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Hai., I 'W . ,. ., , ' 1 W.- .nnans..,4' W, 'W 5 ' ,, ,W 1 'I . 2 Lf,,f'!f?Q0'Wv'f7 fy? Mffyfw iffy ,WWWW ffl! aw WM ffffpfff i ,- g pl, vowqfoyfy .-4f"""5f' . 'WV Vvjf My IMD -f-Q ' . A 40! 05 - ,ff K M fp!! f 5. i .1 5,1 if ' ,gi qv' dj, yin' rg. f"3'4 0' Wm ' 50 X1-f P ,, A 1 1, K. E ......,,.....,........4.:.:A.a.g.....-, ....,..-, ,,........, ,.4.....,i,:..,.L, , . . . A Y 'fjy Q55 QM rj Q E ff: 3 fic? ix is gf? . 1 UJJU' is if a ! 5 N 3 1 5 V i A l'AA ff 'W' ' ' F' ' 3 " , l I ' 1 f: . v vvfv ,F 1 5 1 4 Y at lg M f' 1 ':."-., 'I Y 7 ear - , N, 4 m ' O 11 '47 3 .Y . 91 gf: Q N. Q u - I nf fi! 1.1.4 .Mr l' .,,'v xi D X U 4 t 'Q' 'Q' X -Q. a u A u . 4 .Q , 1 Phu, x 1 QE. sis jt, 4. . Y 5 ft' '-1 -2 'si 2,84 ' Q 6 J n 1 x , 'C Q 1 ps ,g I tj, I : -V g 84. ws' 53' 4 ', 1 ' ,h ' . v B ' 'rat . I ' ty A ,p sf ' , a as ,iw x. I xi 'X , 1 W 4 I. Y 6 f X VJ S I 'pl r . I0 N un., V O , it V5 ,. I 5 . .: ,' , , f"w . 1 A ., A-I' U ' . A . W Q .R ,vw . K . f I aw . f . 'K f"-"1 A, ' f -ggi G , ,, f - Q' ' 3 ' X N - ,pb ' Q .Q I , F K- Q4 K J 1 " vu. -.r H Jia 4 f , a-un . ,ff .. QT 4 s fm 0- , 'HQ v 'nm-L nm, Inv., Www' mm mwiwwqmm X' QA " K- ' 4- 3 .4 ,Q f . i --nv-u..,,,,m ., ,. Mx - 5 -x A-, me -'Ali' 4 -,-1, - , 1-nu-1-.W W- , . Nm.. ' K' A J ,MMT W--M .sms .MM 5 X 'I 1 s , 9 Q in as SN: gtg , s . . .EN , sig gm 4 E if 9 " X r xt as eq 5 L uw M R Q 0 .Qfffmlfiif Rx Ji if A ' 'as' ' -N an .1-Qi?5f3'7:"' . W S, K , 1. Lx if ' ig-151--A fJ2'fQ , ff" .51-" Q MN: 'K XA N -en? , -11333 ,:3'r:',w- I .,.W,afh.' ltr qfq W' - tx Ax s. FOREWCDRD One of the greatest needs in the world today is tolerance. We can develop this tolerance by learning to get along with people and to understand their differences. We can do our part by learning while we are young to be thoughtful, honest, friend- ly and understanding. At Westridge we do learn just that. The relaxed atmosphere makes it possible for us to develop friend- ships that are deep and thorough. In games, classes, dramatics, art, and music, we have diversified chances to value a girl for her mind, not her looks, to appreciate her attributes, and to be patient and sympathetic with her faults. The smallness of classes and freedom of discussion at West- ridge let us hear and give merit to other points of view than our own. Through our all-important affiliation with Scharfen- berg, our exchange student, and other contacts, we may learn about and understand other people and nations, and through correspondence, we can make friendships abroad. It is our privilege and duty to make the most of this at- mosphere of tolerance and friendship and to take advantage of the many fine opportunities offered to us during our years at Westridge. DEDICATION MISS MARGARET EWING Vile, the lnlook staff of 1956, dedicate this hook to Miss Margaret liwing, whose deep knowledge and ready sense of humor has hrought linglish to life for us and whose inspiring and generous direction made so many school plays successful. XY'e also would like to say how much we miss her and thank her for all she has done for us. BOARD OF TRUSTEES MRS. JOSEPH H. ROSE, President Mrs. joseph H. Rose is president of the Board of Trustees this year. The other members of the Board include Mr. Frederick S. Bale, Mrs. Hancock Banning, jr., Mrs. james D. Cockburn, Dr. Arthur G. Coons, Mrs. Albert E. Doerr, Mrs. Henry Dreyfuss, Mrs. Harold Gertmenian, Mr. Horace N. Gilbert, Mrs. William E. Hale, Mr. A Stevens Halsted, jr., Dr. Frederick Hard, Mr. Guy R. McComb, Mr. Norman S. Nyce, Mrs. Kenneth O. Rhodes, Mrs. Harold C. Simonds, and Mrs. Hallett W. Thorne. Giving generously of their time and energies, the Board is al- ways looking for new ways to improve the school. This year they have developed an expanded scholarship program, which, by grant- ing scholarship aid to girls who could not otherwise afford Westridge, will increase community interest in Westridge and will provide for .1 wider range of students. HEADMISTRESS MISS GLADYS PETERSON With whole-hearted interest and support, Miss Gladys Peterson is never too busy to discuss the smallest problem and is always eager to help solve it. Attending the dances, games and parties, she is an enthusiastic supporter of Westridge. On the more serious side she discusses the plans and goals of the school. For her constant desire to help us to do the best we can, the whole school, especially the graduating class of 1956, is very grateful. We know that she will always hold the central spot in our remembrances of Westridge. f z 41 , 'SY ,lf ii- 36- xx .I fl, I fs 2 R fr idgxxwg lzl1f.:lntlm Nuth l,mx'L-1' Scluml Arithmetic: l..1ur.1 Pull. CQIXIJL' five: Mihllul S.1mlL-ra. Gnldc six. hmm lvnm Inulv, Vuigci HAll'I3.lI.l Ikiurw. Huul of I.mx'c1' Sdmol. Grxulc L-ight. FACULTY Q 1 . X , , 2, "'.. ..,... . - ' is. xv i . an Iimumlx' I.m1crgg.1n. Histnryg hi.lI'g.ll'L'f Alumni. SIMIIIINIIQ l.mull.z Hmmm. N.nthvm.1tiu1 Qluwplmim- R4 1 . . . . , . . . . uw. Iznglxslx. lllsturyg l'I'.lI1LL'5 I ring Itngluh, l..xt1n. sijisixw www ffm 111 C 1 I1 1x1 11 SIDLLIN 1111 11 11N1.11'1I il1c1111st1x 1111 1 1 1111 1 111 1 15. 1.111141 N 1 X! A 111 lx xxx lla Nx 1111,1 S 11 lul f..l'L'Ik'lI1 ull Vt'l'l3lliKAl lwm-lli, M.1tl1c11mtim1 I,UlliNC ,l4l1LH114l5, Assistant ,l4I'L'.l5Lll'L'l'Q Paulina I-uxi5, Hxsturx' uf Ant. SL-1l'ct.11'y'1 'l'l1cmlmAc R. Cuxmrxctt. RL'l11L'LH.ll Rcadingg. l lll pinturu: I LLLL Alluu, lower scluml L'hUI'LlS, pmnu FACULTY BACK ROW' f,l1.lI'lUtfL' XY'ilLLLp Plmyximl liLlm.1Imn1 A Tcnnixi HJIKILA liullc Du IIN' Snlnml Nurw. FRONT ROW' - - 1Nf.l1'ilyn Msmsuur, D1'.1m.ltim1 M.11i.m ffulxu-ll, l'l1xxn.1l lfallltlllivll. Rnlu-ut lfx.um', All, lilll.lbL'II1 limmlt. SL-uct.1ly. Amllu' Hass. l"l'L'llLll. Iilimlwtlm Ifdmundwn. Hom! of l'ppg-r Snlmul, History l.rl.1 lin-vm-1, AI.lfl1L'IIN.lllk51 Grltrlldg HAH. Amlxtant tu the l1L'.lJmistl'css1 fYI.lI'Ql.lI'L'l XYillL'ts. liinlugy. AND STAFF l.llNL'S 'lf S.ll.l, 111.lil1lk11.1m1' luhn I. Rios, g.11'Jcl1cr 5 i s Q x E S E N I Q R S Q 3 H ! 1-1 - -. -----, Ml--- - -.I E .Qi N x X P 775, , a 'Q QR, .ix X"3".s q.j . ,ya am an N .K k . xii . .1-X 1 sw awww "' K we ,Mi X Q , X .s ' A as A U . E .,.,,,, Y . . X Q .4-f" "N if du.- ,K QM! gb...wi.f Q sk .Q .. K . . , W . QQ. x x A . v,K. sk- .. 'S x QQNQK ,pi NA ,K ,Www .21 ffm f x S gm xi 5 Q K x YM, . S. 5 K ' 1 S f f Q5 . mg. if X W X Ns.. if .. . 5, Q fx W X-AXAKQ Xi.-.X 26 'fif.1V ig: -- x .xf ' . sk -QE.. :N W ' .3 j .. .Q Q X, . . X x . x . -3 M sq X Q1 f ' K 1- ' . w . .f K ' X- x X 1 c M Nf N15 'X . 4' . S S 13 S XX K s .N - . W . Q. ...W X X. 5 .vw Q , X Yi - 5 NM x X.. g. XS i X K x .R . ,mx X - .9 FSS' xg hw Q gg. Q, W L-zgjeww g ' --::I'ZZ g. 1 ELINOR IVES DAVENPORT President of the Student Body Calm, serene and capable Nonie, as she is always called, has been at Westridge since seventh gracleg and during that time she has been looked to as a leader. This year the schoo1's faith in Nonie was particularly shown when she was elected Stu- dent Body President. Gay and fun-loving, Nonie loves movies and their stars, parties, food, and sports. Her interest in sports has made her a must on all of the varsities, Greek, and class teams. Nonie has an excellent sense of humor and when not making jokes, can usually be heard laughing at someone else'sg and she is always ready to join in any activity, whether it he spy- ing on the Debutante Ball or the more serious business of Student Council. "O Happy Day" "Little Mo" CONSTANCE JOAN HAHN President of the Senior Class liilled with great ability and native qualities of leadership, Connie has been active in the student government since she came to Westridge in the seventh grade. Her amazing executive ability is most decidedly shown in her calm, capable way of conducting riotous senior class meetings. Con- nie is the perfect confidante: friendly, sincere, and with a genuine interest in everyone. Studious, but not overly so, she is constantly seen quietly getting an "A". With an avid love for ballet, classical music, jazz, Rocky Marciano, avocado green, Marlon Brando, and chili, Connie shows just some facets of her diverse personality. Very blonde and pretty, Connie is always ready with her wonderful laugh and sense of humor. 5 W Q it als? is 3 as we -,Q i 5 . . '. is ,gg .. 1 5 iii ks ffiflii-',S:r "H N rsh 'W ss 'xv YI, YM Xl' DEBORAH ANDRESON Editor of the Inlook Debby has the remarkable ability of being good at everything she does. She is an excellent "A" student, an energetic athlete, and an extremely popular girl with all. Debby's three years at Westridge have been full of fun. She was vice- captain of the Greeks her junior year and this year she is the extremely able editor of the In- look. Her many beach parties will never be for- gotten for they are typical of Deb's warm and friendly personality. Debby also sojourns to the Yosemite snow each Easter with several pals. These trips have become famous because they are always so full of fun and experiences. Debby's black hair, vivid green eyes, and happy grin will carry her to success throughout the years to come. The pause that refreshes" "All you gotta do is snap your lingers." BARBARA BLANKENHORN Barbi, who came to Westridge from the East in her junior year, is the competent head of the pound this year. She is an industrious worker and has many outside interests. Bridge is one of her favorites, and when she gets that certain gleam in her eye, it's usually a signal that she's about to trump your ace. Never seen in the lunchroom without her nm lunches, she gets plenty of kid- ding, but always keeps smiling, After school, while taking the car pool home, Barbi can usually be seen tearing down the left lane at 20 miles per hour. Barbi looks forward to her freshman year at rollege here on the west coast. is its is Ts QNX- -as '- si vis sh-iirtgxgr Tas! is - if RENEE WALES CASTELLI Often seen dashing around in her bright red convertible is our capable head of riding, Renee Castelli. With her horses, Spring Scene and Ro- man In, which she jointly owns with her sister lfernanda, Renee has ridden for many .1 blue rib- bon. Renee also enjoys showing her fluffy little Bedlington terrier, whose name is Gypsy. As she is very interested in school and community ae- tivities, Renee can often be found blending with the second sopranos in Glee Club, helping out on a. class team, or supporting a dance. Fond of laughing and telling jokes, Renee is a very per- sonable and enjoyable girl, an entertaining mem- ber of' the class of '56, Heels up, toes down." "Wl1y should I play the Rom in fool Shakespeare CORINNE CHANDLER Tall, good-looking Corinne is a wonderful com- bination of practical responsibility and fun-loving exuberance. Her capability and enthusiasm have made her an outstanding Roman team-captain. An ardent sportswonmn, Corinne's great interest is horses, and her skill in riding has won her many prizes. Corinne loves parties and people, and has been known to put a whole group of girls into complete hysterics with her jokes and stories. Very stylish, Corinne was an excellent Inlook model. Much to the chagrin of some of her plumper friends, Corinne is constantly going on unneces- sary starvation diets. s MARIA CCCONIS Maria is our exchange student from Greece. Dur- ing the year she has been a gay enthusiastic addi- tion to the school, and has given us a much better understanding of lite in modern Greece. She was one of the class representatives to the Student Council, did a hilarious skit at the Greek and Roman Halloween party, and took the part of the Madonna in the Christmas play. On senior ditch day she entertained us all by playing the piano- everything from "boogie" to Chopin-with the same ease and vivacity that are so characteristic of Maria. With a great love for hiking, Maria is often seen walking energetically up Orange Grove. She is amazed by her American friends who, she says, make an expedition out of a walk to the next block. "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."-limerson "Let's play footscy ANNE CUSHING DOUGLAS Anne Douglas is often seen rushing to and from school with a roar of mellow pipes from her good-looking Ford. Annes musical talent is quite evident, as she has been a member of the Glee Club, and enlivens many a class gathering, with her ability to play jazz on the piano. An avid sports enthusiast, Anne loves to go bowling, or skiing, especially at Mount Wateriiman. With her ability to make others laugh, Anne can often be found in the middle of a cluster of girls during those senior lunch room conversations. No school year would be Complete without Annes spring slumber party, where good food, fun, and little sleep are enjoyed by all the members of her class. at 'ie' M04 i . -ut y?"" mt' -A ah?-. ANN DREYFUSS Head of Welfare Association Ann came to Westridge in her sophomore year and since then has truly been a part of the school. Her gay, boisterous laughter has such an infec- tious quality to it that people always seem to join in whatever fun she is up to. Ann also has her serious side, as she has shown in being an excellent Head of Welfare. One of the most widely travelled girls in our class, she has had many interesting experiences. Ann has joined in all school activities and is an excellent athlete. We will never forget Ann's octopus collection and the many swell parties which she has given at her house. Ann has a rare and warm interest in Westridge and her friends. "just half a cup, please." "The power of positive thinking., JOAN EDWARDS GASKILL Sincere friendliness, spirit and sportsmanship dis- tinctly mnrk jo.1n's NVQ-stridge career. Her incen- tive to put .ill she's got into everything she does nukes her 41 very well-rounded person. She is an excellent student .ind work diligently, and yet .llW.lyS seems to have time to help someone else find .1 key word or .ln .unoeb.1. joan is .1 skilled sports enthusiast, she mn .llso be found taking p.irt in those Cfiilteth .lctivitiesi She is never with- out .1 friendly "hello" or .ln invitation to one ol' her mother's l'..ll11OLlS spaghetti dinners, As head ol- the Seh.irl'enburg Committee, joan h.1s done Ll line job. She hopes to go to college in the East, where she will be met with hard work, College weekends, .ind those tlunous H.1rv.1rd men. . ,ff -,af . W .wr- t ff' Q- , Fi? is- mb?-512kis'S Q 1 'xii PATRICIA JANE GOOCH Art Editor of the lnlook As the most artistic member of the senior class, Patty was chosen Art Editor of the Inlook. This job has given her a good chance to use her crea- tive ability on stage sets, book covers, and page layouts. Pretty and petite, Patty was an outstand- ing Inlook model in her sophomore year, and since then she has modeled at other activities. An avid lover of lemon candy, Patty also likes the beach, going barefoot, and parties. With dark sparkling eyes and a ready smile, Patty's friendli- ness and a genuine interest in her friends has made her one of the most popular seniors. Noted for her cute clothes and enviable figure, Patty has the sought-after ability always to say the right thing at the right moment. and then . . . "Sitting pretty" CAROL GRAFF Carol was back again at XVestridge for her senior year after a year at P,H.S. A quiet girl, Carol nevertheless is very friendly and ready to help. Noted for her long red hair, Carol spends her oft-hours modeling. Her classic figure and minute appetite at lunch usually put most of her class- mates to shame. Carol is also excellent at studies: with seemingly little effort, she modestly gets very good grades and is looking forward to col- lege next year. Evidence of her dramatic abilities was shown in the Christmas pageant when she sympathetically played the old crippled grand- mother. s T. i- fzs, . 1 Q 2 N L ra xy 'X - .ss SALLY HALVERSTADT Captain of the Greek Team Sally has been a Westridgite since third grade. For many years she has held various class offices, and this year she was elected captain of the Greek team. Sally's happy fpersonality has made her teammates eager to ollow her capable leader- ship. Since she has been in the upper school, she has been an important member of almost every varsity team, as one glance at her lettermen's sweater will indicate. At the Halloween party 'the Greeks gave for the Romans this year, Sally showed her singing ability by giving her rendi- tion of the old favorite, "I Want to Be Evil". The Greeks will miss their "sultry torch-singing" cap- tain next year. Twcedlc dee" "Trust no future, howe'er plc isant -Longfellow JCAN HARADCJN Business Editor of the Inlook joanie, as the vivacious and capable Business Manager of the Inlook, was able to collect for the Tea piles and piles of money, which over- flowed on her study hall desk. Blonde, blue-eyed joanie possesses a quick, devil-may-care atttitude, a mischevious grin, and a frankness which has made her renowned around Westridge for her brilliant spontaneous remarks. Interested in horses, joan is on most of the teams and rides on weekends. She has also become an ardent tennis enthusiast as of late. joanie loves parties, she goes to many and lmfer homework which she oc- casionally doesn't even bother to do. if le TRACY ELIZABETH INNES Literary Editor of the Inlook Tracy is a gay enthusiastic girl, very active and busy in school activities, yet also ready to do more with never a grumble. As Spyglass reporter, In- look Literary Editor, and member of the Glee Club she is kept busyg but also has time to show her literary talents in such long remembered works as her story about Adam and Eve, her artistic talents in the can-can girls for the '55 junior dance, and her musical talents in the "al- most memorizedu Moonlight Sonata. Tracy is often being teased about her long, long QQ hair, which, she says, "almost sweeps the floor." With a weakness for clothes and tea with English muflins, she leaves her little, blue Ford often in Bullock's parking lot on a Monday afternoon. "Take your foot off the brake." "Pennsy1vuni1 6 5000 MARSHA ABBOTT JONES Marsha usually may be seen driving it bunch of kids around in that flashy yellow Merc convertible, catching people in odd poses with her camera, or just standing around keeping her classmates in stitches with her wonderful sense of humor. Who can forget the day she taught us "Zitty-Zitty"? As Spyglass photographer, Marsha has been in- valua le in immortalizing such events as the Greek-Roman initiation and senior ditch day. With her sincere and delightful personality, Mar- sha has added much to her class and has been very much it p.1rt of Westridge. . 'Dia-W CAROLYN CLARKE LAWS Editor of the Outlook Lawsie can tell wonderful stories of water skiing, sailing, swimming at Balboag she is greatly envied for her gorgeous tan. As editor of the Outlook, she has ably put forth Westridge's literary effortsg her calm, serene manner can bring a semblance of order to any otherwise hectic discussion. Ever since Christmas, Carolyn has been driving around Pasadena in a beautiful yellow Chevy. Carolyn has been an enthusiastic member of Westridge and of her class. She has helped the team to many varsity victories and has also been head of bad- minton. A wonderful girl, with a kind thought for everyone, Carolyn will always have lots of friends. "S'wonderful, s'marvelou5" "Alright, you guys JUNE ELIZABETH LELAND A flash of blue eyes, very blonde hair which she refers to as "naturally straight", and a contagious laugh characterize Lassie, vice president of the senior class. Lass made a very sparkling lnlook model, yet she made an equally convincing sol- dier at the Halloween Party. She also loves to tell about "Sams" recent antics QSam being her very special Siamese catj. Many a Saturday aft- ernoon finds her enjoying .1 turkey sandwich and a Hot Fudge Sundae at Blums with her numerous friends. With her good ideas, Lassie has been a valuable member of the WClf.lfC Association, and an important addition to Wfestridge. BARBARA JANE LEWIS Vice-President of the Student Body Barbie Lewis, as V.P. of the Student Body, has done an efficient and thorough jobg the proctor- ing of study hall has been smoothly and quietly run this year. Conscientious about everything, Barbie is a hard worker, one day in biology class she expounded the erudite theory that vitamins might be a sure cure for malaria. Her mild man- ner and ever present optimism have won her lots of friends especially with the tall and handsome members of the other sex. Cute and blond Barbie is an extremely smart dresser and, for several years, she has done modeling. With a beach house on Lido Island, Barbie spends her summer in the sun, and, typical of her friendliness, she is always ready to welcome any visitor. I know 1t's from outer space." I tt Q QW .1 if W asljllwll M E l . . lend me your c trs VALERIE ANN MCDERMOTT President of Glee Club Val, who is tall, dark, and blue-eyed, came to Westridge as a junior. The proud possessor of a voice, Val became Pfzlierzcek aesthetic poet dur- ing her first year here and, as a senior, the Presi- dent of the Glee Club. Gay and gregarious, Val is usually seen in the back row of the French class, sending her classmates into uncontrolable giggles with her caustic comments and witty jokes. Lazily contented, Val has been known to loaf around the house for a whole weekend wear- ing pedal pushers and a sweater and eating pea- nut butter sandwiches for breakfast. Also an avid horsewoman, Val enters almost all of the shows and loves to stay around the stables. 1 ai gi -0 , A 'x If Z 5 xf'r'u'9' ' 5 as-B 'N' "CARE" ANN MCLAREN Editor of the Spygloss Bright auburn hair, sparkling brown eyes, and a vivid personality are just a few characteristics that mark Annie's personality. During her three years at Westridge she has taken part in every aspect of school life - sports, dramatics, jour- nalism, and always she is having a wonderful time. It is miraculous how Annie can retain her trim figure while indulging in trips to various iceboxes throughout the country. Annie was vice- president of the Athletic Association last year and this year is the very capable editor of the Spy- glass and captain of the tennis team. San Malo summers, traveling, visiting, and gay parties and people are Annie's main loves. A truly wonder- ful girl with a good sense of humor, Annie will do well wherever she goes and in whatever she does. "Your audience is waiting." Druten ELEANOR JANE MILLER President of Mask and Brush Club Throughout her three years at Westridge, Janie has shown interest in many varied school activi- ties. She was a model one year for the Inlook Tea, and she has been a participant in the music assemblies. Very fond of dramatics, Janie has demonstrated her skill in this field on the West- ridge stage. This year, as president of Mask and Brush, she has done more than an ade uate job. The success of the plays has been due clargely to janie's Hne leadership and organization. .Ianie's summer haunts usually center around Balboa, where she is known for her spontaneous beach parties and for her prowess as a sailor. Good uck next year, janie, to you and your little black Thunderbird. MARY ELIZABETH MITCHELL Mary, who came to Westridge in her sophomore year, has been the competent secretary-treasurer of the senior class since then. Her extensive minutes, which she diligently takes at every class meeting, include such details as the whereabouts of a glass tea button which was lost at a tea this year. Mary is one of the most traveled seniors and she has been from coast to coast several times. Mary, who is especially interested in bio- logy class, also has a hidden talent: a beautiful alto voice which was discovered by the seniors at ditch day. Never without a bright smile for everyone, Mary has a warm manner and a friend- ly personality. "XVho'll tell XXfilliam Tell?" "Me.1nwhile, back at the rlnch KRISTIN MORNER Assistant Editor of the Inlook A girl with varied interests and talents is Kristin Morner. All of us remember her memorable and diversified performances, one time as Marmee in Lillie ll"nme11. again as the bewildered artist in the Inlook skit, still another time as joseph in the Christmas play. Though she is quiet, Kris has il wonderful sense of humor .md is Ll constant source of entertainment to her classmates. Kris is nn active sports enthusiast. She has been Ll member ot' numerous varsities .ind is an excellent horsewoman, having trained 'her colt, Miss For- tune. Kristin h.1s been .lt Westridge sinee the third grade, and she will be very much missed. CARRITA NCBLES Feature Editor of the lnlook Carrita is one of the most versatile, energetic girls in our class. She divides her time between' her horse, Penny, jumping lessons, parties, school and Blums. In spite of her appetite for candy and coffestas, Carrita manages to keep her dainty hgure. With her sparkling brown eyes, she is a lot of fun and a great tease. Her warm, friendly spirit has made her many friends in her two years at Westridge and she has entered into many phases of school life: the Spyglass, Inlook, Glee Club, and as an Inlook model. Carrita's skill as a driver will long be remembered by all the cops in Pasadenag at this writing she has received only two tickets - but who can tell? I know it is a sin for me to sit and grin." - Holmes "Of mice and vsomcn JCJANN E NOOTBAAR joAnne was the very successful head of swim- ming this year and led the team to victory. jay's prowess as a swimming star is famous and she has been on many swimming teams throughout the area. Her aspirations are high, and she dreams of the 1960 Olympics. W'l1en not swimming, jay can be found on some warm beach, whether it be on Californiifs sunny shore or the tropical isles of the Caribbean. joAnne's passionate feelings for S.C. and medicine will very likely lead her into the ranks of the Trojans next year. MARY WEST O'CONOR Photography Editor of the Inlook A big smile, a ready blush, and a bubbling per- sonality are typical of Molly, who is this year's Photography Editor of the Inlook. Bridge, and weekends at Ojai and Lake Arrowhead are some of her favorite pastimes. As assistant editor of the Spyglass last year, she put her outstanding literary talents to work. An enthusiastic "Oh gosh, how neat", accompanied by lively expres- sion with her hands Qwhich she describes as her French habitj, always manages to escape her at any suggestion which hints at fun. Warm and friendly, Molly has made many Westridge friends who will miss her when she goes to Cal next fall. Peaches prunes, and . . .' "Is this .1 dagger, I see before me ?"-Shakespeare JULIE FERRY PATTON Business Manager of the Spyglcass julie has given .1 lot of petp to the senior class this year. Her exuberant un-loving spirit and friendliness mark our energetic business manager of the Spyglass. julie's interests are many. Last summer she was a real office working girl at First Federal Savings and Loan in Pasadena where she got much valuable experience in the business world. The rest of her summer she spends loaf- ing at the beach, and spring vacation usually finds her on the slopes of old Badger at Yosemite. julie enters enthusiastically and cheerfully into everything she does, from Glee Club and junior class cheer leader to teaching Sunday School. Qs-at S ' wid Q Tixfiksi x X X 'is rf is gr 'i.1f:. CAROLYN PULLIAM A honey colored head bent over a microscope will usually prove to be Carolyn. Once the lively protozoa has been found, one can hear her slow drawling laughter and everyone rushes to see what she's found. Usually calm and pensive, Carolyn is almost always the only girl able to answer one of Miss Edmundson's very deeu his- tory questions, and yet when presented suddenly by a handful of dried earthworms, an amazing shriek comes forth. Her real talents, however, are in the literary field, as shown by her member- ship on the Outlook Staff. Next year Carolyn hopes to go to college back East. We will miss you Carolyn and so will Caltech! Baby its cold outside!" "Streetcar Named Desire" LINDA JEAN REA Linda has a vast store of wit and fun in her nature which is always animated by her expres- sions. Linda made a magnificent Master ot' Cere- monies in "This Is Your Life' at the Halloween party. Her literary talents lent .1 Characteristic sparkle to that production and also to the Christ- mas play. As assistant editor of the Spyglass, Linda has done a wonderful job, and has delight- ed her readers through the year with her original column about Herman, a little bug that somehow found its way to Wfestridge. As class cheer lead- er last year, Linda spurred the team on with a spontaneity that is such a part of her warm and infectious personality, JT If 'VN' fi OLIVIA SAAVEDRA Olivia was vice president of the Glec Club this year and has taken part in many Glee Club ac- tivities during her two years at Westridgeg such as the Operetta and the Christmas play. Her beautiful voice and original piano compositions are outstanding. Her renditions of Blue Moon and Penthouse Serenade were the favorites of the seniors at ditch day. Dainty Olivia has an un- usual hobby of collecting watches of all sizes and shapes, and she also has a huge collection of toy French poodles. She can usually be seen steam- ing out of the parking lot after school in her little black Volkeswagon, which was made in "der black forest by der elves." Olivia lover everything about S.C., but is thinking of college next year in "the deep South". Is th it my hampster?" "Let's 5,0 men' KAREN LEE SCHIRM President of the Athletic Associotion Karen, who much prefers to be called "Schirmie", has been President of the Athletic Association this year, where she incited new interest in school sports by her exuberant enthusiasm. She has her hands full every Wednesday morning trying to keep the student body quiet and in order while marching into assembly. She herself has been a valuable member of many varsity teams. This year, for the first time in its history, the A.A. sponsored a dance, and Schirmie made it a ter- rihc success by her elhcient organization and per- sistent emphatic announcements in study hall. Noted for her posture and long blonde hair, which looks so wonderful in a bun, Schirmie made a chic model at the Inlook Tea. But her talents don't stop there - will we ever forget the way she plays those drums. IRENE STEWART During Irene's four years at Westridge, she has proved herself to be one of the most loyal and avid supporters of school life. She has always been a wonderful friend with a warm interest in everyone. Her school spirit is shown by her participation in or presence at all Westridge activities. Irene is an active member in the Wel- fare Committee and an efficient Secretary-Treas urer of Mask and Brush, the school's dramatics club. We will never forget Irene's numerous and fun swimming and dancing parties, nor her love for hot buttered popcorn. eepers creepers, Mr. Peepers." "Around the world in thirty seconds" MOLLY DELAFIELD STURGES President of News and Views Molly has been a very very busy girl this year, both in school and out. She has had the job of librarian and also, as President of News and Views, has brought us wonderful speakers and lcd many heated debates. She was also President ot' the junior Concert Goers, a Sunday School teacher, and member of Pandias. In spite of all this activity, Molly manages still to get good grades and to stay calm and always to be ready with .1 smile. Most often heard saying, "When I was in Paris," or "on the Riviera . . .", she brought back only enviable reports ot' her trip abroad last summer. With an avid love for poli- tics, Molly is always ready for a good discussion, and she has definite convincing arguments. is X NN is: ' ff - XY N 1' i QW - E :-.zr we -s - r 5 ,N ,, A my V wfrgimf BARBARA TRENT Barhi, definitely noted for her unique -ippetite tit can jump from one extreme to the other without warningj and her interesting theories on the opposite sex, is one ol' the most well-liked girls in her Classs. She was elected vice-president ol' Mask and Brush for this year. Chatting on the phone for an hour is tl comparatively short con- versation for Barhi who is also an enthusiastic participant in wee-hours-of-the-morning gah ses- sions. She also has a eertain knack for chemistry, a flair for sophisticated clothes, a love for week- end trips to Ojai, and a tremendous repertoire ot corny jokes. Barhi is always ready with optimistic advice which is .1 keynote to her sunny disposition and friendly manner. "It's .1 FOOOORD F" "Tee Hee HARRIET GAIL WILEY Gail, who is the most petite members of the class of '56, came to Westridge in her senior year. A true beachcomber during summer vacations and an enthusiastic party goer at heart, Gail has a wide variety of interests, such as swimming and record- collectlng, which keep her busy throughout the year. She works har at school but never seems to lose that perpetual sparkle which has bright- ened many a biology class at Westridge. Gail has a cute personality and care-free mannerg her busy weekends seem to prove that gentlemen pre- fer blondes! ELIZABETH BAKER WRIGHT Liz, our brightest redhead, was new this year from San Marino, but she soon got right into the swing of things at Westridge. She retained some loyalty for her old alma mater, as evidenced by her enthusiastic support of San Marino football teams last fall. Liz is an excellent student and her sweet refined manner and voice lend a Certain dignity to the rather riotous back row of seniors in French II. Green, skiing, and tennis are num- bered among her loves. Liz's gracious and gentle personality has won her many friends this year. After her trip there last summer, the East almost had a claim on Liz for next fall, but now she thinks she will stay somewhere on the West Coast for college. Although the last, not least."-Shakespeare T E H I E I S C H 0 O L wf QMS' S x XXX X Q Q Q N AQ-I X wx QR fem . Y, 2 Xx w- X :Q lb W, , ,MW Q l A wwf .Q l 'lunu Lclilnnl, Connie Hahn, Milly Elilzllwcth Mitchell OFFICERS INK-sialclit Connie ll.1lm Vine-Pruninlcnt -lunc Lclaml Surotary-Ti'c.1surcr ,, Mary Mitchell SENIOR Qwnii Fl' :KW nQQ FIRST RQXQ' -lthlll Lhuklll, bluln' lxlftlill. lnllv O'CInnu' Annie AiCI,.ll'L'I1, c:.ll'I'if.l Nnfwlw, Ann Duughls. cs UKU B SITONIU ROXX' lflxmlwth Wdiglmt. ' 'r.1fI'. 'l'r4ny lnncs. Lglssin- I.cl1mJ, Connie Hahn. Mary lN1ml1cll,Qhrff7 ',4'fNfill4-Q H.lIlW.ll.l Hl.Il1IxL'I1IlL7I'I1, c W mrc, T1 'I'llIlll3 ROW' Vnlvm- ZXhI7uxnmt!, Klistn CHI'illllg-clIl.l11kHL'I', M.ual1.1 -lunw, Irvin' Stcwnt. Rem-c CI.Istc'lli. QQJIT3 V HJ x . f'.im1x'11 l..1ws, nn Drry 11853 l71m1.l EL'si,c:.lIOlyI1 Pullimn, .lnAnnc Nuntlmnn' IKAVK RUXY' l'.1tIx Uumlm, 0l1xi.1 S.1.zx'uix.l, Mullx' StUl'AlIk'3, slnnln ILll'.ulur1,i'fl2ljlj.l1'.1 in-xrislNunn?-IaaxzgpurbUni! xulu. ' " CLASS V ,,, QM- Peggy Dickson, junicc Young O F F I C E R S President ....,,..,. ,,,,, . Janis Young Vice-President A,,,,,.. ....,,.. j .mice Brandt Secretary-Treasurer ....,n, ....,.,,, P eggy Dickson JUNIOR u.i" xi Q'1'5' . 5 Q1 Q' , A Y Q Q - 'Is-,LM was ' - Q x A . - 1 E Q Y ' X L' H ,... l"lliS'l ROW' lla-mu-tt.l lfgly Lin-tklmm Snmts. . N.lm'y P.ltKinsun. Peggy Russ, Bcx'u1'ly Br.1Jxx'.1y, H.Il'l3.ll'.l Allan Nmy Al.1m- Al1x!K'l'SI?11 Slfi.UND ROW' lxslic Clulllm, S.l1nl1'.1 SXXXIYIIC. Sus.m L9L'l'flNL'I1l.ll'l, Mclimh Muston. IR-Aalgy' Dukwrm. ,I.m1x Young, l.ll1lxK' linllnit, Nucllc' Hurxs, .Indy Lux. 'HIIRD ROW' limw 'l'I1mml1lw, I..lLIl'iL' c:Ut'kl7lllAI1, l7Q'bl'.l Nash. ,I.1nct -l.1mI'u1s, Susiv lryalc. V1xtu1i.x StI.IHIM'l. Ixllxilkkl ll.u1sL-11, Xrlly Sinmmis. Miclu-llc V.lIL'I1fiI1L',,ltl.lI1 I..l V. , ., . , mb. lOl Ixlll MTXX ALIIY lx. Il.m1rm'rslcv. Marv hnluunnlflczm. ludx' I.c.nitt, S.u'.1 Swcuy, Ruyqmm' 'l'cr'1x'. Alum- Huw foul, Umm- 'l'umI1stm1v, ,ll'I1ff.L'l' H.1miltnn. NOT IN l'lC"l4l'Rl7 lI.lL1Ja-um Smith, MMV Cllntty, Q., I mag nv SA PLL 'Fi r 5 u '51 i w in 'Nl lil lil if ix fu, W X 4 film XW! K5 Andrews SC1NCSfCl' SCIl'lCSfCI' scmcstcr semester SOPHOMORE 8 xt, r ., f 'X X F Z . Q t K wi 1 X 5 ' f A li 'ar X Q X u. ws 'Q xi X 5 if C x S R nf P' 4' 1 . 'Q' 'Alf FIRST ROW' AXYI-mly Huntington, 3 K I in , 'Y ., x ' ' Q ? 1 SX ' 3 . , xg XLEQ N fs fl Q X-Lx ' Sw f I is L W L E I 8 5 gi K lr: . K Q1 X Z ll L 3 . il K 5 R 51 l, 1 K 'fll .- 1 R A ' ,P A KN- k 'M Q K3 ., -,- M., .., W- , . A. A Mnrlcnc Colcnmn, Nancy Corlcttc, Dian lindsay, lfcrmlmh Cllstclli, 'Ibrrv slo lirnllvy. hldlj' Ann ljL'.lflN.lll, Dnrlcnc Coleman. SECOND ROW' -,ludv l.ocl11'iJgc, ln.: licgvrow, lionnic cJvc:Ul"l0l'. Aalvlc Hughcs, Caltlly Amlrcws. Amlzu- XX'l1itnL-y, Cilu-fry Cf.n'tcr. lin-tty N.lfll.lI1, Linnln Duvidxon. THIRD ROW' Meg xlcnscn. Cf.lrolyn KQlIllL'l1, Starr Tlmonms, Sully lNlngL', Carol Morris, lWl.ll'j.flt' 'lllyloxg Annn- liglilcy, Gay Anna' Li.1llwr.1itl1. Sue lixums, Linda Pctcrson. Kristi Schirm. lilimhcth Olson. , ,,.. ,, l'Ol lxlll ROXX l,ux'.1 lNlycrs. licnlmcn XX'41yI41ml. Susan Hoagland, Poppy Copeland, lNlnr3.gcry CQr.1i.ag. Clyn-fic XX1iHT'ICl', lXlgKL-c .l.ll0lllP5UIl. Lmy l..n'kin, lNl4u'g.l1'cI Pools, Cl.llILll.l Bonncll. Anne Crotty. Annu Sunmcr. NOT IN PlCi'l'l'Rl5 .ll1licXY'i11gl-ic ld. Q, X J' Ylmllxl Sflmum. lklggy Scllcrs. Ann l'i4-msc. Betsy Pyle. Axon M.lttxsun l"r,siLlcnt ,ljcggy Sellers, lfirsr SL'INL'5lL'I' Ann Picrusc, Scmml scxncstur ViLcfPrcsillcnt Betsy Pyle, First sum-star' Avon lVI.lttisun, Suoml sQ-1m'stcr Scc'r,t.1ry-Trmsurcr ,SAl1LlI'.l Snluum, lfirst sum-stu' .K- 'bbw Walla... Margie lJOl1ll1LlI1, Suoml scmcstcr I . ' Qbgr K xv xx -. X SN X x x xx FRESHMAN N 1 X - .- 3 jx X 3 3., M - K .Y 'Q K , Ni V3 -...-QA' KX X ,. M I aa, . .. xv ,, Q A I ,kg f K x ,M gg 11 " 5 A. ,Q ,Q 1- Om . ' - J gg 4, X x ' M ' 'A' - k X QTEK , m .W , 1 Q V XX X "' X X s 'YY K ug- X 1 1 I ' l'lRS'l' ROW' ,l'L'll.lX.l SfQ'XK.lI'f. Hslwctlm PUAIINUII, K.xtiv Puolr, My-Iynnln Mnthn-r. SIKLOND RUXY Sumn Summ-i, Annu l'icmsL', S.lmll'41 Sllhllllll, Pcggy Sullcrs, 154-hy Pylc, CQ.mvI l'1x Il.llt'ltlIlK'. Tllllill ROXY 'Nl.lIy,.Il'L'f Ijtlhlllhlll, N.xmy lfnnis, -Lmct Nmwvuml. .Iulic Valrntim-, Amin Matrix li.11lx1l.1 limlurnlx' I"Ol'liI4ll RUXX' xylllllllhl l,u'!', lmlwul 'l'l'.lXlS, f'.lI'UI BAll'I1lll11, N411'cyXX'1'igI1t. l.iml.1 lilnsly. NUT IN l'lCh'I4l'Rlf X.lmv lkkn, .Iudith plum-S. B.lllW.lI'.l Hulxxqly. CLASS UH. Mal hw. Sllmlll tum Smith. i 1 ,. 2 'Q V ' sp ' ., Q :3 in .. A A,.: ,,,:,,:, , Q 5 -73 . L .-'. -- 'Q -'mal 5 i V -'WJ tgkf K di: t dk 9 wwf iw? A Lvn' if K "' as W, RVN' 1 wf .svkwi -as lflRN'l' ROXX' M.11Iu1'1y lifllllx 5.1Ily MII, M.11'1' A1111 'llllll 111, 5lIN.lI1 XXhwI11, 5ll5.lI1 I,1m111 1 Q 1 N x NIC UNI? ROW' S.1ll1' S1'.1111.111x. KI.lHL'I llhllllbli, S.1111l1A.1 Il.l,IH.1I1. Rulvin I'klllNl1. Dum-1 l:X.ll1i. Hllda Il l11111 N11x1 Nalwn IIIIRU ROXY 5.lI.lI1 f.111111111gl1.1111, Chnl 5.1l1slw111'v. ,I41.lI1 X1111 SLI1IL"UL'll. V11K1111.1 I'11m1z f,.1111l111 H1l1 I1111 X111 11-1114111 -l111lx Stow. I'fJl'R'lIl ROW' M.11tl1.1 Mmsc. Vil'4!lI1i.l Rico, l'.I'.lI1 P.1J1'HA1w11l. 511s.111 Q111.:1m, ,l.111Lt Kl1L'kl1I. C1.11l cllll KI 111111111 C lIIIIK'I. NUI IN Vlifl l'Rl1 C.111vI1' XX'.1xl1lw111'11. EIGHTH GRADE Alu . Q 6 - 1- g QQ 3 tv - X 4 E E5 u 6-E f . b Q A . Qi c - Qz . bl 2 x, at X ., - Q KT xx 5 xi N K Q E 1 . -1 .'. +G. - - X 'Y peg 4 A 5 2 x ' r- ..,- ' , 1 xi iw ' M-av K I. SQXEKK ey OH - U , 1 ,E g - x Away A2 . vsp? -xx x Q fy V' Q A M1 . . xi! E 3' 5 5 Y S Q S XF S kg. wgysx VI EQ X J M is A W Et fx ,xg k 'ww-K Nr . 5, S'I' ROW' Arm I.ccJs, Cfynthhl RiCh.lI'L1SUD, Leslie- lfadc, Cunniu Cutter, I.Ul'iI1ki.l l,l'iL'l', Pcnm' Primv, Ilimln Mmlmvl. ' SICIOND ROXX' S.1llic Muir AllAIl'l'SUI1, Alice Myers. I.1m' Huffnmn. P.lm I.m'l1I1c.ld, Mullv P.1ul. Mary Clhhllhlll hlism' liurctt. Virginm Curlcttv, Luuisc- HllI'Ilh.ll1E 1 IIIIRD ROXV- AIlL1l'C'.l Dorn, Mimi Huguns. Cllmrlnttc Iiuiflml, Susan Hijl4QiI1hlifI1.II11. KAlI'L'I1 Zisch, Lvnn lintcs l'I'.lIlK'C5 llulJn'1'. U.ll'lW.ll'.l l'rl.1ul1. lin-th C,Ix.1ngstml11. 7 , lk-.uI1, Ultlmx' hi.lUhk'XY, Nuky H.1l1n. SEVENTH GRADE lOl'R'l4ll ROW' -lu.m ,I.mlim-, Yu-ttc 'l3cI1u11w, Lin-l.1 XX'lw.atm1. lJ.ll'lAl XY'1'igl1t. Ywnnc Nunn, Vkki Oriwnla, lfllcn I 7 ki? .islfxl-fkUf'r if 5 Q ,- sf , . X W E 5 Ny . E K , , . Q f-'A' E SX 1 Q1 f ,F iw-Q 'I ia N fy-R' 4 fexl A 8 L M., ,Y x, 4 , IROIYI' ROW' Linnug- Booth, l:l'.lI1CL'S SCJITILIHS, M.11'g.l1'cf Iiuthwcll. l'r.11'1'y Zm'thi.1n. Slliflby Cllnlk h1lI'ILlI'Cl hit! L h.mt. ALR ROW' -I.mc lf.lNfI11.lI1, ,Imm Valentine. Kzlthlccn Mstjlmkcy. ,Inn NL'XN'LkUI11CI'. X 0 SIXTH GRADE .wzm W .W ,N X 4 f , bzqq ff ,. ,MF 'S J fi5"'fXi F M 'F R - 'Hi J ,tgp Q 4 K s , 1 f l"RUN'I' ROW' Kxrxty Ruswll. 'llmi ,lo HL-hr. ,I.lnL-t Sill. Rubin Gallmllly. Penny Dumm. Cindy CQl.1i'kL-. BACK ROW' 171554 Hugcns. Rubin W1-lwlw. GL-urgigl I.ym'h, Polly xXYhC.llUI1, CHILI l7uhlm.m. Summ Stzxlttcm, IDJPIIIIL' CQIIQN. FOURTH and FIFTH GR -is-'N' ur s",,.m., 'yi ie ,si 1 , V .. Q. .x , h fl F O R G A N I Z A T 4 I O N S waswifwggwggglfxif 1, sf lfllON'l' ROW' tS1'11tc1ll blutly l.c.1xitt 154-1'1'1't.11'yJ, Noniu l7AlYL'I1P17I'I Ql'1'csi1lcnt uf tl11- Slllxltfll limlyj, ll.lll3 IRA! l.L'XVIi Q V11 11 P1'1's11l1'11t J. ,K ROW' A1111 P11-1'11s1'. Cf.1tl1y Al1klI'k'XXs, citllilllk' lfl.llll1, Ann Dreyfuss. KAll'K'I1 Scl1i1'111, ,I.1i1is xvtilllltll. lytjlkll' Svlltis NOT' IN PlCfIAl'lil2 lliltlt- l,k'Lll.Illk'L. THE STUDENT CGUNCIL 1,110 ul thc 111.1111 olwjcttiws ut btutlcnt f,OLlllLll this yc.1r l1.1s been 111 1l1-xclop .1 1l11s1-1' fL'l.lllUIlNlllIW lu-twcc11 thc uppcr .1111l l11wcr sthools. This pr11lwlc111 w.1s 111111'l1 .1ll1-1'i.1t111l lwy gix'i111g thc girls i11 tl1c upper s1l11111l "little sisters" i11 the lower s1'l11111l, lf.11sl1 "big sistcrm sl1.1rul .1 lwx l11111'I1 witl1 l1cr "little sister" OIT R.11111cy l,.1w11, li11tl1 tl1c11l1lcr .llltl y111111gc1' girls scc111c1l to enjoy tl1c111scl1'cs, Nonic lj.lXL'lTlWOI'l. St111l1'11t liotly Prcsi1lc11t, It-tl tl1c Cf1111111'il i11 111.1ki11g st111l1'111 .gm 1'1'11111c11t .1 x'it.1l P.lI'l ul' c.11l1 gills lilic tl1r1111gl1 thu l1111111r tmlc. U11 tl1c wlmlu, g1'c.1t stritlcs were 111.11lc by thc st111lc11t 1111111111 t11w.1r1l 111.1i11t.1111i11g .1 1111itic1l .1111l s11111111l1ly 11111 s1'l1o11l. 5l1AI'I:D I'.11m-1.1 L.UkLlL1L'.ltL, Susan Qnnglvy. CiyntI1i. Nuniu Dm cnpart, llmsidclmt ,.,-Nw Study Hall THE LOWER SCHOOL COUNCIL El vi S37 X.. 15 ' l'rlmcz J-.- I flllllil fl luidclwt, SL'L'UI'IsL sum-stcrl. S.lml1'.1 H.lYlll.ll1, V STANDINLI L:l.lI!Ck'5 S1-.n1m.1m. Sumn LLLQAQLIILTULLLIIII. -lmmn um Sclmlcgn-ll, 'I'm'.1 Nux'un1w1'. -l.xn NtAXVkllIIlL'l'. Nut in Picture' - Hilde Puclnlncc fL,l'L'SLxLt'I1f. first scnwstcrj. P1111 111111111 111.111 11.11.1111111. K 11'1'11.1 N111wI1-s. 1J1'111w AI1L11'L'SOI'l 11'111t111'j, '1'1'.11y 111111-5. M1111y 0111111111 K11s1111 M11 11111 -1.4-.4 """"'-IM.. u...,,,,, W MM- 4. -v-A-M-.n,.,y., ---1... 4... ii. 1 5 , INLOOK s. 111 1'1111111111113g .11111 111'1111111g 11111 1111111111 ,l.1lL' 81.111 is wry gr.111'1'111 111 Mrs. 11.111, 11111' .lx1X1w11I', who is .l1W.lyS FC.lk1y 111111 111111111'.1'111'1111'111 111111 13111111 11c.1s, .11111 111113 so I11LlL'11 14111 1111- 11111111 1N111111-y 1-111 1111 1111 11111111 lx I1r11x1111'11 1151 1111' 1111111111 11'.1 .11111 111 1 pr11111.1111 1111- s11111o1. 12151111111 5111111 XX'1llL'11 15 A111YL'11 111111 1.111 111111 IN 11111 111' XV1-sri11gc's must 1111110111111 1-191115. 'l.11K' M111 111 11k1iC1.i, r.1f1111s, 11.1kc11 131111111 111111 11m11'1s 111.l1iL'N 1111 1- 1-10111 .11111 01141111111 11x 111 1111111 1111 1W1l01i XK'1111l1Ll1 .lt1YL'I'11SL'111L'l11 UI' 515911.11 .1111 1111111 L-.1111 111.11 11.1s 1111' 1'.1111L'1' 1111111, 11111 Mig? nr 5 , INLQQK TEA ,1 W Ng -2 . ,KJV 'IQ ' K GNVQN X NmwQ, Q! XQQQNW '1 Y' -if 1 3,351 FRONT ROW' ffA- -Carrita Nobles, Lassie Leland, Debby Nash Ann McLaren QFditorj Peggy Rose Musl I . , . . , , , A 1 ia ,ones Alenifei' Hamilton, Gretchen Smits. BACK ROW'--A Molly O'Conoi', Tracy Innes, Sue Gertmenian, Liz Wfright. julie Patton, Lincla Rae. -loan Lamb. Margie Taylor, lilsbeth Pearson, Anne Hereforcl. SPYGLASS This year's Spyglass had a pleasing make-up and gave complete coverage to Wfest- ritlge news. Ann McLaren and her staff followed the principle of frank and honest journalism, mixed with sparkle and wit. Perhaps one of the most unusual newcomers to the paper was Herman, the Westridgc- arthropocl, with his salient observations on life, The editorials have been thought-provoking, the reporting thorough, ancl the aclvertising excellent. Reporters from the sophomore, junior and senior classes gave a varied approach to school life in articles on Wfestriclge activities, extra-curricular topics, and stories ot' the girls themselves. The enthusiasm with which each copy of the Spyglass was met is eviclence ot' the superb job Annie and her stat? have clone. as . X Q Sl Al l D -Carolyn Hall. lNI4irgery Ennis, Carolyn Laws feditorj, Judy Cox, Ginger Lief, Judy Locliridge, Cathy Andrews. SIANDING -S.u'.i Sweeyy, -loan Gilskill. Liz XX'right. CarolynPulliam,Miii'ga1'etI'ol1liui1n. OUTLOOK This has heen the Outlooks greatest year. During the weekly meetings, the st.il'l' ol' the Outlook has been quietly milking big decisions and putting together 1 new, revolutionary inngazine. XXf'hen the Outlook made its grand apperirance in May, the Student Body was surprised to find that the yearly edition had come nut with 1 new cover .ind in it siniiller, more compact size. And above all, instead of being miineogmphed, it w.1s printed! The interior of the magazine contained even more surprises, for example, the outstaiiding creative work ot' the students was printed on heavier paper. Three prize winning papers were included in this original edition: two from the short story and newly .idded poetry contest, .llltl one from the prize winning pence essay contest. The lower school w.is given more rerognition hy having ll section of its OWI1. Iidiioi- CI.u-olyn L.1ws .ind her lmrd working st.ifT have made the Outlook it 111.15111- zine ol' whith the sehool can he proud. Truly .1 new look has come to the Outlook. -n1gl -:ug ll I nh '- 'L vi A D., 7 if -'-sk FIRST ROXY'f-lane Eastman. Irene Stewart. Connie Hahn. Ann Dreyfuss fHead of XX'eIfai'eJ. -Ioan Gaslcill, ,lunc I.c-land. Penny Dumm, SECOND ROW' 'Ginger Lief, ,Ioan Lamb. Gretchen Smits, ,loan Haraclon, Andrea Dorn, Mary Schoc-ntgcn. WELFARE Under the capable, enthusiastic leadership ot' Ann Dreyfuss, the Xllfeltiare Associa- tion has had a full and profitable year. The hat has been passed for Community Chest, March ot' Dimes and Red Cross drivesg and woolen clothes have been collected for less fortunate children here and abroad. A mound of cans and packages ol' food in the north end of the hall was the result of the Thanksgiving drive. Welt.1re members also attended Pasadena Area Youth Council groups to discuss welfare plans with students ot' other schools. The main welfare function, The Carnival, especially gay this year with newspaper comics as decorations, made a lot ot' money which will be given to worthy organizations, such as Wforlcl llniversity Service, American lfriencls Service and American Ifield Service. The XWell'are Association also underwrites the expenses connected with our athliation with Schulfarm-Scharfenberg in Berlin, I wav .nf ti Y 5 J X Sui Nwec-fy. Starr Thomas. Ann Dreyfuss. .loan Gaskill tHeacl of the Scharfenherg Committeej, Iilizaheth Wl'lHll SCHARFENBERG This years Sclmartenherg Committee has been extremely energetic in communicating with our athliatetl school in Germany. 'loan Ciaskill, as heatl of the committee, ancl her nine helpers have promoted many friendships between Wfestriclge girls anti SCl'lAI'l4CHl7Cfg. A project ot' thc- committee this year was a tape recording ot' XY"estriclge activities sent to Schartienlwerg in return for one sent to us last year. The committee has also pro- motecl the plan for a Wkstritlge stutlent to spencl a year stutlying at Schult'arm-Scharl4en- hcrg. Antlrc-c XY'hitney, now a sophomore, was selecttl as tht- XYICill'lxl.QC representative to .tttentl the llerman school next yar. Our strong trintlship with Schult'arm-Schart'en- herg is evitlence ot' the committees enthusiastic work. l'egg.Ly Rose tVit'e-Presidentl, Molly Sturges llJiesidentl. Nanev Clorlette tSetret.iiyJ. News and Views, under tlie leadership ot' Molly Sturges, completed a very sut tesslul seeond year at XVestridge. lfaeli Tuesday afternoon, Sth period, upper stliool girls niet in the small auditorium to liear student debates and outside speakers, or to see a movie. Among tlie interesting speakers were several representatives of Anieritan Universities Field Stall wlio liad lived and done researtli in different countries. The lviig event ol' tlie year was the XY'elwlw-XVestridge delvate, lield at Xklrstritlge Tlie delwate was lots ol' lun and extiting lor delwators and spectators alike. The News and Views Cllulw lias lwrouglit us a lwroadei' outlook on world allairs lwy tontluetinlu edutational and, at tlie sanie tinie, vivid and interesting meetings. My FIRST ROW' Alia- Mya-rs. Ann Lcctls. SIZKONU IIOXY'-ffV.1lt-1'iv McDv,-rmott, Avon M.1ttison. Alum- Millcr. Royunm' 'I'c'i'i'y, ll.lI'l7AII'AI Allen, N.u'tvn Smith Anno liglilcy. ID.n'lt-nc CUlL'I11.lf1, Mary lngrim. 'IIIIRI7 ROW' Ifliss.1 Hugt-ns, Peggy Dickson IHQIIJJ, Susic Stratton. MUSIC COMMITTEE The Music Assembly Clommittcc was rcsponsilnlc for monthly "local talent" music progrnns this yur in thc twcnty-minute period on XVctlncstl.1ys. Among thc rccurrcnt I'.ix'oritcs wt-rc inclutlctl "The Discortlcttcsn, .1 highly promising quartcttt- ol' juniors, .lllkl Yvonnu Nunn with hcr wonderful lmllct tl.1m'ing. Singing, liolk tl.1nt'ing, .intl pi.ino plsying, from t'l.lssic.1I to hoogic, wcrc other .1ttr.1t'tions. The music tommittcc supcrviscs thcsc xxiricty shows, and thc Wfcstridgc .lLlklIl.'IlLC is .ipprccitltiw .intl cn- thusiastic. A R T S X A Q- A 1 R, N wg Xgxmg W - N1-x EN ,L x N ASX Q L QR ' i X ix ' . 5 Q: X :ER 'ws . - P s S 1 315 fi S .. -- mg, Q Q Q - ,. - ww Q Q hx' Q . Ni k M531 sag S f is A ix xr. 'iw +sSTi3' X MN? -1 ks Ski: :Y '35 in is: ...ff K If' . gp x X S Q21 agua? c f , . . ,A lt , A af ff' A ET? ' 9ff?5tQl'?r 9"5"lfi.. t' - , ls , "lil 'il 3-7 3 , is W-55 Aff, JF t-Q Q ,J "M ., O A A ,ad 51,6 gg I FIRST ROW-Mtwllyr O'Conor, Bonnie O'Conor, Sally Mage, Mary Schoentgen, Carrita Nobles, Ann Douglas. Aludy Cox, Val McDermott QPre-sidentj, Olivia Saavedra, QVice Presidentl, Anne Hereford, Sandra Swayne, Aludy Leavitt, Royanne Terry, Peggy Dickson, Nancy Corlette, Poppy Copeland, Cyrene XX'arner. SECOND ROXV-janis Young, Adele Hughes, Mary Mitchell, jane Miller, Ann Dreyfuss, Alulie Patton, l,if XX'r-ight, lllolly Sturges, Karen Schirm, Sally Simonds, Sue lnge, Mary K. Hammersley, Noelle Harris, .lanet .lacobus, Carol Fisher, Sue Sumner, Marcy W'right. BACK ROW-Peggy Rose. Sue Gertmenian, joan Lamb. Barbara Bottomley, Avon Mattison. Laurie Cockburn, -Ianice Brandt, Linda Mather, Kristi Schirm, planet Norwood, Nancy Fnnis. Tracy lnnes. Anne Bailey, Starr Thomas. Carolyn Kamen. Andree Wfhitney. GLEE CLUB The talents of the Wlestridge Glee Club are being sent abroad this year on .1 tape recording to our German atliliate, Schulfarm-Scharfenberg. If the Glee Club gives as good a performance on the tape as it has at Xwestridge functions, better foreign rela- tionships should develop, The Glee Club also added much to the Christmas Pageant by singing the traditional carols. In February all the Glee Club members went to Wfebb for the annual dance, where everyone had her till of fun and food. At the Open House the club presented another program for the parents and friends of the school, and finally they closed a successful year by singing at the graduation exercises. Valerie McDermott and Olivia Saavedra, president and vice-president respectively. did a line job in the organization. For many years the Glee Club has been under the masterful direction of Mr. Howard Swan. sms ' .x ,.-:.:..wWNW. Q ma K Q A x KN? - K NW t .,xX..x.,Xw, Glcc Club sings .lt Clhristnms P.lgC.lI1f GI.l?lf C'I.l'B Olfl"ICflfRS f,liYi.l S.l.lxul1.z fxIikK"Pl'L'SiL1L'Ilfy, .ln-I V.lIL'l'iL' INIQDL-rnwott l'l'L-siJL'l1U. Hoxxxird Swan, Glcc Club Dircctur Neff lrene Stewart fSecretaryJ, jane Miller fPresidentJ. Not in picture: Barbara Trent CVice Presidentj. MASK ond BRUSH Variety was the keynote of productions of the Mask and Brush this year. The Clhristmas pageant had a new vitality derived from its satirical humor. The freshmen. sophomores and juniors have each given entertaining one-act plays. The Spring Play, Om' Herzrli ll"ere Young and Gay. was given in March and was the result of the combined efforts of the entire club membership, plus various young men from neigh- boring schools. Variety also prevails in the type of work or play done in the Mask and Brush Club. jobs are available for girls interested in everything from moulding .1 personality by means of artistic make-up to the more materialistic but no less important pursuits, such as collecting properties. jane Miller, as President of Mask and Brush, Barbara Trent, as Vice President, and lrene Stewart, as Secretary-Treasurer, worked with Mrs. Monsour, our director, to make this a successful year. Each production showed careful planning and effort which resulted in a number of good plays. N PRCDDUCTICDNS A T H L E T I C 5 1 ' 1 A if 1' X 'Q' X . xl .avg is X, ,An 'J , rf '. Q n K F , . X 5 f Q am ...X K 'N bkiv 'Ng L Q K " XX X .. .X ' f 'f . X, , 5. A a g .f Hur Q .- 1 f' ' Q' - x V' ,Q 5' 5 Q 5 ' K 3' x X Q' ' wr A i J Xp ff f Q Q' X o ki o r up gm Wg fx QNX? Q' Q I 1 ' - 1 X ' f . X Y' f , Xi' x n Q A Q X K QP, y X . -. I i s .x . v . , 1 , sp X . ', X.' ""."l .9 i Q x N - ip x x X Q aw. 'X r A .. X I x 'j I , C .- is xi, ' ' 4 .5 'Q- s .L ' v ' x i 3, ' lf' 5 V 3 WX ,. X r -'PQN 'xx 'Q 4- . XX, 4 , : 1 -. 4' . Is'- N W5 ' c . ,K X, ,Ag we 'X E2-Q.: ' si Sw gm N X X QA X X X -M N-x W X wr Ygqgw X X i -X.,..,k X vw fi bXX. i S X af f Qtr by k X Xvhism .-2' A 1 x I-.A S . . . . . ,1 111.11 f5LLlLl.llyl. KJILII 511111111 llresitlentj, li1'etcl1e11 Smits lVi1e- l'lRN'I' ROW' Sally l'llXCIillkll lxlll'lL'l1L' Civle 1 i A"- " " " 7 ' ' P1 1 1-s 1l1'11tJ, C.111'11111e Cll1.1111ll1'1'. NH UNIJ RUXX' Isahel 'l41'.1x'is, A1111 lNlkl..ll'Cl1. C.1r11Iy11 Laws, Kristin lhlUl'l1L'l', -l11Ar111e N1111th.1.113 'llwri Sllallllafl. l.i111l.1 lXI.11st1111, Anne HL'l'L'llPl'kl. Renee Castelli. ATHLETIC The Athletic Asso11i.1tiu11 had .111 extremely SLlLL'CS5l.Lll year, l1igl1ligl1te1l hy the A.A. SlWllllSUI'Ctl 1l.111c'e, The Clranlwerry CQ11tilli1111, given the night hetiore 'I'l1.111ks5gix'111g. The swi111111i1141g .1111l 1'11lleyl1.1ll teams made excellent sl1owi11g at 1'.1ri1111s Pl.lyal.lyS. .1111l .1 higaly SLlL'L'L'SSlLIl lw.1slietl1.1ll playtlay was held at W'estr11lge. The te1111is team sl1owe1l their skills .lllkl sl111rts111.111sl1ip .1t Mayheltl and Ojai. lhe I1CX'CT-Clltllllcil 11111tro1'ersy over showers alter sport periods was partially sulxul, as the .1ss111i.1tiu11 tlecitletl 111 leave the matter largely up to each SlLlklL'lllvS 1lis- kI'CllHI1, lhere was also 1l1s1'11ss11111 111 the 1'111111e1l O11 the el1111111.1t11111 111 gym grades as there was .1 feeling that grades put 11111 111111111 e111phasis on i111livid11.1l skill. The year was hrought to a SLICLkCSSlALll close with the prese11t.1ti1111 of letters .1111l .lXK'.lI'tlN .11 the A.A. B.lI1LlLIL'l i11 May. S1'hir111ie .mtl her 1'o111111ittee 11.111 well he IWl'0Llxl ' lei ol t11eL'I1tl1Llsias111 .1111l spirit they L'l14QCl1L IUXX'Iili SCIIOOIA A'I'Hl.l5'I'lCi KQOVXCII. lum um Snlrln-3.31-ll. flXl1flIi.lf:llIl'lk'l. 'I,Ul.l Ni'XNk'lH11L'l' CCDUNCILS 'HZAM OITITICQERS n Hc1'cfm'd, CIm'innc Cllmmilcr. Sally H.1lwrs " Stnunbcl, HRK VOLLEYBALL FIRST ROW' Claurluun Smith, Laurie Cockburn, Kristin Murner fl-lead uf Volluyhallj. Susan Gcrtmcnian, Sally Halvcrstaalt, Anne Hereford. SECOND ROXViI.inda Marston, Karen Schirm, Ann Dreyfuss, Sally Simonds. Carolyn Laws, Nonic Davcnport. THIRD ROXX'fGrcchcn Smits, Judy Leavitt, Cherry Carter, Adele Hughes, lWcKcc Thompson, .lanis Young, BADMINTION Ann Dreyfuss, Sally Halvcrstadt, Adele Hughcs, Karen Srhirm, Grace 'l'luu'ndikc, Claudecn U-lead of liadmintonj. Smith, Carolyn Laws BASKETBALL llRS'l' ROW' Graft- 'l'l1m'ntlil4c, fll.llltlL't'll Smith, Laurie Coclthiirn. Karen Schirm, Anne Hcrcfmml fHcatl of Basket- .halll, Ann lhcytitiss, Sut- Cicrtmrnian, Mary Scliucntgcn. Kristi Schirm. SliCQOiND ROW' im-ttlim Smits. Atlclc Huglics, Kluily Leavitt. Cherry Carter, Mary Ann Pcatman. -lanis Young Sally Simnntls, Norm' lj.lYL'I1PUl't, lna liugt-1'imxx', Carolyn Laws, Tori Strauhcl. Sally Halwrstatlt, Cathy Andrews lNlt'Kc'n' 'l'l1nmpmn. Marlcnc Coleman. TENNIS .-.-bnbui nix Yuung, .lutly l,L'.lXIfl. Nnnic lD.lYL'l1PUl'f, l.auric c:Ut'lilWllI'I1. Betsy Pylc, Ann hfL'L.lI'CD fHL'1lLl nf Tunnisj Clautlt-m Smith. Susan Lit-itmunian, Atlclu HLIf.Il1L'S,' Karon Schirm, Kristi Schirm. RIDING CLUB I w:wff?!1f I-'IRNI ROW' ISu.1tuII IXI.n'y Iam' Amlc-1'sm1, IXI.m' Ann Ingrim. Kath- IMUILI. Ix.1IwI 'I'r.1xia. SHONIJ ROW' flurinm- Cllmmlln-r, ,I'L'l'l'I' In Gridlcy. Rum-c C.1stL-III II'Ic.1d uf' Iihlxrmgj. Ik-rn.1mI.1 C,.IstvIIi IVIL IIn.nI ut' RIIIIIIQQI, MLKW II'Immpsun. IIIIRI5 IUW4' V.lI1'liv IxIlD1'l'llIUfI. I7-IIN W'l'I,1LI1f. 5-IIMIILI H.lI'I1I.II1, xlulic V.lIL'IIIlI1L'. IfIsIx-tI1 I'c.u'wn. AIu.m V.uIc txmg S.nIIx INI.lIuu, Ann IJITYIVIISS. cl.Il'I'II.I Nulwlw. Dcblw AmIr4-srm, S.1mI1'.1 Sxx.u'm'. SWIMMING 3, gb. S I I X I'IIiN'I ROW' XIJILIII' INIIIDI-rmutt, Immn I..m1Iw, Chu Axim- Cl.1IIw1.nitI1. IuAnm- Nm1tIw.1.u IIIv.nI UI SXKIIIIIIIIIIQI. IuIu I I.1Ilm1. Ann IUIL-x'I'l1sn. IX-I1Iwy AmIIn-null. NIKUNIH ROW' Irnm- SIk'NY.lI'I, NJIIKI' CQm'IL'ItL'. llrctnllcll SIIIIIN. S11c'C1c'lt1m'1111n. In.: Iicgumx, Annu IILILIIIII AIcn.1y.1 5I4'XK.lI'I. "sm--.N EVENTS . ,..W............-......,,, 4 K K N i R . ,A -w.-.......... ,X x . g ,. ...W .WM , , 3 Q Q ' ' 'L' ,gegl IW W5 Xi' . k ALSX MQ- .Qmwiiiw xmmwwwxwxw :..:.:..f. S MN , Mx. .ww -SXX N S M... ww ,,,,W'-W" K Mn- ...-- Q. 7 E Q NN,,g,,w.. 4 Q . ww .. .. M A w L' B' ' , Q ' N' " -A M- A ,u S-wifi 4 x. - M,,p.m-..-1 x W, ' , x x v ,K L N y M X. , x. 3 x eu ,S .X " XMS x AQ ' ' k ,gm W Q., .. Ma., . x ,Vw . .J 'Q ' A .U M Fwy? siyw. 1 Hu. xnxx, ' 'N' t - wee , .fm C I gk xml Rw111.m illilflfiklll lnlook Tux CQI'L'L'li .md Runnm Party Ilurw Slum' Spring Play Cl.m Dame WERE YOU N ffm' C .1rmx.nl Ring ciL'l'L'lNUlI,' After A, A, H.1I1LlllL'l NU' ii gi. X X 4q,. ' s .. -Q i K Pi.ll1l1iI1.Q C'i'.1i11w1'i'y Cluiilliwii Ditch D.1y Cihristnms Pliy Sister C'I.1ss Picnic Spring xI.lL.lliUl1 lilccliuns Bcllmi liX.ll11S Alitcr lfxams fiI'.lLill.lliUIl 1 N SPRING S PROM gi Lf-f S 1 Ulm. yuu rc yu t s .4- x X K is X 'X a .plying tlmr XVl1o's tlmt talking Oh Pislml But . . . Hur smilc is thc smile . . . Sun. do your stuff , , , .uul so MORE 1 ww 'rfxxw F Q A if XY' l ,HA '4i",.i?.Lt..1 he 1crc's thc sun? Douglas' slumber furry? "Pro" lu lluiln sf Cyl 1111 W 'Bs' sr ,,, FIR 'Q Qi N s if Q 3. 4 '65 An our Q RJ Dimplcs 5 The Momlay fcclilmlg 332-. it ., l'I'.llllfk lfoursomc 99 yC.lI'S . . . The ands ncwr lic J su to sleep .lgdill XVIICCH Thu IXILISQ I P QM-uri Q:1g?:.m 9 0 W-4: K ""mww-...,. A tc.ul1cr's v.1c.1tion Om summur oi' h.1ppim Wh. Young .md foolish ' Capt. MidnighL's Scnrct SQILIJJFOII AND 3 1 VN Y X Huh Huh 2 ff L Om' . 3 X.,,i wr? g 'few 'U' ' 5. ' -x Y in-' AA. X. Qi' ur thc h.1ll is over Rcccss, sun, food lhhu Ill the xmmls Study munh? I mught it myself Heaven only knows Summer d.1y .Ind clmildrcn play XVOWI Unchained Wfhcre to ? "" was xf' I dun! bclicvc it lfcmmc 1'v.lf.llL' Now wc .lrc three Smt Mun! i ' L ' Q A "" . 'V:f r L ""i - l'?"""0 1 K kk V w W1 i Clnccsc Slcndcrclh 5.11011 Twosome Pretty I Oops! Serious coiifab Buddies Wfho .lrc you?-I CLIPS, CLICKS Hi Ditch Day Smoke in thc cycs Cfokcs, bridge .uni . . , X A Q 'F 1 8 M if M11 XY'umlcx'l'L1l And lmcrg lhvy LOINU , . . Wfllu tu? ? ? XVh.1l gixcs? 'V'-, And who is clupcmning you? 'llfcctsn "Desert Doll?" How Sweet!! AND SNAPS XVJICY 110315 Low is .1 many splcmlorcal thing ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The Inlook staff is grateful to the following people for giving so generously of their time and efforts. Mrs. Gertrude Hall Mr. Sergis Alberts and Mrs. Baker Mr. Peter Geddes, jr. Mr. Dan Taylor and Mrs. Glenn Mrs. Anne Katzman Bill Shakespeare Pancho's ashes F Q 3 E F ! . i E 5 ! gp it L v ,Q :Sz 2 A z 1 W V 300 M-. DWI! A ,Z b x ,,, MNQRQX Q 352m I J ! . 1 GMU M., JM yu' HM Aka. "'-Cv. QUMMW- i?.yu,.w..,,. Www oy JQW4, Q Ln f QM: U

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