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P i Il ' liilKliiill ' ; iiiu ' iili ' i:; vliliilli ' P ii JWMWi j ! ' 9a«i«mnig! ALLEN COUNTY PUBLIC UBRAHY 3 1833 07470 2546 I 0 0 T - I- H QUaD (StE 1 WESiMfMSrER CHOfR CCOE SE PRINCETON, NEU JERCa 6 ■■ k mm L ' - ' ®i mwmk l SWf5f 1 CluJ F M04Afilll 24 table op L ctdUii cuv(l ikctjcluti I i 4 COMCNie (uid 90 QkotAiu g CtiuL fsoge 108 5 DEDfC CnON The teacher is in a position to influence pro¬ foundly the lives of the students whom he teaches. The richest moments in a student ' s life are those dynamic moments in which learning occurs, stimulated by the involve¬ ment of one who bears the responsibility of his position as a teacher. In recognition of his influence in our lives, of his honesty in dealing with our problems as students, and of his devotion to real edu¬ cation, the Class of 1966 dedicates this edi¬ tion of the Quadrangle to ROBERT J. ROCKABRAND. Jolw Fiafej Willhotiitioti Years ago, a dream was born in the hearts of two people, a dream of sound and service which through faith and hard work has been brought to fruition and become a reality. The reality has grown, reaching over the whole world, touching all of us. Let us not forget these two people and their dream which has made our own dreams possible. B. WtfJkcthiSMi 7 BO OFmiSrBBS 8 L DIM6 T CHfNQ il fiiii W We can believe that ours is a time of unprecedented opportunity for the musician when we realize that we can perform for more people in one half-hour on television than have entered Carnegie Hall in 25 years or J. S. Bach played to in his lifetime! Here ' s hoping you will want to continue to grow musically, intellectually, and spiritually in the days ahead through self-study, practice, listening, reading, exposure to other teachers and institu¬ tions and influences that can augment and reinforce, and association with others who are trying to grow as well. To you of the Class of 1966—the first class I have " seen through " four full years as President- go especially warm greetings and best wishes for the years ahead. LEE RASnNSe BR SrOL, JR . OPTRt COUX UUSrCAL DfRtOOR We are most fortunate to have the privilege of working with Dr. George Lynn, our musical director. An eminent conductor, composer, arranger, organist, and vocal teacher, he nev¬ ertheless takes time to care about everyone with whom he comes in contact. In all that we do, he stands behind us, pointing always to the way of growth, challenging us to be better than our best. His presence in our lives is a truly enriching one. Dr. Eicher has, as Dean of the College, worked with untiring patience, wisdom, and dedication for the growth and development of the college. In this time of expansion and experimentation it has been a Herculean task, and we all owe him a deep vote of thanks for his strong hand and guidance. I I Dr. D. Lincoln Harter Administrative Assistant to the President AD uiNiaj2AniB Rev. Theron S. Nease Dean of Men 12 Mrs. Marion Rannpel Dean of Women Mr. James T. Richmond Treasurer Mr. John Zebrowski Business Manager Mrs. Carla Bunting Admissions Counselor Mrs. Margaret Wetherson Registrar and Director of East Hall Mr. James C. McKeever Director of Church Relations Alumni Affairs and Placement Mrs. Ruth Wilburn Director of West Hall 13 SECR0!ZlRiAL c ji CUSTODIAL StAFP 14 Mr. Herbert Pate vacB Dr. George Lynn Head of the Department Robert Simpson Mrs. LoRean Hodapp Miss Dorothy DiScala Mr. Ramon Kyser 15 Mr. Alec Wyton Head of the Department ORjQAN 16 Dr. George Markey Mr. Gale Enger Dr. Donald McDonald Miss Virginia Cheesman Mrs. Mary Krimmel Mr. Eugene Roan 17 PIANO Mrs. Mathilde McKinney Head of the Department Miss Lois G. Young 18 Mr. William Cheadle Dr. Peter Wright fMSrRLi UENTS Mr. Nicholas Harsanyi Head of the Department Mr. Joseph Kovacs Strings Mr. George M. Jones Woodwinds 19 Mr. David Stanley York Mr. Charles Frischmann Mr. Robert J. Rockabrand Mrs. Dorothy Kovacs THEORY Mr. Warren Martin Head of the Department Dr. George Lynn Head of the Conducting Department Mr. Paul Boepple Head of the Music History Department Mr. Robert Abramson Eurhythmies MUaCAL QIUDIGQ Mr. Edgar Thomas iuuac EDUCATION Miss Maud Thomas 21 GENERAL Mrs. Priscilla Silz German Mr. I. R. Stirling Haig French Dr. D. Lincoln Harter Political Science Dr. C. Howard Hopkins History and Sociology GrUDfEG 22 Mrs. Gertrude Herrick English Dr. George Stephens Philosophy I Dr. Arlo D. Duba Religion Dr. Oscar Sussman Biology Rev. Theron Nease Religion Mrs. Marion Rampel Psychology Mr. John G. Peck, Jr. Librarian Mr. Peter Sherrard Physical EcJucation 23 LEaRfJIMi r-jr r OAOQ OP 1966 President .. Robert Chambless Vice-President ..Mary Murrell Benrvett Secretary . Lucinda Jones Treasurer ...Linda Pierce Advisor ... Robert Simpson Elected sponsor of our class in 1962, Robert Simpson has been much more than that to us. Most of us came to know him best when our Chapel Choir—the first Freshman Choir to go on tour—toured Western Pennsylvania for one week in mid- March of 1963. Perhaps, this is the initial event to which most of us can trace our admiration for Mr. Simpson. Here he proved to be not only an excellent musi¬ cian and fine conductor, but a friend to each of us and a friend to us as a class. We would like to thank Mr. Simpson for the help he has given us, and the example he has set for us. 26 SARAH KATHERINE BALDWIN Bachelor of Music Voice Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Central High School Ravena, New York Westminster Choir 3, 4 Student Church 4 WSGA 3 Yearbook Staff 1, 2 Column Staff 1 LAUREL LOUISE BECKER Bachelor of Music Education Organ South Side High School Rockville Centre, Long Island, New York Student Church 4 Class Secretary 1 MENC Treasurer 3, Vice President 4 Student Council 1 WSGA 2 KENNETH F. BELL Bachelor of Music Voice Classen High School Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Westminster Choir 2, 3 Student Church 3, 4 Class Treasurer 1 Men ' s Council 2, 3 27 MARY MURRELL BENNETT Bachelor of Music Organ Towson High School Towson, Maryland Westminster Choir 4 Student Church 2, 3, 4 Class Secretary 3, Vice President 4 Freshman Sponsor 4 Student Council 3 Christian Life Council 2, 3 Yearbook Staff 4 SUSAN CAMILLE BROADWELL Bachelor of Music Organ, Piano Durham High School Durham, North Carolina Student Church 2, 3, 4 WSGA Vice President 4 Yearbook Staff Typing Editor 4 Column Staff 1 Christian Life Council 1 MENC 4 Dorm Receptionist 1 Commons Staff 1 NINA H. BROWN Bachelor of Music Organ Mohawk Central School Mohawk, New York Vassar College Poughkeepsie, New York Student Church 3 Glee Club 1, 2 Music Committee 2 28 FRANCES ANN CAVE Bachelor of Music Organ - Page County High School Shenandoah, Virginia Student Church 3, 4 Christian Life Council Secretary 3, President 4 Yearbook Assistant Editor 3, Editor 4 Student Council 4 May Court Representative 3 I I ROBERT CHAMBLESS Bachelor of Music Voice Greenwood High School Greenwood, Mississippi Westminster Choir 2, 3, 4 Student Church 3, 4 Class President 1, 4 Student Council 1, 4 Christian Life Council 2 Chapel Deacon 2 Men ' s Council 1 Commons Staff 1 Band 3 I c I HELEN ANNE CONNELL j Bachelor of Music Education i Voice East Mecklenburg High School Charlotte, North Carolina Westminster Choir 4 WSGA Secretary 3 MENC 2, 3, 4 0 29 SHARON COZZA Bachelor of Music Education Voice West Orange High School West Orange, New Jersey Westminster Choir 3, 4 Student Church 2 Column Staff 1 MENC 1, 2, 4 Commons Committee 1, 2, 3 ROBERT ALAN DAVIDSON Bachelor of Music Education Voice Fairborn High School Fairborn, Ohio Westminster Choir 3, 4 Student Church 4 Men ' s Council 1, 3 MENC 1 ALBERT J. DeRUITER Bachelor of Music Voice Grand Rapids Junior College Grand Rapids, Michigan Curtis Institute of Music Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 30 VIVIAN JACQUELINE ENDICOTT ■ Bachelor of Music Voice Robert S. Rogers High School Toledo, Ohio Mt. Union College Alliance, Ohio Christian Life Council 3, 4 EVELYN PAULA FITZGERALD Bachelor of Music Education Organ Princess Anne High School Virginia Beach, Virginia Student Church 3, 4 WSGA 2, President 3, 4 May Court Representative 2 Student Council 3, 4 MENC 3, 4 DAVID VALLEAU FRIEDELL Bachelor of Music Organ Lenox School Lenox, Massachusetts Student Church 1, 2, 3, 4 31 PHILIP ROBERT FROWERY Bachelor of Music Organ Arthur L. Johnson Regional High School Clark, New Jersey Student Church 3, 4 Men ' s Council 2, 4 ROLAND HAGAN, III Bachelor of Music Voice Stephens-Lee High School Asheville, North Carolina Johnson C. Smith University Charlotte, North Carolina Westminster Choir 2, 3, 4 Student Church 4 Men ' s Council 1, President 4 Class Vice President 1 Student Council 4 Christian Life Council 2 Chapel Deacon 1, 2, 3 Dormitory Proctor 3 Hortense Potts Award 2 EMILY PAYNE HALLEY Bachelor of Music Organ Mt. Vernon High School Alexandria, Virginia Student Church 3, 4 " Imeneo " Opera Chorus 3 32 SANDRA ELIZABETH HARBOUR! Bachelor of Music Education Piano St. Mary ' s Hall Burlington, New Jersey MENC 1, 2, 3, 4 CHARLOTTE ANN HAYS Bachelor of Music Organ Summit High School Summit, New Jersey Westminster Choir 2, 3 Student Church 2, 3, 4 Class Secretary 2 Recorder Consort 3 JACQUELIN ADELE HEATON Bachelor of Music Education Voice Central High School St. Joseph, Missouri I 33 CAROLYN AUGUSTA HEITAAAN Bachelor of Music Education Voice Upper Moreland High School Willow Grove, Pennsylvania Westminster Choir 3, 4 Class Treasurer 1 WSGA 4 JAMES FORD HEJDUK Bachelor of Music Education Organ Madison Memorial High School Madison, Ohio Student Church 2, 3, 4 Class President 3 Student Council 3 Men ' s Council 1 MENC 1, 2, 3, 4 Commons Staff 1 DOROTHY REITZLE JENNINGS Bachelor of Music Education Organ Morrisville High School Morrisville, Pennsylvania Student Church 1, 2, 3, 4 MENC 3, 4 34 LUCINDA ANNE JONES , Bachelor of Music Organ Levittown Memorial High School Levittown, New York Student Church 3 Class Vice President 3, Secretary 4 Student Council 4 Christian Life Council 2, 3, 4 Yearbook Assistant Layout Editor 2, Staff 3, Layout Editor 4 Library Staff 1, 2 ! CAROL WIDMAN KANE Bachel or of Music Education Voice Princeton High School Princeton, New Jersey Student Church 3, 4 Student Council Secretary 2 CAROL LOUISE KELLEY Bachelor of Music Education Piano Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School Rumson, New Jersey MENC 3, 4 35 HELEN JULIA KEMP Bachelor of Music Voice Harding High School Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Westminster Choir 2, 3, 4 Student Council Treasurer 3 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 May Court Representative 1 Southwestern Alumni Award 1 IN SIL KIM Bachelor of Music Organ Biblical Seminary New York, New York DAVID MARK KROEHLER Bachelor of Music Education Voice Clifton Heights High School Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania Asbury College Wilmore, Kentucky Westminster Choir 3 36 CHRISTINE E. LIGO Bachelor of,Music Voice Laurel High School Laurel, Maryland Muskingum College New Concord, Ohio A Cappella Choir 2, 3 Sophomore Honorary 2 Student Activities Board 2 HORA DINIZ LOPES Bachelor of Music Voice, Organ Conservatorio Nacional de Canto Orfeonico Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Universidade do Estado da Guanabara Rio de Janeiro, Brazil TERRY MADEIRA Bachelor of Music Organ Elizabethtown Area High School Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Westminster Choir 2 Student Church 3, 4 Class Vice President 2, Treasurer 3 Student Council 4 Yearbook Photography Editor 2, 4 Faculty Prize 1, 2, 3 AGO Student Group Treasurer 4 JOHN MANTUANO Bachelor of Music Piano Passaic Valley High School Little Falls, New Jersey Northeastern Collegiate Bible Institute Essex Fells, New Jersey Senior Recital 4 RONALD NORMAN Bachelor of Music Education Voice Sussex High School Sussex, New Jersey Westminster Choir 3, 4 Student Church 1, 2, 3, 4 DAVID L. PERRY Bachelor of Music Organ Needham Broughton Senior High School Raleigh, North Carolina Presbyterian College Clinton, South Carolina Student Church 3, 4 38 LINDA La Von PIERCE Bachelor of Music : Voice Arvada Senior High School Arvada, Colorado University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado Student Church 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Treasurer 4 Sigma Alpha Iota (Music Honorary) 1, 2 MARY ELIZABETH STEVENS POYNTER Bachelor of Music Voice Friends ' Central School Overbrook, Pennsylvania Westminster Choir 3, 4 WAYNE KEITH RICHMOND Bachelor of Music Organ Chino High School Chino, California Chaffey College Alta Loma, California Westminster Choir 3, 4 Student Church 2, 3, 4 39 BETSY RYDELL ROLL Bachelor of Music Education Voice Cary High School Cary, North Carolina Student Church 3 Commons Staff 1, 2 SUSAN ELIZABETH ROSE Bachelor of Music Education Voice Westtown Friends School Westtown, Pennsylvania Westminster Choir MENC 1 ADRIAN W. ROTH Bachelor of Music Organ Newton High School Newton, Massachusetts 40 JUDITH SALVESEN Bachelor of Music Education Organ Roxbury High School Succasunna, New Jersey AAENC 1, 2, Vice President 3, Secretary-Treasurer 4 Christian Life Council Secretary 2, 4 Yearbook Literary Editor 3, Staff 4 WSGA Alternate 4 MARGARETTA JANE SHAULIS Bachelor of Music Education Voice Gunning Bedford High School Delaware City, Delaware Westminster Choir 3, 4 MENC 1, 4 EARL EDWARD SHILEY Bachelor of Music Education Voice James Wood High School Winchester, Virginia Westminster Choir 4 Student Church 2, 3, 4 Student Council 1, 2, Vice President 3 Class President 1, 2 Freshman Sponsor 4 MENC 3, 4 Chapel Deacon 2 41 EIKO SHOJI Bachelor of Music Organ Jiyu Gakuen High School Tokyo, Japan Jiyu Gakuen Junior College Tokyo, Japan Student Church 4 RONALD W. THAYER Bachelor of Music Organ Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Central High School Ravena, New York Student Church 2, 3, 4 Men ' s Council 2, 4 Chapel Deacon 3, 4 Chapel Singers 3, 4 JANET LAUREL VETTE Bachelor of Music Education Piano Ferry Hall School Lake Forest, Illinois Denison University Granville, Ohio Westnninster Choir 4 MENC 3, 4 Christian Life Council 4 Senior Recital 4 Lambda Mu Music Honorary 1 42 FAITH ELEANOR WASH Bachelor of Music Voice Middlesex High School Saluda, Virginia Westminster Choir 4 Student Church 2, 3 Mail Clerk 3 Commons Staff 2 STEPHEN HENRY WATERS Bachelor of Music Education Voice Jonathan Dayton Regional High School Springfield, New Jersey Westminster Choir 2, 3 Student Church 3, 4 Men ' s Council 3 MENC 3, 4 WILLIAM FRANK WILBURN Bachelor of Music Voice Logan High School Logan, West Virginia Alderson-Broaddus College Philippi, West Virginia Student Church 2, 3, 4 43 DAVID DOUGLAS WILSON Bachelor of Music Education Voice Hope High School Providence, Rhode Island Student Church 2, 3 MENC 4 JOSEPH L. WOODARD Bachelor of Music Organ Plymouth Whitemarsh High School Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania Student Church 1, 2, 3, 4 Student Council President 4 Class Treasurer 2 Men ' s Council 2, Vice President 3 Not Pictured: JOANNE ELAINE DIXON Bachelor of Music Education Organ Manheim Township High School Lancaster, Pennsylvania MENC 2, 3, 4 44 Yes, this was once North Hall lawn Oops! This is the bait! What old act, Cheapseat? Last night at the Hill . . . A bomb addressed to Women ' s Council! Love that bathtub gin! Messiaen really excites me! What cigarette? They really DID pull my legs! The . . Baroque . . . zzzzzzz 1 . . 2 . . 3-PUSH! 45 OASS OP 1967 President . . . Vice-President Secretary . . . Treasurer .. . Advisor . . Charlene Debes .... David Scott Stephen Weicksel . . . Anna Daeche , . . Arlo D. Duba 46 Larry Blazer 47 Marjorie Blossfeld Clyde Buckner 48 Harriet Canfield Anna Daeche 49 Bruce Fifer 50 Ruthann Greenawald 51 Margaret Hansen Eugene Hopkins 52 Karen Johnson Martha Lattimore ' 1 53 Arthur Lesser Carolyn MacArthur Nancy Mangion Ruth Ann Massaro Sandra Maxwell 54 William Palmatier 55 Cheryl Pepper Alice Resch 56 David Scott Lee Smith William Treichler Diane Triplett Timothy Wilborn Karen Urquhart Stephen Weicksel Kent Vanderband Donna Yamaji 58 What poison ivy? Yogurt Smorgasbord! Linda, you ' ve changed! So that ' s where the Hymnals are What if lightning strikes? But it was raining in the Quad! My mother makes it different. Who knows what evil lurks ... ? somehow. Take what off? TELL me about it! I told you Lynn wasn ' t in Groves Dictionary! 59 OASS OF 196S President . . . Vice-President Secretary . . . , Treasurer . . . Advisor . .William Payn . Robert Newton .Gretchen Feuz .Sherry Newman .Nicholas Harsanyi 60 John Angle Gene Beitel Sylvia Bell Barbara Birkett John Bate Stanley Bishop Duncan Bockus Barbara Brisson Erick Brunner David Chewning Robert Childs Karen Clinton William Clisham Alan Coulter 63 Verna DeNeef Michael DIaboha Robert Edwards Catherine Fowler John Gamble Susan Garey Carolyn Glenn Anibel Gonzalez 65 Karin Gustafson 66 Elizabeth Hall John Hayward Stephen Hermes Sandra Holland Carole Holston Michael Kemp Michael Korn Mickey Lazenby Jerry LeDoux 67 Julianne MacPherson Edwin Morrison William Nash Sherry Newman 68 Robert Newton Douglas Painter Nancy Pastore Michael Pavone William Payn 69 Mary Louise Pierotti Valerie Price Phillip Rader Sharon Ramsell Richard Ratcliffe 70 June Rauschnabel Laura Roach Donald Schilke Sharon Schultz Richard Schwarz Jean Schwenzer Faith Smith 71 David Stoke Sherry Smith Kathryn Swab Lucy Tong James Work Eileen Young 72 Susan Young Was that Ab or G ? What do you mean I ' ve got four eyes? We ' re here; now where ' s Soupy? 73 CtASfi OF 1969 President . . . Vice-President Secretary . . . Treasurer ... Advisor . . . . . . Henry Buckwalter .Harry Fritz .Sue Shiley .David Agler Dr. D, Lincoln Harter 74 DeLeon Abell David Agler Roger Allee Kathryn Barr Anita Blackwell Carol Bogle DeMerle Boroff Donald Branton 75 Rodney Brown Shirlene Brown Henry Buckwalter, II Laura Burdine Kathleen Burke Cheryl Clark James Clark John Collyer 76 Donald Connell Cynthia Crall Kenneth DeBoer Mary Dempsey Nancy Dietrich Lynn Donenfeld Susan Dotterer Linda Jean Euler 77 Edward Fischer Carol Fishpaw Lucie Formwalt Peter Furbush Alice Gardiner Richard Gilchrist Jo Ann Gonzalez Terry Gott 78 Edward Grayson Rosalie Gregory Christina Grow Kathy Hankins Charles Hausmann Cynthia Hayward Leone Hillert Margaret Hoffman 79 Susan Jasperse Joseph Jennings Carol Jones Cheryl Kantoris John Kemp Charles King Stuart Kutsche Richard Lakey 80 Carol Lewis Dian Lincks Richard Loatman Georgine Lomell Richard Ludlum Sharon McCann John Mcliray Robert Mclver 81 David McVey James AAetzler Kathleen AAickel Ronald Miller Brenda Moore Thomas Mowbray 82 Roland Nelson Linda Newtret Allan Ontko Rolf Ormsbee Donna Patton Jeanne Paters Jeanne Pottieger Linda Preston 83 Kathleen Renelt Barbara Reynolds Thomas Sawyer Mary Beth Schulte David Rhoades Meredith Rung Sue Shiley Douglas Slusher 84 Beverly Sowden Monika Steinke Anne Stovall Kaye Strunk Christopher Thornley Susan Vaughn Nancy Via Lynne Webber 85 Raymond Weidner Ethelee Wescott Sheryl Wiley Wayne Williams Edmund Wills Nancy Yost Diana Zurilgen 86 Who tied my shoes together? What white tornado? Now this model here . . . Phone, for me? " Every Valley . . Yes, I ate it! Through a keyhole They call them " temporary " buildings In front of everybody? It must be Sociology class! Eurhythmies paper? 87 Philip De Vries Delmo Rostan Steven Sharp UNOASSfFfED ANJD 88 1950 1949 FRW THE Dr. Erdman and the Williamsons The Orchestra 1949-50 . . . AND May Day 89 SIN S»N( WESlMfNSfER CHOfR iimi ■- ■■1 (I f ,S f-. V . • ' •£ ). [t J. ' S ■ -‘ ■ ' . ‘■•y AvvV-V Vj.; P l W t! [i. r ■ ■c ii— To be chosen as a member of Westminster Choir is one of the greatest honors and thrills a student can receive, for this choir represents the acme of technical and musical growth. This year the choir has had an especially exciting season. In addition to singing with the Symphonic Choir and touring the West Coast during the month of March, they sang an anniversary concert in Town Hall in the spring. The 40-voice touring choir is probably the best single representative of the college, its heritage, its achievements, and its goals. 92 93 Mm B WBp - iBv¥- - 1 m B BB ; BBB hB BLi. ' j b BH|k a HK :f MBm B % « ' « VI ■ 94 r ' f 1 I ' ?- ; r 1 (• . ' ' Lv h k 1 SVMPWONfC CHOfR. Symphonic Choir, composed of the sophomores, juniors, and seniors of the college, learns major works each year to be sung with world-fa¬ mous conductors and orchestras. This season started dramatically with five performances of Mahler ' s Eighth Sym¬ phony in New York under the direc¬ tion of Leonard Bernstein. The spring included a performance of Bach ' s B Minor Mass in celebration of the col¬ lege ' s Fortieth Anniversary. 95 CmPELCHOfR With an exceptional large first year class to draw on, the Chapel Choir was made up of unusually fine voices. Under the direction of Associate Professor Robert Simpson, they sang an impressive schedule. Fifteen concerts were sung in schools and churches in the Pennsylvania-New Jersey area, including a performance of The Messiah at Old First Church in Newark and the Vlass in C Major by Ftaydn with the Queens Symphony Orchestra at Forest Hills, New York. With a two-week spring tour into Delaware and Maryland, this choir became the College ' s " singing ambassadors " in the East while the Westminster Choir was touring the Western states. 96 Under the direction of Mr. Nicholas Harsanyi, the orchestra provides an outlet for the instrumen¬ tal talent on campus. In addition to participating in various vocal and keyboard ensembles throughout the year, the members of the orchestra put on a concert in the spring. This year their repertoire in¬ cludes Schumann ' s Piano Quintet and a Mozart Quartet. 97 STUDENT COUNCTL The Student Council of Westminster Choir College serves as the official link betvween the administration and the Student Body. The past year has seen great strides in the effectiveness of its communication. The council is composed of the president and a representative from each class. Working as a democratic unit, they have drawn up a new constitution, effective this semester, written a new honor code, and taken an opinion poll on various issues. The Social Chairmen, working with the council, have instituted many weekend activities which accelerated social life on campus President—Joe Woodard V ce-Pres cfent—lisa Duke Secretary—Diane Triplett Treasurer—John Brobston Ac v sor—Theron Nease Social Chairmen— Richard Frey Laurdella Foulkes WOMEN’S COUNC t- This council of active young women is elected to serve the community of women residents. They do so by presenting a line of communication between student and administration. The council also sponsors annually " Open House " and the Hallo¬ ween Dance plus encouraging smaller group activities. Probably more noted for the " call-down " than its many reforms this council is out to insure the rights of the individual. MEN’S CCUNOL The Men ' s Council is an organization composed of three elected representatives from each class. The Council is but the small body of the larger organization, the Men ' s Student Association. The Men ' s Council serves as a " clearing house " for the larger body. The purpose of the Council is to serve as an effective voice for the male student population and to perpetuate a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere in dorm living. Complaints, requests, suggestions, and passage of regulations effecting the welfare of male students are channeled through the Council. Thrqugh close rapport between representativse and their respective classes, the will of the men is exercised. 99 im CmOf2AN CIAFP Editor . Assistant Editor . . , Layout Art Editor Photography Editor Typing Editor .... Literary Editor . . . . Business Manager Advisor . Frances Ann Cave William Palmatier . . . Lucinda Jones . . . Terry Madeira . Susan Broadwell .Bonnie Bird .Kathy Ruof Miss Lois Laverty 100 CRRJSriANJ UFt OOUNOL As the coordinator of religious life on campus, the Chris¬ tian Life Council is of vital importance. This year the Coun¬ cil has revitalized the entire religious atmosphere vv ith many new ideas and activities. Among these are morning prayer services twice a week, and monthly evening com¬ munion services. Perhaps one of the most important un¬ dertakings was a clothing drive for Cuban refugees, and the distribution of chapel offerings to mission fields across the world. D CONS 10 M-VCIC EDUCArORS JlA O nL conference President—James AAcCallum V ce-Pres c enf—Laurel Becker Secrefary-Treasurer—Judith Salvesen The Westminster Choir College student chapter of MENC works toward providing its members with new and better ideas of their role as music educators in the school and community. It gives them the opportunity to broaden their horizons through state and regional conferences, as well as through the ideas of leaders in the field of education. 102 FRANCES ANN CAVE TERRY MADEIRA WO’S wwo The students recognized each year by this organization are nominated from approx imately 800 colleges and universities. Campus nominating committees consider the student ' s scholarship, his participation and leadership in academic and extra-curricular activities, his citizenship and services to the school, and his promise of future usefulness. We take great pride in having five students from our campus so honored. JOSEPH WOODARD ROLAND F+AGAN 103 UBRARY SIZVFF MAiL a£ 104 BV ' - srmN A y 105 COMMONiS ScaiFP 106 The Chapel Singers are a group of students who were selected to participate periodically in our weekly Chapel serv¬ ices as their choir. Bob Chambless, who conducts this group has worked to promote the idea of do¬ ing excellent music in these services, partly to increase the students ' repertory, but mostly to make these services more worshipful to students whose worship experi¬ ence lies strongly rooted in music and who will dedicate their lives to strengthening these ideals. Robert Simpson—Sponsor CROfR The Westminster Choir College Handbell Choir is a new institution this year. Created to teach its mem¬ bers the art of handbell ringing, it was founded by Beth Barkley in No¬ vember. A charter choir performed at the Christmas party. The choir has now expanded and will be perform¬ ing at several churches in the area during the year. Robert Carwithen—Sponsor Thart. Eva. See. S 30 Fri. Aft. Dec. 10 2:tS Sat. Evt. Dec. 11 •:30 Mta. Eve. Dec. 1) 7i30 Wei Eve. Dec. IS •. 30 Wm • ■wk»«rlp«l«ii e«itc»r4 (SRjCUMN© BERNSTEIN eofiduotor MAHLER Symphony No. S if a THaMMND SARAMAC ERDICN,. . ELIA LELw . JENNIE TOWEL, lEVERLY WILFF.«.„,., BERROE SHIRLEY, T.-r JOHN l•Y•EN,..,H E»B FLABELLI, a«M wtoTywoTfn cnom Wmi MH WB ' X i ' PWjOU ' GBN CHRiSrWS Amm Cotv MAV DAV ArmNDATJTS Wiflwy BdJtblt I 120 COURT 121 122 123 Support from the feet? Watch what happens when I pinch her 124 Isn ' t she a peach? " You step on a crack, you break your mother ' s back " 125 Ugh! A five year plan! How soon can I transfer? Assembly is not for ietter-writtingi Can I be a bunny too? May I ► ME?? Play in organ class?? make a suggestion, Johann? 126 Ooooh! Don ' t ask ME how I got here! Would you be a choir mother? Dancing to the Liebeslieder Oh! my wisdom tooth! Look, Ma! No " bod " ! Do you know this war-horse by Liszt? Cooties! Every Good Boy Does Fine Don ' t YOU have a oiano in vour laundry room? 127 Schroders geistliches Gesangbuch " 128 " Simon says . .. PAmCNQ cmI ACVERnSERfi 129 PATRONS Mr. and Mrs, Carl E. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Angle Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Barkley Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Becker Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Bel+el Mr. and Mrs. L. Emory Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Birkett Mrs. Dorothy Bishop Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Bradbury Mr. and Mrs. Raymond B. Brisson Mr. and Mrs. N. P. Broadwell Mr. and Mrs. Scott Brobston Mr. and Mrs. Ralph M. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Theron T. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Buckwalter Mr. and Mrs. C. Russell Canfield Mr. and Mrs. James F. Cave Mr. and Mrs. H. Lem Clark Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Clarke Mr. and Mrs. William F. Clisham Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Corder Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Cozza Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Daeche Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Dietrich Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Dillahey Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Dixon Mr. and Mrs. Robtr E. Doolittle Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Edwards Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Endicott Rev. and Mrs. Louis E. Fifer, III Mr. Gerard G. Florl Mr. and Mrs. Hollis P. Fowler Rev. and Mrs. Edwin H. Frey Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Frowery, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Furbush Mr. and Mrs. Corey C. Corey, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Robert T. Gregory Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Halley Mr. Clifford B. Harbourt Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Hausmann Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Hausmann Mr. and Mrs. James B. Hays, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Hayward Mr. and Mrs. Harvey H. Hejduk Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Hopkins Rev. and Mrs. William H. Johnson Rev. and Mrs. Kermit H. Jones Mr. Richard B. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Kan Mr. and Mrs. John S. C. Kemp Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Koebler, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Stuart F. Kutsche Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Lazenby Mr. and Mrs. Leonard G. Lomell Mrs. Rebecca S. Ludlum Mr. and Mrs. F. Claude MacArthur Mr. and Mrs. Russell D. MacPherson Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Madeira Mr. and Mrs. John Massaro Mr. and Mrs. R. W. McCallum Mr. Robert A. Metzler Mr. and Mrs. Tennyson Moore, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Nagle, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Roland A. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Willard D. Newton Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Noll Mr. and Mrs. Dusan J. Ontko Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Parrish Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pastore Rev. and Mrs. Luther A. Patton Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Pavone Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Payn Mr. and Mrs. Stanley I. Peters Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Pierotti Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Rader Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ratcliffe Mr. and Mrs. Max Rauschnabel Mr. and Mrs. Lowell R. Rhoades Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Kose Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Rung Mr. William H. Ruof Mr. and Mrs. Sverre Salvesen Mr. and Mrs. William Schwenzer Mr. and Mrs. Earl W. Shiley Mrs. Jean C. Shrock Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Snowden Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert C. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence H. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Swab, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Boice Triplett Mr. and Mrs. Anthony K. Thornley Mr. and Mrs. Roderick P. Urquhart Mr. and Mrs. Earl A. Vaughn Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Vette Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. Via Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Waters Mr. and Mrs. William S. Webber Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur L. Woodard Mr. and Mrs. James O. Work Mr. and Mrs. Norman Yost 130 mmm PRESIDENT AND MRS. LEE H. BRISTOL, JR. and family extend best wishes to the GRADUATING CLASS OF 1966 131 FLORSHEIM—SANDLER OF BOSTON- BASS WEEJUNS LOAFERS KULLER TRAVEL APPLEGATE FLORAL SHOP 47 Palmer Square Princeton, New Jersey 9 ] 4 ' 2550 599-2633 108 NASSAU ST. TO SUIT YOUR CORSAGES—PRESENTATION BOUQUETS GENE SEAL—FLOWERS 200 Nassau Street Princeton, New Jersey 924-1643 PLANTS—CONTAINERS—GIFTS 132 (Corner of Tulane and Nassau) Princeton, New Jersey C 74rling ton CARILLON MSTALLED AT WESTMMSTER CHOIR COLLEGE, PRMCETON, N.J. The growing acceptance of the " Arlington” Carillon good news for organists! Schulmerich is the world’s ONLY producer of modern bell instru¬ ments with both English and Flemish type tuning, as well as chimes, thus providing percussion instruments meet¬ ing the requirements of any church or institution. Both bell instruments have all the traditional partials, including the rich, colorful minor third distin¬ guishing a true beU tone from chimes which lack this quality. The Schulmerich " Arlington” Carillon is the ONLY modern instrument hav¬ ing the sub-octave hum tone which together with its other partials iden¬ tifies the Flemish type tuning. All types of harmony—major, minor, aug¬ mented, and diminished chords or any other type of chord, arpeggio or trill, can be played without restriction. With its 61 bells, 5 octave chromatic range, played from one keyboard, all types of carillonistic effects are possible. Indi¬ vidual expression pedal controls for bass and treble bells provide wide dynamic range for solo and accom¬ pani ment so necessary to true caril¬ lon music. Truly, The " Arlington” is the 20th Century carillon embodying the tradi¬ tion and color of the finest cast bell instrument. While retaining all the desirable features of cast bell carillons, undesirable factors such as tremendous weight, huge tower construction, key¬ board limitations, complex automatic operation and enormous cost are e limina ted. If you’ve dreamed of the unfettered use of bells from the tower or with the organ, investigate The " Arlington” Carillon now! Write to: SCHULMERICH CARILLONS, INC. THE o4rling ton” Carillon Hill, Sellersville, Pa. CARILLON A " 0«ri(LoHic elU” INSTRUMENT Arlington and Carillonic Belts are trademarks for bell instruments of Schulmerich Carillons, Int. BUT Compliments M. P. MOLLER, INC. Pipe Organ Architects and Builders Hagerstown, Maryland You will do better at BAILEY ' S for nice things to wear Princeton Shopping Center, Princeton, N. J. BEST WISHES FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF PRINCETON Are you using all our BANKING SERVICES? 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Church Princeton, New Jersey PERFECT HAIRCUTS STAND OUT IN PUBLIC WE FEEL LIKE SINGING— when you visit MALE ' S BOOK SHOP 203 Nassau St. Princeton, New Jsersey OPEN EVENINGS TILL ELEVEN Swift ' s COLONIAL DINER Route 1 and Quaker Bridge Road at Clarksville BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF ' 66 (609) 452-2178 135 NASSAU-CONOVER MOTOR COMPANY FORD—LINCOLN—MERCURY SALES—SERVICE—LEASING Route 206 921 -6400 Princeton GABLE TAVERN Grill Restaurant Specializing in Fine Foods Full Course Dinners— Tomato Pies Sea Food—Steaks Dinners Served Weekdays, 6 P.M. to I A.M. Sundays 2 P.M. to 12 P.M. PHONE ORDERS TAKEN—PHONE 921-9792 153 WASHINGTON STREET ROCKY HILL. N. J. CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! WALTER B. HOWE, INC. WASH-O-MAT Real Estate—Insurance Shirt Service Dry Cleaning Established 1885 COIN WASH OPEN 7 DAYS 24 HR. One Palmer Square Rear 259 Nassau Street Princeton, New Jersey (bade of Viking Furniture) 924-0095 THE BEST WISHES PRINCETON FUEL OIL COMPANY PRINCETON VOLKSWAGEN BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1966 Route 206 Princeton 137 THE THORNE PHARMACY E. E. CAMPBELL. R.P. P. A. ASHTON. R.P. 168 Nassau Street Princeton, New Jersey Telephone 924-0077 COMPLIMENTS RAMBLER PEUGEOT RENAULT M G—AUSTIN HEALEY CREGAR MOTORS. INC. 830 State Rd. (Rt. 206) Princeton, N. J. OF A FRIEND 138 NASSAU OIL PRINCE CHEVROLET, INC Route 206 (Opposile Princeton Airport) Princeton, New Jersey FOR PROMPT SERVICE CALL REDDING S 924-0166 PLUMBING HEATING ROOFING AIR CONDITIONING MODERNIZATION 234 Nassau St. Princeton, N. J. 139 Adding a Dimension to Student Dining Qljodtm CcIimI Sr Co4fege Sewtces Philadelphia 46, Pa.—A Division of Automatic Retailers of America, Inc. THE GOLF BALL SALVAGE DIVING SERVICE Princeton, New Jersey L D. KARPENKO Box 36. W.C.C. Princeton, New Jersey (609) 921-9661 or 586-5080 ASK ABOUT MOORE CHOIR ROBES ALSO ... PRINCETON PHOTO PROCESS CO. PeCbCOCk tiUi Photostats Diazo Prints Blue Prints Xerox Copies Film Negatives Prints Drafting Materials Offset Printing FINE FOOD COMFORTABLE LODGING 12 Chambers Street Princeton 924-4020 140 141 ABRAMSON, ROBERT M. 300 West 12 Street New York, New York ANDERSON, EDNA MAE 76 Pine Street Princeton, New Jersey 08540 ARMENTI, ANTONIETTA 43 Chestnut Street Princeton, New Jersey 08540 AUMAN, JANE R. 121 Bayard Lane Princeton, New Jersey 08540 BACH, NILS 198 Ewing Street Princeton, New Jersey 08540 BOEPPLE, PAUL 15 Madison Street Princeton, New Jersey 08540 BRACK, HARRIET A. Box 71, R.D. 1 Lambertville, New Jersey 08530 BRAKELEY, VIRGINIA S. Z. 35 William Street Princeton, New Jersey 08540 BRISTOL, LEE H., JR. 210 Mercer Street Princeton, New Jersey 08540 BUNTING, CARLA G. 100 Linden Lane Princeton, New Jersey 08540 CARWITHEN, ROBERT 927 Foulkrod Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania CHEADLE, WILLIAM G. 7 Chestnut Street Princeton, New Jersey 08540 COaE St DfREOORV CHEESMAN, VIRGINIA 7326 Germantown Avenue Philadelphia 19, Pennsylvania CHERRY, HELEN P. Great Road Princeton, New Jersey 08540 DELLATORE, THOMAS 446 Congress Street Phijiipsburg, New Jersey Dl SCALA, DOROTHY Apt. 1612—Windsor Apts. 1700 Benjamin Franklin Parkway Philadelphia, Pennsylvania DUBA, ARLO D. 139 North Harrison Street Princeton, New Jersey 08540 EICHER, EDWARD F. J. 396 Terhune Road Princeton, New Jersey 08540 ENGER, GALE 30 Upland Road West Lawn, Pennsylvania 19609 FRISCHMANN, CHARLES G. 103 Glenwood Road Cranford, New Jersey 07016 HAIG, I. R. STIRLING 7U Hibben Apartments Princeton, New Jersey 08540 HARSANYI, NICHOLAS 111 Laurel Road Princeton, New Jersey 08540 HARTER, D. LINCOLN 57 New Lane Staten Island, New York 10305 HAULENBECK, NORA 15 West Spruce Street Princeton, New Jersey 08540 HAYWARD, AMOS c o John Green Route 1, Box 317 Princeton, New Jersey 08540 HERRICK, GERTRUDE 100 Hamilton Avenue Princeton, New Jersey 08540 HODAPP, LoREAN 664 Prospect Avenue Princeton, New Jersey 08540 HOPKINS, C. HOWARD 3 Windsor Drive Princeton Junction, New Jersey 08550 JERVIS, IRENE H. 58 Macen Drive Mercerville, New Jersey JONES, GEORGE M. 8 Seaman Street New Brunswick, New Jersey KOVACS, DOROTHY 38 Erdman Avenue Princeton, New Jersey 08540 KOVACS, JOSEPH 38 Erdman Avenue Princeton, New Jersey 08540 KRIMMEL, MARY 339 Hamilton Avenue Princeton, New Jersey 08540 KYSER, RAMON 63 Wiggins Street Princeton, New Jersey 08540 LANCELOT, BEATRICE R.D. 1 Hopewell, New Jersey 08525 LAVERTY, LOIS 301 Nassau Street Princeton, New Jersey 08540 LIPPINCOTT, JOAN H. 158 Valley Road Princeton, New Jersey 08540 LYNN, GEORGE 41 Nassau Place Princeton Junction, New Jersey 08550 AAARKEY, GEORGE B. 42 Maplewood Avenue Maplewood, New Jersey MARTIN, WARREN Millstone Apt., Apt. 8D Princeton, New Jersey 08540 McDonald, donald 467 Central Park West New York, New York 10025 McKEEVER, JAMES C. 52 Dodds Lane Princeton, New Jersey 08540 McKINNEY, MATHILDE C. 206 Linden Lane Princeton, New Jersey 08540 NEASE, THERON S. 5 North Main Street Cranbury, New Jersey 08512 O ' BRIEN, JUDITH 25 Henry Street Princeton, New Jersey 08540 ODDEN, NORINE 30 Armour Road Princeton, New Jersey 08540 PACKER, BARBARA 71 Patton Avenue Princeton, New Jersey 08540 PATE, HERBERT 32 Wiggins Street Princeton, New Jersey 08540 PECK, JOHN G., JR. 205 Dana Street Apartment 2A Princeton, New Jersey 08540 RAMPEL, MARION E. 19 Waverly Drive West East Brunswick, New Jersey 08816 RICHMOND, JAMES T. 374 Rosedale Road Princeton, New Jersey 08540 ROAN, EUGENE 9405 Stenton Avenue Philadelphia 18, Pennsylvania 19118 ROCKABRAND, ROBERT c o Waiver R.D. 1, Canal Road Princeton, New Jersey 08540 SHERRARD, PETER North Hall Westminster Choir College Princeton, New Jersey 08540 SILZ, PRISCILLA K. 60 Laurel Road Princeton, New Jersey 08540 SIMPSON, ROBERT 43 Clearview Avenue Princeton, New Jersey 08540 SONNENFELD, ALBERT 78 Clover Lane Princeton, New Jersey 08540 STEPHENS, GEORGE R. P.O. Box 12 Blawenburg, New Jersey 08504 SUSSMAN, OSCAR Princeton—Somerville Road Princeton, New Jersey 08540 THOMAS, EDGAR C., JR. 201 Stockton Street Princeton, New Jersey 08540 THOMAS, MAUD D. 167 N. Harrison Street Princeton, New Jersey 08540 TOTO, BENE M. 88 Harris Road Princeton, New Jersey 08540 TOTO, MICHAEL 162 Linden Lane Princeton, New Jersey 08540 UBER, DAVID 3 Manor Avenue Princeton, New Jersey 08540 08540 VENABLE, PRINCE R.D. 1 Princeton, New Jersey 08540 WATERS, JAMES L. On Lea ve Eastman School of Music University of Rochester Rochester, New York WETHERSON, MARGARET East Hall Westminster Choir College Princeton, New Jersey 08540 WIBLE, DOREEN 295 Franklin Avenue Princeton, New Jersey 08540 WILBURN, RUTH West Hall Westminster Choir College Princeton, New Jersey 08540 WILLIAMSON, RHEA B. c o Mark Thompson 816 Olive Street Scranton, Pennsylvinia WRIGHT, PETER Wynbrook Gardens Hickory Corner Road Hightstown, New Jersey 08520- WYTON, ALEC 205 West End Avenue New York, New York YORK, DAVID S. Millstone River Apartments Princeton, New Jersey 08540 YOUNG, LOIS G. 12 Princeton Avenue Princeton, New Jersey 08540 ZEBROWISKI, JOHN M. 413 De Klyn Avenue Trenton, New Jersey ABELL, DeLEON Warren Center, Pennsylvania 18851 AGLER, DAVID 258 173rd Street Hammond, Indiana 46324 ALLEE, ROGER 1011 CueWeback Street AAatamoras, Pennsylvania 18336 ANDERSON, NANCY Post Office Box 51 Buffalo, Minnesota 55313 ANGLE, JOHN 335 East Madison Street Greencastle, Pennsylvania 17225 BALDWIN, SARAH New Baltimore, New York 52402 BALL, CLAUDIA Harvey Street Ironia, New Jersey 07845 BANTA, MARY 17 W. Commerce Street Smyrna, Delaware BARKLEY, ELIZABETH 2334 Great Falls Falls Church, Virginia BARR, KATHRYN 1535 E. 55th Street Tulsa, Oklahoma 74105 BATE, JOHN Alice Lane Fishkill, New York BECKER, LAUREL 98 Liberty Avenue Rockville Centre, New York 11570 BEITEL, GENE 10 West High Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania 18064 BELL, KENNETH 172 Bergen Street Woodbridge, New Jersey 07095 BELL, SYLVIA R. D. 2 Cambridge, New York 12816 BENNETT, MARY MURRELL 6910 Copeleigh Road Baltimore, Maryland 21212 BIRD, BONNIE Box K STUDENT DfRCOORV Westfield, New Jersey 07090 BIRKETT, BARBARA 62 Kimball Street Needham, Massachusetts 02192 BISHOP, STANLEY 223 S. Foremay Vinita, Oklahoma 74301 BLACKWELL, ANITA 1619 Bigley Avenue Charleston, West Virginia 25302 BLAZER, LARRY 605 Boys Monett, Mississippi BLOSSFELD, MARJORIE 1248 Longfellow Teaneck, New Jersey 07666 BOCKUS, DUNCAN 57 Crestwood Drive Manchester, Connecticut BOGLE, CAROL 24 William Street Pittsfield, Massachusetts 01202 BOROFF, DeMERLE 1009 Apartment B. East Home Road Springfield, Ohio BRADBURY, RAY 5280 Stacy Street West Palm Beach, Florida 33406 BRANTON, DONALD 2017 Thomas Avenue Charlotte, North Carolina 28205 BRISSON, BARBARA 532 Coventry Avenue Utica, New York 13502 BROADWELL, SUSAN 1306 Norton Street Durham, North Carolina 27701 BROBSON, JOHN R.D. 1 Box 333 Wind Gap, Pennsylvania BROWN, ARTHUR 5 Berkeley Terrace Plainfield, New Jersey BROWN, JUDITH Box 236 Schwenksville, Pennsylvania 19473 BROWN, NINA 1 Orchard Circle Princeton, New Jersey 08540 BROWN, RODNEY 3706 Concord Drive Shaker Heights, Ohio 44122 BROWN, SHIRLENE 4706 Falcon Street Rockville, Maryland BRUNNER, ERICK 1011 Chestnut Avenue Sidney, Ohio 45365 BUCKNER, CLYDE R.D. 1 Box 461 Gaffney, South Carolina BUCKWALTER, HENRY 76 S. Sixth Street Mount Wolf, Pennsylvania 17347 BURDINE, ANN 1637 E. 36 Place Tulsa, Oklahoma 74105 BURKE, KATHLEEN nil S. E. 12 Way Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316 CAMPBELL, BRUCE 276 E. North Lane Conshohocken, Pennsylvania CANFIELD, HARRIET 154 Cedar Street Cedar Glen City Toms River, New Jersey CAVANAUGH, NANCY Lawrenceville Road Princeton, New Jersey 08540 CAVE, FRANCES 713 Seventh Street Shenandoah, Virginia 22849 CHAMBERLAIN, DENNIS 317 West Woodruff Watertown, New York CHAMBLESS, ROBERT 414 College Greenwood, Mississippi CHEWNING, DAVID 533 Crown Street Morrisville, Pennsylvania CHILDS, ROBERT 23 Beaver Lane Easton, Pennsylvania CLARK, CHERYL 4205 Balcones Drive Austin, Texas 78731 CLARK, JAMES 9 Dillon Road Kendall Park, New Jersey 08824 CLARKE, BARBARA 5 Sunset Drive Delmar, New Jersey CLAYTON, KENNETH 734 Arnold Avenue Point Pleasant Beach, N. J. CLINTON, KAREN 439 Abington Avenue Glenside, Pennsylvania 19038 CLISHAM, WILLIAM Box 866 White Marsh, Maryland COLLYER, JOHN Chetwynd, Apartment 619 Rosemont, Pennsylvania CONNELL, DONALD 101 Marple Road Haverford, Pennsylvania CONNELL, HELEN ANNE R.D. 1 Box 778 Charlotte, North Carolina 28205 CONWAY, HATTI 146 Mt. Hermon Way Ocean Grove, New Jersey CORDER, RANDY 501 Church Street Batesburg, South Carolina 29006 COULTER, ALAN 204 Ridgewood Road Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15237 COZZA, SHARON 357 Northfield Avenue West Orange, New Jersey CRALL, CYNTHIA 2749 Golfside Lane Flint, Michigan 48504 DAECHE, ANNA 129 Spring Lane Hatboro, Pennsylvania 19040 DAVIDSON, ROBERT 549 Lewis Drive Fairborn, Ohio DEBES, CHARLENE 2155 West Filbert Street York, Pennsylvania 17404 DeBOER, KENNETH 25 Stanley Court North Haledon Paterson, New Jersey 07508 DEMPSEY, MARY 811 5th Avenue South Clinton, Iowa DeNEEF, VERNA Broad Street Branchville, New Jersey DeRUITER, ALBERT 248 South 23rd Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103 DeVRIES, PHILIP 469 Hill Street Whitinsville, Massachusetts 01588 DIETRICH, NANCY 117 East Pensnylvania Avenue Pen Argyl, Pennsylvania 18072 tILLAHEY, SAMUEL 115 Coleman Road Hamilton Square, New Jersey 08690 DIXON, JOANNE 81 Sun Rise Avenue Lancaster, Pennsylvania DLABOHA, MICHAEL 114 Elly Street McKees, Pennsylvania DONENFELD, LYNN 3061 Scenic Place Riverdale, New York 10463 DOOLITTLE, CLINTON 704 South Carolina Street Mobile, Alabama DOTTERER, SUSAN Box 108 Lamar, Pennsylvania 16848 DUKE, ILSA 4 North Woodlawn Avenue La Vale, Maryland 21502 EDWARDS, ROBERT 163 Willow Street Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 18702 EMRA, CHRISTINA 5307 S.E. 60th Avenue Portland, Oregon 97206 ENDICOTT, VIVIAN 4110 Estateway Road Toledo, Ohio 43607 EULER, LINDA-JEAN 9 Moffitt Boulevard East Islip, New York 11730 FERGUSON, JOHN 132 Katahdin Avenue Millinocket, Main FEUZ, GRETCHEN 4902 Taney Avenue Alexandria, Virginia 22304 FIFER, BRUCE All Hallows Rectory Bent Road Wyncote, Pennsylvania 19095 FISCHER, EDWARD 2220 Nebraska Avenue Kansas City, Kansas FISHPAW, CAROL 608 St. Dunstans Road Baltimore, Maryland 21212 FITZGERALD, PAULA 3 Pam Drive Commack, Long Island, N. Y. FOHRHALTZ, LINDA 580 Hancock Road Pittsfield, Massachusetts FORMWALT, LUCIE Woodberry Forest, Virginia 22989 FOULKES, LAURDELLA 234 Lowell Drive Kent, Ohio 44240 FOWLER, CATHERINE 19 Llewellyn Drive Westfield, Massachusetts 01085 FREY, RICHARD 3 West Hopewell Road R.D. 2 Center Valley, Pennsylvania 18034 FRIEDELL, DAVID 22 Stisig Avenue Closter, New Jersey 07624 FRITZ, HARRY 1111 Stump Road Feasterville, Pennsylvania FROWERY, PHIL 140 Gertrude Street Clark, New Jersey 07066 FURBUSH, PETER 207 Prince George Avenue Hopewell, Virginia 23860 GAMBLE, JOHN 701 Harris Avenue Croydon, Pennsylvania GANS, CAROLEE 732 Central Avenue Ocean City, New Jersey GARDINER, MABLE 10 Stella Drive Somerville, New Jersey GAREY, SUSAN 100 Walnut Lane Morrisville, Pennsylvania 19067 GILCHREST, RICHARD 2254 Ludlow Street Rahway, New Jersey 07065 GLENN, CAROLYN Woodhull Road East Setauket, New York 11733 GONZALEZ, ANIBAL 1369 Bronx River Avenue Bronx, New York 10472 GONZALEZ, JO ANN 29 Scrub Oaks Road Mine Hill, New Jersey 07801 GOTT, TERRY 116 Walnut Street South Portland, Maine 04116 GRAYSON, EDWARD 1412 C. Street N.E. Washington, D. C. 20002 GREENAWALD, RUTHANN 2410 South Street Allentown, Pennsylvania GREGORY, ROSALIE 2703 Mountain Laurel Drive Austin, Texas 78703 GROW, CHRISTINA 626 Shadowlawn Drive Westfield, New Jersey 07090 GUSTAFSON, KARIN 256 Woodbine Street Cranston, Rhode Island 02910 HAGAN, ROLAND 39 Clingman Avenue Asheville, North Carolina 28801 HALL, ELIZABETH R.D. 1 Stafford Springs, Connecticut 06076 HALLEY, EMILY 8120 Ox Road Fairfax Station, Virginia 22039 HANKINS, KATHY 31 Prospect Street Uniontown, Pennsylvania HANSEN, MARGARET 115 Harrison Avenue Roseland, New Jersey 07068 HARBOURT, SANDRA 118 Waverly Place Trenton, New Jersey 08609 HARRIS, IRVIN 11 South 12th Street Newark, New Jersey HAUSMANN, CHARLES 191 Park Place Irvington, New Jersey 07111 HAYES, VICTORIA 120 Lawrence Avenue Highland Park, New Jersey HAYS, CHARLOTTE 215 Kent Place Boulevard Summit, New Jersey 17901 HAYWARD, CYNTHIA 67 Woodward Avenue Gloversville, New York 12078 HAYWARD, JOHN 914 Wertz Avenue S.W. Canton, Ohio 44710 HEATON, JACQUELINE 210 Overbrook Road New Brunswick, New Jersey 08904 HEITMAN, CAROLYN 208 Evans Avenue Willow Grove, Pennsylvania HEJDUK, JAMES 7250 East Middle Ridge Madison, Ohio 44057 HERMES, STEPHEN 53 Scarlett Street West Boylston, Massachusetts 01583 HEYL, BRAD 2760 Littlefield Drive N.E. Grand Rapids 66, Michigan 49506 HILLERT, LEONE 34 King Street Holyoke, Massachusetts 01041 HOFFMAN, MARGARET R.D. 2 Belmar Terrace Vienna, Ohio 44473 HOLLAND, SANDRA 42 Shrewsberry Street North Grafton, Massachusetts HOLSTON, CAROLE Kaiserslautern American High School A.P.O. New York, New York 09227 HOPKINS, EUGENE 1732 South Oakland Street Arlington, Virginia 22204 JASPERSE, SUSAN 1342 Alexander S.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506 JENNINGS, DOROTHY 5 Woodland Road Feasterville, Pennsylvania 19048 JENNINGS, JOSEPH 6475 Waldon Road Clarkston, Michigan JOHNSON, KAREN 8685 Carmichael Drive Chesterland, Ohio JONES, CAROL 6935 Leffingwell R.D. 3 Canfield, Ohio 44406 JONES, LUCINDA Main Road Box 523 Cutchoque, New York 11935 KAN, LOUISE 1900 Tenbroeck Avenue Bronx, New York 10461 KANE, CAROL Ridge Road Monmouth Junction, New Jersey KANTORIS, CHERYL 702 Hillview Avenue Latrobe, Pennsylvania 15650 KARPENKO, LARRY 1049 2nd Avenue E. Dickinson, North Dakota KELLEY, CAROL 113 Linden Lane Princeton, New Jersey 08540 KEMP, JOHN 224 N.W. 33rd Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73118 KEMP, JULIA 224 N.W. 33rd Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73118 KEMP, MICHAEL 224 N.W. 33rd Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73118 KIM, IN SIL 2345 Daimyung Dong Taegu, Korea KING, CHARLES Torrey Road Manchano, Massachusetts 01526 KOEBLER, ANDREW 4715 Windsor Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19143 KORN, MICHAEL Scottsdale Apt. D 1 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17111 KRATZ, CHARLES 206 Cleveland Avenue Trenton, New Jersey 08629 KROEHLER, DAVID 208 South Queen Street Lancaster, Pennsylvania KUTSCHE, STUART 339 Benjamin Avenue S.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506 LAKEY, T5ICHARD R.D. 2 Bangou, Pennsylvania 18013 LATTIMORE, MARTHA Box 96 Lattimore, North Carolina 28089 LAZENBY, MICKEY R.D. 3 Bedford, Virginia 24523 LeDOUX, JERRY Box 173 Basile, Louisiana LESSER, ARTHUR R.D. 3 Plattekill Tpk. Newburgh, New Jersey LEWIS, CAROL Main Street Stanhope, New Jersey 07874 LIGO, CHRISTINE 402 Hodge Hall Princeton Seminary Princeton, New Jersey 08540 LINCKS, SUSAN 1911 South Belle Cour Drive Mobile, Alabama 36605 LOATMAN, RICHARD 61 Coral Avenue Bridgeton, New Jersey LOMELL, GEORGINE 250 Washington Street Toms River, New Jersey 08753 LOPES, HORA R. Silveira Martins 157 Apartment 107 Rio de Janeiro Cb, Brazil ZC-01 LUDLUM, RICHARD 133 Mohawk Drive Cranford, New Jersey 07016 MacARTHUR, CAROLYN 119 Essex Street Beverly, Massachusetts 01915 MacPHERSON, JULIANNE 230 Giles Road Bridgeton, New Jersey 08302 MADEIRA, TERRY 1001 South Locust Street Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania 17022 MADSON, JUEL 16 Brindletown Road New Egypt, New Jersey MANGION, NANCY 44 Wilson Road Bedford, Massachusetts MANTUANO, JOHN 7 Thomas Street Little Falls, New Jersey MASSARO, RUTH ANN 152 Kenilworth Road Ridgewood, New Jersey 07450 MATZ, JAMES 1476 East Philadelphia Avenue Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania 19500 MAXWELL, SANDRA St. Bernard ' s Rectory Bernardsville, New Jersey McCALLUM, JAMES 14425 Reeder Avenue Alliance, Ohio 44601 McCANN, SHARON 407 June Street Endicott, New York 13762 McCLEARY, DENNIS R.D. 2 Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania MclLRAY, JOHN 39 Church Street Fair Haven, New Jersey 07702 MclVER, ROBERT 1321 Elmira Street Williamsport, Pennsylvania 17704 McVEY, DAVID 616 Popular Popular Bluff, Mississippi 63901 METZLER, JAMES 668 Burncoat Street Worcester, Massachussetts 01609 MICKEL, KATHLEEN 612 Riverside Avenue Johnstown, Pennsylvania MILLER, RONALD 1225 22nd Street N.W. Canton, Ohio 44709 MINER, KAREN 126 Dagobert Street Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 18702 MITCHELL, JAMES 1108 Thannisch Arlington, Texas MOORE, BRENDA 1365 St. Nicholas Blvd. Plainfield, New Jersey 07062 MOORE, MAUREEN 4936 Hillview Court Lewiston, New York 14092 MORRISON, EDWIN 3 Longview Trail East Denville, New Jersey 07834 MOSS, MARGARET 173 Ewing Street Princeton, New Jersey 08540 MOWBRAY, THOMAS 18 Vreeland Place Allendale, New Jersey 07401 NAGLE, NANCY 133 North Fairview Street Nazareth, Pennsylvania 18064 NASH, WILLIAM 59 East Bennett Street Kingston, Pennsylvania 18704 NELSON, LOIS R.D. 3 Newark, Delaware 19711 NELSON, ROLAND 6 Upland Street Auborn, Massachusetts 01501 NEWMAN, SHERRY 801 N.E. Hill Street Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105 NEWMANN, CLARENCE 143 Bass Rock Road Hopatcono, New Jersey NEWTON, ROBERT Box 247 Sussex, New Jersey 07461 NEWTRET, LINDA 273 Greenland Avenue Trenton, New Jersey 08638 NORMAN, RON 16 Clove Avenue Sussex, New Jersey ONTKO, ALLAN 24 Fairview Terrace Wayne, New Jersey 07470 ORMSBEE, ROLF 72 Highland Avenue Chatham, New Jersey PAINTER, DOUGLAS 830 North 5th Street Reading, Pennsylvania 19601 PALMATIER, WILLIAM Bethel Road Pine Plains, New York 12567 PARRISH, BECKY 2524 Wertz Avenue N.W. Canton, Ohio 44708 PASTORE, NANCY 35-37 12th Street Long Island City Queens, New York 11106 PATTON, DONNA 10 Fifth Avenue Gloversville, New York 12078 PAVONE, MIKE 50 Jackson Street Lackawanna, New Jersey 14218 PAYN, WILLIAM .3206 Columbus Avenue Ashtabula, Ohio 44004 PEPPER, CHERYL 3356 Strawberry Lane Port Huron, Michigan 48060 PERRY, DAVID 1317 Courtland Drive Raleigh, North Carolina 27604 PETERS, JEANNE 243 North 7th Street Allentown, Pennsylvania 18102 PETREINS, DAVID 511 Rutgers Lane Parsippany, New Jersey 07054 PICKREL, KATHY 1208 N.E. 1st Street Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33301 PIERCE, LINDA 5865 Brentwood Street Arvada, Colorado 80002 PIEROTTI, MARY LOUISE 220 Walnut Street Kane, Pennsylvania 16735 POTTIEGER, JEANNE 429 North 8th Street Lebanon, Pennsylvania 17042 POYNTER, MARY 110 Maplewood Avenue Upper Darby, Pennsylvania 19082 PREIM, ROBERT 9 Dover Street Toms River, New Jersey PRESTON, LINDA Mounted Route 8 Box 282 Platsburgh, New York PRICE, VALERIE 5 Gardiner Place Montclair, New Jersey RADER, PHIL 2005 West Davies Littleton, Colorado RAMSELL, SHARON 206 East Center Avenue Maple Shade, New Jersey RANNIE, CHRISTINE 44 Chestnut Street Amsterdam, New York RATCLIFFE, RICHARD 140 Goeringer Avenue Shavertown, Pennsylvania 18708 RAUSCHNABEL, JUNE 1115 North Easton Road Willow Grove, Pennsylvania 19090 RENELT, KATHLEEN 3464 Nottingham Way Trenton, New Jersey 08690 RESCH, ALICE 181 Marchmont Avenue Larchmont, New York 10538 REYNOLDS, BARBARA 205 Ferndale Drive Charleston, West Virginia 25302 RHOADS, DAVID 54 William Street Bradford, Pennsylvania 16701 RICHARDSON, BARBARA Route 1 Box 320 Aberdeen, Maryland 21001 RICHMOND, WAYNE 12294 Telephone Avenue Chino, California ROACH, LAURA Box 6201 Station C Savannah, Georgia ROLL, BETSY 123 Linden Lane Princeton, New Jersey 08540 ROSE, SUSAN 3908 Linda Lane Annandale, Virginia ROSTAN, DELMO Ituzaingo 1561 Paysandu, Urguay ROTH, ADRIAN 66 Linden Lane Princeton, New Jersey 08540 RUNG, MEREDITH 246 East 6th Avenue Roselle, New Jersey 07203 RUOF, KATHLEEN 540 South Queen Street Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17603 SALVESEN, JUDITH 52 Unneberg Avenue Succasunna, New Jersey 07876 SAWYER, TOM 1809 West Jefferson Boise, Idaho ,83702 SCHILKE, DONALD Maple Terrace Millstone, New Jersey SCHULTE, MARY BETH Pleasantview Drive Cobleskill, New York 12043 SCHULTZ, SHARON 836 North 28 Street Allentown, Pennsylvania 18104 SCHWARZ, RICHARD 171 Lincoln Road Westfield. New Jersey 07090 SCHWENZER, JEAN 757 St. George Avenue Woodbridge, New Jersey 07095 SCOTT, DAVID 7 Stone Hill Place Livingston, New Jersey 07039 SHARP, STEVEN 244 Salem Road Union, New Jersey 07083 SHAULIS, JANE 1516 6th Avenue Belmont, California SHI LEY, ED R.D. 1 Stephens City, Virginia 22655 SHI LEY, SUE R.D. 1 Stephens City, Virginia 22655 SHOJI, EIKO 2-A Raleigh Apartments 538 West 7th Street Plainfield, New Jersey SHROCK, DENNIS 5161 Glenhurst Road Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15207 SLUSHER, DOUGLAS Box 6 Daleville, Pennsylvania 24083 SLY, ROXANNE 74 Marion Road Princeton, New Jersey 08540 SMITH, FAITH 457 Church Street Walesville, Connecticut 06444 SMITH, FREDERIC Route 69 Box 211 R.D. Hopewell, New Jersey 0 525 SMITH, LEE 1930 37th Street N.W. Washington, D.C. SMITH, SHERRY 281 Kingsley Avenue Staten Island, New York 10314 SOWDEN, BEVERLY 224 Harding Avenue Endicott, New York 13763 STAIRS, MICHAEL 9 West Crescent Street Augusta, Maine 04330 STEINKE, MONIKA 617 Smith Avenue N W. Canton, Ohio 44708 STOKE, DAVID Box 26 Blawenburg, New Jersey 08504 STOVALL, ANNE 1734 Tippah Avenue Charlotte, North Carolina 28205 STRETCH, LINDA 135 Crestview Drive Princeton, New Jersey 08540 STRUNK, KAYE 111 Arch Street Pen Argyl, Pennsylvania 18072 SUHRE, DONNA 254 Harrison Avenue Highland Park, New Jersey SWAB, KATHRYN 101 Princess Avenue Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17601 THAYER, RONALD Wemple Road Glenmont, New York THOMAS, CATHERINE 134 Mountain Avenue Somerville, New Jersey THORNLEY, CHRIS 4 Brookdale Drive Barrie Ontario, Canada TONG, LUCY 220 Fischer, New Jersey 08540 TREICHLER, WILLIAM 228 Broad Street Souderton, Pennsylvania 18964 TRIPLETT, DIANE 2304 Sharon Road Charlotte, North Carolina 28207 TYGERT, FAITH 24 Moore Street Princeton, New Jersey 08540 URBAN, DOROTHEA 62 Meinzer Street Avenel, New Jersey URQUHART, KAREN 1139 Main Street Wakefield, Rhode Island 02879 VANDERBAND, KENT 208 Nancy Street S.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan 49508 VAUGHN, SUE 357 Harvey Avenue N. Plainfield, New Jersey 07060 VETTE, JANET 3207 Alabama Avenue Alexandria, Virginia VIA, NANCY 124 DuPont Circle Waynesboro, Virginia 22980 WASH, FAITH Laneview, Virginia WATERS, STEPHEN 264 Pembrook Road Mountainside, New Jersey 07092 WEBB, CHERYL 24 Montrose Avenue Verona, New Jersey WEBBER, LYNNE 189 Brywon Avenue Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15202 WEEDEN, SUSAN R.D. 1 Hwy. 33 Freehold, New Jersey WEICKSEL, STEPHEN R.D. 1 Oxford, Pennsylvania 19363 WEIDNER, RAYMOND 350 Sun Valley Drive Leacock, Pennsylvania 17540 WENGER, LINDA Rexmont Road Rexmont, Pennsylvania 17085 WESCOTT, ETHELEE R.D. 2 Sebago Lake, Maine 04075 WILBORN, TIM Oak Acres Grandview, Texas 76050 WILBURN, FRANK Westminster Choir College l rinceton. New Jersey 08540 WILEY, SHERYL 10580 S.W. 63rd Drive Portland, Oregon 97219 WILLIAMS, WAYNE 70 Narcissus Lane Levittown, Pennsylvania WILLS, THOMAS 1295 Wilson Street Pottsdown, Pennsylvania 19464 WILSON, DOUGLAS Northpost Road Princeton Junction, N. J. 08550 WOODARD, JOSEPH 10 Blue Ridge Road Plymouth Meeting, Pa. 19462 WORK, JAMES Box 412 Reedsville, West Virginia YAMAJI, DONNA Box 72 Hopper Avenue Toms River, New Jersey 08953 YOST, NANCY R.D. 1 Box 403 E Rocksville Road Langhorne, Pennsylvania 19047 YOUNG, EILEEN 25 Baker Street Gloversville, New York 12078 YOUNG, SUSAN 149 Helen Street Fanwood, New Jersey ZURILGEN, DIANA School Street Carlisle, Massachusetts 01741 ACIiCNOUlED S UENTS The planning, organizing, and compiling of a yearbook publication is a task that requires much work and cooperation from many people. The staff this year has sincerely tried to compile a yearbook that has been given much thought for cre¬ ativity, and has tried to compile a yearbook creditable to Westminster Choir College. The staff has worked conscientiously and continually and an acknowledgement of gratitude is not sufficient. Each member not only adhered to the job he was assigned, but worked on anything that was necessary to be done. My appreciation to Bill Palmatier, assistant editor; Bonnie Bird, literary editor; Katherine Ruof, busi¬ ness manager; Susan Broadwell, typing editor, who also spent many hour soliciting advertisements; Mary Dempsey, our freshman representative; and Terry Madeira, photography editor, who organized so well our photography schedules. My deep¬ est thanks to Cindy Jones, art and layout editor, for the many hours she spent in doing a fine creative job. Dr. D. Lincoln Harter was an excellent help in providing us with many photo¬ graphs from his file. My thanks also to Miss Lois Laverty, our advisor. Many students volunteered their assistance throughout the year. Randy Corder, lisa Duke, Jean Swenzer, and Beth Barkley helped with our potrait photography. Helping to assume the responsibility of soliciting advertisements were Paula Fitz¬ gerald, Mary Murrell Bennett, Jim Hejduk, and Philip Frowery. Many thanks to Vivian Endicott who wrote the yearbook dedication and to Sally Baldwin who wrote the Senior Class ' note of appreciation to Mr. Simpson. John Hayward was an excel¬ lent help in photographing some faculty. No yearbook would be possible without sponsors. And so, we owe a special note of gratitude to our patrons and advertisers. To Taylor Publishing Company and their representative, Mr. Norris Ashe, we are grateful. Our photography was done by Glick Studios of Philadelphia. Words cannot ex¬ press enough appreciation for the fine work they did for us. The staff would espe¬ cially like to thank Mr. Ronald Weinmann who photographed our excellent candids. As for me, working as Editor of this year ' s Quadrangle has been a wonderful experience. I would like to thank also the student body for all the cooperation they offered and so I hope this yearbook will help recall wonderful friends and experience for years to come. Frances Ann Cave Editor-in-Chief TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY " The World ' s Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made " T7. r.T iH sSstw’ ■r; $mn " v’ V iU;; ‘4 ' ' 4 ' ♦ ' .- ■, v v; ■ «r •t ;:.Vi f. J- t S ' % i.fe;l;;i; 4 ' ' ' 5 ' ' ' ' .tv iV.; v. ' . ' u J ' ) ' i’i iV- [ J ' hl Cl mmtm lfi«M

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