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IMIIIIIRI WW! WH HMIWWVMH1WVAMWHWWWMI1WWWWWIWWMWW1WWWW1WiMVIWWWI1WI1WWYAWWWAIWVIWIIWIWWAINWW1WWW1WI1MIAVNNMWWENKHNIIJWNWN1NWNYiNHNNNUH!ihwNNJN1nlUHUNHVNWNUNNWWIMWNWWNNWIAWNWWWH ' "Ii-nh-B..."' ' HBH? " MI 1" ' ' ' ' , ' T .,v. is uw, -. - ,, I 4' i ', N 1 x. ,4 9.1, - i "L ,,,,,1 'Qi' "9x. K ' X , -f-M A f 9 ' . rg ti Q -4 ' N-. 2 'sv iii M 1 1 K 1 S.'.c ,:' 's wk x 'Hrs Y . ,rl , .. Q.: S' gf'3iJ' gj f - , f . 'qiilfejf ,! rkixr: im? at j gt Q:-kg' , M -"lm l l 5 " f'i"w 0 39?ir '94 'ig r- K xfqX"4z-X' Q ' 2 3 'S' k 1' 1 R ff QQ" fi X. , ' 31 , ,va -,. Q6 ' ,1.,,,j ,if kjxgggphy X it .Jn -5, ' X 'Qf3'Wx, ' V V M, Q , Q,-rf' -6, x"f?'-Q L X iw 'UV g . s ., ,, ,. - - V .f X- ww .sf-75' 'n ' 3 . frfvm' Q xvfi f" 52 .' 'fviff ex mx, , if at em .'-X ,IX i A q1fQWx WGN , 4, . .1 'ki ,Arif M1 Q M? w 4 sw 3 nv fr ' Q Q . Yi' J 5, H , J X . ,lf v x YK f - 1 ma X Q M K fy v. 5 ' ' x f F nf any v V! if H Q Y X W K Q A :Q ar w 1. -4 L ' V4 hh Q lf. Q Y ,K we 364 si YN QQ. x a 1 " X , Q25 V ' x x Q 1 NF 'S A a 1 ' Sm. ' 'X' N it W Q , if li M 'wx . , gk Wg i ui Lv' lv, '?1 .?fQ,311f 4 R ' M? N? 9 .1 ' 'N a ,, Q . . R "2'k"Ml'f'51qX - A n., ...W n ,sfsg sw? T 4. J 4' M ,shi 'sx X Y Y?-v M L x ,X NH n. ' . .x 1 ll 'A W, . , mkaifsg W?f.g5', vs .f' ': ' ' i'!ff3'm"f P, q .. ., qlhb I . lb V irkf V ' '.' gr' xv , ry . Sw .-ff.. . x M' L ,sv 2 X, .A K if 'sk gs' L Gs -y ,I 9 ff K 'Y g 1' ,x Q. Q' ,vi Wa 1 Q. uf ww.. X V ww mwah w www , aw., wr' ix ,qs xl! 'F ygw-42+ mf 1 ' fx w. Fit- 'CAM 'Nw M1 s FOREWORD Today as never before, youth is aware and apprehensive of the future. We learn in history class that nations are becoming ever more dependent upon one another for raw materials, manufactured goods, and for market places. With the fast rate of increase in population, and far-reaching development in means of communication, the world has grown smaller. It is now a world-unit, not a series of individual and unrelated areas. In physics class we learn that an entire continent can be eradicated from the earth within five minutes. In the past, enemy territories have fought long and bitter wars, each contending for self-preservation at the death of the other. Yet, because these areas were isolated from the rest of the world, and because their methods of warfare were limited, ruin took place on a small scale. There was always a victor and his spoils. However, the twentieth century has witnessed two wars which, because of the ever increasing interdependence among nations, have involved the entire world. No longer do soldiers meet face to face on the battlefield. Modern warfare concerns the long range destruction of the human race within a matter of minutes. These factors have had a profound effect on contemporary thought. After rebelling against overemphasis on science and the standardization of modern mass production and distribution, society has stopped breathless at the brink of a New Age. The world is experiencing a transition not felt since the Renaissance emerged from the dim corridors of the Middle Ages. Modern art has attempted to depict for us what new hopes or horrors exist in the fourth dimension into which we are fearfully plunging, as did Columbus into the perils of an unknown sea. Wrenched from the ties of the familiar past, we are bound to assume the burden of total world destruction, or survival and conquest of the unfathomable infinitude of the universe. DEDICATION MRS. JOSEPHINE RODES We, the Inlook Staff of 1958, dedicate our yearbook to the teacher who, for the past five years, has characterized the English classes with her individualism and candid humor. She has conveyed to us her love of English literature, and above all, has challenged our ideas and provoked new thought. In recognition of the unique spirit which she has given to our years with her, we present this book to the unforgettable Mrs. Josephine M. Rodes. BOARD OF TRUSTEES Mr. Frederick S. Bale Mrs. Hancock Banning, Jr. Dr. Arthur G. Coons Mrs. Albert E. Doerr Mrs. Henry Dreyfuss Mrs. Harold Gertmenian Mr. Horace N. Gilbert Mrs. William E. Hale Mr. Dr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs. A. Stevens Halsted, Jr Frederick Hard Herbert Hazeltine, Jr. Guy R. McComb D. McKee Morris Desaix B. Myers, Jr. Norman S. Nyce William F. H. Purcell Kenneth O. Rhodes . Joseph H. Rose . Harold C. Simonds Hallett W. Thorne Luis Odriozola Alumnae Representative HEADMISTRESS MISS GLADYS PETERSON Each year when our senior class is about to graduate, we who remain here think we shall never find another class so responsible, helpful, and full of good ideas as the girls who are about to leave us. Thirteen years at Westridge have convinced me that each class is succeeded by one that is different but equally capable of leading the school successfully. Therefore I congratulate the Class of T958 on their leadership this year and l assure them that the classes pictured in this lnlook will in turn assume the responsibility of making Westridge the school which we may all continue to love and in which we all may iustly take pride. --Gladys Peterson ELIZABETH EDMUNDSON Head of Upper School, History FACULTY GERTRUDE HALL Assisfani fo Headmisiress BARBARA S. MORSE Head of Lower School, Grade 8 lil-ICULTY AND STAFF MRS' Wbflfiflifghsou sg A 9 1 MS? ' I fi L3 ,E F 1 Z CLAIRE ALTHEUSER MARIE AVERY CYNTHIA BERNE ELIZABETH BRANDT English Remedial reading Grade Seven and Lower School French Secrefary EV f if To ' JANE CARMICHAEL MARGARITA FASTABEND LINDA FELAND LELA GEYER Arl Spanish, French Mafhemafics Sevenlh Grade Hisfory Amd' MAYGENE GIARI ROSALIND GLASSCO CORA HAVERKAMP ANDREE HAAS Librarian Chemisrry and Physics Assisfanf Treasurer French Q -3 I ALMA JUNGHANS MARJORY KNIGHT JOHN LAMB ROSEMARY LONERGAN Lower School Ari Secrefary Tennis History fy T5 'QQ News-W LUCY MARTIN LAURA MEEKER SHIRLEY MILLER Liferafure of Music, Piano Grade Six Physical Education AMY MORRIS LAURA PELL LLEWELLYN ROBERTS Nurse Grade Five Voice 'X' ,fwggv 9 gm' VON MORELLI Mafhemafics JOSEPHINE RODES English DAPHNE SANDERS MONA SAVE SHARON SINEX HOWARD SWAN Lafin Cafeferia Director Lower School Chorus, Piano Glee Club CHARLOTTE WILCKE MARGARET WILLETS JOHN RIOS Physical Educafion Biology Grounds JAMES T. SATA Mainfenance FACULTY SNAPS Sludent-Faculty Game Monsieur el Madame Leaving? Faculty Cheerleader Showers! Fucully Lunchroom W 1 J 'lf Aw, Make il a Familiar Sight y Hall French Class SCHOUI. CLASSES UZ PY YEAR CAMPUS Rcnney Lawn New Assembly Room Main Building Biology lub 1 E MARGARET PEAY CRAIG Pnfslnfm or simon cuss "Speak softly and carry o big slick." Th Rooseveli CATHERINE RADCLIFFE ANDREWS urzmv mmm or mum "Sleep thyself in a bowl of summerlimef' Vir ANNE ROBINSON BAILEY "There is no fruer frufh obfainable by Man ihan comes of music." Roberf Browning SUSAN LADD BARNES ART Emma OF mloox "The Amonumenfs of wif survive the monumenfs of power." Francis Bacon CLAUDIA WINN BDNNELL Emma or ounoox "Great men are those who see that thoughts rule the world." Ralph Waldo Emerson FERNANDA WALES CASTELLI PRESIDENT 0F Amunc Assocumou "The world belongs to the Enthusiast who keeps cool." William McFee DARLENE DORIS COLEMAN Civilized man cannot live without cooks." The Earl of Lytt MARLENE MARIE coLEMAN HEAD 0F GREEKS S is his forte." Rev. Sydney Smith ' cience POLLY PACKARD COPELAND Asslmm :anon or :moon "One of the greafesi pleasures of life is conversafion. Rev. Sydney Smiih. NANCY LOUISE CURLFITE VICE-PRESIDENT OF STUDENT BDDY "Liberty means responsibilify. That is why most me dread if." George Bernard Shaw ANNE LLOYD CRDITY "Admire her for ller wif if she be falking." William Browne LINDA DAVIDSON "Everything disiurbs an absent lover." Miguel de C ervanfes SUSAN ROBERTA EVANS "Opinion is ultimately determined by the feelings, and not by the intellect." Herbert Spencer GAY ANNE GALBRAITH "Nature sings her exquisite .song to the artist alone - her son and her master." James McNeill Whistler TERRY .IO GRIDLEY "C, for a horse with wings!" William Shakespeare SUSAN GlASS HOAGLAND "Hoi and rebellious liquors in my blood." William Shakespeare U MARION ADELE HUGHES Emma or mloox "The spirit of frufh and fha spirit of freedom -- they are fhe pillari of society." Henrik ibsen wmnv LEE Hunrmsrmn "A mathematician whois capable of reasoning." Plato MARGARET GODARD JENSON rueslnfm or MASK Ann snusn "So little done, so much to do." Cecil John Rhodes CAROLYNN VIRGINIA KAMEN "I fravelled among unknown men in lands beyond the sea." William Wordsworth LUCRETIA FRANCES LARKIN lk hf hfmgldc 1 Q DIAN ELIZABETH LINDSEY Sh ffhlbkd S IL JUDITH ANN LOCHRIDGE "Nothing greaf was ever achieved without enthusi- asm." Ralph Waldo Emerson SARAH HICKS MAGE PRESIDENT DE STUDENT BODY "Poised, as the lights in the firmamenf, which have rule over ihe day and over the night." .lohn Ruskin CAROL LOUISE MORRIS "Blue were her eyes as fhe fairy-flax." Henry Wad: worth Longfellow' LURA THOMPSON MYERS rnorosmuv Emma or mmoox "Gentle and low, an excellent thing in a woman." Wil- liam Shakespeare EUZABETH MMDREE NATHAN "O for a bealrer full of the warm South!" .lohn Keats ROBIN 0'CONOR "A man is always better than a bookf' Charles Town- send Copeland ELIZABETH SEYMOUR OLSON PRESIDENT or News AND views "Where the willingness is great, the difficulties cannot be great." Nicolo Machiavelli ISABELLA LUISE OTTITZKY A.r.s. Excmwsf srunsm "lf you inquire what the people are like here, I must answer, 'The same as everywhere! " Goethe MARY ANN PEATMAN susmfss MANAGER or mloox "8egone, dull care, you and I shall never agree." Anonymous LINDA JEAN PETERSON "Mafhemafics fakes us info the region of absolute necessity." Berfrancl Russell MARGARET POOLE Emrok or srvsuss "Liberty of thought is the life of fhe soul." Voltaire KRISTI ADELE SCHIRM "I laugh'd iill I cried." Arisfophanes ANNE MCWILLIAMS SUMNER "Come, sing me a bawdy song: make me merry." William Shakespeare MARGARET WILLARD TAYLOR urfmv Emma or mloox "Sunshine, and rain at onceg her smiles and fears." William Shakespeare LYNNE STARR THOMAS PRESIDENT or wflmf Assocumou "There was a sfar danced, and under that was I b William Shakespeare MCKEE THOMPSON HEAD or nomms "Put not ihy faith in any Greek." Euripides Ja mm W -ff CYRENE BUCHANAN WARNE rxssnnfur or su: aus Myhrilk ggbdChsf Gg R ELIZABETH JANE WAYLAND If g dfh HhCpflEd d Gbb ANDREE LOUISE WHiTNEY "The German hear! is slouf and true." William Ayfoun JULIA PARKER WINGFIELD "Within her eyes resides the glory of her dreams." -Anonymous RENASENCE Was three long mountains and a woodg I turned and looked another way, And saw three islands in the bay. So with my eyes I traced the line Of the horizon, thin and fine, Straight around till I was come Back to where I started from, And all I saw from where I stood Was three long mountains and a wood. Over these things I could not see, These were the things that bounded me, And I could touch them with my hand,- Almost, I thought, from where I stand. And all at once things seemed so small. My breath came short, and scarce at all But, sure, the sky is big, I said, Miles and miles above my head, So here upon my back l'll lie And look my fill into the sky. And so I looked, and, after all, The sky was not so very tall. The sky, I said, must somewhere stop, And-sure enough! -- I see the top. The sky, I thought, is not so grand, I 'most could touch it with my hand! And, reaching up my hand to try, l screamed to feel it touch the sky. I screamed, and-lo!-Infinity Came down and settled over me, And, pressing of the Undefined The definition on my mind, Held up before my eyes a glass Through which my shrinking sight did pass Until it seemed I must behold ' lmmensity made manifold, Whispered to me a word whose sound Deafened the air for worlds around, And brought unmuffled to my ears The gossiping of friendly spheres, The creaking of the tented sky, The ticking of Eternity. -Edna St. Vincent Millay SENIOR SNAPS CATHY . Noted for: Her modesty Suitable song: "l'm Just Wild About Harry" Usually seen: Masticating Mona's Melba Suppressed desire: Rapunzel Hero: Pitchfork Ben Tillman ANNE Noted for: Her father's argyles Suitable song: "Fling Out the Banner" Usually seen: Coughing modestly Suppressed desire: Harpist for the Salvation Army Hero: Jonathan Edwards SUSAN Noted for: Her resemblance to Rita Hayworth Suitable song: "Long Distance love" Usually seen: Flushing Suppressed desire: Car hop at Stan's Hero: Boss Tweed CLAUDE Noted for: Her Virginia plantation Suitable song: "Ten Cents a Dance" Usually seen: Under the table Suppressed desire: Decanter Hero: Jean Paul Sartre EFFIE Noted for: Her aplomb in the ring Suitable song: "l Surrender, Dear" Usually seen: In the corner Suppressed desire: Andiron Hero: Benedict Arnold DAR Noted for: Her skill at the wheel Suitable song: "Sweet Leilani" Usually seen: Up a tree Suppressed desire: Card table Hero: Chef Milani MAR Noted for: Her gaucheries Suitable song: "You Can't Get Usually seen: Under the hood Suppressed desire: Powers model Hero: John Lamb POOPS Noted for: Her wranglers a Man With A Gun Suitable song: "Always True to You ln My Fashion" Usually seen: Gravitating Suppressed desire: Merry-go-round Hero: Hoppy NANCY Noted for: Her maritime paramour Suitable song: "Hey, Hey, Good Lookin' " Usually seen: In the bathtub Suppressed desire: Accordionist at Knott's Berry Farm Hero: Billy Graham MARGIE Noted for: Her southern summers Suitable song: "Till l Waltz Again With You" Usually seen: Behind the sofa Suppressed desire: Ghost-writer to Sam Balter Hero: Jubilation T. Cornpone ANNE Noted for: "What, me worry?" Suitable song: "Yes, We Have No Bananas Today" Usually seen: Behind the woodpile Suppressed desire: Successor to Annie Oakley Hero: Alfred E. Neumann DAVIE Noted for: Her enormous appetite Suitable song: "Baby, lt's Cold Outside" Usually seen: Joining the Air Force Suppressed desire: Eskimo Pie Hero: Dead-Eye Dick SUE Noted for: Her caustic comments Suitable song: "I'm Walking Behind You" Usually seen: Being radical Suppressed desire: Champagne Lady at the Aragon Hero: "Vic" G.A.G. Noted for: Her perennial tan Suitable song: "A Good Man ls Hard To Find" Usually seen: Up in the clouds Suppressed desire: Fuller brush Hero: Paul Bunyan T. J. Noted for: Her big Buick Suitable song: "Away ln A Manger" Usually seen: Combing her mane Suppressed desire: House mother at Occidental Hero: Bob Wagner SHORTY Noted for: Her temper Suitable song: "lf You Knew Susie" Usually seen: Blowing her nose Suppressed desire: Rumplestiltskin Hero: Lanny Lewyn ADELE Noted for: Her conservative ideas Suitable song: "Bye Bye Young Men" Usually seen: Abstaining Suppressed desire: President of the A.F. of L.-C.l.O. Hero: William Tell WENDY Noted for: Collis P. Suitable song: "l've Been Working on the Railroad Usually seen: With G. A. G. Suppressed desire: Jockey Hero: Pecos Bill MEG Noted for: Her 'fraternity pin Suitable song: "Dancing On the Ceiling" Usually seen: Cramming Suppressed desire: Mrs. Stewart Hero: Goody Knight CAROLYNN Noted for: Her "petite fours" Suitable song: "Don't Let the Stars Get Usually seen: Hanging out the wash Suppressed desire: Mother of twelve Hero: Phillip of Macedonia in Your Eyes LUCY Noted for: Her ltalian hair cut Suitable song: "Cuddle Up a Little Closer" Usually seen: Winking Suppressed desire: lngenue Hero: Hamilton Fish Dl Noted for: Her forty car family Suitable song: "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles" Usually seen: Consuming her recess coffee Suppressed desire: Enchilada Hero: Burritt Wheeler JUDY Noted for: Her last minute minutes Suitable song: "Ain't Misbehavin' " Usually seen: Laughing Suppressed desire: Eagle Scout Hero: John Foster Dulles MOOSER Noted for: Her popularity at the polls Suitable song: "What a Swell Party This ls" Usually seen: On the rostrum Suppressed desire: Rail-splitter Hero: Eisenhower 7,26 MOR Noted for: Her gait Suitable song: "Beautiful Blue Eyes" Usually seen: On the slopes Suppressed desire: Spyglass advertiser Hero: Nathaniel Bacon LURA Noted for: Her Southern gentility Suitable song: "Ain't She Sweet" Usually seen: Soliciting for Sergis Suppressed desire: Yankee Hero: Sergis Alberts BETTY Noted for: Her cute convertible Suitable song: "The High and the Mighty" Usually seen: In her J. A. iumper Suppressed desire: Orderly Hero: John Brown BONNIE Noted for: Her similarity to Louella Parsons Suitable song: "lt's the Talk of the Town" Usually seen: Just around the corner Suppressed desire: Mute Hero: Edward R. Murrow LIZ Noted for: Her nylon nightie Suitable song: "Sincerely" Usually seen: Under the rug Suppressed desire: Apathetic American Hero: Joshua ISABELLA Noted for: Her attractive accent Suitable song: "Getting to Know You" Usually seen: Rushing home after school Suppresseddesire: Olympic champion Hero: Tony Sailer M.A.P. Noted for: Her fairy tales Suitable song: "Running Wild" Usually seen: Speeding Suppressed desire: The Second Mrs. Burton Hero: Howdy Doody P. T. Noted for: Her Caltech connections Suitable song: "l Want to Go on a Lovin' Spree Usually seen: Calculating Suppressed desire: Organ grinder Hero: Dr. DuBridge PENNY Noted for: Her impulsiveness Suitable song: "Who Threw the Overalls ln Mistress Murphy's Chowder?" Usually seen: Swinging from the chandelier Suppressed desire: Miss Muscle Beach Hero: Beniamin Franklin KRIS Noted for: Her Little lover Suitable song: "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" Usually seen: ln the punch bowl Suppressed desire: Piano player at Zardi's Hero: Fats Domino ANNIE Noted for: Her lost weekends at Laguna Suitable song: "I'm In the Mood for love" Usually seen: Dashing out for a drag Suppressed desire: Miss Rheingold of 1959 Hero: Roscoe Conkling MARGI Noted for: Her capacity Suitable song: "Golden Boy" Usually seen: Taking a breather Suppressed desire: First Lady of the Land Hero: F. Scott Fitzgerald STARR-O Noted for: Her Slenderella Silhouette Suitable song: "Don't Fence Me ln" Usually seen: Plucking her eyebrows Suppressed desire: Queen For A Day Hero: Antony van Leeuwenhoek MICKEY Noted for: Her turquoise T-Bird Suitable song: "Anything You Can Do l Can Do Better Usually seen: Heading for the cafeteria Suppressed desire: Barker at Barnum and Bailey Hero: Dan Dailey CYRENE Noted for: Her Magna Vox Suitable song: "Just Plain BiIl" Usually seen: Day-dreaming Suppressed desire: Wife to William the Conqueror Hero: H. J. Caruso BETCH EN Noted for: Her dexterity with the slide rule Suitable song: "Teach Me Tonight" Usually seen: With her knapsack and pick-ax Suppressed desire: Wisdom tooth Hero: King Tut SENIOR CLASS Noted for: Our prodigious potato Suitable song: "The Overweight Blues Usually seen: Gingerly ascending the Senior stairs Suppressed desire: Forty-two industrial statesmen Hero: Senor Rios ANDI Noted for: Her box lunches Suitable song: "Whistle While You Work" Usually seen: Explaining Suppressed desire: General in the Girl Scout Army Hero: Knock-ga-dung-ga-ding-ga-dong JULES Noted for: Her beach beaux Suitable song: "Love Me or Leave Me" Usually seen: On her way to Stanford Suppressed desire: Firefly Hero: Rudolph Valentino SENIOR DITCH DAY Dinh Qgazq if wwmmm M 'S ,X cfxivzq 'Wu , .:., . -, ..,.. J' C L A S S E S .q.:,,, zq, L 1 5, ,Y il it 'm-b I . : . ' W5 ' v ., K I W FF: es- 1 ,.,i: ,..:3 W 2 2 . Q tif :f if fig .sail ':-.-, .,:2 II I ' ,, Q, ar ,ug . J ,b 3 . SH Q 2- ' 5 " - 22 ":: -2 "r A , T I I :-Ei it V 53 : ' V 5 ' f K Z' Q 4 H :I ,. -it .,, L Q :I , S ' "5 ,if ' 1 hifi " ' - Eff: .--, , ' I 1 X ""' ' I ,,... - 2, Mx, I .-eff: y -1,,A,g -A . .1 ,X If wg, ff . f y ,,,::E-A, , .4 FRONT ROW: Marlene Coleman, Bonnie O'Conor, Dian Lindsey, Julie Wingfield, Wendy Huntington, Sally Mage, Darlene Coleman, Adele Hughes, Terry Ja Gridley SECOND ROW: Linda Davidson, Starr Thomas, Cyrene Warner, Margie Craig, Mickey Thompson, Penny Poole, Betchen Wayland, Andrce Whitney THIRD ROW: Anne Crotty, Meg Jenson, Isabella Ottitzky, Lucy Larkin, Betty Nathan, Nancy Corlette, Cathy Andrews, Judy Lochridge, Carolyn Kamen, Elizabeth Olson, Kristi Schirm ' FOURTH ROW: Susan Hoagland, Anne Sumner, Lura Myers, Fernanda Caslelli, Mary Ann Peatman, Poppy Copeland FIFTH ROW: Linda Peterson, Susan Evans, Gay Anne Galbraith, Anne Bailey, Carol Morris, Margi Taylor, Susan Barnes NOT IN PICTURE: Claudia Bonnell SENIOR CLASS President .... ..,,. M argery Craig Vice-President .... Cathy Andrews Secretary-Treasurer ,.... Judy Lochridge FRONT ROW: Cynthia Nash, Sandra Schaum, Carol Fisher, Isabel Travis, Tenaya Stewart, Elizabeth Pyle SECOND ROW: Ann Callaway, Janet Norwood, Peggy Sellers, Hillary Haney, Susan Sumner, Elizabeth Currier, Ann Horton, Nancy Ennis, Judy Jones THIRD ROW: Jane Preston, Julie Valentine, Alice Boynton, Margaret Pohlman, Elsbeth Pearson, Gloria Newhouse, Ashley Read FOURTH ROW: Barbara Holway, Anne Pierose, Virginia Lief, Marcy Wright, Jean Farrand, Carol Barnum NOT IN PICTURE: Linda Bandy, Cecily Wilde JUNIOR CLASS President ..,,,, Susan Sumner Vice-President ..., .,,... B arbara Holway Secretary-Treasurer ,,,, ,,,. M argaret Pohlman sz ' is ' U t, , ---' T w F 'ii :Q A W fn , gn? K S .A Q- 1 Y GY X . , ,Q I, I V .X .V sf?" T Q it e , A , .. L Vw , r V f W f 1 . - 1 af gi ', i Q E f ' . - Q by if my wr 3 N,Xw K - K ' ' -,:.. I f' 1 :fi 5 - ' ' i ' 7 ff . fi 9 tif! . f W .,,. v W 22 FT' .i HJ: A r, -'.. i ' A' 5 4 , kV,r , P ,X X I FRONT ROW: Robin Frush, Sally Seamans, Harriet Wingler, Marcia Finch, Janet Bartoli, Susan Wheeler .-n SECOND ROW: Caroline Sweezy, Georgia McClay, Hilde Pechanec, Sarah Cunningham, Wendy Thompson, Nancy Lunge, Sally Sill, Dorothy Kieffer THIRD ROW: Victoria Prince, Lois Tuttle, Susan Nelson, Patricia Meek, Carole Fortin, Carolyn Hall, Lucy Gaskill, Margery Ennis, Margaret Rhodes, Joan van Schegell FOURTH ROW: Janet Knecht,, Susan Lowrie, Virginia Rice, Susan Quigley, Martha Morse, Patricia Norman, Mary Test NOT IN PICTURE: Elinor Boynton, Linda Galbally, Sandra Hayman, Lesley Hosfeld, Judith Stever SOPHOMORE CLASS First semester: President ..,,,.. Vice-President ....,,,,. ,,,,, Secretary-Treasurer ..,: Second semester: President ...,,,,, Vice-President .....,, Secretary-Treasurer Sarah Cunningham Joan von Schlegell ....,:,,Susan Quigley s......Susan Quigley ,,..,Margaret Rhodes .....Hilde Pechanec , Y ,. ff 2 EA' 'ww , ,M , " 'Ifff - :s i , , ka -1 wfrwur sg : Wifi . ,. is Vg W , Q 'Y E 5 s W 2 S-3 4 . ,J 1 5 1 jd, A JM, A X . FRONT ROW: Mimi Hugens, Dana Wright, Faith Watkins, Mollie Paul, Vicki Odriozola, Nicki Hahn, Pamela Lochhead, Ann Leeds SECOND ROW: Leslie Eade, Alison Grey, Margo Jenson, Karen Zisch, Lori Price, Betsy Hartwell, Beth Changstrom, Molly Beckerlegge Joan Jardine THIRD ROW: Yvonne Nunn, Susan Bassett, Andi Dorn, Susan Higginbotham, Jane Hoffman, Lynne Bates, Kristi Wallace, Carolyn Morrow Alice Meyers, Franci Holder, Virginia Corlette FOURTH ROW: Julie Vinograd, Karla Stromberger, Penny Prince, Nadine Smith, Sallie Marie Anderson, Cathie Matthew FIFTH ROW: Connie Cutter, Kerry Schuh, Linda Mitchel, Missy Barrett, Barbara Braun, Elisabeth Dunn FRESHMAN CLASS First semester: President ........ ..,,. K aren Zisch Vice-President ....... .....,.....Andrea Dorn Secretary-Treasurer .... ..... S usan Higginbotham Second semester: President ..,.... ....,,,,, K risti Wallace Vice-President ......... ....,, M ary Beckerlegge Secretary-Treasurer ,.:. ,,,,,,,,,s, A Iison Grey I f 0 R G A N I Z A T I 0 N S FRONT ROW lseatedl: Nancy Corlette, Sally Mage Ann Pierose BACK ROW Karen Zisch, Sarah Cunningham Susan Sumner Fernanda Castell: Margie Craig Starr Thomas Kristi Wallace, Susie Quigley "Government, even rn its best state, is but a necessary evil " Thomas Paine President ....,vv,.. Vice-President .... Secretary .Ae.,.,., Faculty Advisor ...,. The Big Wheels SALLY MAGE Student Body President This year the Student Council has sponsored a variety of proiects. One innovation was the Westridge School Day in which Student Body officers from other schools in the area partici- pated. The council has also revised the rules of the school constitution in order to make them more concurrent with the Honor Code, and has initiated a plan for a "New Girls' Day" at the beginning of next year to acquaint new students with the school life. The Council feels that students inevitably involved in everyday prob- lems, lose sight of the good in living under the Honor Code. This good extends into the future, for all life is based on a code of honor. To pre- pare us for this future is the goal of the Westridge Honor Code. -Sally Mage School spirit Anything wrong? F SEATED: Adele Hughes. STANDING: Margi Taylor, Poppy Copeland, Susan Barnes, Cathy Andrews, Lura Myers, Mary Ann Peatman. INLOOK "There are books of which the backs and covers are by far the besf parts." Charles Dickens Editor ,,,,,,.,,,,,.. ....,..Adele Hughes Assistant Editor ..,. ..,,,........,,4......,,,, P oppy Copeland Literary Editors ,,,,, ,,,,.,, C cathy Andrews - Margi Taylor Art Editor ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, A.,,,.,,,cc.....sY.,,.......... S uson Barnes Photography Editor cccc.. ..,.........,.,.. L uru Myers Business Manager Y,,,, ,,.,,, M Clry Ann Pectlmtin Faculty Advisor ..,. .,,,,....f,,,,,,, M FS- HGH K it "fl fr ' ig , , f . The secret history of our enemies nh' ,N va .4 L 'difis an STANDING: Penny Poole, Cheri Colby, Susan Nelson, Jane! Norwood, Andree Whitney, Belly Nathan, Ginger Rice SITTING: Alice Myers, Mickey Thompson, Slarr Thomas, Judy Lochridge, Isobel Travis. NOT IN PICTURE: Barry Zorthian WELFARE ASSOCIATION President ,7,,...,.,, ,..... S Iorr Thomas Faculty Advisor A7,7.,., Mrs. Hall Weslridge Carnival 1957 IUl:KLEUura1vivf-'H l:l:l.F-W 1 'ti ff AA'A iff Qtr it . 5 tl . li 3. f i , ix i W Y y Y 2 wikflliiw E, ,Y Y rr i 2 H .gig Ps i +3 -. s , 5, , 3 , if 1, .- ,Q :" Eg ' A gm V9 ' I 4 fm 7? I iff' iiliiia , or if f X, A 2 ,X , sysr , A f 1 f ". 2 .. V li V U ri fi A Q F A - ! bi 9 . FRONT ROW: Anne Robertson, Julie Wingfield, Isabella Ottitzky, Penny Poole, Lucy Larkin, Nancy Lunge STANDING: Caroline Sweezy, Betchen Wayland, Elsbeth Pearson, Anne Bailey, Ginger Rice, Susan Evans, Margaret Taylor, Nancy Ennis, Barbara Holway, Ann Callaway, Carolyn Hall, Betsy Pyle, Margie Craig "This news is old enough . . ." Shakespeare Editor ...........,... ..............,.......,.,... P enny Poole Assistant Editors ..e.... ,.,... M argi Taylor - Anne Bailey Advertising Manager .,,. ....,......, ,,....,..s.. C a rol Morris Faculty Advisor ......... ..,,. M iss Sanders ls it worth il? lndustry FRONT ROW: Belchen Wayland, Starr Thomas, Andree Whitney, Susan Quigley, Isabella Ollilzky, Virginia Corletle BACK ROW: Darlene Coleman, Virginia Lief ' SCHARFENBERG COMMITTEE "A mygfic bond of brollfzerhood makes all men one." Thomas Carlyle Head ,,,,..,.....7,,, .,,,. A ndree Whitney Faculty Advisor .......,,,. Mrs. Hall Brushing up? Tapestry mode by Scharfenberg sludenls Susan Nelson, Elizabeth Olson, Marcy Wright "The disinterested and patriotic find their way to the control of affairs." Edward Everett President ,...,,.... ....., E lizabeth Olson Vice-President .... .,,,. M arcy Wright Secretary ,,,,....,,,, .....,,, S usan Nelson Faculty Advisor ,,,,,, ,,,,,, M iss Edmundson bl,SCSHRDLU This Thursday . . . Xi ., E QS? 'Q ii J 35, W Sr 2+ Q, ,Q as S42 E A, f 4 S N, WY hx. 1 if . ,WM SX r, +f w W . L s.. 53 E :fi 'fi 2 f. ,M-1. 1, 15 sv, sie.. .1 1 iw ,sg J 3 xi i is X xx S 3' Ri Ei 2: ,ws 1 Si 5 -gil .. i L Q ' T. 2 in E fi .23 wg X2 ig i . . Q T H E A R T S Susan Evans, Meg Jenson, Lucy Larkin MASK AND BRUSH "Hove pafience with the ' I ' d President lea ousies an pefulances of acfors . . ." Richard Garner! Meg Jenson Vice-President ,,,s..,,, , . .S E usan vans Secretary-Treasurer ' Faculty Advisor ,..,....Lucy Larkin .,,....Mrs. Monsour MASK AND BRUSH S NAPS Christmas Pageant Who me? 4'Thc Cradle Song" flier Hou"s v "lo Posada" ,l i W , . L ' " ""f 11:- ' - h ip 4 - A V Q 'w 1 - S - I 1 'V QE? M Y S s r 'si tw. SEATED: Terry Jo Gridley, Marcy Wright, Claudia Bonnell BACK ROW: Mimi Hugens, Frances Holder, Susan Barnes, Nancy Ennis, Ann Callaway, Caroline Sweezy, Judy Loch- ridge, Cathy Andrews, Dorothy Kieffer OUTLOOK Literary Publication "His amazing how little literature there is in the world." Samuel Johnson Editor .r,,V........e,, ..,t C laudia Bonnell Assistant Editor e,.... Marcy Wright Faculty Advisor .,,, ....., M rs. Rodes Noon meetinq Faculty advisor ?f :Egg FRONT ROW: Cathy Matthew, Penny Prince, Ginger Rice, Betty Nathan, Poppy Copeland, Nancy Corlette, Sally Seamans, Harriet Wingler, Cyrene Warner, Julie Wingfield, Cathy Andrews, Murcia Finch, Sandy Hayman, Barbara Holway, Joan Jardine, Susan Quigley, Pat Norman SECOND ROW: Carol Barnum, Mollie Paul, Marcy Wright, Leslie Eade, Barbara Braun, Pamela Lochhead, Faith Watkins, Hilde Pechanec, Anne Pierose, Mary Beckerlegge, Virginia Corlette, Janet Knecht, Jean Farrand THIRD ROW: Starr Thomas, Susan Sumner, Karen Zisch, Judy Stever, Marny Ennis, Carol Fisher, Judy Lochridge, Betchen Wayland, Margaret Pohlman, Cynthia Nash, Wendy Thompson, Linda Galbally, Sally Mage, Linda Peterson FOURTH ROW: Carolyn Kamen, Andree Whitney, Anne Bailey, Susan Nelson, Pat Meek, Vicki Prince, Sarah Cunningham, Anne Sumner, Alison Grey, Carolyn Hall, Wendy Huntington, Terry Jo Gridley, Darlene Coleman, Fernanda Castelli, Bonnie O'Conor, Adele Hughes BACK ROW: Jane Preston, Joan von Schlegell, Ashley Read, Janet Norwood, Nancy Ennis, Kristi Schirm, Gay Anne Galbraith ". . . and the singers chanting dirges." Augustine Duganne President ......:... .......,.............................,,.......... .,......,.,............,,.,,, C y rene Warner Vice-President ..,.. ,,,:..,,, J ulie Wingfield Director ........f... .,,,. Mr. Howard Swan M' U ,H Y , jj' Christmas Pageant I- Busy Work .,, W ,'-M 5 ld' shi ,KN FRONT ROW: Alice Myers, Cathy Matthew, Mimi Hugens, Anne Sumner, Sally Sill, Penny Lawrie, Robin Frush, Virginia Corlette SECOND ROW: Lura Myers, Wendy Huntington, Betsy Currier, Frances Holder, Dorothy Kieffer, Marny Ennis, Kerry Schuh, Beth Changstrom, Susan Wheeler ART CLUB "lf's clever, but is it art?" Kipling President ,,........ ....... A nne Sumner Faculty Advisor ..,., ..... M iss Carmichael Artist ot work FRONT ROW: Margarel Bothwell, Maria de Truiillo, Wendy Wilson, Joyce Melcalf SECOND ROW: Sarah Cunningham, Frances Holder, Karen Zisch, Anne Bailey, Gay Anne Galbraith, .lanel Barloli, Julie Wingfield, Jean Farrand MMUSIC ASSEMBLY COWMMITTEE Head ..,,...,......, ,..... A nne Bailey I Faculty Advisor ,..,. ,.,.. M rs. Marlin Slim ulalion i if 'gif s , w ze in ,235 xx Q Y 2 w N 4 N 4 x 2 AH L " Z ,nga QF? Mn 35 R Q L 1 Y W 1 3 U ,N 1. 1 Q Q 51 x ' ,Y fp Ax S2 "' + 93 f X5 I -, x2 Y-Ivan 4? if - 5,3 WX- 2: ' 2:13555 P .. 1 FRONT ROW: Virginia Lief, Lura Myers, Marlene Coleman, Fernanda Castelli, Darlene Coleman, Mickey Thompson, Wendy Huntington BACK ROW: Jean Farrand, Nicki Hahn, Cecily Wilde, Kristi Schirm, Joan von Schlegell, Gay Anne Galbraith, Cynthia Nash, Isabel Travis, Betsy Pyle. "Sports like these are all their cares." Goldsmith President ....,.i.. ,.,.,. F ernanda Castelli Vice-President .... ......,...,.. J ean Farrand Secretary .,,......., .......,...,. J oan von Schlegell Faculty Advisors ..... .,,.,,. M iss Miller - Mrs. Wilcke Cecily Wilde lAssislanl Captain of Greeksl, Marlene Coleman lCapIain of Greeksl, Mickey Thompson lCap tain of Romansl, Cynlhia Nash lAssislan! Caplain of Romansl GREEK AND ROMAN OFFICERS SCHOOL CHEER LEADERS FRONT ROW: Cecily Wilde, Betsy Pyle, Susan Sumner, Peggy Sellers, Isabel Travis, Linda Davidson SECOND ROW: Anne Bailey, Janet Norwood, Marlene Coleman, Carol Morris, Sally Mage, Kristi Schirm lHeadl Terry Jo Gridley, Joan von Schlegell, Tenaya Stewart, Gay Anne Galbraith BACK ROW: Mary Ann Peatman, Marcy Wright, Jean Farrand, Cathy Andrews, Fernanda Castelli, Poppy Copeland, Nancy Corlette, Mickey Thompson, Wendy Huntington, Adele Hughes i Putting up the net VOLLEYBALL ,ik 7 ex Ei I KNEELING: Adele Hughes, Mickey Thompson, .lean Farrand, Marcia Wright, Susan Quigley, Betsy Pyle Peggy Sellers, Tenaya Stewart, Isabel Travis, Nora Boynton, Ann Crotty, Karla Stromberger STANDING: Fernanda Castelli, Wendy Huntington, Cecily Wilde, Cynthia Nash, Elizabeth Dunn Sally Mage Gay Anne Galbraith, Ann Bailey, Kristi Schirm, Julie Valentine, Janet Norwood, Alison Grey Dana Wright. Rhubarb BASKETBALL Stopl r' M , Y, 4 K 4 , yy 4 F I -fi nf, 16:35 Where'd it go? 5 , +- K In Z. 1-' be 5 If YZ . E P 1 , ' -1 . 'L 'X ,,, Q J, , ' 1.1112 'Q . 3.25 3 Q ,ef Si, gg .,.- n.. FRONT ROW: Cecily Wilde, Tenaya Stewart, Virginia Lief lHeal of Swimmingl, Cynthia Nash, Julie Valen tine, Gay Anne Galbraith BACK ROW: Karla Stromberger, Fernando Castelli, Jean Farrand, Nancy Corlette, Isabel Travis SWIMMING Inter-School Swimming Meet at Chadwick STANDING: Barbara Braun, Adele Hughes, Sally Mage, Vicki Odriozola, Darlene Coleman lHeadt, Betsy Pyle Lori Price, Marlene Coleman, Mickey Thompson, Poppy Copeland KNEELING: Joan von Schlegell, Kristi Schirm TENNIS Westridge Tennis Tournament Judy Lochridge tHead of Badmintionj, Terry Jo Gridley tHeud of Bosebullt, Wendy Huntington tHeczd of Gymnasticsl. BADMINTON, BASEBALL, GYMNASTICS Badminton Tournament t i""T4 ... ' " -f 'gr .,.,, 'Q -' L- .M ff fi ffwve we-. W . sg." xx ' fe , -1 i 1 i. STANDING: Terry Jo Gridley, Jane Hoffman, Wendy Huntington, Mickey Thompson, Sally Mage, Isabel Travis lHead of Riding Clubl, Elsbeth Pearson, Betsy Pyle, Dana Wright, Julie Valentine, Fernanda Castelli KNEELING: Alison Grey, Sallie Anderson, Cecily Wilde RIDING CLUB Inter-School Riding Meet Your horse is ready , vgnmlrl fkdij ,1fiSgzQ.f . X , . Q M A, if N, - it , 5 it . 5,- ww M4 Avi, mmagfg. L 0 W E R S C H 0 0 I ,M ., QMQ mm STANDING: Teresa Omori, Lynn Tsuboi, Anne Purcell, Anne Wilson, Susan Pierose, Margaret Omori SEATED: Leslie Clarke LOWER SCHOOL STUDENT COUNCIL First semester: Second semester: "Youth and age are equally a burden." Plato President ,,,,,,,,,,, ..... C am Purcell Vice-President ...... ...... S usan Pierose Secretary O... ..,,. Q ,.......... Head of Maintenance .,,.. President ......,,... Vice-President ...... Secretary ...........,.....cs., Head of Maintenance ..,.. Lynne Tsuboi Peggy Omori .Leslie Clarke ...,,,Cam Purcell ..,...Terry Omori .....l.Anne Wilson LOWER SCHOOL ATHLETIC COUNCIL President, First Semester ....Cw.,...L...,..L.,v7...,L..LV......,.............Lw.....,.... Margy Edmondson President, Second Semester ..,.,.............,,.C........,.,........s,......,....s...........L. Peggy Omori Head of Greeks ..,...,..,....,s......,,s......,.. .....,.s...,.,....s.....s,s,,...,,.......,,..... S heryl Hayman Head of Romans .,L,...,..s,.,,,s.....s..,....s.....A,..s.......,.,.,,....Y.....,.s..,......., Fronces Seamons LOWER SCHOOL RIDING CLUB KNEELING: Lydia Charlton, .loan Valentine, Susie Eldridge, Barry Zorthicn STANDING: Sheryl Hayman, Martha Anderson, Lesley Tannahill, Linda Lashley, Margaret Bothwell fefvx .. V ' , W' ,..: , 'W-3 f,,,,,,,,w,: : 1,5 " 'M' MQW- -S , :mal vases, t L W 3 i 'L " S ,. aw, W' 1 W: H H, 7'0" - e ' i L T ' A- 'V "" ' " --' , ' 5 : 1 V- E jew. Q s ,QQ - . f f 2 2- wg A 4 we . . My ' k - :' :Y - new Y we X j L R f-:rf ' R 4.1 - Q .N-ew-il FRONT ROW: Fredda Disterdick, Frances Seamans, Susan Spencer, Martha Anderson, Kathryn Files SECOND ROW: Mariorie Edmondson, Lynn Penner, Jean Clark, Anne Wilson, Sallie Jordan THIRD ROW: Susan Pierose, Margaret Bothwell, Whitney Smith, Lesley Tannahill, Linda Lashley, Cheryl Mangam, Joan Valentine FOURTH ROW: Margaret Omori, Sheryl Hayman, Kathryn Snow, Barbara Ascue, Lynne Helpbringer FIFTH ROW: Jane Harper, Cheri Colby, Kathleen McCloskey, Leslie Clarke, Elizabeth Miracle, Carol Mills NOT IN PICTURE: Anne Purcell, Barry Zorthian EIGHTH GRADE President ,..,....,, ,,.,:..,.. J ean Clark Vice-President ,,,.., ...,.. W hitney Smith Secretary-Treasurer ,.,.,, Linda Lashley Second semester: President ......,. ,....... S usan Pierose Vice-President .,,,.... ..... T eddy Disterdick Secretary-Treasurer ,,,. A ,,..,. Carol Mills wa- : was FRONT ROW: Susan James, Caroline Grey, Susan Eldridge, Susan Stratton, Carolyn Metcalf SECOND ROW: Karen Robinson, Toni Hehr, Elissa Hugens, Wendy Wilson, Lynne Tsuboi THIRD ROW: Linda Warren, Sharon Donnelly, Kirsty Russell, Ann McCook, Carol Cartwright FOURTH ROW: Charyl Woodward, Patricia Baird, Teresa Omori, Molly Rhodes, Jane Barnes FIFTH ROW: Anne Robertson, Lorilee Temple, Leslie Wheeler, Janet Sill, Gudrun Wilcke NOT IN PICTURE: Margaret Oslendorf Second semester: SEVENTH GRADE President ....,.. Vice-President .......... Secretary-Treasurer ..... President ..,,.., Vice-President ......,,., Secretary-Treasurer ..., ....Elissa Hugens Karen Robinson ...Lynne Tusuboi s,.Caroline Grey sWendy Wilson ,...,.Terry Omori E 4 Y 2 FRONT ROW: Penelope Dumm, Nancy Smith, Virginia Pohlman, Victoria Stevens SECOND ROW: Cynthia Oldfield, Polly Wheaton, Georgia Lynch, Kathleen McGrath, Daphne Cates THIRD ROW: Cynthia Clarke, Nancy Causey, Maria de Trujillo, Lydia Charlton NOT IN PICTURE: Robin Galbally, Lee Matthew, Ann Roulac SIXTH GRADE President ,,,,,A, r,A,,, G eorgia Lynch Vice-President ....e.,, ..,,, C indy Clarke Secretary-Treasurer ,,,, .,... N ancy Causey Second semester: President ...... ...,., C indy Clarke Vice-President .,,..,..., .7.,. N ancy Causey Secretary-Treasurer ,.., ,..,7 D aphne Cates FRONT ROW: Claire Burnham, Judith Holmes SECOND ROW: Lynn Yoakum, Joyce Metcalf, Ellen Eckis, Sheryl Pruitt, Wendy Curtis THIRD ROW: Susan Ziegler, Alison Webster, Justa Cartwright, Susan Schuh NOT IN PICTURE: Barbara Brown, Sarah Greene, Deborah Sill First semester: Second semester: HFTH President c,,...,,. Vice-President ...,,., Secretary-Treasurer President ..,,.,,,,, Vice-President ....., Secretary-Treasurer GRADE ,.....,.Ellen Eckis ..,,Susan Ziegler ,.Barbara Brown ,,,,Joyce Metcalf ......Sheryl Pruitt Justa Cartwright LOWER SCH SNAPS 00L I 1 Y lk 'L "el-2 ,, a L L 'IQ-Er' 9 L Zigi, ' . H, A' I If ' I -"' I nwm-f .L :H U 3 X Uuu-unh Eh? To ski or not to ski Monkey see, monkey do Artists at work News value? SpuInik? I go Io Westridgel Vho dot? I ho Chofodcs? 'hm , N '-N.,-.., ve not yer began Io fight I wuv you, I wuv you II would make a cot Iough Looks good, huh? Honored Guesis? Look Mo - no hands! f ' .f Q- ' ' www . , K., '4 ,ya 1-13v"""' fl- SPRING PROM SNAPS L wk "i JW? CANDIDS " x K , wmv., we-.105 lat. MQW' ku ww'-'ll Surely you're ioshingl You oin't heard nothin' yet, folks I never apologize Howdy, pardl XA Stimulate the phogocytes Bill who? Christmas Day in the workhouse YW The mud scientist Double take ' - 'eta 'E . :AS ., li if' if 5- -it if ?"'f .-Q.. Can I? But they're only freshmenl 3-Y ,seg ggi 343 ,M Ajifg TWA if if-fr I ill? -.f Sf ,A "L w 43 X' r Hornv-handed sons of toil Fluttery will get you nowhere Nuts! I 'Y' Must you gc? Nothing doing Baby Doll Come up and see me sometime? Lost 5 pounds already Am I really? Oh, not again E.'o:'ybody knows I can't lay eggs The wierd sisters Dr. Livingstone, I presume? It was those hot dogs I had for lunch Mad, bad and dangerous to know The worst is yet to come I 'li A s 6 Qt , tk 4 I r Ki? 'IU A is I , . Q , .E in gn. H' ' we. 'K 15 I x r Q W 1 M Q in JA W 4 f f - ' ' K- t K -W. ,zz A . :K Xmv 4 x 'I Y, I I 1.5, ""-if V M 'Nw nr ""'5- ' -qw- gm . 'Wt Sm, Faith, Hope, and Charity And then he said . . . Who, me? Say there A I . I Gctchal After the baII is over Into your tent I'Il creep . . , 4O.s..,, if I K, I love love The egg and I Ah, sweet mystery of life Monday's child M alywr r Got ever thin ? Here Iam . . , Oops, wron room I shall return Y 9 9 ' X 5 F lk ,fi figs.. r F H Hands Hoff!" The Call of the Wild X-10' Z? Hi there This will never do . if We have seen better days Good lo the last drop Q1 I Susie Q. Afler Miss Muscle Beach We are not amused Having a parly? ls life worth Iivinc us the deluge Cegl foul! ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The Inlook Staff is grateful to the following people for giving so generously of their time and efforts: Mrs. Chalmers Hall Mr. Sergis Alberts, Mr. Jerry Manion and Mrs. Anne Baker Mr. Peter Geddes, Jr. and Mrs. lrene Annette Mr. Dan Taylor and Mrs. Verda Glenn Mrs. Charles Katzman Mr. James T. Sata Mrs. John DeWitt I I I I I I I 'fir ix' ' I' 'W 412' -"" , JTTFIII Y' R'-:Af .f -i. 'FIT ff.F5.aWTrll1. ?hl"-2.32115 A-L "1" I 'Q JIPS- 'D-J.L--i5"..'W, 342' 5 . :'7'1f'..-Z , ., I I-"EI wi-27 , 'i'v.I1:' . f 7,561 EFM7'-EQCAWEIIZ x'L:'71.L f,i1T.II1'1!1W-Iffxfinbs.'aH5lL1Lxl3'2?'! g..uf:S5lllnwli?,1?Hi WWF. W'Jf5w'T'f5jf pff",,f'1,v',ff'r,M,fj, ifrffwidf yfffwiiww 9 . ,Jw Wim' f"757w',Z7"ff5ff'Q iflfffffffqjw' mf' NWMWP, JV, .ALJ-"' CWM Lfxfiwf My - 'r Mffffwf 'Z Eff QW JS fpwf ff? fm 5 ,LGA jgiflifv mmoq 93699 dn rawyyx a-foam I SDOUJQ BHQ Uaqm C.:O1O.J3- 'BHC -LUON Www OVW BQ WHS WUC? 1111 1 V 1 " 1,111 1,111 1 H 1 1 1 1 1 -11'-'11 1 1 11111 1 1 VQ1 1 1 N11 1 1 11M W 1 1 1 W LIM1M-m IMIWIIHH IIIWWI1MI!lYl1VI1HIII1HlWIMlII1I!11llVlAYElVM1lIlIlWMllRJl1I1H!MM1MN11YH"11!!IW1W'U'HII111'11111B1W'11W1 H1E11V1W'1"W1W111F1111!1"' 111' "1'1'11",11'111!' W111' 1 11"' 1 1 .M 1 - '77'f'7'Qf"I"Zf3gi -wfwfkgfvkaig ilifE'Eg3f2f": 5122555 zig: '31 -ifffiiiffi ' V wf?V'!g:,":"'f '-':s'5',.' ' 1 - 12 fav-53-.rif f-f 'ffwf-fi: if A W'-f! 2 1-if j - , f g ' f V V V, -V'-,jg V, , f u j . - V A VF 591 f i - - ' fffitmmwi ., '1' E' A -"," -I V 'N V L ' AQ Tfigfiia "" all Ml, 1' iifzffg' Eff! i M Newt: ?"Lg'f5xY I 'V .ilx ' v ,,V VV -A V., QVK, V V V V - wQ'g4,,1 vifffflils V Q W ,isp .,.5r+ff':' , V .jf-f-'ff' QQT2g,,X'T?-E3-?1J'55T21' JE'-fjw Q--SL, f?ff'i?5'A iq HENTNWW " ef kQzMgQ3E5fJ j,,fvVxV,V.l,, ,ug V VV VVVfV15,,Vg V V- V4 V ,KQV . .Y if 'W' VXVA 'WA' A sa -Z .' ' rs K1 ' rd SKK 'IH Jeggfg ' 3 wg-5F?':',V,"' Wifk . wL"'WT"h'77Q,11"'L"""vv1-1f4f"+-'-JNf-v"f'H4'wr' -1 , wfffgif Hhialwwmiliiww Es? 4. - 5 ,wg:g",f w HH'ifQ1.1fHE,,Ln5'Lfa1 M555-k'S":'kL"3g,VVj' y iiv' E if fi ifiglfig-Mf g f A-'fsii-if 9 -n'5'f2K'1fh-R'ff,:"""fQM""QQ' M2-idww-RQ mi1fffVQL:TfqW1V,VM-jg - - ' -1 - f' 1. 1 1 ,. 'iz 'fffffiiunf' wfiqzwwiagkwiaiilwww 31? , Af-fnLffg'f:ffHH,H-M'1+w1, MWJHE4 gg f '1f"'f'ffi"5?5'3' QQHAQWQTLWWWQLDQ 'FQTJZQ f""7"'3g.-"5""!'f'7ti ' ff' vL'E'?,,"'5'Wff J"J:"5,'T:ii'f-vHJ'iH1rt:f7j?i:4Wv 5 + 9- "L Wmfibimkji "fr-"ravi - Y-V VVV VA VV K V l bl V V T-V, -I VV . ,. .Q V-'fa 'V 1',3'ijVVVV.,,M V. "':' V'Vbi.f1 V " 'Vw V f"'f'f55Fg'?'4+ A . 1115 mawuwwg-WWW 12555-f,jjw'5Q,w l--+2 ff"5'f'f"5!'5' .fir -1- if-1+ -?:i:IlV"?" ""Tflggli1'f'iV35+1,i"i.1-'1,g4fbv'Z1TJ ,T-Q,VVi,g4 , V V. V, if VVV V .A,V :V 'l3,ffflfffE :qQglftf?ii V 4-' yi 'VVVVQV V gtzdxfsfdki V,V VVQJVV Via Vf, VVVQVH- :Ff5g?if?f+g '3w3ai?LH.:1g3QV3Ef1W S'i7U7-17,55 3, 4f"""""-H"""""'1?'w"+ "Lk"""E"4,'i5Y'iTf-'Q"L""i4.h"""4 'Adair if-f"?l31'f'f"4 1 H' wwwimwvwwwnkkvqw if-'I' "fi:iif" :ll '??ES'w'i-il,3wY,3N:iiiQ'5'giLi "?"??7"7" fm "ff,'f:'f1jffwf1MMwHHvff,:ffJ.1Hf+1f 7 fffff-:S'f'f:q:2 b gfewfvvf'-Eg,Ez. h5:,l1"QQWQ,1qf,mLww'L,Lq "':'gL....f:w9-3"S"'Ts-M1 f zzfgsfgf' bqkivbfgtwvbw J' 44-2-4-W-9-wf vi V Q " F-Ffa-+i?E'b' - Lwgifff-Yilgf' H ff-.,"'l2SI':..."51 ?ff3?,g, f+ fffs-'HUM 5' Ji-1' qfw-1L'lf,j!fiLii' 43, - ,: ,V 'V 'ij V 1ffff-W " "Wui:V:VVVH'f'fwfWim.wq E:.7',fW1w WQilff5?, ,eff-:fs-fi,T2' i"'T"H'?g,,, 'nghfqg l i w?g H--H525-" "W Q fa 7"fe?'!,'Tif"'1' , ,fgg..1L.-Y--vw-if-H'-?'3Is"'f H-lu?'?'Z7:::.i'9ft:::tjwvv ' .5 V' fffffifffi-' x b:LI5w":,? BEALEZHHWW , -f A' 'I 4'f'.i72 -Vw' ' ' 13 f5Y"" '," x' "7f"!i"T:'4'Ef2 .f"14"'iMj4"f1"Tb""f'Q-'JJ::pi?"t,z',+d,w4f3V3jJT"iw?fh?ff 1,L" M-mi5Q.2f'm '?fff?T2-,+' 'i?f,,Jg,ff1i,wErLiwMZ5gw'il -494 'Mui A .Riffs JZiAit1,i'M'?53HwiH'U::,wH"H1M- 13515 Gfffgljy ,,45' '3 yApwMfEVVmLLWL jV ZT,?.1TTV'if:HwwffT?:3:3wi"?iw if g , Hbg5?nVWWWgMiiQjdWQ T75-f""Ffw7w ' Jiwwwffiiwwwwwkw - :gfWiEV EwZ1fLEa.ZM'A1xEJUggwvv2ix?,i, PEE?-EE L WQEWQEZLLZEJE ...gm :Lg ,V Y . , . Aw "Z1,TwgU'-'-Hfffrfe gfgfkikf "f"T'?ir-ggigi HV . 2,5 1--"w'+r'fd-?. V fsfiffff. Qwgdvbgjgfifrwl, ' f"5?'f 4 Maui 'W STQVWV V P .12 A in .tfywfg fzgflufi. bf- 6 i 4?Q 7 4Q' ff-'Iggy-,f A fff?f?'g13 ,- 4-'if' Q? of' 1' Wm Q Www My Q-0 Q6 u- yo ,, Wy . GX' -18.-QS Q5eV6.q9 MLSWJZQQ 5 eb ' L W' fi? 0 'MW yy my EIZZM QiM,5 Q , fwfr N 'vfifhmz LW K 'QW I Wmq 0 i??'ff'fi W jwwvqmw WK? wa :jf Q V QB Q ' ff 9? -,Q I Tr. rf, K if I ,IJ yr? , T' , x 'YW . , .acf,- V , .1

Suggestions in the Westridge High School - Inlook Yearbook (Pasadena, CA) collection:

Westridge High School - Inlook Yearbook (Pasadena, CA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Westridge High School - Inlook Yearbook (Pasadena, CA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Westridge High School - Inlook Yearbook (Pasadena, CA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Westridge High School - Inlook Yearbook (Pasadena, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Westridge High School - Inlook Yearbook (Pasadena, CA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Westridge High School - Inlook Yearbook (Pasadena, CA) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


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