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 - Class of 1955

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Text from Pages 1 - 160 of the 1955 volume:

I Q S I 5 YP" f . ,X anal Qual oaial, lvl' by gooepli Cynuench QQ 4 ff let there be lmght-'.. P . XXQ 5 preoento X . lxx X wx W XNNQX x X vhui- 2 I P f Z, J 1-4 --va-0-E,-A-,, H-. 5 , pulflioheal by the aooociatecl otuclento of weotmonf college, oanta barbara, californica X 6 X Z oeuo ,f 0140 Mm ,ee LUG co-eclitoro...chuclz ruooell, :lon waltero aooiotanf eclitor . . . evelyn ohirto art 'editor . . . donna me creacly lauoeineoo manager . . . joe lvenoema aclvioer . . . robert eleath o 1 2 f I Q. -W is. -k .v gg LL.. .. - -A- 4 , . ...... , M.- ---, -W b- 5-V7. If X ,Q -V -L 'X qw' M.--,N V -- f 1 - f-,M efmrq.. . .it V 'EW' 3+ ..K.,.f:1,-., .gi ------- . - I v W , .. .WW ........ X,.' 1 A' , x .W ., .- p- A - . M. . . x, H-, - . , , ..,,., i .f r i I is 1 A' P - 5 f' x-1 I i, x vf L , ' 1 P0 Y c D , ' -,. . ., .--W '---vfq . , Af" I . A .. G ,, . 1 1 f J ' I 4 1- ' " ' ...vp f-1v--,-- w -- k :vp - .. :Iv ,, .-- .,,, , W A ..f. -W V 1, AN .,0,,.,M ,, N ' ..... nf? .F dr -.-. h- . . - ,,,.., V- -1 . c mo, Y ' A e 0 I -..,,:J....,a-..,- A. V .-. A ,, YAY ,ew Aves , ' - , . L..-,,,,,,-...- ,.,.4....-,,,...,,,.m ,,,, ' ' ....:.i- 5- ,2...N....x... i L ' lu1 f uu:u fd' f inline... . X......---n-+- ---Q'-GH" '4'-""""" ,,,,, g as 1 , , l r F . ,A.. l av ,ff WT 1-C"'f""" :""' 1 o fi .51 .. , .Qa- 5 dwelt in darkness have seen a great light l . . .' light has come to man through thomas edison's gift of the incandescent lamp seventy-five years ago. , U light has come to men through the sacrifice and perseverance of men of scholarship who have kept the light of learning burning 'throughout ages of darkness. r light has come to man in the revelation of God in Jesus Christ who pro- claimed, "I am the light of the world. he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the light of Iife." into a pworld of darkness has come light from above. table contenfo EF' . ,5. A ,,,x 5 "-- A, Q,.- 5 3-1jf'iT' : -,L ,,., .Ti ,,q,V . g .A .., ,.,,..., , , nrt!! lamp of learning page 12 sire of saith 6 page 70 appreciation in light of a decade of faithful and effective service to westmont college, mr. willard f. harley merits the sincere appreciation of every member of the westmont family. as professor and chairman of the department of psychology, mr. harley not only has dem- onstrated a thorough knowledge of his field, but also has taught in a way that has chal- lenged his students to delve deeply into the mysteries of the human mind. serving as registrar for two years, mr. harley was instrumental in molding the westmont curriculum. but perhaps his greatest contribution has come in the area of counseling where his helpful understanding and advice have aided many students in the solution of their problems. at the beginning of the 1954-55 school year, mr. harley was appointed dean of students, and in this position he has shown' his abilty as an able administrator. with a vivid memory of his light-hearted humor, his sacrificial labors, and his steadfast devotion to Christ, the students and faculty of westmont college gratefully dedicate the 1955 citadel to mr. willard f. harley. A7 -st i iii T r , wx. i. 1 X v t 1 3' 1 5 I f 'nu , f...,gF.::z,. ' wiv' -'ws-. tly qji!f.:.x',, in- . . .1 .. . 1 K M wv+.""""""" """ A 'QB ,, f ., ' ,456 xifzfi . 4 .. A .' X '-'-- -- "' Q fm' x - w2',,'a?:,pqa'- 1 xx . . Y5w,gm.,, - L.: ..i.,M - 1, gs., A .gg .- l. , K K -.N X X. . 'Dk f. ' A .. .. X xx xx . K rx f s Q. i x N. I 1' - :fignw L .. -5... X 12' XX ii" ' 'A - ' . "H ,,5g!,5.l-Iwi .. f . ' .Y .RFQ ' 0 . ,gf .1"-ffl? y ' 4 .5 J L' -L -X. . , ..- f.j.N, Q - .E i ik- - Q K K ,xg . K " is zlrvf- Q k ...X' K X -Q J'i:'f"x3,l X '-H xx" , df- M. 'W I - I ina ,, 1 ' ,"' K sq , f 1.1 - - -I 5, . - - .4 -N . . . -4' fl ...Q-,fp-.f 4 .y -hw iw... M. ,L ' K' f Q - A-X . . xx-f '- , - X X .. .q xl.. ij, fy, : fx Y , , K'X. -X .. . . .BEA the skill df may hath bum the 1Qwn." f . ' x . . iVUl'l'0 . Yqs., ,Www K . .F N L M- ...Q,,. L A lamp leccrni 9 Z., g if J Aff" X X 1 C , V Q :WD ,f V4 im.. M ' A-.aww-0.0 ww raw? , ff' 70124 -Kg , X if Q' I nf 1 , 4. f , if QW flzpwi AW1, Z , X X ' iw? Ii' pg' I ' fg M3,1fM1...,. V 1 MW ,,5..W,,A. ff' win , Qqx, Q 5 f, 2 ff-,Q My A I 4" 3 f 24. 7, 1 43 AL' , , L " x I. Q X 'ff' 9 Q age ' , ' f' 'gy' W, M ff ', 44411 ' ,M 9 ' " A MW T ' f ifrifzq ,,:, 4.-V wfz, 3 0,1 X41-f-2 , K ,N ,W , v, "V" 7 .-,frm y 1 f 1 IQV4 f f V Gly . ' ' W 4 M WW f H ,ZS ' 4 ,, Wgwggqfw. ,f , 0 4 f VW , f f ,mf lv ??y, 5. , " f'i ,W,.v "' . , ,, ffwfwvfw 1 -slum , it 5 ? 1 , x f 5riY4:.'1IZ," " 'M , ,. - -X A px: wi X f z V aff, J M fav Q -,Q 5, Wfviffffy k .f " X .mg bi 3 I 5 ,is 4. 7 .V ,x x 1 4,6 W5 ' f f' . ' ' 13-Q ' Mg, 'yf , K 1 W ,, .MW ,, jj XX My A k,, ML ff' Q K S , , 5 x 7' ,K ,f 3, X 23 Q Y ,- ., Q ,R , , 7. Nj' R N ' ', 9 .G ?"'..,,asm, I ay x ., " H' I-wi ul. man with cc Uioion dr. voskuyl, president of westmont college since becoming president of westmont college in 1950, dr. roger i. voskuyl has conducted an administration which has been marked by stability and progress. under his leadership enroll- ment has increased, academic progress has been made, and financial status has been strength- ened, while at the same time spiritual emphasis has been sustained. realizing that westmont college is a work of the Lord, dr. voskuyl looks to the future of westmont with faith and opti- mism. westmont college is fortunate to have such ci man of vision as dr. voskuyl as its presi- dent. T9 the president enioys a quiet evening at home with his family: ruth, mrs. voskuyl, nancy, howard and iean. Q-..- '75 QEOI U the boo mf. mt hehsel' ollfiul weslliln e with ll" rw nd lean 6 ff! xp, willard f. harley maria m. wolfe dean of men dean of women I george s. sharpe Iucille schirman comptroller registrar M' ,QM A-gn cornelius Ieih r. vernon ritter assistant to the president I librarian cable aclminiotratoro the board of trustees, consisting of dr. Iaurin, mr. masters, mr. iacobson, mrs. kerr, mr. hensel, mr. bare, and dr. voskuyl, made the official policies regarding the operation of westmont college. 'ull' N x X ,Q A331 an ' , i . .M , V w rudy atwood william i. beasley s mrs. william i. beasley instructor in music assistant professor of music instructor in music 1 l 's inopiring 'ig " inotructoro a s , Q 4, 5 '52 r, -ew -,-- Q it r' cfflflfff ,riff 1 ' E 'a 1 -, xx K 1, , ,ff fs flip 1,15 ' Q . , 'I Vai. 2 t I - K .I .EBV ' U Q ':..,.."""'1::1g..s M: ..., 5 I KT, . "' .r"' lUCY CUmPbell robert l. cleath pr. GSSISYQM Professor of education assistant professor of speech and english I 'Qg X V Nl Q -fl 'mm bltiley mol in mllsit ' v 'lj bolton davidheiser . professor of biology- howard z. cleveland eleanor I. courtney professor of bible and greek instructor in english chairman, division of biblical studies mr. iohn lundberg and mr. rudy atwood of the music faculty made a tour along the pacif- ic coast during ianuary and february. the tour was sponsored by the westmont women's auxiliary, with proceeds being contributed to the library fund. willard f. harley associate professor of psychology chairman, division of education and psychology wayne a. hayden assistant professor of education ,ill A-I JJ X 1,' ii-47 .Ax K frank l. hieronymous P99 lovik 1 assistant professor of history assistant Pmfessor of ,I chairman, division of PhY5lWl edumlian social sciences f h X it X corureno associate pl galen I. pearce instructor in art and physical education iohn lundberg assistant professor of music chairman, division of fine arts kenneth m. monroe professor of biblical history richufdg '-2 and archaeology uiiislqm pro eoooro 0 truth kenneth e. richardson assistant professor of english chairman, division of modern languages and literature r. vernon ritter assistant professor of biblical studies librarian cora reno associate professor of biology I, Y I Pearce :nl Phvfim' edu" J ai. Q richard g. robinson g assistant professor of biology is . ra- Z All-'Q elizabeth b. russ instructor in modern languages 'Y "E , - i ff I iohn r. siemens peter w. stoner assistant professor of physical education professor of physical sciences director of athletics chairman, division of natural sciences ?" 'll fd? J W ,Xu . R Na , Xl if lohn vosbigian assistant professor of chemistry maria m. wolff dean of women .,.,, -ff 2' students were as enthused as mr stoner over the new gift to westmont a large 'I6 Inch reflecting telescope. learning through cc lc-:no professor stoner points out the parts of the new refracting telescope. plans are being drawn up for the new observatory which will add much to the campus. -if x-vff pf fi r-'T N ' 1: I AY? U fel the faculty-trustee banquet was an event that brought westm ont dignitaries together at the beginning of the year. 4l " faculty players featured "frank ford" richardson and "jesse iames" shelton in their production to raise funds for operation elbow room. 22 ccculty rc al 'he faculty big, bad gunman richardson keeps 'em covered W119 the dish during the great train robbery. sllowtd pmmi! barbershop melodies were aired by faculty quartet members rathburn shelton, iohn siemens, william beasley, and robert cleath with mrs. beasley accompanying. ally ro liao at the faculty-i.v. proceed basketball my game the dignified professor richardson . ,,. keffsemc showed promise as a basketball star. 1 l xf1 mr. vosbigian used his famous hook shot in the faculty iv game this faculty man was so rugged and quick that it took two westmonters to stop him. .lx xx., 1, Q I fs-5, ,l ,a-'r,,, 5 "4" ,., -' "gi:- J -inn mr. rathburn shelton headed the department of public rela- S tions and was assisted by mrs. beasley, mrs. iohnson and miss lentz. Y .nh n F LL A C? ,. .ft A " li mrs. gustafson, mrs. van kampen, and mrs. leonqrd were welmoved house mothers. '-.Lf .Afgzff 24 1 tx X xx is our Maxis 32 . ' X ES 5 ,wmv ww' Q 1 1 , . it - Vw E xx Qi 5 ii "wwf ' . APR is ' x i N ...tae ed ...X JF' -XR 'X , - -f 1 i i : X K X g r xc: if -5:3 tw 11 5 WCS 5UPeI'ViSion and maintenance of the westmont buildings and ground done bv mf- 579911, mr. martin, and mr. clark, while the kitchen crew Was headed bY ml'S- Sdpen, and mr. and mrs. ballenger. l S. W, l v uflll ll grv md M kilfl"'l willing to oc-:rue N Ima .QQ V ,SN ' Y . N 1 ' N 1 1 rf YI. A xy, 4 x. CC'-.an JP? f . X A 4 Q f E I lx IL. . , D' the westmont office of college development made up of mr. shelton, mr. milton, mr. vansyoc, miss lentz, dr. voskuyl and dr. brooks laid plans for the future campus development and made contacts which could make their plans a reality. C- O :S wc 1- X 3 , Ns Rx X av .- i . I f , l .xfj . X . K '+V . ci ,S ,Q 315-1 .1 M - Weiss 'if eww " I fl 'gang t 'N x X X 1 Nis k g,s25f5'5Ni X. . WL x Is A..Ai5S+-f fi is N X SN, 1 S miss edith rouse, secretary to comptroller miss barbara miller, SHCYUUYY 70 deaf' mrs. edith plummer, secretary miss mariorie brown, secretary to president mrs. donna labarge, secretary to registrar MISS l'0S9ll0 Wilson' Pefsfmnel 59Cf9lUfY miss e. b. russ, secretary miss alma schill, secretary QR i M, 1 Psi. ."?' I x clcwo '5 5 si I L, -Y kk gr.. ku Y...- x T "NH 1 L N uf X s ,,Q,QL"'-1' A f-. resident ierry smith led the outstanding senior class in a climactic year. I the senior class officers were: 'er 'th 1 ry sm: , pres.p bob biorklund, treas.g bob bunyon, dev. chrm.g linda chan pictured. iim vanian v. r .- ' 'I g, secy.p ,phyllis paulson, soc. chrm. not , p es , vrrgi stowe, council rep. wiv' .ic all seniors looked forward to the hour when the tassel was shifted from right to left, climaxing four years of challenging but ioyous and rewarding college study. . A . 5.4 1--n x, I 1 X, ' ' f "4 l 1 1 X wlquyyl 1 A l ioy swanson adams Qlenn beUfY educufign lll'Bl'Cll'Ul'e l vernon c. bell education -! r Vk..,, , virginia marie berger 4 . f W l education A pg? 5 fb ' Q A .li , X V 1 e richard henry bishopp history 1 , ' ii A xt cs f I lf F 5 28 fl robert william biorklund music 'T KN l ieanne butterfield education '55 lg barbara i. calhoon sociology 'A . -:V , benny castro education russell carr physical education Q ,lf We K, ss, .h K caroline ioy cliburn education linda chang education , 29 N xx .X evelyn may delvey Iiteratu re 5 un 4 - k wan KN, I X gloria doern music mv, Wi f ' i wi 1 71? fa' L 3 0 fr' - , , X ' Q 5 X z .fl 1 iames de saegher literature Q f ' 4 'Sf' 1-it Q --2: V X ' if ,X I v' I 1 - V .. c V V 'Vll ,Q , Qf I c X X harold dover social science . Y' A M , N.,-4:1 '-J-I Y '-'rv' A acc. if N byron evans . , ,T 1 i ' hiSf0fY if? 'A ' W ' I , Vree A: A b virginia ann fey 30 4 Yi ir ' Y gif education A s. 1-V-rf L' M5515 ftvsg k xml A- ?,,a' ': ':4C- : ' +. vi, if ,iw-V. id ','Qf"'-: . , .bmw-14 1-. J g,ci':., I ii xg ' A .QL-. A ,,.'3L-,Lf -V H ti, u..:fwi . .nw 71. wha :if r? i g. i - L .L-ALI M, I +4 .1 Fi .v f 1. f. ,fe if fe- . xg B Y Q '11 1 ff, 1- V 5,2 , in E .' K 15 . 11 'im . ' ia 57' H' '61 1.1 . it uf' f"'? f 'S W i' 5424 .5551 -' i' . -ff.2i,"-fi.-2 is Az ,, , -' ,P x311.:,n , X, WL 5 . V vm 1 J , , 4 " f 43' J T ,, few v , '53 1 f 0 "ECN 'Q 'E Mfg siiibp' Qi fa' . ,-,Q ,,,, K fm' .: . , 'H' if V -, lifes " fe limi f 5. tint: X51 - ' fell , A Rig ' ' l Q51 'L Hidi- qv'-"5 ff- '- gl: - ,. ' 3 A , M. . ...mi , ,- wr' 'i...? I v s 'X R? jf ruth giese ie,-ry gill lames haley education education bible neila goetz music 1-:LW i gc ..,,v3J"' f'Y'1n4-14" ,c k X . wwqA'Q,,,Q..f+'9i , ' a-W-ff, 3 f sue gorsuch education ,., ,':-""'- orbia hanks bible iw' I, . A X Q-.ad i tine hardeman , helen hatton education education . . VK' A f mellle hlsaw WX A ,, education i . ,J . 1 Q Q1 .1 .1 in nn ,,.f-f. ,....-- ,..,...- n"" I art hoving education Q paul hook history wi' billie hoving education .1 fit 'Q 1 david Q. i bibla 'GY t Writ Q-pw:-cs....... 'lun l gerald hudlow sociology 1 l Pwlhwk david a. iverson MSM bible IIOVM roy kooshian fion social science ., X donald humberi bible percy kooshian psychology leola krelman education N w l . - 5 1X don kummerfeld 'X l X frank lang sociology history nora large education Q54 e david lewis oscar h. Iindquist hlSl0fY natural science '-ll no fix kv' -X K SW t f V 'fe raw .' ,r l l 5 dick loomis christian education l Wi Q 'jx Q44 'Nur qfwf norma mc cauley education K5 .sm vs-'Lf : ' helen mc glynn education richard mandeson psychology Vx.. L" don w. martin sociology us g wifi marie may christian education Y'-lv: vu 1 'M.. x.,,...llf K X X, robert mickelson history cgfr WT. 1'-3 lx Q.-. sw X 5 .. m5i,ny.X,, 3 iff X X .L A clcwo lqyge mqgre gI'dC6 HOG' educanon sociology li ,v 1.4-iv 5 - , Q 1 , , , . , L , , K lucy obersf educaHon ianefpauh educaHon phyHk pauhon musk fT' nv- kiwi 'QQ-was-,A,.,,,, H ' Q- 4 1 . Kath- 1 , -, 1 R y , E: - X X A '- f 22 5 1 -gn 3 - N'-flue' X A X'5'.gx', ,. N ku X . H. ,.. , .btqnw R' X i syviHa oyer educuHon Xi ,IEW 1 -Af 4 ff: E! 1 xi of '55 9,JY 'V,. ,.,,, FX ' if 5. m x is , iff K if J iri fl - f , 'fs " ' 9 gli ? Q E g 5 ' gf paul rippee sociology Q kc. . , sk 511 if to 1 A-AV ,A 1 g 1, ,':- 21, edgar e. plummer psychology fl....f marian prentice education Y N- K lf. f, 'btw 74 x MWL MQ, I bf? 9595 N A 1afX? Mgt Qubfm .WV,h . , W- ls l K " X robert runyon psychology charles russell psychology wmston neal sharp chemistry X I 3 I Xxxlxk, iean thompson education av - FC li marilyn ioyce siemens bible Ieona thomas music margaret i. truxton education x X I M V'-I'I.T::r t Q, Y HY A l 2 i .:."ai'-,Q gerald ray smith education x ix richard ullmann history iames vanian education 'Wh Y, . xr X william I. wood social science Me- f 'hi 7, -,ff george van liew social science iames wright history steven wong sociology XXX- 'Q ! I fl ,I i 2 not pictured svend nielsen education virgil stowe natural science l P n 2 1 l 1 I l 1 5 1 if l i l . 1 l- Z i 5 l V l l 1 l is a J f ICA XJ UE' D J ,. f clcwo 5 f president iim iohnson masterminded the numerous proiects of the iunior closs. ,af SV' 'ip' '?'m. X X ihe junior class officers were: lucio rodin, secy.5 iim johnson, pres.p susan roberts, treos.p dave golike, council rep.7 ioel bensemo, v. pres.p bill shrode, dev. chrm.p ann cluhlinger, soc. chrm. ,. N-...im 4 R 'KK , R W7 VM X 'W 5 X XY 1 H fW'Nf E25 is K if 'E N15 TS tw' 5 f S 2'-QLSFQ v te, vfyxsdii TW, 'M 0' gg?" fziis, ' Al, :Fx -,1 wgallrwff fxsaemgg, . x 45SN3"" 3 ex as 5 .J X vxseyx Fw , W5 six , " discovered in their sneak day activities by the iunior class, the seniors gained revenge by clipping junior class adviser mr. richardson and conspirator bob flynn. X E IQ 4 bonnie allen david amstutz 'VFP I 1 ! I robert atkins ieanette bagley 'W-if i0C'n buffeff ioel bensema , Nr L. f'5K ' . ' Y, b f 'R 1 ' 3 ,X J R y +A . ,N--'if' 5 we Y . ' 1 I 5 K 1 5 1 wade askew hi - Ieroy brown clcwo robert christopher , e t L Q. A i X I - P X I1 xx' FQ 1 f fi ,rx 3 5 l f 0 4 1 I 'Wmgnd claoo bed christopher . wi S ,a Q I if i 41.1.4 J Q 1 I helen cook ierry corderman of '5 iw .5 , l 2 Y roberia cowan 2 , ' l N xi 'P FX , ! X J 5 . x l l F555 ' raymond dailey 341, f patricia coulombe l ann dahlinger " "1" X I J K ff 2 1 X r l lewis daniels ralph de Ia vega richard de young QL if - s , 4 J' ' 1 ml 'r Z3 :vt ff f L , n ' : Q , Q , -:gg.gEg,, fl r K, . . 'z,::A::!i'Zr f f a in-:yr richard einspahr louise frisius richard gardner junioro -U47 T., .3 ff 'Z x ,,,v , f YOY hahner chuska hall 5 fl Z alice ellis robert flynn david golike it X" ,,,,, 4, ,bi evelyn hamamofo Y" .1 ' f K X-eX :J 0142! r iohn hansen don harper shirley hauth maralynn honaker barbara howard russell iackson .lk px fi S'f"""'W , rg: -P Q swf, .s 'ra, , " ! s vernon james I 5' Yr-11' dick iohnson N2 -X N-of al iames iohnson I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I , 'S' Q-7. I-4 "Q, I wiiggxf' martha iongewuard I . I I I I 'QW-'E J' I I7 fi, v karen kephart maxine kincaid .-'Wil' ioyce klassen phyllis kreps v.-. I I .X W I I I I v I I XI I I sylvia leih Iucille Iimbcugh duvidn -gg,- x. I fhfhx 25 ' I f ev . 'rf' A . I0e lm murtha Iorenzen L' SSA A , fu . 'lil robert lum M , if 1 F 1 ,Ely 4 . is' -.' . 1 f , M., Q am .mf 5 ' M, , , , :::.T'gfy i I I 15' - S ff! Q ' V , L, X V ,,-1, 2 5 ,Wi .. X 3 M., S , ' s .' 'J we f s I f ,Vu 1 ,V Q ' . X f Z XY 5 g e -:sfo r K , Y K Q r ,--4 1 f' WW JI We nmbavsl' ioe ' . N gr, 5, L, MW -s 5i7'k7L!-ii" 6 mc spadden , A W " f' X f NW N ' ' f V L ,.v . 5 , V 9 ,ff f , ? 5 f ff , " f ' W f f ,447 X 7 , 'Q Q S f f Q U A , X ,, ' I g 'Wal .4 ' f K f -Q ff ' X Aww , .. X f 5 X , f f r r margaret nelson f , , 1 f ,Q-if , f I ' f ,. - A , f, fn-,..,,...,.,..,J 'V-wi" v ft f. g f' fi , f 1 wg 'tif , , I 1 , f jf 5 .',.'w,5 , 1 , , uf ,fW,w'w 3, ei- 4 nz' H' ' david moit siddy mouw kUfh"Yn merrill cecilia morris M . paul P,-eddy doris prohaska fi donn 'vs . ! O 1 ioyce proper all 1 .1 f , .1 swf u powers , 3 P V 'V na b? -f 5' 1' Q -. 2 13 . xx a 1 ft rf Sf' 5' J f U don provence S vu-..,' L 9' l 1 X iane provence shirley quincy W . irf I 1-. susan roberts Iucia rodin 48 5 vez,- duane ruge mx sw V! X, :xiii .I' J claire rankin I evelyn shirts . W f .7 4 , s ss f mf' ioan reid , .wX,,.11f3- f- . ' ' 'sv fifffflff IW., , X "n21g5'f K 'S rf ' 4 5 5 charles shrode V f' ky I elaine wail fi W Q7 hx im Wim 'QQ ,KX r, XM X Kg Wwe. wr W A , Mf..h-inns? X 3 A if Qf V :I K ,, 1 f a , llama b elaine waian phyllis smith donald walter , " QW, Q..- l N 3 X mode loan WeUfl19I'S frederick websler Mleff 4 f i,4f'Q'w4 -,v , K 1-""Y Q J .X v f H Z ya 4 f r w f Vf s 1 5 5 K V J 1, fb n f " 9 if Q, , 223 I ' 1 A X dan vanlan florence voorhorst J W l ilxlr in if li X gl X f..Xi ' fl ff:--if . 'if ' il Q c H c .leell c Q X gerald wheeler charles wheelock max wiley clown o '5 7 president allan lee provided inspirational leadership for the dynamic sophomore class. .NxNwxx c ew the sophomore officers were: paul reeser, v. pres.g ella dover, seCy.: WGYUG carpenter, soc. chrm.p iim brown, dev.lchrm.p maxine eastes, council rep- not pictured: ioy tipsworth, treas. I ikffgl rf?-' 5 I . ' cf 'Sl ey, 2 if i l , N , Wai, W , 315 f X ,-inns ,new ., . "rt 1,E:'gX --.0 , g s 'NW ' tx 5. A A Q .X ::' N, 1 ' .M X X the title role in "the courtship of miles standish" was played with vigor of character by stan iohnson as the sophomore class highlighted its year with the banquet, "indian summer." 1 V ! Q1 mmys E 1 i Y T f sm N ff, :af 0 af 1 5 horace adams ruth beniamin mary anne bergman william block shirley bowers david brinks carolin brown iames brown I pafsy burford r N V 1 'Q kay burkhart my K Q I Avzv 1 NM 1 X 1 1 NJ v ES X X r. a J l - k-:, Qi. X' .L 1 marilyn carneit wayne carpenter ronald cheroske iohn glqrk gi X 61 5- i rob alvin cur 0 1 ix' Q 'Dux 'Wy-. ,f Q.: I s- f 'f gf., 11' X 9 ml . i K al if , A ' if - ' 'fl-, . 0, Ji V . N QF. A' es brown lm 'l . .Y V , uh 5 rf!-fe, l , 4-gr, ' L-fs' 'Y w ' .V ,J .0 . Wf q f v. 4 .1 j5.x,r",' 4, 7 Www' g g X Q- , 1 ll robert cleveland alvin cummings o '57 1 1 if 'iff ff I maxine eastes TU'-17 lk Q . if Y douglas coe esther coen iames cowle janet davis carolyn de young iean donaldson ella dover david eager ' ,ax- ,S . 'X ,.,,T , 1 is. sxxh 'Qs s N lx I anne fordham . . I Iesfer Forney SUNY 9395005 'WWW K. ,,.f f fife iv' V0 '1""""7 'i ,f M1 .A ug k QVN'-v J'v"""'T'Y' 1, "df .4 5 K ,gf 4 az W 5 4 caroline giese ianet gill torris gierde Iillian gonzales ieannie gordon sandra gornick arlene halverson ' g Qtrx r charles holman . I , idx 'n harold hudspefh nadine harkins roy harvey ioan hicks .A ..' :S fi , - at ' fax ,m, X" n n j QQ n o , ,ax 5 , e ,-i i f X fgyfx so fn 4 gary ingram 90l'd0n iohnson P. - X". M. i 5 S il ii in 'r""'S? Q W-V GA 1 L I 'iv 1 Y if K Z e f 'X . .2 ianet iohnson Iynne iohnson stanley iohnson kathleen kaurin thomas kennedy leo kennelly charlotte kurtz mary larsen allan lee dorothy lehmer XX .1 r MXH. - " Fixx' . ill X JTXQK , . t ,A N. ,345-. K fvvbj Q xxewgdlff :fix N15 L FQ! l'7w'f" IF! -vm Q, lui, philip lewis lila linkey virginia Ions 'Chef' 'ovins TT fl 'ff Q1 oophomoreo fa IQ 19" e S, r .3 fx? J """!7 X iJ,n i s '1 I li QS Q . I , 5 i l 1 f A 5 wif f . r X l l X l 4 Q , r in eloise lui nola Iund donna mc cready 5- iohnolson l MIIICY mC 966 thomas mc mahon marilyn marshburn carol martin IM lj Q r li J i rollen mickelson 1 Pm Ii i dale myers I d 2 'ff xl . or if l 2 I i 5 I P In I+ "NB 1 il li v l 1 l . l P charles obendorf lohn 0befmeYef beverly odegard marilyn oian equal' .QL iw !""2T?" S ' J X f f J J ZW i J! 1 ff Q X iv NG' 1 R iruuum , anna mccreudy iohn olson mary beth overman 5 maureen powell roy price nickelson myers P i , paul reeser doreen reid janet rice beffe fileY EW clifford parrish evelyn quon 8 fn A bill rose '57 35 New 'x X gary raugust Q? rosie ross Q UN .Q N 1 X I X f, , '. I gl X x i F! U I 'wx' . M , f I X .Qu EP nv., Nw Ji 13 Y? x ' 1 r f'T"ix ,ar- fv-A ,Sm 33 3 , U 1, 'Cf 1' 6' 2 .s if I ali", ..'4JJ,J A ' J roberta roy mark shaw donna shidler f bruce smith marilyn snyder ioan sorg yvonne speer , X A Q 4 n A fl' I loreifa spencer 5 .W , -,r , ,Mfn -Q' on fi! PJ 3 I 1 X glaclys siaudenmayer . ,sifg 4-' 3 .- .Nfl sandra sundsfrom iack teachout ann tipsword ioyce fipsword harold siombs , ,- 115, rr' 1 Q 'J is Q: -. .14 Eg: ij" 1,1 H' -,251 jg ' Wiiizf' f VU if " , Hgh, 3. r QQ, f Q K , - ,,., - 'I mmm, 57, , gg? n'-,P i hi n ?.' ' 'S 'il' .- ng ioe Irabuco iam ibyce flon robe L-V1 n Ls., W., P: if Y r . --' 1 4? 1 x Q fri l I mnu shidler ,em Spenser ,S 5Qqudenm0ll' mold slombi ,...wfd'-49" -n-m....,,, . x X owls , , V Q W--N, l l A l k"Q 2 K X .wk :lj f -.QL """""' .,:2 ,, W' " A.,.2 if , , 'L X " X Q Q ioe trabuco patricia turrell dorothy vander veer iames vander weken warren waian louise wall ioyce webber flora wilson robert wilson K, carolyn wiseman l i E i S s R, . - JAP' l l franklyn young 1 57 .3 1' d V' I , allen warthan E s 1 I ml J K S clcwo '5 8 president ron smith molded westmont's largest class, the freshmen, into a well-functioning unit. Q 3 S i s S K x the freshmen class officers were: claudia lu mar, trees., jean siemens, v. pr6S-7 ruth needles, council rep., carol wheeler, secy., roy smith, dev. chrm.7 colleen thompson, soc. chrm.7 ron smith, pres. X ' R ' with a deafening roar the class of '58 was assimilated into the westmont family. through all the tortures to which they were subiected by the sophomores and the faculty, this l as 1 class came through, and it now becomes part of westmont. ' 13 3 I xx X ,ff- wayne allen william blair X i I I wo I I 'If ,I if I ..,. I , 1 ' 4 , I I 3. s stanley bauder james booher iames anderson louis boitano Xx di 'TIE' If .Aj X D i 1 . .X ' t'0"1 I I ianet bentson karen brebner ronald bender roberta bowers clcwo - N ,V , Qferx 1:::::P V ' s . rx nancy br' ges I I ann ri ks I' I 3 eo carpenter 'I X . 5 I I, .. I - 9' 1- -.lb 'twiftf 2 QZV in f A WI -' X ' y sd iudy casad I W' ' I 'nfl david chase 'I lb i . bob choi 1, .-I .ff Q' I 1 nr. CICI lldll A EERE: Q W' ,ew .br Ni 1 X vs- x i rf i ,NR i x g 'X - az Q 'Q' K ' I K N. f was . .JA .MW , .,f,1' benlson craig clark dorothy clymer brehner nancy couch miriam cripe 570 Q36-vaff' 4-awau Kodak, gpg,-a.af',e0,,-,,,,,., ' 0..-,..fa-4,41 444.,-4,--7 eleanor connell ginger 160,60 lam, as t5 fi ,,,,.,,., mem lerlann assen 1 Q,:,caf4.a,055f- AJFLZ4 5.0 '45 fjw ,,, ,,...Z'.21L.M-f-f ji!-M, "g77f..7..., ,4M,,.., 531-Aj,,,,,,,,,-,.w My ,Ava WW william engsirom delnora erickson ' iohn felten r in an Q CQ? ' . igjgfx dale fowler wynona foy thomas furze J A F 242' In hp clcwo '-. R d 1' fl dona gorden ionelle geringer earl golden raymond gregory mary griffin marilyn hailey nancy howison '75,- I 'X donna hamner Iois hufsfader vw? leroy grinnell donald hansen donald iensen r Q Y-at -.. - 'LT ,ibnlnf ,S iz Zami 3' 55 . ' 'lvv ll I f 'v E525 'fy , Q, -zll "5 1 donald hardy carol iohns ted heydel ron kariker 'Qs v"47 0 ado o '58 XX XL 'wh 'aryl ,mx 1 . viviun knapp claudia Iumar pat lloyd william long if if -f nay, Q . lf , .haffffwf ' - ..,vzJ-nn'-'Q like ancient knights battling for the hand of o fair maiden, these freshmen engage in a ping pong duel. lewell larson betty legrunt elleen low fred Iudberg .4--pr florence levin carol mocpherson A! if ,, ,efi .,,, 5 ,x g.. 4' . .,,w A' A, maree mc gauhey don modglin n dealbert mouw vlrgmla needham these freshmen take advantage of the beauhful wesimoni gardens fo eat thelr lunch Y:'v,v ' 5 f Y F qi . mf, 4 Z K 'UE 1 f '57 , , 4 f if idmeyo nishimura louise pomeroy 1 3 E X XX 'Xa '-2 .. RQ,- i sandra ozzella valeria price , .r ilqwf ioel painter lillie ralston '58 YP-1 amen ruth needels iohn newell edhvm beverly parroh tamara peterson J donald rankin I verna reynolds pat rhodes .S Q diane ross X PCL wayne ross S... beverly sharpe 2 ,X y Q 'J-5 Q N x. 7 1, 67 1 X 1 x Q GV if . x IT? -av T7 qi . ,f X 11 Q J sr' 'd"""'7 Q. ,f fi A ,vw 'wwf X Q X 'O-, 5 1 who in ' roy smith donald stripling 68 J , . X M lf. I. ' of 'is J I x Ng I' helen standish harold spencer carol sweeney Am- Q lois stanton UO: to donald sheldon iean siemens dewanna skinner rosemary sledge mary smallwood ron smith clccoo harold stephens Q-"di x f M colleen thompson kristin thomsen marie thorson kcatherine tsosie shirley turner bob watts '58 2' , U7 5 . . 'G t KY r if 523 t t 'lee r i'trr1r 333 rue wendt carol wheeler Rr I 1 .Q 3 'WW ,rp 'Mm NW.: Uv... 1 x , carolyn wohlford Q'-977 I t ,ee X virginia wolitarsky 'tru not pictured zonelle kingsley Lfe auth R 'KW-. W, W K WN, Q S H a. 1, X N -1 X. -W f' .Mats N . 'Iwi if ,X L 4 f - XegQXxL. -V Elfxffax ,X Xi I-jj3YhALLjANCEE -' W :bases i i x. X ffm. Q Q . x Ni X i a K VE S s 5 A x Q 1 4 a .3 y 4 i X l I 4 1 1 W ,, , 5. ., A ff- '- fu ' ",,Q"v',., ,. N... 1'..,.xQ x ' Qi I f' 3 x f , X , Q X X X X, 1 ii 'N . ,, .':-ni ' J x H ,f 1 'I J .. .,H. A ,. Q.-. K QA.. g I ' 1 9 s 1 . gffn-a, nfyfs m . 1 ' s 3 f , Z R Q Q X ig xx .. ,,-f 'X 'X ,,f""'W- , ,-f' ' ,Y ff" 1-"'V' .,,,' If ff, , ff ,ff ,,,.f" up MZ'- If ,f' I 'u ,. . in 1, crxwwwmw., ,, M, ML- fu... -QIQ-5 l-nz.-59"-if --.ig- 'sn Q.. S' ,Wi .NV., nn.. wg fig, ey. -Q?-. "5 "V , -K? f 2-In-f-? f - - if -Mx L , gg X w.,u - -K -fx -..' . it-ir -...,- 7 'Yi xv " --4 ' "5-Q., 'Y-+ N-.vi jp, -. tt -U, 7 ' 7 - X - . i g.Nmf::sg,,m. A WW,-K-qwhq-Q ..X. ,AA M wswgisf Q, , ,425 Xa , 'S 5 rv Y T ,sf 1 iefcw. -Q 51 ,' , " 2,5-.Q 1- 2 K FE1 1 -, .g . R'f , ,w i . W LXL, X ,. t . . 'X ' '2?ETIii?"'5f W ,Xxx 3, ky , , Q:!,.-,X 4. Q of X5-' ' 'ge . ,X ufe Q fio.-51 E xfil zi i 4 F 'XR' ii sw Q K Yu Y E Q M " ' 5 fs "that the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honor and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ." i peter l:7. F U w I Q1 PM I r . iohermenb club the fishermen's club provided many avenues for preaching the gospel , in aQ,c E'- heading up the activities of the fishermen's club were iohn obermeyer, v. pres., carolin brown, sec., and bob cleveland, pres. and personal work. weekly trips were made to the county iail, hospi. tal, and iuvenile hall. bob biorklund kept the tract rack supplied. He? 'sv . members of the salvation army team were iohn obermeyer, torris gierde, and mark shaw. gospel team talent included dick bishopp, marion prentice, l' phyllis paulson, lewis daniels, and frank young. Provided m "9 the weekly I 'lllt iuil 5 Supplied. Uny 9'iPeI 'lPs I llqgpi bf-'W' ga? 'vang W u1's"vJ. H Qu zilwmf -.4 3' gxsx Irion prenlize. nk yollllg- r.m.w. officers paul reeser, pub. chrm., ioe bensema, pres., maxine eastes, sec., and bill shrode, treas., discussed problems pertaining to rural sunday school classes. rural miooion worlzero the rural mission workers, a group of students organized to take the gospel to near by rural communities, ministered in sunday school classes, preaching serv- ices, and house-to-house visitation work. billie hoving leads a sunday school class at sum- merland grace Abible church. ev M. S shit Ml 1 :ls H283 f els 't Seiji? Q 2 is f"f of 1 1- eil' 1 ,Q 'Z 5' ull Ill . un::nnn.:':'l.g-. :n,,'.'l,uuln..':ln.'n lun.. ling, I. In. . Illp'.'Illll....ll I F .5 be K young life cabinet members were don kum- merfeld, pres. iim vanian, v. pres.: mr. vosbigian, adviserp marilyn snyder, sec.- freas. GX We we fe X - r K ' 'K . Xp ,V 4 Z3 i Y in A iam . NX x " X s--53,11 mf officers lhls year were: bob michelson, pres.7 carl Castro, v. pres.: an offering me a en rec sec orbua hanks, corres. sec.p siddy mouw, adv. chrrn-P cleveland, advnser not shown: pal burford, corres. sec.p svend mel- sen, freas warren waran dev. chrm. ile .rw .4 I 35 ,f 1 43" 1 l E . f 1 4 . l X E don kum. - FWS-i mr. Wllir, sec.- Q. A, 5-i m,m,v'5LJ alone with the Lord. ,Jr M1 d nigl' Gwinn 3 gxx ii... at 5461.7 S2355 .,..- of-v-e.,-... rff.-+s-74135 it's wednesday night and westmonters ioined in a time of informal singing and fellowship during prayer meet- lecwl kindly light :PM ll Pl 'J' ll 5.--we L M xg I mug westmont's beautiful campus offered many spots for a time df- m0l1f0e Welfomed the 5P9Uk9" f0l' 5PlfifU0l emPhC5'5 week, dr. robert schaper. Z' Mas' I-nn, . K N x . '. .,fg',l -7., -.x X f , I Q l. . O , I 0' 1 M I Q f .1 I 1 ar f ' xi . , I ,' 1 , 'O I - 4 1 6 ,' 4 y ,,, 5 x g . . 1' 4 s W 24' 45:55 K ' 5 vo Q' 1' 5 'f f V M 1' ,Q 25 '.' - 4? ,nr ' ' w 4 Q. I O 4 , . , ' 5 ll 1 I , 4 1 C 0,3 0 "5 'A' Qf"' fn 0 I n A' 0 0 Y . . ' 6 4 ' D9 I , K f" x ' if sa a tualent ogficero the w.c.s.a. council, representative voice of the students, met weekly to discuss and solve student prob- Iems and plan all-school activities 'V' such as open house and homecom- ing. under the able leadership of w.c.s.a. president, dave lewis, such innovations as the daily blurp and operation elbow room came into being. 'saws' 'cf representatives from all classes actively artici t d council, governing body of the w.c.s.a. P pa e in the westmont student L... - E' u'- llx 3 if l I' I. Fl 3 E 0 If w.c.s.u. :ers lfrom left I chrisliun activilie mouw, rally chn low, soc. :hmm lung, pres. of mt adviser. -. y s I l- f' , JN .gi .IU 1 lt LA' N . , fl '. V l N I 1,1 X lh E DSW stud! Sllldgm om CQ the n student XXXX w.c.s.a. president, dave lewis, was assisted by student offi- cers lfrom left to rightl bonnie allen, treas., dave amstutz, christian activities chrm., grace noel, pres. of women, siddy mouw, rally chrm., roy kooshian, iudiciary chrm., ierry hud- Iow, soc. chrm.p and lewis daniels, treas. not shown are frank lang, pres. of men, iim de saegher, vice pres., and mr. harley, adviser. i ew Sllldent building will house mail boxes, lockers, and offices. .. 4 1 t 1 women cwoociation the women's association united westmont co-eds in an organization which successfully carried out such activities as the big-little sister dinner, women's re- treat, and open house. the association also played a leading role in westmont work week. presiding over the women's association, 9l'GCe noel demonstrated her ability to inspire others to work cooperatively toward a common Ob- iective. -. U19 ln h d ' 4. .-,, t , :f'l'-w. .,. ,, l .SL if f -,nr aff 11 , 0 1 y, raft alllefs on ob' .s so . - Q K W . mayo X ls . gn-11 ,Am u N r k ralph de la vega beams his approval after being clipped an oriental setting was an ideal meeting place for chuc obendorf, clorothy clymer, carol sweeney, and warren by chris thomsen. waian. suv: soft lights and dreamy music added to the romantic scene in the room of dona hamner, sue roberts, and carol 'sd g g wheeler -QP' X hUI'0ld hudspeth was a worthy subiect for the Work of the great french artist, phyllis kr . . . eps it 7x , K v dreaming of life as westmont co-eds in 1970, nancy and diane, daughters of the colgate clarks, enioyed open house. B .v Q2 X men'o cwoocicction men's association was responsible for three out- standing events: men's retreat, the christmas party, and men's open house. the retreat at cobblestone featured inspiring messages by rev. frank freed and sport activities. the christmas party sent students homeward filled with the spirit of peace and good- will. men's open house was a time of fellowship planned and presented with one thought uppermost in the minds of all who participated: "do all to the glory of the lord." ' l .l the men's association has been under the able leadership of frank lang, president. preparations for a successful men's open house necessitates a thorough clean-up pro- gram which transforms such blighted areas as q-ville into polished palaces. Q , .- ,- ' s .. 5 . i if stately emerson hall is the mam dormitory for westmont women womc-:n'o alarm the dormitories of westmont college gave their women a place to relax, to study, to carry on those all important gab TOO, sessions, and a place to sleep a little. it is here, that the fellows came to pick up their dates lbelowl. .th xx S , "mom" gustafson offers doreen reid and flo voorhoorst some homelike atmosphere at cold springs unit i. U? " ex in 5 P f s dorm association president sue gorsuch was supported by mary beth overman, social chrm., miss wolf, adviser, iean thompson, prayer leader, marilyn snyder, trees., and ioyce proper, v. pres. not shown: ian ,pauIi, dev. chrm., ella dover, l'reas.p and esther coen, soc. chrm. r ,X E i 2 3 1 3 s 4 ,, ,',. ng X .f I time spent Plete ussig way? 'hom'- when hume, oorhoorst 1 . Af, 1""'f- """-Q' the fireplace at unit three helped make winter and studies enioyable. time spent in the lounge did not always help com- plete assignments, but who wanted to study, any- way? -s NUWQ qjggmxuilbf mom van kampen helped make FW men'o alarm the men's dormitories from catherwood to q-ville, were more than merely living quarters for west- mont men. they were the places where men learn to live with each other, exchange views on stim- ulating topics, and unite in christian fellowship. to many men the greatest lessons of life learned in college were learned in the dormitory. catherwood a true home away from home i 1 E I i I 1 ! E louise, mary, and marilyn in emerson hall i In . . I I along with dale and wayne In lower dorm 4 show how well dorm life can be combined with the necessary academic study. E 1 E s 1 l l 1 I 5 s alarm l :live-zroion 5 , ' r I V it looks like ralph, percy and dave are having a very infer- esting discussion with that stuffed pheasant in the lounge at upper dorm. V fi X. Q- .mme X ' some emerson girls enioy a moment of relaxation in the lounge on sunday afternoon. toasting sack lunch sandwiches makes them even better for maureen powell and mary larson. I XNQYNA - xikxw , Srq C" iim de saegher presided over the pan-helelnic council, whose members were: margaret nelson, don kummerfeld, neila goetz, ruth giese, and dick ullmann. it Q " L wnge on 4 w ., """s'--S ---X .f'f' K , L f :""11s, 1 ff' 1: i df , s wf if i i 'X 5 if, -' Q- K " sb, ,gms .lummg X Q jf i i . rl ?fc,H.. ,mkxw i ci AL 15? i f , K. , X .wx ii If ff 'Q' l ,,a 315 ey.. - 4 ,b,fiQ!TI,'r3i xx ' .. ,XX X i the advisers of our literary societies were dl'- and mrs. kenneth monroe. can - hellenic the ,pan-hellenic council, composed of representatives of the four literary societies, chose "modern culture' to be the theme of the literary programs. three literary society programs presented were i I l i i "strictly collegiate," "dr, faustus," and "dramatic miniatures." s 91 11' Y-'I' the pi epsilon officers were: seated left to right: ioyce proper, v. pres., ruth geise, pres., neila goetz, v. pres. standing, left tolrights eloise lui, asst. prog. chrm., marilyn snyder, sec., virginia fey, treas.p maxine eastes, prog. chrm. not shown: ian iohnson, treas. the quest for culture by the pi epsilon and alpha epsilon chi l 4 literary societies reached its peak in the outstanding dramatic 3 E helen ol INV' Pl'Y'd l . - ,disembodied W Pl' l desaeghlf- l production of the year, "the tragical history of dr. faustus." the alpha epsilon chi officers w : d' k ll oocietieo ere IC u mann, pres., ralph de la vega, v. pres., Ie roy brown, sec., l l l 1 v w dale myers, prog. chrm. not shown: allan lee, treas.p w 4 l if' arren waian, parliamentarian. Xt' 'Mr' ,,...-1 bf' r K ,se Q if ..-.pf I 5 S F S y 3' i il I se 4 helen of fl-oy, played by maxine eastes,, aided fastus and mephistophiles as their dr. faustus demonstrated supernatural power to the disembodied spirits played havoc with sanctimonious monks dick loomis and iim amazement of the king and his court by making de saegher. antlers appear on the head of the palace guard, played by orbia hanks. dick ullman, bob atkins and craig clark portrayed dr. faustus being tempted by satan to the amuse- ment of mephistophiles. dr. monroe advised phyllis paulson as she put make-up on iohn felton as craig clark observed. Q ,Q 15' fs 4:7 X 1 'V' an ,, 'Nr 1:--7 92 delta chi officers were: lseatedl margaret nelson, pres., io lorenzen, v. pres., lstandingl ioan weathers, prog. chrm., roberta roy, asst. prog. chrm.p iean thompson, secy.p maxrne klncalcl, dev. chrm.: shirley hauth, treas. o . . . . , literary literary societies were the presentation of the fashion show important events of the year for the delta chi and mu chi "strictly collegiate" and two one act "dramatic miniatu ." oocietieo mu chi officers were: lseatedl tine hardeman, v. pres., bob christopher, prog. chrm.p don kum- merfeld, pres., lstandingl dick einspahr, secy.p percy kooshian, dev. chrm.g doug coe, treas. N V596 Q' -.J l.. lp at t, E , , 4 n 2- 1 1 I x 4 4"'1 1" ll, 1-3 Ulf wlfjl 1. it l ,, li' lf iw ik, .Ll S+. E, ,t h E 3 X v X .Q ' if 3 3 f 0 1 N S ' Xx Q A ir X ' Q Q X 5 : x :L X Q X xl gi xX XX XX . , XXX v 53 XX A I X5 N sg K X: 2 K Q If 3 X sw sv I Q F' Q, if X Q sf : 2 1 it if Q 5 Q si Q f If I 5 'f Q 5 fi 2 t Q X XS ,X -3 X X X X X X ts 5 z, Si L Q - 3 X: 1 X x 5 f Q :X gk if ' - if x . S .X 4 ,, XX 3 K Q rs T' X 5 'Q 1. X ' S X i ----.--Q-Q 1 3 s 2 , ..W--.M . . t X X., t A A t 3 W, ww.-.., the entire cast sighed in relief and smiled with a sense of ac- complishment as they returned for the final curtain call. i SX' ' l f S 2 -x is 3 wi ' I , .,, Q it X. -ff 5 '55 ' 2 . i X S 1 V- ' I X 1X w EL: .. , ii X tl. , X F F X WQSVQ s N5 E 'L S , 2 5 i me 5 gil if elf 2 5 1 Q Q . at 2 fi - f ' s F 3 N fe. . gl lv , MW W 1-.4 0 -N W, S E E f f N 5 1 Y 3 "what is your real name?" was the question put to the mysterious prisoner who called himself iames dyke In one of the scenes from the valiant a third "dramatic miniature" produced one of the scenes from a real love story as ray dailey and vera mc lean an- nounced their engagement. ioyce webber and nola lund prepare dorothy lehmar and harold spencer for action before the footlights. N-my cr fx! J .,...s4n the college choir, a select group of voices had one main obiectiveg that of glorifying the Lord through song. the annual tour highlighted the year of practice and perfonnance. many hours of practice resulted in a successful choir tour. mcwtero muoic al Q 'r - 4'--fu 'Fw-e ilr Y, Q f' K, 5... -R -7 1- -.1 L --, Q - -Q -of I .-- .1 to work closely with mr. beasley, director, the choir chose ierl'Y hudlow, pres.p carol martin, secy.p doug coe, soc. chrm.g and shirley bowers, dev. chrm. , v 4 ., 3- . Fi. -. ...Q r 1 ,. 5.3, . .n - 4 'Lv " -'15 . . as 'Kalb' - f W sc Na. - 4 a sa-In out: wel une mu sul in use i9ffY ld shirIeY the 1954-55 westmont male quartet included iohn felton, roy price, dick ullmann, byron evans, and pm de saegher, accompanist. outstanding ambassadors for westmont college were such musical groups as the male quartet and womens' trio. the quartet planned to travel many miles through the western states during the summer of 1955, representing westmont college in its ministry for Christ. f I W' 7 X X' JG f 9 Q4 f the talented westmont women's trio was composed of alice ellis loan 1 I pin n hers, ioyce klassen, and ianet bentson, accompanist W! ,ff ,f if ' 9 - . I fa weat 119 ' A A 1-! l the brass trio, bob biorklund, joel painter, and frank singers who were the pride of the music depart- young were known for their close harmony and ment were dick ullman, leona thomas, glorio doern, special arrangements. and ierry smith. l J A 4 I ,he member sities and I mr. cleulh- melody makero pianist exceptionale was ioyce klusgen, organist ruth giese ,provided music of ins 'rat' - and devotion' PI ron games cowre thrilled students with stirring accordion music. t f f ri l. U Ti lm- cle, leh fur , 'O Q, N mm 'WP 'S be 1- X. il X 'W the members of the debate team, which competed with many of the univer- sities and colleges in southern california, received advice from their adviser, mr. cleath. l , W., ww sag, Aviv, gl x westmont's forensic squad entered five inter- tcclkero s ,Wm -W-....,ixq SNQ lf Q f wie A V .x mr. cleath gave stan iohnson some instructions before the team left for a speech tournament. collegiate speech tournaments in their second year of competition. high honors were won as they met over twenty other colleges in de- bate, oratory, oral interpretation, and other events. l f-X 'L fi 15 3 W5 X- ..., poych club the psychology club officers were: lewis daniels, pres., claire rankin, v. pres., ioe 00' mc spadden, secy-treas., mr. harley, adviser. the psychology club leaves for field trip to state hospital at camarillo. l l 1 l I the psychology club held its bi-monthly meet- ings to hear special speakers, make field trips, and share vocational information of interest. psychologists at work: mind over matter. gp5vgn5Loavf siis i l .QLQUQBL , 1 5 I lewis daniels and claire rankin check latest reports in psychology. 5 ,sh . t v .M f jf. X s 5 xg, f . ., .,,'r-'-, X l ge K , , Ks ,ff 43 "" A t 1 1 1 Alltel. mr webster, a guest speaker, supplemented a discussion on narcotics with a movie illustrating the problems that drugs create. the sociology club is a new organization for those who are maioring in this subiect and those who are interested in social problems. discus- sion groups and special speakers serve to pro- mote interest. the sociology club was headed by paul ripee, president, and mr. robinson, sponsor. other officers were paul ripee, pres., russell iackson, v. pres., barbara calhoon, sec.-treas., and grace noel, soc. chrm. UWT' my kg-: iim vanian led delta tau omicron as president. other officers were iean thomp- son, secy.7 george van liew, dev. chairmanp virginia fey, parliamentariany helen hatton, v. pres.: and mr. hayden, sponsor. ' Z cold springs school worked on a map of the montecito district under the leader- ship of iim vanian and miss brown, his master teacher. pres. iim vanian led a meeting a delta tau omicron, the education club. lOO .,,.,.- .yx,.,.xi-A U delta l for stu others fession provid the ml Slllden Studen club S t t lx X' A, ' lit", ia ,, 4 ,tw X ,N ,. Q, DZ. gx - 1 N' A '4 4' r lt! is .1 v" , S ,,.5 .,' rl. , - S t 9 4, ,,. , -.Hx delta tau omnicron is an organization t, 4 W 9. ., ,, 0 , nf 5 ,-N i N- ----V. . W X xc marie may helps direct a farm proiect in her student teaching at cold for students maioring in education and others interested in the teaching pro- 537 fession. experiences in student teaching springs school. provide interesting subiect matter for the meetings of the club. student teachers return to campus for regular thursday session with mr. hayden, dire student teaching. E fe l - Q s - l 2 , I I 4 'R , 5 ctor of - l the horizon horizon reporter, ioan weaihersf adds finishing touches to N19 Nweathers report" for the Sanfd Barbara News Press. pictures taken by horizon ph0Y09' rapher, winston sharp, have added much to make the paper more ef- fecfive. aalhefii to N16 ! sgnlll Phol09' 2 added mf' ef' ff f f' s .X f 5 ' .x x . - QV X- ,greens 4' Cir, f ..,, -cs - 'M--Q - ... . attractive layouts, more complete coverage, and improved writing made the 1955 horizon the best newspaper in westmont history. editor iim de saegher headed a large staff which never failed to meet a deadline. 4-yu.. rv- 1 l reporters were alice ellis, Iillie ralston, Iucia rodin, ioy ti,psword, kathryn merrill, craig clark, iohn felten, iim johnson, ioe mc spadden and don martin. sandra gornick, typist, sylvia leih, business manager, ann tipsword, typist, and nadine harkins, circulation manager, were staff members. ken richardson, faculty adviser, dick ullman, associate editor, and iim de saegher, editor-in- chief often conferred. iim de saegher, editor, ioyce webber, make-up editor, evelyn delvey, news editor, barbara howard, feature editor, and carol iohns, copy editor, were the executives. I 'IS 233 T? l li Vvi 3' ,, xx x ' tx rv .. K., 3 7 Y. T Q7 T xi' Q9' F' ,YN X - I X, X--- I . f , the citadel 4--v R doreen reid. A Sl - 5 L. , Chuck FUSSCHI C0-9difOf, looked Over tehfd- ioel bensema, don walters, iim bentson and ioe five lUY'0Uf5- mc spadden made important business contacts by phone. Q Lu M125 P1 Hlliifllllt Q I. HL H9 claire rankin, phyllis kreps, vera mc lean and evelyn quon, as copy editors, combined copy and pictures before the printer took over. N ,Mir ,X don walter, co-editor, checked pictures with photography editor, V VX X X ' the 1 unnu 3 life i dent of ew 4 W Q 'he photo! ' dorine me N :dal-if 1 W Q f Q , 5: L 3 , vw' sl INTERCLAS TRACK MEE layout editor, mary grnffm and sports editor, pm cowle, worked faithfully throughout the year. WW edirm, the citadel, westmont's yearbook, is published annually for the purpose of portraying college life in the classroom, in social activities, in stu- ,i mg dent organizations, in athletics, and in the life of each student. lf fr' S s -1-S ' J ..,' l 9 - ,egg 1 zvf' 'w ill fic ' , the photography and art staff consisted of louise pomeroy, dorine reed, donna mc cready, and bob cleveland. , L. . N,-. -' '- ,,,. Q mr. cleath, advisor, confers with editor. XX - ff G. 4, fi is ," ' 1 C X ,li ff Qs., -f W' W B aff if G. iii, K yy, .33 W 1' 7 N ll KJ 44 5' J .N ' 1 , fl X .L 'p ' 1 i- 1 jx 1 Vs! 5' I sf., 'V 'J' Vu' . ' u. ' .1 , . 'Q , A . X W s 5 f N N J 8 1' N0 ' ' . . I. Q f 7 N Q' 0' 4 ,xv d' R 5 .Q " X Y Jw , , -r' V' V v L 1045 . , 3 K L 1 P ormcal un A indian ummer in keeping with the season, the sophomore class banquet, "indian summer," was a colorful and festive occasion. the year's first maior social event featured an excellent production of long- fellow's "the courtship of miles standish." the ,presidents and their ladies mr. beasley, assisted by marilyn snyder gleeful guests await the arrival of graced the head table. provided banquet music tom turkey rue haul ,.Qn -.- .QQ iv, - X .211 thee 't 'mi XX .G f V .x X ' .. ,J a E alum . . . we-:otmont 9 party the westmont 1954-1955 merry-go-round of social events was started spinning in september by parties at emerson hall and east beach welcoming new students. the whirl continued as freshmen were officially initiated in an event sponsored by the n.k.v.d. sophomores. the annual halloween party was wacky and weird, and then came the festive and colorful women's open house. the last social event of 1954, the christmas party, was highlighted by christmas carols and "mr. sandman." hearts beat in three-quarter time as the -.Q to s Q c 'X 4 ,gc N . ,, nil! . . .' , . L 1 C' , .F ,gn , ,r, ' . . ,-tvk b . valentine party in I be wizcr fellows u :loss par seniors q frolics 01 enough 1 l' social evemg les al emerscn nts. the whirl id in an evenl luul halloween the festive and event of l95l. :rislmus curvli rler time as lhv Quia-- time valentine party brought westmonters together. the all-school party in march showed the warrior lads and their lassies to be wizards on roller-skates. men's open house gave the fellows an opportunity to put their best clodhopper forward. class parties sponsored by the iuniors and freshmen for the seniors and sophomores respectively, were the ultimate in frolics of this sort. the social whirligig at westmont was enough to make the students dizzy - and did! 5 x gc t I f Z -, v .1 V U F :nail 5 L1 ' ' ,K ' 'hh ni in -I Avi. .- I . . . , J z 7' 4 - - x M' lx ai 4 kvjf v M A, . 'rw A . 1 Qu- 40:5 'mia up fx nw 'g :iff K .5 w "Fa I1 1 ga 4 5 S L open' wk X- N .,VVV . l ,Z , ,df ff' " ,ff If' Y'N,,,.-" f fr " 'f" ! KE i E in i X . 'ix .C w 5 'Y NA s "finally my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might." ephesicms 6:10 P' s.w-W, 7-,fx X ONFQ, 501: Mx 'ff- ' 5 I,.' 5s 48 al w x , mx fff R? X 4? 1 .pk W-sim-+ 'lla ..:si4..k......,.,,'.,.,..uM ha... I- f""" l 1' ilfiifl me if U 1 ,W ,V .y 1 47 fy! X -Au - H815 ' xl. ..v v ' , I rv K. 4 sv' ' sf 4' Q us--. R x 'i Q .1.,, M . W 9 .N V CY.-X X s A,, y..gyz, 0 WN . L. . z::L'fae:-52122: -' " , l. .L -www XS Y s Q N N if S ,ii K - - " A 4 ws W 1 QS X Q XA Q E V WY X ' NNW s R , , ,, xxx: 'Wx x Q, N S S Q w io x N YR X , M. ,f - Q- ,yy x 1 ,XXX 7 3 x wk' sw 3 S x forwq :X A S ff I 'Pb A .Six Y X Y X Q 2 Q X 5 x N 2 ' 3 5' .. X Q325, x f . X x X. It ' E 15 S142 -A 1 ,X ES 'Nl +1555 xx as: S QQ E sg' X 'L ' ,S xx T 4 5 l L 5 A 1 f X ff kwg. k - 5 NRS .5 gg: 5 f -. N if 4 x - if W ' E F 1 . 1 5 A X 2 Yi X 5 - t 'xwfh f x N .Q N , in L wx SRQ x A X -, A, pf X we XX X XL 5 'VX X x .V sy. Aff . N .Q,XQA X X X f X gerry gnll guard Xl x X xg A M -my X N1 XX x X 5 L X xx X X . xx N N X aw N I . .QQ Q X ss, E MS ' we x W X X xx Ns XQ X X m :- , 5. 5 4 V sv fs 5, . WN aj 1 4- ms- . f -fm' , .W 5 f. J, 4 5 N ,, sf 4 -..s.i...-.:f,:- ff mf J xr -ik 5 92' Q I3 X wx S 3-4 +4 5 x X N Y 0 is Q2 'E Q is 4 ff' i s ' K Y 3 .R ,, WW" A 'FJ x x N I ,. z 5 ' f X ,v 'VVA' X T, ,, 5 W V ,Ina ' - 1 g If ,--. rx x - ,MJ ., 3 2' 'A X 5 1 A z K 12:5 xx A -. . Q H V S X 1-:QZQ X 5- , V' ' X X 'Q N 1 4 f x N -ff-sw X:s1: Q 4 5+ x. xv x ,,--M? '- X ix M xxx Z , X X X x 9 Q 4 xx X , s of X 2 X xx X, x XX if 1 s , N HWS? X x.xx XX .Wim s w., , W asus v Q W wwf Q Q X X N s f t 1 Qs . x ' E ,N ' 'S-,NX ix ish K E 1 E X . X f X , S . V! Ex r - ,-,ix x N' Kg K ,XXXX A TQYXX roy hohner 7? ' forward X: f:Ei QQ.,q:'?f X s s -W. Ng x x don rankin forward I I , . .ss-NSW -'-if Xfjsxx xx. coach siemens and the starting court who wall get the rebound, hardemcln? mccgicicuw ' it's not two points till it goes through the hoop pluymaker smith drives past opponent. WC-,M Ium was always on his toes. hm- i I 1 s 1 H E I Q ndegl ol Q. Q A. ,fr IN 2-VAL ,ng 4 ...-,wvgggr fic xv.- 'Q- I-+1,'1.,fwl:g",fsw,g,gg:f1'jLfj1-L 19- t Yr- 'ws - ' f . f' g Q., vox X t ,gf X-X-N 1 . ' ,- cl If - " ,P f . K A 7 i n 1:5 N ws QQ -. ' ' l 'f ' .. ...n.-. distance runners await starter's gun for mile event. freshman long throws the iavelin. orbia hanks follows through after putting the shot '1 is .Af X. df, W 5 I E . 2. S X lf X 'Mt an lt X1 K W N N ! 4 0 ,Q A ' r ', ' L Q ' 0. Q . Q ' ' spencer soars to set a new westmont pole vault record. martin on the blocks prepares for lightning start. OVEI' l4'lBl'C LU' 'W' M1214 coach galen pearce and captain bill shrode thought and talked track incessantly during the 1955 season. X XJ ., f ,J 2 xx sLT5hr.'l, t. ,if 'L-r e ,V ee- nfs-LY? V N. perfect form was displayed by fieldman runyon . ings. 'xtfxwfhw "' f rf, mb, nflxg., --dw.. M, ,VVVAQ 4 R i l l i i 1 L' 1 . 4 Xl e P- l A '. A J - ra l "ff I an. l l 'T' l -'31 -vw . I 4 . fngygt , , ., . rf. K fav-7-'r . iw' v ', ' 3 " 4,- f 4 - s, Agglgiff wif' :1g'b""' ia I Q ' -J ,444- n I huotluflg Affrfi mftnfe A . ,Q carrie-:ro f frxrzkf l X l X 0 . nil M0044 fuwzfff over the four mile course of hills and dales, roads and dusty trails, the warrior spirit sparked runners to a successful season. .. Mm 5 X- ORN Pearce presses a gaucho ace all the wayl 52,4411 Maw ,AA 4 L tax t 1 x nag, . . .."'f"Lf AR' ffr'.4f.' LP: 'af -, excitement grows as race begins between cross-town is V rivals. , 4 xo, H W. , 4 ggi , X 'S f , 'n 1 , ,,,,, X ' i - New X . Fm '- wwscc, ., so e so wx wmmmml 5, T -X c,,., N: i im 'N -1 ., MW will i 1 .4 ! KX S4 fr- I S-5 Wg. 5.4 ii .1 '1 P '-45 ' 1 " x 9-.5 5,11 1955 sche II Ia veme ca I. a. state chapman ca cal. tech accidental c santa barbt long beach pasadena c cal. poly-5 cal. poly .5 redlands up me all siemm up nh 'lo H9 with 'mllhl wh Slltfgssful .v tim 1 "L fi F, by in N' ' ., , xi - 1955 schedule Ig verne college I. a. state chapman college cal. tech occidental college santa barbara - gauchos l long beach state pasadena college cal. poly - s.l.o. cal. poly - s.d. redlands university 1 . Q in the dugout were coach s'e i wmmin I . ' .' mens, CUPf- Cuff, Ullman, olson, corderman, forney, runyon, golden, ruge, gs, ewrs, smith, lewis, furze and batboy shelton. 1,1 ' g , . , I l 4' e, 1 1 1 P . .. . , x L X I i 25 4 g E I ' E, X ' in V ' Y t -.Z F 5 1' - 1 A ,J , , 4 , ix r 'f ' , ex- i 1 1 ' 6' ' fy I Af' x , X J' - X 7' " f . 4 J! f ' f f ' x I the alums get a hit, while corderman waits empty handed. coach Siemens and captain russ carr did a splendid iob guiding the efforts of the westmont warriors. It u R I ., . .. , .,..,.., I A , ,, , t. 1 i Q a """" runyon warms up for action in the alum game. polioltecl cliamonalmen golden displays his power at the plate. furze iumps for the catch as an alum hits the turf. forney makes a hit. X X SYN NX l l nel wud PM .si .V gn Jw, '. Umstuh' me sl"'l'9Y for 1, W9Slm 'ohsis lu Ver in thi touch 1:12:i:1" gli I ! 2 ff' . , -' net squad played home matches at the municipal courts, Um5fUl1. coach hardeman and lum devised strategy for tennis matches. westmont's second year of inter-collegiate tennis consisted of matches against pasadena nazarene, la verne, santa barbara college and participation in the oiai valley tournament. tine hardeman coached the racqueteers to a successful season. on the court 333' 5 ' ' . X -. M l L ' 'f"' -ag'-lj ji Q , ,',3- fx t gy - MW i , t . - 'f ' -.ff X A A- , ' 'lr' 4, ff ul QC' . KL- 1 4 It 1 N. women' miss Iovick ably advised w.r.a. activities. w.r.a. officers, nat morrill, sec.p donna powers, treas.p lucia roden, vice pres doris prohaska, i.c.c.p maxine kincaid, pres.g norma conklin. recreational 'W iw ,l archery was one of the sports featured at PIGYCIUY- ayddy' bat those balls, girls! cwoociation the westmont-santa barbara college play day featured guided tours around our campus, individual and group Sports, and tasty refreshments which fostered friendly re- volleyball was one of the main attractions at the westmont u.c.s.b. playday. ' westmont racqueteers ,put the bird to flight. lations between co-eds from neighboring colleges. 131 . 5 'H-'-N' ' , . , . ' , 'f -4' .- " 1-. A QM' 1. " X-il . 1 'H -. fgrep- -w,u,,-,-N-,yy-v,,' , Q, V. ' Z .JK j, .f "gps if fs r ' Z " H+ -t, s- .. .. , W. on 1 N It- I - -.Q U Q ..' I, ,a -,f-- M-.-x,.c5,.,,-4. ."""s -- 1 rf- 'se 1- - of 1 e-2-ln.:-F'fN . - ., l A Y . . -1.1 fnv, ws.: e "-4s4,,, Xlfxf vw?-2 R ,lt alt ,A 3. V .,.. MW1-. ix: .A , ..s. vi .4-L "LR Nxt? ern , W4 iK,:,5iif..-gig 1 . 'fuk " '- .. 1, " " . "' Q '..s'1.+1 ,, ,.."- '..'- Age' fs- - ins. ' f Is. the freshman class demonstrated their future potentiality. mural mixup intramural sports aided in bringing fellowship between classes and also in stimulating athletic interests. the seniors practice for the big game, the champions were the sophomores. -wi-if 1Q..x s ,-"4 su-1, . Q is 5 I -f ' gi. 'Nu . Q N L lk ,X ix. i v ig c. Saws . c .1+ ls., N.. X R 3' -we-.,A,A x . . - l ax x K x .3 is . Q.. -' - ,.. X iv xg ' VL.:-'Q - . Q 'z- Y' .W he X . . ... a . s,,. . Q - . ia .. ,.x .+G , M . -. our - gs sp., fm.- - - sf' Q X Q t ...pf X . Nw tx W, .X-cm ' ' - 5 sv' ' i' X. ..- , Ri? W- me M 'N - " " 2 -fc? F fifff 1 R e X f xl " l W. PI:-,QB Eggs"-,air 'N F x- ' we fs' .- fri, .Q . fee.. ri ss ' "3 'ive M' N s 5 'if - 'Q -. ,N K :sg - 9357? A Q, , sig X x . W, Qs., M 4. X. X "Sf " QQ ' -1' 1 .W-it Q -Qs ,. N irx 9 e - xy, x ig so ,-rx, K . 1 , fl Q f- , f N. .s-Ag Ckowfigscgxx' 1 ei Q. .ix ' flex-lx 3.541 c.,.,: . ek .fx-gwg AGN 5wimm2fS in orde' l' ll'lQ C94 llli yn ,MR km M 'W 2 sophomores. 'Qui swimmers learned the "buddy system" in order to help one another. the co-ed swimming class was held at the y.m.c.a., downtown santa barbara. :cc f:,.,i:e:.1:c::.c.7-ms i bruce smith, one of the student instruc- tors, assisted miss lovik. ,Ss i -ty ii swimming class listened for instructions from their physical education teacher, miss lovik. cw' ua cmtaco dave mott and bruce smith gave instruction on the "flutter kick." ......-U the pep band sparked the high spirit of warrior ga yell oqucwl .ong le for westmont rooters. ITIGS. the antics of yell leaders bob flynn and bob christopher inspired and amused the westmont cheering section. d ll l d rs bob christopher and bob flynn .provided the drive aders flo wilson, siddy mouw, lois hufstader, pat lloyd, an ye ea e 'wif A is N . is sg .:- . as gssgsgw N- ,,.,,....---v--"" ini' H , P- ,.,1f""' I I A Q the lelterman club members sought to make Christ pre-eminent in every phase of weslmonl athletics. 'mn and -'Sed the 1 fl f warrior club Ietterman club offucers were: bull shrode, trees., dave amslulz, secy., lerry glll, dev. chrm., paul hook, pres., mr. slemens, adviser, bob runyon, vlce pres. .34- paul hook served as president of lhe leflermen. 1- M .X.., WMML, ,N M 5 . I'-'Q torch tow .f ,Q L, ,ff R E X 1,,,,. X ff ' - ' ,ails If N!! , X ff 1' 9' f f f ff 'U' l'l'VW 432 any ' dnb 4-on f 1 1 ,,, , 0 fa 'K . .,e .. Lf-04 ' :M .. . gu!"""' .4-iii Y ova -- f . an -A-'Q-. 4f:',.l f1f"""' MA M - ' , I . f ' F P Xb' 4 . rn-v "3" -A-. 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BQ h successful and blessed future in and through Him. congratulations and sincere wishes for a appy, alexander h. kerr 81 company, inc. kerr glass manufacturing corporation lids and ielly glasses since 1903. mrs. alexander h. kerr, president manufacturers and distributors of glass containers, caps, I I 1 '- B E E P i A 7 F' - , in 4 1 ! ff ,Fi 1.4 in xo ,',.' ,VVVQ 2 vwsg K V, . . J f 4, K, p Q - A ' fx , - ,, ,It xx ., nl, "X M 'S ' A3 ffwiiff 4553 w ,P if fu - 'Ss' V. I . , .., if IJ' , , 3, . fx' 4 H . ffl sh H 1 v ln S A pkx- N4-fn' , , . N X- I ' I " vy Xu 5 O V .L - ,f A. 4 w ' LX NN ,V , - 'Q , 1 x , R 4 if N "a ' .. ' K xx , R R I 't ' , 'b,yd V, g 'V . W I Q r ,XC xi u '4' Ji? f 'f w'i':'f4'f'? A , :Q 7?f3?'2 1?f f H , . KM! 4 V' Q, . -14 AJ , Ov, '27 'QQ 1 'M 'Tx ' " P3 ' vw 5, I 3. "" as 4 32 5 1 f' A, , ..,,.x-75 ' 1 . 49-,A ' W", ll v ,W .4 fp, ,I .' -,fry 'ff W at , 1 ,Y V, W 'Ar' v., . . ,,xl,i, ,gf is ' :YG . 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Ia presa, san gabriel, calif. golike, david-r.r. 1, medora, ill. gonzales, lillian-9636 s.,la salle, los angeles, calif. gorden, dona-423 n. 16th st., santa paula, calif. gordon, ieannie-1610 sinaloa ave., pasadena, calif. gornick, sandra-4824 n. kerby, portland, ore. gorsuch, sue-189 e. 45th, san bernardino, calif. gregory, raymond-2916 verde vista dr., santa barbara, calif. griffin, mary-box 1230, lakeview, ore. grinnel, leroy-680 ladera lane, santa barbara, calif. hahner, roy-1033 ontare rd., santa barbara, calif. hailey, marilyn-600 w. sierra madre blvd., sierra madre, calif. haley, iames-613 w. de la guerra, santa barbara, calif. hall, chaska-box 387, cody, wyoming halvarson, arlene'-3204 w. concord way, mercer is., wash. hamamoto, evelyn-p.o. box 55, kalaheo, kavai, hawaii hamner, donna-rt. 1, box 230, perris, calif. hanks, orbia-rt. 1, box 3, brawley, calif. hansen, iohn-rt. 4, box 536, hillsboro, ore. hansen, donald-847 rosser dr., prescott, ariz. hardeman, tine-rt. 2,lbox 178m, tulare, calif. hardy, donald-39 kenyon ave., watsonville, calif. harkins, nadine-2692 university st., eugene, ore. harper, don-8975 iohnson dr., la mesa, calif. harvey, roy-rt. 2, box 360, cornelius, ore. hatton, helen-p.o. box 14, earlimart, calif. hauth, shirley-1721 first ave., walnut creek, calif. heydel, ted-9008 e. longden ave., temple city, calif. hicks, ioan-1160 e. calaveras st., altadena, calif. hisaw, mellie-3732 platt ave., lynwood, calif. ' holman, charles-218 e. padre st., santa barbara, calif. honaker, maralynn-2775'n. san antonia, claremont, calif. hook, paul-1209 penn ave. e., warren, penn. hoving, art-670 ashley rd., santa barbara, calif. hoving, billie-670 ashley rd., santa barbara, calif. howard, barbara-1240 ferry, albany, ore. howison, nancy-2530 thomas ave., fresno, calif. ron-544 pasadena st., whittier, calif. cliburn, caroline-6857 vesper, van nuys, calif. clymer, dorthy-p.o. box 1118, eagle point, ore. coe, douglas-590 w. fredericks, barstow, calif. coen, esther-1357-b e. harvard, glendale, calif. conklin, norma--708 n. divisadero, visalia, calif. connell, eleanor-3726 pontiac st., la crescenta, calif. cook, helen-1320 martha lane, santa ana, calif. corderman, ierry-p.o. box 27, ferndale, ore. cory, ginger-408 s. date ave., alhambra, calif. couch, nancy-3125 n.e. 50, portland, ore. coulombe, patricia-1294 arroyo rd., los altos, calif. cowan, roberta-421 palm ave., watsonville,.caIif. cowie, iames-2933 valencia dr., santa barbara, calif. cripe, miriam-rt. 1, box 358, gerger, calif. cummings, alvin-8417 n. berkeley, portland, ore. dahlinger, ann-540 monterey, hollister, calif. dailey, raymond-8975 iohnson dr., la mesa, calif. daniels, lewis-1141 heather square, pasadena, calif. davisfianet-rt 2, box 3695, sacramento, calif. hudlow, gerald-610 douglas, pasadena, calif. hudspeth, harold-p.o. box 213, kelseyville, calif. hufstoder, lois--rt. 1, box 155, springfield, ore. humbert, donald-1935 las posas rd., camarillo, calif. ingram, gary-forest grove, trailer court, forest grove, ore. iverson, david-sky hook ranch, roundup, mont. iackson, russell-7540 sterling dr., oakland, calif. iames, vernon-p.o. box 461, ventura, calif. iensen, donald-362 berry ave., watsonville, calif. iohns, carol-14374 coyle ave., detroit, mich. , .. iohnson iohnson, dick 202 cooper rd., santa barbara, calif. gordon-2412 25th, rockford, ill. iohnson, iames-9215 e. las tunas dr., temple city, calif. iohnson, ianet-718 16th ave. no., seattle, wash. iohnson, lynne--343 n second st., banning, calif. iohnson, staley-p.o. box 420, anacortes, wash. iongewaard, martha-chaplain's section finance bldg., 8232 CPO, 500, sfo pm, san francisco, cal. ltokyo, iapanl . ka riker, de la vega, ralph-500 - 10th ave., san francisco, calif. delvey, evelyn-786 iunipero ave., pacific grove, calif. denning, daniel-box 22, mcarthur, calif. de saegher, james-812 rose st., burbonk, calif. de young, carolyn-826 hillsdale blvd., san mateo, calif. de young, richard-rt. 1, box 141-t-21, san luis obispo, calif. doern, gloria-723 s.e. 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Fishermans club . . . forensics freshmen class .... . . homecoming . . . . . horizon .... . . . intramural athletics . . . iunior class . . . . men's association . . . ...16-20 ..22-23 ...74 97 . . 60-69 108-109 102-103 132 .. 40-49 . . 84-85 i :lex mu chi literary society . . . . . . 92-93 music ............ . . . 94-96 pan hellenic council . . . . . . . 84 parties ................... 1 10-1 13 phi epsilon chi literary society .... 90-91 psychology club . . . . . . 98 president voskuyl . . . . . . 14 rural mission workers . . . . . . 75 senior class .... . . . 26-39 sociology club . . . . . . 99 sophomore class . . . . . . 50-59 staff ......... . . . 24-25 student directory . . . . . 146-147 student government ........... 80-81 student missionary fellowship ....... 76 swimming ... ... 133 track . . . . . 122-124 telescope . . . . - - 21 tennis 129 "w" club .......... . . . 135 women's recreational association ..... . . 130-131 women's association . . . 82-33 young life . . . 76 X x . 4 . , - -'w-5,.,-- , Eff- V952 'IJ-lr'-r ' - ii fx e- "1'1- ."f-f ."5- W" ' A N ,.', -. . 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' 1 'F' .'Y"'.:' -."'.- 715-.Q'12.,. the light reflected from these pages will help to keep alive in your memories the experiences of the past year. however, all has not been light at westmont, for we remember the heavy burden of studies and the darkness of a lights-out curfew. but light does describe that which we have received at westmont, for we have been illuminated intellectually and spiritually. the editing of the 1955 citadel has been far from a light iob, but we have learned many lessons for life in doing it. our task could not have been completed without the help of steve stone, official photographer, george whipple, photographer, ioseph muench, color photographer, yearbook house, monrovia, calif., publisher, winston sharp, bob cleveland, camera club, and robert cleath, adviser. and now, lights-out in the citadel shack until next year. chuck russell don walter co-editors 1955 citadel 1. eolor by gooeph qfnuench ...anal Qual naw the light that it wcw good. ff, ff .pf ffff ' .454 f' ffffcf 45771 ,M We 2 A Lf- M' ,ICQ pl-A 4'Z fm I IV f !' ,f ubiil' X- 4+ '4" " J' 5, 1 gNhl'Z.L' 3 . 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