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DCQglllnhA2llLLgW 'M' I - W V' L A k Y,.s X-VI, ', I . 4 - Q I , -" V. J - XC'-1 r ff Q1 A I P T- KKK C-- . 7 X ' ' -X , 1,---. su L' - 1 " f- qs '.-- ' .. x' W Q' . ' J f' fr C ff 1' f , g. , F- xr r i5QVvem , ,Q QFD Ogg C .5 E 5 . -OHYYXCK RC' C 1 ,F Ram 'ESQ' Q J QBQJC M1850 im QYQQUPQNKD CYQSSQS mgfgl gmggmj L 'sszgv Q GDQQQ 563339230 6 Q D vo X 3 X5 QQESQ isis? X? 3 5555 US N 4,0 W .25 955 Ox 559 an 0 K v . Q5 N 5 - g - X df! in AOA Q I wary! bvglibg MN Xq,LJl,fA9s,2 V . Hd QV fw Alai? fr-yxxykxj . 5 H Ztdqkgq.-D 13 fi W'.NM4n4 102, V A S K 0, 'iq "' - qJQ iG?3lDL'fb Ji-is f WMM .W M 1 -. -VY V..V, , A,7,,--H - - - ,- MN ,. , ,, ,,, wwlbmw ma Wg fig? gig? 6 me 912565 E mm if Xb l KSXCP 5 ,Quai My Q '- ' 1 ' K! fx Q I ywxvjgj 09 9950 x Q29 54035 A Q1 N ffxfivlu by WX Q ' F wif 5 505 QO,W,m,K QJU9 v f Z ff W wgwgvyipyy A ZWMW ,smiwwimyigm J5dQkQJbl5Q,QefQX5U-xfgki MMR! 364, Q A i 1 WM My H5155 Ufwfggfw ' f WWXWW' f WM f U t W X my Qcijwovfiiib WY W Aw vcywf QTWMXMQQKG Q 3CQDJQvXpWCJrN-R i -OWQQZQMQQY B 5-Q ww 93 +g2QQ? ?i??Q555?QQ 1 'X 314,-573 M5533 Ek ox 5595 SLM 3316 SQ W1 Q' sbaaii 532565 ,weyfiggigfsggi 192 Z1 ggi? 'DjfjL??T2i5Q5bas A I Ngisik Q' JWEQWQ EQQQSEEEQAX W Q,..:wf CQ -XO rw xf JB 13,12 ' G Afyy , " , 53 gk ,,,.A.x QF! Qi3"'f'E EQW ANY' X , k -7 A' " ,J p fx: Q-23 xv.,5b,Cw kj wg, "A L F! , i.AQiYfV LVL! I I V, x-HV, ff f3g'gwJ X CX! 'R ,, X V 'X 'J fix v 5 E, A Sf? E Fff sk i5wi?Q EYES ,R 75 A 5 U 3 QENEX fifiQQ Aki XX ? i Q if iisggxix W if R 533556 h K mi 5- X 13 TOE 232 CN? 373 -SEUXZZS , ja, ,WSWS Q 583321, if Q 5 MB M 56 2 X3 2E5Q,5FWG'Q Q 673 5 El .J 'J' Q 2 Opening S S X, J' 4' QQ, za I ,O Cpr AVO ec? A62 356 flf 'SXYQJ' 9 SQQJQQ ' F6 i SVA W ' Q, S Q, is ,c-O AZ s zpfx? Jzgqtyg ala: A O 4 Opening X x U-x 5g49f:gr'X mf!! Q in gi r lv li -.4 f 'W sw-' In . ff' -.N - - .1----..111,N , .---.-rffgtmw, ...- , ,w.., AJQCC new-""""'j1"'U . ak! pwxv4vrg'ff a -'-'T-'-if-Q"-4' .. ' 1' f:f': ff'f14v-Alix! H-iz?" u u l ,' 5- Vifif ' 'Hgh ...,. A, u , -W " 111 at 3-Ca .-.4-Q... gy , " V--L Nm ' 4 Q - ...www ,j 'Qi N-4 ' A wallc Through life will fake you To disla n'r fufures unknown - Where faraway places enchanf you - nr Or re+urn your fhoughfs +o home. QW . . Q , QWVWQ ulm. fliyi . -,Y Y ' Jaa,4QmwQww,U'W3 70,000-,,rl,6,fQfCL-7, i Vwwlakllkbujblwwl qw 7.14 ' A., 5. mf f"4m4:' iv 5 vrnrgnpwa fuwbmd Q' fWlA'Q1mCLhEj? " -5-ur, , 41 1 - REE, UMA an QUQLQ ,WMM Op g5 1 I '-ii n -4,9 , J ,41 -Q. 'A 'I 5 ,f w..+g :QL ,fig-F3"l3a"' I ' 5 , .. dp 9 f A gi Q ,,-1 lk E w .f V 1 r, w I r Jing aw 3 7 dv ,-w H4 - f .3 ,Lum s' '- 'tmgfik -.X Opening 7 Q75 pins ggjwfiv V '- 1+ f f ? A '13 A Opening 9 IO Open q IFS' FUI? K X xx if f .fb Opening I I P9 Ancl as we iourney ever onward To our lives ahead The pasl shall be recorded In +he joyful lives we've led. 14. Q4 la-A px -- X -'LQ 'Q 'n 1u1..'x-'l..'c4 'n 'rn 'n.'l. 1L'n'u. ll liIIQiilIihIiil' Az nr. u nnn.,A..c..n cv s.u-un.n- dc:..vf..f .c.......: Wu... W My Opening I3 Duff-A W , Eyxsoused Mwiwq vsw UA GUS- Wwe fl 5:25512 Ebecfiaafion: dum. cfsgecaa gfavanion Summer. N-K1 e Ma s UYUVL vu.,v,k Q51 Qa,Jr'LM 'Rum awww I K This year The CaTamounT STaTT Talces pride in presenT- ing The dedicaTion oT The I978-79 ediTion oT The CaTa- mounT To a vivacious and dedicaTed Teacher. Mrs. Rebecca STevenson. Mrs. STevenson is a seven year veTeran aT WesTern Hills and has become a TavoriTe oT her sTudenTs as well as Tellow Tac- ulTy members. "Ruslcy" STevenson Teaches Russian and Spanish, boTh oT which she speaks TluenTly, and Toreign culTure classes which are always Tilled wiTh eager parTici- panTs. Her sTudenTs are oTTen enlighTened wiTh slides and sTories OT Taraway lands including a descripTion oT her Tamous swim in The Blaclc Sea. Each summer. Mrs. STeven- son serves as a sponsor oT The AFS Program which is a group ThaT earns college crediT by Travelling abroad To sTudy in Tamous European UniversiTies. ' Aside Trom Teaching, Mrs. STevenson has served as a sponsor Tor The senior class Tor The pasT Tour years. Her enThusiasm, encouragemenT, and supporT have helped sen- ior classes achieve Their greaTesT expecTaTions. She has worlced hard in helping malce arrangemenTs Tor sen- ior acTiviTies such as maga- zine sales, prom. senior pic- nic, Olympics. and oTher var- ious senior livelihoods. Rebecca STevenson has earned The Triendship and TrusT oT sTudenTs and TaculTy members by always being willing To help or lend an ear and also iusT by being Tun To be around. ln The opinion oT mosT Mrs. STevenson is a sin- cere and genuine person and in The opinion oT nearly all she is "one wild and crazy Teacher" who is loved by all. De caTo I5 I6 Personalities ,. , 11 fu: KICTBAQL .GDQZQCIEZQ M JOEEfLf Bsaafay, :Rana Cmfaffa - Jlflz. 5 Jlffim 3 7 . '1 6 1 ' s K i X n 9. . Mr. WHHS, RoberT Beasley was uTsTanding in a+hIe+ics, academics, End school governmenT. He played .farsiTy TooTball and baseball and was selecTed Tor The second Team All-DisTricT TooTball Team. RoberT served as Senior class residenT, chairman OT The STudenT dvisory Board, and was acTive in TudenT Council. Much OT RoberT's 'ime is devoTed To church acTiviTies nd his church youTh group. He lans To maior in Bible aT Abilene g,hrisTian UniversiTy. l l .M D I' g 2 as Mm 'V wr if A fi. 1 i ' if ' an . 5 f V I5 9 8 ' U 4 ,h "' W '-W ," .J - ll bf L . 5- 'tes Q. Q 5 Rene Wells was selecTed Miss WH HS by The sTudenT body of WesTern Hills. She was an acTive parTicipanT in boTh school and communiTy TuncTions. She served as Home- coming Princess Tor Two years and was elecTed Homecoming Queen her senior year. As a sophomore, Rene was chosen class TavoriTe, and she was a cheerleader Tor Three years. Miss WHHS was a member oT Who's Who, Senior STeering, STudenT Council, CGDRA, FHA, SpiriT Club, Soul Tallc, and she was secreTary oT NaTional Honor SocieTy. OuTside OT School Rene par- TicipaTed as a l:irsT Class Girl ScouT, worlced wiTh her church youTh group, and is a mem- ber oT OuTsTanding Young Americans. She spends her TreeTime dancing, camping, wafer skiing, bicycling, reading, enioying naTure, and pracTicing in gymnasTics. Rene plans To aTTend Baylor in The Tall. Mr.8mM FinalisTs for The TiTle of Mr. and Miss WH HS were JenniTer John- son, George Toclcey, Lisa Horne, and Brian Newby. JenniTer was a VarsiTy Cheerleader her senior year and a member of The Moun- Tain Line STaTT. She was acTive in GDRA, Soul Talk, her church youTh group, and The SecuriTy Exchange Commission. Jennifer enioys meeTing people, skiing, and shopping, and plans To aTTencl Texas Tech UniversiTy. George was a member oT The VarsiTy Baseball Team Tor Three years and a member of The VarsiTy FooTball Team his iunior year. He enioys dancing and meeTing peo- ple. r he x "" W-dares 2 M 81 Miss 1 l ,. , ' R ,ks will fi . Ffsfv Qinafisfa: george Uocgsy, gennifaz JOQIZQOIZ, Bzian Jvewgy ana! .fha Gkfozne f, -, .1 . "Q .' film?-vi ,, y Finalisl' Lisa Horne was a cheer- leader for four years, Homecoming princess Three years, elecfed Baskefball Queen, and was nominafed for class favorile 'rwice. She was acfive in FCA, GDRA, NHS, S+uden+ Council, Senior Sleering, Track, Volleyball, gymnasfics, Younglife, and Soul Talk. Lisa likes sporfs, church and school acfivifies, and plans To a+'rend The Universily of Texas. Brian Newby served as Sfudenf Council Presidenf his senior year. He lefiered in frack four years, was frack capfain, and Head Drum Major for lhree years. He was elec+ed Sopho- more favorife and Who's Who. Brian parficipafed in NHS, Younglife Cam- paigners, Symphonic, Marching, and Sfage bands, Senior Sfeering, and church ac+ivi'ries. His inferesfs lie in music, foofball, frack and field, govern- menf, skiing, and school acfivifies. MXKM .fauzaf Ugacffofzcf ff Jim Jmuaicg 51.512601 Cyan Qauoz f The Senior Class TavoriTes Tor I979 were Laurel ThedTord and Jim Musick. Laurel was awarded The DAR Good CiTizenship Honor and The AlTrusa Award. She is a member oT NHS, Senior STeering CommiTTee, STudenT Council. and GDRA. OuTside oT school Laurel parTicipaTes in YouTh OrchesTra, Church YouTh Fellowship and Soul Talk. She devoTes much Time To playing her TluTe. She enioys snow ski- ing. waTer skiing, Tennis and canoeing. Laurel plans To aTTend Baylor UniversiTy and become an orThodon- TisT. Jim Musick was honored in Who's Who Among American High School STudenTs. He served as Vice' PresidenT Tor The Nafional Honor SocieTy, was involved in STudenT Council and is acTive in his church. Jim enioys playing Tennis, bowling, racqueT- ball, volleyball, and snow skiing. Jim's plans are To aTTend Baylor UniversiTy making his career in a church relaTed Tield. 3 ,, . 1151! The Senior FavoriTe FinalisT, Lisa Wallace, was a member oT NaTional Honor SocieTy. and cheerleading mascoT, She was involved in STudenT Council and Senior STeering CommiTTee, also GDRA. Lisa is acTive in her church and aTTends Soul Talk regularly. She has sTudied ballet and TaughT balleT and gymnasTics. She enjoys snow skiing, gym- nasfics, and horseback riding. Lisa plans To aTTend Texas Tech, maior- ing in Sociology. Marvin GilberT was All-Disfricf Second Team in FooTball and received an Honorable MenTion-All TarranT CounTy Team. He has been acTive in The YouTh PoliTical AcTion CommiTTee. Marvin enjoys drawing and plans To aTTend UT ArlingTon, making his career in Archi- Tecfural Design. Dana Dunn has been cheerleader Tor Tour years. Freshman TavoriTe, Homecoming Princess l2 Yearsl and Sophomore FavoriTe TinalisT, and WesT Side Lions Queen. Dana was a member oT NaTional Honor Socie eTy, STudenT Council, and Senior STeering CommiTTee. OuTside oT school she is acTive in FCA. Soul Talk and Church YouTh Group. She occupies her Time wiTh snow skiing, swimming, and gymnasTics, Dana will aTTend Baylor UniversiTy and maior in special educaTion, minoring in elemenTary educaTion. Andy HorTon's main inTeresTs are TooTball and Track. Andy won IsT Team All-DisTricT, oTTensive Tackle and lsT Team All-TarranT CounTy defensive Tackle. He also enioys playing Tennis and golT. Andy plans To aTTend NorTheasT Louisiana UniversiTy. Fa or Tes 23 se Z Tj f M 31: M Y , , Q , .s -, .fx 5 V X ,D .R ' :Q 1 K I 1 f V 'W' f ' -' ' 'QU 2, 513-L --' ' ' fi wh' ' 1 x . X' 'K Qvlfa V ' ' Y As YL 1' ' gf, K A E ' th' ' Q 'R 3 'f ' ' 1 'D w Q f , u M k,g ' 5 .W J! ' ,r Cav J I MJ 1. R yfg?5 f 2 X, ' W ' ,NN Mi. -Q', WNBA? . Q 5 ifgi j55lE52 ,.Sz2 flWiQ.'AM, W 21 L 6?f,2L 3 '1,Qgii2iiV a 'lb ,?"i.?' 5- A., .643 1, ,af' 1 .ii , vi, Vziqv gi. , .xrggl , I tl, Junior class Tavoriles Twyla Park and Danny Hernandez are aclive in school programs. Twyla was a Cheerleader for 'rhree years. and Freshman princess. She parlicipaled in GDRA, FHA, Soul Talk and church aclivilies. She enjoys sporfs, dancing, go-carl riding, sewing, and working wi+h children. Twyla plans To sfudy pre-med af The Universily of Texas. Danny was a member of The CATA- MOUNT STAFF, Baseball Team, Sociely of Disfinguished American High School Sludenls, Sfudenf Advisory Commillee, Junior Class Represenlalive on The Exec- ulive Board of The Sfudenf Council, and Presidenl of his church youlh group. He plans 'ro affend The Universify of Texas and sludy engineering. Y -- "Y '-III.: l l l A fx: I 'S .9 'ki iv The iunior class selecred Tour Tinalisls - Lenwood Anderson, Jackie Carfer, Bryan Moose, and Jody Tallman. Len- wood is a member of The varsily Baskel- ball feam and also pursues Foorball, Base- ball, and Track. He has won several Bas- kelball awards and hopes +o play for a college Team. Jackie was nominafed class Tavorile her sophomore year. She likes To swim. play baseball, ride bikes and hopes To become an airline srewardess. Bryan enjoys hunling, fishing, and play- ing baseball Tor Wesfern Hills and has won several gun club awards for shooling. He plans fo allend Norlh Texas Slale Universily. Jodie was elecled Miss Curie her soph- omore year. She is aclive in church aclivi- Ties and Soul Talk. Jody likes sporfs. ani- mals, gymnaslics, and waler skiing. She plans To become a Special Educalion Teacher. Y? vorifes gong gognwn 5' fzlncfy Jlffofmow AWOIQEOHZOZE 812155, Qavozifsa Zum B 3 XJ xi . Sophomores chosen as finalis+s were Lisa Golden, Keilh Barnes, Pam Pribble, and Jimmy Benson. Lisa Golden was an en+hu- siasric cheerleader her fresh- man year. She spends much of her lime praclicing gym- naslics, swimming, and par- ricipahng in her church youfh groups acfiyilies, and she also enioys walching base' ball. Finalisl Keifh Barnes was a member ol lhe iunior var- sify baseball leam and enioys riding in Rodeos as a mem- ber ol 'rhe Rodeo Club. 5. 1, -Q-b V live. She enioys sporls her church youlh fellow ship. K .4 Jimmy Benson has many varied lnleresfs l-le lifls weighls collecfs slamps. plays racquel ball, and swims He also acrive in his youlh group al church and Jimmy lisrs girls as one of his major inleresrs Pam Pribble was a freshman and a V cheerleader. ln her ninlh grade year, Pam was elecled class lavorile and served as sopho more class represenla dancing, and working in cQog6n Bwwn 5 ffocfcf BTCUZI2 - Qzsagman 612144 Qauozifaa ps 'KN' if l ff ., gre-'Fil ""' pf ' .. 31 ,f"A yi 1" grasp- A- fgr- ' xx J' , ,5.,w1"""'k X Txw wi-0' 1 , .-. .. ,M s. 2 -nw - xx ,N Af 1 X if A FinalisTs Tor Freshman fu? N4 lx li, X Ii I 6 5 T .r J" v M lflgif' . 4, v-.N x l 00 ' 4 . Y UE'- lhi' on 9, lgliu l .1 i .' 5-L XNNx s 'U-.g,1'lX an "- v :Q , ...J A Jax-,. X -if .1 , ",. 1 X Xx Uh-- hr' FavoriTe were Tish Sandoval, Will NewTon, Melanie CaTes and Harold Moore. Tish and Melanie were boTh cheer- leaders and Homecoming Princesses and each are acTive in GDRA and Youn- gliTe. Will played baseball Tor WesTern Hills and enjoys sporTs and Soul Talk. Harold was a member of The Tresh- man baslceTball Team. 4 .A ,. 5 YE li 'i Freshmen elecTed Rodd Brann and Robin Brown as Their class TavoriTes. Rodd Takes greaT inTeresT in TooTball, baseball, basl4eTball, Tishing, Track and girls and spends his Time pursuing These acTiviTies. Robin represenTed The Tresh- man class on The execuTive board oT The sTudenT council. She lilces drawing, horseback riding, swimming, gymnas- Tics and arT and was acTive in GDRA and Young Life. FavoriTes 29 Dufafanding gundam Oqncf cyafziou Who's Who is a selecT represenTaTive group chosen by Teachers oT WesTern Hills. These eighT seniors and Tour iuniors malce up The Tive percenT oT The sTudenT body ThaT TaculTy members TelT besT exempliTied The gualiTies oT good characTer, ouTsTanding ciT- izenship, scholarship, service and leadership. Who's Who was revived in The T977-78 school year in observance oT our school's Ten year anniversary, and as WesTern Hills sTarTs oTT iTs second decade, The TradiTion oT selecTing ouTsTanding sTudenTs Tor The honor oT Who's Who will once again be upheld. Among The oTher members oT The senior class nominaTed Tor Who's Who were Lynn Clarke, Leslie Cowdin, STeve Dunning, Dana Farrar, Susan Garner, Deborah C5riTTin, Laura Hall, Regina Robinson, Chris Rodg- ers, and Rosie Verdun. The Juniors nomi- naTed were CaThy Bass, Shelly Brooks, Linda Bunge, and Gary Moore. ,fRaEa1f Baaafey ana amz 30 Who s Who OIZOTECI JH, KMC li FVWZO1 i l l :pi 'fix Chairman - Sfudenf Advisory, Senior Class Presidenf, VarsiTy Football and Baseball. Sec- ond Team - All-DisTricT FooTbalI: member STudenT Council and acTive in church youTh group: enjoys reading. church acTivifies. ouTdoor sporfsz Plans To maior in Bible af Abilene l ChrisTian UniversiTy. 4F""""N Cheerleader l4 yrs.j, Freshman FavoriTe, Class FavoriTe TinaIisT I2 yrs.l. Homecoming Prin- cess l2 yrs.l, WesTside Lion Queen I978-79: member oT NHS. STudenT Council. Senior STeering, SpiriT Club, GDRA: church youfh group! offends FCA and Soul Tallr: enjoys sporTs. meering people. snow skiing, swimming, gymnasTicsg plans To affend Baylor Univer- sity To sTudy Special EducaTion. i l i l l l lisa ofma 'Lian awgy ,. 'rf .,mi,"x. i Homecoming Princess l3 yrs.l. Class Favorife Nominee I2 yrs.l. Baskefball Queen. Cheerleader l4 yrs,l. Vice-Presiclenl - FHA: member of GDRA. NHS. FCA. Spirif Club, Sfudenf Council. Senior Sfeering, church youfh group. Benbrook frack. soflball ream. Soul Talk. Young Life: enioys people, school acfivifies. many sporfs. working and cooking: plans +0 affend fhe Uni- versify of Texas. Vs,-,f Vice-Pres. Senior Class. Vice-Pres. - Marh Club, Who's Who Among High School Juniors, Oufsfanding Achievemenf in English: member of NHS, Sen- ior Sfeering. Youfh Fellowship, Campaigners: enioys reading. sporfs, Travel- ing: plans fo major in Accounfing or Compufer Science af Texas AEM. 1 Siudenf Council President Class Represenfafive l3 yrs.l. Head Drum Major l3 yrs.l. Sophomore Favorife. Varsity Track l4 yrs.l. Track Cepfain. Ourslanding Drum Maier l977. I978 - UTA Drum Maior Camp. Oplimisf Club. Who's Who Among Ameri- can High School Sfudentsz member NHS. Marching, Symphonic. and Siege Band. Senior Sfeering, Young Lile. Campaigners: Acfive in church and school acfivifies and church drama: likes music, sporfs, governmenf and skiing, cfogszf cfwasan Whols Who 3 l Q... frrsgzi Mgr Ufgdfwz DAR Good Citizenship Award. Altrusa Award. Vice-Pres. - Church Choir. member ot NHS, Senior Steering Committee, Student Council, GDRA, Youth Orchestra, Church Youth Fellowship, Soul Talk: enjoys playing the flute, snow ski- ing, water skiing, tennis. and canoeing: plans to attend Baylor University and become an orthodontist. SIZE Kwiffi 32 Who s Who Vice-Pres. - Student Council, United H.S. Council Rep., Jr. Rep., Cougar Mas cot I2 yrs.l, Youth Appreciation Week Award. Tennis Team l4 yrs.l. NHS, Spiri Club, Soul Talk, Church Youth Group: spends free time cooking. eating, talking writing poetry: enioys dancing. photography, sports: plans to coach tennis. Cheerleader l3 yrs.l, Homecoming Queen. Homecoming Princess l2 yrs.l, Sophc more Favorite, NHS - Secretary: member of Student Council. Senior Steering Spirit Club, GDRA, FHA, Soul Talk: First Class Girl Scout, Outstanding Youni Americans, Whos Who l78l, Church Youth Choir and fellowship group: enjoy dancing, camping. nature, gymnastics. water skiing, bike riding. reading: plans t attend Baylor to study nursing or speech pathology. Qlllly EZIZQ EZ fsrmii , xii? 5 frf -rf - ". 1 K 1 - 5 -,T ,e ,gg V, - f -J '..ne-L., Junior Class Representative. CATAMOUNT STAFF lsports editorl. Stu- dent Advisory. Society ot Distinguished American High School Students. Junior Class Favorite. Pres. - Church Youth Group l3 yrs.l. Freshman and JV Football. Baseball. anal? gDocias Y . Y -ff Pres. - WHHS Orchestra. All-Region Orchestra and All-City Orchestra l'77l. All-Region Orchestra and All-State Youth Orchestra l'79l. Youth Orchestra lAssistant Concert Masterl. English Award. Drama Award? member Spirit Club, Drama Club. mm JMS son Vice-Pres. - WHHS Orchestra, Pres. - Junior Music Masters Club, All-State Orchestra I3 yrs.l, All-Region Orchestra lb yrs.l, All-City Orchestra l5 yrs.l. Youth Orchestra l7 yrs.l Leo Potishman Award tor viola. Division I ratings in several solo contests. .fesfie 5,501.54 Citizenship Award. American Legion Award. Acteens lprayer leaderl, member Spirit Club, active in church youth group, choir and volleyball team, Whois Who 33 Mrs. Rebecca Sfevenson and Miss Linda Rankin. senior class sponsors. f 34 Recognized Seniors anion 'Leaf gina i i i 7979 J U. ffyisf. Roberf Beasley, Senior Class President. X-as Roberf Niesen, Senior Class Vice-President Jeaneffe Baird, Senior Class Secrefaryffreasurer. y champ. Lisa Diflev, Lisa Wallace. Sfanding: Roberf Beasley, Julie Mifchem. Lisa Brooks. Dann Brewer, Roberf Niesen, Linda rv!! Valediclorian. Lawrence Dunn. Salufalorian. Julie Milchem. ve .L l 1 i if? Candidafed lor Valedicforian included: Sealed: Laura Hall. Jane Webb, Debbie Delulio, Kafhy Richardson. Cindy Beau- Ditley. Rene Wells. Anne Allen. Lynn Banfa. Jackie Grosglows, Bryan Bunselmeyer. Laurel Thedford, Cindy Williams, Terry Helton, Jeaneffe Baird, Carol Sams. John Banks. Mike Copeland, and Heather Walker. The Senior Class offi- cers ol lhe l979 gradu- aling class were elecled early in lhe school year and worked hard 'rhroughoul The year along wilh lhe senior class sponsors for lhe bellermenl ol lhe upperdassmen.ll was lheir duly To head The Senior Sleering Com- millee, organize maga- zine sales, and help wilh senior aclivifies lhroughouf lhe school year. The honor of being named l979 Valediclo- dan of VVeslern HiHs l'ligh School was given lo Larry Dunn. Larry has mainlained a 4.0 grade poinl average Through- oul hh high school career and made a 'rolal score ol l45O on hh Scholasric Aplilucle Tesl which was The high- eslin lhe dass.Juhe lvlilchem was named Salulalorian for her score of l39O on lhe SAT. Recognized Seniors 35 07, anion eaawa onou cvziafy Cf Oqagiauamanfa Weslern Hills seniors have proved 'rhemselves lo be achievers in academics, 'ral- enls, and afhlelics. Seniors have won many awards and 49 are sure 'ro become success- ful lhroughoul life. These slu- denfs however, have shown Top performance and oufslnding abilily and should 43.9 receive special recognilion for +heir hard work and dedi' calion. Four recipienfs of Nafional Meri? Scholarships for high scores on ihe Preliminary Scholasfic Apfifude Tesf were Lynn Banfa, Lawrence Dunn. Laura Hall, and Becky Rogers. Mari Eichler fravelled from Wesl' Germany as an exchange sfuden? To sfudy in Texas. 36 Recognized Seniors Laura Hall was one of fwo Texans io receive a nominafion for The Presidenfial Scholarship. Laurel Thedford won fwo cifizenship awards - fhe Alfrusa award and fhe DAR good cifizanship award. .4-os' .NffFgg5e1.1 W 'J E 1. 4-A Sieve Rufh received All Sfafe honors in wresfiing. 11 l I-"-:'. X 'i Ray Cariwrighf and Sieve Rodriguez won All Disfricf Soccer honors. Jim Amick made rhe All-Sfafe Swim Team. All district choir members were: Wendy Whitehead. Robin Moerhinq. Joan Belongie. Lisa Rosenfrefer. Berry Rowel. Elaine Taylor. Scofr Gamil. Seafod: Larry Marx. and Kailnryn Moore. Recognized Seniors 37 38 CI 41 'V 'V T 14"-' . , 5Ol'OLL'ZJ2E'Li 1 40 Seniors i faq., fiii 35545 x, 8 anion fr l A-vf' 4 Q' Qvfei. P1421 nf-.1 gy, , f L. V 21' . ini vi 'a +I W mfr' fx -ff 1 . Q. W I 'Q' n . 1 K" ' "ML : 3 ,- ' A A. ir ,....-vmw' -1: A lx' . A FSITVJL s 1 David Adams ScoH Adams Danny Addison Tim Alders Anne Allen Randy Allen James Amiclc Liefe Anderson Leslye Anderson James Andres Bruce Arfhurs Denise Ayofie Bonnie Bailiff Jeaneffe Baird Jon Banks Lynn Banfa Mara Bapfisfe Todd Barden Charles Barker Roberf Beasley S nicrs 5126014 aaa aw Cwaffang 55, 'pig Sfeve Dills is diliqenf in his las? minule homework. Cindy Beauchamp Rudy Belmares Sfeplnanie Bellon Janice Blackman Scofl' Blackman ToniBlanlcinsl'1ip Luanne Bliss Jimmy Bolfon Vin+ Boslon Dwighf Bosworfh Jerald Bowen Sharon Boyd Seniors Ronald Boyle Tracey Bozeman Rick Bradley Howard Branch Russell Brann Crisfie Brannon Will Branfs Sfeve Bressman D'Ann Brewer Beafriz Briceno Karen Brooks George Brown Suz 44 Seniors .endow gage Jlfew cqfsfza an Carpenfer can'f believe wha? iusf flew our ol flme luba in fron? ol her. .W-In 'N '15 ir 4' Russell Brown Teresa Brown Tracy Brown Vince-nl Brown Wayne Brummef Jeffery Brunz Leah Buckner Spell Buelmrig Chrisfi Bunclw Bryan Bumselmeyer Sfeplwen Bu+ler Teresa Byrd Ellen Caldwell David Calvin Debra Campbell Suzan Carpen+er Sarifa Carrillo Laura Carson Jeffrey Carfer Ray Carfwriglwf Senio s 45 Connie Casfillo Roberf Champion Ken Chapman Tommy Cheek Lyn Clarke Chrisfy Closner Larry Closner Brian Cloud Lee Cochenour Lisa Cochran Debra Cole Doug Collins 46 Seniors "Hey. l'm a wild and crazy guy." says Charles Barker line 612144 '79 i 1147 i N--er' Wx Renew ., , Ka'I'l'1y Collins Pam Collins Glenn Condra Sherri Cool: Diane Cooper Michael Copeland Kelly Cornell' Roberf Cole Terry Covingfon Leslie Cowden Ricky Cox Kendall Craig Donna Griswold breezes along af fhe Will Roger's ice rink. Seniors 47 Linda Craig Bobby Craven Margaref Crawford Chrisfina Cresel Barry Crisco Lorri Cri++enden Tim Cruce Lisa Dalfon Troy Daniels Carol Dary Harold Dary Jeannine Davis Michael Day Roger Dean Paul Deeley Greg DeGarmo Paul DeLand Lisa deLeleu Diana Delgado Debra Delulio 49 Seniors Leif: ggfcsuai Q H1 Swanson is awarded Cougar of 'rhe Week during flue Homecoming Pep Rally. Kaflwy Denney Lori Dennis Charles Denson Olivia Denfon Dean Derflinqer Deefra Dickey Sieve Dills Della Dilworfh Linda Diflev Lisa Diflev Jennifer Dixon Teresa Dobbins Seniors 49 Herb Dobbs Andy Dolan Anne Dorris Sabrina Douglas Jeff DreweH Neal Dreyspring David Driskill Joseph Dulemba Susan Dunagan Dana Dunn Lawrence Dunn Lisa Dunn 50 Seniors endow oaua 022 Nancy Dunning S+eve Dunning Darren Dyson Jay Eigenmann Darryl Elliofl Donna Ellison Sue Enrighl' Rhonda Ervin Mike Es+es Debbie Evans Sfeve Fagan Anlhony Fagg Chuck Fair John Fallon Leslie Fanning Dana Farrar Se niors Breff Ficken Robin Fields Ka+ie Finicum Sfeve Fischer Debbie Flournoy Vincenf Fondren Kimberly Fosfer Keifh Freeman 52 Seniors Aifucfalzfa Aifucfy UO jmpwva Larry Marx shows up alert awake and alive for his firsf period class. 1. Gerald Frencln Frank Fronfino Cindy Finch Erin Gallaglwer Cindy Garnblin Debra Gardner David Garland Susan Garner Kerry Garrell Bobby Gaslineau Lowell Gibson lvlarvin Gilberl Rhonda Gilbreafli Melyrida Giles Sue Gilmore Tlieresa Glenn Laurie Godbey Lisa Godbey Barbara Golighfly Glenn Good Seniors Kafhy Gordon Sabrina Goss Charles Gosselin Tammy Gower Mary Granf Alan Gray Mark Gregg Rodney Gregg Anna Griffin Deborah Griffin Janell Griffin Sherrie Griffin Donna Griswold Jackie Groslclos Nancy Grunewald Lisa Guinnup Lexie Guyfon Jacque Halbach Michael Hale Laura Hall 5 Seniors endow get goafa 04695 Jim Amid: sneaks a roll oul of fhe cafeferia line. Linda Hally Ron Hamil+on Lynda Hannah Anne Hard Eddie Harden Michael Harris Kelly Hafch Janice Hawk Chris Head Roberl' Hearnsberger Chris Healh Terry Helfon Se niors Michelle Hench Roberf Henley Isaiah Henry Lori Hermosillo Glenn Herringfon Doris Hickey James Hicks Jerry Hill Walker Hindman Lisa Hoefner Kimberly Holcomb Tammy Holland Fara Holloway Lisa Horne Andy Horfon Vicky Housfon Seniors anion cgaffscf C012 71 I -4. ,. f '- X , "You say rhaf again, and I'II have my broflner here rearrange your face," says Clinfon Jefferson, I I Br ,r P Z i b r s N Cindy Hoyler Deborah Hoyr Brenda Hubbard Felecia Huckaby Tim Huebner Tony Hughes Mar+in Hunfley Jay Huseman Laura lsinqhood Sam Ivey AnneJackson Vanessa Jackson Seniors 57 li Karhryn Jacobs Clinron Jefferson Michele Jennings Karen Jirik Brenda Johnson Cynfhia Johnson Dewayne Johnson Jennifer Johnson Kennefh Johnson Larry Johnson Lisa Johnson Nick Johnson 58 Seniors And now. . .confesfanf number 27. . .Joey Delumba endow Oqntdaifzafa Qutuza Candy Jones Debra Jones Lewis Jones Dani Jordan Kelly Jordan Susan Jordan Debbie Judlcins Wayne Junilcer Paul Kaplan Angela Ka+clwer Liz Kell Rhonda Kelley Kafhi Key Kenne+l'1 Key Ka+l1y Keyes Derrick Kennedy Seno s 59 Joni Kilgore Kafherine Kilgore Kirby Kinney Marilyn Kirsch Ricky Kissell Mike Kleff Donna Kliarslry Karmen Kofch Linda LaFleur Milne LaJaunie Laura Lamber+ James Lampe 60 Seniors Cyan fixfyzsaaaa jizcfiuicfuafiam Pamela Lang Linda Larson Roberi' La+'ra Lisa Laurence Rober+ Lawson Yung Le Marvin Leafherman John L'ecuyer Donald Lee Rodney Lee Sandy Lee Jimmy Lesfer Craig Lewis John Lewis Gregory Lewis Sfeve Lewis Se niors Susan Lewis Gary Lindsay William Lindsey Rickey Liffle Sleven LiHlewood Jimmy Loclcar+ Sally Long John Lorenzo Daniel Love Helen Love Shawn Luse Paula Madigan Seniors Cyan gbafzticiflafion cgiginaa Erin Gallagher franfically explains her fardiness fo Mrs. Cole. KQV 1 L ii 'S' A ,yi V , XA t. x v : - x. nf -f W x r. . LH, W ' I 1 i " I Mignonne McGraw Cynfhia McKenzie Shawn McLaughlin Brel' McMiIIen Heafher McMillen Kim McQueen Jacquelyn Meaclnem Shelly Mefzgar Denise Miller John Miller William Milner Julie Mi+chem Denise Mlaclenka Tim Mobley Robin Moehring Laura Moore 64 Seniors anion meat gina Penelope Moore Sco+'r Moore Lolly Moose Scorr Moose Terry Morgan Donna Morris Teresa Morris Anifa Moser Mike Mounce Michael Munger John Murray Chrisfopher Murphy Sue Enr gh+ heads back To class afrer a wafer break. Sensors 65 Jim Musick Sandra Nabors Donna Nelson Brian Newby John Neyland Roberl' Niesen James Noble Roberla Norfon Kafhi Novak Liz Ocone Colleen Oconnell Laura Oesfricher Mary O'Neill Brad Osler Tina Parlcer Donald Parnell Teresa Parfen David Palferson Penn Peck Neil Penwell 66 Seniors ,ity ir X x5 if 415 .ff .ui "V fpaaf Jlflemoziaa . ew l ' V. l X ' f Elllllllli , i L i lllllllf' Q , l X fix J' Ricky Kissell, Vince Brown. Lee Taylor and Ray Carrwriglif display faces of flue "fearsome foursome." Darrin Perez Richard Perry Ron Pefri Karla Pefrie Slwaron Peuglw Wayne Phillips Randy Poe Nick Porferfield Beni+a Powell Bobby Prescoff Kim Prichard Doug Priddy Sen ors 67 Jerry Prince Pam Puselley Pamela Ramirez Randy Randolph Jeff Raymond David Reavis Bernadine Redmond Roselin Redmond Barbara Reed Franklin Reed Joline Reed Dana Reeves Seniors f- anion :Shiva fl LaDonna Reeves Kenf Reiser Michael Richards James Richardson Kafhryn Richards OI'1 Roberf Richardson Sharon Riggins Dianne Roberson Chris Robinson Regina Robinson Trisha Robinson Chris Rodgers Helene Rodrigue Becky Rogers Lisa Rosen+re+er Howard Rou+on Z Seniors Woodrow Rush Ronald Russell Donald Ryder David Saalfranlc James Sailer Carol Sams James Sandy Thomas Sawyer Mike Schaney Dennis Scheelz Duane Schneberger Demia Schroeder Mary Scorcio Susan Scoff Jody Scrivner Randall Sears Roberf Seiberl' Tracey Shappeard Phillip Shipp Ann Shurflilf Seniors U endow nfoy mal, qjeaz Eric Sfephenson announces fhe new "Miss America," La Donna Reeves. James Simons Sfanley Simpson Kaflny Slafer Richeffa Slafer Karen Sloan Kelly Smallwood David Smifh Dorofhy Snifh Seniors 7I Gary Smifh Janine Smifh John Smifh Randy Smifh Sherie Smifh Terry Smifh Sandra Sou+her Darryl Speed David Spence Marqaref Spiegel Bryan Sreffey Eric S'rephenson 72 Seniors ,...v4v' in-in-sv --9' Penny Moore comes off fha courfs cnanflnq, l'We are fhe Champions." ,y e,.,..,J ,ff .Mg ZQClLLQfliOfZ 50,16 John Sfevens Barbara Slewarl Cecily Sfone Roberl Sullivan William Summers Bobbie Sweaff Wes Sweifzer S+even Takes Lee Taylor Elaine Taylor Sandra Taylor Laurel Tlwedford Slnaron Tice Pamela Timpson George Toclcey Tommy Tomlin Senio s Sheri Tomlinson Chris Toney Allen Truiillo Ronny Tubbs Bryanf Tucker Shannon Tuggle Cafhy Umbarger Doug Umberson John Urbank Tammy Valenfine Beverly Vanfrease Debbie Vanfrease John Vassion Rosie Verdun John Vick Keilh Vick Seniors owz sam Shuggfs 0051 Derrick Kennedy and Jolwn Clay compare nofes befween class. Leslie Voorhies Melinda Wagner Kenne+l1Wagnon Heaflwer Walker Tracey Walker Lisa Wallace William Wallace Ka+hy Walrers Roberl Warren Donna Wafson Roberf Wafson Ellen Weaflmerley Seniors 75 Bobby Webb Jane Webb Rene Wells Sharon Wendell Jason Wesf Kelley Whalley Gary Wheafon Ellen While 7b Seniors Linda Harry adds fo lhe Senior fofal for The Chrisfrnas Proiecf qlnfozgsffagfa 9165 5, Becky Wl1i+wor+l'1 Tanya Wlwifworflw Aaron Williams Cindi Williams Lisa Williams Sheila Williams Sfanley Williams Kaflwy Wisdom Terry Wise Debbie Wood Dana Wrighl' Lynn Yosf Timo+hy Young Milne Yulee Cafhy Zeclilcer John Zoldal: Seniors 78 Ju KA, W :QQ may HW, HP """'-Q.. QA I My unio za E17 .iff Jlfki, R QQ W ,, A ,AWK 'QQ Y ff" V ' mf' xi f 1 - , Q , X UD' A 83" ' x 'Y V. QQ- ,Y N! Af I 0 11' A1 g'A 1 VXXQ' 1 YF 'I I .xp-g, if b If sc" 'P fm' ' J" 4594 Wf- vxa. . ,VLA ,, wx, 35, , 5 as ,,,, ' LL 'N L L. 80 Juniors David Ables Anne Adams Ken Adams Lynda Adolph Angie Akin BridgeHe Alaman Joe Alexander Roger Alexander Troy Allen LaDonna Almaguer Virginia Alvarez Sieve Ancy John Anderson Lenwood Anderson Pafricia Anderson union aaa fssflonaigifitiaa 1 6 Jimmy Crook smiles as he performs his Jimmy Carfer imifalion. hh' ff" N10 ax E li 'L' 4' V -4 , Z 7 - 1 'B' ii ' 52 et -ef' fl if .Y ' v 1 44-f ' ,1 4 aww- 3 ,- x C '-., 25. st. W ,.-5-.-.-. , ...--- - L,,,..-f- . QM 1 . ,Sb Y" , ve , X , I 0 Y ' Z i, X Susan Andriieslci John An+onio Kafhy Ashburn Penny Ausfin Cafhy Bagge'r+ Wayne Balmer Laura Bales Lynda Bales Donna Ballard William Barminslci Cynfhia Barrelf Cafhy Bass Jane+ Baumann Valerie Baxfer Mark Beaffy Susan Beck Evereff Bell Karen Bell Joan Belongie S+eve Berger Greg Berry Ron Bessire Teresa Biclce++ Grefchen Biediger Rhonda Birdow Debbie Bishop Marfy Black David Bliss Sheila Bobo Lora Bochenlzo 82 Juniors Milce Boley Tony Boll Donald Boop Laura Boswell Carol Bolhwell Amy Bourland David Bowman Darryl Boyd Rick Bradley Mary Bray Jeana Brewer Mary Brewer Chris Brooks Shelly Brooks Tammy Broolcs Deborah Brown James Brown Joel Brown Karen Brown Tina Brown Wm 5 TS l "Just 'rake your money and ge? out!" Threatens Ms. Irene Crosby To Johnny Miller Cfaaa 'XO get goafa eg Cindy Lynch frowns as she surveys her reporf card. Barbara Bruner Richard Bruner Jim Buckner Paffy Buerig Graham Bullard Lynda Bunge Kiefh Burger Kafhy Caison Jerrene Campbell Rebeccea Carpenfer Jon Carr Rhonda Carrell Jacqueline Carfer Tracy Cafher Elizabefh Caufield Ju Clark Cavin Thomas Caylor Nurol Clarkson John Clay Kirk Cloud Jim Cohen Karey Coleman Lisa Collins Sfephen Connors Kerry Cornelius Ray Cosgrone Paul Cole Jim Coffon Tami Covinglon Chris Cox gifucfanfa .ZEQTH .fleacfafzagip anal "I wan? my roy back." says Sfeve Schmid? io Ronnie Henley. K 4? F? 'us Craig Cox David Cox Lonnie Cox Doug Crandall Ken? Crawford Mary Cris+ Jim Crook Karen Cro++y Cissy Cruce Vera Cruz Gene Culberfson Kelly Culver Summer Curlis Mary Danylak Jacqueline Dary Cindy Davis James Davis Linda Day Allen Decker Fred Decker John Deely Laura Delgado Sara Delgado Brad Delong Phil Delonq Mary Demenl' Lisa Dennis Dora Dillion Doris Dillion Donald Dingler nior Jody Dixon Nancy Downe Kimberly Drakeford Lori Drewer James Duffy Joanne Duman Lisa Dunbar Kafhy Duran Doni Earp Michael Ecldingfon Tammy Edwards Maffhias Eichler Charles Eivens Lorey Eivens Daphne Eley Claudeffe Elingson Howard Ellioff Anne+fe Ewen Hanlc Eyraud Rober+ Fan? Richard Henderson smiles guilfily affer being caught affempfing fo cu? class. LJX S M41 Wa umlou fzfoyacf Ufiizcf 'yaaz -as 'W 1' L .,. "You spell if S-T-E-V-E," explains Sfeve Mafney. Kenny Finch James Finicum Sfeven Flemag Billy Flores Sheryl Floyd Ross Flynn Jess Foreman Cindy Founlain Roberl Fox Melissa Franklin Gerald Franks Charles Frelix Jeff Frey Paul Fronfino Carrie Fuller icrs 88 Juniors Scoff Gammell Lee Garcia Mike Gardner Cheryl Garrard Tracey Garrison Donald Garilaw Debra Gen+ry Ronnie Genfry Giann Ghilespi Tiffany Gideon Lisa Gilbreafh Rhonda Gilbrearh Mark Gildersleeve Chris Gilmore David Glover union zzfoyecf :R 6129 ay 4 'L ii J-L ,ag il Kg 'll 1' wry 5 a K. 1 Xu R I..-'gs ,MVK .girl H X xx -. 5 ni - ' X I i .Sai Q. if 5-92? . ,yffffQi?i....Q.. SL I bi-iQ Fx.. "Do you shop af Adelsfein's?" asks Sophomore Tiffany Tindell of Susan Andriieslci, as Lori Crowder looks On, Y"" V- ef X 'P x Q l n S Q,- ssl i' Perry Gonzalez Janefre Gore James Grafe Debbie Griggs Vicki Haas Bryan Hackworflw Terry Hambly Diana Hanby Rufh Hanvey Mark Harris Phillys Harrison Kevin Hari' Bruce Haslings Timofhy Ha+cl1 JoAnne Ha+cl1eH'e Carol Haub William Hauss Melissa Heafln Ricky Henderson Ronnie Henley Donna Henry Jackie Henslee Daniel Hernandez Terry Herfel Mike Hicks Kelvin Hilliard Carol Hiff Marci Holbrooks Gary Holleman Calvin Holloway 90 Juniors Darrell l-lousfon Hazel Housfon Chris l-loward Danny Howard Alesia Huckaby Kerrie Hulelf Brad Hull Payfon l-lunf Kelly l-lunler l'lufcl1l'luTcl1ins Jimmy l-luffon Branl Ingram Dale Jackson Dale W. Jackson Eugene Jackson Mack Jackson Dale Janzen Dwayne Jennings Terry Jennings John Jeff i Q . 4 IEA- my 9 A nth 'S-,Q ,, . Junior girls reacf fo llwe foorba N, I. II team af a pep rally. U65 Qfaaa qflfifg Cram John Tomkowslri pays hush money To an unrevecled source. George Jimenez Audrea Johnson Bren+ Johnson Jim Johnson Bobby Jones Kerri Jones Joe Juniker Howard Kaffan Shawn Kahler Wendy Kafcher Robbie Keenum Kevin Kellogg J. T. Kennard Cleophus Kennedy Derick Kennedy 92 Juniors Sherri Key Lee Kibler Colleen Kilkelly Sheila Kindslalher Mary Kirschner Brine Klein Gary Klein Sonya Knapp Jeanine Koce Don Koes+er Janice Krause Michael Kruse Alan Kuylcenall David Lane Cherilyn Ladd union Aibzova "No, l didn? skip class fhis morning!" exclaims Charlie Plumleigh. 5 s . P' . .IT b . - al' . Q S 53" 15 4 a K Q X Q I 6 1 ' 1 -I LAL!! M ' 3, '1-ve: t 1 lv 5 Q , 1 Q-,V , Y W5 f , Janef Lane Mike Langley Charles LaHa Chris Lauer David Law Sfephanie Lawson Barbara Lee Cherifa Lehman Regina Lei+ko Pa++y Les+er Lane Levinson Alan Lewis Cindy Leze Nafalie Lilly Roy Lindsay Esfher Loclcarf Michael Loyd Cindy Lundin Cindy Lynch Linda MacDonald David Mace Pilar Macha Bruce Maclcinson Michael Makuch James Malugen Lane Marbu+ Sco++ Marinaclc Laurence Marshall Kei+h Mar+in Tammy Mar+in Juniors 93 Adrian Marfinez Jose Marfinez Juan Marfinez Sfeven Marx Sharon Mason Frances Massey Mike Massingill Jill Maffhews Sfeve Mafney Donna Mays Jim McCaslin Ben McClelland Monty McClin'ron David McClung Kennefh McCormick Terri McCoy Brad McDavid William McDavid David McGhee Ronnie McGinnis Kim McGuyer Diane McLaughlin Roberf McMahan Pamela McNullan Brenda McQuerry union fpfcaibazscf 901 .endow sam ...5 'pa da i Keith Burger appears confused affer being foid pi are round. Ron McQueen Carla Measures Frank Meeks Lisa Melvin Jack Monell Richard Merunka Sfeven Mefcalf David Miller Johnny Miller Mark Miller 96 Juniors Rosalind Miller O'Grady Milner Rebecca Mobley Jay Moir Karen Maisaaf Gary Moore Perry Moore Sco++ Moore Terry Moore Bryan Moose Mike Moreau Paffie Morris Janis Morrow Larry Morfon Larry Mullins cgifucfanfs, Jlflaga .fasting 'zisrzcfsgifz I 5 x N9 E? "Youl1onesl'ly expecf me To ea? 1'l'1is?" asks Frances Massey wlwile Bran? Ingram loolls on. mb 5' .5-if V b. ,F -A . L i' - J' EH L 'M J X ls I Q Ii? - ,fy ,M ' is ,, v'N' - r,w5Lg E? L 5? al qw V Q . L! ll- Vf 4 f -. 5 Ne. W., 'zijn V , n , , -i ii' 'f .. we 'mink ' be in 'V 1. 75 T? J ,.. 11 f aww 1 S fflww it ,J jf is L. " "ali ,f ii ., gi .-A if .5 I -'X "T -..,,, GD Y - y, 1 -...fy 0-ar Q-rzr L! of 1,-7 Lisa Musick Deborah Myers Ernie Nadeau Laura Neal Donna Nelson Laura Nelson Richard Noonan Phillip Noonan John Norlhcoll Tina Norfon Barbara Ocone Palricia O'Connel Andy Odom Mike Olson Jeffrey O'Neal Joe Orfez Jim Ousley Danfe Paganucci Gail Parish Twyla Park Janice Parfen Bruce Parlon Robbie Pale Marlc Pa++erson Rifa Pavlaka Gilman Payne Virginia Perez Kalhy Perry Sheila Perry Karen Pelers Juniors 97 98 Juniors Ricky Pefri Carla Phillips Russell Pi++s Jackie Plumb Charlie Plumleigh Danell Pociask Susan Polilo Cynihia Ponder Carol Posey Mike Powelson Craig Presley Mike Preslon Carol Propsf Debra Pruiff Rick Purselly Yvonne Pya++ Shari Ragland Lecia Rahrloough Maria Raso Suzi Raymond ,Q Roy Lindsay frowns as he discovers he has los? his car keys. xi i union culnacf .fifs fxfzazianaza Y? ii as -'F "You wan? fo fake away my gus+o?" asks Mark Beafy. oc- ' Rebecca Reavis Sharon Reed Michael Reinhard Mike Rekiefa Pamela Ribinskas Sherman Richardson Jim Richardson Kevin Riibe Lisa Riley David Roberfs Roda Rober+s John Roberfson Dennis Robinson Dean Rodriquez Tina Rodriquez iors J Cindy Rosenfrafer Karen Ross Janna Russel Bryon Rylcarcl Pefer Saalfrank Jeff Salavarria Richard Sammon Don Schaefer Kennefh Schee+z Cory Schellhase Troy Schmanlce Sfeve Sc:hmid+ Mark Schneider Louise Scoff Senla SCOH union fxfzfofzs aw ouzona i '- -x-vm .i . , Jeff Willia as l e .sg .. k 'Q . lx I fl I If , ms follows in fhe loofsfeps of big brofher Tony. ' -' Sarah Segars Chrisfine Shannon John Sharp Elizabefh Shei'ron Shawn Sheifon Karen Sherman Mary Shiffie+ Annaiee Shipe Leslie Shores Curris Shorfs Pam Skiff Carol Skiffingfon Bobby Smirh Cindy Smifh Gina Smifh Kafhryn Smifh Sharon Smifh Tim Smifh Lecia Snow Granf Souiherland MoneH'e Soufherland Rober+ Spence Jim Spencer Jim Squyres Gregory S+an+on Connie Sfephens Debbie Sfevens Terrie Sfevens Tammy Sfiies Randy Sfowe Wade Sfrain Joy Srrube Lisa Sfurdivanl David Suqers Diana Summers Susan Summers Danny Taber Jodie Tallman Chrisiina Taylor Anthony Taylor Mark Taylor Marfha Taylor Denise Thomas Tamara Thompson Maff Thurburn James Timmons John Tomlcowslci Susie Toney Charles Trammell Debbie Trimble Jan Tupper Karyn Turner Sharla Umbrei+ Vance Umphress Arleen Usher Cyan 'SO cyaacgaa aw 869555, Jn "? -4 1:3 N-... .1 Q... 4. 'S "Field goals, field goals. field goals . . sighs Bren+ Johnson. Aurora Van Den Pafricia Vaughn Debbie Vaughn Paul Velfe Bryon Wagner Jimmy Walker Sharon Walker Roger Wallace Tommy Waller Tod Walfers Bosch Juniors IO3 IO4 Juniors Phillip Walfon Connie Wards Donna Wafson Lisa Wafson Cindy Waffs Jay Waffs Harold Way Sandra Weafherly Ronnie Webb Gregory Webber Thomas Wehlifz mug Un 5695i Kaflny Hickey direcfs Joy Sfrube. i'EngIish 5? Down fhe hall and bang a left" l i X will I ll may 'HA -.,, 4.1. is - f 'S r-"gl I '-xl v5.4 ,.. ll x 1-,xx I 5 V qi ,. Manly IAF? . 2. S RZ? " Q ,- ' A i f ' Y ' , . gk x-ni hw' u. - N Q rj! fp. .Ji Jerry Welch Marla Welch William Welch Eric Welgehauser Greg Welles Kevin Wendell Leanne Wesley Shelly Whealon Donald Whifalcer David Whiling Randall Whifworfh Franlc Williams Lance Williams Rodney Williams David Williamson Greg Willis Janice Wilson Jeffrey Wilson Randy Wise Roy Wood Claudia Worden Joe Wrighf Michael Wrighl David Wyafr Rhonda Yamane Mike Yan? Curn Yaies Quinlyn Yaies Richard Young Roberf Young niors aa Q , Axoflfziomofcea s H af -4-v 1 M- ., .fA, . , ya'-1 .. jg, '- - IO6 Sophomores Wm." final? 3.13. a 5 . X , x lk s gg. Q 5' 'iv '52 4 K ' M -Y 5 h 107 IO8 Sophomo Susanna Abreo Gary Abshire Jeff Adams Paul Adams Darla Addison Donna Adocliio Teresa Adoclmio Doug Aiken Bobbie Alderson Jana Alexander Pamela Allen Paul Allen Tricia Allison Felisa Amos Clnada Amrapala Lamar Anderson Lee Anderson Sfephen Anderson Laura Andress Sandra Andriieski Biology dlflofzfs Qufwza aierzzfisfs TN Q L. DOL!-X12 Sfephanie Slevens and Sieve Bowman loolc up in disgusf as flwey realize fliey did fhe wrong biology assiqnmen? -.fm --W4 ,su spy? H 'iii Y i!e,s Q ng s .Y ,rv 1 . ,, 45,5 ,fi i "fill 1 vga 1 'A L A If QA" ,- A ,,, , 1 V K i . 4 4 - A ' fm- , "., . fi' "? 'aa , Lf, " V Q , A were ss- 5 A .0 x ' if L , 1 ' f A ' as as 157.7 f' f 'ik -QT QL Y' .. 0" ' .3 4 is ' E gr 4,7 .5 P .Z i. , 5+ K4 L, f- . . V 'I , . m X n' ' A Q S-.K 'NY 'T l Lezlie Ward manages a smile under the burden of all her books. Ricky Armsiornq David Ausfin Marion Ayoife Jennifer Azuma Guy Barasln Linda Barbour Jeff Barnes Kei+h Barnes Barbara Barreff Mark Barriff Susan Beams Rebecca Beddow Terri Bebl Greg Benson Jimmy Benson Terry Bessire Melissa Beffes Richard Bishop David Blackburn Sherrol Boisselier Sophomores IO9 I IO Sophomores Melinda Bos+on Sara Boswell Rurh Bow S+eve Bowman Richard Boyles Jennifer Brauglw Kevin Bressman Vanessa Brewer Maria Briceno Peffy Brigham Allyson Brooks Laura Broolcs Darryl Brown Doug Brown Joan Brown HI A DAVIII PAIN H' Mrs. Claudefie Wafson lisfens for fhe bang as Sfeve Mefcalf prepares 'ro blow a gianf bubble .gpm-A-sw-..1,,..,, Aioflga Uafle Dime Dui Q01 un YY V2.9 W? Q-Q 9' Jody Brown Karen Brown Pamela Brown Alan Brummel Mike Brunei Mindy Bunch Alisa Burgess Jeff Burfon Glen Bush Hank Bufler Pafricia Byram Darrel Byrd Kevin Capps Susan Capshaw Roderick Carroll Kellie Carfwriglvr Vance Cafher Updesl'1Cl1aulwan David Cl1o+e Kerrie Clark Janice Clary Michael Clay James Clifford Linda Cloud Alan Collins Kimberly Coney Caflwerine Connors Donna Cooper Donna Coofe Candy Copeland Sophomores I I l William Cornish Marc Cole Kammi Counfess Janice Covinq+on Sfeven Cox Todd Cox Tammy Coyne Terry Cressel Chuck Crews Scoff Crews Cheryl Crowder Lorie Crowder Daniel Daqel Dianna Dagel John Dancer Dave Davis David Davis Lisa Davis Forresf Davis Roberf Day Roberf Day Mona Decker Deborah Delamar David Denney Terry Denson Diane DeTurck Eileen Dickens Susan Dickson Carol Dixon Jeanie Dixon Tim Dorris Sue Dorsey Susan Doss John Douglas Norman Duble John Duffy Randy Duffy Denise Dulemba Sfephanie Duncan Edi+h Dunham I I4 Sophomores Sharon Dunn Slacy Dunn Jennifer Dybwad Micheal Dyson Toni Eclc Peggy Eivens James Elliolf Kim Ellioff Gordon England Samuel Esparza Melissa Evans Susan Fagan Tammy Fagan David Farmer Ray Fafheree Lisa Fenwick Corinna Fernandez Don Fielden Julie Fields Linda Fields 7 J' an Q if' W , I 5 J 1, A " -r k 11" A '- x A ' i l Q 'jg ,f Q , 'Y ?"77zf., Q 7 X -.4 ii w 5' - i if 1 Y 'iff dy '32 ,f.,,7, - 'Nm lx K .N f A 'g-F if' 5 v 4-'V X , JV' 7 Sophomore guys fake a break affer ealing mill: and coolries for lunch. goflga going U0 U55 gap Ry ' Mona Declrer is surprised by fhe sudden flash oi lighi coming from her bI'5CeS. l i is sl . P Ps P 1- nRrN.S ,T I 'J 'TW l i ' -L- , . l , 4- A .QE Mm 'Elini Q- .7 ,V A N s V " 'f'7 xt i Ken? Fiizgerald Rickey Flanders Donna Fonclon Pamela Foreman Alison Fox William Freiheil' Michelle Froniino Ronda Fuller Brenda Gabioucl Amy Gallagher Alex Garcia Debbie Garcia Lance Genz Mike Gerlach Kim Gibbs Forres+ Gibson Krisfi Gill Ladenna Gilley Nancy Gillman Lisa Golden I I6 Sophomores Michelle Good Carol Gordon Cheryl Gosselin Barry Grammer Gary Grannan Vivian Gray James Greif Karen Griggs Tom Grissom Carol Griswald Melanie Groslclos Julie Gu+ierrez Cl1arloHe Haas Jeff l-laessler Jim Halbach Sfeplien Hale Brenda Hales Bufcln l-lamilfon Russell l-lamilfon Pa+ricia Hanson Jes EQ ,. .5 , .4 , an HA,,.4vf as Sophomores Les Sfickles and Ramsey Moran+es can nol believe wl1af's sfucl: in their locker. 5OflgOI7ZO'ZE5, Diafzfay Oqgifify fnfgusiaam fx 1 - nf af- 1, y lr Sheryl Sachs displays her unique form of playing fennis. i F3 ,f!'A Virginia Hanvey Donna Harbour Mary Harden Roberl Harris Lisa Harr Mike Harf Billy Ha+che+fe Lauri Hawkins Brian Heberf Charlene Hefley Vickie Helfon Randy Hennard Terrie Herrod David Hill Paula Hill Darryl Hilliard Mary Hodges David Hollar Becky Hood Mike Hooks Scphomores I I7 I I8 Soplwomores Teresa l-loolen Darbi Hubbard William Hudgens Cindy Juebner Jeff Hughes David l'lun+ Lee Ann Huseman Donald Inman John Inman Cincly lrwin John lrwin James lsinghoocl James Jackson Mark Jackson William Jaecks Daryl Janzen Donna Jenkins Debbie Jennings Greg Jennings Sleve Jennings FUPPEZG assman Aioflgomofzaa 4? nf 17- 9 i - Q-r I fve LI P I P 'af f sf WN 5 1 3 f i J if N, -' -1 W nz, 5P2v.ia4?1 f ",aTfx.i 'r . . Teresa Bickeff laughs a+ lwer own ioke as sophomores Alan Walker and Gus Monzouranis look for oflier amusement Tony Johnson Janeffe Johnson Kennefh Johnson Kim Johnson Todd Johnsfon Keifh Jones Paul David Bonnie Jordan Linda Julien Sandy Jusfman Melissa Kaempf Micheal Kaplan Kamon Karlik Janef Kavanaugh Susie Kemppainen Delisia Kennedy Felisia Kennedy Cheryl Kimmell Cheryl Kirby Jimmy KleH I 20 Sophomores S+even Kline Sean Knighf Ernie Kohler Andrew Kofch Cindy Kyle Linda Lamb Cheryl Langley Jeff Larson Ralph Lauer Deanna Lebow Mike L'ecyer Trenna Lehman Kafhy Leseman Charlie Levis Tammy Lively Laurie London Anna Long Douglas Loomis Virginia Lulher Milceleen MacNelly a r fi . A 'I li . Q :G :ff l' D. I ilu as .if ki Q Kerry Cornelius. Kim Wesffall and Deidre Neysfel devise a plan fo ge? past Mr. Murray 71 fr AS k'-4.,'5v A . 5'-sf' X 'if ' AiOP5Ol7ZO'ZE5, rzfoy Qziandfy Oqbnzoaflgafza ,I W W' fa - Wlll- I' i , elm f i I 'E If . fum, I4 fs x v' M' 1 it f A th :fy ., lil f' If f--sixw fa W:- , .5- I if x ' , Jf li T'7 ' 4 Ei' Q! "'- ...Q 8 .QW F w - is 'Ii . Sandy Salazar and Trisha Allison show off +l1e lafesf in rabbi? coals. Diane Madigan Wesley Madsen Rose Maldonado Jeff Marcom Melanie Marlin Sl'1arriMar+in Phillip Marfinez Dana MaH'l'1ews Roy McBride Melanie McCalip Jack McCoy David Mccurry Kellie McCufcl'1en Curfis McDonald Regina McDonald Evelyn McDulf Pam McGee Tima McGee Carole McGinnis Danny McKee Soplwornores I 2 I22 Sophomores lrene McLaughlin Laura Mclvlahan Tami lv1cNeely Susan McNeil lra Meachem Linda Merrifhew Darlene Merunlca Rol'Jer'rlv1icheals Kevin Micldlefon Lori Milam Elizabefh Miller Mike Miller Lori Miriclt Andy Mifchell Bobbie Mi+chell 'l Freshmen and sophomores enjoy themselves af fhe Howdy Dance Safeway Jwgfif 95051 0415 WVGVOVS i I 'F' s .rf x3 xr-:1 4.1 'T eff Janef Mifchell Paula Mirchem Joni Monfgomery Cafherine Moore Crysfal Moore Ramsey Moranfes Sfeve Morgan Wendy Mulcahey Elizaberh Mullen Tracy Mullins Brenda Murchler Damon Nahoolewa Jody Neal Dwighf Newby Nancy Newsom William Newsom Deidre Neys+el Rocky Neckels Dreama Nixon Allan Noble Sherry Nowlin Krisfy Nowosaflca Deborah O'Brien Tricia Oldham Joni Olson Kelly O'Neil Jeanea Orfez Rosa Marie Owens Marlc Oxner Chip Ozee Sophomores I 23 IZ4 Sophomores Cindy Paara Breff Pack Cindy Parrish Pamela Parrish Carl Parfen John Par+esius Kim Parfon Terry Payblas John Pederson Leo Pederson William Pemberfon Lorena Penlon Sharolyn Perkins John Perry John Pefersen Rhonda Pelri Mary Phelps Briarn Phillips John Phinney Perry Pillow Darrell Brown is having difficulfy reading his book GTO O15 803115, A 54 is , ,,..- l 1, l . 325 ,, A-, ig R Pam Allen discovers she has foo much food and no+ enough hands. l 55 kxi -. Qfy g fi: f 4411 Ca+hy Pinelle Suzanne Pledger Scolf Pool Becky Pough Mildred Poulson Mike Presley Tommy Presfon Pam Pribble Karen Prince John Proehle Kendall Purselly Chrisli Rains Dina Rainwaler Don Ramey Rickey Ramirez Tammy Randall Sfacey Refer Felicia Redmond Shelley Reed Todd Reisdorler Sophomores I25 AWOPQODZOZEL 5 f 04 KV uafy f ABPO7, 1 Troy Reiser Doug Reynolds Sfeve Reynolds Ronnie Richard Don Richards Amy Richardson Billy Richardson Richard Richardson Sfan Richardson Sheri Richey Sandra Riggle Jami Riley Trishia Riley Yolanda Ringer Barbara Roberfs Elizabelh Roberfs Douglas Robinson Max Roland Barry Rowell Kara Royer Brel Russell Denise Russell Denise Russell Lori Russell Norman Russell Sheryl Sachs Kelly Sadowslci Ben Salaz Sandra Salazar Mary Samaniego Pa? Scofi and Dwight Newby prepare fo sneak info a iunior varsify game. fc, ' -are .x'.., V M.: 'T KY.-.m l up wvy i hr-x Lane Sanders Mark Sanders Selynda Sanders Chrisrina Sands Alisa Sanford Kim Safferfieid Cindy Saurenmann Karen Scales Kafrina Scofr Pa1'rickSco++ Sherri Scoff Gay Sea born Scoff Seefhoff Larry Segars David Seiberf Sophorriores l27 I 28 Sophomores Sfeve Senay Slewarf Shelfon Rober+ Sherman Dale Siders Tami Sillers Mark Sims Sieve Singler Joyce Slaler Debbie Slayfon Glenda Sloan Glynna Sloan Sco1'+ Smallwood Blake Smifh Jimmy Smifh John Smilh "I can'f reach my foes from up here," exclaims Roberf Sherman ax .Mg fpgysiaaf fcfucafzlorz fpwcfuasa Oqtgfstaa 1 . X ,J 'Ui I uf-9 rw v-I .. Q " gs? J ' B - ii 'full 2 fl' ii ' 'Atal H l Xmas 5 Kim Smifh James Smifhson Bonnie Sobczalc Sue Sowders Jay Spears Dean Spencer Ted Sfanlord Karen Slafon Sco+l' Sfephens Tamera Sfefson Sfephanie S+evens Selena Sfewarf Les Sliclcles John Sfrider Julia Sfripling Philip Slrube Jeff Sfubbs Pamela Swelling Palricia Swoape William Swoape Paul Tanner Charles Taylor Mac Taylor Melissa Taylor David Teaque Kafhy Terrell James Theclford Nelson Thomas Deane Tice Eric Tice OFTIOFGS eJlflay'o'z owuraa .l7D'zoo6cf.s Bans oz .faafmirzg l 15 fi 4-ii Jay Spears. Jim Tomkowski and Lee Anderson have iusf discovered fhe formula for making Ns on reporf cards. Anfliony Tigner Paula Tillery Tiffany Tindall Terry Tinsley Jamie Tolberf James Tomkowski Tracy Tomlin Marfy Tomlinson Terry Torlincasi ,- Carl Tubbs I . Nancy Tucker Tracy Tucknies James Turner vi Kay Umphress Tammy Uselfon 411' Ricky Valenfine David Vance Dana Van Oosferlnauf Tyrone Vassion Melinda Vick is I- I 30 Sophomores A. 1 1 4, ,ii Y! Q' 'N 2 K l Q . L. '1 PP' 4 'Y' A ,,- Ag ,Z S. Tina Villalovos John Wade Allen Walker Duncan Walker Teri Walsh Randy Walfrip Lezlie Warcl Lori Warren Lance Washingfon Sharon Wafers Tina Wallzins Ricky Wafson Tina Wafson Andy Way Pefer Weber Sun Chae Webs+er Kennefh Weeks Dawn Weiss Wade Wells Elizabefh Wenfling Liz Wenling examines her English paper as Duncan Wallcer loolcs on. Sophomores I3I l32 Sophomores Kim Wesffall Cindy Wheelan Gina Whifaker Randy While RoberfWl1i're Wendi Wlwifehead Janice Whiffield William Whillock Danny Wl'1i+ney Waller Wiebersicl: Roger Wilbanlcs Marlene Wille+'r Eva Williams Gayle Williams Jeff Williams Kelly Williams Gayle Wilson Slwelia Wilson Sfacy Wilson S+eve Wise ly !lixN Al. A Carol Dixon has pleasanf dreams during firsf period in flue cafeteria. cfafaxscf Uanzflua nfoyscf By an lf" sae '1' up of freshmen frying To sfrip es volkswagen 2' Carol Wolfgong Don Wood Panquila Wooldridge Micheal Wray Cherie Wriglnl Melissa Yanl Todd Yonder Clwrisfy Young Cecllee Zimmerhanzel William Zulfer I 34 Freshmen 5 - .ma .5 W ,, Qf'..' ZSLQHZEH A ,. Vp. ,, ,.,, ,.1 X 'Tr :lv N My 'sf x , fx, X Q J .. Y Q -' , -s W 'X N ' f N1 'Li V- 7 , R . 'g ' tiff 5 Q., " V f ' f I 2 A . :Q-' 'Y K' 'L f"v:. 1 .11 Q 24,1 , M. r 5' - vim, y r , " , x ,4y.-sWw f V .. 992551 L ' " , .,. f,-11:-g,. .Q -I' ,ka- ff Z' 'Q " H aff , W2 E. he .1 w Q 'mr vi A6 v In 1 1 "1 . .4 Q 1' Q - lv ' f "W-.Mg I ' f .,-' v V ' f ' T l i f fy D mi :JF V :fb ' 1 ' . , A ,irru .K . V? - f N, !! 5 - lg -fi ., i -. ff -V V, .. ' i '41 ,, M TZ,-Q 7 2' J" - Fresh Richard Ables Jeff Adams Lisa Addingfon Craig Allen Todd Allen Tom Alders Darla Anderson Donald Anderson Tresia Anderson Mary Andriieslci Rea Apgar Willard Apgar Chrisfine Archibald Roberf Armsfead Angela Aurell Paffy Azuma Sue Bailey Kafie Bales Abbie Ballard ,Roberf Balli Milne Banfa Kevin Barden Bren? Barker Kevin Barnes Denise Barfon Janef Bass Sleve Ba++isfoni Danny Beams Cheryl Beauchamp Cole Beckham jzzifiation Cifazfi Gam Wwe ,-,Q m ' H 's P , 1 1 , . . .gy 1 -:J e v I lx NET' . Xl., A . 1 a1'f'i ei. -:-.. . . ' f Freshmen flip over inifiafion. Y-f ,P ,nv1,, f-r Sfeve Beddow Todd Belcher Mark Belisle Angie Belonqie Bre+Belsl1er Kuff Benson Michael Benson Tim Berd Diane Bergeson Jeff Bergeson V95 Fresh e Pamela Birclow Tom Birmingham Donald Bissell Hollie Blackburn Lisa Bledsoe Meussa Blomer Greg Bloom Wendy Blossman Anifa Bochenlco Tammy Bodiford sw Aifucfanfa .fag ew Qouncfafllons, C7 Kuff Benson enioys his firsf Howdy Dance. Paul Boll Kennerh Boop Marcel Bosworth Vicki Boulclin Jennifer Bowen Jan Boyce Ginger Bradley Jackie Braggs Rodd Brann Tim Brayeal Tim Brennan Shanrel Brewer Toni Brice Lisa Brirr Cindy Brown Danna Brown Myra Brown Robin Brown S'racey Brown Carey Bruner Brad Buehrig Tim Bullard William Bunselme Karen Burgess Tracey Burgess Sfuarf Burler Thomas Bufler Becky Caldwell Chris Calva Hugh Ca mel 140 Freshmen Clinf Campbell Donald Campbell Eric Campbell Sherry Carlson Anna Carfwrighf Jimmy Cashion Melanie Ca+es Phil Causey Clay Cavin Karen Cawyer Paul Chamberlain Marla Champion Cary Chandler Cheryl Chandler Viclci Church Angela Churchill Dan Clark Thomas Clark Darren Clemmons Amber Clemons Ginger Clifford Benny Cloud Carol Cochenour Alicia Coffey Cindy Cole Kyle Coleman Carolyn Collins James Condra William Coolcsey Ralph Cooper dv' l bf' Q-pq, msg gDl2uznLn9 aya ' iff I is 11 "affix-g I 5' , U :. .214 . , ,LL . 1 if, f gasp ' .4 " .5 - - A ' .rf ' ' 71 . : ,- w 'C il' , f. " EI 'NU i ' 'fl 'MN r' Q C 'PA 1 Q C C " " -s r ..f.uw- sip, .1 re' ' - 8,4 .93l "' Leslie Porter. Tim Power, Calvin Moore, and Chris Calva perficipafe in c class discussion. Tammy Cooper Thomas Corne++ Alberfa Cofnes Krisfi Coun+ess Karen Covingfon 'H , QE? -1' C C 1 , i A f Carrie Cox Sherry Cox Anne Craig Carol Craig Jeff Cummings J- 1. .1 Freshmen l4I l42 Freshmen Clwuclc Curry Linda Dalfon Danny Davis Rodney Davis Sfephen Davis Greg Davison Angela Day Russell Dean Fred Deaver Mary Ann Deeley 9645 Enjoy :flfew X F? ,W . mgfq -, 4 gg ' ' -' ew. V lil' . I we-'-vm-L r . ,. "-x ,,l,,Q,.L,Z "J K--rf-T ' M , -W.:f.:,,,.N,.... , . .... 1- ii-Hu Lisa Sumners wa+ches closely as she fears sl1e's being followed. -3 54 -:nfl qs 11:11 S. Cindy Dickerson Gina Dickerson Danny Dickes Eva Dilley Linda Dillon Gary Dinsmore Mary Doqgeff Shawn Doherfy Lore++a Dalson Arfis Drayder David Duman Sherri Dunlap Jackie Dunn Julie Dunn Damon Duperre Joey Duran Richard Duran Kei+h Eichenberger Andie Elden Mark Eley Lora Ellio+ Michael Endres Philip Engle Carolle Farmer Lisa Farris Lois Fas+ Mike Feasfer Jennifer Fenwich David Ferguson Larry Fernandez Freshmen I43 Floyd Fisher Derek Flores Kennefh Fondon Tracey Forbess Shawna Ford Ben Fox Ernes+ Funari Bari Gaines Kelly Gallagher John Gardner Dalena Garreff Lora George James Gesfes Colleen Gilbreafh Kyle Gilley Dennis Glenn Howell Godbey Vicfor Golighfly Russell Gonzales Lisa Gordon Kevin Gowins Donny Grannan Mike Gran? Michelle Granl Shevon Green Julie Greene Roderick Greene John Griffifh Kafhi Griffifh Mark Groover fcsagman, Flflfay Oqzouncf i " ' ' i' I - 1 'Ce i at '. ' 5,2 K' K x i ' W Qi Kelly Gallagher shines a smile as she finds her way fhrough fhe Temporary Buildings. 1. ' iff' 'fc 5! dj ' i 'HP Tim Grubb Brien Grunsby Jerry Haas Kafhy Hale Mari Hamil+on Roger l'lamil+on Travis Hamilfon Wendell Hamlef Paffy Hanes Robin Haney Freshmen I4-5 I46 Freshmen Richard Harman Troy Harmon Randy Harris Slacey Harris Donna Hafcheffe Jannef Hauser Teresa Haze Dena Hazlewood Russell Head Jimmy Heaflw wifi Exiagaf .Wazfaaapefwn Kafie Bales. Paffy Azuma, Melanie Cafes, and Robin Brown show 'rheirspirif ai Freshman cheerleader fryoufs. Milfon Heimlich Hope Henry Jackie Henry Greg Henslee Ca+hy Hickey Jol1n Hickman Holly Hill Todd Hillbury Todd Hindman Linda Hoefner Nina Hoffman Nels Hogberg Kelley Hogg David Holbrooks Kelley Holcomb Tamara Holloway Lisa Holms Valori Horn David Howard Marilene Hubbard Juedidra Huckaby Laura Hunfer Ronald Hunfley Thomas Hurf Roberfa lsinglnood Darrin lvey Kari lvey Karen Jackson Kevin Jackson Paul Jackson I48 Freshmen Richard Jackson Sandra Jadlowski Mark James LouAnn Jenkins James Jennings Jerry Jennings Mike Jenson Deanne Jelfon Willy Jiminey Angela Johnson Angie Johnson Bessie Johnson Bobbi Johnson Chrisfine Johnson Eric Johnson James Johnson Kelly Johnson Lisa Johnson Richard Johnson Tanya Johnson William Johnson Scoff Jones John Kaempe Kennelh Kaulman Sherri Kelley Elizabelh Kelly Mike Kelly Roberf Key Leslie Kidwell Devell King Kif Kifchell Jason Klamf Kirk Klovs+ad Donna Koesfer Daved Kuhn Susan La Fleur Miles Lancer Denise Lane sf A as-S Jep Larkin Gary Law Fresh Sfewa rf Lawrence Vernon Lee Arlesa Lehman Debbie Lesley Laura Levinson Mark Lewis Karen Lindsay Tim Lindsey Charles Locharf John Logan zsagman gfioosa cvzioua ffecfivsa Bill Trimble fakes 'fume our fo rnspecf his work. 4 -6 I' Naneffe Logbeclc Leigh Long Lisa Long Scof+ Lovelace Karen Loyd Debbie Lucovich Peggy Lumley Susan Lynch Kelley MacAnaIly Miles Macha Cafhy Mackinson Breff MacNelly Darren Madsen Anfhony Malory Lisa Marsden Robyn Marfen Duane Marlin Lyne Marlin Michele Marfin Shelley Marlin Bryan Marfinez Danny Mafhews Julie Mafhews Chrisfie Maffingly Milne Mayo Tim Maynor George Mays Judy McCaslin Keifh Mcclanahan Marci McCullough Freshmen l5I Craig McCurIey Renda M-:Donald Larry McDonnell Ginger McDowell Sieve McGhee Tony McGinnis Donald McGoodwin Greg McGuyer Abby McKinney Alexandria McMillen Renee McPefers Jim Melvin Randall Merrill Sieve Middlelon Charles Miller Lisa Miller Melissa Miller Karen Minix Alan Mifclwell Graig Mifchell Gwyn Mizner Mark Mobley Wesley Monismifh Dana Moore Harold Moore Lisa Moore Tina Moore Calvin Moree Chesfer Morris Donna Morris 6712144 '52 Aifafzta Clflfofzg I I l 1 l 'lk Tim Lindsey. Leslie Kidwell and James Gesfes fake Time ouf io work on iheir assignments, s do R '? .wi a Kim Morrison Ron Morfon . Jane Moles Valeria Mugrove Jami Murphy Bill Murray John Myers Chrysfal Nabors Glenn Nabors Q Freshmen I 53 T yNhI FIN I D eNeI Mike Nealey Will Newfon KQJWWCXW , f ff" yu 14 f 'X 4 307 3 Q JJ W ff , WVM jojfgifg WW? y J I I M 9645 55001 Enfguaiaam 6 rv, 5. 4 , , Q. 'vA n , -'LM it ., ,l 9 is It l Q , ' if Y J K+Bl +db+h dh?-1 E sexcie a ou ernew is Teresa Norfon Aileen Nunley Clinfon Nunley William Obie James Odom Gina Oelfke John Oesfricher Kevin Oliver Laurie O'Neal David Oriel George Orfiz Keifh Pack Mark Paganucci Eric Paige Mike Pafrick Dale Pafferson Roger Payne Glynis Pearson Kenneflw Pearson Gay Peck David Pedigo Walfer Pegg Teresa Pena Ed Penningion Roberf Perez Sherri Perkins Jack Pefers Lorri Pefers Karen Pefrie Mike Peffy Deborah Plisfer Vicfor Phelps David Phillips John Phillips Deborah Phinney Josanna Pociaslc Joey Pociaslr Dugga Poe Donald Poff Jean Poli+o Carla Ponder Tracy Pool Jessico Porlessius Robyn Porferfield Tracey Po++s Sheri Powell Tim Power Tony Preslon Michael Price Milfon Price Zane Prueff Sherry Purselly Chris Raliele Sheri Rabon Bill Radde Larry Ramirez Dana Ray Dawn Ray Sallye Reavis Calhy Reed cpsguizamslifa Bzoacfsn Wiswa -lb -L-' I1 Julie Whifworfh, Roxanne Whife and Melissa Heath are pleased as they solve an Algebra Equafion. Q-'I 1-1-.....,.,,,i .. ,... ..---......h,., E ki.-row-.K f., Celesa Reed Chris Reddiclc Curfis Redmond Tammy Reid Jeff Remines Michel Renlro Lori Replogle Gina Reynolds Alma Richards Doug Richardson Freshme if Duane Riedel Terence Riles Edna Ringer Esrer Ringer Bobby Roberfs Danny Roberfs Kennefh Roberfs Rob Roberfs Shannon Robine++ Debbie Robinson 'aaa msn cfsacfy go Oqcfvcuzaa , s. Q- Jw . 'S f if, fb A gg' infb W 'R 4 N A, i f .Mi .,7'f4w3rLi," ff' 'U f" "MQ i . 4,1 j LJ' Lg: V ,. fi gfifj' N ' ' Iiffi "' ,Y A, e fxdugf' ' fi ,, 1, Hgyf dk' C ,f -I ,, if u ,.g,4, - f ff' ',v f LA fgnyijf' v 4lliJ, vf,VL'i,4f,'4- Y f' !, J ljiiilfii' I L1 + lgAE,,FiL,LfV g .a bf ,, , , , gblfffluff, ' gjf 1 J! A fa, ,,,w,,,jf' 4 I, Li .ij'Q.i4,L,f1f,1:' N ff, i I58 Freshmen i A14 ,.,f if VHA af -fx Freshman Loufen Locharf giggles as he wrifes down a phone number just whispered in his ear. li l Susan Rogers Joel Rossa John Ruiz Sharon Rush Annefle Russell Charles Russell Denell Russell Lincla Russell Rhonda Ruffan Teri Ruffan Mike Ryan Tony Samaniego Tish Sandoval Teresa Sanferre Maff Schaffe Randy Schmalried Rod Schmalried Cafhy Schneider Eddie Schomburq Tina Schriner Elizaloefh Schwein Angela Scrivner Janel Searcy Lorri Sell Morresa Shepherd Jimmy Sherwood Andy Shevalc Jean Shifle'r+ Rebecca Shipe Donna Shorfs Freshmen l59 I 60 Freshmen Mike Slwouliy Kelly Siders Jennifer Simmons Tamara Simpson Scoff Sims Suzanne Singler Danny Skiff Jimmy Skiffingfon Mack Slafer Roberf Slafon Alice Sloan Lea Sloan Mike Small John Smallze Alber'rSmi+l1 Marfha Sommer Connie Spears Sandra Spence Wilma Spence Becky Spraclling Mike Srba James Sfanberry Jeremy Sfricler Anson Sfyron Genela Summers Lisa Sumners Necia Swaim Larry Swarrz James Tanner Jim Tafarian 'zzz men ave ew Duffoog if 'xx Freshmen pafienfly wail in fron? of fhe nurse's office for an eye examinafion. 42- VT ... fl? Michael Talmon Barbara Taylor Charles Taylor Terry Tharp Eugene Thomas Laura Timsley Rusfy Tomlinson Lisa Trammell Berry Tressler Bill Trimble Freshmen lbl Roberf Upfon Mark Usher Saralyn Vance Rose Vasquel Greg Vassion Lawrence Vaughn Michael Vaughn Marie Viclry Elena Vidales Kimberly Wade T Pei ,-gy, .Tp . . ,. " fff-Q -.- I- 5 ' 5 lei gi . ji -X 'si-. JU' i -.Q a -rdw --3 ,-1 T ,Q a 'Q' M, 'Q 1 We T O if :' ff T " ,,, , gg. 1 ,. , Wg, X . X X i t X 'HG Ur? ,- . x 1 4 3 2 Q D F e sg if 5 L A1 - 'Z' l vs Z N N. Timmy Walceland Sheri Walker Darren Washingfon Ronnie Waflcins Ginger Walson Roberf Waffers Wendy Weaver Arlhur Webb Nancy Webb Tom Webb Richard Weise Chris Weiss Lori Welch Sylvia Welches Danny Whilney Julie Whifworlh Roxanne While Gary Wisdom Scoff Wise Sfeven Wong Phyllis Wood Tracey Wood David Worley Lydia Wrighl Terry Wrighf Wendy Wrighf Rifa Yamane Clay Yandall Malisa Yosf Emeri Young Denise Yuill Crisfina Zanes Pal Zedriclc Freshmen I63 I64 Faculty Q' 's I x f..1rr':-9 gudcfaa -i 1 -' ll - W " "' ' - 4 L ' . -'W 2?V,L-mmf' A ?+L!7wL"b6r ' . - 4 Qzil 1-1 s ' .1 . f I Vj I V 'N sr---r ' , , , e- Nx L. Ss" -u-.f Ill K A 6-4 N Wx ,A Q' , Ax M V , if mf Ax ' f -jfzsgimm 5-'.""'m-. Faculfy I65 Gqcfmifzisbzafiolz Klflfofzgs Q01 4 The l978-79 school year began wiTh many new Taces being seen Through The halls oT WHHS. Mr. Dixon, our principal, is again under The supervision oT FWISD SuperinTend- enT Gerald Ward and The ForT WorTh Board OT EducaTion. On campus, however, many changes Toolc place over The summerg The reTiremenT oT Mr. Bob Lee and The TransTer oT Ms. Francis Alles To a posiTion in The Adminis- TraTion Building opened up opporTuniTies Tor our Two new Vice-Principals Mr. Bob Murray and Ms. Alice Cole. Mr. Carl Robinson, along wiTh Mr. Dixon, remained To geT Things sTarTed Tor anoTher year. r lg lla. Principal. Mr. L. H. Dixon, prepares To sTarT The school day. Mr. Gerald Ward, head oT The FWISD. I The For? WorTh Board of Educafion, ccnsisfinq of Mr. Bill EllioTT, Ms. Maudrie M. WalTon. Mr. Sfan Harrell, Ms. Mollie Lasafer. Mr. H. Richard O'Neal. Ms. Jack Shan- non, Mr. Carlos Puenfe, Ms. T. A. Adams. Jr., and Mr. Nehemiah Davis. I66 Facullv X Alvzrf l I Xl I :Y I x s Aw Mr. Murray and Mr. Sanders commenled on fhe lunch They had iusf consumed. L 'QX 'Q X- - f w Ms. Cole smiled as she arrived al school. Ms. Thelma Cole Mr. L. H. Dixon Mr. Bobby Murray Mr. Carl A. Robinson Faculfy I67 I68 Faculfy f , W1'....im-1 'W . . mms' ix Subsfifufe Ms. deparfmenf. . .tx 'sg . lgfiyaxl 71 ,, "' S-.1 , 'uv . Riley, enioyed worlzing in fhe hornemalring Ms. Barbara Blanks Ms. Liz Bobbiff Ms. Sallie W. Carfer Ms. Frances Lipscomb Ms. Shirley R. Parks Ms. Madge Prince I if, 1 ui Q1 umnlmn ,l ' in-mu. , , L- -- E MW mruug- wily, "' Ms. Wallace carries ouf her dufies as affendance secreiary. ,Q-ns... Reading maferial was supplied by Ms. BobbiH in Sfudy Hall. instance fpfcomcfscf By Oqicfaa The sfaff of bofh fhe affendance and fhe general offices and fhe aides pro- vided some very necessary services fo keep our school day running smoofhly. Ms. Sallie Carfer and Ms. Gladys Wal- lace in fhe Affendance Office kepf Track of absences, fardies, dismissals, and much ofher essenfial informafion. ln 'rhe Gen- eral Qffice, Ms. Bessie Thomas, Ms. Bar- bara Blanks, Ms. Madge Prince, and Ms. Shirley Parks fook care of clerical and accounfing dufies. Ms. Liz Bobbiff kepf fabs on sfudenf offenders in Supervised Sfudy Hall and Ms. Francis Lipscomb helped keep everyone healfhy and happy. Our campus monifor for fhis year was Mr. James Williams, who was beffer known as "The Reverend." " .r,.,...Z r r v s ho as co s If f Co o e off eprocedure, I 70 Faculfy Counselors always smile af fl-ne end of flue day. Luna ing one Cbnaazn Mr. Daylon G. Carfer Ms. Shirley Cheek Ms. Bevelia A. Curley Ms. Mayneffe Dowler V 1 ,, . ve A 3 Y, V A .xi-f , 'yes' .QF 5 fgf. .-' 3' QL u XX P -. Ms. Dowler offers advise on SAT scores fo Seniors I . i Ms. Curley enjoys her new fob af WHHS -a 1.5 L1 11' .F 1 Freshman counselor Mr. Renfro fakes a break befween appoinfmenfs. ln +he counseling office, ma++ers of such imporlance as dropping classes and changing lunch periods were solved wi+h speed and effi- ciency. Mr. Renfro worked wifh fhe freshmen and helped 'rhem iron our fheir pre-regislered schedules. Ms. Curley and Ms. Cheek worked wi'rh Jrhe sophomores and iuniors, respecfively. Ms. Dowler again advised fhe seniors on college prepara- Hon and scholarship opporlu- nifies. Faculty l7l zsowzae oom Dffezs Aifzaaiaf Services Ms. Peggy Dulaney Ms. Toni Kagiorigis Ms. Melinda Prillaman Ms. Karen Uselfon I 72 Faculfy l Ms. Kagiorgis glances over The racing form before school began. Teachers of The Resource Room offered many differenT special services. Ms. Toni Kagiorgis and Ms. Karen UselTon offered individual help in Eng- lish, Governmenf, l-lisTory, Mafh, and Science. Ms. Peggy Dulaney, Their aide. also helped wiTh The Teaching. VAC, Vocafional Adiusfmenf CoorclinaTors, was also offered Through This spe- cial program. The VAC was a work program in which sTudenTs sTudied for one or Two periods Then wenT To work for a crediT. Ms. Melinda Pril- laman, The VAC Teacher, helped and advised sTudenTs in finding Their jobs. The VAC TaughT sTudenTs daily survival skills. Ms. Colleen Wool- folk, The speech specialisT, came To WesTern l-lills Twice a week To help sTudenTs wiTh audiTory memory and speech problems. She noT only offered her services To Those sTudenTs who aTTend classes in The Resource Room buf To all sTudenTs who aTTend WesTern Hills. ' Ms. Uselfon happily displays her sfudenf s orlc ti' Ms. Dulaney smiles aT The funny sTory she Engfiag Bsfzafcfmslzf Bw na cops 7, 1 fr :Usx Ulutkbq 'T -1-P? oqvfig 3 olinfsfgx iq l'Yp E 1'q.u.' c 0 9 Z' l U 00 'ol.'q 9 -3 5 al 0 I U ig - Q 0. D' -S- on U L 'l "Oh! Mr. Dixon I forgoi you were coming." says Mrs. Young. The English deparimeni experi- enced many changes fhis year. The nin'rh and 'renfh graders received new grammar books. A new course of sfudy was prepared fo accom- pany 'rhese new iexfs. Seniors had The oprion of 'raking Senior Gram- mar. The purpose of Senior Gram- mar was +o prepare college-bound seniors for iheir fuiure sfudies in col- lege English. Changes in library loca- 'rion, shelf-space, and operaiing pro- cedure caused Term 'rheme classes 'ro make many adiusimenfs. Spelling, vocabulary, liferaiure, and penman- ship were also on fhe agenda of The English ieachers. -nl? lr rising.. is ,Q 9 . '- .V ' f' X 253, '--.ta N 11195 ' - , Ms. Linda Allie prepares herself as The pie heads her way. "Double bubble. foil and iroublef' says Mrs. Befsill as she bubbles in her grade sheei' for fhe iirsf frimesfer. Faculfy 173 I 74 Fadulfy Ms. Linda Allie Ms. Odessa Coul+as Ms. Dorofhy Deardorff Ms. Winifred EllioH Ms. Beffye Gomez Ms. Be-ssi'e Greene Ms. Mary Har+ Ms. Linda Maddux fngfiag 'jo Basics "Harl:! What lighf Harough yonder door breaks?" wonders Ms. Wenzel. Q "Tl'1eylold me this was a roll",1'hinks Coach Torres. K 1 l l l i r i l l i Ms. tllioff hides her grade bool: lrom fhe phofographer. +WY '--vf,-,-.- u l Ms. Deardorff asks Bruce Parfon wha? his excuse is for loday. L l . I i I i l I ffl' 4-:mx . 1 f. . Q . Ms. McCollougl1 doesn'l realize The sludenf she was fallring fo lell. Mr. Eric Mann Ms. Juanifa McCollough Ms. Kaymarie Smifh Ms. Rulh Sullivan CoachJimmy Torres Ms. Barbara Verdun Ms. Marjorie Waffers Ms. Alpha Wenzel Ms. Marie Young fl- . "X-fy"i Q. -. fly. Af' Vifmru' . la VA' wx, f.,L ,. . 5 1, ,M .JFS ymrv.. 1 gfiflfkli QI? Zi-af WV Luis., , . ' i ' 'X-'YV , ' 7 '7 Y. I Facully l75 'W 1 If fl -4 , C, E ' vi fbfjwc. dplewf I76 FaculTy clfiafofzy fnziagza Aifucfanfa maxi 1' ,,,.. ,, v 5 1 ir-'W . fflftfg 'Wg "Hey, baby wanT a daTe?" proposiTions Mr. Lobb. The l'lisTory DeparTmenT was divided inTo Three main secTions: World HisTory, American HisTory. and Government World l'lisTory was based on imporTanT evenTs occurring Through- ouT The globe. The Middle Ages, The Renais- sance, and The Fall oT Rome were some oT The Time periods covered in class. American His- Tory covered The hisTory oT our counTry Trom iTs Tounding To presenT Times. CurrenT evenTs were used regularly Tor exTra crecliT proiecTs. GovernmenT helped sTudenTs To undersTand Their communiTy and Their responsibiliTies To Their counTry. The I978 Congressional elec- Tions supplemenTed The Tall TrimesTer oT Gov- ernmenT, Small groups were assigned To Tind ouT abouT each oT The candidaTes. The pur- pose oT hisTory was sTressed as sTuclenTs enriched Their knowledge of pasT culTures. .j f, Mr. Walker Thinks he iusT heard The lasT bell of The d 1 W3 Mariorie Bulwl Ed Lobb Dorofhy Niesen . Thomas Park Helen Slafer . Tom Sfrollwer . Gary Swan . Kennefl1Wall:er . Q -s Mr. Sfrofher prefends l'1e's a sfudenf. Ms. Bulwl laughs af her own ledure, 14, We .41 V 3: " H.. Tx 45 Q ,fi Q, I 142, ,, Faculfy I77 0156912 afzguage - G4 duffumf fixflsziance Ms. Elaine Clark Ms. Doris Pinks Ms. Doris Ligh'r Ms. Rebecca Sfevenson Mr. Richard Zamudio Learning a new language is much more diffi- culf 'rhan if would seem, as any s+uden+ of French, Lalin, German, Russian, or Spanish can 'fell you. Mrs. Doris Lighl' was a new mem- ber of lhe Foreign Language Deparlmenlr, and 'raughl French. Russian was laughl by Ms. Sle- venson, Ms. Clark ins+ruc+ed Lafin classes, Ms. Finks laughf Spanish, and Mr. Zamudio, Ger- man. Teachers used videofape, word associa- lion games, and many o'rher cullural experi- ences fo aide sludenls in 'lhe process of learn- ing a new language. Through +heir elfor+s, 'rhey provided sludenls wilh a beller ourlook on lhe various cullures. S+uden+s found +ha+ afler +aking a foreign language, fhey could speak more of 'rhe language 'rhan lhey could when lhey began lhe course. Being able +o speakalordgnlanguageisan hnpoMan+sHH fo have in +oday's sociely, since The need for good communicafion is increasing. I78 Fac lfy ig I gg? ,.,.d, Mr. Zamudio demonsfrafes lhe arf of sleep-feaching. SF NUL .5 Ms. Doris Pinks fhreafens to give her class a fest W, .4-,N The Library was plagued This year by a lack of space. buT con- Tinued To provide beneTiTs for Teachers and sTudenTs alike. The library was Temporarily sTaTioned in room IO6-IO7 This year, as a new modern library was under consTrucTion. STudenTs could read- ily Tind resource maTerial, helpful To Them in wriTing reporTs and Term Themes, as well as books, magazines, and newspapers To read Tor pleasure. Teachers used TilmsTrips, Tilms. Tape recorders. proiecTors, and record players provided Them by The library, To aid Them in Their Teaching pro- gram. Ms. Herring direcTed The library's TuncTions, wi+h Ms. Sin- gler aiding in The processes of checking in and ouT books. sToclc- ing Them, and phoTosTaTing maTe- rials. Ms. Maria Singler Vw. N? Ms He 9 sho s The lates? I b a y eq Ms S ngle sm les b ghfly af The prospecT of Taking bool: invenfory. Ms. Peggy Herring I80 Faculfy More and more, college-bound sTu- denTs are Tinding ThaT iT is well worTh The eTTorT To geT involved in science relaTed classes, while sTill in high school. General Physical Science is required Tor freshmen, and Biology is mandaTory Tor sopho- mores. ln The pasT, chemisTry and Physics were Taken by sTudenTs pursuing highly scienTiTic Tields, yeT more sTudenTs are Taking These courses during'Their junior and senior years because They realize The value of This basic knowledge To Their col- lege careers. This year, The Science DeparTmenT received Tour new and mod- ern science classrooms, including a new chemisTry lab which resulTed in The pur- chasing oT more chemisTry equipmenT. Members of The 78-79 Science DeparT- menT were Ms. Rankin, Mr. Levels, Mr. BrunlcenhoeTer, Ms. Amend, and Ms. WaTson, Teaching Biology. Ms. Amend also TaughT Advanced Biology, while Ms. Lacy and Ms. STevens TaughT ChemisTry classes. Mr. WiTcher TaughT Physics, Mr. Harville insTrucTed aviaTion, and Teaching GPS were Mr. Sanders, Ms. Suber, and Ms. Rogers. Ms. RuTh Amend Mr. Fred Brunlcenhoefer Ms. Mary Lacy ' Mr. Marvin Levels ' 5 aislzca alzaficiaf U0 Aifucfalzfa ' 57 is Y, Q 1 ate" -f , ' 5 'fir 3 E Mr. Jimmy Sanders samples his desserT before paying. Above: Ms. Lacy flashes a weary smile affer slaying over hoT chemicals all day. Below: Mr. John Harville resoluTely guards The hall. Ms. Linda Rankin Ms. Gwen Rogers Mr. Jimmy Sanders ,-ar -7 'N Ms. Ann Srevens Ms. Claudeffe Wafson Mr. Bill Wifcher .xx "And we will learn ?l'1e mefric sysfemln Mrs. Rogers fells her class. Mr. Brunlrenlnoefer lecfures fo his sophomore Biology class. Marslna Suber cafcl'1es"Sa'rurday Niglif Fever" from freshmen. Faculfy 181 Jlflafg Clgaffsngea .fsvafa I82 Faculty "Whaf makes you Think I don'1' have aufhoriTy!" axcluims Ms. Crummel. Ms. Laminack gives her class Their daily assignmenT. Seven diTTerenT courses were offered in The MaTh deparTmenT This year, sTarTing wiTh FundamenTals of MaTh and conTinuing wiTh lnTroducTion To Algebra, Algebra I and 2, and GeomeTry. For Those who wished To conTinue Their sfudies in maTh, Algebra 3 and 4. Trig., ElemenTary Analysis, and Cal- culus were oTTered. The MaTh deparTmenT also sponsored The MaTh Club wiTh Ms. Susan Crummel as advisor. Ms. Crummel placed special emphasis on The use of Num- ber Sense. The Mafh deparTmenT provided a good background for a varieTy oT iobs. lT also provided a ToundaTion Tor Those sTu- denTs planning on aTTending college. Mr. Kahler checks his workin The back of The book. f Q ' a ' F N m l C NAS A, Q 'C , 5 5 ,, Q Ms 6 C7 , if? 'W , A A A , Ms Q f ' Ms "- Hi x C , , Mr X 5 f'Z?:3r 'aj "K x .' ff l . W 1 ,s L :Y bu-'Q . , , I ,sa .L ,,,. .Q-,lr -34,1 ' es 5 it' '-' i,1'r , 'fruitll gun.-xA sg Ms. Barron guards her classroom door as Robert l-learnsberger fries ro escape. Rebecca Laminaclc Claude Luffle Juamece Sam Wnllnam Warden 4 ,f '- v-, -N of . Fw fff 2-s s ,ia C raski ki L V f 44" ' 53? FN ' ' ' x K Y, s . Mary Barron . Frances Coon .Susan Crummel Freddie Ferguson Ed Kalwler f X! 1... .'l , A! .-I 1-A Ms. Coon smiles al her sfudenfs "A" paper. V To FaCuHy IB3 IS4 Faculfy 1 f l 5 E x J 5 f J' 'rife 4- ,A gmlyaicaf Education fmpfiaaiz l L84 1. Mr. Morris carefully sfudies fhe schedule for an Oufdoor Ed. frlp. r 5 l l 5 m l x 53,4 41 sill rrp if r fb :Aw bb SUV' Mig, fm? Qmfg, fig' 5 V W, V2 f 'Sze a-5:5159 is ,aaa M'-' 22 'Q S- rf . f-W-2, . M may . . . fp' g we H i if , .am vzwgf rn, 1 -. - swims' :fr W-'gf ez Q M? H, M , Q w if: War' ww" -ef f g Q! env: 11211 21.-V ?I 'f'lA my 1:3 :if ygjgyij, Q N I tk. "Don'l you look af me fha+ way!" exclaims Mrs. Shirley Abram. Cheryl Chandler laughs al Mr. G-reene's sfalemenf and says. "And he fhinlcs l'm going fo play Baslrelballln .1 TAPHN-E xy-if I Ms. Shirley Abram Mr. Roberl Fisher Mr. Charles Greene Mr. Horace Morgan fi Mr. Mike Morris Ms. Jo Resch - Ms. Bridger Thomas Physical Educafion emphasized rhe imporlance of being healrhy and having fun a+ 'rhe same Time. Various acriviries offered differenf slcillsg in which heallh and sporfsmanship were borh sfressed. Mr. Roberr Fisher and Ms. Flossie Rob- erfs +augh+ Co-ed P.E. Ms. Jo Befh Resch insfrucred bolh Co-ed,.P.E. and Tennis classes. Golf and Oufdoor Educafion Ms. Thomas laughs as she finds no one is skipping her c were laughf by Mr. Mike Morris. Bolh Ms. Bridger Thomas and Mr. Charles Greene gave valuable insrrucrion in gym- nasfics, as well as Co-ed P.E. In Healfh classes srudenfs learned +he basics of hygiene and general physical healfh. Girls' healfh was inslrucfed by Ms. Shirley Abram, while boys' healfh classes were faughr by Mr. Horace Morgan. Ms. Roberrs laughs as Felicia Kennedy decides To su oma Economics omaafiaafaa Ms. Shirley l-larringTon Ms. Melba Rupe Ms. RuTh McCombs Ms. CynThia Sivan STudenTs learned The imporTance of cor- recTly handling day To day domesTic siTuaTions Through various programs offered by The Home Economics deparTmenT. Ms. Shirley HarringTon TaughT The inTracacies oT sewing and The culinary arTs. Ms. Melba Rupe insTrucTed Home and Family Living classes. STudenTs inTeresTed in The psychology and behavioral paTTerns oT children worked wiTh Ms. RuTh Mccombs and Ms. CynThia Givan in Child Development The once necessary chore of homemaking has now become an enioyable and age old arT Through The eTTorTs of Home Economics Teachers and sTudenTs alike. un. s, Rupe says. "Bachelor number Two, your homework is incompIeTe Ronnie Henley Tries To persuade Ms. HarringTon To change his g Q..- Ms. Harringfon sfifles a sneeze af+er finding ou? she's allergic fo her fourfh period class. X ,EZ ., r 3.1 It A A ESV! g3L'3'5Ik.g.J X X Ms. McCombs works diligenfly +0 'Finish grading iesrs. Ms. Given gives a guilfy grin when she's cough? sneaking in a desk. Faculry I87 F The business feachers This year did a fremendous job feaching office procedures fo fheir sfudenfs. Professional efh- ics and courfesy were sfressed in all of fhe bookkeeping, fyp- ing, shorfhand, nofehand, gen- eral business. and Vocafional Office Educafion classes. Ms. Terry Colleffe and Ms. Shirley Thedford faughf pracfical experience in VOE while Ms. Julie Baker, Ms. Melva Hous- fon, Ms. Sharon Inman, Ms. Gail McCollom, Ms. Ann Wood and Mr. Riley Dunn faughf fradifional business edu- cafion. Mr. Ouflaw keeps a wefchful eye on his class. ig .X Ap, 'S QI 9 ' sjngf ai, A, ri.. 1' . W.: .253 3' . ,. ' ff-W Q 'H litlfp. K Ms. Smifh fakes a break from her busy schedule. uaifzzaa uaafion ggfcouicfaa fpfcaaficaf fixfzszisnaa gl Q. E iff . Thedlord and Janice Hawl: are surprised when fhey compare checkbook balances. Q ,V I fi? ,2 ff' -' i , ,a 5, . ..- .Q 5 Q- x ,- s , 1-A 'H J 55 . , --ff V ' ' i' 4 y ' ' 6 5- 1 i7 ':'2. ,. , ,i . 'if V' 16' ,- w,I'-Ijf' 'A 7 ff 5 4 'f"1': 3.15 4-J - -a ' F? ii Ms. Julie Baker Ms. Elise Ball Ms. Terry Collelfe Ms. Melva Housfon Ms. Sharon Inman Ms. Gail McCollom Faculfy I89 l90 Faculty if Ms. Baker resfs her eyes affer looking ef all of fhose numbers. Mr. Morris Ouflaw Ms. Charlene Smilh Ms. Shirlev Thedford Ms. Ann Wood Za., '21, iz. 453 ' f Q Ms. Wood is pleased with her class's fimed writings. Ms. Inman and Ms. McCollom have a consullafion in the hall .gncfusbziaf 0415 .lfpwuicfss flflfozg cqfmosfzgafzs ,gn 9? Mr. Worley demonsfrafes how fo oil a lawnmower The lnduslrial Arls deparlmenl consisled ol Wood shop, Mefal shop, Plaslics, Drafling, and Eleclricify and Power Mechanics. Wood shop, Taughf by Mr. Bill Mazy, was mainly based on Jrhe use of l'he lools and machines used in working wifh wood. Mr. Roberl' McLaren Jraughl Melal shop. His classes worked wilh foundry, welding, and sheer mefal. Sludenfs in Plaslics, under lhe supervi- sion of Mr. Brian Bogner, learned rhe processes of vac- uum forming and polyesler molding. They also worked wi+h acrylics and many differenr sheer plaslics. Mr. Rod- ney Slanaland +augh+ 'rhe skills of archileclural and engi- neering drafling. He also +augh'f lhe use of The air brush. Mr. David Worley, in his Eleclricify and Power Mechan- ics classes, worked wilh The overhaul and repair of small gasoline engines. He laughl The basics of eleclricily and had sludenls work on eleclronic proiecls. The goal of lhese lndusfrial Ari Teachers was 'ro leach lhe basic processes of Tools and machines lhrough lhe use ol pro- iecls. 4 Mr. Brian Bogner Mr. Roberl Mclaren Mr. Bill Mazy Mr. Rodney Sfanaland '32 K A A -' ' f ll Mr. David Worley Mr. McLaren cufs rhe lhreads off a piece of pipe during Mefal shop. Facult Y 3,3- P - 1 or , , J Ms. Dickerson fries fo put one pas? her band sfudenfs. l 4 l l l92 Feculfy "A liflle more +0 1'l1eleff."direc+s Mr. Couch. . ,, A , Ms. Hariefl Cornelison t iv? j Ms. Pal Dickerson ' , vi. ' . i ' 3' fix. . A ' W1 ZF' ' ai 5332, " ., . 'l lp.. .:i... I Q f W, V - . 'sg f-.,..,y.., ,, , . , 1 -Q wffy, N, -.gp , ' ,1 mga sary" gf' . ffifirfpjfi- rid-, Ew wfieif . em. . Y ,. 5 Q if 4 iw -ur., mf l ,ff Q ,Qf ,P , L 1 v ""?4L":L"-s, f is 'fr-4.,,, ,,,: . ..-" M Jn' 'K 6 . ,N A J rw 5. 4 ,V 4 e wx, Ms. Rosemary Rich skillfully direcls the chorus. ina Oqzfa Qinda gallant R i l i 4 1 i i 4 l Ms. Cornelison explains fhe lundamenlals of arf lo an inferesled sludenl. Ms. McVean demonsfrafes fhe imporfance of gesfures and facial expression. we Ms. Nancy McVean Y.-. A , 1: ' Ms. Rosemary Rich The Fine Arls Deparlmenl has some highly falenled leachers inslrucling sfudenls in 'rhe various aspecls of arl, music, and dramalics. The musical end of 'rhe Fine Arfs Deparlmenl was handled by Ms. Dickerson, The band direclor, and Ms. Rosemary Rich, led The chorus. Mr. Couch and Ms. Cornelison laugh? classes in arl which included working wilh plasfics, painling, macrame, and olher facels of arf. Ms. McVean laugh? speech and drama classes which inslrucled slu- denls in public speaking, debaling, panlomime, and acling. The lhree groups pooled lheir elforls for The spring musical, "Once Upon A Mal- +ress." Fa :fy isa 'M 'l iii ' if a. .. if i aff lbw 3: ' 1 rg F ei - , ,1 " , . "Vla- Lg I " 2. A4255 Ji V.. 61 ... , mg il 'lm if 3' y. ri- H V. . l 5 l 5 2 s 3 2 lla , 2 . ,, Qi. aj, Q is i .K . 5 .glib Q 3, ufzg f ff sg A 1" .ig ,gs new .il il il. ll -'-x., n--A 'Y ' lrl -es., 'i ' 'Va .- vi 1- s, A! . 9' The Cafeferia Workers were: Sfanding Ms, Guirn Harnpron. Ms. Clara Merrell. Ms. Pa+ Rekiefa. Ms. Gladys Vinson. Ms. Billie Maxwell. Ms, Wanda Leifko Ms Mary Moss. Ms. Jessei Briyhlmon, Ms. Ethel B. Deckard Kneeling Ms. Consfance Hill. Ms. Medinia Pryar Ms. Joyce Payne. Ms. Louise Thrasher, Ms. Ada Jones Ms Irene Crosby. and Ms. Denise Teague. l94 FacuI+y The Caleleria Slall did an excellenl job working in The lunch room and in +he snack bar lasl year. Each ol lhern was involved in 'rhe preparalion, serving, and clean up ol lhe cafeferia cuisine. Also. lhe Cus- +odial Slall provided many nec- essary services +o keep every- lhing under conlrol on The school grounds. Two shills ol cuslodians and one housek- eeper worked many hours each day lo keep The school building clean and in good condi+ion. Ms. Hill works in fhe morning preparing lunch idx". Qafafszia Cluafocficzf Sfaff gbzouicfe Sezvicas X-, X X. ii rl X Y Mx.. ' Keeping lhe grounds clean occupies lhis cusfodian. ,'T a Mr. Johnni Foreman and Ms. Gwen Hampton ralce a break before lunch Our esleemed cuslrodial sfall lhis year included Mr. Clarence Williams, Jr., lvlr. Harrie S. Smilh, Mr. Priesfly Thompson, Mr. Johnni Fore- man, Mr. Jerry Colborn, lvlr. John Sullivan, Mr. Odell Sneed, Mr. Donald E. Abbofi, and Mrs. Elhel B. Walker as housekeeper. Each did his or her besf in 'lheir respeclrive dulies, especially in lhis year's confusion of conslrudion. Smmp QW The ELLGW IJMYKUS 71008111 K ' Q I A ' I .1 bs., 'in DME G01 Qfass Wag Lsffzafion :lags yawn X., Brian Newby aids Angela Belongie in regisTering her classes, RegisTraTion Tor The I978-79 school year was a Time Tor Treshmen To familiarize wiTh high school proceedings. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors had Their chance To TraTernize and renew acquainTances from The pasT years. Freshmen, Though preregisTered, came Tor orienTaTion on AugusT 29. l.aTer ThaT same day, The seniors had TirsT choice of classes Tor The TorThcoming year. On AugusT 30, Juniors and Then Sophomores arranged Their sched- ules To suiT Their requiremenTs. The Annual STaTT, assisTing in The process, made sTudenT idenTiTicaTion cards, and disTrib- uTed Them among The sTudenTs in Their home- rooms on The TirsT oTTicial day ol: school, Sep- Tember 5. on s Q' X x xw I ii"4n-"I I, Q X 'S y -Q V., X Nix 9s.n' I ' I xxx. 2-. 1--'J ,T "I promise l'm nof in 6Th grade," cries ChrisTian Anderson, L i "f-'f-gn-L-551' "l'm sorry buf we don'T offer baslreT weaving," explains Ms. Laminaclr To some asTon- ished Treshrnen. 113' I Freshmen eagerly awaiT Their Turn To regisTer. endow Qifzfa dlflage ffgisg Qogiasn Yum Yum! Looks like fhe beginnings lo fish cookies. The Senior girls affempled +o make fhese cookies on Sepfember 4+h af 3 o'clock in 'rhe morning. To srarf wilh, +hey gafhered up a dash of freshman girls lapproximarely 6Ol. The Seniors girls added eggs, flour, oil, peanuf bul- +er, whipping cream, smelly spices, and o'rher appefizing ingredienls +0 'rheir mixlure. They 'rhen +horoughly mixed +he ingredienrs up by fak- ing fhe fish baHer for li++le rides around +own. When if came rime fo cook fheir fish cookies The Senior girls began looking for a large enough oven +o cook The bafler. They a'r+emp'red To bor- row Skagg's bakery buf were refused by Skaggs much fo 'rhe dismay of 'rhe senior girls. When -4 A W x fhey finally gave up looking 'For an oven, l'hey "Who were Those masked Seniors?" asks Robin Brown while Lisa Trammell and Laura 'rook rheir QOOGY, UDCOOlK9d bdlief' back 'ro 'l'l16lI' Elliof look on. f-. ,Pt xr af , i 1 homes af 5 a.m. r Aw i..yg.'. 1'- my , A fa? -l I n ' r " 'iega ' , an Q ii 1 15 ' I , .si . V .- fi 1 5 G". .-if 5 . f. 4.5 -, V X51 bd J.. 4 i 121-f7FGx Sl i , .f - , r f 9 . gi! , I I . z F i S-SX 'I f il V L! . 'fi' - " F V H U I- E T ' -, "Well Senior guys how do we look?" asks Sherry Purselley and Danna Koss- 1. "Fish here we comei' yell some Senior girls on inifiaiion night Kelly Whalley gleefully affacks innocenl freshmen. Lisa Guinnup insfruclsfish in "Rollover and play dead" lessons. I n siuou ffaaf Dffiaazs 04k Oqsssmgfy On OcTober 5Th, l978, Seniors gaThered inTo The audiTorium To lisTen To can- blfif elf ' didaTes give Their r f speeches Tor l978-79 Sen- T f 4 Q ior Class OTTicers. The Qi 5 assembly sTarTed wiTh Ms. Rankin, Ms. STevenson, and Brian Newby giving a , 4 ax i. hearTy welcome To all. .lyk The candiclaTes along wiTh Their campaign man- agers did Their besT To convince The Seniors oT Their qualiTicaTions. The I978-79 Senior class oTTicers were announced laTer ThaT day. The winners were: RoloerT Beasley-Pres- idenT, Roberf Niesen-Vice President and JeaneTTe Baird-SecreTary!Trea- Surer- Candiclafes for Senior officers lisren while Debbie Delulio gives her speech. 'TQ g Senior Class Officers: Roberf Nissen-Vice President Jeaneffe Baird-SecreTary- Treasurer, and Reber? Beasley-President - my I -, 5 . l .. . - i - 5 T' T5 A T 1, Y Q Y K ki , , 2 1 A l'Ki J -V1.9 , I ,ii 71' xl, , . W Q. ' .S sf Nfl Y T' 1 ' X! 'e 'T 1- , 1 x , I! . 531 ' K i , 2 T ff, ssis u , .- S S riff i T " 'Q T 4- V 'H 5 ," ' 7, ' ' 3 K ' 1 ' - Q W is Laurel Thedford enTerTains The audience wifh her speaking abilify. Candidafes awaif Their Turn To speak. 200 Senior Elecfions mfg! Qlfawdyf fn' l w A ,f Q T Q Liquid Blue plays The finale number of The 3 T a, l if i T The Howdy Dance kicked oTT The I978-79 school year wiTh real Cougar Tlair. STU- denTs gafhered in The caTeTe- ria on SepT. 9, Trom 8:00 To l2:OO p.m. and Took advan- Tage OT Their TirsT opporTu- niTy oT The year To socialize and geT reacquainTed wiTh The school crowd. The band, Liquid Blue, provided music Tor The crowd who all appeared To enioy The TradiTional dance, given aT The TirsT oT school. Fresh- men soon losT Their bashTul Tendencies and graced The dance Tloor, VeTeran sTu- denTs also parTicipaTed. exhibiTing all The IaTesT dance sTeps, and making sure ThaT none oT The provided reTresh- menTs wenT To wasTe. Vance Umphrsss exhibiTs new King Fu dance Techniques, ,gay xx'-K PaTTie Morris. Revecca Shipe. David Davis, and Tim Wakeland live it up aT The Howdy Dance. Howdy Da ce ZOI The TirsT Tinished eTTorT oT The consTrucTion workers was The souTh parking loT. The opening of The parking IoT was celebraTed in grand manner. PresenT aT The aTTair were The principal, The band, and The cheerleaders. Mr. Dixon received The honors by cuT- Ting The ribbon and opening The parking loT. The band marched in casual uniTorm and The cheerlead- ers performed cheers and diTTiculT sTunTs. All The sTudenTs were pleased To see The progress made by The consTrucTion workers and all The new. convenienT parking spaces. :Q -WW v T Ong Oqwaifacf .f azging of STudenTs waTch as The Tirsf car enfers The parking loT . 5 , .QW T? " if ' ' V T ' A-'lg' l an f w s. ."3' ' , A V M p -"T, P" '14 " 19' 5 T 3 Ac- 'F ,wifii T T-sae T . if W - v W 1 .. ,j5efjfgg41,,- QQ f' ' ' ' f. ". 7 , . ' ::ff?" '2 f ' 7 V ' -fi f ,-ifffsff' ,fu wg' ' , .eg q"r-wg , r P S ' ,. , 'T "' ,es '53 ,'.'MV'E , ,---- lf""-' 'M I,. T mf Y AY ft Inf: T"-3 fi' VF ,fgff YZ -'ir fi ' T +1-4-' ..,,.,-5,35 . ,34 5 -,4-,,-gg.: 1 My t,,.. ,f My '.,. A5 V .A 'L i X Lag, E lk: p K xv -gg . , 4,QM M," V' 5 'Iggy V ., fy -1 . W- '5-Til"-'ff' 1 ' 1' Mk". Eff V ' sn Yeiiififf 1 .W 'WP' ' .... l 5 f f T T A .1 ft 'cs' :Q 'f qw 5 fn J jf J! 1.-fri , . qs , V e s , W , -,D . .fi 1375 .M 1 ,Y , T ni ,Y Y U 45.-fi, 71 f:2f'e?f31efi, ' A , .. as -4 1-4, JT-ma' ' , Ti, f 1.4 ,f"",,,,fJqg9 fkni? 'I L fi 'iii J! 1 T219 . :QQ1 '5 , ii f, 1, r I ,:f.w'1x1i1f' ,fg as YJ . . T,JA,,.4,s.,,?N.,,,V,, K, '41 K .532 ,Y l,f, 13 ,1-cffxff . ' , 4 kv' s, .5 f T. EA 3 ' s:",fffv55fs'f,5f1iv -fgnf ,M , T ' 1 J -:T ' 2 - fefifxfhi . L, -4 Mn-5. ,sf Zi. r " Sn- -,mrs zgaszffwg T sf-239:51'fs2:1'123f-1vfoE- Mr. Dixon glances over The newly finished parking loT. 202 ConsTrucTion Cheerleaders and band members show Their enThusiasm aT The ceremony dlfliffion Eoffafz .qD'LOl'EGf qlncfazway Familiar signs seen af Wesfern Hills. . QT, q,,.,- " Tv- jgjifj-"iz "H l "1 ' T 'ffl f-Z5 iz? aaa-- Q s -1 ., TJ. W, K VA--Ng .. ' ,. 'EPI' 7 'nwtff i J .- 1. gl n- Consfrucfion maferials for fhe new gymnasium lay ready waifing. A worlrman pos Y ons a sreel beam. ln March of I978, a Sl.7 million bond program was begun af Wesf- ern Hills. Consfrucfion sfaried soon afler fhe March 8 elecfion in which 'rhe bond was approved by vofers. The new faciliiies include science laboralories 'rhaf replaced The old library in The main building. A new, larger library equipped wi'rh a Video Tape Recording Cenfer, and improved feacher conference facili- fies will be added 'ro Wesfern Hills. Team 'reaching rooms, and 20 addi- fional classrooms 'ro house +he Eng- lish and Hisfory deparfmenfs will also be added. Proiecfs compleled include a new gymnasium and 350 addifional sfudenf parking spaces. Due 'ro delays, consfrucfion, origi- nally scheduled for complelion wifhin a year, should be complefed in lhe fall of l979. Const cf o Homeco Homecoming lor The year I978 broughl 'rhe familiar sighl' of exlravaganl mums and brighlly decoraled halls. This year +he Camera Club look piclures of girls proudly exhibifing 'rheir mums. Clubs parficipaled in lhe annual ball decorafing con+es'r. The F.H.A. look +he prize for Their originally decorafed hall, wilh fhe Seniors running a close 2nd, ancl fhe cheerleaders coming in 3rd. The Homecoming Pep Rally igniled spiril among sludenls and exes. The leslive Homecoming day was enioyed by all. Qeafioify cgauzwuncfa clfomzcoming Doug Umberson. Chris Tony. Alex Truiillo. Jimmy Walker, and Bill Murray proudly show off The ifgj The Seniors' prize winning decorafions adorn fhe hall. Dana Dunn and Lisa Horne shouf. "Shoul ll Our!" 7 Q78 olfomsconzirzg cowzf f"7 6 A , Dana Dunn .QF-lv, Cindy Buckner fi, X Cindy Lynch X 1 gl iv, - ,' x l Pam Pribble 135 ,Q ,rg . Amy Gallagher y I Es I Queen. Rene Wells Melanie Cafes 'M Tish Sandoval S' tn, 1' ...ZW ,rl . Lisa Horne ecoming i Rene Wells, Homecoming Queen of I978-79. Homecoming day ended wifh 'rhe presenlalion of lhe princesses and lhe announcemenl ol fhe Queen during hallfime of 'rhe game. Rene Wells was crowned Homecoming Queen by Sludenl' Council President Brian Newby. The coronalion was followed by The lradilional congrafulafory lciss and 'rhe new Queen was 'rhen pre- senled a bouquel' ol roses. The Senior Courl was ushered onlo lhe field by 'rheir proud lalhers. Mr. Jerry Dunn escorled his daughfer, Dana Dunn, and Mr. L. D. Horne escorled Lisa Horne. fab.. Rene Wells is overioyed by being crowned Homecoming Queen. Ho ecoming The band, "Chafeau," provides The enierfainmenf for all Those of The dance. Counfry Cowboy, ScoH Adams, discos af +he Homecoming dance Sfudenfs enioy dancing in the gayly decorafed cafeferia. This year's Homecoming Dance was spoflighfed by The fheme "Could H Be Magic." The dance was held in The school cafeferia, on Ocf. 7 from 8:00 'ro l2:OO pm. The music was provided by The band Chafeau, who focused mainly on 'rhe new Disco craze. Picfures were Taken by The camera club for couples who fool: 'rime ouf 'ro caplure +he memories of fhe 'fesfive occa- sion. Homecoming 207 Lisa Horne was chosen as 'rhe I978-79 Baskefball Queen. As reigning queen Lisa represenfed +he Baslcefball Team a+ all games and Tournamenls. Besides sup- por+ing +he baskelball +eam her Senior year, she also represenled 'rhe 'ream for Jrhe pasl four yea rs as a member of 'rhe Weslern Hills Cheerleading Squad. uaelz 70,585 Clouzfaacfs 04012014 ZZ 'S W ZO8 Bask 1baiIQueen Baskefball feam . IQ Baslcelball Queen: Lisa Horne members pose wifh Their queen. l 'ZECLQE Ui U55 rlflfozcf lb ., ff, "1 "Mickey Mouse. my hero!" exclaims Chrisfy Johnson. F9 Cindy "Rah-Rah" Buckner, Danny "Travolta" Hernandez. Shelly "Rizzo" Wheafon. "Wanna s1arfsomefhing?"asl:s Bob Fanr. 50's day was celebraled in swinging slyle. The Fon- zies and Sandra Dees arrived all sliclcecl-up, and ready for a day filled wirh nosralgia. Red lips, greasy hair, bobby socks, and lealher iaclcels were in abundance. A+ 'rhe Pep Rally 'rhe Cheerleaders performed 50's cheers, and rhe band played 5O's music. The crowd was also en+er+ained wirh a special 50's dance by Drum Major Brian Newby, Major Twirler Carrie Cole- man, Twirler Donna Mays, and David Mays. The Cheerleaders had rhe rough iob of choosing a besl dressed boy and girl. The winners of 'rhis high award, Danny Hernandez and Lynn Banra, were awarded prizes during lhe Pep Rally. The lun 'Filled day ended wi+h rhe Wesrern Hills- Poly game. Weslern Hills The viclors lwenly-six To six. and Kenny "Fish" Finch bop info class. James Bolton smiles as he says, "I was fluffy fill l wen? flat" 50's Day 209 On 'rhe fiffh of December Herff-Jones and Joslens deliv- ered senior rings lor The I98O graduales wilh approximafely 500 sfudenfs who received rings. Our spirifed school boughl more sen- ior rings Than any orher school in Tarranl Counly. The ring compa- nies sel up fables in fhe main hall and fhe sludenfs picked +heir rings up during lunch periods. The res? of lhe week was filled wi+h ring comparisons and happy faces. 512601 wing Ufcacfifion, Cbntinuaa ,SQ -i .64 l '1 Q 1 . 'Z , -1 QP- 'W ' wr, ., A l 3 ,ij kg fc... l , ,aW"' X. 5' I9B0 Senior Rings displayed, Juniors form a huddle fo compare rings. 2 O R q Dey M iii' , V- l , W Rosemarie Owens anxiously receives her boyfriend The halls were filled on December fiffeenrh wifh a sfrange breed of sfudenfs - rhe Senior Sreering Commilfee. The commiflee sold songs, poems, and "kisses" and delivered fhem during second period. The Seniors dressed up in elf 'rype clorhes and ran around kissing innocenf bysfanders. The purpose for all fhis frolic was fo collecr money for fhe For? Worfh Slafe School. The Sfeering Com- miffee collecfed a fofal of One Hundred and Sixfy dollars, which fhe Sfafe School used fo help pay for a recrearion area. This is The life!" commenfs Mr. Mann while receiving a lciss from fwo elves. Jennifer Dixon is shocked when Told fha? There is no Sanfe. fn T , QI A, xr . P. ia'-L S f Members of the Steering Cornmifiee receive lasf rninufe insfrucfions. The annual ChrisTmas dance was looked Torward To This year by sTu- denTs aT WHHS. Sponsored by The Senior class, This parTicular dance oTTers girls a chance To do The ask- ing, The boys To do The waiTing. The Elks Lodge was The siTe oT This year's evenT, which was held December 8. Trom 8:00 To l2:OO pm. The band Creme deCocoa played a varieTy oT disco Tunes Tor The cou- ples To dance To. ParenTs oT seniors chaperoned The dance and helped also by serving reTreshmenTs, and Taking TickeTs aT The door. Mr. Mann and his Camera Club were once again presenT To Take picTures oT Those aT The dance. All Teachers and Their daTes were inviTed and really enjoyed The dance. GuesT soloisT also parTicipaTed, including Eddy "quick sTicks" Lobb. clfofaflay Sfzzlzif Cliffs E172 10619 Creme de Cocods lead singers hamonize To The song "LasT Senior sponsors. Rebecca STevenson endlinda Rankin deb T ho gefs T e e T Mr. Warden applaudes himself affer successfully finishing anofher dance wllll Mnslevenson' dance. 2l2 Ch sfmas Dance N. yu 91' K .Mb Y K 9 P, fl J., X yi 3,3 Kenny Finch "gefs down" cf fhe Chrisfmas dance. if i Chrisfine Shannon furns fo find her dafe missing. While Ms, Kay Marie Smifh fans Lord Smifh, he orders Ms. Buhl fo polish his shoes. Larry Marx and Kerri Jones pose for The annual Chrisfmas Dance. Chrisfmas Dance 2 I 3 cgfziafmaa 93109 'cam gets .Stage oz cvofidaya I ff 1 in vw? ' " 1 x Violinisf Donna Nelson plays a Clnrisfmasfime solo. ,., , 'fir ?'lF'2 e is ii 1 l :dvi ,,., xi 5 Q 2 I4 Chrisfrnas Program Trumper players wail pafienfly for fheir Time 'ro play. -2 .1..f.,... 5 .3 31", ,gf up M ' . . ' + 'f-W, 'V' "' . .- 'e-.rw fix' 1 ' A. ' 'V - - .. wh UA. M, ,M ., I Filet- ,,,,.,,,-,.., .,,, ,, ,g,M3,j""W3 . , sm. e W ,,,,,, ,us suvmmvvv-f-H --.,..s.....,, s,,,,.-,,.., T1 Q r new Jane Webb does her besfArTl1ur Fiedler imifafion. Ms. Dickerson prepares fo announce The nexf number ,Qx The girls alio secfion Robin Moehring is accompanied during her solo by The chorus. l Danell Pociaslc, Barry Rowell d S ll iixi y Fleming perform an insirumerilal solo. harmonizes wifh The bass and soprano sechons. The holiday spiriT was in Tull swing aT WesTern Hills This year. High- lighTing The season were The band and chorus wiTh Their enioyable ChrisTmas program, presenTed To The sTudenT body Friday. December l5. The band played a varieTy of ChrisTmas songs including an old TavoriTe. "Sleigh Ride." The audiTorium was gayly deco- raTed wiTh snowmen, holly, and oTher ChrisTmasTime symbols. STudenTs lis- Tened To The chorus perTorm when The band had Tinished. Accompanied on The piano by Sally Fleming, The chorus sang a medley of new and old songs which delighTed The group OT sTudenTs. A vocal solo by Robin Tvioehring and an insTrumenTal solo by Danell Pociaslc, Barry Rowell, and Sally Fleming added a special noTe To The program. The Tinale number. The l-lalleluiah Chorus, broughT The sTu- denTs To Their TeeT wiTh applause. BroughT TorTh in a bursT oT TalenT and exTravagance, The Couger Capers under The sponsorship of Ms. Nancy McVean were a successTul display oT TalenT This year as in every ofher year. Comedy, magic, singing, dancing and impersona- Tion highlighTed The Two acT show which Tool: place February 23, I979. Two per- Tormances, an aTTernoon assembly and a nighT show, made iT possible Tor The enTire sTudenT body To see The Capers. The show was opened by MCees Andy LaTTa, Lisa STurdivanT and Tiffany Gid- eon, The firsT acT consisTed oT Duce, RoboT Dance. Brown Angels, Joan Belongi, Palm Grease, Amy Bourland. Devery Hennard, Magic oT The OrienT. George Brown and The Sophomore Girls. Uafsnt Oqgouncfa 04k CQZfl8"L5, Tony Johnson plays The bass, while Damon Duperre sings To The accompanimenT of Duce. Terry SmiTh. Kafie Bales and Chris Toney performed asTonishing ads in "Magic of The Orient" 2 I 6 Co ger Capers ,Ol 5 xv '7 .,, x 1 rf., . Q ..,.g Xb. A v 1 4155-i"N , , ,Nuff JL ,WMI lx f ,i.'!5"'3".-.' !'- - M :' l Xz'7 .'i'7- Z,r 3 I 5 Q, :YfQ:'4:5fs,11ff ,LFQ f:N ffkf- fx "I , A ,k4.,f'. 'J ':,v .LI7 , , '. 1 ' ,hi- gf v v. fm- . IF' ff , n -ap, . ' L , if 3.4! vw' .4 Pc' ff . A Y :Wh , 'f " ,fi . 1 1. 1 ' sf ff, ,T --2 A! fl-gi L Q wi' .':w , , Xi' .M xx 5 v-, -- -" 'X . . r'-, 1,32 fha.. '. , V.4',j. ' 'Fl'-1 , -1, ,A V x.. .lx ' x l f ' Elvis lRicl:y Kisselll sings "Love Me Tender" for fha enioymenl of fhe fans. 95" ? 'ffk ,ff 's g Ll, ,, we Elvis lRiclcy Kisselll gives a fan a big kiss. Jacque Halbach moved lo Homebound in a Robo? Dance. 2 I 8 Cougar Capers Shawn McLaughlin and David Whiting sing along wilh fhe Blues Broflmers o Man. Umpauonafeons Ol! ggfrggf Chfzau 5 Q Ei .0 - -' S Y , X -. -.. aryl ,T 1 X X , r ' I , yi. Y fb' if A l -. . Afrer a shorl inrermission, rhe second acl began wifh Rick Kissell impersonaring Elvis, "Soul Man" fearuring Shawn McLaughlin and David Whifing, Donna Ballard, Ease On Down The Road, Lisa Riley, Summer Nighrs, Cindy Lynch, Kennerh Weelcs, Disco Dance and Lasrly The Senior girls closed fhe show wi'rh "Macho Man" and The Alma Marer. Cindy Lynch sings Desperado. Danny Uravolfal Hernandez expresses himself in "Summer Nigh+s". Cougar 220 Drama Hard work, rehearsals, and efforf were incorporafed in The advanced drama class's UIL compelifion produclion. Deparring from lighf comedy. fhe drama sfudenfs 'rook on a more challenging proiecr. choosing Archibald Macl.eash's dramalic play "J.B." The play is acfually 'rhe modern version of fhe book of Job as found in fhe Bible. The play was presen+ed a+ fhe Ull. compelilion in 'rhe las? week of March, as well as for fhe sfudenf body in fhe spring irimesrer. Cas? in The leads were Sreve Dunning, who played J.B., Leslie Fanning, as Sarah. and Tim Young played God. N H fnfefzacf Un. Qmflafifion Gary Moore recifes his speech during a rehearsal. Sieve Dunning and Leslie Fanning lislen fo direcfions before beginning fheir scene. f r 1 gl' 3 gi--MJ' 15.-, 12.3 ' - !!M3f':,' 311 i .X , ' ,fzyx gi j ' ' - " 'r- . Shawn Kahler is caugh? off guard brushing up on her soff shoe 1- Tim Young helps a fellow odor wifh his lines. Andy Laffc waifs. prepared for his scene fo open. Drama 22I Clufzicf Qnqusu I A v ' The 1979 ValenTine's Dance was held on February TenTh in The Olde School CaTe. The Junior class, which sponsored The dance, chose The Theme oT "Nobody GeTs Too Much Heaven" and decoraTed The caTeTeria wiTh mounTains and clouds. AbouT 250 people aTTended The dance which lasTed Trom 8:00-l2:OO on SaTur- day nighT. Even Though The crowd was raTher small, Those There seemed To enioy boTh The com- pany and The band, Reunion. ' "Will you be my ValenTine?" ,Sh Reunion provided a good beaT Tor The ValenTine's Dance. 222 ValenTine's Dance Everyone enjoys dancing in fhe heavenly efmosphere. N I Couples ge? sifuafed before ge+fing their picfure made. cwozifea Aifzoffiggfecf cgi Qfafsnfinsia ance ln keeping wiTh WesTern Hills TradiTion, The announcemenT oT class TavoriTes was anxiously anTic- ipaTed by Those aTTending The l978-79 ValenTine's Dance. AT Ten o'clock all The couples gaThered around The appropriaTely deco- raTed plaTTorm Tor The presenTa- Tion. WiTh members oT The annual sTaTT presenT, Meg Spiegel, Edi- Tor, announced The winners. Robin Brown and Rod Brann were chosen by The Treshman class as TavoriTes. Cindy Morrow and Tony Johnson became sophomore TavoriTes, and junior TavoriTes were Twyla Park and Danny Hernandez. The honor OT senior TavoriTes was awarded To Laurel ThedTord and Jim Musick. WiTh candy hearTs Tor The girls and large chocolaTe kisses Tor The boys, all The TavoriTes enioyecl receiving Their honors. 224 ValenT ne's Dance Jim Musick and Laurel Thedford congraTulaTe each ofher aTTer being awarded Senior Tavorifes. ? , T. E , - y ' X ga., 0 1.1 , .W , 5 Twyla Park and Danny Hernandez smile aTTer becoming Junior TavoriTes. .-Q ' Q2 Cindy Morrow and Tony Johnson 'Tix ' -fa"'a', '- Sophomore favorites. ., I - .-,wng Rodd Brann and Robin Brown gladly receive Their awards. Velenfines Dance 225 ff ll ggfaass olzafa Bfoocf y ws 3 11 l p-A ll 4 ni i M 4 ll 1 A ' ii 'E Iii Blood Center H I , Cheryl Wiley, Ricky Purselley, Laura Nelson. and Susan Jordan sTand in TronT oT The CarTer Blood CenTer Mobile. Gloria Talley Talres Laura Nelson's blood pressure before Laura gives blood. "Please donaTe your blood" was The ouTcry oT The Car- Ter Blood CenTer during The WesTern Hills annual Blood Drive which was held on March 20. The goal This year was I35 uniTs which is needed daily Tor paTienTs who desper- aTely need The blood. The process oT giving was very simple. The assisTanTs TirsT Took The donors blood pressure, and a sample oT blood and ran Through a quick medical hisTory. The donor Then proceeded To donaTe a pinT oT blood. CarTer Blood CenTer has been conducTing These Blood Drives Through all ForT WorTh High Schools, and WesTern Hills High School did iTs Tair share. 226 Blood Drive -J , .sy 1 Q6 "lT doesn'T even hurT". exclaims Jimmy LesTer, while Susan Jordan and The assisTanT loolc on. Fx -al ...we X .-i Pam Pribble helps move fables info fhe audiforium. fQ X T X. .xt , - V '3- Lf , f ' -r a 1 5 " 1 Ms. Lipscomb looks over a lis+of1hingsfo do for fhe blood drive. - 3 Vx, '-4 s Pam Pribble and Joni Monfqomery go over a lisf of donors wiflw Ms. Lipscomb. W. l Blood Drive 227 Ice Skali ........-I- Slip Aificfin' may wnl 'Will rogers mem nrialceriter QF Skafers do vorio s warmup exercises before hiffing the ice. 1.- Bill McDavid is sfill sfunned affer his las? fall. This year's ice slcafing parries supplied slippery fun, scraped shins, and sore ankles 'ro 'rhrill seekers in aHen- dence. Sliding away on 'rhe ice fhe skafers enioyed 'rhe 'lacilifies provided by Will Rogers Memorial Coli- seum. The rwo ice slcaring parries, sponsored by The Siu- denf Council, were held on Ocrober I Irh from 7:30 fo 9:00, and January 9+h from 7:00 fo 9:00. The suspense filled evening came fo a close and Wesfern Hills sfudenfs dragged fheir bruised bones along and slip slided home. Chris Rogers warns Sfeve Senay fo sfay ou? of his way. . A 3 "The Lone Skaferf' Vivian Gray, is los? wifhouf her sidekick Tonto. A Cbnteat Spawn, ew wwf!! X ff ,, , , ,'at lg ' I 4. T ' 144 :- at . i .. . ' fl ' ,gig . , , . - .5 H ., i T in A '43 qi , T :s .'-' '--l::,::' as , -. s is .Q w y , . I . . I I , , -:-" f,41::: - 1. fa 4 'T' . 1 ,. , - i' -x 4 ' f ii fl jl 'fa , lj ,., Q: f 1 'ii " E-' .jl 'ii ii -' 3. ' Troy Daniels.Jimmy Lampe, and Jim Musick geT sTroked by Thejudges. 'ij ' .A il T'a"'X. li - Q ,r ,Leif - .Nil A William Milner was awarded Mr. Macho Dixon, Troy Daniels was crowned Mr. Hairy by Kafhryn SmiTh, and Mr. Barely There honors wenT To MarTy HunTley. Meg Spiegel gave Todd BarTon The Mr. SoTTy award, and Mr. Beard Hono QD A 1 1 F 'xl ' ' ' x.f ' . '-is . Q wi J fn ,a... Ll ConTesTanTs for This year's Beard Growing conTesT included: Todd BarTon, Eric Sfephenson. Tim Huebner, Andy HorTon. Chuck Fair. Roberf Neisen, William Milner, Mike Esfes, Bo Wallace, Buddy Richardson, RoberT Hernsberger, Marfey HunTley, Jim Musick, Jerry Prince. Richard McDuTT. Jim Lampe. John Urbank. and Troy Daniels. named Mr. Sexy by HeaTher McMillian, Andy Horfon was by Jane Webb. Mike Estes was named Mr. Wooley by Jennifer rs wenf To John Urbank. in a presenTaTion made by Sue Garner. The men oT WesTern Hills High School are very masculine and virile, as was proven by The annual beard-growing con- TesT. ConTesTanTs were required To reporT To Mr. Murray clean-shaven on January 4. There was a 25 cenT enTrance Tee. The guys roamed The halls Tor weeks looking shabby unTil The day OT judging, February 9. ConTesTanTs, who were all seniors, gaThered in The caTeTeria To have Their beards examined and TelT by The judges. TexTure, lengTh, and general appearance were all major TacTors in The judges Tinal decision. Susan Garner, HeaTher McMillan, Meg Spiegel. JenniTer Dixon, Jane Webb, and KaThryn SmiTh made The Tinal decisions. Trophies were awarded To The seven guys wiTh The mosT "inTeresT- ing" beards. Judges Tor The Beard Growing ConTesT were: KaThryn SmiTh, Sue Garner, Meg Jane Webb closely inspecfs Troy Daniels' beard. Swegel' Healhe' MCM'll'an and 'lane Webb' Beard Growing ConTesT 229 230 Senior Acfivifies anion nfoy asf Wan Arg? Tracy Brown sums up her senior year. Senior elves sing fo Charlie Trammel. Senior girls enjoy flieir los? pep rally. Seniors parficipafe in regisTraTion for The las? Time. qv' if Don Parnell. Everf Bell. and ScofT Moore affend The game oT The year. Buddy Richardson shows his seniorify. Qs -1' 2 Seniors parTicipaTed This year in many acTiviTies available only To Them. The acTiviTies ranged Trom raising money Tor chariTies To supporTing Their school. The Fall TrimesTer sTarTed The year ouT wiTh various acTiviTies. The Class oT '79 supporTed Their TooTball Team by aTTending pep rallies, games, and wearing Their senior jerseys. The Senior STeering CommiTTee was organized To help in The planning oT The coming acTiviTies. To head up This commiTTee. The seniors elecTed a presidenT, a vice-presidenT, and a secre- Tary-Treasurer. WiTh The coming oT winTer and ChrisTmas seniors began money raising proiecTs. ChrisTmas cards. songs, and kisses were sold To raise money Tor The ForT WorTh STaTe School. These were delivered by SanTa's elves, alias The Senior STeering CommiTTee. The annual ChrisTmas Dance was again sponsored by The graduaTing class. The dance was held in The ballroom aT The Ellc's Lodge on December 8 Trom 8 - I2. The senior girls danced To "Macho Man" and sang The Alma MaTer during The Couger Capers in February. As The seniors enTered inTo The spring TrimesTer Tor Their downhill slide, They eagerly awaiTed The acTivi- Ties To come. The Senior nighT aT Six Flags and The Prom were held on The weekend oT May I I and I2. OTher acTiviTies were The olympics, The senior pro- gram Tollowed by The picnic, BaccaIarea+e, and Tinally graduaTion. Senior ACT 232 Og t aafuzafcona 5 "ww 1:1 Elle 5.54 The STudenT Advisory Com- miTTee was creaTed To deal wiTh problems broughT on by minor- iTy group isolaTion in school. The commiTTee noT only dealf wiTh conTlicTs beTween minori- Ties buT also Those beTween Teachers and sTudenTs. They encouraged sTudenTs To bring any and all problems To Them. Their goal was To bring abouT a compromise To The problems They were Taced wiTh. The CommiTTee has been aT work Tor WesTern Hills Tor Tive years. Each race was represenTed on The CommiTTee. This year's CommiTTee was sponsored by Mrs. Linda Allie. SfudenT Advisory Commiffee includes: FirsT Row Sara Delgado sponsor Mrs Linda Allie Regina Verdun Luanne Bliss Kafhryn SmiTh Second Row Danny Hernandez. ReneG ' ,B dd R' h d M ascia u y ic ar son arvin GilberT Jason WesT and Roberf Beasley 234 STudenT Advisory mm Lffee Qfans 512601 Oqafivifiea 'T . My - -I mid, Tig The IQ79 Senior STeering Commiffee. Senior Steering Commirfee officers were Robert Niesen. Robert Beasley, and Jean- eTTe Baird. V M1 'T ' I '. .if - - l l iii l,-ff-ii-'.r,ff-.X if if 1 UZ." 'Lg J 31W-' ' lf' fi -E V ii X-5 q un h f s T .yy tariffs ,lair YA J r T ' 4.11: r T Ms. Rebecca Sfevenson and Ms. Linda Rankin were The dedicaTed sponsors of The Senior STeering CommiTTee, The Senior STeering CommiTTee was made up oT Two represenTaTives Trom each senior homeroom. The commiTTee was designed To plan and organize all acTiviTies Tor The senior class, and made all deci- sions concerning The prom and The senior aucTion. The Senior STeering CommiTTee raised money Tor The sTaTe school beTore The ChrisTmas holidays by dressing as elves and delivering ChrisTmas carols, kisses and poems. The oTTicers oT The commiTTee, RoberT Beasley, RoberT Niesen, JeaneTTe Baird, along wiTh The sponsors Ms. Rebecca STevenson, and Ms. Linda Rankin conducTed The meeTings and presenTed new ideas To The members. Senior S Teering 235 Disfllbys ,feacfefzsgzlfl -L: L P?-fx 3 o Members of N.H.S. were: Chris Toney. Anne Allen, Laura Hall, Lisa Horne. Lisa Guinnop, Lynn Clark, Kim Pritchard, Kafhy Kilgore. Second Row: Doug Priddy. Dana Dunn. Laurel Thedlord. Lisa Wallace. Becky Rogers, Janie Webb, Donna Griswold. Cindy Beauchamp. Slephanie McDonald, Cindy Williams. Third Row: Anifa Moser. Susan Garner. Heafher McMillan. Cindy Hoyler, Debbie Delulio, Franklin Reed, Jeanelle Baird, Lisa Diflev. Ricky Perry. Fourlh Row: Lisa Rosenlrefer, Donna Nelson. Rene Wells, Sfephen McCoy, Anne Jackson, Linda Diflev. Fifth Row: Denise Mladenka, Jim Lampe. Heather Walker, Debbie Griffin, Lynn Banfa, Susan Lewis. Sirlh Row: Jim Musick, Jon Banks. Mike Copeland, Bryan Sfelfey, Jackie Grosklos, Lolly Moose. Carol Simms. Regina Robinson, Leslie Cowden, Diann Brewer. Sevenfh Row: Bryan Bunselrneyer. Terry Hellon, Lisa Brooks. Rober? Sullivan. Rober+Seiber1', Todd Harden. Roberl Beasley. Brian Newby and David Pafferson. f,,:,,.hxa V., yl.5fiL,fg?,j5.Xy . , wif y . s, A H6 i ??vfgT.yfQ.f V ' . 1 1 'J ' 'fer l,,y, , ' L ,. N I R- X I k-.,, , ' " 2, 1. -lg , A E x .v, N.- , 5 , fllxijlb, 192 L. X 2 Q 253' . 1 -wg .-.gp 1 i f. !',, "ii M 1 . J :N 3 fs 5 'C' : is -' ffzyg -ax ,, x f ' ,, l X. V sf-guy, ., pjf- f 'YQ ,V X55 . ' ' A We 'Z , x ' X 4 ' Q. Q f, fm I' x I Sponsors ol The club were Mr. Robinson, Mrs. Amend. Mrs. Wenzel, and Mrs. Coon. 236 Nalional Honor Sociely To encourage good scho- lasfic abilily, good characfer, leadership and service were 'rhe goals of lhe Nalional Honor Sociefy. Sponsored by Ms. Amend, Ms. Coon, Ms. Wenzel, and Mr. Robinson, members were required 'ro mainlain a 3.75 grade poinl' average wifh no cilizenship grade below sarisfacrory. The Narional Honor Sociefy sponsored "Awards Nigh+" in rhe Spring, a+ which 'rime qualified Juniors were inducred info fhe Sociely. f Socnefy member Laurel Thedford sfudies for an advanced biology fesf Brian Sfeffy aids in performing an experiment. National Honor Socie'ry 237 E, .fuse Sponsoring the sfu A. , ,i ff -'lx , ,- x 1 .ii , l Q- K K -4 i 1.159 is-R4 V I rf. 'I' l 1 i P . Q : lx -' I. M 1 1-7. ff 1 . . fe- 'W-1 iq. 514 ., , .. n .f eq. i. iii . '.1 ,7-. Rl' '1 I 'V 'V l. .3-ffl ? -, i 3 if ' 'T denf council were Ms. Allie and Ms. Coulfas. uncif-.fed gD'zo!'saf :R 0.6154 52,500 f fs Brian Newby and Jane Webb presenf Vearl McDaniel of 'the Fort Worfh Sfafe School a check for 52.800, Egfr? JN -' D? J- l QQ' The Execufive Board consisfed of Danny Hernandez, Pilar Mecha, Brian Newby. Jane Webb, Susan Beck, Joni Monfgomery. Pam Pribble, Heather McMillan, Robin Brown. Susan Garner, Robin Porferfield, and Carol Hi++. 238 Sfudenf Council lx-eq , .f, f L i I 5 l W..-V-. Senior representafives were Susan Garner and Heafher McMillian. ' Ev .. .own E Q x. -A.. N. J...- .L Coach Fischer, alias "Scrooge", spreads his humbug around W.H.H.S, halls during Christmas acfivifies sponsored by the Sfudenf Council. i- -s -1-rw-:Ns , L...Li.c::m. ............---. N, ii V I 'Ik Treasurer. Pilar Mecha models fhe lafesf I978'79 sfudenf council wares. - iiiisff , l l Represenfing the Juniors were Danny Hernandez and Carol Hill. Sfudenl Council 239 ui e 3 i wzcif Cofzcfucfa cgjaaoncf 93.51604 Jmeafinga 3 2. bi Sfudenf Councul gafhers new ndeas during a second period meefing. I Second period represenfafive. Annalee Shipe. repor+s +o her clas V 'i S -ff' 'M uncflf Bangs cgifucfenf Body The Execufive Board of fhe Sfudenf Body consisfed of Carol HiH, Joni Monigomery, Pam Pribble, Heather McMillan, Danny Hernandez, Robin Brown, Janie Webb. Brian Newby. Pilar Mecha, Susan Beck, Robin Porferfield. and Susan Garner. Mainlaining a sound sludenl governmenl was lhe chief goal of lhe sludenl council. They counseled many school acfivilies such as: Who's Who, Chrislmas proiecls, Blood Drive, Homecoming, and Sludenl Direc- Tory. Funds for lhese proiecls were earned by lhe council 'rhrough many aclivilies. These included school dances, ice slcaling parlies, class buH'ons, and cougar hals. Council members were lcepl busy +hroughou'r lhe year running 'rhe Beard Growing conlesf, assisling al Freshman reg- islrafion and ushering al The gradualion ceremonies. Sponsor Mrs. Odessa Coullas enlered The lop four senior officers in workshops Throughoul' lhe year where 'rhey discussed leadership, examined olher school sfudenl councils, and planned new aclivifies. The Execulive Board officers were Presi- denf - Brian Newby, Vice-Presidem' - Janie Webb, Secrelary - Susan Beck, and Treasurer- Pilar Macha. The Sfudenf Council officers included. Presidenf - Brian Newby, Vice-Presidenf - Janie Webb, Secrefary - Susan Beck, and Treasurer - Pilar Mecha. Sfudenf Council 8902226129 6500: aafms aw Learning new skills in cho- ral singing, The Beginning Choir held lheir own Fall, Chrislmas and Spring con- cerls. Their main priorilies were learning lhe Technical aspecls ol choral singing and lo leecl info 'rhe Concerl Chorale. Miss Rich is asfonished by the falenr of her second period class, W J - ,. . . . is ns, ,4- The Beginning Choir consisfed of Tina Anderson. Chrisfine Archibald, Slephanie Bellon, Anna Cartwright Vicki Church, Carolyn Collins, Tammy Cooper, Olivia Denfon. Cindy Dickerson. Teresa Dobbins. Chrisrine Fouche. Dalena Garreff, Debbie Griggs, Eddie Harden. Hope Henry, Lafonya Huclraby, Deanne Jerfon, Tanya Johnson. Arlesa Lehman, James Lifrle, Nanelre Logbeclc, Kasandra Marshall, Kelley McAnally, Andrelyn Moss. Jane Moles, Tracey Nahoolewa, Glynnis Pearson. Gay Pecl1,Debof rah Plisler, Wayne Phillips, Sherry Purselly, Jamie Richards. Shannon Robinefl, Dean Rodriguez, Charles Russell, Lisa Summers, Larry Swarfz. Nancy Webb and Phyllis Wood. 242 Chorus Clflofzus nfoys 0'-fame! Kiflfozg Officers for the Chorus were Secrefary-Treasurer: Kerrie Huleft, Vice-President: George Brown and Presi- denf: Lisa Rosenfrefer. Paula Mifchem concenfra+es on her new piece of music, "You've go? fo be kidding - We're singing Huis?" exclaims Anne Jackson. Chorus 243 244 Chorus 67501144 xasfa Un, Jlflan Lmansions fl 1 i 4,5 1 -2 ii 1 -Af ,V ig 3 If wi 5 5 i . K f Concerf Chorale members were: Suzy Tony, Wendi Whifehead, Cafherine Moore. Angie Johnson, Tim Powers, Ben Salaz. scoff Gammill. Sheila Williams, and Denise Thomas. 2nd Row: Anne Jackson. Becky Hood, Vera Cruz, Bessie Johnson, Liz Kelly, Donna Watson, Doyce Dees, Daryl Hilliard, Devery Hennard, Mark Oxner. Sfuarf Laurence, George Brown, Danny Howard, Glenn Herringfon, Andy Larfa. Kerrie Hulelr. Lisa Rosenfrefer, Tami-ni Holloway. Mary Harden, Carol Dary, Laurie London, 3rd Row: Danell Pociaslx, Para Holloway, Elaine Taylor. Robin Moehring. Barry Rowell. Gus Mauiiouranis. Larry Marx, Craig Laila, Lee Anderson, David Calvin, Nancy Gillmann, Paula Milchern and Donna Ballard, Weslern Hills was lorfunaie enough To be represenred in lhe All-Dislricl Choir by nine oulslanding individuals. These were: Joan Belongie, Scoii Gamrnill, Larry Marx, Robin Moehring, Caiherine Moore, Lisa Rosenireler, Barry Rowell, Elaine Taylor and Wendi Whi- Tehead. Going on +o All-Region Choir were Larry Marx, Robin Moehring and Calherine Moore. Ugozua Cbmflafsz Un, Sfafz asf Beginning The year wiTh The Fall ConcerT on November 3, The WesTern Hills High School Choir wenT on To compeTe in many regional and sTaTe compeTiTions. These included: The U.I.L. Solo and Ensemble CompeTiTion and The U.l.L. ConcerT and SighTreading CompeTiTion. They were also parTic:ipanTs in The All-CiTy Cho- ral ConTesT and The All-CiTy individual conTesT. The choir will compeTe in The STaTe meeT in AusTin dur- ing June. They also hope To Take a Trip To Galves- Ton or Amarillo Tor a Choral ConTesT. T ' L, i ,Q - ' . - . 1 . r:1H'S .. vt Y ,Q H ' " hgh' T if T fn T g '- Q. .- Af -311 ' 'fig-.i J I , L' h -fl: x Y ' XVI . K his xl- T -V -Af .x t ., . EMWQE " ' ' 1' ' " T H - . 1.-. f I -' v N 1 E ' , Vx... .izrzlua Lrsgakzs-.fisfri-iifalffe. Chamber Choir members were: Wendi Whnehead. Craig Lafra, Kerrie HuleTT, Lee Anderson. Cafherine Moore. Glenn HerringTon, Denise Thomas, Lisa Rosenfrefer, Danny Howard. Elaine Taylor, Robin Moehring, Larry Marx, Laurie London, Paula Mifchem and Scoff Gammill. Cho 246 Band tinnuv l la 3 can-1 F? u i IF iii.. iz , E. -F , Banc! fxaafs Un Cinnteaf 5 9 i' ' 1, The I978-79 Cougar Marching Band officers, Fronf Row: Jerene Campbell, Michelle Marfin, Sharon Mason, Heafher Walker. Belh Caufield. Back Row: Tony Johnson. Bob Fanf, Jon Banlcs, Reber? Sullivan. Jim Lampe. . "Am l supposed fo play now?" ques?ions Danna Brown as Jacques Halbach con- finues wifh fhe music. ,JXQX 4 -'ic Head Drum Moior Brian Newby conducfs band during fhe Eas'rern Hills game halffime show. i xg 'H "0'ir1,- I ' . ' . -bn. -Gif., 1.12-4-..pr--1.-f A -'rl-"F" . nh L.J.Jf,4... - ' P --' if 'f','f'i,:f.-'Q ' V ' ..' VL, . . .a2'ii-eiw-f'Q"Zi.n:amr Flag Corps performs a "slam" af +he end of fhe opening number. The 78-79 Cougar Marching Band displayed 'rhe pride of Wesrern Hills by being one of lhe fwo 'rop ra'red bands ar Ciry Con- lesr. Under 'rhe leadership of Mrs. Par Dickerson and field direcrion of Drum Maiors Brian Newby and Bob Fanr rhe six +o five milirary sryle band lcepr in srep wirh dis- 'rincr marching abilifies forming precisioned lormarions. The band performed ar all rhe pep rallies and foorball games, adding spirif and life To all Cougar fans. Mrs. Dickerson srrived fo improve 'rhe band and wirh a rouch of class from fhe new and unique rifle corps +he band was enlighrened wilh a sparlcle and gleam. ani! 'wil' Bob Fan? and Brian Newby march fhe band into iormafi Band 247 248 Band 5 1 L 1 .24-Q ze-esp?-Q ' ' sais-ifif: f-if iiEg U55 1978-197'9flfVeatam 0'-fiffs The l978'79 Weslern Hills Cougar Marching Band consisfed of Gary Abshire, Felisa Amos, Cris Anderson, Jeanerle Baird. JclhflBanlcs,,Todd Barclen. Scoff Blackman. Jenny Bowen. Jerry Bowen. Graham Bullard, Tim Bullard, Jerrene Campbell, Kevin Capps, Susan Carpenter. Befh Caufield, Angiefhurahill, KerrieiClack, Karey Cola- man. Kyle Coleman. Sue Corner, Lorelia Dolson, Keilhlliichenberger, Mari: Eley, Garden England. Sieve Fagan. Susan Fagan, BoblFani, Sieve Fleming. Jeff Frey, Debra Gardner, Kevin Gowins, Vivian Gray, John Griffi+h,,Jackie Grosklos, Melanie Grosklos, Nancy Grunewald, Julie Gutierrez, Jacgue,l"lalbacl'i, Kaihy Hale, Travis Hamil- Ton, Milne Harris, Todd Hindman. Carol Hiff. Nels Hogbergl. Tommy Holloway, Darrel Housfon. Kerrie Hulell. Tom Hunl, Anne1Jfaolcs6n,, Donna Jenkins. Tony Johnson. Jim Johnson, Linda Julien, Kay Kauanaugh, Kafhy Keys, Kaihy Kilgore, Cheryl Kirby, Sieve Kline, Neil Krause, Alan Kuykeridall,'Jim Lampe, Jane? Lane. Cheryl Langley, Leigh Ann Long, Robyn Marlen. Michelle Marlin, Sharon',Mason, Donna Mays. Marci McCullough. Tina McGee, Laura Moore, Milie,Moreau, Wayne Morfon. Ron Mor- fon, Elizabelh Mullens. Tami Murphy, Felix Naveiar. Brian Newlgy, Kim Norris, Debbie O'Brian, Brad Osler, Eric Paige,lQorena'Pen1on, Shelia Perry, Joex Posiask. Dugga Poe. Cindy Ponder, Cap Pool, Milce Powelson. Sheri Rabon. Jill Ragland,'Sherry Richey, Roberf Roberts. Layne Sanders, LarryfSegars. Andy Shevak, Cindy Smifh, Terry Smifh. Eric Sfephenson. Roberf Sullivan. Barbara Taylor, Slisie Toney. Chris Toney. Bill Trimble, Doug Umberson. David Vance, Mike Vaughn, Marcie Vicfry, Allen Walker. Healher Walker. Eric Welgehausen. Janice,Whi,ffielg:l,iHill'WhillQck. Sian Williams. and Bill Zulfer. i i V i l V Q 3 l I e 1 1 ff, 1 1 clgigg cgsafioof Jmazaili ougcvz and n r u r I V Drum Maior: Brian Newby V K Drum Maior: Bob Fam' 1 V ,flee f , . X " ' ' ? . N iv Y ' Ain' ,-,A 7 " A 5- ' , V 555951. VX :T . f ' ., , 1 F 1 ' - ' lex ' . ,N '- e 1 Z1gg1'3.L-4252452 1 ,y if! fir if ,, ,1 ,W " ig f U' ' 'HTF' ' f , 'Pi ' 'lffszf 1 - :ff Z ' I"7'v., ...+V v. ,L 5- f.,, ' ' -I .-'f W 51i'E5gf?ff'5?3?" 1 - "- , -- " :2f5:?1 . A A4 .fglegv-ek f-f-f-. 1 ':fi5.: 1: --",we'7R-Jai? 11' "ef" ' win " M'-A ' :"w ':f,fIff,fA 1ff.:'fL? f ' 1- 5 ein, Lrffsfr-1 in -of -fyifia ggi' K ,gl "T W... V' fy?-fri .fame cg ff: ,: rn2"'f' . 1 r v,fajwf11,.gg N jf??!-if " I Y, 'THIZXBV y 'fi'-ua-'-..f .457 'we' of 7. 5 , , I, Ir K 'K ' k , l V , I Y K Y V1 , Q L Feature Twirler: Karey Coleman - The Western Hillsfllifle Corp consisfed of Kafhy Kilgore, Kdrey Coleman. Kerrie HuleH, Donna Mays, Julie G-ufierraz. Carol HIH, and Susan Carpenter. l 1 1 1 w 4 , , 1 ' 1 Band 249 250 Band The Band performed af fhe Benbrook Anniversary Parade. Receiving fhe Besf Band af fhe parade, as well as being selecfed fo perform af fhe Nafional Read- ers Associafion Convenfion af fhe Sherafon Inn. The Marching band broke up info sym- phonic and concerf bands finishing off fhe year. Various sfudenfs parficipafed in All Cify and All Region Bands. Jeanneffe Baird knocks music off fhe sfand during pracfice. uxifiafcy gfzoufls X ,X s 94,32- Cougar Band marches on. wa, "I think you're kinda cufe," explains Mrs. Dickerson fo Brian Newby. X. Drum and fubas accompany band wlmle playing How The Wesf Was Won. Jeff Frey blows away on "Shop, Look, and Lisfenf' E French horns praclice llmeir bell fones early in flue morning. Band 251 1 rf? Q MQ, i 9 4 Yu B ' 1 L5 35 Q f- K 'r .Q gr 'I Dfw 3? gf? ...a. ,...' . 'dm j if, . ,- R W wi v i -if L7 A-J w ' ff" Q K-', kai 1 vi M 7 1 E' NES. 5 A 1. J., ls -- -u "1-i-1131 'MN Cindy Lynch and Sfeve Dunning work on pasfing fhe nexf edifion of The paper. Edifor Tim Young receives inpuf from Mounfain Line Sfaffers. I-' ,X, if is A 9 i ' . sing' f L4 Ax Sponsor Mrs. Margie Waffers rearranges her desk before a maior deadline. Kafhi Novak smiles affer selling a seven fhousand dollar ed. Parficipafion is fhe key on fhe Mounfain Line Sfaff. Srudenfs sell ads, wrife sfories, cover school evenfs, and produce a high qualify paper all while having a greaf fime in The Journalism shack. Under The capable direcfion of sponsor Margie Waffers. The Mounfain Line Sfaff fielded quesfions from 'rhe sfudenf body and faculfy in fhe form of leffers 'ro 'rhe edifor, which became a regular fea- fure in each issue. Sfudenfs learned valuable lessons in fhe area of responsibility of fhe press as well as 'rhe freedom of The press. Mounfain Line 253 Afaff ibmffs Dufsfmflang DDQ 51 Mounfain Line Siaffersz Ricky Kissell, Marfy Hunfley, Lee Taylor, Sfeve Dunning, Kathi Novak, Andy Dolan, Kerry Garreff, Lyn Clark, and Kim Prifchard discuss a confroversial fron? page Topic. Kim Pritchard and Kerry Garrei sell an Oclober issue of fhe Mouniain Line. Lyn Clark concenfrafes on an upcoming deadline. 254 Mountain Line Sfaff Uameza Qfaagaa jl2fO 47405012 T 1 iles ,.. 1 PS :JL . - 1 Q4 Q 1 Members oT The Camera Club included. BoHom Row: Tony Johnson. Sheila KindsTaTher. PanquiTa Wooldridge, Jina SmiTh. Diane Bales. Top Row: David McGhee. Vernon Lee. Don Koesler, STeve Berger, Paul Allen, Richard McDuTT, Ted STanTord, Phillip Sfrube. Ted STanTord develops Camera Club Tilm before school. Diane Bales selecTs a negafive for phoTographers To prinT. The Camera Club, sponsored by Mr. Eric Mann, Tur- nished The sTudenT body oT WesTern l-lills wiTh all oT Their phoTographic needs. ATTencling all The Tormal dances, graduaTion and oTher school evenTs, They were able To raise money To cover Their darkroom expenses. Also This year, They added The producTion OT l.D. cards To Their lisT oT responsibiliTies. You can oTTen Tind These eager phoTog- raphers roaming The halls or in The darkroom early in The morning or laTe in The aTTernoon Taking picTures and proc- essing Tilm. Camera Club 255 f....,.....V-,.2'..,, .M L fig: gg.. gm' :rv :,1u,a5i'a T2 "W NQLA ' :YW 4 'L -:'fAiv5iie:5:?s'g'fi" f.i.f. r, 1 J 1.K.zxL1.E,iA53'G-.:Z335i'Ep-51-1ivr1x',:?, ' X .Lau M ,umm-ry ,nd -f::,,..,g,.:-1',rk,,,,. ., M M, 'as- 4 ., 41N A Q 311, 5 ' 2 41l's if lvl C5 4-.v 5- 'fl ,pf rg is " 1-:ff my , ,, Ass ' Q J 'lfiff d 2 7 I n- Ifi' r' . ,iii 5-H .4" l1n Nl- MX, I x 1 -. 1? 9 ,fE , X Q Sfephan e Sfe e s Rhonda Pefri, and Jeff Manske ac? cu? a scene from "Hcbsons Choice". KC Z 'fwsesgq 2 f I 5 sf' iv X ' I I s K1 A, V QQ . l I 1 :ft , i 44 Donna Ellison and Sieve Dunning rehearse a scene from "JB". C dy Ly ch looks over her script before going fo fhe audiforium for rehearsal. Jimmy Smith, Tom Paul Grissom, and Rhonda Perri fake e bo w. The Drama Club lcepl a busy sched- ule 'rhroughoul' 'rhe year wirh lhe four sfudenf direc+ed plays fhey presenled. Classes and nighl audiences were invifed +o see, "Welcome To A Monk- ies l-louse". direcled by Donna Ellison. "Bul'l'erflies Are Free", direcfed by Leslie Fanning, "A Thousand Clowns", direcfed by Jeff Manske and "Tell Me Thar You Love Me Junie Moon", direcfed by Tim Young. The Drama members presenred 'rhe play "JB", by Archibald lvlacLeish, in +he Universify lnlerschoolaslic League. The members parficipafed in Tourna- men+s ar olher schools all over The slafe. Wesiern Hills sponsored a TOUF- nameni on March second and fhird. The officials of lhe Drama Club included Presidenl' - Sieve Dunning, Vice Presidenf - Donna Ellison, Secre- +ary!Treasurer - Cindy Lynch and sponsor Ms. Mcvean. Drama 257 258 Band The T978-79 Symphonic band and orchesTra proved To be and To have The besT TalenT around. Under The Tine direcTion of Mrs. PaT Dickerson, The sevenTy piece Symphonic band worked hard Tor Two semesTers pursuing excellence In FTIUSIC. WesTern Hills High School Band received iTs TirsT Ull. Sweep- sTake award in The hisTory oT The school. The lasT school To achieve such an award was SouThwesT High School in I973. The UIL requiremenTs Tor such an honor are a superior iii raTing in marching and concerT playing and sighTreading. Mrs. Dickerson and The band Then Travelled To Orlando, Florida To parTicipaTe in NaTional compeTiTion againsT schools Trom all over The UniTed STaTes. I979 really proved To be The year oT The caT. In The many individual sTudenT conTesTs, WesTern Hills was well represenTed. All-Region Band members were Mike Powelson, BeTh Caufield, RoberT Sullivan, ScoTT Blackman, Bob FanT, JaneT Lane, Debra Gardner, Graham Bullard and sophomore Susan Fagen. All-Area members were Donna Mays, Mike Powelson, David STewarT, BeTh CauTield, and JaneT HousTon, who was an All- STaTe Band member Tor The sec- ond consecuTive year. The OrchesTra meT Third period To puT ouT inTeresTing aspecTs in The perTormance Tield. The group sTrived To improve Their sTrengTh in playing abiliTy. This year The OrchesTra was giTTed wiTh Two All- STaTe members. The performance oT The OrchesTra is well known To The sTudenT body as They oTTen perform aT school TuncTions. ympgoliia Banc! 6225, azgwasflafafzaa All-Region: Fronf Row: Befh Caufield, David STewarT, Jane? Lane, Roberf Sullivan. ScoTT Blackman. Susan Fagan, Jane? HousTon. Back Row: Mike Powelson, Donna Mays, Brad Osler, Debra Gardner, Graham Bullard and Bob Fani. YZ? All-Sfafe Band: JaneT HousTon, and Janet Lane. G9 ui 5.1 , K fr' M' ik. I All-Area Band: Beth Caufield, David S1ewarf,Mike Powelson, Donna Mays and Jane? Housfon. ,.- X If 'bv' ip, AH-Sfaiei Donna Nelson 1- im Sli -.ov an NI-Sfafer Danell Pociask Band 259 onaafzf B nc! Sfzengfgsna ggafzfofzmuzg 0413 5,,..,.,.... 9:1221 "How sweef 1 e c s aa o Ca pe fe e g Har ey Aller a successful marching season The Cougar Band broke info 'rwo groups: Symphonic and Concerl Band. The Con- cerl Band me+ second period 'ro form and organize a befler playing slabilify. The group worlced on Appoggialura and new Technique. Concerl band parficipafed in cily conlesf and also olher programs for 'rhe school. 26 Co cerf Band .cgocfeoau :Ride 4912 Members x ?..gs'Q"' N.: X 1 of The Rodeo Club were: Firsf Row: Grace Kuchar, Carol Bofhwell, Jane Curfain. Second Row: Rocky Jack- son, Joni Johnson, Debbie Robinson. Brenda McOuery, STephanie Duncan, Jay WaTTs. Third Row: Allen Gray. Scot? Adams, Mike Mounce, Dennis SheeTs, and HuTch Hufchinson. This year The Rodeo Club meT every week on Tuesday evenings. Each weekend They aTTended and parTicipaTed in high school rodeos. During The year They sponsored Two ciTy-wide rodeos. They com- peTed in such evenTs as: Bull riding, calT roping, bareback, ribbon roping, saddle bronc, sTeer wresTling, girl's bulls, breakaway roping, and bells and barrels. The oTTicers were: PresidenT - KeiTh Lewis, and Vice-PresidenT -- Mike Mounce. Represenhng The club as Their Rodeo Queen was Carol BoThwell. Joni Johnson was The Miss Rodeo Tor NorTh Richland- l-lalTom Chamber oT Com- merce. She wenT on To com- peTe Tor Miss Rodeo of Texas. Mrs. RuTh Johnson sponsored This year's club. sis' Jonie Johnson, reigning Queen for NorTh Richland- Mike Mounce hangs on during a Tough ride. HalTorn Chamber of Commerce. Rodeo Club 26l .qgzovicfs EXPSTLEHCE S. x-X WI l Qprf li I Qxg 'K Yr , Nu I 'K-'f If 'Q Cb FirsT Period VICA included: FirsT Row: Tony Murray, Kendall Purselly, Kennefh Kay. JefT Young. Cecil Webb. Dwayne Richardson. Mike RekieTa. Second Row: Craig Presley, BreT McMillan. Robby McMahan, Terry Moore. Glenn Good. Ddnie Dingler. Kevin Cain, and AnThony Beafon. The DisTribuTive EducaTion Clubs oT America, TDECAJ. was organized To encourage leadership, personal develop- menT, and career encouragement The sTudenTs are insTrucTed in markeTing. mer- chandising, and managemenT. Any sTu- denT enrolled in DisTribuTive EclucaTion was eligible Tor DECA. Each separaTe class elecTed iTs own oTTicers. For The TirsT Time in eighT years The ForT WorTh Chap- Ters oT DECA were The hosfs oT The STaTe DECA ConTerence ThaT was held aT The TarranT CounTy ConvenTion CenTer on March I5-I7. Mrs. Charlene SmiTh was The sponsor oT DECA. VocaTional Indusfrial Clubs oT America TVICAT is a club organized To uniTe sTu- denTs ThaT have common inTeresTs. AnoTher purpose oT The club is To develop leadership acTiviTies. These clubs are designed Tor Trade, indusTrial, Technical, and healTh sTudenTs. The purpose oT This club is To develop The "whole" sTudenT, his social and lead- ership abiliTies as well as his skills. This is aTTained Through club acTiviTies planned, iniTiaTed, and conducTed by club mem- bers. 262 DECA VICA FirsT period DECA included: Firsf Row: Reginia Robison, Summer CurTis, KaThy Caison, Becky Car- penTer, Felecia l-luckaby. Second Row: Leanne Wesley, Dany Priddy, Alan Lewis, Roger Dean, Mike LaJaunil. Third Row: Hufch HuTcherson. Mike Kleff, Juan MarTinez. Terry Covinqfon. David Bou- man. and Herb Dobbs. ocafionaf Cayuga cgwgafzflarz It ' i c L ii I 'i 1 V x?'A- l j x ' ' First period VICA included: First Row: Kendall Purselley, Ken Key, Cecil Webb, sponsor Mr. Morris Outlaw. Second Row: Bret McMillan. Dwayne Richardson, Mike Rekieta. Tony Murray. Jett Young. Third Row: Kevin Cain. Donnie Singler, Terry Moore, Craig Presley, Anthony Beaton. and Glenn Good. N -1' R. x 4 ,--1. ii First Period DECA included: First Row: sponsor Ms. Charliene Smith. Felicia l-luckaby. Doug Priddy. Leanne Wesley. Second Row: Juan Martinez. Becky Casrpenter. Mike La Jadinia. Kathy Caison. Roger Dean. Third Row: David Saalfrank. Alan Lewis. Terry Covington. Summer Curtin. and Mike Klett. is Ms. Smith and Mr. Outlaw confer between class periods. DECA. VICA 263 264 OEA Qbsuefofus Cbnficfenae Ugzougg .llzacfeugifz OEA Coop included: FronT Row: Tory Hard, Brenda Johnson, Anna Griffin, Bernie Redmond. Carmen Kofch. Sue Gilmore, Kara Mazola, Lisa Cochran. Back Row: Ms. ColleTT. Stephen McCoy. Theresa Brown, Kim FosTer, Joline Reed. Diane Roberson, Lisa Laurence. Donna Griswold, Linda Craig, and Tammy ValenTine. O.E.A., an OTTice EducaTion AssociaTion, is To develop sTudenT leadership, conTidence, under- sTanding, and To promoTe busi- ness. The O.E.A. Coop., spon- sored by Ms. Terry ColleT, dealT wiTh on The iob Training while The O.E.A. Lab, sponsored by Ms. Shirley ThedTord, dealT wiTh The developmenT oT skills in The class- room. O.E.A. was opened To all sTu- denTs enrolled in V.O.E. Wl-ll'lS O.E.A. sTudenTs enTered The area conTesT aT T.C.J.C's NorThwesTern Campus compeTing wiTh one hun- dred and TiTTy oTher area schools where There were such caTegories as accounTing, clerical slcills, inTormaTion, communicaTion, Typ- ing, and iob inTerviewing. FinalisTs were To aTTend The sTaTe Tinals in l-lousTon, Texas: O.E.A. had many acTiviTies such as ice slcaTing parTies, bowling, dinners, and The sTuTTing oT ChrisTmas sToclcings Tor orphans aT The ChrisT Haven orphanage in Keller, Texas. onsors Ms. Shirley Thedford and Ms. Terry Collef Take Time ouT To browse Through Their O.E.A scrapboolc. I 0 I rs V, V f l 1 CJ, l 1 1 i W, I A Rhonda Ervin, Susan Garner, Anifa Moser, and Tracey Walker pose for a picfure Sponsor M54 Terry Corley aides 5 Smdenf on Uperayinq ,he Calculaforr Senafor John Tower during an Insurance Associalion luncheon. sv 5 ya- i QP .QFD O.E.A. Lab consisted of David Driskill, Tommy Cheek. Sarah Seqars, Barbara Ocone, Rhonda Ervin, Tracey Walker. Anifa Moser, Susan Garner, Marilyn Kirsh, Janice Hawk. Laura Delgado, Karyn Turner. Tami Covingfon, Daphne Eley, Jina Smith. Mary Grant Sally Long. Riva Paulacka. Tina Norton, Vanessa Jackson, Donna Morris and Inez Hickey. Officers were David Driskill. Rhonda Ervin, Vanessa Jackson. Donna Morris. and Daphne Eley. l wifh OEA 265 mnifius fxfzcuzcfs fllncfezsfancfing Uuffufzas UndersTanding and appreciaTion oT diTTerenT culTures were The main obiecTives oT The Omni- bus Club which was sponsored by Ms. Clark, Ms. LighT, and Mr. Zamudio. LaTin, French, German, and Russian sTudenTs TogeTher Tormed The club. By going To resTau- ranTs, Throwing parTies and having dances oT dif- TerenT culTures The Omnibus members were able To expand Their undersTanding oT Toreign life. Ms. Clark. Ms. Light, and Mr. Zamudio sponsored The Omnibus Club. 'wx' 'ying Q61 Wi' I J' " lm 1 V l Omnibus officers included: President LeAnne Wesly: Hisforian, Jill Ragland: Secrefary, Christy Rains: and Vice-President Billy Whitlock. l iaru-fr-f-sf Lsff Row: Darby Hubbard, Mr. Zamudio, Mary O'neal, Billy Whitlock, and Jill Ragland. RighT Row: Le Anne Wesly, Ms. Lighf. Ms. Clark. Ricl1eTTa Slaferf Leslie Cowden, Christy Rains, and Norman Duble. 266 Omnibus i 0 ' .f an Oqm Expezeanaea Spaniag Uuffuza fe' Officers of Pan Arn were: Vice-President Mary Shiflel: Second Vice-Presidenl. Laura Delgado: Secrefary, Sara Delgado: Presi- denf, Frankie Reed: and Hislorian, Neil Penwell. pay-...L 4 Inf' ,fp-"-'r189ig:?, Pan Am is a slale- wide organizalion designed lo promole underslanding ol lhe Spanish cullure. Sponsored by Mrs. Finlcs and Mrs. Sle- venson, members par- licipaled in money- making projecls. These included selling candy and sponsoring 'rhe Mr. and Miss Curie Conlesl. Mem- bers worked Toward 'rhe PASF convenlion held in San Anlonio each year. Qy. Members of lhe Club were: Kelly Holcomb. Susan Beck, Sara Delgado. Laura Delgado. Second Row: Neil Penwell, Mary Shiflef. Frankie Reed, Wendy Wright, Kym Holcomb. Bonnie Bailiff, and Sponsor Mrs. Finlrs, Pan Am 267 The Malh Club, sponsored by Susan Crummel, mer weelcly io sharpen number sense and slide rule slcills. Weslern l-lills was The sire for a club-sponsored cify-wide meer on December I4. In rhe cafegory of General Marh, Larry Dunn placed first Rob- erl Niesen second, Terry Hel- lon rhird, and Sieve Davis and Alma Richards lied for lourlh ln Number Sense Larry Dunn again look lirsf, Roberf Niesen second, Terry l-lelron lhird, and Charles Barker fourlh. The ever ambi- rious malhemalicians enlered Two Universily Infer- scholaslic League evenls in Aprillinishing very well. Jlflaffzi GALE Jfluffapfags 564513 Mafh Club members included:vFirsf Row: Sponsor Susan Crummel, Alma Richards, Gordon England. Cory Shellhase. and Larry Dunn. Second Row:S1eve Davis, Reber? Niesen, Charles Barker, and Ray Fafheree. -,,:?l9lQl:::Qr.,' x a9s41.'s.'s'1 Sponsor Susan Crummel reaches The fundamenfals ol the slide rule, Math Club oflicers were: Secrefary - Sfeve Davis, Treasurer - Charles Barker, 268 Mafh Club Presidenr 4 Terry Hellon. and Vice Presidenf - Roberf Niesen. i l aience .fgpafcfis Untamed -I- in V7 -5 'U' I-Tv 2-rf ' ,. The Science Club consisfed ol: Firsf Row: Sponsors - Ms. WaTson and Ms. Lacy. Second Row: Leslie Cowden, Daniel Love, Larry Dunn, KaThy Finnicu Anthony Torres. and RicheTTa Slafer. his ..,, Science Club officers were: Presidenf - Kafhy Finnicum, Vice-PresidenT - Larry Dunn, Treasurer - Richeffa SlaTer. and Se-creTary - Leslie Cowden. ..., +L -T 3 The Science Club helped To sTimulaTe a greaTer inTer- esT in scienTiTic invesTigaTion above and beyond classworlc. Members organized a com- miTTee To worlc aT The Science Fair and also donaTed pro- iecTs. Sponsored by Ms. Lacy and Ms. WaTson, The club parTicipaTed in many acTivi- Ties. Some oT These included aTTending Audobon meeT- ings and Tield Trips, aTTend- ing a Science Symposium in Dallas, Talcing ArTiTicial Res- piraTion and LiTe Saving classes Trom The Red Cross and ioining in science ori- enTed Civic groups such as The Sierra Club. Science Cl b 69 Young Life is a non-denomina- lional organizafion which pro- vided high school sludenls wifh The basics of Chrisfianily. Those who were inleresled mel on Monday nighfs fo share in fel- lowship and fun. Birchman Avenue Church gym and The homes of Young Life members served as a place 'ro mee'r. On lhe agenda were songs, slcils, and fallcs given by Kelly Quaclcenbush, Nancy Walker, Donna Priesler and Jeff Robinson. Young Lifers parfici- pa'red in ac+ivi1'ies such as an annual ski re+rea'r, summer camp and Campaigners. Also, a cily wide Young Life meef was held 'ro mofivafe closeness. owzg .fifa ggwmofas fgzisfianity Jim Musick fries fo come up wifh a good answer fo Donna Priesfers' quesfion. Susan Summers enioys a Young Life skif. 270 Yo gLife li -J vt X . Q x f 9 i .1 . A , . ii NYW: Members sing hymns at Young Life ge? fogefher. 1 1 Abu! Uafll 55551 C74lZ5,lAIE'Z,5, Leader Tom Burch and Cindy Buckner discuss a currenf even? from fhe daily newspaper. Led by Tom Burch, Soul Talk mem- bers discussed dnfferenl problems and quesfions of life. The meelings were held al The homes of fhe sludenfs of W.H.l-l.S. Soul Talk carried no religious or racial bounds and everyone was invifed +o parficipare. Members also learned To rela're Chrisfianify +o Their daily lives. The main goal of Soul Talk was +0 help sfudenfs arrive a+ a mean- ingful life. Jane? Baumann. Lisa Riley and Bobby Roberts listen affenfively. .05 pi!! :if 15: have diflerenf reacfions +0 fhe discussion. Dwlghf Beagle. Duane McLaughlin and Chuck Fair Soul Talk 27I Home Economics Coopera+ive Educafion sfudenls worked in cooperafion wilh many differenl Types of busi- ness sponsors such as nursery schools, reslau- ranls, fashion shops, and nursing homes. Under 'rhe guidance of sponsor Mrs. Elise Ball, seniors and juniors earned school credils as well as earning wages, while learning vocalional skills 'rhal will lafer help in 'rhe decision of choosing a career, and To develop leadership abililies Through Fulure Home- makers o1CAmerica. L., .... - Emir-1: , ix, . , S Bscfafofza zaclzzagip if s 'Scsi I ",' ' il , 2 "' . ug, ,Ir , Y, f, Q 4 -39 'Q --srl if ug in ,S sm' I .1 , i , i HECE officers consisled of Sfanding Sponsor Mrs. Elise Ball, Chrisline Shannon, Duane Schneberger. Ronald Russell, Dora Dillon: Seafed Doris Dillon. Susan Jordon, Kim McQueen. and Cynfhia Johnson. noi!-'F' 272 HECE Doug Collins makes a burger wha? a burger should be. Chrisfi Bunch rocks a Mini-School child before he fakes his nap. 'ki . 3 ,vb fn. ,ii i Kg N ' 4 Ng , 12 W, my "-1:1-a ' ,if X K if 1 Susan Polifo fhreafens To fickle Pam Timpson's booiies. IA n rr' X. '-i?3l?3',,r if F.H.A. officers were: Jody Dixon, Tracey Bozeman. sponsor. Ms. Mccombs, Debbie Cole, and Cindy Beachamp. FHA 273 fpza 'Les Q01 amify .fwi F.H.A. officers were: sponsor, Ms. Given. Debbie Marlin. Lee Kibler. Carole McGinnis. 274 FHA K, Sponsor Ms. Harringfon and Tirn Mobley play a F.H.A. game during lhird period. Fulure l-lomemalcers of America was lo involve slu- denls in family life. The l'l.E.R.O. and comprehensive programs helped 'ro develop leadership slcills. Sponsors were Ms. Elise Ball - I-l.E.C.E.q lvls. Cynlhia Givan and Ms. Rulh lvlcCombs - Child Development and Ms. Shirley Harringlon and Ms. Melba Rupe - Comprehen- sive F.l-l.A. F.l-l.A. members have meelings periodically during class. Affer being insfrucfed lhe correcf mefhod fo diaper change a newborn infant Jody Dixon exclaims. "Now doesn'f Thar feel befferf' dafaaafags Cipanwml By 9.5.4. xx ff . Iffj 2 Q Q. ri. fi' . ifflb. 1 5 Q 'L . -1 . . .A nl Rusfy Brann. Cindi Williams, Cindy Gamblin, Craig Cox, Wesley Day. Lisa Dennis, Debbie Day, Theresa Glenn, Amy Gallagher, Kelly Hatch, Denise Miller, Susan Dunagan, and sponsor Ms. Shirley l-larringfon. l l X l .V 51.5. Fulure Homemak- ers ol America's pur- pose was 'ro involve sfudenfs in family life. The l'l.E.R.O. and Comprehensive pro- gram helped lo develop leadership skills. Sponsors were Ms. Elise Ball - l-l.E.C.E.: Ms. Cyn+- hia Sivan and Ms. Rulh McCombs - Child Development and Ms. Shirley Har- rinqlon and Ms. Melba Rupe - Com- prehensive l:.l'l.A. F.H.A. members had meelings periodically during class. 2'-ef" Joline Reed. Laura Boswell. Karhy Perry, Kendall Craig. Vinf Boston, and sponsor Ms. Melba F.H.A. Execu+ive officers were: Kim Dralreford, Debbie Marlin, Lisa RUPS. Laurence. Colleen Kilkelly, Pam Ribinslras, Mary Noonan, Susan Jor- dan, Christi Bunch. Debbie Cole, and Jody Dixon. FHA 275 Sfllillif gbfcouicfea fizaowzagament T f' W ' 3 Z1 X "We're proud of you Cougars" Janef Bass. Sue Andriieslci, LaDonna Almaguer, Teresa BiclreTT, Leslie Ward, Donna Ballard, Rhonda Ervin. Felicia Huclraby, Sfephenie BelTon. and Mary Andrijeslri were officers of The SpiriT Club. The SpiriT Club remains The largesT club aT W.l-l.l'l.S consisTing OT l5O members. lTs sponsor Tor The pasT Three years, Mr. Ed Lobb guided The club's acTiviTies. PainTing posTers oT encouragemenT Tor The TooTball players, decoraTing The audiTorium Tor Homecoming, and Torming a spiriT line on The Tield were some oT The spiriT promoTing acTiviTies. The SpiriT Club provided buses Tor ouT oT Town TooTball games and co- sponsored aTTer-game disco dances. ElecTing oTTicers and represenTaTives was inTroduced To This year's mem- bers. The oTTicers included PresidenT - Donna Ballard, Vice presidenT - Teresa BiclcreTT, and SecreTary!Treasurer - Rhonda Ervin. The SpiriT Club members elecTed Two represenTaTives Trom each grade. RepresenTing The Senior class were STephenie BelTon and Felicia l-luclcabyq represenTing The Junior class were Sue Andriieslci and La Donna Almaguerg The represenTaTives Tor The Sophomore class were Lezlie Ward and Sandra Andriieslcig and The Freshman class represenTaTives were Mary Andriieslci and JaneT Bass. Sp fClub T2 ffm l 'x fi ll' " i i 'N Q I i ,K Q' HA , ' 1 1 T r bw T if A F ' L. U fl U T T 1 i T T3 V 1 i 5 , 4-x 5 I ii . W 'Is T l V . X pl 5 gf i 5 il I 1 N 9 , ' .512 .v , '23 Cougars sTand Tall during pep rally Mr. Ed Lobb sponsored The club. .X T XX aacofa Jwafrvafg Cipmaf i"f ' " " " 'Im Ili lllllill am, "Bu1officer we're supposed fo be dressed This way." plead +he Mascof Mascofs look on wifh anficipaiion. as fhe Cougars near fhe goal. Through fhe year, 'rhe Mascols. Lisa Wallace and Jane Webb, could be seen doing crazy anfics a+ loolball, bas- lcefball, and baseball games, as well as pep rallies, boosling Cougar spiri+. Lilce 'rhe cheerleaders, lhe lvlascols were sponsored by Ms. Sfevens. Lisa and Jane sold candy and ribbons lo help pay for pep rally expenses. The money raised from fhe sales also aided in paymenl for summer camp, where +he Cougar Mascofs broughl home superior ribbons and 'rhe spirif sficlc along wi'rh fhe cheerleaders. Having lried ou+ in lronf of five Teacher judges. fhe Mascols were chosen for gymnasfic abilily and overall enfhusiasm. 1 i'Loolr, hes only fhis fall," giggles Jane Webb fo Lisa Wallace. ""' l .5 6- Q-1 N... A r" 1 AD- Lisa Wallace and Jane+ Webb were fhe 78-79 Cougar Mascols, Mascofs 277 278 Cheerleaders fnfflusiasm fnflancscf By Qzsagman unioz unify Ufzlsazfaacfaza , ... -. .:::":!:!. 5 'A ! 5 .'! i - sg ' ,gs lei: . ,. - ieie. .g IEEE' 'ff fl Freshman cheerleaders exhibif limbs. 2 1 -xr! '- :- 4,1 x 4, lT '- ,- , - s ' -I I - - sez I .. I ... I i 1 1 1. V 1 ,. 1 71 - -it M . E-A11 Q, L ,V V I . I I I l I 1 I' I I - ' ' 'r I ' ' l k X . l l I ' I i w ' . I - I Af f 'A' ' I l I I 'll r. L ,Ei V , ,, ,I ,, Xxvijr , . I rj - Q' , ' 'i i, :Q VV y '-,-. , L ' A' ,fffwje --en.-. 'fig All D il ' 'i73?33"'5ul A gf f' 'Z . s - 'Q - , .sw .- 4, 'l ' A l - m.. .,A, , , ,. : r'v'Wsf?i"' W- f f 'V"' w V F G -" . X s ! .3 I I I 6 I I I 1 - 1 Y 1 A .f 1 " 1 Q.. irsf el.-41-5,a.:f. . 5 ' ' H 53 P31L.'s:YiDZK' Q , ' U fW7,,"3'M I x ff . I -4 7 puff, 5 , x-3:51-M H E ' i ,g 3 i 4 K' V ,Mi-'A , , . V 'ly ' I 1 I 4, , fiT4fY22'1" I Q , 1 KA -.ri H Q-fit' .f , fcegi. ,fs 'I H Bail Hiatt-:u',ft1r,: nil.,-. Q. i I A. r Y . ,af N L44 'f'W.,.5N-AL-L ',,.4',e' Mir- 3 i -+ 1 4 Ara' I A-9. KV A ' L, :Vi ,' M V v.,.t' ,J if ,Q gl -' A " , ,j,:.Iii ' ' ' ' 55:1 :ji u V . L-i,,,.,, 4.5 E lf , 1 rg., f .. -Q ff' '. i A, . gall' 4 V- lk!! V. ' - , , , - ', ' U ., ,.f,,fv,wp -,A - . . ,,,,,.-W' s r v ' if '- ' if? ' ' s . . 7 A if if .i , ' V A Q lv ' J 2 Z .11-Qfiasgvliq s 1' , , N H 1 .- W ' s . .g A '. i : fi h ,gi f-' r e..l:'fii .,,T'g?rgf5,4.,,,,Mf5,r-e I--'V :Q-gi ffzl ,V:,gp-f, ,, . K- -' ,kc r Y' x 3, 2. -4 , U ,A14,44,3P,33'52f3f53-.ipgipgg wuztvcy vi ji, ' ",. Q ' - ' W l' 1 U , ' , Ji- - ' Y. ' "i a-.P4'Q.' "'4.1gii7' 'C V wif' 2 I' 7 , - , '. JS ff 'X , , i 'fini-' ff J film? -.ejvlt A ks f' , V RH 'qw ' l V J 1 --1 : :Jg?f'L,,if,lQ'f' y-i'.L5.L1gy?.4SQ'g,3Ql'k:,3Nw-l'g?A ,zqifxi 4y.r,:w:1, A. 4. .J V: :sk 'wi s , . r f,'2,g4-,f'fwf',5gf ,,f:3,-ff .'fy'11f,.e 7 's 'Te' K ' ,- ff i " ' f 225' iff-f",H5T55:ri,1-5215"-'W -fa .,1i,'E'Q?,i.b4"':' Freshman cheerleaders consisred of Palfy Azuma. Tislw Sandavol, Freshmen cheerleaders perform a precision slunl. Melanie Cares, and Julie Maffhews. fx!-K Pom-poms, megaphones, plus an enor- mous amounf of spirif concluded fhe I978- 79 cheerleading year 'For Weslern Hills High School. Cheerleading Squads con- sisred of: Freshmen, Melanie Cares, Parry Azuma, Julie lvlalrhews, and Tish Sandavol. The Junior Varsifyg Joni Mongomery, Pam Pribble, Tracy Tuclcnies, and Amy Gal- lagher. Selling candy, poslers, and ribbons were among 'rheir money making proiec+s. Plan- ning pep rallies Throughouf 'rhe year fo urge +he Cougars 'ro vicrory, and The adding of a fif+h period class for cheerleading pracfice lcepl The girls quile busy. 'Dm-1-J A' U . Q A iff... 1 ". ,. - , nrQ L.L H " - Tracy Tucknies. Amy Gallagher, Pam Pribble, and Joni Monfgomery were The Junior Varsiry Ms. Sfevens sponsored The 78-79 cheerleaders, cheerleaders. . 4 Amy Gallagher swafs a fly during pre-game acfivifies. "We have spirif yes we do! We have spirif how 'bouf you?" yell Joni Mongomery, Pam Pribble. and Tracy Tuclcnies. Cheerleaders 279 fgsazfaadazs Cbfofz U0 Axfzozfs, 3 The Varsify cheerleaders for fhe l978-79 year were Twyla Park, Lise Horne, Jennifer Johnson, Tammy Edwards, Rene Wells, Cindy Buckner. Dane Dunn, and Karen Ross. 9 in Jennifer Johnson and Lisa Horne applaud fhe Cougars from fhe sidelines. Twyla "Ellen John" Park. 280 Cheerleaders Q' 1 TA R IAN and me L05 T SAFARI Cheerleaders sing fo The Cougar of fhe Week, "King Cox." Promoling lhe spirif ol Weslern Hills, Varsily cheerleaders could be seen planning pep rallies, execuling difficull slunrs, and allending sporl funcfions. The Varsily cheerleading squad consisred of Dana Dunn, Lisa Horne. Jennifer Johnson, Rene Wells, Twyla Park, Cindy Buckner, Tammy Edwards, and Karen Ross. Sponsor- ing lhe cheerleaders This year was lvls. Ann Srevens. Varsi+y and Jr. Varsiry parfici- pared in +he SMU summer camp where They broughl back lhe spiril slick and were raled superior among lhe olher cheerleading squads. fi ' "Qi li, Q . I-+- -'- , - 39 ummli wma vm r" Cheerleaders perform new sfunr learned af S.lvl.U. summer camp, If..- Cheerleaders 28I Ddysssys O4 .fifamzy goufuzay Sponsor, Mrs, Elaine Clark wiTh members of The Odyssey Sfaff. Firsf Row KaThy Caison. KaThy Keyes: Second Row Leslie Cawden. Melynda G l Larry Dunn. KaThi Finicum, Susan Beck: Third Row Neil Penwell. James Finicum, Jill Ragland. Charles Barker, The Odyssey, an epic poem wriTTen by The Greek poeT l-lomer originaTed in The years oT The Tro- ian War. Today, The Term siqniTies any long iourney marked noT only by advenTures buT also by wander- ings and hardships. THE ODYSSEY is a yearly pub- licaTion by sTudenTs whose wriT- ings and picTures and reTlecTions oT sTudenT liTe. STudenTs on The Odyssey sTaTT, sponsored by Mrs. Elaine Clark are responsible Tor The ediTing and publishing of submiTTed maTe- rial Trom The sTudenT body. Their eTTorTs came To an end in May wiTh The publicaTion oT The ninTh ediTion oT The Odyssey. 282 ody ey Odyssey Officers Include: Kafhy Keyes. Kalhy Caison, Susan Beck, and Larry Dunn H07-foffywoocf 01 Bust" , ,op ..... . W,,-,,f g - ".:a-1----- fu--'1-yi" Q 'gA,,:Qg"-"' ' Always eager To Try new Things, The members oT The CATAMOUNT CORP. abandoned dear old Cow CiTy and headed wesT To The shores oT sunny Hollywood. AspiraTions aT The peak, The poTenTial acTors, acTresses. direcTors and produc- ers leTT Their proTiTable posiTions, sold Their cars, hooked Their belongings and Thumbed Their way wesT. Members oT The "casT" include: Mary "LiT- Tle House on The Prairie" Danylak. Donna "Gone WiTh The Wind" WaTson, Sandy "ReTurn oT The Fly" Lee, Peggie "Mae WesT" Herring, Shelly "Don'T Drink The WaTer" WheaTon, ScoTT "Lord oT The Rings" Moose, Sheila "Smokey and The 'Nl .14 ,H . f f--:vw-, H, 4 1' BandiT" KindsTaTher, KaThryn "American Graf- TiTTi" SmiTh. Danny "WesT Side STory" Hernan- dez, Donna "The Good Ship Lollipop" Nelson. Kym "The Posidon AolvenTure" Holcomb. Nancy "SaTurday NighT Fever" Downe, Debbie "Tammy Tell Me True" GriTTin, Paul "Play IT Again Sam" Allen, Tony "SuperTly" Johnson, David "Texas Chain Saw Massacre" McGhee, Paul "The Sleeper" Deeley, Sue "Pinnochio" Garner, Richard "Rocky" McDuTT, Shelly "Close EncounTers" MeTzgar, Tracy "Sybil" Brown, Shawn "Animal House" McLaughlin. and Meg Spiegel as The Beaver. 1 The CATAMOUNT CORP. girls found work righf away, sfarring in a Rivolfa sequel "Low Grade Fever". Disco-ing fheir way info your hearfs are Sandy Lee, Donna Nelson. Kym Holcomb, Shelly Mefzgar, Kafhryn Srnifh. Deb Griffin, Donna Watson, Mary Danylalc, Shelly Wheafon, Sue Garner and Nancy Downe. - 4 i ,af f- -'-. s- , , ,Q 3 Ji F, In gt, -. ' '-f-f ' -Q in . ' ' 'ip' P' 1? f Alfa' as ' ' 'fe - e , V ' fi 7 'f "".m,- fa -W 3 H Q Q. 2 s S . W 5' ,I .' 1 Cf ' ' " , Jai- . -K - T .A , Y. 'Y Q l The Sfaff Phofographers had liffle Trouble landing a picfure of 'their own. Paul Allen, David McGhee, and Paul Deeley, will be appearing soon in "Heaven Can'f Wait" 284 Cafamounf Corp. GQ: Secfion Heads lumped af fhe chance fo show off fheir obvious fheafrical skills in a high-budgef. acfion-advenfure flick "Sfupiclrnan". Leading roles were played by Nancy Downe, Donna Nelson, Shelly Mefzgar. Meg Spiegel and Danny Her- nandez as fhe block of Krypfonife. 4 CQzfamoulzf coup Sgowgiz ou, Q A few members found bii parfs in a new 50's flick "Brylcream Blues". We don'+ know where They found fhe car. Richard McDuff. Mary Danylalr. Kym Holcomb, Tony Johnson, Donna Wafson. Sandy Lee. Sue Garner. Kafhryn Smiih. Shawn McLaughlin, Deb Griffin. Sheila and wriffen by Peggie "Pe'fer Benchleym Herring. Kindslafher, Shelly Wheafon, and Tracy Brown rehearsed This scene 450 rimes. , ix' " 1 M 73 l , Sfaff guys had a real challenge 'frying fo ge? +his scene from "High Noon" down. In fhis scene. Richard "wrong cos+ume" McDuff. Tony "Ride 'em" Johnson. Dave "I4.5 gal, haf" McGhee. Danny "fha Bullef' Hernandez, Shawn "Shane" McLaughlin. Paul "Quick Draw" Allen, Paul "Rawhide" Deeley. corral Scof? "SnideIy" Moose ar a local horse parlor. All CATAMOUNT PRODUCTIONS were direcfed by Meg "Irwin Allen" Spiegel. produced by Eric "Don'+ call me I'II call you" Mann Caramounr Corp. 285 286 Sports inns xv- -- ' we .:' . qs - A wr A K fx 'Q 9 V .xx 1 , ,S -A . ? '14 Y -A -- f'w-wus' - 5.47 .pl f A - ' - ' f f- M .,,...f . ,.,Z3g3f- LJQ. , A .nn- . v .Mu . -.-M- . x fy,- ln 4 - Aw -. -- 1 ' Klfz. ,g-'fir-A , -:- V f.iiT"f mm .- A -.4 V f 1 -uw L -s 4' - s af A ,M fs Q--'lf' xp-HM, i, - lr .fp , I Sy IX X ""W"'A .' J- .Q .mf-M ' '. 53,0 ...Q wk , ' if ' L--3 X f'51'L'EE. ,:.,f , A x ' VV' Yiffq A f 5 K ' nf 71? jiffii' L , ' , U. 4:51 :mx w1.f.w.'.'-' "mf Wx-rf - , . W wifi- WM. f A A 4 w 4 1 N l 1 3751116155 . M. Q , elf 3, .Lb tx '. Q au aus L'Lif Lmzuzg sawn iz sau O G ady MI e l7Il Do Pa ell l63l C a g Co U01 Robe T He nsbe gerl64l a d M lre Hale l5ll ap p The Bowie Quaderback. Winning seasons have been Tew and Tar beTween Tor WesTern Hills TooTball fans. This year however, The seasoned Cougars would noT be denied Their opporTuniTy To vie Tor a high disTricT Tinish. NoT since l97l has WesTern Hills experienced a winning season. The circuiT opened in Burleson when The Cougars goT oTT on The winning noTe, deTeaTing The Ellcs I3-O. The Bowie VolunTeers couldn'T wiThsTand a lasT minuTe drive which ended in a Tield goal and an exciTing lo- I 3 vicTory. DisTricT play commenced againsT The Paschal PanThers. The Cougs gave The PanThers a biTTer 22-8 deTeaT. The SouThwesT Rebels were The vicTims oT The Cougars TourTh vicTory, Talling 7-O in a defensive baTTle. The Team viewed a 4-O record and a chance aT disTricT honors. leafy 1 Q X64 5 uw- . KAAV L1 pf .V ' A I ,V Defensive linemen prepare Themselves before fha nexf play. Q49 -ws., Jimmy Hunf leads a successful pass rush much 'ro fhe dismay of fhe Bowie quarierbaclr, Rick Purselly leaps high into +he air fo break up an opponenfs effempl. 290 Foofball Defense Sfiffaa Cgflponsnfa .Y S M 1 ' L' , -as . 5 4' iq: ., as Scoff Moore I2 ll makes an infercepfion and furns up field againsf Heighfs. Homecoming broughf a clash befween The Cougars and The Yellow Jaclcefs of Arlinglon Heighls in fhe bes+ game of +he 4A-7 season. The highly favored Jaclcels were sfunned as lhe Cougs came our and nearly slained fheir unblem- ished record. Unlorfunafely. Heighls slipped by wifh a close 8-6 vicfory. The hearf breaker againsf Heighls and iniuries in key posilions broughl aboul a mid-season slump which plagued lhe 'ream for lhe nexl lhree games. Losses were handed 'rhem by Easiern Hills, O. D. Wyafl, and Trimble Tech. The feam once again came +oge+her and Poly was on 'rhe receiving end as lhe Cougars wal- loped lhe Parrols 26-6. The len-game season ended on a happy nofeg fhe Cougs defeafed The Dunbar Wildcals I2-7 +o finish wifh a 6-4 record and a Third place lie in 'rhe dis+ric+. Heighfs Quarferbaclc gels "l-lorlonizedf' is A .A- The defense refused yardage io opposing ball carrier. Football 29I Coach John Harville led his defermined sfaff in creafing This year's foofball record. Coach Riley Dunn fool: charge of fhe defen- sive secondary and sfressed fhe imporfance of sfopping fhe long play. The performance of fhe offensive and defensive lines was proof of fhe hard worlc furned in by Coach Gary Swan. A confinuous weighf program was insfifufed by Coach Billy Wifcher and added sfrengfh and size were fhe resulfs. Coach Harville gave much credif fo 'rhese men and fhe players fhey coached for fhis year's successful finish. ff r i M-ai., gal' K if gifs. iii", 4 'e - i -v"5...3if, 5 , -Y I A ff N .ir W --, 7 I-ssl. . . -L Vk',.w,.i 1 sff f ' . ' vi-c . , , , 'Q' f fs . V , - '1, 3 V .. wg 3. Cougar offensive uni? drives The ball down field againsf Easfern Hills. hr-. Brenhlohnson hifs an exfra poinf from a Rick Purselly hold. Buddy Richardson plows fhrough Heighfs secondary. MN, ... ,,.. , L .f. 5 , ,H , :Ui- Qi ,. 'VX yu, Q ,JYW-Q., 292 Foofball 1 ' fr- 'r.aaM,...g.. A K . ,, , . -. s. Aaron Williams comes fhrouqh fha line on an oufside power play. Dffanx iaflfayz svifafizscf 0466055 55 Ev-.lg I ,K sv : Q., , '11, . 1. Ax , h IN -, .5-, fgp-.ziglrr ' 7 This year's grid iron warriors were Firs? Row: Aaron Williams, Marvin Gilbert Reber? Richardson, Chuck Fair. Rick Purselly, Scoll Moore, Mike Reinhard, Rober? Beasley. Craig Cox, Marry Tomlinson. Second Row: Bren? Johnson, John Anfonio, Rober? Fox, Glen Condra. Jerry Prince, Richard Young, Kenne?h Swanson, Richard McDuff, Tim Alders, Tony Taylor. Coach Gary Swan. Third Row: William Milner, Shawn McLaughlin, Jimmy Lesfer, John Lorenzo, O'Grady Milner, Russell Brann. Robert Hernsber- ger, Mike Hale. Don Parnell, Andy Hor?on.Four1'h Row: Jimmy Hunf, David Calvin, Frank Meeks. Mike Langley, Chris Hea?h, Nurol Clarckson. Keith Burger. Evere?? Bell Coach John Harville, and Coach Billy Wifcher. WI'Il'IS OPPONENT I3 Burleson O I6 Arl. Bowie I3 22 Paschal 8 7 Sou?hwes? O 6 Arlingron I'Ieigh?s 8 7 Easrern Hills 26 6 O. D. Wyalf 33 I5 Tremble Tech 25 26 Poly 6 I2 Dunbar 7 Coach John I-Iarville prepares sfrafegy lor upcoming play. Foo?baII 293 ugau waive Oqffibisfziaf cl-fonou The l978 7-AAAA All-clisfricl' foofball feam included seven Wesf- ern Hills feam members. Andy Hor- fon and Don Parnell received firsf 'ream honors while Roberf Beasley. Craig Cox, Marvin Gilberf, Roberf Hernsberger, and Kennefh Swanson made 'rhe second feam. Andy Horfon, a 6'3", 2lO pound senior was nof only all-disfricf offen- sive fackle buf also made fhe All Tar- ranf Counfy Squad. Don Parnell earned his posifion for his oufsfand- ing performance af offensive guard. Roberf Beasley led fhe Cougars af fhe quarferback posifion, giving fhe ball off fo Marvin Gilberf and send- ing aerials fo Kennefh Swanson. The sfrong pass and run offense was made possible by fhe blocking of Roberf Helrnsberger. Craig Cox was insfrumenfed in sfifling opponenfs on bofh fhe ground and in fhe air. f- y,...f nn,-N, - . wx - . sg :tl Andy Horfon Don Parnell Offensive Tackle Offensive Tackle Roberf Beasley Ouarferback Craig Cox Safefy Marvin Gilberf Running Back Roberf Her nsberger Offensive Guard Kennefh 294 F ofball Swanson Splif End 'W Www gfzf eva, 270,95 Amps wig W-S B11 I ii" L l 010' T- ,rf if 325 .ga xv- I T, . 5. fl... , 5 - i 34 'sa I - 1 T ii? -Z' Ts Quarferback Mike Hicks gefs The pass off under heavy pressure The I978-79 Junior VarsiTy Team had a Trying season wiTh a record of I-7-2. How- ever The losing record did noT reflecf The good qualify of The young Team. The Team opened againsf Burleson wiTh a 6 To 6 Tie: Then wenT on To Tie Paschal 8 To 8 in The Third game of The season. Affer The Third game, however, The Cougars fell inTo a colossal losing slump ThaT They could noT geT ouT of unTil The end of The season when They defeafed Poly 24 To O. The record did noT represenT a True pic- Ture of The Team as mosT of The games were decided by a few poinfs in The closing sec- onds. The Team displayed many good quali- Ties including a solid defense and a poTenT offense. The Team was compeTiTive Through- ouT The season and never Iosf iTs spirif. The JV Squad was led by Coach James Thames and Coach Jimmy Sanders, who emphasized pride, dedicafion, and execu- Tion To The Team for The enfire season. The Team confinued To improve and gain experi- ence for playing on The VarsiTy Squad nexT year. 'if xt- ' -fr V4 Fred Knowles runs inTo Trouble during The Heighfs game. , ,., 4, , . Football 295 .qD'z6c!a, Q86liC!6Lfl:OI2, fxwufion Empgaaiz gli OF !! Cougars massacre Dunbar runner 1, " BOTTLI ' A vv-"Aw M. ,Wm "' ' I ..,... , ".T:'k'11LAvL' 'A A :VM Q The J.V. Squad sfrefches before fhe O. D. Wyafi game. 296 Foofball Todd Cox eludes would be facklers. Bufch Hamilfon falls on loose ball. db fl' 'bf -'Q Coach Jimmy Sanders with The I978-79 Junior Varsify foolball leam, Firsl Row Todd Yoder. Todd Cox. James Tomkowslci, Adrian Marfinez. John Dancer. John Irwin, Knufe Roclrney. John Roberfson, Mifch Herberf: Second Row Manager Richard Duran. Ronnie Genrry, John Phinney. Alan Brummef, Clif Thedford, David Lace. Thomas Marshal, Bill Swoape. Philip Walfon, Manager Micheal Ray: Third Row: Marc Core. Charles Hillard, Chip Ozee. Adam Wood. David Wyafr. Sieve Hale. Don Richards, Sfan Richardson: Fourlh Row David Hunf. Jody Brown, Todd Reisedoiler. Jack McCoy. Jeff Sfubbs. Brel Russell, David Robers, Sherman Richardson: Fiffh Row Perry Pillow. Ernie Kahler, Terry Tinsley. Sieve Anderson. Burch Hamillon. Chris Cox, Robert Coolc. Mike Hiclzs, James Smilhson. Brel Russell. under excellenf profecfion, sers up lo Throw fhe ball. Foolball 297 298 Foofball Eagazfy Oqwculfa axf Ssawn M, ds- H., My -n....' QQQW To T ,, 11 Vom,, , 1- Q. , X , , - m . ..,,,, , gg- A 4' 1 I , " 4.1 The Cougars' sfrong defense lines up againsf Trimble Tech. ffm S an 1 J A K ,.', I , ., W K N I 4 ', ' V. Like: 1- V T Bill Swope catches touchdown pass. f.-Ax Hx Coach Jimmy Sanders and Coach James Thames shout words of encouragemenf fo fhe +eam. zasgmsn aus 'Leaf 55411012 Rodd Braun kicks off before a game. The Freshman foofball Team had 'rhe besf record for a fresh- man feam in school hisfory. The young Cougar foofball leam guided by Coach Rober+ Fisher and Coach Jimmy Torres won 7 games, losr I, and fied 2. They were fhe firsf freshman feam ever +o bear Arlingfon Heighfs. The Freshmen capfured second place in disfricf +o lop off a very good season. I' 1. L ' , F yall.--arg.. . , g I 'i H 5 V A x it ' gr . I' TQ Ee ., g":,,:f"':g,, ' A Q I A-A - Shawn Doheriy discusses a play wirh Coach Jimmy Torres. f Smifh demolished a Dunbar player while Andre Brown runs fo help. QB J . s Lawrence Vaugn and Zane Pruif are elated afrer a Cougar iouchdown. F rbll 299 fcasfzimazz cggow fnofzmous fpotsntiaf Coach Fisher and Coach Torres TelT ThaT The young Freshman Team had a loT of enThusiasm This season and ThaT They also played wiTh a good winning aTTiTude. The Cougars have enormous poTenTial Tor The TuTure wiTh leaders such as quarTerbaclc BrenT Barker, run- ning baclc RoberT WaTers, and linemen AlberT SmiTh and STeve Condra. The ouTloolc Tor The TuTure wiTh These Tine aThleTes looks good wi+h The momen- Tum Trom This season To help spur The Cougars on To more winning seasons ahead. e Freshman defensive Team awaifs The nexT play. Brent Barker fires a pass down field. Coach Jimmy Torres and Coach Roberf Fisher anxiously waTch a play. 300 Foofball noi, il WWMMQMMX Li, a. ' ' 200555 -, I ' 1 1 1 I I 1 . , , 9 4. 4 C 'Ii X ii ef J G a Q.. - ,, , 5 . . I .1 , , - . 5. A vs- mi" ,A 0' q V ,h ,, 4 .,'1 if B M" s - f ' 'C I ' X " 'R L 'l'i K - . - ' I 5 Sq' J ig... qs' ,. A is . -,' hs- -, A -,341 D K l ' - - 1 S- '- ., 1" -1- ' , a n' " - . l QQ E . 'QQ ' "1 'Q up . . " - ' -r -il ' " ' " ' ' - y ., . 'A .. .I 1 . . 2 " - . 1 '. - ' 4 -' 2 , - ' .- I . - ' 1' ees-fewewi-1 .5 .A L, Q-, 4 . ' 1 V ' ' - ' s. '- 'T A -4 "" 9 ', ', -. M: ' -'- A il I A 'Y '4 - S ips' :rx A 5 Y in Y , K ii ia- Q ' 'A Vis 1 W 'YN 4 '-1 if :ii 2 ig , " I ' 1 ' . r. '. i,. ' ,, lg ' N 5 W4 sv- -"vi-.. - .4 'B wil. EDN 1'-' Nl 'ff :ff - 3 , N . .fH'a"1Z "15,E,Q'q,i4.?9 ,51ri.q -ff -1'-WFS? , -asf,-.-, s, 5.1 , -. ,9:,.g,g9g'.'f.1 Jw. Jsfl. .S ., , f "Qin, -FP'11fL""f"f2f25:s3 7"'1?l'2fTL'f"r'7'-Jiaiifi-112 Q if f'ifl'f ?E9 llfiiykfzlif fri' 'Q' Qgiifyilse-"i . J ef - ,7 ' fi3ql1-iierfw ff'-1f'4iiu4f'f " " 'P"" ' ..f:.Q,3.,,, if 1 V -mfr: -i.. 'l E: ZJ'-'i r 4-A , 2?-' Liv :- 'fifilffilw-i" 'rifsifs f-1 - A f - yi Q5 ,EER "ff-1--e .,-E'ff?w+rf,'MZfr1i.: wi'?ffwf:fse3-.k.,2 -s H "ea in - 1 + 1.2---vfiaffr. This year's Freshman ream was, Firsf Row: Mgr. Jack Perers, Kif Kifchel, Devell Cain, Sfuarf Butler, Kenf Holbrooks. Second Row: Rodd Brann, John Osfricksr. Mile 5 Macha, Zane Pruif. Mike Shulfz, Michael Price. Eric Cambell. Jeff Adams. Alberl Srnifh, Andre Brown. Third Row: Coach Jimmy Torres. Chris Rabel, Craig McCurley, Russell Gonzales. Bren? Barker. Greg Dawson, Tim Grubb, Rod Green. Greg Cooksy. Joel Rossi. Jimmy Healh. Coach Roberi Fisher. Fourfh Row: Chester Morris. Torn Webb, Wal? Garrison, Tim Brazil, Mike Serba. Reber? Walers, Bill Roddy. Sieve Condra, Mark Mobley. Donny McGoodwin. Wesley Monosmiih. Fifth Row: Shaw Doherty, John Meyers, Kenneth Pierce, Craig Allen. Tom Alders, Donald Anderson, Lawrence Vaugn, Michael Taffman, and Milton Price. 5 WCGPJA ' . . , ' "9..- M- F1 1 f.ws.f'7f ' M-Q " "? ' li , w"'S.' L 74" W' W V + ... J J me ff ...ai -' H 'J,, l I ,A ,,k, ' ,.:, 1 "" I . Q KW?-of 75' gs I Wyse' h. V I if 'J sf 1. .Zi-' 'B P .9 ,- in A. U . r . , . 7'Y'r:' T-r 7 :vii I icq., - ' r r 13 14 f 21. I. if Q, --gg-QT' 2 Q7 . xv IE"""'VqY :IL 1' Q . 1 W 9' ' ff 4 . 1 .. 1 ' 1 Reber? Waiers runs for daylighf wifh Alberf Smilh blocking. Craig McCurley and Rodd Brann iarr fhe ball loose from an opposing feam meme ber. Foolball 3OI Coach w...,..,.X.,W 5517, , -2 ws 1 , . Q ,.,,,,,,,M.,t.. A Egg, I'-1-'LL us: ' , , , ., -GL "ma 4T'gi7,Ew T X W. f 1., Q , , 'f Mx 1' -1, 4 gil?" " fa? ' ' A-'7' f?,?a,1. .few-sf"'fS5ii2f. ww A x 5, . . 'fi ' ' 'Q 1 ' 15110 ' W 'K ' , ' , . V k Q' ,- 'X 12,3 N. Q Hi .iff i M- v A , v - . "'??1i.Ti'.5,, Spfill' K, V .fagzxgk .K Qi 1 4:1 ,Q -Q -QEEEBN - . gm':',.ri5 -Y' . ,Y fy . .43 ff 'Q "I 5 Vtfgifiv W L 55: tt 4 .-,- f - are , ' . zz ,, 1-y S 1 I fx ff f., ,H 392 M.- xafa my V W FH' - .1" fE'?'! 4,:.., QL if 1.11. nf. wwf 233.4 Qfauify L9 go cgfow Sfmt gains onzenfum C h M L l TrucTs his Cou Don Ryder shooTs TorT E 1. The VarsiTy BaslceTball Team began The season wiTh hopes oT a high disTricT Tinish. The Cougars won Their Three non-disTricT games deTeaTing Big Springs, Richland and Nolan. DisTricT play began againsT Dunbar: The Team suT- Tered Their TirsT loss aT The hands oT The Wildcafs. The cagers drop- ped Their nexT Three games beTore deTeaTing The ArlingTon l"leighTs Yellow JaclceTs To geT baclc inTo The win column. ATTer a loss To Trimble Tech, The Cougars posTed wins over Poly and SouThwesT To end The TirsT halT OT disTricT wiTh a 3-5 record. Ba k Tb II 303 ougau 6221145 cgaasozz 7 6-73 W MA V, Q l-...W ...,.,..-..,,,,,,, -.4 .V R if David Bliss goes in lor an easy lay-up. Jgs 304 Baslrefball """"'-ww 'Www x vi Q X Lenwood Anderson oufiumps Paschal defenders for fwo poinls. Harold Dary fmvicipaves The arrival of a pass from ou? ol bounds. ,Wu as 4-vu, fm ,. av, rl Cougars blocl: Paschal's forwards shof. DISTRICT RECORD GPPONENTS W.l-l. Dunbar 65 48 Paschal 64 55 WyaTT 45 38 E. Hills 53 39 A. T'leighTs 44 47 T. Tech 79 47 Poly 46 70 Dunbar 90 49 Paschal 4l 45 WyaTT 60 54 SouThwesT 42 47 E. Hills 49 5I A. l'leighTs 60 77 T. Tech 67 52 i l Don Ryder blocks a shoT from Paschal offender. During The course of The season The Cougars played in various TournamenTs. The Team losT To Rich- ardson in The consolaTion championship in The Birdville lnviTaTional Tournamenf. The final score was 59-56 and The cougars loolcecl for beTTer days. The Nolan Vikings Tell To The Cougars 68-59 as The Team Took The conso- laTion championship aT The Cowfown TournamenT. AnoTher consolafion championship was earned af The WesT Side Lions Club TournamenT as The Cougars alefeaTed ArlingTon T'leighTs 62-48. Ba lm fb ll 305 Uougau Beast Sfzozzg .cgiacomf C74 The Cougars posTed a 5-3 sec- ond halT disTricT record. Losses came againsT Dunbar, OD. WyaTT, and Trimble Tech. The Team deTeaTed The Paschal Pan- Thers 45-4l Tor Their TirsT vicTory oT The second halT. The SouThwesT Rebels and The EasTern Hills High- landers boTh Tell vicTims oT The Cougar aTTack. The Team deTeaTed I-leighTs Tor The second Time, 77-60. Coach Marvin Levels helped To insure Cougar wins wiTh his coach- ing experTise. BaskeTball Lenwood Anderson Takes an ouTside courf shof d T Gary Wlweafon Coach Levels Jason Wesf 1 l f E 'S : T Q 46 , x 1 M Q iw- J - Q XXX l 1 4 l ' xl l X X 1 l Q Fronf Row: Jason Wesf. Don Webb, Gre Willis, G B ,All N bl .B son, and Harold Dary. Don R -is X -I 4 . . at A V al .7 , -'TQ Q 131: ir, h., -v , -.,! x g eorge rown en o e ack Row: Coach Marvin Levels, Gary Wheavon, Don Ryder. David Bliss. Lenwood Ander- is , gb lm X qll yder Lenwood Anderson Don Webb 'J Baskefball 307 308 Basketball The Junior Varsify Baslcefball 'ream experienced a see-saw Type of year, compiling a I5-I4 record. The small buf vigorous squad worked diligenrly lo improve on +he basics of 'ream play. The cag- ers wenf fhrough various drills and exercises To develop Their passing proficiency as well as overall ball confrol. Coach Jimmy Sanders ran The 'ream lhrough slandard condilioning fechniques +o insure agilify and sfamina during lhe long demanding season. Oul- sranding performances were furned in by Kenne+h Weeks, Perly Brigham and 'freshman Brenf Barker. gains 75-74 cgeaofzcf Cougars fake posifion To make rebound. K 1 fi' - S 'f U' 2 . e s Y V,,. W hr., L' i 'ia' "' Chesfer Noble fighfs off a defender as he goes for a lay'up. A,H,,w,,,,. .,s, '--' V K Kennefh Johnson leaps high for a shoi ove 1' o defenders r sv-i EW i 9 'ik R 'Q R.. 4,4' . ,Sh ' ' I, , X ' L ff , Q --H N, Z ' -V ,. . f ,Aggie .rg ' S ,. . ' J! ' K X r ppl A ui 12.7-22,5 K - "X ul! A 5 1 X .gi rl U J 1 .17 - A . V ': , - ' ' - E"'l'5 ' 9' . ,Lx ' E ia' iv - H W 'F is 5.4 V-Q L , Y ' f f 1 4 . V' - 'J . -- 1- . v Q h i i , is if xi ' 2-, -'- r , ' ,. .MY Lf ' -Q f Q f ld-.r Q " S : .nf 21. J, ff- ... - Q Ir' f -Q '51 ". -ff, M 3'fit':" ,cf ' 'v - Kennefh Johnson vies for fhe Tip-off againsf Paschal. ir -, X - Cougars shoof fwo. ahh ,,.,, .. L1 Chesfer Noble affempfs fo pass fhe ball our of fhe corner. S ,Z 2 s 98 S .Q , inf'-'L ,Q W Q ., W I W - , H: ,ffgswq-V , W ., ,fl A I un.. Freshman Brenf Barker goes up for a iump shof. Baskefbell 309 Nami. 5616054 oz nity -1-.. 'ii' vs f , Members of the Junior Varsify Baskefball Team were: Firsf Row: Anfhony Tigner, Paffy Brigham, Joe Wrighl and Kennefh Weeks. Second Row: Coach Sanders. Michael Price. Chester Noble. Ken Jol1nson.Allan Robinson and Brenf Barker. 3IO Baskefball . L s 2 r ,,,, ggi sg., X. '31 if Q mi:s.,':5f: M, . ..., , , 14 ,V sfzgfqfssw ' f - V ' vis., -V ,WV , f, "Qin .,., ,,, mam' f V 4 ., , ,ry W P .. f N- if .f y 'T 'fwflsr ' -ik ,Q 'ff VK l 1419 " , ,V We W V g 5 V V. 3 . ' Q ,1 13 ' f lffriif A - .. A 'ffffi' 'X Vg' I .3 me fa K K HW. ,, ' . 'R ,aww r '.: , 5 gg iii . Afik?iQ3'l' W ' , AV ,V V :raw A 1. V . K '32 V 1333, T31 ' 'V' in " V , .. 6" 2- -525 ,E M f lain . Bike ' 'f we . ,, 'K A if 9 v f w- V lf 'I' 'rr Q' . , ,gllwff , ,gs ' ff QR 2 V. p, 1 ,gl ga 4355 1, f ' , ,V E QMSFS Q Q 11: 1 f Q1 . '- -.VV f H -f4i'.f'4'fLf V " f- .11 Q1 . Vf,,'V4'1 ,T : 3 it 9 1 5, 'ii ,, , 4V 4?-,N .Q .fig ,,,,. , 3 :., V ,,, -V r -92 4 4, 5' ' ws, u 2, -s S r -,,Vg-155 WH V ' MV:-V ' ,Vzigj gg - . 9' Arriffri SA: 15,27-' me fin , ,wif 1 ,, n I-2 . V R L -? ,, g-,Qi . " fi ff' W'3g1-if , ,.--gffff as Q., -Q ,V ,,: ' Y , , . -V af. ,' 9345 , His, g " i,.,' I ,, . , .. 5 -9, 'f M1 K "f" .1 '51, ' we r 'K 4-152 ' Q , :R ,d " f, if 'W Anfhony Tigner, Kenneth Johnson and Bren? Barker prepare fo rebound a Paschal shol. QZEQQHZEH E,I2C!LL7,8 ,.,.,.--- 011,96 cg 50.11012 I I 1 f . . 'Z I -.1 W U ask " .54 , , S 4 ' ' 1 I T Tx 'ff i Cougars quickly grab rebound. This year's Treshman baskeTball Team pracTiced diligenTly To improve and develop Their skills. The boys worked TogeTher To Tamiliarize Themselves wiTh The new surroundings and Team mem- bers. Lack oT heighT showed up on The scoreboard buT The deTer- mined squad gave iT Their besT shoT. OTTen The Cougars pulled ahead during The game buT Tailed To keep up The momenTum To win The game. The season was sTarTed wiTh pre-disTricT games which gave The Team viTal experience Tor The upcoming disTricT games. The Cougars had a disappoinTing sea- son wiTh a 4- I 2 record buT played each game wiTh renewed er1Thusi- asm. The boys were coached by Mr. Gary Swan. x V ' Q.. K Q5 qi 4? S -.Li I A T' 4-A, 'W -ix Q . 4 4. 1' Lawrence Vaughn dribbles pasT SouThwesT deTender. Harold Moore scrambles for a loose ball. Baskefball 3 155, I wxqii . .V -' 'S ' im 'fe 2: ' la if Veg, I ' 3, --QQ? , ,, ., ,G ' "wM:'zv'rf? -fig ,. 3 ' li 3. ., VW. . .fs 24 fexzfq '- 7? -'Mui ' ' -.riLt.ac-a'1i was vis.. C ...S 3 i i 2 W J it 'HSA Robert Wafers scores fwo aqainsf Easfern Hills. 6112512 4855001 jncflluicfuaf fffozf 'YTQE 12's-,l'.i,n Qin , ,, 1 gr -Ellie 4 3 W Wa. 5 W T il v W f Y , ' 'SN 'gli L i fi . 5 frif igj. T ' 5 112 Q l'ili'b'7': .gk ' " Wg. 5 . 'L 45 - GP' K ,f A Rodd Brann makes an offensive play during the fourth period. i """"' -A-iq-...f A . - W. M Coach Swan discusses Team sfrafegy with players. 3I2 Baslcefball 1. Slwawn Doherfy pracfices his dribbling. 'lf :- . .,.,. 9 . A' N 5. . Y , . l . e ' v ' if 23 q g , f X ' - - 1 A L., ssl V e D -,Z W -4 : 3 ' ,- u 1 5 , ' f 5, 4- g .,. . ' A at 1-... """"' . I L "Which way did if go?" says Roberf Warrers. Lawrence Vaulllm 065595 fhe ball +0 Rodd Brann- i ' ,v,, Qi The 78-79 Cougar freshman ieam included: Firsi Raw: Timmy Wakeland, Charles Miller. Roberf Armsfead, Lawrence Vau hn, Shawn Doherf . H ld g y aro Moore, Marcel Bosworfh. Larry Rameiz. Second Row: Calvin Morel. Rodd Brann. Cory Sfyron. Billy Ring, Alberf Smifh, Reber? Waffers, and Vicfor Golighfly. .5 i 44 an Baslcefball 3I3 For The TirsT Time in The hisTory oT WesT- ern Hills, girls had an opporTuniTy To parTici- paTe in inTerscholasTic baske+baII compeTi- Tion. DisTricT play began on December 5Th and all games were played aT The Public School Gym. Several surrounding high schools compeTed in This new baskeTball program, which gave The girls The compeTi- Tive spiriT and experience a young Team needed. Scrimmages were arranged by Coach Laminack To boosT The Team's knowl- edge oT Tull courT, five man oTTense and defense. During ChrisTmas vacaTion, The girls par- TicipaTed in The TirsT annual OpTimisT Club TournamenT held aT EasTern Hills. The Cou- gars were vicTorious over CarTer and EasT- ern Hills. These vicfories advanced Them To The consolaTion championship againsT Poly. KaThy Hale and Ginger Bradley had The honor of making The all-TournamenT Team. This year's Team losT many oT iTs games by a small margin, buT They meT The chal- lenge ThaT was offered To Them. They worked diligenTly and pracTiced on shooT- ing, passing and Tree Throws. They learned The TundamenTals and used Them ThroughouT The season. Coach Laminack roTaTed cap- Tains each week To give each girl a chance aT leadership. Kafhy Hale l33l iumps high as Tricia Riley l25l looks on aT The Soufhwesf game Joyce Slater ll Ilaffempfs To sfeal The ball away from an opponent 3 I4 Baskefbell gizfa gags Aigof cgi Qizaf Aieaaofz -- u ...,-,-.--w----Q'---"" :J Members of flie I978-79 Girls Baskefball Team were: Firif Row: Joyce Slarer. Esfer Ringer. Pam Allen. Gayla Williams. Deidre Neysiel and Lisa Marsden. Second Row: Manager Trislia Allison.Coacl'1 Laminaclc. Shelley Brooks. Nancy Neal, Tricia Riley, Rosalind Miller, Ginger Bradley. Cindy Brown. Kafhy Hale and Manager Cheryl Beaclnamp. Kafliy HaIel331aims before affemprinq a basket. Lf.. 5.5. Parn Allen dribbles flue ball down +l'ne court Baskefball 3I5 5 3 I , 2 w n mu' ,.w-W,.11,wAmun.'m- naw.-mmumfmwnmmn -' f , .. . 1 1' ug: .f fi U0 city Diffs .xii .- - 0 T avr"-W "4'3w+z. 5":i-L-fav 6.-.ft - Ll5t,'of A' . , . , Bible!!-.f ,. l---N 4,-Quia-f-o.s 'I'--1-,ww - .- HL. s,, ., , rr: M-f f faafiefsasc-sg?4.v:::-4 L' T Charlie Plumleigh releases a curve ball. The WesTern Hills Baseball Cougars began The year on hopes oT recovering The coveTed ciTy crown. LasT year's deTending champs worked hard during win- Ter Training To develop The indi- vidual skill and Team work neces- sary To compeTe Tor The disTricT TiTIe. Under The new leadership oT Coach Jim Torres The Team was puT Through various drills To develop Technique and sTamina. ATTer Three scrimmages, The '79 season began on March I, when The Cougars Took on The Burleson Elks. The Elks walked away wiTh a 5 - I vicTory and The Cougs soughT To avenge The loss, however rain cancelled a scheduled remaTch wiTh The Elks. The Cougars mauled The CasTleberry Lions II - 2 in The besT oTTensive showing oT The young season. The Team Then Tell 4 - O aT The hands oT ArlingTon Sam l'lousTon. Phillip Harrison calmly anTicipaTes The pafh of The ball. Baseball 3 7 may Ebaipfayi dompgfafaug 5pmf 3I8 Baseball V44-Y . ,R I asv-1 Sieve Schmid? urges on his feammafes. Tim Alders delivers a fasf bell. 'mover The Cougar 'team gafhers fogeflwer for encouragement from Coach Torres. ,T Roberl Beasley +al:es a lead from firsf bass while closely wafching +l'1e pi+cl'1er, vb: S , ' ,1 Craig Cox husfles out +0 begin flue inning. . ,,. , si f A A gf-1 '1- ,si .. ,,,4f..-. -- I . , -, e ,4:'1"', ',,',1 ,n. 'UA l.,,., 1 I la 1., . - 5 -,V ,,,'fiz,1,', 5' rx-.:.4Q'25'7 'f?'f'. "ff 5 e-.ff 'K -.J ,..'i Coach Torres discusses 'the previous play wifh flue umpire. Baseball 3I9 auity Aitfciuea orc Usam fffofcf sc The Varsily Baseball loam. Firsl' Row: Coach Jim Torres, Sieve Schmidt Richard Young. Charlie Plurnleigh, Johnny Miller. John Vassion. Second Row: Roberf Beasley Dewane Johnson, Bob Cole. Milne Mounce. Phillip Harrison. Kinney Finch. Third Row: Craig Cox. Randy Allen. Don Parnell. Mike Hicks. Jerry Prince. Tim Alders Gary Grannan. 320 Baseball The slarling lineup consisled of Don Parnell, Jerry Prince, Johnny Miller, Rober+ Beasley, Phillip l-larrison, Craig Cox, Bob Cole. and Milne Hicks, Pilchers: John Vassion. Charlie Plumleigh, Dewane Johnson and Tim Alders were on lhe slarling rolalion pro- viding 'rhe key 'ro defensive suc- cess. Dislricl play opened on March I2 as The season began ils fough- esl course. Coach Torres was con- fidenl lhe Cougars could com- pele wilh The rough ciry Teams including Soufhwesl and Arling- lon Heighls, in Their bid for a high dislricl finish. . ' f a 'X 5' s ' so ff' is - 123 , ilk giiw 4 'on sg 54 I fi as J if if he 1 3 TS.. ig . I s . emi, ,llxlii A V 1' X 2 A Qi 4 B' .kyk Rig 12 , ,es Zim SK ff' fs. r-f I x - ' may W, , 3 ii i ,. ,fa Q www Y Yr! .5 , 1. 'ss V J. .k e Ai T .. J J W. fe w, ,,,,. , Don Parnell performs his duly as a catcher in The Casrleberry Game. QQ! Umm ggzapazaa 901 inning sawn 2 Denny Hernandez prepares fo slap Phe bell info leff field. Ex -ef . -51 Ken? Fihgerald keeps his opponenf close lo the base. 1 All ' -11 .- T r. H V M av R I 1. ' li fi 7 2 J f, f i f' ff "V f ,f I 'url N Hard work and dedicafion were 'rhe key facfors of a successful JV Baseball season. Slrenuous workouls affer school helped mold fhe players info one slrong feam. The Team was com- prised of sixfeen sophomores and five iuniors who made up a sfrong nucleus for fhe leam. The leam opened The season wifh a 6 - 3 win over Grapev- ine. The second game ended in a 7 - 7 fie wilh fhe Burleson Elks. The Cougars fell fo an Arlingion Sam Houslon 'team wi+h a 3 - 9 loss. The JV Cougars dili- genfly worked for a successful season. L 53' r I wr I xiii" H W 1 "Ai " 'f.Q f- ' 'YF f . 4 "qw: rflr i , ,X-,- .,,: I , , v ii L V leigh. V i R H 2 AQ, ,er 1 X , ' F' -5 A " 1' , V . , 4 .f , Scof? Moore fields a qrounder, Baseball 32l The leam was coached by Roberl Fisher who had high hopes for a slrong season al 'rhe beginning. Coach Fisher guided lhe J.V. Team info a unified group of dedicaled players. Dislricl compelilion for 'rhe young players grew rougher as lhe season wenl on, and 'rhe J.V. Cou- gars pul forlh 'rheir besl ellorl and gained valuable experience from lheir dislricl play. The Cougar leam looks on during a game. .aff ,-A, 'WY' ' is Chip Ozee hurdles the ball foward home. as is , ' . f ' , Y ? 2 ' 6 , ig , 1 1 "is 1 "ll. X ,y , ' sl i if 17 y ,E 5 T 3 , . f. ,QV ,. E H n it Q -r Q 4' ' ""'-5 iff , l .4 .. H. . . , i ii l N KX K da, . 45 f' ii A M up ,ik . ,x ' l fit 'K' ' V W All - fi . .fg isggflf v L .Qtr v A , .i My Q It W. I V: 1' f . . . f. . nf' 1' fliiiff ' C -- .' " W ' K .1 lm' Q . ff W , M QL. Aff - C Q Brefl Russell prepares lo fhrow fhe ball lo lirsl base. MIM K 1 .,.,,. A F V, 322 Baseball Darryl Byrd lakes infield while olher Cougars loolc on. ffbizf-525 Umm as fpfcocfuafiua sawn Sean Knighf fires the ball. Billy Richardson flashes a signal fo ihe pitcher. 1 'e 4 vi' :Q j . f 7' ff .fl :'e 5, N ' f T e T i 1 A V A , ff, 4' ffiivl The I978-79 J.V. Baseball feam included: Fin? Row: Coach Roberf Fisher. Second Row: Danny Hernandez, Brian Moose, Lee Garcia, Marc Cafe. Sean Knight Todd Cox. Brel? Russell, Darryl Byrd. Chip Ozee. and Kelly O'Neal. Third Row: Bruce Hasiings, Kenf Fifzgerald, Perry Pillow, David Denny. Milne Brunei. Scoff Moore, Roberf Michaels. Larry Segars, Bob Day, Tyrone Vassion. and Billy Richardson. Baseball 323 'css man egin, saaon, rlflfifg Gqlzficifzafion Members of The I978-79 Freshmen Baseball Team were: FirsT Row: Greg HunTley. Jim Grant John Howard, Sfeve Schaffer. Brefl' McNelly, John Harris. Dugga Poe, Paul Boll, Tim Wakeland, Maffy ShoTTy. Kevin Barnes. and Jep Larkin. Second Row: Ken Roverfs. Mike Wayl, Don Grammon, Rod Smallroy, Dan Neil, Jim Cassion, Roy Opel. Mike Andress. Will Abgar. James Jusfice, Greg Vassion, Sfeve McGee. Will NewTon. and Tracy Pool. The enThusiasTic freshmen Team began Their season on March 9. The young baseballers anTicipaTed a rough season and worked dili- genTly during second period and aTTer school To improve Their skills. Each man on The squad puT ouT an exTra eTTorT To insure a place in The sTarTing line-up. WiTh The help of Coach Thames and his assisT- anTs, The freshmen were conTidenT of Their abiliTy To perform in con- ference games. Some vagrsiTy and junior varsiTy members are also given crediT Tor The success of The Team because They gave Time of Their own To help ouT. Mike Hicks Takes infield pracTice while Ken Roberfs caTches. 324 Baseball Paul Boll unleashes his curve bell. Tim Wakeland fields hof grounder. Will Newfon warms before preclice. 95.51 -71 l Baseball 325 326 Track gmag Umm aa .Quiag Axfdlf The WesTern Hills Track Team 1:1-1 " sTarTed OTT The season wiTh a road Trip To The Louisiana STaTe UniversiTy relays. The Cougar mile relay Team which consisTed oT Mike Langley, Greg STanTon, Brian Newby, and Rick Pur- selly, won second by beaTing all The Louisiana Teams There. The Track Team sTarTed working ouT aT The beginning oT The winTer TrimesTer, alThough The dis! Tance men sTarTed working during The cross counTry season aT The beginning of The year. The WesTern Hills lnviTa- Tional Va rsiTy division OT The Track meeT was rained ouT. This was a disappoinT- menT To The coaches. This year's coaches were: Head Coach Riley Dunn, Coach Bill WiTcher, Coach Gary Swan and ex-Cougar Chris Dills. .sw j.g id .T ,, .. Charles Denson Toughs iT ouT. 2 Y W .has-'I 'll' 4.-an W Todd Jones is ouT in Troni. Brian Newby P05595 an 0PP0"e"'7- V .4 H1 111+ -9d'fAi-1111 3f1v!'i'f ,J 'N 51.151 f S2331- -af The Western Hills Varsify fracl: feam fhis year was: Firsf Row: Greg Sfanfon, Ricky Purselly. Nurel Clarkson, David Whifinq, Andy Horfon. Ronnie Tubbs. Glenn Condra Ch I D Cl k C ' ' "" ' ' ' ' ares enson. ar avm. Second Row. Richard McDuff, Milne Langley. Peffy Brigham, John Anfomo. Bull McDavid. Chucl: Fear. Brian Newby, Todd Jones and Davicl Glover. it i' V-,,.,-- ,,.--1 1 ,,-.-f f . vwry 'FN - wx! .5 , . ,f 'I if 1 ' .V A 1 1 :.'a""' - r -iv u.!1"' if Si!!-fi. l . .1 alkli' 5 , . A K , I ' v- AQ Iiggfl' it i , ' BDI is vw- Andy Horlon pufs fhe shof. Ronnie Tubbs iusf misses a vault Track 327 Track 328 llll. ii x T c, 1 i t ,,.-A-Q 1. A -..' fi-KF 'V Q A- ' g E ' "- ' ' 5. 153215 0 S ' in imc' g.. ,. f L-A X va- A t li ' , W sa- ,,,,,....----!" " . i . f , .. . - T., 'gn . .LM -1"""T' ' 'T'f,1,.' 2 slicliv. .,-il --Q '15-' -2 .g.1J'--isp' . gr 4-mx. -'x -mg .g,'.,-fawgsem-'v"A-' sf x A A?P.vAi ,, it S... . -A , Q Q. " , . , . ff- ,Q . X 5- N P- 5 , . Jay Mafhews races over The hurdles. The Cougar Team is loaded wiTh TalenT as was shown aT The L. D. Bell meeT which WesTern Hills won by amassing I5O ToTal poinTs Tor The meeT. David WhiTing held The record Tor The discus ThaT week and Andy l'lorTon held The record Tor The shoT. They bo+h won Their evenTs. Coach WiTcher expecTed'much Trom .Nurel Clarkson and EvereTT Bell in The weighT evenTs. Ronnie Tubbs won The pole vaulT aT The meeT. Glen Condra won second in The IOO yd. dash and in The 220. Chuck Fair and Richard lvlcDuTT were also expecTed To do well in The sprinTing evenTs This year. The sprinT relay won second and The mile relay Team achieved a TirsT place To Tinish The meeT. The Cougars Trained Tor The disTricT meet ThroughouT The year and hoped To do well aT The disTricT meeT. . l ,je- s .5 .ff - 1 Nurol Clarkson sTruins for a good Toss. A Q I t A ii Q Q 0 . , , f , , , 3-' T' ' M ' j e ' is 1- ain- W .W , y 'Q 1 4. ips. T f 'T '- I , ' , nv . Q L , yy X T of -is ..., -i ggi A A, 1 """'Q5 ' V. ' 4 ' g Y C V C . . Vfriiifs . Glen Condra exerTs for a good sTarT in The IOO yard dash 523 J Q . ll- - Arif' v IV, -.-Y ,,.5-- 1 . I fp:-r - - -5 . ., ,,,., .1 . aut' . x -- if gg M H f?" "T heal "-fi M- 1-'H-sn , .. VI 7. - I H 5211 ' if Y-...-f , .. ks-,:,.:-1 -H-V, .134 ,ry " 1 1Lg,,7- ., ' . .M al lA',J:r'v1eQs:lglf-gl?C-'lf-P:'Lf1.jf'! ,TH 45? ,,, ' i1,.4,"L""f f"f2Wi"fEK: ' 4 '.,'1-.gf 193-Yf'T'F? '- 'A -..-. , .- 554 :JI .v -'ap-'f , V X .r ' ,-N. ,fly , , A. j - -f L - "g'3FT.Q'-:H-- Lg ! 5. -E5,4'9'ggfjf' ,,',1-gf., 5, . v ,. . w, .. 4...4,..1f - f 1 .f',,,-1. -' '- - 'f' ""-gs, 'F fr-, -' -1 X 1,,.7.Afg Z' 'j f -nf: ' ,..g3ew.g" Q-. .g,,,, J'.v. . '- Xin-'f55J5f"5' .,. .. .sr-'H g A, - ig-1 gf, v --.-- :. f 4- Q , M 4, , ' jfsfsw'-. 43? ..1s.-.rf --,rf-1?-flifvffiwlf .Q - . ' 40 - - . f "1 "ffm," ' f 1 '. k 1-4. . - A -V , .Q "fi -1:-iff 3524511 5-:fzx.r 15 sq:--,.1:?g,,5-ri P---Aw ' 1'7jc.g'V tw.. -1:-gg... . 1:.'.,.4.-fs :ct w" ' :f 3.13-if -iguavl :ru - vi , 4492- ,, .L I la 15215-?, A 11.,..K -Ng .A N gif 315 . - 3 L i Malgk. k . li., , . swf:-ff , 1- -. - " .-... s., , -::' , . 1-Lfs ,, .5'- 1 ':-ks. -.ss-QQL, s.,"f , V ' . 'nick-7f'f--...3 e . .- ag-3-' 'F .,- f Y . ,fs - -- L --f. gsm i V' y' '341-:if-'S ':"'27i'-f' x A' W- fm-'f .ii S f Q:wi,Asu5' 51"-'iz v Jr- Y ww. A David Whifing fhrows fha discus for a win in a meef. - in ., Ili-.itll ge Eg Chuck Fair s+rides over a hurdle. ugafc fcaagmalz fxpwfing glidf Season N .. " - ru -.1 :H " J li 5151925 :RE - its-N - wal' me ,. H 1 M i .-. i.!' N - Y nQCb-mans-we ":liwnfisr-4- U' W 1U"ivms2: " dr: ' -"""'PYi7"39'l'f ' iff ig? if "J 'Q --. 3 fe? 'fl ifvfdfvffffffif-?'ffi -hd. iguf Efifsf "f, i - 'f' ' 'fafofo5'f:f3:f-6 " -WA f o A f ' -'J ,Y ' Q' 4'o'.s' 3'O' T. A '7':.'f4'f:'f:.6f:.'.'.2 ff I A , . . Q ' - i A. - .J I U ,X r 8, Y Q 'xl 1 s .I ,I , 3' ' - 111 . . f H..-W -.. ,rpg '-5,2-:5h"'f nr-1 f ' Qi, -J..-21 If .1 f, -W.: 1: . 4, fpgggsgi' , ry. nmgzgi, qw-75351, ' ' .... Q-.fsgaifg-512,45-.r if 1 rg f, ' 9: fJ?'T"'Tjj 1, K , A K -. . 1 . ,, K'-1,1 -fn, F- ' f. . r l V 1, .-.fm - Mike Langley sirains for The lead in fha open quarfer. I . 4"A ii' I Ronnie Tubbs makes a successful vaulf. -c Track 329 330 Track uniofc auify Uzaafa Kguawomea wcffaa This year The Junior VarsiTy Track Team showed promise Tor compeTing wiThin The Tough dis- TricT. The Thin clad, under The waTchTul eye of Coach Riley Dunn, Tielded sTrong in The 440 relay Team, discus. and various oTher relays, WiTh sTrong work- ouTs during 5+h period, The Team excelled in many ways in all oT The TournamenTs. il iaiiiia-n0"0"' The Cougars warm up before a maef af Clark Field. PeTTy Brigham polishes up on his hurdling abilify. ,L T , ' zifi X 4 i- 'I "fl-'L .. 1 - . uw X . ,im kt., rg, , Rcddy Hennard Takes a pracfice before The pole evenf. i va JV Track Members: Fin? Row: Dwiglii Newby. Phillip Walfon. Randy Hennard, Daryl Hillard. and Lance Smiflm. Second Row: Jeff Greene. Adrain Marlinez. Franlrs Meeks. Gary Abshire. and Damon Nacholewa. Wai. lg. '1 x ' 5 ,- X ": E- f ' -,.-, , . l l l -v":ff:'I":'v'f' X " H- , ,n.N,gf.: i - l 0 ."1-iii' ' . ' j ' 2 .'d"'UiW' "ft .-r v . ,414-Q ' 6.13: 52" g '. --' N . - A ..V.,, . fa m.w'o'au'o'a'4"o"o7e 3 , , , , . , A . -H . 1 ' -'zwfiiu -' - fv ,i3gi'1",: ' -' , tg , . A H 1 ' k - fr' 14 .,., I .Ji X 1.,1,f,'553-f,g,'?f-.ej?g- f' . . ,rv f . -kefzffwzf, f K gn' ig, .,.r"'j, . , I ' ' '- ' ' Nw ..-H' "' ru, , , iw., V Em 4 , Bill McDavid pole vaulls af flue Soufliwesf meet. David Hun? prepares fo throw flie shof puf. Track 33l 332 Track .,,,y,.V , wig U0 Spzinfing ECZQOIZ was . J ,Y - Ml. .n. , is fl f X. T "1-., Nr -r .V ,, 4 ., ! . ' f.i,v.,,w,:ufA xnwsaxnmsuneu are 'i??r5H!i4'?-'H vc. Chris Calva and Eric Campbell make The Tirsf Turn of Their long disTance evenT. Sho? puTTer Alberf Smifh makes a winning Toss. The Freshman Track Team made an excellanT showing in The '79 season. Under The lead- ership oT Coach Riley Dunn, Freshmen Track runners gained valuable experience sure To be beneTicial To Them in Their years aT WesTern Hills. The Team worked hard during off season building Their sTamina and endurance Through 5Th period workouTs. Few Freshmen Track Teams have displayed The Talenl' seen This year. Milron Price and Lawrence Vaughn spring ouT of The blacks. Freshmen Track Team, Firsf Row: Chris Calva, Milfon Price, Kennefh Pierce, Lawrence Vaughn, Shawn Doherfy, David Phillips. Second Row: Craig Allen. Eric Campbell. Robert Waffers, Albert Smifh, Rodd Brann, Sieve Condra, Milne Jensen,Bre? Belsher. Rodd Brann sfrefches over the high bar. Shawn Doherfy brings in rhe las? leg of lhe spring relay. Traclr 333 Despife fhe rainy weafher and freezing femperafures, preliminar- ies were held February I2fh for fhe Soufhwesf Conference Indoor fraclc meef. More fhan 500 opfi- misfic parficipanfs puf ouf a fre- mendous efforf in hopes of qualif- ying for fhis imporfanf meef. Qualifying fimes and disiances were furned in by Julie Gufierrez in fhe high lump and by fhe com- bined efforf of Jennifer Braugh, Dana Farrar. Shevon Green, and Cheryl Langley in fhe mile relay. The finals of fhe SWC Indoor frack meef were held af fhe Tar- ranf Counfy Convenfion Cenfer. The indoor fraclc meef resulfs were favorable for fhe Cougars. Julie Gufierrez placed second in fhe high iump clearing 4'I I". The mile relay feam came in fiffh, buf sfill Turned a good fime. .B if Q. we Jaclrie Henry flies down fhe sfrefch af fhe Western Hills Invifafional. 334 Girls Track Shevon Green gefs a good sfarf in fhe mile relay. WW . . W - , V ' ' 'mf 1 eb ' fu.. . if Q, , : Vx . , Wye ' Q J' Y- ,. , ' ' ex ifw., i 'w i f f A in 41.454 ,gur l 1 . ' ' VJ .. i N Six , or 1 .V be Kafhy Hale 'throws fhe sho? pu? during The preliminary meef. 5 I we gllzfa Oqcfualzae go cgi Qinafa Members of fhe l978-79 Track Team were: Firsf Row: Elizabefh Gonzales, Mona Helmke. Jennifer Braugh. Linda Dallon and Dalena Garreff. Second Row: Cheryl Langley, Cherifa Lehman. Jackie Henry. Pam Allen. Dana Farrar, Mary O'Neil and Robyn Porferfield. Third Bow: Man- ager Linda Merrifhew. Cindy Dickerson. Donna Shorfs, Hope Henry, Cheryl Kirby, Angie Akin, Chrisfi Closner. Deefra Dickey. and Julie Gufi- SFFGZ. .me ET' x-.2aii3'i'i' T,-1 -as ,,. urn, 4 u U y Q - fi ,- ,ww ...gf 'f'1-vM!q,,,- ,- 4.111-ff' I f' ""j'1E'i' MS F - 'V' 'H' - . ...A.:4- -..e Dana Farrar and Sheron Green perfecf fhe handoff af Clark Pie s M 4- J-. 13, 1. . .Le Wfw- . . - W Coach Lamrneck gefs bundled up 'For a 'track meet tfhfgg Track 335 Klfyeaffiaz gouge Eazfy Jlflsafa Once again, The annual WesTern Hills lnviTaTional Track -MeeT was run by The girls wiTh enThusiasm. The par- TicipanTs were charged an enTry Tee and The proTiTs wenT To The WesTern Hills Track Team. Due To adverse weaTher condiTions. The Cougars placed Third among The eighT schools. The sprinT relay Team came in TirsT and Julie GuiTerez came in TirsT in The high jump seTTing a new school record oT 5'2". During The mon+h oT March, WesT- ern Hills Took TirsT place in The HursT- Euless-BedTord relays sponsored by TriniTy High. The 880 relay Team came in TirsT and The sprinT relay Team came in second. Delisia Kennedy placed TirsT in The 220. Dana Farrar came in second in The 880, Julie 6uTierrez Took TirsT place in The high iump, and Pam Allen placed TirsT in The mile run. K, ., Girlis Track Shelly Brooks leaps oTT The line in The long jump, T Delisia Kennedy experiences The ioy of vicTory in The 220 - T wkzbvn-are-inn Julie Guherrez S Ts a new school record oT 5'2" in The high i was Qnuzzbzy Qifzfa cgtziua Q01 :Regional 1 MPS!! Members of The i978-79 Cross CounTry Team were: Cheryl Langley. Pam Allen. Melissa Sloan. and Jennifer Braugh. sfnv.-it f Pam Allen runs againsf an opponenf in a cross counTry meef af Sycamore Park. Hard work and daily pracTice paid OTT Tor The i978-79 girls cross counTry Team. The girls compeTed individually in meeTs sponsored by SouThwesT, Poly and CounTry Day. WesTern Hills ran againsT all ForT WorTh schools which parTicipaTed in 4-A compeTiTion. To be success- Tul, The girls had To push Them- selves. running approximaTely 5 miles a day. They also appreci- aTed The help ThaT Mr. Chris Dills, Trom EasTern Hills, gave Them dur- ing The summer monThs. Pam Allen and Cheryl Langley placed in The ciTy meel' and boTh won spoTs in The regional meeT. Coach Rebecca Laminaclc was exTremely pleased wiTh The ouT- come of The season. Coach Lami- naclc hoped ThaT nexT year she mighT have more girls parTicipaT- ing in cross counTry and would like To see Them run as a Team and also run individually. Cheryl Langley is deTermiend To be Tirsf aT The Tinish line. C 338 Track DC-Cbuntzy gags: Un L-Dial-mick The Cougar Cross Counlry leam had an excellenl season, finishing second in Dislricf behind Soulhwesl. ln Dislricf, Sleve Dills placed second, and Chalres Denson placed filrh. The average daily worlcoul con- sisled of +wo runs. ln The morn- ings lhe leam ran four +o five miles af a race pace. ln +he fx afrernoon +he worlcouf con- sisred of a five mile run af a fairly easy pace. The learn wen'r on 'ro qualify for Regional buf , . Y'- n .mes f. fd' X. 1-N Q 9 4. . . . . . -fi,z1sf+wfE? because of inluries, did nof fair is rf as well as was hoped. Chris g Q-,A Dills, an ex-Cougar, coached The young feam. Todd Jones sfrefches for 'rhe upcoming race ' we +x'.5a. f gym awww- waf- Damen Nahoolewa sfrides for the finish line. 'X i, fs' -if 9 -r' ....-., Ben., ., Todd Jones, David Nahoolewa, and Charles Denson keep up with the fasf pace. 4 . I ,n r 1 A ' Cyuaiu ur qq"t'5,-425 1, Q' Y .. ' ,I uv ' - ,"5: -nl ,r , 4 'H Q- -1 1' - f ' '- -'-"' ' .ru Af., hw. 1... t 4 .. N - .,. ,,, . 1, A 1 l x ... ,-. X . -4, .. . .- -.. ya, E -1 - . . .- 5- A... .,. . 43 -1, ,-41 4 -NV. "Mari S, , 'An ,.'- V '..v.-.4., -5 .4 + .A The Cross-Couniry feam fines up for e race af T.C.U. 9 U V ff Q WM, The 78 79 Cross Counfry team uncluded Flrsf Row Damen Nahoolewa Todd Jones Davud Phullups Second Row: Coach Chris Dills, Sfeve Dills, Doug Collins 340 Golf Qoffau omfzafe Un actin owmamanf 4 JH ,.. me fr.. ,..,,q e .449-k.fj.s ",',.,,'gaT Coach Mike Morris confemplafes fhe upcoming work our. Bryan? Tucker watches his drive off fhe number ren fee. Charlie Levis concenfrafes on his golf form during a fee shof. V - , - , , - , - , . ox -1 -I , 1 A 4 , W .. ,ii L: , -,. , 1, I .-l, . L . , A . -. . , q., - ' I 4' .. . f , .5 -,M ,,,-fr ..,- ' ,, M .,' "' .r . . . . The Wesfern Hills Golf Team. Firsf Row: David Suges, Tim Hauss, David Holler. Wally Wiebersiclc. Don Campbell. Charlie Levis. Tim Walleland, Troy Reiser. Second Row: Jody Scrivner. Ira Meacham. Sfeve BuTler, Craig Day, BryanT Tucker. Rudy Belmares. Charlie Tramrnel, Randy Oxley. Joey Delurnba. and Sfeve Senay. The WesTern Hills Golf Team was up To par Tor Their '79 season. The JV sTarTed The year by Taking TirsT in The WesTern Hills-Paschal TournamenT To begin on The win- ning TooT. The Top Tive players on The Team were Jody Scrivner, STeve BuTler, Charlie Trammel, Craig Day and Troy Reiser, These golTers Travelled To AusTin in March To Take TiTTh in The inviTa- Tional TournamenT. Jody Scrivner did an ouTsTanding iob and was awarded Third medalist Coach Mike Morris prepared The Team Through conTinuous pracTice and condiTioning. He sTressed The basic TundamenTals oT The game as The keys To vicTory. Coach Morris was pleased aT The Turn ouT and per'Tormances oT This year's Team. l i Ira Meacham makes a powerful back swing for his Tee shof. Golf 34I 342 Golf jncfiuzlcfuaf Uafant Diaflfayscf Timmy Wakeland warms up before his fee shot Tim Heuss prepares To drive 'the ball on hole number one. .Xa I fl , . L., MFT H I , 1, ,H be ,, . 73" "-'1-J' . -Q 4 4 ' f , f 1-f-wwdqm. sv ' . ' A R . ,y .,. Sieve Bufler loosens up by swinging an iron. wimmau 546100355 U0 Aifafe Jlflssf Deborah Meyers end Jim Amiclr proudly display Their medals won aT regionals To Coach Lobb. X lu. . :I ',, L. Y?-vu . s 1 we .:,' , Q7 I, . 1 V f I .I 4 1 , '- V ' ' ' y J .- - T r A ' 'E T, -if .1 , 'A' fi N A Y g use Q - - .Q-T' Sf' .f-2 nf" Y Lydia Wrighf goes off The blocirs during The medley relay. Sheer TalenT and moTivaTion were Two oT The keys To success Tor The WesTern Hills swim Team. The squad consisTed oT TwenTy Three members who swam daily aT The PanTher Boy's Club gym. The com- peTiTion season began in January and lasTed Through The monTh oT March. The Cougars swam in dual meeTs againsT local high schools and beaT ArlingTon HeighTs. Coach Ed Lobb was impressed wiTh The eTTorT ThaT each Team member conTribuTed. Jim Amick and and Deborah Meyers were co-capTains of This year's Team. They also had The honor oT going To AusTin To repre- senT WesTern Hills in The sTaTe meeT. Jim Amick qualified in The IOO yard buTTerTly and The 200 yard individual medley. Deborah Meyers qualiTied in The 200 yard individual medley. STaTe compeTi- Tion was held The l6Th and I7Th oT March. 'FU 'u',-4-,,.. I.: 4,4 a Roberf McMann makes a TasT break during The medley relay. Swi Te 343 44 S wllnz sam Ckmfeafaa VLLIZCIET Jlfaw 60045 Firsf Row: Jan Boyce, Lydia Wrighf. Laura Tinsley. Second Row: Debra Dunn. Rea Apgar. Sharon Dunn, Diane Bales, Paul Chamberla ac o Cohen, Wade Wells. Jim Amiclc. Ed Lobb. Jimmy Walker and Tim Power. The Boys and The Girls Swim Team, com- prised oT The school's besT swimmers, con- verged during TiTTh period. The compeTiTors pracTiced hard To com- peTe wiTh some oT The Top swimmers in The ciTy. Under The coach- ing oT Ed Lobb, The Team Tied Tor CiTy Champs. BUT sTiTT com- peTiTion by SouThwesT prohibiTed Their advancemenTs. W L L ge 1, f,,g,.,-.,..1.. . VV W .. gn .,.., , vfd,,,a'w, H, ....k W L , ..-1 .Wa ,hm 5,5 5 ,-if Bob Lawson race I X s To The finish line using a buTTerfly sTrolre. x . ...- -ri!! , 1' 3.151 95. ' ' -4-,. Q 5-'!'.2,"-1. ' ..-'pigs - ff, -- ""' 4 'A ' ' V 5 - .ff 5.3- m ' ' usp W Jr . 1 - maui' I :hw-. N.,-v l V "3 ,M .. l--.-...A-rf-1 ,h ,- , ,,,," -- V., .ggi A -'J i -, "' . rr.:-. ,---. 1 ' -"' Q 4: , " I - . TAF, ag A A 4' 'Til :L .':'5R'u,"'?9.P-'P-'Zfw Q: 0 Q.. 1 A ,-.sig - - Qkh- - my-M if',.,-'V '-' 414 ' -"ETH Fir' stq, . "' - 9 , fc-'-' Q-f"ff1:9Y9uf1-s-ra , qr,,,g,T9"Jg'f""N-b 111H1r1r1rUM b V hh U Q ' '-HQ n we I' ' .1 gunna, --- 1 A Cougar swimmer limbers up before a meer. Swim Team 346 Soccer oaaafz Umm ougfifa Ut Dui fi I s ry. Ray Carfwrigld kicks the ball foward the goal. Sieve Rodriguez guards rhe ball from an opponenl. fl hr ev Q 7,31 1'-' The Soccer Team for fl1is year was: Mike Neeley, William Murray. Jimmy Lockliarf. Scoff Crews. Slave Cox. Chris Murphy. Yung Le. Kevin Riibe. Gary Lindsay. Dave Davis. Ray Carfwrighl. Marcel Vanderzees. BoHom Row: Rick Marfinez. Guy Baraslw. Mickey Bilecz, Steve Rodriguez, Roberf Balli. Sun Websfer, Vernon Lee and Danny Dickes. 'rffiik' .. d L.: N -- - sm. ,155 " :- x A. H '1 TX aff 'iffikgf LLQR. T '1ii,.p:fa?j,- A I 'fra' Av. ' x . ru., I 471: I -A M ., in ' sz-3. ' 1 . 0-.", ,T Sfeve Cox runs To inlercepf The ball. "'YfF'3Q-f -A.. T. ... Q ,bv- sf T - A . Q X N .. -cn- 'Q - f-:x ' . . my . - 'Q-.ss 1 .,,. - .s ' '4 - iiw . 1351? nur, 4 - Q - X " ' nkszff. is ' .-. 'H 'L my . 1 -.wha 1' -4b"'iT. . 5 M. 9 ., . .sem my .N h - 5 -T 5 'U-,,3ggf..:?F :,:..c ' an ,. Q-a-'gs p-.. V -V- T . T 9 ' . - .. X ' " he ' 5 -Pl' M K , w., " 571' mzqrf ,fag-1-9 .J F xv my . . :ggi N.. . -.T -.. K , 1 .-ww' . , W ' 1. I I Jimmy Loclzarf races an opponenf for The ball. The WesTern Hills soccer Team had a Tough season This year. Decisions and The weaTher Turned againsT Them. An ouTsTanding oTTensive player was STeve Rodriguez. The capTain and also an ouTsTanding player, Ray CarTwrighT helped To lead The Team Through The season. The backbone oT The Team was The deTense, which was lead by Jimmy LoclcharT, RoberT Balli, and Marcel Vanderzees. The Team had some impressive vicTories over Tech, WyaTT, and EasTern Hills. They won Tour oT Their lasT Tive games. ..-we ' - 4. . ,- '-1. "ana , .., .J.'-' Q-7. ' 1,.n.,.. -1 - . , r4.I." ., "1 - .Q 4 ' 'K ... . Three Wesfern Hills players run for The ball. 'wi A Wesfern Hills player lriclrs The ball downfield. Soccer 347 The eighT member VarsiTy vol- leyball Team complefed iTs season wiTh a 2 and 6 record. The girls parTicipaTed in various Tourna- menTs deTeaTing EasTern Hills and ArlingTon HeighTs. The Cougars played in a disTricT TournamenT aT The Public Schools Gym coming in 6Th place in The overall disTricT sTandings. Injuries and disqualiTi- caTions hampered The advance- menT of The WesTern Hills Team. This year's Team capTain was Teresa Byrd, a member The volley- ball Team Tor Three years. Coach Rebecca Laminack worked hard wiTh The girls on Their spilces and serving Techniques and encour- aged Them To develop Their skills and improve Their ToTal perform- ance. J .14 TR: . A Lisa Johnson l5l concenTraTes on refurning The ball while Kafhy Hale l22l and Donna Ballard lI4l sfand by To assisT. auify Saks Q01 ougg Saawn '74-..A " 1 -.QQ 45-'C' il ' , i . , .. . V Q I 1' I ', A I Y 'Mp-T i The I978v79 Varsiry Volleyball Team: FirsT Row: CaThy BaggeTT. Sheri Moss, Kaihy Hale, Teresa Byrd. Donna Ballard. Lisa Johnson. Jackie Henslee. Second Row: Dana Farrar, manager Pam Ramirez and Coach Rebecca Laminacli. ' I ' -. . ' A a Q i TE? 'sw Z6 ,, T , " we 'N fa T af A J AA ill T T T . s " -E 7 j , . 'L a 3 A A - iq V 1 v s Q .. , ,, . A X J Q Ae ,T F A 1. ' -' 4' -'JQ , c 4 ' i I . --uh ' .JAR "" M Teresa Byrd l5l. who made all DisTricT 2nd Team, sends The ball over The nef as Jaclrie Henslee l24l, KaThi Hale l22l and Donna Ballard ll4l. loolr on in encour- agemenf. The Cougar Team Takes Time ouf for some sfrafegy. 348 Volleyball uniofz auify fmflfoya and Usamwoz l 5 1-- I , N? N., Two members of The Cougar Team defend The WesTern Hill's side. The Junior VarsiTy volleyball Team had a disap- poinTing season wiTh a 2 and 6 record Tor The l978-79 year. The girls pracTiced daily during The Tall To pre- pare Tor The maTches ThaT were played during The monThs oT SepTember and OcTober. Skill and Team- worlc were used To beaT boTh EasTern Hills and Poly. This year's capTain was Sara Delgado. The Team was managed by ShanTel Brewer, PaTTy Hanes, and Jane MoTes. Coach Rebecca Laminaclc encouraged cooperaTion and parTicipaTion among all oT her Team members and hoped They will all be baclc Tor a winning season nexT year. 1 ,., .Z -1-2. Ginger Bradley l4l. Lisa Marsden l2l, and Marlene Hubard l3l are in good posi- Tion Tor The reTurn of serve. i ,, ., l I Coach Laminaclr ponders over a crucial poinf during a volleyball game. The Junior Varsity Volleyball Team: FirsT Row: Manager Jane MoTes, Holly Hill. Sara Delgado. Becky Pough. Teresa Hay, manager PaTTy Hanes, Second Row: Coach Laminack. Jackie Dary, Marlene Hubbard. Lisa Marsden. Ginger Bradley. KaThi Mackinsen and manager ShanTel Brewer. Volleyball 349 s 1 2 i The members of fhe I978-79 Girls Soccer Team were: Sheri Walker, Kafie Bales, Tina Brown, Rose Maldonado, Melissa Belles. and Diane Tice. Second Row: Gina Olfke, Karen Brown, Kelly Gallagher. Delma Marlinez, and Lori Mirick. Third Row: Coach Greene, Karen Cawyer, Keren Loyd. Sara Delgado, Susan Summers, Becky Hood, Julie Sfripling, Shelley Brooks, Meg Spiegel, and sponser Miss Rankin. 'SQQD il . l 350 Soccer 5 ,H W Q X V 1 I , . f ' 3 , r 1 , s .- ' ff i. 4 . V331 -' l 5 fff A ei .. Q 5, 'x I KK Hifi .. ,. irq. J ,X f f- .N .1 , Q i wr ,f . f' f ,M A -- l'I:'f+ ,',,X'1Q ' v-f 1-f 1 1 f .c ' , - f . . f . , - M-if C .- . f " 'r ff 4, ..,-af-. ,.,.-'of , ' ' 1 Q J . al " wig . W ,, bgwijff, U fm--f1- -A I f We-', ' "V'A'f9m., ,mn Q'l:Mif'?iiii'h,l ii , 1' JS X? ' I ,Q ' ' W Meg Spiegel l22l evades would-be pursuers. I 'Q' Lori Mirick 1341 execufes a successful fhrowrin. 1- oaaafz flags gizsf Simson Un .. . if .",,'.44,.fpg,a:41 Shelley Brooks l32l uses her head To defend againsf Arlington Heighfs' offense. 'K' , V ... 4 S 1-13. ' 11.- 2 The Cougar's forward line looks impressive againsf Soufhwesf. An enThusiasTic soccer Team pracTiced during The Tall TrimesTer on maneuvers and fancy fooTwork ThaT broughT Them all The way To disTricT. The Cougars played each Team in The league Twice, averag- ing abouT Two games a week. Games were played in sunny as well as snowy weaTher. This is The firsT year for girls' soccer To be under The UIL rulings. Drills were organized To geT The girls in shape for Their hecTic wnTer schedule. The Team was plagued by iniuries aT The begin- ning of The season, buT was soon back on iTs feeT again. Meg Spie- gel was capTain of This year's soc- cer Team which had a 5-5 record. Coach Chuck Greene was very impressed wiTh The Cougars and was happy wiTh Their perform- ance. J . --3. j ,' -.5-' . whiz.:-, -'jf' ,TFC fx LN If-' . .- -r . ",,--.,--f-'.,' . -' - 'x -A -.H '- v - , -. ,H , ' :vin-an .gm ,N,.. , 91.7 '.-' T", i ' ' , Coach Greene beckons his Team members To se? up for pracfice. Soccer 35I GymnasTics is a sporT of abiliTy, courage, creaTiviTy, and poise. A gymnasT draws upon her naTural TalenTs, To puT TogeTher a winning rouTine. The girls sTarTed compeT- ing early in December and conTin- ued ThroughouT The school year. During The compeTiTive meeTs, The girls used compulsory and opTional rouTines. Compulsory rouTines are sTandard and every girl compeTing musT use Them. OpTional rouTines are more cre- aTive because each girl can malce up her own rouTine displaying her personaliTy. The girls were iudged in Tour evenTs: uneven parallel bars, Tloor exercises, balance beam, and vaulT. Coach BridgeT Thomas seT up The various meeTs because gym- nasTics is noT under The UIL ruling. The girls' gymnasTic Team com- peTed againsT Richardson and SouThwesT Tairing very well. Many individual honors were received in all oT The evenTs. Karen Ross concenrrares on her floor exercise rou- fine. 352 Gymnasfics ., 'V ffffaz . F ' 5" f .. fe f--,,f-F -. -, 4.. .. . T, , mise-:Ps:.l .eel few?-J, -Mfsifil' f if The members of The I978-79 Girls' Gymnasfics Team were: Firsf Row: Kara Royer. Gretchen Biedgar, Kafhy Leseman. Kelly Hafch. Becky Whilworth, Tracy Brown. Teresa Sanferra, Julie Mathews, Karen Ross and Puffy Buehrig. Second Row: Rufh Havey, Lisa Musick. Amy Gallagher, Karen Scales, Lori Sell. Laura Levinson, Lori Warren, Lisa Trammel and Jean ShiTleTf. Third Row: Bridgef Thomas, Esfher Loclcharf, Kelly Williams, Pam Pribble, Jill MaThews, Virginia Perez and Chrisfi Sands. TMA" Jill Mafhews performs her rouTine on The balance beam. gymlzaafa Uumgfa U0 C7115 Jlflsaf 54' 14 no .1 2. 1 ll' 1 -- Kara Royer displays her balancing abilify. Julie Mafhews is happy wifh her uneven bar roufine. Wff?9frQ,,.'A.:-KL' Q J' ' '- J' 4 fog,-1531-L' Q ' - .1. y5 ,u5fq,535. W--. ' ' A 351' ,A'FX'355:r, .. V V241 . Paffy Buehrig shows perfecf form on The uneven parallel bars during the Soufhwesf meef. Gymnaslics 353 Klflfzeaffing sam Aiuaaeaa u Seann The wresfling leam which was coached by Coach Greene, had a good year This year. Marlc Harris, Brad Hull, Sfeve Rufh and John Tomcowslci achieved firsl in dislricl compefilion. Alan Trujillo and Keifh Vick won second in disrricf. ln addilion 'ro 'rhese honors, Brad l-lull allained fourlh in Regional. Sieve Rufh and John Tomcowslci bolh received second places in Regional compelifion and qualified for sfale. John Tomcowski fries To force a compeHfor's shoulders on fhe maf. John Tomcowski pufs a hold on an opponent 354 W esflinq .s- " 1" vw' X i b . ' A . .s.'+' K Mari: Jackson eludes a fall. Sieve Rufh fells an opponent ov' The Wresfling Team for This year was: Danny Skifi, Tom Aiders. Keiih Vick. Alan Truiiilo. Jimmy Walker, W. J. Phillips. Mark Welch, Greg Jennings. Fronf Row: Mark Jackson. Jimmy Tomcowski. Brad Hull. David Spence, Sieve Rufh. John Tomcowslci and Mark Harris. Wrestling 355 5121264 sam aa mai 6 aawn 're WY, , . ,., .,.. W - . , X w. ax:--..e x sax, M rnbers of lhe l978-79 girls fennis Team were: Sheryl Sacks, Cory Schellhase. Susan Garner. Lori Dreyer. Amy Richardson, Doni tarp. Nancy . . . . dk, e Wheaton, Annalee Shlpe. Cathy Bagge1'1'.Ka1'hi Novack and captain Debbie Ju ins. Downe, Miss Resch. Lisa Guinuip. Janie Webb, Shelly W ,...,-:V,.,,-W W , , - if f ' 'H ' J' z ,ww-,-f Y Ev f Y W W, kW ,,,.'..-fi.-,9w,-vga' -vw' A j ' A ,. ,. ., -ia as ' ' ' Q. - '. , iazewfsf X. Q1 , A y " , I, - J-if ggf 522125-5"'i-L f'S2g1igwZ3,, ,- 5 ff-51 s '- ff 'Xkusif' 1 b- nz-. - -. . ,,f.ga'1:21h??'g,gis:. A - ,, ., ,.,. . X C ' 4-fills' Me:-sg-a'iLsa.i - . , f z., -Arr.. w2,1QfQ,,1y23EGM-g2gffg52iiflazjzM332 V , 356 Tennis f -,rm ,,,. ,, Coach Resch demonsfrafes a iorehand for her iennis Team. Z- . , -' fc . 'f .,,,.y,,,X ,, iw . ,C-.f--ff-iams V, f ...-- Cindy Hoyler shows The form of a winner. c R Cafhy Baggeff smashes an overhead Iob. The lennis feam underwenf a rebuilding season wifh only a few varsify players refurning This year. The girls parficipafed in round robin malches held af T.C.U. and also in Garland and Solo Grande 'rournamen'rs. They scrimmaged againsl such lop leams as Heighfs, Paschal and Soulhwesf. Drills were used +o help lhe girls develop 'rheir back- hand, forehand, service and volleys. The 'ream also worked our wi'rh weigh? equipmen+ and did exercises which Toned and condilioned Them for ihe spring +ournamen'rs. Debbie Judkins was elecfed by 'rhe girls as caplain o1C+he squad. Under 'rhe new leadership of Miss JoBefh Resch, fhe feam showed sfrenglh and skill in disfricf play. Kafhy Novack is waiting fo hir a volley. ' -, Lf rv , .- ' X 3 1- ' a e Webb worlls on her forehand during pracfice. Annales Shipe scolds her fennis ball for nof going over fhe nef. The boys Tennis Team began 'rheir season wi+h a hard working, defermined spirir. The feam worked diligenlly during 'rheir fif+h period work ou'rs 'ro improve all facefs of fheir game. These workouls consisfed of calisfhenics, pracfice scrimmages, and condi- lioning. Coach Bill Warden led 'rhe young men from fhe praclice cour+ To rournamenf lime. Throughouf 'rhe year. lhe +eam parficipaled in various fourna- menls and pracfice rounds. amzis alias 04 :Racquet Sfeve Mafrey infenfly wafches his sho? during wa Men's Ten Jim Buckner reaches high for a smashing serve. Chris Head lakes aim for a strong forehand return. -s i ...........a.......... qs IQ' A ' s 1 X V , , 5 i s - j- Q C 4 4 4' A 1' X rf f X ' 1 1 1 ' A . Q 4 '. f . . f .f .D . . Q - A 4 , . 4. iq Q i 1, I I A , X -YJ A C 9 1. . ,' ' ,l' .l 'Y f if K . 1 . 4 5' ' If ff f .f' . 1 4' . .h tu 1 ' '- 1. 4. If f ff XA ' 4 r - Q. i . , f s 1 Q , e il 1 , f 1 4 A I ' 9 1 f' f' i 1' f f rl . n i " f. 1' " 1' f' ' ' Marla Lewis leaps for sho? on fhe oufline. Ray Cosgrove goes over his shoulder in a gallanf effort i I -X 1 The Boys Varsify Tennis Team. Fran? Row: Coach Bill Warden. Duane Reidel, Danny Maffhews. Jim Buckner, Cole Beclrhan. David Davis. Second Row: Felix Naveiar. Sieve Mainey. Mark Lewis. Chris Robinson. Ray Cosgrove. Jim Maldonado. Chris Head, Troy Daniels. ----- V Men's Tennis 359 Danny Addison I Foo+baII:GoIf: ICT. Tim Alders Foorball: Baseball. Anne Allen Ari: Naiional Honor Sociery. Jim Amick Swim Team lCapIainI: Sci- ence Club: Chess Club. Jeanehke Baird Senior Sfeering CommiHee lSecre+ary-Treasurerl: Nafional Honor: Marching-Symphonic Band. Jon Banks Nalional Honor Sociefyg Sci- ence Club: Marching Band IDriII Sergeanfl: Symphonic Band lSenior Represenrafivel: Sfage Band. Lynn Banfa Nalional Honor Sociefy: Senior Sfeering Commiflee: Nafional Merif Semi-Finalisf: Ari. Todd Barden Nalional Honor Socie'Iy: Senior Sfeering Commirfee: Sfudenf Council: Marching Band: Srage Band: Symphonic Band. I Roberf Beasley Foolball: Baseball: S+uden+ Council: Senior Class Presi- den'r: Sludenr Advisory Board lChairmanI. Rudy Belmares Golf. Cindy Beauchamp FHA: Sfudenr Council: Nalional Honor Socie+y: Child Developmenl: GDRA. Greg Biggs Wresfling. Luanne Bliss Ac-hvihes Sfudeni Advisory Board: Youlh Advisory Council. Vin+ Bosron Baseball: FHA. Tracey Bozeman Child Development Sieve Bressman VICA. D'Ann Brewer HECE: FHA: Nalional Honor Sociefy: Spirir Club. Tracy Brown CATAMOUNT STAFF: Cheerleader, Mascof: Gymnas- 'Iics Team: Senior Sfeering Commi++ee. Vincenf Brown Rodeo Club: Journalism Sfaff. Bryan Bunselmeyer Nafional Honor Sociefy. Sieve Bufler Golf Team. Teresa Byrd Volleyball Team lCapIainI: Baskefball: Soffball Team. Suzan Carpenfer Marching Band: Maiorefle: Rifle Corps: Track. Ray Carfwrighf Soccer Team lCap+ainI: Sru- denl Council: Moumlain Line Sfaff: Young Life: FCA. Tommy Cheek OEA: Proiecf Invest Lyn Clarke Nalional Honor Sociefy: Spirir Club: GDRA: Mounfain Line Sfaff lEdi+orI: Srudenr Council. Bill Clemenfs Foolball Team. Chrisfy Closner Track Team, Volleyball: Spirir Club: Omnibus Club: Cross Counlry. Rober+CoIe Baseball Team: Foofball Team: Baskefball Team. Kafhy Collins: Marching Band: Symphonic Band. Kelly Corne+'r OEA Club llaresidenil. Mike Copeland Orchesfra: Nafional Honor Sociefy: Science Club. Ricky Cox ICT. Terry Covingfon DECA. Kendall Craig Soccer: S'ruden+ Council: Tennis Team. Linda Craig OEA. Tina Cressel FHA: Spirif Club. Greg DeGarmo Marching Band. Debbie Delulio Narional Honor Sociery lTreasurerI: S+uden+ Council. Lori Dennis Track Team: Tennis Team: Srudenf Council. Charles Denson Cross Counfry: Track Team. Deefra Dickey Sfudenl' Council: FHA: GDRA: Senior Sfeering Com- miHee: Track Team. Sieve Dills Track Team: Leadership Lab: Ivlounfain Line lSpor+s Edilorl: Cross Counfry. I I I Lisa Diflev Mike Esles Sue Gilmore Nafional Honor Sociely: Sfu- ICT. OEA: Omnibus Club. d + 'l:G I . 2: i ' i en Coufricl erman C ub --K Sieve Fagan Theresa Glenn Jennifer Dixon Baslcefball: E Band' Per VOFI ,fJUf1iOF GDRA: S ior Sfeering forming Arfs. FHA -GFI- Sfu 1' Council. Fair Goss Track, Swimmi eam: lPho'rog AMOUNT ST ng Com :GDRA I V Odyssey T ' T ' . , . . C, I enms eamff - Afhlefic Trainer f Rhonda Ervin "', Trackl: Nafional Honor Soci- Laura HQQ ' -' I' . I A X 4 C OEA Hreasurerl: Spirii' Club I e+y: Calreer lnlernship Pro- Nafiornal Honor Sociefy In lSecrel'ary-Treasurerlg Sfudenf gram. I lPre5iderlH: Sfudeni' Council: I . Council. Nafional Nleril Finalist I Sue Garner I' Darryl Ellio++ Sfudenf Council lSenior Rep- Ron Hamilfon Tennis: Forf Wor'l'h Cifizen- resenfalivel: Tennis Team: Disfribufive Eclucafion: Ten- ship Opfimisf Award: Magnel- CATAMOUNT STAFF: nis Team: Choir, Mafh Club Au+o Body Shop. Nafional Honor Sociefy. lParliamen'rarianI. Senio A l f l Anne Hard OEA lSecre+aryl: FHA: Slu- . , ..,,,. denJLC+QunCll:,54Pi1Zll' Ql.9.lE3:.. Awf, Michael Harris Symphonic Band: Orcheslra: Marching Band: Concerf Band. Kelly Hafch FHA. lVice-Presidenll: Swim- ming Team: Gymnaslic Team: Spirif Club. Janice Hawk Rodeo Club: OEA: FHA: Sludenl' Council: Proiecl lnvesl. Chris Head Cindy Hoyler Susan Jordan Nafional Honor Sociely: Slu- denl Council: Tennis Team: Senior S+eeFiiriQmf5iE?r3'i+iEiE5: Nalional Sociefy of Dislin- guished American High School Sfudenls. Brenda Hubbard GDRA: Spiril' Club: Drama Club. - Sam Ivey ' DECA. S Anne Jackson Nafional Honor Sociefy: Marching Band: Symphonic Sfudenf Tennis Team: Chris 'Hellon ' Malh Club: Science Club: Na+ional Honor Sociefy. Lori Hermosillo if Track: Performing Arfs. Inez Hickey QEA: Spiril: Proiecl lnvesl. Kelvin Hillard Track: Foolball. Kimberley Holcomb CATAMOUNT STAFF: French Club: Pan-Am Club, Spiril' Club. Fa ra .Splrll Club: FHA. Lisa Horne Cheerleader: Senior Sleering Commiffee: Nafional Honor Sociely: FHA: Homecoming Princess. Andy Horlon Foolball: Track. if Acfivifie A Kalhy Todd Jones Kelley Jordan Band: Concerl Chorale: Per- Arls Tennis: Volleyball: Baskefball: Track. Sfeering Commi++ee' Bob Lawson olleyball: Track: Studenl Swim Team Sfudenf C?.incil. cal JenniiFerJohnson Cheerleader, FHA: Soccer Soul Talk. Track: Cross Counlry. Child Developmenl: - ' gnzczwy i 1 , l..if",.4 -- fi 'Et' . .rw W, wi .riff-Wiis .aw " ' .,, . Vt' . . ,, FHA Andy Laila in I . r i i i i i I F y, l 5 L. Craig Lewis Rodeo Club lVice-Presidenfl: ICT: FHA. Susan Lewis Nafional Honor Sociefy: Siu- denf Council: Career Infern- ship: Lafin Club: Track. Sfeven Lifflewood Baskeiball. Jimmy Lockari Soccer lCo-Ca piai nl: DECA: Foreign Language Club. Sarah Long Spirif Club: VOE-OEA: Ten- nis Team: S+uden+ Council: Senior Sleering Commiffee. John Lorenzo ' Foofball: FHA: Track. Daniel Love Science Club. Helen Love Choir: Performing Arfs: Track: Spirii' Club. Paula Madigan Swim Team: Child Develop- menf: Sfudenf Council. ,Jimmy Maldonado Tennis Team: Foofball: Marching Band: Baseball: Swim Team. Keifh Manning Wresfling Tea m. Deborah Marfin Sfudenf Council: Senior Sfeering CommiH'ee. Alex Marfinez Swim Team. Jay Maffhews Track: Foofballg S+uden+ Council: FHA. Kara Mazzola VOE: OEA. Rhonda McCullough GDRA: Sfudenl Council: SpiriiClub. 52 Y I ,- T A. : . I. ,.., :L Mike McDonald Foofball: Baseball. Sfephanie McDonald Na+ional Honor Sociefy: GDRA: Sfudenf Council: OEA: Spiri+ Club. Richard McDu'Ff Foofball: Track: CATA- MOUNT STAFF: Soul Talk. Danna McFarlene Tennis: Spiri'r Club: GDRA: Sfudenl Council: Soul Talk. Shawn McLaughlin Foofball: CATAMO U NT STAFF. Heafher McMiIIen Nafional Honor Sociefy: Siu- denf Council Class Represenia- five: Spirii Club: Senior Sfeer- ing Commi++ee: Young Life. Kim McQueen S+uden+ Council: HECE: Marching Band: Spirif Club. Shelly Mefzgar CATAMOUNT STAFF: Mounfain Line Sfaif lBusiness Managerl: Sfudeni Council: Marching Band: Orches+ra. Denise Miller FHA. Julie Mifchem Nalional Honor Sociefy. Denise Mladenka Sfudenf Council: Spirif Club: Tennis Team. Tim Mobley Soccer. Robin Moehring Conceri' Chorale: Marching Band: Performing Arfs: Cham- ber Choir. Donna Morris OEA: Junior Achievemenf: Proiecf lnves+. Anifa Moser Senior Sleering Commifiee: Nafional Honor Sociefy: Siu- deni' Council: OEA. Penny Moore Child Developmenl: Spiril' Club: Bowling: FHA. Lolly Moose Nafional Honor Socie+y: Spirii Club: OEA: FHA: Young Life. Michael Munger Mourrlain Line S+afi lEdi'ro- rial Ediforl: Drama: Debafe Tournament Chris Murphy Foofball: Soccer: Track. Jim Musick Young Life: Nafional Honor Socieiy lVice-Presidenfl: Senior Favorife: Tennis. Donna Nelson Nafional Honor Socie+y: Young Life: CATAMOUNT STAFF: CEA: FHA. Brian Newby Nafional Honor Socieiy: Slu- deni' Council lPresiden+, Class Represeniafivel: Marching Band lDrum Maiorl: Siage Band: Symphonic Band: Senior Sfeering Commiilee. Rober1'Niesen Naiional Honor Sociefy: Senior Sfeering Commi++ee lVice-Presidenfl: Ma+h Club lVice-Presidenfl: Sfudenl' Coun- cil. Robbie Norfon Band: Orchesira: Marching Band. Kalhi Novak Mounfain Line Sfafi lEdi'ror- in-Chieil: Tennis Team: Spirit Club: Siudenf Council: FHA. Liz Ocone H EC E. Senior Ac? f 363 364 Se Colleen O'Connell FHA: Spiril Club: Odyssey Sfaff: Sludenf Council. l.auraiOes'rricher Spiril Club: Foreign Lan- guage Club. Randy Oxley P Golf. Tina Parker Spiril Club: FHA. Don Parnell Foofball: Baseball: Track. F Teresa Parfen Child Development Spiril' Club: Performing Arfs. Penn Peck Soccer: ICT. Neil Penwellf s lOfficerl: Odyssey S+alf: Sfudem' Council. Ricky Perry Nalional Honor Sociely: Rodeo Club. Karla Perlrie Spiril Club: Child Develop- menl: FHA. Ron Pelri Swimming. Sharon Peugh Spirif Club: Child Develop- menl: FHA. W.J. Phillips FHA lHis+orianl: Foofball: Wreslling: FCA. Randy Poe Sludenl Council: Marching Band. Nick Porlerfield Nalional Honor Sociely: Slu- denl Council. Kim Prichard Mounfain Line Slaff: Nalional Honor Sociely: Senior Sleering Commiflee: Sludenl Council. Ach f Doug Priddey DECA: Nalional Honor Soci- e'ry. ' Jerry Prince ip Foolball: Baseball: Child Development A P T Bernadine Redmond Spiril Club: Soul Talk: OEA. Barbara Redd Spiril Club: Child Develop- menl: Performing Arls: Sludenl Council. Frankie Reed Pan-Am lPresidenl'l: Tennis Team: Senior Sleering Commil- lee. Michael Richards Mounlain Line Slaff. Buddy Richardson Foolball: Wres+ling: Sl'uden'r Advisory Board. Kalhy Richardson Sfudenl' Council: Nalional Honor Sociefy: Proiecl' lnvesl, FHA. Dianne Roberson Spiril Club: VOE. Chrislopher Robinson Tennis Team. Regina Robinson DECA lParlimen'rarianl: Sen- ior Sfeering Commillee: Nafional Honor Sociely: Slu- denl' Council: Spiril Club. Trisha Robinson Omnibus Club: Spiril Club. Chris Rodgers Track: Sludenl' Council. Helene Rodriguez Spiril Club. Sieve Rodriguez Soccer. Lisa Rosenlreler Concerl' Chorale lPresiden+l: Marching Band: Symphonic Band: Nalional Honor Sociely: Senior S+eeringfiCommiHee: Sfudenl Councils.U,Qg1.i David Rush ' Wreslling. T T Sieve Rulh Wresfli ng . Carol Sams National Honor Sociely: Spirif Club: Odyssey Sfalf: Omnibus Club. David Saalfrank DECA. Jody Scrivner ' Golf Team. Mary Scorcio FHA:Spiril Club. R y Randall Sears ICT. Roberl Seiberl Nalional Honor Sociely: Baseball: Foolball. Tracey Sheppeard Debale Team: Odyssey: Edi- 'ror Mounfain Line Sfaff lEdi- forl. Phillip Shipp Track Team lManagerl. Ann Shurllelf FHA: Child Development Kalhy Slaler FHA: HECE. Karen Sloan Sludenl' Council: Young Life: Spiril Club: FHA. Gary Smifh Marching Band: Baseball. Terry Smifh Marching Band. Meg Spiegel CATAMOUNT STAFF lEdi- forl: Soccer Team lCap+ainl: Nalional Honor Sociely: OEA lVice-Presiden+l:'GDRA. John Slevens Rodeo Club: Foolball. Cecily Sfone Child Developmenl: Spiril Club: Sludenl' Council. Roberl Sullivan Marching Band: Sludenl' Council: Nalional Honor Soci- efy: All-Region Band. Elaine Taylor Concerl Chorale: Volleyball: Performing Arls: Orcheslra. Lee Taylor Track: Sludenl Council: Mounlain Line Slaff: FCA. Laurel Thedford Sludenl' Council: Senior Sfeering Commillee: Nafional Honor Sociely: Who's Who Nominee. Sharon Tice Spiril Club: Sludenl Council: GDRA: Soul Talk. Pamela Timpson Gymnaslics Team: Spiril Club: GDRA. Tommy Tomlin ICT: Golf Team: Baseball: Tennis Team. Bryanf Tucker Golf Team: FHA. Cathy Umbarger Senior Sleering Commillee: Child Developmenl: Spirif Club. Tammy Valenline Mounfain Line Siaff: OEA. Beverly Van Trease HECE: FHA: Spiril' Club. Debbie Van Trease HECE: FHA: Spiril' Club. John Vassion Baseball: Sludenl Council. John Vick DECA: Nalional Honor Soci- ely. Kennelh Wagnon Mounlain Line Slaff lPho+og- rapherl: Baseball. Lisa Wallace Nalional Honor Socie+y: Mascof: Sludenf Council: Sen- ior Sleering Commillee. Hea'rherWalker Nalional Honor Sociely: Marching Band: Symphonic Band: Band Librarian: Flag Corps lCap+ainl. Kalhy Wallers Spiril' Club: Lafin Club. Tracey Walker OEA: Marching Barid: Junior Achievemenf: Proiecl' lnvesl: FHA. Bobby Wafson Baseball. Donna Walson CATAMOUNT STAFF: Vol- leyball: FHA lTreasurerl: Gym- nas'l'ic Team. Bobby Webb Soccer Team. James Webb ICT. Jane Webb Sfudenf Council lVice-Presi- denll: Tennis Team: lvlascol: Uniled High School Council. Rene Wells Cheerleading: Nalional Honor Sociely: Senior Sleering Commillee: Sludenf Council: Homeconing Queen. Kelley Whalley Spiril' Club: GDRA: Child Development Becky Whifworfh Cheerleading: Gymnaslic Team: Spiril Club: Senior Sleering Commillee: GDRA. Aaron Williams Foolball: Baseball. Cindy Williams Cheerleading: Gymnaslics Team: Sludenl Council: FHA. Sheila Williams FHA: Child Developmenf: Spiril Club. Slanley Williams Symphonic Band: Slage Band: Orcheslra. Terry Wise Wreslling: Golf. Kafhy Wisdom FHA: DECA. Dana Wrighl Odyssey Slaff: Spiril Club: Omnibus Club. Lynn Yosl Cross Counlry: Drama. Calhy Zediker Spiril' Club. Senior A f i 365 66 ADMINISTRATION Board Members. I66 Ms, Thelma Cole. I67 Mr. L. H. Dixon, I67 Mr. Bobby Murray, I67 Mr. Carl A. Robinson. I67 Dr. Gerald Ward. I66 AIDES Ms. Liz Bobbiff. I68 Ms. Frances Lipscomb. I68 BUSINESS EDUCATION Ms.Julie Baker. I89 Ms. Elise Ball. I89 Ms. Terry Colleffe, I89 Ms. Melva Housfon. I89 Ms. Sharon Inman. I89 Ms. Gail McCoIlom. IB9 Mr. Morris Outlaw. I90 Ms. Charlene Srniih. l90 Ms. Shirley Thedlord. I90 Ms. Ann Wood. I90 COUNSELORS Mr. Dayton G. Carfer, I70 Ms. Shirley Cheek, I70 X Ms. Bevelia A. Curley. I70 Ms. Maynefle Dowler. I70 ENGLISH Ms. Linda Allie, I74 Ms. Odessa Coullas. I74 Ms. Doroihy Deardorff. I74 Ms.Winifred Elliof. I74 Ms. Beffye Gomez. I74 Ms. Bessie Green. I74 Ms. Mary Hari. I74 Ms. Linda'Maddux. I74 Mr. Eric Mann, I75 Ms. Juanifa McColIough. I75 Ms. Kaymarie Smifh. I75 Ms. Rufh Sullivan, I75 Mr. Jimmy Torres. I75 Ms. Barbara Verdun. I75 Ms. Marjorie Waffers, I75 Ms. Alpha Wenzel. I75 Ms. Marie Young. I 75 FINE ARTS Ms. Harieff Cornelison, I92 Ms. Par Dickerson, I92 Ms. Nancy McVean. IQ2 Ms. Rosemary Rich, I92 FOREIGN LANGUAGE Ms. EIainClark. I78 Ms. Doris Finks. I78 Ms. Doris Light, T78 , Ms. Rebecca Slevenson, I78 Mr. Richard Zamudio. l78 HISTORY Ms. Marjorie Buhl. I77 Mr. Ed Lobb. I77 Ms. Dorofhy Niesen. I 77 Mr. Thomas Park. I77 Ms. Helen Slafer, I77 Mr. Tom Sfrofher. I77 Mr. Gary Swan. I77 Mr, Kenriefh Walker. I77 HOMEMAKING Ms. Shirley Harringfon, IB6 Ms. Melba Rupe. l86 Ms. Rufh McCombs. I86 Ms. Cynfhia Given, IB6 INDUSTRIAL ARTS Mr. Brain Bogner. I9I Mr. Roberf Mclaren. I9I Mr. Bill Mazy. l9l K Mr. Rodney Sfanaland. l9l Mr. David WorIey,..I9l LIBRARIANS , Ms.Feggy Herring, 179 Ms. Mari Singler,'il,79 MATHEMATICS Ms. Mary Barron, IB3 Ms. Frances Coon. IB3 Ms. Susan Crummel. I83 Ms. Freddie Ferguson, I83 Mr. Ed Kahler, I83 Ms. Rebecca Laminack, I83 Mr. Claude Liffle. IB3 Ms.Juaniece Sain. I83 Mr. William Warden. I l83 OFFICE STAFF Ms. Barbara Blanks. I68 Ms. Sallie W. Carfer, I68 Ms. Shirley R. Parks. l6B Ms. Madge Prince. I6B Ms. Bessie Thomas, I69 Ms. Gladys C. Wallace. Ib9 PHYSICAL EDUCATION Ms. Shirley Abram. IBS Mr. Roberf Fisher. I85 Mr - H0rHfSi2IZlQf90f!fll 35 ' Mr. Mike ME5?fFis,' nas' ' Ms.Jo Resch. I85 Ms. Bridge? Thomas. l85 RESOURCE STAFF Ms, Peggy Dulaney. I72 Ms. Toni Kagiorigis. I72 Ms. Melinda Prillamn, I72 Ms. Karen Uselfon. I72 SCIENCE Ms. Rufh Amend. IBO Mr. Fred Brunkenhoeler. IBO Ms. Mary Lacy. IBO Mr, Marvin Levels. I80 Ms. Linda Rankin. IBI Ms. Gwen Rogers. I8I Mr. Jimmy Sanders. I8I Ms. Anne Slevens. l8I Ms. Claudeffe Wafson. I8l Mr. Bill Wircher. I8I STUDENTS Ables. David D.. 80 Ables. Richard A.. I36 Abreo. Susanna M.. IOB Abshire, Gary V., lO8 Adams. Anne M.. 80 Adams, David. 42 Adams.'Jelfery D.. l08 Adams. Jeffrey R.. I36 Adams, Kennerh E., 80 Adams. Paul A.. IOB Adams, Scoir S.. 42 Addingion. Alisa L.. l36 Addison. Dan W.. 42 Addison. Darla K.. I08 Adochio. Donna A.. IO8 Adochio. Teresa M.. IOB Adolph, Lynda. 80 Aiken. Douglas J.. I08 Akin. Angela R.. 80 Alaman, Bridgefle G.. 80 Alders. ThomasJ., 42 Alders. Timofhy, I36 Alderson. Bobbie. IO8 Alexander. Jana L., IOB Alexander. Joe A.. 80 Alexander. Roger L., 80 Allen, Anne L., 42 Allen. Pamela S.. I08 Allen. PaulA.. IOS Allen, Sfuarl R.. 42 Allen. Todd M.. I36 Allen, Troy M.. 80 Allison, Pafricia A.. I08 Almaguer. La Donna. 80 Alvarez. Virginia J., 80 Amick. James P., 42 Amos. Felisa M.. IOB Amrapala,CI'1ada, IOB Ancy. Sleven P.. 80 Anderson. Darla J.. l3b Anderson. Donald B.. I36 Anderson, John, 80 Anderson, Lamar A.. I08 Anderson. Lee S.. IOB Anderson. Leslye J.. 42 Anderson. Liele L.. 42 Anderson. Pafricia K.. 80 Anderson. Tresia G., I36 Anderson Ill, Lenwood. 80 Andres. James E.. 42 Andress. Laura K.. I08 Andriieski, Mary L.. I36 Andrijeski. Sandra. IOB Andrijeski. Susan M.. BI Anfonio. John K.. 8 I Apgar, Elefferia C.. I36 Apgar. Willard R.. I36 Archibald. Chrisfine L., l36 Armsfead. Roberl R.. I36 Armslrong. Richard G., IO9 Arfhurs, Bruce A., 42 Ashburn. Kalhleen A.. Bl Aurell, Angela K., I36 Ausfin. David L.. lO9 Auslin, Penny. BI Ayoffe, Denise J.. 42 Ayolfe, Marion L.. IO9 Azuma. Jennifer T., I09 Azuma. Pafricia Y.. I36 Baggefl. Cafhy J.. 8I Bailey. Aldrich R.. I36 Baililf. Bonnie E.. 42 Baird, Jeanefie T., 42 Baker, Alvin W.. BI Bales. Kafhryn. I36 Bales. Laura. 8I Bales. Lynda. 8I Ballard. Abbie R., I 36 Ballard. Donna M., 8I Balli. Roberf, I3b Banks, Jon M,. 42 Banla, Lynn E.. 42 Baplisle, Mara J.. 42 Barbour. Linda A.. IO9 Barden. Joseph T,. 42 Barden. Kevin L., I36 Barker, Brenr F., I36 Barker. Charles D., 42 Barminski. William J., BI Barnes. Jeffrey D.. I09 Barnes, Keirh E., I09 Barnes, Kevin E.. I3b Barreff. Barbara A.. IO9 Barreff. Cynfhia L.. Bl Barriff. Darwin M.. IO9 Barron. Denise D.. I36 Bass. Cafherine M.. 8I Bass, Janei, I36 Bafiisloni. Sfephen S.. 136 Baumann, Janei K.. Bl Baxler. Valerie L., BI Beams. Daniel. I36 Beams. Susan E., IO9 Beasley. Roberl C., 42 Beaffy. Mark C., 8I Beauchamp. Cheryl M.. I36 Beauchamp. Cynthia A., 43 Beck. Susan M., 8I Beckham. Cole E.. I36 Beddow. Rebecca L.. 109 Beddow, Sfephen W.. I37 Behl. Terri B.. IO9 Belcher. Todd R.. I37 Belisle. Mark A,. I37 Bell. Evereff, 8I Bell. Karen K.. 8I Belmares, Rodofo. 43 Belongie, Anqlea J.. I37 Belongie. Joan. 8I Belsher. Brel D,. I37 Belfon. Sfephanie A.. 43 Benson, Gregory R.. IO9 Benson, James R.. IO9 Benson. Kurl R.. I37 Benson. Michael A.. I37 Berger. Sfeven W.. 8l Bergeson. Diane. I37 Bergeson. Jeffery M.. I 37 Berry. Gregory T., 8I Bessire. Ron P.. 8I Bessire. Terry A.. IO9 Bickeff, Teresa F.. 8I Biediqer. Gretchen K.. BI Birdow. Rhonda R.. 8l Bishop. Deborah L., 8I Bishop. Richard M.. IO9 Black. Marly T.. 81 Blackburn. David P.. IO9 Blackman. Scoff E., 43 Blackmon. Janice R.. 43 Bliss. James D., 8I Bliss. Luanne. 43 Bobo. Sheila A., BI Bochenko. Lora. 8I Boisselier. Sherrol L., IO9 Boley, Michael D.. 82 Boll. Anfhony G., 82 Boll. Paul G.. I 39 Bolfon. James W., 43 Boop, Donald. 82 Boop, Kenneth A.. I39 Bosron. Melinda J.. I IO Bosfon. Vin? R.. 43 Boswell. Laura K.. B2 Boswell. Sara J.. I I0 Bosworlh. Dwiqhf R.. 43 Bosworih. Marcel E.. I39 Bofhwell. Carol. B2 Bouldin. Vicki A.. l39 Bourland. Amy A.. 82 Bow, Rulh A.. I I0 Bowen. Jennifer R., I39 Bowen. Jerald R.. 43 Bowman. Sfeven D.. I I0 Bowman Jr.. David V.. 82 Boyce. Jan L.. I39 Boyd. Darryl S.. 82 Boyd. Sharon L.. 43 Boyle. Ronald F.. 44 Boyles. Richard C.. I I0 Bozeman, Tracey L...44 Br . ,Q adley. Richa ,i 6 H782 , fi Braggs. Jacq .urn 7135-jg Branch. Howa ' i".iY"',', . Brann. Russell Q - 4 BTII AT i Brannon. Chisfi ii' Branfs. Will H., Q L Braugh. Jennifer :qi I0 v Bray. Mary C.. B '- Brazeal. TimoIhyD.. I39 Bressman. Kevin W.. I IO Bressman. Sfeven E.. 44 D'Ann. 44 , Mary nceno Briceno. Brigham. Briff. Lisa E.. Brooks. Brooks. Brooks. Karen Brooks. Laura Brooks. Shelly Brooks, Tammy Brown. Cynihia Brown. Danna Brown. Darryl. I Brown r Brown Brown Brown. Jame Brown. Joan 4 Brown. Joel Brown. Karen - Brown, Myra Brown. Pamel Brown. Robin s Brown. Karen a Brown. ,, Brown. Sfacy. l39 Brown. Teresa A.. 45 Brown, Tina G.. 82 Brown. Tracy S.. 45 Brown, Vincenf J.. 45 Brummef. Alan L.. I I I Brumrnef. Wayne S.. 45 Bruner. Barbara. 83 Bruner. Carey A., I39 Bruner. Richard A.. 83 Brunef. Michael. I I I Brunz. Pefer J.. 45 Buckner. James K.. 83 Buckner. Leah E.. 45 Buehrig. Bradley J.. I39 Buehrig, Pafrice P.. 83 Buehrig, Scoff E.. 45 Bullard. Graham K.. 83 Bullard. Timofhy J.. I39 Bunch. Chrisfi L.. 45 Bunch, Mindy R.. I I I Bunge. Linda L.. 83 Bunselmeyer. Bryan L., 45 Bunselmeyer. William A.. I39 Burger. Keiih W., 83 -4 Burgess. Alisa A., I I I Burgess, Karen L.. l39 Burgess. Teresa L.. I39 Burron, Jeffrey B.. I I I Bush. Glen M., I I I Bufler, Henry J.. I I I Buller, Siephen W.. 45 Bufler. Sfuerf W Bufler. Thomas . Byram. Pafricia Byrd. Darrel W.. I I Byrd. Teresa A.. 45 Caison. Kafhryn L.. C well. Ellen a va. Calvin, Camel Jr . Coffey. Alicia L.. I40 Cohen, James D.. 84 Cole. Cindy M.. I40 Cole, Debbie. 46 Coleman. Karey E.. 84 Coleman. Kyle S.. I40 Collins. Alan D.. I I I Collins. Carolyn M.. I40 Collins. Douglas M.. 46 S.. 47 G 84 Pamela K., 47 Glann E.. 47 James S.. I40 Kimberly Y.. I I I Cafherine M., I I I Connors. Cook. Cooksey Cooper. Cooper. 96haa,K. Cooper. Ralph E.. Coofe. Donna L.. I Davis. Dave A.. I I2 Davis. David L.. I I2 Davis. James B.. 85 Davis. Jeannine B.. 48 Davis. Lisa K.. I I2 Davis III. Forresf A.. I I2 Day. Linda K.. 85 Day. Michael C.. 48 Day. Roberf E.. I I2 Day. Roberr W.. I I3 Dean. Roger. 48 Decker. Allen L.. 85 Decker. Mona R.. I I3 Deeley. John E.. 85 Deeley. Paul M.. 48 Degarmg! GE'UgoryDL.. 48 I I3 DeIamar.'DeboraI1 .. Deland. Paul E.. 48 Deleleu. Lisa D.. 48 Delgado. Kiana O.. 48 Delgado. Laura E.. 85 Delgado. Sara M.. 85 Delong. Bradley K.. 85 Copeland. Delong. Phillip K.. 85 Q Copeland. De' Debra L.. 48 Cornelius, Demenf. Mary R.. 85 CorneIfKelly Denney. David W.. I I3 Cffrnish. Denney. Kafhy K.. 49 Core. Dennis. Lisa A.. 85 .1 Core. Dennis. Lynn L.. 48 1" Core. Denson. Charles. 4f Coffon. Denson. Terry D., I I3 Counfess. Denfon. Olivia A.. 49 Covingfon Derflinger. Dean A.. 49 Covingfon. Tami L.. 84 Defurck. Diane H.. II3 Covingfon. Terry L.. 47 Dickens. Eileen E.. I I3 C R.. 45 Cowden. Leslie. 47 Dickerson. Cindy R., I43 I-- Kellie D.. I I I Cox. Chrisfopher. 84 Dickerson, Gian M.. I43 Cashion. Jimmy W.. I40 Cox. Craig T.. 85 Dickes. Daniel J.. I43 Casfillo. Connie L.. 46 Cox. David G.. 85 Dickey. Deefra D.. 49 Cafes. Melanie L.. I4-O Cox, Lonnie D.. 85 , Dickson. Susan. I I3 Cafher. Tracy A.. 83 Cox. Ricky. 47 f., - f DiIl5i7:iEva A.. I40 Cafher. Vance Q.. I I I Cox. Sfeven. I I2 3' Dillon. ra J.. 85 Q., Caufield. Elizabefh M.. 83 Cox. Todd B.. I I2 DiIIo risJ.. 855- vi. Causey. Phillip B.. I40 Coyne. Tamara L.. I I2 .1 '1Q5.j Dill lndallfg 3 551.25 Cavin. David C., 84 Craig. Kendall P.. 47 1.1 Q il? Cawyer. K8ren L.. I40 Craig. Linda B.. 48 1 : - .I . 1 Caylor. Thomas A.. 84 Crandall. Douglas J.. 85 K if-. fin If Chamberlaif. Paul C.. I40 Craven.Rober1 H.. 48 - ' D Q ii T ,Q Champion. Marfa O.. I40 Crawford, Ken? A.. 85 1 f' V 'iv ??ffSi'i'-.F: ri' " ' Champion. oberf C.. 46 Crawford. Margaref E.. 'I f v. isa. 49 Q Chandler. ry M., I40 CresseI.Chris1ina M., 48 1 3 V' I Dixon. Carol R.. I I3 Chandler. eryl K., I40 Cressel. Terrence L.. H2 8 ' Dixon. Jeanie 8.. I I3 Chapman, nnefh D.. 46 Crews. Scoff W.. I I 42. ' I Dixon. Jennifer G.. 49 Chauhan. U esh. I I I Crisco. Barry Dixon. Jody M.. 86 Cheek. Tommy. 46 Crisf. Mary A., -1.1 . -. Dobbins, Teresa M., 49 Chofe. Daviffl... III Criffenden. ivgif' I X h Dobbs. Herb. 50 Church. VicI:iJ.. I40 Crook. James L., V. . 'Doggeft Mary J.. I43 , ' Churchill. Angela S.. I40 Crofry. Karen L., 3- QQ' f Doherry. Shawn. I43- " Clark. Danny S.. I40 ' Crowder. Che ' .. I I2 ,Qi 4' Dolan. Andrew . 0 Clark. Kerrie L.. I I I Crowder. Lori .. I IZ J I Dolson. Lore J .. I43 Clarke, Pafricia I..46 Cruce.Cydn I S.. 85, I Dorris. I I. M.. 50 Clarkson. Nurol. 84 Cruce. Tim y D.. 8 I Dorri imofhy P.. II3 Clary. Janice R.. I I I Cruz. Ver 5 V A 1 -I .5 ey. Sue A.. I I3 Clay. John. 84 Culberi A .Gene, .. 85. . ILA fff' oss. Susan A.. II3 Clay. Michael D.. III Culver. Hy M.. 85 ,if .54 I I Douglas.John. II3 Clemons. Amber J.. I40 V -. ,I + V I Douglas. Sabrina J.. 50 Clifford. Ginger L.. I40 a e. anne L.. I I2 Downe. Nancy R.. 86 Clifford. James S.. I I I Dagel. Dianna. I I2 Drakeford. Kimberly A., 86 Closner. Chrisfy. 46 Closner. Lawrence. 46 Cloud. Brian E..46i . cimic...-ix.,s4 . Cloud. Linda J.. I I I - Cochenour. Carol E.. I40 Cochenour. Lee F.. 46 Cochran. Lisa. 46 Dalfon. Lisa L.. 48 Dancer. John K.. I I2 Daniels, Troy L.. 48 Danylak. Mary C.. 85 -as A mi, 48 Dary. arold R.. 48 Dary. Jacqueline. 85 Davis. Cynfhia L.. 85 Drayden. Artis R.. I43 Drewelf. Jeff. 50 Dreyer. Lori D., 86 Dreyspring. Neal J.. 50 Driskill. David D.. 50 Duble. Norman L.. I I3 Duffy. James F.. 86 Duffy. John J.. I I3 7 U, i Lam , xl, Q , , ,ff ,gg n ni kb Hindman. William T., I47 Hill. Carol J., 89 Hodges. Mary E., I I7 Hoelner. Linda S.. I47 Hoelner. Lisa G . 56 Hoffman, Nina N., I47 Hogberg. Nels C.. I47 Hogg. Kelly L., I47 Holbrooks. David K.. I47 Holbrooks. Marci G., 89 Holcomb. Kelley M., I47 Holcomb. Kimberley A., 56 Holland. Tammy J.. 56 Hollar. David B.. I I7 Holleman. Gary T.. 89 Holloway, Calvin E.. 89 Holloway. Fara A.. S6 Holloway, Tamara J., I47 Hood, Rebecca L.. I I7 Hooks. Michael D.. I I7 Hoolen. Teresa. I I8 Horn. Valori. I47 Horne. Lisa R.. 56 Horlon. Andy M.. S6 Housion, Darrell G.. 90 Housfon. Hazle D.. 90 Housfon. Vicky Y., 56 Howard, Chrislopher D., 90 Howard. Danny J.. 90 Howard. David W., I47 Hoyler. Cynlhia L., 57 Hoyt. Deborah L.. 57 Hubbard. Brenda J.. 57 Hubbard, Darbi L.. I I8 Hubbard. Mariline, I47 Huckaby. Alesia. 90 Huckaby. Felecia D.. 57 Huckaby. Laionya. I47 Hudgens. William B.. I I8 Huebner. Cynfhia L.. I I8 Huebner. Timofhy. 57 Hughes, Anfhony. 57 Hughes. Jellrey S., I I8 Huleff. Kerrie L., 90 Hull, Brad. 90 Hunf, David J.. I IB Hunl, Paylon J., 90 Hunfer. Kelly S., 90 Hunler, Laura M.. I47 Hunlley. Marlin L., 57 Huntley, Ronald C.. I47 Hur? Thomas L., I47 Huseman. Jay P.. 57 Huseman, Lee A.. I I8 Hutchins. Talmadge. 90 l'luflon, Jimmy W., 90 Ingram, Fabe B., 90 Inman. John, I IB Inman Jr.. Donald F.. I I8 Irwin Cynlhia C., IIB Irwin, John B., I IB lsinghood. James D., I IB Isinghood. Laura L., 57 Isinghaod. Roberta D.. I47 Ivey, Darrin G., I47 Ivey, Karri A., I47 Ivey, Sammy A.. 57 Jackson, Anne D.. S7 Jackson. Dale E.. 90 Jackson. Dale W., 90 Jackson. Eugene X.. 90 Jackson. James L., I I8 Jackson. Karen D., I47 Jackson, Kevin R., I47 Jackson. Mark, 90 Jackson, Mark W.. I I8 Jackson, Paul. I47 Jackson, Jackson, Richard L.. I48 Vanessa S.. 57 Jacobs, Kalhryn L.. S8 Jadlowski. Sandra D., I48 Jaecks. William B., I I8 James. Mark W.. I48 Janzen, Dale G.. 90 Janzen, Daryl. I IB Jefferson. Clinfon J.. 58 Jenkins. Lou Ann, I48 Jennings, Jennings. Jennings. Jennings. Jennings. Jennings. Jennings, Deborah K.. I I8 Dwayne W.. 90 Greg A., I I8 James C.. l48 Jerry D.. l48 Lorene M., 58 Sfeven R.. I I8 Jennings. Terry L.. 90 Jenson. Michael K.. I48 Jerr, John B., 90 Jelfon. Deanne R.. I4B Jimenez. George G., 9I Jimenez, William D., l48 Jirik, Karen L.. 58 Johnson. Andrea E., 9I Johnson. Angela R., I48 Johnson. Angie J.. I48 Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson. Johnson. Johnson. Johnson, Johnson, Anlhony L.. I I9 Bessie M., I48 Bobbi R.. I48 Brenda J.. 58 Brenf. 9I Chrisfinel. l48 Cynlhia, 58 Eric G., I48 Johnson. James K.. I48 Johnson. James V.. 9I Johnson. Janelle S.. I I9 Johnson. Jennifer R.. 58 Johnson, Johnson. Johnson. Johnson. Johnson. Johnson. Johnson. Johnson. Johnson. Johnson. Johnson, Johnson. Kelly S.. l48 Kennelh. I I9 Kennelh D.. 58 Kimberly A., I I9 Larry, 58 Lisa M.. 58 Lisa X.. I48 Lyndon D.. S8 Nicky. 58 Richard. I4B Tanya L.. I48 William D.. I48 Johnston, Todd R., I I9 Jones. Bobby I.. 9I Jones. Candy. S9 Jones. Debra L.. 59 Jones, Kerri L.. 9I Jones, Lewis T.. 59 Jones. Roger K., I I9 Jones. Woodson S.. I48 Jordan. Bonnie N., I I9 Jordon, Danielle. 59 Jordon. Kelly L.. 59 Jordan. Susan. 59 Judkins. Deborah L.. 59 Julien. Linda R.. I I9 Juniker, Joseph C.. 9I Junilrer, Wayne A.. 59 Juslman. Sandra K.. I I9 Kaempf. Kaempf. John D.. I48 Melissa A., I l9 Kaftan. Howard P., 9I Kahler, Shawn. 9I Kaplan. Michael. 59 Kaplan. Paul C.. I I9 . Karlik, Kamon W., I I9 Kalcher. Kafcher, Angela. 59 Wendy L., 9I Kaufmann. Kennefh W., I4B Kavanaugh. Jane? K.. I I9 Keenum. Robbie J.. 9I Kell. Elizabefh R., 59 Kelley. Rhonda J.. S9 Kelley, Sherri L.. I48 Kellogg. Kevin. 9I Kelly. Elizabefh B.. I4B Kelly, Michael F.. I48 Kemppainen. Susan K., I I9 Kennard, J. T.. 9I Kennedy, Cleophus, 9I Kennedy, Delisia A.. I I9 Kennedy. Derrick. 59 Key. Kafhrine D., 59 Key. Kennelh R., 59 Key. Robert J.. I44 Key. Sherrie D.. 92 Keyes. Kafhleen M.. 59 Kibler. Lee A.. 92 Kidwell. Leslie A., I48 Kilgore, Joni E.. 60 Kilgore, Kalherine M., 60 Kilkelly. Colleen M.. 92 Kimmell. Cheryl A.. I I9 Kindsfarher, Sheila D., 92 King. Devell. l48 Kinney, Kirby L., 60 Kirby. Cheryl, I I9 Kirsch, Marilyn K.. 60 Kirschner. Mary E.. 92 Kissell, Richard A., 60 Kilchel, Alberl E.. I49 Klamr. Jason E.. I49 Klein, Brynn X.. 92 Klein. Gary G.. 92 Klefl. Jimmy D., I I9 Klell. Michael R., 60 Kliarsky. Donna E., 60 Kline, Sleven C., I20 Klovslad. Kirk E.. I49 Knapp. Sonya E., 92 Knighl. Sean V., I20 Koci. Jeanine C.. 92 Koesfer. Donald J.. 92 Koesfer. Donna J.. I49 KohlerJr.. Ernesl M.. I20 Kofch. Andrew J.. I20 Kofch. Karmen L., 60 Krause, Janice N.. 92 Kruse. Michael L., 92 Kuhn. David M., I49 Kuykendall, Alan W.. 92 Kyle. Cynlhia L.. I20 Lace. David L.. 92 Ladd. Cherilyn. 92 Lalleur. Linda D.. 60 - Lalleur, Susan F.. I49 LaJaunie, Michael R.. 60 Lamb, Linda L., I20 Lamberl, Luara J.. 60 Lampe. James X.. 60 Lancer. Miles J., I49 Lane. Denise. I49 Lane. Jane? A.. 93 Lang. Pamela K.. 6I Langley, Cheryl R.. I20 Langley, Michael E.. 93 Larkin. Jepfha T.. I49 Larson. Jeff. I20 Larson, Linda K.. 6I Lalra. Charles. 93 Lafra, Roberr A., 6I Lauer. Christiana. 93 Lauer. Ralph M.. I20 Laurence, Lisa R., 6l Luarence, Sluarf L., ISO Law, David. 93 Law, Gary M.. I49 Lawson. Roberr, bl Lawson, Sfephanie J.. 93 Le. Yung, 6I Leafherman. Marvin S., 6l Lecuyer. John L.. 6I Lecuyer. Michael K., I20 Lee. Barbara A., 93 Lee. Donald M.. 6I Lee, Rodney K.. 6I Lee. Sandy, 6l Lehman. Arlesa R., ISO Lehman. Cheri+a M.. 93 Lehman, Trenna L., I20 Leifko, Regina G.. 93 Leseman. Kathleen. I20 Lesley. Deborah L.. l50 Lesfer. Jimmy, 6l Lesrer. Pafricia. 93 Levinson, Lane. 93 Levinson. Lauren I.. ISO Levis. Charles A., I20 Lewis. Alan, 93 Lewis, Gregory K.. 6I Lewis, John B.. 6l Lewis, Mark L.. I50 Lewis, Sfephen C.. 6I Lewis, Susan C.. 62 Leze. Cynfhia A., 93 Lilly. Nafalie. 93 Lindsay. Gary A.. 62 Lindsay. Karen A.. l50 Lindsey. Roy, 93 Lindsey, William A.. 62 Lillle. Ricky R., 62 Lifllewood, Sfeven E.. 62 Lively. Tammy, I20 Loclrarl, Charles L., l50 Lockarl. Eslher, 93 Lockarl. James H.. 62 Logan. John T., I50 Logbeck, Nanerfe S.. I5I London. Laurie J., I20 Long, Anna L.. I20 Long. Leigh A.. I5I Long. Lisa G.. I'5I Long. Sarah E.. 62 Loomis. Douglas. I20 Lorenzo. John. 62 Love. Daniel, 62 Love. Helen D.. 62 Lovelace. Scolf P.. l5I Loyd, Karen T., ISI Loyd, Michael W., 93 Lucovich. Deborah J., I5I Lumley. Peggy S.. ISI Lundin. Cynfhia A., 93 Luse. Shawn K.. 62 Lulher, Virginia E.. I20 Lynch, Cynfhia D., 93 Lynch. Susan, I5I MacDonald. Linda J.. 93 Mace. David B.. 93 Macha. Miles S.. ISI Macha. Pilar D., 93 Mackinson. Cathy L., I5I MacNeIIy, Brelf A.. I5I MacNeIIy. Mikeleen. I20 Madigan, Diane R., I2I Madigan. Paula J., 62 Madsen, Darren W.. ISI Madsen. Wesley R.. I2I Mailloux. Edward J., 73 Makuch. Michael K.. 93 Maldonado. Jimmy. 63 Maldonado. Rose. I2I F" Carole J.. I52 Ronnie F., 94 Mcevoodwin. Donald K.. I52 McGraw. Mignonne M.. 64 McGuyer, Gregory D.. I52 McGuyer. Kimberly A.. 94 McKee,DannyL..I2I 7 9 McKenzie. Cynthia A., 64 ' McKinnery. Abby C., I52 McLaughlin. Diane, 94 McLaughlin. Irene G.. I22 McLaughlin. Shawn A.. 64 McMahan. Laura K.. I22 McMahan. Robert B., 94 McMillan. Bret A., 64 McMillen. Alexandra L.. I52 Heather E.. 64 Tami. I22 Moore, Terry D., 96 Moore. Tina M.. I52 Moose, Bryan B.. 96 Moose, Lolly A., 65 Moose, Scott J ., 65 Morantes, Ramsey, l23 Moreau. Michael P.. 96 - -'Moree. Calvin E., I52 .Morgan Steven W.. l23 .Morgan. Terry. 65 Morris. Chester H.. I52 Morris. Donna L.. 65 Morris. Donna M.. I52 Morris. Pattie A., 96 Moorison, Kimberly D.. l53 Morrow. Janis L,, 96 b Morton, Larry W.. 96 Morton. Rgrsld IS3 L.. I22 Moser. N ..6 A 1 S., I52 Moss. 'Ti' 7 - I Q . Mo l ar. ,, M cemichaa Ron R., 95 i1 rove,Valeria, IS3 f - ' lra, I22 . lcahey. Wendy. l23 L, Jagquelyn, 64 ' ullen. Elizabeth A.. l23 Carla D.. 95 - ullins. Larry C.. 96 5 Franl: 95 Mul' s,Trac L., QB., 0 , phy, Chi' r3?65 14 , M phy. Tami .. 53 ' Mur y,Joh"rfF.. bgxc - Murray. William J., l53 rMusaCk,Jim E., 66 l Merunlra V i-'i ' Musick. Lisa K.. 97 Msfcclf f v U Mutchler, Brenda. A 64 .Y '1 'MIA i ' Myers. Deborah - 'H A Myers. John G.. 'L " Nabors. Miller Mitchell c Mitchell Wy., ,Q .. I EQ -Nabors, Glenn. I53 Nabors. Sondra C.. 66 ' ,Nadeau,, Ernie J..97 'W' ji! oolewa. Tracey H.. I54 Q yjwxmewa, Damon K., l23 1, li. Naveiar. WI' ' Nfeiimlih' D.. is A Neal. Denise D., I54 Neal. Jody A.. l23 Neal. Laura A.. 97 Nealey. Michael L.. I54 Nelson. Donna. 66 Nelson. Donna V.. 97 Nelson. Laura A.. 97 Newby, Brian C.. 66 Newby, Dwight E., I23 Newsom. Nancy E.. l23 William R.. IS4 John l... 66 Deidre A,. I23 W., 66 is Norris.. ' Norton Norton. w Ocone, Barbara J.. 97 Ocone, Elizabeth A.. 66 Oconnell. Colleen L.. 66 Oconnell. Patricia E., 97 Odom, Andrew D.. 97 Odom. James R.. I55 Oeltlre, Gina, I55 Oestricher. John A., I55 Oestricher. Laura. 66 Oldham, Patricia G.. l23 Oliver, Kevin, I55 Olson,Joni D.. I23 Olson. Michael B.. 97 Oneal. Jeffrey S.. 97 Oneil. Laurie E.. l23 Oneil. Mary, 66 Ortel, David J., I55 Ortez. Jeanea L., I23 Ortez. Joe D.. 97 Ortiz, George A., I55 Osler. Bradley R.. 66 Ousley, Timothy A.. 97 Owens. Rosamarie. I23 Oxner. Mark. I23 Ozee. James A.. l23 Paara, Cynthia L.. l24 Pacls. Brett H.. l24 Paclc, Keith N., I55 Paganucci. Dante, 97 Pagan ' 7, Mark A., I55 Paige. E 9"-,l55 Ga y Kristin I24 Twyla J..i97 Tina L.. 66 Parnell. Donald L., 66 Parten. Carl A., l24 " Parten, Janice L.. 97 Parten. Teresa L., 66 Partesius. John C.. l24 A.. l24 Robert B.. 97 Robert R., 97 Michael T., I55 Dale R.. l55 David J.. 66 S.. 97 M.. l24' E.. 98: Petri. Ronald E.. 67 Petrie, Karen A.. ISS Petrie, Karla J.. 67 Petty. Jr.. Michael F.. ISS Peugh. Sharon L.. 67 Pfister. Deborah A., lS6 Phelps. Mary K.. l24 Phelps, Victor E.. IS6 Phillips. Brian K.. I24 Phillips. can. L.. 98 Phillips. David B.. l56 Phillips. John D., l56 Phillips, Wayne. 67 Phinney. Debera J.. IS6 Phinney. John R., l24 Perry A., l24 Cathy R.. I25 S., 98 R., 98 oe. Poff. Donald. l56 . Polite. Jean M.. IS6 Polito, Susan A.. 98 Ponder, Carla M.. IS6 Ponder. Cynthia J.. 98 Pool. Scott B.. I25 Pool. Tracy K.. IS6 Porteriield. Nicholas. 67 Posey. Carol D.. 98 Potti. Tracy G.. IS6 Poia' Becky L.. I25 Poulson. Mildred L., I25 Powell. Bonita. 67 Powell. Sheri F.. IS6 Miha. 98 Timothy G.. IS6 Bobby A.. 67 S.. 98 S., I25 C.. IS6 J.. 98 l. IS6 G., l56 Kimberley L., 67 Everett D.. 67 Gerald G.. 68 Karen R.. I25 Carol A., 98 t, Zane. l56 Debra L.. 98 Pam J.. 68 Richard B.. 98 Purselley. Sherry. IS6 Purselly. Kendall M.. I25 Pyatt. Shirley Y., 98 ,s. 5 V Rabel. Christopher W., IS6 ' Rabon. Sheri K.. IS6 Radde Jr.. Henry W., l56 Ragland. Shari J., 98 Rains. Christine D.. I25 Rainwater. Dina J.. I25 Ramey. Don M.. I25 Ramirez. Larry. IS6 Ramirez. Pamela D.. 68 Ramirez. Richard V.. I25 Randall, Ta y L.. I25 Randolph. Ra KL.. 68 Raso. Maria C.. in Rater. Stacey L.. . Ray. Dana E.. l56 A Ray. Dawn E.. IS6 Raymond. Jeffrey. 68 Raymond. Suzette. 98 Reavis. David L.. 68 Reavis, Rebecca. 99 Reavis, Sallye A., IS6 Reddiclz. Chris C., IS7 Redmon. Cutris. IS7 Redmond. Redmond. Felicia. Redmond. Roselin A.. Reed. Barbara L Reed. Da Reed. Celesa L. Reed, Franklin Reed. Joline Reed, Reed, A Reeve Reeve Reid. Remines. Renfro. Ribinslras. Richard. Richards. Alma Richards. Don M.. I25 Richards. Michael G.. 68 Richardson. Amy L., I26 Richardson. Douglas E., IS7 Richardson, James D.. 99 Richardson, Kathryn A.. 68 Richardson. Richard. I26 Richardson. Robert L.. 69 Richardson. Sherman. 99 Richardson. Stanton H.. Richey. Sheryl. I26 Riedel, Duane B.. l58 Riggins, Sharon A., 69 R I26 in Ringer. Ester N.. ISB Ringer, Yolanda M.. I26 Roberson. Barbara D.. 69 Roberts. Barbara J.. I26 Roberts. Bobby E.. l58 Roberts. Daniel L.. l58 Roberts, David A.. 99 Roberts, Elizabeth A.. I26 Roberts. Kenneth W., ISB Roberts. Rhoda. 99 Roberts Ill. RobertJ.. ISB Robertson. John B.. 99 Robinson, Christopher J.. 69 Robinson. Debra L.. lS8 Robinson. Dennis E.. 99 Robinson. Douglas O.. I26 Robinson. Regina. 69 Robinson. Rodgers. Christopher W.. 69 Rodriguez. Dean F.. 99 Rodriquez. Helene. 69 Rodriquez, Tina L.. 99 Rogers, Rebecca E.. 69 Tfasi... J.. b5'Wf9 Rosentreter. Lisa Ross. Karen L.. IOO Rossa. Joel D.. I59 Routon. Howard L.. 69 Rowell. Barry G.. I26 Royer. Kara R., I26 Ruiz. John. IS9 Rush, David W.. 70 Rush. Sharon S.. I59 Ruggu,,Donell, I59 .Wf- Russell. Denise A., I26 Russell .Denise M.. I26 Russell. Janna. IOO Russell. Linda G.. IS9 Russell. Lori AHQ6 Russell Russell Russell -Q . Norman. I26 . Ronald R.. 70 Jr.. Charles lS9 Rutian. Rhoridal lS9"w" Ruttan. Teri D.. IS9 Ryan. Michael. I59 Ryder. Donald R.. 70 Rylcard. Bryon. IOO Saalfranlr. David M.. 70 Saalfrank, Peter J.. IOO Sachs. Sadow Sailer. Salava Salaz. Beniamin C.. Salazar. Sapdra L.. Saman Sammons. Richard Sams. Carol L.. 70 Sheryl S.. I26 ski, Kelly, I26 James L.. 70 rria. Jeffrey iego. Mary Sanders, Mark A.. I27 Sanders. Micah L.. I27 Sanders, Selynda S.. l27 Sandoval. Alma. I59 Sands. Sands. Sanlor Christina K.. I27 Jimmy E.. 70 if ff' d. Alisa M., I27 ' Satterfield, Kimberly D.. I27 Sawyer. Thomas. 70 Scales. Karen L.. I27 Schaefer. Donald E., IOO Schaney. Mike. 70 Schatte. Matthew D., I59 Scheetz, Dennis W.. 70 Scheefz. Kenneth C.. IOO Schellhase. Cory E.. IOO Schma Schma Schma lried. Randall, I59 Iried. Rodney. I59 nke. Troy D.. IOO Schmidt. Steven R.. IOO Schneberger. Dennis S., 70 Schnei der. Marlr J.. IOO Schomburg. Edwin G.. I59 .Q5,L.f'3 Schrmer Tina V 9 Schroeder Demia I atrina E I27 Scott .i'i Mary L.. IOO Scott. Patrick M.. I27 Scott. Senta D.. l00 Scott. Sherriyln A.. l2J .A Scriv' san. 70 . .r5:fnl59lh:, Scrivner. Jody J.. '70 Seaborn. Gay L.. I27 f Searcy. Janet. lS9 Sears. Randall K.. 70 Seethoff. Scott L.. I27 Segars. Larry W., I27 Sell. Lorn Je. I 59 Wi? h J Da d H I27 eibert. Robert L.. 70 Steob. l28 Christine L.. lOl John R., I0l Elizabeth D.. IOI Shawn C.. lOl t, I28 Tracey L 70 Suzanne Pamela S.. Sliifiington, Carol F. Sliillington. James A.. Slater. Joyce L., I28 Slater. Kathy J.. 7I Slater, Richetta. 7I Slater Jr.. Macl: D.. I60 Slayton, Debbie. I28 Sloan. Alice D., I60 Sloan. Glenda L., I28 Sloan. Karen A.. 71 Sloan, Lea A.. I60 Small. Michael D Smallwood. Scott Smallze Jr.. Smith, Albert Smith. Smith. Smith, Smith. Wallace. Roger D., IO3 72 Spence. David L., 72 Spence. Roberl B.. lOl Spence, Sandra L.. I60 Spence, Wilma C.. I60 Spencer. Jimmy W., lOl Spencer, L. Dean, I29 Sbiegel. Margarel E.. 72 Spradling, Becky, l60 Squyres. James M., lOl Srba. Michael A.. I60 Slanlord. Edward R., l29 Sfansberry,WMiohael L.. I60 sfsian. Karen J.. l29 Sleffey, Bryan D., 72 Slephens, Qvnnie R., I0l Slephens, l29 Sre phe nsomifric D., Sfelson, Tamera M..'l29' V Sfevens. Deborah K., ldl Slevensglohn A., 73 Slev-eiS,s15S+aphanie V., l29 QTerri L.. IOI, Sfewarl, Barbara L., 73 Sfewarf. Selena M., l29 Leslie A.. l29 Siilesfhmmy R., 101 A Sleveiis Sfone. Cecily. Slowe. Randy C., 'lOl Slrain. Wade V., l02 Slrider, Jeremy D.. I60 Slrider. John Kj.,3I29 Slripling. Julia K., l29 Slrube. Joy L.. IO2 Slrube, Philip B., l29 Sfubbs, Jeffrey L., IZ9 Sfurdivanl.lLis'a,G.. IO2 Sfyron, Anson C., I60 Suges. Daivd, IO2 Sullivan. Roberf E., 73 Sumrners,Genela B.. I60 Summers. 'Susan C., IO2 Summers. William T.. 73 Sumners, Diana L., IO2 Sumners. Lisa D.. I60 Swaim, Vinecia G., I60 Swarllj' Larry, I60 Sweaff, Bobbie J..i73 7 Swei+zer, Wes W., 73 Swelling, Pamela, l29 Swoape, Patricia A.. I 29 Swoaoegiwilliamfgg, l2'-7 Taber, Danny G.. lD2 Takes. Jerry S.. 73 Tallman, Mario L., lO2 Taylor. Agnes C., IO2 Taylor, Anlhony S.. lO2 Taylor. Barbara A., I6l Taylor, Charles E.. IZ? Taylor, Charles G., l6I Taylor, Charles L., 73 i Taylor. Elairie.iR., 73 Taylor. Mark,il02 Taylor. Marlha A.. IO2 Taylor, Sandra. 73 Taylor. Melissa K.. l29 Teague Jr., David E.. l29 Terrell. Kalhleen L.. l29 Tharp, Terry L., l6l Thedford. James C.. l29 Thediord, Laurel R., 73 Thomas, Nelson A., l29 Thomas, Eugene B., l6l Thompson. Tamara, IO2 Thurburn. Mallew D.. IO2 Sfa nlon. Gregory P., Tice, Elizabefh D.. l29 Tice. Eric. l29 Tice. Sharon M.. 73 Tigner. Anlhony G., I3O Tillery, Paula K., I3O Timmons Jr., James R., IO2 Timpson, Pamela, 73 Tindall, Tiffany A., I3O Tinsley, Laura D., I6I Tinsley, Terry R., I3O Tockey. George L., 73 Tolberf, Jamie, I3O Tomkowski. James S.. I3O Tomkowski, John S.. IO2 Tomlin, Thomas E., 73 Tomlin, Tracy L.. I3O 11 Tomlinson, Marlin S.. l30 Tomlinson. Sheri. 74 ' Tomlinson. William R., lbl Toney, Carolyn A., IO2 Toney, Chris A., 74 Torlincasi. Terry A.. I3O Trammell. Charles R.. lO2 Tressler, Belly A., l6l Trimble. Deborah, lO2 Trimble, William T., l6l Truiillo, Allen, 74 Tubbs. Carl J.. l30 Tubbs. Ronny G., 74 Tucker. Bryan? H., 74 Tucker, Nancy L., I3O Tucknies. Tracy E.. l3O Tuggle, Shannon K.. 74 Tupper,Jane1' B.. lO2 Turner, James P.. l30 Turner, Karyn Y., l02 Umbarger, Carhy A.. 74- Umberson, Douglas C., 74 Umphress. Kay L., I3O Umphress, Vance L.. IO2 Up1'on,Roberl. I62 i Urbank. John M., 74 Uselfon, Tammy R.. I3O Usher, Arleen E., IO2 Usher. Mark W.. l62 Valenline, Ricky G.. I30 Valenline. Tammy L.. 74 Vance, David D., I3O Vance,'Saralyn G.. l62 Vandenbosch. Aurora L.. IO3 Vanooslerhoul. Dana D., I3O Vanlrease. Beverly A., 74 Vanlrease, Deborah L.. 74 Vasquel. Rosemary, T62 Vassion, Gregory L.. l62 Vassion, John N., 74 Vassion. Tyrone, I3O Vaughan. Pafricia G.. IO3 Vaughn. Deborah E.. IO3 Vaughn, Lawrence E., I62 Vaughn, Michael, I62 Valle, Paul C., lO3 Verdun, Rosannelf, 74 Vick, John E.. 74 Vick, Keilh, 74 Vick, Melinda K., I3O Viclry. Marcie R.. l62 Vidales, Elena A.. l62 Villalovos. Tina N., l3l Voorhies, Leslie E., 75 7222i Wade, John A.. l3I Wade, Kim K.. l62 Wagner. Byron L., IO3 Wagner, Melinda M375 Wagnon, Kennefh1MQQf7S Wakeland. James T., l63 Walker. Allen M.. l3l Walker, Duncan K.. l.3l Walker. Healher L.. 75 Walker, James Y., IO3 Walker. Sharon K., IO3 Walker, Sheri R., l63 fWalker, Tracey R.. 75 Wallace. Lisa G., 75 Wallace. William L.. 75 VWaller, Tommy E., IO3 Walsh. Teresa L., I3 I Waliers. Ka+hy D.. 75 Walfers. Tod R.. IO3 Wallon. Philip, IO4 Wallrip, Randy, l3l Ward, Connie S., l04 Ward. Lezlie R., l3I Warren. Lori J., I3-I A Warren, Roberf M.. l75 Washingjon, Darren L.. I63 Washinglon, Lance. l3l Wafers. Sharon D.. l3lQ" Walkins, Ronald, l3l Wafkins. Tonya X.. I3l Walson, Donna R., 75 Walson. Donna S., l04 Walson, Ginger V.. l63 Walson, Lisa A., l04 Walson, Roberf D., 75 Walls, Cynfhia J., lO4 Walls, Jay, IO4 Way. Andrew A., l3l Way, Harold F.. IO4 Wealherley. Ellen L.. 75 Weafherley. Snadra J.. IO4 Weaver. Wendy, I63 Webb. Arfhur C., I63 Webb, Jane E.. 76 Webb. Nancy C.. I63 Webb, Roberf M,. 76 Webb, Ronnie S., IO4 Webb, Thomas A., I63 Webber. Gregory A.. IO4 Weber. Pefer G., l3I Websfer, Sun Chae, l3l Wehlilz, Thomas K.. lO4 Weise. Richard S.. I63 Weiss. Chris, I63 Weiss, Teresa. l3l Welch, Jerome, IO5 Welch.'Lori M.. I63 weigh. Mral1S.. 105 4 l' Welches, Sylvia M.. I63 Welgehausen. Eric, lO5 Welles, Gregory, l05 Wells, Rene R.. . Wells, Wade Wzil 31 Wendell, Sharon L., 76 Wendell, Sfuarl K., IO5 Wenlling, Elizabelh A.. l3l Wesf, Jason D., 76 Wesllall, Kimberly D.. I32 Whalley, Kelley, 76 Whealon. Gary L.. 76 ii'ffC7iWh9dlOH. Michelle, IO5 Wheelan, Cynfhia L., I32 Whilaker, Donald W.. IO5 Whilaker, Gina I32 While, Ellen, 76 While. Randy W.. I32 y.. While. Roberf D., l32 nfl' While, Roxanne J., I63' Whifehead, Wendi J.. I32 Whiffield. Janice M., I32 Whifing, David R., WIOS Whillock. William S., I 32 Whifworlh. Becky L.. 77 Whilworfh, Julie M., l63 Whifworlh, Randall.C., IO5 Whilworfh. Tanya D.,i77 Wiebersick, Waller W., I 32 Wilbanks. Rober H.. I32 Willelf, Marlene l32 1fYoung. Williams. Aaron,,77 Williams, Cynlhia R.. 77 Williams, Eva P.. I32 Williams. Frank B.. IO5 Williams, Gayla A.. l32 Williams. Jelll.. I32 Williams. Kelly,W., I32 ij Williams. Lisa R., 77 Williams, Rodney. l0S Williams, Sheila M., 77 Williams, Stanley. 77 Williamson. David B., l05 Willis, G regory M., IO5 Wilson. Gayle L., I32 Wilsonjclanice M., IO5 Wilson, Jeffery L.. IO5 Wilson. Sheila A.. I32 Wilson. Sfacy L., l32 Wisdom. Gary C., I63 Widsom. Kalhryn J,, 77 Wise, Randy T.. IO5 Wise. Sc ol? D., I63 Wise, Sfephen W., 132 Wise. Te rry L., 77 Wollgong, Carol M.. I33 Wong, S leven D., I63 Wood. Deborah A.. 77 Wood, Donald A.. I33 Wood. Phyllis R., l63 Wood. Roy Wg, IO5 , V Wood. Tracey,'l63 Y "l" -1 Wooldridge.iRanquila M.. I 33 Worden. Claudia D., IO5 Wray, Michael W., I33 Wrighl, Cherie L., I33 Wrighl. Dana C., 77 Wrighl, Joe W., IO5 of Wrighl. Lydia, I63 Wrighl',gMichael A.. IO5 Wriqhlf,iTerry G., l63 Wrighl. Wendy L.. I63 Wyafl. David S.. IO5 Yarnane, Rhonda L., l05 Yanclell, Caly H., I63 Yanl, Melissa T.,f,l13k3 Yanl, Michael T.. TOS Yares, C Yales, O urfis M., IO5 uinlyn E., IO5 Yoder, Todd W.. I33 Yosl, Lynn M .,-f 7 7 Yosl, Malisa K.. l63 Young, Chrisly D., I33 Young, Emeri V,, l63 Richard A.. lO5 Young, I9S , Young, T imo?hyiD., 77 A 1 YuiIl.Der1ise. I63 Yuill. Michael V.. 77 Zanes. Crisfina A.. I63 Zediker, Zedrick, Zinnerha Calherine A., 77 V Palrick. l63 I i nzel. Cecilee P., l33 Zoldak. John T.. 77 Zuller, William E., I33 flfafumg X l . Uganfis U0 qjou jf Flflfofzgecf The CATAMOUNT STAFF oT WesTern Hills High School - rag- ged ouT, red-eyed, and bone Tired - wishes To use The resT oT our depleTed supply oT energy To sin- cerely Thank Those upsTanding, vir- Tuous, and helpTul ciTizens land everyone else Tool who have helped us in our Tiresome buT TruiTTul endeavors - making Vol- ume Xl. FirsT on The lisT will cerTainly be Mr. l.. H. Dixon whose help and never ending undersTanding was sorely needed and appreciaTed. Our Thanks is also exTended To The PaTe Museum oT Transpora- Tion lThe ladies resTrooml, The Kimball ArT Museum, Bordenis FlorisT, Spencer's Palace, Taco Bueno. Hulen Mall, Tandy CenTer, The Merrimac, and Benbrook STa- bles and Lady STarTire, whose lovely aTmosphere provided TirsT- raTe backgrounds Tor many oT our phoTographic ensembles. PhoTographic ArTs, Mr. Buddin. and Provine STudios deserve a large slap on The back and cigar: however, all we ever give Them is a crummy Thank you in The back oT an annual - Thanks guys. MosT oT all we would like To Thank all The dedicaTed sponsors oT clubs, sporTs and anyThing else we messed up Tor allowing our capable phoTographers To Take. reTake, Take again, Take over, and over. reTake again, reTake again over. Take one more Time. reTake one more Time, reTake The reTake one more Time. . .Their picTures. PaTience is a virTue. The UlTimaTe Thank goes To Mr. WalTer Adams and Taylor Publish- ing Company whose Tine sTaTT's deciphering capabiliTies and Wal- Teris abiliTy To insTill Tear in sTaT- Ters are boTh remarkable. A greaT big chunk oT graTiTude goes To Teachers who have gra- ciously lor oTherwisel allowed members OT The CATAMOUNT CORP. To be removed Trom class when The need arose - which iT oTTen did. Finally, we wanT To give The spouses, parenTs, Triends, boy! girlTriends. broThers, and sisTers oT annual sTaTTers Their piece oT glory Tor sTanding by us Through The good, The bad, and The ugly Times and especially deadlines. osing 374 Closing ' W., Ravi ,.,1,...,k. W T' "4QIh9?h-Q9-i . vqgif . 1' 1-fff ,v ..,., ,, ,1-!-, Lg- , ,m. . - 1 idiif' Y 0 - 1-.1-. 4.pux.-.-me 'Q N-.. -,.... vw ,.., "N-v-4,4 ---1-...I . .,H'Jv,-"" fx.. ,,1.'i.,, ... Closing 375 376 Closing Happy memories Of a day in life Are eviden+ in Our foo'rs+eps Hwrough 'rime 3 K 5,wufZ11m.7Qj A C ' 'Q?iV,t G 7,c"cu'1"N Qyaoiibnfl, .gy 'A Z Yuba! Cf6!fZiZf,7L4bC 'f 1 yiL5'T'V Cfg0Q1fZ,f ff -- Cf G Q , ff' f f-mjf fiwbm' -if Ju my ff f Af A 3, 3,55 f be fc 1M f c cxffycfj , WMC '54 L f 7f7 ff6Lf f v?U.!'2LQ V , 71,11 , LKJ Calif Ong '7 Q Lwf1'7' 1 5956! 2641 RL f ,gkfv nf Q06 1 . I 7 , 4 X,1" -f"' I - f C' , , . -,fgxf cl , '- , I - . , n f uv, ,fu L, J L fpfy . X If M PM xx W - 4 . Ljjggagy Oi W 3555 fb QW '15 33230 Um' .J,L,LQffj - WQ fvobwx F gif S vm? wo? R ,J TJ U A mf' f U 01,79 Q3 F5 fijxff Qgjagi . Q I Sw in . N gb Fggiiw? g ,VQ3, J 25 is WSEN E 35,53 ' 05 52 if xg-Qgvfgi 0709 'Q wg kr. QF-Q Q2 Q? , 33197 r g2h 4 A-'--N---,M-.M M5351 M 6' fi ,wofiff 2 JYMWUWJ 0921005 WCEYQCQQ q P lgl C! Qt if CQE?Zv QE . A 5 3 if Z I v U LQ 72 'fi 55263322 WWQ3 JN W fgjiljmfngfjjl O 2 Mvi3 N 55Q3Ci 5MW 92, J f sf gf? Q Q Q Ogi553 52315 5 wi W 52523235 vfwxigggin ,VWQHLHWV ,gvwnvjvfql 4- , ,z ,, A., , N w PC,L'fTLf 71773 1- :Q N3 Q , ' ffmw- fvw4 fv fwfr 2 9 'JIT H 54 w wvfwl W if-W wc' L '+A J A '- f' 4- ' I wJT'l'jjQ! kg - x --4 ' A " H L '7fYj,7'QfU?'-KTWYKQ . ,- P 3 H fu 25 ' '5 ' f - - -1 1 M9 fx Q Q4 ,J,.,Q A211

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