Westbrook High School - Blue and White Yearbook (Westbrook, ME)

 - Class of 1945

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Westbrook High School - Blue and White Yearbook (Westbrook, ME) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 8 of 104
Page 8 of 104

Westbrook High School - Blue and White Yearbook (Westbrook, ME) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 7
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Westbrook High School - Blue and White Yearbook (Westbrook, ME) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 9
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Page 8 text:

Caron, Roger A. Carpenter, Frank P. Carr, Edwin B. Carrier, Eugene Carter, Ashley Carter, Edwin Casey, Albert T. Casey, Conrad J. Carver, Howard A. Chadbourne, Charles Chadbourne, Earl E. Chambers, Frederick W. Champagne, Leo Champagne, Raymond J. Champaine, Charles S. Chaplin, Irving B. Chaplin, Millard L. Chaplin, Mortimer W. Chapman, Milton C. fJr.J Chapman, Richard Chase, Charles E. Chase, Edwin Chase, Everett R. Chase, Harry B. Chase, Robert E. Chick, Kenneth L. Christien, Albert P. Christien, Guy L. Christien, Richard Christensen, Emmert V. Christiansen, Alfred E. fJr.j Christianson, John A. Chipman, Hanno R. fJr.J Chipman, Robert Christie, Bertrand Clarke, Clifton S. Clarke, Roy H. Clarke,.Sidney C. Clarke, Warren R. Clarke, Wilbur D. Cobb, John H. Cloudman, Francis H. CTL? Cloudman, Francis H. fJr.J Cole, Kenneth M. fJr.J Cole, Merle Collins, Clayton F. Collins, Frank C. Collins, George T. Collins, Ralph B. Conant, Donald Conant, John W. Conant, Lynn Conant, Wesley I Connell, Philip E. Cote, Adrian L. Cote, Arthur R. Cote, Leo A. Cousins, Gordon M. Cousins, William Crague, William fJr.J Craigie, George Ur., Craigie, Hugh Crawford, Edward S. Crawford, Kenneth E. Currier, Albert J. Currier, Arthur B. Currier, Gene Currier, William F. Curry, Richard Curtis, Newton G. Cushing, Sheldon H. ..D.... Daley, Earl J. Daley, George Daley, Henry A. Dame, Romeo Dana, Philip QJr.j Daniels, Roland Darkis, John Davis, Blaine A. Davis, Francis M. Davis, Frederick Davis, Frederick W. ' Davis, Joseph J. Dearborn, Harry M. Dearborn, Wesley Delcourt, Rene W. Delcourt, Robert B. Delcourt, Roger A. Demers, Arthur J. Demers, Gerald P. Denis, Robert H. DeRoche, Melvin J. DeRoche, Joseph E. DeRoche, Joseph F. Deshaies, Lawrence E. Deshaies, Raymond Dineen, George J. Dion, Camille Dobson, Ernest Dobson, Herbert Dobson, Louis W. fJr.j Doiron, Benoit Doiron, Ildege Doiron, Joseph D. Doiron, Rosario Dolley, Ernest C. Dolley, Orrin E. Dolley, Richard E. Doucette, Carroll W. Doucette, Hope Doucette, Kenneth E. Doucette, Lawrence J. Doucette, Leo Doucette, Leonard A. Doucette, Philip Doucette, Timothy P. Douglas, Ramon L. Dowling, Owen S. 2? :i'Emery, Leonard H. QJ Dowling, Raymond S. Doyle, Donald J. Drouin, Richard A. Drouin, Roma G. Duchaine, Joseph L. G. Duchaine, Leo Duclos, Raymond A. Dufour, Victor A. Dufour, Paul Dugas, Stanley O. fJr.J Dunlea, John A. Dyer, Albert D. Dyer, Maurice A. Dyer, M. Clifford Dyer, Philip Dyer, William E. fJr.j -E- Eldridge, Warren Elwell, Jeannette Elwell, Lloyd L. Elwell, Thurman R. Emery, Howard E. Emmons, Robert Esty, Hiram W. Exchange, Ernest R. Exchange, Clarence .12- Fairservice, William J. Farley, Alfred D. Farley, Dwynal Farley, Thomas L. Farley, Winton FI. Farr, Arthur R. Farr, Robert Fecteau, Philip Fernald, Eben Fernald, Winfield R. Fick, Oscar A. fJr.J Field, Robert L. Files, Ernest H. Fillmore, Floyd B. Finney, John M. Finney, Richard L. Finney, Robert P. Fish, Norman Fish, Kenneth E. Fish, Lloyd Fish, Raymond W. Fish, Richard B. Fitzgerald, Fred W. Fluett, Gerald C. Foley, Daniel W. fJr.J Foley, Edward G. Foley, John F. Foley, Thomas Foss, Adelbert fJr.j r.J

Page 7 text:

E WESTBROOK HLGH SCHOOL HONOR ROLL 5 In a list of this type, errors and omissions are bound to appear. We ask your pardon if the name of your .A- Adams, Clayton Adams, Roger Allard, Ralph H. fJr.J Allen, Philip O. Anderson, Carroll W. Anderson, Carroll W. QJr.J Anderson, Charles A. Anderson, Paul fJr.J Anderson, Roland E. Andrews, Hugh E. Arey, Louise L. Arey, Stanley H. Archambeau, John O. :'Arsenault, Albert A. Arsenault, Arthur A. Arsenault, Eugene A. 'Arsenault, Albert A. Arsenault, Eugene J. ' Arsenault, Eu ene L. g Arsenault, Raymond A. Arsenault, Thomas J. Arsenault, Robert P. Athas, Alexander P. relative is missing. Barbour, Richard Barr, Andre R. Barr, Rene Barriault, Yves E. Barrows, Adrian Barrows, Leslie H. Beaumier, Edmond Beaumier, Joseph F. Beaumier, Robert R. Beasley, Charles Begin, Donald Begin, Robert J. Belanger, Armand P. Belanger, Leo Belanger, Raymond J. Belanger, Roger P. Belanger, Roland H. Bellefeuille, Raymond C. Bellefeuille, Wilfred J. Bennett, Francis Bennett, Roland Benson, Norman C. Bernard, Paul Bernard, Robert A. Berg, Eugene Atkins, William , fJr.j Atlas William Aube, Armand A. Aube, Emmanuel A. Aube, Roland A. gg. Auclair, Albert J. ' Auclair, Alfred Auclair, Joseph P. Auclair, Roger P. Aucoin, Roger G. Bernier, Aime A. Bernier, Albert N. Bernier, Arthur P. Bernier , Gerald ' Bernier, Leo Bernier, Omer Bernier, Raymond Bernier, Rene' R. Bernier, Roger PQ Bernier, Roland J. Audet, Arnold G. Audet, Bernard E. -B-- Babb, Dana W. Babbidge, Harold L. Babbidge, Roland W. Babbidge, William J. Bancroft, Leslie E. Bancroft, Robert A. Banks, William H. Barbour, Edward A. Barbour, Everett C. Barbour, Floyd H. Barbour, George Barbour, Grover Barbour, Kenneth Barbour, Lawrence Barbour, Philip H. Bernier, Rudolph J. Bernier, Simon C. Berry, George E. Berry, George T. Berry, George Berube, Aime Berube, Rudolph E. Berube, Leo 'Bettez, Arthur Bettez, Edward J. Bettez, Euclid J. Bettez, Leo Bettez, Philip E. Binnette, Roland Blake, Lawrence A. Blake, Russell Blake, Russell J. Boissonneau, Raymond Boissonneau, Roland E Boisvert, Napoleon Boomer, Russell S. Bonin, Donald' Bonin, Emile S. Bonin, George C. Booth, Roscoe M. Boothby, Richard E. Boothby, Robert C. Boucher, Gerard M. Boucher, Philip A. Boucher, Philip J. H. Boucher, Raymond R. Boulanger, Charles Boulanger, Conrad Boulanger, Gaston A. Bourgeois, Everett Bourgeois, Clarence P. Bourque, Leo G. Boyd, John C. Braley, Robert Bragdon, George Bragdon, Marjorie Bragdon, Ralph H. Bragdon, Richard Breton, Robert Briard, Arthur A. Bridgham, Wade Brix, Calvin H. Brooks, Reynold H. Brown, Francis M. Brown, Moses QJr.j Brown, Dexter W. Browne, Dexter W. Bryan, Forrest J. Bryden, Lawrence E. Bryden, Norman C. Bryson, Donald Bryson, Richard A. Bubar, Warren D. Buott, Frank J. Burrows, Everett F. Burton, John F. QJr.J Burton, Richard E. .C- Cairns, Donald Cairns, James D. Camire, Raymond Campbell, Leo E. Canning, Charles Caron, Albert E. Caron, Eugene

Page 9 text:

Foss, Richard Foster, Frank Fougere, Harold W. Fournier, Aime J. Fournier, George F. Fournier, Jocelyn Fournier, Louis R. Fournier, Lucille Fournier, Raymond Fournier, Renie J. Fournier, Robert Foye, Thomas Foye, William Francoeur, Emile Francoeur, Omile Francoeur, Raymond Fraser, Gordon S. Fredette, Albert O. Fredette, Eugene C. Fredette, Roland O. French, Clyde V. French, Delma Fuller, Dorothy , -G- Gagne, Roland F. Gagne, Roland L. Gagnon, Aime Gagnon, Alfred Gagnon, George Gagnon, George W. Gagnon, Philip Gagnon, Roland J. Gallant, Frederick Gallant, Augustus Gallant, Arthur Gallant, Bertrand Gallant, Eugene Gallant, Henry Gallant, Leo J. Gallant, Lionel Gallant, Patricia Gallant, Philip Hague, George E. Hamilton, Gordon Gallipeau, Maurice P. Garner, Boyd A. fJr.J Garner, James H. Gaudet, Girard Gaudet, Joseph Gaudet, Joseph G. Gaudet, Raymond J. Gaudet, Rayno Gaudreau, Leo P. Gaudreau, Paul A. Gayton, George Gervais, Ernald Gervais, Merton H. Gerard, Albert J. L Gerard, William Given, Joseph C. Goff, Merle Goff, Stanley E. Golden, Ja,mes A. Goodwin, Robert Goodwin, Warren D. Goody, Clifford Gordon, Arthur C. Gordon, Courtney Gordon, Herbert E. Gordon, Leslie Gordon, Richard - Gorrie, Andrew E. Gorrie, Ernest F. Gorrie, Robert T. Gorrie, William T. Gouzie, Ambrose M. Gouzie, Henry L. Gouzie, Marcel G. Gouzie, Philip J. Gowen, Frederick W. Gowen, Milton F. Goyet, Albert Goyet, Ludger B. Goyet, Raymond D. Graffam, Elmer T. Graffam, Linwood Graham, F. Leslie Graham, Philip Gray, G eorge R. Gregoire, Raymond A Gregoire, Rene, B. Gregoire, Wilfred Greenwood, Richard J. Groves, Wallace Guay, William Guimond, 'Roger J: Guitard, Alfred Guitard, Edward Guitard,- George A. Guitard, James S. Guitard, Raymond T. Haensel, -1-I.. William D. Hague, Lawrence A. Hamblen, Robert C. Hamilto n, Millard Hansen, Chris N. Hansen, Hanson, Hanson, Hanson, Harlow, Harmon Harmon Harmon Franz M. Christian Philip A. Richard Frederick , Harold A. , Judson , Louis R. Harmon, Wade G. Harnois, Harvey, George H. Adrian Harvey, Roger O. Harvey, Theodore L. Havency, Paul Havey, Andrew Hawkes, Arolyn Hawkes, Cecil L. Hawkes, Clifford P. Hawkes, Richard Hawkes, Wayland A. Hawkins, Carl L. Hawkins, Ralph N. Hebert, George Hendrickson, Karl Herrick, Arthur L. CJ Heward, Albert Heward, Charles B. Hey, Henry Hey, Thomas S.- Higgins, Arnold4D. Hill, Ensfield A. Hinkley, Frank R. Hocker, Augustus S. Hodgkins, Charles R. Hood, Vance C. Hopkins, Norman E. Hudson, Earl W. Ur. I' J Hudson, Frederick W. Hulit, Clyde O. Hunter, Freeman B. Hutchinson, Lewis Hutchinson, Robert -1- Ingalls, Everett P. CJr.j CJ J Ingraham, Henry W. Ingraham, James Jackson, Harry B. Jackson, Virginia I. Jacques, Wyverin Jameson, Clifford S. Jensen, Louis B. Jess, Edward O. Johnson, Albert B. Johnson, Gordon Johnson, Mary H. Johnson, Leonard B. Jollette, Gerard R. Jordan, Frederick V. Jordan, Harold Jordan, Philip S. Jordan, William Joy, Howard W. Joy, Norwood F. .K- Keay, Donald Keen, Irvin Keefe, John C. fJr.J

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