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"-' ' g ' "' -7 V1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Q1 M- ,11 1v. ,k,WM d5 w 1511, 5 , .HM BERGSTRON1 CLASS OF 'L5'5's vx1Es'r sEA TTLE Thisis the West Seattle Student... ,not only our I952 o 1- M sw ff- , fa if fs , we x aw 3'x,,, S 5- 1 5 W WS - W Mg? wg 9515 We Ai' fJ',vk'7-QS' , -aww 1 , if ,e vb .R 3' 1 sf D' ' ' ef, 'W X ,, . fe? 1 a P4 .Q E? Mwwwf sf 5 My' 'Eu ,sm fl x se ,,.,.1,., ' . ?' "' ,F f' ' , , fu'- W., W Q, 4,..,,M , L wmvfgw. q v -5 5, we kwa 'ibf Q ni x E. S If ' - -: . fd A A E . 5 Q Y K 3 3 1 1 ,, L ma: We A X W. Q 'Fx Rr 4 K UWMI an ,WE jf ima mf iff?-EM , Qvx nm was nm 'Q sm .am mx z , 'E I:IL--:- :,.1.' 2- , -5, 552 ,511 , -W - l 1 ,af 5:5 3 35 .::.: : ., . ?' J ,.-45:5 g ..., 1 . , if-W ,-- - W: -1--2: wt- iz ' -' Nl-,WL 13125: ,, .:2 '-'-- 2 :5A:5:f' 1 31 .sz ::?.:5:.,f, X - 5: 11" Y ' "" if is M A H 3:1 1 , . A 2 zQ??' ,Z ,, ,.,. 'gym I W " Q wg www 5: , mu, za:-1:-: . 35? f- :. gm 5 sf wg 5522 ffm 5.9 gem .. ,. f 1 l Q ' - -L ww ' ef' 6:-.g' :,: , Q if-ER S'55fEVW'X-Li H ,J FW- ., QSM? S Ff E ,., ","' 'Z' J- ' F 3 gwgx ki 5- . ,. N R 8 gi xi Q . 6,4 H :. 5 , a , as ai fi A ,X X7 . ,L 'Af x H- 1 A1 s as mx X M QM 58 N ,X-Quia KH- dgswfwgx , Q LQJZUS' ww Qiiiiiamn fvfiiggwgwix M-gimww -1123252 ,Eggmmnm H1-gisifi wx,-":.,fH: L ,M-H: U 5 1 -A al WLFQL :fx a 1, -,Ish we xy. X 1 1 Wim Q4 x -a'Mv 4 zx R yy-L W 335 .5 H: 2 . X if 36 Z W E 25 H E 5' Q SM g W - ' L g '5'ZQ??f,Mf'?5Qf X- 525 XL sm G , 1A gifgfifggw. 2Zs,l.l,Zs, 1..gaQmw'wWg: fQ 2 ,Si W f. g.S,E55Ymfa5fSf :s:-:-: , .... ' 5 2525555 M Mil am? H 33 . QT f-AM 5 sw Q . Q ' W A 4128222-was ,E E IM.: wsxqfu A 1-EQZQM H W mf 1 M 5 w, .nmgga-2. ,smg15+Sxa,m, 'gm . V Q B? 22 EW af? ' .- naw? :- HM, A. K H Q A -. J, a g vi' J W2 W- ,vm . '95 X ss- 5 to every student who has played the game... Ion Qhe HELD... CEVWK 74,-1,7 Q1 if 4' , -A e e fl emueg f . . . . .., W1 fx I-'L937,fd,jf0 f.ff-- QU : 54443 'Qty 3 or in the STAND ffrifif Ewrw, through the MAIN GATE to every student who has walked or the never forgotten HALLS... li to the QWEST STREET Cl-0555 SEATTLE student . .. for he is WEST SEATTLE... this I952 KIMTAH, is dedicated I 4 ,E 0 as in 0 , as b , M -Ha- ,g m 5 " E. 45 EJ wg: E www-1 H ,AWA f ,Ek Q -af . -mv Q 1 Q 5 mu ' sm , .,,. w in W 2 1: wh A 5314245 L , 3. mm .s -LF' 'K' lf'-ew r ' .M M y an :Y nl P iii? 3? .. . fgn 'K V X 1WvEN W, 5555? KW? 'qnmfcgb 'frm ws- 52,14 my E 1.3 mamma 'Q Anemia gw,q,, W 1 aw gg: , ,,-, f fn. gg E E wwf: ? 1952 KIMT West Seattle High School Seattle, Washington Editors--- Eleanor Friar Ed Emericlz Aduisor--- - Mildred Gellerman 7 :, H: , - 'Z' 952:1- u, f ii: Vs 'I A n AEE Ex-3 ' f ..: 1 ?fe5. 'Q 111 f ,WM ng' o 5' fin. ful" Ni? . I'l' f f --' :fp lei 1 mf---1' t 'W' 15:7 H, , 1 9 ' .3,i5' Q9 Q' ci' Q Q I il: - .y l N... A Sx :f:3fl '7 T, sv 3. I I ,LA J ' 5' A J 1 fi? -A-6'Lf'Q,-" KQV, rf 1 t I 7 Y y V"'LQ4Z,,A,fr Wi Wy pp! ' ', 2 f -' 1.1 ,,,f4wz'i I ff M gf Q Q x,:Vi5!n,Q jg H40 ,f ,.,4f?1Q, i-,IJ f ' by C M M . W MC! W ,WMZQLQM ,f . QA-off yxaq it ff'Y'iKff W Acwfflfiyf Ji 5 fgA,ffw"f,,v qffffydag' 3 MV' jx, , 1 iii 1 fffwfffv we 9, Time for Respeat 4 I ' 0 0 I ' 4 ' , . -2 I fl- Q, 1 0 Q ' Q "' W' ' K NK o km Q .x I X .L . G o' I 1 lg XR -f e i f f agp ,:' - ' l"f"7Z5 v o - ,- - X . l'2""': , ,- Eff- ff 5 if if LL ' Y A W A N- ,iv , H ' V .1 N ' F , f P- - .- 5 'Q 'I , 1 5 fig'-?': ' -f"' 7L X I ,Z P- ,fyfgg QL., 5' Allll!!! 6,535 JT f -'H' 5' II . Un -izfy' ' f 55 AlV'f,A55EZQQ?7 9 ,Q?1:fL' Z ,,,.:.L----avi - v ,,,, A W . fla- 1 uc ner, NH3 R Vice-Principals Message Even in democracy, there are few things that we all have in complete equality. Brains? Money? Good looks? Talents? We all differ. But time! Ah, that is the stuff that is distributed daily, the same amount to every person, twenty- four hours. How do we use it? What sort of time budget do we follow? Out of every hour, how many min- utes do we devote to construction of the sort of world we want? How many do we use destruc- tively? How many do we simply throw away? Every day we answer these questions, usually without knowing it, and our answers are determin- ing the course of our future. GORDON HANNAFORD Principal's Message As Seattle begins her second hundred years of development our Kimtah theme is TIME. How you spend your time determines what you are, what you will be, and what contributions you will make toward the progress of your city. Put first things first. Take time for great books, for great music, and great art. Take time to appreciate nature. Take time to think. Take time to make friends and to develop an appreciation for spiritual values. If you take time for these things you will learn how to live, not just how to make a living, and your con- tribution to Seattle's second century will be sig- nificant. CECIL F. BULLOCK l Akin, Margaret ........, Anderson, Elmer ....... ...........,English Industrial Arts Bachmann, Helen ......., ............,.. S cience Beasley, Harry ..,.... Beery, Pearle ........ Blauert, Paul ....r...... Brown, Gordon ....,,.. Cassidy, Dorothy ......... ........Art .........Attendance .........Science . .......... Music .,.......Language Faculty Chamberlain, Gering Industrial Arts Chamberlen, Maude ................,..,...... English Crockett, Mildred ....., Curry, Ruth ........,..,. Davenport, Helen .... Doty, Lloyd .......,..... Duncan, Gudrun ....... ..........English .,,....Language ..,......Office ..........Science ., .......,.. Commercial Dunn, Helen ...... ..,,.. ,,,.. M a thematics Ford, Pauline .......... .,........ S ocial Studies Fraback, Charles ........ ............. C ustodian Franks, Dean ..,.... Frey, Ernest ........ ll .....,...SociaI Studies .Industrial Arts l P L U Friar, Ruth ...,..,.,..., ,,.,... Gellermann, Mildred ....... .. .,... English Hague, Martha .,,...A.,,.A .. ,.,..,,.,. Language Johanson, Sonya ....,.,. . ..,,.... Office Clerk Hughes, Hildur ,..,.,. .. Hurd, Conifred ......... Jacobson, Duncan ......... Ka er, Jean.. .... .. . 1- ,.......English ..........,English .......CommerciaI . .... .... M usic Faculty Kennedy, Kathryn ,..,.,,,..,,. King, Maryorle .,.,.... ...... .... Kish, William ......... Lansing, lrene ......s Logan, Joshua ,........... .. Lohren, Elizabeth .,...... Lowe, Colleen ...,,.,,,.. McDonald, Evelyn ..,.,... McElwee, Isabell ....... McKenzie, Belle ....... ....Social Studies Kaye, Lyle ................. ...... .Home Economics Home Economics ....,........Drama. English .......,.Study Hall ......,CommerciaI ,........Study Hall ,,,,.,..,..,.,,English Mackey, Warren ...... ......... M a1l'lemBTlCS 12 Meyer, Edward. . .. Miller, Alice... . Mills, Joy ............,,.. Minnehan, Margery Mowry, Ma rgaret .. Murphy, P. J ........,. Murphy, W. J ........ O'Brlen, Richard .....,. ....... ........... Commercial Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies ........Commercial ....Commercial Social Studies Faculty Olsen, Kaihrine ........... ....... Patterson, Mildred... .. Girls' Advisor ....Commercial Peaslee, Emile .... ,... .. ....... Maihematics Phillips, Ruth ....... ...........English Pripp, Alwin ........,. ........ S ocial Studies Rakus, Gus .............. .,.......... L anguage Rasmussen, Jack ......... ,...... S ocial Studies Robinson, Ethel ..... ,.,, C ommercial Rowe, Raymond ........ ....... S ocial Studies Schaal, Ryland ....... .Mathematics Sealoff, Georgia ....... ........... L ibrarian Siceloff, David ...... 13 ........Science 0 Y WRITING Autographs of Teachers Smith, Dorothy ........ ............English Smith, Ellen ......... .A,,,.,,,.,,,., E nglish Smith, Ge0r9e .......... ......A S ocial Studies Smllh, Herbert ........ ...,,,,,, M athematigg Tozier, Jewel ,....... Ullin, Woody ........, Warne, Harry ........ Watson, Lyle ........ .........Mathematics ........Boys' Advisor . ,.,. ..... S cience Faculty Welch, George ..,..... Whaley, Ballard .,.... Wholrabe, Raymond... Young, Martha .....,.,..... .. Munson, Ardis ......., Industrial Arts Industrial Arts ............Science .......,....English Nurse 14 -'sv f Y 1 5 , ' i mf 4? W 1 4 W , Y S Y W? in f x-is up -1 Nz 3. VQKQ W, mm mm! ,ia K .14 '32-5 11353 5 . Um V . Qkg Zif f' Qi bw 4521: N 5 , E w W.. X as - 551. M in L , M., u J 4 ww yy, . W., vw. .ig aww Q iw K :WF ,Q t 5-53 9 xx ,. . w w- , f r ::. Q., wing ff ff-X Q K: ,..,., , X - Www W X , , 2 H A www 1 5 mwgf' u .eg ,I 1 ,M H ' 1 1 H ,I C 94 ,. y '1 X Y.. ,Q ' 'X L! 'V 'f X M 5 .MN ' :V ..,. WT? N r 2 4 HA.. - 3' Q '?f3i25 , iv Ji I i x ,Q N 5 J , K , 3? B' -mam- H513 sa. if m ' n V .: If -A ' 9 ij Vg! JWVQ, rv ' - ,..5T' .Q fd .W 9 . -3 WM9, ,' nf ' V- 4 .pf ,-f f ff 1, fl 'J ..:'-- J' ,, , - W-af -gf ,-Sf -331 4 .wg ,-1 , ' 1" JK! ff' ff ff' ,' 'v MW' L" ' Qx,,,zf 1, ,W Vi, my ,-,pf Jw ,A xii' V I 9, lj rw, N W., V fp J! J , P f,? i'! nv IP ' ' y ,MM N' J , " if 1 G H ' " ' .-' Qyji' fy , F 'iff' M fi ' G, --f' .M f 1 1 4 If 3 f 1-f ,f up J, , I J'Zf"!j ,J Qi Wi D V 5 'EW ,gif , , f Nfl' 1, P. la l nl w ,I .5 I ' I,,v,1fr' if K .ii-nf' 2--. Q. -- . lil F 1 'Q f n f-'V ll ff I My .f . I 541 NN 1. xg., x .hin- M ll lu xluxa Eg' f Il IVV, 4 nf O 1 1 9 ' 4' . -2' 'fy ' 3'0" V ,if Q, '71 I 3' wh' if 259' ,fi XI ug' 'Q Q 19 X 1 32' xXXl' 5,5 ,Q -e55x.!ig' . Pj '.,f' QU nn " f6pWM,MW5.',, ffl ' MW fn -. N 'V 5 Q-ib ' may I -x l NCL J-,,, uni 7 U J ll ill llb 'H' ., X 2-" " ' hi' n' ' , av I M ,,, c:.-.,.g7.g50 "" J W Q Il fl fig. J' lm 6 . 3 V . sis 1'1" qfq- E u EY - f A C' E121 - I . f ' ,. 5 . - P . , H Y Q . .7 , 1 ' K' . I , x f A A' ,V ' ,V , U' , V A V 5 -1 1 f l A ' - . A ff V- ' I x X 'if' ' I X ' I , ' I , Y jj 1 l V 9 ,"" V e ' ' ' Y .47 ' ,.' -24 ' 0 ' A' , Q- : '- f f - I sis. is nl is Vg- Q, I f . ' 'ffl J? .. , .. - W' - 5 -N,- L- .V -,Y ...-- Q, I 'vfgllg-1 : 7 ,H f' I i-:gr .19 wg -. , , . ,u . In rg: we +3-f - , f' 'i:: .Q ,O ff . .M N ' K 5 'Q' I 4 4 :ian ' lfp' -- 3 I Q-S., r---., ...? g.. f ide , f 'D . 4 u 1 , X -3. 0 to S ul ii fff"ff,fjfj1d!fZl,fff'j4Mjp6w9 2551? 9 :L Qffffifaffffffffifbffifw 52, Wwfifffijwf pwfgfw WWW ,W -if-Iwi WH Wg M"'im'iy'ZQ?W . V fwigmwwfm, WM M . xx A My ' WWW yy Wx igsxsw w!w'ff""'?"".i ww xeifxf MfW 1 E 5 V Time for Diversion ii ' i ,Q 1 i f - ' . ' f 'dn h J V lxfguckner.. I C. S. G. Len Perry, M Matt Sayre, ' President Vice-President 3 y CABINET Row 1: Donna Wines lPepD, Bev Burnham CCabinet Secrelaryi, Eleanor Friar CCouncil Secrelaryi, Alix Boulware KOUT of Schooli, Joann Shore U-Xssemblyl, Sonia Pearson llnformalion. Row 2: Joe Ramseyer lln Schooli, Dan Cronck lMain- lenancei, Guy Farmer CPoinTD, Bob Doxsie lPoiniJ, Jack Jasperse flnformalionl, Ken Rogers llforumi, George Zoffel Uusiicel. STUDENT COURT Row 1: Cafhy Harsanl, Irvin Benzion, Jackie Griffilh, Marilyn Kuehl. Row 2: Gordon Hastings, George Zoffel, Gary Gaffner, Dave Wold, Tim Hill. 4 Legislative Branch W3 'WE li' 5 FaH CouncH SpHng CouncH Stage Door ..... Senior Play Top Row: Janice Bray, Janet Jensen, Alice Winter, Joan Frost, Judy Helm, Jane McManus, PaT McGoldrick. Row 2: Rolly Murray, Irene Fullmer, Norma Hannaford, Barbara Halliday. Row 3: Bob McAllister, Aoberra Knight. Row 4: Arlys Cushman, Doreen Glotfeliy. Row 5: Gene Huber, Donna Yates. Row 6: Tom Manney, George Lumberf, Jay Bennett, Lois Farr. Bottom Row: Bruce Klein, Ann Lee Reynolds, Barbara Caldwell, Jewil Tozier CFacuI1y Advisorl, Betty McDonnell, Demetrios Christodoulou, Ann Byron. Stage Door . ..... Senior Play Row 'l: Lorene Sandberg, Mary Jean Jensen, Mariorie Converse, Peggy Heathers, Donna lngle, Shirley Hoffman, Marvin Kuesf. Row 2: Diane Osborn, Mary Lou Linserf, Myrna Parry, Dorothea Larson. Row 3: John Morgan, Mary Forsloff. Row 4: Mary Rodman, Elaine Jensen. Row 5: Allene Stoddard, Shirley Argenbrighf. Row 6: Bob Leadbefter, Don Davidson, Ron Ostic, Bernice Hanson. Row 7: Roger Jacobson, Janet Hislop, Alaire Carlson, Mr. Kish, Lucille Cook, Annabelle O'Keefe, Lola Myers. f cw ,ivy Q 5 W 6 - V ,.' ' A 4" ' my :1 3, 2 p WJ-1 1. s- ' in H. ,ff N 4 .ufi v 'J q- v we -wh-xgff -Q5 K WM fy, N-fww-,gif Veil f L, 'ff l 1 ".,.,vw 'f 1- ' '4' XM ' :K gy, X - -K w-f HA , 'y fm, ,A wg, 5 "Out of This World " 3 ' W 'W "" Wm- Y 3- '57 W-dll, -TY-W .'.'f H Q 141 ' -Editors and Advisor: Eleanor Friar, Ed Emerick, Mrs. Gellermann. -Art Staff: Joan Bailey, Phyllis Johnson, Martin Buckner, Diane Bailey. General Staff: Wayne Martin, Delores Scott, Gaye Harpster, Nlarliss Wahl, Charlotte Bilodeau Sports Editors: Dave Davies, Gary Arnberg. Head Photographer: Dave Wallbom. i ALL-AMERICAN. N. S. P. A. - INTERNATIONAL HONOR AWARD - QUILL AND SCROLL VOLUME XXVII WEST SEATTLE HIGH SCHOOL FRIDAY. MAY ll. 1952 NINETEENTH YEAR WITH BUSINESS STAFF THE CHINOOK Not considering herself important. Mrs. Chamberlen has led the Chinookl Staff through another successful year. This is her nineteenth year with the Chi- Mrs. Chamberlen nook and she is to be congratulated on her faithfulness and fine work. Mrs. Chamberlen, a journalist by choice, is well qualified for her position here for she has worked on many other papers including the N. Y. Times. Mrs. Chamberlen, when asked about Journalism, said, "Journalism is compo- sition in a hurry." This and many more quotations are pinned up. around on the walls in the Chinook Shack to help the staff in their work to make a successful paper. SWEET SCENT? "What is that horrible smell?" moaned some student in third period study. It seems that Sally Ott, Millie Hunter, Jackie Eley and Joan Gardner in mixing their colognes discovered that the result wasn't very satisfactory. Stop lights are red. Go lights are green. I You ll live much longer If you know what they mean. PAPOOSE PETE sez . . . ' f Duane Berry, Roland Lundberg, Pat Nelson, Pat Gallager Phyllis Grell, Jackie Eley Advertising keeps the Chinook "rollin' along" like the proverbial river, and Duane Berry and Eddie McElroy heading the Advertising Staff for two semesters have provided the ads to keep the paper doing just that. Aiding Duane last semester were, Bar- bara Gillis. Phyllis Grell, Jack Cornett. Janis Bray. Ed McElroy. Joanne Ask, Carol McKibbon. Jim Morrison. Advertising associates this semester are. Phyllis Grell, Eddie McElroy, Jim Morrison. BUZZIN' AROUND WITH THE TWO B'S Baltazor and Burnham "Oh, Mr. Pripp, tell us another one!" chimed the seniors in the Pacific Rim class, when "Bud" reluctantly informed the class that for the rest of the semester Mr. Rasmussen would be the teacher. Things are actually not so bad, though. as the students thought, for Mr. Rasmus- sen has promised the class ukelele lessons and soft Hawaiian breezes on the side to get them "in the mood." rl: is lk Some of the seniors of '51 have been bringing back old memories. A few who just couldn't leave are Roy Brown. who was president of his class as a junior: Tommy Churchill. an old Chinook sports editor: Marv Nelson, Len Randall and Jack Sheehan, who were all-around ath- letes in their days at West Seattle, along with Bill Ditty, Louie Hamilton, Bob Kerr, and '50 graduate Dean Chambers. who is making a good name in football at U. of W. 41 lk ell Mr. Wohlrabe's sixth period Chem was treated with a fashion show Betsy I-lurlbut modeled one of the rubber aprons. The class immed- responded and were willing to several more. class when latest iately order STAFF HAS NEW EDITORS ON FEATURE, BACK PAGES Guy Farmer. formerly reporter, is now associate editor in charge of the back page and will be managing editor for the last two editions of the CHINOOK to enable Dolores I-lefflinger, a senior. to wind up her work. New feature editor is John Withers. Don Lundberg has temporary charge of the sports page. with Vernon Peckover as advisor. Staff changes result in new titles of features. Page 2 WEST SEATTLE CHINOOK Friday, May ll, 1952 WIGWAM WATCH TOWER We just can't understand why all year long everybody is yelling, "Co-operation, co-operation, we need more co-opera- tion." Then when something big like the Centenntial comes along. all lamentation ceases and the various groups work smoothly together. Then when the event has gone over successfully, something happens and again no one is content. Do we actually have lack of co-opera- tion or merely a situation of not recog- nizing it when we don't need to? Or could the more likely answer be that the sponsors get together and work out the problems among themselves? Whatever the answer, were happy to see the way plans for the coming celebra- tion are moving toward the climax. Now let's see all West Seattle students out to support and admire the work which has gone into this exhibition. BEEFS, BOUQUETS WANTED! Letters to the Editor will be resumed next year. Please bring any questions or ideas you wish to have printed to room 245. We will try to answer any questions within reason. Here is the chance to bring up any school problem you wish. -The CHINOOK Staff. SUCCESS STORY Did you hear about the two fleas who worked hard, saved their money. and then went out and bought their own dog? PAPUUSE PETE'S Pl G sez- S More room for Usouped up" cars Less room in hopitals and morgues. EDITGRIAL STAFF Bruce Mclvor, Lucille Cook, Mary Rodman, Matt Sayre, Tom Knapp Bev Burnham, Vern Peckover Vernon Peckover and Dolores Hef- flinger as Managing Editors guided the Chinook through a successful l95l-52 school year. On the editorial staff were the Feature Editors. Mary Rodman, Dolores Hefflin- get and Pat Curry: Sports Editors, Matt Sayre, Bruce Mclvor and Tom Knapp: Back Page Editors, Everly Burnham, Mary Rodman and Lucille Cook. Reporters this year included Beverly Blake. Mari Bellinger, Joan Frost, Nona Peterson, Barbara Gillis. Shirley Hoff- man, Diane Baltazor, Lois Jones, Tom 1 Delores Hefflinger, Pat Curry Manney, Eddie McElroy, Carol McKib4 bon. Jim Morrison, Mimi Smith. Allene Stoddard, Pat Thompson. Susan I-Iodson, Joanne Ask. Marilyn Gough, Joan Man- ship and John Withers. Darlene Dunn, Beverly Bennett, Ken Miles, Beverly Mogensen, Shirley Bailey, Dolores Scott, Doris Wilson, Marlene Bell, Diana Mathewson, Dale Brown, Francis Charmichael and Marlene Woods. Terry Smith, Bill Londean, Paul Lange, Don Peterson, Eddie Bangsund, Guy Farmer and Don Lundgerg served on the sports staff. - A - .. - A,.,,,- - - L.,.v. ,. - A-.-.v.-.-A,.,v.-.-.-.Y.v.Y.v.f-4 AvA -.,-,fit BEWARE! WOM EN DRIVERS "Watch out for that car!" "Be careful when you turn the next corner!" "Don't let your foot off the clutch so fast!" Such is the conversation heard every Friday first period in the driving class, when five occupy each car. If you don't think there's a lot of confusion when girls get together, just visit driving class some day. -.-.-v4.4.4,-Y-Y-.-f -I.,-C,-C,-Cf.-f.-.4.4f-.,v-.-.-.-.-J.-.-.-v-.-,-f,A,A,A,A,-.-YA, ACTION SHOT t wgsrxi-MF wi? A Joan Manship, Bruce Mclvor, Guy Farmer, John Withers QM, mm! 5. r. if B. if ' :-::,.3.,. '.-j .,. .1 Y is -3 f mp ' 5 ,Y A ' W se ,12 :,: ,.:h O U SC N1 w. Q, ma a ss Pi ws if ww 9 2 f 7 s 1 'aa in in wa ss A-fm ss if-Sri a av .W-E a 3, awww ,xy-ra fa,-,M ri a-D 92,1 J 'An w 331 5 1352415 v 7 as 2 .ana .x sa pan ana -Humans nam an ss rug. anmfmxsmz " W E2 .1 aaa waz -S3715 Mg, Walk? fa an as fi f ,Si 11 so ga may-X-:, wwf - , sa an ww xx ,iv a 'ss ma wa ax a Wfaw is KE uf a,-MSNWM 5535 aa E if M jaggh sw X wi, .ai Haabaa a,m,,Q,., 1 Wa, axamfy .. mga' a ss ffsiw aw as--af, af :Lagr- Magis a gzgm a wx-L , 3 -1 x .X i ma W. ff MEM. -1 fam' ,Eng fimsggga ms aaawgy X an an xm- M n ia ay. .8 an a aw an X... I is H :awww- N -'fx ,jim A E: , Mig i, .4 595 l L Q j iogfmim- ' K' -,.-"Wiw.n-:iw-na? M5 W. ktvx' V- M51 1 - ai, 5 rig, -. 5? 3 ,., ,M if T . 963522 ,. ",'..' 1' W? X ag R .W1.wg2Ww. wi-X1 .'... Fig? -:iii V 1 , ' X an mg .. High , WW. . Y Z 1: I-: if -A ,ng Uri wg ,F xi, KM., ,.,,,: Mfr x na ma is 1 A 1 ?. n .a .4 X .. wa-.1 is cenie Top: boii left rig Mr Warne ' ros r: Advisor, . President, Artie Delimnt om: Treasurer, Bob Hoskin 1 Secretary, Gordon Hasiings ' resident, Rolly Murray hi: V ice-P Fall Council Spring Council OFFICE ASSISTANTS Back Row: Gordy Wise, Bob Burgess, Richard Victor, Bob Hoskins. Front Row: Bob Burg, Mr. Warne, Bob Ridge. Boys' Club at lunch. 29 1 Girls' Club Tru s J Top: President, Paify Jo Appel right side: Vice-President, Leona Elsner cemer: Advisor, Mrs. Olsen lefl side: Treasurer, Rosalie Smith boTTom left: Recording Secretary, Joan Michelotti boliom righiz Corresponding Secretary, Shannon Cole VV 'LY A Service Department-Row 2: Dixie Lander, Bernice Hansen, Maureen Reilly, Joan Batson. Row 1: Lurline Paul, Diane Baltazor, Maureen Pooley. Personal Efficiency-Row 2: Pat Collins, Diane Osborne CDepartment Headl, Betty Jo Winkle. Row 1: Sandra Stan- dahl, Paula Maurer, Connie Wallbom. Freshman-Sophomore Auxilary-Mary Beth Boulware, Nancy Hill, CDepartment Headj, Alice Bateman, Marsha Mage. Entertainment Department-Row 2: Virginia Christ, Janet Sue Mitchell, Kathy Hanawalt fDepartment Headj, Darelle Botten, Bev Bruck. Row 'l: Arlys Cushman, Bev Burnham, Pat Thompson, Jo Lee Davis, Joy Olsen. Administrative Department-Row 2: Susan Hodson, Nona Lee Peterson fDepartment Headl, Lorraine Rowe. Row 'l: Pat Gamlen, Norita Miller, Carol Schmoyer, Barbara Guintoll. Apartment Clerks Girls' Club Representatives l l i l l Picture I-Row 2: Wise, Shasteen, Huber, Perry, Bellows, Westra, Vanderslice, Schwalm. Row 'I: Phelan, Peterson, Prospek, Rogers, Barnes, Amberg, Mappin. Picture Il-Row 2: Jacobson, Hastings, Sawyer, Lange, Leadbetter, Bassett, Peckover, Klein. Row 1: Taylor, Knutson, Boender, Blue, Gillespie, Fa ncher, McElhose. Picture III-Row 2: Scott, Thomas, Gitzen, Mr. Ullin, Parmalee, Finnie, Sayre. Row 1: Montgomery, Bergen, Partee, Duncan, Knapp, Thomas, Delimitros, Appel. President, Gil Bellows Boys' W Club Vice-President, Ardell Barnes Secretary, Ken Rogers 32 Picture I-Row 3: Fossum, Neklason, Reynolds, Becker, Torgerson, Whitten, Thompson. Row 2: Oman, Friar, Warnick, Eldred, lngle Gough, Olson, Hill. Row 1: Frost, Michelotti, Michelotti, Osborn, McDonnell, Cushman, Hanawalt, Wines. Picture II-Row 3: Bartlett, Kent, Nordlund, Reilly, DelBianco, Teeters, Squire. Row 2: Sherman, Guyman, Thomas, McCormick Engleson, Ditty, Hanson, Thompson, Larsen. Row 2: Knutson, Larsen, Craft, Irwin, Farnell, Jinkens, Thompson, Bilodeau, Giuntoli Picture III-Row 3: Perovich, Ask, Fitch, Maurer, Whitman, Ferguson, Sherman, Miss Lowe. Row 2: Rowe, Minteer, Dahl, Hefflinger Byron, Smith, DuBeau, Dowling. Row 1: Lenz, Cain, McGoldrick, Cherskov, Utzig, Staats, Hielm, Hale, Paul, Myers. Girls' W Club Row 2: Peggy Ferguson, Vice-President, Ann Lee Reynolds, Program Chair- man: Arlys Cushman, His- torian. Row 1: Delores Staats, Treasurer, Audree Warnick, President, Albina 33 Cheriskov, Secretary. TORCH Row 3: George Zoffel, Audree War- nick, Ken Rogers, Judy Helm, Matt Sayre. Row 2: Nona Peterson, Ann Byron, Norma Hannaford, Delores Hefflinger, Albina Cherskov, Jacque- line DeZarn, Kay Atkins. Row 1: Bev- erly Burnham, Maureen Pooley, Mar- lene Jackson, Nancy Hill, Pat Camp- bell, Thelma Peterson, Ida Jacobson, Virginia Christ, Lola Myers. Row 3: Dan McDonnell, Vernon Peck- over, Betsy Hurlbut, Jerry Kent, Ed- die McElroy. Row 2: Carol Everson, Phyllis Fossum, Joan Torgerson, Mari- lyn Gough, Patty Jo Appel, Shirley Hoffman, Pat Thompson. Row 1: Carol Gill, Jeanne Grimison, Emily Perovich, Sandra Standal, Peggy Fer- guson, Janet Montgomery, Lois Jones, Barbara Guintoli. 34 TORCH Row 3: Roland Craig, Ron Ostic, Bill Ogdon. Row 2: Thalia Denos, Joan Engleson, Paula Maurer, Elaine Jen- sen, Donna lngle, Allene Stoddard, Norita Miller. Row 1: Sharon Ander- son, Joyce Saety, Diane Osborn, Joan Michelotti, Barbara Rovig, Shirley Miller, Sonia Pearson, Eleanor Friar. Row 3: Duane Partee, Delores Whit- ten, Joan Batson, Bud E. Shasteen, Janette Hill, Frances Philp, Donald Gene Dubeau. Row 2: Delores Staats, Pat Gamlem, Arlys Cushman, Rosalie Smith, Kathy Hanawalt, Joyce Col- liver. Row 1: Joanne Oman, Mary Jean Jensen, Roberta Knight, Mary Lou Linsert, Myrna Parry, Joanne Cole, Arleen Hansen, Janet Jensen, Lurlene Paul. PAN AMERICAN CLUB Row 2: Emily Perovich, Bonnie Going, Nancy Hill, Miss Curry. Row I: Donna lngle. LATIN CLUB Row 2: Jim Smith, Miss Cassidy, Bob Doxsie. Row 1: Bev Beers, Joan Mich- elotfi, Julianne Eldred, Sharon Kie- land, Kay Smith. l l l , , , MATH CLUB Row 3: Gordon Vanderslice, Art Ty- ler, Donald DuBeau. Row 2: Duane Partee, Jim Ercolini, Marcus Strei- bich, George Keeler. Row 1: Sandra Standal, Donna Ingle, Mary Jean Jen- sen, Miss Dunn, Ann Byron, Dolores Heffliger, JoAnne Turney. PHILOSOPHY CLUB Row 3: Ray Dondanville, Rolly Muray, George Keeler, Don DuBeau. Row 2: Miss Mills, Norma Hannaford, Janet Montgomery, Roberta Knight, Mar- iorie Converse. Row 1: Peggy Heath- ers, Lucille Cook, Janet Hislop, Do- reen Glotfelty, Myrna Parry, Barbara Shoeder, Lola Meyers. 35 . SPIKE SHOE CLUB Row 3: Neal Anderson, Vernon Peck- over, Bob Leadbetter, Mr. Ullin. Row 2: Gary Eide, Warren McKinstry, Bill Magnuson, Doug Pascoe, Lorne Lanks- bury, Ed Schafer, Bob MacDonald. Row 'l: Dick Klein, Harold Dahl, Sam Bassett, Bill Phelan, Tom Sawyer, Dick Victor, Paul Lange. FIRE SQUAD Row 6: Dave Wilson, Howard John- son, Maxine Estep, Anne Kreigel, Shirley Mays, Bob Holter, Mr. Franks. Row 5: Don White, Jack Block, Jack Lumbert, Craig Rush. Row 4: Jean Garrett, Darlene Bruce, Barbara Ber- gen, Myrna Parry, Robeta Knight, JoAnn Saylor, Joann Larson, John Purvis, Charles Argelo, Ray E. Halton, Fred Steik. Row 3: Pat Barber, Zeri- fia Collaras, Mary Ann Short, Wyoma Farrell, Arlene McGilvery, Ronald Elliott, Keith Rockwell, Danette Gill, Sandra Garvin, Donna Johnson, Al' lene Stoddard. Row 2: Barbara Han- naford, Violet Cooper, Nancy Ross, Jennie Plenkovich, Beverly Lenon, Jean Olson, Janet Markus, Delores Carter, Charlotte Bilodeau. Row 1: Ted Foss, Rodney Partee, Duane Par- tee, Darrel Thiel, Jack Scott. GRIDSMEN CLUB Row 4: David DeWitt, Bob Torney, Bob Johnson, Don Galloway, Mr. Ullin, Larry Peirce, Adrian Anderson, John Palmer. Row 3: Don Rice, Law- rence Landingham, Joe Petta, Lloyd Gowdy, Dale Francher, Bob Gillespie, Walter Hill, Howard Johnson. Row 2: Jack Patrick, Dick Burnett, Jerry Butsko, Owen Marten, Teddy Paull, Bob Brown, Dough Bryan, Darrel Thiel, Billy Wines. Row 1: Jim Varco, Gary Eide, Jerry Bergen, Howard Schwalm, Gary Amberg, Greg Schade- berg, Bob Olsen, Don Andersen, Lee Helstrom. Row 4: Fred Kerwin, Gordon Hast- ings, Myron Taylor, Paul Lange, Ted Foss, Nathon McCluskey, John Moore, Robert Shomaker, David Leland. Row 3: Duane Partee, Rodney Partee, John Palmer, Jerry VonTalge, Don Wiltse, Ken Rogers, Bill Prospeck, Bob Hol- ter, Ted Orliss. Row 2: Primo Bac- cetti, Wayne Traversie, Ron Fox, Bud Shasteen, Don McElhose, Jerry Knut- son, Ed Schafer, Wee Willie Phelan, Joe Ramseyer. Row 1: Dave Olson, Chief Thunderhop, Drew Smith, Gil Bellows, Tom Knapp, Slorden Glan- dervice, Tony Joy, Louie Tice, John Hamblin, Ardell Barnes. WARRIORS Row 4: Trevor Bryant, Bruce Allen, Paul Rafert, Vernon Peckover, Jack Cornett, Bob Hoskin, Glen Davis. Row 3: David Weatherford, Gordon Hast- ings, Don Gwilyn, Tom Hoskin, Paul Weed, Mr. Warne. Row 2: Rod Wil- liams, Dan Cronk, Joe Sunde, George Berg, Bill Ogdon, Ron Ostic. Row 1: Harold Dahl, Duane Partee, Gordy Wise, David Hill, Bob Burr, Craig Roland, Ken Hancock, Jim Smith. .Xi SKI TEAM Row 3: Sandra Bird, Shirley Burns. Row 2: Jack Block, Clyde Tucker, Wallace Prunella, Pauline Poppel- reiter, Bob Holter, Ruth Palmer, Don VanBlaricom, Ronny Banner. Row 1: Harry Weitlaut, Don Wiltse, Helen Keele, Gordon Hastings, Jerry Mane- rud. SWIM TEAM Row 3: Teddy Paul, Jon Sather, Paul Lange, Don Willi, Eddie Eckberg. Row 2: Janis Bray, Dorothy Krull, Mau- reen Sears, Margie Johanson, Pauline Poppelreiter, Norma Jorgenson, An- nie O'Keete. Row 1: Carole Whitaker, LaVonne Utzig, Barbara Rovig, Ted Harper, Sherry Coonrod, lCaptainl, Mike Sullivan, Joanne Shore, Bonnie Blakley. 37 ORCHESTRA Row 2: Barbara James, Rheta Whit- man, Tom Skinner, Mr. Kantner, Richard Abel, Marilyn Porvers, Char- lotte Abertufter. Row 1: Vernon Ellis, Kay McGlenn, Nancy Hale, Art Bacon, Wyoma Farrel, Joyce Donaldson, Paul Kalahiy. GIRLS' ENSEAABLE Row 2: Norma Hannaford, Evelyn Thomas, Janet Hislop, Barbara Schroeder, Laureen Sandborg, Jane Manwell. Row 1: Ann Lee Reynolds, Darelle Botten, Marri Bellingar, Elaine Jensen, Sonia Jensen, Sharon Nagel, Margaret Sclimoyer, Sharon Wells. 38 BAND Row 3: Don Powell, Joe Davis, Bob Elwood, Mr. Brown, Cliff Simes, Steve McDermott, Glen Davis, Eddie Zo- brist. Row 2: Phyllis Fossum, Larry McKinney, Fred Jenkins, Don Bruno, Bob Lobadie, Len Talbott, Gordon Bench, Bill Ogdon. Row 1: Les Bow- ers, Clifford Bergseth, Gene Huber, Byrn Thrapp, Sue Fisk, Suzanne John- son, Tom Skinner, Jerry Kent. BAND Row 3: Mike Chandler, Adella Carl- son, Eddie Eckberg, Homer Morgan, Joan Torgeson, Marilyn Gough. Row 2: Bob Edwards, Paul Kelahiy, Allan Sandin, Marg Hawkes, Gary Giaco- mini, Dawn Finch, Frances Car- michael, Carol Everson, Joanne Shel- drup. Row 1: Gary Richardson, Milli Jean Guyman, Melvin Prather, Bruce Johnson, Joan Johnson, Joanne Ask, Merle Webster. s SENIOR CHOIR Row 3: .lay Bennett, Jim Robinson, Ted Ritter, Robert Kinch, Hans Han- scom, Terry Paoletti. Row 2: Pat Pryor, Ann Lee Reynolds, Peggy Cecil, Mr. Kantner, Julie Wallace, Jacquie Wallace. Row 1: Jean Jarrett, Mari Bellingar, Carolynn Ellis, Joyce Jenson, Carolyn Acheson, Pat Irwin, Donna Teeters, Row 3: Ron Kreklow, John Mayar, Eddie Becker, Chuck Miller, Jackie Walker, Dick Yantis. Row 2: Berverly Tomlinson, Jane Conner, Maureen Sears, Evelyn Thomas, Lorraine Tor- geson. Row 1:Delores Stevens, Norma Jorgensen, Peggy Duff, Colleen Heit- man, Janet Hislop, Elaine Jensen, Sonia Jensen, Adella Carlson. CHORUS Row 4: Frank Taylor, Jim Rongner, Mr. Kantner, David Wagner, Donald Brown, John Morgan, Demetrios Christodoulou, Ken Fuller. Row 3: Billy Wines, Melvin Prather, Viola Butler, Yvonne Marrett, Audrey Hal- lister, Barbara Phaff, Paul Brown, Cleveland Richards. Row 2: Ken Powell, Marie Webb, Eileen Nelson, Barbara Ruch, Georgia Johnson, Bev Beers, Marian Robertson, Verna Mae Dalin, Don Keenan. Row 1: Joy Kry- sue, Mary Lou Arnold, Dona Humph- reys, Carole Breske, Rita Keenan, Marilyn Belmont, Sharon Nagel, Lois Vanlderveer, Carol Duncan, Jane Man- we . MOVIE CREW Row 3: Jim Johnston, Don Stubb, Doug Shoun, Jim Park, Dave Kelsey, Richard Victor, Jack Cornett, Frank Taylor, Mr. Warne, Glen McBride. Row 2: Duane Partee, Darlene Bangle, Melvin LaBoyne, David VanNotric, Jim Smith, Bob Fickle, George Berg, Bruce Ault, Carol lngberg, Chris King. Row 1: Angus Pessein, Monte Smith, Bob Berg, Verlene Bruce, Shirley Rogers, Pat Doyle, Darlene Bruce, Dave Byers, Bob Burgess, Lany Gab- riel, Byron Cole, John Frost, Keith Brauch. 39 DRAMA CLUB Row 4: Mr. Kish, Ed Emerick, Bob Leadbetter, Ann Lee Reynolds, Wayne Martin, Ron Ostic, Ron Finlay. Row 3: Karen Clarkson, Doris Bartlett, Lois Farr, Phyllis Grell, Jane McManus, Emily Perovich, Myrna Sullivan. Row 2: Mary Forslot, Barbara DuBeau, Patty McGoldrick, Janis Bray, Donna Yates, Carole Abbott, Laureen Sand- berg, Carole Watson, Irene Fullmer. Row 1: Bill Welton, Joan Frost, Mar- iorie Converse, Lola Myers, Roberta Knight, Alaire Carlson, Myrna Parry, Elaine Jensen, Doreen Glotfelty. MAKE-UP CLUB Row 4: Martin Buckner, Pauline Pop- pelreiter, Joan Batson, Marcy Stew- art, Bob Leadbetter, Ann Lee Rey- nolds, Judy Helm, Audree Warnick, Emily Perovich, Mr. Kish. Row 3: Doris Bartlett, Georgia DelBianco, Eleanore Kremer, Marcia Marett, Sally Fabbri, Cathy Harsant, Sue Brownell, Barbara Shroeder, Phyllis Grell, Carolyn Heidrich, Phyllis Eaton, Carol Rice, Sandra Garvin. Row 2: Kathy Zolotun, Charlotte Bilodeau, Janice Holien, Marie Dowling, Pat Abraham, Karen Yount, Helen Mc- Coy, Donna Wines, Shirley Wineland, Alice Cane, Pat Shaughnessy, Darcia Perkins, Bev Beers. Row 1: Annabelle 0'Keefe, Darelle Botten, Mariorie Converse, Ann Etta Chrlstilaw, Bar- bara True, Betty Jo Winkle, Dorla Ritter, Mary Cooper, Pat Burney, Al- berta Dreyer, Diane Bailey, Joan Bailey. ART CLUB Row 3: Martin Buckner, Lois Farr, Carole Abbott, Ron Finlay, Wayne Jones, Bob Leadbetter, Judy Helm, Shannon Cole, Mrs. Gellerman. Row 2: Nancy Meyer, Jo Forschmiedt, Geri Nelson, Nadeen Hedden, Janet Michelotti, Shirley Thompson, Donna Jinkens, Joan Bailey. Row 1: Char- lotte Bilodeau, Janice Holien, Sonia Pearson, Phyllis Eaton, Joan Mich- elotti, Eileen Hansen, Sonia Jensen. MOCCASIN CLUB Row 4: Miss Sealoff, Peggy Cecill, Ruth Anderson, Barbara Caldwell, Mildred Logan, Delores Whitten,Delta Mae Collaras, Nancy Collaras, Janet Montgomery, Katherine Lewis, Jean Kent, Pat Purdom, Judy Helm. Row 3: Carolyn Ellis, Lola Meyers, Mrs. Hawe, Jeanette Dondanville, Arlys Gilge, Sharon Haughton, Joanne Ellis, Helen Musgrove, Dixie Lander, Bar- bara Brown, Phyllis Eaton, Loretta Lodahl. Row 2: Delores Carter, Janet Larsen, Peggy Dutf, Christina Con- ner, Maurene Johnson, Marilyn Og- don, Donna Jinkens, Verlene Bruce, Darlene Bruce, Donna Wines, Mary Hawkes. Row 1: Joyce Jensen, Fred- erick Rasp, Don Stapleton, John Moore, Dick Marriott, Charles An- ge o. ATTENDANCE Row 2: Sharon Wells, Sandy Baker, Kiki Denos, Maureen Sears, Margaret Lane, Carolyn Acheson. Row 1: Judy Lawrence, Gay Williams, Edieanne Dickert, Diana Satterlee, Dianne Neli- gan, Susi Smith. OFFICE ASSISTANTS u Row 3: Gay Hemphill, Peggy Fergu- son, Joyce Craig, Kaye Smith. Roy 2: Dolores Hefflinger, Norita Miller, Millie Graham, Joyce Saety, Joan Torgerson, Sally Rhodes, Donna Stew- art, Margie Lundquist. Row 1: Molly Clough, Lola Myers, Ann Byron, Mary Jean Jensen, Janet Larsen, Shirley Foreman, Joanne Cole, Barbara Giun- toli, Elizabeth Lane. RETAILERS CLUB Row 4: Bill Dorward, Dick Nolan, Paul Edgerton, Mrs. Mowry. Row 3: Pat Pryor, Shirley Agenbright, Corine Wagner, Yvonne Condell, Pat Kirke- by, Shirley Knutkowski. Row 2: Phyl- lis Johnson, Sharon Hanson, Betty Campbell, Pat Abraham, Sharon Haughton, Barbara Shea. Row 1: Joyce Christopherson, Mary Yam- bra, Peggy Cress, Joco Harryman, Margie Armstrong, Nancy Collaras, Delta Mae Collaras, Rae Smith. STUDY CHECKERS Row 3: Bob Elwood, Dave Wallbom, Carol Becker, Jack Cashdollar. Row 2: Ann McLellan, Marilynn Willson, Barbara Caldwell, Shary Kieland, Do- lores Staats, Arlene Hielm, Carol Lenzie. Row 1: Yvonne Minert, Shir- ley Grung, Shirley Mays, Charlotte Bilodeau, Donna Jinkens, Carol Wor- den, Shirley Fielding. 41 CUSTODIANS Row 2: Mr. Lundberg, Mr. Tucker, Mr. Dadion. Row 1: Miss Ward, Mr. Fraback, Mr. Willis. The Kimtah and The school note that This year marks The end of Mr. Fraback's forty years of service to The school. We wish him every hap- piness in his reriremenf. LUNCHROOM Mrs. McKee, Mrs. Michales, Mrs. Mc- Rae, Mrs. Berg, Mrs. Yarno. STAGE CREW Row 3: Paul Raferr, Ronald Miller, Bob Thompson, Bill Sandsfrom. Row 2: Jim Carleton, Bruce Allen, Paul Weed, Philip Holman, Bob Hoskin, Trev Bryant Row 1: Keiih Willson, Dick Taylor, Michael Norman, Tom Hoskin, Bob Berg, Ronald Covello, Mr. Chamberlain. TICKET SQUAD Row 3: Mr. Blaueri. Row 2: Roland Salsbury, Sally Pattison. Row 1: Eu- nice Vordahl, Carol Schmoyer, Ken Miles. 7 5- "WW ,, - . . ' 11: ' si' 1 1'm-wl:ls2'U!3 , so l , ...T fx J, EE 4 . y N i ' W ,... ., ,. E ...we ig, 42 fM..,., -f A J"'Mfff.f f" V 1 SPADE CLUB Row 3: Patty McGoldrick, Margaret McElvain, Shirley Mays, Phyllis Grell, Carolyn Heidrick, Peggy Reilly, Mau- reen Reilly, Victoria Nordlund, Joan Schultz, Elizabeth Lane, Pat Collins, Georgiana Gregor. Row 2: Kaye Smith, Barbara True, Julianne Eldred, Janet Montgomery, Peggy Ferguson, Janet Sherman, Roberta Spencer, Neoma Hutchison, Shirley Sherman, Eileen Hansen. Row 1: Marie Dowling, Beverly Blake, Joyce Craig, Janet Lar- son, Joan Larson, Dolores Hefflinger, Carole Lewis, Barbara DuBeau, Bar- b G'untol' L I M M' s Mc- .i Eiil2e.' " Da vm' 'S 6 5 Auto -NN, R graphs -Eg, 535: , J JJ of rl" Swell .-seg? - X' 35" M 3v:,:T'i FM J all lf if so we J Pi ll WW My i elif' lt ,J ' pflll if .. . yr ,ll'J My Wyfliwlll , V, H5 14 Qi ,F JN , If il X E ' ll Ui' ll 1 "gy fj fl jf- u y. ,jf wwf few 2 fl L V p ',,,' 2 ff' ,Q ,lf' tfiliulb M660 M if LL' Lili V Pfetflfqlv t QE- P Q J L wil L ,lti Fiwqli 'Sk wg ll, 1 fum Lxklgi R f,.,,,l,.,,,u1 PIL 14114.13 Xgp Qi ,guy Cfawndb ZW W ,., 'a fivbl ff U MJ ' nl ,ll H H Q fl I' f ' ' a , ' - -z, 1 Yll H .3 'E-252 ff -' ,. up llf x il Xb ' 5111.2 ww: f "M ,155 - -.-rg-Q35.. I Ig? - "2-2: - 'EV' -1 X01 f 4 Q! D I I- O0 N if AY f .- , ,f pf- sujg..-:mi,, A1 if J HW Z f f ,ffff . 0 qw, ,MMM ,igowwawf W1 MW MQQJWM 4M CK -fZ,.,,,, QAMMA A7'Lm,LfQf-LN YEQW ' WWW! W ff MZEQA MW W ff J W Q wg ,M iii! J ffjj iw LEE rj T hfbegnfqklfff QALQM Qfv 114 K Q cg f -f f 1 , ' ' 'f f U - D A 3 jj N 1' 1 J ' . ffnfa pf? ffl 1 of ' ' Nj fu M M1 N' M . X V ' A i JJ l, 0 W L ' X 3 lv' I An rr v px . Nqr A 0 l L ,lV 'W ' U 1,71 1 I ' , J . fd, 'MA .' li XL W . J . v ' 'I 'X L V f X j I flblfjfv MQW f ,vgfbfilojjbpffb .ff DL L I ' 1 Q f IN U yfqfjl ,,5Q,, ' ,, i ' ' JH pw pw ,Ly .ef ' "'-1 f , , ' ' A " dffnffi U K , H55 I "'j'ii :2fWl" Q .L UC I1 er H NIB k 5 ln Memoriam James Morningstar was born August 13, 1936 in Bellingham, Washington, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Morningstar and received his early schooling at Bremerton, Wash- ington. He came to West Seattle as a Freshman November 16th, 1951. With his pleasant smile, and pleasing personality he soon won his way into the hearts ot his fellow students, teacher, and coaches. He was interested in scout work and sports. James' greatest ambition was to be a good athlete. His great heart and fighting spirit distinguished him as a potential out- standing athlete at West Seattle High School. His desire to make good was also an inspiration to his team mates. He won his third team letter in basketball and was on the second team in baseball. He was vice-president of his roll room. We mourn his loss but his smile, spirit and ambition will live on in the hearts and minds of his friends at West Seattle High and will be an inspiration to students and athletes at West Seattle for years to come. . "Think of Him still as the same, I say, He is not dead, He is lust away."-James Whitcomb Riley To him and to the spirit he leaves with us we dedicate the Sports Section of the 1952 Kimtah. 46 5' XE! ..! . X . i :1: ' , 4:25 'Q V - ,1 Q I Q' 35 v E ditfgx ' f',...,,v ..-QF. . f 9,5 x A .Qiljiv S NI U-I IME II --g .W W-f --.-. ,I I -.-UM - w 1952 gf! I I , - . .X ' . 8 Z1 B' Ba- PICS ff -Co ac lw - - ' N B ,-f- G-I es :G if , . -:- I- H H . - O n II.II - .---5-II. If- .. I. 'J ' J ' V 4 .1 :-- -3- 35- N i ' -1 Q ff: ..,. - .- .,.. n .. -. is K U S 't S O D - 1 II .,.. , .,... I , Q Q I I I It :.:.:. , ::.,. I .- ' z-- ---- - ss i m --s L H f Us ..- I - r - I 2. Q I mia .- 3 2 Q , .. , . . I ,-- . UB- 5--.ligwwmgl ' " is-5? ' .. '- . rg 22125-f-5 . f .X xx B--se, .' -- 1 A -:- -- ' ..,.--..gIg5-I'..-I-.- I-. 8- 5-Z Q1 -1 - -.mm-3. I I 2. , ,.. -'-2' 3 .. . ... -B 'I w I I I II ..-.---- .-.-..-...z-5 .,., '- Q N Q : -4 E Q H R , - ' . :-:--5-,y-fr-, I f- - . I -V A W .-:- -:- -:- . . . . M... :II-Egf Q f. M --,f MW! -www 3:3 ' Q w - wx I ' m -1.1 m -:- ' '. sa sz: ' HPF? sd 4 ww I . . 1 - L -X Q -. - -. E K -. 1 ' - -1- 5 , 1 w -2- Q I ' an A .4 :-:. -:- .::: 15 :-5 '::-- V1 -- N m Yi 1' w I...IE. .,..,... - 5 5 !:.. ' .,'. E Zi fr 1 W 1 - if - . . . . ' . . . -. E -T 5825 - - - Q 3 -4 - - - - 1 Q - I. . , , . .,-.akgg I manm, III.5..,,,,. mai-..g...W5 -1- ---F N A E ,ff-.M-igm x-..-.-.Q -as-In-.-1.-:gg-2-.-Q 2 .. I . .. M.. N ,W .. ., N ...- -- ...- I . . .I...II..IIIII II, - I.----.-...Hx-Egg. I XII 2-.-. E ...S IM. x h -'WQQ' Hgffia -5- We MEM wi. , . , .- 3 ... - -. 1 . -1- . 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E sf- f .- III as H1 vw- . . , in-H. -. --3 ss 'W me -,ms ? me , samamn M BI II: ,X I I II II, ... .- .,. 5 I .3 ,., ,.. W -5 .I --ww 1 ' Hmm---was-1 - -.- 32 BE U33 - sf M II II , ----- X N -s as f .5 Li. 7 . Ai - - E 1-an m B I . ,I II f' ' ' . Q i -.QI ,f' , g4,f.....,,,I.,iZ, : - I f QM ' Q . . ...,.,..,. .. III, N ' , . Q . . . 9. II -- If- fi iffii X - ' . . -- - - -5- , , I. I M . I I3 Ij - eq ,I ' -f -. -. -,... I-I ' I ' l - -.I j' H II ..,, ..,.-. B I . - .. . 5.1-E-I V - , .- . ' I .l'- 555 .-. 1 , .W 'VITY' 'A ,. 3.5 M L' X 2 f . ..... ... . ... . 7 '::' :2: . . :IM 1 ., - M " "mr: I-:f2:3:2g Yi- ' W' 5 V- - - - - 5 fi 4171 e 'E E gms . , , , I, - , . II. .. ..,. - . -. ... .-.- , . . . U"' A"' ---. 7 fFf": ' . . ' 7 1 1.3"-1 M. ' ' I 1 lr!-en-,h-sim ,I . 1--mmf. -- HI ' - ...fs f - I .I . I ' 'N' up A - ' , .,. . . - - - - - Be-r an H -K: E If , .f Nuff: ,IIN-I I I I 5: IN IW :.I "' - ni-IRI - f W:-: I W1-----....,N..,. :- . -. an-1 .. H-we-1 .. sg Ura , M -. -. I. Ay' -N .., wwf ,g.v- f...:...-Q 5: ...M ..-Q.. .,,.- L.. K '52, fgg' QT' --Y-.I ' M. ff ...M M3-V .,. MH--1 If ' A.. QQ UQ S -gin iw .. .X gg. .. ...I I W. . .. Exam.. 'YEMAN . .infix .,.mAs,xs.3.,,xl.1g.,- mM-aw 'Ugg - -my -Egg mi in my PMP? i h W V "" ' ng!! .E , .,. pro S ek :IH Z A g Sq, gal h Fl., an .. . F' .. .,. , 0 .4 in . N I A r P Iiia , i jwlii - D eIimi1LroS ' ..: b . if ,Z ' , . I :. I : N Lx as Wage PS . Que W? Lan , g Schade 5 "V WL V",,' , " "' M MM Wk ,K ESS-' was ,W fy ,u'A' I Q H ,,-l:-, 1 , I --:: ..':" -iln I ,I .,,! 2 Q Q L , 494 g Nd, " - 35, Farrah er' p ..., l 9' mmbefg 2 .1 ' 'SC ', L wf "" WI.S6 Ison Rassmussen ,,,,a'f saw Law. wzfimxiqiwx FPS w J . . I -, A:-A . FIRST TEAM FOOTBALL 1951 Looking back on the T951 football season, it can be fairly stated that West Seattle had a fine year. Getting the most out of all material, Coaches Ullin, Pripp, and Schall, led an inspired Blue and Gold team to a third place finish and a 5-2 record. Scoring only 43 points, to their opponents 48, the Indians showed that theirs was a ball club built around team spirit, and team play. They proved that they were a "clutch team," a squad that could come through when the chips were down. Meeting Roosevelt's defending champs, in a muddy opener, the alert Indians downed the Teddies 2 to O. Next came Franklin, and the valiant West Siders fought the Quakers on even terms, but lost a tough one 7 to O. Showing plenty of power, the fired up squad, slapped a decisive T3 to 6 victory on a tough Lincoln eleven, for their best effort of the season. The Blue and Gold found Ballard's great football machine unstoppable, but fought hard all the way before losing 20 to 2. Again a vigilant defense proved the margin of victory, as Cleveland was turned back 2 to O. The spirited Indians scalped the Grizzlies from Queen Anne, T2 to 9, and then closed offa successful season, showing fine power in triumphing over a big Garfield eleven T2 to 6. Evan Thomas and Greg Shadaberg received the honor of earning All-City berths, Evan as a defensive halfback, and Greg as an offensive tackle. Howard Schwalm and Greg Shadaberg received trophies for making the most tackles, tying with 85. Ken Rogers and Howie Schwalm were voted by their teammates as the most valuable players, and Evan Thomas won the most important award, the Bob King inspirational trophy. , , g J .. , . +54 SECOND TEAM Coach Bub Pripp's hard working second team, better known to players and fans alike, as the big red squad, fought hard and played many a close game, but had to settle for last place in the league. However, that doesn't tell the whole story, as the purpose of the second eleven is not only to win games, but to give experience to non-varsity players, to raise team morale, and to supply practice opposition to the first team. It can be said that they did this more than adequately, and it seems that they will be worthy successors to the year's starting eleven. The team showed a lot of individual talent. Starters of many of the games were: Bob Johnson, Ed Schaffer, ends, Dave Leland, Jim Varco, tackles, Lou Tice, .loe Ramseyer, guards, Jack Chesterfield, Tony Joy, center, also Doug Bryan, Bob Brown, Bill Phelan, and Gil Bellows, performed very well as backs. fix" fl, 2 ...ex V THIRD TEAM ' WesT SeaTTle's Third Team, finished up in The middle of The league, wiTh Two wins, Two losses, and Two Ties. The Papooses showed coniderable sTrengTh, and power, especially on The defene, as They were Unscored upon in Their firsT Three games. In his iniTial year, Coach Ryland Schaal did a good iob, in producing well-coached TalenT, ThaT will help Till varsiTy gaps nexT year. Some of The ouTsTanding players of The season were Drew SmiTh, Dave DewiTT, Primo BaceTTi, Teddy Paull, Tom Tonino, and Don Galloway. mxxxxxxxxusxnxxxxxx xnxxxxxxmxxxxxxxxxnxmnx 3 Autographs C1 f y ' -66-T Q D an-Jw! Ae. fgstfsefrfggg Ui'-eggfmxgpx -Q X if l Wx s er CQ 'NN 51 5 lla .ggi "X '-Q lu TQ, :sz mv:+:w1 ,i: " 1 -H315-" - V V :-: Y 'W---'I'-1' - - -V f' Coach "Bud" Pripp Coach Schaal Head Manager: Ed Bangsund FriTz Hayes, Mike Pierce, Rolly Elhers Al Rasmussen CcenTer fronTl f0I,441Lg I, , , or f,..fVk, yi AlThough The 1952 WesT SeaTTle baskeTball Team' had To seTTle for lasT place Tie, in The ciTy league, The season was by no means a failure. Under The leader- ship of Their new coach, Bud Pripp, The indians were a hard working, hard Tighiing club which seemed To improve wiTh almosf every game. Playing on Their own courT, The WesT Siders were one of The league's ToughesT Teams, winning Three, and losing buT Two. AT The season's end, The Indians had a squad able To hold iTs own wiTh any Team. SECOND TEAM THIRD TEAM Row 21 Bob Johnson, Bill Bigley, Jon Row 1: Kim MaTzdorf, Jack OrdT, Jim MorningsTar, Sarher. Row 1: Dan Livingsfon, Bob lim Olding. Row 2: Larry McKinney, David Coghill, Doxsiel Randy Williams- Dave DewiTT, Jim Harryman. Row 3: Jim Landberg, Ted Foss, Russell Gish, .lim Park. Row 4: Dick McClenaghan, Bob Lobadie, Brian Sadler, Jack Ulrich. 53 H ax, E E 2 Q g,gx E ,psf H . n AH' W E E W ,M 2' ,. ,. 2 ,sq- HI AQM M W as any mv ,M H may ffl ,mx 5 ww, was 'Ns mn rf many 3, .Q W mgw H, E Wh- , 1-: Qu wi W a ms S8 nw, mn ww leaf H Us , K Pfgxl wwf ,I , Tw 32.5332 U, y H, n-ss m Wm K K 3 . x V., 'vu n4'5W3EMw,, 55-KQV " mf rt' s yi gsm seas K HM E Y IE' - Hs v xl H - f, ' K ay my Hg Y ,K sm xxx E H wings ma .aw W ggi? ML xvxpgffwxz L gk EM? ss ss U B ww sg-Us ss an an n yn-WM1 mm Ru 2 ,E N? mf wma my x , A fm 1 ?,L '1 ',, . W,-mn "m ms m Hmm ss R- aw ' .Mmm ' E H NL fui B . K, n W1 Vx -nm Mm ndians e I Th CE Ia P second H W No ely. pectiv 8-5, res 75 C f5 03 0? IX E O LJ .5 ,I T3 C E N if , , . E C LJ C ...I E C L q. E 3 2 4- 4- ru as cn 4-' an 5 3 ro en JK cu as 32 +- P- 3.5. :Q -2,00 13 '-C ri NOG E E C ro L +- LE L' O3 "'aJ C 4- E O 4: .ac 3 O b- U7 FD 'cs s: YU Z cu b an CD O o cz 'ri L.. 2 To no . ,cc cv LJ 2 Q-.: +- C U74- X- 122 .Q .Egg fa' O52 .coz EE -E 'Cx gi' Taro 5: 2.3 Un: UD B -cs: Q2 cu 23 o Ecz 8+- 4-3 CT, 32 15 ::o E4- LL 41 'og 8.12 UE' 432 a.x..g' cu- Co 42 c 30 23 0.9 ,,-cs QE Ou.: .c F' +- 4- 23 W . 'GN 4: m2 13 U1 Lx 20: TE +- 'DE 17,03 E45 gm mg 3 o u-.Q mi LD .QE m a W my H min 4 . :Q . qi Sw T, W um nm mx WE-Wimfm ,. lf f ' Y 9F.WHE2iS:W?E , '2 '?F,.,.E.W?'4'3'IfW' , N., ,,f.w.33JY,,m? WW Af 2 ,,. A w,,Xi .E.,,,a V in-1, Mig. 3552? xwwrwx 33254 Wm -7.5 u.zuiQ x Wm .,B-7 in unix 1? rmgyh bm za UAS., Q. vim n-mm y ,M a nm H152 Q N L3 51. an w -se fzmv V E. Q- .m. .HJR -nn ,, mx waxy! : xii NH. mf: WM M a mu . an in ibm fm: in Q a nw gzwm Q ? fa mf wa 'YJ gy -xy Q www ,W 3 -.M E25 f' 1 ini! f,'?:'z'1i MQWSAKL ,flmgmsfj :ggumag 6 hifffm .tijyfgi kgwm, Q-bfzyf :Zin E22 '-1 if i mi M .fi bf M Q air 5' qw .x. Y m W ,Lynx fuwwwm-1 E W Q m T W M3 S K wi X 1 ,W :H-' Minn QQ gsm M my lim M wg, 31251 yqw 2 Zi Amifis M Q? www Y DEM! ia :amy w QE A wwf XF mx QW? J' hw 2 -i MW in mg ,jg 1 -35 K gig? E sfzw. 5f95EQ 4 ezmgigi WWEQW3 HEQQ fa-Eff! ggwgm E, 3 52 -sf fl ig , 5?- 4 EM! wt s .T ..". :"Q Top: Schaffer, Basset, Phelan, Pascoe. Side: Morgan, Peckover. Inset: Ullin, Coach. Bottom: McDonald, Montgomery, Lanksbury, lde. TRACK Despite two losses, in their first two meets, the West Seattle track squad still had hopes for a successful season, as this article was written. Coach "Woody" Ullin's cindermen showed considerable strength in many events, but unfortunately were notice- ably weak in others. A bad break occurred, for the West Siders, before the season opened when an iniury to sprinter Sam Basset kept him sidelined for most of the season. Nevertheless, the Indians were well represented in both the 100 yard dash, and the 220, with Bill Phelan, Doug Pascoe and Lloyd Gowdy. 'X g , ' 533- br .- s 4, "v" ffm' pwslvig ,,.-nil Top: Brown, Wilson, VonTalge, Thiry. Side: Cline, Cole. Inset: Farafontanott, Manager. Bottom: Bangsund, Magnuson, Gowdy, Anderson. Performing well in the 440, were Gary Eide, and Jim Carlton, while Jerry VonTalge looked good in the 880. Jim Magnuson, sophomore, and Paul Thiry, were outstanding in the mile while the hurdles were dominated by Dick Klein, Lorne Lanksbury, Darrel Cole, and Neil Anderson. A pleasant surprise was the relay team, undefeated, and consisting ot Pascoe, Gowdy, Phelan, Eide, and Kerm Montgomery. Represented by all-city Dick Klein, who was a consistent winner in both high, and broad lump, also Vern Peck- over, the Blue 8. Gold, more than held their own, in these two events, but weaknesses were evident in both the pole vault, and sihot put, but hopes were that Ed Bangsund, Paul Lange, and John Morgan, would improve this before season's en . 'Wi if 5 . . AJS . s , M, . ., t 1 1 . .. , i 1 f 5 :if 'L- v1g reg z Hjsgzy . gf ,elite . ,...,.:,.x 'asf -' .1 I Kwai gl Q ,, , .... - - I Left panel: Jerry WesTra,.verne Woodard, Bob Thomas, Jack Mappin. Right panel: Gary Boender, Bob Borkenhagen, Paul Billingsley, Jim AngsTead. Upper Inset: MaTT Sayre. Lower Inset: Mr. DoTy. GOLF Off To a good sTarT, and sTill going sTrong, as we wenT To press, was The I952 golf squad. WiTh four reTurning IeTTermen, and an array of promising newcomers, Coach DoTy's squad played winning ball and had a 3-I record, losing only To RoosevelT. The eighT man squad consisTed of: Jerry WesTra, MaTT Sayre, Bill Borkenhagen, and Vern Mackie. TENNIS Coach Frank's husling Tennis Team, goT off To a slow sTarT To begin The 1952 season, buT were sTeadily improving, as lasT seen. Losses To Cleveland and Lincoln accounTed for Two defeaTs, buT The rackeT squad sTilI was TighTing, and hoping for a winning season. Left panel: Bob Elwood, Roger Jacobson, Gene Huber, Don Wilbur, Right panel: David Haufala, Larry Pierce, Tim Hill, Duane Terry. lnseT: Coach Franks. , ,. ,, .. . -M - C X Q ,w B KJ DQV5 may I U, . .,,gW35?'3i.aQ. Z ,M . as .wily ,VM ,i fi. W ,, e.a?e,w:,nmf ii, . . , ,, - W if N- . 4 la-N . W L 1mff:fjg+'Te..:.i-Q..1' Ig: . - ,V ,.... .,.,V , ,N sp-55-,W E,.d:a?T5,:,,Y Z ,:si3w-is-r.wL eswseag f'i1E'?FW-iri-.e'e2,a A ,gp - i 'J V73 'R , ' li 'W F A f 35 7'f"Q'w"'eru11:.,v4,'u.5fs::-'f?x7458 W . , - K VZ V: k ,S K 'ffm' serv- in S. me ,L is . rvirengvh Suze, , Mwiiaz, -, ,i-yfgy 3-1 we I Fw :ro i.ecz'j' Y i ,x- V WEA? E KN? HSE Fif? P' pkiff9if'T"7E ggi YELL SQUAD and SONG QUEENS YELL: Ron Newswander, Ed Becker, SONG: Donna Scheffield, "Tiny" Dave Davies Cchiefi, Kim Maisdorf, Oman, Mary Render, JoLee Davis, Randy Williams. Advisor: Mr. Warne. Maureen PooIey.Advisor:Miss Lowe. ! Row Row Row Row W ln , 1:1 1. 2 iss, ' 5- , , 1 Wg? E sf 1: Lorraine Rowe, Ping Pong, Rheta Whitman, Square Dancing, Sandra Standall, Hikes 2: Joanne Ask, Swimming, Arlene Hielm, Volleyball, Janet Sherman, Softball. 3: Donna Wines, Soccer, Delores Whitten, Tennis, Virginia Knutson, Basketball. 4: Miss McElwee, Miss Lowe. Girls' Sports Top left: Back dive, Top right: Stre-e-tchp Middle left: Mermaids? Middle right: Here we come, Bottom left: Over the top! Bottom right: Pyramid. 6l Boys' J lntramural Coach Doty INTRAMURAL BOWLING UPPER LEFT-Back row: Roy Benson, Don Jones, Ramon Weis- ptinning, Ken Powell, Jim Carleton, Gary Shannon, Michael Dell, Dick Voris. Center row: Jim Murphy, Ken Field, Bob Martindale, Pete Weimern, Steve Mattox, Malcolm MacCormac. Front row: Keith Cline, Edward Parker, Ed Hawn, George Yetter, Harold Williams, Gene Freeburg. INTRAMURAL GOLF LOWER LEFT-Back row: Gary Ammerman, Vern Woodard, Bob Borkenhagen, Gary Boender, Bill Walker. Front row: David Biles, Gary Gaffner, Jim Angstead, Fred Bourland, Paul Billingsley. A '-" wgewwe fi-WM slr? Sb mem J nag! gn l 9 C -9 G F " Je: -PM fe . MAJOR BASKETBALL UPPER RIGHT-Back row: Don Miller, Don Lines, Frank Taylor, Don Anderson, Bill Thompson, Stan Falk, Jim Park, Jim Land- burg, Jack Ordt. Center row: Dale Alger, Lyle Richardson, Dennis Wheeler, Mario Peattelli, Mike Butler, Brian Sadler, Ray Case, Roy Jacobson, Thad Stevens, Bob Marwick. Front row: Coach Doty, Rod Edwards, Len Talbot, Rod McCollord, Craig Roland, Jerry Sykes, Russ Hansen. MINOR BASKETBALL LOWER RIGHT-Back row: Don Nelson, Wayne Holmstead, Barry Alpaugh, Jack Ulrich, Paul Thiry, Ron Ellinberg, Malcolm Mac- Cormac, Jim Grasso. Center row: Wayne Easton, Gene Sullivan, Bob Edwards, Art Freelund, Richard Abel, Dave Coghill, Pete Wemern, Jerry Gilbert. Front row: Dwight Thorn, Leslie Bowers, Randell Mason, Roland Mason, Don McCleary. ska' nm' as rv , -... sms mms a. -gm biiwxamsm af , E REBER E ww? a 'gs' ' , 4- mum. Nga W U mf: ss J nw -- H 1 nm K . E H '-::5g5:: +I' v V . - - -I-Mlnri'-.a!.-..Y:':-, H W. .C Q L f 1 '-"'-' f "": . 5 - 13 1 mf 'X 54" .1 5 "" I I5 My WW? wi V Tiff EEE M -5 EL M - - f . 4 .:.:.:,.:agaay5fgjj- -'-'- 1 '-'- ' We W . X K .1 5255. 4 :.. , A A L- X V V , f 'JZ I I uv .4 Y nf-f'. 4, J X.. W ' ax of , 1 5 gtg 77: Fl - 'W L f 11' fu. A - 2 In 'sp I K H gt- giggle, an 1. N, fi-flag? A . mf- g,,Ej,gm", Z gggvi' :f?HEg QS! M, . W . iM ggw,-f,w?w gi 2:32:53 QQSQ' Q3 as iffy? -igigii , 5 A5 Y gf Hifi .f i 'fa H Film H 4 1 .::..5g.a ' I -.mn Wm swi 2 W KQEZKLM-L zimwwxhfwzlj DCU -4 WM: MW N 05477 H-,USHW Bel-4 'L YW? fffwg'1VM'lfW FW G A' -'Wm WP 'tiwmw ll mijjfgg J Aaw WWW 'ai Igigiffgyf Wu V Q 91. I j S X 1 ,Aa NE - ay, Xe - sf fy f N' Sziiegja' ' N"l' 4:2 .M ,, 0,39 .. V gil! 5' 7 1 ,.--'-- - 3? ' "WI 1355 Sf f EW " -"""r Q56 r - - - - .iiiim ' ,' "" " " I ' vilii-5 '- f' I f xx o JL Q, L Wg T' if ! , K A. , .-JU gs 1 I A L Ai ' V I xi A 10 q 1 1 1 Y ' ,. 5: I f """ """"' i"77', ' ef? EIIA u ' X1 : 1 7 'f L ff , 5, W X 57, iifjfjf- f Ly ,. 51 Q, ' ,EL YW fi, , X jfM.ff,5U575, .A - X ,N If N 'lx I 1 9l?L6ipjL'H, if Mgvlflp I V, f j R-lj ' ' I '10 v' f wr ' 1 - mf l . ff -I NUI , AAA, , W X :V l xwf xl 'mvinx' ' 9 QQ Ed FQ' hc'-Mify 2 47 'X 'if' 1g2f'X7f1213W M19 CM6Q'ff7wfz f ,Af Mm JW Y 1 x ,F " ' n . fp X N LJ 1, up Ml M J M We w A U3 1 f ' J ppl W Up . ful-ww: V AgjLWf04Qd,,,ff X. .I glide MT L- ,I AV!-2 44- f"+cJA 'WS " i . WQMJZ, if 6 , """ K A eff fwfdflmleuement ffl, ' M, fiii - .,,, ' . Q., or in af EC' r L B I cle 5 hx, - ,- -4 f 41 it .Q X I ,,...1 i7 J A K ' .ZYBu rylxxf Q L Mr. Franks, Stu Trenholme, Treasurer, Nancy Lang, Secretary, Myra Barnes, Mrs. Miller, Qdunselor offi WJ President, Pat Kelly, Vice-President Sponsor I Qty! ' reshman Class 5 l th if of p emb he cl of '55 entered West Seattle High School with a membership of 424, one of the any est f a s s list in th school's history. Their shyness to West Seattle was soon dissolved by their e asm or allenge. f t offic ste s our e ction of class officers. Pat Kelly, vice-president, Nancy Lang, secretary, Stu Tren- d Franks our counselor. tly fter t - - - t' we selected the gardenia 'as our class flower, and blue and white as our colors. In main- ' Q the t d't'o - 'it :H Seattle we chose to use our colors on our class cards. sh p p nth i e O . . if p V L . easur , a e , s 5, 3 s president. These were the officers chosen to work with our fine faculty advisors, ' e r on -it an . , il I 'x i i i ' C or the first socia M e 3 t the class of '55 sponsored a dance, "The Basketball Bounce." We have also participated actively in different drives which were beneficial to our school. The freshman spirit in school is outstanding. Their loyalty to their new Alma Mater has been demonstrated by their willingness to enter every extra-curricular activity to which they are eligible. We hope to accomplish more in our next three years, to make our class of '55 a class worthy of its predecessors. en. MYRA BARNES, Freshman Class President Richard Abel, Nancy Anderson, Richard Anderson, Nilla Antonick, Mary Lou Arnold,Bruce Ault, Delores Austin,Annie Baccetti. 66 Row 1-Michael Baldwin, Darlene Bangle, Pat Barber, Murl Barker, Myra Barnes, Carolel Beckstrom, Linda Bell- inger, Barbara Bergen. Row 2-Jim Bergstrom, David Biles, Carmen Bierke, Darlene Bloom, Bob Borkenhagen, Chester Borsh, Myra Bow- en, Les Bowers. Row 3-Carole Breski, Anita Brown, Jim Brown, Marian Bruhns, Martin Buckner, Bob Burgess, Jim Burr, Viola Butler. Row 4-Harley Campbell, Judy Campbell, Delores Carter, Marian Chandler, Marlys Chase, Sandra Chase, Delores Chriest, Ruth Chrisman. Row 5-Ann Etta Christiaw, Joan Clark, Pat Clark, Karen Clarkson, Edith Cliff, Sharon Coates, Roy Cochran, David Cog- hil . Row 6-Pat Cole, Zerifia Collaras, Violet Cooper, Nancy Corning, JoAnn Coulter, Jim Cox, Lynne Cox, Jacklyn Cushman. Row 7-Jim Cushman, Sandra Dahl, Betty lou Da h ley, Florence Daniloff, Peggy Davidson, Catherine Davis, Lorraine Day, Gordon Devenny. Row 8-David DeWitt, Jim Donaldson, Russell Dow, Patsy Doyle, Joan Dupuy, Wayne Easton, Bob Edwards, Darlene Edwards. Row 9-Maxine Edwards, Keith Eldred, Ronald Elliot, Vernon Ellis, Dave Emory, Dale Erickson, Jerry Erickson, Dee Evans. Row 10-Sally Fabri, Ben Farrar, Wyoma Farrell, Sharon Fessenden, Bob Fickle, Shirley Fielding, Barbara Fields, Nancy Finch. Row 'l'l-Joy Firestone, Judy Fisher, Janice Flaquinti, Carolyn Flint, Connie Foss, Theodore Foss, Delma Fredrickson, Jean Fredrickson. Row 'I2-Kenneth Frederickson, Arthur Freelund, Carol Frydenlund, Robin Gaff- ner, Eugene Gallinatti, Marilyn Gibson, Alma Gill, Charles Goertz. Row 13-Gerald Gogerty, Gary Gollier, Raymond Gonstead, Roy Goodier, Fran- cis Goodwin, Nancy Grier, Kenneth Gregg, Donna Lee Guyman. l t F l 67 jg' ?4 12,-zz. gfgwa 'fizfyu Cena-:T22.w-Q., QI CIF Row 'I-Beverly Hall, Bruce Hall, Karin Hambidge, Wendell Hammond, Barbara Hannaford, Joanne Hansen, Virginia Hanson, Richard Harison. Row 2-Ann Hathaway, Dorothy Hathe- rell, Sonia Haugsvar, Arlene Hawkinson, Eleanor Hayman, Pat Hearne, Yvonne Henderson, Dorothy Henry. Row 3-Walter Hill, Marilyn Hilliker, Marlene Hoff, Laura Holmberg, June Holt, Bob Holter, Ray Holton, Frieda Hubbard. Row 4-Dona Humphreys, Joanne Hun- singer, Carol lngberg, Jerry Jacobson, Lila Jamison, Jean Jarrett, Sonia Jen- sen, June Jernberg. Row 5-Ellene Johnson, Howard Johnson, James Johnson, Jerome Johnson, Bob Johnston, Wayne Johnston, Norma Jor- genson, Susie Koreski. Row 6-Ruth Katsman, John Kegley, Col- leen Kelly, Patricia Kelly, Rita Keenan, Ralph Kennicott, Genie Kent, Chris King. Row 7-Yvonne Kramer, Anne Kriegel, Joy Krusie, Marilyn Kuntz, Lawrence Landingham, Janette Lane, Nancy Lang, Barbara Larsen. Row 8-Fay Larson, Jerry Larson, Mary Larson, Judy Lawrence, Carol Lehwalder, Beverly Lenon, Bob Lenzie, Carole Lewis. Row 9-Bill Light, Lorna Lockhart, Elmer Logan, Carol Lorentzen, Louise Lunde, Don McClary, Arlene McGiIvery, Jerry McGrath. Row 10-Bill McLaughlin, Michael Mc- Laughlin, Mary MacMillan, Jane Man- well, Barbara Mast, Joan Masters, Kim Matzdorf, Carole Millard. Row 'll-Douglas Minter, Patti Monette, Kerry Mullan, Meretta Munger, Virginia Munro, Pat Murphy, Jay Murray, Sharon Nagel. Row 12-Jim Neumann, Helene Nielsen, Florence Nikas, Charles Nowlin, John Nylander, Donna Ogilvie, Melvin Oia, Donna Olding. Row 'I3-Elva Olgren, Marcia Olsback, Edia Olson, Jim Olson, Jean Olson, Roger Olson, Ron Olson, Sylvia Oman. 68 Row 'I-Patty O'Reilly, Rita Ozerkoff, Janice Paoletti, Eddie Parker, Hazel Paulson, Normandie Pearce, Al Perry, Marcia Petty. Row 2-Jennie Plenkovich, Lorraine Plumridge, Larry Pierce, Pat Purdom, John Purvis, Shirley Reeves, Betty Ren- der, Robert Rhoads. Row 3-Glenna Rhodes, Betty Richey, Gary Richardson, Tom Richardson, Jim Robbins, Marian Robertson, Louella Rock, Don Rockwell. Row 4-Keith Rockwell, Shirley Rogers, Shirley Roses, Mary Ross, Nancy Ross, William Salisbury, Yvonne Sanderson, Bruce Savery. Row 5-Lary Savery, JoAnn Saylor, Dan Schultz, Sally Scott, Carrol Shaffer, Jean- nine Sheldrup, Shirley Sherman, Leora Shetley. Row 6-Lila Shetley, Mary Ann Short, Michael Simpson, Carol Skordal, Janis Sletten, Gary Smith, Shirley Smith, Terry Smith. Row 7-Michael Smithrud, Patsy Spangle, Roberta Spencer, Fred Spurrell, Frank Starkey, Fred Steik, Inez Stegman, Ron- ald Sterlington. Row 8-Virginia Strand, Mariio Swen- son, Claudia Sykes, Muriel Tabb, Dick Taylor, Joanne Tebelman, Curtis Tenzler, Duane Terry. Row 9-John Tevis, Darrel Thiel, Paul Thiry, Evonne Thompson, Sandra Thomp- son, Suzanne Thompson, Dwight Thorn, Byron Thrapp. Row 10-Pat Tope, Joe Toth, Stuart Trenholme, Susan Tucker, Patty Turner, Pete Tyler, Betty Ulvilla, Fred Ulvilla, 45? gl-if f 1 f 1 Row 11-David VanNotric, Bud Vetter, Lee Rose Vitalich, Bill Walker, Elizabeth Wallace, Julia Wallace, Alice Water- house, Marilyn Way. Row 12-Marie Webb, Peter Weimern, Harry Weitlauf, Danny Westlund, Charles Whitten, Harold Williams, Dave Wilson, Bill Wilton. y Row 13-Marsha Mage, Eileen Nelson, Gene Sulivan, Leona Sunde, Bob Wold, Charles Woody. 69 Miss Philips, Dee McDonald, Vice-PresidenT, Tim Hill, Presidenf, Phyllis John- Mr. Rakus, Counselor son, Secretary, Joan Bailey, Treasurer. Sponsor Sophomore Class More Than five hundred sTudenTs of The sophomore class of WesT SeaTTle worked very indusTriously To make The following proiecfs and eve-nfs successful in The year of T951-52. ln The fall The elecTions were held and shorTly following The class cards were drawn up and disfribufed. A mag- azine drive in Ocfober in which The sophomore class parTicipaTed was a fine example of class cooperafion and indusfry. ShorTly afTer Thanksgiving our class dance "Gobble Wobble" was presenTed. As The school year passed on, iT was found ThaT our class was well represenTed in school acTiviTies. There were a number of ouTsTanding scholars and aThleTes and many parTicipaTed in clubs and organizafions. Our proiecfs and acTiviTies were successful because of The Time and efforT of many sophomores, buf a good deal of The crediT goes To Mr. Rakus, our sponsor, and Miss Philips, our counselor. We are deeply graTeful for Their help and cooperaTion. TIM HILL, , Sophomore Class Presidenf Q 1 " Row 1-Ga ry Ammerman, ChesTer , .. ig .. .1 2 3' ' ' ,,:,. , , - .. rjsga 5' rl 3 Anderson Rufh Anderson ShirleY -H - , L- , 1- - ' Q V F' 4 --2' 5 Z. ' 'fa ,, ag ' ' g, ' N g - af Anderson, Ted Angle, James Ang- T X -T T T' T. aa. Swad- ry-' esifli T 52-,divan T ieg"ieeeeeeiHTTfeelfewff .f 45 Row 2-Arlene Arndf, Arfhur Bacon, Josephine Badovinac, Di- Bailey, Sandra Baker, Shirley Ti ' li -:-' -' .- L. " .'... .'-: I - ---- I . :.. , '. :Every I .,--' A :QT ' -fi' --:--- . , L. .. - . -- .1 Ba feffl sig,-Q a-, K g QL -'VV QIEP: zzf. lu H 70 A aj-1 ,F " " 'fx' Em- ,gs ' -ge " "EEF - ee, - -, e f-- f -f . s T an Te ss ' 'fi T ,gl 1 Row1-Marilyn Bartel, Alice Bateman, Sue Bauer, Beverly Beers, Marilyn Belmont, Roy Ben- son, Irvin Benzoin, Robert Berg. Row 2-Charlotte Bilodeau, Char- lene Blazer, Pauline Blond, Tom Bloxam, Donald Bohlin, Donna Bohlin, Marilyn Bouldron, Meri- beth Boulware. Row 3-Fred Bourland, Bill Braun, Bob Brazier, Barbara Brown, Don- ald Brown, Farrell Brown, Jackie Brown, Janis Brown. Row 4-Darlene Bruce, Verlene Bruce, Donna Brunlow, Beverly Burghardt, Mary Burke, Mary Burney, Pat Burney, Robert Bur- we . Row 5-Jerry Butsko, Jim Carle- ton, Sally Carlson, Siv Carlsson, Dave Ca rswell, Raymond Case, Larry Caseman, Virginia Cettolin. Row 6-Marilyn Chandler, Joel Chamberlain, Mary Chartrand, Jim Chrisman, Dolly Christianson, Dorothy Claggett, Molly Clough, Bryon Cole. Row 7-Darrell Cole, Virginia Cole, Janette Coleman, Christina Conner, Mary Cooper, Neil Cor- bin, Carol Coyle, Melva Cramer. Row 8-Louella Cranage, Marlene Crockett, Lillian Croft, Verna Dalin, Barbara Damm, Joanne Davis, Michael Dell, Barbara Derby Row 9-Marcella Dethloff, Edie- anne Dickert, Pat Dickinson, Jo Donaldson, Larry Drake, Carol Duncan, Fred Dunlap, Marlene DuPauI. Row 10-Ellen Duval, Phyllis Eaton, Roberta Eaton, Eddie Eck- berg, Darlene Edwards, Rolland Ehlers, Ronald Ellenberg, Bob El- wood. Row 'I'l-Ed Emerick, Carolyn Es- nauf, Peggy Everitt, Joyce Falen, Darvel Farrell, Ernest Feske, Ron- ald Finlay, Shirley Fisher. Row 12-Dawn Fitch, Jo Forsch- miedt, Roberta Fortune, Stanley Falk, Bill Fredrickson, Gene Free- burg, Allen Freeman, Dixie Frew. Row 13-Diane Friesen, John Frost, Kenneth Fuller, Don Gallo- way, Ted Gamlen, Jerry George, Gary Giacomini, Jerry Gilbert. 7l Row 'l-Larry Gill, Patty Gill, Charlaine Gillmore, Russell Gish, Fred Glandon, Janis Glotfelty, Jama Goodman, Jim Grasso. Row 2-Shirley Green, Marie Greene, Warren Gregory, Shirley Grung, Janet Guyll, Jerry Hag- berg, Nancy Hair, Dick Hamilton. Row 3-Lois Hanscom, Fred Han- sen, Jean Hansen, Russ Hansen, Carol Harbuck, Gaye Harpster, Georgine Harris, Marilyn Harris. Row 4-Jim Harryman, Cathy Har- sant, Fritz Hayes, Ralph Headman, Gay Hemphill, Jim Henderson, Kurt Hendricks, Betty Henry. Row 5-Harriet Henry, Diane Hill, Tim Hill, Gael Hielm,Joyce Hoesly, Williard Halcombe, Janice Halien, Kay Hopkins. Row 6 - Bill Houston, Nancy Hughes, Betty Hunt, Viola Hunt, Shirley Jacobsen, Lee James, Don- na Jenkins, Joy Jensen. , Row 7-Donna Johnson, Ester Johnson, Marnene Johnson, Mary Johnson, Suzanne Johnson, Jim Johnston, Darlene Junkert, Paul Kalahiy. Row 8-Jack Kallerson, Ray Kal- tenbach, Shirley Karvonen, Helen Keele, Buzz Kerwin, Marilyn Kidd, Betty Kidder, Sharon Kieland. Row 9- Kent Kilstrom, Delores Knight, Jackie Korthaus, Eleanore Kremer, Dorothy Krull, Bob La- badie, Eian Lack, Jim Landberg. Row 10- Dixie Lander, Jeanette Lane, Margaret Lane, Howard Langlois, Janice Larsen, Karen Larsen, Adele Larson, Leila Larson. Row 11-Evan Laughlin, Barbara Leahy, Carol Lehti, Joanne Leichty, Marcia Lein, Dave Leland, Joann Lemmon, Shirley Lesell. Row 12 - Stella Levinski, Alice Lewis, Katherine Lewis, Larry Lid- strom, Lucia Light, Beverly Lloyd, Cliff Locklin, Loretta Lodahl. Row 13-Mildred Logan, Joanne Lotz, Levi Lucero, Malcolm Mac- Cormac, Ron McCarthy, Maureen McClanahan, Dick McClenaghan, Nathon McClusky. 72 Row 'I-Dee McDonald, Nancy Mc- Gee, Shirley McGraw, Jim Mc- Harness, Larry McKinney, Mike McKone, Janice McLean, Gary Mc- Pherson. Row 2-Darlene Magee, Vernon Mackie, Bill Magnuson, Shirley Mallory, Marcia Marett, Pat Mar- riott, Owen Martin, Julia Mathew- son. Row 3-Dick Mayer, Nancy Meyer, Jerry Miles, Donald Miller, Gerald Miller, Nick Milosevich, Robert Minnehan, Barbara Morchin. Row 4-Virginia Morganroth, Dale Mortensen, Elaine Moulas, Pat Mullan, Connie Mullison, Jackie Mulvey, Jim Murphy, Loretta Mur- ray. Row 5-Dianne Neligan, Don Nel- son, Doris Nelson, Vee Nichols, Patty Norris, Sandra Northrop, Mildred Nuckolls, Patsy Nunn. Row 6-Richard Nyberg, Dan Ny- lund, Charlotte Oberteuffer, Michael O'Brien, Gloria Ogden, Marilyn Ogdon, Annabelle O'Keefe, Pete Okicich. Row 7-Jim Olding, Terry O'Neill, Jack Oordt, Betty Osburn, Chrys- tal Osborne, Gene Osburn, Jack Ostrom, Keith Palmer. Row 8-Ellen Palo, Jo Anne Pan- nek, Terry Paoletti, Jim Park, Delores Parker, Louise Parry, Rod Partee, Teddy Paull. Row 9-Russell Payne, Mike Pearce, Mary Pelletier, Dorothy Perrine, Lorraine Perry, Trudy Peterson, Kenneth Peterson, Joe Petta. Row 10-Barbara Pfaff, Bill Phe- lan, Jim Phelps, Bob Picknell, Carol Pilgrim, Thomas Plakinger, Tom Plucinski, Barbara Plummer. Row 11-Bob Porter, Pat Porter, Shirley Porter, Melvin Prather, Marilyn Purcell, Richard Raper, AI Rasmussen, Carol Ray. Row 12-Peggy Reilly, Carol Rice, Don Rice, Ronald Rice, Eddie Rick- ard, Bob Ridge, Phill Robicheau, Judy Robinson. Row 13-Bill Ross, Marilyn Rush, Alice Saari, Brian Sadler, Gerald Samson, Allan Sandin, John Sather, Diana Satterlee. 73 Row 1-Lillian Schaper, Margaret Schomoyer,Lorenna Schultz,Carol Scott, Donette Scrimsher,Maureen Sears, Sue Sellars, Karen Shaffer, Lynn Sharp. Row 2 - Roberta Sharp, Pat Shaughnessy, Robert Shoemaker, Douglas Shown, Eva Skordal, Vir- gie Smestad, Alice Smith, Arlene Smith, Bruce Smith. Row 3-Drew Smith, Susi Smith, Wendell Smith, Leona Sollie, Neal Standal, Don Stapleton, Jean Stensrud, Larry Steputis, Delores Stevens. Row 4 - Bonnie Stewart, Don Stubb, Gene Sullivan, Mike Sulli- van, Dixie Sunderland, Sandra Sutton, Lorraine Sweeney, Nels Swenson, Allan Sweet. Row 5-Norma Swindell, Frank Taylor, Gary Teachout, Robert Terrana, Barbara Thompson, Bob Thompson, Marlene Thompson, Shirley Thompson, Ann Thrasher. Row 6-Sallie Thronson, Don Thur- low, Beverly Tomlinson, William Tompson, Lorraine Torgeson, Bob Torney, Wayne Traversie, Ed Troupe, Nullene Turner. Row 7-JoAnne Turney, Noreen Van Notric, Jerry Vetter, Carol Vincent, Loretta Viteshek, Shirley Urlin, Konrad Waage, Patsy Wag- ner, Walt Wagner. Row 8 - Marliss Wahl, Clayton Walker, Denny Walker, Ed Walker, Jack Walsh, Ralph Warford, Char- lotte Webber, Merle Webster, Ramon Weispfenning. Row 9-Kathleen Weimern,Sharon Wells, Bob Wendel, Vina West over, Janet Westra, Fred William, Cecil Williams, Gay Williams, Os borne Williams. Row 10- Beverly Williamson, Keith Willson, Beverly Wingate Carole Whitaker, Elizabeth White, Jeanie Whiterall, Shirley Woeck Marianne Wofford, Kay Woods. Row 'l'l-June Woods, Carol Wor den, Marlene Wright, Eileen Yam bra, Lora Yates, Eddie Zobrist Lorraine Anderson, Marilyn An derson, Barry Alpaugh. Row 12-Gary Boender, Bob Bry an, Dick Burnett, Evon Chapman Jack Cooper, Richard Cronquist Barbara Devoe, Jeanette Dondan ville, William Duncan. Row 'I3-John Ekholm, Bob Gaines Joe Hall, Phyllis Johnson, Bonni Kvalheim, Shirley Komundstod. 74 Mrs. Hughes, Mary Render, Vice-President, Bob Doxie, President, Gary Gaffner, Miss Dunn, Sponsor Secretary, Shirley Foreman, Treasurer Counsellor Junior Class r We are up there at last! The class of '53 has made itself felt in the school's activity program. The first activity was our election, and we made it a real one. Over 952 of the class balloted, and the officers were chosen in some very close races. This interest in the election has been followed up by a helpful backing of its chosen leaders, and we are grateful of the support. We have cheerfully entered into such school activities as the Toy Drive, Books for Korea, and the March of Dimes. Our dance, "Sweetheart Swing," was held February 12, to blend well with the Valentine's day spirit. All the proceeds are to be used for what we hope to be the best Senior Prom that West Seattle has ever had. We have had our share in athletics, too. A few boys earned their Chenile "W's," and others found a starting position on teams. Some of our outstanding athletes played to an all-city caliber, which is rare for iuniors only in their second year of athletics. Our year has been a good one, and our many experiences will help us when we're "on top". Our successes are due also to the splendid counseling of Miss Dunn and our swell, easy to work with advisor, Mrs. Hughes. Next year we are sure that we'll keep West Seattle the best school in the city. BOB DOXIE, Junior Class President 75 Row 1 ACHESON, CAROLYN ALLEN, JOEL ANDERSON, ARDYTHE ANDERSON, JANET ANDERSON, NEAL Row 2 BADER JACK BAILEY, SHIRLEY BARKER, EUGENE BAKER, LOU ANN BAKER, SHIRLEY Row 3 BALTAZOR, NANCY BALTAZOR, SALLY BARNIORE, LOUANNE BARNARD, BILL BASSETT, CLAUDETTE Row 4 BEARDSLEY, FRANCES BECK, CHARLENE BECKER, EDDIE BELBECK, BARBARA BELL, MARLENE Row 5 BENNETT, BEVERLY BERG, BARBARA BERG, GEORGE BERGERON, SHIRLEY BERGSETH. CLIFFORD Row 6 BIGELOW, MARILYN BIGLEY, BILL BILLER, ILLABELLE BIRD, SANDRA BLOCK, JACK Row 7 BOOMER, JOAN BORKENHAGEN, BILL BROWN, DALE BROWN, DICK BROWN, PAUL Row 8 BROWNELL, SUSAN BRUCK, BEVERLY BRUNO, DONALD BRYAN, DOUG BRYCE, ANNETTE Row 1 BUCHANAN, LEE ANN BURNETT, HERBERT BURNS, SHIRLEY BURRELL, RAYMOND BUTLER, CAROLYN I Row 2 BUTLER, MIKE CAMPAGNA, JEAN CAPPS, JAYNE CARFRAE, GEORGE CARLSON, ADELLA Row 3 CARLSON, ALAIRE CASHDOLLAR, JACK CETTOLIN, ERMA CHAMBERLAIN, NANCY CHANDLER, MICHAEL Row 4 CHRISMAN, EDDIE CLARK, DIANE CLINE, KEITH COLLINS, DORENE COLLINS, PATRICIA Row 5 COWLEY, CAROLE COX, AUDREY CRAIG, JOYCE CRONK, DANNY CURRY, PAT Row 6 DAHL. HAROLD DAHL, SHARON DANIELS, MARJORY DAVIES, DAVE DAVIS, GLENN Row 7 DAVIS, JO LEE DEL BIANCO, GEORGIA DEL BIANCO, TED DE LONG, CHARLEEN DENOS, KIKI Row 8 DONLAN, DIANE DOWLING, MARIE DOXIE, BOB DRYER, ALBERTA DU BEAU, BARBARA Row 1 DU CHARME, JOY DUNKLE, DICK DUNN, DARLENE DUPUY, RAYLEEN EHLERS, DARRELL Row 2 EIDE, GARY ELDRED, JULIANNE ELEY, JACQUELINE ELLIS, CAROLYN EVERSON, ELAINE Row 3 FARAFONTOFF, NICK FARMER, BARBARA FARNELL, DOROTHY FEIN, CARL FERGUSON, BARBARA Row 4 FERRIOLS, VENNY FIELDING, EARLINE FINCH, GERALDINE FINNIE, BOB FISK, SUE Row 5 FORBES, BRUCE FOREMAN, SHIRLEY FORQUER, DICK FORQUER, NORMAN FORSYTHE, SALLY Row 6 FOX, GERALDINE FOX, RONALD GADD, JERRY GAFFNER, GARY GALLAGHER, PATSY Row 7 GALLAWAY, CLYDE GANTER, NANCY GARDNER, JOAN GARVIN, SANDRA GEE, ADELIA Row 8 GEHRKE, LOUISE GEORGE, MARY LEE GILGE, ARLYS GILLIHAN, MELVA GILLIS, JO ANN 78 Row 'I GOING, BONNIE GOODWIN, CHARLOTTE GRANT, BOB GRAVES, JACKIE GRAY, CAROL ANN Row 2 GRIER, BILL GREER, ERNESTINE GREGOR, GEORGIANA GRELL, PHYLLIS GRIFFITH, JACKIE Row 3 GWILYM, DONALD HAGAR, DONNA HALE, NANCY HAMBLIN, JOHN HANCOCK, KENNETH Row 4 HANSON, HARLAN HAUTALA, DAVID HAWN, DAVID HEIDRICH, CAROLYN HEITMAN, COLLEEN Row 5 HESTER, BARBARA HICKS, PHYLLIS HILL, DAVID HOADLEY, RICHIE HOLCOMB, DONNA Row 6 HOPKINS, PHYLLIS HOSKIN, TOM HULL, DELORES HULL, LA DONNA HULTKRANTZ, SHIRLEY Row 7 HUNTER, DAVID HUNTER, MILIE HUTCHISON, NEOMA IRWIN, PAT IVERSON, KAREN Row 8 JACOBSON, ELLEN JAMES, BARBARA JASPERSE, JACK JOHNSON, CLARENCE JOHNSON, DOROTHY 79 Row 1 JOHNSON, GARY JOHNSON, JOAN JOHNSON, MARLENE JOHNSON, RICHARD JOHNSON, BOB Row 2 JOHNSON, TOM JONES, DONALD JONES, GLENN JOY, TONY JULIAN, JANICE Row 3 KASTET, LO RAY KEAGLE, PATSY KEESLING, GRACE KEITHLEY, ELONNA KELSEY, DAVID Row 4 KENT, JEAN KERWIN, FRED KING, BARBARA KIRKPATRICK, CAROLE KIRSCH, JERRY Row 5 KIRSCH, ROBERT KLIEN, RICHARD KLUTH, MARGARET KNOWLES, GERALDINE KUEHL, MARILYN Row 6 LANDINGHAM, DORIS LANE, ELIZABETH LANKSBURY, DARLENE LANKSBURY, LORNE LARSON, CONNIE Row 7 LARSON, JOANN LATTA, DOROTHY LAYTON, IRVING LEWIS, PAT LENK, ALVIN Row 8 LINE, GORDON LLOYD, ROBERTA LUCERO, LOUIE LUMBERT, BARBARA LUNDBERG, DON Row 1 MC ADAMS, JANICE MC BRIDE, GLEN MC CONKEY, SYLVIA MC COY, HELEN MC DERMOTT, STEVE Row 2 MCDONALD, GEORGETTE MC ELHOSE, DONALD MC ELVAIN, MARGARET MC FARLANE, RONALD MC GARVAN, JIMMY Row 3 MC GEE, JACK MC KINSTRY, WARREN MAC DONALD, ROBERT MAC KENZIE, JOHN MAHON, BILL Row 4 MANSHIP, JOAN MARCOTTE, MARCIA MARETT, YVONNE MARSHALL, RONALD MARTINDALE, BOB Row 5 MATHEWS, ARLINE MATHEWSON, DIANE MATTOX, STEVE MAXEY, MARITA MAYS, SHIRLEY Row 6 MERRIFIELD, JOANN MILLARD, JOAN MILLER, CHARLES MINTEER, JOAN MITCHELL, JANET Row 7 MITCHELL, JOHN MOORE, MARLYS MOORE, JOHN MORRISON, KENNETH MORTON, MARY Row 8 MUSGROVE, HELEN NERGARD, GERDA NEWSOME, DONALD NEWSWANDER, RONNIE NICHOLSON, BEVERLY 81 Row 'I NICOLICH, THELMA NORDLUND, VICTORIA O'BRIEN, JUDY OLSON, GAYELLE OLSON, JOANNE Row 2 ORLISS, TED OTT, SALLY OTTO, MARGARET PALMER, JOHN PALMER, RUTH Row 3 PARKE, GARY PATTISON, SALLY PENHALLERICK, PATT PERKINS, DARCIA PETERSON, DALE Row 4 PETERSON, DON PETIT, RAYMOND PIATTELLI, MARIO PITTMAN, BILL POWELL, BONNY Row 5 POWELL, DONALD POWELL, JEANIE POWERS, MARILYN PREE, GARY PRESCOTT, MARILYN Row 6 PRINGLE, BARBARA PROSPEK, BARBARA PRUETT, PAT PRUNELLA, WALLACE RABICHAUD, MIGNON Row 7 RAMSEYER, JOE REESE, ARLENE REILLY, JOHN REILLY, MAUREEN RENDER, MARY Row 8 RITTER, TEDDY ROACH, BETTY ROCHESTER, CHIRLEE ROGERS, ILENE ROLICK, JOANNE 82 Row 'I ROOT, JIM ROSS, DORIS ROVIG, CLAUDIA ROVVE, LORRAINE SANDERS, MARILYN Row 2 SAYAN, SALLY SCHAFER, ED SCHEDIN, BETTY SCHMITZ, ALAN SCHMITZ, DONNA Row 3 SCHMITZ, MARGARET SCHMOYER, CAROL SCHWARTZ. DICK SCOTT, DOLORES SEAMSTER, MARTHA Row 4 SEKOR, JAMES SELLSTED, ADELL SETH, JOHN SHARP, DELORES SHEFFIELD, DONNA Row 5 SHEPHERD, DARLENE SHERMAN, JANET SHORE, JOANN SIMES, CLIFFORD SISTIG, SANDRA Row 6 SLOAN, JOLINE SMITH, BILL SMITH, JAMES SMITH, JANET SMITH KAYE Row 7 SMITH, MONTE SMITH, SHARON SMYTHE, NORMA SNEESBY, RAY SPARLING, JOYCE Row 8 SPRIDGEON, BOB SPRIDGEON, RONALD SQUIRE, LOIS STEELE, JACKIE STERLINGTON, BARBARA 83 Row 1 STEVENS, JOYCE STEWART, MARLYCE STOCKWELL, WAYNE STONDELL, MARIANE STONEMAN, ED Row 2 STRAIN, SANDRA STREAM, BILL STRUM, DICK TABER, BILL TALBOTT, LEN Row 3 TALLY, DEANE TAYLOR, DOREEN TEETERS, DONNA TEVIS, MARY THOMAS, ROBERT Row 4 TRUE, BARBARA TURNER, MARION TUCKER, CLYDE VARCO, JAMES VETTER, GEORGE Row 5 VICTOR, RICHARD VON TALGE, JERRY VORDAHL, EUNICE WALES, JACQUELYN WALKER, PAUL Row 6 WALLACE, NEIL WALLBOM, CONSTANCE WALSH, WILMA WALTERS, JOANNE WARD, SALLY Row 7 WARWICK, ROBERT WATSON, CAROL WEATHERFORD, DAVID WEBB, NELLIEMAE WEIR, PAT Row 8 WHEELER, DENNIS WHITMAN, GWEN WHITMAN, RHETA WILLI, DON WILLIAMS, ROD . Row 1 WILTSE, DON WINELAND, SHIRLEY WITHERS, JOHN WOOD, ROGER WOODS, BRUCE Row 2 WOODS, MARLENE WORLEY, JILL WYSE, MARY ' YANTIS, DICK YOUNT, KAREN Row 3 ZACHOW, MARLENE ZIMMERMAN, KARRENE ZOLOTUN, KATHERINE BELLOWS, GIL KENSTONE, VERNE Row 4 MAPPIN, JACK MC KEBBAS, CAROLE MILLER, LOIS SHEA, BARBARA SINGLETON, HELEN LP' M . ff'Z 5 uf' J 14" Q7 " Qjr' fl J' N if ty J' .2 V0 J' 'Q bf ,ffr Pj .FEW ' N76 fl' YV L A WI' JF " P? :fir f 1250, K ,, f 5' 'I E' rv B ' . ' f 'K 'EYE Y' ff' PI J' 'M ' J , QW' ' rfb, v wa1!.,6J 0 P' 1 J! 3,53 ' jd IJIACVP I M V I if ,,-3? 01' 85 Miss Phillips Joanne Oman, Vice President, Dan McDonnell, President, Daisy Mr. Jacobsen Counselor Keeley, Secretary, Sharon Anderson, Treasurer. Sponsor Senior Class This is the year vve have been waiting so long for, our senior year. When we entered West Seattle in our fresh- man and sophomore years, 1952 seemed like a very distant date, but now, as graduation nears, we realize how short a time we actually have spent at West Seattle. We have countless memories and good times to look back on, assemblies, football and basketball games, the Pow Wows, the Senior Play, the Senior Breakfast, and many others. Then, to climax our high school days in a traditional manner, we looked forward to the Luncheon, Assembly, Picnic, Senior White Day, Commencement and the Prom. As we look back over the projects and activities of our class during the last four years we find an excellent record of both co-operation and school spirit of the members of the class. We ovve a great deal to our advisor, Miss Phillips, and our sponsor, Mr. Jacobsen, who gave us the encouragement and advice that carried us through these years suc- cessfully. Members of the Class of '52 have excelled in all fields and we are indeed proud of them. We are also proud to have been a part of West Seattle and to be able to remember it as our Alma Mater in the many years to come. DAN McDONNELL, W President 86 I-Nickname. 2-Favorite Song. 3-Favorite Saying. 4--Hobbies. 5-School Activities. 6-Ambition. Zoffel, George-I, George, 2, "Dream", 3, That's strictly for the birds, 4, Dancing, skiing, baseball, 5, Honor Soci- ety Pres., Chief Justice of Student Court, baseball, 6, To cope with life's successes and get my picture on the front page of the Senior Section. CWe aim to please! The Editorsi Abbott, Carole-I, Hey Abbottl, 2, "Cold, Cold Heart", 3, Stop, you fool, I'm only three, 4, Mog Ni, Dorians, dancing with Goofus, 5, W Club, Art Club, Drama, Sr. Play, Pow Wow, 6, To always take Charlotte, Myrna, and Sally with me when I go to the summer home on Camano Island. Abraham, Patsy-I, Abie, 2, "Because of You", 3, ReaIly?, 4, Ice skating, swimming, 5, Make-Up Club, Retailers, 6, To see the other half. Alger, Dale-I, Algiers, 2, "When You Say I Beg Your Pardon Then l'll Come Back to You", 5, Baseball, Boys' Club, 6, To be a "pro" baseball player. Allen,.Bruce-I, Al, 2, "Whispering", 3, Oh Heckl, 4, Radio, sailing, 5, Stage Crew, Warriors, Assembly Comm., 6, To graduate. Allen, Jack-I, Jackson, 2, "Tennessee Waltz", 3, Howdy, boy, 4, Photography, rifle shooting, 5, Boys' Club Comm., 6, Owning a horse ranch. Anderson, Birger-I, Bud, 2, "Laura", 3, How's she going?, 4, Raising flowers, 6, To be a florist. Anderson, Sharon-I, Frilly, 2, "Undecided", 3, What? 4, Dancing, swimming, skating, J O G, Tri L, 5, Treas. Sr. Class, Roll Pres., Girls' Club Comm., Torch, 6, To have friends all along the way and make a new one every day. Appel, Patty Jo-I, Jo, 2, "AIways", 3, Girls, you're not with me, 4, Dancing, swimming, having fun, 5, Girls' Club Pres., Torch, All-City G C Pres., 6, To be successful in all undertakings. Appel, Bob-I, Socko, 2, "Because of You", 3, Boy, you know it too, 4, Tennis, basketball, Senior Hi Y, skiing, 5, W Club, Roll Pres. and Representative, 6, To be the best man at Joey and Jerry's wedding. Argenbright, Shirley-I, Nona, 2, "Peg of My Heart", 3, Norm, would you please come and get me?, 4, Piano, dancing, dreaming about going to Hawaii, 5, Senior Play, Flag Team, Retailers Club, Refreshments Comm., Fresh.- Soph. Comm. Chairman, Attendance Office, 6, To have clean sheets when Jeanie stays overnight. Armstrong, Margie-I ,Micki, 2, "Cold, Cold Heart", 3, Iggie Erler, 5, Spade, Girls' Club, Sr. Choir, 6, To marry Ted and move to Montana. Ask, Joanne-I, Jo, 2, "You'II Never Walk Alone", 3, I can't find it, 4, Tri L, swimming, skiing, horses, sailing, music, 5, Chinook Staff, W Club, Swim Manager, All-City Band, Ski Club, Pan American Club, 6, To go to W.S.C. Atkins, Kay-I, Katy Did, 2, "Unless", 3, You know it, 4, Painting, men, French, roller skating, 5, Art Club, W Club, Girls' Club, sports, Honor Society, 6, School marm and Bachelor of Arts. Auve, Dean-2, "Because of You", 3, That's what she said, 4, Wood working, hunting, swimming, 5, Boys' Club, 6, To be a draftsman. Auve, Richard-I, Dick, 2, "Shanghai", 3, Hunting, fishing, swimming, driving, girls, 5, Stage Crew, bowling, basket- ball, 6, To be a successful architect and to get married to a pretty girl. Ayres, Margie Baltazor, Diane-I, Baltazor, 2, Anything by Frankie Lane, 3, Gee, I'm tired, 4, Sewing, J O G, Tri L, Mog Ni, 5, Tom Tom, Assembly Commission, Chinook Feature Editor, Ski Clubf 68 To go to Hood Canal with the gang and meet Wi ur . Barnes, Ardell-I, Barnsy, 2, "Blue Moon", 3, Pass the ball, Finnie, 5, Baseball, football, basketball, Sec. of Gridsmen Club, Vice-Pres. of W Club, 6, To go to college to be a coach. Barrelier, Steve-I, Orgy, 2, "Mambos", 3, Get off my back, 4, Reading about aviation and weather, 5, Boys' Club rep., 6, To become a success in life. Bartlett, Doris-I, Dorrie, 2, "Will You Remember", 3, I was just kidding, 4, Ice skating, music, B Ys, 5, Girls' Club, W Club, Honor Society, Big Sister, 6, To learn to take the kinks out of naturally curly hair on rainy days, and attend the University of Washington. 1-Nickname. 2-Favorite Song. 3-Favorite Saying. Batson, Joan-I: Bats: 2: "Harlem Noctuorne": 3: I forget: 4: Collecting souvenirs, iazz, J O G, Tri Tanda: 5: Make- Up, Tillicums, Torch, C S G, Sr. Rep.: 6: To help Thelma chop down Wi Turd's Tree. Bassett, Sam-I: Sourdough "Sam": 2: "Because of You": 3: Don't know what to tell ya: 4: Track, Barbara: 5: W Club, Spike Shoe Club Pres., Roll Pres., Track, Band: 6: To trap CBallard'sD Barbara. Beck, Frank-I: Frankie: 2: "Diane": 3: Got a match? 4: Seeing the world with George, girls, gooks, parties: 5: Boys' Club, Lib. Rep., Roll Sec.: 6: To spend New Year's Eve at the Place Pigalle. Becker, Carolyn-I: Carrie: 2: "Stormy Weather": 3: Well, l'll be gosh darned: 4: Horses, men and more horses and men: 5: Kimtah, Girls' Club, st. hall checker, Tillicum: 6: To be successful at all I attempt to do. Bellar, Louella-I: Lolly: 2: "Peace in the Valley": 3: I'll be doggy went: 4: Skating, sewing, and that certain guy: 5: Study hall checker, Senior Play: 6: To get wed and find peace. Bellingar, Mary-I: Melly: 2: "September": 3: You never know: 4: Writing poetry, U S O, Tri L, W H O M: 5: Tilli- cums, Sr. Choir, Tom Tom, Chinook, Make-Up Club, Coun- selor's office: 6: To have music and happiness all my life. Bench, Gordon-I: Gordy: 2: "Because of You": 3: What ya want, a brownie button?: 4: Your life club, collecting foreign money, cars, girls: 6: To lead a Christian lite. Bennett, Jay-I: Caruso: 2: "Be My Love": 3: Tough all over this time of year: 4: Singing, Drama: 5: Assemblies, Pow Wow, Senior Play, Senior Breakfast: 6: Singer. Bergen, Jerry-I: Bergie: 3: I don't know: 4: Bowling, swim- ming, dancing: 5: Football, Gridsman Club, W Club, Pow Wow, Stage: 6: To graduate. Blackstone, Jim-l: Blackie: 2: "How High": 4: Music, skiing, pool: 5: Sr. Rep., Drivers Club, Ski Club: 6: To become a good musician, and drive a Cadillac. Blake, Beverly-I: Bev: 2: "Because of You": 3: Guess whatl: 4: Earl, dancing, sewing, reading: 5: Chinook, Spade,dArt Club, Girls' Club: 6: To be a success in what everl o. Blake, Dave-I: Mighty Mouse: 2: "All My Sins Are Gone": 3: Hi ya, Skweakyl: 4: Lettering, Poster Work: 5: Boys' Club: 6: To serve Christ my Lord and Savior. ' Blaser, Bob-I: Blaser: 2: "Star Dust": 3: You know it: 4: Sports, dancing: 5: Boys' Club: 6: To travel. Blue, Don-I: Azul: 2: "The World is Waiting for the Sun- rise": 3: Fiscata: 4: Sports, fixing my car, Hoppy Club: 5: Football, basketball, Gridsman Club, Boys' Club Pub- licity Chairman: 6: To grow up and be a big boy. Botten, Darellegl: Dare Dare: 2: "Moonlight in Vermont": 3: Don't be bitter Burhnam: 4: Playing O' Heck with Alix, Mari and Ida, J O G: 5: Make-Up Club, Ensemble, Music Committee Chairman, Pow Wow: 6: To follow Alix up a tree after Wi Turd. Boulware, Alix-I: Little Bull: 2: "Because of You": 3: Hi, Little Man: 4: Playing O' Heck with Ida, Darelle and Mari, Pres. of Tri Tanda, J O G: 5: C S G Cabinet, Ski Club, Swim team: 6: To climb a tree after Wi Turd. Bourland, Billye Ann-I: Willy: 2: "Detour": 3: Pass the potatoes please: 4: Having a good time wherever I go: 5: Make-Up, Publicity Comm., Girls' Club: 6: To go to Texas and see the wide open spaces and always be happy. Bray, Janice-I: Jan: 2: "How Deep is the Ocean": 3: Watch it Doug: 4: Staying awake at Frances' parties: 5: P.-T.A. Tea Dance, Chinook, Girls' Club, Senior Play, Tillicums, Drama: 6: To grow up and be a big girl. Brewer, Rosalie Bryant, Trevor-I: Trev: 2: "Chinese Blues": 3: Holy Cow: 4: Model building, Physics, Chemistry: 5: Stage crew, Warriors, Roll Pres.: 6: To be a dentist. Budschat, Margie-I: Red: 2: "Blueberry Hill": 3: Did ya hear the one about-?: 4: Watching T V at the neighbors: 5: To be kind and do my best to uphold the Golden Rule. 4--Hobbies. 5-School Activities. 6-Ambition. Burd, Fred-l: Curly: 2: "I Get Ideas": 3: I'm bushed: 4: Eating, sleeping, and sports: 5: Track, Spike Shoe Club: 6: To graduate. Burnham, Beverly-l: Bev: 2: "l Only Have Eyes for You": 3: Don't be bitter, Botten: 4: Goofing off, camera fiend, J O G Tri Totem: 5: Girls' Club Chairman: Art Club, Chinook Editor: 6: To follow Donna up the tree after Wi Turd. Burr, Bob-l: Brrrr: 2: "Zane Zana": 3: Oh No! 4: Skiing, fishing, hiking, bowling, hunting: 5: Pres. Warriors, Class of '52 Rep., Boys' Club Cabinet, In-School Comm.: 6: To ride a bicycle backwards. Buseman, Mary-I: Boozey: 2: "I'll Always Remember You": 3: Let's watch that stuff: 4: Swimming, bowling, water skiing, Tri L Gooks: 5: Tom Tom, Torch, Band, Tillicums: 6: To get out of all the trouble I get into. Byron, Ann-2: "Because of You": 3: Don't rush me: 4: Ten- nis, Ping Pong: 5: Torch, Math. Club, Pan American Club, Girls' Club, W Club, Office, Maintenance Comm. Senior Play: 6: To go to college. Cain, Alice-2: "Because of You": 4: Loafing, movies, Tri G: 5: W Club, Publicity, Dad's Night, Big Sister: 6: To grad- uate and go to Whitman. Caldwell, Barbara-I: Bobbie: 2: "Be My Love": 3: Really: 4: A certain boy, singing: 5: Senior play, V. P. Moccasin Club, Girls' Club, Nurses' Aid: 6: Be a secretary and travel. Calvin, Dave-I: Cal: 2: "Just One More Chance": 3: Yea, you: 4: Cars, boats, Hoppy Club: 5: Radiator Gang, Roll Pres., Drivers' Club: 6: To meet a movie star in Cali- ornia. Campbell, Patricia-l: Pat: 2: "I'd Rather Have Jesus": 3: Come on you guys: 4: Orderly in Virginia Mason Hospital: 5: Girls' Club, Honor Society: 6: To follow as He Leads. Carmichael, Frances-l: Fran: 2: "Melancholy Rapsody": 3: Gee whiz, what did I do now?: 4: Wahnee, my clarinet, listening to Bob's Combo: 5: Pow Wow, Band, All City Band: 6: To be a teacher at West Seattle in a few years. Castlio, Carolyn-1: Foggy: 2: "l Get Ideas": 3: Ain't got no dough: 4: Music, Y: 5: Band, Roll Officer, Orchestra: 6: To do things for others who are less fortunate than I. Chandler, Jim Cherskov, Albina-I: Beanie: 2: "Stardust": 3: I like it: 4: J O G, Mog-Ni, sewing, H A G Row: 5: Girls' W Club Sec., Roll Vice Pres., Torch, Apt. Clerk, Standards: 6: To go back to Chicago and try to find my way around Mar- shall Field and Co. Childs, Delores-I: Del: 2: "Wonder Why": 3: Come on Janet, let's go: 4: Dancing, Wahnee: 5: P.-T.A. Dance Comm., Senior Prom Comm., Nurses' Office: 6: To go around the world on top of the P.-I. building. Christ, Virginia-l: Ginger: 2: "Till Then": 3: Quit sayin' I ain't sayin': 5: J O G, Tri L, Stardusters, Playng dirty eight with Jo Ann and Tiny: 5: P.-T.A. Dance Chairman: Roll Pres., All City Dance Council, Honor Society, W Club: 6: To take another trip with the Crazy I2. Christodulou, Demetrious Christopherson, Joyce-2: "Thinking of You": 3: You can cry on my shoulder, Shannon: 4: Collecting records and snapshots, listening to Shannon: 5: W Club, Retailers' Club, Roll Pres.: 6: To shorten my last name to i0 letters. Coghill, Lonnie-I: Ace: 2: "Sin": 3: Not bad: 4: Girls, bowl- ing: 5: Bowling team: 6: To ioin the navy and ride a sub. Cole, Joanne-l: Joey: 2: "Too Young": 3: Why didn't you call me last night, Jerry?: 4: J. W., J O G, Tri Tanda, Dancing: 5: Office, Senior Dance Comm., Girls' Club Rep., Prom Comm.: 6: To see my graduation present. Cole, Shannon-I: Irish: 2: "They Say": 3: Joyce, I didn't get a letter: 4: Art, having fun: 5: Girls' Club Correspond- ing Sec., Art Club Pres., Spade: 6: To become a good occupational therapist. Collaras, Delta-I: Del: 2: "Because of You": 3: For Pete's sake: 4: Sewing, driving: 5: W Club, Retailers' Club: Moccasin Club: 6: To be an office worker. I--Nickname. 21Favorife Song. Sifuvorite Saying. Collaras, Nancy Ann-I: Twinie: 2: "The Loveliest Night of the Year": 3: Oh Mamal: 4: Sewing, driving, swimming: 5: Girls' Club Apt. Clerk: W Club, Moccassin Club, Re- tailers' Club: 6: To be a comptometer operator. Colliver, Joyce-T: Joy: 2: "Because of You": 3: Gollies: 4: Dancing, shorthand: 5: W Club, Torch, Roll Room Vice Pres.: 6: To marry Bill. Condell, Yvonne-l: Ivy Inot poisont: 2: "Sophisticated Lady": 3: I disagree with you dear: 4: Dancing, bowling: 5: C S G, Retailers' Club, Girls' Club Rep., Senior Rep., P.-T.A. Dance Comm.: 6: To get to Italy before l'm 2I years old and see who I've been missing. Conner, Joyce-Question: l'm only a soph., what am I doing here?: Answer: Your picture said you were a senior, not a soph., so you can give it all the credit. Converse, Mariorie-l: Margie: 2: "Thinking of You": 3: Bien: 4: Embroidery, hiking, dancing, collecting dolls: 5: Senior Play, Debate, Philosophy, Drama Club, Operetta, Moccasin Club: 6: To go to Paris to be happy. Conway, Jim-l: The mad drummer: 2: "The Shades of Nite Were Falling but I Got a Good Peek Anyway": 3: Whadda ya say, guy?: 4: Fishing, radio: 5: Roll Vice Pres., Pow Wow, Band Concerts: 6: To be a good drummer in a big name band. Cook, Elsie-l: Lucy: 2: "Because of You": 3: Purdy ain't it?: 4: Ronnie, Rainbow, C E, irritating my kid brother: 5: Girls' Club, Chinook, Sr. Play, Philosophy, Pan Amer- ican Club, T Y F C: 6: To get married and prove they're cheaper by the dozen. Coonrod, Sherry-l: Sher: 2: "You'll Never Walk Alone": 3: What am I going to do?: 4: Swimming, sewing: Mog Ni: 5: P.-T.A. Dance, Faculty Tea, Swim Team: 6: To dog paddle with Sl and S2 to Hawaii. Cooper, Jason-I: Gabby: 2: "I Get ldeas": 3: Put off today what you can do tomorrow: 4: Flying and Electronics: 5: Sleeping in study hall: 6: Sl0,000 a year with no income tax. . Crader, Nona-l: Nonie: 2: "Goofus": 3: Hurry up, Betty: 4: Jerry, learning how to cook: 5: Girls' Club, Sports: 6: To be a good wife to Jerry. Craig, Jack-l: Clubfoot: 2: "Cold, Cold Heart": 3: You got the wrong attitude: 4: Golf, pool, fishing: 5: Boys' Club, Drivers' Club, Chinook Staff: 6: To out hustle Parmalee. Cramer, Sally-l: Punky: 2: "Everything I Have is Yours": 3: Who has gas money?: 4: Mog Ni, J O G, J Ms, skiing, dancing: 5: Girls' Club Comm., Ski Club: 6: To have bigger and better party times at Camano Island. Cranston, Mildred-I: Millie: 2: "Because of You": 3: Oooh, am I ever: 4: Cooking, Bob, singing: 5: Girls' Club, Per- sonnel Manager for Sr. Play: 6: To make somebody a good wi e. Cress, Peggy-I: Cress: 2: "Longing for You": 3: Even: 4: Bowling, dancing, Gooks, getting mad at R.: 5: Girls' Club, Pres. ot Retail Club: 6: To go sailing in a ship with my one and only Rick. Cushman, Arlys-l: Pune: 2: "September Song": 3: l'm glad: 4: Skiing, swimming, J O G: 5: Senior Play, Apt. Clerk, W Club, Historian: 6: To be sitting on top of the world at the P.-I. building. Davies, Dean-l: Red: 2: "Sentimental Me": 3: Bush: 4: Women: 5: Intramural: 6: To own a brewery. Davison, Donald-l: Slim: 2: "My Buddy": 3: Huh?: 4: Hunting, tennis, stamps: 5: Sr. Play: 6: To become a Machi nest. Deebach, Joanne-l: Joann: 2: "Sin": 3: Hey Sue, lookl: 4: Slumber parties at Charlottes, Pres. of Tri L: 5: Girls' Club Comm., P.-T.A. Dance, Dad's Night, Mother-Daughter Tea: 6: To go to the "U" with Sue and find my . . . ambition. Dehaven, Mariorie-l: Margie: 2: "Whispering": 3: I'll be there in lust a minute: 4: Ron: 5: Girls' Club Rep.: 6: To learn to drive a car. Delimitros, Artie-l: Greek: 2: "Tenderly": 4: Oooh, on account of because: 4: My accordion, eating, reducing, athletics: 5: Boys' Club Pres., Gridsmen Vice Pres., foot: ball, baseball, Pow Wow: 6: To become half the man my dad is. Denos, Thalia-I: Thal: 2: "l'm in the Mood for Love": 3: How's that in shorthand, Jan?: 5: Apt. Clerk, Sr. Rep., Publicity Chairman: 6: To give everyone a big laugh out of life, be a lab. technician and go to Bermuda with Mimi and Jan. 41Hohbies. 5-School Acfivifies. 6-Ambition. De Zarn, Jacqueline-I: Jacque, 2: "Over a Bottle of Wine", 3: I don't like your attitude, 4: H A G, Row, watching the neighbors, T V, Mog Ni, 5: Roll Pres., Office, Torch, Pan American, Spade, 6: To go to South America. Dial, Bob-2: "How High the Moon", 3: Well whata yo gonna do?, 4: Pool, Basketball, 5: Boys' Club, 6: Pass a French test. Ditty, Janet-2: "Because of You", 3: Now Joan, is that nice?, 4: Ice skating, meetings, swimming, 5: W Club, Ski Club, Girls' Club, 6: To be an Airline stewardess and to see the world. Dixon, Gerald-I: Jerry, 2: "They Say", 3: I don't know, 4: Cars, floral work, sports, 5: Football, Drivers' Club, 6: To be a master pilot and keep from getting married and getting tickets. Dondanville, Raymond-I: Ray, 2: "Goofus", 4: Models, woodworking, 5: Philosophy Club, 6: To be a nuclear engineer. Dorward, William-l: Bill, 2: "Because", 3: Oh, for . . ., 4: King Hi Y, dancing, sports, 5: Roll Pres., Boys' Club, Retailers' Club, 6: To be married at 22. Dowd, Logan-I: Windy, 2: "My Hero", 3: Is dat so, 4: Radio, music, 5: Sr. Choir, Moccasin Club, 6: To be an electronical engineer. Dracup, John-I: Johnny, 2: "lt Is No Secret", 3: What do you say?, 4: Going out with Janet, 5: Warriors, Boys' Club, Honor Society, 6: To graduate from College. Drake, Charles-i: Chuck, 3: "Spas", 4: Skiing, my car, 5: Boys' Club, Ski Club, 6: First ascent on Mt. Everest and ski instructor on Mt. Blanc. Debeau, Donold-2: "Beethoven's 6th Symphony", 5: Honor Society, Philosophy, Math Club, IOO Mile Club, 6: To follow Christ. Duff, Peggy-I: Bunny, 2: "Too Young", 3: Sweet nothings, 4: Hope chest, 5: Spade Club, W Club, Boys', Moccasin Club, 6: To build a bungalow big enough for two. Duncan, Richard-I: Dunk, 2: "Would I Love You", 3: Be serious, 4: Sports, sleeping, 5: Boys' W Club, baseball, 6: To be happy with Toots. Ealy, Lorretta-I: Lorett: 2: "Thinking of You", 3: Let's go on a diet, 4: J O G, B Ys, 5: C S G, Administrative Staff, Girls' Club Rep., 6: Ooh, if you only knew. Edgerton, Paul-T: Hey you, 2: "Red Sails in the Sunset", 3: Ah, come on, 4: Sports, dancing, King Hi Y, Life, 5: Boys' Club, Retail Selling, 6: To be happy and retire at 21. Edwards, Rod-I: Gig, 2: "God Bless America", 3: You can be replaced, 4: Laughing at thin man McClelland, 5: W Club, baseball, intramural basketball, Boys' Club, Spanish Cub, 6: To be as good in baseball as Chuck and Jim. Eggers, Geraldine-I: Gerrie, 2: "I Don't Want to be Kissed", 3: I don't give a care, 4: Dancing, J O G, Y, 5: C S G Administrative Staff, Girls' Club, Roll Pres., 6: To have mass friends. Eldred, Duane-I: Tony, 2: "Whispering", 4: Sports, flying, 6: To have fun out of life. Ellis, Joanne-I: Joey, 2: "l'd Rather Have Jesus", 3: Hey Honey, 4: Glenn, music, Pan American Club, Y F C Club, 5: Moccasin Club, Girls' Club, 6: To follow my Savoir wherever He leads. Elsner, Leona-I: Francis, 2: "Tea for Two", 3: lt's terrific, no lie, 4: Alki, J O G, music, 5: Girls' Club Vice Pres., 6: To go to the U and live at Alki. Emory, Katherine-I: Kathie, 2: "Thinking of You", 3: And I laughed and laughed and laughed, 4: Horseback riding, swimming, football and football players, 5: Moccasin Club, Choir, 6: To get Barbara to change her mind and go back to Eastern Oregon with me. Engleson, Barbara-I: Joan, 2: "Till Then", 3: l'm not lying, ask Janet, 4: Meetings, parties, swimming, skiing, dancing and fun, 5: Ski Club, W Club, Torch, 6: To go to the U of W, live in So. Calif., and always be happy. I-Nickname. 2-Favorite Song. 3-Favorite Saying. Ercolini, James-T, Erk, 2, "September Song", 3, That's the way it goes, 4, Football, swimming, fishing, hunting, 5, Math Club, Badminton, 6, To go to engineering school. Evans, Don-l, Donnie, 2, "Belle Belle My Liberty Belle", 3, You're kiddinl, 4, Driving, dancing, music, 5, Boys' Club, 6, To get in and out of college. Everson, Carol-l, Elvie, 2, "Sophisticated Lady", 3, Oh, that's priceless, 4, Doing Darrell's French, 5, Big Sister, W S Band, All City Band, 6, To live long enough to take a trip through space on a rocket. Fancher, Dale-l, Fanch, 2, "Garden in the Rain", 3, Why do you mock?, 4, Swimming, skiing, 5, Football, W Club, Gridsmen Club, Boys' Club Rep., 6, To retire at 25. Farmer, Allan-l, Al, 2, "Too Young", 3, Oh fishl, 4, Mess- ing around and teasing, 5, Band, 6, To marry J. H. Farr, Lois-T, Chloee, 2, "Cold Cold Heart", 3, Let's not get carried away now, 4, Talking, laughing, dancing, 5, Y Teens, Senior Play, Drama Club, J O G, 6, To be able to keep from laughing myself sick every time l'm with Carole and Merna. Ferguson, Margaret-l, Peggy, 2, "Star Dust", 3, l don't know what to tell ya, 4, Skiing, swimming, 5, Roll Pres., W Club Vice Pres., Spade Work Proiects Chairman, Torch, Office Assistance, 6, To travel all around the world with Dolores H. I Forslof, Mary-l, Little Brat, 2, "Anything by Billy E.", 3, Just don't know what to tell you, 4, Swimming, badmin- ton, 5, Senior Play, Drama Club, Philosophy Club, Student Court, Student Council, 6, To be happy and to make others haPPY- Forza, Rita-l, Reet, 2, "ln the Mood", 3, Hi, How are you? 4, Swimming, dancing, Pres. Tri G, J O G, 5, Sec., Treas. Soph. Class, P.-T.A. Dance Comm., Prom Comm., 6, To make a new friend with every smile. Fossum, Phyllis-l, Phyl, 2, "Penthouse Serenade", 3, What do ya say, Kid'?, 4, Music, rambling, sports, 5, School- house Eight, Pinky's Lyres Club, Philosophy Club, W Club, Spade, Band, Girls' Club, Honor Society, 6, To buy a house for my unlucky man and ramble away to Paris. Frans, Jean-l, Fran, 2, "Till Then", 3, Marilynn, where did I put my keys'?, 4, E's, J O G, parties with Marilynn, writing to Gary, 5, Office Staff, Permanent Torch, W Club, Decoration Comm., Senior Class Rep., 6, To ride on the roller coaster with The Girls when l'm 81. Freitas, William-l, Bill, 2, "l Get ldeas", 4, Woodworking, 6, To be an engineer. Frair, Eleanor-l, Ellie, 2, "Because", 3, That sounds good to me, 4, Vice Pres. Tri G, J O G, skiing, E's, 5, Student Body Sec., Editor Kimtah, Dad's Night Comm. Chairman, Sr. Class Publicity Chairman, W Club, Permanent Torch, 6, To always see the other person's point of view and to ride the roller coaster at 81 with the girls. Frost, Joan-l, Frosty, 2, "Because of You", 3, lf you're lucky, 4, Mog Ni, Tri Tanda, skiing, dancing, tennis, Johnny, 5, W Club, P.-T.A. Dance, Senior Play, Dad's Night, Ski Club, 6, To go to Washington State and be a fashion designer. Fry, lorina Fulmer, Irene-l, Ham, 2, "Blue Moon", 3, Reallyl, 4, Swim- ming, dancing, U S O, annoying Mr. Kish, 5, Drama Pres., Pres. Hams Club, C S G Cabinet, Debate, Senior Play, 6, To tour Europe on a bicycle and to get a good college edu- cation. Gaines, Katherine-T, Kathy, 2, "Undecided", 3, ls that right'?, 4, Swimming, sports, 5, Apt. Clerk, P.-T.A. Dance, Installation Comm., Tililcums, Jack of All Trades Comm., 6, To go to the University of Washington. Gamlem, Patricia-l, Pat, 2, "Dancing Tambourine", 4, J O G, art work, 5, Art Committee, Art Club, Ski Club, Torch, 6, College, then work in some field of art. Gill, Carol-l, Hon, 2, "l Love Thee", 3, Hey, honk, 4, Writ- ing, 5, W Club, Girls' Club, Office, Honor Society, 6, To settle down on a ranch in Oregon, raise six kids, and publish my book. Gillis, Barbara-l, Bobbie, 2, "Slow Poke", 3, You know it, 4, Dancing, skiing, walking, 5, Tri G, Spade, Drama, Girls' Club, Big Sister, 6, To ride on the handle bars of Mimi's bike to Bermuda. Gillespie, Bob-l, Gill, 3, l like it, 4, Music, sports, 5, Foot- ball, baseball Boys' Club, Gridsman Club, 6, U of W. 4-Hobbies. 5-School Activities. 6-Ambition. Giuntoi, Barbara-I Barb, 2, "The Loveliest Night of the Year", 3, Really'?, 4, Tri G, Mog Ni, J O G, 5, Girls' Club Comm. Chairman, W Club Volleyball Manager, Spade, Torch, Office Assistant, 6, To grow 3 inches taller. Glotfelty, Doreen-I, Doe, 2, "Tenderly", 3, Hey fellas, guess what happened?, 4, Wakiya, the long bus rides to Garfield, 5, Pres. Philosophy, Sr. Play, Sr. Prom, Drama Club, 6, To fulfill all my ambitions and stay happy at the same time. Gough, Marilyn-I, Marilyn, 2, "You'll Never Walk Alone", 3, Oh, no, I forgot it, 4, Music, swimming, skiing, Tri L, 5, Band, W Club, Pan American Club, Swim Team, Ski Club, All City Band, 6, To go to W S C. Grieve, Gordon-I, Gordy, 2, "Whispering", 4, Soccer, girls, movies, 6, Paper my house with greenbacks. Griffith, Glenn-I, The Kid, 2, "Garden in the Rain", 3, Mockin', always mockin', 4, Gerrie, skiing, dancing, swimming, cars, 5, Boys' Club, Drivers' Club, Hoppy Club, 6, To live the rest of my life at Sun Valley. Grimison, Jeanie-I, Grim, 2, "Jealousy", 4, Masqueraders, J O G, having fun with Mona and Norm, 5, C S G, Honor Society, Girls' Club, 52 Rep., 6, To remember a ioke long enough to tell it to Shirley. Guyman, Milli Jean-I, Mil, 2, "It's All in the Game", 3, Well, that's life, so they say, 4, Music, listening, 5,.W Club, Band, Spade, Make-Up, 6, To be on time once. Haines, Craig-2, "There Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chick- ens", 3, Hold 'er Newt, she's rarin', 4, Hunting, fishing, skiing, 5, Bowling, Senior Play, 6, Marry a rich widow. Halliday, Barbara-I, Barbie, 2, "Tenderly", 3, Mary, you're kidding, 4, Writing letters to Ellensburg, J O G, slumber parties at Charlotte's, 5, Girls' Club, Sr. Play, P.-T.A. Dance, Red Cross, 6, To go to Ellensburg and stay at Kamola. Hanawalt, Kathryn-I, Kathy, 2, "The Loveliest Night of the Year", 3, lsn't that darling'?, 4, Sports, sewing, movies, working at Sears, J O G, 5, Girls' Club Dept. Head, Torch, W Club, Student Council, 6, To become a good secretary and meet a lot of people. Hannaford, Norma-I, Norm, 2, "Because", 3, Is it ever, 4, Art, music, 5, Roll Pres., Sr. Play, Ensemble, Torch, Spade, Philisophy Club, 6, To be an occupational therapist and to live up to my ideals. Hanscom, Henry Hansen, Eileen-I, Sunny, 2, "Sin", 3, Hey, what the hay'?, 4, Reading, sports, music, Tri Totem, 5, Faculty Tea, P.-T.A. Dance, 52 Rep., Torch, Ensemble, Apt. Clerk, Choir, 6, To be happy and successful in all I do. Hansen, Bernice-I, Bunny, 2, "Stardust", 3, Oh kid, I forgot, 4, Mog Ni, skiing, swimming, music, 5, Roll Pres., Ski Club, Girls' Club, Senior Play, 6, To learn to ski standing up. Hanson, Joan-I, Jo, 2, "Tennessee Waltz", 3, Donna, hurry you'll be late, 4, Writing letters, 5, Spade, lunchroom, Y F C, 6, To complete the third part of triple alliance. Hanson, Sharon-2, "OId Black Magic", 3, Really, 4, Y Teens, Mog Ni, Jimmy, 5, W Club, Girls' Club, Tillicums, Mother-Daughter Tea, 6, To go to far away places with Jimmy. Harris, Earl-I, Bud, 2, "The World is Waiting for the Sun- rise", 3, Hey, this is a fun, group, 4, Radio, 5, Stage Crew, 6, To be an electrician. Harwood, Beverly-I, Bev, 2, "So Tired", 3, You wouldn't dare, 5, Refreshment Comm., Tillicums, Office Assistant, 6, To always be happy. Hastings, Gordon-I, Gordy, 2, "Too Young", 3, Gadl, 4, Coin collecting, 5, Boys' Club, Ski Club, Warriors, foot- ball, 6, To be a good football player. Harryman, Joco-I, Joco, 2, "Whispering", 3, No, I'm going out with Danny, 4, Danny, skiing, J O G, Tri G, 5, Roll Rep., Roll Pres., Girls' Club, 6, To settle down to one man. Heathers, Peggy-I, Pegs, 2, "Nevertheless", 3, Oh for John's sake, 4, Driving, Y F C, listening to music, making friends, 5, Senior Play, Red Cross, Nurses' Aid, Spade, Drama Club, Philosophy Club, 6, To be an example of the believer. I-Nickname. 2-Favorite Song. 3-Favorite Saying. Hedden, Nadeen-I: Nay, 2: "Fool That I Am", 3: lt's a partyl, 4: Swimming, dancing, listening to Geri's troubles, J O G, Y, 5: Big Sister, Art Club, Publicity Comm., P.-T.A. Dance, 6: Get married and have three baby boys. Hefflinger, Dolores-I: Dolly, 2: "Because", 3: It's differentl, 4: Sports, music, Wahnee, 5: Spade Pres., Debate Pres., Chinook Editor, Torch, W Club, Office, Publicity Comm., Math Club, 6: To travel all over the world with Peggy F. Heinrich, Doris-I: Dodie, 2: "Rhapsody in Blue", 3: Heynow, how about that?, 4: Interns of Virginia Mason Hosp., 5: Apt. Clerk, Nurses' Aide, 6: Same as ever-be a nurse. Helm, .ludy-I: Jude, 2: "September Song", 3: Oh Yeh?, 4: Art, driving, swimming, dancing, ioking around with the Fri. night gang, 5: Girls' Club, Senior Play, Big Sister, Honor Society, Art Club, Moccasin Club, 6: Keep my date at Ohio State College. Hill, Janette-I: Jan, 2: "Too Young", 3: Hey AI, come herel, 4: Just fooling around, 5: W Club, 6: To graduate and then marry A. F. Hill, Marlene-I Merl, 2: "It Had To Be You", 3: Uh-huh! Comiclel, 4: Catering to my man, 5: Girls' Club, 6: To always be Janet's closest friend. Hill, Nancy-I: Nance, 2: "My Best To You", 3: How fabu- Iousl, 4: J O G, learning to Charleston on skiis, swimming, 5: Girls' Club Dept. Head, V. P. Honor Society, V. P. Pan American Club, W Club, Ski Club, Freshman-Sophomore Auxiliary Pres., 6: To bicycle through Europe with Betsy. Hillary, Ann-I: Annabelle, 2: "Because of You", 3: That's dandy, 4: Writing to Roger, sailing, skating, 5: Office, Roll Pres., Big Sister, Girls' Club, 6: To own a PCC and teach Roger to sail it. Hislop, Janet-I: Janie, 2: "Be My Life's Companion", 3: Hi, Guyl, 4: Square dancing, square dancing, and swimming, 5: Senior Play, Philosophy Club, Moccasin Club, Square Dancing Club, 6: Prove to L. and N. that they aren't cheaper by the dozen. Hielm, Arlene-I: Swedey, 2: "The World is Waiting for the Sunrise", 3: That's moldy, 4: Rifle Club, bowling, 5: W Club, Study Checker, First Aid Unit, 6: That would be te ing. Hoaclley, Patricia-I: Patty, 2: "lt's No Secret What God Can Do", 3: Hey you guysl, 4: Art work, Johnnie, 5: Girls' Club, 6: To follow my Lord and Master. Hodson, Susan-I: Susie, 2: "Stardust", 3: Yeah Joanne, I see him, 4: Tri Tanda, Slumber parties with Charlotte, J O G, dancing, 5: P.-T.A. Dance, Scholarship Comm., Apt. Clerk, Chairman Installation Comm., Chinook, Big Sister, 6: Go to the U with Jo. Hoffman, Shirley-I: Sis, 2: "Stardust", 3: O My Goshl, 4: Swimming, skiing, dancing, J O G, 5: Girls' Club Coun- cil, Torch, W Club, Roll Pres., P.-T.A. Dance, 6: To grad- uate from the U. ' Hoskin, Robert-I: Bob, 2: "The World is Waiting for the Sunrise", 3: Never fear, Hoskin is here, 4: Fishing, hiking, baseball, 5: Boys' Club Treas., Warriors, Stage Crew, Chinook Business Manager, 6: Graduate from the U of W. Houghton, Sharon-i: Topsey, 2: "I'll Always Love You", 3: Oh nutsl, 4: Playing the accordion, 5: All sports, 6: To be a nurse and to get married. Houles, Helen-l: Blackie, 2: Any Tango, 3: What would I do without Phyllis?, 4: Dancing, eating, and arguing with Emily, 5: Clerical Comm., Big Sister, 6: To get in one night without being heard. Huber, Gene-I: Hube, 2: Tommy Dorsey's "Boogie Woogie", 3: Ho I-Io that's richl, 4: All sports, playing a trumpet, 5, Senior Rep., Bowling Team, Tennis Team, Band, 6: Gym teacher, agriculturist, or band leader. Hugill, Philip-I: Phil, 2: "Tea for Two", 3: How about that?, 4: Fishing, sports, reading, 5: Assembly Commission, Sen- ior Rep., Boys' Club, 6 To be happy and travel the world over. Hurlbut, Betsy-I: Bets, 2: "Wunderbar", 3: Are you com- ing toJ O G tonight'?, 4: J O G, Tri Tanda, skiing, 5: Girls' Club Dept. Head, W Club, Torch, Ski Club, Prom Comm., 6: To bicycle through Europe with Nancy. lngle, Donna-l: Donnie, 2: "I Get ldeas", 3: What was thatl, 4: Indians and iust about anything else, 5: Phi- Iosophy Club, W Club, Senior Play, Girls' Club, Pan Amer- ican Club Pres., Debate Sec., Torch, Big Sister, Informa- tion Commission, Senior Rep., Math Club, First Aid Team, 6 Who knows, after college. Irminger, Ray-I: Willie, 2: "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine", 3: That's a big crock, 4: Motorcycles, swimming, women, 5: Bowling, Fire Squad, 6: Be a successful engineer. 4-Hobbies. 5-School Acfivifies. 6--Ambition. Irons, Betty-l, Beawoo, 2, "Cold Cold Heart", 3, Wait a minute, Nona, 4, Skating, dancing, Gene, 5, Girls' Club, Fire Squad, Red Cross, 6, To marry that man of mine. Jackson, Marlene-l, Jackson, 2, "Nevertheless", 3, No kiddin' kid?, 4, J O G, Tri L, 5, Girls' Club, Apt. Clerk, Torch, Senior Rep., 6, To be happy at whatever l do. Jacobson, Ida-l, Jake, 2, "Tenderly", 3, l'm sorry, 4, Y, J 0 G, playing O' Heck with Al, Marge, and Darelle, 5, Tillicums, Decoration, Honor Society, Roll Officer, 6, Follow Darelle up the tree after Wi Turd. Jacobson, Roger-l, Jake, 2, "Blue Moon", 3, l don't know, you got me, 4, Taking what's her name out, skiing, bowl- ing, tennis, 5, Boys' Club, Ski Club, tennis, Senior Play, bowling, basketball, intramural, 6, To be a chemist, treas- ure hunter, and deep sea diver. Jarvimake, Milton-l, Mit, 2, "Undecided", 3, Censored, 4, Wine, women, and song, 5, Boys' Club, 6, To climb the highest mountains. Jenkins, John Jensen, Elaine-2, "The Holy City", 3, Oh nuts, 4, Playing the guitar, piano, singing, 5, Girls' Club, Senior Play, Drama Club, Sr. Choir, 6, To become a primary teacher. Jensen, Janet-l, Jan, 2, "There's No You", 3, Don't you know T D?, 4, J O G, 5, Sr. Choir, Apt. Clerk, 6, To go to Bermuda on a bicycle with Mimi and T D. Jensen, Joyce-l, Rusty, 2, "Lonely Little Robin", 3, Pretty moldy, 4, Traveling, collection of bottles, 5, Choir, Moc- casin Club, Publicity Manager for Senior Play, 6, To grad- uate and become Boys' Counselor at Yale. Jensen, Mary Jean-l, M J, 2, "Because", 3, Hi, 4, Piano, Rainbow, 5, Sec. Honor Society, Torch, Senior Play, Pow Wow, Pan American V. P., Pres. Math Club, Debate, 6, To bring a little happiness to someone every day. Johanson, Mariorie-l, Margie, 2, "Heartbreakers", 3, Act sensible, McMahan, 4, Playing O' Heck with Al, lda, and Darelle, J 0 G, 5, Make-Up Club, Swim Team, P.-T.A. Dance Comm., Council, Out of School Comm., 6, To see Alix in the spotlight. Johnson, Arnold-l, Arnie, 2, "Come On A My House", 3, Come my beloved, 4, My wife, pigs, 5, Car driving, foot- ball, tennis, bowling, Senior Rep., 6, To stay with my wt e. Johnson, Carol-l, Johnny, 2, "Tenderly", 3, Fun wasn't it?, 4, Drawing, 5, Make-Up, Girls' Club, 6, Live each day to the hilt. Johnson, Danna-l, John, 2, "l Get ldeas", 3, You think not, huh? 4, Rainiers, sports, dancing, FHS, 5, Nurses' Aide, Clerical, 6, To be a ball player's wife and secretary. Johnson, Helen Johnson, Phyllis-l, Red, 2, "Fascinating Rhythm", 3, Welll, 4, Some, 5, None, 6, At times and now and then. Jones, Gail-l, Jonesie, 2, "TilI Then", 3, You're kidding, 4, Swimming, dancing, 5, Girls' Club, Roll Pres., Honor Society, 6, Must have misplaced it. Jones, Lois-l, Mickey, 2, "Blueberry Hill", 3, Barb, l'm hungry, what shall we eat?, 4, Dancing, Donnie, swim- ming, horseback riding, 5, Torch, Spade, Chinook, Pow Wow, Tillicums, Make-Up Club, 6, Real good wife to Donnie and always carry the church key for the gooks. Joyner, Barbara-l, Bobbie, 2, "Because of You", 3, Crumbl, 4, Sports, dancing, 6, To ioin the Spars with Kathi and go see the navy! Keeler, George-l, Professor, 2, "Stardust", 3, l say old chap, 4, Radio, electronical repairing, 5, Senior Class Rep., 6, To be a successful electronical engineer. Keeley, Daisy-l, Peach, 2, "Deep Purple", 3, Hi, Honl, 4, Nl's, E's, the old gang, J O G, 5, Senior Class Sec., W Club, Girls' Club, Sr. Dances, Prom Chairman Decorations, 6, To ride the roller coaster at the age of Bl with all the gals. I+Nickname. 2-Favorite Song. 3-Favorite Saying. Keitges, Kenneth-2, "That's My Desire", 3, Okay, so I'm wrong, 4, Dances, eating, sleeping, 5, Boys' Club, 6, To wake up. Kegel, Richard-I, Dick, 2, "Air Corps Song", 3, That's tough, 4, Heh Heh. Kelson, Wes-I, Unmentionable, 2, "Once Upon a Blue Moon", 3, No, l'll never tell, 4, Music, industrial arts, girls, 5, Band, 6, College, then to be a retired million- aire. Kent, Jerry-I, Geradine, 2, "The Old Rugged Cross", 3, Jumpin' catfish, 4, Y F C, fishing, hiking, cars, girls, 5, Band, Drivers' Club, Honor Society, Roll Pres., 6, To make a success of my life. Kienholz, Mariorie-I, Mickey, 2, "Because of You", 3, Siempre manana, 4, Dancing, skiing, swimming, tennis, 6, To become president iladyl. Kimpton, Rosetta-l, Rosie, 2, "Detour", 3, I don't care, 4, Roller skating, one certain senior, western music, 5, Library, 6, Telephone operator, work. Kinkade, Ken-I, Beastie, 2, "Whispering", 3, Oh, say now, 4, Boats, cars, 6, U of W. Kirk, Robert-I, Bob, 2, "Jealousy", 3, You'lI never know, 4, Skiing, 5, Boys' Club Rep., 6, To go to college. Kirkeby, Patricia-l, Red, 2, "Hey, Good Looin' ", 3, Bobbie, don't call on mel, 4, Dancing, swimming, 5, Clerical, Sr. Choir, Spade Chairman, Tom Tom, 6, To go to L A with Shirley, and carry the shurch key for the gooks. Klein, Bruce-I, Bruce, 2, "Make Believe", 4, Hunting, fish- ing, swimming, 5, Boys' Club Council, Senior Play, 6, To have ea good time in everything I do. Knight, Roberta-I, Bert, 2, "Emraceable You", 3, That is nicel, 4, Movies, singing, 5, Philosophy Club, Drama Club, Fire Squad, Senior Play, 6, To write a book and have 20th make it into a movie. Knittler, Ronald-l, Ron, 2, "Fliefe Mit Mir in Die Heimat", 3, Ich weiss nicht, 4, My new Ford, skiing, 6, To visit the castles on the Rhein. Knutson, Jerry-I, Knut, 2, "Because of You", 3, What do ya say'?, 4, Boating, water skiing, 5, Football, Gridsmen Club, Boys' Club Rep., 6, To take a trip to California. Knutson, Virginia-I, Ginnie, 2, "When He Shall Come", 3, Oh crumb, 4, Ice skating, swimming, 5, W Club, Girls' Club, 6, To become a secretary and sit on the boss' lap. Koreski, Rally-I Cap, 2, "Strings of Pearls", 3, Yah, that's right, 4, Automotive mechanic, 5, Roll officer, Boys' Club Committees, intramural sports, 6, To get 4 A's and make millions. ' Kreklow, Ron-I, Sonny, 2, "Because", 3, That's the way it goes, 4, Boxing, 5, Boys' Club Rep., Roll Vice Pres., 6, To make the most out of life. Kuest, Marvis-I, Marvie, 2, "Time and Time Again", 3, Oh, sosh, 4, Skiing, fencing, J O G, Mog Ni, Hag Row, 5, Art Club, Math Club, '52 Rep., Ski Club, Girls' Club, 6, To travel to H. Kuehnley, Douglas-I, Doug, 2, "MeIancholy Rhapsody", 3, Maybe the next batch will be better, 4, Dixieland car- tooning, metaphysics, cars, 5, Cell leader in institution advocating violent overthrow of school government, 6, Find the self, own my-own crock, and finish remaking my Model T. Lamare, Marilyn-I, Marny, 2, "God Understands", 3, Guess whatl, 4, Sports, piano, 5, Nurses' Aide Comm., Y F C Club, 6, To be an example for Christ. Lambert, Denny-I, Den, 2, "Hot Canary", 3, 63 miles an hour, 4, Skiing, 5, Boys' Club, Drivers' Club, 6, To be a real ace, iust like Jack Craig. Land, Don-l, Flat Top, 2, "Vanity", 3, That's OKI, 4, My car, 5, Drivers' Club, 6, To have curly hair. 4-Hobbies. 5-School Activities. 6-Ambition. Lange, Paul-2, "Undecided", 3, 30 lashes with a soggy noodle, 4, Working on my Ford, 5, Chinook, football, track, W Club, Gridsmen Club, 6, To keep a Transmission in my Ford for more than a week. Larsen, Dorothea-I, Dot, 2, "Begin the Beguine", 3, That's for surel, 4, H A G Row, piano, skiing, Mog Ni, 5, '52 Rep. Drivers' Comm., Sr. Play, Spade, Sr. Justice, Honor So- ciety, 6, To go to Norway and learn to ski like a good Norwegian. Larsen, Janet-I, Fatty, 2, "Claire de Lune", 3, I don't give a darn, 4, Bowling, dancing, 5, W Club, Spade, Vice Pres. Moccasin Club, Cheeriets, 6, To go to the U of W and become a nurse and find a man. Larson, Marilynn-I, Red, 2, "Body and Soul", 3, Jean, l've got them, 41 Dancing, parties with Jean, writing to Gary, J O G, 5, Publicity, Decorations, '52 Rep., 6, To ride on the roller coaster with the girls when l'm 81.7, Larson, Sally Larsen, Roy-I, Larsen, 2, "Moonlight Serenade", 3, Hi, lover, 4, Hunting, girls, King Hi Y, 5, Going to class, 6, Pilot. Leadbetter, Robert-I, Bob, 2, "BIue Moon", 3, I say, girl, 4, Fishing, hunting, sports, 5, Track, W Club, Spike Shoe Club, Sr. Play, Art Club, 6, Enioy myself while l'm living, and when I die, die laughing. Lena, Geraldine-I, Gerry, 2, "We Could Make Believe", 3, I need some money, 4, Dancing, a certain guy, 5, W Club, Girls' Club! 6, Sleep all day, dance all night, and work in my spare time. Lenaie, Carol-i, Carrie, 2, "Bushel and a Peck", 3, Oh corn, 4, Bowling, 5, Study checker, 6, To be a nurse. Lines, Don-2, "Garden in the Rain", 5, Boys' Club Rep., '52 Rep., 6, Military sea transportation. Linsert, Mary Lou-I, Lu, 2, Tcheikowsky's lst Piano Con- certo, 3, No, no Mike, 4, Reading, riding, skiing, 5, Sr. Play, Make-Up Club, Drama Club, Student Council, Op- eretta, Ski Club, Pow Wow, Talent Assembly, 6, Oh yes, quite often. Lockley, Reginald-I, Reg, 2, "My Foolish Heart", 3, Over the teeth, behind the gums, look out stomach, here she comes, 4, Nice cars, 5, Radiator gang, 6, Architect or draftsman and to become a Bugerham. Locklin, Darrell-2, "He Bought My Soul", 3, Hit it again, it's still wiggling, 4, Cabinet work, 6, To go down on an up escalator. Lumbart, George-5, Senior Play. Lundquist, Margery-I, Margie, 2, "Night and Day", 3, Is it really'?, 4, Tri G, J 0 G, dancing, swimming, 5, Office, Girls' Club, 6, To make everyone my best friend. McAllister, Bob-I, Spike, 2, Anything by Les Paul, 3, No Jim, not now, 4, Fishing, cars, women, drama, 5, Pow Wow, Senior Play, assembly, 6, Get what I want and keep gettin' it. McClelland, Rod-I, Bunchie, 2, "Star Spangled Banner", 3, Don't laugh, this could happen to youl, 4, Making fun of Large Edwards, 5, Boys' Club, intramural, basketball, Spanish Club, Fire Squad, roll room officer, 6, To model men's wear in the Sears, Roebuck catalog. McCormick, Gerry-I, Spider, 2, "Jezebel", 3, Come again?,, 4, Mohawa, Hiawatha, sports, girls, dancing, 5, Basket- ball, tennis, Boys' Club Cabinet, 6, To go to college and row a slow boat to China with Jo. McCormick, Janet-I, Jan, 2, "Wonder Why", 3, Just a minute, Del, 4, Ice skating, skiing, dancing, 5, Girls' Club Rep., W Club, P.-T.A. Dance, Pan American Club, Nurses' Office, 6, The University, airline stewardess. McDonnell, Dan-I, Daniel, 2, "Beer Barrel Polka", 3, Let's get rolIin', 4, Electricity, boats, 5, Senior Class Pres., Honor Society, Intramural, 6, To get through college. McDonnell, Betty Lou-l, Betty, 2, "September Song", 3, l'm glad, 4, Mog Ni, Tri G, skiing, swimming, 5, Girls' Club, Ski Club, W Club, Roll Officer, Senior Play, 6, An- other woman in white. I-Nickname. 2-Favorite Song. 3-Favorite Saying. McElroy, Eddie-l: Mac, 2: "The Golden Rocket", 3: What do ya say, John?, 4: Piano, cars, girls, 5: Boys' State, Chinook Staff, 6, To go to the U of W and own a new Merc convertible. McGlenn, Kay-4: Sewing, reading, drawing, 5: Art Club, Girls' Club, 6: To graduate from the U of W. McGoldrick, Patricia-l: Patty, 2: "Tenderly", 3: I never laughed so hard in all my lite, 4: Dancing, Iearing to ski, Ds, 5: W Club, Cheerities, Ski Club, Senior Play, Drama Club, 6: To climb to the top ofa mountain and ski down standing up. Mclvor, Bruce-l: Mac, 2: "To Each His Own", 3: Yehl, 4: Sports, money, 5: Chinook, '52 Rep., Boys' Club, 6: To go on to college on NROTC. McKibbon, Carol-l: Brown Eyes, 2: "Wonderful Wasn't lt?", 3: Hurry up, let's go, 4: Dancing, parties, going to foot- bal lgames, 5: Chinook Staff, 6: Private secretary to a certain lawyer. Mclellan, Ann-l: Annie, 2: "lt Had To Be You", 3: l got another letter, 4: Writing letters, 5: Girls' Club, Study Hall Checker, 6: To take my trip back East after gradua- tion. McLucas, Clayton McMahan, Jo Ann-l: Do Do, 2: "Heartbreaker", 3: That dumb Margie, 4: J O G, skiing, playing Dirty 8 with Tiny and Virginia, 5: P.-T.A. Dance, Senior Prom, 6: To go some place with the crazy twelve. McManus, Jane-l, No one calls me anything but Jane, 2: "Stardust", 3: Honestly, 4: Slumber parties at Charlottes, Mog Ni, Tri Tanda, 5: P.-T.A. Dance, W Club, Senior Play, 6: To be a success at whatever l do. Mac Cormac, Marilyn-l: Mickey, 2, "Blue Moon", 3: Honey, please?, 4: Masqueraders, dancing, Gene, 5: P.-T.A. Dance, 6: Only Gene knows. MacDonald, Claudia-l, Bunny, 2: "Stardust", 3: Hurry up, Helen, or you'll never make it, 4: Dancing, skiing, 5: Girls' Club, 6: To add four more hours to every day so l can get all those little things done l've been wanting to do for years. Mac Milian, Betty-2: Anything by Les Paul, 3: You know it, 4: Collecting menus, 5: Choir, '52 Rep., Girls' Club, Spade, 6: To go to Hawaii some day. Marsh, Carlile Martin, Wayne-l: Curly, 2: "Look for the Silver Lining", 3: Better late than never, 4: Singing in U S O camp shows, 5: Drama Club, Debate Club, Kimtah, 6: To graduate from the Pasadena Play House. Maurer, Paula-T: Paul Jones, 2: "Because of You", 3: Oh, nol, 4: Skiing, swimming, 5: W Club, Torch, Ski Club, Girls, Club Comm. Chairman, 6: To go to the University ot Washington. Manning, Tom Michelotti, Janet-T: Jerl, 2: "Maybe It's Because", 3: Hey Merl, there's Schwalm, 4: Skiing, hiking, art, 5: W Club, Ski Club, Art Club, 6: To tly over Annapolis with Marlene in a helicopter on our way to Italy. Michelotti, Joan-l: Micky, 2: "Because of You", 3: l'm only ioshing, Athuly, 4: Sewing, bowling, tennis, art, dancing, 5: Recording Sec. of Girls' Club, W Club, Latin Club Sen- ator, Roll Pres., 6: To be a nurse and marry Doug. Moilanen, Loretta-l: Etta, 2: "September Song", 3: Oh, you're a dolll, 4: J O G, B Y's, dancing, skiing, 5: Dad's Night, Honor Society, P.-T.A. Dance, Class Rep., 6: To peel bananas, 'cause it's monkey business. Miller, Narita-2: "Sweet Violets", 3: Good gravy, 4: Piano, collecting petrified wood, 5: Math Club, Clerical Chair- man, Honor Society, 6: To enioy life as long as it lasts. Miller, Shirley-l: Shirl, 2: "l Was Dancing with Someone", 3: This dirty world! 4: Swimming, 5: P.-T.A. Dance, Torch, Swim Team, '52 Rep., 6: Dog paddle with Sl and S2 to Hawaii. 4-Hobbies. 5-School Activities. 6-Ambition. Minert, Jay-I, Little Willie, 2, "Undecided", 3, Hi ya gang, 4, Hi Y, Hoppy'Club Pres., 5, Boys' Club, Drivers' Club, 6, To meet Hoppy. Minert, Yvonne-I, Dawn, 2, "Detour", 3, For John's sakes, 4, Stamps, cups and sauacers, salt and pepper shakers, 5, '52 Rep., Spade, Study Hall Checker, 6, To make a suc- cess in my future work. Montgomery, Kenneth-I, Ken, 2, "Undecided", 3, Whata ya say, 4, Girls and cars, 5, Spike Shoe Club, 6, To get a new convertible! Montgomery, Kermith Montgomery, Janet-I, Monty, 2, "Up a Lazy River", 3, Oh nutsl, 4, Music, art, sailing, J O G, Spade, Y S O, 5, Moccasin Club, 6, Just a housewife. Moody, Walter-I, Buck, 2, "Too Young", 3, And there they go, 4, Guns, trains, 5, Band, 6, To go to Annapolis. Morgan, John-I Morg, 2, "Charmaine", 3, I say everything and anything, 4, Music, skiing, singing, trombone, ath- letics, 5, Ski Club, Drama, Senior Play, 6, To never get married. Murphy, Gerry Murray, Rolland-I, Rolly, 2, "Sin", 3, Por Dios, 4, Swim- ming, dancing, drinking lmilkb, 5, Boys' Club Vice Pres., Band, Chinook, Square Dancing, Fire Squad, 6, To become a congressman. Myers, Donna-I, Donnie, 2, "I'm Glad I Met You", 3, I don't know, 5, Honor Society, 6, To live, love and laugh. Myers, Evelyn-I, Ev, 2, "BIue Moon", 3, Gees, 5, Sr. Choir, 6, To always be able to laugh at myself. Myers, Lola-2, "Falling in Love with Someone", 4 Music, dancing, 5, Senior Play, Philosophy Club, Spade, Torch, Moccasin, Cheeriets, W Club, 6, To follow my heart. Neale, Julie-I, Crazy, 2, "I Won't Cry Anymore", 3, Where's the party?, 4, The mighty Terroplane, skiing, iust having fun, 5, Girls' Club Rep., Big Sister, 6, To swipe light bulbs, light work, and to get Carol and Joan out of school. Neitra, William-I, Willie, 2, "I Like It", 4, Fishing, hunt- ing for girls, Hoppy Club member, 6, To go to college and graduate, not to get married. Neklason, Linda-2, "My Best To You", 3, Honest to goshl, 4, Horses and men, 5, W Club, baseball manager, Big Sister, Art Club, Pan American Club, 6, To become a good P E teacher. Nelson, Geraldine-I, Geri, 2, "Undecided", 3, Can I drive'?, 4, Skiing, ice skating, listening to Nay's troubles, 5, Art Club, Sr. Prom Publicity Chairman, P.T.A. Dance, Sr. Dance decorations, 6, To become a good commercial artist. Nelson, Pat-1, Curly, 2, "Patricia", 3, You're not bad, you're horrible, 4, Kidding girls, playing pool, swimming, 5, Boys' Club Rep., '52 Rep., Roll Pres., 6, To beat Tosh Tada at a game of 9 ball. Neumann, Joan-2, "Thinking of You", 3, I like it, 4, Writ- ing to Bruce, 6, Waiting for that certain day. Nolan, Dick-I, Dick, 2, "I Get Ideas", 3, I don't wa-nt to skip today, Jim, 4, Pool, cars, 5, Boys' Club, Drivers' Club, Retailers' Club, 6, To find someone beautiful and settle down in ten years or so. Nuckalls, Jack-I, Nucks, 2, "Come On a My House", 3, l'Il tell ya why, 4, Mountain climbing, skiing, cars, 5, Ski Club, Hoppy Club, 6, To be a submariner and to live in Southern California. Ogdon, William-I, Bill, 2, "l'm on the Battlefield for my Lord", 3, Hey, will you sign my Kimtah?, 4, Music, any- thing I happen to be doing, 6, To serve my Lord Jerus Christ in whatever way He would have me. I-Nickname. 2-Favorite Song. 3-Favorite Saying. Olson, Joy-l, Sudzie, 2, "l'd Rather Have .lesus", 3, You dummies, 4, Knitting, swimming, collecting souvenir spoons, 5, Red Cross, Refreshment Comm., 6, A nursing career on the mission field. Olson, Peggy Oman, Joanne-l, Tiny, 2, "Dream", 3, Hi there, kidl, 4, J 0 G, Wakiya, 5, Vice Pres. Senior Class, Song Queen, Co-Chairman Sr. Prom, Chairman Clerical Comm., '52 Rep., 6, To go to the University of Washington. Osborn, Diane-l, Di, 2, "So Tired", 3, Oh goodie goodie, 4, J O G, Mog Ni, Rainbow, Tri Tanda, golf, swimming, 5, W Club, Girls' Club Dept. Head, Torch, Latin Club, Sen- ior Play, 6, To shinny up the North Pole and meet Joyce. Ostic, Ron-l, Vanity, 2, "Vanity", 3, What?, 4, De Molay, singing, speaking, girls, 5, Senior Play, Warriors, Debate, Honor Society, Pan American Club, 6, To make someone happy everyday of my life and live according to the Golden Rule. Paige, Barbara-l, Barb, 2, "lt Had To Be You", 3, Crumb, 4, Writing letters, skating, cups and saucers, 5, Girls' Club Rep., '52 Rep., 6, Begin every day with a smile. Parmelee, Jim-2, "Sentimental Me", 3, My word, 4, Base- ball, football, basketball, swimming, skiing, bowling, 6, To live to be a hundred with Gail. Parry, Myrna-l, Hutton the Second, 2, "There's No Busi- ness Like Show Business",3,Where did Mary Lou go now?, 4, Knitting, waiting for Robert K., 5, Senior Play, W Club, Fire Squad, 6, To make people laugh a little. Partee, Duane-2, "Too Young", 4, Mountaineering, hiking, skiing, 5, Warriors, Gridsmens Club, Fire Squad, Movie Crew, 6, To go to the U of W and maior in Forestry. Patterson, Pat-l, Patrish, 2, "Once in a While", 3, Hi, Hon, 4, Stardusters, Marqueraders, teasing Rita, J O G, 5, Honor Society, P.T.A. Dance, Roll Pres., Friendship, 6, U of W and to be happy the rest of my life. Paul, Lurline-l, Leo, 2, "Desert Song", 3, That's for sure, 4, Swimming, skating, tennis, skiing, 5, Torch, Girls' Club Council, W Club, Service Comm. Chairman, 6, To skate like Sonia Henie. Paulson, Constance-l, Connie, 2, "Sin", 3, Whar's Coce?, 4, Reading, cooking, 5, Glee Club, Scrapbook Comm., 6, To be happy always, Pearson, Sonia-l Sinny, 2, "Nisses Hambe", 3, You horsel, 4, J O G, Masqueraders, Enchanters, diving, ice skating, art ,dancing, 5, Torch, W Club, Art Club Vice Pres., Infor- mation Comm., Chairman Art, Publicity, and Nurses' Aide, 6, To ride the roller coaster with the gals, only l'll be 82. Peckover, Vernon-l, Vern, 5, Managing Ed. of Chinook, Warriors Vice Pres., 6, To work on a liberal metropolitan newspaper. Perivoch, Emily-l, Em, 2, "Liberty Bell", 3, Of course l'm right, 4, Arguing with Blackie, 5, Debate, W Club, Drama Comm. Chairman, 6, To always be happy and make life more enioyable for others. Perry Leonard-l, Len, 2, "l Got Tears in My Ears from Lying on My Back in My Bed While l Cry Over You", 3, Pretty punchy ain'cha?, 4, Just playin', 5, C S G Pres., basaketball, golf, 6, To go out with a real girl. Perusse, Tom-l, Apple Knocker, 2, "Lonely Little Robin", 3, Not this boy, 4, Hunting, fishing, skiing, 5, Boys' Club, 6, To do something right. Peterson, Nona Lee-l, Pete, 2, "Stardust", 3, l don't get it, 4, J O G, Tri Tanda, dancing, 5, Girls' Club Cabinet, Stu- dent Council, Torch, Chinook, W Club, Kimtah, P.T.A. Dance, 6, Get through the U of W and go to Hawaii. Peterson, Thelma-1, T M, 2, "Dreamers HoIiday", 3, But l'm a senior, 4, Bumping off at Stevens, Tri Totem, 5, Make-Up, Music, Torch, 6, To chop down Wi Turd's monkey tree at Holly. Philp, Frances-l, Fran, 2, "They Say", 3, Watch it Gene, mama will spankl, 4, Playing tag with Janis and Jannet, 5, P.T.A. Dance, Torch, Tillicums, Girls' Club, 6, To choose my man and marry him. Pickrell, John-l, Johnnie, 2, "l Know a Fountain", 3, Yea, you know, 4, Church, cars, music, young peoples, 6, To preach the word of God to everyone I can, and to have a church l can preach in. 4-Hobbies. 5-School Activities. 6-Ambition. Polley, George-I: Polley: 2: "They Say": 4: Coin collecting: 5: Boys' Club: 6: Teaching. Pooley, Maureen-2: "Thinking of You": 3: Come on you kids, singl: 4: J O G, Tri Totem: 5: Song Queen, C S G Administration Comm., Apt. Clerk: 6: To introduce Jack- son to Wi Turd, when she's not working. Poppelreiter, Pauline-I: Polly: 2: "Tell Me Why": 3: l'll never tell: 4: Skiing, swimming: 5: Ski Club, Kimtah, Make-Up, Swim Team: 6: To go to Europe on a tramp steamer. Prospek, Bill-I: Willie: 2: "Till Then": 3: I ain't sayin': 4: Hoppy Club, sports: 5: Sports, Boys' Club, Gridsmens Club, Boys' W Club: 6: To go to WSC. Pryor, Patricia-I: Peanuts: 2: "Loveliest Night of the Year": 3: It's time to die: 4: Skating, dancing, swimming, base- ball: 5: Retail Club. Qualls, Diane-T: Dee: 2: Sewing, designing, skiing, tennis: 5: Roll Room Sec.: 6: To marry a millionaire. Rafert, Paul-2: "Little Rock Getaway": 3: Oh corn! 4: Radio, sound experiments: 5: Stage Crew, Warriors, Pow Wow: 6: Audio engineer. Reynolds, Ann Lee-I: Flea: 2: "Scherizade": 3: Gee but I'm tired: 4: Art, Music, Tri Tanda, Mog Ni: 5: Pow Wow, Sr. Play, W Club, Make-Up, Ensemble: 6: To have a career in singing. Rhodes, Sally-I: Sal: 2: "Once in Awhile": 3: Oh ick, Mol: 4: Bowling, driving, iobies: 5: Honor Society, Tom Tom, Office: 6: To be a nurse. Ritter, Darla-I Charlie: 2: "Mona Lisa": 3: I don't know what to tell yal: 4: Shell iewelry, textile painting: 5: Make-Up, Scrapbook, Mother-Daughter Tea: 6: To be a good wife. Robicheau, Dave-I: Robie: 2: "Again": 3: I give up: 4: Cars and more cars: 6: To be a good mechanic. Rodman, Mary-2: "Last Mile": 3: Oh, no, I'm not, Barbl: 4: Wakiya, J O G, skiing, slumber parties at Charlotte's: 5: Chinook, Art Club, P.T.A. Dance, Sr. Play, W Club: 6: To see a football game from the press box. Rogers, Ken-I: Lover: 2: "Blue Moon": 3: Hey, Clown: 4: Junking cars for laughs, Hoppy Club: 5: C S G Cabinet, Boys' Club, Warriors, Chinook, baseball, football, Grids- mens Club, Pres. Boys W Club, Sec. Honor Society: 6: To go to an eastern college and make a success of life, in law, I hope. Roland, Craig-2: "I Get ldeas": 3: Oh, oh, trouble: 4: Sports, drawing: 5: Intramural, basketball, Warriors: 6: To have a thousand true friends. Rovig, Barbara-I: Sabra: 2: "September Song": 3: You iust don't have it: 4: Swimming, 5: P.T.A. Dance, Swim Team, gorcha Faculty Tea: 6: To dog paddle to Hawaii with 2 an St. Saety, Joyce-I: Jo: 2: "And the Angels Sing": 3: Better not tell you now: 4: Sunny, music, Bremerton: 5: Torch, Of- fice, P.T.A. Dance, Faculty Tea: 6: To silde down the South Pole and meet Diane at the end. Salsbury, Claudia-I: Claud: 2: "The PaIms": 3: Is my slip showing? 4: Piano, pipe organ next: 5: Ticket Squad, Election Comm.: 6: To serve Christ as a missionary nurse and to go to Whitworth College. Sandborg, Laureen-I: Laurie: 2: "Make BeIieve": 3: What did he say?: 4: Cleaning out the locker: 5: Senior Play, Pow Wow, Drama, Make-Up, Art Club: 6: To learn to draw something besides charictures. Sandford, Bill Sayre, Matt-I: Mattson: 2: "Hotrod Race": 3: Wheesay: 4: Hunting, fishing, skiing, Hoppy Club Sec., Hi Y: 5: Stu- dent Body Vice Pres., Sports Editor Chinook, Ski Club, Torch, W Club, Student Court, Drivers' Club, Latin Club, Golf Squad: 6: To get an A in a math course. Schultz, Joan-I: Joanie: 2: "Too Young": 3: Yea, teamll: 4: Sports, music, B Y's: 5: Moccasin, P.T.A. Dance: 6: To paint the world red. 1-Nickname. 2-Favorite Song. 3-Favorite Saying. SCHWABLAND, DONNA-1. Chickadee, 2, "l'm Waiting Just For You", 3, Good trick if you can do it, 4, Bud, 5, Girls' Club, 6, To complete the second part of the Triple Alli- ance. SCHWALM, I-IOWARDfI,'Snooks, 2, "Little White Lies", 3, Amt saying, 4, Fishing, hunting, hiking, cars, Hoppy Club, 5, Gridsmens Club, Boys' Club, 6, To be a logging tycoon. SCHWEERS, HARVEY-2, "Holy City", 3, Oh, corn, 4, Bells, art, 5, Art Club, 6, To serve the Lord God. SCOTT, JACK-I, Slim, 2, "Undecided", 3, Aye, 4, Fishing, hunting, golf, football, swimming, 5, W Club, Boys' Club, Fire Squad, Golf Team, 6, To be vice-pres. of W S F F. SEIDENBERG, ILEENE-I, Heidelberg, 2, "Bill", 3, Ain't Bill cute'?, 4, Watching Bill, 5, Sr. Rep., 6, To be the chief fireman on the U.S.S. Princeton. SHARP, BARBARA-I, Barb, 2, "Because of You", 3, Well hon, how about deciding, 4, Masqueraders, Enchanters, J 0 G, Tri L, Someone special, 5, Art Club, W Club, Roll Vice-Pres., 6, To ride the roller coaster at the age of 81 with all the gals. SHASTEEN, BUD-I, Bus, 2, "The Girl That l Marry", 3, ls that right?, 4, Hunting, flying, sports, 5, Football, Voca- tion Comm. Chairman, 6, To become a lawyer, go into politics. SHELDRUP, .IIM-3, You can't be true, dear, 4, Sailing, ski- ing, swimming, 6, To own a 50-ft. sailing schooner. SHERMAN, CAROL-I, Freckles, 2, "Loveliest Night of the Year", 3, iBoyl Scouts Honor, 4, Listening to music, boys, Spade, Y F C, 5, W Club, Make-up, 6, To be a secretary to a cute boss. SHRODER, BARBARA-I, B S, 2, "Recondita Armonia", 3, Hey Lois, umml, 4, Skiing, tennis, records, parties, danc- ing with .Iim, 5, PTA Dance, Make-up, Ski Club, Pow Wow, Roll Pres., Scholarship, 6, To go to Julliard School of Music. SILVERS, DON-I, Don, 2, "Lips of Cherry Wine", 3, Yeh, 2 or 3 times, 4, Wood-working, fishing, hunting, 5, Chi- nook, 6, To be an electrician. SKINNER, THOMAS-I, Skinner, 2, "Tea For Two", 3, Don't work too hard, 4, My car, 5, Band, Orchestra, 6, To some- day have a model B with a full race engine. SMITH, GARY-I, Duke, 2, "Wheel of Fortune", 3, Cherch'ez la femmel, 4, Hiking, hunting, swimming, fishing, women, 5, Fire Squad, Movie, Chess Club, Warriors, 6, To be a bachelor and raise my kids the same way. SMITH, MIMI-I, Smitty, 2, "Blue Prelude", 3, Let's go get a drink of water, Jan, 4, Spade, Tri G, 5, Girls' Club Comm., 6, To go to Bermuda on a bicycle with Jan and TD. SMITH, ROGER-2, "l'll Get By", 3, l don't wnow, 6, To get out of school. SMITH, ROSALIE-2, "Through the Years", 3, Bye now, 4, J O G, skiing, tennis, 5, Girls' Club Treasurer, W Club, Ski Club, Torch, 6, To find success and happiness in whatever l may do. SMITH, TERENCE-I, Terry, 2, "Why Don't You Do Right'?", 4, Boxing, 5, Boys' Club Rep. SMITHRUD, CARL-1, Smitty, 2, "Because of You", 3, I peeked, 4, Football, Girls, YFC, 5, Drivers Club, Boys' Club, 6, Rancher and navy. SORENSEN, GEORGE-l, Chips, 2, "Old Man Riverf, 3, Oh fuss, 4, Fishing, wrestling, tumbling, weight-lifting, cars, Y F C, 5, Boys' Club, Drivers Club, 6, Architect or car- penter. SPARKS, BILL-I, Chuckins, 2, "When You Say I Beg Your Pardon, Then l'll Come Back to You'f, 3, Dont get your water hot, 4, Cars, hiking, 5, Movie Crew, Boys Club Rep., 6, To run an elevator in a one-story building. STAATS, DELORES-I, Dollee, 2, "The World ls Waiting For the Sunrise", 3, That's cruddy, 4, Don, 5, W Club, Torch, Study Checker, 6, That's a secret between me and Arlene. 4-Hobbies. 51S:hool Activities. 6-Ambition. STANDAL, SANDRA-I, Sandy, 2, "Mocking Bird Hill", 3, Oh ya?, 4, Swimming, tennis, 5, Nurses Aid Comm. Chair- man, Debate, W Club, Girls' Club Council, Math Club, Hike Manager, 6, To be one of those gals in a white cap. KNO, not a mermaidj STANN, STEPHEN-I, Steve, 2, "Them There Eyes", 3, Whata ya say?, 4, Loving women, 5, Chasing women, 6, To marry a rich and beautiful woman and retire. STEVENS, THAD-I, Steve, 2, "Undecided", 3, I give up, 4, Eating, sleeping, girls, 5, Intramural, 6, To do all right for myself. STEWART, CHARLES-I Chuck, 2, "Sentimental Journey", 6, To retire at an early age, 20 or 21, with a million. STEWART, Stew, 2: "It's Magicllj 3: LSL'Id6f 4: Sports, swimming, dancing, 5, Girls' Club, Roll Pres., '52 Rep., 6, To make the U of W and have a happy life. STOCKWELL, ADELLE-I, Blowtop, 2, "You Always Hurt the One You Love", 3, Couldn't you have waited?, 4, Dancing, skating, bowling, 5, P.T.A. Dance, Red Cross, Refresh- ment Comm., 6, To marry Bill if it's the last thing I do. STODDARD, ALLENE-I, Doc, 2, "Somewhere Over the Rain- bow", 3, Huh'?, 4, Dancing, talking, 5, Honor Society, Chinook, Senior Play, Centennial, Fire Squad, 6, Begin my name with a Lt. and end it with R.N. STREIBICH, MARKUS-I, Mark, 2, "Who", 3, You know it too, 4, Fishing, hiking, swimming, 5, Badminton, Math Club, 6, To get into the Fishery Department. STRONG, DOLORES-I, Beetlebrain, 2, "Are You Lonesome Tonight?", 3, Ooh! Air Force, 4, Skating, dancing, Air Force, Gene, 5, Red Cross, P.T.A. Dance, Refreshment Committee, Nurses Aid, 6, To marry a certain guy I know. STRONG, DONNA-I, Coce, 2, "Detour", 3, What's Hoppy?, 4, Son, having a good time?, 5, Retailers Club, Girls' Club, 6, To raise more kids than I-Ioppy. SULLIVAN, JOAN SULLIVAN, MYRNA-I, Butch, 2, "Cold, Cold Heart", 3, I iust about diedl, 4, Dancing, Mog Ni, slumber parties, swimming, learning to ski, summer dances, 5, P.T.A. Dzimncg, Girls' Club, 6, To go to the reunion at Camano Is an . SUNDE, JOE-I, Joe, 2, "Blue Moon", 3, Why, what, and ohl, 4, Girls, the car, 5, Warriors, 6, To have fun in life and be a success. TAYLOR, DALE-I, Dreamboat, 2, "Because of You", 3, Ya I dlol, 4, Basketball, 5, Roll President, 6, To become a sau or. TAYLOR, MYRON-I, My, 2, "Because of You", 3, What do ya know?, 4, Sports, 5, Football, Gridsmens Club, 6, To take a trip around the world, but not with the army. THOMAS, EVAN-I, Conley, 2, "Tell Me Why", 3, Don't like to say, 4, Y.M.C.A., Dancing, M O, 5, Football, Drivers Club, A M O C, 6, To lump a box car. THOMAS, EVELYN-I, Pete, 2, "Because of You", 3, Oh, heavensl, 4, Music, church, 5, W Club, 6, To be a sur- gical nurse. THOMASON, JOYCE-I, Joucie, 2, "I'll Always Remember You", 3, Yes, George, l've got 30 cents, 4, Gooks, party times, hitchhiking to Vashon, 5, Girls' Club, 6, To always carry the church key for the Gooks. THOMPSON, PATRICIA--I, Pat, 2, "Cold, Cold Heart", 3, l'lI be there in a minute, 4, Tri L, J 0 G, dancing, skiing, slumber parties at Charlotte's, 5, College Tea Chairman, Torch, W Club, Chinook, P.T.A. Dance, 6, To be happy and successful. THOUBUM, BARBARA-I, Barbie, 2, "Unforgettable", 4, Art, 5, Spade, Girls' Club, 6, Seattle University. THRASHER, BOB-I, Dad, 2, "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine", 3, Hi, kids, 4, Wine, women and song, 5, Drivers Club, 6, 7 wives and 7 Cadillacs. I-Nickname. 2--Favorite Song. 3-Fuvorlfe Saying. Torgerson, Joan-l, Torgie, 2, "Deep Purple", 3, For corn sakesl, 4, Skating, tennis, 5, Spade, Torch, W Club, P.T.A. Dance, Operetta, 6, To lead a successful and happy life. Tracy, Ronald-l, Lee, 2, "Livet I Flnnskogarna", 4, Moun- tain climbing, 5, Fire Squad, 6, Utah cattle rancher. Tyler, Art-l, Tokey, 2, "Shostakovich's 9th Symphony", 3, Unmentionable, 4, Sleep, rest, recooperating, 6, To become a complete madman. Urquhart, Jerry-2, "Rose, Rose I Love You", 4, Bowling. Utzig, La Vonne-l, L Vonneski, 2, "Unless", 3, How about that?, 4, Swimming, dancing, Y Teens, 5, Swim Team, Pow Wow, Girls' Club, W Club, 6, To be what l'm not. Van Blaircon, Donald-l, Van, 2, "Sentimental Journey", 3, That's the way it goes, 4, Skiing, 5, Ski Club, 6, To loin the Marines and work up to be an officer. Vanderslice, Gordon Voris, Dick Wagner, Corinne-l, Fennis, 2, "Third Man Theme", 3, Gadl, 4, A few dillies! 5, Girls' Club, 6, To become a good sec- retary. Wahl, Howard-l, Howie, 2, "Ain't She Sweet", 3, Use your head, 4, Outdoors, rebuilding cars, swimming, 5, War' riors, Roll Pres., 6, To become an engineer and get a better car. Walker, Jackie-2, "Too Young", 3, Merry Christmas, 4, Fly tying, roduraping, 6, To work for State Game Dept. Wallbom, David-l, Dave, 2, "To Think You've Chosen Me", 3, Funnier than a crutch, 4, Skiing, swimming, photo, graphy, 5, Kimtah Photographer, 6, To be a minister and marry Doris. Warnick, Audree-l, Aud, 2, "Down Yonder", 3, Ya know'?, 4, Sports, records, 5, W Club Pres., Fine Arts Comm., Decoration, Torch, 6, To see a football game from the press box with Mary. Weatherstone, .loe-l, Joe, 2, "Just a Closer Walk With Thee", 3, That iust breaks my heart, 4, Driving to Lake Chelan, boating, 5, Boys' Club, 6, Uncle Sam's Air Force if they'll have me. Weed, Paul-l, Weed, 2, "Till Then", 3, Let's get the show on the road, 4, Fishing, hunting, hiking, Hi Y, 5, War- riors, Pow Wow, Drivers' Club, Stage Crew, Moccasin Club, 6, Graduate from the U. Weiks, Jim-l, Bud, 2, "l Get ldeas", 3, I say there, 4, Art work, 5, Fire Squad, Ticket Squad, Boys' Club, 6, To be the best chef in town and make my million. Wells, Bob-l, Curly, 2, "Down Yonder", 3, My car, 6, To go south. Westra, Jerry-1, Easturd, 2, "Thinking of You", 3, Shadup already, 4, Golf, car, basketball, girls, 5, Senior Class Rep., Dance Chairman, golf, 6, To stop fighting with Joey. Whalen, Patricia-l, Fat Pat, 2, "September Song", 3, You know it, 4, Swimming, dancing, 5, Girls' Club, Fire Squad, 6, To go to Seattle U with Delma. White, Donald-l, Don, 2, "l Cant' Get Started", 3, l like it, 4, Skiing, 5, Boys' Club, Roll Pres., Fire Squad, Ski Club, 6, To get through college. White, .lane-l, Janie, 2, "La Macarena", 3, l like it, I like it, 4, Mig Ni, 5, Spade, 6, To always be happy. 4-Hobbies. 5-School Activities. 6-Ambition. Whitten, Delores-l, Dolly, 2, "Three Little Words", 3, ls that so?, 4, Shooting, 5, W Club, Torch, Moccasin Club, 6, To become a iournalist. Willey, Janice-l, Danny, 2, "No Other Love", 3, What time is it?, 4, Sewing, Chuck, 5, Clerical, Make-Up, Pub- licly, 6, Make lots of money and always be happy go uc y. Wilson, Doris-l, Little Doll, 2, "Because of You", 3, Why?, 4, Dancing, collecting books and poems, 5, After school sports, 6, Successful secretary. Willson, Marilyn-l, Mo, 2, "September Song", 3, Oh Sally, really'?, 4, Rainbow, Y Teen, skating, dancing, 5, Honor Society, Girls' Club Rep., Sr. Class Rep., Tillicum, Tom Tom, 6, To be a nurse. Wines, Donna-l, Sunshine, 2, "September Song"', 3, l've got a headache, 4, Sports, music, 5, W Club, P.T.A. Dance, Dad's Night, Soccer Manager, 6, To be in the middle of a football huddle. Winkle, Betty Jo-l, Betts, 2, "Because", 3, Oh for cryin' out loud, 4, Going with the kids to Pine Lake, 5, Nurses' Aide Chairman, Apartment Clerk's Chairman, Dad's Night, Make-Up, 6, To take that trip on June llth. Winter, Alice-l, Allie, 2, "Canadian Capers", 3, Cornfrit- ters, 4, Sports, horses, rat, 5, Senior Play, 6, To own lots of horses, get married, and raise some little iockeys. Wise, Gordy-l, Gordo, 2, "To Each His Own", 3, Well, that's the way it goes, 4, Coin collecting, skiing, playing with my Essex, 5, Warriors, Football Manager, Movie Crew, Boys' Club, 6, To get married and live till the year 2000. Woeck, Richard-l, Dick, 2, "Because of You", 3, Fude gut, alles gutl, 4, Do radio work, 6, To be an engineer. Wold, David-l, Dave, 2, "Night and Day", 3, Down boy, down, 4, Sleeping, eating and working, 5, Carrying my books between 8,40 and 3,lO, 6, To pass Chemistry. Woodard, Vern Wright, Richard-i, Whitey, 2, "Stardust", 3, lt's what you make it, 4, Guns, outdoors, 5, Watching over the bad boys, 6, To make my first million and buy a cabin in the mountains and do nothing but hunt, fish, and sleep until l can no longer bear th0strain and then make my second million. Wright, Tom-l, Punchie, 2, "Because of Rain", 3, Talk that over with the gang, 4, Cars, sports, The Gang, Y, Hoppy Club Vice Pres., 5, Boys' Club, 6, To have a suc- cessful and happy life. Yambra, Mary-l, Me see Mary, 2, "l Miss You So", 3, Danie, I fine, 4, Bowling, dancing, Gooks, Y, 5, Girls' Club, Retail Club, 6, To be on an island alone with a certain D L. Yates, Donna-l, Donna Bug, 2, "Sin", 3, Mary Bug, l'm going out Rich tonight, 4, Knitting angora argyles, skiing, 5, Girls' Club Rep., Drama Club, Senior Play, 5, Air line stewardess. Harden, Harry-2, "Stardust", 3, Cars, women, 5, Boys' Club, Drivers' Club, 6, To marry a rich and young widow. Amberg, Gary-l, Gar, 2, "Sleepy Time Down South", 3, This is ol' Gar you're talkin' to, 4, Sports, dancing, 5, W Club, Gridsmen Club, sports, 6, None except to get my picture on the last page of the Senior section. THE END-6, To face the world. ! A 2 1 S655 '3'HiL.K W n gg - ml- 1' BNA 5 l W' HEC SG-QP? sawn-:mm -fel-lvsgggg Best Dancers: Sonia Pearson Jack Craig Preitiest Eyes: Kalhy Hanavvall Jim Blackstone Zl'lf"i SETS HaHofFame Most Likely to Succeed: Belsy Hurlbul George Zoffel Prettiest Lass Geri Nelson Hanclsomesf Lad Bill Prospek WILLARD SHIELD THE KIWANIS SHIELD ,gg Artie Delimitros Patty Jo Appel ' Vernon Peckover Delores Hefflinger WILLARD SHIELD lt might be said that the most important award of them all is the Willard Shield. Each year one girl and one boy, who through their scholastic effort, participation in activities, and inspiring personalities, are elected by the student body to have their names added to the Willard Shield. The Shield was first given by his class in memory of Bill Willard, a fine representative of what is meant by giving his best. Bill died as a result of iniuries received on the football field. This year the names of Patty Jo Appel and Artie Delimitros will be engraved on the shield. THE KIWANIS SHIELD Each year, in honor of the late Rupert Hamilton, the name of the most outstanding iournalist is inscribed on the Kiwanis Shield. The shield is dedicated to this former West Seattle Herald editor, who proposed it but died before his proiect was fulfilled. . This year the names of Vernon Peckover and Delores Hefflinger will be added. INSPIRATIONAL AWARDS Ken Rogers . Audree Warnick Evan Thomas Those receiving the Sports Inspirational Awards this year are Evan Thomas, Football, Audree Warnick, Girls' "W" Club, and Ken Rogers, Basketball. QUILL AND SCROLL Top: Eleanor Friar, Ron Finlay, Vernon Peckover, Jo Lee Davis, Ed Emerick, Pat Curry, John Withers. Bottom: Ken Rogers, Delores Hefflinger, Bev Burnham, Bruce Mclvor, Allene Stoddard, Matt Sayre, Duane Berry. ss Editofs Last Word How unfortunate that there is no new way of saying Thanks . . . never has so much been owed to so many. To our advisor, Mrs. Gellerrnann, whose encouragement and inspiration were responsible for a good deal of this volume, to our staff, whose abilities and time were tapped a little and a lot in order to interview, to run errands, to verify, to write, to picture and summarily to work, with their unfailing cooperation and loyalty, to Mr. Wohlrabe for the excellent account of pictures in the sports section, to Artcraft Engravers and Mr. Vierling and to Lowman and Hanford Printing, who didn't deserve the shortened life span and gray hairs our staff probably produced, to Ralston Studio, without whose help this book would certainly not be complete-the pictures, to Mr. Emerick and Mrs. Poppelreiter whose generosity enabled us to use their car and phone in threatening moments. Thanks then to these, whose rewards in no way compensate their efforts. Lastly to each other a special, unexplainable something, for neither of us could have made it through the year alone. We've brought this book to you-it isn't artful, nor original, nor particularly adult. It isn't a lot of things for which it was intended. But perhaps some day it will rate a second glance from those whose high- school lite it has attempted to record-four years of fun and etude. Maybe that is enough for book . . . to remind you of happy times. ELEANOR FRIAR, ED EMERICK. H2 ww- l I , 4 1 N r 1 ,v x JH' :ii safe si, :, 52 - ,..:, 25 H55 1: ki 1 21225 flzsiiif .ff 4315? egfii 515555 41:53 5.-4529: giijgl 351534 :Lal :-.1411 31251251 ' viii! 'E-511 '-IEE' -:EEN 'FEP ! 159 ,312 555255: :aaa 51592 riffs 1.2124 ai' A' g ' .mf F 15553 -Q' 65:25 5--. ,A :ESF J 7 vrzgzg, 53,53 hd' 5:51 ., , ,Q ',1, E, P 512,151 iiiifq ii-'fi ::1.E'! 1555521 , Hail . wiki? Qiiuigl iiwafk 1---.Z 212:31 V iiifiig flee. , 512:15 iiief Hifi, iI..i1. :YZF . i2ffi2?. 55.25 1,:.:l L-22:

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