Western Reserve Academy - Hardscrabble Yearbook (Hudson, OH)

 - Class of 1945

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Western Reserve Academy - Hardscrabble Yearbook (Hudson, OH) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 9 of 184
Page 9 of 184

Western Reserve Academy - Hardscrabble Yearbook (Hudson, OH) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 8
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Page 9 text:

September 21 , 1944 RESERVE RECORD Page5 "Coach" Habel Besides the seventy-seven new faces of the student body, there have also been five new masters added. One of these new per- sonalities of the faculty is Elmer A. Habel, our representative from South Carolina. A tall, good looking man, Mr. Habel has the face and drawl closely resembling Kay Kyser, with perhaps a more serious atti- tude. Born in St. Louis, Missouri, he spent an active ten years in Missouri, Texas, Georgia, and finally ended up in South Carolina, where he entered the sixth grade. In Spartanburg, South Carolina, he en- tered Frank Evans High School and soon proved his ability in athletics. He was captain of the baseball team and pitcher of the state-championship team that won 13 straight games one year. After a splen- did record not only in baseball but also in football and basketball, he followed this up by being captain of the state-champion- ship basketball team at Wofford College. He also had four years on the varsity in all three sports there. Although his pro- fession is teaching, Mr. Habel's main in- terest is athletics. He can remember that in high school, before he had made any positive decisions about a profession, he was interested in the Y.M.C.A. physical education program. This fall he is as- sistant coach of varsity football, and he hopes to continue through the year by coaching basketball and baseball. Mr. Elmer Habel After graduating from Wofford College in liberal arts, he waited five years and then married Mrs. Habel in 1932-Septem- ber fifth, to be exact-he recalls to his wife's amazement. Mr. Habel now lives in the apartment at the south end of Cutler. He teaches both first and third year mathematics, be- sides his various athletic activities. Regisfrution Day Upper left---"Where did my credits go, Mr. Mickel?" Lower left--Hasbrouck pays his bill. Upper right-Shepard and Smith try their salesmanship on new boy, Manning. Lower right-Kelly says, UAH." .I 'I uffmg Hx ff , .,f1 , , as " mm ' " gifiw JU57' ,4 Coupzf AWNDRFD Mmf DAYS.

Page 8 text:

Page4 RESERVE R E C O R D September 21, 1944 Some Hints To the New Boys NE of the most difficult periods in any boy's stay at Reserve, is the first few months in which he must adj ust himself to his new environment and become accus- tomed to a life entirely unlike that which he has passed under the careful guidance and supervision of his parents in the relative privacy of his home. The problems which the new student is likely to meet are many-far too many and far too intricate to be dealt with or even partially solved without careful and com- plete consideration. ' However, a great number of these problems can cer- tainly be avoided if each boy will make an earnest effort to adjust himself properly and will view the masters not, as is so often the case, with a skeptical eye, but will con- sider them agents to assist this -important, primary ad- justment. Although it may indeed seem at times that the difficulties and labors in finding a suitable place at Re- serve far exceed the rewards and satisfactions, every boy First School Gathering Crowded With Action THE RESERVE RECORD Joel B. Hayden, D.D., Headmaster WESTERN RESERVE ACADEMY Hudson. Ohio will find that to enjoy life here calls for no more than a willingness to do so. Without an earnest application along this line, the search for an acceptable relationship becomes a difficult matter. At the beginning of last year, as soon as the first- year boys had accustomed themselves to the general school curriculum, there was a certain outstanding defi- cit strongly felt on behalf of the entire school. The greater portion of the new boys, instead of experiencing a genuine concern for the school and for the athletic teams, waited until the older boys pushed them into doing so or else merely stood aside and neglected this interest completely. This must not be repeated during 1944. It is necessary and vital that there be no boy, new or old, lacking in this respect. In brief, the senior class, the masters and the entire student body are anxious that each new student enter into every activity as enthusiastically as is possible with- out exceeding the limits which each must set for him- self. ' Council to Give Opening Dance for Whole School Though no actual plans have been formed Saturday evening was given Over to the Wm to date, the 'Chairman of the Social Com- aflflual Steak ITOSSL Slam Club 1mt1at10nv SX BQ. Est Igzl mittee, Mr. Jones, has announced that the stunts and movie' At 5: 5 the School began 'kgs' Wo? Program will follow the same lines as that to assemble at the fire p ace where several we of last year. Last year there were two members of the faculty were busy cooking Edu F I h P on or three Council dances, an crRn club dance hambur ers. The menu was au mented b 0 """"""' ""' ' U n me - . - tomatoei otatoe chi cide i d watery Associate Editor... ...... Eric Heckett and the Junlor and Senlor Proms' s r n - ' p p " - I Editorials ........ ....... J im Howard Although the date for the first dance has melon' DAtI-Ithil conclrlslondofh the pzcnlc Feature Edit-or. ............ ...... I-I arry Milligan yet to be announced, it is certain that it Supper I ay en We come e new y Ihiftognphy Editor mm Ammon will occur sometime in October. In addi- '. 0 S ' 1 ........... ..... . . . . . and nqtrgduced the Second event gf the Assistant Photography Editor .... ...... . lack Roberts I I u . . Q 1 n . S on Emo St an Silve tlon, It IS known that the first dance will evening, the 1n1t1at1on of new members into l' S ' """"""""' """ L' ' . . Assistant Sports Editor .... ..... D avid Hollinger be an 111f01'ma1 COUNCU 1381106- the Siam Club. The procession of Siam Club officials filed toward the fire where the school had gathered after the picnic. Leading them was fLau Tse! Dean Raymond Mickel. March- ing' to the clear notes of Stu Silver's golden- toned clarinet, Chuck Tanner, Laurie Den- nett, Fred Dawson, Jim Gardner, Sandy MacDonell, Doc Kramer and Bill Hotten- stein paused briefly at the sound of Chuck Tanner's gong to bow reverently before choosing the Siam Club candidates. After the lucky would-be members had pledged their oath, the whole school group moved to the gym where amid deafening shouts and cheers the new boys were pre- sented to either the Whites or Greens. Fol- lowing this annual event there was a series of stunts for old and new boys alike. Lastly, the free movie, "Ridin' High," was presented, after which everyone wel- comed his dormitory and bed. The whole program was a complete success. A great deal of this success can be attributed to the cooperation of the older boys in help- ing with every phase of the entertainment. n Among those who assisted with the pic- nic itself were Paul Ruedemann, Wayne Young, Rollie Cockley, Fred Dawson, Dave Nesbitt, Pete Fletcher, Roy Ober, Jim Cartoonist. . . .......... . ................ Philip Norris Ted Boyce, Don Kramer, Roger Brady, Dan Col- llster, Dick Kuylor, J. 0. Newell. . Business Manager. . . .. ..... .. .... v ...... I ames Moomaw Faculty Advisor .... ......... I 'ranklyn S. Reardon Join the Rally Band! Anyone who can play a musical instru- ment at all should contact Bob or Dick Bal- linger. These boys are very interested in starting a rally band. It's open to all class- es. Send for your instrument, and get in touch with them as soon -as you cang you'll really have some fun. As it is now proposed, the rally band would be under the supervision of the stu- dents themselves. Giving up a small por- tion of your time would be a great contribu- tion to the spirit of the whole school. Here's your chance to really get behind the teams. Gardner, John Siddall and Stan Friedman. If the kitchen help problem becomes too acute, Miss Housel knows that she has good chefs in Messrs. Pflaum, LaBorde, Wallace and Jones. These masters did the cooking of the hamburgers. As soon as the date for this dance has been decided upon by the Social Committee, it will be announced in an issue of the RECORD. Radid Reserve Brother Schultz easily leads all con- tenders in swat-receiving contests .... Ever noticed Hank Williams' ruby red lips? . . . Worse yet, ever notice that ratty growth of Meeks above the upper lip? . . . Defect Bradley quickly assumes nickname "The Monster." Sounds like Tanner's old reference to Pablo .... The perfects on the third floor of Cutler threw to see who gets Irish the lives in the centerj. Gardner and Kramer lost. They got him .... Social error of the decade goes to the incoming Frosh who tipped Brett a dime for carrying his bags in .... Brothers Ayres and John Miller, better known in Cutler as Nos. 1567 and 1568, have been taking in Cleveland's and Akron's best. For further information ask the inno- cents.

Page 10 text:

Page 6 RESERVE RECORD September 2.1, 1944 Green - White Sports list The following is a list of the boys, old and new, as they are divided for Green and White sports. If any boy should feel that he has been placed in the wrong divi- sion he should report the fact to Mr. Cleminshaw. WHITES Juniors: Albrecht, Bannon, Behner, Boyce, W. Cleminshaw, Frost, Fuzy, Gil- bert, Grant, Graves, L. Haggerty, Leeb, Ober, H. Oliver, J. Oliver, Rabe, Ramsayer, B. Rogers, R. Rogers, Stansbury, Tarr, Wehr, Williams, Bruce, Sheldon, Bacon, Ernstene, Gebhart, Kyman, Maxwell, Meyer, Nobil, Pedler, Perciball, Schultz, Scott, Swiler, Terwilleger, White. Intermediates: Allchin, Beck, H. Clemin- shaw, Doolittle, Graham, Hasbrouck, Hol- linger, Kaylor, McCombe, Meek, Milligan, Moomaw, Neal, Olson, Phillips, Renner, Riveire, Soulen, Spooner, Vaught, Whitacre, Young, Clarke, Allison, Barnard, Evans, Fritz, Hagedorn, Hendrix, Katker, Lewis, Manning, Owings, Rea, J. Roberts, Wald- man. Seniors: Anderson, Atkinson, Bell, Ben- der, Cameron, G. Carter, J. Carter, E. Col- lins Dawson, Dennett, Dewey, Baron, Friedman, Gardner, Getz, W. Haggerty, Handyside, Hutchinson, Hyde, Joslyn, Kelly, D. Kramer, Martyn, Nicholson, Pierson, Prescott, Robinson, Rodman, Roush, Seelye, Shepard, Huff, Ayers, D. Collins, John Mil- ler. GREENS Juniors: G. Austen, C. Beal, Draffen, A. Fletcher, Garver, Gaylord, Heckett, Jones, S. Newell, Nichols, Parke, Ryan, Smith, Wallace, Wattleworth, H. Williams, Brown, Buchman, Burt, Gordon, Gressle, Hunsicker, Jarboe, Kietzer, Maples, Math- er, Michaelides, Mosher, Munro, Pearce, Thomas, Walker, Walsh, Wieck, Wilson. Intermediates: F. Austen, Boone, Brady, Cockley, Collister, Critchfield, Doyle, R. Evans, P. Fletcher, Forker, Garrigan, Ger- hauser, Gleason, Howell, J. Kramer, Lind- say, Linforth, J. MacDonell, Marton, W. Moore, Naylor, Nesbitt, Russell, J. Newell, Norris, Sanderson, Sullivan, Brad Williams, Wright, Connors, Simons, Taylor, Truhlar, Wingard. Seniors: Arnold, B. Beal, Bradley, Brett, Brewer, Doull, Garfield, Griesinger, Hendrikson, Hoefinghoff, Hottenstien, J. Howard, N. Howard, Laub, Lavin, A. Mac- Donell, Melcher, T. Moore, Mac Pierce, J. Roberts, Rowley, Ruedemann, Siddall, Sil- ver, Tanner, Tucker, Ri. Ballinger, Ro. Ballinger, Blakney, Divoll, Gulick, Hart- sock, Hobart, Ja. Miller, Post, Stoltzfus. Footballers Sport Weight, Speed as First Game Approachesf Veterans, Letterman in Abundance Although it is still too early in the sea- son to predict definitely the team's future, a brief review of the first team might shed a little light for the newcomers to Reserve. The first team, although it is still not definitely set up, seems to line up pretty well as listed here: Bill "Root-en-toot" Hottenstein ably holds down the left end of the hefty and heavy eleven. "Root" played first team last year easily winning his letter. Next door in the tackle position 200 pounds of -Jack Brewer fill any gaps that might occur in that part of the line. Brewer likewise received his "R" as a junior, missing first team last season only because of the presence of Laurie Dennett in that spot. Left guard is again filled this year by Jim Howard, an- other returning member of last year's Junior line. "Pablo" Brett, defense man supreme, works off weight slowly this year at the center spot. Pete displayes the world's largest collection of murderous tackles and never fails to use them. Small but effec- tive Jim Gardner, known as the hardest- hitting man on the team despite his 150 pounds, moves into the right guard posi- tion this year with definite intentions of remaining there. "Sandy" MacDonell re- turns to the old right tackle spot that he capably filled tlast year, with hope that this year the temperature will be above freez- ing when we play that gang in Cleveland. Right end still remains wide open for com- petition. The editor refuses to predict or comment upon the outcome of this position as it may go to anyone at any time. Bob Tucker and Siddall seem to be the closest contenders at the moment. Moving into the backfield which this year sports everything from size like Den- nett to speed like Joslyn, the first man up is "Doc" Timmis, diminutive quarterback of the eleven. The "Doc" played second string last year but missed his letter. Left half Joslyn spent the winter learning those plays he somehow misplaced last season and now shows considerable haste behind the line. That guy with the snake hips that weaves all over the backfield is Jim Roush, right half. Despite his lightness Jim makes it considerably tough for tack- lers, seeing to it that they don't put their hands upon his rapidly-moving form. Last, but not least, comes that towering mass of hulk who heads up the fullback spot, Laurie Dennett. Laurie played first string tackle all last season and was acting cap- tain in all but one game. He combines fairly good speed with plenty of bulk and may be 'counted on to plough under all would-be tacklers. Among the outstanding second stringers is John Atkinson, left guard and speed- king of the whole outfit. "Hutch" Hutchin- son strongly holds down the center of the line while Dave Nicholson, Junior quarter- back, shows very good indication of being a red-hot player. Reservites may expect to see him in a good many games. Ander- son and Meek further speed up the second string backfield with their lightfooted ways, which have more than once left a towering lineman slightly in doubt as to what just went past. As we stated in the beginning of this little article, these positions are not abso- lutely certain. This is merely the way things stood when this went to press. Saturday, the 30th, all Reserve will be watching to see these guys beat Kent Roosevelt. leagues and lightweights Rapidly Get Under Way Once again Reserve has begun its full athletic program. Until Monday only the varsity football squad had been tramping the green fields. On Monday all of Re- serve's students reported to their respec- tive sports. Some went to league soccer, some to league football, and the remainder to lightweight football. The varsity soccer team has only four games scheduled, but a goodly number of hopeful new boys followed the returning members of last year's squad onto the field. Coaches Mickel and Roundy will once again round the booters into shape for the coming season. In league soccer under the guidance of Messrs. Cleminshaw, LaBorde and Auld, the boys were put through a few exercises before they were introduced to the differ- ent ways to handle a soccer ball. No teams will be chosen till the boys have been rounded into fair condition. When the games are being played there' will be five teams, one of which will drop a day in its turn and help about the campus or on the neighboring farms. The work squad program has not as yet been definitely de- cided upon for this school year. In league football the boys who turned out were put through the usual routine tortures before they began a rotating game of tap football. The teams were not definitely picked, as "Teb" must still cut the varsity squad. The new cut will greatly swell the ranks of the leaguers. Under Mr. VVallace 'the light football players also went through a conditioning session before they swung into learning a few fundamentals of the game. As has been the custom every boy in the school is required to take part in some athletics each season. So far this plan has proved' highly successful in keeping the boys in good physical trim. This year will not be an exception.

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