1 , A I my 4 I '-- 4, - , ff ,V if , ., A A A Q , f f 74: ,Q gwdebmg 0 ,gf If Yr " f ' . L W A L4 '4fC'fVf A ix fy xnf Q ! f X A, X, ,N 0 U .2544 f,,,5 ,, fdffyif. li 14 I, I 1- Y . L' -, jx. -- . B Q41-37 .1 A 7? I C lf Hf - N K I A ""'VK-I ' 'films A. fl . V ' - ' M CK , 14.g,,,fLVWiVl N , n , , X C,pV,U,i if X X- xx . V U ,G 1-1 , x - . l H w R11 ' 1 '1 K 1 f , a 4 1 ' s :QXS5 ' 1- , H -5 xg' A i gil L' 75 'Ji- , .x ,fffif -'asv jgyyl V EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION CHIEF TA IN l985 Co Editors Kristin McOuitty Amy Zesbaugh Associate Editors David Caruth Betsy Wallace Advisor John Donovan Westwood High School 945 W. 8th Street Mesa, Arizona sg! 4 4 J H-ff gig, C- on.-.. aa w 67 ' nz , , x R,- Q1 ,..,,. 1 L . ' ifiii-:iz l ? , F ' 1 MBE g V DQ if , F M4 . a 4 'P' K ,... -Y. mp".-1 ,.-. .- mp- 10" , 13' .ad5'WC','f!f'f . . xv a 4, ,, C ,. -HJ". M .1 is , in 4 an . , ff " 4 Vpifliiqcz ,"N 'WQQLPY T , sf" fl , A7555 Q KN, .. 1 , EXCELLENCE IN EDUCA TION Dancing to the funky beat- The excitement of performing on stage Proving to all your worth and ability- Moving in an expressive, innovative style Exercising the imagination by Creating wild and unique steps. Go ahead thrill the audience Take them to the limits of the bizarre, Mesmerize them with the music, the moves. Your time has come to shine. These are the best of times! Table Of Contents In troduction I Activities I9 Sports 48 Organizations 92 People l42 Introduction-3 , V 6, Ni 'V nf - ,' 32.5- H' .A ., ,V ki -f Q v 4x ,,' -uf.-fx Q5 Q 4, M' 5 L. W ?Pi2'w:, ' Z v gm A . Qfggjsqdpbs W .:53.l5lF 1 , P , - a?iJ?"' ibT?fV, K "1" I+ is Q 2 Vmfffit ..25,f7" iw ' .A ,gf Q , ' i ,.,xx-'l ff qifg ' , o-I , L, age N .. 1 2:53 . T , 7,5 N ly lv A ,, gf- V - ' fi ,W nfl Z., . Q " fa 'waz 5 Q: V 1 , 3 ' ' 2' ' . 4' I 2 , , . , , 5 . if . u U X ., K V, . ,, K 2 :g 1 ' ff: , .ml , V! 7:1 Wm Y -V Q, V, Q N - W 1, r Y'- ! 7, . G, , ,www . if X w:'wf A 3 V , .N 4 an vs' P A ' V ' .. 1 ' 4 1 gf Vt 2 V 3 i . , , 9 I H1 an ' Q f Q 4 X ' H' vi: M HHH fjfg -5: - 'Hxivlff Q51 EXCELLENCE IN EDUCA Tloiv Being a part of the winning team, Competing with the opponent while always Striving for a personal best, Possessing the ability to be victorious, Running with flawless rhythm, Hearing the beat as the rubber hits the earth Drenched in sweat. Your heart beats faster- The end is near A strong sense of accomplishment Consumes your being. Former pain vanishes and you feel great. These are the best of times! troduction-5 F E E , F b 4 212 N 4 W .f- ,M in 1' L ? 5' 'M Q at 4 w Li 2 i , fm 1 . 'J .2 , Qi ' i T ww-' rm L , 6 5 L., , ,, :WWW M g . J " 'MM , uxilw-1-QM www .N- . . 5 J., A 5 wwf, .. ,,,f,,: ., ,-.Q,,,Q.- ,V-,,Qf gg.. .. " 767, ,,,, w,,5,T, VV,V TW. ,W .Q 5-2 'AL 1, Wrvf' 1: W 1.-w,...... . ,5:f3r,,.A 1- f. af -unwe- W f Mm- 4 , W- ,, sw ' A W M ' ' X iii, ' ff M M A wr 'MQ 1, 1. ' . 'xx ' ' N ,, WM., . , , , ' " 'ik ' sw. ,Q W- Q1 wg ' W Q- . gy. ' ' KW w' ', A . , , - rv PIM ' V A ' .X 1- : 1, :+V Y 'fywilagfiwwxsf ,,., . spun ' , L, 5 ff 1 . , MW. A 'A 3 K. , . ww ' XC ixfmigsa ag "W ff s Wizw Q, ' " ' fx Xu: H 311153-' ' 635254 5 1' , . . , 1 vw, 1 '2JifAi1"'W f 'a I X . , ,ml mv X, ,,, ,.1 1- 4 a , . r ,WM wa-1+ Y- V --Y- Y-Q mr- 1. N mf' v. , , s u -A , if - V Y. -mf-V Y Nw" WM A . . , . 'IM f. Q' , ,. .3-V1 6 AMA.. .4 , 'g' 11, 1 wi" pi , -- ,yy ., .. 1. . ,x -, 1 . I 0 , , .. I 4. ', .j.4,: 1 'V xg,-.. -rf -.' . s . --. 15 K ' 'N iz.-'dx .' . . 9 F . ' an .' 1 V, ,,.'f,:gq"' , W . 1 V fifvmfiin ' Q . K' ' in .. 3 , A s ' .ALM.l--. .1 V ' 1 1' A fi. . 1' .,",,. 2 . if- J? ' . Q O -., 0 ' . '.,t"i l , , . 1 - 5. . .,a '. H gig.-QV' ' - lf .- . " c . I - . I In J' 'fi' ' . .5 ll .E . Q ' 1 . f .ry Ex. '. ' f ,. 0 - , s, .Q 1 'A N .4 I . .H . V - 1 . Q , x ,J , ., . s , lf rv 5. A , 1 N . -1 1 " 1, in ,Q kj! g, . I ' , gi" G , "Sw -. 1 .- ' . 9 1 1 ., , , .if Off . 1 ' ' .f an ' fu I' . ' A I 1. ' . ' -thy s s 4 vmwgrw , , ? Q O lf J--.. N i yt at ?r7 S gf ml Hin? 3 'f. Mi L an I A . 0 1669, 'ov EXCELLENCE IN EDUCA TION The holiday generates happiness. Enchanted are the innocent, But never will the feeling leave, Nothing material can replace The love in our hearts. We show we care by giving unto others In this season of peace and joy- And often sorrow. We rejoice in our families and friends Thankful that they are with us, For family is the most valuable gift. These are the best of times! lntroduc tion- 7 ,, 111 it 1 1 Ya' w ,wi "iQ1'f?g' x1 V ' PA' 11:1 if W W ,bu J- - 1 BF 11 1 0. 11' . 1 yu, 4' , , 1 gif i fu Q. ,X V, 1 1 ,KV 3, mms . nil' A' f'4s1Q'mssg, .5 Q, ' A 6 1fw95V4'7m 1K 4 1-1 ,ff xf W . mg -,M ,wi , , 55'-'1"f1W " " ' N 1 MMM, 1 " 'ww "" W R 'W' A MW" 1,1-1, 1 1 ! Wm11111,11A1wwMWW . N 1-11-11111m 'R M 1 1 1111111,,. 1111w11wm M' ' , 11 ,12'11MW 1 1 11 ' ' ' 1111111 1 .1111 ,vi W W' 1' 'ff , . u 'M' ,,., . 1' 'B-Y , 1 HQA. , . as 5 M -,.N,,.- 1 , ,Mm ,M H ii," "i 1' ' ' we .,,, 1,111lM 15' . ' - Kgs? ymwwwwxhgw 4 A I ei 'W 1111111 11 11.M,.1111:g ,11111.,11,1111 1 k 111, 1,11 , 1,1ff111f1' ,11 , W,W,u,,,,, X M1 I ' '1 11 11,1 1-W' W 1 ' A H111 ,, 111111. H MMWW, M1V111rmg4,.1 I 1 'V H' 1111",111,,,,,,Zm "WW3""g'5'111,'?Lf'4iSH 1 , W 1?1wa41,,,.f-,,1 N ,, sf. , ff 11.1.11 1 as M 11 J' EV S " ,,,,.,,,.,. , 'Jil' 1 1x55 'Q 152' . 2 335, ' 'I 1:1111 ' 1 Hi, ' -1121 11" ,, ' 'q'h"" 1 11111114W5VE",,'s r , 11 , ' ,,,1 '1 ' 1 1' - 11' M111-M1111-1. , 11 1 , ' Y: 1- ' 1 "' - 4'w1ff111 ',1J"vwMw 1 ' 11,113.5 "WH - 1 1- 1 Lv' 11 ' 'rw 1 11 " 11 f 1, H "WM ' 1 ' V' 11111vW' W 1 11151 1 L1 1 1 , 8 1 111111 m1111,m,, ""0M'W11w1 11' ' , 1,11 1,,1, ,www 1, , 1 , ,QLQLQX px, :Ti :ggi l Pit., h A A 517' ' f 1,,,gx." 1 EXCELLENCE IN EDUCA TION The weekend is here at last! Get together and really cut loose. Time for recreation and relaxation- .lump in and join the party, Escape the pressures of high school life. The water soothes and refreshes. Laughter and enthusiasm abound. Take advantage of youth, live the moment, Let go of your inhibitions. Your personality will shine through. Act crazy, you 'll love it. These are the best of times! Introduction-9 Z' fr f ,, .4 is, 4 W1 f " 1 . tx I f f .f 105 If an ff I0 W . ,IQ , . 4- x A r ' wx' Q ., y W . qi b ,,,, Q12 J X, X Lv an s 3+ ' X' 'UQ ' wh- . .X ,. . ., N" Q, J lfgi' m.W!,u-,qw-. SU M f Q1 MM. .nu ,Nam aww,-.m .-- lu, ,mp , , -MM 'Q Aw W -1 ,A H -1 M. w A x.. Rggi- Q ...f 'f Q fx. ,.. . f' . I ' 4 5 ' X . , H: WL 3, . -' w H 'Tu A y '10 'J , H, 4 , P-W ,I 5 tix M.-1 A N 1 s"v'?"1 " up ,, . A p 1 , 4' ,rf 1, ."N'k 491 .-j,1.T,Qg,x 11 - 'XX Ijgljix, "1:f2l'.,.'Q3T, va. .Q , KQV! at i -if ' 'C 1' Egfr 'IRVV EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION A family of musicians Working and playing as one. Talent and energy combine to create Dynamic and modish sounds. The band will travel to the top together All contributing and harmonizing. Make your statement. The crowds will remember. Onward you 'll roll Dedicated and invincible, The music lifting you, Always your inspiration. These are the best of times! Introduction-II ,Aw V ',5,,,m,!,V , M85 wma? kgffmwu Mmm?-il'2:u:qq 'wx w'w1l:"'K 1J1'mnvk ww .. K.1W,. H, 5 , ,E ,F A in ! V .V 4 1 W2 fiEi+?'5E wa, rg win 'hw 1. E-'e,...u w YJ 4 A HV, .MM ' fgwzw ' .525 ' I 135 1 I2 A 113, xiii ,F Q eL2ff'J'l'3-it . V i'1 N1f'-1 , ,'f" 1 fx' 11'N,l,m"'l Q' " EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION A place to gather, to socialize To interact with one another. Being with friends is one of The joys of youth. Togetherness is important. Bonds are forming for Relationships we 'll long remember. Meeting new people and sharing ideas Breaking down barriers Expressing our thoughts and feelings Celebrating life in the company of friends. These are the best of times! Introduction-I3 .1 I ' 1 W 'W " 'l i ne-, , My N J,1jf?5 ,,1,x,n, :,,,15-, u:33ui4'?g 525 ' W :,,51 mZ,.: . f X 4' -V ,W ,few- N 173159 -'1 1 , H , , , . 1. wk nf ,J W W P J an 4 A u w - , HV'-' 1 .H H M p H ww ,WN f A RZ' M ' A I 'L , H A M Ji , M M , 'MMV' A A 1 . .Wg A P ,, f 20.4 Q , , 'Q-1135.151 , fb- 1550 6 H., ' ,zggiygl as ...f 5 ' 1 ze'- J 5 1 .H A 'B' ,li P 4 A 053' T M W bw! w ' W V l' H v f J ew QE QA if 1 , -5 J .5 ,, 'E W ,-mgilw ali. U ll Mm. 'f N ' ,max Z ,K x W ,W LH, iq. uw x- , , ' Jewnf MEM 1-v,. ws W 1,11 ,ww Y Y 4558 . , if is 1k,.f'3f5:i??E?,a 1 ' w W 1 2 H' M31-. fy , Jw' . ,515-EH'ilmf:,iAfWv 4 fl3i"1vf-,l,u'?',,: 'w-,,L1s::w,, - 1 'lv-MII., gy: ,,,ww'i':c1-wk-X , ,fxairin lggy Q ,:: 1Q"xJNrwg?4Hpweg.'w4.3 ff , ' Wmguswv H, ,, 5,51 'QIIJ1 U, ,NWI-,?,, ",f"Mhf?fQ5"'1,H2151 'V Ta i lE"W45aN3 qi.,-grix - hx ,1'3- 'Wm ,mm f ,farm 5 , 1 ai' L, 5 dam-Q51-Az-1'-'iz ' W" ""7"f-',w-3.4194 71+-fl, N' -71'-we-we , 'L 3 51' 5..,:ni1:y'f Qafe5gg:'3q,fPg.Cmz,C , qef'g1wsJg..,wgm wif" H My skit-gzxgvsgjp pa -- kk Q 'qigmsfiifi , "E, ,, . ,. , . fi - 1:5 QR H vp.wxgzwg,m.wm.," L 1,161 ng,m?Qm3',vf-,wg ww,vmdTf"w- M- N. ,' iw 32 '3lq32. gif? Q4 11 fff ,,,f,,J,1 ,,V.1,,i',,f . ' '- fifqirff Tl", mf' .M wxmu-W ff-Kamp-1. A mas, wsrwq 5971! 'vi 'X , 1-K t -,YI-It ,H N, X- 'fflf vu 2 , . :gay i, 1w,'Xq'E4QgT Lxkxv Excellence In Education Observing as a new substance materializes, We uncover the mysteries of the universe. Fascinated, we expand our minds- Grasping concepts and comples theories. Working together. contemplating the old and unseen, Discovering the laws of Nature. Always inquiring, wanting to know more, We strive to comprehend all. Watching in awe, intricate experiments. We, the innocent, are guided by the experienced. These are the best of times! Introduction I5 ' mg " Ag.- n 5 w, fifgi. Dedication Goes to Guerrero, Joyce, Free The members of the yearbook staff are pleased to dedicate the yearbook to the following people: Responsibility for student records and transcripts is an awesome task. No one does it better than Mrs. Lucy Guerrero. Accuracy and attention to detail are attributes that Mrs. Guerrero possesses and utilizes on a daily basis. Teachers and students feel free to come to Lucy with problems concerning class rosters or transcripts. She is very thorough and efficient in resolving these problems. Having had three of her own children graduate from Westwood, Lucy is a "Warrior" through and through. When Jack Joyce become "Cheif Warrior" at Westwood in l98l he made a tremendous impact. His enthusiasm for Westwood was contagious and he quickly infected others. He is "number one spirit leader" for all activities, from Accent on Academics to concerts and plays to all JV and varsity sports - home or away. By setting the example for excellence he led Westwood to national recognition as one of the top 75 high schools in the country. Students and staff know that they can approach him, any time, with a problem, and he 'll heh: find a solution. He enjoys tennis and gardening. His wife, Sue, is a counselor at Carson Junior High, and they are the proud parents of three daughters, Julie, Lisa, and Pam. Mrs. Linda Free. in her position as Westwood 's head librarian, has made tremendous improvements to the library. Ably assisted by Isabelle Main, the library is a place conducive to study. Students feel welcome in the library and teachers enjoy bringing their classes to the library as they know they will receive excellent help from Mrs. Free and her staff Going above and beyond the call of duty is a trait that Mrs. Free possesses. No request for assistance is overlooked regardless of the nature of the request by student or staff Caring for others and service above self are Mrs. Free 's trademarks. Yearbook Dedication I7 Q pi:- , E . 5-.ne 1 "1 SH. 5 1 1 f c 41 141 W...-...Q I ""M"'-01.1 1 Q, , s-4----H 1 I , 3 1' 25? ' S 5' 5 "ww 4-V ' ' ,Q 3 I Piiifif' 1 1 7 ' 7 ' - ESG, . 1 4 1 ,, fiiiz? HH--1-. 19 11111. 1 521 Y Y 3 , 1 7 F 1 1 f 1 1 1 1 . -A-QI ,Nw M-pa h 1 R " 1.111 1 -1 VA .1-1' -fm '1 1.., --4 - '--- ns, Q11-1 1 sw MQ 1 an M fg ' 7f"'l'1111 Mr '1 M L ' 1- 1, , ,, ' , 1 2 211552111 '51, 5533-Eff? :asf Q-41? 11 ' 451 nn'111il1,l'Qi'1f?11.1 111: 114111111 ':1a1f::-1' 1131115111 1 13:34 1'1'1'Z11113H,ff 11111 , 1 H I 'Af 111117 ' "X 'W41'Vyf'1,' 5G11'1'1"1.'h1 11S 1 11 11111 1tg,g11M1?1 1,1 1 11115 1M3g11f1W '1111171,,' 71211, 11111111111 311111111111 -1. 111I11'11111':1Ar' 1111111 11 'f7i,1?'if'2L1,"'211 11 11.11111W1.,,,,..11131j+gfpf4'1" -1 WL1y,13QQjb 'W1,'1W!1 11112114 11f,"111111:11': 11 1121111' 15 fgvi ' 3' 115 'Z'F5h11j 1? 'FW 51119 1 1 1 913, 'fin'-,5i1E1 1 1"1. - 1 1 5 H11 111.111 1 1 ISV: 5 1 X 1 31 E 5 1 M" 1 if ,11 1 W""M"f'1 my 1 '?f1fM11,1.11, ,, Ml' f V1 1 V J 1 1 J Q1-if-4 : .Lf L1111., :fg:gi11:11:1zz11'- mm, 141111-1 11-0 Le. 1 1:11 lwm fw- cjvbig 11111 11 N11 11,1 H" ' "'11'11'31.12,,: 'Q We M3111 1 Wu 1 SW M '91 1 T! X E Q fif'7 ,a5Qf 'W ,Aw 'MQ -' ' ' E , w w sl 1 ,, lmgwwff, -1 . ' I deg? I , ,W LgV1,gwvufsiiglgQsfgrfffsmjliezim , g 2 L , ' -few ' , '-If-' I 1 , ,, ,,,,,,'p:w:w!'fgm, wk sf bumx:,Mw51w,1,wW,. X N , f Y v l v 1 1 v. ' ' I ' f' Uu2H,V Y N 2f1"'- f t ,V 5, -aff: X YM ' t ,v M ww , "" A V433 iQLi'LE:'w wmv Nga lil!l'4fL!lH43f?J"1i'-32111111L 9:5f.gf,5'i3Qii-1 'f g'f'2'A mg rqfv'AM,qf'VJ7'h.y fm ,Jj1',fSi -'ggfffli ,Qiiilffilxzf 3 , 1 pg! L52 , Viiillefe' j5,4:L:'.7 1'7"-'J:A7'4" ifgiqf ,553 4' gf41,QM'7f,L-,-' W AER i A A ' -S E 2393 "-. " f -fi ff 1 f ' , .4 . . f , +2 of 15- f Y , sf -pf1.:5gxf.2gze-gg. R A i as if Ft" V f f.'T'i' wi: LH-,-A T V 1 v sg V 1 Lil :Q H sign, lvl 'L 1 1, L!'LNfl1m!s71QFhrJ J f"QQx X, ' x , U1 Xxx ,I V N 'T , k- 5,24 rx A if fc' sf? L ' gf' fe' X 6,71 Mv- EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION Westwood High hits the warpath! Unconquerable is our pride. bWth flaming spirit we meet our rivals. We stand united and prepare to endure. Mighty and brave are the Warriors. lfWth passionate conviction they play, Never losing sight of their goal. War eagles determined to prevail. Energetic crowds scream their support, The team will never give up- One school, united to the end. These are the best of times! Activities Division-I9 Being named one of the Number I high schools in the nation certainly got the school year off to a rousing beginning. Pride was instilled quickly among the student body and because of it school was a place that students wanted to go to- not a place they had to attend. Assemblies came on Fridays and people began to attend not because they had to but because they wanted to. One popular performer was a gentleman who could literally smash concrete - move over Mr. T! Some new features were added, with the cafeteria being the most popular. After a contest was held and the name Chieftain Chow Palace settled upon, students decended in dro ves upon it. - Where else could a student get a sandwich, fries and a drink for a buck? Because of its unique design there was plenty of room to sit around and socialize before the bell signalling the begin- ning of fourth hour sounded. The Bench still proved to be a popular gathering spot and many of the 'Yocks" took full advantage of it. Hackey Sack once again proved to be the game for Macho men. All in all school began f,.-NX smoothly. . Q 5 N ,X Ila :K X Top left, Kelly Hallett warms up in preparation for an assembly. Middle left, Ms. Nass. Mrs. Bordwell, and Ms. Stangl eat lunch at the new salad bar. Bottom left, Bringing in the New year students try Out new cafeteria. Above Right, Mary Ann Webster preps the hamburgers during lunch hour. Opposite page left, .lohn Jacobs one of the strong men breaks a stack of bricks, Opposite page top right, Casey Brooks and friends, kick around the "sack" in between classes, Opposite page, bottom right, underclassmen poses for class pictures. 2OLOpening Activities 27 - As Weather Cooled, Fall Activities Heated Up. Our Hard Workin Warriorettes Rouse School pirit West wood 's l984-85 pom squad exhibited great amounts of true Warrior spirit during assemblies and during halftime. The hard and long hours of practice paid off in complex and long dances. A complete day for the pommies began as early as 7417 and usually ran as late as 8.20 These practices were cram-packed with hours of long dancing. The Warriorettes did an excellent job this year of encouraging non-fans to go to the football games and assemblies. The smiles and enthusiasm executed by the Warriorettes were highly appreciated. The intricate dances performed brought an added pep to every student's stride. if W" The girls were present at every football game to help generate enthusiasm and raise the Westwood spirit within the crowd. The Warriorettes were busy traveling with the Warrior Band to participate in the away games. The dedication required to be a Warriorette puts pride in every Warrior during the morning assemblies and the halftime shows. Mrs. Sally Bixby-Sturdevant did an excellent job this year toning the skills of the Warriorettes to a well choreographed group of girls. The incredible precision performed by the Warriorettes brought great joy to all who experienced their talent. .1 if . gd SS Warriorettes Top Row: Lori Box, Heather Shumway. Val Pitt, Kirsten Lohne, Sundee Stewart, Carol Udall. Stacey Morgan, Suzy Porter, Middle Row: Leanna Stewart, Kelly Prickett. Nicole Phelps, Amy Weir, Marianne Mortenson, Jennifer Allen. Bottom Row: Kelly Beach, Lisa Wilson, Stephanie Tucker and Jana Neil Top Left: Some wild eyed Warriors seem to really like these gals. Opposite Page Left: Stephanie Tucker and Lisa Wilson strike up a pretty pose. Top Right: Sundee Stewart gives a shout for victory. Middle Right: The Warriorettes perform their exciting half time show. Bottom Right: Kelly Beach smiles proudly cause she 's a pom pom girl. 22f.Warriorettes Art Students Placed High In National Dune Contest Toward the end of last year, Universal Studios in California sponsored a nationwide Dune contest, based on the acclaimed science-fiction novel by Frank Herbert. The contest was held during the making of the movie Dune. Ken Porr and .lim O'DonnelI entered drawings in this contest and placed nationally. First place nationwide went to Da vid Ahlers, a Chan- dler student. Second place nationwide went to .lim O'Donnell from Westwood and third place nationwide went to Ken Porrp another Westwood student! Over 4,6117 students participated in this contest. .lim and Ken drew several pictures of Dune and Ken drew several storyboards advertising the movie Dune. They used their imaginations and drew the Dune characters from the book 's description. ln addition to Ken's character designs, he also drew an original idea for a 30 second advertising commercial for the movie. First place prize was an enchanting week in Hollywood to watch the filming of the movie Dune. Second place prize was a 3CX7 dollar camera and third place prize was a poster and T-shirt from the movie. Our Westwood students, under the excellent direction of Mrs. Audrey Robinson, gave a fine showing in this nationwide Dune contest. ABOVE: Jim O'DonnelI represented Westwood superbly by winning second place in the Dune contest. f frj l 24A ctivlties Tm! Qt f A , I , .X I .- L . q6.z."' , T 'A. 2- A TN. 'Z' ff 'C xii--Lf' fl . v A V N? S J .. -x ' ' i .QW 5 1 '-I. .1 , A.. x ly 5 1- 'si E 3 1 1 If .A 7. ,mv ! ff , jp f i X WY 'HIE PAbu5f4M EMPEROPQ SHADDAM X A'A 5AR DAUKAR Q OPPOSITE PA GE BO TTOM: The captivating artwork of .lim ODonneII catches the eye ABOVE LEFT- The Padishah Emparer Shaddam IV re ares his troo s for ' - P P P action. ABOVE RIGHT? The Baron Uladimier Harkonnon is armed for a fight. Activities-25 Vibrant Cheerleaders Generate Lots Of Enthusiasm 26- Cheerleaders L -.- .f t..,, , sf.-.ap-gag The spirit and dedication shown by the l984-85 Varsity and Junior Varsity cheerleaders paid off this year in more ways than one. Not only were both squads successful at the sum- mer camp where they participated, but they shared in boost- ing that Westwood Warrior pride and enthusiasm in support of our victorious football teams. One major difference in the Varsity line this year was the absence of "yell leaders," the male cheerleaders who have been used in prior years. Because of this, many of the tower- ing pyramids and feats of strength performed by these men are now performed by female Amazons, our own Varsity ladies. Many hours, stress and sweat went into the performances of the cheerleaders led by Sandy Cooper. She is another one of Westwood's fine teachers making this years cheerleaders true to the high standards that have become a part of the Westwood tradition of excellence. The talented sportsmen of Westwood depended on the cheerleaders to bring out the excitement and desire for victory from the studets in the stands. Cheerleading is a vital element in promoting school spirit at Westwood. Thanks to the chants, cheers, and frenzied cries of "War Eagle" heard at the various sporting events. Westwood has shown great performance with the student's support. Left: Junior Varsity Cheerleaders: Top Row: Barbara Graham. Riesa Nunes, Marci Lavender, Bottom Row: Lori Weinberg, Kelly Helmbreck, Trisha Rob- erts and Renee Alvarez. Top Left: Melanie Arnett and Kim Gunnel please the crowd with their enthusiasm. Above: Principal Jack Joyce cuddles with Melissa Soza and Melanie Arnett. K-A as , ,, X1 V , is V, ,gn x ws, . a A, r f' .rig n :Nia 1 ,K .Z M 't .- 6 and 5, sea ,e l 4 ,Ln W ws 4.1 1.4 Us Q K+! ij, K , ' fl if f-Fa 4, 5 - "final" Ljrfiig ' H Q46 ,v W Il ,4- JW, 'Yggmr u V1 Ay - V F? gf 3 -. ul, w" ' 5 wx , 40,1 img! 1 12--r,. M W I .W WN ff ' A 2325 , uw'-'fu--r na-9.2-:sf ur-v.a,,,fvq Q-,. ma., ..f-x.,.r4,,9,, M I 31311 Av: ni, 0556 55,1-agvi 1 V' A W7 'P Q , 'mlivg if v QQ? A F . n 3' 'Q 5 L ' YI' , ft WL: w' 5, W'l"-f- ' W M - rn. h.-Qt,-N 'N lp 'L- - Y. ff ,. may " l ,, T , qh, v ,f 5 1 . wx X53 ff 'i J' H +1512 L WI ,. 11:4 -1 wwf 2 Q , 1 im, , Tam-w . fi 7 Homecomin Hi hlights Fall Football Festivities ,rm W, 5 3 A 1 ' 3 ji: , I , . . . . , , 71 1 tt ' T , Q Q, gg iii, iii 1 llili lllllf liit I L f S at Zi : .ii , , --,', 1 f. f ,,. 'f K ftv 'P ,ii,' -i,-' ii'V" awww-vw'l E mam ABOVE: Rob West, Nick Felix, Amy Weckerly, Kristen Benton. and ,lill Jackson get spastic at the game, ABOVE LEFT: Juniors flew high with pride while displaying their float. ABOVE RIGHT: Sophomore float shows promise of future warriors. OPPOSITE PA GE: TOP LEFT: Warriors set off spirit, TOP RIGHF Student Council enjoys festivities. BOTTOM: Seniors show im'peck"able superiority. 28-Homecoming Activities 5 E1 Tgw E ik .i 0 np' 43, xii. 4 1 0 , 4 , i ' V ' F 1 uw,4r?.,, We 401' gw.wi. F y . Rf. an C wp. If 5 A 13: - -2335 way ef' het, p -0 . ' ff, 1 A fs Nicholas, Ste wart Take Homecomin Honors Excitement was in the air. The stands were crowded and an air of expectation stirred among the fans. It was Homecoming, l984 and everyone was ready for it. The game was an important one. Marcos was the rival and was a team that had to be defeated if the Warriors were to advance into playoff competition. The crowd was a mixture of returning grads, hopeful fans and anx- ious students. The time was 7:25. Suddenly the field filled with hundreds of students who formed a human corridor. Each held a colorful balloon. As the team raced down the lines of students, the band broke into the traditional, "Go Westwood Go" and hundreds of balloons fled to the sky and filled the air. The game itself took on a magical quality. Quarterback Chad White broke every passing record ever made at this school while Pat Schabel caught more passes than ever before. As the score mounted in favor of the Warriors the fans went wild. Luckily the halftime entertainment came. As the band fomed at the end of the field a second group also came out - they were the grads of past years. Soon, to the fans delight, the floats majestically came aroung the track. The climax of the evening came as the Homecoming candidates were introduced. Of the ten nominated two were most proud - Kent Nicholas, Homecom- ing K ing and Leanna Stewart, Homecoming Queen. Above are i984-85 Homecoming candidates from left to right: Tracy Johnson, Stacy LaCombe, Melanie Arnett, McCa y McGrath, Lisa Wilson, James Daniels. Monet Valdez, Marc Beasley Above right two cute little children heh: out in the homecoming program. Homecoming Royalit y-3l Curtain Time Was Excitin 5 Crowd Wowed By Talent Fall activities were off to a great start with the l984-85 Curtain Time. The assembly was a rousing success as it exposed the many talents of some students here at Westwood. The modern sounds of "Mirror Image" showed their skill in interpreting rock and roll today. A solo by .lill Blankenburg reminded many of earlier love ballads. Dancing was present in two forms. We watched Dance Production perform spectacular leaps and bounds to the music of Scandalf and two groups of "breakers" brought the intricate moves from the streets to the stage. The four trumpeteers blasted their way into the hearts of the audience, while The Honor Choir wrapped things up with a choreographed tune by Neil Sedaka. Tying each act together with Jamaican comedy relief, were the M. C.s who enhanced every aspect of the Curtain Time Assem- bly. Top right: Future rock star Stacy Lacombe sho ws how casual you ha ve to be on the way to the top Above The Honor Choir sang and danced along to the tune of "That's when the music takes me" Opposite page top: The dance productions leaped along with Scandal singing lam the Warrior Lower left Trumpeteers Sam Biggs and Karl Huish blast out their rendition of "The Lone Ranger." Lower Right The two colorful characters added humor between each act 32 Curtain Time . 1 .5 he V A , , , ,, I ,fa 1-uw " wi A , - .. - ' .7 , H . . " 7 , ww-I, M5 - 'Wiifii-5iv355p ?5?f5f'Y'J.5 V1 f , fri-,T :j?52f-ftif"Afv 5- 3ii'.ifW,gff5r: 'W' 1' : ,3 1 , : - 7.,,,:'vq,fE1 , 'Hz i. .- 1 aggvhmggwff,wEzi4,r f if :sf -, ,,g4fiv"f'g3Sirf-,y, , - :, ,,1,f M , ',1, ,. -- A-if - " ' if " W Q ww H v is i my I' s 3 wh 4, , ' A 1 4 "H Q , gr. :V , , I ' x 'M " 5, f K , LTV ,, ' . . fa.:' . F Mi hai Q . 1. 'V M V 'W i ' A ' 4 4 if 2 f 'HM ? ' ' v 1 1 ' ,A ff ---' -if , 1 'W 5 H' J 1 k X 1 ? , A If 1 24? ff' 43 W' f V ' 1 , - if f L , V- i , 4 1 A 5 H , ,AVVAA J L . , ,VVV- 11 is '- t I' . Q 34-l984 Orwell 's Play A Success! The l984 Fall Play was an astronomical success. The play was based upon the world- wide best seller, l984, by George Orwell, which portrayed the world as a place where everything volun- tary was illegal. The world was constantly watched over by the ominous 'Big Brother" who controlled every move. The cast rehearsed for over a month under the direction of Mr. Jones, head of the drama department. The supreme effort paid off with a spectacular good show that was enjoyed by all. The superb acting, lighting and scenery came together in a show that was thoroughly thought provoking. TOP LEFF Cassandra Lee goes through a costume transformation to play the role of the 'prole" landlady. BOTTOM LEFT: Goldstein. portrayed by Arthur McNair, dares to defy Big Brother. BOTTOM RIGHT: .Iulia and Winston, played by Whitney Richards and Christopher Haddad, find privacy away from Big Brother's knowing eyes. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP. Guards, Charles Lancaster and Bill Flake, carry Chris Haddad off to the dreaded room lOl. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM RIGHT. Julia and Winston drink to the overthrow of Big Brother. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM LEFT: Big Brother watches Syme. played by Stephen Clement, as he awaits his punishment for treason. Warriors Experience An 36-Europe Adventure In Europe During the summer of l984, a group of excited Westwood Warriors packed their luggage and went abroad. The ecstatic traveling crew visited and toured the sights of such romantic places as, England, Italy, Germany, France. and Switzerland. The crowd enjoyed the sights and sounds of Europe for an entire month before returning back to their home sweet home of America. The fashion industry underwent dramatic changes. Shocking neon brights decorated sweaters, socks, gloves and earrings. Baggy loose fitting clothing was the 'look" for both sexes. Many Westwood male Warriors traded in their l.evi SOI jeans for the new updated dressier jeans or parachute pants available for guys. '34ccessories" was the word in girl's fashion. Gobs of kiki bracelets jazzed up every outfit and earrings and lace gloves were all the rage. Madonna proved to be the biggest celebrity look-alike at Westwood. Madonna 's quirky hairstyle and clothes were widely imitated. It seems everyone wanted to be a "Lucky Star." Westwood basically had a dressier, fresh look. Guys wore ties and adrogynous dressing provided female Warriors with 'Menswear" styles. Fashion stressed individuality. Q OPPOSITE PA GE TOP LEF R From left, Shelley Wolfe, Hiromi Shimomura, Dianne Koesser and Angela Green way pose before the scenic Riverview pond OPPOSITE PA GE TOP RIGHT: John Santagata takes off his sunglasses to demonstrate his professional modeling possibilities. OPPOSITE PA GE BOTTOM RIGHT? Dianne Koesser leisurely relaxes while displaying her attractive form and apparel OPPOSITE PA GE BOTTOM LEF T: Kathy Werner and Erika Evans spend a calm day in the park. THIS PA GE TOP: An impressive parade passes by Buckingham Place. ABOVE LEFT, Senior Karen Johnston poses with a multitude of friends made in Italy. ABOVE RIGHD Lori Warrick checks out the glorious view. Today 's Campus Styles v My kv 6' a ' 21 f QW' xx W XM 77 f pix X gf f X 2' 1" 2 f .:1,,:,: v.,, ' V , ,, ., ' 41, , VL., " 1' , 'K 'C j Twf 4 , L 2, an id 3 '51 s 2 -fm Mew! IL. f V Q 'z " V Fashions-3 7 nr QL, - HW xi.: , ff- :ffl Yr Q 1 Q .Q Q if ,S Q .1 L Y . . s V Q 4 A uf K 5 Q ,E S i g 1 X ., Jill Jackson Captures Chieftain Title Lively Students "5prin " Into A ummer Frame Of Mind 405pring 5t.WW,,, M' . Upper left- Dan "The Man" Wooters and Mike "GM" Olmstead pull off an amazing dual "Boneless- to-Tail Drop-ins." Upper Right- The warm spring weather makes studying easier for Candy Wall. Bot- tom of Page-As captured from atop the sophomore locker cages, the Warriors group up before heading to 6th hour, Opposite page. Upper Left- The Westwood campus takes a brief respite from the normal hordes of students during the desolation of Spring Break. Opposite page, Upper Right- The pop- ularity of bicycles as a mode of transportation in- creased as the spring weather grew fairer. vis-' s- M"""""""" if 'KH A X ef Q ,--fff .r,Y wi ,Q 'Gif an 4 1 . Wu' Q ,W ,L,, gk EMM ,WY If if ,, 4112 - 3 'imma 1 vw J A m nfs, 1 i My E Vx. f ,4 ' 1, 14? ff f 914' Q M -5' 5 ., V:V 1 7 ,A 42- Winter iii Holiday Season Excitin Santa Comes To Westwood Many activities occured during the winter months. The Publica- tions staff got together and enjoyed a Christmas party. Each student in the Chieftain and War Chant class picked the name of another lucky publicist for whom to buy a gift. The gifts were transferred from giver to receiver by publicities' own jolly Santa, Dave Caruth, sporting a cool pair of shorts and a hot pair of Vaurnet shades. But before the show began, the largest collection of calories ever assembled in one room was con- sumed, from turkey to ham to sirloin steaks, even the cranberry sauce was devoured within moments of the start of the chow session. Although the winter months were cherished for their fullness of food and fun, some of Westwood's students were looking for- ward to their summer excursion to Europe. The Europe trip, sponsored by Gail Sturgell and Paul Wells, will transport stu- dents from Westwood to the foreign lands of Germany, Swit- zerland, Italy, Spain, France, and England, for three weeks of fun and frivolity. The countries will be trodden by a crew of inter- ested students from all over the valley, who will search far and wide for signs of culture and adventure. gif, . ...ra g s 1 J, gl -641 Uhr, ' .. X55 M. OPPOSITE PAGE: David Garuth portrays "surfin santa" as he shares an intimate moment with Amy Zesbaugh listening to her Christmas wishes, TOP RIGH73 Even Arizona can enjoy a white Christmas, as created by head photographer, Jim W. Happ III. ABOVE LEFT: A real live snowman invades our campus. ABOVE RIGHT: Karen Johnston and Jill Jackson glow with Christmas spirit at the publications Christmas bash. Winter-43 nv ww f mmm ww Monet Valdez Senior Sweetheart 2 Rochelle Akins Sophomore Sweetheart s s prin Art Brings Delight To Students Top Left: "You do it like this." explained Watt Goff to close admirers seeking advise from a pro. Tap Right, Not too many people get close to an eagle but if you make your own you can get really close says Tony Fernandez. Bottom Left: Conan the Barbarian is still a popular subject for art students. Bottom Right: Some birds have all the luck. This macromae was a successful part of the art show. 46-Art Show " tr- -q i-i YT' ty .g -can . lf. 3 15 X X. lx L , LX 3 xt V, -1 I: l I Top Left: Desiree Carbone and Patricia Wurl display weaving skills on the loom. Top Right: A beautiful mountain scene brought gasps of amazement. The scene was painted by Shon Laney. Bottom: Springtime is flowertime, and people in the art show and in the department grow their own just to display their aesthetic beauty. Att Show-47 5 K 3- : :.: i f f ....... fi Z5 QE 5 .X . . . . E f Q 1 S ffffasgx ' Q -an N ' D X, 1? U 'Ct x 5 R,,,,, ff! MX I A A k , f I I I I H I ,W f Excellence ln Education Discovering a natural ability, Joining a team of athletes, Practicing daily to sharpen your skill The match approaches, competition looks good. The first taste of victory. Looking ahead, you want to win again You meet defeat, acceptance isn t easy But sportsmanship endures. Harder you work, building strength As the team matures and improves A bond of companionship forms These are the best of times! Westwood Comes Back For A Mnning Season "Winning may not be everything but it sure beats losing!" The Westwood Warrior varsity football team took this idea to heart and compiled a 7-3 winning season in the very tough Central Division. Under the direction of quarterback, Chad White and the seem- ingly glue covered hands of receiver, Pat Schabel. the ball ap- peared to sail for one winning score after the other. Practice makes perfect and practice the team did. Hour after hour the varsity team worked every school night of the week and all of their sweat and hard work paid off as the team record indicat- ed. The Junior Blues, coached by Lonnie Foster, wrapped up the season with a 4-4 record. The team faced each game with a winning attitude, showing great sportsmanship on and off the field. The team represented Westwood well, f , , .- ,.,,W,l4p,,4,-,E, , , Led by Coach Ned Jolly, the i984-85 Junior Varsity football team faced many tough opponents this season, but managed to over- po wer each and every one to wrap up the season with an unblemished record of 8-O Westwoods future is looking good, ,aa 5OFoo tball Varsity Footbalh Top Row: John Turcott, Monte Ward, Pat Schabel, Matt Dickerson, Jim Warner, Gordon Ray, Jolm Larson, Rick Davidson, Jody Sprietsma. Da vid Emenhiser Second Row: Tom Atkinson, Mike Adams, Rodney Bonner, Pat Clark, Colton Taylor, Richard Campos, Shawn Peterson, Wally Martinez, Clayton Randall Third Row, Dale Noble, Chad White, Allan Hodge, Coach Van Ausdale, Coach Jones, Coach Loper, Coach Townsend, Coach Oviedo, Darrell Epps, John Baker, Fourth Row: John Swaggerty, Brian DuBiel, Scott Roberts, Lane Mortensen, Dougie Lewis, Michael Bair, Adolf Campos, Rusty Mallett Bottom Row, Eric Boucher, Terry Hodges, Dwayne Widmer, Harrison Lee, Tom Garcia, Scottie Skinner, J.P. Pierson TOP LH- T: Gordon Ray kicks off another one of his award winning Field goals. TOP LEP T: leading the way through the banner, Terry Hodges prepares for victory. TOP RlGHTf "were Ji I!" shouts Dale Noble. ABOVE LEFT: "Come on. Let's get that first down! " is what Deryl Epps seems to be yelling from the sidelines, ABOVE RIGHT: After successfully catching the ball, Monte Ward runs for a T.D. Football-5l JR Blues Football: Top Row: John Durfee, Sam Robinson, Daryl Brown, Bill K inch, Fred Whiting, Lane Webb, Clayton Kaminski, Mike Ochoa. Bret Mellott, Jeff Abramson Second Rowf Mike Crawford, Mark Porter, Tom Gerber. Aaron Garcia, Mark Schnider. Dean Warden. John Muth, Todd Adams, Gary Funk Neil Makil Third Row: Adam Aguilar, David Allen, Benny Lucero, Tammy Elmer, Coach Casillas, Coach Foster. Dan Marcello, Larry Gilbert, Mike Burns, Aaron Moore, Scott Allison Fourth Row: Brian Allen, Todd Anderson, Ryan Duve, Jeff Chandler, David Martinez, Rich Townsend, Roger Moss. Tim Barber Bottom Row, Marty Simmons, Rob Petre, George Miller, Lynn Anderson, Mike Westwood, Matt Bramley. Scott Ballwa ,V 52-Football Junior Varsity Footbalb Top Row: Justin Rutherford, Mark Brunsdale, Scott Benny. David Bedwell, Brett Leavitt, Carl Huish, Troy Kotsor, Kevin Meyer Second Row: Mike Bunch, Mike Butler, Rick Flaherty, Brian Mason, Aaron Cayton, Kelly Mullenaux, Todd Solomen, Brad Blue, Charlie Ament, Kyle lde Third Row: Sean Bergman, Terry Birk, Todd Christensen, Coach Hillaker, Coach Hepking, Coach Jolly, Ray C oultrap, Ron Anderson, Tom Cowalcheck Fourth Row: Ben Hufnagel, Joe Oliver, Randy Wondrish, Sean Roundtree, Jim Thiede, Kevin Wright, Steve Stern Bottom Row: Jim Rowe, J.J. C amptell, Greg Garcia, Kyle Johnson, Alex Burhans, Shad Kelly gf p-av 'K '54 W si ? i TOP RIGHT: Rowdy Westwood fans show svhool spirit. TOP LEETJ J, V. Punter kicks for tremendous yardage. ABOVE: "WAR EAGLE, TEAR EM' UP WESTWOOD!" Football-53 ' 7 V, V' TOP: Coach John Donovan and Co-captain Kristin McOuitty explore Westwood's prospects against Kofa before practice. ABOVE: With a determined look. Senior Glen Mounts heads for the finish line. RIGHT: Westwood's Girl's Swim Team! top row: Coach Donovan, Anne DeJong, Diane Kranich, Carol Rutherford, Amy Zesbaugh, Marcy Lavender, 2nd row: Sharon Abele, Caryn Hochgraef, Julie Whiting. Connie Neven, Kim Blankenburg, Ruth Hammond. 3rd row: Shannon Stienert. Jana Templin. Anne Niebch, Kristin McQuitty, Theresa Denowh. Bottom row: Kristeen Harris, Paula Kelsey. Marcy Jacobs, Susan Schwartz, Renee Bubenheim, Karen McOuitty. 54 Swimming f Boys Uphold Tradition, Girls Make New Tradition Both Westwood Boy's and Girl's Swim Teams made an outstanding effort to finish with winning seasons, The boys upheld the strong swimming tradition, while the girls paved the way to a new winning tradition. The boys remained undefeated throughout the season. The boy's only setback came in the Mesa Elks Relay Meet when Westwood placed a close second to cross-town rival McClintock. Westwood 's success was due to a variety of reasons. Coach Criag Cummins trained the boys harder this year than ever. Everyone improved, while superstars Kent Nicholas, Tom Wade, Chris Jantz, newcomer Jason Anderson, and Stuart Hartvikson continued to rake in first places meet after meet. As the season progressed, Westwood 's male swimmers became nationally known and feared by all teams they faced, The boy's traveled to Tucson to place an outstanding fourth place in the state competition, The girls shocked many with their 8-I record, The team this year did the best ever since l976. The success was due to the team 's depth. Not all first places went to the Warriors, but meets were won based on seconds, thirds, and fourths. Some of the stars were: Sharon Abele, Kim Blankenburg, Ruth Hammond, Diane Kranich, Kristin McQuitty. Anne DeJong and Shannon Steinert. Freshman Marcy Jacobs was a strong asset to the team, She was the lone qualifier for the finals at the state meet, With only two seniors graduating, the girls expect to continue this new winning tradition. -.,.-.n ABOVE: Michelle Harris flies to victory. LEFT: Westwood Boy's Swim Team: Top row, Coach Cum- mins. Tyler Rhoades, Stuart Hart vikson, K ent Nicho- las, ,lon Ellsworth. 2nd row: Danny Schmid, Chris Jantz. Bill Mast, Tom Wade, Mark Reeves, Lee Heath, 3rd row: Glen Mounts, Troy Culver, David Hunter, Shannon Hughes, Lenny Starks, Bottom row: Erick Niebch, Cory Slama, .loe Christoff, Jason An- derson, Mark Taylor. Swimming-55 zz, I I Q P ww - L-,A f EYHL 1 1 B. rss W' N' gym, 4f,sfi"" f N ,Z Aux, K Tw" V ,V-ffwk cctci ,Mes H. , :,,,,,V , V, f if ' XL5?-Qiwae--is - We , - Q f- ein .e in zsikmxwk NN at A '55 Q X if A ,EEK ee- -at . e .1 T. Q K , ' X 'lk . - - a ...L I 4 , sccc - f 1 A gif. tail - xr - f J "J 1 ' . ' -:. E' ' l I or A ik K k k ii.: 5 kr Q. kk ,- xx 1, .b A 3 5 for f K 3 1 rg, k -ft ' , ,jus .L gg! J is ,K ,pf W, --,. A I ,V s.fcM sc, scfrfxf avcfc , Q? k--- W S' Qsyuxzx ala cfm' 1. - W 'Z 1' f' ,is , , s.e..,. +A : i ' K: ,,g- I, .- . - E "" ' ., NS K . 'S .V Q icss an f so . -nag 12 --si: X' . f -- -F Q gif I M SSID " Wg , f' ,--. 3, if iff ' . I I fascia. . if -' H: 4' ' ff Q N p Q 4 - . Kg f -A Q .. .sigh wie .Q Mari 'I ,if fai t 9 S' f X Q ' K 2 C.: , ' nf gi, 1 . --X . K Eg 'fm z my X ' f -L--- . , H -s i E 5 ww E. ' -1 to Q is M zswssm I TOP: Coach Craig Cummins reviews the line-up for an upcoming meet with some of his favorite female jocks. ABOVE LEFT: Diver Daryl Alen, along with swimmer Tom Wade, enjoys a McDonalds Sundae on the seven hour trip home from Yuma. ABOVE RIGHT: David Hunter gives Westwood an early lead in the backstroke race. OPPOSITE PA GE Top Left: Freshman Marcy Jacobs grabs a breath of air before obtaining another first place. OPPOSITE PA GE BOTTOM LEE T: Happily kicking through Coach Donovan 's workout are Renee Bubenheim and Karen McQuitt y who are far from camera shy. OPPOSITE PA GE TOP RIGHT: Being tall for the first time, Coach Pipes poses with diving captains Cherlene Eaves and Michelle Harris. OPPOSITE PA GE BOTTOM RIGHT: THE WESTWOOD DIVING TEAM: IOP row, Becky Courter, Deborah Gofas. Coach Bette Pipes, Cherlene Eaves, Michelle Harris, Theresa Kereluk. bottom row: Greg Scoresby, Daryl Allen, l?obert'5herman, Rick Rebenstorf, Paul Kepler, 56 .Swimming fm Ziff . Qwy H., , if Swimmers And Divers Strive For Excellence ABOVE. Diane Heywood and Stacey Mcklnster warm up before a meet RIGHT' Varsity Cross Lountry Team TOP ROW Rlch Bottoms Duane Num kena, Jeff Wagner. Mark Meldrum. Shon Laney. Coach Kyle Sa wyer. BO T- TOM ROW: Bill Clemons. Mack Orr, Doug Hobbs, James Chambers, Robbie Gonzales. '38 cross Country Cross County Teams Two Of Westwood's Finest The boys Cross County team had a season filled with excitement and challenge. Both varsity and junior varsity teams had a season record of I4-l. The varsity team came in first at both the Doug Conolly and Prescott lnvitationals and placed third in the state cross country competition. They were also runner-ups in the Gil- bert lnvitational and the Central Divisional meets. Leading the team was Doug Hobbs placing first in every meet including the state competition. Doug set nine course records and had a terrific season. Coach Kyle Sawyer appreciated the support the team received and looks forward to coaching again next year. The girls Cross County team also had an exciting and rewarding season. In addition to being undefeated, they were both city and divisional champions. They went on to become runner-up in the Prescott Invitational meet and sixth in the state cross country competition. The team consisted of twenty highly competitive and energetic girls making it the largest school team in the state. Carol Moore, a junior this year, had a very successful season. Coach Barb Anderes feels the team will be even stronger next year since the majority of the runners were sophomores and juniors and will continue to run for Westwood next year. WV Q, ,W .1- 7 q t TOP: Cross Country is not just running. There 's a lot of strategies involved in winning meets, Pictured, Coach Sawyer works with Mack Orr, Duane Numkena. James Chambers, and Doug Hobbs, ABO VE: Girls Cross Country Team. TOP RO W: Kelly Miller. Becky Shaw, Stacey Mckinster, Polly Johnston, Diane Heywood. , Misti Stowe, Carol Moore. Stacey Tryon, Coach Barb Anderes, MIDDLE RO W: Kathy Smith. Yvonne Rodriquez, Sammi Sugar, Lynda Bracken, Lisa Howard, Natalie Strickland. Helena Nerell. BOTTOM ROW: Amy Gardner, ' , Regan Kennedy, Liza Hultberg, Shannon Anderson. Cross Country-59 ,XL ,Eqigl ,K In K, XKW: kk., ,. - f, .K K - L K .x , K , Q sf . . K. we ,. , ' , it "f"""'M ' H I I , N , ,,,, , I I . , M, 1 , ,,4 ,w , , Q OPPOSITE PA GE TOP: The girls Cross Country team takes a break from their hard workout to show off their new team shirts, OPPOSITE PA GE BOTTOM LEFT: "Always striving for the best" are words which best describe Doug Hobbs who was undefeated this season and has set nine new course records. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM I?IGHTf Happiness is catching Coach Anderes with two of her favorite runners. Stacey McKinster and Diane Heywood, TOP: Westwood 's top two girl cross country runners, Carol Moore and Misty Stowe, stretch out before the Dobson meet. ABOVE: Junior Varsity Cross Country Team, TOP RO W1 Coach Kyle Sawyer, Dan Roosevelt, Tobey Ashcroft, Mike Campbell, Thad Toney, Ken Lytle, Odie Toney. Tim Webster, Andy Stewart, Greg Bloom. MIDDLE ROW: Tom Mondragon. Adam Goff, Tracy Cook, Danny Little, Mark Heywood, Art Acuna, Tom Salada. BOTTOM RO W: Jorge Zuniga, Jeff Thomas, Will Cramer. Geoffrey Haynes, Ron Perkins, Nolan Antone. K not pietured-Gary Batle, Dan Dodge, Lloyed Stiles, Steve Albrightj 6OCross Country f 61 a'e'm V' :ww M-4, ,,,,,, ,fm J , m if .41 Cross C ountr y-6l Volleyball Has Great Year Season Pleases Coach The Westwood girl's varsity volleyball team, lead by 9 exper- ienced seniors, had one of their best years ever. Westwood went to state for the first time this year. The girls also managed to take first place in their league, second place in their division and win the Arcadia Invitational tournament. The girls ended the season with a fantastic record of I7 wins and only 6 losses. The junior varsity team also had a great year with a record of l2 wins and only 4 loses. We all wish the junior varsity team good luck again next year. At the team banquet, Karen Johnston was picked as the most valuable player, Kari Hunt was picked as the outstanding offen- sive player, Susan Reidhead was selected as the outstanding defensive player, and Nancy Castro was chosen as the most improved player. A special thanks goes to Coach Gretchen Rowe from the players and the entire student body for her outstanding coaching job this year, May she have many more. 2 ,.,, Q A 'NX s Q X ii Am EX 5 'F 3. 3 is as 1 R X 7 21 F 10 QS'-3153? ...af TOP RIGHT: Susan Reidhead returns a serve, ABOVE: Varsity Volleyball Team Bottom Row: C arolee Bowen, Susan Reidhead, Jill Jag kson Karen Johnston Diane Mullins. Carolina Rodriquez. Middle Row: Kim Allen, Mary Loftus, Kari Hunt, Polly Gerber, Nancy Castro, LeAnn Sorenson. Top Row coach Gretchen Rowe Mgr Amy Plumb, Mgr, Michalene Hunt, Mgr. Christy Stafford, Mgr. Marni Davidson. 62 Volleyball 64-Badminton Badminton Team Strong: Woelkers Leads The Way The Badminton Team was ranked one of the top three teams in divisionals. Out of eleven games the team only lost two, by close scores. The girls came on strong all season. Kirsten Woelkers, Kerri Linde, and Christa Lombardo were returning players from the last year Varsity Team. The others, though new, turned out to be fighters. There was a lot of competition on the Varsity Team this year. Everyone was striving for the number one position, Although Coach Yolie Munoz thought the top three would be switching around a lot, they settled down to their positions, Junior Kirsten Woelkers held the number one posi- tion. Kirsten is an aggressive player, ending her season with a ten win and one loss record. She went on to place third in divisionals and placed well in state. Junior Tammy Bogard has also helped the Varsity Team tremdously. Coming in three weeks into the season this year, she made her way to the number five position on Varsity. For her first year Tammy has shown improvement and eagerness to be a winner. The girls had a banguet held at the end of the season. This gave the coach a chance to show her graditude toward the players. A wards were given out for the most improved player, and the most outstand- ing, and awards for girls who had been on the team for three years. The team will be losing four of the Varsity Players to graduation, but some very aggressive players are moving up in their places. The girls had a great season, and plan to continue their success in 1985. 5 U . Lif Q 1 .-,scum A Q A k kit s, rg, Vfxo Hoopsters VWn Di vision, McGrath Key To Victories Excitement-that's the best word which best describes the l984- 85 basketball season. Coach Bud Doolen and his band of sharp shooting hoopsters brought nothing but pleasure to thousands of fans this past season as they marched to a I9-9 season, a perfect league season capped by the Division Championship and a well earned berth in the state AAA playoffs. Leading the Warriors throughout the weeks of play were M 'Kay McGrath, the super forward who cork-screwed his way to many a basket and Kyle Cummins, the pint sized guard whose long twenty five foot shots broke up the defensive rhythm of many opponent. Along with the excellent ball handling of .lerral Slinkard, return- ing sharp shooters Kurt Keesler and Shawn Hamilton added strength and depth to this year's quintet. The Junior Varsity team also let their talents shine this year as they came through with a I5-4 record. Finishing second in the city and second in the division, the J. V. players prove that basketball is alive and well at Westwood. Coach Ken Troutt feels that these players have definitely set a promising pace for future Westwood teams. Leading scorers for the team were Marc Menden and Karl Huish. Westwood basketball this year was nothing short of outstand- ing. There is no doubt that basketball at Westwood will remain at it's finest. YN TOP LEFT: Seen here, Alan Hodge dreaming of the day that he can play Varsity. ABOVE: "lt 's never taken me this long to get down the court before. " thinks Shawn Hamilton, with the heb of Dawn Hileman and Dina Woodworth during a pep assembly. 66-Basketball Y www aa-wmwWwswm:fM -vb 'fm www TOP LEFT: .loe Casey looks on in amazement as Shawn Hamilton pulls down another rebound. LEF73 "Decisions, decisions, decisions. What should I do with the ball?" seems to be the thoughts of Kurt Kiesler. ABOVE: "Going, going, gone!" Kyle Cummins seems to be thinking as another 3Ofooter swishes through the hoop. Basketball-6 7 McGrath Leads Team To Victory X 5' 9 Qgisiwkt shin in me Top Left: This two point la yup was well earned as Marc Beasley maneuvered through a crowd of Saguaro players. Top Right: Monte Ward sticks out his tongue at the opposing team. Above: Varsity Basketball Top ro w: Rodney Bonner, James Daniels. Mark Andrews, Mike Ting y, Jerrel Slinkard. Second ro wt Kurt K iesler, M 76a y McGrath, Shawn Hamilton, Bob Jacot. Craig Leiber, Marc Beasley. Bottom row: Monte Ward. Kyle Cummins, Joe Casey 58-Basketball Female Hoopsters S tri ve To Ha ve A Whnning Season At Right: Varsity Basketball Top Row: Karen Johnston, Kristen Benton, Kerri Linde, Coach Paul Wells, .lill Myers. Stacey Whitaker, Linda Deeringwater Bottom Row: Kim Allen, Sammy Sugar, Cindy Lujan. Rachael Ortiz, Tammy Bogard, Connie Nevin. Above Right, Happiness is being on the girls basketball team. Karen John- ston and Kristen Benton sure are hap- PY- Above Left, "Please go in, please," is what Kerri Linde seems to be saying. 7OBasketball -mamma: 'Y ,Q 4.4 'as 72 Gull 3 Althou h Small, Westwood Golfers Tee Off Towards Victory And A Wnnin Season Although small, the Westwood golf team finished their season with a winning record. Under the skilled hands of Coach Jerry Grubbs, the team practiced at Dobson Ranch every day after school. The work paid off as the team smashed other valley teams throughout the season. The top five players for Westwood were: Mike Del Col, Tony Korman, Mark Bebko, and the two freshmen, Blair and Craig Nicholas. These fine athletes represented the Warriors in the Kofa Invitational. The team also played well at the Father-Son Tournament and the Divisional tournament, but barely missed the opportunity to play in the state competition. These boys should be commended. fl The team will suffer the loss of four seniors to graduation. However, plans for next year 's team are already in the making. Coach Grubbs hopes the six juniors, along with the two fresh- men will return and continue the success of this year's team. Juniors Tony Korman and Mike Del Col will make Westwood the team to beat. ,W A Xzwvlur , ,, fi: -W M 4 M M, ,.. , , J, gtg? .1 W gf., Aux ,1- " , Qu Top: Tim Cummings concentrates on ilu: ball as ln: prepares to lcv off. Above: Varsity golf, top rowl Ron Hruinlcy, Scott l-ggun, lx'andy Riclmrdson, Tim Cummings, Trent Suthcrlaml, ,larry Grubbs. HOIIOIII row. Mike Dclcol, John Kross. Tony Korman, and Mark llubco. 3. S I X x X ww... M....x ffifg-'fm Ny.-,.-.,,t 4. 'ffiffff PI ' lffgfb m-'T NWS?-3'- .. M , rg- -. Top: Scott Eggcn and brothers Doug and Duane discuss what club tu use next. Above Jim Guidry, Ron Brumlvy, Trent Sulllcrland, Mike Delcol, and Mario Delco! wail to tea: off on father sun day, Golf- 73 Soccer Shines VWth Success Team Welcomes New Coaches Balls bouncing off heads is not everyone's idea of fun, but the l984-1985 Westwood Soccer team had a good kick and a terrific year. Led by the two new coaches, Dan Kuntz with Varsity and Vic Cornell for the J. V. team, they finished the season with 4 wins, 7 losses, and l tie. There were a few changes because of the new coaches and a new style of play. This resulted in a slow start that stabilized after Christmas and did very well towards the end of the season. The best games were played at the close of the season when they won the last 3. The team missed the playoffs by a lf2 game. They were disap- pointed, but feel that because they were a young team, consist- ing mostly of sophomores and juniors, they ha ve a good shot at the playoffs next year. Mr. Cole. the teams general manager and biggest supporter, was very positive about the team's playing this year and comment- ed on their progress. He is anxiously awaiting next year. Special thanks to the managers who supported our soccer team this year, Carol Rutherford, Julie Whiting, Kristin McQuilty, Kristeen Harris, and Diane Kranich. We .... - .,.. ,.. . t. ,lil 11 1 Ti' 'Y it If 1 I 1 Top right: Goalie Mark Shafer grabs the ball away from forwards Carlos Hidalgo and K ieth Schulz Above The J V soccer team top row Mike Del Col Mike Warren, Ken Lytle, Milan Zlojutro, Dennis Zimmerman, Scott Eggen, Chris Ratliff Alan Watt Middle row Steve Piepenbrink Calvin Johnson Bryan Clark Jeff Hershaur, Jason Wolfe, Rocky Gintonio, Roeun Gnim, Ken Morris. Bottom row Vic Cornell Tony Korman E 3 S T 3 5 3 -P' . 7 1 c D , . N ff 1 -.H N x ' 5 ' J ! 4? U-5-3' 5, 5 t , -a . at - R5 fw is ,Q 1 , i,5,.. M 7: 5 I ' g g-A 5 i K ' ll- fu 7 - -I'Dsd!' ' 'nl-fi X W A ,W , A 3 M ,,.,, ...eu 5' ' ix Q ' A Q K 'XA V fi K ff' is E ' Q ' ' S K H K - Qi' .P . . . - K I A. KK . H+ m-mf --'L XKLL - i s QRS SW -ni. f V Q X Q my gm Nj'-1 ls' -'---' gpg Nfvws 2131, S5 KK Q X t -. -- .. ,K --.. ff K H 1 K A if Qffs Q51-Kffffli R P 'FSU 'NYT KE? in QQ-2 '-L K-S iK ,u'ff'k'7XQf,y-Qjxii '-571 W -' K-11111 K'T"'1 'E V W -sa:-A X'-if-3" in K , K M XWHKKWQXNK K , . . Q K' ,.,, f 551.822-isgl. in .X .. K A T at ff A -. f K L - N-A -K ff' Q..-ff T -is ' "RK-'se , 25 Q 9 -fi-X' ANS: - +9 K - we Q R as .... N .. X,g, f . RM K c . KK R K ww :ffm 1' YT , TT Z I we Top left: The team prepares to block the opponent's kick with a "wall", Top right: Coach Dan Kuntz discusses plays with captains Paul Thomson and Hal Engstrom, Above: The varsity soccer team: top row: Jerry Kosisk y, K ieth Schulz, Rusty Lesuer, Carlos Hidalgo, Robbie Russo, Lars Hansen, Steve Jensen. Middle row, Vic Cornell, Mark Shafer, Ronnie Anderson, Dan Kuntz, Todd Williams, Hal Engstrom, Tony Korman, Somsri Novak, Ron Cole. Bottom row, Deven Ward, Binh Nuygun, Mike Hustad, Andrew Veane, Jeff Hulseweh, Paul Thomson, Bill Yoder. M Q whiff. Soccer- 75 76- Track Girls Track Team Takes Tremendous Treads To Top ,. S Ak ,ct ' W -- f 'L K KM'--wir ' A -, ww is "N-ev?" 1 M , 6 as W. 7 --st-W ,cj fha, J "' A . ,LQ 3 Top Left: Girls to your marks! Get set! Bang! Polly Johnston anxiously awaits these commands so she can fly down the track to victory, Top Right: Leatha Roundtree jumps out of the blocks to tear up the track in her quick strides. Above: Girls Track Team: Top Row, Polly Johnston, Leatha Roundtree, Andrea Fray, Carol Moore, Becky Shaw, Sharon Abele, Marcy Lavender, Kristeen Harris, Karen McOuitty, Shannon Anderson, Sandra Hester, Marnie Davidson, Michelle Harris, Charletta Cornwell, Laura Mills, Denice Davis. Michelle Ortiz, Coach Jones Middle row: Coach Anderes, Ruth Hammond, Susan Reidhead, Jill Jackson, Tamra Passey, Karla Sorenson, Chrishna Woodburn, Theresa Denow, Diane Kranich, Julie Whtiting, Kris Brookes, Krista Lombardo, Stacey Tryon, Lorette Bracken, Deborah Gofus, Coach Thomas Bottom Row, Lisa Reeves, Michelle McDurmeth, Angela Dickens, Amy Gardner, Carol Rutherforf, Dianne Heywood, Misty Stowe, Lynda Bracken, Angie White, Yvonne Rodriguez, Marie Griffiths a V,E, ,,, f,,,,, ,,,, , , , , V ,,., V Ifzi V , VV . N V , H 4 , V , , ,W 4 ' - 1 r " W an f 'ww 's Q ' ,,,,.. ,K , V I ,A , M1321 1- V, VV V W, .41 'A , , A V V 'V V Vzzaf- V , V '14 ,V . , . '- Wir .. " f. , 1 2 'V , V L' V 'V , ' , , V QW W " K W ' LFD ,W ,V ,M X,,, , ,, "" f ,, , V. '- V. ' ' . ' H ' " i X ' ' V, V My L VV k Eu ' , 'I ., V " H ", 6 ', ,V ' ' +V , , gmw, V, X L, H.. .,,, M K , b W , ,w,,,y I WVVV I 'W , A' fuk, ' ,, , . A I " " V.: A A nw- he KV y, ,, V "W7f,V,jf 'WW 'V vf"Y'f4'. ' , Wt N Vw- 'iam , ' 'spans it ' ' W V' 3 1 ' ?"?"'t ofa nay . 4 V I VV ki 4 V V V mf , ,aw V , V 'Ly A , V , V li A ' gi' iff , W, ,Vwaaa , , l Q, , ,, J' f. ' V g W , umm , , V f 2V V, ,, ' ' M' " ' ' V, VVVVQMM f rgigf VV V' V NT 1 V ,Vt QV, . ,, V, , i if? 'W lj? lp, M..g 265 ' fe ' H V +3 'ag' , il 4 V ,faq A44 -V 5 R J. e,, V VZ 1, J ia A i 'V' , ' Wim, ag It I Ll Egg yi gill A . i N ,- , M W. ww., X A . S .Q -1, - Q14 .15 an i swxww, William M -N W., k Nan- W .,,MWmm -N... M-'iw . sp-N K B... '-W Q., ' .M . .... -1 ,,' 1 '. M N, 'V X. 6' W 1 ,,,, in 544- ,. , 1: . - Q T "' 'k wx . .Q "' A ' W- Q .5 Q . .Ng .. ' N . Q N ,. . ...... Q, ss X "' sw-w..,.,W.:"?"' as f in Q, at g sv- 5, E N Q. "' sv Qu X " i w-...z is ss K, A.. ., Q, Q Nl W W .Q W Top Page: Carol Moore displays the limberness of a top athlete in training, Stretching out is one of the most important parts of the work out. Above Left: Notice the fine form of Top hurdler, Sharon Abele as she leaps to the finish line. Above Right: It 's a bird! It 's a plane! It 's super track star, Susan Reidhead bounding into the sand for the long jump. Track- 77 78- Track t"Nff.., i N M-.M Q Stron Team Efforts Lead Warriors To umerous Vldns -.N .ra Sm A Varsity Track Team: Top row, left to right: Rodney Bonner: Niel Makilg Juston Rutherfordf .lohn-Pierre Thompsonf David Frisell: Scott Roberts: Sean Roundtree: Jodie Sprietsmap Mike Areghini. Second row, Coach Hilliker: Al Hendrietln Mike Campbell, Rusty Lesuerf Kurt Christensen, Dale Noblef Tim Webster: Andy Stewart: Richard Ramirez: Coach Sawyer. 3rd row, left to right: Jeff Wegner, James C hambersg Robert Gonzales: Mark Meldrumf Gil Valdez: Duane Numkenaf Doug Hobbs, Dale Dandurandp .l..l. C amptellt Tom Garcia. Top Left: Dale Noble, Tom Garcia, and Scott Roberts get off to a good start. Top Right: Getting ready to heave the shot put is Richard Ramirez. DW It J. V. Track. Top Row, Richard Bottoms: Thad Toney. Todd Christensem Odie Toney: Greg Bloom, Kevin Dawef Aaron Cayton: Ken L ytle, Tobey Ashcroft: Chris Bedwelh Scott Binnief Mike Butler, Daryl Brown. Marr: Brunsdale, Brent Levitt. 2nd row: Coach Hilliker. James Roe: John Johnsong David Randulph Gary Bahef Danny Roosevelt. Ed Gieger, Ed Acoslag Trevan Householder, Stephen Lauttf Floyd Williams, Marc Shumwayf Steve Stern: Jon Durfeep Coach Sawyer. 3rd row, John Taylor: Todd Solomon: Chris Johnson: Ron Perkins, Will Cramerg McKinley Orr: Leroy Smith: Dan Dubekp Shawn Berjmant Mike Grinert Chris Richg John Ward, Julian Walters. Bottom row, Brad Blue, Larry E vans: Jesse Marrowguim Danny Lewis, Steve Ebrightt Jeffrey Thomas, Donny Gonzales: Mark Heywood: Marcello Pergira, Mike Westwood. Top Left: Jody Sprietsma prepares to launch the discus. Top Right. Andy Stewart strides over another hurdle, Track- 79 Girls Tennis Team K Succeeds wwf" 5 f-5 ,, t ,W ,V Viv i 1' WM, M, ,,, 79 zz IV 2 if fi , he Ei ' BQ -te if W ii,, T ,,,A it ' it f it fff at tata it TOP LEF T: "Eat your heart out. Karate K id. " ways Kirsten Woelkers, TOP RIGHT: "What do you think of that ?" exclaims Dawn Kirkpatrick as she wins her match ABOVE: Even Wefstwoods top tennis players need a little help from time to time. Coach Lunoz helps Melissa Tafoya as Kirsten Woelkers, Dawn Kirkpatrick Dianne Kennedy, and Shannon Kirkpatrick look on, 80 Tennis i ll E, ti TOP LEFT: A perfect backhand swing is demonstrated here by Dianne Kennedy. TOP RIGHT: Shannon Kirkpatrick shows off her powerful serve, ABO VE: Tennis Team, TOP RO W: Coach Munoz, C aroly Cline, Candice Olea. Dina Woodworth, Heather Sandler, Shaila Reidhead. Audrey Hicks, Tracey Leverson. MIDDLE RO W: Laura Crouch, Denise Kenney, Janice Ainsworth, Tana Bachelder, Vicki Dobson, Amy Kramer, Mellisa Tafoya, Allison Bowerman. BOTTOM RO W: Christy Barnard, Linda Kennedy, Christine Gonzales, Shannon Kirkpatrick, Courtney Kuhse, Dianne Kennedy, Dawn Kirkpatrick, Kristen Woelkers. Not pictured: Kristie Schindele, Tennis-8l i 82- Tennis vwriihw 1 t 'Q' E i Es N 5 6 4 ' . ' , ' 3 ,, Eg R 1 ovaw Top page left: Ed Yanez shows his deep concentration on the game as he watches the ball's every rotation. Top Page Right: Tarrin Walz's sure-fire forehand is one that can't be beat. Above Tennis Team: Top row: Jeff Setlow, Robbie Russo, Tarrin Walz, Craig Menden, Dave Holliday, Ed Yanez, Coach Livingston, Brad Wilson, Dan Schindele, Tim K inney, David Spuhler, Shaun Pipes, Scott Ballway Bottom: .lohn Kross, Ryan Talamante, Tyler Rhodes, Glenn Mounts, Ben Jufnagel. Pete Drozdowicz, .leff Hershauer, Kresten McGrath, Jeff Manning, Dennis Zimmerman, Ken Norris. E Yanez Leads Westwood Rackets To A mashing Season Top left: Dave Holliday's excellent form and technique never fail him as his competitors search for an escape. Top Right: A steady and consistent forehand is all a part of Robbie Russo 's strategy to down his competition. Above Left: Opponents learned quickly that Jeff Setlow's backhand was as devestating as his forehand. Above Right: Craig Menden delivers another unreturnable serve to hi opponent. Tennis-83 Westwood Boys Wrap Up Competition VWth 7-3-I Record Swearing, straining, grunting, and groaning are all a part of one of the leading sports at Westwood. Wrestling is not a shiny cape with a black belt, and a mask aroung the face as seen on T. V. No, it is a sport that requires a lot of dedication and even more hard work. Under the direction of new head Coach Montavo, the team this year did extemely well. Taking over a flounder- ing program, Coach Monta vo and his Varsity team racked up an impressive 7-3-I record. The .lunior Varsity faired well also bringing in 6 wins as opposed to only 4 losses. A lot of the credit for the teams success has to go to Mickey Kanoy at D6 pounds who placed first in the Cen- tral Division Tournament. At l34 pounds, Sam Reidhead placed second along with Leon Nicholas at I45 pounds. Bringing home fourth place honors was none other than Eric Connolly who wrestled in the l38 pound weight class. Because of the accomplishments of these fine athletes, Westwood was able to bring home the first place trophy. But no, they didn 't stop there, they went on to compete at the division and state levels. Looking ahead, Coach Mon- tavo figures with the fine showing, the .lunior Varsity team did, he sees a bright future in wrestling at Westwood for years to come. Above: Varsity Wrestling Team Top row, Coach Monta vo, James Rowe, Eric Connolly, Leon Nicholas, Herman Bernal. Justin Rutherford, Da vid Belcher, Ste ve 84- Wrestling Giebe, Coach Kelly. Bottom row: Mark Heywood, Mickey Kanoy, Sam Reidhead. Scott De Ragd, Hy Vuong. Leigh Riese, Ken Bumpus. Top Left: During strenuous practice Mickey Kanoy and Roger Garcia work on drills for the upcoming match. Opposite Page Top Right: As Justin works for a breakdown he thinks of a winning season. , 4 S awwwn-sm gp. Above: Junior Varsity Team Top Row: Coach Mantavo, Randy Wondriff, Roger Garcia, David Randolf, Mark Brunsdale, Ron Kieffer, Scott Burley, Dwayne MacDonald, Coach Kelly. Bottom row: Scott Allison, Bud Isaacs, Joe Christoff, Jeff Starling, Preston Peterson, Mario Trevino, Garn Bailey, Top Left: Demonstrating a correct down starting position Garn Bailey show his cheerful grin Wrestling-85 oftballers Were Success: Thomas Proud Of His Team With Mr, Thomas coaching and the assistance of student teach- er, Mr. Saunders, the Westwood Girls Varsity Softball team finished the season with a record of I0 wins, 9 losses, and l tie. Coach Thomas feels it was a successful year, but he and the team shared the disappointment of a close miss to the divisional playoffs by one game. The strengths were good hitting and fielding with great im- t L , A ,b provements in pitching towards the end of the season. The girls L , A outhit almost every team. L Coach Thomas felt all of the girls were strong assets to the team and commented, "I am very proud of the girls this year, they really worked hard and we are looking forward to the return of the Varsity players and a successful season next year," , .,.3 il V A M Meanwhile, the Girls .l.V, Softball team finished their season ,,..a...,..L. , ,M , , . ,,t,,,, L ,,,,,, ,,,,, , , ,- 5 with 8 wins and 5 losses. The team was led by the masterful an ,,,, 'B mg ,- H . . - I ,',, f vvt, , fm"-rf' ma- , , pitching of Marina Magallanez and the team s strength was z. ,- 1- r-if-of,-H,,wf,-',,,.,ff,',,,,,.ff:,','.', , , , .gff , ...,. 33: . . . . . A - A in k fr"rf their hitting and later in the season turned to aggressive play- ,,,,, " .. J i U, N 1 ing. Several girls on the J. V. team will go on to Varsity next year bf - , - . - - - - ,,,,, 'M ' 'W at in starting positions. ,Jw .iw - ff: ? .V f ,, , JMU' H- , , . ln ' " EL: ' W . Due to heavy rain this season, some of the games were rained A' ' out and the team did not get as much practice. Otherwise, '- , coaches ,lim Jones and student teacher, Mr. Hepteen. who , ,V ,Q assisted with the outfielders, agree that it was a successful g , . 4, 4 , A , y Hg,-,A V f season and everyone had a good time. xv gg yyhy ,,,,,,,, .a,,,,,,,. I , 1 f--' -L tf,t, Practice for both Varsity and J. V. Softball began in November Above: Oooh, will Michelle make it to 3rd base? Yes, she did, before Coro- nado opponent caught the ball. Above Top: Watch out, Marianne is up! A pitcher takes a lot of time be- fore letting Marianne go. She's a heavy hitter. 86- Softball with the first game against McClintock on November I6. They finished the season with a doubleheader against Kofa on Janu- , ary I6. Varsity Softball Team Back Row: Colleen Kirkpatrick, Bicki Legg, Shannon Kirkpatrick, Coach Al Thomas, Dawn Kirkpat- rick. Karen Seagrave. Middle Row: Mary Loftus, LeeAnn Sorenson, Connie Nevin, Michele Harris. Bottom Row: Tammy Bogard, Marianne Hayne, Leslie Washington, Andrea Magallanez, Dianne Kennedy. f.. gd W 2 3 Magallanez Pitches Team To Vlctorles 5sw1Jx'1Lf? S Junior Varsity Softball Team. Back Row: Coach Jones, Marnie Davidson, Marcy Lavender, Aralynn Nowack, Bev Graff, Janene Walker, Coach Hebting. Middle Row: Stephanie Young, Bitzy Gumz, Michelle Kagel, Michelle McDermott. Sammy Suga. Bottom Row: Marina Magallanez, Darcy Swanson, Carolee Bowen, Tracy Bennett, Jerri Gross. Top Left: Coach Al Thomas discusses game strategies with Mrs. Sally Stur- devant, Middle Left: "GotchaI" ls what Mi- chelle Harris seems to be saying as she narrowly catches the ball to com- plete a play at second base. Above: Whoof! That ball is really mov- ing when it lea ves the hand of Andrea Magallanez. Softball-8 7 Westwood Baseball Team Has Grandslam Season -Qw- . -ea, sew -xM.2""N 88-Baseball Above, Varsity Baseball. Top Row, Coach McCo wan, Richard Campos, Craig Dedrick, Nick Felix, Randy Richardson. Rich Northcott, Coach Hebting. Middle Row: John Turcott. Robert Bernal. Glenn Showers, Anthony Felix. Chad White, Bottom Row: Trent Timmons, Mike Fournier, Bobby C ockrum. Billy Kerr, Brian DuBiel. Top Left: With a cold glare in his eye, Nick Felix delivers another streaking missle past his opponent. Top Right: Team work by Trent Timmons and Rich Northcott makes a quick and easy double play. ,,,,, nuanc- Wi!! indium ffazxrrm X 3 , k I K mf awww- WW -QWKW i M A in it n H N .. +sgi,az QL ,. I Q1. SQPW ,V .... v iw' V, ,WM A, .Q .W W g i iiii - - A A A 'K :' W 55? - .,., x,-q:.. . S Sli? 4.. ,,,., 2 f", gganf' K - mx vm-1, EXE' awww ,wa .K -1-. A. if ata. U N H , . sfl iggkgg ,Aj -' :Q 1 W ,S-- , s,.-,,+ Q. V -as-1-if 'fx A . f W A- 'gs--4 -,eggs I Top Left: A line drive doesn 't ha ve a chance of getting past Bobby C ockrum who guards his position well. Top Right: With a tremendous cut. Billy Curr drives a fast ball into mid-center field. Above Left: "Ummff!" It takes alot of effort to get that ball across the plate and sometimes pursing lips helps as Randy Richardson seems to be doing. Above Right: A bunt is almost a guaranteed hit for Robert Bernal, and Robert spends many hours perfecting the art. Baseball-89 Archery Team Aims Hi hi Hits Bullseye L ,ENN , Jr- 1.L ff Q, .X gf .. 5 3 -.QQ I sg ' s-ii-1ii:f r, , -,QQ yi :q'N x -, E , f K K . ' " ,, . X E ' ' ' is 'S ' M X Q X X X ax JMS N ISA X X X f.. -e....:.e,., , -X. - X Q L?" - , sum, F ..:. . , - Q . Q 'X S if r if 'F X W I 3 112- ' ii f iei r - N':2:, W s.I e - , , A 1 -'K . T X "'- Q NX X X X -. 1 : -I' tc 45 X . Q K 5 , N is X V A R QL-..- iffev at W .1 '41 as , - ss e . Y ab.. M k P+ . it A... . T , -fi A TOP: Ready. Aim, FIRE! ABO VE: Archery Team. TOP RO W: ,lami Ward, Amy Halverson. Colleen K irkpatrick. C oaeh Mounts, Michelle Petersen, Jill Krajnyak, lisa Williams. Laura Dicknran, BOTTOM RO W: laura Schaffer, Kate Halverson, Paula Enlow, l.iz Garcia, Laura Flores. OPPOSITE PA GE LEFT: Concentration and a steady hand are demonstrated here by Jami Ward. OPPOSITE PA GE TOP RIGHT: Lisa Williams, Laura Dickman, and Amy Halverson warm up before an archery meet. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM RIGHT: "I dare you to!" is what Laura Schaffer seems to be saying to the archer, 90A rcher y . , 2 iw' 1 L wha if ,nf ww ' 0 H is f W ,dz ,A I , , ' , 1 -,e v 'fr f Azz fx ff .,. g . M M K 4, 2 I J, 4 , f Wi? Q -Q ,. M ' Jw ' C quam if M . 117- 1 X Archery-91 - .Nw YG . i w A- ww v -. -vm Ri' k ,325 ,mmm-.,-mmm., - - X: --5 ,,H,L-X -, X- a:-IEEE- E F' -urs SX -:.wS5'4Q'k7:411F -- ,,iiEfff5:55gQ5g-f-Hzf .:5.--NA:-:R -'15--ssl U- ll .Q-af .--iw--Q-f.-QW-K -- fx-Q--new-Ssgffffi 5. . -- Uv-KI-.-igpigg1'1ff nf 11- 5-gig .... f ff1mNag1y-g.-.--- ss- 3 we--ff -5, - 1 : Z ww5i"f::9Eiii-'Q gg--'1qf':f 55-121 "' 31:51, 5135, K 'ii A-1. .- . -ff. - i . . K 2- . gee,--ws f- .... i -. .. ' i , A -- - . by Q kr-5--'rfaw K .,,:,Q.,,,-as-A--,Lf , - ,- ' 149- '- - f vi ,pa ' ' , .. K L-.V fm M .- .av fs. it Q Q5 2 Y., ! uifwx E Q W x :Si xa ESVSEFES v S as E! A' figs 52 EES 5522 E E fi it MUS155 ' alms ME 5 'E s si si? fl' XL ,X 'mm 2 s 1371752 t 1 QQQQ it f 2 P? f u X v 5-? I X tr 4 t Y' ff 'R , 1. 1 1 1 'sf i f K if sf if mi Excellence In Education Making a commitment to a club, Pledging to uphold standards of excellence. Planning specialized projects for monetary gain, You embark on creative activities, Gathering knowledge and experience. By serving your school and community, You gain a sense of worth and accomplish- ment, And the best part - the work is fun. Socializing and sharing ideas with friends Build long-lasting memories of special days. These are the best of times! Di vision-Organization-93 Marchin Band Stirs Crowds Apache, Jazz Bands Excel The Westwood Marching Band had a great season this year, showing its talent in many spectacular shows. This awesome band never failed to rally spirit and excitement at pep assemblies, as well as generating pride and enthusiasm at games. They backed up the team, often shouting cheers and chiming in with the fight song when called for. The Marching Band also marched in several local parades and played at ASU games. This vast vareity of activities required hours of practice, including the memorization of drills and music. The strenuous labor payed off through, for the Marching Band received a superior rating for its perfor- mance in Band Day at Northern Arizona University. The success of this group is due to the effort of each individual and to the superior direc- tion of Mr. Bob Cunningham. The Apache Band and Jazz Band also showed fine showmanship in their concerts throughout the year. The unique and mod styles of Jazz Band delighted audiences. Apache Band 's superb playing was a credit to Westwood's outstanding music department. 'Q-la. 'N-1'-' -- r-V 1. ABO VE: Apache Band. TOP ROW: Tom Terry, Jim Terry, James Seeger, Brent Elliott Steve Scally Tim Davis Ben Leonard Gary Buker Mason Burbank K lmball Layton. SECOND RO W: Mark Territo, Dan Roosevelt, Doug Keron, Jerry Smith, Mike Yankura Charles Sa vcedo Keevln Castillo Todd Brackenbury Bill Yoder THIRD RO W: Kevin Cox, L ynnette Rowly, Heather Roberts, Tregon y Shepard. Jodie Ople Theresa Gonzalez Rhonda Mccardie Melissa Dlngman Sharon Wilson Sam Biggs, BOTTOM RO W: Donna Knoer, Sheri Stepp, Lineva Moyer, Tricia Roberts Dawn Coe KBl1I7l Emmemhlser Tonya Plckard Tracey Johansen TOP RIGHT: An Apache Band claranetist practice during a rehearsal. 94fMarching Band 1 E N.. 3 3 A.,-S.-NN unualinlnlnn CHI!!! 5553535555 ,wW..N-ww . .... , .... v,.... , , J ...-.-...---1-1s- I Apacheflazz Band-95 ,A-fy N. Mtv' 1, . +- 'ik t"r?-4 w,,'1.n'3n'g X Q 1 ,s -... Qf,"vf'hfx-X igxiii-ye 1-"'N4L' rvxyk is tg 5 ,A L, 1 J ' N Qt,-wt K +.,,..f.-ss RIGHT? Warrior Band Council, TOP RO W: Tim Dillard, Robert Becker, Mi- chele Soltis, Ward Chapman. Scott Currier, BOTTOM ROW: Mary Ger- inger, Jodie Currier, Auburn King, Stacy Templin, Heather Harris, TOP LEFT: Stacy Templin. Warrior Band Senior and Band President, plays her clarinet. 96 Band Council The mighty Warrior Band continued its tradition of excellence throughout this school year. Despite the loss of many graduates last year, the underclassmen upheld the group's status. The Warrior Band, under the direction of Bob Cunningham, is the top musical group of its kind at Westwood. Considered one of the finest in the state, the Warrior Band drew large audiences at their concerts all year. As last year, this outstanding representative from Westwood attended the World of Music Festival in San Diego and gave a great perfor- mance. The success and unity of the group stems in part from the Warrior Band Council, under the leadership of President Stacy Templin. The council made decisions concerning the band and organized activities and fund raisers. The combined effort of the students, directors, and members of the council made the Warrior Band into the prestigious organi- zation that it is. Each member's concentration and dedication resulted in the conquering of difficult music and the continuing of a tradition of musical expertise. Warrior Band Take Honors, Performs In San Diego Flutes Sherrill Bennett Michele Wyant Cami Cooper Geniel Seaman Diana Gonzales Jody Marquard Angela Dicken Dawn Schilling Wendy White Jane Lenard Yvonne Emerson Oboes Whitney Richards Bassoons Chris Perez Deanne Gofas Bb Clarinets Stacy Templin Heather Harris Diane Heywood Juliet Kaluzniacki Donna Fleming Sherri Brinkley Auburn King Heather Armatage Becky Howell Nancy Long l ynelle Manuel WARRIOR BA ND PERSONNEL Bass Clarinets Tammie Welker Karen Marshall Alto Saxes Scott L yan Ryan Talamante Mike Mayhew Tenor Sax Donny Gonzales Baritone Sax Jeff Wick Cornet l Karl Huish Robert Becker Trumpet I Mark Shafer Trumpet ll Jeff Hershauer Kelly McClain Cornet II David Neil Glenn Bedal Cronet lll Mike Cave Ward Cjapman Scott Currier Man Felkins Horns David Deuvall Michele Soltis Michele McDermott Trombones Lars Hansen Chris Rich Tim Dillard Jason Bell Baritone T. C . Michael Hollowell Tuba Steve Geib Percussion Jodie Currier Scott McDonald Mary Geringer Robert Taylor Mike Ploughe Rob Gonzales Tom Hershey Ray Anderson ABOVE: Senior Warrior Band member Robert Becker blows his trumpet expertly for the listening audience, Warrior Band-97 Orchestral Groups Lea ve Audiences ln Awe 'Nm , V ,, W, , A 'I -f, 4 MM ,, ., A . fl ' , V , f f ' ' ,. ,:, P va,-. I E fl. w,,:,.Hlk,,,,,k.1 , ' f ff , ' A?' f,gffg,,1.ff, t ' KV , H A J ' ' I ,,,,, , ' It , I V- ' ' ,,,1' ig1',-,l A 1, tam, 'Y Z V TOP, Concert Orchestra, TOP ROW: Kristin Shill, Courtney Rhoades, Mary Jane Ball, Pam Trone, Kolleen Jackson, Molly Logue, Vee Ronna Adams, Darla Richardson, Michelle Perysian, Sonya Foote, Jenni Guthrie, Jarene Rogers. Toni Vogt, Laurie Olsen, Cindy Schern, Tawnya Price, Holly Le5euer, Leslie Daines. BOTTOM RO W: Sheri Jo Sorenson, Misty Shultz, John Reynolds, Julie C irou, Jason Anderson, Michelle Lindblom, Lee Geller, Deborah Gafoas, Rick Harris, Christy Porter, Kreston McGrath, Sheila Rowley, Julie Shain. ABO VE: Showcase Strings. TOP RO W: Lance Roederer, Wendi Lindblom. Larry K yrala, Kolleen Jackson, Melissa Tryon, Tom Scully, Holly Le5euer, Holly Wright, Lisa Eager, Lisa Mckellips, Melissa Kaminski, Mark Chapman, Tono Vogt. Jenni Christiansen, Tammy Watson, Lee Conn.'BOTTOM ROW: Kathy Pepera, Stephanie Tucker, Dana Woolard. John Ose, Robin Pitts, Christy Poter, Shari Anderson. 98-Orchestra s Q s E 3 E s i Symphony Orchestra Pre vails The Westwood Symphony Orchestra surpassed its reputed excellence in the many outstanding performances throughout the year. Noted as the finest orchestra in the state, the orchestra, under the leadership of conductor Kim Thompson and President Terri Clark, upheld this honor. As in years past, the orchestra participated in many competitions, never failing to leave the judges in awe. They travelled for the second time to San Diego for the World of Music Festival, a trip which required the riasing of money by each individual, Thus, fund raisers such as candy sales, auctions, and calander sales were common. The Symphony Orchestra Council and Westwood Parents and Boosters Association helped greatly with fund raising. The Symphony Orchestra worked intensely on a variety of music in preparation for numerous concerts, Soloists for each performance were selected through concerto auditions at the beginning of the year. Each one delighted the audience and surely inspired young musicians and future members of the orchestra. The continuous excellence ex- hibited by this group deserves much appretiation and admiration by all. ABOVE: Symphony Orchestra Council, TOP: Terri Clark. TOP RO W: Betsy Wallace, Lisa Eager, Karen Hamilton. Jean Miller, Dannis Shepard, Carrie Robson. BOTTOM ROW: David Duvall, .lason Bell, .lohn Willis, TOP LEFT: Whitney Richards plays an oboe solo during a performance. lCX1Symphony Orchestra ,ei if' S YMPHON Y ORCHESTRA PERSONNEL lst Violin Melissa Soza, C oncertmaster Melissa Kaminski Sandra Hall Carol Alldredge Sally Shill Julie Johnson Katrina Becker Karin Hamilton Stacey Tryon Mlfa y McGrath Cara Wright Karen Townsend Jean Miller Dannis Shepherd Terri Clark Lisa Eager 2nd Violin Carrie Robson, Principal Ruth Meyers Melissa Tryon Anita Nuland Stephanie Tucker Holly Wright Janeen K iene Larry K yrala Dennis Morton Ginger Waite Vince Orduno Kristen Alldredge Valerie Pitt Wendt Lindbolm Tammy Watson Leanna Stewart Wayne Manske Doug Merritt Laura Flores Kathy Pepera Viola Barbie Clark, Principal Mike Daines Lorie Weinberg Patti Taylor Susan Kwan Lisa Mckellips Susan Lows Jenny Christiansen Tyler Rhoades Tom Scully Cello Betsy Wallace, Principal Dana Woolard Kirsten Alexander Robin Pitts John Ose Stacey Whittaker Marianne Mortensen Denise Crolts Shari Farnsworth String Bass Lee Conn, Principal Lance Roederer Susan Wennerstrom Jason Scott Harp Shari Anderson, Principal Celeste Graham Piano Amber Guinn Flute Dalena Garrison Jamie Jiles Diana Gonzales Sherry Bennett Oboe and English Horn Whitney Richards Jana Neil Clarinet Stacey Templin Heather Harris Bassoon Laurie Sapp Bass Clarinet Tammie Welker Trumpet Glenn Bedal David Neil Jon Snider French Horn Michelle Soltis Lisa Lange David Deuvall Mark Chapman Beth McMichael Trombone Troy Landry Lars Hansen Gary Attarian Jason Bell Tuba Mike Daines Percussion Arthur McNair Mary Geringer John Willis Jodie Currier Robbie Gonzales Choral Groups Keep Busy Give Many Expert Concerts The four choral groups at Westwood consisted of l5O talented students. These four choirs were Sophomore Chorale. Westwood's Girl Choir, Concert Choir, and Honor Choir. Stu- dents were placed in the groups according to their abilities and the needs of each choir. Throughout the year, vocalists were exposed to all styles of music, from the renaissance to the classics, to popular and jazz music, conductor .leff Harris select- ed a vast repertoire. Competing and being chosen to participate in the All State music festival was the highlight of the year for choral group members. The most outstanding group at Westwood was the Honor Choir. This excellent performing group kept active by traveling to mobile home parks throughout the community and singing for onlookers. The choir was selected to appear at the State Con- vention meetings and participated in exchange concerts with other high schools in the Valley of the Sun. The Honor Choir was invited and took part in the ACDA and Mountain States festi- vals which are held every year. Concert Choir was again the largest choral group at Westwood. Made up of juniors and seniors, the primary purpose of this group was to prepare members for Honor Choir. They also took part in many festivals during the school year. ABO VE: Concert Choir. TOP ROW: Erik Lohne. Chuck Moler, Barry Hedges, Louis Roundtree, David Warren. Tom Lewis. SECOND ROW Daniel Dubek Chris Goff, Robert Bagley, Larry Marble, Dean Warden, Garn Bailey, .Ion Elsworth. THIRD RO W. Cindy Schern, Kristen Kelley, Katy Morse Kirstin Lohne Michele Perysian, Sue Wiler, Tammy Watson. Kerri Linde, Amy Halverson. Karen Townsend, Mary Neel. Brenda Karlinsey, Sharla Bingham Andrea Orr Lisa Latulippy Anna Hutman, Jennifer Fuller. BOTTOM ROW: LaDawn Palmer, Ruth Meyers, Cristi Butler, Ginger Durfee, Melanie Clulf, Holly Wermuth Larol Udall Suzy Porter, Jenny Montague, Judy Broussard, Ember Stokes, Denise Nunez. IOJ choruses 5 1 I ' ,A sm , .SL ' , S: RL -.. V if AS NS. -oi 4' W. if lr 1 W - A.. 1, . f sr ' Q, I 1 , + M A Vx ' 'E' Ve: ' , ' V 4' -Ah - .-.., -,."'21',C'M' vi: M 5 , 1- Q.. Q ,-.1,1,5gi,. "Y Q VRD, ., Ni! I 'Y , lf"-M ' 'Z u xi Q as' .il xt . Xb ..,. . f 1 V? 2 M WX K - ' ms: ., E X X X ' Q, ..Q.. f ,, I HEX ,ff -,, Q ' ' " .V , V! e. .M Z ,Am Q 'Wi ,V ,gf S , 45 guy! A.. WAR my WM' f OPPOSITE PAGE TOP LEFF Arthur McNair pre- pares to sing with the orchestra as Mr. Harris conducts. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP RIGHT: Donna Clement sweetly sings with the Honor Choir. TOP LEFE Senior Susan Reidhead harmonizes with her fellow chorus members. TOP RIGHT: Sissy Lamoreaux waits patiently for her en- trance. A T LEE T: Talented Honor Choir members Holly Hogue and Sharon Abele follow their diffi- cult parts. C horuses IO5 Student Council Keeps School Running Smoothly As the year comes to a close, hands have been shaken. and awards ha ve been given out, the school takes time to recognize a special and elite club. Student Council is the recipient of this honor. Members of Student Council were elected to do a specific job. Yet before one can obtain a nomination, one must complete rigid requirements. A person must obtain a 2.5 grade point average, ha ve fifty Warriors to sign hisfher petition and, most importantly, be able to best represent the student body. After all is done, the candidate must obtain a nomination and realize that Student Council is not all fun and games. Throughout the years, Student Council has passed school rules and regulations, change bad ones, represented Westwood in various city functions, promoted school spirit, and organized school activities. This year was no exception. The assemblies, "spirit days", Tai Chewee week, Nakwatchum and Wah Hoo Pah Hoo, class plays and the blood drive were all organized by the Student Council The club 's new leader, Mrs. Melissa Gambill, put Student Council in high gear. With the cooperation of the staff and administra- tion the club had a fantastic year. 2: 1 TOP: Mrs. Gambill bids farewell to her favoite Aussie, Cassandra Lee. ABOVE: Westwood Student Council, TOP ROW: Kent Nicholas, David Dawn, Victor Christensen, Jean-Pierre Thompson, .lenny Montague. Bill Mast, Kay Freeman, .lolm Gardner, Monte Ward. Jean-Noel Thompson, Scott Welle, Kyle Cummins. BOTTOM RO W. Mark Heywood, Kirsten Woelkers, Cassandra lee, Patti Nielson, Carol Farnsworth, Dana Shill, C aryn Hochgraef, Polly Johnston, Isabelle Stainer, Helena Nerell, Carol Alldredge, Mrs. Gambill, Mason Lines. lw-Student Council ,M W,,,,fM M ,,, A V ., , , H H H I , r 7'h"' W l , V 'i ,, H ' ,,,- , ,, Mmzrvrww ,fl TOP: Bill Mast describes the perils of dating to fellow senior, Kyle Cummins. ABOVE LEF73 Victor Christensen shows off his artistic abilities. ABOVE RIGHF Sophomores Mason Lines and Jean-Pierre Thompson are delighted to see how many dances Westwood has scheduled. Student C ouncil-IO7 9, War Chant lnforms Warriors Chieftain Holds Memories The noisy clatter of typewriters was a sound often associated with room 007. In this room, a variety of individuals gathered, all with the same purpose in mind, to create interesting, inform- ing publications. The informal atmosphere of room LX77 allowed creative juices to flow. Newspaper reporters constantly perked their ears up to hear the latest news. "Story Idea Day" was a time for all report- ers to submit ideas that would not only inform readers, but generate student interest as well. Chieftain staffers had a goal. They wanted to create a yearbook that was DOI only aesthetically pleasing, but also capture worth- while memories. Staff veterans happily taught new staff mem- bers how to draw lay outs, dream up imaginative captions and to write headlines. The Publication teams worked hard and played hard. After completing grueling deadlines, War Chant reporters celebrated with bi-monthly luncheons. Chieftain staffers kept 'their energy levels high by taking frequent "Doughnut - Runs". Both Publica- tion teams joined together for a Christmas banquet and an end of the year barbecue. "Surfer Santa" was a delight to all as he passed out humorous gifts. Awards were presented to diligent workers at the barbecue. aw-93" Top Left: "What? Story ideas day is today ?! Ahhh , . , agonizes Senior reporter Andy Stewart. Above: War Chant staff. Top row. Lane Cook, Andy Stewart, Rusty LeSueuk, Andria Orr, .lim O'Donnell, .lim Happ, David Caruth, Middle row: Corey Scott, Kristin McQuitty, Kristine Myers, .loan McHenry, Amy Zesbaugh. Cassandra Lee, Myrna Green. Bottom row: Julie White, Hiromi Shinonura. Joyce Neely, Stacy LaCombe. IO8-Publication IW. ,krerxo R ,, ' I-, 2 , 5' Q , W, I UBLIQ ff Z Rea 4 , 93 , as if 'M 4 My I ,xr , 72 f f 4 Ji glam ,f has an qawzyw, mmm 5 J My whim!! from Ftwm if TOP: Chieftain stafh Top Row: Robin Wilson, Jill Blankenburg, Mark Shafer, Kristin McQuitt y, Da vid Dawn, Becky C ourter, Jill Jackson, Jim Happ. Da vid Caruth, Mary Hannum. Middle Row: Laura Mills, Joan Sennett, Deborah Gofas, Karen McQuitty, Renee Bubenheim. Amy Zesbaugh, Candy Wall, Janelle Chisholm, Luz Ramos. Bottom Row: Shon Laney. Dana Reich, Deanne Gofas, Sharon Osuch, Melissa Schoenstein, Zella Larson, Melissa Tafoya. ABO VE: Corey Scott examines writing techniques in the 'Arizona Republic," Publications-lO9 Publication Staffs Close Another Year Of Fun we ij 511 . f X X 3 K F ---- i sfswwws:-aww.w ,,,,, -X...,e,,,t... 5 ' kkkk , .A , - - ----- ..,..,.:tt,,f-., N LM---.--..... ..... W A , . -f-'ik s--my x--- W .- , MW.. - . x gr k X Top: The staff takes some free minutes to check out the New Times. Jim Krombholz decides he 's already seen it. Above left: David C aruth patiently explains how to do a yearbook page to ,lill Blankenburg, Above right: Newspaper editors Andria Orr and Kristine Myers plan the next paper. ll0Publications Vijayz' ' Top left, Photographer Jim Happ takes time out of his busy schedule to pose for the camera. Top right: Andria Orr calls the printer to change a story. Mide dlef Donovan explains to Sharon Osuch and Melissa Schoenstein which pictures to use. Leftf Mike Olm- stead hurries to finish his yearbook caption on time. Publications-lll Visual, Oral Senses Heightened By School Clubs After a year's Sabbatical lea ve, Mr. Laney has returned to teach- ing at Westwood and sponsoring the Art Club. The club planned many activities during the year including silkscreening t-shirts for themselves and other clubs on campus, painting a mural on the wall of the cafeteria, and displaying student artwork in the library and office. A booth featuring "face painting" at the Veteran 's Day Parade helped to boost the Art Club scholarship fund. Several Club members won ribbons at the State Fair in the fall where Westwood was well represented. The year was con- cluded with participation in the Student Art Show and Sale sponsored by the Westwood Art Department. Art Club officers for the year were: Shon Laney, president, John Marshall, vice president. Marcia Haws, secretary - treasurer. The Speech and Debate Club, sponsored by Mrs. Stehr, compet- ed in several debates in which Cassandra Lee placed lst in the drama division. Vice President Joan McHenry received an ex- cellent rating for her performance at four inter-school debates. The club, which is larger this year than it has been in the past, hosted the Novice Tournament held at Westwood. Money rais- ing events, new this year, included selling candy for the Home- coming Dance and managing the concession stand at basketball games. Club t-shirts were selected by the group to advertise their membership. Janelle Chisolm has done a great job leading the club as their president. ABO VE: Speech and Debate club: Top row: Charmain Fletcher. Christopher Goff, Scott L yon. Shandora Johnson, Jim Krombholz, Daren Yancy, Angela Greenway. Bottom row: Joan McHenry, Kristin McOuitty, Janelle Chisholm, Auburn King, Cassandra Lee, Melissa Tafoya. Top left: Speech Club President Janelle Chisholm looks at her speech in disgust and decides to rip it up. lI2-Art-SpeechfDebate W, ,A K. T iifffswvmwf ' ,WZ ' ,Af ' 1 ABOVE: ART CLUB: top row: Ken Porr, Tom Terry, Tifney Green, Jim Terry. John Marshall, Jimmie Jimenez, Jim O'Donnell, Dave Medley. Middle row: Stephen Laney, Shon Laney, Diane Brown, Carrie Carter, Wendy Rogers. Bottom row: Mike Harris, Tim Tompkins, Chris Vodopia, Marcia Haws, Kristin Allredge. Top right: Kory Moyers displays his artistic abilities to Mike Harris. Above left: Art club members decorate the art room with students work. rv' 49 5peechfDebate-Art-ll3 ll4-Health A-'M' t I TOP LEFT: Gloria Sanchez studies while Hien Pham watches the clock. TOP RIGHT: "Not everything comes easy," Mrs. Dillon explains to Cecilia Vidal. Above: Tutoring club, Top row: Jolie Frederickson, Kristen Nielson, Debbie Bunch, Chaz Ta ylor. Scott Thompson, Ed Geiger, .Iohn Marshall, Paul Sowards, Steve Mellott, Joe Zimmerman, Middle row: Cassandra Lee, Rachel Pena, Teresa Arvello, Martina Cook, Lisa Paloma, Michelle Skupien, Julie C ouchman, Sheri Hancock, Lisa La Tulippe, Mrs. Dillon. Bottom row: Shelley Henry, Sally Hammes, Laura Thomas, Heidi Hetherington, Sherry Degner, Kathy Threewitt. Clubs upport Student Body Even though Westwood 's Health Club is small in number K only 8 membersj, they were very big on involvement and success for their club. Mrs. Ucci, the club sponsor, hoped to stimulate interest in activities and participation of more students. The club was originated four years ago for the purpose of promoting educa- tion in health and medical careers. Club activities this year consisted of field trips to the Good Samaritan Hospital, and Mesa Lutheran. They traveled to Tus- con 's Medical Center, and to the zoo to see the veteranarian program there. They had a fund raiser in November selling candy apples. In December they visited a nursing home and gave gifts to the residents. Many of the club members are voluntary candy-stripers and are interested in good health. To walk into room 301, one would find friendly, outgoing people ready and able to help with any learning problems they might have. The tutoring department is made up of students who read at grade level, have a 2.0 grade average or above and have a good attendance record. The students may come for help either by being referred by a classroom teacher or they may come in on their own. The tutors help them with their homework and to have a better understanding of their lessons. Many people in- volved in tutoring are foreign students. Including such countries as Japan, Switzerland, Mexico, Cambodia and Vietnam. Westwood has the oldest tutoring department, it has been around for ten years. TOP RIGHT: .lan and Jean Seifker practice up on their doctoring career. 1 Above: Health club. Top row: Missy Hunt. Denise Davis, Paula De Buipere, Tracy Meechan. Bottom row: Jan Seifker, Ellie Ucci, Jean Seifker. Tutoring-ll5 ABO VE: WOMAN SCHOLARS: TOP ROW LEFT TO RIGH73 Andria Orr, Laurie Sapp, Beth McMichaeL Wendy White, Susan Lows. MIDDLE RO W: Kristin Alldredge Ann Dejong, Juliet Kaluzniacki, Angela Dicken, Shannon Morrison. Karin Hamilton, Laurie Olson. FRONT RO W: Ruth Meyers, Stephani Bond, Kristine Myers Susan Reidhead. Stacey Tryon, Julie Couchman. Cami Cooper, Michelle Perysian. ABOVE: MINORITY SCHOLARS: TOP ROW LEFT TO RIGHF Jean-Pierre Thompson, Richard Ramirez, Nick Felix, Laura Sugar, Melissa Tafoya, Linda Deerin- groaier. .lean-Noel Thompson. FRONT RO W: Diana Mendoza, Ray Magana. Marina Magallancz, Andrea Magallanez, Martina Cook, Da vid Navaro, Mrs. Merrell. IIS- WomenfMinori1 y Scholars 1 Bri ht Students Pre vail, Accent, Hi hlights Sprin Accent On Academics had a very good year. The team may have been young, but they consulted and competed like old pros. According to Ms. Main, there was a lot of team spirit and enthusiasm. Next year's team should be excellent and very experienced. The Minority Scholar's Society and The Women 's Scholar Soci- ety met once a month in the mini-auditorium to hear a guest speaker. The speaker told of their struggles against all of the odds to make it to the top of their chosen professions. Students then asked the speaker many interesting and colorful questions. The speakers main goal was to motivate and inspire the minor- ity and woman student to go after their dreams and to realize that they are as good as anyone else. Most of the students felt these meetings inspired them and ga ve them the courage to take the chance and go for what they believed in. The most famous and effective guest speaker was probably ne ws ankor- woman Linda Alvarez, from KPNX Channel l2. Accent On Academics and The Minority and Women 's Scholar 's Society were very active on campus and in increasing Westwood's academic standing in the community. Y V ff -, A 1'. L 4" ""' . . nv, ,au 'I had " K ' we. ABO VE: ACCENT ON ACADEMICS. TOP RIGHT: Accent member Shaun Pipes in deep thought. TOP ROW LEFT TO RIGHF Lee Heath, Paul Dressel, Chuck Lancaster, Mike Daines, Art McNair. MIDDLE RO W: Laurie Sapp, Armand Lombard, Chou Liu, Troy Landry, Dennis Morton. David Deuvall, Danny Schmid, Scott Reynolds, Kristeen Harris. FRONT ROW: Laura Schmid, Tami Karagas, Beth McMichael, Karen Marshell, Kristin McQuitty, Amy Zesbaugh, Katrina Becker, Melissa Tafoya, Carol Alldredge, Ms. Main. Accent On Academics-ll7 gm fs is Q ,Z as 5 , J xii :E 5 Lx 51 . l 414' 4-v "i"'3.,, f Q 1' ,,'a,' A Aw . it ll8-RO TC . -S Top: Mona Lisa Petreus and Jared C olohan seem to enjoy the RO TC program immensely. Bottom: ROTC Top: Dwayne Ta ylor. Robert Ferrari. Chuck Butler, Shawn Lookhart, Bill Baldwin, Troy Jones, Richard French, John Green, Brent Smith, Bob Rock, Kevin Huffstutler, Brian Fredericks. 2nd Ro wf Greg Cannell, Tom Lenhardt, Ste ve Piepenbrink, Stephani Decker, Frank Arva yo, Ken L ytle, Jeff Patten, Andy Garza. Aaron Seaman, Mike B ynum, Steve Geib, Chris Alessi. 3rd Row: Mike Skupien, John Winsor, Ken Porr, Sergio Toma, Will Cramer, Doug Meyers, Kevin Burns, Debbie Easterly, Jan McCormick, Michelle Skupien, Trina Schipae, Jodi Harwell, Nancy Tucker, Mike Vanderhoff, Keith C ochran, Alex Montgomery, Brenda Slone. Lawrence Osborn, Mark Leiber, Donna Fletcher. Bottom Row: Doug C onger, Bill Kurnik, Steve Mellott. Ken Archer, Richard Sherman, Greg Sihler, Barbara Oliver, Mona Lisa Petreus, Jared Seaman, Sherri Hinton, Earl Smith. Westwood 's Military Leaders The Reserve Officer Training Corps at Westwood is a learning experience in self-motivation, discipline, and leadership train- ing designed to prepare young people for a career in a fast- paced technological era. During a cadet's year of the program he is in constant competi- tion with his fellow students for acceptance into the Air Force Academy, The cadets this year excelled in all of the R.O. T.C. activities to hehv prepare them for the future whether in the military or in a highly skilled, technological occupation. This PBSI year you may ha ve seen what appeared to be constant drilling of R. O. T,C. cadets on the basketball courts. The reason for this is cadets must learn to both lead and be led, which is the base our military is built upon. R. O. T.C. raised and lowered the flag at all home football games and every morning and noon. Cadets went on many field trips to Air Force bases around the valley and were able to take orientation flights with the Air Force and Air National Guard. The Rocket club hosted a rocket meet for all R. O. T. C, units and Civil Air patrol units across the state. Cadets also participated in the annual military ball and an awards banquet which were both total successes, Sargeant Smith and Colonel Conger led the squadren to one of its best and most productive years since Westwood 's R. O, T.C. program began, four years ago. Left: Colonel C onger speaks to the group as Mike Abbey listens intently. Above: A room full of uniformed ca- dets is shown. German, French, And Spanish Clubs Heh: Promote Foreign Lands And Cultures Among Students l205panish ,M ,,,, C. Vwwff -.. vm V , ,,.,e TOP: German Club. Top Row: Tom Atkinson, Kelly Armstrong, John Horneman, Tom Herschey, Russ Shark. Arthur McNair, Larry K yrala Bottom Row: Brent "Siegfried" Griffith, Tim O'Connor, Kirsten Alexander. Mrs. Bailey, Beth McMichel, Brian Stewart. ABOVE: French Club: Top Row: Danny Schindele, Steve Jensen, Ward Chapman, Roxanne Soucy, Collen Kirkpatrick, Kate Halverson, Angela Dicken, Jodi Holhauer, Jim ODonnel. Laura Siqueiros, Amy O'Connor, Joan McHenry, Stephanie Puckett, Tom Wade, Ruth Me yers. Stuart Hart vickson, Amy Zesbaugh, Terry Burt, Denise Nunez, Jeff Setlow, Tracey Johansen, Chris Goff, Chou Lie, David Bowers, Middle Row: Michele Wyant. Tracey Leverson. Tami Karagas, Amy Carter, Erin Cramer, Jolie Frederickson, Heather Harris. Sharon Abele, Betsy Wallace, Amy Kramer, Patti Taylor, Carrie Robson, Malanie McCain, Isabelle Stanier, Helena Nerell, Maria Ramos, Mary Jo Jimenez, Mr. Ferguson. Bottom Row: Cheryl Emond, Linda Roberts, Michele Wilcox, Penny Cluff, Bonnie Teasley, Lucia Delcol. Barbara Graham, Juli Rivera, Cecilia Vidal. Julie Kennedy, Sharon Morrison. The French, German, and Spanish clubs ha ve had a great year. Not only did they learn of the language, they also participated in exciting activities. They shared many good times and the club also gave them a chance to learn about nationalities and customs. Active members willingly sold candy in earning money to contribute to their spending funds. The year was ended with a dinner which was enjoyed by all. The French club spent their fund raising money on activities such as a Halloween costume party and a Christmas party. They also adopted a family in need. A special Christmas box was fixed up for this family. The French club put a French touch into their holiday by celebrating a French activity, MardiGras. The French club members also visited a favorite French restaurant Cafe Casino where good times were shared. The German club, although it began with a slow start, turned out to be a successful club. Pretzels, imported chocolates and Gummi Baren turned out very popular among the students at Westwood. German club sold them to increase their funds. German club members gathered for a dinner at a German res- taurant and spent lunch together at Christal's Bavarian Deli. The Spanish club not only sold candy at school, they also spent their Veteran 's Day at Pioneer Park selling tamales and candy. At Christmas time the members went caroling, singing all their songs in Spanish. Even meetings that the Spanish club held were fun. A meeting didn't simply consist of talking, they also ex- changed many good ideas for the future of the club, and also involved many active games. This year's Spanish club was a tremendous success because of the outstanding dedication and participation of the members. The language clubs here at Westwood High ha ve added variety and culture to the students. Like every year we take time to thank these special clubs, and wish them prosperity in their future years. TOP RIGHT Verity Lerman and Jeff Setlow look amazed as the Eiffel tower appears to have shrunk. ABO VE: Spanish club: Top Row Mr. Richardson, Leigh Reese, Radaha Gagon, Jim Krombholz, Stacey Solomon, Scott L yon. Donna Anderson, Mr. Barabe. Middle Row: Ruth Cortez, Rachelle Smith, Sally Shill, Susan Lows, Donelle Joesten, Stacey Morgan Bottom Row: Shelly Wear, Theresa Denowh, Kristen McOuitty, Melissa Tafoya, Amy Zesbaugh FrenchfGerman-DI Dance Production hines To Stardom The members of this years Dance Production ha ve shown much talent and skill as they stunned their audience with their excep- tional performances, Dance Production participated in many dances, among these were the Curtain Time, the fall, Christmas and Spring Dance assembly, In each and every one the girls demonstrated a unique ability to perform in front of large audiences. Within every concert the dances came with a new look, Hair and clothing accessories along with the glittering look set new trends to their performances. Only a selected number of girls made this years Dance Produc- tion. The girls who were selected worked long and hard hours in preparation for assemblies, To prepare for the productions the girl's choreographed their own dances. After choreographing their dances, the girls chose people that they felt were fitted for the dance. Mrs. Zarkou, the girls' sponsor, ga ve much sup- port as she shared her experiences and talent in dance with the group. Mrs. Zarkou, along with the Senior members are respon- sible for the selection of new members. The tryouts were held in the fall, spring, and whenever they had openings. This years Dance Production was a tremendous success. Next years Dance Production is expected to be just as good. D2-Dance' Above left. With a look of amazement Lucia DeIC ol gets her next assignment for an assembly. Above. Dance Production members, Top Row-Melanie Cluff, Stephanie Tucker, Jana Neil. Jennifer Ball, Bottom Row- Lisa Jolly, Dannis Shephard, Cecillia Vidal, X Q: . in X Q, ,,,:: U . ...,. 1 .- oggyj . 'Wm-:..,, A .. Above Left Lisa Jolly showa that unense nom entration is needvd for .1 good perfolvnallce. Above Right Mrs Zarkou proudly nvtrodmes Westwood 'S Dance Production. Above Dame Produn tion had help from breakdamers to add excitement to their performance. rrrr tif ,X ., ze W X 3 N W ef:- t Q . .3 2' L-,H .... SA t . Xi , gs -1.-on X Club ln volvement Brin s Happiness To Student Body E TOP LEFT: Junior and Senior Warriors Holly Wer- muth and Melanie Cluff show intense enthusiasm for a recently-learned song. MIDDLE LEFT: Jennifer Ball and Kay Christenson show that working togeth- er on a DECA project can be much more fun that simply working alone, BOTTOM LEFF Orchestra is only one of the fine extracurricular activities found at Westwood. ABO VE: COE member Elizabeth Gar- cia smiles with her employer next to the bank vault after a hard da y's work. NM-K.:...f, A-maxi -v f -1 fvwzwuhg. 4- 1 4, . g t ie x N 5 mi Sf X SE .. . X if f . F Julie Dortman takes a break from her work in the Career Center to say hello to the guys at the next table. Three Clubs Contribute To Westwood 's Excellence Future Business Leaders of America, or FBLA, was an organiza- tion geared for those students interested in pursuing a career in business. This year was a busy one for FBLA. The club partici- pated in many competitions at the district, state, regional and national levels. Some of the competitions attended by FBLA members were: The District Business Skills competition in Feb- ruary, and the State FBLA Business Skills competition in April at the University of Arizona. Westwood was well represented throughout the year. Career Lab was a club for high school seniors with the purpose of providing students with job information such as: jobs avail- able, job requirements, and how to prepare for a job. Career Lab was a success in giving an edge to students entering the work force. The Chicano Club was a new club here at Westwood this past year. The purpose of the Group was to bring together minorities to do things as a whole and to instill the Mexican culture in youths. The highlight of the year for the Chicano Club was Chicano Week, which included the Cinco de Mayo assembly on May third. Althought this was the first year for the Chicano Club, Mr. Otero, the club 's sponsor, feels that the club was a success, and will shine even more in the future. 4. fe' 'W X ABO VE: Career Lab. Bottom row: Renee Baranauskas, Paul Chevalier, Derrill Stock, Randy DeGesualdo, Ben Becker, Brent Rogers. Middle row: Karen Prince. Pepper Christell C lick, Tina Webster, Kenie Nathis, Ginger Billingsley, JoAnn Collins, Anna Starns, Greg Bennett. Top Row: Earl Bennett, Chad White, Shannon Shires, Percy Mollette, Caru Leftwich, Victor Girardi. Michael Saucedo, Allen Young, Mrs, Pat Hinkle. D6 Lan. er Lab t 5 TOP: FBLA, Bottom row. Diane Brown, Q wari Nelibh, Shelly Wear, K im Lesko, Raquel Jaramillo. Middle row: Jane 5zilagy. Paul Dressel, Rick Gardner, Shannon Wear. Top row: Krista Clark, Shari Anderson. Kevin Crance, Mrs. Reck. ABO VE: Chicano C lub. Top row: Mr. Otero, Ray Garcia, Rick y White, Rocky Alaniz, Roy Ramirez. Bottom row: Gloria Sanchez. Rachel Ortiz, Monica Valenzuela, Michelle Ortiz. FBLA,"'Cl1iv:anos-IJ7 Success ls The Word The satisfaction that one gets from participating in clubs at Westwood is a feeling which is unsurpassed by any. Among the countless clubs which all have their own accomplishments, F.F.A. shines brightly. While some people are at a stand still at certain times of the year, F.F.A. students are always involved and enthusiastic about their club. As November rolled around, so did the National F.F.A. Conven- tion in Kansas City. As always, our Westwood students proved to be stiff competition for the F651 of the nation, In the meat competition Westwood placed fourth in the nation. In the area of Horticulture we placed 7th, and in Agriculture Mechanics we placed 8th, Although F.F,A. is a club which stands for hard work and high accomplishments, the area of fun and excitement is definitely not left out. The F.F.A. Christmas Dance was a huge success this year, as also was the annual barbeque at which many parents attended. Between district and state competitions the students even found time to go horseback riding. These district and state competitions were in themselves a fun and exciting ex- perience for the students. The F.F.A. at Westwood speaks for itself through the achieve- ments the club has produced throughout the years. This year proved to be no exception and Westwood should be proud to be home of such a fine club. For This Year 's FFA. -f .Q . , . -me ks - --,- -li ta. C C, ,,,yc,a ccclc 1ll e"s ' TOP RIGHT: "Splitting wood is easier with a machine than an axe, " sighs Brian Clark. ABO VE: From little seedlings come giant tomatoes. Busily getting out next years salad crop are Mike Miller, Robert Sliskovich, Brent Levitt, and Mike Bunch. IIS-F.F.A. me CID M I 5 W J .W in ima Yi-3. fulfjfss E' V ffrfwf-rw' ABO VF: Look what the Easter Bunny brought for the FFA members, Tami Austin. Karen Mahan, and Shawn Mahan! TOP: "Tis the season to sellpointsettias, " sing Brent Levitt, Mike Bunch, and Chip Grant. FFA -129 A s we , 'Tags L sb if f'Af""x.7f TOPf Ebony Club: TOP RO W: J.P. Pierson, Scotty Skinner, Terry Williams, Tiffany Hawkins, Justin Rouse, Sean Roundtree, Chris L ynn. Mrs. McHenry, sponsor BOTTOM RO W: Andrea Fray, Yvonne McPhee, Leatha Roundtree, Ivory Mason, Candy Lynn, Destiny King. ABO VE: Indian Club: TOP RO W: Mrs, Ucci, sponsor, Dennis Leonard. Shannon Reina, Joe Thomas, Pat Fulwilder. Rachel Howard, Leslie Washington. FRONT RO W Laura Sugar, Terisa Leonard, Collen Jim, Steffy Burns, Dorene Andrews, President, and Veronica James. l3OEbonyflndian ir 3 x 'X Various Clubs Beneficial To Entire Student Body Both the Ebony and Indian Clubs proved to be contributing factors in the enormous amount of school spirit generated this year. The twenty members of the Ebony Club attended meetings every Thursday morning throughout the year. In addition, the Ebony Club also participated in the Kwanzaa Festival in De- cember. lt is a traditional festival of first fruits observed by Afro-Americans. The officers for the l984-l985 school year were: President, Ellen Broom, Vice President, Monica Sawyer, Secretary, Destiny King, and Treasurer, Ivory Mason. The Indian Club's main purpose this year was to help Indian students become more involved in school activities. In addition, special meetings regarding various tribes and cul- tures were held during the year. Also, a luncheon honoring a former Westwood graduate, Miss Indian Scottsdale Community College, was held. As a result of fund raising, the club was able to present a scholarship to a deserving Indian student upon Graduation. The l984-85 school year was definitely one of the best thanks to these clubs and others like them. ' .. fig, ,. , . VV , 5 1 -W , sf' , V, V ..,V V V .V. . V . V . A F VV ,V V Mm -. MV y V, VW, 'K I 54 . ' .,f" ' el, t , . ' W .. .' H , .f f t , ,,,, A " A f V' kv f ' 1 ABOVE: Mayor's Youth Committee: TOP ROW. Chris Goff, Scott Lyon, Chris Haddad, Shaun Pipes, Scott Roberts, Paul Sowards. MIDDLE RO W: David Dawn, Jolie Frederickson, Lori Weinberg, Kelly Prickett, Ann Delong, Karen McOuitt y, Kristeen Harris, Kristin McQuitty. BOTTOM RO W: Dana Shill, Melanie Arnett. Kaye Freeman, Susan Kwan, Stephanie Bond, Melissa Tafoya, Amy Zesbaugh, Mrs. Merrel, sponsor. TOP RIGHT? Chris Lynn gets a quick embrace from Leatha Rountree before the Ebony meeting. Mayor 's Youth-l3l AFS And Latin Clubs, Experience New Cultures. AFS is a foreign exchange club here at Westwood, The main purpose of this club is to provide an opportunity for students to learn about international relationships and the customs and interest of different cultures. At Westwood we have had many foreign exchange students who stay with host families and attend our school. This club lets foreign students meet new people and it hehns them to adjust and learn about our school and community. Mountain View and Mesa High also have this program, but Westwood's has been by far the most successful. We have about twenty active members. The club helps the local Chapter with fund raising, domestic programs, and it hosts local AFS exchange students. The Latin Club at Westwood has been very active this year. The club participated in the Mesa Public Schools Foreign Language Fair, where they won several awards for their Drama presenta- tion about Roman history. During Foreign Language week, the club constructed a booth and sold candy to raise money to buy club shirts. The club also attended a banquet where they had a dinner and watched some lively entertainment performed by students. This years Latin club was intended to get students interested in the study of Roman history and to encourage them to get involved in the language of Latin. Above: AFS Top Row: Mrs. Dillon, Kristine Myers, A yumi Hino, Jamie Emenhiser Denise Crofts Mrs Main Middle Row Susan Kwan Kumi Hasegawa .lull Rivera Patti Taylor. Isabelle Stainier, Helena Nerell. Bottom Row: Stephanie Bond, Cici Vidal Cassandra Lee Hlf0I1llShlH10mUf3 Top Right Concentratlng on the maps an AFS member A yumi Hino, looks to see where other members are from. l32 AFS Latin X411 -.-as . 3 aw ,,,, Above Left: Kumi Hasegawa takes a break from the AFS meeting to look over her English homework. Above Top Right: Giggling together Jamie Emenhiser and Denise Crofts discuss who they are going with to the AFS Sweetheart Dance. Left: Latin Club. Top Row: Charmain Fletcher, Mr. Richardson, Gerald Smith Bottom Row: Susan K wan. Lucia Delrsol Latin-AFS-l.-73 C.O.E. And DECA: Clubs Prove A Success Cooperative Office Education, better known as C OE, is a program for seniors who have sufficient business skills and wish to participate in supervised, part-time, on-the-job training. Each member of the club obtained some sort of office-related job and had the opportunity to earn money while they learned. They were required to work a minimum fifteen hour work week and and received three credits for the class. Throughout the year, COE held many fund raising activities and spon- sored various service projects within the community. They also ate tended several leadership conferences for vocational students. The club members of COE not only acquired the knowledge of proper office conduct and procedures, but gained valuable work experience in the business world. Distributive Education Clubs of America, or DECA, as it is more com- monly known, is a program that centers on teaching in the fields of marketing, merchandising, and management. The members of the club were taught all aspects of retailing and received three credits towards graduation. The four main objectives that DECA concentrated on were vocational understanding, civic consciousness, social intellegence, and leadership development. Throughout the year, DECA sponsored many fundraising activities and participated in various community services. They also went to several conferences around the state in which they competed with other schools in various management competitions. TOP LEFT: Andrea Enos shows off her office skills on the microfiche machine. ABOVE: COE. TOP RO W: Lupe Guevara, Kim Fallbeck, Virginia Mullford, Carrie Fletcher, Tracy Wade, Kim Chase, Robert Bernal, Tom Langdon. MIDDLE RO W: Dawn Almont, Cheri Collinsworth, Kristine Nichols, Monica Valenzuela, Shannon Dandurand, Rebecca Armatage, Lana Lewis, Lori Robinson, Janette Shrader. BOTTOM RO Wf Liz Garcia, Alma Garcia, Tracy Hancock, Amie Hughes, .ludith Oltmann, Andrea Enos, Danette McCormick, Mrs. Joanne Vancore. I34-COE, DECA A ,SRX -.MQNN TOP LEFT: Robert Bernal's work is carefully checked before it is processed. TOP RIGHF Alma Garcia receives advice from her employer. ABOVE: Westwood DECA. TOP RO W: Amy Henderson, Leah Harper, Marsha Williams, Sharon Ryan, Pat Wiggins, David Main. Laura Schaffer, Tom Speece, Nick Wilcox. MIDDLE ROW: Jim Marquez, Aprile Clabaugh, Rod Plumb, Tom Jones, Shari Anderson, Lisa McComas, Michelle Stallings, Jennifer Anderson, Ryan Prather, Mr, Jim McLaughlin. BOTTOM RO W. Kay Christensen, Nancy Castro, Am y Weckerly, Lori Warrick, Jennifer Ball, Jodie Ta ylor, Kristen Benton, Lori Buzard, Robyn Wells. COE, DECA-l35 Hero And VICA Clubs Ha ve Re wardin Year Home Economic Related Occupatins, or HERO, is an excellent club for seniors to join if they are interested in the home economic field. HERO hehws its members to get jobs in the areas of child care, elderly care, food service, furnishing, and person- al service. The members sold different items in order to put money in their club account. This was to fund the activities and projects that HERO had thoughout the year. The club 's motto is "Today is the beginning of tomorrow." HERO'S sponser this year was Vera Smith. The Vocational Industrial Clubs of America, or VICA, introduces the business world to its members. They learn how to write a resume, make a good impression during a job interview, and how to fill out an income tax form and receive the biggest refund. In April, the members went camping and in May they went waterskiing. To finance these trips, the members sold REX, a detergent, and other various items. The club's motto is 'Americas new professionals are in VICA today." This years sponser was Larry Judd. I35- VicafHero ABO VE: VlCAf TOP RO W: Russel Morton, Darren Vert, Da vid Emenhiser, Nicholas Wilcox. Trent Timmons, Mr. Judd. MIDDLE RO Wt Veronica Armenta, April Little, Crista Nooyen, Susan Freeman, Cherlene Ea ves. Lisa Lange, BOTTOM RO W: Craig Spoon, Gilbert Gomez, Robert Swanson, HERQS -we -Q Qii. .. f NNNMM wx Ks ONA vs! A 'ks l , Q HER CLUB IN . if - .. . , on .. . . i - " ff 'giaf ,. , is New . . X' , . ,,J,Q,p? ABO VE: HERO: TOP ROW: Brenda Long, Susan Cordon, Sharon Russell, Bill Dalton, Robert Badger, Ray Garcia, Ricky White, Annmarie Beltran .lon Ellsworth, Travis Branam, Lisa Dudley, Mrs. Smith. BOTTOM RO W: Amy Shaffer, Delana Roberts, Yolanda Prince, Diane Latt, Elizabeth Morgan, Dan Wooters, Tish Lowery, Leslie Egan, Marci Marshall, Monica Bognar, Emily Vincent. TOP RIGHT: Hero sponsor, Mrs. Vera Smith, pauses from her work to smile for the camera. TOP LEE 71 Marci Marshall ponders the HERO motto, "Today is the beginning of tomorrow, VicafHero-I3 7 Masque And Dagger hines, Exhibit True howmanship Learning lines at long rehearsals was worth it come opening night, just ask any Masque and Dagger member. Led by the sound experience of Mr. .lay Dean Jones. Masque and Dagger members were once again able to explore the richly diverse world of drama. These students were selected by audi- tion to participate in this honorary dramatic society. Once inducted these students embarked on the wondrous world of theatrics. Because this field is so broad, there is a part for everyone, If one is interested in acting, there are plays, improvisations, skits, and pantomine waiting to be brought to life. There are also many jobs to be filled behind the scenes, like applying make-up to actors, being in charge of props, working the lights, or controlling the audio equipment. These are all aspects of drama and working together. They create a production that is enjoyable for its producers and delightful to its audience. Masque and Dagger members experienced the many thrills of showbiz during the l984-l985 school year. In addition they gained the knowledge of how a play is done from its earliest stages to the climax of opening night, Looking back, the members of Masque and Dagger not only learned but also enjoyed themselves, Next year maybe you should get involved. TOP RIGHT: Cassandra Lee portrays the character of the landlady effectively lI1LIUdlIlg her rc allstlt accent Ill the play i984 ABOVE: MASOUE AND DAGGER: TOP ROW. Bobby Petty, Chuck Lancaster Steve .Scally BtllFl1ke MIDDLE ROW Wendy Baldwin Kathy Pepera Dannls Shepherd. Joan McHenry, Tregoney Shepherd, Gary Trethaway, David Dawn BOTTOM ROW Lynda Dung y Ll13I'I718ll7 FIL tcher Stephen element Lhrls Haddad, Becky Morris. Tracy Hancock, Laurie Porter, Mr. Jones, sponsor. 138 M asque S Dagger i 5 Works To Improve Future National Honor Society is an elite group of Westwood juniors and seniors. Members are selected on the basis of achievement in scholarship, service, leadership and character. The members must achieve and maintain a grade point of L5 or better. National Honor Society The club kicked the year off with an induction ceremony which was held at Centennial Hall in the early fall, for all juniors and seniors who had achieved in all of the above requirements. Headed by Mrs. Joyce Huffaker and Mr. Michael Dant, the current officers presented a moving ceremony. National Honor Society performs many service projects during the year. These projects include a party given for the mentally and physically handicapped children at Park way school, visiting the Mesa Senior Citizens center and campus beautification. Christmas was an active time for all members. The students donated much of their time to decorating and making wreaths for the N,H.S. Christmas hall. Members also put in long hours after school to design and decorate a Christmas tree that was donated to the residents of a Mesa Senior's home. Once again, Mrs. Huffaker and Mr. Dant sponsored National Honor Society. Both sponsors put in a great deal of time and effort to keep N.H.S. as outstanding as ever. A" x ', Top, Susan Lows flashes her pearly whites as she prepares a sign for the Christmas halls competition. Above: National Honor Society. Top Row: Jimmie Jimenez, Chris Jantz, Mark Reeves, Tim Cummings, Tom Wade, Shaun Pipes, Keith Schulz, Mike Tingey, Da vid Da wn, John Heywood, Sharon Abele, Chris McGrath, Holly Hogg, Ryan Talamante, Carri Robson, Mark Chapman. Third row, Christi Buttler, Betsy Wallace, Melanie Arnett, Jennifer Allen, Jenny Montague, Ruth Meyers, Karen Townsend, Dianne Kennedy, Valerie Pitt, Scott Roberts, Kent Nicholas, Anita Nuland, Second row: Terri Clark, Lisa Eager, Julie Johnson, Kelly Prickett, Tracey leverson, Wendy White, Shelly Wear, Marie Norley, Missy Zimmer, Tim Kenney, Lisa Wilson, Dana Reich, Kristine Myers, Susan Lows. Bottom row: Mr. Dant, Stephanie Bond, Donna Anderson, Joan McHenry, Stephanie Puckett, Gary Trethaway, Mellisa Tafoya, Armand Lombard, Michelle Perysian, Marci Haws, Kristin McOuitty, Amy Zesbaugh. l4ONational Honor Top: N,H.S. officers, top row: Donna Anderson, Kerri Linde, Stephanie Bond, Middle row: Andria Orr, Stacey Tryon, Carrie Robson, Terri Clark. Bottom row: Melissa Soza, Anita Nuland. Abo ve: National Honor Society. Top row: Polly Gerber, Paul Sowards, Scott Roberts, Shawn Peterson, Paul Dressel. Kelly Hallet, Corey Gilliland, Jim Gardner, Debbie Davis, Gregg Scoresby, Mark Chapman, John Ose, Jeff Wick. Third row, Robert Becker, Janelle Chisholm, Stacey Templin, Sherri Hancok, John Kross, Roy Watkins, Dennis Morton, Dave Duvall, Arthur McNair, Andria Orr. Second row: Sharon Osuch, Lesty Lavender, Melissa Soza, Joan Sennett, Kristen Alldredge, Melissa Tryon, Joyce Neely, Dan Schmid, Laurie Sapp, Juli Rivera, Susan Kwan, Chris Goff, Kerri Linde, Bottom Row: Mrs. Huffaker, Beth McMichael, Kelli Miller, Stacey Tryon, David Dawn, Dannis Shepherd, Glen Bedal, Andy Rollins, Scott Lyon. Danny Schindele, Jon Snider. National Honor-l4l Qs: x -.isssisfx N ,.. .K A ff K X Z LmmAA Q K if Q Ag. ' km 5 X an Magi, .- 'Www Wy ' , a my HHH 'fc' Rv Excellence In Education Community and unity, Learning to trust in one another, Sharing ideas and expressing views. Giving of yourself in service. Proud to be a Warrior Leading your class, Leading your school On the path to excellence. Earning the respect of your peers, Striving for perfection. These are the best of times! Student Body Officers: Kent Nicholas, Presidentf Polli Johnston, Secretary: Bill Mast, Vice Presidentf Dana Shill, Treasurer. Division Page People-l43 Zaharis Named To Top Post, Mesa 's Growth Phenomenal Each year, the District Administration of Secondry Schools faces the challenge of properly representing the taxpayers of Mesa. This immense challenge includes such jobs as, manag- ing the budget, setting a policy for all students and employ- ees, and making decisions on the curriculum. The i984-85 school year marked a new beginning and change in the administration. Dr. James K. Zaharis, ex-Deputy Super- intendent, was welcomed as Superintendent of Schools. A fter a nationwide search, spearheaded by A.S.U. consultants, six finalists were interviewed by the governing board. Dr. Za- haris was named to replace Dr. George N. Smith, who went on to serve on the administration board at N.A.U. Dr. Zaharis will enjoy at least a three year contract with the city. The district concentrated efforts on the decision of how to distribute the 98 million dollar bond. The money was spent for new programs, building schools and new equipment. Con- tact with the students was a pleasant change to years past. Press conferences were held to keep the students better informed of the decisions of the school administrators. mu Dr. James Zaharis Superintendent Da vid Eagleburger Assistant Superintendent ,.,X 4-M ,, Jack Davis Board of Ed. Cordon Driggs Board of Ed. I44-District Administration 1"-17 Wilford C ardon Marilyn Wilson Board of Ed. Board of Ed. ,R , , ttrggfl ..,' .,.. . V. ., Darl Andersen Donna Green Board of Ed. Board of Ed. PrincuvaL Jo yce, Commends Students For Job Well DODS lt is a genuine pleasure for me to congratulate and extend best wishes to you, the class of l985, upon the sucessful completion of your high school career. This year at Westwood has been memorable in many respects. Having been cited by the United States Department of Education for 'Excellence in Education", as one of the "outstanding" high schools in the nation, the l984-85 school year got off to an exhilarating start. Your senior year at Westwood was characterized by unqualified success in scholarship, ath- letics, extracurricular activities and service to your school Five National Merit Scholarship Finalistsf an outstanding football season highlighted by a I6-7 win over Mountain View, the Doug Conley Cross-Country Cham- pionship and number one ranking in the state, four Vo-Ag judging teams representing the state at the F.F.A. National Convention in Kansas Cityf state and national recognition for our music programs and many other major accomplishments - all characterize the success of the class of I985. I want you to know that the entire staff and I appreciate your contribu- tions to the ongoing success of Westwood High School. We sincerely hope that the lessons you have learned will serve you well as you move on to advanced schooling or out into the business world. We hope that you will always remember Westwood and be proud of the fact that you are a "Westwood Warrior'C Www e, f 1 1 7 v ' V V Q 1 4 45 t Q Louis Kelly Ruth Marie lucy Jack Casillas Escobedo Garbell Graziano Guerrero Joyce ss Hank Barbara Peggy Edith Marian Kathy Luedy Montgomery Reynolds Riley Spavin Stevens Opposite page bottom: On the way to class, Ron Reisig receives first hand V, counseling from Principal Jack Joyce, on the fine art of hanging posters. Opposite page left: 'lt 's all in the way you look at it Mrs. Guerrero, just do E 3 what you feel is best," states Asst, Principal Mr. White. f y Opposite page right: With a question of doubt Mr. Luedy asks Sophomore ,,.,- ' student Shelly Henry about five consecutive unexcused absences, Above Right: The smile Laura Woodward has on her face shows it isn't always bad having a visit with Mr. Casillas. '6 Bill White l46- West wood Administration Kruk' xgxxk- Qi? Q sw 4 Westwood Administration-I4 7 XJ X Whether it be a student who needed a schedule changed, a quick glance at his transcript, or just an understanding ear, the counsel- ors were there to provide their guidance and understanding all year through. The counselors provided their services to students by arranging a college visitation day in October for interested students. Repre- sentatives from different colleges came to Westwood and pre- sented films and speeches that informed students about enroll- ment, fees, courses available, financial aids, and scholarships from various colleges and universities. Students were able to sign up and were given brochures and catalogs. Career planning was also another important aspect of the services provided. In the career center, students can search out jobs and find out training resources in the computer or the occupational outlook books. Mesa Youth Placement is also an ecceptional pro- gram in hehring students find jobs. The diversed curriculum offered to the students at Westwood is one of the state 's finest. Beginning this year, graduation require- ments changed to require two years of math, two years of science, and four years of English. To accomodate the new requirements, the curriculum was expanded to offer a wide variety of options. Registration progressed smoothly by using computerized sched- ules. The disadvantage of this new process is there is no choice of teachers or hours to the students. The advantages are that more kids registered in a much simpler and less complicated registra- tion. 'PGCDQ LEGS, M0306 NSERTH Of If-ILE li Opposite page bottom left: Busy Mrs. Kimball is showing her counseling skills by talking on the phone and writing at the same time. Boy, aren't Westwood's teach- ers great? Opposite page bottom right: Westwood's Mrs. McHenry hehws her students in all possible ways. She gladly uses her time to heb students decide on schedules and further college plans. Opposite page top: West wood 's Mrs. Anderson finds time out of her busy schedule to have a friendly laugh with student, Carmen Askerneese. Carmen thought he was in trouble. Top right: Westwood's counselor, Mrs. Merrell is a good friend when it comes to students who are seeking heh: with classes, credits. and graduation requirements. Above: An eager Leah Harper seeks assistance from Mrs. Peterson in the career center. Any interested student can find loads of information on occupational related subjects. l48 Counselors Student Problems Solved By Concerned Counselors . ,.., 5 fe-. b y - Mary Ellen Jack Anderson Frontone Dolores Frank Merrell Skogen JoA nne Kimball ,f ni 44" in . C aunselors-I49 Staff At Westwood ls Qualified And Dedicated Westwood is fortunate enough to ha ve dedicated and qualified peo- ple working in the various specialized areas to aid students in learn- ing. Drivers Ed. is always an important part of a student's education, and the department at Westwood should be commended highly for their work throughout the year. Who knows how many lives have been saved by giving young drivers a little head start on safety. Another area, security, is never really a problem at Westwood, although it 's always nice to know that there's someone like Al, Bob. or Ellie to watch over us like guardian angels. The career lab spent a great deal of the year hehning students estab- lish their vocational goals for the future. Students who would normally be wondering what to do after high school are now shooting for successful careers. The librarians could probably be considered the student's best friend when it comes to learning. The library staff did a great job this year. It was always a relief to know that there was someone to turn to for a little help in the right direction. As long as there are dedicated people like these, Westwood will always be a proud school Marylou Al Sue Linda Allred Arbizu Cattle Free 2 , I 1: ,,,' Y n.f ,, ,'l.!',,e Vgvz ' we .at . Jerri Bob Isabelle Maureen Green Larson Main Mulhern 2,-L ,, 'f f 43:3 Qqgsf- Q Teresa Benny Bob Rosemary Reed Townsend Whittenbeen Wilder l50Special Services iifsgkx X X Top Right: One of the librarians, Miss Reed. is kept busy by filing the cards that belong to the checked out books. Above: Before and after school the students always keep the Bookstore workers busy by needing supplies or information, Opposite Top: Admiring the job of Ellie Rael, a security guard, Beverly Clarich is stunned that she got a ride to class. Opposite Bottom left: One of the security guards, Bob, claims he 's a 'Pepper" as he takes a sip of his Dr. Pepper. Opposite Bottom Right: One of the library aides. lim Mathis concentrates as he attempts to stamp the date into the tiny box. awk, 9. Mrk xv Q X N . 5 --nf .XL .V .... .E - if Qi -H 52925-j, K 'Y 'F "" X 'Z Q? iw f mfg .Si , .Q sf . . Sag? Q x . W x 4 X. . e EY' . VA Q -Qs? X S8525 has ff-"""' Special Services-l5l Hehvin One Another Is The pirit At Westwood "Help! This is the library-we don't ha ve our screenlI" And so begins another day at the Audio- Visual IA V2 department, the pulse center of Westwood. Mr. Larson and Mrs. Allred, with the heh? of student aides every hour, keep Westwood running smoothly for yet another year by copying administrative handouts, worksheets and tests and ensur- ing that each class had its needed projector or video. '34 V also has the Scantron machine and organization, " stated Mrs. Allred. "Our job is to help the teachers and students in anyway we can, as fast as possible, and to keep everybody happy." Hehring those less fortunate than ourselves is accomplished here at Westwood in the Learning Disability program. Some of our students need that extra bit of heb which they gain by attending one of the Special Education classes available and receive Individual Instruction and credit. As Mrs. Maislin stated. "The two main objectives of the Special Ed. department are to heh: the LD students with their individ- ual problems and to break down the barriers and make the rest of the public aware that these are intelligent students, in need of a little understanding and patience. " As well as the Learning Disability classes, heh: is avaialble for students with emotional problems, hear- ing impairment, or those who wish to attend vocational school andfor ,V ..--- ' is fx -ea., , . work as well as attending schooL f ijt!! Q AW X Mary Catherine John Cindy Butler Craig Donovan Irwin Q V. A W 9 " A - f Q at 6 Q lo Andrea Robyn Claudia Alice litllk y Maislin Nielson Peterson Top Right: Wandering back to school John Santagata is sent to the office to get an escuse slip for one of his classes. Above: Hehaing out in the Nurse 's Office, the Nurse 's aide takes the temperature of the Opposite Top: Gazing over Mrs. Main 's shoulder, Chuck Moler is surprised that librarians do know something after all Opposite Bottom: Robyn Maislin explains to one of her students, Jennifer Vega. how to do the homework assignment. gy sick students. , t n , - .1 t is f kill, fQiZZ?' l52-Special Services I Special Services-l53 ,JRE W.. Above left: As an active member of the band Mirror Image Jay Klepinger practices for his upcoming solo Opposite page top left: "When I say stop I mean stop" says music director Bob Cunningham to members of his jazz band. Opposite page top right: Instead of playing the assigned music Armand "Cu- chie" Lombard thinks of who he will asks to Homecoming. Opposite page bottom: This year some Honor Choir members, Corey Gilliland, Mike Bellows, John Heywood, and Kelly Hallet demonstrate their singing abili- ties. I54-Performing Arts Performin Arts Provide Musical En 'o yment For All The performing and fine arts departments have always been an outstanding aspect of Westwood's curriculum. This past year has been no exception. The Warrior marching band excelled in producing phenom- enal spirit from Westwood fans at every football game. They also provided a good deal of pep' for our pep rallies, and again brought us the wonder of "Tuba-Man". Throughout the year, Mr. .la y Dean Jones, head of the drama department, provided us with entertainment in the form of fine dramatic productions. Not the least of which was a presentation of George OrweII's I 984. Also, orchestra and choir never failed to delight their audi- ences, bringing music and pleasure into our everyday lives. Jeff Harris and Kim Thompson led their groups to marvelous years, as they have in the past. An outstanding Westwood staff and some very talented stu- dents have again made for an extremely impressive showing for Westwood in the area of the performing arts. Robert Jeff Cunningham Harris -.' V. 1 ,.-,t. 1 V -,... sssp Jay Dean Kim Jones Thompson K 'W . . W ,, Y X f ,, .V I 'Z W if i n,,, In L. W s ' E If 5 X , M,fst,4r-A mf Mszszzz, W""'4, -:V f, -- m ' H M.. A W J fd" K Q -. wiv .Q f ii 1 Lg,, K 5 H8515 J X Ms? N 1 3 1 X st Larry Jim R0b6l'! Judd Kelley Kiesecker Opposite page top left: As Sarah Beslar prepares the wheeL with water on the side and clay on the wheel, she pauses for a quick picture as she might some day be famous. Opposite page bottom left: Eagerly watching the experienced hands of a pro on the wheel, Tony Fernandez gets advice from Matt Goff on how to throw a cylinder. Opposite page bottom right: Working with a stained glass window can be a great challenge to some, but with the skill and devotion of Laurie Edwards, creativity is natural. Above Left. With great power, James Giblin and Bobby Baughn pound away at the foundry molds to prepare them for the liquid metal to be poured later. Opposite Page Top Right: Equipt with safety gear and ready to go, Lee Larsen and Tom Peterson perform a quick check in preparation for working on the metal lathe. l56-Art 6 Industrial Arts hop Classes Gain kill Artists Display Skills The Westwood Art Department is fortunate to ha ve the largest high school teaching staff in the Mesa Public School District. This allows for more flexibility in the programs offered. The support of the administration is one factor that contributes to the success of the art program. Also it is felt that many of the students come from back grounds with high achievement standards. Every effort is made to display the students' work so they will ha ve recognition and the public can see what quality of work is done here at Westwood The smell of saw dust and the sound of various cutting, sanding, drilling, and electrical machines will meet the person who wan- ders into the Industrial Arts Department. Here, courses are taught to strengthen students skills in areas such as wood, metals, electricity, and drafting. Students generally have been graded on participation, atten- dance. tests, and quizzes on machine operation and safety, and projects they had completed. Some examples of these projects were shelves, cabinets, gun racks, clocks, television stands. can openers, and furniture. The fine instructors of the Industrial Arts area have met up to their high standards of putting many hours of instruction and direction into helping students learn various skills and abilities. fi 'gg 'Qx 'SW hu-ah' ,TWV ig' Stephen Derry David Laney Matheson Medley Max Audrey Richard Schlarbaum Robinson Sawyer i Earl Seth Smith Swann 1 f W Q wMwy,,N.kw: S 4, 1 'ii N-.,X.,N, W if 4 1 5 4 ? ij fmu gf X 5 2 32 A igk K .. 1 - i-:ffsfif-- fx -is N, H+' wx .1 " i fl. . L- Q1 y 1: N I.-, f. Qi -f-- I A . sf-1 ,ir ' N, Q4 M. 'X h .W 4 A-.. - 3' .. , . kk:k.... M 4' Q 2 ,ZMMWW Math And Science Ha ve With every passing day intelligent, courageous people are reaching goals we never dreamed possible. From putting the first American woman in space on the space shuttle Challenger, to sustaining life with an artificial heart, the scientific world is both exciting and fundamental in the lives of young people today. Because of the constant advancements being made in the world of science, no one can afford to be scientifically illiterate. A knowledgeable and dedicated faculty make Westwood's sci- ence department one of the state's finest. These scholarly individuals are ready to share their vast insight with students who aspire for careers in medicine, scientific research, and engineering. Take five times the quantity six plus X, divide by the square root of l6. and multiply by pi, to find the answer. Language like this is not usually the center of a students vocabu- Iary, however, terminology like this is used in the math depart- ment here at Westwood everyday. From beginning algebra to CP calculus, students are learning the math that will prove helpful and necessary in career planning and development. Overall, this years math and science department provide the kind of instruction necessary in hehwing students achieve their career goals. Above: In chemistry, Bruce Victory follows the step by step directions for setting up the lab as Stephanie Gerros lends a hehving hand. Top Right: Looking for a complete microscopic cell is hard work. Kristeen Harris gives a big happy smiles as she finds one. Opposite Page Top Left: As Mr. lmpson wads up a piece of paper, he explains the fine art of shooting paper across the room into the wastepaper basket. Opposite Page Top Right: Biology is a very laid back class as Kimball Layton displays here. Opposite Page Bottom Right: "Do you think these things are still alive?" is what Beckt Howell asked Carmen Askerneese. Carmen replied, 'Be serious, Beckyl" I58 Math 8 Science Success Throu hout Year 9, 1 r 3' f Stephen Vern Chase Clark .,.: 2 " ieea ,,,,.... 1 -if , ,W , Kenneth Richard Grubbs lmpson Jeffrey Al Lewis L isonbee G .-Q 1 - U Clarence Conover Larry Jacob Luman Livingston if . 3 Armand Lombard 55 4. Ken Morris Jerry joe LOPEI' McCowan Frank Sandra Mounts Nagy Gerri Ramnes J..Q...wWw ,..., A... . A.o.. .M K o.., . -M-w.....a........m........u...,...w W. Math 5 Science-I59 En lish Department hines, Proud Westwood Benefits Westwood 's English department topped off another great year. This department not only includes a wide selection of subjects, but it also boasts many excellent instructors. Westwood has many fine Advanced Placement and College Preparation classes for students who plan on attending a college or university. This year, our classes also benefited from the knowledge of guest speakers. This hehred to nurture student interest. Westwood can also be proud of its reading department. A new class, Applied Reading, was introduced into our curriculum. The class is primarily for juniors, and goes hand in hand with Ameri- can History as it teaches aspects of American Literature. Westwood's tutoring program is one of the most outstanding in Mesa. We were the first school to adopt a program of this nature. The tutoring classes are extended to students who are having difficulties in understanding class materials. Foreign Exchange students use this program to its fullest extent. Communications are very important in the world, thus the foreign language classes ha ve risen to the challenge by offering a spectacular field. A student has a choice of Spanish, French, German, or Latin. They not only learn the language, but are shown the cultures as well In the Spanish area, the club attend- ed Guaymas, Mexico for four days. and were shown real life in Mexico. : ff- , ivy 5 1 Bette Petra Brian Linda Lee Michael Anderson Bailey Barabe Bordwell Cruzan Dant X Mary Ann Dillon 491157 ..,, Kyle Sawyer I60-English 5 Foreign Languages Barbara Dykstra X x ,dwg ,h W i F it . . 'Q , S .ff wx Jerry Joyce Judy Jorth Ferguson Huffaker Nass Richardson '21 "iii1a?2'1.:. W L' J' A V1 wwf! ,,-' 5 A ' ""l 'M 4 lrr A 5 Timothy Anne James Nola Scannell Stehr Stewart Tininenko t Top Left: Drawing French circles doesn 't seem to be a hard task. Linda Roberts demonstrates how easy it really is while wearing a big. happy smile. Bottom Right: Standing before his class, Mr. Barabe quickly looks through the Spanish textbook. He tries to decide what the lesson of the day will be. Opposite page Top Left: Trying to find todays assignment, Delores Lopez frantically searches through her book. She is full of joy when the assignment is found. Above: English teacher Mrs. Anderson laughs at the question asked by student Kristopher Dennett about the lesson skills on Outlining. Top Right: When hehring student Richard Puls with his English, Miss Green proves that she doesn 't need to use brute force to get her students to learn. ,www Foreign Languages 5 English-l6l l62-P.E. Pumpin Iron Proves To Be Fun and Successful The Boys and Girls P.E. coaches were happy to see the interest in P.E. this year. All P.E. classes expanded, but weight training proved to be highest in demand throughout the year. 'Both boys and girls were more interested in fitness and their bodies. Pumping iron was a good way to keep in shape, " commented Coach Barb Andres. Not only did girls' P.E. offer weight training, it also included aero- bics and weight training combined, co-ed P.E. and dance classes. "Dance remained popular also," added Mrs. Sally Sturdevant. "Boy's P.E. was fun for the boys this year and the boys really worked hard, " said Coach Ken Troutt. Boys P.E. offered something to fit everyone's wants and needs. Weight training, adaptive P.E., and the traditional sports, like golf, tennis, volleyball and flag foot- ball were offered in advanced P.E. Co-ed P.E. was taught by the boys P.E. coaches this year. Coach Troutt said co-ed P.E. was fun and exciting, but he would ha ve liked to have seen more students in the program. The P.E. coaches would like to see the interest in P.E. continue. They hope these programs can benefit boys and girls in the future. Barb Buddy Anderes D00lel'l 1' fax fu Mark Hilliker Deb Ned .larosz Jolly .lim Jones Yolanda Nikki Sally Munoz P ellegf U10 Sturde vant ,4 5. , ,, . 5' 7 , ",,,f W: tai' , ' UWC f ' Ken Troutt Laurie Zarkou I M ,, A- We s 2511- Qi- QQSEKQ X ,,-ft-2,9 Nw-.X N- X, , 3? 2 KZ' ,,,, V , ,ft . M' ,. ,, t V ,, A , , ,, X Z f f 4' X f J W 'ft at f slgffxfggi f gf EM M l f if WVWW Qyzlww ly I ff 5 f f ' V ,'::f fi" VH if Opposite page bottom: A smile of delight crosses the face of Pugsley Clark as he completes his one hundredth curl, Opposite page top: Pushups are hard work, but Leon Nichols isn't having any trouble. In fact, Leon claims he can do a hundred in one minute, . Above: To stay slim you must keep your body toned up. Dina Woodworth is thankful that girls P,E. has equipment to keep her in shape. Top right: Pumping iron isn't easy. Nathan Guinn can tell you that it really builds those muscles though. Bottom right: Pushing a cart full of bats, Michele Flidnt and Sally Kingsbury help out the teacher, Top left: "lf you hold your hand up like this and smash the racket down on the birdie. you will have a better serve. " says Miss Munoz. P. E. -l63 X R I64-Social Studies Social Studies Department Excels This Year In order to survive this complex world of ours, we need to ha ve an extensive knowledge of how our society works. Over the course of this past year, the Westwood Social Studies Depart- ment has supplied that needed information to all those students who would take the time to listen. The thirteen teachers, headed by Mr. Paul Wells, taught classes ranging from Arizona History to Psychology which helped stu- dents realize their responsibilities in society. Students learned how the economy works and they discovered how the Ameri- can Government is run. Because of the sponsoring by The Social Studies Department, approximately twenty Westwood pupils got to view firsthand our government in action. The program was called "Close-Up" and in it students raised S 780 apiece to journey to Washington D.C. Students visited many of the familar landmarks and heard from the three branches of government, as well as people from national agencies and the news media. The Social Studies Department has more than done its part in keeping Westwood's standards where they should be, At the top! Gail Christensen Ronald Craig Melissa Allen Cole Cummins Gambill Persian s, '5:::E . t :.. q W VZALIZ -' H Brian Gail Alvie Paul Richard Stehf Sturgell Thomas Wells Young Opposite Page Top: A smile shows that Tim O'Connor's favorite subject is History.- Opposite Page Bottom: "Thanks for the l Mr, 5tehr," says Joyce Neely. Top left: Mrs. Gambill instructs another grueling lesson. Above Right: Kirk Ollarra pretends he really likes History. Above: Mr. Cummins shows approval of Clarin Saline 's speech. Social 5mdies,l65 Ag And Auto Produce Great Products This Year Westwood's Agricultural and Auto Mechanic classes were the finest this school has had yet. The students learned different aspects of life. Agriculture classes used a unique type of labora- tory: the out-of-doors. In Animal Science classes students ap- plied new found knowledge to raise live stock and grow their own crops. These classes were extremely beneficial in that some day these students will be raising the food we buy from Bashas and AJ. Bayless. These classes were also helpful because the students learned hands-on experience that will help them in other areas as well. Such as working with animals and plants in a zoo, or working with wildlife game and preservation of animals and endangered species. Nearby, the Auto Mechanic classes trained future Exxon em- ployees. Using actual cars, the students learn how parts of cars work so that they are able to repair minor parts. From this new found knowledge students will be able to keep down their car repair bills in the future. Overall the Auto Mechanics and Agriculture classes will pro vide students with good on-the-job training. This training can be used for careers in areas that they are interested and qualified in. , a y tr Z fi A Maas M ' :Qi ' 'f XA4' 'Saw ' A I M ,, A yzfgifggil kij'xA,,,g egg ' 7 , it :- Q t I ,, - . Q '41 was 9 i itm ..t... Above right: With hot. glowing. red sparks, Scott Tesson patiently welds together a top secret project, He does this with a lot of skill and concentration. Above: "Hello Mr, Cow" greets Brian Clark as he starts to clean out the area. After this job is done Brian also feeds and waters the other animals. Opposite Page Top: Gathering firewood for the homecoming bonfire. Robert Sliskovich collects wood from the pile at the agricultural center. He does this happily. Opposite Page Bottom: Scrounging through the scrap metal barrel, Glen Be vell finds some good size pieces. Glen is going to use these leftovers to build the model of his dreams. 165-Ag s Auto Ms no s puns- -vi' '1 E 2 1 f i a 2 s a Q S I 2 ? i i 5 4 8 L ? 4 Q E 3 5 ,Mi M A x Q x A v.. ,.,....,..,..-..m,... ,Q -..aw - ........,.m....a. ...M N..,.. ,,.. .,. - ,.a - Q - Q ,.... . . nygw,-y fl 4 5 1 .W -'P ,mins .. is Zh.. -gf' K 1' ,N-'un K,....K.,....v.-m-vwvmmwmv Q - - . .... .Q K 1 K V . 35 ...e 5 Sri A S xv . - .. .. x.. .- - K . K KK K K .. .5 if k " M. 'M' A ...... - K. -my-n...mw:Q,.. . ..- -af Nm . . Q.,-v -opp .,..,, '5r-.,.- 9 ,f mix -4-nm-mm ks f M 3 , 1 ww? f r W f W 1 , S Q 9 , f i f Q , 1 , ,z f , M W 7 ft' H' 'f 7 , 4 W 7 4, W George Gezellus VVVA, Q Ivan Hunt Nathan Moore Leo Peterson Ag E Auto-I6 7 Business ls On Task, Clubs Add To Its Appeal "The Business of America is business. " so said former President Calvin Collidge - and how right he was, Fortunately, Mr, Brian Foster and his crew of teachers, literally took this saying to heart. I E. . E E.i,...ssW 1 .wi ,.,,..... Q ...QW Westwood High School is fortunate to have probably the finest Busi- ness Department in this area. Students can learn everything from basic - . -sci . typing to advanced computer usage. Mini-courses in various aspects of A A business are offered. A student can learn about accounting, bookkeep- ing, and management, There are specialty classes galore. If a student is interested in working in an office-type atmosphere, then COE is the class that he can take. Various banks, lawyers, and doctors offer placement for these stu- dents. The same holds true for those students interested in the world of sales. Distributive Education is one of the most interesting classes and clubs on campus, Year after year this group has won Club of the Year Awards, and these are not the only groups which students may make a way of life For those students not interested in workin on th ' 3 6' outside, the Future Business Leaders of America organization is the - iiis club for them. All in all the Business Department has done a fine job A with our business classes and clubs this year. Above: Lestie Lavender talks about college opportunity with Mrs. Vancore Above Right: Typing a letter correctly gives a person a sense of pride as L isa Jabs shows here. Opposite Page Top Right: "I did it I passed typing." smiles Shannon Wear. Opposite Page Top Left: Everybody needs a helping hand once in a while and Business teacher Chuck Thompson is doing just that for Lean Harper. Opposite Page Middle Right: "He asked me out exclaims Jana Templin to classmate Sally Kingsbury. Opposite Page Middle Left: Sharing a moment of happiness is Renee Reyes as she talks to Mrs. Chellevold. Opposite Page Bottom Right: "The Computer is never wrong, " so thinks Amy Baker, while in the Background Craige Pillar acts silly for the camera. Opposite Page Bottom Left: Happiness is getting your picture taken in a business class says Sonia Javregui. l68 Business ,fm .- s. as -s ge N 1 s ,Q 1 " E: ' Helen Sandra Brain Chellevold Cooper Foster Patricia Hinkle Charles Thompson ',,. James Helen Mcl aughlin Ong Mdfy Alice jgaryng l?6'Ck Vancore , , , f tain? l L ,-J 5 ,f 2. W --VQ Q .."Z ., Y-I if Above left. Students observe while John Santagata performs his expertise at egg making. Bottom right: Mrs. Hatch said threading a needle is easy, but for Holly Wermuth it isn't, as she stuck the needle through her thumb. Opposite page top left: "They say the way to a mans heart is through his stomach," as Gloria 5alazar puts cookies in the oven. Opposite page top right. The determination on Nicole Phelps face shows as she irons a shirt. Opposite page bottom left: "lt's not as easy as it looks, All the pieces are suppose to fit together when you do it. " says Lauri Porter, "But they don 't. " I 70-Home Economics Home Economics Prepares For uture Li vin This was the hottest year that the Home Economics Depart- ment has ever had. Students learned how to survive in the "wild life!" Students learned to master the arduous skills of cooking. Many just couldn't go without their extravagant dishes. They learned everything from scrambled eggs to a souffle, and from hamburgers to chicken friscassee. ln sewing they learned how to mend holes in their favorite socks and shirts as well as put in a zipper to finish a jacket. Some learned they could fashion their own wardrobe. Formost, Home Keeping was the most important class because they learned how to clean up their 'pads" after having wild parties! This course also taught how to budget ones income. For instance, not blowing the monthly food allowance on tickets for every concert that comes to town, or on expen- sive "habits!ll" In Child Development students learned many of the skills they will need when and if they settle down for the family life. They learned such valuable skills as being a good parent, solving minor castastrophes that usually occur, teaching children right from wrong and all about life. It also taught them about how to care for little children. They learned the most important daily chores such as, proper meals to feed them, not candy, coke, and Burger King every day. :Qi ,WW H K, K, K WH! ,A , F. ,. 1 l fi I Q W' 4 , , 4 , A YZ Ii W -if 'T Jean Engle Jackie Hatch , Vera Smith if f , .hi 54 f F , , W ,,,,, R I 6 fl 1, 00, a 4 f , Nancy Gearhart N. .r Q af -f"'f 4... A f.x3,"'N,:. 'IE .Sq E . W 12 A V V yi, . A L 1 i i., 1 . , -3' :ff - F" , 'f :fu-9-r + 'M PS .:c,Q, Q' i vf Sfwv 'If . ff. . ss Tk fffxfvf. 1- 'if 'I Pikfiwif A- ?"'lv uk' fy Fx f ,M ff' 9 ' sf ww , - ,s X .-Q ' .vm .wfvs ' Sf' 'iffxi' xml f, fm Q, A w......,- A., , A, -,W ff 'Y -K ,f "fi,"-,... Q w- rv.. , , . .Q . 8-.,: -K 5 S K -K f -f .Nz 1 gm X SQ 'Q,ig.Qt. . .,, . ,,,1Q,df- X- wx- f :L f 53 iff- . gif gig? 5 as www -if Q, -. -Q Ing.: 1-. gif J ,.- wg. ig- L-.Ain 4 gy, QNX ' 'T fi qffimlhkq YW, F351 -Wim-ew, 1- A V A - . 'Q ' . WQQV X Gm. .3 sf + ff R 'B' W f tXQ..'5sf r.Q3m.f.g.: RQ?-G .sf NS sf wi 'K' . Jeff Abramson fi We , 'uf f QQ yi ,, 12,2 Qs Shelly A dams q i .,,. V Dennis A ccington Janie Adams f ,W ,mf W 1 ,,,, if " gm . H Q I A if Edward Acosta Todd Adams Vee Ronna Adams Suzanne Aguilar Janice Ainsworth E I f" ' ui f IA V .. 5 fi A ,,,, ' Rochelle Akins , , E my if ,2,.,,,,h ,,,.t - Brian Allen W' Carol Alldredge Jay Allgood Veronica Aldrete Q ,Z Daryl Allran Siria Alvarez , .,,,,,, ,,e. m Z7, ,,L,,5 i ,,,, f ' 1 53,5 ,Z 5, fig f y, ,,,,., ,,,,,,,, W 5 Ron Anderson i Sophomore, Phil Reining, shows his school enthusiasm on one of Westwood 's many spirit days. His unusual hat expresses his true animal magnetism, and is said to be one of a kind. Bonnie Allers Rudy Alcaroz W ' -V , , , , , ,.., ' Charlie Ament as ,,,, g 2 Heather Anderson Jason Anderson James Anderson 1 5 ' I EZFVF5 ,': SI, 1 Renee Alvarez Jennifer Allred ,H ,WZ ,Jig , 'H , .5,,,-eg? L ynn Anderson Anderson Ray , ,, may F ,,, ,, -- ' f , i ,. .. ,,,., , f. - ' ' , f G-, gif- .. 1 'wg A V' i.., 1 :V .HT ,,,, nf , K r'w. f Shannon Kelvin Mary A ngelo Hea ther Jim Anderson Andre ws Andre ws Antonio Armafage A ,-misread ME' Cathy Tina Arredondo Arrgdondg ,,.. ,,, A , V Nathan Chuck Atkinson Aurs Amy Wendy Baker Baldwin Chris Brian Barraza Bafffff '15 tt tt if f S if Ha T it Ted Lance Becker Beckert if p V ,, H , E f Shawn 135011 Bergman Bell V , B. ,4A,, , .,,,, K ,,., , Q 1W,,l,," , T ' A ' Allison Scott Binks Binnie I74-Sophomores fig, f .. . M ..,. 1' . ii' ' ,i, ZA: , I .i-, 3 ' H " Kenneth Tobey Camille Carmen Ricky Arva yo Ashcroft Askerneer Askerneese Atherton ,gg I I Sam Tana Shawn Barrie Rodney Babbitt gaehefder Bachicha Badger Bagby ' A 1 Ivzz Amber Mary Jane Alex Scott Tim Ball Ball 3311505 Ballway Barber aatta A I ,,,k fs.. 1 .4, xx x it kk' ' 2 ttti , , B ' ,,,1 1 ,VV ,T H 'f1- A T Viiif Kelee Heather Bobby Melanie James Bartholomew Batchelor Baughn Baxter Beck A nncti A rfeii A -iii 7 iiii lll- V-nl - Qif- it iiii ttt it T, byayy T i A ff c'f'f 1 2 + tiat in .i-,.' - --:' Chris Michelle Danny Becky Traci Bedwell Bee Benngy Bell Bennett V,eg , , ,,1 I . My I K ',7V , 'M M BOXHFIII Glen Sam Angelo Kevin Bernal Bevell Biggs Bilducia Bingham I ' Laurie Anne Steve' Kim Stacy 3iSh0P Bisig Bl-11100 Blankenburg Blazo ,,, Warrior Suzerte Hebert winks at all the cute sophomore guys. Unfortunately, they don 't notice because of her dark glasses. 1 - - 1 Q llll , " K if ' W WV ,. ,,,, lu, ,,,,, Bart Mark Buddy Brownlee Brunsdale Bryant ii i 2 I ,5Fif:5':i I f iznye' x W XZ, Brad Blue lll ulllll it llll I' lll T John Boren B , ' Keith Brant Kris Brookes V Matt Bryant Jerry Bockmon Tonja Bolander ,, , ,.V, 1' nzaiu ,. fx Tre y Bolles B -r tt,' T he Allison Bo werman V B1 iiii l neii Maria Bra y Todd Brackenbur y r , Maribeth Brimle y Bryan Bradley www ,B , Sherri Brinkley T , --', 1 'I' , fait ."e ,W ,. WL 'TM "HS" '," W , .,::i l ,N ,,,i , zi, , Daryl Brown Kent Brown ,,M,y,,,, ff: M fr-- ,fw K A A fe- iw 'E Z 'T if J iiii w it Renee Bubenheim W , ,,, liyey My 1: ,,..... me Vyzif W " t ' si"' aw I as 1, 44 H , .1 -- ,v 1 A Dale Buck Denise Boltez Jamie Bunch Q 'fff Mi ' I ,,.. - Alex Burhans Scott Deanna Burley Burns Mike Bunch f f ff L f 1 , M W af' M x Ke vin Burns Stephanie Burch W Dina Buchanan We Shawn Burbank H1 ,I , Royce Brown -' ,, 'mez- yf T H xy" - Al Buck . -fff 3' Ay W ,..... J C arri Burgess " ' ' w '..Wfa , Q Terry Tonya Mikg Burt Busby Butler Sophomores-l 7 5 C ' J A 2 m y f " fin' .',f -greg: --ff 'L',, 1 4. aa. iig g m ff ff 'if' M pavifw. J, ' 'ii i f .7 ,k,,, 4 is I , V4 .. f ,, i V 5 ef, V A f t T k H ' ff 6 B 4 ,,,. Zlv H V L ,z " it V V' A F Fi, X ff , W f im Marie Jennifer Jenny J,J. Greg Tony Buttafuoco - Button Campbell Camptell Cannell Camelppe w - w V 'ii' " , 174 :',, Q, if ' 4' , 4? ff ff 'Z y , Y? Desiree Ray Brock Sandi Shawna Melody C-2rb0l16 Card Carlson Carnes Carpenter Carra ways i ,,k., ,, Carrie Carter Mark 5 . Carter 3 , ' if Marci Marand is caught making a common sophomore mistake. She confused Westwood 's office gates with the monkey bars that she's so familiar with from her childhood days. No reason to be upset Marci, Other sophies have done the same thing. Keevin Castillo af J Aaron Amy Mark Chou Nancy Jody Ca yton Celeste C'es'ta Liu Chandler Chapman M-iff JENNY Todd Dan Todd Julie Che' Vdlief ChfiSIf'f1SEl'l Christensen Christian C hristner C irou 176-Sophomores Jeff Caputo 'N 1 Amy Carter Dana Carter Q , h,,, ,Q Tom Carter iii Mike Ca ve Jerrison Charley Krista Clark Michelle Jeanette Clark Clelland ,,, v,4, ,, , Ste ve Bill Clement Clemons Katrina Caroly Clifton Cline 353 SW W 312 X gi! fi Clint Carri 'lfophomores are toughll And I pity the fool who says otherwisel" commented Mr. T's honey Karen Coffelt Coffman McOuitty, V l izt- ' .. W 5 I H A iv ,, ' i,, , if J - Kara Mike Tracy Cami Jay Lorraine Amy Conrad Conrad Cook Cooper Cooper Cooper Cora thers V it llry 5 I fi I 'eeii I Ruth Mary Ray Al Jill Erin Jim Cortez Coss Coultrap Coury Cowgef Cramer C,-,gndgll J ttltlt illlf A J l yz, ,, V Q 'V J 1 bm WWW I f i V V My ,,,, - Nora Kim Ken Sandy riifia Leslie Phillip C resp in Cruz Culler Cure 1011 Curtis Da ines Dalton as ff' f ae Rachel Dandrea Ezb ,,.E .. ... X t N ,. y.. I Stephanie Decker Scott De Raad K Gary Darst ' :.. 'NF iff: X Tom De Clair Angela Dicken M-gzrzr ' N, Marni Davidson . Tim Davis AL.i .... 'ibz D iiii , ' Colleen De Coto Brad Dickey Anne De .long . Q at X 32 Na X. Q , A Matt Dillard s":::-::sE:e ...eel en-, 1 Xb e S " . -. 151. . .brig R '- 9? - "FI ..... N4 : 'ibrrik Dennis Dotson , ,, . X Q 11..:.1.. D X Ex 'E 2 X X- X X Jon Durfee .X - . f f 37:51, L Terri Elsperger Paul Doughty Yolanda ,Easchief ' J all K :s f X F N X XXX N II Kenni Emenhiser 1 . - f-ff f 1 -' X .oE,, .. - i ' X '-' . . .- Anthony Falabella l78-Sophomores Da vid Fancher Robert Doyle , -. 1 x l XP' Q as S W Peter Drozdowicz "': MQ ,. . W X X 1' N Debbie Easterly A K Q 3 gl. . 1 I Q, Elizabeth East X W a e Six wx N E xwa-to xx N. A- ,P Tanya English Paula Enlow 3' "Ki- X . it Sherri Farnsworth Diane Feeman . . - f 'i" 1 5- 1 . . .. , ' X ,. ..,. . h Kevin Ron Vince Dawe Day DeArmond . E . .... .. ' lh'L ..... . e.e ... , - .EE, I . ' -'r' Kelly Lucia Kristopher Delaney Del Col Dennett iii " o . .,,.. -if ' .fs-:E :iy " . Vicki .lorden Dan Dobson Dodge Done ff- A 1-i' as A . . .- ' -' . fri-gi . "iii' eee- ..... 1 Q 'L Sherry Drummond I. ynda Dung y C or y Durfee 1 .0 ' is r- '. ' V N . A'.' T ig E ? . V... g .y A . . A . . F ......rr ...... . t Colette Eaton Rosa Enriquez Don Ebarb S :Q . .. Steve Ebright M X my D X S R,C. C yndy Enterkin Erwin Robert Ferrari .... . f S X-. .. . .I X2 -5-giEEE'5.555g,, John Fisher Rick Flaherty Q X X Y Q NPN Km N X, X x X gi Q55 .A .... , j wx Donna Fleming 'Pav xx S 7 5? at X .is H X 3 Q Q -N -1-...ifff Rory Frantz Scott Free if ' A ::. ...:-f:. Q as QQ ss S Ill it Tomm y Frost Patsy Fulwilder Radahna ' H M J 9 ,Q 1 r ' S - - :X 1 , , 3 .1 gk l in - .. 1- 1 1' .. ,: - Q - s . T: V- S as ? . .ec t so - X h ,- " s 'fa 1 1" . ,Q 1 X .. f F Charmain Shannon Milan Alex Fletcher Flindt Floiutro Flores Budy Flores r t o o develop x ' ez, 1. Xxx . rx is 1: s it . N K Nix Sonja Foote Jolie Frederickson X X S se.. " . 2 xx 3, Sharalee Freestone Jennifer Fuller X ig If is is if Q N as ..,:,,, Gary Funk 5 phom re stud Scott Wehe casually takes his time getting his books for his 3rd hour child m nt class. The hat and filmstrip glasses add a real touch of class to his image. will .,i2::ff t., 'V Q eil J ff J Amy Susan Gardner Gardner xx Aff.. S Angel Janet Dalena Laura Garrett Garrett Garrison Garshak Greg Garcia Et. H f gs. . . mf Bill Gause S Sophomores-I 79 l80-Sophomores xx EFA Q Q - xx xx by X xx x Xx X . -cl XX N Qf" i' IB .:R::+. X - wi xi. ... a st S X Nm L X X - :ti m 4 ' -k" fx in Ste ve Leonard Geib Geller Donald Gilbert Theresa Gonzalez .::- aaa L tt xv 'X pi ix we x X-Q we .. F' Angela Greenway Bitsy Gumy Jenni Guthrie Robyn Haliet Robby Goates ax. f .f llllll T Q, Sm 3 . . b .... t Missy David Tracy Erin Larry Gentis Gerber Giarriyyo Gibbons Gilbert iii - f iax ,E ' . as gr Wiii ' Q L 1 at aaa L 2 .--- L 5 Deborah Barbara Chrissy Diana Donny Gofas Goins Golembiewski Gonzalez Gonzales K ,... Z -was Barbara Gordon Goodridge Graham eg: ee L R Christy Reed Charles Tim Graham Graham Grant Grant Kerry Grenier " L L . ,+-:f':s:3S- x lx X x wa X MS X Christina Gumm Raquel Guitierrez 5 .. Q S x 5 4 Q S Kate Halverson Brent Griffiths School spirit is no problem for Shannon Morrisonl She knows how to show folks that Westwood is the best by wearing one of the most extraordinary hats on campus! N xy' Egg 'sf Q xix X -af Lisa Bev .lerilyn Michelle Griseto Groff Gross Guidry Tim Gunn x.. Billy Haare Mary Halvosen Y Q1-1 Q X F f 2 - 2 1 H u .,., - ' D a D s 'Q iv Karin Lona Ruth Tammy Donny Debra Denna Hamilton Hamilton Hammond Hancock Hargrave Harper Harper as ' D , N ' .Q N.. gf K is I -eg: Q - A li ..:. s .,,, 2' arra , t, rrra u i is Eion .ef x. Q A ,, Ln , Joe Todd Heather Kristeen Mike Rick Vicki Harper Harper Harris Harris Harris Harris Harrison nnnn D - ei. u J ' we " Carlo Darrin Jeff Kristine Robert Brett Bridget Harvey Hayes Haynes Hayes Hayes Haynie Heitzman s e eeee X ' . . I Q. it X' rraa - .... ,... ' " K E ' ii'L 1' . Chris Kelly Lisa Amy Melissa Shelly Alex Hellner Helmbreck Helms Hendrickson Henry Henry Hernandez Q , X 6 fs 15. :.: 'X we Q? H X eee . , ,l S if Pearl Jeff Diane Hernandez Hershauer Heywood J , nne- , . n , X g - 1 - ' if xx If 5 Maria Jessica Jodi Hibbets Holcomb Holzhauer ' - 'lzl ' i 5 ' The seniors, from the goodness of their hearts. attempted to teach the g J .E , sophies how to use a padlock correctly. Having locked the cages, the seniors V , ' I 2 J ' - J I . Q assumed the sophies could perform the task of unlocking the padlock. If not . W - for Jim Sullivan and his trusty lock cutter, the savage sophies might still be John caged, Stephanie Trevan Horneman Houghton Householder Sophomores-l8l I82-Sophomores as , .W ff Gary Howe if fi as SS Yi X Y X if " ,. i Q. .S Wi 'K+ of R" as was 12953 Darren Hughes Beck y Howell Shannon Hughes M , as f B X Ms Ben Hufnagel J Q wir z wit h . fs , Q or ' :J 2. - . ,ll A Q Ns X Q x s 3 Ea s E , ak , ,na . Karl Huish , eei, 'J' Q , R :.k s z , f J +11 eeeh- Lee Sophomore sweetheart Juliet Kaluzniacki smiles for our photographer when Jeff she 's supposed to be doing her geometry. Don 't be too hard on her teachl Hulseweh Koleen Da vid Jackson James ll-1i ZZ.. : -": ir. L' V k"" ' X J ,waits -n Jolin Jensen Karen Jeffery lTl"i zfee ,,... D rr J iris T .- 1 age-f:,L: s Laura Johnson Ma tt Johnson Tami Amy Kxaragas Kellerman x ..,,, r Q i iaaiair 7 '2s2- ,",o, assr 1 it Q Ski to :af s 51555 -khi 353, r Tonya Janusz ' asia, swag .X -I - s. sf + 5 Y W X XG' Tha yne Jensen Rusty Jordon ,ff Paula Kelsey Hunt Kyle lde Q ff .3 "J x, Fernando Raquel Sonia Laurie J-if-imlllv Jaramillo Jauregui Jefferson Y X X K X S - ee 1 . lll. i ---' it 1 Jamie Jiles H N k.... , H was X K gag 151: Q HSS- g Melissa Judd f S ,. K M, dam www ,swf he " f ali Ragan Kennedy "ss Maria Jimenez Jimenez Mary Jo S Kyle Johnson . ., LK 5 ' i x. Yuki - - Michelle K agel Kaluzniacki Juliet Lane Kamp ' .... K aw k L.... g K K . 1' x . 'M of A r R- Julie Denise Kenney Kenney Doug K eran f ew if 4 . F 1 Y as fff' L l" 'L 'lr .A Theresa K ereluk Melissa Knipstine Tro y Kotsur 'Vu I i A Derek Large ,,,, 5 ,. ,h,, , do 5 Kelly Leavitt Verity Lerman Mark L ieber , Q , , , ,.- :E 71 7 ,.' .lulie K hrper Auburn King Sandee Kerr , . ' "" ' L is A ., W fy f 1 3 l ws W EE: ir Q. 1 Q: I f 6 I KN I 4 Dan Kochheiser Laura Koch Donna K noer T L , ,, I ' ' -332:11 'iw .fewyff-WV " " dmv? --A, km gfgmaf ,HV , - , ,,,. I 'H' ,,"31, W ""' ,ff ' Q f Diane Amy Kranich Tom o Kramer K walczyk , ,,,,:-, ' A . rl Stephan Lautt Lee Jason Larson l-Bshley . ' .lvvv L A 4 ff F' f iii , , T, , 'ML 'T H Riese Leigh Brent Becki Leavitt Legg L a,i T gyiigy A V g 4,f ' ' A A WM W f M ff nf"' iiiii is fi A Holly K ur! Danny LeSueur Le verson Lewis .Z- 9' . gf? Pam K irchgassner ,,,. . Colleen Kirkpatrick ug, V W, , V ', A ,w .,,,. L "" rf .w v 4 f M 2 Zi Q40 Mike Koenig Kim Lagman Beckie Laux , yi . 1 Tom Lenhardt Delton Lewis Todd K ooser Leif Lake Marci Lavender .Ion Klingenberg Tim Kosacz ' ff' ,gms , P' ...A Rob Lane f1f, 4 Delmar La yron "' Sean Leon 1 f T' Ben Leonard - f f i ,,:.- ,Wg Angie L epper f , f , 74 .. W W iz, M ,W 7 L G Z ,Q Og , 7 Z X , Robert Leyva Dawn Dellard Molly L indblom L indler Lines L isonbee L il tle- Charley Lvque Michelle Ken Mason Sophomores-l83 Annette Lopez Shelley Lopez .L .. L V :g ifs -' ' X X -2 .... I - -2 . . as K .. k N qttz. . X . ww 2 QA NX if - , Frank Mark Lucas Lucas Duane MacDonald Chris L ynn . ,,.. New ,,,gXX -- . gm AE X X s - K xx? Q O X X .X .... T X Paul Lounge Michael Lujan Am y MacL elland ff . X Xe Q ' N ' ' M X X N X X md? ' Penney Lowmske ss. A ysha Lund Rick Madison ,u,uuuu .Q Marina Raymond Milton Magallanez Magana Maha it Xa, X .. ,-ss - 1 . L arr y Matt Marcum Marion XS Cheryl Charlie Max well MCA foose Troy ww--l.X., :L - X-.X . 1, "We were only joking! Everybody knows there 's no hall 5, " laughed sophomores Tim Da vis and Charles Valdez on their first day at Westwood. XXX. -- ---- .u.::i.: ,f K . , 5 lll-1 , ..... ., David Neil Pam Main Makil Makil 2 5 Xsss R R ' ,,,,. X1 L A as , f Jesse 1 Marquard Marroquin .... XXX .. kk V X Rhonda Kelly McCardie McClain f 7 .,e...aa.,.,ae W., s if ' 1 , uyt. auuuii , Nzzxi ' :f 2' Holly McDonald McGlothlin Stephen y l84-Sophomores Beth K resten McGrath McGrath Sean Martin JanMarie McCormick kwa X.. is X ., K-S R, X X L isa Mckellips Brian Mason K ..u. ' ' ' L IX: ' 9 3 Michelle McDermotts Jim McKelvey Jeff Manring I , John Mason ' ' Danny McDonald .. ..,. L... . X XX, , .... ,J ..Xf51f:K Q:sg:,.X::m.. N X HY X X , t. N X 'SA ,K s X KN., I 6 Becky McKinney x W X NX x 'gk N K' f :mf wg- A ..... c , . 1 .,.... i5:5:.fv Q - 1 4 M t S X X , Q X X ogg X Q s X QR nf N E X x is A ages- 9 -s ii A .... , KriSli Donna Allisha Tammy McKinnon McMichael McNally McQueen Q9 M Marc Menden Angel Brel Mejia Mellott NE' YL s K X N K 1 Mike Meyoskey Christi Mester Kevin Meyer ' H' Ea YQ Q 1. 1 . .. ...,, 5 Ii, 35,1 :tt -- - t I 1 f s Caroline Miranda Janell Millican Tammy Mink i .. .... 2, fl 5' "ui -- A it-we K , -1- .- pf-.gf .W , ,:...:. - .... .1 A Alex Montgomery Chuck Moler Pat Mondout Cole Monne y Amelia Montes .I Jackie Montgomery T W -. '5 s .a,,, ., ... : 1 L b ,,,. X N... .Q . ,,., if . ,,:. .. V, Shannon Michelle Morrison Morton Ken Morris Q L N X L. s Zenaida Meraz Karen McOuitty A Wx, Angel Medina Clyde Merrill Da vid Mesa , .,,.. K .,... at M. X' -s A Cf X V1 vi T x 5 X N M as M Q e ,Q xr N 5 gs Melinda Meeker . . A C as S Joe Caren George Midler Mikesh Miller A -- A- C A ,gg f ' :I is. ' fi-'ifiii ... . S535 W as Maice Miranda Barry Mitchell Laura Mitchell Penny Messer Tony Miller X ii iw X as N L Il Mitchell U - ' - Y- - Ei t, "i' " J ,, V T as ' -www ' t1'f'fW Q my-f,,4'q H ,M Q Wei- -- , Q ..., F aa - - '-1 f riff 7Qw5?:,f,W', , :sf gg: 19- 442' ft- 5 5229 'pww fff z 2 f Ziff , ,L 1- F C' WV' ' - ' ' , . A ' f M H- Q M- -J M' I v- '- f PM ., sw f,-wwf? tt, 9 , -, ., , Q me-, , 1 - , , , - -icy W 1, A -A A M, t M, A - 4, Mx K hl' A " , ' 1' if ' - ,MW Q' ,asv ' ' ,, , -W -, ,ta ,, , - f-fi - . f ,., 'fill 'W 5 "i"w' H , ' -if tg 'hx 't l , - - my , -, ' fl A ' -4- -f .-75,2 W V. W " , ' . "" H , - " an M, g After feasting on Westwood 's succulent turf, Sophie Fred Whiting comes up for a breather, l86-Sophomores Q u t Roger Moss Mike Neisinger John Motis Jack Nequate wa -fer.: ..., Duane Numkena if X K Iii? . Amy OX as X N as S? N if S its 2"'3 i"E Riesa Nunes L ine va Moyer .4 . - xii' ., 54 ".. 5 I .. 1 5-Q:f'5?:Q5: X ::EE '- 45151: 55551 '-255' Michello Ne wkirk X ix WX Dora Lisa Nunez Kirk Joe O'Connor O'Hara Oliver 2 2 QQ .. We . T3-I Kelly Kristy Mullenaux Mullenaux ,::,.. I ' Keith Kristen Nielson Nielson SW -we Mike Ochoa Da vid Ochoa . - Mzsse-'ft i X X ss X J ,,....:. -ff H Laurie Mark Olson Olson as June Orduno Si L, K Xffl lfo L isa Palmer After one of West woods rainy afternoons, Terry Rodgers decided Sammi Sugar needed a bath, so in she went, Sarah si ' K .Q X 'N' lx Q X Fx L5 Cassandra Murph y Lorie Nordness Rhea Ochoa Todd Olson My . . is John Muth X Sagas ' Qfffzfaffsfsf, 1' -'gf .. Q . 3? XX 3 zq. Ns L Ben North 'S' W ' S is Tina O 'Connell Jody Opie : sf: H A Q 'ff K - Q 5 ..:, ., x S J i n , yt-.e'z, K it ' N David Otto L ori Parr i .'.. "' f Y Sherry Padgett .... fa -:f .l..f1Eff: "t Q. P X X, as if 'Q S K im! Matt Paulk Chris Pauzus Payne Yolanda Pedro -' ,kc tg X S wr. 'QM ' x .V 6 gee. Don Renee Pena Pena rgz .1 -I , .. 'P .IA I W,,A U K Preston Robert Peterson Petrie YXSSNW' Craig Steve Pillar Pipenbrink f "' New ' ...: 'M ss. S .., 'ggi i .:.. Christy Mark Porter Porter 5. Roseanne Rene Ouinn Rains Kenney Maria Ralph Ramos Bret Rich Randall Rebenstorf Lora Christi Mickael Annette Michelle Pepera Perez Peters Peterson Petersen CE fy Sm ' P4 .ig " i f Hoang Hien Lori Ann Yvonne Tonya Pham Pham Vu Phillips Phillips Pickard 'C a"1f4f3! Qi A sl K X ' PIZP in 7 k,'A ,LQ ,.,,, ... ::'N , X A , .. .... .2 .yt at HEX X an 'QE N 'lf' ., f,: X Q M 5 1 iii - aii " M 5 P ,l' ll is-1 as j,,.fy-QM.,NH 9 V ALAVV XX Zii- fi Nilll Jeff Michelle Robin Mike Raquel Pitt Pitts Pitts Ploughe Steve Roy Po well Pribble X X ...mf ig QM 11' . F: F 5 Richard Melissa Puls Purner --M-...,,c SBK. ' Porras .. ..,, - ZZL L W Shannon Quindry Sophomore Kelvin Andrews studies the intriguing tree sap that has dripped on his beloved English book. Sophomores-I87 I88-Sophomores as R , fm' ,,, f .R s .R ,GV f E 2 lv KH bf f . fi L 5 5 a H 'ff ff A f z Q, Q N L Wd' 'fy . ,R a Q, 2112 : ef is X A 4 X A 4 I A' Z 14 Q 45 U Q14 Q 7 V' M 'iw ' 'lf ta ,S Mtv 'zaf ' zg, R V t L"'- ffif l iS-3 Phil Cindy John Scott Courtney Reed Reeves Reining Reyes Reynolds Reynolds Rhpades gvgz so- , A L eeeee L Zihwes 'V 1 ,,., V- ,,,,' .R fx Chris Darla Jana Kristen L isa Chfisflna l0f'fff3 Righ Richardson Richardson Rig-hips Richmond R 19113 l?lggS 1.: 1-, t 1 "' f ,1,- R. .fmiat ..:A L i"f ' 'ff' L 3 f 'uf R yy 6 L Q R vi R ' ,.,,,, S is I .... ifiai Linda Trisha Greg Gene va Dan Dan Denise Roberts Roberts Robinson Rochester Rodgers Rodriguez Rodriquez 'a R R. A I R ttt RR R .. He . 8 V.,. V R .- 1 ii,,4 R R RR RR,,. , Rstt .A .f R .a"t 10-'lqUil1 Martin James Jarene Kevin Heather Ma,-C Rodriquez Rodriguez Roe Rogers Rogers Roland Rglnick V R L Heather Sean L ynnette Sheila Hector Justin Matthew R0Ul7dY Roundtree Rowley Rowley Rllil Rutherford Sackett 'iitii' L "i' 'R ""' 'L L V'lR N .RRRR 1 A 1 155951 I ve- , t jivfgg Tommy Noel Ramiro Dana Michelle Charles L Isa Saldana Sanchez Sanchez Sanders Sapp Saucedo Savage ,L' RtRRLVV- , W fR f ' Q, L I R,,V " RRR.," : ' 5 ftai may 1--2f L' b 'Ll R I i'R R Chris Chris Da wn L aura Susan Misty Mark Scannell Schaffer .Schilling Schmid Schwartz Schultz Schneider 4 ' 5 ' ,,,, z ,,, M 1 Shannon Scott Sha wntel Setree Kristen Shill as 3 , 1' Q- . Z I W V , N 1' -.,,-' x f' x fa , f G6f1if'l Jennifer Seaman Seeger ..,, I . ,,,, h :- Mark Julie Shafer Shain S Sally Gary Shill Shrader we M- I S 'S SW x K ef? i 5' as gli x ,Q 'Rainy days and Mondays always get me down, " sighs sophomore Diane Heywood as she flashes her best Monday morning smiie. M Carol Setnick y S 'SS f 'am 3-0 'ea ltr i,' -'im Kevin Jay Seegef Seepie Seifert ' ' ,V f , "', ta' , S , if, ,,i ' ' , ' Zif f? as X Steve Becky Myra Shaw Shaw Shelley -A 1 E , 2 ,, ,, M 5 7 4 ,v lll x" """"" ' ' 4 iilll ,f,,, ' , V Ambef Vicky Marty Teresa Shumard Shum wa y Simmons Simmons 1 Bart Laura Simonton Siqueiros A ,S lnll i f ,, S it ilii -:WW A 'f vw 'H' 1?-, i -f ,"' Kerry Daken Skelton Skouson 7 ',-,z,faW Michelle Renee Danny Skupien Smith .,,, M, A , K , N j. .S IZVA W . 1' H ,Darin .lerry Smith Smith Sophomores-l89 JY: 5 ".::f K A ' .li S llii , -N ..,. 3 L Q 3 . J i - ...- :::- it " K - :.hk- ,A S S as Kathey Loren Mitch Paula Sheila Tamara Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith X ".i ' :.', .:-: Q S itihh ,, .. L ' e Q K gg ---X S L Cheri Snyder L ynnda Snow Stacey Solomon XX SNA x N lf Tre vor Stadler John Soza April Springall :Qi t"" :sz ' Ee- N ,, N. - e v : ,,, ' A tit. ax , .. , .. - .- 3 Q ss N Q, N Q N 2 5' 3' Sheri Steve Holly ns Stepp Stern Stephe Todd Solomon Christy Stafford ,NQQ xii Joyce Stimson Sheri .lo Sorenson Dawn Sothard Michelle Steadman Serina Stein , , V x 4 1-1 I ..1:-FL." 1 - Tyna Smith 'IN . .if- tt t , A - ,..,: tteeel L Roxane Souc y Shannon Steiner! Q I X' Greg Mist y Straface Stowe Kathy Frankie Strickle Subia , ',,-",,, - -tfii at Lisa Tim Sullivan Summerhays , ,,,,, :JE :gi .Ik These cute Sophomore girls sharing the giant palm tree are Anne De Jong and Renee Bubenheim. Next time you want to play hide-and-seek girls, do it after class, not during! Don't forget! Ditching is grounds for expulsion! l9OSophomores Joe Darcy Surber Swanson Leanna Street y Vanessa Sugar Kim Summerhill , as it Ken Swanson g ..-Q., ... X Q5 .fn X. .. :,kL , ,, , lan-..... 'K X 0' -.V , x If md.. Jim Randal jane Swelfer Swenson Szilag y he ,..: ' -- P . MZ. K 1 .- -. ,E Tenny Mario Dwayne Talusian Tavena Taylor ws , .. I QV: K K. 1 T T Z . A g g s-F' I 1,'. Robert Myrna Bonnie Taylvr Taylor Teasley I .. . - E -. .. A flirtatious sophomore. Laurel Young, flashes her pearly whites at the camera to Ja a M k C, d show us that her gorgeous smile is free from the braces that plague so many other n ar in y Templin Territo Terroy unlucky Students' A :... L L. ......::k,, kihi .. is N4 . 1. g N 1 ik ' iz .:.. gi ,.-:: W, -lim Jim Joseph Teresa Jean-Noel Jean-Pierre Paul Terry Th iede Thomas Thomas Thompson Thompson T hpmson Q, Ni P Fw as a'ha , Es, M .. lsz .:a. .K ik: it f- E If 'U-is 1 lsa K :J "lf A . 15 K' N Wather James Dennis Steve Thad Patricia Rick Thorne Tietz Tingey Toledo Toney Torres Townsend -Q V, - we ii. .1 --:: . E-., :E ,s: W: i-- .-,--:- :-,: 1 -Q :::-- f , f i - it ,, '--: , -l . ssiiiii if . .. ' be -. F' 4 1 . L , ,af 4 i : if 'I : 1 .. ff-- P if - 1 in .. Q 9 fx , K, :.. kgk.: Q .. ' . , 11- Da vid Donna Pam Nancy Phillip Charles Patricia Treece Triston Trone Tucker Turner Valdez Valdez Sophomores-l9l x a sf s is tx Teresa Valdez , , .. Justin Vanderwalker Dan Viel ef J K X i x Janene Walker X, Marlin Vincent ,jf .. l Rachel Walker ,,kk A S eee - Sw nfna Q ,. ae. E L . . T T if Phillip Baonda Tony Melissa Vasquez Vaughn V983 V6'f1i3 lg.. E I K R .... N , 'S Y N - by ZIZ I X Angela Toni Hy Song Viramontes Vogt Vuong Vuong Tarrin Walz 4 - sw mmwsf Shannon Tina Alan Warner Watson Watt X iiki 5. 51, .1 K S .. J llll . "' Andy Mike Jason Weir Wells Westendorf - S :': S ,::: :,,,, , Floyd Thomas Brad Williams Williams Wilson r .5 ri, Randy Daniel Shannon Wondrash Wood Woodsum l92-Sophomores Deven Ward Shannon Wear S s T, Barbara White M gg-N5 Kelly Wilson Xxx 1 Laura Woodward James Vercelli Junior Walezak Mike Warne L ori Weinberg Michelle Dean Ward Warden s so .Q s R N . s Robert Carol Weber Weese w ....,, Eov r h. to S .... Fred Michele Whiting Wilcox Tracy Wilkening -- - :Me Mike Wilson .. A I-ss gielmiis fffiwfs- . K ,,,,,, - ' 1.1! ' f N Q X' Ke vin Wright Tammie Wilson Tricia Wurl As as Sharon Wilson N kv ,.,, 'KS -X 1 5 Yin-.Ps Q Mike Yankura WW f MW! ,fifty 4 f A ? ' I , I ' ' s ' -, , ' Zlfv . ,. l . ,. .,,,, Q, h,n,ff,,,f,W nf V, M., ,.,.,,,,-, nik A' if A or WV Laurel Lori Lisa Dennis Jorge Chris Penny Young Young Ziegler Zimmerman Zuniga Henline Cluff Warrior Trevor King shows the latest moves in breaking, Observers, amazed and speechless, watch Trevor's moves wishing they could break dance too. x Sophomores-l93 Junior Class Officers ,W ,, y 5 u - VV.:,f , ,,:: , V 'W is Secretary K lrsten Woelkers Vice President Caryn Hochgraef President Mark Heywood wg f-up Sharon Jesus Aflhllf Abele Acosta Acuna Da vid Allen .. mese- Z.. X, ,,,,, EE? "' A Jeff Angel X Q N sei Tom A tkinson Kim Allen Nolan Antone t ' he - is X 4, we 5 ,E X x Scott A ttarian Robert Bagley .. f r M John Baker Stacy Beaty g i g Gary Bahe fl, Q AMW W Stephen Barnes if 2' gi 2, Russell Beazer 'f " it Michael Adams 'N as x as . fi ,, . NSR az Scott Allison Kristin Alldredge it . N 4 ' tx wg: -,p , 1 J 8'-f.',,, F' K H N . Tiffani Adcock w. 5 Q.- s. i 5 N xx JE X X x S X g Q H K E .3:f,j:'fEE: 3' Amber Guinn ,,,. 1 , sr: 'Y 1 ' S .. . 1 Maria Arteaga Frank Ar va yo Ruby Augustine kk r N Jw X . em :Q . x i. x s Angie Babbitt SA! . VT'-1 Qs, E 5 it ki an t Robin Bailey iiii , , ,.,. Brett Bartley ii' iil J- ' """ g Mark Bebko Teresa Arvello X IN-S: -:: 5 E : N, Chad Babbitt 4 Kirsten Alexander Daryl Allen NQ 3 X X , N l X A rsrr -- Q B T, : . ' EE: fe kk " --.' Scott Jeff Anderson Angel Tim Ashcroft fl! N is NS 'A ' Jamie Baca Randy Ashe A his Michelle Bagley s s X , W .. .. 'CF t X f X "What 7? The taco salad is how much ??ll" Becky Courter is shocked at the Taco Bell prices, Luckily she's a junior and can enjoy the comforts of eating out. Juniors l95 ,f W W, ' -iwwwf N ,tau mmg r Katrina Becker Herman I - ' " ' ' ,sy A ' wx , ,ft e My LM! X fa M ' ,,,4-'M W iQfif"+., Glenn Bedal Bellows ' u w 3? W 'Wi ,f y ...,l T if 2 " I V i Q I t KM ,,':1,, MMM! 1-an V , .,. -.1 t ,,,, I - I ,,n.L . V vi '- ' ' ... - R My W if ' . f J wi ,fm M A2 Todd Bennett Terry Dan Bengtson ,.... ' " o , , , ,, Mlm- , ' " V gil : ' 7' , I f --. "" ' ,. f , , -I ' 'V" as f ,W,,,, f, I f www 44 We 'f' 6 . . .1 " Melissa Dana Keith Kim Blades Blake Bernal Best Billings - Traci Bohn .Ieff Brooks Ron Brumle y of so W QW Todd Bond Jenny Brooks iiiifii 1 3, 'XX 1 W, Ton y . Brunelle 252 "5 , 7 H 5 fwfr, , VVVV mf an ,, ,,,,. 5 ltts ' i " . H. B ,,, Ken Mason Bumpous Burbank R r g ig. If I uf . ta- ,all M , ti, tiii Craig Calhoun Michael Cameron Bonner Bowen Broussard Broussard 1 , 4 Nw C ampell :ff ?W2'z, W' if Rod Carolee David Bowers ' ,, , t ,,, B , it , 1- V7 Judy Marnie Betsy Brown "'V --ei ' N V. .,V'e- , V.A- -- 5 IIII I Bill Sylvia Robert Bryant Bueno Bugh Ben Cristi Ken Busby Butler Butters Allison Adohvh Luis Campos Campos sis 225, ,aa Q s J' ' !"'-V A ,Mx ,- Mario Bermea Greg Bergman . , I I iii 2 KVGV M' 'x C asandra Bogenrief Tamula Bogard Lori I. ynda Box Bracken M, -, .wt , Sfiz A f ,. Ritchie Brown Marlo Brown , , 1 V Gary Jay Buker ll Bullard f ' , Y 'YL 7 W 'W fi W lp 9116111 Q at , WYE' Guy Mike Buyers Bynum Pedro Richard Campos Campos ff Eddie Cantrell Da vid Carroll Mike Carter . H Jeff Chandler C X X! James C arbone N :L A , Mike Carter Mike Chalker ex .X -1- - we-X2 I gi , - C I:-RE K if fi Ward Chapman ek 2 1 X Af . Q .qlf X . X ,tw in r ' Sometimes its fun to take time out to cuddle with the girls, as PJ. Oliver points out before class. ,.... . ' K l . .. r , e - me Q ff . x " :- 'Y .... Y ' t k 5' --ffe 3 D , ..,., Q 1 w D . i . by In ,Me :hk x I 6 Yy.. 3- , . J F, iz.. X K, N K, X XX V. ,' K x I4' Q- sz- . by K Patty Janelle Shannon Tom Gina Barbie .leff Chase Chisholm Choate Christian C inardo Clark Clark iiriiz 1 Q iiiii it , eieeg 1-- lri, 11,o e r ereee an W rere or f " l' D W A In ff L-.' 1 :::- 'iii -kk'k:' " ' . if ' ' ' o IIV C o Y X Y A , D r iiiii 4 I D -- WF Q 1. ' H e h e . f e aa - Melanie Leon Eric Martina Kelly Charletta Becky Cluff Conn Connolly Cook Cooper Cornwell Courter C v, N X W K :SE . .--: tfwvw' rir' 5 ,..5.: -1 - ' ' .N Y 1 Greg Cozzi Will Cramer Denny Crespin Denise Laura Crofts Crowe Dale Dandurand Debbie Da vis Juniors-l97 WH, f l98-Juniors .XX .Q ,,... ,,,.. . .N X W :5Np.:,,,, .L , , X ,iil Q- 1' gg is' I-Af.. . ix ggi- :-' sf X milk fs Q it Denise Da vis -L-L-' J wie.. - 'T Hi 'K K x ..x.. t Paula Debuysere - 2 Q H g I ,111 Kristopher Dennett Jason DeBus Tiff ., ..x. .6 :.,: , 'W WR N:.w,AWf,s Mike Del Col 'h:: as :six Fixx --... f an X . Theresa Deno wh F ' . K Drifting in and out of the twilight zone, Junior John S waggert y finds it difficult to concentrate on . his hamburger. X X ...I if Karla Drazil i iii A Laurie Edwards Jodi Edgmon x .... s ,K ,X . ' X X X . l' 2 S X Tammy Jamie Cheryl Elmer Emenhiser Emond ":i '- if - 2, t.ee 1111 tlliii , Iai t t:.-k 1, , K K 1 a ,,,:. J ' ..,. fe , Iris Eyed Kelly Ty Farng wgrfh FBIIIS WOI' th at Mike Eichman V, .q" XJM i. sf' Darrell Epps 1 - ln T Q a 'S IEI L ..,., ,gy- Anthony Felix " .E -. X .N .S : . X.. s X Q -X Randy DiGesualdo X N "" i ' eeii " ' . 'iii :vw f if? at x gf x X F5 R . , sf . if tx I Mark Eley Tim Elder XE X X ,Z 'ix X t 4. L it S tx .a . A ,, Paul Espinoza Yvonne Escobar .Ni s f x .. KSN Steve Ferguson Matt Felkins Jimmie-Lee Dodd N , if Brent Elliott N. Crystal Everett Tony Fernandez Q Debra Michelle Figueroa Flindt ' Agustin Flores L .... - 'G' .ai- k"' X E' K wi :CSS kK'sF' Kim Tylynne Mike Fraser Frazee Freestone - ,,:::. German Liz Pauline Garcia Garcia Garcia .2 Lourdes Mary Stephanie Gerda Geringer Gerros - .. ,, . a n N a lle ., , ww wwsgi if Christopher Apolonio Dawn Goff Gonzales Goodreau Leah Michael Goold Grace -' uf Celeste Graham Joe Suzanne Granio Greene Marie Griffiths Inez Flores Vic Frehley Roger Garcia aa., 5 L ' ' A s ,.. ,,. X sifcsgv s,, E Sarah Gesler fe 3 iii Q J' WN X A Q L aura Flores -Q -. Ton y Flores Jr. F353 Tammy Adelina Fruchey Garcia Qgiswsfssass E? Tommy John Garcia Gardner X Z fl X ,,,-- James Angie Giblin Gober I A is Rob Ford Chris Garcia : k i a: --. Thomas Gerber Adam Goff 5 .Is . Westwood junior, Tim Ashcroft, reveals the hidden muscles in his upper thighs as he attempts to achieve his goal of one-hundred leg lifts, Juniors l99 Z ,," f 4. If .. ,Egg 4'5?22H4f '. dfijgfc, Z'N...f Cam, wlwiif Michael Griner Ali Gunnell W" J Jn' A M7 I f ,, i , t V ,.... ew E12 wonsag iff 12490 It - Zffws Wea 4, 9742747 , K K ,,,, -H ,. ,... 7V,, ,, .. 2 , J it W W' ' Joe Guraleczka Phillip Guthrie Rs, Tracy ichard Steven Sandra Hale Hales Hall Halvorsen Lisa Serena Haack Haaseth ft, ., sos, Wt f 24 'fl i mfifw 112 ,A ,,ff M. W ,V gi x1,,AV T Jill Hagara A A lll T ,,, , ' iiiiiil ,lll ll, . , "i' . Q zzz A A T, if gfif 1 1 - ' gi' V ' ,ff .ff-,1 X ' it ,,,, J ' V dz Shawn Sally Hamilton Hammes Sheri Hancock W - M f ,.:-- X 2 af, if Q if My B te, ' acl Mary Lars Jim Gregory Ze, 7,z4072:'2t 0,5 Hannum Hansen Happ Hardy WH Jw 'EW W we KP 'M Steve Jody Kumi Mike Harver Harwell Hasegauia Ha wk ,dame W' 0 :L " if" y , fb ,f JCD Juniors W if M, lyiy lloi 2 ig 5 T E Q iiiii T ' 42 5, if 'H Mary Lee Suzette Heaklin Heath Hebert JQ VV , as Barry Hedges K - I , 24. -I , :Er , 3:0 ,V - 1 U , I 7, , , L Christina John Alicia Anthony Herbig Hernandez Hernandez . up 6' 1 Y if ,W 7 , i Mark Hey wood ,W QW it ' V Audrey Hicks Hernandez , M ,,,, Ad L ynn Anthony Harrison Hart Stuart Hart vikson Marcia Haws Tiffany Hawkins Q .. 7 42 ii Q 2 Holly Cindy Heitz Helliker f Q J , . iw .. ,,,. .,, if 2 M Julio Thomas Hernandez Hershey '-A' ' V " Mike Paula Sherri Da vid Hinitt Hinshaw Hinton Hippen 7 Wk f ff f f W? f f.. , 3 1 ,V .rffn iii Melissa Haynes Al Hendrieth ,F zwf Kim Heywood V k!ci ff' Michele Hobson u... Car yn Holly Pennirae Hochgraef Hogg Holloway 1.:I xv X i L iz Hughes Amber Hughes Randi Howell S r L' ag -' , X X r 2 Ao.o --- -, Becky Diane Susanne Holmes Holt Horneman A "'-kk 'ss -fr ' . A My xx X We .X1.,, , S A L iza Hultberg S2 11: as . . . , 1-mf se , Q . N gg S Rss X X X N ' x ' ' ' XX" I 'XXX' ' ersiis? ' . 'iff' f L I 'Q 25" 1 fee' g Z.. ,,,lll L J Q ,H '- -N 5 Bob Jacot Susan Jacks Jennifer Jacka Jarome Jaco! Michalene Hunt saw 15' Q W ---' we 1-- rwmswifn - X X i F N ia Chris Jantz Greg Cozzi and fellow rocker Eric Piersol make money by making and selling '1JootIeg" T-shirts in ar! class. 2? X X X1 :iss ss' Da vid Hunter W Nanette Jaramillo eeee A .QW as f J ' Greg Jerkins L isa Howard 5 2-- 5 , K if L isa .labs g 5 ' H 1 ,. :ig ,..:,. K Michele Jarvis Martin Jiles ' A ,.., ,,,, Q so ilssse 'G rrnn L .. BQ 'SFS Nas: . 1:- ',:' -:z tri-. ,-1 James Jimenez Donelle Joesten i'r' Q L' as 5 : - 55"i -i :fi sri 'ff "9 F- "5,,L.. -ff. 1 . krgt g x -- ff Chris Johnson Q - ,L , U ..,, X I E John Johnson sz: , ' jsvfgi ,S ---,, ' 9 s X as .,: ' 4 Heidi Johnson Julie Johnson Juniors 2Ol A .... sf. .tw .Q -X f S' 1 Ms, X K . ' - i ' ,. S Q . e N Q 'X N A E 3' 2 'QQ X X ' J Q X k . Shandora Johnson X Da vid Jones Michelle Joiner Q.. .. .. .. s. X si is le K . 4 ,. ..xQ.Jf-f P , Robert Jones ss. s .Q we 5 mhyfiw Traci Troy Jones .lanes ' "rr ,,,, , . ,,,,, ,, K eii' ' fi' ,LL ,,,,, V Mmm-.s,,4,,M .K ' M N . Q. . Happiness for Joe Christof f and 5 tuart Hart vikson is riding the bus back from a swim meet knowing they X m-.- beat the Kofa Kings. X 5 X Sean Melissa Julian Kaminiski 'iiii ..':', i 2- T, .P . . 'fi xl. s be K ,,:: N ..... X , L sf I Suzanne Dean Angie Klinton Curt Kristen Laura Kaminski Kamus Kasson Kauakahi Keesler Kelley Kelly . X Q -L K X gags -- A,A: .. ,,:yV , -- ..... Q A .. . kiii . x :kk K 1 iii 3. I: L . A ' ..... as -. - 111 Q t in E ' .. . H s 3. -W f 5 X X it - , .- .... Shadrin Tim Ron Janeen Destiny Pat Sally Kelly Kenney Kieffer K tene King King Kingsbury A -, ' X .... - ' ' ' -", ' 6- 5 '- .W 2 . :-. . ' '. 'J . 5 'E . 1 ' ' 'TE .. W In . -, 1 - ii . P t .. is iii as ........,,.. ,,,, f Q A ssse A Q t it ees K -K - .Mx ?:e.... X HS .' 202 Juniors Faith Anne K irkham Robin Kleinman Barbara Kline Joe Cami Kline Knight Doug Koch Dianne K oesser ,N : K Lg L L s rss A z ' K A 8 .. .5 . , -1 J i as wb J-f Anthony Korman L John Kross L .:,, A 'zzz .N 2 E. Shelly Lane XE , ' Q ' --- Tracey Leverson Armand Lombard ,, .... r N--f--Wmsxsf .Agni I S mggg ,-f zfftzsz: L-sis nnrrr' fs -sis S l , ..,, A , ...x f Sean Lookhart Benny Lucero Scott Kos .V iw Z Kevin K ugler Dottie Koughn Mike K uzaras " - Yi' 3.1 fm fi - " L. Q A .- - , Bobby Lang Jim Larosa Jennifer Lewis - ,E ,- U, A x,.. 1 A Nancy Long 1 sw L, 83" Delores Lopez Cindy Luujan A Richard Lewis - Kirsten Lohne N I ' - aa. .... - E' . Susan Lows we-f . 1? NK if, Gary Luna RQ! N --: - Jill Krajnyak Susan K wan H . 1f?'iF'? RQ . S - Brent Larsen Amy Kretschmex -- . fu, ss i is .1. X -.... - Kenneth Kroll S 'fs Z' A .... A Larry William Kyrala Kurnik g ifss -A i s Mark LaScala A Q ' Tom Lewis Wendi L indblom L isa Lee H . ms! xx P-ug Z' Jim Krombholz . Xing 3' Cindy Landin Shelly Les Perance " .i Y '5' :5 Han L inh Calvin Loggins Secret Agent CD15 K alias Augustine Flores 2, cooly observes approaching danger, but fails to see the attacker from the rear. Juniors 203 204 Juniors A ii - -AVV I I L -1 'af' 25- 5 :T,,.H ll VV ,,, AVAI I ,.,, , , ' ,,..f ' - 'E ,Q an 2 s, UT. , . , - ' H.' ' 'ff 3 3 f we If W Ken L ytel Scott L yon r f f William Maples Larry Marble .lack Marshall Chris Marlowe Jig: " ,win f H we fm Jimmy MacCaslin ' 'Hi' 75Z2?E?':E9 , ' fl' ' 551152: , K A if V . f' 4. T 4 w e at il ,,, ' AW -i" iii ti, Troy Marley i tg 4 Karen Marshall Andrea Magallanez . Kevin Malone Dwight Mann Tony Marion Donald Martenies K ,,.. , all f. :.f,,,:'f---' ,," : +, ,,,.l,, ' ri : Da vid Marion Debbie Martin , - f I its . V' , :He,:i ,'f, Marcella Martinez Sylvia Martinez Kally McCormick Doug McDonald ' L , ,, ,, ' gjif ffll W A f ' M "" r Q ffa r L iee L H ll L 4 R ' 'io Kacy Massey in s i V ,K 4 1 ,3 t , zr 1 1- Q if f "E, .,, :V V, A , r, W .. ,, .. , 15,5 i ,,,,, J Scott McDonald 4 A iiii ' f 1 fe' " few iii fl L 3 ,loan McHenry McKinster Starey atti V- ,iiit - W 5 Robert McLain I , iiii it - ' AV At yy eee or a R 1. 7 .v-. ,,, 5 5 V M y 1, A -i'i ix lhh s L Diana Robert Mellinger Mendoza Betsy Merrill Jeff McA tee of 'Z it L we 1 Phoebe McGlynn , may WW' . V111 tlt , Karri McMahon .Q L ., 0 Melanie McCain Christina McGrath D Vyr X X, be LL Www, , g, ,, Beth McMichael Geoff Merrill L inda Merrill Wayne Manske is R L L rrtt Mark Matt Maritano Mariotti t ie e L iiii A, A , ,i n f,,, M-.-"" W B' ....,t, , . gif' 5. 6 if ,,,f A, Troy Martin Da vid Martinez . ' it L A wwf ' W '73 V " w Kathleen McCallum Darrell McGrath t"'r' M, f Karen McMillan Della Mesa Jeff McCord Rob McGrath Kristin McOuitty 1? W: Del Mester Ries s is N ,. Six N 9 A ,. .,., . N X ' Jill Ruth Tricia Meyer Meyers Michon ' its X as Dan Miller fa! - K-kk .:' f- -W ,f-- ,..:: EK . . T2 , 1' . ' is xv QM 'is Q 5 X X X a Ed Miller ww Wm sa s Sas NN L Shawn Michelle Laura Ann Miller Miles Jorge Mills Miranda ,E ,,.. L . 5 X L E iv P 1 Jennifer L . N 5, NS s Q . N so my Kelly Miller .. ,T :ai L isa Montague Mon ville " -si 'iii " NJ - S Y A Q of 1 , so x Jean Miller J ':ee,,,. 1 . 'N Victor Moreno affix 86 L .a,:.: Q , L , 5 X nnnnn 1 RX " if , ' L' -. is ii' F ' 2 ':'i Mi, EF in-tl .Q my r L s N. L 1 - ' L " ..:. .F 1 V ' :L L L. N M 5 is ,Q f a .a , I f -f2- Lisa Stacey Bob Morgan Morgan Morris .,.,::: :ra A .NSW f .XREQQEM-:rf . ,NN 5 F . Ex X 'gf Qs 1 -.- as Q , .. wig J N m fxffl-h.sl John Morton Kurt Morris Joy Layne Morse Mortensen Marianne Mortensen Michelle Traci Matt Wendy Steve Much Mullenix Mura wski Murray Myers T aaaa :,. f WN iifizfl 1- 5' Tony Naiividad Alex Da vid Navarro Navarro Wi X QE Lana Holly Neele y Negaard Da vid Connie Neil Nevin Westwood? own heavy-metal band entertained the campus with rockin music played by Nick Portillo, Glen Tipton, John Wiechmann, 6 Deven Ward, Juniors 205 Tony Dale Newton Noble .,,XxLx. . M NX fgg isis Ann Aralynn Nonner No wack --hf 1 :Q ,S .,,.. W ix Y 5 N X X QM lg X ,fa II, 1 Brandi Ochocki Denise Nunez fi Jim Krombholz peeks out from behind a tree to see if AI is near as he attempts to lea ve campus early and relax from all the pressures of school X X saga W X is kg is s ww rw WSW 5 Q3 X 5 Q S X X. Jw Juniors as f ix O - P. J. Oliver " iii: Ni-1 'I I ...fi .5 esi'e - .......,,oN-' 1 4 Tim Lupe O'Connor Olivas af- " iggwgpp Mike Olmstead W X Q ' 3 Michelle Ortiz La Dawn Palmer xg, Lawrence Osborn Nik 5 Q Steve Olson c ...,. Traci K e vin Charlene Vince Olson OMalle y Opie Orduno . 4, MM W .W Pat Parker .- , I- My John Ose Babak Sharon Kevin Racheal Osskvlai Osuch Overton Pablo as X New r - 1 -F L N I .,,..,. ' . fx . Q , R Tamara Passe y Racquel Tracy Paul Tom Pa ve y Pa wlass Peck Pederson L.- as ,m ' va Agp i so L tit- 2 .fx 5,4 Dena Joyce Rachel Peel s , X 3 Mona L isa Terry Petreus Peterson 'Fifi eii. 1 Q, P .., Y ,., t A ,...- e Q 1,-sxvyff X'--., I' ' . Ron Perkins S-I 'ss 3 we V X gxxg Nicole Phelps Michelle Perysian Duane Peters .1 K X- Brad Peterson a , f A Michael Phillips Dawn Pickett X is WX , EEEE ,i A X ,ks K KW fc ig Q is KES . K A K 1 .lkk .1 P395 'P t V N .. -kkk.s. '- -. X ' X- a ' ' K ' V Shaun Pipes J.P. Pierson Wendy Pitkin brian Steve Pitt if Jared Pitts illlilluinnnmg Shawn Peterson Cheryl Eric Piechnik Piersol Suzy Porter ss -- wg X w .. X X 3 Craig Poturalski ""l i '- ",- 1 J Kelly Prickett NX Stephanie Puckett Nick Portillo ww- - xv -N 3 li its fs Vanessa Price -ee. N- gg Q .:...: , P5 X x A J Da vid Pritchard ,cei "r r Le, . efergqc . Bryan Puetz Seniors aren't the only spirited Warriors, as displayed by rowdy junior Terry Bellows. "Orangei- tis" and war paint are household words for this Warrior. Some days he even wears a toga as he cheers on the football team. Holly Marc Pugne Pulsifer Juniors .207 rg .... . an p .E I in xl ,..,.. 5 . - if Chris Joel Roland Quintana Ouinteros Ramona Ray Da vid Randolph J ,... . 1. rfxf- . Eric Quinn .:i, , S5535 R -::' W f Patricia Raymond ' . ' - ' ,, gfgys X S SQ X 6 f X Chad Richard Rades Ramirez R aaan aaaa aaa me ' I ---i I Craig Dana Redsteer Reich ii' :-' ' ' 'R J 11. i La. R Qwisi XXX,. .-tW..NmmM Jimmy Marty Whit Mike Renahan Reynolds Richards Rick Shannon Rider Junior Sally K ingsberry furiously attempts to finish her next hour 's homework in typing class. Maybe no one will notice, 208 Juniors Q aaa Q auat C . a s aat: g mmAVk X rm 1, Luz Clayton Ramos Randall iir- :QL Eii.. zmzi o t t , if- zti Q .. J' ' ts i n 'Hi TFT I or a is f fi Q fi Peggie Sam Reid Reidhead ea: L Tony Brent Rider Riess Q R i... N ff' f Teresa Juliana Riggs Rivera Heather Roberts A drean Rodriguez Gnim Roeun Stanley Roberts Yvonne Rodriquez so we ttz 3 -,,1:t. -, lz: ga Wendy Rogers ,:, , V A 'f Mike Rohnman S 911 , fi A '22, V, 5 2 zfqf, , g,, V A Q" L, , ri 6 ,.. ' Andy Cathy Justin Danny Rollins Romeo Rouse Roosevelt L V I I ,,'E ,4 K' 'W ., S ' L ,Wlll llllllee llll J, 1,2:,l 1 ,.,--' , I -, ,"l":l' Q Vllll LLQZS K ,M i S M Louis Rondtree Monica Sansoni W we at Laurie Sapp Cynthia Schern Bob Rob Mike Joe I Ruck Russo Ryan Sage This warrior hopes Mr. Lewis doesn 't catch her typing instead of programming math equations. in love letters to her sweetie if Vickie Hunter Rose Rotchstein Clarin Aurora Saline Sanchez John Santagata Jennifer Schaefer Danny Schindele - f ,, V ,,,,,, H A ' ,f ," X , ilh ,. ,V ,, 1 ""' S L 4 , 1 - ,ai fm' M . ,fftf .6 f 5 Melissa Schoenstein X W we at .1 S ii ttt L L ois Scotford Keith Dennis Brenda Tammy Schulz Schumacher 56h wan Schriner Jason Karen Aaron Eric Scan Seagra ve Seaman Secrist 5 ff Steve Gregg Schwartz S coresb y , "T V ,,V,, V, ,-,,, , V. v 2' fi? yyy ,,t,t, , 5 Joan Tereasa Sennett Sewell Juniors 209 210 Juniors we M X E e t XA ag, S X X Ns 3 Iz. N Y Q X X S Xx Don Shipman S W L r 3, g Q . . Q " Y.. AKAAAL T -- , N ' of . g to g .. . :" L k Q1 'xahw Kirsten Aaron Russ Walter David Robert Shahan Shapiro Shark Sharp Shearer Sherman -'-" T ' 5 '- ---k i -2, -N 1 5? 4 ' g r X S . S r . . L X 6 A A ,,,,, . f ' f 12323 . 'ht N... -.... -L Maria Showers Alan Michael Simmons X Da vid Shumucci Roger Small Jon Snider Heather Shum way Marc Shum wa y Angela Smalley ,,:q.QpS.,,SS ,,:..r , , J N X K X X Robert Snyder S Da vid Spuhler Greg Stangis Karla Sorenson Brent Smith Jan Siefker 1 X. ...Q E it. ..,s 3 ... .,,,.. X gnlvq. Roger Smith Jean Siefker Sheila Smolinski Leann Sorenson Diana Soya Tom Spa w " I L .J . f. f ..g .. . 's . " Q wg' 'zfsts ifi f Q-, 'fit X x ai R""" W 5 Q . jr Carla Stapf Lisa Steen Sundee Lloyd Ember Natalie Stewart Stites Stokes Strickland John S waggert y Mathew Sykes - .gil , 1 M. alum. A-was Jim Stevens Laurie Sugar Brian Stewart . E39 I ,. WE, sf 3 tt Chris Summerha ys ' as S. U ea ..... Melissa Ryan Mike Colton Tafoya Talamante Tapia Taylor Nellie Silversmith .4 TR Christy Smothermon .loe Sprietsma James Stewart N N . .E l S: ...V Trent Sutherland Daniel Taylor K ez- is- in fi . A X XX N-it Q L .ei John Ta ylor Mark Taylor Scott Tesson Larry Tevault Glen Tipton Ann Tjaarda ,, - ,. M N Q: . me E was . N Robert Karen Townsend Townsend 3321, S eee- Q TH Laurie Trapnell Ngoc Truong if at at .,,,, ii if James Vashon Christy Vashon t I 'QF SEP as 'NK X K we , N. H . if- "" - SNS' -, Andrew Edward Vieane Vonshire , ,Q ,,f ' As Mrs. Main and Mrs. Free are just dragging themselves out of bed. juniors Jan and Jean Seifker are secretly taking over their jobs as library aids during A hour. tt b LE,.. D , ,,:, IEN' ::. , Q, A : I: Matt Turcott Melissa Tryon e Q I ' - . ' .ttrr 1' , ' .s X """" ' ' Lee Jennifer Van Sickle Vega ::1 J gs , K . gr Jon Vuong Betty Vos i at attiir I tta e Carol Udall tttt ,L ttts - L isa Vallejo X yi la fx X X 3 eeee X gtt sg H its Kevin Vert sagem- - 5 N . f R X 'X Tom Wade 'sis NX X TQ X Bruce Victory Barry Wagner J Ra y Vallera Q- YQ at 1. was .. of Cecilia Vidal J s Bryce Waite Juniors 2ll xx 212 Juniors Ginger Waite 11.55 'ss XX fl JII f Bill Wall Jeff Waite Elizabeth Wallace s A yumi Hina and Kumi Hasegowa, foreign exchange students from Japan, learn English by reading John Walters Julian Walters X55 the junior picnic table. Todd Warner Da vid Warren ki 3- James Tammy Lisa Layne Ellen Scott Tammie Warren Watson Waz Webb Weinel Weisman Welker ists E 1' "nr Q Q X ",: 52:15, s of - ,s, .e,.. . . i'1tt EX ' all 'F' X iii ' KN 3s518:iffS'1Kl Holly Kathy Donald Stacey Julie Wendy Sue Wermuth Werner Westendorf Whitaker White White Wiles J E E Don Joe Johnny Kenny Ruth Cori John R, Will Williams Willis Wilson Wilson Wilstead Winsor i' 5 Kim Wintle Cara Wright ff new V f ..,,,,,,,ff N, ,,,,,, ,,,,Wu . ,, J 1'f" , , vMW Dean Withboldr Michelle Wyant , wg, ll f L , ',.. ' Y V ,g - 5 ,gf V ,, , 2 N , ,,.' ZW W V ":: 1 ' ' ' V lb' Kirsten Shelley Christina Dina Woelkers Wolfe Woodburn Woodworth W ' . H if'i'1- 1 iiii 1 I if ,,,, , . ff ,af ' 1 ,, i. , , Sheila Julie Carin Beth Yancey Yancey Yastrzab Young Moses Amy Zepeda Zesbaugh Q H in I Dana Woolard Srephanie Young Juniors JIS 214 1 Michael Denise, Barbra Jennifer Brian Shannon Abbey Ace vedo Ahlers Allen Allred Allred Dawn Christina Jake Donna Jennifer Sharlyn Almont Alvarado Ament Andersen Anderson . Anderson Dorene Andre ws Michael Areghini As I look back on my past years at Westwood, I remember my first day as a sophomore. Walking around the school in a state of confu- sion, puzzled by the fact that I couldn't find Hall 5. and receiving snide remarks from the sophisticated seniors strutting around the campus, I became very depressed. I don 't know how I made it to my junior year, but when I did the tables turned. As a junior, I made the remarks to the little, obnoxious, disgusting so homores. Junior life was heaven. Ever bod left the 'uniors alone, P Y Y I no pranks, remarks, or jokes. It was great. Now that Iam a STUDL Y SENIOR, I find myself doing the strutting and being looked up to by the poor unfortunate sophomores and juniors wandering aimlessly around campus. Being one of the supreme beings of Westwood, I am proud of our award winning school and I hope that the underclassmen can keep it that way. When Ileave Westwood I will miss watching all the sopho- mores pack into the cafeteria, donut runs, and the distant cries of WAR EA GLE. Oh, by the way, I findly found out where Hall 5 is. Do wn the stairs and Ken Archer Rebecca Armatage to the left. 644 JDQJ Veronica Kelly Armenta Armstrong Seniors-2l5 Z Z ,:, -.1 ..,,,,. .. ,V .- , ,, . . ...,, ,:LNL111, . Q Q .sf - - ,,,,, . c iatac - ,--,,, innn A 5 ,, ..,,,,f , . Q I Melanie Ronald Gary Robbie Vickie Michael Arnett Arthur Attarian Atwood Baca Baier 2 John Allison Julie I- William Jennifer Ted Baily ' Baker Baker Baldwin Ball Barber Michelle Kelly Barks x Beach Marc Amber Beasley Beat y 216-Seniors Darwin Benjamin Bebo Becker My years at Westwood have been full of many fun, exciting and some sad times. The one event that really sticks in my mind is the Varsity Hoops adventure at the Flagstaff Tournament. Who can forget the tag-team wrestling at one in the morning and .l.D. demonstrating the finer points of sumo wrestling ?lt even snowed enough to have a snowball fight. K. T. was a non-stop, one-line joke machine, some of them were even funny! But my heart goes out to Coach Doolen. llo ve that man. He has taught me more about life than any class could ha ve. Even though I didn 't play much, and God knows howl wanted to, I had to accept his decision I for me not to pla y Q and keep a good attitude. I know that there will be situations on down the road that will parallel this one, and I 'll be able to deal with it better than someone else. I feel Coach Doolen has taught me the most valuable lesson I could have possibly learned and I feel I'm a better person because of it. Thanks Coach. I know my skiing buddies won 't forget the many trips to Sunrise. Especially when Fournier started cracking up in the car. I'm gonna miss head pigs Kristen 8 .lill. Snort! Billy what about our 3.30 a.m. pinball trip? I don't know! To all of my friends, lLove You, and will miss you immensely. All I can say is watch for me on MTV. I'm outta here! Bring on the ASU women. 'T A ' ,, U Q, ., . Dale Robert Johnathen Michael Rhonda Becker Becker Bellin er Bellows Benall Y Keith Bengtson Sherrill Bennett Student Finds Interest In Orchestra As llook back on my years at Westwood I am amazed that I finally made it to my Senior year. When I first heard of Westwoodl thought it would be the land of opportunity where I could learn, have fun, and become involved in school activities. I never realized it would give me the opportunity to do three hours of homework nightly. As for past experiences at Westwood, I will never forget the wonderful Symphony trip to the Metropolitan city of Artesia, New Mexico my sophomore year. Then my junior year, we went to San Diego instead. I almost enrolled at SDSU after seeing some of the fraternities. The junior class play was an experience not to be forgotten. Robson almost had a nervous breakdown and is just now recovering from the ordeal. The teachers at Westwood whether you want them to or not, have a definite effect on you as a student-Mr. Dant and some of his ultimate coolness can 't help rub off on others. I also learned that a continual loss of temper can result in baldness, through Mr. Thompson. My years at Westwood were enjoyable because I was involved in school functions, was challenged to learn, and met interesting and unique people. I will always be gladl went to Westwood and proud to say Iam a Warrior. Gregory Bennett Kristen Benton Roberto Page Bernal Bernhagen Lisa Sheryl Sharla Mark Jill John Bigler Billings Bingham Blair Blankenburg Blier Seniors-217 Robert Monica Blum Bognar Travis Kerry Branam Britton ,, 4 Dorothy Michele Brown Buckley Daniel Mike Burkhart Burns J5,,,,:,.w,,,W, ,... ,,,, -, ,... . .... .. - M- Stephanie Bond ' , i ,ft ,Wg K' -, , , jg ' 1 6 W f 49 , K Q4 3 ,, W i Bays, iw Richard Eric Bottoms Boucher Alexander Broadbent Lee Burk Bursc 218-Seniors Stephen Lori Bush Buzard Hansel Sherri Diane Brooks Brooks Brown I started out my years at Westwood as a pitiful sophie who walked to lunch everyday through alleys to avoid the jeering of the 'gorgeous senior studs" who were lucky enough to drive to lunch. Yes, J. T., those were the days! As a junior I was excited to have my best buds Milo, Becky. and Rufie join me and to teach them all of the tricks and trends of being a Westwood girl. Many good times were spent in the little white truck bouncing to Mesa High to check out their men and cruising AMC. The fun of dating and driving is what being a junior is all about. Now as a senior, I feel that I have matured and the only thoughts in my head are those of getting busy to graduate and decide what to do after I leave, What will I do with the rest of my life? What is there after life at Westwood High? I ha ve realized that my three years at Westwood hold some very choice memories and I find myself very loyal to this great school. I have made many friends and gained true Warrior spirit and the satisfaction of being involved in DECA, publications, and many extracurricular activities as well as the pride of being from Westwood and riding in C.R. 's Fiero to lunch everyday. I have not left much of a mark on this school, except for the attendance office, but Westwood has left an impression on me and my life and the decisions I make hereafter will be affected because of the many things I have learned. I challenge every student at Westwood - that means you little brother - to make it a goal to get involved and make the most of your years here, to gain loyalty and pride for Westwood A? and know the feeling of being a true Warrior! .1 Ai', t-t, u ,,, ' I ' iiwifi ,5'a' A Kivi Byrne Ever since Imoved to Mesa, I would pass Shepherd Audito- rium and Brimhall Field. I gazed in awe, and wondered what it would be like to roam the halls of Westwood High 5chool. My dreams soon gave way to reality and I have now reached that plateau. Life at W.H.5. has exceeded all of my expectations and I hope that all of the students that attend our school will be able to experience all of the "Highs" that I have had. The greatest of these "Highs' is playing football and having the opportunities to carry on the Warrior traditions. In order to achieve on and off the playing field the players must be disciplined, determined, and dedicated to a goal. The three D's of success heb the student-athlete learn responsibility. Together we have become a close knit group and I will treasure this closeness because together we ha ve faced much adversity and also special happiness after we accomplish what we set out to do - overcome our opponent. Isa y thanks to some great teachers, fans. Parents. and the best coaches a player could have, Coach Loper, Coach Jones, and Coach "Digger" Oviedo, Now I say goodby to my teammates, to whom I call my friends, you guys are tops! Good luck and remember '7?enegade", 'let the Hemi live onl" .5 M.. John C aputo f ?W'fzf'VI-.555 ..,, - 7,-iilmzivzi' M ,,,, A M cb' X ffm, 1-,,,, 1' 'J ,i" ,E Vi .,p z1.f 5 I f ik 2 " Jacquetta Da vid C arrillo C aruth Nancy .lames Castro Chambers Lorrie Ronald C hmura James Mark Carl Chapman Chapman C hartier Chase I ' Ching Curtis Kay Lea Victor Aprile Beverly Choi Christensen Christensen Christensen Clabaugh Clarich ww, wif: ,, I I , 5Elf.5!51:Q my S ff ft 1 '11 'WY W Q Wf 4 , , W. , W f if MW , it L f 7 K X 13250 X , ,S ' W WW 2 r A ' ff Z .. ' ' VV,k ' I 4 kr 4,3 Q' X , X ', Patrick Terri Donna Pepper Robert Joann Clark Clark Clement Click Cockrum Collins ,,,,,,,, 2 qw I ggi ,,,, i V if BZ ii' i f Cheryl Jared Lane James Susan Carla Collinsworth Colohan Cook Coon Cordon Cottom 5 Robert Julie Wayne Cottom Couchman Craig Kyle Na than Jodi Cummins Cundiff Currier 2205eniors .W Scott Michael Bill Currier Daines Dalton Kevin Michael Timothy Crance Crawford Cummings As my Warrior years come to a close I can look back and recall these years as being extremely rewarding. You sophies may ask, "How can I make my Warrior years so rewarding?" Well the answer is simple: get involved with school activities and school spirit! One of the most rewarding activities I was involved in was the Warriorette pom line. Although there were numerous, painstaking hours involved, the fleeting moments of perfor- mance made it all worthwhile. I will always treasure the close friendships that ha ve stemmed from being on the line. At the beginning of the year I felt as if I were encompassed by eighteen strangers - now, after working with all of them for 4 hours a day, I look at them as being good friends, each having a unique and special personality. A special "thanks" goes to Mrs. Sturdevant for all of the sacrificed time and effort she donated to the line. We couldn't have accomplished half as much without her! , Wgfgp 'X' ' A UCL ,f-' Lfbcj ,ALJ M ,,,, M ww Shannon Dandurand Lisa Dean James Richard John Daniels Davidson Davila Well, lhave come a long way since I was a sophie begging for a ride to lunch, now I am a senior looking for a ride home. What can I say? My dad won't even buy me a scooter. Graduation could not come fast enough for me. But lam really going to miss Westwood and all of its memories. How could I forget all my rowdy times with Funk, long talks with Beaz, wild Saturday nights in Ahwatukee with Kristen and Karen. and lunch at Papillons with Lori. I would like to thank Mr. M. for all he has done for me these past two years, including making me student of the month. I definitely recommend DECA for everyone because it is the most fun club on campus. I feel everyone should get as involved in school activities as possible. . . The more you put into your school the more you will get back. Make your years at Westwood the best you can! Thanks to everyone for a great three years. lhope the class of '86 can live up to our reputation as great seniors. And do not worry, the only rides I will be needing now will be home from college. ,J WMM Burton Da vid Da visson Dawn Craig Linda Dedrick Deering wa ter Wil e Da vid Da vid Joseph Del Carlo Deu vall De vos ' M. Maryann Di Bona .. X' , Matthew Laura Timothy Julie Paul Dickerson Dickman Dillard Dortman Dressel "Tl 1 fc? Sherry Brian L isa Virginia Ryan Sharlene Drummond Dubiel Dudley Durfee Du ve Dwan Seniors-221 Cherlene Ea ves Marlo Hal Encmas Engstrom Isa Carol Evans Farnsworth C ynthla Susan Fmkbelner Finnefrock Scott Dana .lon Eggen Ellsworth Ellsworth Probably the most unforgettable experiences we 've had at Westwood came during volleyball season our junior and senior years. Our junior year, it was the trip to Kofa. We were on our way home when the trouble began. We were lost! Then we went down a road that was washed out. Next we turned down a one lane, dead end street and we couldn't turn around! So we backed up for 30 minutes! Then we got lost again! Finally, at 5117 a.m. we pulled into Westwood parking lot with school beginning in a mere 3 hours! Our senior year, it was the Saguaro game. Once again, we were on our way home when the trouble started. During our game, someone loosened the wires to the bus horn, and when we were leaving, "that someone" got in front of the bus and wouldn 't go! Naturally, our bus driver honked the horn and when she did, it kept honking! By itself! It was stuck! For the entire 35 minute ride from Saguaro to Westwood we honked. It was so embarrassing! Then came basketball! Seeing Mr. Wells come out dressed for practice in his size I4, orange converse basketball shoes was hilarious! Carrie Donna Fletcher Flvyd Paul Michael Brian Karen Foster Fournier Fowler FFBSGI' Brian Frederick I will always cherish the memories I have of Westwood High. The games, assemblies, parties, floats, and dances were such fun. Iknow what I will remember most about my high school years is the friends I have made. I can remember life as a sophomore. Anya and I wandered around the parking lot hoping someone would have the heart to take us to lunch. - Kaye Steven My junior year was another story. We cruised through the F'ee"'a" F'ee"""' parking lot laughing and pointing at the poor sophomores Cas if we were never in their shoes Q. How we could fit eight girls into the sunbirds, I ll never know. Last but not least, my senior year has been the best. I look back at all the good times I've had at this school and know that if the old saying is true "Your high school years are the best years of your life. "I won 't be disappointed. l'm proud to be a Warrior! .X FN ll Susan David Hallie bw Freeman Frisell Fuller Aaron Alma Elizabeth .lose Ray James Garcia Garcia Garcia Garcia Garcia Gardner Rick Dana Roanne Edward Polly Corey Gardner Garland Garrett Geiger Gerber Gilliland Vic Girardi Brian Deanne Wendy Gilbert Matt Glanding Gofas Golie Gomez Gordon Seniors-223 Danny Tifne y Lynn Grant Green Grey Kimberly Rhonda Christopher Gunnell Gurr Haddad Tracy Hancock Craig Danean Harman Harper Cynthia Hawkins ,,,' ii I I V ALiE Anna Heitzman 224-Seniors Timothy Loreena Hays Hedrick .xr x sf , .ff-s.,,sm....,.,,,,. Amy Patty Henderson Hernandez W Bryan Guadalupe Nathan Griffith Guevara Guinn Wendy Lydia Amy Hahn Halliburton Halverson Leah Michelle Scott Harper Harris Hartleben I remember my first day at Westwood and at a mere 5'l" height, I was an unmistakable sophomore, not to mention my struggles to open my locker, get to class on time, and carry around a mountainous stack of books. Yes. that was me. Well, since that first day l've learned a few things. I have had many new and exciting experiences, and have made lots of memories. I can remember the fears and an- ticipation each year as I tried out for Regionals and All- State, and the fun times in concert and "Honor Choir." I remember cramming for my Spanish test every Thursday night for the past 3 years, and the awesome trips to Guay- mas, Mexico. I can't forget the long nights I stayed up writing essays and last-minute book reports for the sake of my G.P.A., and all the times I missed lunch in order to plan and attend N.H.S. meetings. The two short years I spent managing the J. V. and Varsity Volleyball teams were great ones. Those were my girls. l'lI never forget them. And the best times were the 6 A.M. L.D.S. Seminary Council meet- ings every Thursday morning. Well, I'd just like to say: Thanks, Westwood, for the memories. xy e Jim Sandra Heidi Johnathan Carlos Douglas Hesson Hester Hethering ton Heywood Hidalgo Hobbs Allen Terence David Shawn Richard Amie Hodge Hodges Holady Householder Hudson Hughes X u Eric Beth Kari Hultberg Humbert Hunt Eileen Jill Kevin llicin Jackson Jarvis I.. E ' I, -57 v,,,,Vk , Lawrence Kristin Steven Jefferson Jekel Jensen Poet In Our Midst In the age of Modern Man, there was a guy living in Westwood land. He was never a "sophie", but a "future" junior man. By this time he had learned a lot. .. The combination to his lock! His senior year was really grand, and now he's out to roam the land. I have had a great time here at Westwoodf meeting all of the people I have, singing in the BIG "H.C."f being in the different sports and activities, and participating in all of the schooI's spirit. Iam gratefull to all of my friends. I will miss you alll Later days and better grades! fffv, BN ff Avg Seniors 225 Tracey Gale Kraig Mark Johnson Johnson Johnson Robert Ma ylene Jewel Jimmy Johansen Stranger in a strange land. , . As a sophomore, such thoughts as this flooded my mind due to the fact that I was merely an enthusiastic, but ignorant, ex-Powell Patroit, now being Ioosed upon a vast Westwood campus. Soon, I managed to lose that "dazed" look that is frequently seen on a sophie 's face up until second semester, I Now, lha ve that "dazed" look that is common to sufferers of Senioritisj Seriously, though, I've loved my years at Westwood and I wouldn 't trade my Warrior memories for anything. Ho we ver, all the great times I 've had at West wood wouldn 't ha ve been half as fun without my good friends: Tyler, the man with K P ll I L ' Johffgn J,,h?,,f,,,, JAR the Monkmobile, Renee, of the Coppertone Tan, Kurt-baby, the ,- ,,,,, . , ,.,.. most studly sophie guy on campus, Tina and Shannon, my artistic companions, Lee, soon-to-be a Senior stud, Kerri, a rising basket- ball talent, Kevin, The K id-Cneed I say morej, and most of all, Dan Schmid, the best friend anybody could ever have Che 's also a bit spasticj -Just kidding, Dan. Sorry about anybody I've left out, Laurie. Also, throughout my Westwood years, my Art teachers, Mr. Medley, Mrs. Robinson, and Mr. Laney, ha ve properly motivated me to enter drawings in the State Fair and several other con- tests. Some I placed in, others I didn 't. Without their prompting, however. I wouldn 't have won anything, and I would like to use this opportunity to say "Thanks, . . Thanks. Last, and by far not the least, I cannot neglect to mention the A 15,755 1212? Kigggih tolerant and loveable Ms, Nass. This wonderful English teacher has endured a Tee-Pee 'd classroom, her desk moved clear down hall 3, frog 's legs in her desk and attendance folder, upside-down students' desks, and perhaps a few other annoyances perpetrat- ed against her by myself, Dan, and Tyler. Westwood is no longer a strange atmosphere for me. Now, it is home, and I'Il miss it, and all of the people that I've met here. 226-Seniors Lisa Thomas Michael U Jones Jones Kagel '7wib?i'fi .'fi '-"-A"'-' f msg . mm ' ii ,,,, sf-Wi ::: .:.' g --1- I , wt, 2 Mew ,11 irr f .IAI 5 s 1-' Ziii M ' , .ii 'i" , '- iiii iiiiii ' .... I We " sss I . , 4 ....... Q .... s Va 2 R .Q 5 vu 1 ... ,,,, , ,,,,,, ,,..., , Dean Michael Brenda Dianne Billy David Kanocz Kano Karlinse Kenned Kerr Ke s Y Raymond Timothy William Brian Dawn Shannon Kieffer Kimball K inch K irchgassner Kirkpatrick Kirkpatrick John K lepinger Carmen Knight Dancin Brings .lo y To Student As llook back on my years at Westwood. I remem- ber the friends lmet and the friends Ialready knew and how our friendships grew deeper throughout the years. It just goes to prove that a friend is someone who likes you and wants nothing of you but friendship. For this, I am grateful because my friendships will continue long after graduation. I have made dancing a part of my life since I was five years old and the Westwood dance classes and concerts have made it possible for me to be in- volved in dance during my high school years. l'll ha ve to admit it was hard work but at concert time, all of the hard work paid off when I heard the applause. Although high school was scary at first, I learned that you must have a smile on your face and a giggle inside you in order to enjoy' your high school years to the fullest. and even more- enjoy your life. Kurt Klinger Krister Knapp John Mark K onchan Ko vara Biliana Mary Stacy Krstic Kuhse LaCombe Sandra Charles William Shon Thomas Lamoreaux Lancaster Landry Laney Langdon L isa Lange Seniors- 2 27 ff , . , , John Zella Lisa Larsen Larson Latulippe , :f"?::f., S ' if 2 e . . .. i gm . - ' ..2:s5,,:fu , ,Z ' """ I .A - -, ' if 53 .I is LEIWJI . M ':.5'w2L W fi , fwiifi' " "' " if Celeste Suzanne Cassandra Lavender Leavitt Lee So this is Westwood. There I was, a sophomore at a totally new scene. As a new Warrior I became part of a class of pride and spirit. Even though our class took many heartaches from the "Highly looked up to seniors" we knew we were the TOPS. After the first pep assembly, football game, and Hello Dance I knew Westwood was a place I was going to love and gain many unforgettable memories. As a "sophie" I had many hard times. Not being old enough to drive, my friends and I had no way to get to lunch. So we would solve the problem by taking over the Westwood cafe- teria. If we were privileged, one of our friendly upper class- men would give us a ride in the truck of their car or back of their pickup. This wasn't the end, finding a ride home be- came a serious problem. You were lucky if you had an older brother or sister, to be your "taxi service". All things consid- ered my sophomore year wasn't bad. Meeting new people and gaining friends was a highlight. The roaring football and basketball games and the long but exciting cross country meets have their place in my memory. The excitement of winning and the heartache of losing. No matter which one, Westwood's spirit will carry on. Time passed and we grew older. Now a senior with many great memories and experiences to look back on and never forget. The class of I985 will ride with pride forever. x, M. f 'ge gigs .mm fx 5 I Craig Jane Stacy if Leiber Lenard Lepper . .. L M33 :-, tt. kk.. ti. Q A ,.,, .-- ---' , , E? es . v.t: s,, , . . 1 mi 1 'if V . gf ,ST Mx! J M fy I gs 5, . er 4 f f K, sf W ek, ZZ ...Wh we ji Vis 2 Q ,f t. f, ..,. ' N 1 I as , 5 at t Swag' '51, geek we WW Z., .... T1 A 1. .Z Kenneth Forest Lona Kerri Le5ueur Lewis Lewis Linde Phillip Erik Christa Brenda Loggins Lohne Lombardo Long 228-Seniors April L ittle Mary Loftus W. tw , . Jeannette Longman Diane Lott James Virginia Karen Twana Da vid Sherri Maas Mack Mahan Mahan Main Maki tw , lie.. Russell Robert Jody Jimmy Brent John Mallett Marchand Marquard Marquez Marshall Marshall Marci Marshall William Mast To be given the opportunity to write about my years at Westwood was exciting. I gladly accepted without any thought, maybe I should've thought! Like many responsibilities we accept to take on in life we don 't always actually realize what fully they entail As I look back to the beginning of my sophomore year, I don 't feel that Ihad a realistic idea of what the coming years had in SIOFE for me. I had no idea that some of the most important lessons of life would be taught to me through experiences I've had here at Westwood with teachers. coaches, and most of all friends. My teachers, who have instructed me academically, have not only increased my intelligence, they've taught me valuable lessons. One lesson is the good that comes from being challenged. lfelt this challenge as a sophomore in Mr. Mounts biology class. His grading scale was 93 Z for a one CD, instead of the typical QOZ. I quickly learned to put forth extra effort to wards the achievement of a goal. I was also Challenged by a wise man, Mr. Dant, "to use my mind." This challenge we should all take on and persist throughout our lives in doing. Athletics ha ve been a character building source for me throughout high school years. My participation was for personal satisfaction and enjoy- ment. While enjoying my activities, I was being taught traits that build a person 's character, such as, having a positive attitude, taking pride in something I West woodj, being persistent, increasing self-motivation and how to endure. Friendships have taught me the mostl I could not have felt true happi- ness nor the lowest depression without having friends. We've been there to support, encourage, listen to, and love one another, and also through the years, like all mankind, hurt, belittle, and tear down each other until we were mature enough, and had gained enough wisdom to think of how the other might feel. I could not have made it through my high school years, gaining the wisdom that I have, from our good and bad times, without my friends. We've grown wiser through our years together. 4 Wally Martinez John Mcatee L isa Danette McComas McCormick 6 Seniors-229 Thomas Melodie Michael Kimberly M Ka y Krystal McCormick McDonald McDough McGrath McGrath Mcinelly Doug Lora Bridget Brenda Arthur Tracy McKeever McKellips McKown McMaster McNair Meacham Since my first year as a member of the Westwood chap- ter Future Farmers of America, I have really enjoyed it and ha ve not regretted being part of it once. From plant- ing a garden and taking care of animals all the way to taking first place in the state FFA extemporaneous Speaking Contest, the FFA has been an important factor of my life. In the past few years participating in judging and speak- ing contests, along with being a member of the National FFA Band and chairing several committees, ha ve come to be long lasting memories for me. However, things like seeing Karen Mahan dog-paddling in the middle of Sa- guaro Lake, or watching Heather Spices trying to go ten minutes without hurting herself severely, make all those other accomplishments second rate material. As Chapter President this year l've been through every- thing from Mr. Moore 's forty-five minute jokes to being chased across a pasture by a slightly hostile steer. One of my major accomplishments was surviving through Doug,Merritt's first attempt at driving a vehicle with a clutch Calthough I still have nightmares about that near meeting with death 1. After experiencing the picture cru- sade of Roger Moss and his three cameras, along with kidnapping a toy mouse and holding it for ransom, I can honestly say that FFA definitely isn 't boring. With the ending of my Senior year, I look back at the FFA and remember what a great time I had and I hope the new Westwood FFA officers and members can make it even better. Wwe! 2305en1ors Carla Melcher Mark Stephen Meldrum Mello tt Craig Jeff Angela Menden Mendoza Menzel Stacey Merkel Doug Mitchell Merritt Metcalfe 1 f Danny Susan Kimberly Donna Elizabeth Becky MiCh0r1 Mikesh Miller Montgomery Morgan Morris Katy Morse Dennis Russell Glen Morton Morton Mounts During the past three years I am proud to say that the best times of my life so far have been spent at this wonderful institution called WESTWOOD HIGH SCHOOL. Every morning from 8:10 to 9:03 I was involved in a violent games of baseball, chair throwing, cahooney shots, name calling, and of course the unforgettable 'Tog". A more familiar name for this class is Student Council. Many friendships and learning experiences have come from this class. K ory Virginia Moyers Mulford Laura l've never been able to thank my friends enough for Diane Q,,is,ia,, Mullelvix teaching me how to SMURF. It was also great to have Mullins Murphy them there to rejoice and be jubilant everytime a letter 4 ' ' - ' lllif 1 came via Nebraska. We re still trying to catch up on the .ty I V , A.. j if .VV sleep we lost while conversing about the freshest gos- 'illgl 11 ." sip at 2,30 in the morning. A fr To all sophomores, I definitely can 't leave you my dri- f j I ': , i ver's license, so I leave you my ability to bum rides everywhere! To the juniors I leave you the rule of iift V 'ir,1,V W Westwood High, but it definitely won't be the same alh' 5 irii S without the class of '85l . if I l ' ,, 1 1 Mercedes 1 Donald Kristine Murrietta ysgs- Myers Myers Mary Joyce Jana Sherrie Neel - Neely Neil Nelson Thomas Todd Nelson Nelson Seniors-23l ...nw Helena Joy Binh Kent Kristine Leon Nerell Newton Nguyen Nicholas Nichols Nichols 1 ,fu I Vtkwfff' 'i 1 ln, 14 Patricia Zena Laura Chrysta Rhonda Marie Nielson Niles Noland Noo yen Norcott Norle y IE s Slf . il 1' ' Monica Anita Sandra Barbara Judith Andria Northan Nuland Ochoa Oliver Oltmann Orr Good Morning Warriors. . , and here are the morning announce- ments. . . Those words will always be one of my fond memories of Westwood High, or they will haunt me forever. There are many, many things that I will remember about Westwood, but my fondest memories lie in the three years I ha ve b spent on the Student Council-floats, plays, dances, working with Mckinley Rachel James balloon man fMr. Luedyj, and being locked up in the publicity Orr Offil O'D0Hf19ll room-are just a few of the things that I will never forget. I wouldn 't V M NVVII WHQ trade these experiences, or friendships Iha ve made for the world. W lam also extremely grateful for the times that I ha ve spent in room 850 Concert and Honor Choirs yave played a big part in my years at Westwood. lcan still remember when Jill, Amy, Debbie and I got lost on the way to a concert fearing what Mr. Harris would do to us if we did not show, in the end, we had to ask for directions in a mortuary. Thank You Westwood for making my years here the best they Could be. The memories of you will live in my heart forever. Kglklreasml 232 Seniors Amy Park Tina Gregory Pauzus Payne L eo Pederson Arthur Kathleen Pena Pepera WW Darren Chieu Theng Peterson Phan Phan Sara Josette Jodi Phillippi Phillips Phihaott E E 32 S, War Eagle Westwood what memories I cherish! Just barely surviving my sophomore year, with occasional trips to the cafeteria, causing immediate stomach disor- der. But my big sophomore activity was the cross country team and track team. As one of Sa wyer 's running warriors, I felt true pain. But I over-came the pain to go on to bigger and better things my junior year. As a junior, high school life became more interesting. I began to notice girls, the closest thing to heaven. As a yell leader of Westwood, I first discovered them. At cheer camp, when I was one of six boys with four hundred girls, I began to notice the difference. Then the problem was dating, it took Pine and Chad all their resources to teach me how. But all this was insignificant to my senior year. As the class of 85 'I was alive. I tried everythings DECA. student council, Model UN, Mayors Youth Committee, Na- tional Honor Society, and occasionally went to class. Dur- ing our winning football season, I was called back to lead many War Eagles at Westwood games. I would like to thank all my friends that made these years so much fun. Westwood has been my home for the last 3 years, andl can truely say 'My blood runs Deep Orange! " CDS Michael Brian L ynn Valerie Amy Vern Pickard Pine Pisula Pitt Plumb Plumb , V ,,,, W I 2 5 me X g Q at ,,.,,.., t,gttt, , Vryfyyf , , , A ' es, zz: ---v 5 ,-f,,,, ,Vim 2 W ai gf? 1 ttttt 5.25 .2 aa. I Kenneth Lauri Lloyd Randy Ryan Karen Porr Porter Porter Poulson Prather Prince Seniors 233 ' wi Tamra Anne Gordon Michael Mark Samuel Radcliff Ramsey Ray Rechichar Reeves Reidhead Susan Ron Tyler Randy Natalie Reidhead Reisig Rhoades Richardson Riggs Manuel Rivera Samuel Roberson Carolina Rodriquez E517 3221232 ' . Vviyy . .. af , ,W H , ,,E,, .1,,, Q c111s,, QII ,,,, t 4 1112! Q T ' 234-Seniors Delana Richard Jeffrey Lori Roberts Roberts Robinson Robinson Kent Swims And VWns There was always a certain pride I felt after joining the Westwood Warrior swim team. As a freshman I wasn 't sure it was the thing for me. I swam a few races that freshman year. Not like it really helped the team. but atleast I felt like that's where I belonged. Throughout life I never won anything athletic. Sure, I felt like an athlete but I never won. Swimming gave me a winning attitude. The four years I swam. we were only beaten once. In the History of Westwood Swimming we have a 921 winning record. That was the kind of program I wanted to be a part of, and wanted to carry on such high standards. I hear some say, "Who 'd want to be a swimmer ?"My reply would be, "Who wouldn 't want to stay in a nice cool pool when it is l2O degrees and still get a P.E. credit?" Don 't get me wrong, 4 hours a day for serious swimmers is Caryn Robson Terry Rodriquez . V not play time. I I I lhope the winning tradition continues not just for the sake of winning, but so someone else could be a part of a program that they can feel proud of. I 2. Roederer Rogers Leatha Virginia Roundtree Rowland I f Sharon Cynthia Ryan Santoya y Jfi,,i,,, ,M,,,, ,,V, , A ,,'.', ' . ,i i , , , Qi., ,, QF M ' diy! af I ' W 1 ' w at 5 at Z f ' M X f I 3 , WE, , 5 L , at 1 f 5 1 M V at fr f li vi 5 FL ,f ' Robert Ruiz Sharon Michelle Carol Russell Russo Rutherford Steve Scally Carolyn Daniel Martin Schlecht y Schmid Schurz Shane Scott Charles Selby Thomas Jared Scully Seaman iiiiii T A ',,. s llies W! ' it 2 R T Dale Rachel Senn Sesate Patrick Laura Carol Schabel Schaffer Scheidt Cheerleaders Rally Student Spirit As we look back upon our years at Westwood, from our "sophie "sophie crushes" on those senior men to the last game we cheered for as Varsity cheerleaders our senior year, the memories and friendships that we've built here will last forever. It seems like yesterday that, as sophies, we had the unique experience of trying desperately to hitch a ride to the nearest "social hot spot". Somehow. , , we al- ways ended up in the cafeteria. We'll never forget how much fun we had cheering for the Warriors. The spirit and closeness that each of us felt for each other on the squad was so great and added so much in boosting the school's spirit as a whole. Though, these are some highlights of great times that we ha ve had over these past 3 years, none can compare to our great year as Senior Warriors! We love Westwood! And no matter what may happen after the GREAT class of '85 is gone we will always be true and faithful Warriors! cc, Seniors-235 Jeffrey Amy Dannis Setlow Shaffer Shepherd ,I 3 f if 1 2 Richard Eva Dana .Sherman Shihady Shill During the three years l've been at Westwood, some of the best times have been spent being part of the basketball pro- gram. I will always remember the outrageous three days I and especially the nightslj the Varsity team spent in Flagstaff during my junior year. Our entertainment director, James Daniels, made sure we always had something to do. The humorous antics by Coach "T" constantly made us feel better when we strutted into sixth hour. Early in the year, James Daniels portrayed a character known only as "The Mexican". This imitation, although unexpected, had us rolling all over the floor. I learned a lot in my tenure with the Westwood Hoop Program. That is because I had a good teacher. Coach Doolen is someone I will never forget in my life. AI- though he may not know it, he has taught me to be a better person, on and the court. In every way of life he has taught me so that I will be ready for what society has to offer. I'd like to thank Coach Doolen for molding my character these past three years and hehving me in every possible way. if M ff It , , Teresa Glenn Janette L isa Gregory Connie Shingledecker Showers Shrader Shumann Sihler Simmons Eric C orr y Jerrel Teresa Michele Sean Skinner Slama Slinkard Smith Soltis Sorenson 236-Seniors Michael Paul Melissa Thomas Heather Greg South worth So wards Soza Speece Spicer Spoon sf f Michelle Anna Christine Andrew Leanna lVgCl:6'il6' Stallings Starns Stevens Stewart Stewart Il 6 . - J ff julie Robert Christina ggclll Ssortlhg Strohm Swanson Swenson Josie Tapia Jodie Joseph Taylor Taylor ,Q Q ahaha? L aura Thomas Carl Tietz Aundra Katherine Thornton Threewit Michael Timothy Tinge y Tompkins Stacy Bruce Jeffrey Templin Terry Thvm-is "Funnest" Years VWII Be Remembered You always hear as you are growing up that your high school years are the 'Tunnest" years of your life, but as you struggle to turn in your final papers and stay up until 2117 in the morning, trying to finish the float, you begin to doubt this familiar sa ying. Yet, as the year comes to a close and you think of your high school memories, you realize that these really are the 'Tunnest" years. The assemblies, the friends, the athletic events, the prom, and all these become treasured memories. For me, such a list would also include Student Council The three years of council have added so much to my life. Each person I worked with taught me something, especially the advisors. I couldn 't ha ve found a better friend than I did in Mr. Luedy. He is quite a fruit exchange! Again I want to say how great my high school years really were, and what a great school Westwood is. A special thanks to all the teachers that filled my brain with knowl- edge. CWJQJ Seniors 23 7 Monet Staley Stacey Stephanie Johnathan Patricia Trefr y Tryon Tucker Turcott Turner Valdez Michael Derek Darren Vance Vann Vert me L ' fi 1 ' Q new xtlql tr iv-15 W lf? 145 X5 5 tt , W F it my , as ,x , a. 1:-'I' ' Zu... " 'FV ,ff Wi Y , , 4t,,,. ..... gfvt . . ,,t,t , ,t:t., , 1 ' fp , it 'V 'Ji' , f 41 aw 5 , 'ti Y I as if ,K fa W ei JW f K fa 5 ' Ikyk , VI 1 F ' V Tracy Stephanie Candice Wade Walker Wall 'fft ,, 1 fifrgi L' , 2- , ft ... i .,., I, V .., , yi, , , ,,, , A ,, ..., . lllt X , 1 V K 314153, by f, , 5 it 15' se gs , at 4 5 f sg 4 10 my .. ,, .5 , ,a..,,,,, ff 'V' , f A Monte James Lori Ward Warner Warrick y , ,,yy, in 238-Seniors G , M ,M 1 ,,, H ,,,,. tgp? ,,,,,,,,... WM ,,,.. , Mffww Z. Leslie Donna Shal a yn Washington Watson ' Wear Emily Christopher Michael Vincent Vodopia Vosburg Senior President Recalls His Warrior Years Memories of yesterday will carry into tomorrows memories. In order to gain them we must first endeavor in something out of the norm. The first day I drove the "Iunchcrew" to lunch in my green convertible, '58 MG a.k.a. "C, C. " C Cosmic Cucumberj will be remembered til the end of my time. I think being senior class president will be remembered most, The long sleepless nights I spent worrying about class projects are still clear in my mind. It was worthwhile though, accomplish- ing something, not as senior class president, but as the senior class. So be adventurous! Do all you can for your class, go for itll We think, sometimes, there is not a dragon left, not one brave Warrior. not a single princess, gliding through secret forests enchanting deer and butterflies with her smile. We think, sometimes, ours is a maze, part fronteirs, part adven- ture. Destiny, its way over the horizon, glowing shadows galloped past long ago and gone. What a pleasure to be wrong. X5 ,,' s MQ, Christina Webster Susan 6l1l18l'Sfl'0lTl Patric Wiggins Roberta Wilkening I 5 I ky.. F Marsha Williams Timothy Amy Jeffrey Amy Robyn Webster Weckerly Wegener Weir Wells I "" I ilf, ,, f,,,,Z,, , ,,, t A A VV in V I fa ii,i is .8 E f' an 2 N J, ,W aft t A f Q W t -viii W f 4. .411 2 ,,,, - W QM? I , -ttvtr ' 'Q I 1 I "I,-'ff kfitiv. gifs Ronald Michael Julie Jeffrey West White Whiting Wick Westwood Wns Over Dobson Looking back through my years at Westwood I really didn 't really realize how much fun I was ha ving. I came here to Westwood as a junior and knew a lot of people because lused to attend the Westwood dances as a Dobson sophomore. I felt great to be a mighty WARRIOR instead of a weak mus- tang. I can 't believe Iha ve to say goodbye to the rowdy Westwood lunches and the Westwood football and basketball games. The dances were a blast! The hardest part of all is saying goodbye to all of my Westwood buddies, the ones who stuck in there when I needed them the most. Thanks guys! I 'm super glad that I came to Westwood because there is no greater school around. 7 jhW XD f I 2 i f I Mona Terry Todd Verna Williams Williams Williams Williams Duane Widmer 'Z y l' "' tttt ssii --', " "ik" IL of ttta itts If ,rig .... V -,,: f-fp may I 1 5, 5 Nicholas Wilcox Dina Williams John Willis Seniors 239 L aura Wilson L isanne L yman Robin Cindy Wilson Wilson Wilson Wimmer Jean Wise Todd Edwin Melodie Holly Darrin William Wolf Wood Wood Wright Yanc y Yoder Allen Young My days at Westwood ha ve been filled with countless memorable mo- ments. During my three years at Westwood I have had the opportunity to be involved in many educational and exciting activities. Among these was the opportunity for me to attend Arizona Boys State last June. It turned out to be one of the biggest highlights of my years at Westwood. Other memories l'll always treasure are those of the baseball team. l'Il never forget the weekly water fights on the baseball field. It never ceased to amaze me of how one person, with a little extra energy, could get a whole baseball team involved in a major water fight. It 's hard to believe that my days at Westwood are coming to an end. As I look back I can see hard work, good accomplishments, and most of all, great friendships. You are the best, Class of 85, and you'll never be forgotten. j 42530 ,lj f L isa Zabala 5 L paul Melissa Zazueta Zfmmef 24OL5eniors Joe Zimmerman Curtain time, my sophie year was my first assembly. Dance Production performed our "Telephone" dance, in which I leaped awkwardly about. My talents improved little over the year so the recruitments of Steph, Mo and Dannis were needed so we could boogie to the "WAR- RIOR" in Curtain Time 84. Our Orch. trip to San Diego proved rewarding as the symphony swept all the honors with its tremendous talent. Teri and Lisa though, stowed-away to Old San Diego and left me dancing with the sailors. Varsity Cheer remains the highlight of my Westwood years. The Mel and Wim, Kim and Lest duo 's always kept things going, while our 4 baby mooses trap, Sharon, Cara and Passey always made me smile. Our "Electricity" dance proved exciting while the energetic intro by Kent started off our rowdie year. Cheering for our senior studs was easy. I LOVE BEING A WARRIOR! WWW In the three years that I've been at Westwood, some of many exciting times ha ve been spent on the baseball field. Being on the team gave me the chance to meet a lot of new friends while getting reacquaianted with some old friends. ' Playing ball for Westwood taught me to enjoy playing the game instead of trying to be perfect. My senior year was exciting because we had a great team and a new coach. We really put it together. l'll continue to pursue my base- ball career in college, but I 7l always remember the memo- ries from Westwood. Westwood is a great school and I'm glad that I had the opportunity to go to school here. My years at Westwood ha ve been filled with many memo- ries. From my first day as a "Little sophie" until my last as a senior, I'Il never forget the feeling of being a Warrior. Days at Westwood were full of lectures, assignments, and trying to impress the so called "Studs." At night football games, basketball games, dances, McDonalds and Mamma JoAnns were planned as close to curfew as possible. The poeple I have met here will always stand out in my mind because they have made my high school years the bestl These few things Iremember ha ve made a memory of high school that l7l never forget. Oh, I'm sure most of what I learned from classes will be forgotten but the one thing that I'll always remember is that I was a Warrior. QWOLL LMMVIIILUL My three years at Westwood were really great. People always say, "high school is the best time of your life, " well that's true. I'll have some good memories to look back on. Some of the best memories l7l have will be of playing baseball for Westwood. My first year on the varsity team we got third place in the central division tournment. I will always remember beating Yuma after losing 3-0 in the bottom of the 7th inning. Through baseball I met many of my closest friends, and Westwood was the key to both of these. So to Westwood and all my friends I say, "Thanks," for three great yearsl 724 5130 , U 72472 Seniors 241 Time Capsule Well, l984 has come and gone, and though some may not look back on the year as being "double-plus good it certainly wasn 't the classic nightmare depicted in OrwelI's classic book. People were happy in l984. More money is good money, and the economy was looking up. Inflation was down, employment was up, and the Olympic games at L.A. raked in a S150 million profit for American capitalism. The games also raked in a record 83 gold medals for US. athletes, who certainly would 've enjoyed competing against the boycotting Russians and East Germans. America was glad to be America, under the leadership of an aged ex-actor, ex-governor, and really nice guy, and it wanted to keep its leadership. So Ronny was clearly in, and Fritz was out, even with the popular Geraldine Ferrero - the nation's first woman to appear on a major party ticket - as his running mate. However, Mrs. Ferrero wasn 't particularly popular with the Vice President's wife who referred to her as a "rhymes with rich. " Have a heart, Mrs. Bush - William Schroeder did. As did Baby Fae, who survived three weeks with a baboon's heart. The Jacksons enjoyed a vintage year in l984. Reverend Jesse became thefirst black to seriously compete for a presidential nomination, even though the public frowned upon his friendship with such as Louis Farrakhan, mean while, Michael J. won dozens of awards for his music, sold millions of records, and with his brothers, stormed the nation on their "Victory" tour. l984 was a good year for burgers . . . yes burgers - after all, it was the year in which McDonald's fried their fifty billionth. On the other hand, Mrs. Anne Burford resigned as head of the EPA, and called her job a "nothing burger". Meanwhile, McDonald 's, Wendy 's, and Burger King entered their first year of all-out "Burger Wars", led by Clara Peller with "Where 's the beef ?ll " as her battle cry. People bought American flags to help the Statue of Libert y stand tall and proud, and wa ved them for the researchers in the U.S. and France who may ha ve found the virus responsible for causing AIDS, there was also some flag- waving for the Chicago Cubs, Lady Diana 's second child K a prince of a guy Q, astronaut Bruce McCandless, as he became the first human to mo ve untethered in space, Hose Napoleon Duarte - El Salvador 's newly elected President, and more. However, flags were lowered when Americans heard of worldwide and local tragedies such as the deaths of thousands in Bhopal, India, as a result of toxic fumes. Furthermore. millions of families starved in Ethiopia while terrorists and others were responsible for the bombing of the American embassy in Beirut, the assassination of Indira Gandhi, the bombing of The Brighton hotel from which British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher narrowly escaped, and countless other tragic incidents - not the least of which was the killing of 2l people by a lunatic gunman at a McDonald's in San Ysidro, California. All in all, l984 was a year to remember with a touch of nostalgis, keeping the good things in mind. Like any other year it was filled with joy and tears, triumph and tragedy, and if anyone wants to get a positive response to the question "How was l984?", they should ask Michael Wittkowski, the S40 million Illinois lottery winner, John Del orean who was acquitted on cocaine charges, or any of the other Americans who enjoyed a pleasant year. Time Capsule written by Jim O'Donnell 242 Time Capsule MO VIES Purple Rain Beverly Hills Cop Flamingo Kid Teachers A C TORS Eddie Murphy Rob Lowe Michael Keaton Matt Dillon A C TRESSES Goldie Hawn Daryl Hannah Meryl Streep Gilda Radner RADIO STA TIONS KUPD KDKB KZZP KSTM MALE SINGERS Prince Billy Idol Bruce Springstein Lionel Richie FEMALE SINGERS Madonna Sheena Easton Sheila E. Pat Bena tar I Long Stem Rose I Year Cable T. V. Service After The Gold Rush I Gallon Unleaded Gasoline Panasonic Walkman Senior Shirt Grandmas Cookies I Pound Bag Doritos S trip-o-Gram I985 Fiero IBM Computer I Pizza Deluxe Penny Loafers Polo Shirt Album Movie Admission I Pair-K Swiss I Sunrise Lift Ticket Favorites SOA P OPERA S Days of Our Lives The Young and the Restless General Hospital All My Children T. V. PROGRA MS The Bill Cosby Show Family Ties Three's A Crowd Remmington Steele ALBUMS Madonna-Like A Virgin Chicago-Chicago I7 Bruce Springsteen-Born in the U.S.A. Howard Jones-Human 's Lib. GROUPS Depeche Mode Van Halen Foreigner Frankie Goes To Hollywood PLA CES TO GO Devil House AMC-"The VilIage" Parties Midnites 5 SI Nite FA DS Florescent "Bob" Haircuts Guess Jeans 5 Jackets Ankle Boots Prices FOODS Snow Cheesburgers Pizza Chicken McNuggets VIDEOS Van Halen- Hot For Teacher Chaka Khan- Feel For You Duran Duran- Wild Boys U2- Pride Iln the name of lovej EX PRESSIONS Hey Cuz Dude Yo Suck Wind BE VERA GES Long Island Iced Tea Orange Juice California Cooler Diet Coke BRA ND NAMES Guess Jag Esprit Levi 's CA RS Porsche Jaguar Mercedes Co vertible BMW 3.50 W. W. Yearbook 4L12CX7 State Fair Admission 5.619 'Senior Fling l.l5 I Pack Gum 49.99 Bacon Double Cheeseburger 9.99 Levis 50l 3.49 Frozen Yogurt I.69 I-I2 Pack Bud Cbottlesj 506D I-4 Pack California Cooler IZLWCD I-6 Pack Pepsi l5Q2CX7 Tux Rental IO95 I Snickers Bar 45.CX7 Girls Haircut 39.99 Boys Haircut 7.95 Hawaii Air Fare 5117 A.S.U. Football Admission 39.99 Cracker Jacks 2007 Mias Shoes I5. 50 5.CX7 IBQCXJ . 35 I. 79 JOCXJ l.5O 5.99 3. 59 3.617 49.99 . 35 I5.LX7 8.0.7 5CX2lX7 8.CD . 4 7 39.99 Fa vori1esfPrices-243 Barbara Anderes 59, I62 Darl Andersen I44 Betty Anderson I60 Mary Ellen Anderson I48 Al Arbizu I50 Petra Bailey I20 I60 Brian Barabe I60 Linda Bordwell I60 Mary Butler I52 Louis Casillas I46 Mike Casillas 52 Stephen Chase I58 Helen Chellevold l68 Gail Christensen I64 Vern Clark l58 Ron Cole 75, I64 Douglas Conger II9 Millard Conover I58 Sandra Cooper l68 Wilford Cordon I44 Victor Cornell 74, 75 Sue Cottle l50 Catherine Craig I52 Lee Cruzan I60 Craig Cummins 55, 56, I64 Bob Cunningham 96, I54 Michael Dant I40 I60 Jack Davis, Board of Educat Mary Ann Dillon II4, I32, I60 John Donovan 54, Ill, I52 Buddy Doolen I62 Cordon Driggs I44 Barbara Dykstra I60 David Eagleburger I44 Jean Engle Jerry Ferguson I20 I60 Brian Foster l68 Lonnie Foster 52 Linda Free I50 Jack Frontone I48 Melissa Gambill ICB, I64 Ruth Garbell I46 Nancy Gearhart l7l George Gezelius I6 7 Marie Graziano l46 Donna Green I44 Jeri Green I50 Jerry Grubbs l58 Jeffrey Harris I54 A Michael Abbey ll9, 2l5 Sharon Abele 24, 45, 76, I04, Jeffrey Abramson 52, I73 Dennis Accington I 73 Denise Acevedo 2l5 Edward Acosta 78, I 73 Jesus Acosta l95 Arthur Acuna 60 78, I95 Bernice Adams I 73 Janie Adams I 73 Michael Adams 20 I95 Todd Adams 52, I 73 ion I44 IOS, Vee Ronna Adams 98, 99, I73 Tiffani Adcock l95 Adam Aguilar 52 Suzanne Aguilar I 73 Barbra Ahlers 2l5 Janice Ainsworth 80 I73 Rochelle Akins 44, I73 Rocky Alaniz l27 Steve Albright 60 RudyiAlcaraz I73 Veronica Aldrete I 73 Chris Alessi II8 Kirsten Alexander l20 l95 Carol Alldredge ICE, ll7, I73 Krisgin Alldredge II3, lI6, l4l, Bria 'Allen 52, I73 Dar, Allen 56, I95 David Allen 55, I95 Jennifer Allen l40 2l5 Kimberli Allen 62, 70 l95 Bonnie Allers I 73 Ja y'A7lgood I73 Scott Allison 52, 85, l95 Daryl Allran I 73 Brian S, Allred 2l5 Jennifer Allred I 73 Shannon L, Allred 2l5 Dawn M. Almont I34, 2l5 I95 l20 I40 l95 Faculty Index Jacqueline Hatch I 7I Mark Hilliker I62 Patricia Hinkle I26, l68 Joyce Huffaker l4l, I60 Ivan Hunt I6 7 Richard lmpson I58 Cindy Irwin I52 Larry Jacobs I58 Debbra Jarosz I62 Ned Jolly I62 Jay Dean Jones l38, I54 Jim Jones, 50 I62 Jack Joyce I6, l46 Larry Judd I36, I56 Renira Keating 63 .lim Kelly 84, 85, I55 Robert K iesecker I56 Joanne Kimball l48 Dan Kuntz 75 Stephen Laney I56 Bob Larson l50 Jeffrey Lewis l58 AI Lisonbee I58 Andrea Litzsky I52 Lu Livingston I58 A, .L Lombard 159 Jerry Loper 50 I59 Henry Luedy I46 Isabelle Main II7, I32, l50 Robyn Maislin I52 Derry Matheson I56 Joel McCowan I59 Jim McLaughlin I68 David Medley I56 Delores Merrell II6, l3l, I48 Ed Montalvo 84, 85 Barbara Montgomery l46 Nathan Moore I6 7 Ken Morris l59 Frank Mounts 90 l59 Maureen Mulhern I50 Yolanda Munoz 65, I62 Sandra Nagy l59 Judy Nass I60 Claudia Nielson I52 Helen Ong I68 Fred Oviedo 50 Nikki Pellegrino I62 Student Index Christina Z Alvarado 2l5 Renee B. Alvarez I 73 Siria Alvarez I 73 Charles J. Ament I73 Jake Ament Jr. 2l5 Bette Anderson I60 Donna L. Anderson IO4, l4l, 2l5 James J. Anderson l73 Jason Anderson 98, l73 Jennifer L. Anderson I35, 2l5 Heather Anderson I 73 Lynn Anderson I73 Raymond Anderson 56, I 73 Ronald D. Anderson 75, l73 L. Scott Anderson 52, I95 Sharlyn S. Anderson 98, I27, I35. 2l5 Shannon Anderson 59, 76, I73 Todd Anderson 52 Dorene Andrews l30 2l5 Kelvin Andrews I 73, I8 7 Mark Andrews 68 Mary Andrews I73 Jeff Angel l95 Nolan Antone 60 l95 Angelo Antonio I 73 Ken Archer II8, 2l5 Michael Areghini 78, 2l5 Heather Armatage I73 Rebecca Armatage I34, 2l5 Veronica Armenta I36, 2l5 James Armistead I 73 Kelly Armstrong l20 I26, 2l5 Melanie Arnett 3l, l3l, I40 2l6 Catherine Arredondo I 74 Cristina Arredondo I 74 Maria Arteaga I95 Ronald Arthur 2l6 Kenneth Arvayo I74 Frank Arvayo II8, l95 Teresa Arvello II4, I95 Timothy Ashcroft I95 Tobey Ashcroft 60 78, I 74 Randall Ashe l95 Alan Perysian I64 Alice Peterson I52 Leo Peterson I6 7 Gerri Ramnes l59 MaryAlice Reck l68 Teresa Reed l50 Peggy Reynolds I46 Jorth Richardson I33, I60 Edith Riley l46 Audrey Robinson I56 Jay Roper I52 Gretchen Rowe 62 Paula Rudow I52 Dick Sawyer 58, I56, I60 Kyle Sawyer Tim Scannell I60 Max Schlarbaum I56 Frank Skagen l48 Earl Smith I56 Vera Smith l37 Marian Spavin I46 Jane Stangl 7l Anne Stehr I60 Brian Stehr I64 Kathy Stevens l46 Jim Stewart I60 Sally Sturdevant I62 Gail Sturgell I64 Seth Swann I56 AI Thomas 86, I64 Charles Thompson l68 Don Thompson Kim Thompson I54 Nola Beth Tininenko I60 Benny Townsend I50 Ken Troutt I62 Eleanor Ucci l30 I52 Richard VanAusdeII 50 Joanne Vancore I34, l68 Paul Wells, 70 I64 Bill White l46 Bob Whittenbeen l50 Rosemary Wilder l50 Marilyn Wilson I44 Dick Young I64 Dr. James Zaharis I44 Laurie Zarkou I62 Camille Askerneese I74 Carmen Askerneese I48, I58, I74 Rickey Atherton I74 Nathan Atkinson I 74 Thomas Atkinson 50 95, I20 l95 Gary Attarian 2l6 Jeffrey Attarian l95 Robbie Atwood 2l6 Ruby Augustine l95 Charles Aurs I74 Tami Austin I29 Angelina Babbitt l95 Chad Babbitt l95 Samuel Babbitt I74 Jamie Baca I95 Vickie Baca 2l6 Tana Bachelder 80 I 74 Shawn Bachicha I 74 Jerry Bachman I 75 Barrie Badger I 74 Robert Badger I37 Rodney Bagby I74 Michelle Bagley l95 Robert Bagley 99, I95 Gary Bahe 78, l95 Michael Baier 50 2l6 Garn Bailey 85, 99 Petra Bailey I60 Robin Bailey l95 John Bailey 2l6 Allison Baker 2l6 Amy Baker l68, I74 John Baker 50 I95 Julie Baker 2l6 Wendy Baldwin I74 William Baldwin II8, 216 Amber Ball I74 Jennifer Ball I22, l35, 2l6 Mary Ball 89, I 74 Alex Ballejos 174 Scott Ballway 52, 82, 174 Brian Barabe 160 Renee Baranauskas 126 Ted Barber 216 Timothy Barber 52, 174 Michelle Barks 216 Stephen Barnes 195 Christopher Barraza 174 Brian Barrett 174 Kelee Bartholomew 174 Brett Bartley 195 Heather Batchelor 63, 174 Gary Batle 60 Bobby Baughn 156, 174 Melanie Baxter 174 Kelly Beach 216 Marc Beasley 31, 68, 216 Amber Beaty 216 Stach Beaty 195 Russell Beazer 195 Darwin Bebo 216 Mark Bebko 72, 195 Jamie Beck 174 Benjamin Becker 126, 216 Dale Becker 217 Katrina Becker 117, 196 Robert Becker 96, 101 104, 141, 217 Theodore L. Becker, 174 Lance G. Beckert, 174 Glenn E. Bedal 104, 141, 196 Christopher L. Bedwell 78, 174 Michelle E. Bee 174 Danny Behnnett 174 Da vid J. Belcher 84, 217 Becky Bell 174 Jason A. Bell 95, ICXZ 174 Michael L, Bellows 104, 154, 217 Terry L. Bellows 146, 207 Annmarie C. Beltran 137 Rhonda R, Benally 217 Daniel G. Bengtson 196 Keith F. Bengtson 217 Earl N. Bennett 126 Gregory Bennett 126, 217 Sherrill Bennet 217 Todd Bennett 196 Traci Bennett 87, 174 Kristen Benton 28, 70 71, 135, 217 Shawn Bergman 174, 196 Mario Bermea 196 Herman Bernal 84, 196 Roberto Bernal 134, 135, 217, 266, 88 Roxann Bernal 174 Page Bernhagen 217 Sarah Bestar 156 Melissa Best 196 Glen Bevell 146, 174 Samuel Biggs 32, 94, 174 Lisa Bigler 217 Angelo Bilducia 174 Dana L. Billings 196 Sheryl S. Billings 217 Ginger L. Billingsley 126 Kevin L. Bingham 174 Sharla Bingham 99, 217 Allison Binks 63, 174 Scott Binnie 78, 174 Anne Bisig 174 Keith Blades 196 Mark Blair 217 Kimberly Blake 196 Kimberly Blankenburg 54, 174 Lori Blankenburg 32, 104, 109, 110 217 Stacy Blazo 174 John Blier 217 Gregory Bloom 60 78 Bradley Blue 78, 175 Robert Blum 218 Tamula Bogard 64, 65, 70, 86, 196 Monica Bognar 137, 218 Traci Bohn 196 Tania Bolander 175 Tray Bolles 175 Todd Bond 196 Stephanie Bond 65. 116, 131, 141, 218 Rodney Bonner 50 68, 78, 196 John Boren 175 Lisa Boren 218 Linda Bordwell 160 Richard Bottoms 58, 78, 218 Eric Boucher 50 218 Carolee Bowen 62, 87, 196 Allison R. Bowerman 80 175 David A. Bowers 120 196 Lori M. Box 99, 104, 196 Lunda Bracken 59, 76, 196 Todd A. Brackenbury 94, 175 Bryan M, Bradley 175 Matt Bramley 52 Travie W. Branam 13 7, 218 Keith A, Brant 175 Maria Bray 175 Maribeth Brimley 175 Sherri K, Brinkley 175 Kerry L. Britton 218 Alexander Broadbent 218 Kristin D. Brookes 76, 175 Casey Brooks 20 218 Jeffrey Brooks 196 Jennifer Brooks 196 Sherri Brooks 218 Judith Broussard 99, 196 Marnie Broussard 196 Betsy Brown 196 Daryl Brown 52, 78, 175 Diane Brown 59, 113, 127, 218 Dorothy Brown 218 Kent Brown 175 Marlo Brown 196 Ritchie Brown 196 Royce Brown 175 Bart Brownlee 175 Ronald Brumley 72, 75, 196 Anthony Brunelle 196 Mark Brunsdale 78, 85, 175 Buddy J, Bryant 175, 196 Matt Bryant 175 Renee M. Bubenheim 54, 56, 109, 175, 190 Dina A. Buchanan 175 Dale A. Buck 175 Michele M. Buckley 218 Sylvia Bueno 196 Robert H. Bugh 196 Gary F. Buker 94. 196 Jay F. Bullard 196 Denise M. Bultez 175 Kenneth R. Bumpous 84, 196 Debbie Bunch 114 Jamie Bunch 175 Michael J. Bunch 128, 129, 175 Mason Burbank 94, 196 Shawn Burbank 94, 196 Stephanie Burch 122, 175 Carri L. Burgess 175 Alex J Burhans 175 Lee C. Burk 218 Daniel R. Burkhart 218 Scott Burley 85, 175 Deanna D, Burns 175 Keven Burns 118, 175 Mike Burns 52, 218 Stephanie E. Burns 130 Jodie L. Bursch 218 Terry L. Burt 69, 120 175 Benjamin J, Busby 196 Tonya M, Busby 175 Stephen D. Bush 218 Charles F. Butler 118 Cristi A. Butler 99, 104, 140 196 Michael T. Butler 78, 175 Maria Buttafuocco 176 Kenneth Butters 196 Jennifer Button 176 Lori Buzard 135, 235 Guy Byers 196 Michael Bynum Jr. 118, 196 Kivi Byrne 218 C Patrick J. Cahill 207 Graig A, Calhoun 196 Michael M, Calkins 219 Michael B, Cameron 196 Allison M. Campbelll96 Jennifer R, Campbell 176 Joseph P. Campbell 219 Michael J Campbell 60 78 Adohvh Campos 50 196 Luis Campos 196 Pedro Campos 196 Richard Campos 50 196, 88 Harry J, Camptell lll 66 J. J. Camptell 176 Greg Cannell 118, 176 Ed E. Cantrell 197 Tony Cantelope 176 Jeffrey S. Caputo 176 John A, Caputo 219 Desiree R. Carbone 176 James A. Carbone 197 Charles Card 176 Ray Card176 Tommie Cardwell, Jr. 219 Brock Carlson 176 Sandra Carnes 176 Shawna Carpenter 176 Melody Carrawa y 176 Jacquetta Carrillo 219 David Carroll 197 Amy Carter 120 176 Carrie Carter 113, 176 Dana Carter 176 Mark Carter 176 Michael Carter 19 7 Thomas Carter 176 David Caruth 42, 108, 109, 110 219 Joseph Casey 68, 219 Keevin Castillo 94, 176 Nancy Castro 62, 135, 219 Michael Cave 176 Aaron Cayton 78, 176 Amelia Celeste 176 Mark Cesta 176 Mike Chalker 197 James Chambers 58, 59. 78, 219 Jeffrey Chandler 52, 197 Nancy Chandler 176 James Chapman, Ill 96, 120 197, 219 Jody Chapman 176 Mark Chapman 98, 121, 140 141, 219 Jerrison Charley 176 Carl Chartier 219 Kimberly Chase 134, 219 Patty Chase 197 Marc Chevalier 78, 176 Paul Chevalier 126 Janelle M. Chisholm 109, 112, 141, 197 Lorrie J, Chlarson 219 Ronald 11 Chmura 219 Shannon L, Choate 197 Ching M. Choi 219 Thomas E. Christian ll 197 Curtis G, Christensen 78, 219 Daniel R, Christian Jr. 176 Jennifer Christensen 98, 176 Kay L, Christensen 135, 149, 219 M. Todd '11 Christensen 78, 176 Victor L, Christensen ICB, 107, 214, 219 Todd Christer 176 Joseph S Christoff 85, 202 Gina N, Cinardo 197 Julie I Cirou 63, 98, 176 Aprile L. Clagaugh 135, 219 Beverly A, Clarich 150 219 Barbie Clark 104, 197 Brian N. Clark 74, 128, 146 Jeffrey E. Clark 197 Krista L. Clark 127, 176 Michelle L, Clark 65. 177 Patrick 11 Clark 50 220 Pugsley Clark 163 Terri L. Clark 1611 141, 220 Jeannette L. Clelland 17 7 Donna A. Clement 104, 105, 220 Stephen P. Clement 34, 177 William R, Clemons 58, 78, 17 7 Pepper C. Click 126, 220 Katrina A. Clifton 177 Caroly J. Cline 177 Melanie Cluff 99, 122, 197 Penny D. Cluff L20 193 Keith Cochran 118 Robert Cockrum 144, 220 88 Dawn Coe 94 Clint Coffe 177 Carri Coffman 177 Joann Collins 126, 220 Cheryl Collinsworth 134, 220 Jared Colohan 118, 220 Doug Conger 118 Leon Conn 98, 197 Eric Connolly 84, 197 Kara Conrad 177 Michael Conrad 177 Lane Cook 108, 220 Martina Cook 114, 116, 197 Tracy Cook 60 177 James Coon 220 Cami Cooper 116, 177 Kelly Cooper 197 J Ray Cooper 177 Michelle Cooper 116 Lorraine Cooper 177 Susan Cordon 220 Charletta Cornwell 76, 197 Ruth Cortez 177 Mary Coss 177 Carla Cottom 220 Robert Cottom 220 Julie Couchman 114, 116, 220 Raymond Coultrap 177 Rebecca Courter 56, 76, 109, 195, 197 Albert Coury 17 7 Jill Cowser 177 Kevin Cox 94 Greg Cozzi 197 Wayne Craig 220 Erin Cramer 120 177 William Cramer 60 78, 118, 197 Kevin Crance 127, 220 James Crandell I 77 Michael Crawford 52, l04,220 Denny Crespin l97 Nora Crespin I77 Denise Crofts I32, I33, l97 Lee Cruger l60 Kim Cruz I7 7 Laura Crowe l97 Kenneth Culler l7 7 Timothy Cummings 72 ,l4Q 220 Kyle Cummins 68, 69, IM, l07, 2l4, 220 Nathan Cundiff 220 Sandy Cureton I77 Jodie Currier 96, 220 Scott Currier 96, IO4, 220 D Michael Daines IO4, II7, 220 Bill Dalton I3 7, 220 Phillip Dalton I 77 Rachel Dandrea 65, I78 Dale Dandurand 78, I97 Shannon Dandurand I34, 22l James Daniels 3l, 68, I44, 22l Gary Darst Jr. I78 Marni Davidson 62, 76, 87, I78 Richard Davidson l04, 22l John Davila 22l Debbie Davis 99, IO4, l4l, I97 Denise Davis 76, II5, l98 Timothy Davis 94, I78, I84 Burton Davisson l36, 22I Kevin Dawe 78, I78 David Dawn IOS, lO9, l3l, l4Q l4L 22l Ronald Day 69, I78 Lisa Dean 22l Vince DeArmond I 78 Jason DeBus l98 Paula Debuysere II5, l98 Stephanie Decker II8, I78 Thomas DeClair I 78 Colleen DeCoto I78 Craig Dedrick 22l, 88 Linda Deeringwater 70 7l, II6, 22l Sherry Degner II4 Ann Dejong 54, II6, l3l, I78, I90 Kelly Delaney I 78 David Del Carlo 22l Lucia Delcol 73, l2Q l2l, I33, I78 Michael Delcol 72, 73, 74, I98 Kristopher Dennett l6l, I78, l98 Theresa Denowh 54, 76, I98 Scott DeRaad 84, I78 David Deuvall ll7, 22l Joseph Devos 22l Maryanne Di Bona 22l Angela Dicken 76, II6, I78 Matthew Dickerson 5Q 22l Brad Dickey I 78 Laura Dickman 90 22l Randy Digesauldo l26, l98 Charles Dillard I 78 Timothy Dillard 6, 9, IO4, 22l Melissa Dingman 94 Vicki Dobson 80 I78 Jimmie Dodd l98 Daniel Dodge 60 Jorden Dodge Dan Done 22l Julie Dortman 22l Dennis Dotson I78 Paul Doughty I78 Robert Doyle I78 Karla Drazil l98 Paul Dressel ll 7, I27, l4l, 22l Peter Drozdowicz 82, I78 Sherri Drumm I 78 Sherry Drummond 22l Daniel Dubek 78, 99 Brian Dubiel 50 22l, 88 Lisa Dudley I3 7, 22l Todd Duffy 78 Lynda Dungy I 78 Cory Durfee I78 Jonathan Durfee 52, 78, I78 Ginger Durfee 99, l04 Virginia Durfee 22l David Duvall ICXZ l4l Ryan Duve 52, l04, 22l Sharlene Dwan22l Tricia Curtis I77 Leslie Daines 98, I7 7 Lisa M. Eager 98, ICX2 222 Yolanda Y. Easchief I78 Elizabeth D. East I78 Debbie Easterly II8, I78 Colette C. Eaton I78 Cherlena Eaves 56, l36, 222 Don B. Ebarb I78 Steven M Ebright 78, 95, I78 Jodi L. Edgmon l98 Lauri A. Edwards I56, l98 Leslie J. Egan I3 7, l40 Scott A. Eggen 72, 73, 74, 222 Allan M. Eichman I98 Timothy S, Elder l98 Mark G, Eley IO4, l98 Brent Elliott 94, l98 Terri Elsperger I78 Dana Ellsworth 222 Jon Ellsworth 99. IO4, 222 Tammy Elmer 52, l98 David Emenhiser 5Q I36 Jamie Emenhiser I32, I33, I98 Kendi Emenhiser 94, I78 Yvonne Emerson 222 Cheryl Emond l98, l20 Mario Encinas 222 Tanya English I78 Hal Engstrom 75, 222 Paula Enlow 9Q I78 Andrea Enos I34, 222 Rosa Enriquez I 78 R. C. Enterkin I78 Darrell Epps 562 51, i95 Cindy Erwin I78 Yvonne Escobar l98 Paul Espinoza l98 Erika Evans 36 Larry Evans 78 Lisa Evans 222 Crystal Everett I98 Iris Eyed I98 F Anthony Falabella I 78 Kim Fallbeck I34 David Fancher I78 Carol Farnsworth lw, 222 Kelly Farnsworth I98 Sherri Farnsworth I78 Ty Farnsworth l98 Diane Freeman I78 Anthony Felix l98, 88 Nick Felix 28, II6, 222, 88 Mathew Felkins l98 Steven Ferguson 66, l98 Tony Fernandez I56, I98 Robert Ferrari II8, I 78 Debra Figueroa l99 Cynthia Finkbeiner 65, 222 Susan Finnefrock 222 Janet Fischer 222 John Fisher I78 Richard Flaherty I78 Bill Flake 34, IO4 Donna Fleming l79 Carrie Fletcher I34, I38, 222 Cha rmain Fletcher ll2. I33. I 79 Donna Fletcher ll8 Kathryn Flindt I63, l99 Shannon Flindt l79 Milan Flojutro I 79 Agustin Flores l99, 203 Budy Flores I 79 Inez Flores l99 Laura Flores 9Q l90 Antonio Flores Jr. I99 Donna Floyd 222 Sonja Foote 98, l79 Rob Ford l99 Paul Foster 222 Michael Fournier 222, 88 Brian Fowler 222 Rory Frantz l79 Karen Fraser 222 Kimberly Fraser I99 Andrea Fray 76, l30 Tylynne Frazee l99 Brian Frederick II8, 223 Jolie Frederickson II4, l2Q I3l, I79 Scott Free I79 Diane Freeman I78 Kaye Freeman IO4, ICB, l3l, 2l4, 223 Steven Freeman 223 Susan Freeman l36, 223 Sharalee Freestone l79 Thomas Freestone l99 Vic Frehley l99 Richard French II8 David Frisell 78, 223 Thomas Frost, Jr, l79 Tammy Fruchey l99 Hallie Fuller 223 Jennifer Fuller 99, l79 Patsy Fulwilder l3Q I79 Gary Funk 52, l79 G Radahna Gagon l79 Aaron Garcia 52 Adelina Garcia l99 Alma Garcia I34, l35, 223 Chris Garcia l99 Elizabeth Garcia 9Q l34, 223 Elizabeth G. Garcia l99 German Garcia l99 Gregory Garcia l79 Jose Garcia 223 Pauline Garcia l99 Ray Garcia I27, I37, 223 Roger Garcia 56, 78, l99 Amy Gardner 59, 76, l79 James Gardner l4l, 223 John Gardner IOS, l99 Rick Gardner I27, 223 Susan Gardner l79 Dana Garland 223 Angeline Garrett l79 Janet Garrett l79 Roanne Garrett 223 Dalena Garsh ak I79 Andres Garza II8 William Gause I 79 Stephen Geib II8, l80 Edward Geiger 78, II4, 223 Lee Geller 98 Leon ard Geller l80 Missy Gentis l80 V David Gerber l80 Polly Gerber 62, l4I, 223 Thomas Gerber 52, l99 Lourdez Gerda l99 Mary Geringer 96, l99 Stephanie Gerros I58, l99 Sarah Gesler l99 Tracy Giarriyyo l80 Erin Gibbons l80 James Giblin I56, I99 Steve Giebe 84 Donald Gilbert l80 Larry Gilbert 52, l80 Corey Gilliland IO4, l4I, I54, 223 Rocky Gintonio 74 Brian Glanding 223 Vic Girardi I26, 223 Roeun Gnim 74 Robert Goates l80 Angie Gober I99 Deanne Gofas l09, 223 Deborah Gofas 76, 98, IO9, l80 Adam Goff 60 78, l99 Christopher Goff 99 ll2 l20 l , , , 3l, Mathew Goff l56 Barbara Goins l80 Christena L, Golembiewski l80 Wendy l. Golie 223 Gilbert A. Gomez l36, 223 Apolonio R. Gonzales l99 Donny G. Gonzales 78, l80 Diana Gonzalez l80 Maria Theresa I Gonzales 94. Robbie Gonzales 58, 78 Dawn R. Goodreau l99 Gordon E. Goodridge l80 Leah N. Goold l99 Matt Gordon 223 Susan Gordon I3 7 Michael Gracel99 Barbara Graham l2Q l80 Celeste Graham l99 Christina Graham l80 Reed Graham l80 Joseph Granio l99 Charles Grant l29,l80 Danny Grant 224 Timothy Grant l80 John Green ll8 Myrna Green l08 Tifney Green ll3, 224 Suzanne Greene l99 Angela Greenway 36, II2, l80 Kerry Grenier l80 Lynn Grey 224 Bryan Griffith 224 Brent Griffiths l2Q l80 Helen Griffiths l99 Marie Griffiths 76 Michael Griner 78, 207 Lisa Griseto l80 Beverly Groff 8 7, l80 Jeri Gross 63, 87, l80 Jerry Grubbs 72 l4l, l80 Guadalupe Guevara I34, 224 Jim Guidry 73 Michelle Guidry I80 Amber Guinn I95 Nathan Guinn I63, 224 Bitsy Gumz 7l, 87, ISO Christina Gumm l80 Alison Gunnell 2617 Kimberly Gunnell 224 Rebecca Gumz 7l Timothy Gunn ISO Jo Guraleczka 2617 Rhonda Gurr 224 Jennifer gutherie 7l, 98, I30 Phillip Guthrie 2617 Raquel Gutierrez l80 I H Lisa Haack 207 William Haare I80 Serena Haaseth 207 Christopher Haddad 34, l3I, I39, 224 Jill Hagara 2617 Wendy Hahn 224 Richard Hale 2617 Steven Hales 202 Robyn Hallet l80 Sandra Hall 26D Kelly Hall KPrickettQ 7I, l3l, I462 207 Kelly Hallett 262 IO4, l4I. I54 Lydia Halliburton 224 Amy Halverson 962 99 224 Catherine Halverson 962 I262 I80 Mary Halvorsen l80 Tracy Halvorsen 207 Karin Hamilton ICX2 II6, ISI Lona Hamilton ISI Shaun Hamilton 68, 2617 Ruth Hammond 54, 56, 76, ISI Sally Hammes II4, 207 Sheri Hancock II4, I4I, 202 Tamela Hancock ISI Tracy Hancock I34, 224 Mary Hannum I09, 207 Lars Hansen 75, 2w James Happ IOS, I09, III, 207 Gregory Hardy 2670 Donald Hargrave I8l Craig Harman 224 Danean Harper 224 Debra Harper ISI Denna Harper ISI Joe Harper ISI Leah Harper I35, I4S, I68, 224 Todd Harper ISI Heather Harris 96, I262 ISI Jeff Harris I54 Kristeen Harris 54, 76, II7, I58, ISI Michelle Harris 56, 76, S6, 87, 224 Mike Harris ll3, ISI Richard Harris 98, ISI Lynda Harrison 2617 Vicki Harrison 63, ISI Anthony Hart 202 Scott Harleberd 224 Stuart Hartvikson 54, I262 2612 202 Carlo Harvey ISI Steve Harver 2617 Jody Harwell IIS, 207 Kumi Hasegawh I32, I33, 202 Mike Hawk 207 Cynthia Hawkins 224 Tiffany Hawkins I362 20? Marcia Haws II3, I462 207 Kristine Hayes l8I Darrin Hayes ISI Robert Hayes ISI Marianne Hayne 86 Jeff Haynes 662 ISI Melissa Haynes 207 Brett Haynie l8l Timothy Hays 224 Mary Heaklin 202 Lee Heath II7, 207 Suzette Hebert I 75, 2617 Barry Hedges 99, 2617 Loreena Hedrick 224 Holly Heitz 2617 Anna Heitzman 224 Bridget Heitzman ISI Cindy Helliker 65, 2617 Christine Hellner ISI Kelly Helmbreck ISI Lisa Helms ISI Amy Henderson I35, 224 Amy Hendrickson I8I Albert Hendrieth 78, lw Cris Henline I93 Melissa Henry ISI Shelly Henry II4, I46, ISI John Herbig 207 Alex Hernandez ISI Anthony Hernandez 2617 Christina Hernandez 2617 Elisa Hernandez 207 Julio Hernandez 2617 Patricia Hernandez 224 Pearl Hernandez ISI Thomas Hershey I262 207 Jeffrey Hershauer 74, S2, ISI Jim Hesson 225 Sandra Hester 76, 225 Heidi Hetherington II4, 225 Diane Heywood 58, 59, 662 6l, 76 Johnathon Heywood 58, IO4, I462 I54 Kimberly Heywood 20? Mark Heywood 662 78, 84, I05 ,I94, 207 Maria Hibbets ISI Audrey Hicks 862 202 Carlos Hidalgo 75, 225 Michael Hinitt 2612 A yuni Hino I32 Paula Hinshaw 207 Sherri Hinton II8, 2617 Da vid Hippen 207 Douglas Hobbs 58, 59, 662 6I7S, 225 Michele Hobso 207 Caryn Hochgraef 54, I06, I94, 20 Allen Hodge 562 225 Terence Hodges 562 5I, 225 Holly Hogg I05, I462 20 David Holady 82, 83, 225 Jessica Holcomb I8I Pennirae Holloway 20 Becky Holmes 20 Diane Holt 20 Jodi Holzhauer I20 ISI John Horneman I0, I20 Susanne Horneman 20 Stephanie Houghton ISI Shawn Householder I04, 225 Trevan Householder 78, ISI Lisa Howard 59, 76, 20 Rachel Howard I30 Gary Howe IS2 Randi Howell 20 Rebecca How ell l58, I82 Richard Hudson 225 Kevin Huffstutler IIS Benhamin Hufnagel 82, I82 Amber Hughes 20 Amie Hughes I34, 225 Darren Hughes I82 Liz Hughes 20I ShannonHughes I82 Eric Hultberg 225 Liza Hultberg59, 20 Karl Huish 32, 69, I82 Jefferey Hulseweh 75, I82 Beth Humbert 225 Kari Hunt 62, 225 Lee Hunt I82 Michaline Hunt 62, Il5, 20 David Hunter 20 Norman Hunter 20 Michael Hustad 75 Anna Hutman 99 Kyle lde IS2 Eileen L. llicin 225 Robert C, Isaacs 85 J Lisa Jabs I68, 20 Jennifer Jacka 20 Suzanne Jacks 28, 35, 20 Jill Jackson 38, 43, 62, 76, IO9, 225 Koleen Jackson 98, IS2 John Jacobs 20 Robert Jacot 68, 20 Jerome Jacot 20 David James I82 Veronica James I30 Christopher T Jantz 24, i462 20I Tonya Janusz IS2 Fernando Jaramillo I82 Raquel Jaramillo I27, IS2 Nanette Jaramillo 20 Kevin Jarvis 225 Michele Jarvis 20 Sonia Jauregui I68, IS2 Laurel Jefferson I82 Lawrence Jefferson 225 Karen Jeffery I82 Kristin Jekel 225 Greg Jerkens 205 Jolin Jensen I82 Steven Jensen 75, I262 225 Thayne Jensen I82 Robert Jewel 226 Jamie Jiles I82 Martin Jiles 20 Colleen Jim I30 Jimmie Jimenez I4C2 20 Maria Jimenez I82 Ma yleene Jimenez 226 Mary Jimenez II3, I262 I82 Donelle Joesten 20 Tracey Johansen 94, I262 226 Calvin Johnson 74 Christopher Johnson 78, 20 Gale Johnson 226 Heidi Johnson 20 John Johnson 78, 20 Julie Johnson I462 20 Kyle Johnson I82 Kraig Johnson 226 Laura Johnson 63, I82 Mark Johnson 226 Matthew Johnson I82 Shandora Johnson II2, 202 Tracy Johnson 3l Karen Johnston 36, 39, 43, 62, Polly Johnston 59, 76, iw, I42, Michelle Joiner 202 Lisa Jolly I22, 226 Alonzo Jones 226 Andrea Jones 226 David Jones 202 Lisa Jones 225 Kenneth Jones 226 Robert Jones 202 Thomas Jones I35, 226 Traci Jones 202 Troy Jones IIS, 202 Rusty Jordan IS2 Melissa M. Judd IS2 Sean C. Julian 202 K Michael Kagel 87,226 Michelle Kagel I82 Juliet Kaluzniacki 7I, II6, I82 Clayton Kaminski 52 Melissa Kaminski 98, 202 Suzanne Kaminski I04, 202 Lane Kamp I82 Dean Kamus 202 Dean Kanocz 226 Michael Kanoy 84, 226 Brenda Karlinsey 99, 226 Tami Karagas II7, I262 IS2 Angie Kasson 202 Klinton Kauakahi 202 Curtis Kessler 68, 202 Amy Kellerman I82 Kristen Kelley 99, 202 Laura Kelly 202 Shadrin Kelly 202 Patrick King 202 Trevor King I93 Sally Kingsbury I63, I68, 202 Tim Kinney 82 Julie K ipper I83 Brian Kirchgassner 227 Pamela K irchgassner I83 Faith Anne Kirkham 202 762 226 226 Colleen Kirkpatrick 86, 962 I262 l83 Dawn Kirkpatrick SQ 86, 227 Shannon Kirkpatrick 862 86, 227 Robin Kleinman 202 John Klepinger 95, 227 Jay Klepinger I54 Barbara Kline 202 Joe Kline 202 Jon Klingenberg IS3 Kurt Klinger 227 Paula Kelsey 54, I82 1 Dianne Kennedy S62 S6, l462 226 Julie Kennedy I20 Ragan Kennedy IS2 Denise Kenney 59, 862 I82 Julie Kenney IS2 Timothy Kenney l4C2 202 Paul Kepler 56 Douglas Keran I82 Theresa Kereluk 56, IS3 Billy Kerr 226, 88 Sandra Kerr IS3 David Keys 226 Raymond Kieffer 227 Ronald Kieffer S5, 202 Janeen K iene 202 Timothy Kimball 227 24 7 William Kinch 56, 227 Auburn King 96, II2, I83 Destiny King 7I, I30 202 Krister Knapp 227 Carmen Knight 202, 227 Melissa Knipstine I83 Donna Knoer 94, I83 Doug Koch 202 Laura Koch I83 Daniel Kochheiser I83 Michael Koenig I83 Dianne Koesser 36, 202 John Konchan 227 Todd Kosser I83 Anthony Korman 72, 74, 75, 203 Scott Kos IO4, 203 Jerry Kosiski 75 Tim KosaczI83 Troy Kotsur 69, I83 Dotty Koughn 203 Mark Kovara 227 Tom Kowalczyk 66, I83 Jill Krajnyak 90 203 Amy Kramer 80 I20 I83 Diane Kranich 54, 76, I83 Amy Kretschmex 203 Kenneth Kroll 203 James Krombholz ll0 203, 205 Kim Krombholz II2 John Kross 72, 82, I4l, 203 Biliana Krstic 227 Kevin J. Kugler 203 Jim Kulla 69 Dan Kuntz 75 Mary C Kuhse 80 227 William P. Kurnik II8, 203 Michael A. Kuzara 203 Susan R. Kwan l3l, I3, I38, l4l, I44, 203 Lawrence B. K yrala 98, I20 203 L Stacy Lacombe 31, 32, I08, 227 Kim Lagman I83 Leif Lake I83 Sandra Lamoreauz IO4, l05, 227 Charles Lancaster 34, II7, I38, 227 Lucinda Landin 203 William Landry II7, 227 Robert Lane I83 Shelly Lane 203 Shon Laney 58, II3 Stephan Laney IO9, II3 Bobbie Lang 203 Thomas Langdon, Jr. I34, 227 Lisa Lange I36, 227 Derek Large I83 James La Rosa 203 Brent Larson 203 John Larsen ll 50 78, 228 Lee Larson I56, I83 Zella Larson IO9, 228 Mark Lascala 203 Jason Lashley I83 Lisa Latulippe II4 Diane Latt I37 Lisa A. Latulippe 99, 228 Stephan Lautt 78, I83 Rebecca Laux I83 Celeste Lavender I4I, I68, 228 Marcelle Lavender 54. 76, 8 7, I83 Delmar Layton I83 Kimball Layton 94, I56 Brent Leavitt 78, I28, l29, I83 Kelly Leavitt I83 Suzanne Leavitt 228 Cassandra Lee 34, ICE, IO8, II2, II4, I32, 228 Harrison Lee 50 78 Lisa Lee 203 Caru Leftwich l26 Rebecca Legg 7l, 86, I83 Craig Leiber 68, 228 Mark Leiber II8 Jane Lenard 228 Tom Lenhardt II8, I83 Sean D, Leon I83 Ben J Leonard 94, I83 Dennis .L Leonard I30 Terisa A. Leonard I30 Angela R. Lepper I83 Stacy R. Lepper 228 Verity E. Lerman 43, I83 Kimberly M. Lesko I27 Shelly Les Perance 203 Holly A. Lesueur 98, I83 Kenneth R. Lesueur 75, 78, l08, 228 Kurt R. Leverson I83 Tracey A. Leverson 65, 80 I20 I40 203 Daniel C, Lewis 78, I83 Delton L. Lewis I83 Douglas C. Lewis 50 Forest E. Lewis 228 Jennifer K. Lewis 203 Lona Lewis I34, 228 Richard Lewis 203 Thomas Lewis 99, 203 Robert Leyva I83 Chou Lie I20 Mark Lieber I83 Michelle Lindblom 98, I83 Wendi Lindblom 98, 203 Kerri Linde 64, 65, 70 99, I4l, 228 Kenneth Lindler I83 Han Linh 203 Mason Lines KX5, IO7, I83 Dawn Lisonbee I83 April Little I36, 228 Danny Little 60 Dellard Littlecharley I83 Chou Liu II7, I76 Mary Loftus 62, 86, 228 Calvin Loggins 203 Phillip Loggins 228 Molly Logue 98, I83 Erik Lohne 99, 228 Kirsten Lohne 99. 203 Armand Lombard 95, II7, I40 203 Christa Lombardo 64, 65, 76, 228 Brenda Long I3 7, 228 Nancy Long 203 Jeannette Longman 228 Sean Lookhart II8, 203 Anjeanette Lopez I84 Dolores Lopez l6l, 203 Shelley Lopez I84 Diane Lott I3 7, 228 Paul Lounge I84 Tish Lowery I3 7 Penney Lowmske I84 Susan Lows II6, I40 203 Frank Lucas I84 Mark Lucas I84 Benjamin Lucero 52, 203 Cynthia Lujan 70 203 Michael Lujan I84 Gary Luna 203 A ysha Lund I84 Candy Lynn 76, l30 Christopher Lynn I30 I84 Scott Lyon II2, I3l, 204 Kenneth L ytle 6l, 74, 78, II6, 204 James L. Maas 229 Jimmy Mac Caslin 204 Duane S. Mac Donald I84 Virginia A. Mack 229 Rick Madison I84 Andrea L. Magallanez 86, 8 7. II6, 204 Marina A. Magallanez 7I, 87, II6, I84 Raymond T. Magana II6, I84 Milton Maga I84 Karen Mahan l29, 229 Shawn Mahan I29 Twana S. Mahan 229 David E. Main I35, I84 David L. Main I35, 229 Robyn Maislin I52 Sherri L. Make 229 Neil E. Makil 52, 78, I84 Pamela M. Makil I84 Russell W. Mallett 50 229 Kevin J. Malone 204 Dwight Mann 204 Jeffrey Manring 82, I84 Wayne Manske 204 William Maples 204 Marci Marand I76 Larry Marble 99, 204 Dan Marcello 52 Robert Marchand 229 Larry Marcum I84 Tony Marion 204 David Marion 204 MatthewMarion I84 Matthew Mariotti 204 Mark Maritano 204 Troy Marley 78, 204 Christine Marlowe 204 Jody Marquard 229 Troy Marquard I84 Jimmy Marquez 229, I35 Jesse Marroquin 78, I84 Brent Marshall 229 Jack Marshall 204 John Marshall II3, II4, 229 Karen Marshall II7, 204 Marci Marshall I3 7, 229 Donald Martenies 204 Deborah Martin 204 Sean Martin I84 Troy Martin 204 David Martinez 52, I04 Marcella Martinez 204 Sylvia Martinez 204 Wally Martinez 50 229 Brian Mason 66, I84 Ivory Mason l30 John Mason I84 Kacy Massey 204 William Mast I05, IO7, I42, 229 James Mathis l50 Kenie Mathis I26 Cheryl Maxwell I84 Charlie Mc Afoose I84 Jeffery Mcatee 66, 204 John Mcatee 229 Melanie McCain I20 204 Kathleen McCallum 204 Rhonda McCardie 94, I84 Kelly McClain I84 Lisa McComas I35, 229 Jeff McCord 204 Danette McCormickl34 Jan McCormick II8, I84 Kelly McCormick 204 Thomas McCormick 230 Michelle McDermotts 76, 87, I84 Danny McDonald I84 Douglas McDonald 204 Duane MacDonald 85 Holly McDonald I84 Scott McDonald 204, 230 Michael McDough 230 Stepheny McGIothlin I84 Phoebe McGIynn 204 Christina McGrath I, l40 204 Darrell McGrath 204 Elizabeth McGrath I84 Kimberly McGrath 230 Kresten McGrath 82, 98, I84 M7Cay McGrath 3l, 68, 69, 78, 230 Robert McGrath 204 Joan McKenry ICB, II2, I20 I38, I40 204 Krystal Mclnelly 230 Doug McKeever 230 Lisa McKelIips 98, I84 Lora McKeIlips 230 Jim McKelvey I84 Rebecca McKinney I84 Kristi McKinnon I85 Stacey McKinster 58, 59, 60 6I, 204 Bridget McKown 230 Robert McLain 204 Amy McLelland I84 Karri McMahon IO4, 204 Brenda McMaster 230 Beth McMichael II6, II7, I20 l4l, 204 Donna McMichael I85 Karen McMillan 204 Arthur McNair 34, IO4, l05, II7, I20 l4l, 230 Allisha McNally I85 Yvonne McPhee l30 Tammy McQueen I85 Karen McOuitty 56. 76, IO9, l3I, I77, I85 Kristin McOuitty 24, IO8, IO9, II2, II7, I3I, I40 204 Tracy Meacham 230 Angela Medina I85 Dave Medley II3 Tracy Meechan ll5 Melinda Meeker I85 Angel Mejia I85 Carla Melcher 230 Mark Meldrum 58, 78, 230 Robert Mellinger 204 Bret Mellott 52, I85 Stephen Mellott II4, II8, 230 Craig Menden 8l, 83, 230 Marc Menden 69, I85 Diana Mendoza II6, 204 Jeff Mendoza 230 Angela Menzel 230 Zenaida Meraz I85 Stacey Merkel 230 Gary Merrel 78 Clyde Merrill I85 Elizabeth Merrill 204 Geoffrey Merrill 204 Linda Merrill 204 Doug Merritt 230 Daniel Mesa 204 David Mesa I85 Penney Messer I85 Christi-Ann Mester I85 Del Mester 204 Mitchell Metcalfe 230 Jill Meyer 70 205 Kevin Meyer 69, I85 Doug Meyers II8 Ruth Meyers 99, II6, I20 I40 205 Mike Meyoskey I85 Danny Michon 231 Patricia Michon 205 Joseph Midler 185 Caren Mikesh 185 Susan Mikesh 231 Michelle Miles 205 Dan Miller 205 Edward Miller 205 George Miller 52, 185 Jean Miller 1611 205 Kelly Miller 59, 141, 205 Michael Miller 128 Patricia Miller 76 Shawn Miller 205 Tony Miller 185 Janell Millican 185 Laura Mills 76, 109, 205 Tammy Mink 185 Caroline Mirana 185 Jorge Miranda 205 Marisela Miranda 185 Barry Mitchell 185 Laura Mitchell 185 Lillianne Mitchell 185 Charles Moler 152, 185 Percy Mollette 126 Pat Mondount 185 Tom Mondragon 60 Jennifer Montague 99, 16, 140 205 Amelia Montes 185 Alex Montgomery 118, 185 Donna Montgomery 231 Jackie Montgomery, Jr. 185 Lisa Monville 205 Perry Moolett 78 Cole W. Mooney, 185 Aaron Moore 52 Carolyn Moore 59, 60 76 Victor R. Moreno 205 Elizabeth Morgan 137, 231 Lisa A. Morgan 205 Stacey R. Morgan 205 Becky Morris 231 Kenneth D. Morris 74, 185 Kurt Morris 205 Robert T. Morris 66, 205 Shannon L. Morrison 116, 120 180 185 Joy Morse 205 Katy S. Morse 99, 231 Layne W. Mortensen 50 205 Marianne Mortensen 205 Dennis Morton 117, 141, 136, 231 John Morton 205 Michelle Morton 185 Russell Morton 231 Roger Moss 52, 186 John Motis 186 Glen Mounts 39, 54, 82, 231 Lineva Moyer 94, 186 Kory Moyers 113, 231 Michelle Much 205 Vinginia Mulford 134, 231 Kelly Mullenaux 186 Kristy Mullenaux 186 Laura Mullenix 231 Traci Mullenix 205 Diane Mullins 62, 231 Matthew Murawski 205 Cassandra Murphy 186 Christian Murphy 231 Wendy Murray 205 Mercedes Murrietta 231 John Muth 52, 186 Donald Myers 39, 108, 110 116, 132, 140 231 Alexander H. Navarro 205 David A. Navarro 116, 205 Mary E. Neel 99, 231 Joyce D. Neely 39, 108, 141, 165, 231 Lana Neely 205 Holly A, Negarrd 205 David S. Neil 205 Jana D. Neil 122, 231 Mike Neisinger 186 Helena Nerell 16, 120 232 Sherrie Nelson 127, 231 Thomas M. Nelson 231 Todd A, Nelson 231 Jack Nequatewa 186 Helena Nerell 121, 132 Connie M. Nevin 54, 70 86, 205 Michelle L, Newkirk 186 Joy L, Newton 232 Tony K, Newton 26 Binh Nguyea 232 Ngoc Nguyen 114 Kent M. Nicholas 30 31, 54, 16, 140 142 Steve Myers 205 Tony G. Natividad 205 Kristine Nichols 134, 232 Leon Nichols 84, 163, 232 Ann Niebch 54 Keith Nielson 186 Kristen Nielson 65, 114, 186 Patricia Nielson 99, 16, 232 Zena Nilea 232 Dale Noble 50 51, 78, 26 Laura Noland 232 Ann Nonner 26 Chrysta Nooyen 136, 232 Rich Norcott 88 Rhonda Norcott 232 Lorie Nordness 186 Ken Norris 82 Marie Norley 141, 232 Ben North 186 Monica Northan 232 Somsri Novak 75 Aralynn Nowack 65, 87, 26 Anita Nuland 141, 232 Duane Numkena 58, 59, 78, 186 Riesa Nunes 186 Denise Nunez 99, 120 26 Dora Lisa Nunez 186 Binh Nuygun 75 O David Ochoa 52, 186 Mike Ochoa 186 Rhea Ochoa 186 Sandra Ochoa 232 Brandi Ochocki 26 Amy O'Connor 120 186 Timothy O'Connor 120 165, 26 Lupe Olivas 26 Barbara Oliver 118, 232 Joe Oliver 186 D. J. Oliver, Jr. 26 Michael Olmstead, Ill 26 Laurie Olson 98, 116, 186 Mark Olson 186 Steve Olson 26 Todd Olson 186 Traci Olson 26 Judity Oltmann 134, 232 Charlene Opie 26 Jody Opie 94, 186 Tina O'Conne11 186 Tim O'Connor 121, 165 James ODonnel124, 25, 39, 109, 113, 120 232 Kirk O' Hara 165, 186 Kevin O'Ma11ey 26 June Orduno 186 Vicente Orduno 26 Michelle Ortiz 76, 127, 26 Andria Orr 39, 99, 108, 110 111, 116, 141, 232 McKinley Orr 58. 59, 78, 232 Rachel Ortiz 70 127, 232 George Orwell 154 Lawrence Osborn 78, 118, 26 John Ose 98, 141, 26 Babak Osskolai 26 Sharon Osuch 109, 111, 141, 26 David Otto 186 P Racheal Pablo 26 Sherry Padgett 186 Ladawn Palmer 99, 26 Lisa Palmer 186 Lisa Paloma 114 Amy Park 232 Patrick Parker 26 Lori Parr 186 Tamara Passey 76, 26 Matthew Paulk 186 Sarah Pauzus 186, 232 Tina Pauzus 232 Racquel Pavey 26 Tracy Pawlass 26 Chris Payne 186 Gregory Payne 232 Paul Peck 26 Leo Pedersen, Ill 233 Myron Pedersen 26 Yolanda Pedro 186 Joyce Peel 207 Arthur Pena 233 Donald Pena 187 Rachel Pena 114, 207 Renee Pena 187 Kathleen Pepera 98, 233 Lora Pepera 18 7 Christina Perez 18 7 Ronald Perkins 60 78, 207 Michelle Perysian 98, 99, 116, 140 207 Duane Peters 207 Mickael Peters 18 7 Michelle Petersen 90 18 7 Annette Peterson 63, 18 7 Bradley Peterson 27 Darren Peterson 233 Preston Peterson 85, 18 7 Shawn Peterson 50 141, 207 Terry Peterson 207 Tom Peterson 156 Monalisa Petreus 118, 156, 207 Robert Petrie 52, 187 Robert Petty 138 Lynn Pisula 233 Wendy Pitkin 65, 207 Jeffrey Pitt 18 7 Stephen Pitt 207 Valerie Pitt 122, 140 233 Jared Pitts 207 Michelle Pitts 18 7 Robin Pitts 98, 18 7 Michael Ploughe 18 7 Amy Plumb 62, 235 Vern Plumb 135, 233 Kenneth Porr 113, 118, 233 Raquel Porras 187 Christy Porter 98, 18 7 Lauri Porter 170 233 Lloyd Porter 233 Mark Porter 52, 18 7 Suzanne Porter 99, 207 Nicholas Portillo 205, 207 Christy Poter 98 Craig Poturalski 207 Randy Poulson 233 Steve Powell 187 Ryan Prather 135, 233 Roy Pribble 18 7 Tawnya Price 98 Vanessa Price 207 Karen Prince 126, 233 Yolanda Prince 13 7 David Pritchard 207 Stephanie Puckett 120 140 207 Bryan Puetz 207 Holly Pughe 207 Richard Puls 161, 18 7 Marc Pulsifer 207 Melissa Purner 63, 18 7 Q Shannon Quindry 18 7 Eric Quinn 78, 108 Roseanne Quinn 187 Chris Quintana 208 Joel Quinteros 208 Jeffrey Rabe 208 Tamra Radcliff 65, 234 Rene Rains 18 7 Ramey Rahwh 18 7 Richard Ramirez 78, 116 Rogelio Ramirez, Jr. 127 Luz Ramos 109, 208 Maria Ramos 120 187 Anne Ramsey 234 Tammy Rancliff 65 Brett Randall 18 7 Clayton Randall 50 208 David Randolph 78, 208 Chris Ratliff 74 Gordon Ray 50 234 Ramona Ray 208 Patricia Raymond 208 Richard Rebenstorf 56, 78, 187 Micael Rechichar 234 Craig Redsteer 208 Eric Reed 188 Lisa Reeves 76, 188 Mark Reeves 140 234 Dana Reich 109. 140 208 Peggie Reid 208 Samuel Reidhead 84, 208, 234 Susan Reidhead 62, 76, 104, 105, 116, 234 Shannon Reina 130 Phillip Reining 173, 188 Ronald Reisig 146, 234 James Renahan 208 Cynthia Reyes 188 Renee Reyes 168 John Reynolds 98, 188 Marty Reynolds 208 Scott Reynold.: 69, 117, 188 Courtney Rhoades 98, 188 Tyler Rhoades 82, 234 250 Christophor Rich 78, 95, 188 Whitney Richards 34, ICX2 139, 208 Darla Richardson 98, 188 Jana Richardson 188 Randy Richardson 72, 88 Kristen Richins 188 Lisa Richmond 188 Michael Rick 208 Shannon Rider 208 Tony Rider 208 Christina Riena 188 Leigh Riese 84, 183 Brent Riess 208 Loretta Riggs 188 Teresa Riggs 208 Natalie Riggs 234 Juliana Rivera 120 122, 132, 141, 208 Manuel Rivera 234 Samuel Roberson 234 Delana Roberts 13 7, 234 Heather Roberts 94, 208 Linda Roberts 120 161, 188 Richard Roberts 50 78, 131, 140 141, Stanley Roberts 208 Trisha Roberts 94, 188 Gregory Robinson 188 Jeffrey Robinson 104, 234 Lori Robinson 134, 234 Sam Robinson 56 Caryn Robson 1612 120 141, 234 Geneva Rochester 188 Bob Rock 118 Daniel Rodgers 188 Adrean Rodriguez 208 Carolina Rodriguez 62, 63, 234 Daniel Rodriguez 188 Denise Rodriguez 188 Joaquin Rodriguez 188 Martin Rodriguez 188 Terry Rodriguez 234 Yvonne Rodriguez 59, 76, 208 James Roe 78, 188 Lance Roederer 98, 234 Gnim Roeun 208 Brent Rogers 126, 234 Jarene Rogers 98, 188 Kevin Rogers 188 Wendy Rogers 113, 208 Mike Rohnman 209 Heather Roland 188 Andrew Rollins 141, 209 Marc Rolnick 188 Cathy Romeo 209 Daniel Roosevelt 662 78, 209 Vicki Rose 209 Hunter Rotchstein 209 Leatha Roundtree 76, 130 235 Louis Roundtree 99, 209 Sean Roundtree 78, 130 188 Heather Roundy 63, 71, 188 Justin Rouse 130 209 Virginia Roland 235 James Rowe 84 Lynette Rowley 94, 188 Sheila Rowley 98, 188 Robert Ruck 209 Hector Ruiz 66, 188 Robert Ruiz 235 Sharon Russell 13 7, 235 Michelle Russo 75, 82, 83, 209 Carol Rutherford 54, 76, 235 Justin Ryan 209 Sharon Ryan 135, 235 S Matthew Sackett 188 Joseph Sage 209 Tom Salada 60 Gloria Salazar 170 Thomas Saldana 60 188 Clarin Saline 165, 209 - Aurora Sanchez 209 Gloria Sanchez 114, 127 Noel Sanchez 188 Ramiro Sanchez 188 Christine Sanders 188 Monica Sansort 209 John Santagata 36, 152, 170 209 Cynthia Santoya 235 Laurie Sapp 116, 117, 141, 209 Michalle Sapp 188 Charles Saucedo 126, 188 Lisa Savage 188 Charles Savcedo 94 Steven Scally 34, 94, 138, 235 Christopher Scannell 188 Patrick Schabel 31, 50, 235 Jennifer Schaefer 209 Christopher Schaffer 188 234 Laura Schaffer 90 135, 235 Mark Schneider 52, 188 Carol Scheidt 235 Cindy Schem 76 Cynthia Schern 98, 99, 209 Dawn Schilling 63, 188 Daniel Schindele 82. 120 141, 209 Trina Schipal 118 Carolyn Schlechty 235 Daniel Schmid 78, 117, 141, 235 Laura Schmid 188 Melissa Schoenstein 109, 111, 117, 209 Tammy Schriner 209 Misty Schultz 98, 188 Keith Schulz 75, 1462 209 Dennis Schumacher 209 Daniel Schmid 235 Martin Schurz 235 Brenda Schwan 209 Stephen Schwartz 209 Susan Schwartz 54, 76, 188 Gregg Scoresby 56 Matthew Scoresby 141, 209 Lois Scotford 209 Corey Scott 108, 109 Jason Scott 209 Shannon Scott 189 Shane Scott 235 Thomas Scully 98, 235 Karen Seagrave 86, 209 Aaron Seaman 118, 209 Geniel Seaman 95, 189 Jared Seaman 118. 235 Eric Secrist 209 James Seeger 94, 189 Jennifer Seeger 189 Kevin Seepie 189 Jay Seifert 189 Charles Selby 235 Dale Senn 235 Joan Sennett 109, 141, 209 Rachel Sesate 235 Jeffrey Setlow 43, 82, 83, 104, 120 121 Carol Setnicky 189 Shawntel Setree 189 Teresa Sewell 209 Mark Shafer 75, 109, 189 Kirsten Shahan 210 Julie Shain 98, 198 Amy Shaffer 137, 236 Aaron Shapiro 210 Russell Shark 120 210 Walter Sharp 210 Rebecca Sha 59, 76, 189 Steven Shaw 189 David Shearer 210 Myra Shelley 189 Jefferey Setlow 236 Dannis Shepherd 1612 104, 122, 138, Tregoney Shepherd 94, 138, 189 Richard Sherman 118, 236 Robert Sherman 56, 210 Eva Shihady 236 Dand Shill ICB, 131, 142, 236 Kristen Shill 98, 189 Sally Shill 189 Teresa Shingledecker 236 Miromi Shinonura 35, 108, 132 Don Shipman 210 Shannon Shires 126 Glenn Showers 236, 88 Maria Showers 210 Gary Shrader 189 Janette Shrader 134, 236 Lisa Shumann 236 Amber Shumar 189 David Shumucci 210 Marc Shumway 78, 210 Vicky Shumway 189 Jan Siefker 115, 210 Jean Siefker 115, 210 Gregory Sihler 118, 236 Nellie Silversmith 210 Connie Simmons 236 Martin Simmons 52, 189 Michael Simmons 210 Teresa Simmons 189 Bart Simonton 189 Laura Siqueiros 120 189 Kerry Skelton 189 Eric Skinner 236 Scott Skinner 50 130 Russ Skouson 189 Michelle Skupien 114, 118, 189 Corry Slama 236 Jerrel Slinkard 68, 236 Robert Sliskovich 128 146 Brenda Slone 118 Roger Small 210 Angela Smalley 210 Earl Smith 118 Brent Smith 118, 210 141, 236 Danny Smith 189 Darin Dmith 189 Gerald Smith 133, 189 Kathey Smith 59, 190 Loren Smith 190 Mitch Smith 190 Paula Smith 190 Roger Smith 210 Sheila Smith 190 Tamara Smith 190 Teresa Smith 236 Tyna Smith 190 Leroy Smith Smith 78 Sheila Smolinski 210 Christina Smothermon 210 Jon Snider 141, 210 Lynnda Snow 190 Cheri Snyder 190 Robert Snyder 210 Stacey Solomon 190 Todd Solomon 78, 190 Michele Soltis 96, 236 Karla Sorensen 76, 210 Leann Sorenson 62, 86, 210 Sean Sorenson 236 Sheri Jo Sorenson 98, 190 Dawn Sothard 190 Roxane Soucy 120 190 Michael Southworth 236 Paul Sowards 6, 23, 114, 131, 141 Diana Soya 210 John Soza 190 Melissa Soza 122, 141, 236 Tom Spaw 210 Thomas Speece 135, 236 Heather Spicer 236 Greg Spoon 236 Craig Spoon 136 Joseph Sprietsma 50 78, 210 April Springall 190 David Spuhler 82, 210 Tre vor Stadler 190 Christina Stafford 62, 190 Michelle Stallings 135, 237 Anna Starns 126, 23 7 Jeff Starling 85 Gregory Stangis 210 Isabelle Stanier ICX5, 120 132 Carla Stapf 210 Michelle Steadman 190 Lisa Steen 210 Serina Stein 190 Shannon Steinhert 24, 190 Holly Stephens 190 Sheri Stepp 190 Steven Stern 78, 190 Christine Stevens 237 Jimmy Stevens 66, 210 Andrew Stewart 60 78, 108, 237 Brian Stewart 95, 120 210 James Stewart 210 Leanna Stewart 30 31, 217 Sundee Stewart 210 Joyce Stimson 190 Lloyd Stites 60 210 Michelle Stites 237 Derrill Stock 126, 237 Ember Stokes 99, 210 Jeffery Storing 23 7 Dennis Storing 237 Misty Stowe 59, 60 76, 190 Gregory Straface 190 Leanna Streety 190 Natalie Strickland 59, 210 Kathy Strickle 190 Julie Strohm 237 Francisco Subia 190 Laura Sugar 116 Laurie Sugar 116, 130 210 Sammi Sugar 59, 70 87 Vanessa Sugar 190 Lisa Sullivan 190 Christopher Summerhays 210 Timothy Summerhays 190 Kimberly Summerhili 190 Patrick Surber 190 Trent Sutherland 72, 73, 210 John Swaggerty 50 210 Darcy Swanson 71, 87, 190 Ken Swanson 190 Robert Swanson 136, 237 Jim Swelfer 191 Christina Swenson 237 Randal Swenson 191 Mathew Sykes 210 Jane Szilagy 127, 191 Melissa Tafoya 80 109, 112, 116, 117, 131, 140 210 Ryan Talamante 82, 140 210 Josie Tapia 237 Mike Tapia 210 Tenny Tatusian 191 Mario Tavena 191 Chaz Taylor 114 Colton Taylor 50 210 Daniel Taylor 210 Dwayne Taylor 118, 191 Jodie Taylor 135, 23 7 John Taylor 78, 211 Joseph Taylor 23 7 Mark Taylor 211 Myrna Taylor 191 Patricia Taylor 120 132 Robert Taylor 191 Bonnie Teasley 120 191 Jana Templin 54, 168, 191 Stacy Templin 96, 141, 237 Mark Territo 94, 191 Cincy Lou Terroy 191 Bruce Terry 113, 23 7 Jim Terry 94, 191 Lester Terry 113 Tom Terry 94 Scott Tesson 146, 210 Larry Tevault 210 James Thiede 66, 191 Jeffrey Thomas 60 78, 237 Joseph Thomas 130 191 Laura Thomas 114, 237 Teresa Thomas 191 Jean-Noel Thompson 106, 116, 191 Jean-Pierre Thompson 78, IM, 10 Kim Thompson 99, 154 Scott Thompson 114 Paul Thompson 75, 191 Walter Thorne 191 Aundra Thornton 237 Kathrin Threewitt 114, 23 7 Carl Tietz, Jr. 237 James Tietz 191 Trent Timmons 136, 88 Dennis Tingey 69,191 Michael Tingey 68, 104, 140 23 7 Glen Tipton 204, 211 Ann Tjaardo 63, 71, 211 Stephen Toledo 191 Sergio Toma 118 Timothy Tompkins 113, 23 7 Thad Toney 60 78, 191 Theodus Toney, 11160 78 Patricia Torres 191 Karen Townsend 99, 140 211 Richard Townsend 52, 191 Robert Townsend 211 Laurie Trapne1l21l David Treece 191 Staley Trefry 238 Gary Trethaway 138, 140 Mario Trevino 85 Donna Tristan 191 Pamela Trone 98, 191 Ngoc Truong 211 Melissa Tryon 98, 141, 210 Stacey Tryon 59, 76, 116, 141, 238 Nancy Tucker 118, 191 Stephanie Tucker 98, 122, 238 Johnathan Turcott 50 238, 88 Matthew Turcott 211 Patricia Turner 238 Phillip Turner 66, 191 Carol Udall 71, 99, 211 V Charles Valdez 184, 191 Gilbert Valdez 78 Monet Valdez 31, 45, 122, 238 Patricia Valdez 191 Teresa Valdez 192 Monica Valenzuela 127, 134 Lisa Vallejo 211 Raymond Vallera 211 Justin Vanderwalker 192 Michael Vance 238 Derek Vann 238 Lee VanSick1e 211 Christine Vashon 211 James Vashon 211 Phillip Vasquez 192 Baonda Vaughn 192 Anthony Vega 192 Jennifer Vega 152 Melissa Venia 192 James Vercelli 192 7, 116, 191 Darren Vert 136, 238 Kevin Vert 211 Bruce Victory 158, 211 Cecilia Vidal 114, 122, 132, 211 Andrew Vieane 75, 211 Dan Viel 192 Emily Vincent 13 7, 238 Martin Vincent 192 Angela Viramontes 192 Christopher Vodopia 113, 238 Antoinette Vogt 98, 192 Edward Vonshire 211 Betty Vos 211 Hy CDicQ Vuong 84, 192 Song KVic1 Vuong 192 Michael Vosburg 238 Vinh Hung Vuong 211 W Thomas Wade 54, 56, 120 140 211 Tracy Wade 134, 238 Barry Wagner 211 Jeff Wagner 58 Bryce Waite 211 Ginger Waite 212 Jeffrey Waite 212 Junior Walczak 192 Stephanie Walker 104, 238 Janene Walker 87, 192 Rachel Walker 192 Candice Wall 238, 110 William Wall 212 Elizabeth Wallace ICD 120 140 212 Johnny Walters 212 Julian Walters 78, 212 Tarrin Walz 82, 192 Deven Ward 75, 192, 204 John Ward 78 Jami Ward 90 Michelle Ward 192 Monte Ward 50 51. 68. 105, 238 Dean Warden 52, 99, 192 Michael Warne 192 James Warner 50 238 Shannon Warner 63, 71, 192 Todd Warner 212 David Warren 99, 212 James Warren 212 Mike Warren 212 Mike Warren 74 Lori Warrick 35, 135, 238 Leslie Washington 86, 130 238 Donna Watson 238 Roy Watkins 1 Tammy Watson 98, 99, 212 Tina Watson 192 Alan B, Watt 74, 192 Lisa L, Waz 212 Shalayn E. Wear 127, 238 Shannon R. Wear 127, 140 168, 192 Layne L. Webb 52, 212 Robert C. Weber 69, 192 Christina M. Webster 126, 239 MaryAnn Webster 20 Timothy E. Webster 60 78, 239 Amy M. Weckerly 28, 135, 239 Carol Weese 192 Jeffery P. Wegener 78, 239 Scott M, Wehe 69, ICB, 179 Lori M. Weinberg 131, 192 Ellen E. Weinel 212 Amy Weir 104, 239 Andrew Weir 66, 192 Robbie Weisenbaugh Donald Weisman 212 Tammie Welker 212 Michael Wells 192 Robyn Wells 135, 239 Susan Wennerstrom 239 Holly Wermuth 99, 170 212 Kathy Werner 35, 212 Robert West 28 Ronald West 28, 239 Donald Westendorf 212 Jaron Westendorf 192 Mike Westwood 52, 78 Stacey Whitaker 70 212 Angie White 76 Chad White 50 78, 126, 88 Julie White 108, 212 Michael White 31, 66, 239 Ricky White 127, 137 Wendy White 116, 140 212 Kent Whitfield 39 Fredric Whiting 56, 127, 185, 192 Julie Whiting 54, 239 Jeffrey Wick 141, 239 Duane Widmer 50 239 John Wiechmann 205 Patric Wiggins 135, 239 Michele Wilxoc 120 192 Nicholas Wilcox 135, 136, 219 Susan Wiles 99, 212 Roberta Wilkening 239 Tracy Wilkening 192 Donald Will 212 Dina Williams 239 Floyd Williams 69, 78, 192 Joseph Williams 212 Lisa Williams 90 144 Marsha Williams 135, 239 Mona Williams 239 Terry Williams 130 239 Thomas Williams 192 Todd Williams 75, 239 Verna Williams 239 John Willis 1612 212, 239 Bradley Wilson 82, 192 Kelly Wilson 192 Kenneth Wilson 212 Laura Wilson 240 Lisanne Wilson 31, 140 144, 240 Lyman Wilson 240 Michael Wilson 192 Robin Wilson 109, 240 Ruth Wilson 212 Sharon Wilson 94, 192 Tammie Wilson 192 Coriann Wilstead 212 Cindy Wimmer 240 John Winsor 118, 212 Kim Wintle 213 Jean Wise 240 Dean Withboldt 213 Kirsten Woelkers 64, 65, 80 ICB, Todd Wolf 240 Jason Wolfe 74 Shelly Wolfe 35, 213 Jason Wolfswinkel 35 Randy Wondrash 192 Randy Wondriff 85 Daniel Wood 192 Edwin Wood 104, 240 Melodie Wood 240 Christina Woodburn 63, 76, 213 Shannon Woodsum 192 Laura Woodward 146, 192 Dina Woodworth 65, 80 163, 213 Dana Woolard 98, 101, 213 Dan Wooters 136, 137 Cara Wright 213 Holly Wright 98, 240 Kevin Wright 192 Patricia Wurl 192 Michelle Wyant 120 213 Y Sheila Yancey 213 Darrin Yancy 112, 240 Julie Yancy 213 Edward Yanez 82 Mike Yankura 192 Carin Yastrzab 213 William Yoder 75, 94, 240 Allen Young 126, 240 Elizabeth Young 213 Laurel Young 191, 193 Lori Young 193 Shephanie Young 87, 213 Z Lisa Zabala 240 Paul Zazueta 240 Moses Zepeda 213 194, 213 Amy Zesbaugh 43, 54, 108, 109, 117, 120 140 213 131 Lisa Ziegler 193 Melissa Zimmer 140 144, 240 Dennis Zimmerman 74, 82, 193 Joe Zimmerman 240 v Terry Zimmerman 114 Milan Zlojutro 74 Jorge Zuniga 60 193 So much for the l984-l985 school year. It seems like only yesterday Istepped into the publications room with the chief title on a file cabinet drawer. I was green as they come with no experience under my belt. I felt as if I'd stepped onto a AM TRAK train and didn't know the destination. Mr. Donovan and David Caruth, the connoisuers of annual-making, would smile and say, "We understand. You 'll learn as time goes on. " Well, co workers Amy Zesbaugh and Betsy Wallace and our brand new staff did learn as time went on. We learned about the ever so important details that Donovan kept warning us about. We learned to think illogically, as far as the order of finisher pager was concerned. And we learned how to manage stress, as seemingly impossible deadlines arose upon us like a tidal wave. Many thanks should be given to well deserving people: the staff. fhe staff has put up with confusing assignments, deadlines and caption and headine making. Without the staff, Westwood's yearbook would be non-existent. Special thanks to the three "twits'C Mellissa, Luz and Sharon for plowing through exasperating assignments. To Kristine and Mark for listening to me gripe and complain, to Janelle for being so efficient, and to Melissa for always being there when we found we were in a pinch. Some of the best times ha ve been tied to publications. I look forward to next year working with Amy, Melissa, Betsy and Mr. Donovan. As this year, I know we will have loads of fun, and, unlike this year, we will know the ropes. 1 c 'Q " Q' ss. HL ite. of Yearbook was a new and exciting Cand sometimes exasperatingj experience for me. I, along with a relatively young staff together covered all aspects of putting and annual together. Collectively we learned to draw layouts, dream up imaginative captions, type till our fingers were sore, and suffer through harrowing deadlines. lenjoyed the chats with Mr. Donovan along with the other editors, Betsy, Da vid and Kristin, in the hall outside room 007. These talk sessions usually began on serious yearbook topics but somehow we always strayed to more exotic subjects. The luncheons, banquets and the Christmas party were all a thrill because I had the opportunity to meet all the other devoted staff workers. Looking ahead to the i985-86 Chieftain, I forsee an outstanding yearbook. If the staff was as competant as our staff was this year, Betsy, Melissa, Kristin and I should ha ve no trouble producing and exceptional yearbook. .QS we 252 Editors Letters I still remember walking into publications my sophie year and being mistaken for Jeff Spicoli. This started my 3 years of hard work on the yearbook staff which finally earned me the title of associate editor. During this time I was able to participate in the many activities of the publications crew. l'll always remember the luncheons that were held outside of Hall 3, with foods ranging from Burger King cheap-burgers to vegemite and Shepherd 's pie. Of course there was always a little left over for Mrs. Anderson 's many birthdays. Being the "5urfin ' Santa" at the annual Christmas party wasn 't half bad either. The red flannel jacket and hat went perfectly with my bermudas and vans. CAnd Santa 's hehrers weren 't too bad either! Q The hackey sessions with the soccer pros in War Chant were interesting. There were serious times as well, such as the secret hall meetings with Mr. Donovan and the other editors. But I think my most memorable event in publications took place my junior year. That year as a photographer I was able to go to the Mesa Senior Citizen Center to take pictures for them. Westwood has brought me many exciting memories and l'd like to say thank you to everyone at Westwood for making the past 3 years very enjoyable. N ...QQ This has been my learning-howfto-do-it year, and what an interesting year it has been. Putting the Chieftain together for the first time wasnot an easy task, but my skills are sharpened and I look with eagerness to next year when l7l finally be in a yearbook class. 1 My first exposure to Mr. Donovan and the publications department came as a sophomore, I wrote for the War Chant. I enjoyed being on the staff but decided that my talents could better be distributed as a Chieftain associate editor. Welll was right, and working with Kristin, Amy, and David has been one thrill after another. Next year is sure to be fantastic. Amy, Kristin, Melissa, and I are full of creative and wild ideas for the 85-86 Chieftain. Not only do I anticipate a great book, but I also predict many fun times in 4th hour and a super staff Thanks to all the senior staffers who worked so hard this year. Good luck and we'll miss you! Welcome new staffers who are ready to dedicate themselves to yearbook production Cand to the up-keep of our imaginatively decorated room 007 1. See you all next year! Em L5 fLhQl9fJ2,, Editors Letters 253 254 Closing Page Chieftain Staff l984-85 Special thanks to the following people for all they ha ve done Dixie Duffey Bud Ford and Ford Studios Mrs. Joanne Vancore and her C.O.E. students The Johnston 's The LaCombe's Showbiz Pizza Margaret Morris Mish Studios Mrs. Eula Harris Jim McLaughlin and his D.E.C,A. students War Chant staff Shon Laney Jim O'D0nnell Acknowledgements CO-EDITORS - Kristin McQuitty Amy Zesbaugh ASSOCIATE EDITORS - David Caruth Betsy Wallace ACTIVITIES SUPER VISORS - Jill Blankenburg Christa Lombardo Mike Olmstead SPORTS SUPERVISORS - Jill Jackson Karen Johnston FACUL TY SUPERVISOR - David Dawn INDEX SUPERVISOR - Melissa Schoenstein HEAD PHO TOGRAPHER - Jim Happ PHOTO STAFF - Becky Courter Mary Hannum Kristine Myers Dana Reich Mark Shafer PRODUCTION ADVISOR - John Donovan THEME DEVELOPMENT - Betsy Wallace COVER - Shon Laney S TAFFERS - Renee Bubenheim Janelle Chisholm Kay Christensen Deanne Gofas Deborah Gofas Stacey LaCombe Shon Laney Zella Larson Karen McOuitty Laura Mills Tim O'Connor Sharon Osuch Luz Ramos Justin Rouse Carol Rutherford .loan Sennett Melissa Tafoya Candy Wall Supplement l985 Tribune Relays Royalty Bottom Melissa Sch Class Plays Excel As Students Show Off Talent The Senior play gave a new meaning to the word "Theatrics". "Sam Spam Goes To Jamaica, " was action packed from start to finish. This detectivefadventure story combined humor with suspense for an exciting senior play. This slapstick comedy was written by Lane Cook and Andy Stewart. The Junior play turned out to be the touchstone of class plays as it collected the most points toward the Natani. "Princess Petu- nia 's Precarious Position, " was a romantic fairy tale set in an old English town. The graphic scenery which obviously took a lot of effort and time, amazed us all. Whitney Richards, Andy Rollins and Betsy Wallace collaberated their writing talents to create this masterpiece. The sophomores went back in time to present Westwood with "Class of '75, Then And Now," The curtains opened to a scene starring hippies, ROTC members, nerds and jocks. This witty play brought us back to the days of Woodstock and flower children. These different characters added a special diversity to the play. TOP RIGHT? Sophomore flower children raise a toast to peace as they reminisce about the good old days ABOVE At the class reunion the nerds pay tribute to their school principal, played by Jean-Noel Thompson. 2 Class Plays prin Activities Declared Fun: - 'Q' ff if 'gfi ,W M, Warriors Show pirit! 4' - Q, eff:-. '- I' sl Mrs 'ix W A ff- lnwww We 6 Q2 Q T ,Q- TOP: .lim Happ II catches some rays at lunchtime along with Peggy Reid and Kristi Vashon. ABO VE: Westwood Warriors swarm out of the gym after an exhilarating pep assembly. of t in 5, WWW 1 TOP LEFT: Al shows off his baseball talent as he makes a home run in "water balloon baseball." ABO VE: Seniors Dana Shill and Patti Nielson eagerly smear a whipped cream pie in Mr. Luedy 's face. TOP RIGHT: Carol Udall generates spirit and the Warriors get rowdy! Art Club Beautifies The Cafeteria "1 top: Members of the Art Club eagerly work on a huge wall mural that was created by some of their top artists. bottom righ tt As one of the skilled painters, . Tom Terry starts painting on a giant football helmet, bottom left: Working on ' various tasks are some art students. 42? is F --W. A NIQXN A- we mime W Y ,lil top right: A member of the paint crew uses a delicate stroke. bottom: Students watch with interest as Mr. Laney puts the final touches on the Warrior head top left: Lee Geller takes a break to mix some paint as he gets ready to start on another section of the mural ff ,fi ,J ff! D Wi' Baseball A Hit! The Westwood baseball team proved once again that Westwood has one of the finest sports organizations in Ari- zona. Many of the boys on the team were returning juniors with three or more years of experience on a school sanc- tioned baseball team. Their experience proved in valuable for the Warriors. The team practiced long, grueling hours after school. The three hours of daily practice paid off in a series of successful wins for westwood. The major factor of Westwood' wins was their cooperation and dedicated team work. The talents of the team definitely warranted worry for other high schools in the valley. Glenn Showers, first-baseman, commented, "Our team had the most talent I have seen on a high school team. " Billy Kerr optimistically said, "We had the potential to take state and we controlled our own destiny. " Bobby Cock- rum proudly stated, "When the team put our stuff together there was no team in the state that could even compare to our superiority!" Coach McCo wan turned Westwood 's baseball program into a winner although it was his first year of coaching. With his talented coaching skills, baseball had an amazing season. JV Baseball BOTTOM ROW, Kimball Layton, .lim Theide, Hector Ruiz. JJ. Camptell Kyle Johnson Scott Reynolds Bobby Morris Andy Wler TOP ROW Tom Kowalcyzk, Phil Turner, Keith Schultz, Kevin Meyer, Brian Mason, Ray Anderson Jeff McAtee Jim Stevens Coach Marcello not pictured Rick Flaherty 8 Baseball if . X .Sgt K X W E A .. HN OPPOSITE PA GE TOP RIGHT: Bobby Cockrum makes a stupendous catch. THIS PA GE TOP LEFT: Rich Northcott pitches another zinger. TOP RIGHT: Another home-run for the mighty Warriors! ABOVE: Coach McCowan huddles up with Richard Campos and Steve Ferguson, as he explains the days strategy. Baseball-9 IOL Tennis Tennis Swings Through A VWnning Season The boys' tennis teams ended their seasons with a spectacular winning record. Ed Yanez, David Holiday, Robbie Russo, Terren Walls, Jeff Setlow and Craig Menden. along with coach Lumar Livingston, smashed other valley teams and played well through divisionals. The team also took the city title with Ed taking first in the X l round, Robbie taking first in the 43 round, Terren in the 44 round, Jeff in the 435 round and Craig and Rob in the if 2 doubles round. The varsity team just missed the state qualifica- tions. Danny Schindele and Tim Kenney made an all around sweep in the junior varsity competition. The I2-5 record shows the girls' varsity team's diligent and disciplined workouts. Yolie Munoz coached the team to the city tltle. Star plays who made the success possible were: Mellissa Tafoya, Kirsten Woelkers, Diane Kennedy, Shannon and Dawn Kirkpatrick and freshman Tina Gonzales. Next year the team will suffer the loss of three seniors, but plan to make up the deficit by moving Tina to the il'3 position and moving the excellent junior varsity players to the varsity squad. The girls' junior varsity's hard practicing paid off also. Amy Kramer and Tracy Leveeson added extra support. of S s L 1 K A KSN' -on-was K -:....,,,tt.x 'w:'R:'tAa s' -, W s, - x I Q I . - Q Q. ' e ,415 X .-is Q ,aft +1 T! 1 n 'wg ,W K' f 4 4 e 1' M-.san X ,W W e K A I . wifi 5 is is f is 35, X S -Q ':-s N ,Q Y F ss T X W +9 QW? X ,.,. , in A ' . 2 sssss 1 is 'W . - ffm , ,N sm I N X . W Wsf iii. . X . .wit X ,gg ss , s X ,sw as ,A Kgs E gf Q is X A Q, S ., ,,g,sL,2g:g.s, :-pswm of If at tiis iit it of . ,V f. Ms H , ,.7fiy:?y,f. f is I A siss OPPOSITE PA GE TOP: Ben Hufnagle models sunglasses while practicing his serve. OPPOSITE PA GE BOTTOM LEFT: Kirsten Woelkers flashes her best smile, OPPOSITE PA GE BOTTOM RIGH7? "What do you mean that was out?" asks Pete Droszdowitz. TOP LEFF Audry Hicks pauses before putting a ball in her mouth. TOP MIDDLE: Jeff Setlow sizes up his opponent before serving. TOP RIGHT: Robbie Russo shows how to get a tan while practicing tennis. ABOVE LEFT: Tina Gonzalez follows through on her forehand. ABOVE RIGHT? Linda Roberts, Denise Kenn and Allison Bowerman take a break from a grueling workout. Tennis-ll W gg -... ,W . :ass . 5 um 4 .-x ' , u ' S -- k-kk .... , K . ..X, , X... ML 'Km S In ' , . N , .. . Q sses " f W an t t if V TSS . ,. - f 4" ' ' .Q f ,.. 'A I 'fi t V X - -1. - ,t , w Mia? 7 mi". ,A 91. ' 'flfs-T " 5 . .'3ff1:??gsls2':ff.,f: fiff ti. .2zET?+?'s'f 1. -bf - S 'Eisiztv-WN,-'s.,:1.-N,fa,i we 'wi 'A 1 aft -K .. x, ianfwiw '- ' 1 f. , ,. -' Ff'T'a5-'f QQ X M iff!! '-,-.ra ,., , f"f-. .- . 'g'-5-'si':-.efiviif D . . M. , ' 4 , .+V " 1,5 X?"-'TW SQ' . .M- ifsfi: iig fs iii? TJ. 2-"2.v5?ffiffQ' 25? J?-bf, ' , , Q ' ., 'gf,fi.sf5aa,,g-M-'.,. 'Y ,. f ig t. , as fa : 5- Es, wi TOP LEFT: Tim Webster exhibits the correct way to stretch out in order to win another hurdle competition. MIDDLE LEFT: Sophie Angela Dicken shows how much fun track can be by her facial expression. ABOVE: Senior hurdler Tim Webster poses for the photographer with the shoes that paved his way to a winning season. BOTTOM PIGHT: Michelle Harris gets ready to lunge the shotput an unbelievable distance. BOTTOM CEN TER: Senior Stud Rusty LeSueur prepares for his attempt at clearing the bar. I I2 Track Track Teams Tremendous Track season ended the year in style. The mighty Warrior runners raced their way to an undefeated season in dual meets, with the heh! of some very talented Seniors. They are as follows. Gil Valdez in the 86D meters, Mark Meldrum in the l6CD meters, Doug Hobbs in the 32617 meters, Tim Webster and Andy Stewart in the llO and 3m meter hurdles, Mike Areghini in the high jump, and Curt Christensen in the pole vault, and Scott Roberts in the 46D meters. The boys' team placed well in the Glendale Invita- tional meet and the Chandler Rotary one as well. In addition, the guys tied for first place in the Tribune Relays. The Warrior girls also contributed greatly to the success of Westwood. Thanks go to the following girls: Susan Reidhead in the long jump, Sharon Abele in the hurdles, Sandra Hester in the discus, and Michelle Harris in both the discus and the shotput. In addition, many Sophies added depth to the team. They in- clude: Marnie Davidson in the 4CX7 meters, and Diane Heywood in the distance events. The girls were nothing short of unbeat- able. The girls were unstoppable at Firebird Relays. At the Tribune Relays, the Warrior guys stunned all that were in attendance with their great speed and agility. All in all, l985 was a great year for Westwood athletes. is ff WW as x News rf -F 5: W "" 1 .6 4? TOP RIGHT: Senior trackster Rusty Le5ueur flies through the air on his way to a graceful landing in the long jump. MIDDLE RIGHT: Coach instructs his team on how to win the upcoming meet using his strategy. ABOVE: The enthusiastic Westwood track team relax while waiting to begin practice. TOP LEFT: Sophie hurdler Mike Butler skims over the high hurdles during a vigorous workout. BOTTOM LEFF Junior Karla Sorenson and Sophie Kristeen Harris clown around while waiting to compete. Track-I3 QW' alias., . . . 3.3 Ti .K . W -f--- fwmww ,,, - --fc - X . ....N,m.awm . . K , - -- Lxwglwwt tttt L tttt Lt. t.t.tt ,4A ll I S me I4-Basketball t.,,,., me s ' '---1 L. Ili , I , F ,, L If W ! .. 4 ,.- U .'1" Yrvzl I VV.A..,,, , V , ,' -, ".- t f A L JWVAA .m t V,:1: V,A M , A, , , TTff7'i E fr Bmw if 1 Ai 9 ' w l, UPPER LEFT: Becky Legg guards her opponent with great intensity, UPPER RIGHT: Karen Johnston aims for the basket. She, as a result of her excellent abilities, was named most valuable player. LEFT: .lill Myers takes the ball down the court on her way for two points. ABO VE: Rachel Ortiz tries desperately to get around her opponent without losing control of the baf. Basketball And Archery Aim Just Right In '85 Basketball was exciting for the girls during the l985 school year- and well it should be because coaches Paul Wells and and Janet Stangl had perhaps one of the most successful years ever. K aren Johnston and Linda Deeringwater led the Varsity with their hot shooting to many victories. Becky Legg, a sophomore, proved to be a big surprise to Varsity with her outstanding rebounding ability. She along with Keri Linde were the strong inside forces that controlled the tempo of many games. Outside guards Cin- dy Lujan and Rachel Ortiz kept the flow of the game constant. Carol Udall and Anne Tjaarda proved to be inspirational for the Junior Varsity team. Overall, they ended up with a I5-4 record. As the result of the effort the girls put out, the l986 season should be fantastic. Westwoods' Archery team did fairly well this year, they fin- ished their season with a 5 and 3 record. The good aim of Amy Halverson and Lisa Williams helped the team to be successful Paula Enlo w, Jami Ward, and Laura Dickman also contributed to their outstanding victories. At the A.S.A.A. lnvitationals, Westwood got third place. The girls did a marvelous job. Even though Mr. Mounts, the coach, is going to lose his best seniors next year, he is looking forward to recruiting some new archers next year and he would like to take the State Championship. He is planning on having the best team ever in l986. TOP RIGHT? Laura Schafer, Jami Ward, and a competitor from Marcos retrieve their arrows after a grueling practice. RIGHF Colleen Kirkpatrick and Kate Halverson take time to make a point. LEFT: Archery coach Frank Mounts chats with the coach from Marcos De Niza during their meet. Archery-I5 if www if J 3? ,..-f S yisff' fry f N .wk .Q Chorus Brings .lo y To Assemblies ,ss 2 A g TOP LEF I John Hey wood anxiously awaits the curtain to rise. TOP RIGHT: Lori Box wowed the crowd. ABO VE: Honor choir proved to be excellent in their stage movements. RIGHT: Mike Bellows leads the bass section. Chorus-l 7 Honors Assembly Honors Many SCHOLARSHIPS National Merit U.S. Air Force Academy! Air Force ROTC ASU Medallion of Merit NAU President's Award U OF A President's Award National Honor Society Desert Club Mahnah AFS - Foreign Exchange French Club Mesa Symphony Music Guild Eugene C. Pulliam Memorial Warren R. Langfitt Memorial A WARDS Frank Bradshaw Memorial English Math Academic Social Studies Academic Bausch 5 Lomb .l.C. Penney DE Studentf Year DECA Student of the Year Outstanding COE Student Outstanding Artist .lack Harris Marching Band National School Orchestra Outstanding Orchestra .lohn Philip Sousa Louie Armstrong Outstanding Band National Choral Music Outstanding Choral Music Michael Daines: Dennis Morton: Charles Lancaster, James Gard ner Dennis Morton Daniel Schindele Glenn Bedal Laurie Sapp Melissa Sozaf Andria Orr, Stacey Tryon, Kerri Lindef Andria Orr Robert Bernal, Carrie Robson, Dennis Morton, Manuel Rivera Theng Phan Terri Clark Patti Taylor, Mary Beth McMichael Patti Taylor Whitney Richar d M 'Ka y McGrath Dawn Almont Caryn Robson Chou Liu Melanie Arnett McKinley Orr Leah Harper David Main Andrea Enos Shon Laney Gary Attarian Dalena Garrisonp Carol Alldredge Mark Chapman, Michelle Soltis Troy Landry, Michael Daines David Deuvall .lay Klepinger Stacy Templin Edwin Wood Arthur McNair, Barbie Clark Outstanding Choral Music Outstanding Dance Speech 8 Debate Republic 8 Gazette Staffers Mesa Tribune Journalism Outstanding Journalism Best Actor Best Actress American Legion Auxiliary American Legion Aux. ISpeciaIj American Legion VFW Auxiliary Ma yor's Handicap Aware. Comm. Friend of Westwood ACTIVITIES Club of the Year Outstanding Class Workers: Oil Can Award Spark Plug Award Blue 5 Orange Mel Sizemore Memorial Dean Hunt Memorial Rulon T. Shepherd Memorial Mesa Tribune Outstanding Ath. Mutt Ford Memorial War Eagle E.R. Brimhall James S. Sturdevant Memorial Warrior of the Year Natani Arthur McNair: Barbie Clark Melissa Soza, Monet Valdez Charmain Fletcher Kristine Myers, David Caruth Joan McHenry Andria Orr, Karen Johnston Christopher Haddad Charmain Fletcher Kristeen Harris Stacey Tryon Karl Huish Stephanie Bond Carol Farnsworth CSpeciaI Awardj Donald 8 Joan Clement Ist: DECA, 2nd: COEf 3rd: NHS Sophomore: Jean-Noel 5 Jean-Pierre Thompson Junior: Whitney Richards, Elizabeth Wallace Senior: Ronald West, Andrew Stewart Jennifer Montague Carol Farnsworth Jose Garcia Stacey Tryon: Kristine Myers Elizabeth Wallace Arthur McNair Monte Ward, Susan Reidhead Karen Johnston: Chad White Kari Hunt: M'Kay McGrath Doug Hobbs Susan Reidhead Melissa Soza Senior Class of I985 Graduation l985 Another Very Good Year 5

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