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3-7- l -an lndnar-2-1---' u. . X f S 7 "fL,l.. W'-Ou-H 1 J., MT .W,A . 'T iv MT-L, I1 L 704eaeae-z Whenever we needed help, Mrs. Bailer was never too busy to hear our problems and give us advice. Words of wisdom are her specialty, she had a solution to our every problem whether it pertained to the whole class or just an individual. In the Tenth Grade, when we were organizing, she helped in every imaginable way. As our teacher she was fair and thoughtful. Last year as a homeroom teacher, Mrs. Bailer was interested in every action of the junior Class. As the Student Council advisor, she has been an inspiration to that organiza- tion, spurring them on to even greater achievements, as a class advisor, she has worked for our interests, and she has stayed beside us every day. These are the reasons why we-the class of Nineteen Hun- dred and Fifty-Five, dedicate our yearbook to MRS. MARGARET BAILER: teacher, counselor, and most of all -friend! 11. ESWXIIQ I 98. .0 9 4 lu ' 7 Here in this 1955 yearbook we have attempted to recreate b means of words and ictures, the events of the ast school Y P P year in a chronological order. For the Seniors this is a book of memories, fond memories of this our last year at Westminster High School-- For the underclassmen it is a record of one of their years, a stepping-stone toward the ultimate goal-graduation from our Alma Mater. Itls been a great year that no one shall ever forget, and here it unfolds before you . . . This was oar year ,....,... ...,... Next to arriife ..... . We aaine ............. Football weather.. Happy Holialayflu Baby, It's Cold ..... . WESTMINSTER HIGH SCHOOL Ola!! Mia'-Years. Convention tinze Last of all ...,..... In Conclusion .... Pat1fon's list ........ Aa'1fe1'tise1's ....r s, To ihee Wesfrninsler High School dear Our Alma Maler frue, o Wifh many a cherished rnernory Our lhoughls will sfay wiih you.y And o'F+' ogr kindled hearls will blaze For ln proud Thy 'lrue blue and pure whife. -Wifh vifhiie, love We iraise song, Crea+orjofjoiiiriyou+hfull dreams' s Thyliauiyding Thy high ideas pregiggil, i Qis rf.. V- mm s - .5f,,:,,:. These halls will iyyii s novvggiiigei sing T T Wesfmmsler haul all hail! ffwidaewdawdzf -14 20,- The 19411-1953 edition of the W.H.S. Owls came away from their season with a victory no other XW.H.S. team has been able to accom- plish. This victory was the 19-14 season opener win against Gettysburg. This was one of the most satisfying wins ol' this year's Seniors' foot- ball record here. This year's team left a creditable record of themselves wherever they played. The Owls played the best teams Mary- land had to otler and lost only 1 game by more than 7 points and that to a powerful Fort llill eleven, Even in this one, the Owls won everything but the ball game. The success ol' next year's team will hinge on the supply of Ends and Tackles for this is where graduation will hit the hardest. The team has several backs that will be able to fill the capable shoes of Bill Mann and Andy Tawney. Graduating Seniors from the squad are Co- fiaptains Eugene Houck and Bill Mann, Urban Bowman, Charles Sprinkle, joe Shilling, jim Lewis, Sterling jones, Andrew Tawney, and Paul Bowersox. All owe an unpayable debt to their coaches: Ruby, Vodenicker and Hersh. dry' Senior, J X jim Lewis catching pass, Sophomore jim Head, Qu'u'terback was sec ond highest scorer. Senior Andy Tawncy played a good halfback. Picture below shows jim l-lead, Owl Qut 1'- terback, sneaking over for 6 points in Gettys- burg game. Owls won this one, 19-1-l. Sophomore Mel Long. was Owl's leading scorer. Senior Tackles Urban Bowman and Charlie Sprinkle. Both Guards for the Owls included Sterling jones, Senior Bob were important parts of the Owl line. SEASON RECORD W.H.S ............. 19 W:H.S .,........... 7 W.H.S ............. 12 W.H.S ............. 13 W.H.S ............. 32 W.H.S ......,,..,.. 14 W.H.S ...........,. 7 W.H.S ............. 39 W.H.S ............. 7 W.H.S ...,......... Gettysburg Bladensburg Hagerstown Belair .,....... .... Delone .... Hanover ..... ....... Fort Hill .............. Wicomico .,,....,...... Annapolis .,............ Laurel ...,.... Cancelled W.H.S .,......,.. 150 Opponents INDIVIDUAL SCORING TD'5' Mel Long ......,. ----,-- 6 Jim Head ....,,.. ---.,-- 5 Ken Seitz ........ ------- 4 Bill Mann .l......... -'----- 3 Andy Tawney .,Ya..... ....--- 2 Bob Null Y.,........ .-.,,-- 0 jim Lewis ....,.,........... ---- 1 Dan Baugher .,Y............ ,--- 1 Roland Mummaugh ..aa.... ...V 1 Bob Parry ................. ,--- 0 Team ........................,....,...--A-.-----'------ 23 'N Mann, Ed Little, and Scott Caples, Juniors. 1 joe Shilling Senior End was an im l 4 yi' portant partiof OWL offense. 9 gi - ' 4 5 l E 9 N PAT TOTAL 0 36 O 50 O 24 O 18 0 12 10 10 0 6 O 6 0 6 2 2 I2 150 'fieqcaaa 4,' 60415. . ll u Co-Captains for the year were Gene Houck, a Senior End, and Bill'Mann, Senior Fullback, who was Owl's fourth leading scorer. f :Vasa4awwf4Qt:werw.:+zff2: vm iefoqwarz- wmzw4fea.msanievfmmst:e, Q :sg a s a a 7 yyya 'H ' is xi 4 l Q ln 55 M gi 1 i f y y y .A l 52 E58 ass f 5 5 7 'Alf 77? , fl I ' "k- li. ' ' WA -..,Q iq ' " -Q21 ' 'J 32 . 523 Owl Varsity Squad which won 4 and lost 5, left impressive ICLUl'kl wherever they played during 19 5 4 Season. Q M I gh K I Ai, k A lilwlli ',,'E5?3 nm, ' l ' 2 :'aatQ'V I NSW 3 I F? LL :Ml , 33257 s-ff' -57 NEQV J gina 1 2 ai . f g KA M" 7 K if L it 5, lg 3 G xi U I fglfai 'BBQ' 3 5 ' H7-'I l y l , 2 l , 5 g l l ag S af ' 2 f ,' , 3:-1 ,--: Q , l i s g a f f p lk I unior Varsitl' Squad included the swung talent, that will someday be thc Varsity OWlS4 Andy Tawney carries for Owls at Annapolis., I I' w2w2bc34Afi 'Nw 4 a A f, .. -by Ti'f'f" 4.4 , www. 7 lvf -f S3 QUENTIN L. EARHART Prizzfifml, IWe.rm1in.tler High Srlmffl A.B., Western Maryland M.Ed., Western Maryland Wa .- This is the time of the year for all of us to reappraise our school accomplish- ments. This yearbook represents an accounting of the school year through the media of the printed page and captioned pictures. This sampling of the high- lights, however, could not represent entirely the total school record of accom- plishments. This accounting represents generally, only the accomplishments of groups, not individuals and their records. We must continually strive to establish records of which we can justly be proud. For you, seniors, there are few, if any, additional opportunities in high school to improve your records. For all of you, other students, there are many opportunities to improve depending on the period of time that you have re- maining in school. Your records are your own. May they serve you as positive evidence of a job well done. HOUSTON G. CURD Vife Pmzrifnzl Bookkeeping I BGS., Bowling Green School of Commerce MRS. MABEL PRICE Serzior High Coumelnr English III B.S.. johns Hopkins Iii '-wm..,,, X, MRS, GLORIA MARTIN, Serremry MISS VIRGINIA TROXELL junior High Crzumelor Ivfathematics B.A., Hood College M.A., Pennsylvania ef' """N N? gms? 5 chalfahacn SENIOR HIGH MATH-Lyman D. Earhart. Geometry, Trig., Algebrag W. Md., J, Hopkins, Md. U., If. of North Carolina4B.A., M.A. Paul Smith, Biology, GBTQ Math, Shippenshurg-BS., Il. of Maryland. COMMERCIAL-Mr. Guy Bambrick, EC. Geography, GBTg Concord-A.B.. U. of W. Va. Mrs. Martha Rupert, Typing, Bookkeeping, Salem-A.B. Mr, Alan Wagaman, Blue Ridge, U. of Va.-B.S. X At right: INDUSTRIAL AR'I'S-Mr. George Hugg, Auto Mechanics and Industrial Artsg U. of Md.-B.S. Mr. Albert G. Albrecht, Machine Shop, U. of Md.-Ind. Tech., W. Md., johns Hopkins. Mr. Ralph Baumgardner, 9th and 10th Ind. Artsg U. of Md.-BS., Post Grad. at -I. Hopkins and U. of Va. Mr. Frank Mather, Ind. Arts, W. Md. -A.B., U. of New York-M.A. At left: ARTS and CRAFTS and HOME ECO- NOMICS-Gertrude Jamison, 9, 11, 12 Home Economicsz Hood-B.S. Helen Horner, 8, 10 Home Economisg W. Md.-A.B. Mrs. Betty Flory, 7th Arts and Crafts, Bridgewater-BS. Mrs. Ruth Reter, Art: W. Md.-A.B. Mrs. Caroline Ware- hime. 7 Arts and Crafts, 9, 10 Home Economics, Hood-B.S. XXX Q .ff SY' C SENIOR HIGH ENGLISH-Mr. Wlilliam G. Eaton. 12 VOCAL MUSIC-Mr. Gefvrge Carrozzajr. Highg English, Dramatics, W. Md.-A.B., Columbia-M.A. Mrs. U- 0fAl21bf1ma, Guildhall School in London-B.M. Margaret Bailer, 10 English: Rutgers-B.S. J. Wakefield MY' William Miller. Sf- Hlglll W- Cl'1fSfCf, U- Of McGill, 11 English: Mt. St. Marys-A.B. I2 Penna.-B.S., M.S. 2' SENIOR HIGH H1sToRY-Miss Irma Lawyer, PODg W. SEVENTH GENERAL EDUCATION-Mrs. Mary MC- Md.-AB. Mrs. Ann UU, World Higtoryg Shippensburgg Fagueg W. Md.-A.B. Miss Mary Weaglyg Boston U.- B.S. W. Md.-Ed. M. Miss Frances Miller, Am. Historyg B.P.E., M.A., W, Md.-A.B. Mrs. Virgil Rhoteng Salisbury W' Md.-A.B. STC-B.S. NINTH GENERAL EDUCATION-Miss Helen Georg Frostburg STC-B.S. Miss Mildred Shipleyg Western Md.-A.B. Miss Cornelia Krohg Western Md.-A.B. JUNIOR HIGH MATH and SCIENCE-Gaylia Giles, Science and Physical Educationg Lincoln Memorial. William Tomlinson, Mathg Washing- ton-B.S. Reverend Cronise Barr, 7, 8 Mathg West. Theo. Sem. Mr. Hilary Holste. 8 Science' Capital Univ.-B.S., U. of Pitts.-M.E. Mrs Audrey Buffington, 7, 8 Mathg W. Md.-A.B. Mr Charles Foreman, 7, 9 Scienceg Towson STC-B.S 1 Mr. MHINICIS, Latin, Fffflfhl Mr. Joseph Chalker, Band. Or- Mrs. Barbara Guise, Librarian: New York UniV6rSify-B-A-. Haf- chestrag Ithaca CollegesB.S,, W. Md.--A.B.. Penn. State, Tem- vard, Cambridge University. MS, ple, I I I ' dad 641656. I3 001601046 I I I Mr. Alfred Myers, Senior Science. Chemistry, Physicsg Lynchburg-AB., Gettysburg-M.A. Miss Elizabeth Bemil- ler, Biology, Western Maryland College-A.B. PHYSICAL EDUCATION-Mr. John Vocleniclcer, Physical Education and Drivers' Eelucationg Kent StatefB.S. Mrs. Donna Sellmang Western Mcl.-A.B., Columbia-M.A. Mr. Herb Ruby, Illinois-A.B., W. Md. .fy 152' Q r ,lf 5 "H: ha 45' EIGHTH GENERAL EDUCATION-Mr. Robert Greis- myerg Western Maryland-B.A. Mrs. Doris Allingg Western Marylancl4A.B. Miss Shiela Young, Western Maryland- A.B. ...and I CAFETERIA STAFF-Dorothy D. Hawk, Helen M. Sauble Ruby R.. Spencer, Managerg Edna M. Warren, Eva M. Bon ner, Edith M. Lawyer, Madge E Dorsey, Alice R. Cole man, Mary B. Shipley, Assistant. CUSTODIANS OF WESTMINSTER HIGH SCHOOL-Olie Fritz, LeVere Owens, Irvin 7 is . I4 l7l6f7U Vit -1. , is iz . C 2 Q9 If ' afz.'4e6!cw4af5 SEPTEMBER, 1949. Thats when it started. I-low amazed we were, and baffled. Such a big, new school. Would we ever get used to it? We won- dered how we ever could become a part of it, but we did. After the first few weeks, we knew the whole seventh grade hall, the gym, and the audi- torium. We bought our first subscription to the OWL, joined the band and orchestra, and watched the football, basketball, and baseball teams fighting for 'ol Westminster High. The eighth grade seemed to come and go the fastest. There weren't any new activities to join, and much of our time was spent just learning. Once in the ninth grade, the "big-shots" of the junior High School, we began to become active. Our first classmates got berths on the junior Varsity Teams. XX7e sang in choral groups, and we were much more a part of the school. And then we were Sophomores. We ate our lunch with the juniors and Seniors, we became members of the clubs in the school, and we organized our class with Ruth Sofinowski as our first president. Our prize invention of the year was the executive board, made up of representatives of each homeroom. In May, when we held our Sophomore I-lop, everyone agreed that it had been the best organized and the prettiest party they'd seen. Before we knew it, we were juniors. We started We take with us memories, knowledge, widened interests and a deeper understanding of this world in which we live. We are proud of our records, proud of our achieve- ments, and proud to claim West- minster High School as our Alma Mater. We leave with the hope that our successors will keep alive the spirit of the Class of 1955. the year with a "hot" election campaign which saw Andy Tawney become our President. It was our turn to fill the halls with the fragrant odors of chemistry. In sports, the Junior boys became the stars of the teams. In the spring, our class song was written by several juniors, fingers were measured and rings ordered, and we made plans for the junior Prom. Suddenly, at Class Night in june, when we sang our class song, we realized that in one year, we would be the ones to graduate. The summer went fast and we were the Seniors . . . we were the ones to set the examples we were given senior privileges the first to go to lunch and assemblies we became the major leaders in school clubs the senior dramatics classes pre- sented the Bazaar and Christmas plays . . . the OWL Staff was always busy meeting deadlines and find- ing a way to make a larger yearbook for the same price. Roger Wolfe was elected president of the class. Mid-Year's came with all their worries and head- aches, College Entrance Exams, conferences with Mrs. Price, learning to make perfect trial balances, senior pictures, Diversified Occupations, and name cards. And so time flew on to May and the Senior Prom, from the Far East. Then it was june, but after all these years it didn't seem real and we weren't sure we wanted to leave. First came Class Night, then Commencement on June 3, 1955. is I6 5 1 def:-t ' Senior Class Officers at right are Donald Pennington. Treasurer, Urban Bowman, Vice Presiclentg Marie Summers, His- torian and Reporter, Roger Wolfe, Presi- dent: Williarxu Taylor, Chaplain: Rae Leppo, Secretary. Zowwi, The Senior Class Board consisted of the Class Officers shown above and one representative from each cf the home- rooms shown at the left. They are joe Shilling, Beverly Ritter, Bill Mann, and Andy Tawney. I I I CLASS OF 1955 SONG Tune: Far Ahore Cayugafr llydlflflf To Wextrrzrrzfter Alma Mater, we do ralye thir 5012 g, Thou h our ala fr here now seem Jhort our 5 irilf llrz er On. 5' J Hall We5tnzirzster.' Hail UVe.rtmimter! Onward we will strive. Hail to thee our Alma Mater, Clan of '55 Though the hellf hare often called af, they will call rzo more, Erfer may her 50125 prefs forward, forward through life'5 tloorf. Hail lVeJtmrrz5ter! Hail Wfeytmirzsterf Orzwarcl we will ftrlre, Hail to thee our Alma Mater, Clays of '55 Written by Doris Ohler, Gene Houck. Beverly Ritter and Paul Bowersox s'Qig 'DM Q ei ., M Q w, x 3 2 A f ., , A. if 5514.4 Q, , lwix-nm wrmfmw ww - Z o FTA. Mixed Chorus, Dramatics. "Alibi" , . . "Oh, gel Ullflll . . . liter lu dance . . . nm' of our mnzzbo txjwrzr , . . well 167101171 for ber infeftiour ,giggle . . . f7l.1lI,l' lo .lllfilld UNMC. FTA. Varsity Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball. Arzmld . . . 11 Illlllt' for 6I'6'f'1'fHIE . . . mn al1,my,r be fozuzd in 12,1711 , , . ilIlL'1'K.1'IEd in zmztlsfevlaliar . . . ,blmzr In rzflwzd Tll1l'lf11I 51.116 Te.1ther,r College in fall. FTA. NHS, Honor Roll, SC, Executive Comm., Regional SC, Varsity Cheerlcatler, Varsity Basketball. Volleyball. "Mar13"' . , . friefzdly, dependable, and iufelligezzz . . . nluuzyr bury with SC zwrk. DAR zzuizzfztw, "Baller buy Buife' . . . College after gmdmzziwz. Q7 fanned- GAB President. FBLA. SC Store, County SC, Varsity Bas- ketball, Volleyball, Hockey Team Captain, Intramural Sports. "Rene" , , . bland, furly lmzir . . . engaged to Tom . . . hizrd zrwrkizzlg Jud depefzdalzle ...L Quad ,refzre of humor . . . .rerrelury in future. ,656-4-1. FTA, LASO 'l'rcasurer. Mixed Chorus. Girls' Basketball Scorer. "Br1r'21e-1" ...V f riwzdlyr In rzll . . . lnrblw if job rttzdily . . . nlflen .YKHII lzlzry nl rvurk in fbe library . . . B1Hi11e,r,r Srbfml rrlfer Lqrpldlrrzlfmr. Machine Shop. ffm . . . fznz-lfwiazg, har curly hair . . . Izwizlklizzg ,rmile . . , lifes' lvlnzlizliq, ,ru'i111111lf1g. firbizrg, ,Qirlr , . , gl fzvu' 0ld.l71IfJlJil9 . . . rl flrflzre ,rrrilwg and 15911 rl nlerlmnir. lla Llfune. 19.41642 FTA. FNL, NHS. Dramatics, Mixetl Chorus. Intramural Sports. Senior Girls' Quartctte. "Phyl" . . . mpirhle leader of lbs llvbile "Beer" . . . lllI'H.l' to .ring . , . Elm in "The Perfefl Crlflilu . . .Uzzif 1'k'7'.l'lfy of Mcl7',l'lil7Id tiller 4Ul'.ldllJflllII. CQ! FBLA, Dramatics. Mr11'ie . . .fbnfl and rule . . . likable , . . liber drmciarg, ,l'1,l'lII17I7i7Zg, .ringizzg . , . B1z,r'im1r.r Srlyool in lbs' fulure. I9 FBLA, Band, Orchestra, Mixed Chorus, All-State Chorus. iiHll1l'lKll . . . 1.1ll . . . lfifer Nlllfll' . . . 1l'f11',P.l' 111 1l9e Cn' ap , , . hater 10 may home . . . plum 10 work 111 Blark ,--I 84 Denier rlfler g1'r1d11.1111111. Key Club, NHS I Term Vice President, SC, judge Student Court, Band, Orchestra, Football, All-Opponent Football, Annapolis, Octette, Christmas Play, Mixed Chorus, Dramatics, "Paul" . . . -yellow Cbery 1'r1111'er1 . . . liier 11111.r1r, and j.111e . . . burr mln 111 Cb1'1.r111111r . , . plum 10 .vludy Hmm.-J Key Club President, NHS. '55 Vice President, FTA Treas- urer. Octette, All-State, All-County Football Teams, Belair All-Opponent-Football, Varsity Basketball, Track Team, Mixed Chorus, Dramatics. EII.Ql11t'6l1'l1lg 111 college. "Red.r" . . . Black Oldr . . . liker rcevrery of Cu1'1'r1ll'.r 1211-111 lmzdr . . . 11 friend 111 need . . . liker 1111 .rf101'l.r . . . 111 i111e11d mllegc and llvezz luarlf pbyriml edumllmz. Varsity Basketball, Varsity Track, Teen Board, Dramatics, Mixed Chorus. NuVcI7'7'Cl7H . . . i111e1'e.r1ed 111 all rporlr . . . llkff !I7Zll7llIl.l' . . . ,rerirzzzf 11141 liker 10 have 11 good time , . . good dmzrer . . . U, of Md. nexl and a zfelerimzriun, ,0 Mu FTA Secretary. GAB Secretary. NHS, Varsity Basketball Manager. Dramatics, Mixed Chorus. "B1x" . . . 11110 of 1be quiet but lJ111'd-z1'01'e111g .l'61llU1'.f . . . 1111111r.1l, rnrly luir ..,. rewi 111 .rfm1'I,r e1e111r . , . Pllllfljll' .rL.'z1111g and Tiluldlllllf . . . B11l11111111'e B11.ri11err College rlffE1' g1'.1d11.1111111. LASO Club. AAA Patrol. "Ben" . . . 11111bi11n11,r . . , gund ,fame of l111111w' . . . 1111111-y fziimritzfer . . , plmzr In ,Q0 11110 1be Armed Fmfer 41-llfl' gllldllrlllllll. iflwoiwr ' 'Bo11e.r" . . . llleer .l'.l701'l.l' . . . film ,qirlr . . . rery f1'1c11dly . . j1lr111.r 111 jfllll U11rle Sr1111'.f Air Fwfe rlflw' g1z1d11r111f111. Zrduwfiew GAB Assistant Secretary, FBLA Treasurer, Intramural Sports, AAA Patrol Lieutenant. HBl101ll?U .... flar11'1, h111'd-z1'111'ki11g, friendly . . . d1'11'e.r green Dodge . . . ziwrkr at B.v'll,lfbE7'.f . . . fllfllff 1111der1dud. Machine Shop. Senior Council. "D.11'1f" , . . 111111 111 "Ch1ef',r Bllyldl . . . 111111111111 11'11lJ Libby . . . zeryr 111'111e 111 4-H 11'171'b . . . M11ryl1111d'.r Rep- 1'6.l'LlIl,IflIt" 11x 11 llltilllbdf 111 lln' N111101111l Cb,1111f111111 4-H D.111'-3 j11d,q111,q Te.1111 , . . 1111e1'e.r1ed 111 11g1'1r11l1111'e . . . 111 f,II'NI. I I Stage Crew, Soccer Varsity. "G111'1l1111" . , , 11111' of "Chiefs B113.r"' . . 1 l1b1'r 1rj111r1,r 111111' 611111145 .1 ,wud 11111e . . . 11r111'e 11'111'ber 011 S111ge Crew . . . 111111111111 111 l.11'1111711g . . , 111 be 11 f'.l1'71lC1', LASO Cluh President. Mixed Chorus. Christmas Chorus. "N11111'y 1.51" . . . f1'11f1112'l-3 ,r1111le . . . 111111 I'lI,l!J11ltQ 111 l1- b1'.11'g 1111 LASO l111r11111r1r . . . 11111111 111 4-H .1111l 111111111 z1'111'b . 1 , fllfllfc' ,1er1'11.11,3. FBLA, Mixed Chorus. - "Sm" . . . f1'1e11dl-r b1'1111e11e . . . l1b1f,rd11111'111g, .r11'1111111111,14. zllld Zl'0f'L1IltQ 111 flu' 11Vff11'e . . , 1111.x1'd L'.1l'LlL'1' . . . f11l111'e re1'1'el111'y 111112' b1111,rez1'1fe fm' Charlie. Stage Crew, Maryland Hohhy Cluh. "Orr1'1r" . , . f1'1e11dly 111111 11111b1l11111,r . . . l1ber l1111're,r . . . 11111 he fa1111d 11111111111 Recru , . . 1l'llI'b,l fur C0111-C11l11 C1111111111' . . . 111111'e 1l1111.r 11111 11111cl'e. 1 U OWL Staff, FBLA, Health Room Aide, Mixed Chorus. Christmas Chorus. "M1ll1e" . . . 11111111 111 T1111 P111 L11111l:1l11 SU1'01'fl-1' . . . b11ou'11 for her red b111r . . . 1111e1'e.r1e1l 111 11011112 ef11111111111'J . . . Apple P1111 Dnudy Cl1111111111111-1950 . . . 10 be 11 .ref- 7'c'l.l1'j'. FBLA, Mixed Chorus. "Bl1111d1e" . . 1 liber d1111f111.f!r .ru'1111111111g, b1llb1lly 11111.f1f, 1111d 11 fe1'111111 lmy . . . 11lz1'11-yr .ree11 111 M1111111 Airy . . . 11111111 10 he 11 ,rerre111ry 111 llye fzzture, foam! 15752241 FBLA, Mixed Chorus. "Kay" . . . eujnyr 1'e11d111g lllld 'lrludy-b11ll 421111111 Je1r,r1o11r" . . . l1be.r 111 111lb . . . 111 becr1111e 11 .r'er1'e1111'y. 2I lil6I.A, OXX'l. Stall, Mixul c.l1K1I'Ll5. cilll'lSllNLlS Chorus. "Dir" . . . 11.1l111'.1l 1'111'ly lmir . . , libel In ,rlmle 11114 d.1111'e . . . 1l111w .1 l'1111!l.11' .... 11'f111f 111 j11l1',1 lj.IIt,Qbl4'l'l . . 151.11115 f,'11l1111'f U1 ilu' flullrfe. 'lirri l50.ll'Ll. OXVI. Stuff, l71'cSillc-nt of Boys' State 52, K ul' fi O1'.1t1w1'i1g1l Cfcmfn-St 54. "IMI" . . . HY1111 l:1111'1' b1l1f:1u 11" . . . 11'.111.rfe1'1wl lflllll 51. .l11l111'v 111 S111i11r Yum' . . . lull uf idem' 111141 1112151110111 , . .1l11'.1Vi1 l1.11 .Ill ,1111z1'c'1' . . . llkzi' 111 .11',Q1'1e . . . f1l.111v 111 lw.1l.111g111-. u0 Mixul Cliurus, SL-mini' Prom Dcmiuitions Chnirmzm. "1f1l1 1'11" . . . l'l'lL'lIl1ly . . . .Il1l'.l.1'.f refudy 10 lllllgh . . . . . . 1'1'1.1fl1c . . . 4l1'111'1 11 ,Q7'L't7ll C.1Lllll1lc . . . Allied 1:!fH'l,lll l'.1le11ll111f Sclwul Dw1,q11w' . . . florifl nfler gmdzz- .1f11111. FNI.. Diximiitics. FTA Histcuizm, Mixed Chorus, All-State C,licm1'un, OXX'l. Stall SCLI'L'lglI'y. Senior Girls' Quartettc, Cl11'1x11n41s Play :md Cfliorus, Honor Roll. "I.1.:" . . . flaw l111l1 gfrl u'11l1 flw lwely mzlre , . . lf1111'd1lj'111l Swlffirf . . . 11'w1da'rfz1l .ferzie of hzmzm' . . . 11111151 .lll1vQII1'Q, 7'L'.ldllIAQ . . . 11'1ll .llft'71d Sibley Memorial llwjlllill. cfaaffv FBLA, "Carlile" , . . friendly . . . likei' fo dfrzu' . . . Zl'01'k.f at Ibe Flozrer Box , . . ezlufzged 111 11 boy ,lV0fII Pw111.13l11111i.r . . . lm111em11b111.q fzffer g1'11d1111l1fn1. FTA. Mixed Chorus. Christmnis Chorus. "D01111.1" . . . 11110 of tloe ibm! rule br1111ellc15 . . . i111111'11 for her fw1111gi1111.1' giggle . . . "i1',1 bert" . . , 11111 lie frequczzfly .fem in tl lvlue Ford . . . fllmzf to be tl lefzrlaer. LASO Club. "Gene" . . . d1'11'e.r Slzfdebnkef' .... why , . . l7lll,1'l7U.l' 6.ll'll'l' . . , lilies' 11111111' . . . lm' fzzfnfe 1.1 zzfzdeflded .11 flve f11'u.1'w1f. 061.0-6:02 Mixed Chorus, Christmas Chorus. Dmmatics. AAA Patrol. "B1'1ly" . . . .rbnrf . . . wzjoyr ,ringing 11nd dfznrizzg . . . liken .1 f1'1'l.1i11 boy . . . llkei fn lull? and l9lII'6 11 good time . . . jzlmzx In be 11 lelepbozie 11per11fr11'. 0 AAA Safety Patrol. "Charlie" . . . quiet . . . lilees to work 011 ears . . . erzjoys a good time . . . likes meelmfiies . . , will work in auto garage after gratliiatirm, alla,-J4,,uJ,f FBLA. "Billjf' . . . iallfalire . . . enjoys a along u'ell with ererymie be meets b00kk66f761' iii the future. 70 Jay Mixed Chorus, Dramatics. Christmas Chorus. "Pat" . . . kimzwz for real bair and friendly smile . . . has been In Europe and gag Paris . . . Glljlljlf sports, es- pefially arelzery . . . mllege in September. Machine Shop. "fare" . . . tall, dark . . . interested in merhaizics . . . fini-lririiilq . . . plans to join Uzzrle Samfr Avril'-Q' after graduation. aw! from ssauafmnsxm mmm xwmfef 'mw n.-:asset J! apauytda Treasurer of FNL, Health Room Aide, Mixed Chorus, Christmas Chorus. "jan" . . . quiet . . . rery neat . . . likes lmuliizg, danring, and Bula . . . marriage after laer graduatiwi. mana loufhe GAB. President of FNL, Varsity Cheerleader, Intramural Sports, Health Room Aide, Dramatics, Christmas Chorus. "W'eezie" . . . always ready lo laugh . . . lures lo talk . . . past Honored Queen of felis Duuglaters . . . can be seeiz rlaeerirzg at sports erezzls . . . plans to enter nursing lrairzirzg at U. of Virginia. Projection Club, Stage Crew. "Frankie" . . . "Yau u'auldzz't" . . . often seen in Hamp- stead . . . likes to repair radios and TV Sets . . . plans to join llae Air Forte. I?01PldlAl,llAo-fu 19 Machine Shop. 'Blld" . . . one of "Chiefs Boys" . . . likes girls and rars . . lVestmiizster Youth for Christ . . . plans to be a farmer. 23 Zfuau Student Council, FBLA, OWL Staff, Mixed Chorus, Christ- mas Chorus, Representative at CSPA Conference in New York City. "Leenie" . . . effieienl , , . friendly .... rjwrzr fun . . . liker dnnring, fewing, laortelmrk riding . . . fa Bufinerf Sflafml In lie iz Medicrzl Secremry. EM .HW-I "Earl" . . . full of fun . . . liker to farm . . . drizfef llmz Plynmullf mr . . . uri!! zmrk for the U.S. Un llae Armed Ser1'ire.i'j FTA. Varsity Basketball, Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Cheer- leader, Intramural Sports, Christmas Chorus and Play, President Teen Board. "Gare" . . , Jporu enllanxiafl . . . eipecially lennif and ,ruiimming . . . K of C Swinzrning Team . . . fanzwrr for laugh . . . inlererfed in lbentre , . . urtifrir . . . has great irnaginniinn . . . "I ,ra tired." ' Jarman MW-4.1 "Dirk" . . . liker dancing and can . . . never worries abou! anything , , dirlikef laonzeufork . . . inlerexled in girlr . . . undecided fulure. 24 FBLA, Stage Crew, Projection Club. "jerry" . . . quiet and ranlenled . . . lmrwz ,rpefial inlereit in Plynzoullv and DeSoIo Carr . . . likef fury and girlr . . . plant to college and .fmrl own mr bufinerf. O JU-dnt Projection Club, Stage Crew, Band, LASO Club. "Brine" . . . one of Mr. Myerxr' Chenziffry and PlJy.rir,v lfeljlerr . . . able handler of .rrlmol projerlorr . . . planf to enter Air Force and Iben on In farming. J U 7714! J ja!! FBLA, Student Council, Field Hockey, Volleyball Timer, Clerk of Student Council Court. "V0nnie" , . . friendly blond . . .dreffef neally . , . fwzliiliour . , , inleeriled in fporlr . . . lo be a ,f6'L'1'9ftI7'y in Ike fzilizre. Qvfggpge FalanMgQ'fu?mf.:o- FBLA. "George" , . . friendly . . . intererled in farming . . . plant to join :he Nary and then become 11 member of ine M:I1'j'lcl7ld Smfe Pulire. ffm iw Healey FNL. Dramatics, Mixed Chorus, Christmas Play, Varsity Cheerleader. Intramural Sports, Senior Girls' Quartette. "R14fbie" . . . friendly and nice I0 leizou' . . . "High Selma! Hi-Liiet" mi IVTTR , , , our lrfrely Queen of Heaflf . . . drizet Ford . . . mmiderizilq BARD-AVON. Hjglgpjyj-fl , , , one of flue qziieler IIICUZLFP' nf Ibe '55 Clfffr . , . bdfd-1l'f!7'kiII4K, rw1,frie11lio11,r . . . iz1ler'e.tled in me- clmriicx and !:l7'II1llI,Q. few-Yewf Student Council President, Key Cluh. NHS, Boys' Octette. Dramatics. Band, Varsity Football CoACaptain. "Gene" . . . irzferiionr grin . . . Io be remembered for Cbi'i.flw.1.r Pl.1y f76'!'llll'71I,IIIti6' . . . lllll,ll.llldl71KQ izz elim' wld exfeplifnmlly zeell-liked . . . izzlerenled in ,rfience , . . will fztlefzd jubm Iiujfkirfr, Mixed Chorus. Christmas Chorus. Cafeteria Wrurker. "Ellie" ..,, izreel .fwile . . , liier Vlirrniiiig . . . nflife in t'l?ll7'fh work . . . Proferfiaziizl Tilefdrly 7?lfH'IZiII,Q bmzlwr . . . plmzf io bare bwzze .md farm of laer 01171 .mme day. LASO Club, FTA, Teen Board, Mixed Chorus, Dramatics. "Eler111m"' . . . one nf Ibnre girlr, who 1r'w'E.r ill BrlIl,Qht'I'i.l' . . . liker in dame . . . arlire in rbmfb rwrk . . . ezzjvyr riding in Plyiimulbr . . . mllege in lbe future. MQQMMMMMQ All-State Chorus, OVUL Staff, Intramurals. "Mile" . . . quiet mid grind inlfnred . . . arlire mewlaer of DeMolay . . . liker F6171 and l9a1'i1z,Q iz ,good lime . . . izzlererled in 4-H and fmvriizzg . . . to fzileud U. of Md. LJ Key Club, NHS II Term Vice President, Student Court Prosecuting Attorney, Mixed Chorus, Octette, Dramatics, Varsity Basketball, Track, Football Reporter. "Bill" . . . friendly . . , i11le1'e.tled in .Medicine and urb- lelifr . . . led ibe Blue Team In rirlory . . . la attend llnrzke Frlrerf. ' aie, FBLA. "Gil" . . . Very i11d1z,rf1'i0zf.f .,.. fbflfl blond . , , defer'- mined . . . qlziel and friendly . . . jllmzr to be ll .fluff keeper in the fufznre. 25 QQNP s dist , at Christmas Cliorus, FBLA, OXVL Staff. "Bali" . . , driirar growl Cbery . . , iilzmyr ready for if good lime . . . lihr lo Lili . . . dixliker Englirb . . . Io be .1 ufra1.1r'y. FTA, President Maryland FNL. Dramaties, OWL, Intra- mural Sports. Mixed Chorus. Teen Board. "G.1y" .,.L ilzmyi Hardy fo life if up . . . lower fo talk . HK.lfl1 Kirf1"r Korner" . . . inouxi .ill lbs' neuui . , , filnnr fo L'lIlt'f Nuiiier Tfilllllllg' ,ll U. of MtJr'yli1nd lNiIH'.fl7I4Q Srlaool. FBLA, AAA Patrol. Mixed Chorus, Intramurals, Christmas Chorus. H1.lIllll6'll . . . loz'e.r lo joke, laugh, and Ieure . . . un- f77'L'dlL'ltl,Jl:' . . . l.ilAL.r iibout foon-bunfing . . . uicleed dfiwr' . . . l9o11.i'eu'ifc' and fypift in fufure. wmv Wlag K FBLA. "Doris" . . . friendly and mllmliife . . . inlerened in the boyi' and Ike huiinerr field . . . nzarfiage in flye fufure. 26 I vw lil, "Billy" . . . fun-loiing .... reemr .rby . . . iiiteiuuled in lmrfer and 7I1?L'h.cII1lf.f . . . to be il innrlainirl izflei' hir grad uuri o n. I I Machine Shop, Football. Soccer. "Bobby" . . , fond of hunfing and fmxr . . . a letlernzizn in Sorrer and Fooflmll . . . one of "Cbief'.r Boy.r" . . . will join Ihr Nelly. Key Club, SC Treasurer, Editor of the OWL and Yearbook, NHS, Mixed Chorus, Christmas Chorus, Octette, Basketball Timer, CSPA Conference in New York. State Student Coun- cil Delegate. "Bill" . . , exfeptionizlly indu.r1riou.r . . . friendly fo fill . . . inlererl liar in jourimliini . . . plnnf lo offend College and .rzudy Radio-TV, fozirnulisnz. gglai,-xf FBLA, AAA Safety Patrol. "Dopey" . . . peppy and friendly . . . known for ber blond hair . . . like! lvorarcoiirk riding and lfoyr . , . future it undecided. Zefgwwdfbde Band. Orchestra, FBLA. County Band, County Orchestra. "Earl" . . . quiel . . . known for lair lrombone jilnying . . . four' yenrr fwerferl alfendnnre . . . fllflH'9 if undecided. CIM-'Twig-ff' FBLA, SC, OWL Staff, Mixed Chorus, Senior Class Secre- tary, Business Manager of Magazine Campaign. "Rue" . . . full of fm, , , , populin' . . , FOOTBALL FAVORITE. Queen of Heiirlr Ariendfmz . . . lilies' dancing. .rporlr . . . plum to lie fecrezary. "Sbirl" . . . red-bead nmrried io Charlie . . . enioyr borfebnfk riding . . . Senior import from New ll"'ind,ror . . . iz lzomernizbing fnlure. Omnuv x7vtufdvJ Key Club, Teen Board, Mixed Chorus, Football, Basketball, Track. Intramurals. "Ea5y-lim" . . . fall 6-footer tran,rpofled from Kenwood . . . inlerertr lie on "The Hill" . . . nluwyr good for n laugh . . . IVMC ilflef gmdimfiozi. Qagcz, WO? FBLA, Christmas Chorus. OXWL Staff. Mixed Chorus. "Niro" . . . liker rporlr, bm'incf iz good lime, mid donning 1 . . pm! Honored Queen of folnfr Do1r,Qlifer.r . . . fo be iz PW! FBLA, Mixed Chorus, Christmas Chorus, NHS II Term Secretary. "Annu" .... rzudiour . . . worer at Cmroll P.z,rlry Slwofv Jecrelnry. . . . determined . . . efficient .ferretary . . , pliznr io oe .1 Jewelary. Machine Shop, Bible Club. "Clmrlie" . . . friendly . . . likes lo zeme . . . iziierefted in merloanirf . . . will join Ibe Air Force in fbe fiflirre, Mixed Chorus. "Eileen" . . . pleamnt .rnzile . . , pluyr fbe piano . . . . . orlire in her rbixrrh work . . . infererled in rzri . . marriage afler groduiilion. 27 FBLA, ll'lIl'LlITllll'i1l Sports, Christmas Chorus. "Hank" . . . ri1r'elree1, 'lull of pep and friendly . . , enjoyr .YLJIIIIKQ . . , lllflnr io lic .1 felefilnonv fifrwmilffr. 0 VI NHS II Term President. County Band, FTA, County Or- chestra. Band. Orchestra. OVUL Stuff. Chorus, Dramatics. "Dome" . . . friendly rind dependfible . . . alu'11y.r on Honor Roll . . . played iiolli in Shlle Orrbfuliwz . . , UNMC in Sepleniber, ZQW0m LASO Club, Projection Club, Stage Crew, President of Westminster Bible Club. "Larry" . . . ronrnizilly lim-y . . . ifiieferfed in gif-lr , . . one of Mr. Myers' lfelpefzr ...I l izizzfe ir zznderided. NM . . HBZIIIEUIH . . . libel' Io lure 11 good lime . . . mn 11lu'11y,r be found wifb llye fellows . . . dependable in hir work . . Maflyinirt .filler ,Q7'u'dllJflU7Z. Lua Key Club, Band, Orchestra, SC, Mixed Chorus, Dramatics. "Ml1r,r"' . . . ll'l6'lIdlQ' lo all .... f znibilioiu , . , libel drizrziizliiir . . . t'IZIZ7Zl.l'lil.l'flL' .rfiorif fun . . . Ccll'lI6gl6 Tech or U, of Virgi11i.1 io .lllld-J Ari. "Louie" . . . one of "Cbief'.r Boll" . , , Fire Dej1.11'in1enl . . . friendly . , . pl.111r io join ine lNl.'lI'y filler griidifiilion. R ' 4 Machine Shop. "Billy" . . . quiet . . . libel hillbilly fnizrir. fporlr, n1o1'ic.r , , , jljllllfll' in ,111 lm' .r11l1jvr1,f . , . cll'll'cI,H' found with ilu' boy . . . fi1r111i11g ix lm' illllblllllll. CoACuptain Football Team, All-Opponent Team-Belair, Class Bourtl. Track. "Bill" . . . one of "Cbirf',r Boyil' . . . rollerir llLUeL'l,l' 111 burkeflmll gnnier . . . well liked . . . fufiire iindefidvd. fw:m1rfz1Rw- s4ww FBLA. AAA Patrol. "julia" , . . quiet! , . . feriozzr minded . . . zwrir al Shzpley ,md Zrffvpf . , . fflmlf In fmzul riffur -Inna. FBLA. Band, Orchestra, l'O.IIjl1II,I . . . lflljkf ,md m11,m'z.1liiu , . . Iihai zzzzrm' . . . ilIfE?'6,fI6'd 211 bUU,LLL'6'If7f7I,Q , . , B11.rif1e,i,r Sflllllll ur Ilve' Armed Forcff. FTA, OXVL Staff, Mixed Chorus, Dramatics. "Al-wry" , , . blond .md jolly . . . "bu good" . . . zz'w'i.i in 4-II Jr jlllljfll' leildfr . . . e.Welle11t wzzw' . . . fvfdfzr In be 11 lmrlau' . . . Tan-mn differ ,Ql'Jdll.'lff1171. FNL. Health Aitlc, Mixed Chorus, Christmas Chorus. "Rz4fl1itf" , . . 61116, blue-sped lalwzd , . . lilnnr wzmc tmd ,good Umar , . . jmjzlzlrn' gigglcr . . . In rzllefld Btlltizfzwe Ci!-1 Ilurfwmil .md .lflld-J' In be rl IIIIVW. WJ W " "Karl" . . . one of "Clofef'r Buyvu . . . fiber in uwrk willy fmzcbirzei' . . . 114.11111 fu jzzieazl . . . fvlmzi' ifzdefiuife. I I FBLA. "Dm'ii"' . . . quiel . . . frievzdl' .smile Io 6I'6'7"f2lI6 that . 9 meet! . , . ezzjrzyr rezvizzg . . . flltlflf 10 be fl ,ref1'emry. if-I-eL3,., " FBLA, AAA Patrol, Mixctl Chorus. Cl11'lSfl'l121S Chorus, Field Hockey. HEI't.'lQ'7lH . . , quiet and enry-10-get along with . . . belmlgf to Reeve Ladief' Auxilirzry . . . ifzlerarfed in rhzfiflg, !20ll'll7I.Q, muidirzg , , . 7I7.I7'7'A14QF in fllfIl7'U, 9 I Bantl, Orchestra, Intramural Sports, Soccer. "NHL" . . , ".rrw1ebf1d'3' grunted" . . . A'lf.i1r Miflwfr per'- .rwml friend . . . belrnztrr zo DeM0la-y . , . liber girls and Ford cvnzr, bllllffllg, firbiny, mmpifzg . , . jdmzr In gn Io lV'MC. ' WZJAQZZ, "I7ii'l"' . , , lihzr .lll'iNHlll2I4U, biinliny, bfl2'.l'f?bulCk ridinlig, Kqirli. .and rriinir' , . , inll'ru.iIud in 111ui'lu1ilr'r . . . lirlire in NYF , . . lflliinf tu join Arnicd Farrar. Epo urban! LNL, OXX'l. Stuff, Christmas Churus. Muiorette. "fain" . . , liner drznring and Cluifl? . . . 1.1ll2,1fi1'e in POD . . . ,ilzmyf fiill uf All!!! . . . jfliinw in be .1 l1e.11iriri.1n. Gangs FBLA. Stage Crew. "fini" . , , irifrruvfed in zxnir ,ind girly . . , lIldll.ffl'i0ll.l' . . . zzwr'f.i' rl! Arnie . . , Air Forte in the Vfiiflxrv. FTA, Mixed Chorus, Teen Board. "Mizni"' . . . "I jiri! dun't L'i17'L'H . . . friendly and kind lw.1rfcll . . . dl'lI'Ll.f llllltf Plynmulb or grniy Plirkllrd . . . iniwwied in Home Er and llae Nriry . . . winner of Home- niikrr Auwrd . . .Villn julie in full. 0 FBLA, Mixed Chorus, Christmas Chorus. "Dorir" . . . quiet, friendly, dependable . . . nluwyr lm! 11 .rrnile . . . plrzyr piano . . . dreffer nefzily . . . de.rireJ I0 becfinie lieaiiilifiiiri. ' 91'lJ-fmfpbnwb "Ceidrir Cam" . . . friendly lo all . . . intereffr in me- fbrinirr, gif-Ir. azrzr, and niurir . . . plrfnr In join lbs Air Forfe. -9 FBLA, Christmas Chorus. Mixed Chorus. "Erie" . , . a .rufeel friendly girl . ,, haul! or roakr in her .rjmre lime . . . lfind to ereryone . . . In be fizlzire .fecrelrzry rzfler gmdulzzimz. 19 Key Club. Class Treasurer Three Years, OWL Business Manager, Intramurals, CSPA in New York. "Dar" , . . nifmlale duer wllerlnr . . . alzmyx ready for good laugh and good time . . . inierefled in girly . , . io nliend U. of Md. and .riiidy In be ii Denlift. Diximiitiu, Cl11'iNtmLls Play :mil Cliorus, Mixcil Cliorus. "Diff" . . , Al'i-fuzdfj ,md f.lIL,IffI6' . . . Libs Vinlrazgw girlv, lmziuz ,1 gimp! limu . , . 1!'fl7'LL'lj nu rlmv lrifv . , . zr'iU.1!fuJpf!fie If fff'A1.mI.1ud. FBLA, NHS I Term Sci'i'ctiii'y. Class Executive liiugiul. "Bain . . , elflfiwll . . . jIIfL'Il'ffffd U1 li.ll'Lt.'fli.ll, . . . ,ffllllljllllli . , . fifmzi fu bi .1 nim!.1r'i. 971 514.4 960-du.,-'Lf "I'fIlvel" . , . fljilrlli zmliu . . .Him In dum' . 1954 Ollnl. fin Cwlliil lllljlfllcl' , . . fmjufi' In Imifl. f-2261, FTA. Dramatins. 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C11.1f11.1111 1111511 j1'.111i' 1111 111111, 11111 fm' Km C1116 . . , 1111e1'1i111l 171 ,111,31f1111q "111111f.11'v1" ,.., 1111x1731 1'1'.111'1 1111 11 1111111 111111: . . . 1'111l1'ge .1f1111' ,q1'.1d11.1111111. 'A nie ' . . msw 5551 Mixul Cilumitis. 1'll11g1" , , !'111111fl,1 , , , 111591 1f,1111'111.q .1111f 11111111113 H1'1'll1'li I ,1'Vf,'AlL.'L 11.7 ffl: ULU' Eff 626412154 Key Cluli, FTA. liantl, Ortlicmtixl. Octcttc. Mixul Clwiwis. County liimtl. County Oixlwsttxi, SL-mini' Piuitlumt, D111- matics. V.iixity liiiwkctlmll. Tixttk. 'l.1111111" , . . 11111411111 S1111111' C1411 P1e.f1d1f111 . , , f1'11f11d1-3. j111j111!.11', 1f1.1,111f1f , , . .11z1',1gv Lllfllli 11211 . . . 111.1111 111 .lfltflltf 1111111111111 lf: R.11f111fl'l'J lf11,Q111i'11'111q. 2 K . X C I FBLA. 'lx'11111,3" . , . fl!-fi f111111111,Q .1111f fjllilillg . , . ll"1'i11111111I1'1' R111:-.111d G1111 Cf11f1 . . . 11'fL'?1LJlA1' i1111l1' .... 1111b1111111i . . 11111111 1111111611 11! I 11111' 5,1111't N.11'3'. Cl1t'ixtm.is Cl1l1l'Ll5. "Zej1f111" , , . flfftltlfvrjlj 111 Iqnli, t',11'Y. HXf1IjL'l'. ll"111111'if111f1. 111114 11111111 . . . 11.1111 1111 ,1 .g111111' l1111.ql1 ,1f .111 f1111cs' . , . ,11l.111i 111 611111111 .1 4g1111'11'-5 1111111 11111. l-llfflfl . lylixctl Climiis. Gevn-14, GAB, FBLA, Varsity Btiskctball, Vollcylmll, Hockey, Christ- Z Belmv: Seniors R 0 g c 1' XX'olfc and jim Lewis lWIf1t'l7flIT1l" IULIS Cliimis. "D11111e" . . . 1'111L' bI'lH1L'ffL' . . , 11111111 111 1111 ,l'f7f11'f,t' . 116111 111 11,110 .1 48111111 111111 , . , 11111111 11 11111f1'1'1ded. Btltm. bcnlors BILICL C11.1l1.1m, Mmm lens Spcntcr. Pat Dimclly, Ruth Ann Hating. .mtl Louise loutz 515,11 out after unc of "those" days. vain f Ni Senior Dramatics Class in Action: Bill Jcnnette steals Paul Bowersovfs girl, Becky Davis. Right: Seniors in Mr. W,klj.I1lIUZ1l'l Typing Class. Right: Mr. Millers and his Music class "blast" the annex with music. l l I, I I I George Summers and Larry Michael in Physics Class. Left: "Chiefs Boys" in the Machine Shop. Right: Senior discuss Problem in Trig. X319 Left: Marking posters in Art Class. Right: A Drivers Education class taught by Mr. Vodcnirlcer. immW- Left: Seniors study- ing papers in Mr. Eatorrs English class. Left: Girls play ping-pong in Phys Ed Class 'f The juniors held class elections in November. This year was a busy one for juniors sinfe they were in many extracurricular activities. Aft- er much planning they went to An- napolis for a class trip. The biggest event of the year for the juniors was their junior Prom held on April 16. CLASS of 1956-Nancy Xwagner. Reeortlerg Gary Arinacost, Vite Presitlentg Carl Brothers, Presiclentg Arnita Dell. Treasurer, Paula Grimes. Secretary. .A H, x Us 9 Nr ' A 'N 5 0 V8 X w Xxx. First row. F. Sehlerf. S. Lussier, j. johnson, S. Hawk, M. Brown, B. Stonesifer, R. Frevman. j. Heltebritlle. M. Strevig, A. Lassiter, N. Rush, A. Dell, P. Welk. Second row: P. Howes. M. Frans- sens, V. Patterson, N. Brown, j. Sehoure. M. I-Iendren. S. Gladhill. J. Magsamen. j. Pringle. E. Bread, R. jordan, E. Hood. j. Lane. Third row: j. Fringer, P. Bateman, B. Null. B. Eclcer. R. Muinmaugh. j. Arbaugh, M. Francis, G. King. P. Caples, R. Hol-ce. B. Robinson. 37 .O 533 nf W 'lk QQ? G Dutterer B Vaughn M Stocksdaie R Freyman, A. Lassiter, K. 11-lfliirst row: N. Brown, . , . , . . . Leese, C. Burns, D. Zepp. 1. Funk, B. Oish. Second row: P. Howes, P. Capies, j. Heitihridie, R. Roberts, R. Miiier, N. Brown. R. Hoke, L. Stuii, P. Shaeffer, D. Buffington. Third row: W. Tawney, L. Thompson, D. Shaeffer, j. Hosfeid, E. Gorsuch. L. Haines. L. Carbone, C. Biooni. j. Baker. ' ' ' ' i B. P r , L. Vloiick, D. Neudecker, j. P. Bateman, D. Fieming. Fourth row. M. Rickeii, E. Litt e. ar 5' Turfie, R. Ciark, C. Nightengaie. 11-02fFirst row: S. Ebaugh, j. Suiiivan, B. Stonesifer, M. Strevig, C. Buiiock, L. Angie, N. Rush. S. Giadhiii, j. johnston, B. Haines, M. Carr. Second row: j. Arbaugh, C. Rinehart, L. Myers, C. Shutter, D. Hosfeid, R. Farver, j, Tayior, j. Brown. M. Haines, L. Vaughn. Third row: C. Becker, L. Giass, V. King, C. Legore, E. Hood, R. Tracey, B. Garde, L. Duii. A. Binder, K. Seitz, E. Houck. Fourth rows H. Rinehart, R. jordon, C. Kahie, P. Fiickinger. 79 11-2XFirst row: M. Francis, N. Wagner, G. Armafost, j. Cook, M. G1 , M. IJ fre Ar augh, B. Myers, R, Wfarehime, R. Krefe, M. Lindsey, P. Barlcsdale. Second row: j, Finnigan, B. Eclcer. B. Mann. j. Marzola, j. Shaffer, V. Ensor, P. Welk, P. Wisner, j. Magsamen. B. Dohler. Third row. C. Bowers. J. Cole, I..'I-Iaines, F. Spinnirhia, P. Del-Ioff, P. Halter, E. Hoff, B. Swartzbaugh, W Seboure, N. Fringer, WA Wei le. F h : ' ' ' ' ' g ourt row Y. Whitfield, j. Fringer, L. Elton, M. Fransiscan, F.. Sofinowski, H. Brothers, L. Perry, R. Spangler. 11-3NFirst row: W. White, M. Hendren, F, Schlerf, J. Gflflimd- J' Dell' MY Erfjwyl Flater M. Brown, R. Gist, B. Robinson. Second roWf YQ Wilfren' J' Parry' JI Aging el- Cables T P Grimes C. Hiner. R. Sin.-E,'6r, P. Beckwith, W. Humbert. 'Ih1r FOW- ' . D pl Mccrearyl . tt Tawney R Null C. Bamhart, N. Utz, A. Robertson, W. Hawkins, lglxulllngs Rlelfifline Poulrth row"C Eline G. Warehime, A. Arbaugh, C Bf0fhffS, T- Taylor R. lliivrence, R. Leister, D. Stimax, E. HU!-fhfi K' Wldener' 041,25 CLASS of 1957 OFFICERS-Otto XVillen, Vice Presidentg Nelson Brenneman, Presitlcntg Denny Gehr, Chaplain: Put Krebs, Secretaryg and Tom Thomas, Treasurer. af 1957 The Sophomores held their class elections in january, and many stu- dents of the class became members of senior high clubs. They had the opportunity to become members of varsity teams. In the spring they went to Washington, D.C., for their class trip, and held the Sopho- more Hop. E , 6. B, Fisher, LDAUDW--'S'-Qnd r0w1 K, mm.,-v"Null. Third f0W1j1' " R 10'l"Fll5t fowl' liglollzfllclnturff, P- Harusimj gosley, D- Rugemerlkili L. Rill, M' Mascdilzhe WC ,. h. nl , -r ' 4 my RA uc ' .N R, 05 ' i,1:,rQi0RitlinSton, Y' Fourth row: C- Swnu K ' . R' Duttefbf. A Luwrefkf. Ljroit, 10-3XF. C E. Llarrigif gow. N' G M If-enhol l etfy . , C D ann 'R. K fz e R, Sings - Boon . E' D U11 I -D , M. L ell ell, D. Ring, 57, V,F1.nn , H. B 0tfn,'H0uc1, 63311. Sond, p ., J. N Gcondrg Hatme . U ' J. S H, B air 1111 St r V W. R orey, M. fgwjqgs, 'lgafkson gevigy D OU1UgC'1' ' Furgesln Brown ' . . ' T . ny r S. 7 95 7 Hs: . 1-ennegl .I-an s i, 73175 7156!-t , ,wil ers M j. Bupp. L.. U....-., ond row: S. Srrine, N. u. .... , 4 Third row: W. Sparks B 10-9'-First row: D. Turfie, W. Bow , . lett, j. Lamb, A. Heffner, M. Wentz, M. Truesdale. Sec R. Shelley, R. Owings, R. Hook, G. Manahan, j. Evans, D. Firm, j. Tracey. 'baugh B. Baugher, R. Thomas, J. Barnes, C. Shaffer, A. Thomas, M. wx E. Arrington, D. Ford, P. Shaffer, j. Price, J. Head. itz D Swaru , M ers. Fourth ro R. Shu , . Speicher, R. O'Farrell, E. y 1 3. MYetSlgXYv B- ghe - . 5. t G. auging ebsv W. I gem Tt'Et::x,v4t14f1hx,g no. mx. YW .Y- uve ' Wm 7 D. Aumatgecofg 2,303 Lgjgttew 8 N1oYCEdZwCl95d??.C2'V:f' 'Y Bxbsk lsgudl ' B:ewSYe"glgenlX GOtSxgc2,Xem?nC1erY0an' I Y ' Ys ' ow" of Keenideidkcelotfks' .Yswml paw' M- 'L-E 3-N W-.G xo-5' L. NWS swliht. Liulgoutwh to ds x. , , Ellllxa-alibi. Sklflrlcilhileaa Bain ',k3nS- tw Y. M , A RQ 1? 10-7-First row: M. Caples, S. Stover, C. Haines, R. Rlclcell, A. Heffner, B. Yingling, D. Gross, P. Brothers, D. Devilblss, S. Swartzbaugh, C. Haines. Second row: C. Morelock, M. Blubaugh, R. Houck, R. Graham, D. Freyman, K. Petry, j. Shamer, B. Osborne. K. Ford, L. Smith. Third row: S. Bixler, C. Baker, E. Schaeffer, D. Utz, j. Brownfield, P. Drechsler, F. Owings, N. Carr, G. Sullivan, N, Warehirne, D. Michael. Fourth row: B. Kraft, J. Wolf, J. Froclc, R. Burkett, E. Hull, J. Barnes, G. Eclcer. K 2 - ig- .v In 1, p X if frm . , Q , ,M f- -, n,W,,m,f.w' ,W M 2, ., ,- - W my L, :QV 15,5 -,- ,, Q .E1E21E' ,- 1:2312 1: 1122" The Westininster High School Band, consisting of 57 members, was very active this past year under Mr. joseph Chalker. Friday nights they could he seen marching down the football field at half-time. The XVHS Band also participated in Pep Rallies, the Westiiiinster and Hanover Hallo- ween Parades, the Hanover Christmas Parade, half-time at Western Maryland College Senior Day, University of Maryland Band Day, the AAA Patrol Parade in Washington, D. C., and several members were in the All-State and All-County programs. 95015007 Q57 Color Guard an Majorettes Annapolis game . Ann SIX OWL h Widener, Pa MAJOR OR Y JCHILIFYQJ Charlotte GETTESXLYHH S OWL COL lx Ginny Kmil' owderi MY oldsmith B ffililey, Jan Kabxe, par Htl , argarer Lindgey ermce Vaughjt ' I If 4f'b yi. ., Nw., 5 AS fl .S ff' ,R I as I .1 , Ynjfwgf,- "i,mS. Sai. f Z - :., V t Q1 REPORT 93' 5' WESTNHNSTER HIGH SCHOOL, WESTNHNSTER, MD October 13, 1954 -U ll? H PVS OI' G. A.. ll. rs are Irene Dolores llixler Boone W- As- lrtha Bamkert. :jects of the selling pro- ames, install- tlleys and ln- 'ds. The club nesday. Mrs. ,dvisoiz held its first rtemher W Pre ussed. ed for e, the ie lunc The ' eld a ng eeve One v re deci uber c ' com: the clt y Louise .. Pat .net Forsythe Ruth Myers flies Bemiller I HONOR ST NEW .S rl' the Nation- 2 Houck pre- ruian and the elected: pre:- g vice presi- aeretary, Bev- porter, Carl lmiftnnu warn Caple RHS IJHHII l'UIll.1lll':,'l,t:!ly Ullriy The club h Organ Fun post mouth. 3250.00 to the 20 dulllfel hugs to the Fool bought new sldefline m: flags for the football fiela the Football concession bought a new flag for The club plans: The F: Banquet. on October 19: hull Vorrnal on Nov: Several officers of the O going to New York City. he accornnaniecl. by Mr. J 'I BILL VIONES Edfffzf'-III-Cbfwf The Xexrbook find P1161 Stiff with their Adxlsor .wzlkefieltl Mt-Gill, wtwking, on THE OXXIL. .- N..-14 J JUANITA SFI LMAN 'L Quia l instcr'-s 'H A,il1Lltl.: cflffll ear . .nst Getty: , H --p KEY CLUB flub under :efield Mc Guy Bam- and the Capitol District of Key LJ1t.,ii - Convention next March of which the Westminster High School Key Club .-..............-.............-.-...- " ROVID PAGE , FRI -..,......,.., ,EL HOST: LAUREL F night the Owls 'ney to Laurel .diron. Last ye had little trouble in ha 'lhe Owls defeated them t 91 to 0. A football bounces. but this year no cliflfereni. The Owls have had 'Ddlglfl up to now, wit .. They opened "er Gettysburg e Westmins out on the .e in 6 games. 'I eason off on the right The next week the Ov x Bladensburg to play Bladenehurg outfit and holcllng the score to 13 burg defeated the Ow' year. On September 24, the hosts to the Hubs! OI 'Thislls one of the best erstown has heen able gridiron in several year were lucky to get back city with a victory of 1 President, will be in charge and act as hosts. ... n 4 a Q .-.-.ned I MEMBER: COLUMBIA SCI-IOLASTIC PRESS ASSOCIATION Adz '11 or .........,,,..,.....,,,,.,,,,,,,..,, Edilw'-ill-Chief ...... . A.Ufu'it1Ie Edirol' .... Sefrehzry ........,,,,,...,, On October 1. the Owl: ly dv 'I B Xwiikefield McGill qi jones ntilxt .,,.,,,juanitn Sellman ...,...EIizabeth Eckman an P2 Bl!-I'jf1C'J'.f AIAIIILIXLU' ...... ,,,,,, ' 'Dgyg"' Pennjngfgn """"" Am.-M111 .................. ....,..,.. E new Halter """' Ad1'w'1ifi11,Q .......... .....,, ,,,,,..,,,,,, M i ke I-lull Plmfogmfwber ,,,, ,,lld,YYYA,w,,--..A,AA----A, G me Smmer Ak Aff Edfffff' ---- .......... IN Iurie Andree Summers " Exfh-Hifi? "'---- .f-A,-ff..f..f,,--,,,-.. .................................,. P a t Shaffer Cf"ff4fffff0f1 -fwe ...........................................,... J ean Powder, LaDonna Myers NNN ,......... ..................... D ottie Mathias, Deanna Denner, hlillie Brewer bil' 5f'01'f-I -----e-- .......... G HY KISCF. Allen Spicer, Andy Tawney, Charlie Sprinkle 'ki-9lVI Tyflfflg ,---fff ................. .......... A n ita Logue, Betty Kidd, Nadine Study -aura Ffwfffw-Y-V ---------------V.---.--------..,,-..-.... ......... B everly Ritter, Rae Leppo, Pat Donelly ey, 'H Han hall-I turn. rlnvn nlrn nn Mnhdnv, I .- .. . .- 41 After a year's absence soccer showed itself again last fall. The squad was young and inexperienced, but they developed into a fine team in late season. The team had the distinct pleasure of tying more games than they won or lost to- gether. The only win of the season came against Hampstead. At that time Hampstead was tied for first place in the league. The captain of this year's team was Paul Flickinger, a junior. Mr, Wagaman was the coach as he has been in the past. This year's lettermen were: Skip Arbaugh, Marvin Blubaugh, Widge Bowers, jim Cole, Paul Flickinger, Leonard Haines, Slade jones, Ralph Keeney, joe Marzullo, Larry Rill, Frank Tawney, Tom Troxell, SEASON RECORD W.H.S ......... 3 Elmer Wolfe .r....,..... XX'.H.S ,........ 1 New Windsor W.H,S ......... 4 Mount Airy .............. W.H.S .,.,,.... 2 Sykesville ..... W.H.S .......,, 1 Hampstead .....,,....... W.H.S ......... 0 Manchester . W.H.S ......... O Taneytown . Il".H.S ......... 11 Ojfliwzzwzlx ............ 13 INDIVIDUAL SCORING Joe Marzullo ,,,...............,.....................,. Paul Flickinger ...... Larry Rill ........... Bob Blubaugh .,...... Jim Cole .....,,.,,,. Leonard Haines ........ ...........,......... Tala! .... ' zaz4e70.7f,S. 6666- 06602 . iw ,X , Pedro Keeney is shown fighting for ball in Hampstead game in top picture. In back ground are Rill, Haines, and Marzulla. Owls upset the Eagles 1-0. l . Owl Soccer Team which tied 4 games, while winning 1 and losing only 2 with their coach, Mr. Alan Wagaman. 47 0 Field Hockey was played at W,H.S. as the fall Varsity Sport for the second year last fall. The team did very well, coming out undefeated and on top in the county. Irene Barnes was high scorer with 7 goalb, Cilflfdfll IREN E BARNES SEASON RECORD Janet Magsamen was second. Picture at left shows the Hockey Team in action at nearhy Hamp- stead. The Owlettes won this close one, 2-I. XX'.H.S... XXVHS .,.,,..,A 5 W.H.S., ,,,,,.A l XX'.H.S ...... VZ XY'.H.S ...,,..,, 1 W.H.S. M12 ,-46: Hampstead Lishon , ,,,, , Howard Co Hampstead Howard Coe, Opponents . 6044 0 W .,,,,,,0 XVestminster High School's Owlettes-the undefeated Girls' Hockey Team. Wfestminster High School was the site for the Carroll OUY ARCHERY TEAM--M. BYUWUQ P- K1'Cl7S. R- FYCYIUHH. R. A. County Archery Tournament. -lanet Heltihridle came Hering. Arnold. I, Barnes. S, Houck. out first in the county with the amazing Score--349. SCORES IN TOURNAMENT lean Powder ,,,,.. ...,,, Z R7 Shirley Barnhart ,,,,,,,, A,,,, 2 .19 48 Nancy Xllfagner ....,,, M222 Shirley Houck ,..,.,,,, ,r,,, 2 19 an 7, 1 Ch Q,fxl lg ew- - 9 ALL-STATE Sex eral students from XX'estminster High School had the honor to represent our school and Carroll County at the November meeting ol' the Maryland Teachers Association in Balti- more. Those who went to Baltimore and partir- ipated in these groups had the wonderful ex- perience ol singing and playing with members from High Schools all over the state of Mary- land, ,fl f 3 -2 l XT X wi ' 1 I T .ir ei f If Tom Troxell. was our only repre- sentative in the all-Maryland State Band. During the year, Pat Howes, who was As- sistant Conrertmaster of the All-State Orchestra for the second straight year, was also named to the All-Eastern Conference Orchestra, which played for the Eastern United States Music Edu- rators at Boston Symphony Hall in February. F.. 6- 'Meg Westminster representatives in the All-State Orchestra: Eddie Arrington, Pat Howes, George Summers, Rach- ael Sies. Dottie Llathias, and Reba Sies. 0 ALL-STATE CHORUS: Mike Hull, Marty Bankert, Howard Bon- ner, and Elizabeth Eckman. 49 'aatdeadzf X rw WOXfe B' Eugene? ,R ' P BOWUSOX , CYETTE , Bowman. ' BOYS O. Hmm. D- CJ. I Tfoxeh, . , Shilhng- B' 50mg GIRLS' QUARTET-M. Bankert, E Eckn ' wan. R. Hermg. P. Beaver, Mr.. Miller G QE P Q .4-F12 Z'-1 "' :ss-EK if-2-j R a ff? 1, - IRLS' SEXTET-J. Magsimen M Stocksdl 0 e J Prmgle . , . a e, N. Brown. P. Howes, R. H k , . ' Y . 4 4- . l 'uv -f 3,31 f "'..?-"" 'X .' X y I X X s Mrs. Guise tries to sell a book to an interested customer at the Book Mart while Phil Mancha. Roger Lindsey, and Doug Manger look at some books. john Evans assists Key Clubbers Paul Country Store- Kaufman and Denny Gehr at the refresh- AIM, ment room. fi The annual Bazaar, sponsored by the P.T.A., was a huge success this past fall, There were Game Rooms, the Book Mart, the Country Store, Movies, and the highlight of the evening, "Drew Rez'erJal.f' The play was put on three times during the evening, and another per- formance was given to the Student Body the next week. "Drew Rezferffzlu was produced by the Senior Dramatics Class under the ' ' fM . E t . direction o r a on Roger Wolfe' THE CAST Paul Bowersox ..t..,........,..... Chuck . . . Mrs. Peterkins On 045450: 2954 . 7. ,-4, 245441 . , . LaVere Grimes sells Dave Eckman an apple at the Actors in "Drew Reverralu-Bruce MacDonald, Warren Boyer, Urban Bowman, Bill Jennette, Paul Bowersox, Tom Troxell, Bill Taylor, Gene Houck, and on the floor Urban Bowman ........ ........ T he Butler , , , MqGinty Bill jennette ....... .,.......... C hes . . . Mr. Peterkins Roger Wolfe ......... ............ H orace . . . Detective Bill Taylor ....... ..,..,.. G eorge . . . Dr. Middlebury Tom Troxell ............. ....... , Ted . . . Prof. Ooglesnoop Gene Houck ....... ...................................... C oach Bruce MacDonald ....... ......,...........,...l..... S rage Hand Warren Boyer ........ ....... D on . . , Mrs, VanPorter cnmacn' if EUGENE HOVCK, Preridezzf XX'estminsfer High Student Council 9 I O I f I PRESIDENTS MESSAGE . . This year our Student Council has tried to cater to the needs of the student body as much as possible. Their projects have been aimed directly toward the betterment of the school. The School Storeg participation in County, Regional, and State conventionsg initiation of the monitor system at lunch timeg the addition of the Activities Periodg these have all been projects which the Student Council thought necessary or beneficial to the Welfare of the school and the stu- dents. The interest of the entire student body has been necessary, however, and we thank you-also, Mrs. Bailor and Miss Kroh, our interested ad- visors, and Mr. Earhart. I It-1 To next year's Student -A ,Q Council, this years group K tlftl wishes lots of cooperation, N 4 lots of projects, lots of work, 5' in ' I and lots of successes. xxx X . A .,, Sincerely, X , S Gene Houck 'Q S sc. Pfarzaafzf S.C, OFFICERS-Bill jones, Treasurerg Ruth Sofinowflci, Secretarvg Marty Bankert, Regionalg Gene Houck. President: Andy Tawney, Vice President Irene Barnes, School Store. Keeping justice to all in XX'estminster High School, the Student Court x? 4 ,f j if A 99, E Aff ,E XFX, had a busy year. Members: Lavonnia Green, Clerkg jim Head, Associate i judgeg Paul Bowersox, Chief -Iudgeg Tom Troxell, Associate Judgel Bill vlennette, Prosecuting Attorney. Sddddzsidfw... During the year, the School Store, under Irene Barnes, did more business than ever before. Both Junior and Senior High Students helped with the project. Memhers are in picture at right: Myers, S. Ford, B, Friese, S. Ford, I. Barnes, Barnes, I.. Leister, M, Summers. R. Sprinkle. I 11: I QWWA sg lg 5 , :ea 1 Q 35 I-ii SEVENTH GRADE-D. Dietrich. j. Myers. C. Fritz, EIGHTH GRADESDI Rhotmx C' Mobley' E. P' Milflgff- H- RHIIISIICVSI- wi- xxilmllllcf- 5' Sprecher' XX'acher, S. Kinder, B. Osborne. G. Benll. M. Carlson. R4 Slwmklf- M- XWIHWIIS- C- Himdeml' B. Myers. D. Fritz, D. Brown. B. Friese. D. Spiecher. NINTI-I GRADE--V. Grimes. S. Cuples. I. Bowman. TENTH GRADE-C. Bixlcr, B. Burkins, S. Swartz I. Lee. L. Sttihley. B. Austin. B. Houck. P. XX'idener, haugh. R. Fruck, P, Harman, D. Gehr, O. Willen Stocksdalc. IS. Bluhguigh. B. Brudowski. D. Manger. J. Head. DI. Kinnuman. I , TF' 2' ELEVFNTI-I GRADE-A. Dell. C. Brothers, N. TWELFTH GRADE-C. Sprinkle, I. Barnes, A Rush. C. Shutter. S. Lussier, B. Etker. N. Brown, P. Spit-Cf, E, Halter, B, MMDOUQIJ. R4 Leppoq M. Bank Bntemrm. ert. D. Mzltliias. 7 - . G A H ' Q . fx xg ,w a h -- fy M kkng Howlllu rw 'Q I , L Militia HUV if A A trim' - Xcugue. Lute D W A . Nuvwfg li ll extuiww - ,. . imwit , if i' lhltvmurr- tluilm' mt N i in il fit .fllfy 7 ,OUP idx .le llc AU Ill I vt. 1 .VIL .slimy fc! LU lf.N,l.. OFFICERS Ruth Myers, janet Forsy- the, Betty Robinson. Pat Caples, Louise Foutz. The Future Nurses League has as its biggest project the Girls' Health Room. The Club maintains and supervises the entire operation. Field trips are taken every year. 17 Fl . , ftlvillhlclyin H 'Q U15 'WWI' Presielent l.uuiQe FOLITI presides mei' lf.N.l.. meeting.: in the a torium. A fauna' f-'11, ,Y I iitli ag 72.44 The local chapter of the Future Business Leaders of America is one of Vlfestminster High Schools most active organizations. During the school year, the club has many activities including the Football Banquet, Sock Hop, the Christmas Tree in the Main Hall. and a food basket for a needy family at Christmas, At right are the OFIJICFRS-l'5a1'haru Dohler Vice President. Ruth Sofinowski. Fresiclentp Rehn Singer. Secretaryg Charlotte Boone. Treasl L1I'C1'. i President Ruth presides oxer a husiness meeting of the en in the auclitorium. Faculty Sponsors. Mr. xxiiljlillllilfl :incl lwlrs. Rupert are also present. S fy X F.l'3.l.,A. clecoratecl on the landing this year. illlbl i A 'TE e f . ' 1 At right: The tree the I I I 'Me 7 The picture at left. taken at the Football Banquet. helcl hy the F,l5.I..A.. shows Co-Captain Gene Houck anti his futher. l.es- ter Houclc, Mr. Voclenicker. Mr, Ruhy. M11 Lewis. Doc- tor Vlennette. Earl Hersh, antl Maryland All-State Tackle. Vrhan Bowman. XXVHS. Senior. 7 tire cluh -ml fi is 1- R2 Q 5 ' K M . , ,qw--V if -we ' Y' -4' 'W 'Q ' ffYk P Q ig I ' ,I - - If ' fi fl ' On November 19, mid laughter and fun while dancing, Rae Leppo, attractive Senior, was crowned Football Favorite-1954. The dance, sponsored by the Key Club, with pro- ceeds to the Community Chest, was a huge success. 413 'a cmd! 5 X J This picture Shows Coach Herb Ruby gixw ing Rue the lovely bou- quet of Red Roses. sig- nifying her crowning. Also in picture are Gene Houck and Bill Mann, Co-Captains: joe X zygjf iwiih, I A gi fy Shilling, EmCee, and EtlLittlc. Picture ut right: The three Owl coaches flank Rae Leppo and her date at the Formal. Mr. 'lhis lhoto tt en dui ing, intermission shous bent Houck Owl CoC.1pt1in presenting Mis Ruby with A bouquet of flowers. Standing by are Mr Ruby Bill Mann and Joe Shilling. Voclenicker, Mr. Ruby. Mr. Hersh. Ed Little, and Rae Leppo, At right: Part of the massixe crowd enjoying the Football Formal. 'Me 74eme N 0 Y .. fr fr Ig - ry' Q ,W ll e IQ-i' Hb ' X ' x ,Q W ,S "7 Ill' 55'-I El-rll l it X. f- Xxx ff .Wk ,Qi -Q' 'JT' The junior OWL Staff again sponsored the annual Art Contest. The theme was Thanksgiving and all the drawings were done in black India ink on white paper. Six entries succeeded in baffling the judges: Mrs. Reter, Mrs. Bailer, and Mr. Wagaman. The win- ner, julia Seboure, a junior, won five dollars. JULIA SEBOURE Art Cunleil W'im1e1' WW? aa 0 XMIM, I I I E 0 E. 7f vs X The annual Christmas play, under the direction of Mr. Eaton, this year was The Perfecl x Cfzrnl. The story was about the writing of Silent Nighl. The cast: Flllllljlicf Illufyr ,.... ..,... P hyllis Beaver I f1.s' efvlv Nubr ,,,.. ....,. E ugene Houck F1',111z GVVIIZJF1' ..... Paul Bowersox Fmu ui'Y6'lll1tI1' . ,,,,,.. Grace Harbaurgln CHOlR Eclcman D. Mathias -I. Shilling B. jennette T. Troxell R. XX'olfe R. A, Hering M. Spencer Members of the village choir join in singing the newly written Perfecl Carol. Everyone. who saw the play was moved by the beautiful blend the small group created. Above: The choir again, but this- time, a W vision of the Nativity is appearing behind the screen in the background. Left: THE STAGE CREW-E. Beard, C. Brothers, W. Weigle, Mr. Eaton, C. Knhle. G. Brauning, D. Neudecker, A. Brauning, B. Graham, O. Willem, O. Brothers. Mike s Boys" were in charge of all state productions at the school during the year. r' N ,Fl I I M f 'iff' ., 5 x te i ff Til' U , H0 Q , fix s- ... fix "r, 9 5,-'ff V U 6 9 ' ' ' .f-1245 '1..Fai-:+k:,1' Y :sm -QI.-,Ps ' The annual Christmas program was presented this year on December 21. The same program was repeated the next day for the entire student body, The carol service in, eluded: O Holy Nighl. Wbife By My Sheep. The Sfnmbw' Song of five Iufmff farm. Oli! Come AN ye Faiflvfnl, and the traditional Hfzfielffjfih Clmrnr. The Boys' Octette sang O SrIIZl'fjJ'J'Tll1fZ. Paul Bowersox sang The Birlbday of fz King. and Elizabeth Iickinan sang fern Bnmbrzm. The Christmas Chorus under the direction of Mr. Vlfilliam Miller presented a fine Christ- mas music program. JUNIOR CHOIR of Mr. Carozza's Directi0nvD. Barr, F, Myers, L. Otey, M. May, D. Strurnsky XY -" : Q L. Garrver. G. Beull. E. Bair, XV. Vifampler. T. Lentzner, A. Palmer. K. Talley, K. Zentz. XX". Wfilsrnn , XV. Barnes, C. Borchers, T. Diffendal, F. Wboden, B. Myers. L. Swartzbaugh, W. Gross, J. vffhitc I ' I fi? n W . n x - 45565-2744, dffefayadf 6, 'Me Qfaflq Wap f FIRST TERINI UlflflClfRBfVice If President. Paul Bowersox, Prcsi q dent. Charles Sprinkle, Owl Re- K :tb Ciiiii1ml5i'cvtl1L'1's, Secretary. X . SECOND TERM Olf- FICERS - Secretary, Anna Logue, Vice President, Bill jen- netteg President, Dottie Mathias, Owl Report- er, Juanita Sellman. The National Honor Society which was founded at Wfestminster High School in 1946 is an organization based on the principles of leadership, scholarship, character, and service. The society is composed of junior and senior students as well as sophomore probationary members. During the past year, the members have engaged in the following projects: renting of cushions at football games, coat checking, the Holly Hop, an induc- tion assembly, game rooms at the Bazaar, and the Lost and Found service. NATIONAL Hdnon soclevv S 'Q 5 L E, E ff l 7 X W X XX f X N Standing: P. Bowersox, B. Ritter. First row: B. Jones, A. Lassiter, J. Cook, B. Olsh, N. Brown. C. Sprinkle. Second row: E. Houck, G. Summers, D. Mathias, J, Sellman, M. Bankert. P. Beaver. 'Third row: U. Bowman, A. Spicer, A. Logue, M. Summers, R. Sofinowski. D. Bixler. Fourth row: B. blennette, E. Houck, D. Neudecker, A, Dell, P. Welk. 52 ? in rum Q x.,wJ,f x f 59' , ,, 3? xv 4 'C ' if ' 4 X 5 ff! f54,,11 viii ft f " ..., V . Ki xx if my K-kE,q,,,L f A, , Wax QWWQMQQS gi r A M Wifi XL iv MX kvxwy ,,, ,-.swf W,f-mi A -LQ ,Y - k Aw F 2265! i' . , . I. K: x V I - A ,Wwe ' 1 V I ' A M F gf ' .Q ..,f,gf ,- w k - fi- - A ' ff, i W V f V k, 5 , Mgwfaf , y ,g,,.,W- ' .1'm.S5:- 5f5g:E.?" 2 K' 'tif' . , ,, ,, A -V 5.-.Mf1.f,f'-wfmf A Q Q bfxxii In ff ARD I is I 4ti4 b Z Q wHs gEIlIsI3uR5W I fCq lIedl .WI-Is DEL E . ,. . , 32 ,WI-Is HA sTowN ., ' 63 IWHFS HO COUNTY. ss WHS C5LEN5 ?NlE..I. I. M37 WHS SYKESYIILLE 46 ,WI-Is HARFORD M35 .WI-Is DELCINE ,....4 .I .,.,4,.AA.A,,. . ,48 ,WHS BELAIR ..,, 4,,4A.,, .. ,, I I Iss FIRST RouND DISTRICT 3 WHS ..I.KaNwOOD - TQURNAMENT ,. 7I mg P. .LJ I was '- 21 ' U ff! ISK nfl, A Q13 like in G.A.B. OFFICERS-Charlotte Boone, Louise Foutz. Martha Bankert. Irene Barnes, Delores Bixler, Mrs. Sellman. seated. Q.,-ae, The Girls' Athletic Board is a group of girls who are vitally interested in sports. The members play at least one sport. Among their projects are refereeing, timing, and scheduling intramural sports. They also sell refreshments at basketball games. This year they made curtains for the gym. These curtains added much to the appearance of the gym. The girls have been very active and will remain that way under the capable leadership of Mrs. Sellman. G.A.B.-D. Bixler, J. Magsamen, R. Hoke, M. Spencer Second row: P. Welk, K. Widener, B. Stonesifer, D. Zile, L Foutz M. Bankert. Third row: I. Barnes, C. Boone, J. Dell, V. Patterson Ruth Hoke referees intramural game in the gym. In the back- ground, on the windows, are the new curtains the G.A.B. made. Scorer, S. Barnhartg Varsity Manager, D. Bixlerg Timer, P. Caples. 41 nr 5 2, '-1' la - Q . is..-as I-f-,,, 1 C?n Q- GIRLS' BASKETBALL VARSITY . TEAM - Bankert, Zile, Helti bridle, Harbaugh, Hokcf, Spen cet, Widenex', Miss Giles, King, Franssen, Barnes, Arnold, Dut terer, Dohler. GRACE GINNY KING HARBAUGH Guard Forward IRENE BARNES Guard MARCALENE SPENCER Forward MARTY BANKERT RUTH HQKE Guard Forward T11 w rf The Girls' Basketball Team had a fairly successful season this past year, winning five while dropping seven contests in a 12-game card. Highlighting the year were wins over Milford Mill High and Hag- erstown High, both state powers. Junior Forward Ruth Hoke was the Owlettes' high scorer, averag- ing 15 points a game-178. Mar- calene Spencer, Senior, was second highest with 84 points. SEASON RESULTS Sykesvil le ......,..... WHS ..,,........ 29 31 WHS ...,........ 16 WH! ........... 35 WHS ..,......... 31 WHS ............ 28 WHS ............ 34 WHS ...,........ 42 WHS ............ 46 WHS ............ 40 WHS ............ 34 WHS ............ 29 WHS ..,......... 21 Hampstead ,,,,,,,,.. 17 Milford Mill ...... 25 Mt. Airy ............ 23 Taneytown .......... 30 Franklin .,.........,.. 45 Hampstead .......... 37 Hagerstown ........ 40 Mt. Airy ..,,....,,,. 37 Hagerstown ........ 44 Alumnae ....,......... 31 Sykesville ..........., 27 WHS-384 OPPONENTS-387 INDIVIDUAL Forwards FG FM TP Hoke ...... .......... 7 5 28 178 Spencer ...... .,..,.,.. 1 9 46 84 I-Iarbaugh ..... .......... 1 4 6 34 Brown ........ .......... 1 3 1 27 Zile .........,.. ...... 9 2 20 Heltibridle ..... ..,... 6 3 15 Arnold .....,,. ...... 5 2 12 Pitchford ..,,... ....., 4 1 9 Bixler .,,....... ...... 1 3 5 E' GUARDS - Dohler, Barnes, King, Bankert, Franssen, Widener, Dutterer, Thompson. JUNIOR VARSITY The Junior Varsity squad, play- ing a light schedule won one and lost one. The games were both with Sykesville. The scores: WHS JV ......,. 24 Sykesville JV .... 5 WHS JV ....,... 11 Sykesville JV .... 14 In the above picture, Marcalene Spencer is seen jumping center in the Sykesville game. Sykesville won this one, 27-21. GIRLS' JV SQUAD-C. Bixler, L. Showers, J. Bowman, D. Brown, B. Austin, E. Thompson. Second row: I. Logue, L. Leister, A. Pitchford, E. Bowers, D. Utz. 69 74a Z ' wow I I I MAGAZINE CAMPAIGN BUSINESS LEADERS-Ruth Sofinowski. Carol MacCreary, Paula Grimes, Rae Leppo. 93' VUESTMINSTER TEEN BOARD-B. Swartzbaugh, G. Kiser, G. Har- baugh, W. Boyer, B. Haines. Second row: P. Donelly, C. Bixler, B. 70 Burkins, I. Logue, E. Hull, P. Shaffer, M. Reedy. The 1955 Magazine Campaign was under the sponsorship of Mr. Ruby and Mrs. Buffington. The Student Body Leaders were Bill Iennette and Phyllis Beaver. Bill, leading the Blue Birds, won the campaign after a difficult fight. The total receipts for the campaign were 37,258.95 The profit was di- vided between the schools many departments, among which were: the library, instructional material, publications, and the starting fund for a new electric Football Score- board. Later in the year, on March 3, a movie was shown to the stu- dents. MAGAZINE CAMPAIGN LEADERSwPhyl- lis Beaver and Mr. Herbert Ruby of the White Beesg Bill -Iennette and Mrs. Audrey Buffington of the victorious Blue Birds. In cooperation with the American Le- gion Auxiliary, the Teen Board, under Grace I-Iarbaugh, had the teen-center at the American Legion Home opened al- most every Friday night. . ll L Lk, , Q ' vssrfi-f '- 1 WM,..,,..W, ' . , .x J 1 Gill-Q 2, Mmyzy 159- 3 ' N.-- ., ' 1 V' is X-.- ,1f,U.,,ff -M3 wfififgwgvlg' i'f'?3iz14f2255w2g2Q1 , 'ffggziigygsggf ' . f I Wm . Z , ,. 1, iw? 5 ww , H -sw ' . , . l Q. , ,af W O hom- Yil ' a 'Qyd L f 'v -v IATZWZL , S ,. 9313 2. f .Wm jx? . ,I ,vm 1-wfls - ' . Muzi , ik'73if2fLl- filed? ' bDaq rm lp-u ilu! X Cgggm ,,1 W Ns sux Mr. Quentin L. Earhart, Principal, crowns Ruth Ann Hering Queen of Hearts at the assembly. u S I I I Once again this year, the annual Queen of Hearts Program was held by the Junior OWL Staff. The beautiful queen this year was Ruth Ann Hering. Her beauty was rewarded when she was elected by the student body the most beautiful girl. The next night, despite a snow blizzard, the annual Queen of Hearts Dance was held in the gym. The dance proved to be a big affair with many students attending. THE COURT-Barbara Earhart, Eighth, Rose Marie Frock, Tenthg Larry Willianis, Crown Bearerg Rae Leppog Twelfth, Ruth Ann Heringg Betty Robinson, Eleventhg Lynn Stahley, Ninthg jane Furgeson, Seventh. The Junior OWL Staff, under Mr. McGill's guidance, this year put out the November. February, and April issues of the OWL news- paper. The group also sponsored the successful Queen of Hearts As- sembly and Dance. During the end of the year, the juniors did some work on the 1955-1956 HAND- BOOK, and made preliminary plans for the '56 Yearbook. The staff was headed by Fred Schlerf, Editor-in-Chief, and Susie Lussier and Donald Stimax, Asso- STAFF of the 1956 OWL-S. Lussier, F. Scherf, D. Stimax. Second row: B. Null R Hoke, B. Robinson, S. Hawk, P. Caples. Third row: P. Welk, B. A i Stonesifer, V. Ensor, M. Hendren, S, Ebaugh, B. Olsh, J- Seboure. J. Lane. gd. . . . ,s Fourth row: Mr McGill, B. Ecker, I. Magsamen, N. Brown, J. Heltibridle, J,, M Strevig G. Fringer, B. Seboure. Fifth row: J. Fringer, T. Whitfield. ciate Editors. """J""w 6134 mM ueea! if Rnd' 0 The First Annual Westminster High School Orchestra Concert was held this year on March 2. This was the second in a series, the W.H.S. Bands being on February 16. Next was the Municipal Band-W.H.S. Band Concert on March 16, and-then the All- County Band and Orchestra on April 1. Our school furnished many of both the All- County groups. Featured in the concert was a group of se- lections by the Orchestra String Section, pic- tured at left, and piano solos by Angela Lassi- ter, below. The orchestra also played for the STRING SECTION Queen of Hearts and finally, graduation. l .y W, ' a . , s. ...mv 'T .,., , .. 5 Far left: R. Sies, R. Sies, N. Study, E. Roberts. Second row: G. Summers, P. Howes. P. Drechsler. Center: M, Arringto, F. Caples. D. Mathias, Mr. Chalker. Far right: j. Myers, B. Almun, N. Spencer. Second row: E. Arrington, Y S. Sharkey. ANGELA LASSITER Cozzren' Soloist WESTMINSTER HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA-Far left: N. Study, E. Rob erts, Mr. Chalker, N. Spencer. Second row: R. Sies, R. Sies, B. Auman, J. Myers, L. Myers, N. Rush, M. Summers. Third row: G. Summers, P. Howes, E. Arrington, S. Sharkey, A. Lassiter, j. Lamb, D. Mathias, P. Drechsler, M Arrington. Second row from right: E. Lambert, B. Houck, B. MacDonald, G. Starner, G. Shultz, P. Bowersox, R. Wolfe. Far right: F. Caples, S. Arbaugh, T. 74 Troxell, K. Nickoles, D. Myerly. M up , N Q 4 X W3 ' v L, .N , V Vw? NU wr., -M M, .ea .gr S ww, , f , .. A, V . 3 , ' mmm, X" 'V 94? , 1' ' F ,,. ,143 K, Mx! 'vii , helm f ,gwfsw 'Ln , J 5 wi J" HL- ' f' f m,,. W K K .cw Q Vw' L-V' V,"3ff'Q jx-gf? J W W , ,A K., .W .V ,, fi M4?vfi" '5Z,',5,Jrf 1 V Y , L' K ' W 'A il: T 1, ii. 152533 zkfkfixizly' E, 1 4 45 M "1 'M ww- , ,Q-My ..A.m'XmMWq,w:w2aa. 2 W -L -K"' , , x , ir 1-,,, y V ,M ' ,515 X if X .Y il 7-NX I TTT y Y ,il 41 ,f 0 0 1 ,H N 56024604460 ... t 1 3 WESTMINSTER HIGH KEY CLUB4Otto Willem, C. Kable, N. Brennemarl, J. Hosfeld, D. Hosfeld, C. Brothers, D. Gehr, R. Ridington, L .MyC1'S, D. Stimax, E. Houck, B. Ecker, J. Shilling. J. Lewis, D. Pennington. R. Wolfe, B. jennette, C. Sprinkle, B. jones, J. Head, A. Tawney, E. Beard, B. MacDonald, T. Troxell, G. Houck. At head table: Mr. McGill, Advisor. A. Spicer, Capitol District Secre- tary, U. Bowman. P. Bowersox, F. Schlerf. ks to Key Clubbers and fathefs , ea Urban N- BOW man SP uflowl MY- . ,4...- l KCY Clubbers and their fathers t he annual F th Clubbers are holdin K l 3 t I a er and Son Ban uet T g the Llubst h , . , . q - WO Key gnent Award, which recognizes ourrccljulierjs did? cialDl'ieOler1?:trlCF KEY Club Achieve' conomy R T h CS int e world, a l th health roomkma Cgggesyglovlyol l5yelieIylrS:u0l1bg'R0ger Wolfe. The club also rziii thi whole community. 1 UTIGS Ball, and service projects for the ff" ' - ff' 1 ,gf X .ip lg -f' C x Gi' XX 'x 1-:Q 1 1' The annual convention of the Capitol District of Key Clubs was held in Baltimore, at the Southern Hotel. Our club was co-host with the club of Patterson Park High School. The big meeting was held on March 25, 26, and 27. The con- vention was a great success. OFFICERS-1954-1955: Allen Spicer, Vice Presidentg Urban Bowman, Presi- dent, Fred Schlerf, Secretary, and Paul Bowersox, Treasurer. Key Club Officers and their dates at the Key Club sponsored Foot- ball Formal. The proceeds went to the Community Chest. Seated: I. Magsamen, R. Hoke, U. Bow- man, B. Robinson. Standing: P. Bowersox, M. Woodward, A. Spicer, and F. Schlerf. F I i l U Z v OFFICERS-Seated: J. Shilling, Vice Presidentg M. A. Summers, Presidentg D. Bixler. Secretary. Standing: E. Eckman, Historiang P. Howes. Song Leaderg U. Bowman. Treasurer, V. King. Parlia- mentariang P. Wfelk. Librarian. A 7.7.1-if., . . . The Walter H. Davis Chapter of the Future Teachers of America has active members from the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades. The club, under the sponsorship of Mrs. Alling, began the year with instal- lation of officers and induction of new members in a Senior High Assembly. During the year, all the members were given the opportuni- ty to substitute in the Westminster schools. The purpose of the F.T.A. is to give the students broader views of the teaching field. ,..,A .. M. A. Summers, standing. First row: P. Howes, B. Olsh, A. Lassiter, J. Seboure, P. Welk, A. Dell K. Xwidener. Second row: A. Forewood, J. Barnes, V. Ensor, G. Harbaugh, E. Eckman, M. Bank- ert. D. Bixler. Third row: J. Sellman, L. Leister, N. Study, E. Hull. E. Dutterer, J. Pringle, M. Ready. D. Mathias. Fourth row: L. Myers, R. Shully, J. Lamb, M. Strevig, B. Stonesifer, C. Bixler, S. Ford, S. Hawk. N. Brown. Fifth row: Mrs. Alling, S. Bixler, J. Johnston, B. Myers, P. Krebs XXI Peeling, P. Caples, R. Hoke. J. Magsamen. Sixth row: A. Amprazis, M. Stocksdale, S. Barn- hart, R. Null, F. Schlerf, J. Fringer. Seventh row: J. Shilling, R. Wolfe, E. Arnold, D. Crum' backer. S. Lussier. V. King. a I L A S OCLUB VUESTMINSTER HIGH LASO CLUB-G. Cullison, N. Study, er. N. Brehm, S. Barnhart. B. Graham. Second row: Mrs. Guise. D. Iltz. A. Thomas. E. Dutterer. R, Sentz, L. Michael. B. Blizzard. E. Dutterer. L. Leister, P. Shaffer. Third row: G. Kocher, E. Myers, S. Arbaugh. R. Miller. Brown, -I. Brownfield, B. Shaeffer, DI. Lamb. D. NXf'hite. VI. Seboure. In As? N W 4 Fluwll 5 Captain jim Sells of the Westminster High AAA Safety Patrol. LASO OFFICERS-Nadine Study, Secretaryg Shirley Barn- hart, Treasurerg Nancy Brehm, Presidentg Reba Singer, Vice President. The Library Assistants' Service Organization, af- filiated with the Maryland Council of Student Library Clubs, is an active club composed of students as- sistants under the direction of Mrs. Guise. Also in R, Sing. the cIub's program are field trips, Book Week Cele- brations, a Faculty Tea, and the Annual Birthday Hull' D' Party. Professional Programs are enjoyed at the break- AAA SAFETY PATROL PROJECTION CREW fasts, lunches, and teas held by the club. AAA JATROL-C. Boone, D. Zepp, B. Pletzer, C. Long. R. Keith, S. Arbaugh, S. Warehime, -I. Shamer, L. Grimes. Second row M. Gore. M. Devilbiss, K. Leese, M. Haines, L. Angel, C. Goldsmith, M. Bupp, M. Piper, B. Davis. P. Dell. Third row: J. Sells. R. Blizzard. C. Ellison. P. Leister, D. Warehime, P. Flickinger, L. Leister. S. Houck j. Barnes, A. Dell. D. Dutterer, V. Rugemer, M. Bloom. The members of the School Safety Patrol work to make the school bus rides as safe as possible. PROJECTION CREW-At left: M. Zepp, C. Edmondson, J. Dohler, S. Ford, K. Ford, M. Baker, G. Mowers. J. Culler, B. Graham. R. jordan, E. Hood, H. Frock, G. Brewer, Mr. Myers, j. Stocksdale, R. Graham. T. Wike, R. Hollenbaugh, D. Miller. W. Roeper, D. Ferguson, O. Wil- len. G. Summers. This club aids in showing film strips and current events strips. The W.H.S. Projection Crew. under the direction of Mr. 78 Myers was in charge of all movies this past year. ,www WLS isa-isa? 1" ww Magi' M- 4Nlii ,L fgl Qgiii f "A :lfhlf ' ,,Q44i2f'f'f My :Mk ,, " K fm ,Wx if mvwmww ww are m1Lf1Q,z1mg:v www- 1-fmM:,gL,,,1fN W 9,4 7 .. The Ninth Grade, the most active class in Junior High School, had several boys and girls playing on the boys' and girls' basketball teams. Some of the boys played on the football team, while the girls played hockey. The class went to Washington to see the Jefferson, Lincoln, and Washington Memorialsg the Capitolg and the Smithsonian Institute. It is evident that the future tenth grade class will be an active one. N W xx Ji 0 NINTH GRADE HOME ROOM PRESIDENTSfP. Nlainn, 7 ' 5 M. Baker, C. Brauning. L. Knouse, J. Robertson. Missing X 4S0 . I from picture is Donna Stonesifcr. 412904. A .,,..,, . . 9A-First row: C. Tawney, W. Arbaugh, J. Finnegan, P. Beard, W. Buckingham, M. Pickett, S. Bauerline, J. Blauvelt, R. Bowers, B. Blizzard. C. Barnes. Second row: J. Blauvelt, I. R. Bloom. J. Blizzard, D. Brown, E. Wagner, A. Alt, J. Drechsler, J. Bosley, J. Haines, R. Garver, Third row: R. Cumberland. D. Tawney, W. Boone, R, Boone, XV. Barnes. C. Brauning, W. Browdowski, B. Austin, W. Coffey. Below: Freshmen in Miss Ki'oh's Gen- B6l0W1 Girls in Miss JHlT1i50U,S Home eral Ed Class. Ec Class. In the center: Boys in Phys, Ed. Class 80 ef, Koontz, A Koontz, Le , . ii S Palmer, 9-BfPirsr row: S. Simmons. G. Mowers, A. Parry, B. Mann, M. Myers, , B. Stoner., D. Mann, L. Rebert. Second row: A. Pitchford, B. Lippy, D. Stonesifer, D. Se , . E. Zapp, B. Yingiing, 1. Dohier, W. Sittig, j. Cuiier. Third row: j. Moyer, E. Shiiiing, P. Mancha, S. Sharkey..P. Widener. M. Waish. K. Haier, P. LeBrun, A. Russeii, j. Rundietr, D. Strawsburg. ' D. Miiier, E. Makosky. Fourth row. 195,57 r 9- . C-Fzrgf row ' B S, Ca N Emfswc ' - G ' Ui 'Gfee Ofsllch M Son, E nl-,Oh , D. .. 13- 5rmgm. D M arrzbaugh kwebb angling' Sanger I F ' 'I-eigfi ' Ury, ' Wond, ' Unk er' L' Hasg B' Smit row: R. , R' Hain tmgg L Eh, C Eb Greenhol 65, P M y , Ckard' Hugh fZ'H - Sy F 'P. Ka ' Thi 'Yafg i ' Hai Uffman fd row. er- B. S nes, - C. Ha-' L- Kp, tewarr mfs, B 01156. M' Cheeks' 9? 9-D-First row: D. Bixler, G. Nelson, C. Cock, M. Backer, J. Bowman. S. Denbroder. D. Barr, C. Couzens, M. Baumgardner, D. Eckman, L. Grimes. Second row: K. Edmondson, E. Bowers, F. Gesell, B. Houck, C. Goldsmith, P. Hughes, M. Arrington, B. Crumb, B. Johnston. E, Corbin. Third row: K. Dell, R. Havens, N. Hawk, R. Kaplan, C. Stoner, J. Cather, B. Haines, A. Kable, E. Hull. S. Kephart, P. Hill. 9-E-First row: L. Shower, M. Mackley, R. Cohn, J. Green, F. Heater. D. Dell, V. Wisner, J Wright, A. Little, J. Winebrenner, L. Gorsuch. Second row: N. Dell, C. Porter, R. Shilling, D Blizzard, J. Smelser, W. Long, R. Blubaugh, J. Gray, P. Dell, L. Stahley. Third row: R. Lindsay J. Groft. R. Nelson, W. Hoffman, J. Wagner, J. Loveless, J. Robertson, J. Sipes, J. Carpenter K. Hosfeld, V. Rugemer. Fourth row: J. Rundlett, J. Muth. 9-F-First row: K. Bloom, V. Grimes, P. Martin. M. Hopkinson, J. Nightingale, R. Strine, P. Mann, M. Osborne. N. Noel. J. Rhoten. R. Sinnott. Second row: J. Horton, H. Smith, J. Wimert, K. Utz, R. Hollenbaugh, R. Henry, S. Strine, J. Wagner. B. Shaeffer, G. Kocher. Third row: R. Kemper, G. Rogatkin. G. Brewer, R. White. J. Stocksdale, K. Brown. T. Wfike. I I I I The Eighth graders went to Washington, D.C. this year on their class trip. Several home- rooms elected officers who planned the parties of the year. The boys and girls had intramural teams who played against each other for the eighth grade championship. The class no doubt will be outstanding Fresh- men next year. EIGHTH GRADE HOME ROOM PRESIDENTSfXX'. Gross, S. Hughes, O. Gainber, R. Reck, XV, Caples, B. Zentz, and C. Mobley in picture at left. BA-First row: W. Close, M. Hull, D. Garver. L. Hock, J. McComas, H. Byers, H. Byers, C. Carr, J. Brown, B. Hook, P. Barr. Second row: M. Bollinger, B. Kuhn, B. Buckingham, L. Brown, S. Bollinger, G. Miller, B. Ringley, B. Myers, T. Spence. B. Grose. Third row: B. Coleman. R. Buchman, D. Fritz, H. Henry, L. Mullinix, E. Hoden, B. Rinehart, T. Diffendal, T. Ensor. Fourth row: L. Harris, G. Malatte, VU. Tryinan. j Z. EIGHTH GRADE CLASSES Leftg Students in Mr. Knauber's Math Class. Second: Boys in Mr. Mather's Shop, General Education Eighth graders taking Mrs. Alling's Test, Girls in Home Ec. XD 8-B-First row: W. Krebs, L. Mann, F. Bauerline, E. Leister, S. Kinder, B. Jackson, F. Hollenbaugh, M. Ingle, S. Hooper, S. Hughes, L. Otey. Second row: M. Hoch, V. Long, H. Carroll, L. Carr, W. Kern, W. Owings, L. Reese, G. Shipley, S. Hanson, D. Harris. Third row: P. Leister, C. Groft, W. Rever. M. Kaufman, W. McClellan, M. Kimmelshue, J. Hawk, C. Mancha, A. Palmer, T. Lentzner. I 8-C-First row: T. May, L. Weiser, K. Sullivan, J. Burns, H. Ruppert, J. Dell, F. Myers, N. Neagly, T. Toland, J. McQuay, J. McCreary. Second row: C. Logue, F. Myers, D. Martin, C. Mobley, Mowers V Smith L. Swartzbaugh, B. Mann, P. Miller, M. Murray. Third row: H. Wootten, B- . Y , G. Stull, L. Keefer, M. Mann, B. Ogg, B. Osborne, J. Breighner, B. Dull, M. Knight C. Ridington, A. Miller. 1 .. an, r...l. 8-D-First row: D. Speicher, B. Sittig, R. Brewer, D. Bullock, R. Reck, D. Wagner, D. Petry J. Aldridge, N. Harman, C. Pond. Second row: L. Crum, R. Davis, K. Talley, B. Royston, J Parry, D. Rickell, C. Snyder, E. Staub, L. Lane, D. Strumsky. Third row: G. Bartol, D. Rhoten R. England, W. Logue, L. Shipley, C. Dickens, L. Brodowski, J. Drechsler. 8-E-First row: W. Matthai, E. Wachter, P. Wentz, J. VanFossen, M. Zepp, D. De-Moss, E. Lowe, W. Francis, J. Webb. J. White, J. Zepp, Second row: R. Brown, L. Taylor, W. Swalwell, C. Wantz. L. Zinn. J. Ward, P. Brocklander, M. Mellema. M. Ruby, N. Zepp. Third row: J. Whitfield, G. Steinburg, B. Zentz, J. Nickles, M. Robertson, J. McKenzie, D. Naill, W. Wilson. 8-F-First row: J. Arnold, J. Arnold, E. Groft, J. Ford, T. Flater. B. Garver, C. Borchers, E. Earp B. Jones, L, Dell, J. Bowers. Second row: L. Knight, E. Rill, B, Friese, O. Gamber, M. Hull, L Garver, J. Legore, W. Geiman, P. Gray, A. Gist. Third row: E. Myers, R. Arrington, B. Earhart C. Cook, M. Carlson, M. Gorsuch, D. Groft, S. Fisher, M, Farver. 8-G-First row: E. Barrick, P. Beaver, P. Bell, C. Arnold, J. Papendrew, M. Ball, F. Basler, C. Con- nell. E. Ford, C. Cornett, F. Blizzard. Second row: E. Blair, L. Beard, G. Bell, F. Abbott, B. Albright, D. Lentzner, W. Barnes, D. Baust, B. Auman, D. Brown. Third row: G. Brothers, C Foutz, J. Adams. E. Canipe, E. Kibler, W. Caple, H. Dorsey, D. Arbaugh, C. Danner, B. Clegg, B. Rose. 7? ,7760.,. The seventh graders take field trips to the jail house, the Court House, the Historical House, and one section went on a trip around Carroll County. They have parties, but their biggest one was held early in April, when the annual seventh grade party was held. SEVENTH GRADE HOME ROOM PRESIDENTS-J. Furgeson, S. Man- speaker, J. Bixler, L. Williams, K. Sheppard. 7:4 7A-First row: H. Hoke. L. Baublitz. N. Shipley, J. Dahlgreen. R. Heltibridle, S. Minchy, J. Evans, V. Keever, P. Barnes, S. Kennedy, M. Cook. Second row: B. Bynacher, H. Ramshurg, J. Placko, E. Henderson, L. Houck, S. Manspeaker. P. Manger, B. Peregoy. B. Hughes, D. Cress. Third row: D. Kephart. B. Lee, C. Markle, D. Poisel. K. McLeod. N. Hull, L. Cook, D. Miller. D. Seipp, R. Smith, T. Neudecker. 7B4First row: B. Myers. B. Kocher, M. Lyons, R. Spencer. B. Voshurgh, K. Lentzner, R. Royston. L. Davis, W. Whited, D. Seitz, J. Myers. Second row: T. Reese, K. Williams, S. Sprecker, P. Perry, M. Mort, C. Sheperd, K. Price, S. Muller, Glover, M. Myers, R. Randall. D. Myers. E. Greenholtz, P. Caltrider. Third row: D. Seitz, W. J. Haines, M. Gist, B. Hubler, N. Nusbaum. Fourth row: j. Myers. P. King. D. Royer, D. Petry. 72 7-C-C. Gesell. N. Brilhart, T. Bear, D. Brown, j, Keeney, T. Kinser. D. Long, R, Haines. AI. Fringer, J. Bixler. R. Blauvelt, Second row: A. Crumbacker, -I. Bixler. D. Snyder, S. Dutterer, VU. Cook, R. Sprinkle, L. Devilbiss. C. Barnes. P. Cromwell, rl. Couzens. Third row: R. Bowers. E. Little. L. Coffey. L. Campbell. C. Arrietta, B. Bigham. M. Bollinger. P. Crowl, B. Arnold. M. Card. 7-D-S. Ellison. J. Groft. W. Goodhead. E. jackson. R. Gonder. J. Byer. A. Deitrich. A. Wfare- hime, R. Green. J. Stralay. R. Royer. Second row: J. Wfilliams. S. Peregoy, P. Groft, j. Guild, C Fritz. Mathias. L. Harman, B. Bayline. J. I-lardesty. M. Miller. Third row: J. Helm. D. Sterner E. Franssen, D. Hegin. T. Johan, D. Houck. J. Ferguson. J. Davis. R. Low. Fourth row: S. Haines C. Dull. G. Koppf, A. Robertson. 7-E-C. Zuck, F. Epler, L. Weller. E, Martin. Il. Schaeffer. D. Rasinsky. L. Smith. C, Leister, H, Becker. L. Willianis. D. Bowersox. Second row: L. Raxer. B. Carr, ul. Bailer. R. Derita, R. Peter. C. Dull. C. Pollard, G. Chalk, P. Watkins. C. Rill. Third row: W. XVampler. F. XX'ooden. D. Weisner, J. Rugemer. J. Riley. S. Weinstock. VI. XWeinstock. W. Smith. N. Spencer. Fourth row: M. Williams, 1. Bowers. P. Rydings. 7 06 g ly ,jflel Unce again the end of another school year has come and with it the realization that some of us will never return to our Alma Mater. It has been a busy year. Many mem- ories of it will remain with us forever. The football season was a success with large crowds at all the home games. Mr. Eaton and Mr. Miller deserve much credit for the superb Christmas program. The basketball team won twice as many games as last year. There were many pleasurable dances during the year, including the Football Formal, where Rae Leppo was crowned Football Favorite, and the Queen of Hearts dance, where Ruth Ann Hering reigned as Queen. The spring brought a successful track season. As the year comes to a close, four years of work and fun come to a climax in three weeks: Senior Prom, Class Night, Graduation. Wfe who are graduating, leave with you-the remainingfthis thought from Tennyson: Xlffestminster High School is a wonderful school, we the gradu- ating class shall never forget it. As we walk out the doors, we look back at the majesty of the buildingg we smile and say, Kfmzwfedge L'0I1l6'.f.' bllf Wfimlnnz fizzgery. "Thank you" before going on our ways. Below: New teachers at mid-year were Mary Ellen Hazzard and Robert L. Knauber. Miss Hazzard taught General Ed., the latter math. Below Are Some Higlvligfafr Above right: Two OWI. Staff members finish year- book. Right: Game room at P.T.A. Bazaar. T' Right: Color Guard marches in local parade. In low left: English teach- ers "cut-up" in the process In low right: Action in Hanover game which Owls of picture taking. lost. Below: Senior Varsity Cheerleaders practice cheering before the many football and basketball games. a1m W ,weewwtsa-iemmmssw Qsgsifcgweifsaiezei C C boo F, OO" :EDD ouR PATRONS Mr. and Mrs Mrs. Chesrer Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. 53EvbQgi5"s9E9QQj5'f5g C. David Sfarner A. Congdon Thomas E. Shaffer Clyde A. Spicer George H. Nickoles Jesse H. Wagner Ervin Ohler Sierling Logue Norman T. Myers J. Elwood Brehm Websfer J. Taylor Paul Bowersox Sfanley Penningfon David J. Reedy Sherman Flanagan Joseph H. Beaver Joseph L. Hal+er Lesfer A. Houck Wilbur E. Wolfe C. Elwood Leppo Verne L. Jones John A. Blankerr George A. Bieber Mr. and Mrs John B. Sellman Mr. and Mrs. James Tawney Mr. and Mrs James O. Donnelly Mr. and Mrs Arlhur Michael, Sr. Mr. and Mrs LeRoy Shipley Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Bixler Mr. and Mrs. John E. Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Roberi' C. Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Roberl' M. Bedwell Irene Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Ellison Mr. and Mrs. Oscar D. Senfz Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Burns Mr. and Mrs. E. Claude Bro+hers Mr. and Mrs. Urban N. Bowman Ha n Brofhers Finch Services h Burall and Snyder Mr. and Mrs. William Powder Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Francis F. Hering Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. D. Hull Charles E. Kidd X Az- il B x " 59 5. Complimenrs Roger Wolfe Urban Bowman Qpgg . - TQ Rae Leppo --3 V ,i r Donald Penninglon K Bill Taylor " i i I ll! v- A .7 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS f ,ggi lg ek Complamems of Complimen+s of WM, F, MYERS' WESTMINSTER NuRsERlEs SONS, 'NC- Wbs+mine+er, Md. ATAAA f f A 1 A Rifirf i' f ii DON'S TV AND APPLIANCES Sales Service CROSLEY APPLIANCES AND TV BENDIX WASHERS Phone ISI-J Wesfminsier, Md. KENNY YINGLING-Sales Manager COMP'-IMENTS OF When You Think of Bowiin Think of wEsTMINsTER COAT CO. 9 MODERN RECREATION i , Elngffitlslufiuns graduating class ix -is Boffled under +he au+hori+y of Coca-Cola Company by WESTMINSTER COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO., INC. "BeH'er Buy Buick" Compllfmenls O THE W. H. DAVIS CO. PRCSPERI-I-Y Phone CLEANERS r7.2 Wes+mins+er tio IEO7 SHAFFER AND COMPANY ' .C . of 'L' VARIETY STORE ES AID SERVICE SQN? ma sznvzcn Shoes-Rubbers-CIo+hing-Floor Covering-Candies-Cookies HEAGY'S SPORT SHOP Full Line of Sporfing Goods Guns-Ammunifion-Fishing Tackle 46 PENNSYLVANIA AVEN U E School Supplies Housewares 97 E. MAIN STREET Nexf +o Pos? Office PHONE 3I9-J INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS DeSo+o PIymou+h Gore Moror Co. 279 Eas'r Main S+. PHONE I040 T. W. MATHER AND SONS WesI'minsI'er's Leading Sfore WESTMINSTER, MARYLAND For Every Purpose O PORTRAIT O COMMERCIAL O PHOTOGRAPHS Anyrime - Anywhere WESTMINSTER STUDIO CHARLES F. MAGEE 39 E. Main WESTMINSTER 39 GRIGG OPTICIANS 43 Wesf Main S'l'. Comple+e Op+ical Service 9 a.m. +o 5 p.m. Mon., Wed., Fri. Phone I553 CADILLAC SALES and SERVICE "Standard -:nn ord :"" CHEVROLET AMERICA'S CHOICE M FOR I8 YEARS LC' Roclrefl Hydra-Malic! I M cleaning 1 1 ' ' .o:.2,?s I s s 1.06.06 'o.o'Q U? 5389156 I - -1-E' o6z's'0' - o o o s 5 . ,'a'w'v's'94 O 9 5 5 Q 4 P:'o'o's's's 'o's'o'o'o'3 -ff .L ' I aoteztvzozi I I ' I II 3 w.:.:'::' I E QQ O 5 Q 5 0 s 0 O 5 0.9, s,o,O.Q,zg.g. a + 900.0 O 5 S'1'Z'Z'f4 g.g.g.'.g.g Q UALITY CLEAN E RS v 0 sets Q. fly s fo ' 'o'o'o'4 752.267 ,'o'e 0 0 5 4 o'o'o' 306 fs'q'l' 95.6 390' ' , Q S.. 55.91 0 I 5.0 Cleaning - Pressing Tailoring - Alfering Dyeing - Hai Blocking Office and Planl IRA R. HAINES WALTER T. HAINES. Jr. Oldsmobile Has Bofhl ggi wEsTMlNsTER MOTOR Co. Phone '055 II6 E. Main Wesiminsler 608 BIXLER and GUILD Magik SMQOTH DR'V'NG DRUG Co. HENRY J "A WALGREEN AGENCY" Drugs-Sodas BARNES SC,fjQf'fgj+FQ3ies 52:3 AUTO SERVICE Sundries E " X Sales and Service Lifa2'g+LDi3gNSTTWg5RE 55,3 FMRAYMOND P. BARNES 44 Wesf Main S+. Phone I050 ' QQ ? Washinpargi Road PHONE :sz "I+ Pays To Belong" Au'ro Club of Maryland Wesfminsfer Branch ROBERT L. LEESE, Manager I I ' x f Y Confidenfial and Cour'reous I X- and do f Q T S Service is our Tradifion WESTMINSTER 5406 TRUST COMPANY at 7I Easf Main SI'ree+ WESTMINSTER, MARYLAND D. S. GEHR AND SON Hardware and Painils BRANCH: UNION MILLS If I'+ ' K I' Wesfminsfer, Maryland n Orme' Y IS our eyno e Phone 3 I 8 Es'rabIished I866 The DEMOCRATIC ADVOCATE COMPANY II CARROLL COUNTY'S OLDEST WEEKLY NEWSPAPER I69 Easi' Main S+ree'I WESTMINSTER, MARYLAND ,V Phone 22I LAST MINUTE jfgw, L , BEACON STEEL PRODUCTS CO. MANUFACTURES .-.333 Hu A Visi+ Our Salesroom RAILROAD AVENUE SMITH AND REIFSNIDER INC. COAL LUMBER Building Supplies Painf-Hardware WESTMINSTER, MARYLAND Phone 227 JOSEPH L. MATHIAS AND SONS "MaI'I1ias MonumenI's" WESTMINSTER BALTIMORE HANOVER EsI'abIisI1ed I906 EsI'abIisI1ed I8 I 6 UNION NATIONAL BANK III Easi' Main SI'ree'r WESTMINSTER, MARYLAND OIdesI' Bank in CarroII CounI'y Enioy +I1e Convenience of our DRIVE-IN BANKING AND CUSTOMER PARKING Commercial Accounis Special Checking Accoun'I's Savings Accounis Chrisimas Club Money Order Checks TraveIer's Checks SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES LOANS Member Federal Reserve Bank Sysfem Member Federal Deposif Insurance Corporaiion Q64 5651 SAMIOS FOOD MART NWN lumen' 'ached V I9-' '-" I Inf Ji! V 306 Easr Green-Phone I38I Complimenfs of In+erna+ionaI Harves+er EVER'-'ARTS BARBERSHQP Refrigerafors-Freezers In+ernaI'ionaI Farm Machinery PainI's ancl Supplies FARMERS SUPPLY CO. ALBERTS HARDWARE Liberfy and Green Phone 263 O For The Finesf Brands! I For The Biggesi' Selecfionsl lFor I'I1e Friendliesf Credi+! DEPEND ON DAVIDS Wafches, Silverware, Appliances Samsoni+e Luggage X kkonsx akua It DAVIDS JEWELERS ..Coq9gedo,ST. I9 E. Main S+. WesfminsI'er II67 EDDIE'S HOMEMADE CAKES "Cakes 'For all Occasions" I40V2 LIBERTY STREET - - - WESTMINSTER u95-J CARROLL COUNTY NATIONAL BANK -2 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS 39-4I W. Main Sfreei' I93 E. Main Sfreef WESTMINSTER, MARYLAND Member Federal Deposif Insurance Corporafion WESTMINSTER HARDWARE CO. Wholesale and Refail General Hardware Pain? Plumbing SI'eam and Hoi' Wa+er Healing X WESTMINSTER 208 ' W. Main Wesiminsfer, Md. Q Parfies ' T Banque+s img zszssgii seravacef x.fg,,C 061. D 6 IS ouk f X FIRST I THOUGHT ' WADE'S SALES 81 SERVICE 7 Locusf SI'reeI' WESTMINSTER, MD. Delicious Sunday Dinners Typewri'I'ers Sold, Renied and Repaired I2 noon .HI 6 P. mi Special Ren'I'aI Rafes To Sludenfs WESTMINSTER. MARYLAND PHONE 582 N A316561 -5 ' I f .QM an L ' , A I X . . I' 5, fax. ?, 7 I fc 5 A I. f eye . ic f PHONE l420 I4 W. Main S+. THE COFFMAN FISHER CC. DeparI'menI' S'rore II Easf Main S+. WESTMINSTER, MD. THE TIMES, INC. W I 'Z' WESTMINSTER, MARYLAND . UIIVZA Calalogs-Folders iit' I Ifnvil 'IIIIII I Commercial PrinI'ing-BookIe'I's Publishers of Ihe Times Weekly Donald Penningfon, Joyce Shipley, Palrick Donelly, Evelyn Peregoy admiring Donald's Balfour ring. L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY WOLF MOTOR COMPANY zos Eas+ Main S+. Fwd Sale? and Service Phone I344 Wes+mlnsl'er, Md. 4 R , A W 'Y 5 A I Iv I 'El . 367762 VHLUES' Complimen+s of DALEY'S FLOWERS E' "THE STUDENTS' STORE" I ill X, Scltslfriielles Complimenis of 4 Gree+ing Cards P-G-gn?e'iFg1Qgf' CO- RICH RICHARDS THE MUTUAL FIRE RERS R S ,S PERCY M- BURKE H "" i 4""f 23I E. Main S+. If Weshhinsier, Md. of Carroll Counly "Dependable Pro+ec'lion" THE B. F. SHRIVER CO. "Canners and Farmers of Vege+ables in Maryland and Pennsylvania" MYERS BROTHERS STORE Spor+ing Goods - Kodaks - Cosme+ics Lunches - School Supplies - Candy ,1': y Cigars - Soda i'i- 11- Phone I04-W 22 WEST MAIN ST. g w f' WESTMINSTER THOMAS Z'7 INSURANCE AGENCY REAL ESTATE 'NSURED Phone I 600 Complimenfs of AL KELLEY INSULATION COLONIAL JEWELRY COMPANY 32 Wes'I' Main Sfreef "The Place Io Go for Ihe Brands You Know" DR. R. P. KLINGER, SR. DR. R. P. KLINGER. JR. OpI'omeI'ris'rs 88 Eas'r Main S+. Phone 340-J CHARLES COHEN 81 SONS General Merchandise Groceries-Meafs-Vege+ables Ha rdware-Painis 267 E. GREEN ST. WESTMINSTER, MD. Phone 533 Only DODGE Builds Job-Raied Trucks lf? DODGE and PLYMOUTH Passenger Cars 54 . ,jing-jg Au 1 IW! K Ia 1. THE JAMESON BARNSLEY COMPANY Sales-Service Phone 794 Manchesier and Tuc Roads WesImins'Ier, Md. WESTERN MARYLAND COLLEGE WesI'minsIer, Maryland LOWELL SKINNER ENSOR, D.D. Presidenf For Young Men and Young Women Unexcelled LocaI'ion, Modern Curriculum, CompIe're Equipmeni' Moderaie Raies CATALOGUE ON APPLICATION LEARN BEAUTY CULTURE An InI'eresI'ing and ProfiI'abIe Career For Free, CaI'aIogue Wri're BALTIMORE SCHOOL BEAUTY CULTURE 5 Eas'I' Mulberry S+. Baliimore 2, Md. CLYDE F. SCHLERF Floor Covering I2 LIBERTY ST. WESTMINSTER. MD. Phone I336 OF If you wan? fhe W.H.S. Gang BAUGHER'S COMPLETE FOUNTAIN SERVICE A Meal or a Snack neyfown Rd. R+. 32 Juaniia SeIIman LaDonna Myers Bruce MacDonald ATLEE W. WAMPLER 81 SONS Home Furnishers Since I9II WA-CO GAS SERVICE ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Wesfminsfer, Md. PHONE I I82 WESTMINSTER, MD KENS FURNITURE SHOP WESTMINSTER W l.lI'I'1I Ure Service 8: Insfallarion Aulhorizecl FADA Dealer Rear of 74 Penna. Ave. AIber+ L. Menge WASHINGTON RD. Phone I0 I 7-R Complimems Real Es'l'aIe and Insurance of EDWARD O. BOLLINGER HANOVER HARDWARE Bfokef I6 Malcolm Drive Wesfminsfer, Md. Phone 787 GETTYSBURG COLLEGE Small, Co-educalional Liberal ArI's Ins+i'ru+ion Physical Educaiion for men and women Army and Air Force R.O.T.C. For Informalion, Wrilez THE REGISTRAR Geffysburg College, Geifysburg, Pa. WTTR I470 On Your Dial BROADCASTING FROM THE HEART OF CARROLL COUNTY THE AMERICAN LEGION CLUB CARROLL POST NO. 3I Good Food Friendly A'Imosphere HOME OF TEEN-AGE CLUB CompIimenI's of RITCHIE FINANCE BEST WISHES FROM THE STAFF HILL TOP Esso sERvlcE Tires-BaH'eries-Lubricaiion WALTER SHIPLEY 522 Easf Main S+. Phone 805 CompIimenI's of PHONE II82 WESTMINSTER, MD. WESTMINSTER TV 81 RADIO SHOP DOWN ING CRYSTAL COMPANY Service 8: Ins+aIIaIion mlm K , T qgqg ff . I A. fkk xw x Auihornzed FADA Dealer ..-fu f' Y, M K X as Rear of 74 Penna. Ave. AIber'I L. Mengel fix - 5' Mtc-,xg --f -f---Y ffl 1. Shop Phone I05I-w Home Phone II9-R Duralene HERFEYIS Brakes Oils ERVICE EIec+ricaI and Sfeermg, Lubricafion HOP Cooling Sys'I'em MoI'or Tune Up HOME OF YOUR DOCTOR OF MOTORS Rear 425 Eas'I' Main SI. Off Fair Ave. Wesiminsier, Md. ENJOY ordwnh ICE CREAM Gesell - Eckerd I A Cards BETHOLINE SINCLAIR ' I I I I s SERVICE STATION I HAMILTON Q of I35-I39 Wesl' Main SI'ree+ HOUSE DisHnc+ion Wes'rminsI'er, Md. T " '6 "S 92 565+ Main S+. PHQNE 654 IFacing fhe Posloffic Wesfminsfer BEARING SERVICE COMPANY Wes+mins+er, Md. Phone I330 FACTORY DISTRIBUTORS Aufomorive ParI's for Cars-Trucks-Tracfors Equipmenl for Shop-Garage-Filling Sfafions EIecI'ric and Acefylene and Welding Supplies Sherwin-Williams Official Sales and Service AuI'omo+ive Refinishes For- Complere Color Mixing Aufo-LiI'e Service Delco-Remy Body Shop SuppIIeS Carier Carbure'I'or BRIGGS-STRATON MOTORS and Repair Paris MACHINE SHOP SERVICES CompIe+e Engine Rebuilding-Cranlcshafi' Grinding-Rebabbiiing Cylinder Head and Block Repairing-Radiaior Service Cylinder Boring-Pisfon Pin FiHing-Miscellaneous Machine Work Noble RebuiI+ Mofors Exchange-For Ford-Chevrolei' PIymou+h-Doclge-Chrysler Cars and Trucks Besi' Wishes +0 The Gradua+ing Class of l955 FIRST WITH THE M2 "cARRlAGE"TRADE KOCNTZ CREAMERY, INC. Wes+mins'I'er Balfimore A '7a4loa-nude 'l'.nrL0n YEAH non jam: ws-. .1 .LL ' ,-1' A . 'rf' '1,,:. V- ... ,..., K-,1 M K a- I . M, ,..r,x-H 4 .4 X175 1,41 Q. MI v. HW. .nj ,IF JJ' .I ,L1y:i. .., mf.. .W A+ bn' , M, y W X I , 1 K X .N i E L ig V A - " .viii "AA 1::':if.L" ll ,-11,-,-Q- HQ., K... M...-,...,., ng., NL. - -' - s, lb E al , 3. 5 5 . I1 IL 3 T 3, 7 E A P'

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