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ff X1 2195212 ,W gi M 92 viwdks 6,555 H 5 EV S3 www , D L . fig We 0 1 f X D,rm X'fNb Q 1 W WW gg? 2? WW M 5' W .- f M, Jc,,,x 715,672,244 .ff V J N f " V W N Y Westward Ho 1961 Published by the Students of West High School Madison, Wisconsin Volume XXVIII Table of Contentsz Introduction--2, Faculty--I2 Home Rooms--65, Activities--76 INTRODUCTION Seniors--24, Sports--IOS More than Il huilzllfzg, more than a school-West High I-5 the founzlrztlon of our lives. Here the students ar- quire knowledge, social poise, and physical maturity. They look forzmnzl, molding thffr pzwfnt into ll fzztznf. INTRODUCTION 3 'K Choo! Year Ends with Reaching high. bright steel girders form the framework oi the iunior high addition. In 1961 the building of two additions to Vffest High was watched with interest. Even more, the moods of the construc- tion, the sights of derriclcs hoisting gird- ers, the smells of melted tar, the sounds of pneumatic drills, were a part of that peculiar sort of intimacy which grows on you after living with it for a year. As each brick, a link in the unity ot' the structure, was put in place, and as the interior was finished with pastels and greenboards, the new addition slowly evolved. By the end of the school year, the external and the internal, the structure and its contents, were completed. The outline oi the promised pool is the foundation of hope. ai x 4 INTRODUCTION "3l!'3i mini gui. Completed Additions and Educated Seniors The inside story of the nearly completed pool with ils shallow and deep ends. A view facing the typing room of the third- story hall of new wing. Looking toward the future, the new brick wall of addition merges with the old. INTRODUCTION 5 West Offers the Upportunities to Search, Miss Peplinski locates a book for Frank Eaves in card catalogue. Mr. McCloskey demon- strates a solid geometry problem while Dorelle Rauch, Al Manson, and David Walsh look on. ..+....t 6 INTRODUCTION Mr. Antonie, and Advanced Biology students Tori Pohle George Wischmann, Roger Ingersoll, Iody Ripp, Christine Fleischer. and Pam Sandrock admire a specimen captured on a field trip to Diseocvevz to Learn in Varied F ields. Chuck Hovey and Dick Sims run off a printing "job" in manual arts. Education is the foundation upon which West I-ligh School stands. It is the primary function and the foremost goal of the school. Yet, how can education be deflned? A description is more mean- ingful than a definition. Education is the accumulation of knowledge within a hu- man mind. It endows a man with oppor- tunities and abilities. Education is a pass- port to individual freedom. It is an integral part of complete living. It dis- tinguishes man from animal and winner from loser. Because of education, oppor- tunities are opened to students, through an education, they have the ability to capitalize on these open doors. Educa- tion, the lcey to complete living and indi- vidual freedom, is created at West. Paul Grimstad and Nadine Amphlett test weights and pulleys under Mr. De Iunq's observance. INTRODUCTION 7 We Serve West, Clary Olmstead and Hilary Harrington pass through the festive entrance at "Bel1es and Beaux". the senior class party. 8 INTRODUCTION Seniors chat with friends on Dress-Up Day about the Christmas aud and coming holiday season. Student life at Yvest High is not confined to class periods. Departmental clubs go a step be- yond the classroom . . . history, math and home economics clubs stimulate interest in school sub- jects. Publications develop the student's creativity and ability to work with others . . . Westward Ho, and High Times record the life and talents that are West High. Many organizations contribute to a smoother running and happier West . . . N.l-l.S. and the I-li-Y keep the school grounds clean, Pep Club promotes school spirit, and Stu- dent Senate creates harmony between the student body and the faculty. l-lomesoming, Grad Dance, basketball mixers, and the lunch hour provide the proper atmosphere for fun, relaxation, and a chance to know others better. All these things combine with formal education to complete a stu- dentis preparation for the future. We Participate in Her Varied Activities. Ash High-Y members Don Bushnell. Ierry Smith, Norm Christenson. and Doug Caperoon devote time and energy to Regent Sweep. Pep Club girls, posing as ilappers, form chorus line while singing of the inextinguishable West spirit of the Roaring Twenties. With ct vigorous swing of the but Mary Mar- vin attempts to break Christmas pinata at Spanish Club party. INTRODUCTION 9 Athletic Programs Develop Bacly Skills, Phil Motelet spikes volleyball as teammates and opponents watch lor results. The more enthusiastic girls attempt the inverted hang and other stunts on rings during gym class. Basketball captain Ralph Farmer shakes hands l with opponent on Ianesville court before the sounding of the horn. 10 INTRODUCTION Maintain F itness, The swish of a ball falling through a hoop- . . . the muffled thucl of a tennis ball bounc- ing off a racket . . . the sharp clack of a puck forcibly meeting a hockey stick . . . the steady beat of rhythmed calisthenics . . the shrill sound of a referee's whistle . . . the triumphant yells of the crowd. These are symbols of the physical education program at West High, a program aimed at creating and developing body skills. These skills help the student develop' a physically fit body to combine with a mentally alert mind. Varsity linemen practice blocking tech- nique as assistant coach Mr. De lung steadies sled. Provide Enjoyment. Norb Schmit. trying to gain control, grapples with Lake Mills' toe while anxious teammates and spectators look on. INTRODUCTION 1 1 Teachers Guide Us to Knowledge FACULTY LEAD and Maturity FACULTY LEAD 13 R. O. Christoffersen Principal The all-important administration of West High is conducted by two principals and by the Board of Education. Our principals are R. O. Christof- fersen and his new assistant, Donald Krider. Their administrative duties range from conducting tours of foreign students to selling coupon books. They must deal directly with the students, advise the student body on many matters, be receptive to parents, as well as assuming the countless other duties required to send a student through high school. Administration W ,f , 5 , . . 'Va Donald Krider Assistant Principal -The Board of Education is often overlooked. The members of the board, as a public and civic duty, contribute their time and talents to better our school system. A farsighted approach is nec- essary, for such important matters as school con- struction must be well planned. The new addi- tion to West High is evidence of the preparation and organization which the Board of Education must carry on in order to meet the growing needs of lViadison's schools. BOARD OF EDUCATION Herbert Schmiegeg Mrs. E. A. Sampg Dr. R. W. Hue- gel, Board Vice- Presidentg Catherine Knechtges, Office, Philip H. Falk, Superin- tendentg Glenn W. Stephens, Board Presidentg Wilbur NIcDaniel, Board Secretaryg A. H. Younger, Ray F. Sen- nett: Arthur W. Nlansfield. 14 ADMINISTRATION . f1.s.an Guidance Work for the Students'Inte1fests. Mr. Leo Barnes and Mr. Iames Speerschneider talk over the iunior class vocational unit. Mrs. Catherine Piper, the Guidance Secretary, compiles the records of class rankings. career plans. The guidance department is fast be- coming an important p-art of the Amer- ican educational system. An increasing number of problems on the part of the student, demand advice from non- teachers. Here at West, all school- parental relations are carried on through the guidance department. The guidance counselors are constantly in- terviewing students to assist them in deciding what courses to take, inter- preting test scores, and acquiring sum- mer jobs. The greatest attention of the guid- ance department is focused upon the seniors. Whether seniors go to college or not, they are faced with many deci- sions and responsibilities in their last year at West. The guidance depart- ment informs seniors ot' entrance exams, scholarships, and job openings besides providing advice to help them meet these decisions and responsi- bilities. ware-.h'q"' Rick Griiiith consults Miss Betty Perego about his college and GUIDANCE 15 Mrs. Gretchen Schofl and one of her senior English classes listen to ct recorded reading by the Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas. Joseph Antonie Biology Parnell Bach Art Eifie Ann Barh Librarian james Bicket Math, Physical Geography Wallace Bondhus Machine Shop, Auto Mechanics Glenn Borland Gym 16 FACULTY H istory, Language, and Literature Although recent progress has created strong interest in scientific pursuits, the individual must he well adjusted socially to he successful in life. Much preparation for this desired social ,balance takes place in high school-in our English, Lan- guage, and Social Studies classes. Wcst's faculty in the Humanities and Social Sciences has a key job in shaping our social careers. Curriculum revision is taking place. Different courses in college-prep and Basic English are be- ing developed to better prepare students. There is an Honors course in Senior English4a fine step in the accelerated class direction. The foreign language department has witnessed a change with the advent of a University of Wisconsin directed Russian program. Since one of the goals of the English, social studies and language departments is to develop the student's understanding and appreciation of the Humanities, West faculty has accep-ted this challenge lay adapting to these new methods while continuing to teach the traditional subjects i f .-... i t . . . Thomas Bartelt English Evelyn Baumann Art Metal Fern Beckerleg Math Are the Keys to nderstanding Miss Betty Perego helps Girls' Club members Karen Koebke and Marcia Iones, stuff envelopes for Roundy's F un Fund. W ,Aft Clark Byam History Joaquin Cardoso History, Social Studies 12 Arlene Conner Attendance Clerk H52 ll 'lf Mary Crain Home Economics, Cafeteria Nlanagement James De Jung General Science, Physics Beulah Dreyfus - School Nurse Dorothy Brower Typing Gerald Buck Physics, Chemistry Ulamae Bullington English FACULTY Knowledge of Mathematics sed if :" Q 2 1 8 FACULTY O Orville Evans Printing Francis Fallon Manual Arts Margaret Foster English In toclay's worlcl there is increasing em- phasis being placed on mathematics and science. This emphasis places responsibility on the teacher as well as the student. At West our faculty is willing to contribute its talents to aid and encourage the student. This interest shows in West's many clubs: Math, Science, Biology, Radio Clubs and JETS. Several progressive programs are being adop-ted. West now offers Accelerated Math in eleventh and twelfth grades. There is an advanced Biology class, and plans for simi- lar classes in Chemistry and Physics are being made. A new program in math centers the teaching on reasons theories work rather than on the use of the theory in solving problems. Mr. Willis Iones, Mr. Wallace Bondhus, and Miss Pearl Sheclcler are served refreshments at the annual Faculty Christmas Tea. Willis Ehlert English, Yearbook Bernice Engen School Secretary Enid Erickson English Patrick Frawley Latin Esther Gerling Gym Burton Hable History in the Application of Scientific Principles Donald Hafeman Social Studies, History Geraldine Hardie History W'ayne Hepola Mechanical Drawing, Woodwork Marian Kanable English, French Irene Kimball Registrar, Secretary Irvin Klaschus English Chemistry students Sue Roy- ston, Morris Eqre, Gilbert Youmans cmd Carl Selbo ob- serve Mr. Bruce Miller dem- onstrating one step i.n the Qualitative Analysis scheme. Marion Huxtable Chorus, Choir Willis Jones . Ed., Study, Health Barbara Judd History, English FACULTY 10 Business T mining, Physical Skills Theresa Kleinheinz Latin Kathryn Kohler History Jane Krause Math 20 FACULTY Elizabeth Lugg Mach Ruth McCarty Speech Donald McCloskey Math The non-academic program joins with the academic program to create the well-rounded citizen of tomorrow. A great percentage of today's jobs Stem directly from Manual Arts, Home Economics, Physical Education, Busi- ness courses, and the Creative Arts. A stu- dent learns the importance of working with others while gaining a physical skill. This prepares him for whatever career he may enter. In recent years several changes have been made in West's non-academic program. One of these new programs is modern dance in- terpretations, taught by University of Wis- consin dance majors. As the new nation- wide physical fitness program begins, the boys' gym classes can soon expect changes. With the addition of the swimming pool, the physical education program at West will be further expanded and broadened to in- clude swimming instruction. Mr. Donald Krider and Mr. Wayne Hepola T sell coupon books to ct long line of anxious sophomores. Dorothy Lange Typing Hannelore Lennig German Eugene Leverentz Math Supplement the Academic Studies Go-to-school night parents are fascinated by an unusual art exhibit prepared by one of Mrs, Ortmayer's art classes. Mary Muckenhirn English jane Nicholson English Emma Niendorf Home Economics AEN Miriain Maxwell Librarian Bruce Miller Chemistry Mildred Morgan French Viola Norton Typing, Shorthand, Office Practice Adele Ortmayer Art Frank Otto Spanish FACULTY 2 1 Teaching Directs the Student Toward At the Student Senate Faculty Tea, Social Committee Chairman Mary Wright chats with Mr. Joseph Antonie, as Bruce Rasmussen, Mr. Iames Bicket, Mr Gerald Buck, and Mr. Donald McCloskey observe. Raymond Quant History Cassie Raasoch Math Roxanne Riva English FACULTY Doyne Parmelee Biology, Chemistry Russel Paugh History Ruth Peplinski Librarian Gretchen Schoff English Eugene Schmidt English, High-Times Kathleen Schuette Gym, Health Better Understanding of Self and World Florence Schweitzer Spanish, French William Siemering Speech, Guidance, Stage Manager Ernest Stanke Band, Orchestra Bruce Straw Accounting General Business Book Distribution Agnes Tufariello Math Dale Wesenherg Chemistry 1.s M3 L. ,W QA., 33.15 5 ,Vey r Miss Huxtable prepares to d1 rect "Go Tell It On the Moun tain", the last number in the choir's annual Christmas pro gram. James Stevens Gym, Health Joyce Steward English Frank Stoll History 'Lei FACULTY Seniors Are the Final Products of West 4 SENIORS LEAD High School Students Receifoe Scholarship Honors, N Class Orcdor Dorothy Rolleison, Vcrledictorian Paul Sorum, cmd Salu- tatorian Mary Doyle are the chosen representatives of the class of 1961. CLASS MOTTO "The Future Is a World Limited Only By Ourselvesf' Honors HIGH HONORS HONORS Judith Berigan Marga,ret Doolittle Mary Doyle Mary Gilson Janet Grosshandler Michael Kelley Harold Kingsbury Alfred Lerdahl William Lewis Victoria Pohle Joan Ranney Dorothy Rollefson Neal Ruedisili Mary Louise Schallert Kathryn Smith Paul Sorum David Todd Richard White Gilbert Youmans Roslyn Abrams Nlargaret Ahlgren Norman Christiansen Margaret Ann Curry Susan Curvin Karen Daggett Morris Egre Mary Farrell James Frank Muriel Hamilton Hilary Harrington Jo Ann Kotz Mary Xvright Sandra McCaskill Allen Metz .loan Milesky William Mitchell Patrick Mulloy Clarence Olmstead Elizabeth Paddock Pamela Sandrock Karen Schultz Lois Suomi Stephen Victor hilary Villemonte National Honor Society SENIORS JUNIQRS Margaret Ahlgren Susan Curvinik Karen Daggett Margaret Doolittle? Mary Doyle? lvlary Farrell james Frank hilary Gilson Janet Grosshandleri Muriel Hamiltonx Hilary Harrington Sharon Hassett? Gail Hoisington Michael Kelley Alfred Lerdahl Donna McDowell Allen Metz Clarence Olmstead Elizabeth Paddock Victoria Pohlc John Porter? Joan Ranneyii Dorothy Rollefson Neal Ruedisiliik Pamela Sandrock Karen Schultz Kathryn Smith Paul Sorumf: Lois Suomi Stephen Victor Mary Villemonteil: Richard White Mary Xvrighti as a Junior 6 HONORS AND AWARDS Mary Brodie Kenneth Bures Frederick Griffith Joseph Hildebrandt Norina Graham rx Peter Krug Priscilla Lail James Maraniss .lames Mayland David Otto Suzanne Peterson John Rouse Susan Ruklic Theodore Tarkow Thompson Wfelaln Awards for Participation. Quill and Scroll SENIORS Edward Gulesserian Joan Ranney Sara Best Karen Daggett Anne Dana Elisabeth Dieter Mary Farrell Nlichael Fellman Kenneth Flee 251 Gail Hoisingtonl' Nlichael Kelley Jane LaCourt Alan Manson John Mitbyili Elizabeth Paddock Victoria Pohle Karen Schultz Paul Soruml' Lois Suomi Stephen Victorik Mary Villemonte Christine Weiss Richard White JUNIOR Julie Gillette Won as a junio National T hespiaris Jeffry Bartell Michael Mulvihill Sara Best Nlerry Bliss Susan Curvin Paul Darbo ?Mary Doyle Thomas Dunn Susan Earley Frank Eaves Tom Ehlert Michael Finch Won as a Junior Won as a Sophomore anet Grosshandler .l Hilary Harrington Diane Harwood Thomas Heine Sue Huislcamp Diane Isabella ikStanley Jackson Hallie Krider Donna McDowell iiiiDonald Mowry William Muehl Susan Nelson iklflizabeth Paddock Paul Sorum Michael Spangler :k'kStephen Victor l4Mary Villemonte Alana Waisman Sally Wilson Thomas Woolsey 1 National Honor Society members Dorothy Rollefson, Mary Wright. Ioan Ranney. Ianet Grosshandler, and Sue Curvin in the front and Neal Ruedisili, Sharon Hassett. Paul Sorum, Margaret Doolittle, Mary Ville- monte, and lack Porter in the rear plan some of their service projects. HONORS AND AWARDS 27 Walter Abel Band Roslyn Abrams High-Timesg 1".H,.'X.g G..X.:X.g Rifle, Officials, Girls Clubs l' .H. Stucl Carol Adolfson A., Prcs.g Girls' Club, Ways and Mums Chiu cnt Forumg l".'I'.,X.g Hull Monitorg Candi Shop Margaret Ahlgren Math Club, Suu., V.l'.g Wustwurcl Ho: lf.'l'.rX.: Stuilun llorumg Pup, lfrcncli, Girls' Cluhsg Hull Monitor Sharyn Alden Y-Teens, V.l'.q Puttcrns in Print: High-Timcsg Girls English, Pep, History Clubsg Stuclcnt Forum Bruce Alexander Regents are you with us? Robin Allin lj2ll'lCI'115 in Print: -l-Lalics Football: -lflulics lizlskutlmll, Trackg Stuclt-nt lforum: Hi-Yg History Clubg Soc. LII'-llllll. Carol Anderson Business Club, Sec.: Patterns in Printg Stuilcnt Forum, FH.,-X.: Girls' Club Mary Anderson VVcstwurtl lrlo, ,Xrt lid.: Girls' Club, Sec.g Pep Club, Program Chiu.: Scnzitcz High-Timcsg Piattcrns in Printg Stage Crewg Girls' English, Girls' Rifle, Girls' Clubs Valentine Ansfield Bowling: Radio Club Lois Argraves baud. Sec.: Orclicsti'u: Stuclcnt lforumg l4'.'1'.rX. Susann Armbrecht Stllellcl Choir: "Mil4atlo": "Oklahomal": l7LlIlICl'l1S in Print: Y-Tccns: Stutlciit l-'orumq Biology, Girls' Clubs, Office Worker 28 SENIORS Ihunl, Sgt.: " Ilxlllulhll Clubs Meryl Aronin i l'l21l'VC5'UQ Student Foruuig lfruncli, Iulcr- Jeffery Baier lizzmlg Bowling: Math, Science Clubs Vicki Bailey Y-'Ill-ns: Librztry Club George Baird Truck: Tennis: Bowling: Curling: rl-l.z1l4cs lfoollmll 'l'l.2llil'S llaiskvtlmlll Rzulio, -l-lf Clubs Michael Ball Elizabeth Barnard Y-Teens, Announcements Chm.g Homecoming Court: Scnatcg lrliglt-Timm: NVt-stwartl Hog Student Forum Girls' Club Nancy Barningham Mztiort-ttcg lrltisim-ss, Muiorcttes' Cluba Jeffrey Bartell Senate: Soc. Comm.: Choir: Double Quurtt-t: "0kla homalng Westward Hog Basketbnllg Student Forum Seniors are you with us? l Nellie Biehn l".H.A.g Busincsa Club Bob Beird xVlfllCll'1lXVI1 Raymond Bauer lla rwling Leslie Belrichard VVithclrawn William Berge Class Night Co-Chm.g Footbnllg Stags Crew Judith Berigan '4Mikaclo"g nfJl'illll1OlT12lll'Q Orchestra Sarah Best Stage Crew, House Hcaulg Nat. Thespiansg Choir uCJlilZ1l'lOl1lL1luQ Patterns in Printg Y-Teens: F.T.A. Business, Spanish, Girls' Clubs Sherry Bicknell XVcstwartl llo. Index licl.:, Pattcrne in Print: Y-'ll-un: Sturlvnt lforum: Math. llistory, Girls' Clubs ' sEN1oRs 29 susan Bignell Girls' Club Sunshine Comm. Chni.g lligli-Tiiiicsg Student Forumg F.T.A.g French, International, Girls' English Clubs Linda Billington Choirg Bowlingg Y-Teensg Girls' Club Nicholas B jornstad David Black Sr. Class Pres.g Hi-Y, Pres.3 Footballg Trackg 4-Lakes Baskctballg IETS Meredith Bliss Triple Triog Chnirg "Oklahom:i!"g f,I'Cl1CSlI'll Annette Boettcher Clubs Girls' Spnrtsg Y-Teensg Girls' Rifle, Girls', Red Cross Multi-hue cottons brighten halls Cheryl Brickl Girls' Rifle Club, Sec., Trc'ns.g Girls' Angle, Girls' Clubs Sandra Brown Senate: "Harvcy": Choir: Westward Hog Y-Teens, Girls' Clubg "Okl:ihomal" 30 SENIORS Sportsg Art Iligh-Times, Susan Bogart Cheerleamling. V.P.g Spanish Club Susan Bonfield Girls' Club, Trcasg NOklahomu!"g Choirg VVcstw:u'ml llog Student Forum: Rccl Cross, Spanish Clubs Patricia Bongarcl Girls' Club Malcolm Bourne Cross Countryg XVrc:-tling: Curlingg Stage Crewg Movie Crcwg Science, Spanish Clubs Phyllis Bourne Y-Tcensg Biolofllk Girls' Clubs Allen Brager rlllllflil -l-Lailacs lfrmtlmllg 4-Lakes llziskzvllmllg Rifle Club Vernon Brown -l-Inikcs lfoorlmllg 4-lf Clubg Surge Crew Joseph Brunsell Suzanne Buenzli Gail Bullington Choir: HOklnhomal'lg Girls' Sportsg Y-Tccusg Student Forumg Ohficials', Girls' Clubs Michael Bunch Buml: Orclicstrag Truck: -l-Lakes Fuotballg 4-Laikes Baskvtlmll: Stuclcnt Forum Robert Buran Rand Fall hockey means suffering Shins Peggy Burgdorff Y-Teens, Trczis.: Talent Show: WL-srwiml lim High- Timesg Girls' Clubg Office XYnrkL-rs James Buroker Buncl: Orchustrag Chuirg 'lOlslgilicni11il" Virginia Burress Girls' Club, Paipcr Shop Chung Choirg Ucllilillifbllifllng Spanish Club Susan Burrill Student Forumg F.T.A.g Spanish, Girls' Clubs Maureen Burton Y-Tccnsg Snuclenr l-'urumg I-'.'l'..X.: Real Cross, llusincss Clubs: Candy Shop Donald Bushnell Sr. Glass V.l".1 lii-Y, Pres.: Sur. Ummm.: Iligli-'l'iu1cs: YVrg-stlingg Football: -l-Lakes ligislsctbgillg M-Club Robert Busse liuutliaillz Baseball: Ilockcy: 4-l.:1kL-s Bnskrtlmll: Sru- rlcnt lfrvrumg M-Clubg Hi-Y Sharon Callies Y-Tccnsg Sturlc-nt lforumg Girls' Rifle, Girls' Clubs SFINTORS 31 James Cameron Clioirg Stuclc-nt Forum Richard Campion 4-lillics Football, -l-Lukas Basketball Douglas Caparoon llowlingg 4-Lakes Buskcrballg Hi-Y Jay Carlson llasclmullz Curlingg 4-Lakes llLlSlif.'tl7l1llQ Stutlcnt Forum Spanish, M-Clubs Claire Cassidy Intcrnzitirxnal Club, Bal. nf Dir., Library, Biology Girls' Clubs Michael Chechik Sturlrnt Forum. VP.: Scnutvg Choir, "OkIi1hmnnl" Volleyball, Hi-Y range steel girders form Norman Christianson Fomlmll: XVrrstlingg -l-l.z1kr-s linskctlinllg Sturln-nl lfori Hi-Y Elizabeth Clarke Y-Tecnsg Student Forumg F.T.A.g Biology, Girls' ling- lish, Girls' Clubs Kenneth Clarke Rowling: Art Angle Gene Clifford Carol Cochems Senate: Stags Crew: Girls' Clubs Kenneth Cole llillllll Bowling: Rxulio, Science Clubs 32 SEN IORS Sandra Colvin lV',T.A., V.P.g Bowlingg Y-Teensg Student Forumg Offi- rizils', Spanish, Girls' Clubs Carol Conway Business Club, V.P.g iiolilillltblllllllll Westward Hog lligli-Times, Y-Tr-ciisg Stuclcnt Forumg Spanish, Girls' Clubs James Corcoran Bowling, Capt.: East-bzullg -l-Lzllics Hzlskrtlmll Mary Correll Y-Turns: llusincss Club Carol Cowley High-Times: Girls' Sports: Talent Show: Y-Tut-ns: Spanish, Officials. Howling. Girls' Clubs Elizabeth Cox lill..-X.: Girls' Club Franklin Crow Orchestra: Choir: Double Quartctg VVrcstling: Truck: 4-Lakes Football Margaret Ann Curry Choir: Hcjlilllhtf-I'l111l"Q Y-Toons skeletons of new additions Anne Dana Girls' English, Sec.: High-Times, Copy Ed., Feature Ed.: Girls' Club Kari Darbo Pop Club, Pin Cbm.: Y-Teens: Business, Girls' Clubs Robert Curtis Stuclt-nt Forum: Talent Show Susan Curvin N.H.S.: Nat. Thcspiuns: "Harvcy": High-Times, Pic- ture Ed.: Patterns in Print: Stage Crew: Girls' Club William Cuthbert 4-Lakes Football: 4-Lakes Basketball: Bowling: Student Forum: Hi-Y Karen Daggett VVrstxvartl Ho, Sr. Editor: Y-Tccns, Svc.: "Harvey", Stutlcnt Dir.: Band, Corp.: "Okl11hom:1l"g Orchestra: Choir: Student Forum: Stage Crew: Girls' Club William Dallman Football, Co-Capt.: Basketball: Wrestling: Track: Baseball: Student Forumg M-Club Marcia Damman Y-Tut-us: Studcnt Forum: Spanish. OHici:1ls', Girls' Clubs: Sopb. Clit-crlc:ulc1': Cumly Shop SENIORS 33 Dean Norman Fc-otluallg Basketbnllg Hmvlingg Golfg Volleyballg Slue dent Forumg Science Club Thomas Deane Fontluillg Trztckg Movie Crew Ronald DeGolier 4-Lakes Bzlsketlmllg Bowling: Stuflent Forum Fay Denzer Elisabeth Dieter XfVFSINVllVCl Ho: High-'I'imesg Patterns in Printq Student Forum: F.T.A.: Library, Girls' English, Girls' Clulws Mark Doherty Hockey Milk machine captures pennies Mary Doyle Soph. Class Pres.g Patterns in Print, Lay-Out Ed.g N.H.S.g Nat. Thespiansg Senate: Soc. Comm.g 'lTl1e Fur-Off Hills"g Westward Hog Student Forumg Stage Cr:-W James Drescher Senate, Elections Chm.g Hi-Y, Sec.g Trackg Wrestlingg Cross Countryg 4-Lakes Basketballg Student Forumg IETSQ Spanish Clubg Hall Monitor 34 SENIORS Mary Dohm Patterns in Print: Girls' Howling: Y-Teens: Girls' Club Melvyn Dolinky -l-Lnkee lfootlmllg 4-Lakes llziskn-tlmll Nancy Domenico William Donkle 4-Lakes Footballg 4-Lakes Basketballg -l-Lakes Bowling Margaret Ann Doolittle Math Club, Pres., Sec.g N,H.S.g Y-Teens, French, Girls' Clubs Karen Doudna Art Anglo, Seeg YfTeensg Stuclcnt Furumg Girls' Clulw Thomas Dunn Stage Crew, Sound Head: Movie Crew Sharon Dyer William Eaves Nut. Thcspians: 'lHarvey"g Student Forum: F.T.iX History, Spanish, International Clubs Patricia Eberle Chuir: 'lOklah0mu!"g Girls' Rifle, Girls' Clubs Morris Egre lland: IHTS: Science Club Thomas Ehlert Nat. Tbcspiansg "Harvcy"g Clmirg Iluublc Quartet Determined seniors cop coal-bucket Robert Engelke Stephen Eriksen Huckcyg Track: -l-Lakes Football Ronald Fagerstrom Camera Club, Sec., Trcas.: Band: High-Times: Stu- dent Forum James Fahrenholz Ralph Farmer Football: Basketball, Capt.: Bust-ball: Hi-Y: Student Forum: M-Club Mary Farrell Orchestra, Pres., librarian: lliulif'l'imc's. lfcatiirr- lid.: Patterns in Print M, Nancy Faulhaber Spanish Club, Sec.: Band, Librarian: Orchestra: "Mi- kadong l'Oklahoma!"g Choir: Y-Tec-ns: Student Forum' F.T.:X.: Of'licials', Girls' Clubs Michael Fellman High-Timcs, Sports Ed., Assoc. lid.: Senate, Trcas.: French Club, Pres.: Quill and Scroll: "Mikado"g "Okla- homalug Choir: Double Quartet: 4-Lakes Basketball: Stags Crew SENIORS 35 Joseph Fiore Kenneth Flee High-Times, Art Ed.g Soc. Comm., Pub, Chm.g Bandg Orchestrag Bowling, -l-Lakes Basketball: Art Angle, Ushers' Club Christine Fleischer Stage Crew, Business Headg Red Cross Club, V,l.. 'iOklalioma!"g Choir, Westward Hog Y-Tecnsg Student Forum, Biology, Girls' English, Girls' Clubs I . Anne Fleming Senior Class Secretaryg Senzitcg UOklahomzil": Choir. Student Forum, Y-Tcensg Girls' Club Karen Flett High-Timesg Talent Showg Girls' Sports: Y-Teens: F.H.A.g business, Officials, Girls' Rifle, Girls' Clubs: Hall Monitor Michael Foseid Bowlingg 4-Lakes Basketballg 4-Lakes Fnrmtbnllg Stu- dent Forumg Hi-Y Homecoming :victory celebrated amid Michael Foye Paitterns in Printg lluwlingg Stage Crt-W: Svrvicr-, Rill. Clubs James Frank Math Club, Pres., V.P.g Science Club, VP.: Howling Student Furumg Library Club Beverly Frankenstein Choir, HOklahomal"g Y-Teensg Student liorumg Offi- cia1ls', Girls' linglislig Girls' Rifle, Girls' Clubs Barbara Freas Y-Teens, Lessons Cliuirmzin, Service Chziirmzing Choir: g'Oklahomal"g OHicials', Girls' Clubs Susan Freitag Janet Friedl Girls' Rifle Club, 'T'reas.g Art Angleg Girls' Club 36 SENIORS Cheri Gallina Girls' Sportsg Y-Teensg Student Forum: F.H.A.g Art Anglcg Business, Girls' Clubs Linda Garrott Pep Club, Business Chm.g Y-Teensg Stage Crewg Girls' Club Judith Gehner "Uklahoma!"3 Choirg High-Timcsg F.T.A.g Kiirlb' Club Robert Geppert KiOlil8hOH1Hl,l, Studcnt Dir.g Banclg Orchestra David Gerfen Scuatcg Foutbullg Volleybullg Wrcstlingg 4-Lakes Bus- kctballg Student lfurumg lli-Yg lliTSg M-Clubs Elizabeth Gernon Y-Tccnsg Girls' Club Dorothea Gesenius lilternatimml Club, Dir.g Scnatcg Choirg "Ol4lnl1oiu.nl": Y-Tcensg Stage Crcwg Pep Club Paul Gilbert Hi-Y, Trcas.g -l-Lakes Basketballg -l-Lakes Football: Bowlingg Trackg Student Forumg IF,TSg Science, Math Clubs pumpkins, corustulks in 2-flutumu Haze' Douglas Green -l-1" Club, V.P.g Curling John Greisen 4-Lakes Footlmllg 4-Lakes Baskctbnllg 4-Lakes Bowl- iugg liauclvalllg lli-Y Todd Gill Stumlcnt Forum Mary Gilson Stage Crew, Busincas Haul: NVe5twartl llog Y-Tccus Rul Cross, Math, French, Girls' Clubs Paul Glass Hi-Y: -l-Lukch linskctlmllg XVrcatling: lfuotbnllg Stu tlcnt Forum Jerilyn Glissendorf Stuclcnt l"t:.:'um, Business, Cirls' Clubx Joan Gorst Wcmxtml llu: liubincas, Girl! Clubs Carl Grady SENIORS 3 John Gribble Hockeyg Truck Edward Grob GayAnn Gronli Withdrawn Janet Grosshandler N.H.S., Sec.g Stage Crew, Make-up Head, Scnatcg "Oklahoniz1!"g Choir: Triple Trio, Westward Ho: Pup, French, Girls' Clubs Vincent Grudzina Movie Crew, Hcuilg Band Edward Gulesserian High-Times, Business Mgr.g Senate, Tcnnisg 4-Lakes Basketballg Hall Monitor Irzcessarzt drilling rivals class lectures David Hamacher Scnateg -l-Lakes Football, 4-Lakes Basketball, Bowlingg Trackg Student Forum, Hi-Yg Math Club Muriel Hamilton Soph. Class SeC.g N.H.S.g Girls' Club, V.P.g Scnatcg Choir, Orchcstrag High-Times: YfTa-erisg Staigi- Crow 38 SENIORS Newell Gustafson Tennis, Curlingg Art Angle, Biology, Science Clubs, Hall Monitor Norman Gustafson Tennis, Science, Biology, 4-F Clubs, Art Angle Thomas Haag Jessica Hagan Pep Club, Curcl Chnl., Bus. Chin., "Harvey", Y-Teens, Spanish, Girls' Rifle, Girls' Clubsg Aioklllhlllliilliy Robert Hake lhincl: 'l4l'ilCkQ Cross Country Katherine Hall Student Fc:-runi, Pres., High-Times, Copy lialq Science Club, Program Chin., Math, International, Girls' Clubs Mary jo Hammes Girls' Sports: Y-Teensg Student lfurunig Spanish, Liirls' Clubs Janet Hammond Chuirg Patterns in Printg Y-Teensg Girls'Ritle , Span- ish Clubs Susan Hamre Y-Teens: French, Spanish, Girls' Clubs Marshall Hanks "fwl1ltr1tlo"g "Ol4l11liu1ua1l"g Choirg lfoullmll: ll'l'LlL'l'x Dennis Hansen 'liuekz lflnxlxts lfoutlmllg 4-lalkcs liglslxellmll: Suultut l-'orumq Hi-Y Fred Hansen Udor of melting tar chokes enthusiasm Mary Hansen Pep Club, See.: Y-Teensg Student Forumg Biology, Spanish, Girls' Clubs Betty Hanson Business, Cirl's Clubs Janet Hanson Y-Teens, Wvorlcl lfullowship Chin.: VVestwguil lli High-Times: Girls' Sportsg Girls' Club Kenneth Hanson Amanda Harding Hilary Harrington Xfl't-cus, Worship Ching Senate, Cruicly Silllj Chiu.: Nat. Thespiansg "Hai'x'ey": Student Furumg F.T.pX., Spanish Clubs: Olliee Xlbrkci' gli Marcia Harrington Girls' linglish Club, V.P.g Pep Club, See., 'l'l'C2l5.Q lligh- Tilnvs, Sec., Pictures Iicl.g Senate: Soc. Cmmn., lfrrwrs Chau.: Grail Dance Chni.g l'Mik.ulu": 'iCJlliLlllUlll.llUZ Choirg Westwzml Hog Stuilent l:lJ1'LllH Michael Harris lligh-liulesg lllllllllllll Mgr.: M-Cluln SENIORS 39 Sharon Hassett N-11-5-S l5OWli11g: Y-Tccnsg Girls' Glulu Phyllis Hathaway High-Tiinesg Howlingq Girls' Sports: Y-Tcciis: Stumlcm Forumg Red Gross, Biology, Girls' Clubs Margaret Heim Choir: Stage Crew: Art Anglcg Girls' Gluli Thomas Heine "Ulxlz1lioi1i41l'i: Gliir-ir: liriml: Ol'CllL'5lI'1lQ liowling Slu- ilciit lforum Klaus Helms liitwriarioiigil Club, Dir. Gary Hendrickson Choir Elwood triumphs as Harvey' haunts Suzanne Henkel "Oklahomzil": Stuclcnt Foruiiig G.A.A.g OHiciuls', Girls' Rifle, Girls' Clubs Dennis Herling sl-F Club Howard Herrick Wesrwrml Hug Volleyball: Golfg -l-Lzilirs ligiskntlnrll Hull Monitor John Hickman Ili-Y. Scog Trzickg -l-Lakes liaskctlmll Sarah Hill "Mikatlo"1 Biiml: Orclicstrarz Student l-'oruiiiz Girls' Club Stephen Hill lic?-artlvzlllg Hockey: Hi-Y 40 SENIORS Cherie Hinrichs Biuiil: lkittcriis in Printg Student Forum: Rail Gross. Girls' Glubsg Girls' Sports Judith Hintz Gcruizui Club, V.P.g Y-Tucnsg Sturlcnt Forumg Spanish, Inu-rimtioniil, Girls' Glulms Ann Hobbins i C ii i Pep Club, Trezisg High-Tiniesg Y-Teeusg Student lfururng Girls' Club William Hoff Banclg Trackg 4-Lakes Basketball Louis Hoffman Strive Crewg Movie Crew 2' Joyce Hogan lirrwlingg Girls' Sportsg Y-Teens, 1".'l'..X., liirls' Rille, 0ll'iciuls', Girls' Clubs Gail Hoisington lligli-Tinies, News lid., News Copy Eel., Lay-Out licl.: Patterns in Print, lid.-in-Chief, Cu-Iicl. of litliturizil Starig Quill :intl Serollg "Oklahoma!"g Debate, French, Math Clubs Ralph Hokanson Westward Hog 4-Lakes Basketball: Hi-Yg Science Club with student approval Vivian Hovde Girls' Sportsg liowliiigg Y-Teensg Olficinrlsf lhlsillrss Clubs Charles Hovey 'l'I'llCliQ lirrwlingg 4-lglkes lfrrntbzillg Ll-l.z1l4es Iigrslwl- lmlig Movie Crew Judith Holland Senate, Spurtsinunsbip Cl'lIl1.Q Okldhtllllkllilg Choir: Y- Teensg Student Fururng F.T.A.g Girls' Rifle, Girls' Clubs Howard Holmburg liuwlingg -l-Lakes liusketliull Paul Holtzman -l-Lakes l-'uartbullg Bowling: Spanish, Ueriimn Clubs Shirley Holzworth l".II..-X., Prog. Chni.g OHicizrls', Girls' Clubs Jonathan Hoornstra lli-Y, Presg Stuilent l"l0l'Llll1 Lawrence Hoover limvling SENIORS 41 Craig Huber Bowling Ronald Hughes Susan Huiskamp Stage Crew, Costumes Co-Hezulg Y-Teens, Currcs. Seng Senatcg WVcstwurd Hog High-Timesg Math, Science, Girls' Clubs Karen Hult fligli-Timcsg Y-Tccnsg Student l'lUl'LllllQ lk-lv, Cirls' ling- lish, Girls' Clubs Kenneth Hunzicker Birrlzlilll 'l-lf Clubs John Huseby -l-Lakes lfootbnllg Bnwlingg Spanish Club Belles and Beczux' deck class '61 party 42 SENIORS Elaine Jacobson Y-Tccnsg Business. Girls' Clubs Marlene jaeke Y-Teens: Business, Girls' Clubs 'Fruckg Crcwg Stage il.l'Cllh.Q Girls' cinls', Stanwex Hyttinen Bowling Albert Ickes Sally Imhoff Y-Tucnsg F.H.A., Business, Cirls' Clubs Roger Ingersoll Football: Hockey: 4-Lakes Bgiskctluill: Stage M, Science, Biology Clubs Stanley Jackson Cruw, Lighting Crew Hcuclq Nut. Tlicspiuns. "MikQnlo"3 "Okluliomuli'g Choir: Stualcnt Forum Susan jackson Spurlsg Bowling: Y-Tccnsg Student lfurunig Offi Girls' Clubs I Bonnie Johnson High-Tiiuesg Y-Tcensg Student Forum, Girls' Club Christine Johnson Bandg Oithcstmg Y-Turns: German, Girls' Clubsg orfiee VVurkcr Gary Johnson Buwlingg Truckg Hi-Y Kristine Johnson llistury Clulu. Pres., V.P., Scc.g Y-Teens, Soc. Clinig lliiilwgy. Red Crm, Girls! Clubs Phillip Johnson Golf: Trackg 4-Lakes Fooibiillg M-Club Terrence johnson Basketball, 4-Lakes liaskctballg Hi-Y, Camera Club Seniors in finery celebrate festive season Lois Joyce Bowling, Y-Tccnsg Student I-1'-rumg lf.ll..'X.g Stage C1'L'K'UQ Oiliciali, Spanish, Girls' Clubs Linda Kailin Patterns in Print: Student Forum: .Y - it Xnglcg 1-.'l..X.. Biology, Spanish, Library, Girls' Clubs George Kauffeld liaselnullg -l-Lakes liasketbullg Student liurum Ululingy , Nancy Keegan liiindg I-'.H.A. Harriette Kelly Spanish, llalmtc, Girls Mary Kelly F.l'l..'X.g Girls' Clulm Clubs Michael Kelley xvCSl.XVLll'll Hu, Sports lid,: ufflililhilllhllng Choir: In- tcinatiuiiail, Science, Math Clulwsg Hull Monitor Judy Kennedy SEN 1 ORS 43 Grover Kennedy lhisehall: 4-Lakes Footballg 4-Lakes Huskctbullg Hi-YQ IliTSg Movie Crcwg Stage Crewg Spklllihh Club Carol Kildow Girls' Club Ronald King llaskctbull Mgr.: liuwling: lfwotbullg 4-Lakes liuskctbullg lli-Y Harold Kingsbury l-Rmtlmll. Co-Cgnptg Scnutcg linskctbnll: 'l'1'.icltg Ynllcy lmllg Hi-Y: M-Club Daniel Kirley lfuotlutllx Howling: 4-Lakes Baskutbtillg -l-I-'Q Movie Crew Mary Kissane Student Forurng Business, Girls' Clubs Choir echoes spirit of Jo eaux Noel Paul Kleene Susan Klein Business Club, Treats.: Scnateg High-Times: Paitu-rus in Printg OHicinls', Girls' Clubsg Oilicc Wbrkci' Thomas Klossner Band: Bowling: Vlifklxllig Cross Country: -l-Lukas Bas- ketballg Radio Club Carol Knee Withdrawn Wendy Korbel Mark Korbel Stage Crew, Lighting Hcaclg Social Co1nm.g Choir: Trackg Hall Monitor 44 SENIORS JoAnn Kotz llusiiit-ss Club, Pros.: Spanish Club, 'l'rctis.: Y-'lbciisz qtutlcm lforuing Girls' English, Girls' Clubs Peter Kramer Hallie Krider Band, Corp., Sgt.g Stage Crcw, Sets Hcadg Nat Thes- piansg Scnateg Soc. COIUITLQ Choirg "Mikaclo"g HOkla- homalng Curling Robert Kurtenacker Student Forumg Hi-Yg Stage Crvw Joseph LaBella Basebnllg Football: Basketball: liowlingg Stage Crew Movie Crcwg Hi-Yg Spanish Club Jane LaCourt Girls' Club, Pres.: F.l'l.A., Trc:is.g lligh-Times, Fx change Mgr.g ii0klLlhOlll1ll,lQ Y-Tccnsg Student Forum Spanish Clubg office Wnrkcrg Choir Janis Langetieg Westward Ho: Y-Tecnsg Student Forumg G.A.A. Orlicials', Girls', Biology Clubsg Officer Workcr Carolyn Larson O-rchcstra: Higli-Times: Y-Teens: GAA.: History, Girls' Rifle, Girls' Clubs with candle procession and carols William Lewis Douglas Liscum Ten n is Karen Larson Choir: HCJl'illll14GI11LllnZ High-Timcs: Y-'Ft-t-ns: Student Forumg History, Girls' Clubs: OI-lice Workt-rg Talent Show: Sr. Class lflowcr, Ir. Class Party Decorations Jeanne Laugen F.H..X.g Y-Tccnsg Art Angleg Girls' Club Barbara Lawrence Patterns in Print Alfred Lerdahl llandg Orrhcstrag Choirg "Mikado"g HOlil1ll'l0I1111lllZ Put- tcrns in Printg Tcnnisg -l-Lakes Basketball Diane Lewis l".H.A.g History, Girls' Clubs Sharon Lewis Girls' Club SENIORS 45 James Loder Art Angle, I'res.g Stuclcnt Forumg Spanish Club Susan Lorenz Senate: High-Times: Y-Tet-nsg Student Furumg Girls' Cluhg Hmm-cunning Court Howard Lowe Ushers' Club Patricia Maahs Business, Girls' Clubs Michael Machotka Antoinette Magestro Roar mounts to deafening din in crowded gym David Marsh M-Club, Pres.: Choir: "Oklahumal": Football, Truck: Ml-Lakes liasketbullg Hi-Yg Science Club Edward Martin VVestWard Ho, Photography Fcl.g Hi-Yg Camera Club 46 SENIORS Palma Magestro Wfilliam Mahaffey Banrlg 4-Lakes Footlmllg 4-F Cluh Michael Mannering Alan Manson Westward Ho, Business Mgr.g 4-Lakes Footballg 4-Lakes Basketball: Student Forumg Hi-Yg IETSg 4-F, History, Math Clubs Randall Marks Trackg Cross Countryg -l-Lakes Baskctballg Science Cluhg Hall Monitor William Marling l Choir: Basketballg Track: Vollerbzlllg -l-Lakes Basker- bzlllg History, Biology, M-Clubs James Martin Spdnish Club, Pres., Hi-Y, V.P., 4-Lzikcs Football, -i-Lillies Basketball Peggy Martin Y-'Ta-c11s: Girls' Clubg Otlicc Worker Mary Marvin Iligh-Times: Piittcrns in Printg Y-Teens: Student lforuin: G.A.A.3 Spanish. History, Girls' Clubs Virginia May Psp Club, Business Chin., Scnzitcz "Oklzil1omul"g VVcstf ward Hog Higli-Times, Y-Tccnsg Girls', History, Biol- ogy Clubs, Candy Shop Terry McCann "Mik.ido"g Ucjlilllhfllllillug High-Times, Westward Ho: Patterns in Print: Football, Truck, Bowling: llnskctbullg Ilistory, Radio, Biology, Minh, Dcbatc Clubs Sandra McCaskill Student Forum: Stage Crcwg Biology, Girls' Clubs Pandemonium reigns during semester exams Donna McDowell Student Forum, V.l'., Sec.: l".'l'.A., Sec.: Girls' Cluw, Progrzun Chm.: Choir: "Oklz1l1om:1!"g iiMlliL1llfl'lZ Wast- wiirtl Hog Patterns in Print, Stage Crew: Girls' Eng- lish Club Kathleen McElclowney Girls' Club Kathleen McGarrity Cheerleading, Pres., Sec.: Class Night, .Xdvertising Chm.g Choirg Triple Triog Orchestra, Girls' Club: Hmm-coming Quccng Talent Show Michael McGrath Therese McMahan Stage Crew, Atl. Heaclg Pep Club, Publicity Chin.: Patterns in Print, Oi"ficiz1ls', Girls' Clubs: Candy Shop Clifton McMurry Wrestling, C11pt.g Cross Country' Douglas McMurry Clioirg Cross Countryg Wrcsrling Lawrence Meicher lianclg Orchestral: 'lMika1clo": Ml-F. Ushers' Clubs SENIORS 47 John Melby ll-li Club Vito Messina lirmrlmllg VVrc-sllingg 1li'l'Sg Biology, Spanish Clulvs Allen Metz Pmml, Corp.: Choir: "Okluhrmial": Uslicrs', Biology, Math Clubs Ruth Meyr Stuclcnt lioruing l".'l'.A.g Girls' Clubs Lynn Michelson Y-Tccnsg Girls' Club: Candy Shop Jon Mikalson Hand: Orchestra: i'cJlil1llllDll1l1l"Q High-Times, Cnpx liml.g Curlingg Hl-Lakes liriskrtlwall Marine life netted in rigging Joan Milesky li,T.,X., Pres: Girls' Cluli, Prcmgrguu Cu-Clnn., Plllvlirirx' Kilim.: YVcstwzu'cl Hu: Student Frmrumg Spzrnisli Clulw Carolyn Milestone Y-Tccns: Stuclcnt lfnrum: liusinr-ss, Girls' Clubs lizinml: Orchestra: Y-Tccnsg Student lfuruing Art Angle Carolyn Miller Maiiorertef, Girls' Rifle, Girls' Clulws Larry Miller Francis Millett Bzimlg 4-F Biology Clubs John Mitby Quill and Scroll: lligli Tiincsg lhiskctlmllg I-'orumg HifY Gulf: Student' 48 SENIORS William Mitchell Iiunclg Debate, Radio, Math, Science Clubs Jane Mohr Y-Teensg F.H.A.g Girls' Club James Montgomery Rifl C Cl ub Mary Morgan ' ' fmrrs: Student lfuruui: Urlicinlf, Girls Llulr. C lllx S5 Julie Morig l,ll'1l'Ill'y, Girls' Clulws Susan Morris Y-Tccns: Girls' Club Patricia Mossholder Cirls' Rmvlingg F.H.A.: Art Angle: Business Clulw Philip Motelet 4-Lzlkcs Fmvtbzlllg 4-Lzlkcs Hzlskctlmll above harbor at Montego Boy' Marie Natvik Malirxrctte Club, Prcs.g Business Clulw, Prugrzuu Chm.: YT I ' V 4-msg Art Anglcg Girls' Club Dennis Nelson VVrcstlinQ: Cross Country Donald Mowry Nut. Tliuspialus, Pros.: Stagc Crow, Pros.: Hi-Y, Sec.: Scnutc: lfmxtlnullg llnsvlmllg Hrmckcyg 4-l.a1lic's lizlskvtlizlllg M-Cluli William Mowry -l-Lakes Baiskctluallg Hi-Yg Stage Crew William Muehl -LF, Pres.: Stage Crew, Props Hea Hczulq High-Timcsg Bowling clg Ushers' Club, Viola Mullenix History Club Patrick Mulloy Scnatc: Bowling: Ilfrlqsg Math, Science, Raclio Clubs Michael Mulvihill Sunnis. Constinuion Chm.: Social Co-mm.: "Harvcx"': Choir: Baseball: -l-Lzikcs Biiskctlwullg Stngc Crewg Art .Xnglcg Math Clulu SENIORS 49 Douglas Nelson Biology, Spanish Clubs Steven Nelson Ilf.TS, V.P.g Football, Capt.g Hockey: Railio Club Susan Nelson Stage Crcw, Make-Up Hcacl, Sec.: Nat. Tlicspians: Scn- atcg Social Comnrg Choirg "Mikaclo": L'Oklahomal": lliggli-Tinics: Y-Tet-ns: Stuclcnt lforuni: Girls' Club Jack Novick lr. Class Prcs.g IETS, Pres.: Scnatc: Westward Ho: Footballg Basketballg Tcnnisg Baseball: Howling: Hi-Y Sheila Nygaard Y-Tccnsg Girls' Club Mary Nygard High-Timcsg Y-Tccnsg Girls', Pop Clubs Combos, kicks, and comics entertain Jo Ann Pagliaro lligli-'liinic-sq Biology, Girls' Riflv. Girls' Cll Thomas Pallett Hockcyg Track 50 SENIORS Ellen O'Connor lligli-Timm-sz Y-Tcl-ns: Girls' linglish, Girls' Clulisg Office VVUI'liL'l' Jane Ogden Choir: "Oklalioinal"g Pattcrns in Print: Spanish. Girls' Clubs Hugh Oldenburg Talent Show, M.C.g Hi-Yg Art Angli- Clarence Olmstead lligh-Tinics, Copy Fda Stuclt-nt Forum, Prcs.: IICTS, 'l'rcas.g Snnatc: VVcstwarcl Ho: Baseball: -l-Lakus Foot- ballg 4-Lalccs Baskctballg Hi-YQ Math Club Larry Ozanne Patterns in Printg Curling, Skippcrg Student lforumg History, Spanish Clubs Elizabeth Paddock Nat. Thcspians. Scc.g Westward Ho, Clubs lid.: Stage Crew, Costunics CofHcaclg li.'l'..X., V.P.g Pattvrns in Print, Co-liilitorg Library, Girls' Iinglisli, Girls' Clubs Eileen Pankonin Y-Teens: Biology, Girls' Clubsg Office VVorker Bonnie Payne Girls' Club Diane Penrod Choirg Y-Tucnsg l.il1rary, Girls' Clubs Albert Peters Art Angle David Peterson Cross Country, Mgr.g Stage Crew Heidi Pfankuchen Orchestra, c:Ul1CL'l'lI11IlStC'I', Pres.: "Mikamlo"g 'KOkl.i llulllllln at AF T client Show Richard Pflug Curling: I-li-Y: Science Clulvg Tala-nt Show Jim Pharo Spanish Clulv Victoria Pohle VVestWard Ho, Feature Ed.g Pep Club, Program Chm.g Social Comm., Sec.g Choir: "Okluhomz1!"g High-Times: Patterns in Print: Student Forumg Biology Clubg Truck Queen Peter Ponti Larry Pope John Porter Senate. Prcs.: Ili-Y, V.l'.: Activity Pin Comm., Chm.: N.H.S.: Ri-ct-ptions Comm.: I-'ootlxillz flock:-yn M-Cluli 1 John Potter Hll'lI'Yt'XuZ Orclicstriiz Cross Country: Soir-ncv Club Susan Powers Y-Tccnsg liusinrss. Girls' Clulws SENIORS 51 Virginia Powers "Uklz1limn1il"g Y-Tccnsg Student Forunig Girls' Cluli Ethel Pregler Science, Girls' Clnlis Linda Preizler Triple Trio: Choir: High-Times: Stage Crew: Y-Tc-c-ns Student lforumg Pr-p, Girls' Clulis Susan Pride Bundg High-Timcsg Girls' Club Marcia Pucillo W ithd ru wn Rodney Putnam Trzickg lilirziry Cluli Gmpplers, undefeated in dual meets, Ronald Quisling Ir. Class V.l'.: Scnntu: "Oklulimnn!"g Suqiqrl Comm.: -l-Lakes Buskctliallg Student Forum: Mzrtli. Scivnu- Cluhsg Hull Monitor Richard Radock Gerald Raether Irlockcyg Bnselmllg 4-Lakes Football Frederic Ragatz lfootballg Hockcvg 4-lsrkcs Buskctlmll: Student lforumz M-Clubg Haw ' Joan Ranney Westward Hog Asst. Iid.g Girls' English Club, N.H.S.g Choirg Student Forunig Internatifmril. Clubs Dianne Rasmussen Cirls' Cluli, Puli. Cn-Clam.: Y-Tuens 52 SEN IORS Pres.: Girls' Nancy Rasmussen Ccrnmn, Business Clulvs Doralle Rauch Piittc-rns in Print: French, Math, Girls' linglisli, Red oss, Girls' Clulisg F.T.A.g Hall Monitor Nancy Raymond French, Girls' Clubg Y-Tecnsg F.H.A.g Girls' Bowling Sandra Reagan Girls' Rifle, Girls' Clubs Jill Reese Art Angleg Girls' Club Frederic Reimer 4-lnilws liilslxcllmllg Spanish, Biology Clubs Sally Reinhard Slllilllllf lfurumg Girls' Club Kim Rellahan liimdg Stage Crcwg Science Club snatch city trophy Joelyn Ripp Cheer I.L-railing, Prus.: "Oklul1muiil"g Triple Trio: Choir: Paiucrus in Priutg Girls' Club: Girls' liowliug Thomas Rogeberg Forirbiillg Truckg M Club Kathryn Reynolds Scnatcg uOl'il2il'l0lll2ll"Q Choirg High-Tiiucsg .Xrt Auglcg Y-Tccnsg Girls' Club Dean Richardson Lynn Richert Officials' Club, Points Clllll.Q Y-Tccnsg Rod Cross, Girls' Clubs Marcia Richgels Spanish Club, V.P.g Girls' Club, Social Chiu.: "Okla- lioiuzi!"g Orchcstrug Choirg Student Foruiiig Math, Girls' Rifle Clubsg Girls' Bowling Jon Rick lidlltll Cross Cuiiiitryg l-'.'I'..X.g Scicucc. Gci'm.ui Clubs Chester Rideout Biology Club, Prog. Chm.g "Miluiilri"g "Okliil1oi11:1!"g Orclicxtraiz Bowling: Science Club SENIORS 53 Dorothy Rollefson Ir. Class Sec.g Senate, Pub. Chm., Seng Social Comm., Refreshments Chm.g N.H.S.g Westward Hog Girls' Club Marianne Rooney NVestw1u'cl Hog High-Times: Y-Teensg Stuzlcnt Forum: History, Girls' Rifle, Girls' Clubsg Hall Monite-rg Ollice Worker Eric Rosenthal 4-laikes Footbzillg Hi-Y Dean Ross Hi-Y Susan Royston Scllalcg lligli-'l'i1ues3 Y-Tccllsg Girls' Clubg Ullitt' Worker Neal Ruedisili l N.H.S.g "O'klah0mz1!"g Stage Crewg Double Quiirtetg Choirg Hnsketballg Tennis l Brass quintet and drummers three Richard Schantz lloclscyg -l-Lakes 1:12-iblbklllg Stage Crew: lli-Y Joseph Schiro Footbzillg -l-Lakes Basketball: Hi-Yg al-1" Club 54 SENIORS Elizabeth Russell Choir: Y-Teensg Girls' Rifle, Girls' Clubs Susan Mary Saltzman Y'Tf'L'1lSS Student Forum: F.T..X.: Officials. Girls' Clubs Susan Sanderson Pep Culb, V.P., Prograuu Chm.: French Club Pamela Sandrock Ucjlilllllillllillni Triple Triog Choir: Bzuul: VVcstwiu'll Hog Stage Crewg German, Girls' Clubs Gale Sasman Wrestling: Hall Monitor Mary Schallert Nfflillllllllllillql choir: Orelic-strziz l.ilmxry, Mzull, Science, Ull'iei41ls', Girls' Clubs Karl Schlict Golf Patricia Schnebelen Girls' Club Carol Schuck Officials' Club, V.P., Seng Westward Ho, Typing lid.: F.T.A., Sec.: Student Forum. Girls' Clubg 'Ukluhoinali Mary Joan Schuck Clit-wlciiililig, Svc., X'.I'.: "Oklailioiii4il": l".'l'..X.: Span isli. O1l'icii1ls', Girls' Clubs Daniel Schuette Bowlingg Track James Schultz Student Forumg Hi-Yg Truck highlight pop concert Karen Schultz Girls' linglisb Club, V.P,, Prusg W'cstwiirtl Ho: High- Timcs: Y-Tccns: Student Forumg International, Girls' Clubs Andrea Schwartz Jack Schwier Xlfrcstliug, Mgr.g Cross Country, Mgr. James Schwingle Ronald Schwoegler lkuul James Scrivner liioloyuy Club: -i-l.:iliL-s Pmslgclligill Jo Anne Sedgwick Y-Tccns, Membership Cliui., I'rcs.g Scnzitcz VVt-styvuul llog lligli-Tiuicsg Stage Crcwg Biology, Girls' Clubs Carl Selbo Student lfe:-rumg Dcbatc, Biology, History, Library Clubs SENIORS 55 s Y-'llemg Stutlciit lstlfllllll Spiinimh, Biology, Lance Sethne Richard Severn 1liTSg Curliugg -l-Lakes lizimltetbull Ronald Severson Band Lawrence Shapiro Susan Shiels Abigail Shuler filflhi Lllu Y-Tecnsg Retl Cross, History, Girls, Clubbg Talent Slum Snow submerges West, forcing 710071 closure Charles Siemers U.W. Mumic Clinic Scholarmhipg S'Okl11l111111al" linntl' Orchcstrag Curling Richard Sinaiko Track, Mgizg -lfLakes Baskctballg Student l:Ul'Lllll1 llaw tory Clubg Daniel Sinykin Yca1'bo11k, Acet.g Debate Clubg Hull Mimitimi' Roger Skowlund Stage Crcwg Railio Club Patrick Slattery David Slauson uUl'il11l1tJlllLll,iZ Stage Crew: Choir: Ibiiuble Q11.11't.1. VVestwartl Ho: -l-Lnkcs Bnxketballg llixtwy tllulm 56 SENIORS Jerome Smith Hi-Y, Plll'C215.Q -l-Lakes Basketball Kathryn Smith xx'L'SlXY.ll'tl Hog Y-Teemg Student l'i0I'lll1lQ l9.'l'..X.: Nllllll, Girls' Clubs Peter Smith Biology Club Richard Smith Hi-Y, V.P.5 -l-Lukem Basketball: Student l'iUl'llll1I llif tory Club Paul Sorum Soph. Clans V.l'.g Harvarcl Book Award: lilks Leiulcr- ship Awarilg Badger Boys' State: N,H.S., Pres.: lligh Times, lixec. licl.g Senuteg "liurvey"g Teunimg Debate Club Joseph Southworth 4-li, Cermaui Clubs Michael Spangler "l'l411'vey", Student lJir.g ligand, Ltd., lfielcl Sgt.: Sell' ate: iioiililllfjlllilliig Choirq Double Quartet: -l-lakes Basketball Landy Sparr Curlingg Cross Countryg -l-Lakes Basketball: Stuclent Forumg History Club Track team claims own Relay trophy Barbara Steinke lligh-Times: Y-Teem: li.ll..X.g l,ibr1u'3 Club Gary Steinke David Spatola 4-Lakes Basketball: Bzlmlg High-Timemg 'I'111ckg Hifi Art Augleg Lib1'qu'y Club William Stafford .Xrt Angle, History, Science, Biology, Librauy Cluews John Stark Louann Statz Y-Teensg Art Angle, Girls' Clubs l Richard Stege Weslwaml Ile-1 lilgll-'llill1CSI 'l'1'z1clc: liaakelliallz -l-Lakes llabketlnillz 4-Lakes limtluull: History, Science Clube Mona Stein Sehulimic .Xrt :Xwnrclg Y-Teensg Ari Angle, Ciirlx Clubs: Czuuly Shop SENIORS 57 Christopher Sterling "Mikarl0"g i'OklHhOlll1llllQ Chuirg Student lforumg De- lJLllC, Spanish Clubs Charles Steward K-Mlli3Lllll.Q Ulllilklliollhlulg Choirg Skiing: 4-Lakes Bas' kt-tballg Hall Monitor Daniel Stiehl llotlacyg Hi-Y Philip Stone llguulg -l-lanlu-s lfuollmllg Vullcylmllg Student lfuruin llifYg llistory, Spanish Clubs Alan Strauss liantlg Bowlingg JETS Edmund Strenge Gamblers, dance-hall girls, prospectars, Oren Swenson lltuial: Oitllt-sim James Sylvester 58 SENIORS LeRoy Sumwalt Bzlnclg Stage Crew Lois Suomi Ninth Club, Sec.: High-Times, Copy Eel., News Htl. Patterns in Print, licl. Bcl.g "Oklahomal"g Choir Stage Crt-xv: Girls' Cluli Kenneth Swanson Betty Swartz Barry Sweet 3- kfuuutry: lli-Y, .Xrl .Xngltx Clllllffll, M-Clubs Wallace Sweet l-'ootlmllg Truck: .Xrt Angle: jli'l'S llifli-Times, llc.ul l'lmtogr'11pl1c1': lfmmtlmll. Mgr.: Cross Asterid Szymczyk F.H..Xg OHicizils', Girls' Rif Jorge Tamayo Intcriiutionzil Club Daintry Taylor Y-Ten-nsg Officials' Club, Poi Beverly Terry Uirli, liusincss, Spunisli lc Clubs nts Chin. Clubs Sharon Tessmann Simiiisli, Girls, Girls' Riflu Raymond Thoen VVrcstl in g Clubs ig cowboys, Qgals, gather at 'Golden ugget' James Thomas Loren Thompson Spanish, History Clubs Robert Thompson l'lu0tlJz1ll Thomas Thompson .ihoiimlug Choirg VVrcstling: Spanish, Latin Clulis Mary Thomsen lkp Clulv. Pres.: Girls' linglish Club, Soc.: "Ol-ilriliw mil : Clmir: lli'hfI'imcs: l,2lllL'l'I1S in l'ri11l: Wesl- is xx ml llu: Stuclrm lfu-rum: 5ILlQC Lrcw: Ciirls Lluls Joyce Thormodseth Y-l'ucnsg l".T..-Lg Girls' English, Girls' Clulns Michael Thornton David Todd Spnmisli Cluh SENIORS 59 Thomas Torbleau Nancy Jo Torrence Girls' Sportsg Y-Tecnsg F.H..-L3 Red Cross, Girls cials' Clhubsg Talent Show Hugh Trenk 4-Lakes BllSliCll7LlllQ Cross Counlryg Hi-Y Judith Troia Y"llL'k'IlhQ Biology, Business, Girls' Clubs Cheryl Trumpy Girls' Riflu, Girls' Clubs Barbara Vetter Bruulg Orchcstrng History, Girls' Clubs "Oklahoma, y0u'1'e O.K. " Stephen Victor Nat. Thcspizuis, V.l'.g High-Times, Exec. llml., News lid., News Copy licl.g Math Club, Pres., V.l7.g Okla- l1omal": Choirg VVcstward Hog Stage Crew Mary Vdlemonte NVcstWurml Ho, Aalvcr. Erl.g Stage Crow, C41-cusluxm Hcadg Y-Teens, Program Chm., Intcrclub llrlcgntcz N.H.S.g Nut. Tlirspinlis, Bnmlg Orchcstrug cifflllrlll. Girls' Clubs ' Elaine Voss lligli-Times: Wcsuxuml Ho: 1f.'l'..X.g Y-'llmisz Suulrm lirrumg Girls' Club Warren Wade liruul, Corp.: Hockey: Fmmtlxrllz -l-Lnlxcs lirrslictlmlli Sturlcnt l"urumg C1ll!lCI'll, History Clubs Alana Waisman , NAL. 'l'l1q-spinllsz "ll.u'wy"g l-'.H..X,: Y-'ll-mis: Slurlvlu lforum: Girli, Library, Spanish Clubs Donald Waisman liaxscbullg 'l'l,lllCL'S linskctballg Howling: Spunisli Club 60 SENIORS Oili llulb, occ.: Scnutcg Vlicstling: liascbullg Golf: Volley- David Walsh lmll: -l-laxkcs Footballg -l-Lakes Baskctlmll: Spanisli, M-Clubs. Tom Wardle lfmmllmll Mgr. Cynthia Way Girls' Sportsg Bowlingg Officials' Club Richard Weber Biology Club, V.l'.g "Oklahoin:1l"g Choir: Bnnrlq Iluwle ingg Dt-lmte, Math Clubs Michael Weger Bowling Jean Wehmeyer Withdrawn Susan Wehrle Scnateg Y-Tecnsg Student Forumg Spanish, Cirls' Clubs Christine Weiss Pep Cluh, Prcsg High-Times, Feature Cc-py Fil.: Sen' ZIICQ Social COIlll'T1.Q Stage Crcwg "Mikad0"g 'lOklaho- ma!"g Choirg Triple Triog Westward Hog Girls' Club Building ends ds new walls merge with old Raymond Westbury John Wettengel Stage Crew, Lighting Hcnfl: Ya-xirbookz Curling Ofliicials' Club, Sec.-Truisg Y-Teens: G..X.,X.: Girls' Rifl Marion Weisser r. Girls' Clubs Gary Wells liLlFItlQ IETSQ Math, Science Clubs John Werner Patterns in Print: High-Timcsg Student Forum Carl West Withdrawn David West Hi-Y, Prcs.3 Student Forum Kathryn West SENIORS 61 Richard White Westward llo, Iicl.-in-Chicfg Scnatcg Tcnnisg Baslactballg 4-Lakes Baskctballg Student lforumg Spanish Club Thomas White jill Wiedmann Officials' Club, Prt-s.g Banrl, Co1'p.g Orchestra, Scc.g "Oklz1homzi!"g C.A..X. David Wilcox Cross Countyg liaschallg 4-Lakes Basketball Patricia Wildeman lligh-Times: Yfllw-iisz History, Biology, Girls' Clubsg Ollicc Yvorlicr Joyce Wilder Biology, llistory, Girls' Clubs In cz whirl ofczctifvity seniors depart l l Thomas Woolsey Stage Crew, Sets Hcadg Class Night tio-chin.: History l Club, V.l'.: Social Comm., Decorations Chm.: Choir: Wcstwarcl Hog -l-Lalics Baskctballg Math, Scicnct- Clubs Mary Wright Biology Club, Prcs.g Senate, Sec., V.P.g Social Comm. Chm.g N.H.S.g "Mikado"g "Oklahoinall'g Clioirg French Cluhg Cheerleading 62 SENIORS Mark Willard llancl, l,t,g Science Club, Scc.g Orchestra: Patterns in Printg Tcnnisg 4-Lakes llasketballg Dcbatc, Biology, Camera, Ramlio Clubs Jeffrey Williams Judith Wilson F.H.A.g Girls' Club Sally Wilson Pep Club, V.l'.g 'KOklahomal"g Stage Crexvg Choir Elizabeth Wimberly Y-Teens, Mein. Chm.g High-Times, Head Typistg Choirg Student Forumg Girls' English, Girls' Cluhsg office VVorkcr George Wischmann Senate: Track: Bowling: -l-Lakes Football: Sturlunt Forum: Biology Club Yasushi Yamamoto Hiulugx. Siltllft' Clubs Charles Youmans lit-lmum Scicmr Clubs Michal Artzy Band: O1 :lu-strn James Senn lllvClit'X' with regrets and bright hopes Mr. Christoliersen talks to the senior class about graduation activities as Class Night Chairman, Tom Wool- sey, Senior Class Vice-President, Don Bushnell, and Senior Class Advisor, Mr. Delung ponder the information they are to present. Sue Bonfield, Iudith Ghastin, Ioan Al- brecht, Elaine Minshall, Virginia Powers, Margie Mickow, Priscilla Lail, Donna Mar- shall. Marcia Richgels, members of Girls' Club Social Committee, make Christmas corsages for all senior high girls. SENIORS 63 Officers Pilot Class Activities. Senior Class Mr. Delunq, senior class adviser, con- gratulates the officers - Dave Black Q president: Don Bushnell, vice-president, and Anne Fleming, secretary: on win- ning the 1961 Homecoming float. Sophomore Class The sophomore class officers, Iim Doyle, vice-president: Fred Barbash, president: and Laura Crow, secre- tary: and Mr. Antonie, sophomore class adviser, discuss plans for the sophomore class party. 64 CLASS OFFICERS Junior Class Mike Moore, iunior class president, discusses plans for Grad Dance with Mr. Hafeman, class adviser, and the other officers, Nancy Wilson, vice-president: and Barbara Backer. secretary. The Class of 1962 Planned Graaf Dance. With the groundwork of the sophomore year behind them, the junior class started to build a strong class structure by electing Mike Moore as their president, Nancy Wilson as their vice-presi- dent, Barbara Backer as their secretary, and Mr. Hafeman as their class adviser. With these of- ficers to lead them in their task of learning to be leaders, the junior class faced the tasks ahead ot' them. Their first job was to try to win back the coal bucket trophy. As sophomores they had won this trophy for the best homecoming float. Their float "Let's Take All Four Quartersl' lost, but they had fun doing it. Then A.F.S. candidates Nadine Amphlett, Polly Brodie, Mary Porter, and Tom Webb were an- nounced. Mary Porter was chosen to go to New Zealand for the second semester. Putting all their energy into the class party, Q'The Roaring Twentiethn, it was surprising how much enthusiasm they had left for the tasks that still faced them. Pete Krug, Rick Griffith, and alternate Wally Wittich, were chosen as representatives for Badger Boys State. Representatives for Badger Girls State were chosen in June and student senate cam- paigns got into full swing. As final proof of their ability as a class, the juniors put on a very successful Grad Dance for the seniors. As juniors, the students finished building and remodeling their class and prepared to return the next year as leaders of the newly finished and remodeled school. HOME ROOM 7 Front Row: B. Kazik, P. Turner, M. Hill, S. LaBrossc, V. Graham, S. Kulp, P. Greisen, Row Two: J. Haugsland, D. Power, N. Isa- bella, N. Callen, K. Kay, S. Heuser, L. Le- May, R. Hayden, Hembreg Row Three: J. Henderson, D. Hammes, C. Iverson, R. Hutzel, D. Harwood, V. Hoffman, S. Harp- er, K. Krueger, G. Indra, Row Four: Ker- tulla, J. Kuehn, F. Hansen, U. Lettau, Liska, Green, Beecher, Dunn, D. Nelson. P. Krug. HOME ROOM 14 Front Row: D. Kremer, S. Freeman, C. Hal- prin, Gorst, N. Guggenbuehl, I. Fokakis, L. Halperin, Row Two: B-. Cook, R. Fox, J. Gleason, P. Hanson, D. Roberts, P. Ger- vasi, M. Erickson, D. Foster, Row Three: C. Ellis, Hildebrandt, Eckhardt, Holland, Hurst, R. Hochstetter, C. Hines, F. Berry, Harmon, Row Four: G. Heivi- lin, S. Gall, P. Lanphear, D. Forsyth, Jondrow, O. Weber, B. Fraser, S. Finnigan, J. I-Iarrer, F. Fueger. HOME ROOMS 65 T hey T urned Back the Clock for T heir HOME ROOM Z5 Front Row: S. Lewis, M. Loder, L. Jallings, G. jeffcot, K. Fison, F. Messert, L. Lengyel, C. Foy, Row Two: Sinn, M. Lilji, T. Hughes, M. Lucas. G. Kaeser, A. Liddle, S. Lachnit, S. Laugan, M. Leinbergerg Row Three: B. Johnson, D. Huegal, B. Hoebel, G. Hoffman, S. Beckman, L. Ives, S. Lenz, J. Heuft, M. Grant, H. Manzer, Row Four: D. Lewis, D. Jacobson, T, Hunter, J. May- land, D. Pfahler, P. Kelly, Maraniss, Jennings, M. Pierson, B. Marek, D. Lom- bardo. Polly Brodie and Tom Webb, two ot the AFS candidates, read a letter they re- ceived irom Mary Porter, West's AFS stu- dent in New Zealand. . Ji' ,. .....E.. 66 HOME ROOMS HOME ROOM 1 18 Front Row: Dahl, B. Ajer, C. Cassidy, N. Amphlett, S. B-rowne, S. Becker, Row Two: D. Bessert, S. Anderson, H. Bandy, B. Bar- ry. C. Brandt, P. Moore: Row Three: D. Adams, S. Blomgren, P. Blomquist, Ba Barry, M. Birch, D. Bailev, S. Best, L. Atwood, H. Suckle: Row Four: D. Aspinwall, N. Baillies, A. Anderson, B. Bohl, M. Alt, J. Albrecht. -T. Anderson, J. Alexander, G. Balcken. Class Party, "The Roaring T twentieth. " Iuniors relax at their class party. Seated at the first table are Dale Iohn- son, Karen Tanner, Pat Kelly and Phoebe Chidester: at table two are Chris Roisum, Dave Otto, Diane Foster and John Beck: and at table three are Tom Speranza, Brek Iohnson, Ellen Pasch and Mary Erickson. HOME ROOM 124 Front Row: G. Evans, V. B-enskin, K. Evans, M. Engelberger, Drinlchouse, N. Graham D. Filce: Row Two: S. Farnsworth, R. Dob son, D. Curran, J. Hamre, Ghastin, D Eichner, C. Mey'erg Row Three: Gillette C. Geier, Doremus, M. Gordon, Dol- larcl, C. Eising, M. Freclc: Row Four: F Griffith, R. Coens, K. Grafton, R. Bright W. Wiedmann, T. Disney, M. Erickson, J Kauffeld, F. Fiedler. HOME ROOM 123 Front Row: G. Curless, Darling, P. Chi- dester, B. Brown, A. Densmore, A. Dahler, T. Dahllcg Row Two: C. Camp, M. Devitt, K. Clauson, T. Burress, S. Swanson, D. Green, T. Bowman, Beck: Row Three: M. Schabaclcer, G. Bright, S. Cox, M. Nelson, S. Beld, T. Casey, D. Dean, P. Brodie: Row Four: K. Bures, xl. Bliemehl, G. Esse, Duwe, D. Zimclars, Chamberlain, C. Ben- net, B. Bray, P. Dylcman. I HOME ROOMS 67 They Campaigned Vigmfously for Their HOME ROOM 207 Front Row: L. Lulling, S. Lautz, Marks, T. McCarthy. Kepke: Row Two: C. Kil- lam, Michelson, D. Marshall, M. I-lalpin, P. Lail, S. Kearlg Row Three: A. Kreft, Burdick, E. Mickelson, E. McEachern, T. Welch, R. Wolf: Row Four: M. Moore, H. Cuccia, T. VanGalcler, M. Knapton, Kluncl, R. Meier, B. Johnson. HOME ROOM 215 Front Row: L. Zimmerman, S. Wittenkamp, A. Taylor, B. Lemke, L. Stamfli, Symon, I. Xwalker, D. Turner: Row Two: P. Shuler, M. Wright, N. Wirth, S. Voight, S. Vande- berg, M. West, Grasse, A. Sweet: Row Three: S. Ten Eyck, K. Wittwer, B. Backer, N. Wilson, ll. Wilson, G. Seborg, H. Teal, D. Stephens, J. Prindivilleg Row Four: Valentine, J. Stanke, D. Smith, W. Wittich, D. Schreier, E. Ulsrucl, G. Snorek, T. Sper- anza, Strossenreuther, B-. Workinger. 68 HOME ROOMS HOME ROOM 209 Front Row: C McCabe, M. O'Connor, B. Olsen, P. Sparkman, M. O'Mala, Muehle- mann: Row Two: D. Penn, G. Liscum, W. Paschall, D. Meloy, S. Morgan, K. Morgan, M. O,Dell: Row Three: C. Meyer, Mead- owcroft, C. Matthews, G. Langley, Mey- ers, K. Nielson. T. I-'lansong Row Four: T. Olson, D. Johnson, D. Macke, E. Cox, C. Lueders, D. Fox, D. Otto, Newel. f K 'Y Student Senate President, Vice-president. HOME ROOM 217 Front Row: Kimball, P. Runnells, S. Grady, M. Abel, M. Pritchard, P, Riley, J. Phillipson: Row Two: S. Meloy, K. Wag- goner, T. Poast, McMullin, S. Petersen, Johnson, L. Rott, Payne, Row Three: S. Pauls, J. Olson, L. McDaniels, E. Lovejoy, J. Pederson, M. Panelc, E. Larson, H. Ham- bleton, L. Waln, H. Panlcowg Row Four: Moore, G. Nelnel, L. Hansbrough, B. Ras- mussen, R. Luliclce. S. Wilson, D. Musolf, R. Radder, K. Nelson, D. Rossiter. HOME ROOM 218 Front Row: M. Shannon, L. Heding, L. Roberts, K. Schwalloaclc, Snobarger, P. Reigle, B. Smith, Row Two: B. Reese, K. Roisum, R. Rosinslcy, M. Johnson, K. Schiro, K. Sandrock. J. Sperh, S. Baumgarteng Row Three: N. Piazza, C. Robinson, M. Bayley, Severn, Spector, D. Nichols, J. Rouse, B. Newcomb, B. Olson, J. Skilton, Row Four: P. Grimstad, C. McComlJer, G. Tim- me, R. Shaunessy, B-. Cox, S. Raffill, B. Scott, M. Cooper, M. Preizler. HOME ROOM 227 Front Row: J. Walker, S. Sasman, S. Van- derwall, M. Rutherford, S. Sites, S. Ayers, P. Hanson, S. Wagner, Row Two: T. Webb, L. Tilsen, S. Stark, T. Waddell, T. Rice, N. Schmit, B. Schroeder, P. Schoenenberger, S. Ruklicg Row Three: K. Bennett, D. Smith, M. Riegel, S. Lewis, T. Sweet, D. Rauschen- laerger, B. O'Donnell, K. Corcoran, Row Four: D. Johnson, T. Tarlcow, S. Kelly, S. Smith, J. Thiecle, B. Purdy, K. Timmerman, C. Leveque, K. Kappel. HOME ROOMS o9 Sophomores Discovered New F fiends In As the foundation was laid and the building began for the new addition to West, the sopho- mores, also new to West, laid a strong foundation in electing Fred Barbash as class president, Jim Doyle as vice-president, Laura Crow as secretary and Mr. Antonie as adviser. As well as helping judge sophomore cheerleaders, these officers sent get well cards to any classmates with a prolonged illness. They soon learned that competition in senior high is not as easy as it might seem. They worked hard on their homecoming float "Slice Beloit," but it was not good enough to capture the coal bucket. With only half of their class permitted to at- tend the auditorium programs, the sophomores found themselves at a disadvantage in competi- tive cheeringg but they redeemed themselves and showed up' the upper classmen in school spirit by having the best class representation at most of the away football and basketball games. Part of this spirit was due to the excellent record of the sophomore basketball team, which won the Big Eight title. Showing ingenuity and enthusiasm, the class planned for their class party, 'iOut of This World". All enjoyed the decorations which were centered around an army surplus weather balloon hanging from the ceiling. When the sophomores enter West next year as juniors, the additions and remodeling of the school will be finished, but they will go on chang- ing and imp-roving until they graduate. HOME ROOM 20 Front Row: K. Brehn, W. Brown, B. Biercl K. Anken, W. Beebe, K. Antonius, S. Bakkeg Row Two: K. Anderson, H. Ayres, M. Buell, S. Arnold, Boorman, B. Backus, D. Barnes, H. Beach, Row Three: S. Bourne, Argraves, Benson, C. Brown, B. Bicknell, F. Barbash, M. Hasler, D. Waisman, S. An- dersong Row Four: A. Beveridge, D. Risley, R. Arnett, K. Felley, M. Banovez, S. Andrew, B. Archer, B. Beranek, B. Bates, Mack. 70 CLUBS HOME ROOM 116 J. Buerkle, P. Brogden, Brye, K. Bretz- man, S. Cameron, C. Lincks, S. Boyan. Row Two: A. Sotelo, S. Brunn, L. Brensike, L. Brown, P. Brown, K. Buckholtz, C. Brandt, N. Alt, Row Three: T. Block, G. Karp, W. Brynelson, Beyler, M. Bruhn, A. Bates, H. Bieberstein, W. Buenzlig Row Four: J. Wardle, H. Bohms, M. Blaedel, F. Blair, F. Dipiazza, W. Bogle, D. Becker, R. Burk- halter, N. Bright. x Clit bs, F estisvities, and Ath letie Events. HOME ROOM 120 Front Row: S. Busse, R. Caruso, S, Earley, L. Combs, L. Kleine, B. Busse, P. Cowle: Row Two: B. Cole, K. Cramer, M. Cole, M. Cassidy, R. Knickmeier, H. Schwartz, A. Damlnekaln, Burton: Row Three: L. Crow, C. Nutter, K. Cox, S. Daley, R. Carnes, R. Christianson, D. Cochems, W. Cox, L. Dag- yzett: Row Four: T. Dale, S. Zarantello, S Decker, R. Carbon, H. Cook, R. Busse, R. Wildeman, B. Beckman, W. Culbertson. HOME ROOM IZZA Front Row: J. Farmer, S. Davies, C. Farber, S. Doyle, Friess, M. Clifford, Dietrich V. Dcchant: Row Two: S. Emery, S. Ferris P. Devitt, A. Donahue, V. Dug, B. Frank- enstein, D. Puccio, N. Waldman, B. Fibikar: Row Three: Evans, Doerner, Glucks- man, S. Evenson, S. Knee, D. Fry, G. Has- ler, M. Dyhclahl, C. Deutsch, P. Falcig Row Four: V. Fenske, M. Finch, J. Enrlev, P. Darho, J. Doyle. J. Drake, T. Fix, B. Fried- man, M. Faulhaber, Frye, Edwards. v v Cheerleaders for the sophomore class are: front row, Bonnie McKnight, Betsey Grummer. and Peggy Moore: second row. Shirley Krueger, Terri Smith, and Dixie Remington. HOME ROOMS 71 Q. They Found Time to Elect Officers HOME ROOM 202A Front Row: S. Tuttle, J. Wilson, J. Wolman, J. Zum Brennen, L. Weitala, P. Vauk, J Vincent: Row Two: E. Williams, P. Web ber, P. Wick, S. Festge, B. Zerwick, B. Bor ment, M. Vire, M. Pope, Row Three: D Woody. M. Wilber. S. Wellenkotter, C Voss, C. Wolfe, S. VUerren, M. Tenney, T Wettengel: Row Four: P. Smith, R. Vogt T. Zerhel, Williams, R. Stich, D. Walker D. Wiebe, R. Hansen, J. White. 72 HOME ROOMS HOME ROOM 122B Front Row: S. Hamilton, Fernandez, B. Grummer, C. Henderson, C. Gant, Har- tenbergg Row Two: S. Roberts, L. Pomeroy, D. Gaarcler, J. Gilchrist, D. Gara, Kosak, C. Hayden: Row Three: P. Ferry, Hanks, W. Graham, G. Haffner, K. Hanson, S. Heine, W. Garrott, D. Gronengg Row Four: R. Farrell, J. Ela, J. Emlen, W. Goers, P. Gernon, D. Groton, R. Hanson, R. Baley, D. Christensen. HOME ROOM 201 Front Row: B. Hammersley, T. Charnowitz, A. Herzog, S. Jacobson, P. Hogan, M. Linclemann, B. Johnson, Jennings, Row Two: S. Krueger, J. Hughes, N. House- holcler, C. Jacobson, C. Laufenbrrg, N. Jew- son, J. Hochstetter, A. Taylor: Row Three: S. Edwards, B. Field, K. Hintz, J. Haugs- land, B. Hsu, F. Sander, Hansbrough, R. Harris: Row Four: G. Ferris, B. Hayes, C. Huboi. B. Howe. D. Johnson, L. Hanson, J. Heines, J. Herrick, F. Huitt. and Decorate cz Homecoming F loot. HOME ROOM 203 Front Row: Kepke, K. Koeblce, N. Sparr, E. Johnson, M. Jones, F. Iltis, D. Max, Row Two: K. Johnson, L. Jones, B. Karsten, M. Manson, J. Kolb, L. Komurka, L. Loyster, Row Three: S. Jalves, N. Hagen, S. Juedes, K. Foseicl, D. Kline, D. Duerst, M. Kaeser, D. Knope, Row Four: Virtue, Kuntz, F. Klucly, T. Klinge, A. Hutchins, D. Law- ver, W. Johnson, M. Knipping, P. Kolberge. HOME ROOM 211 Front Row: J. Lincl, B. Nloore, S, Millar, B: McCann, A. Orcutt, Milton, T. Mahsneyg Row Two: Nl. Milligan, Peters, M. Moen, S. O'Meara, G. Oswald, J. Malay, B. Meis- ter, V. Nlueller, E. Nlinshallg Row Three: J. Karn, Miller, M. Mickow, K. Mohaupt, B. McCoy, R. Young, D. Myer, D. Meadow- crofr, D. Amata, P. Oppertg Row Four: C. Rennehohm. S. Otto, T. Meyer, S, Mc- Burney, C. Joyce, T. McKenna, Scalissi, J. Norsetter, S, Miller, T. Shipe. HOME ROOM 208 Front Row: S. McCaslcill, K. Hanson, G. Mannering, B. McMahan, D. Kuesel. P. Vorlander, E. Cunningham, D. Lee, Row Two: M. Moore, C. Lock, P. McCuslcer, M. McClain. C. Martel, J. Laird, I. Maryen, S. Kvitle: Row Three: E. Lance, S. Nielsen, M. Hayes, J. Nygard, Laufenberg, Machotlca, K. Kammer, P. Lipolr, M. Mc- Donough: Row Four: Leigh, A. Malcolm, R. Luchsinger, E. Lewis, A. Vines, H. Man- zcr, R. Kleinheinz, R. Loew, Lampman, D. Lybeclc. HOME ROOMS 75 They Transformed the Cafeteria into I-IOME ROOM 216 Front Row: J. Roclefer, K. Wilson, S. Sha- piro, C. Schmale, D. Remington, P. Reilly, M. Seameng Row Two: D. Reimer, S. Smith, B. Raffill, C. Lemlce, M. Dertzborn, P. Smart, S. Plenke, B: Wilsong Row Three S. Sonnecleclcer, Peterson, M. Rogers, R. Rohlwing, Ruslcaulf, S. Sarig, L. Rot wein, L. Pritchard, Row Four: R. Schappe, B. Smith, Prafke, Stewart, T. Rarick, S. Paeplce, T. Phillips, T. Smith, D. Porter. 74 HOME ROOMS Sophomores Ianice Wilson, Ierry Harley, Craig Rennebohm and Betsy Bicknell sign up for the Marshall Plan, a proiect spon- sored by Madison Youth Council to clean up Marshall Park. HOME ROOM 212 Front Row: S. Pike, K. O?Neill, S. Pen- rocl, S. Piplcin, Plecity, P. Palmer, G. Payne, E. Parker, Row Two: L. Nauth, B. Parent, N. Nash, G. Nelson, M. Thompson, N. Park, P. Nason, Nelson, Peck, Row Three: D. Milestone, M. Motelet, R. Newel, T. Nlullen, R. Ricleout, D. Spraclling, W. Rentz, B. Ozanne, P. Schollg Row Four: M. Olson, M. Neurenherg, T. Koenecke, M. Newhall. B. Kulcachka, R. Niehuhr, T. Plautz, D. Richards. Morrell, E. New- house. cz Salczr System "Out of This World. " HOME ROOM 222 Front Row: P. Spatola, N. Sonclregger, B. Rollefson, B, Smith, S. Ploc, Sachs, T. Smith, S. Stormerg Row Two: H. Sweet, A. Shepard, D. Sergenian, H. Ponti, D. Rob- inson, P. Stanclridge, Bn Smoclc, W. Larson, Row Three: J. Rodman, J. Stumreiter, S. Sisson, R. Richardson, Sutton, Morrell, M. Stalirord, J. Schweppe, S. Smith, Row Four: M. Sonji, H. Soper. S. Sinaiko, K. Symon, Schulthess, L. Maahs, J. Schu- mann, J. Tilley, R. Schenk, Schweers, HOME ROOM 219 Front Row: S. Thielke, C. Sweet, Swette, P. Taff, J. Teal, S. Torlnleau, M. Sevensong Row Z: L. Sylvester, F. Slattery, P. Mar- shall, E. Smolen, Temby, L. Sutcliffe, N. Bates, R. Stone, Row 3: Sweet, A. Tande, D. Luclchardt, M. Thomas, M. Webber, D. Thomas, G. Solie, R. Sims, B. Wiegancl, R. Slcowlund: Row 4: P. Smith, T. Fink, Wallace, Talbot, Woolsey, R. Shively, R. Simancll, S. Spurley, G. Ulrich, W. Van Engen. Mary McDonough, Brad Ozcmne, Sharon Cameron and Steve Bruhn dance at the Sophomore Class Party. HOME ROOMS 75 i Activities Lend Balance to AC'I'IVI'1'IES LEAD School Life ACTIVITIES LEAD 77 Yearbook Staff Records School Year. YEARBOOK STAFF Front Row: A. Manson, T. Pohle, D. White, Mr. Ehlert, Ranney, M. Kelley, K. Daggettg Row 2: E. Martin, M. Ander- son, M. Villemonte, B. Paddock, S. Bicknell, C. Schuck. Members of yearbook staff, Mary Doyle, Ginni May, Den- ny White, Tori Pohle, Mike Spangler, Karen Daqgett, Chris Fleischer, Norma Graham, Icmet Grosshandler, Rick Siege and Karen Schultz, discuss plans for Westward Ho 1961. 78 CLUBS WESTWARD HO EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief , W ,,,,,,,,,,,. ,.,,,,,,,,,, D enny White Associate Editor H, ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,w,,, ,,,,, , , Joan Ranney Feature--Tori Pohle, Editor, Mary Doyle, Norma Graham, Janet Grosshandler, Marcy Harring- ton, Ginni May, Mike Spangler Clubs-Betsy Paddock, Editor, Sue Bonfield, Ann Dieter, Sue I-luiskamp, Donna McDowell, Joan Milesky, Joni Sedgwick, Wally Wittich Seniors-Karen Daggett, Editor, Christine Fleisch- er, Janet Hanson, Karen Schultz, Rick Stege Boyys Sports-Mike Kelley, Editor, Scott Herrick, Jack Novick, John Skilron, John Wettengel Photography-Ed Martin, Editor, Ralph Hokan- son, Dave Spradling, Wayne Van Engen Art ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,c,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . W Mary Anderson Index - Sherry Bicknell, Editor, Ted Tarkow, Elaine Voss BUSINESS STAFF Business-Al Manson, Editor, Mary Gilson, Clary Olmstead, Dorothy Rollefson, Dave Slauson, Kay Smith, Landy Sparr Advertising--Mary Villemonte, Editor, Peggy Ahl- gren, Jeff Barrell, Polly Brodie, Sandy Brown, Sue Ruklic, Mary Thomsen. Tom Woolsey Typing - Carol Schuck, Editor, Libby Barnard, Carol Conway, Janis Langetieg Bookkeeper W ,, , .,,, . ,,..,,,,,,.,,,,, Dan Sinykin Business Adviser ,,c,,,, Mr. Straw Adviser ,,,,,,, Mr. Ehlerr Deadlines Were Met, Paper Went to Press. High-Times circulation stcdi, Marcy Harrington, Sue An- derson, Libby Wimberly, Kathy Markstrom, Marianne Rooney. Terry Disney, Sue Biqnell, Lynn Fishel and Ed Gulessericrn, assembles the paper ior distribution to home- rooms. I-HGH-TIMES EDITORIAL STAFF Executive Editors .. ,,,, Steve Victor, Paul Sorum News Editors ,r,,,, . Gail Hoisington, Lois Suomi News Copy Editors -- Pat Brown, Julie Gillette, Norma Graham, Kathy Hall, Bill Hsu, Lois Suomi Feature Editors .i,. .. Mary Farrell, Anne Dana Feature Copy Editors-Anne Dana, Virginia Fer- ris, Chris Weiss Sports Editors ,,,,, ,,,,, M ilce Fellman, Tom Webb Sports Copy Editors-Jerry Earley, Jon Milcalson, Clary Olmstead, Tom Webb Layout Editor ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, G ail Hoisington Assistant Layout Editor ,,,,, Barbara B-aclcer Picture Page Editor ,tttt Sue Curvin Art Editor ,,,, . ,,,,,,,, . .. . ,,,,,,,, Kenn Flee Head Photographer . ,,,,, ,,,,,,, . . Barry Sweet BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager . . Advertising Managers Rulclic Circulation Manager Exchange Manager Head Typist . . Secretaries .. . Marcy Ed Gulesserian -- Lisa Vanderwall, Sue . .. .. Kathy Marlcstrom .. . Jane LaCourt Libby Wimberly Harrington, Kris Antonius Adviser ,ttt., ,tt,t, . tt,,ttt,t,t,tt M r. Schmidt NEWSPAPER STAFF Front Row: Mr. Schmidt, E. Gulesserian, M. Farrell, S. Victor, P. Sorum, G. Hoisington, M. Fellman, S. Curving Row 2: K. Hall, N. Graham, L. Suomi, J, Gillette, B. Sweet, K. Flee, J. LaCourt, M. Harrington, Milcalson, T. Xvebb, A. Dana, L. Vanderwall, K. Marlcstrom, L. Wimberly. CLUBS 79 STUDENT SENATE SOCIAL COMMITTEE Front Row: M. Doyle, S. Nelson, C. Weiss, T, Pohleg Row Z: M, Korbel, M. Harrington, M. Wright, D. Rollefson, R. Allin, Row 3: M. Spangler, T. Woolsey, R. Quisling, H. Krider, M. Mulvi- hill, J. Beartell. Torn Woolsey cmd Bill Berge, co-chairmen for senior classnight, and Mr. Delung, senior class adviser, look over one of the skits submitted. Mem bers Gained Student Senate gave West High students a voice in the administration of their school. The aims and projects of Student Senate were car- ried out by the elections, sportsmanship, honor plaque, receptions, resolutions, candy sale, and West Way committees. Student Senate sponsored such projects as: candy sale, sale of book covers, the sale of hand books, the selection of paid auds, and the serving of food to the basketball players after home games. This group gave a tea for the faculty, a talent show for A.F.S., and planned two dances following basketball games. They also worked with the library staff during Na- tional Library Wfeelc on the S.O.S. campaign. Senate sent delegates to various Student Coun- cil conventions and work shops. Student Senate Social Committee, headed by Mary Wright, planned all school dances, and advised class parties and Grad Dance. The themes and the details of these dances were planned by Social Committee. The chairmen of the committees were: Robin Allin, tickets, Jeff Bartell, bandg Don Bushnell, clean-up, Mary Doyle, chaperonesg Kenn Flee, publicity, Sue Nelson and Tom Woolsey, decorationsg Tori Pohle, secretary, and Dorothy Rollefson, refreshments. STUDENT SENATE Front Row: P. Moore, J. Holland, Johnson, R. Caruso, S. Wehrle, D, Foster: Row 2: M. Fellman, treas., D. Otto, M. Wright, vice-pres., S. Brown, G. Hasler, D. Rollefson, sec., M. Handelg Row 3: G. Wischmann, E. Gulcsserian, Reyn- olds, B. Archer, C, Rennebohm, Porter, pres. Front Row: P. Lail, D. Gesenius, P. Brodie, T. Smith, C. Weiss, N. Graham, Row Z: T. Wettengel, Slcilton, Drescher, F. Barbash, S. Best, S. Lorenz, Row 3: M. Moore, J. Mayland, R. Quisling, M. Mulvihill, D. Smith, J. Bar- tell. D. Black, T. Vffebb. 80 CLUBS Experience from Student Governments Student Forum met with an interest in learning about current events and problems on the local, state, national and international levels. Mr. john Gronouski, State Tax Commissioner, spoke on the proposed sales tax for Vvisconsin. Dr. Machwe, a visiting lec- turer from India, spoke at two meet- ings - once on the subject of birth control in India and a second time on passive resistance. Other speakers dur- ing the year were Dr. William Apple- man Williams, renowned history pro- fessor at the University, and Madison candidates for mayor Henry Reynolds and Robert Nuckles. Cultivating and encouraging an in- terest in history was the goal of the History Club. The speakers included Mayor Ivan Nestingen who talked about organization for political cam- paigns, Mr. Korbel who discussed eco- nomics, and a conservative Republican who discussed Wisconsin politics. Ralph Hewett from the University, who was Lyndon Johnson's speech writer, also spoke. STUDENT FORUM OFFICERS M. Chechik, vice-pres., C. Olmsread, pres.: Mr. Hafeman, F. Barhash. sec.: K. Hall, pres. HISTORY CLUB DEBATE Front Row: S. Bourne, M. Kelley, S. Nielsen, S. Browne, Row 2: H. Howe, Leigh, Maraniss, B. McCoy, Front Row: G. Kaeser, N. Isabella, K. Tanner, K. Johnson, K. Lison, B. Vetter, D. Lee, Row 2: J. Spector, P. Brodie, pres., M. Stafford, Darling, S. Anderson, S, Beck, S. Laugen, N. Calleng Row 3: T. Woolsey, D. Slausen, Ba Howe, L. Ozanne, W. Wade, L. Sparr, T. Tarkow, vice pres.g M. Bayley, D. Curran. Not pictured: Sharon Sites, sec.-treas. CLUBS 81 Stage Crew Worked on T wo Major STAGE CREW Front Row: L. Prizler, S. Kearl, S. Sites, S. Lautz, M. Porter, Kietrich, K. Tanner, C. Weiss, K. Schwalbach, A. Taylor, S. Becker, I. Fokakis, N. Sonderegger, B. McMahan, S. Early, T. McMahang Row Two: S. Victor, C. Fleischer, P. Sandrock, K. Daggett, V. Hoffman, P. Standridge, B. Bicknell, S Thiedc, M. Thomsen, S. Nel- son, sec., S. McCaskill, R. Fox, M. Manson, S. Best, D. Harwood, E. Pasch. S. Joos, Laird, Row Three: D. Mowry, pres., T, Nvoclsey, H. Krider, R. Ingersoll, B-. Culbertson, S. Jackson, D. Slausen, Wettengel, M. Kor- bel, vice-pres., S. Andrews, J. Woolsey, T. Dunn, D. Klouse, B. Nluehl, T. Wettengel, M. Mulvihill, D. Musolf, D. Schantz, K. Rellahan. Stage Crew was one of the most active clubs at West High with over seventy hard-working members. Their members were chosen on the basis of exper- ience, dependability, grades, and recommendations by teachers. Each member lnust put in at least ten hours work per semester. Stage Crew met on alternate Wednesdays during activity period to discuss problems and to learn about the different aspects in the production ot' a play. Programs included a demonstration on make-up techniques by Sue Nelson, a talk on German Theater by Dorle Gesenius, and an explanation of the var- ious types of lighting by a University student. This year '!Harvey,' and uOklahomal" were the major productions. Other projects were the speech plays, auditorium programs, and Class Night. Advertising Crew was responsible for all the post- ers, displays and pins that publicize the productions. Business Crew took care of the programs for the plays and did the typing, bill paying, and corre- spondence necessary for all Stage Crew activities. Costumes Crew made, assembled, or rented costumes for the plays. Ringing bells when the actors did not project was the main job of House Crew. They also ushered at performances. Lights Crew arranged the lighting for all auditoruim programs, dances. and p-lays. Make-up crew designed the make-up for all the characters in the play and made the actors up on the night of a performance. Rounding up furniture and making meals for the plays were part of Props Crew's job. They saw to it 82 CLUBS that all props were on stage when they should be. Sets Crew made all sets for the plays. Sound Crew was responsible for special sound effects such as a door slamming or a voice heard singing in the other room. All these crews working together, plus actors, made "Harvey" and "Oklahoma!,' finished pro- ductions. Stage Crew is made up ot' nine crews. The crews and crewheacls were: CREW HEADS SEMESTER T Advertising Therese McMahan Irene Fokasis SEMESTER H Business Christine Fleischer Mary Gilson Costumes Betsy Paddock Mary Villemonte Sue Huiskamp House Sally Best Sally Best Lights Mark Korbel John Wettengel Make-up Sue Nelson janet Grosshandler Props Diane Harwood Bill Muehl Sets Hal Krider Tom Woolsey Sound Tom Dunn Tom Dunn National Thespians membership was granted to students with major parts in the school plays and to students who did outstanding work in Stage Crew. The purpose of this organization was to encourage development and appreciation of drama. Last summer the club went to dinner and then to the Green Ram Theater to see "The Winslow Boyf, In February they went to see "Bernadine" at Monona Grove. Productions, 'Harvey" and "Oklah0ma!" STAGE CREW Front Row: M. Doyle, S. Wilson, D. Gt-senius, B. Cook, L. Suomi, L. Joyce, S. Huiskamp, M. Anderson, B, Paddock, Row Two: J. Elo, S. Cox, M. Finch, R. Skowland, M. l-leim, M. Gilson, Grosshandler, L. Mc- Daniels, M. Tenney, M. Villemonteg Row Three: W. VUittich, J. Enrley, P. Darbo, Ba Kurtenacker, N. Alt, L. Michelson, V. Ferris, S. Curvin, J. Sedgwick, D. Smith, D. lVlcDowcll. NATIONAL TI-IESPIANS Front Row: M. Villemonte, prog. ching S. Jackson, treas.g S. Victor, vice- pres.g D, Mowry, pres., B. Paddock, sec., M. Doyle, clerkg Row Two: H. Harrington, S. Best, S. Nelson, H. Kridor, T. Ehlert, P. Sorum, S. Curvin, D. Harwood, A. Waismaim. Mike Finch paints a set for "Ok1czhomcx! CLUBS 83 Within Our Hearts West's A Capella Choir this year was made up of the blended voices of one hundred and eight sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Choir was busy during the weeks lead- ing into the Christmas season. The tradi- tional Christmas pageant was given at the Capitol by the choirs of West, East, and Central. Much uChristmas spiriti' was aroused by the annual Christmas concert where the school heard the joyful Christ- mas anthems and saw the familiar choir processional of "Adeste Ficlelisn. High- lights of the Christmas concert were the brilliant choral fanfare, "Alleluia',, and 'cLullaby on Christmas Even featuring a solo by Merry Bliss. The Choir also performed at the Win- ter and Spring concerts. Outstanding BOYS, DOUBLE QUARTET numbers at the Winter concert were "Now The Day Is Overi' with soloist A1 Metz, and the negro spiritual "Soon Ah Will Be Donen. "The Bluebird", a number expressing a quiet mood, and "Now Thanlc We All Our Godu, a joyful an- them, highlighted the Spring concert. Nl. Fellman, J. Bartell, N. Ruedisili, B. Worlcinger, T. Ehlert, M. Spangler, D. Slauson, F. Crow. CHOIR Front Row: Phillipsen, C. Weiss, D. Penrod, Ranney, M. Curry, T. Pohle, M. Schallert, Symon, L. Billington, M, Thomsen, P. Eberleg Row Z: B. Freas, G. Burr-ess, M. Bliss, L. Preizler, S. Lautz, Ripp, S. Bonhelcl, D. Gesenius, M. Chechik, S. Victor, M. Hanks, Row 3: N. Faulhziber, Weissmueller, N. Isabella, S. Wilson, L. Suomi, C. Iverson, C. Fleisch- er, Burolcer, Eclchardt, Bartell, D. Jacobsen, Row 4: S. Anderson, M. Heim, M. Richgels, W. Emlen, B. Farrell, S. Bourne, A. Metz, Woolsey, C. Sterling, R. Jacobsen, Row 5: Albrecht, S. Lenz, G. Bullington, D. lYlcMurray, D. Rauschenberger, C. Steward, N. Ruedisili, M. Spangler, T. Heine. 84 CLUBS There Dwells cz Song GIRLS, TRIPLE TRIO The Girls, Triple Trio, composed of nine sophomore, junior, and senior girls, met under the direction of Miss Huxtable. The Triple Trio sang the serene ulsullaby For Jesusf, and the lively "When Christ Was Born of Mary Freew at the Christmas pro- gram. The girls enjoyed doing "The Sound of Musicw for the Winter Concert and "Ro- mancew, a beautiful number in waltz time, and uThe Music of I'iome," for the Spring Concert. BOYS' DOUBLE QUARTET The eight junior and senior boys in the Double Quartet were selected by Miss Hux- table early in the fall. The Boys, Double Quartet sang the joyous 'QCarol, Brother, Cal'OlH alid the subdued "Lo, How 3. Rose E'er Blooming" for the Christmas program. They enjoyed Per-forming at the Winter and K. McC1arrity, S. Lautz, Ripp, Grosshandler, P. Sandrock, M. Boell, I.. Prcizler, C. Weiss, M. Bliss. Spring Concerts and did such songs as an American folk song titled "Old Joe Clark," Q'The Halls of Tvy,'7 a spiritual called "Do- Don't Touch-A My Crarmentn, and 'cBroth- ers, Sing On". They also sang at the AFS Talent Show and made several Houtsidei' appearances. CHOIR Front Row: Gehner, T. Burress, M. McKnight, K. Reynolds, S. Brest, K. Larson, M. Hamilton, S. Grady, C. McCabe, Hammond, A. Taylor, B. Frankenstein, K. McGarrity, Row Z: M. Korbel, I. Doremus, C. Mathews, T. Thompson, LaCourt, J. Grosshandler, S. Ayres, G. Curless, M, Wright, S. Armbrecht, K. Srmdroclc, L. Wimherly, Row 3: D. Slauson, H. Krider, M. Fellman. G. Hendrickson, M. Harrington, S. Brown, S. Beck, A. Fleming, P. Bourne. S. Nelson, Holland, Row 4: F. Crow, M. Kelley, R. Burlchalter, J, Cameron, H. Panlcow, D. Marsh, M. Wright, P. Sandroclc, K. Daggett, Ogden, Row 5: T. Ehlcrt, B. Marling, R. Weber, S. Jackson, T. WooIscy,D. Otto, D. McDowell, M. Alt, K. Nielson. CLUBS 85 Band Displayed Musical T alent. BAND Row 1: C. Johnson, M. Boell, P. Cowle. D. Joos, S. Sarig, M, Wilber, K. Daggett, N. Faulhaber. E. Stanke: Row Z: M. Willard, P. Pykman, Stanke, R. Bright, M. Faulhaber, R. Rideout, P. Sandrock, Wiedmann, Wilson- a Row 3: T. Sweet, F. Millett, J. Mayland, M. Gordon, P. Hansen, B. Mitchell, J. Baier, V. Grudzina, J. Zum Brun- nen, D. Parent, Row 4: B. Buran, G. Clifford, M. Clifford. S. Baumgarten, S. Hinrichs, Tautfest, L. Pome- roy, F. Lerdahl, D. Lawver, G. Karp: Row 5: L. Meicher, T. Rariclc, D. Lee, P. Hanson, M. Aronin, J. Mikalson, L. Sumwalt, O. Swenson, B. Bohl, C. Siemers, Row 6: S. Ayers, Kuntz. S. Pride, T. Heine, D. Knope, R. Young, J. McMullin, Earley, K. Flee, L. Argravesg Row 7: Thiecle, T. Block, T. Shipe, W. Wade, W. Brynelson, S. Paepke, A. Metz, M. Spangler, B. Wiedmann. A perfect star formation, by the marching band, began four of the five home games during the foot- ball season. Mike Spangler, as Field Sergeant, did an outstanding job of leading the band through various formations. One of the finest shows was the one on communications, consisting of representations of smoke signals fcomplete with smokej, a telephone, and a television. Another show had a star theme in which a starry-eyed face, a Mickey Mouse cap, a rolling pin, and a United States flag with a new star for Hawaii were formed. Musical instruments in the band were the subject of another football show. A trumpet, trombone, tuba, drum, and lyre were formed by the band as they marched and played. Two bands, consisting of thirty each, played en- thusiastically and "sparked upi' the basketball games and pep auds throughout the year. 'QRoyal Fireworks Suitel' by George Handel. fea- turing eleven band members, was the opening band selection for the Winter Concert on January 29. Also included were: "Mannin Veenn by Wood, 'QThe Rakes of Mallol' by Anderson, and "Klaxon Marchu by Fillmore. S6 CLUBS "Haskill's Rascals", a drum trio featuring Warren Wade, Wade Brynelson, and John Thiede, high- lighted the pop concert. Meryl Aronin, Nlike Faul- haber, Bob Buran, Kenn Flee, and Ron Fagerstrom formed a quintet to play 'lDixieland Concertinov. "Italian Festival" by Osser, a beguine for band, UTambOo',, and "Flower Songu, with a solo by Bill Wiedmann, were also performed at the Pop Concert. An outstanding clarinet solo, "Concertino" by Weber, was performed by ,lill Wiedmann, accom- panied by the band at the Spring Concert on May l9. "Psyche and Frosv by Francee, "Waltzes from Der Rosenkavaliern by Strauss, and "La Bamba de Vera Cruzw by Tucci were also played by the band at the Spring Concert. This yearas band officers included: lieutenant and field sergeant, lvlike Spangler: sergeants, Hal Krider, Meryl Aronin, Charles Siemersl corporals, Jill Wied- mann, Karen Daggett, Warren Wade, Allen Metz, Mike Bunch, Bill Wiedinann, LeRoy Sumwalt, Mark Willard, Quartermaster, Sue Ayres, librarian, Nancy Faulhaberg secretary, Lois Argraves. Orchestra Developed Abilities. A Pop Concert during an aud program began the work of the orchestra. The highlight of the concert was a suite from "The King and TH, Mer- ry Bliss was outstanding in the vocal solos from the suite. Also included on this program were "Claire de Lunev by Debussy and "The Canadian Sunset". The Winter Concert on January 29th began with Mozartis 'qPiano Concerto No. ZEN. Mary Schallert played the solo part. Soloist Nancy Faulhaber was accompanied by the orchestra in "Concertino for Fluten by Chaminade. The or- chestra concluded with "Great Gate of Kiev" by Moussorgslcy. Thirty of the hfty-eight students in the orches- tra were chosen to play for the operetta, "Okla- homaln, and for the intermission of the Fall S eech la uHarve ". Man hours of extra re- P P Y, Y Y t hearsals were needed to produce the outstanding results that the orchestra obtained. During the second semester the orchestra went to several Junior High Schools in the area and presented concerts at these schools. The Sp-ring Concert included the First Move- ment of Grieg's Piano Concerto performed by Muriel Hamilton with orchestra accompaniment. "Toccata?', an original composition by Fred Ler- dahl, first oboist and senior in the orchestra, was another highlight of the Spring Concert. Orchestra officers were president, Heidi Pfan- lcucheng vice-president and librarian, Mary Far- rell, and secretary-treasurer, Jill Wiedmann. ORCHESTRA Front Row: R. Sinailco, K. Hansoii, S. Heine, B. Rasmussen. M. Hamilton. M. Farrell, M. Schallert, S. Lautz, Row Z: L. Rotwein, F. Iltis, F. Fiedler, J. Herigan, H. Pfanlcuchen, B. Farrell, C. Rideout, B. Hsu, M. Haslerg Row 3: S. Cameron, M. Lindeman, L. Pritchard, Ghastin, L. LeMay, M. Bliss, Wiedmann, Stanlce, M. Willard, P. Dylcman. J. Maylandg Row 4: D. Lawver, L. Pomeroy, M. Artzy, F. Lerclahl, P. Cowie, M. Boell, K. Daggett, N. Faulhaber, T. Rariclc, S. Ayers, Kuntzg Row 5: T. Shipe, W. Brynelson, L. Argraves, K. Flec. T. Heine, C. Siemers, Milcalson, O. Swenson, P, Hanson, Mr. Stanlceg Row 6: F. Crow, C. Voss, K. Cramer, Potter. CLUBS 87 Science lub Presented Challenges, BIOLOGY CLUB Front Row: E. Selbo, S. Anderson, L. Vanderwall, P. Chidester, D. Foster, K. Tanner, S. Busseg Row 2: M. Grans, B-. Johnson, S. Yamamoto, lVl. Wfright, pres., C. Mannering, S. Mc- Caskill, P. Brodie, sec.g M. Wrightg Row 3: R. Ingersoll, D. Webe1'. vice-pres., G. Wischmaxuia, J, Duwe, F. Milletr, C. Rideout, prog. chr.: N. Gustafson, P. Smith, M. Willard. SCIENCE CLUB Front Row: W. Paschall, Rouse, K. Hall, B. Paddock, S. Kearl, L. Magdol, A. Taylorg Row Z: M. Bourne, T. Tarkow, E. Pregler, M. Egre, R. Marks, S. Yamamoto, Frank, J. Burdick, Row 3: Chamberlain, D, Pflug, K. Rellahan, N. Gustafson, P. Mulloy, N. Gustafson, D. Ger- fen, R. Quisling, D. Gilbert, Row 4: K. Bures, R. Ingersoll, R. Hokan son, M. Knapkon, T. Woolsey, B. Stafford, J. Rick, Baier, M. Willard 88 CLUBS Une of Math Club's programs this year was a guest speaker from the Uni- versity, Professor Kleene, who sp-okc on symbolic logic. Ac another meeting, Lynn Nlagdol, a member of the club, demon- strated the operation of the abacas. Ar one of the meetings of Science Club a man from Ray-O-Vac explained the dry cell, showing its actual assembly. Other programs included a talk on jet engines by a man from Truax airfield and film strips on the United States missile pro- gram shown by Paul Thompson. Biology Club joined with Science Club to hear Professor Strong speak on bio- chemistry. Biology Club had an interest- ing speaker from the University talk on the chemistry ot' the nucleus of the cell. Nlr. Osness and Mr. Antonie showed slides of the research that they are doing. JETS, Junior Engineers and Tech- nological Society, was sponsored by the ASTE, American Society of Tool Engi- neers. Ac their meetings they had speakers on "Engineering as a Career" and saw movies about engineering. JETS also took several held trips, one of which was a tour through the plastics department of Gisholt. Upened New Fields oflnterest. IETS members lack Novick, pres.: Steve Nelson, vice- pres.: Clary Olmstead. treas.: Dan Gilbert. and Mr. Delung, IETS advisor, listen intently as Prof. M. H. ElWakil ex- plains how the atomic reac- tor works. Science club officers Kathy Hall, Mark Wil- lard, Wells Paschal, lim Frank, and Ken Bures examine a static electricity demonstra- tion for a science club meeting. MATH CLUB Front Row: R. Fox, S. Lautz, M, Doolittle, vice pres., L. Magdol, Nl. Schallerrg Row 2: D. Rausch, Rouse, P. Ahlgren, Frank, pres., S. Bicknell, L. Suomi, S. Victor, Row 3: O. Weber, sec., Nl. Alf, M. Knapton, Bn Mitchell. P, Mulloy, B. Hsu, M. Rich- gelsg Row 4: T. Woolsey, C. Olmsteacl, D. Weber, XV. Van Engen, R. Quisling, Baier, K. Smith, D. Lawver. CLUBS 89 reations with Pen and Brush. ART ANGLE Front Row: A. MacNicole, G. Evans, J. Bokina, K. Sehwalbach, J Murton, C. Loy, T. McMahax1: Row Z1 C. Eising, J. Grasse, E. Pasch, vice-pres,g P. Chidester, K. Reynolds, P. Mossholder, K. Markstrom. J. Laugen. P. Turner: Row 3: N. Gustafson. N. Gustafson, Reese, M. Heim, K. Doudna, sec.-treasg C. Miller, B. Wiedmann, L. McDaniels, Nl. Natvik, Friedl. Not pictured: Jim Loder, pres. Art Angle members increased their inter- est in art and learned about work possibilities in this field. Presentation and production of various forms of art were the main purposes of the club. This was done by taking field trips to various art exhibits. The group also visited the art departments at the University. Patterns In Print is a collection of stories, poems, and articles written, chosen, and edited by the students of West High. These are assembled into a magazine and distribut- ed to the students. Editor-in-Chief . . Gail Hoisington Editorial Staff -A Mike Fellman, Betsy Paddock, editors, Polly Brodie, Tempy Burress, Sue Cur- vin, Mary Farrell, Jinie Ferris, Fred Lerdahl, Jim Maraniss, Lois Suomi, Mark Willard, Jane Wolnian. Layout Staff--Nlary Doyle, editorg Jim McMullin, Marybeth O'Connor, Dorothy Turner, Ollie Weber, John Werner. Circulation StafJiASally Best, editorg Frank Crow, Mark Korbel, Pete Krug, Larry Ozanne, Pat Reilly, Judy Temby, Mary Thomsen, Madeline Wright. Publicity Staff w- Janet Hammond, editorg Ann Dieter. Bernadette McMahan, Lori McDaniels, Jane Ogden, Doralle Rauch. Art Staff -- Kenn Flec-, editorg Mary Anderson, Cherie Hinrichs, Beth Lovejoy, Mona Manson, Therese McMahan, Betty Meister. Typing Staff-Diane Foster, editor, Sharyn Al- den, Shirle Becker, Joanne Dahlk, Tori Pohle, Margaret Rutherford, Sharon Sites. Advisers Mrs. Schoff, Miss Kanable 90 CLUBS PATTERNS IN PRINT Front Row: B. Paddock, M. D. Foster, S. Best, K. Flee. Fellman, G. Hoisington, Mrs. Schofifz Row 2: Hammond, Preparation for Future Vocations Red Cross Club members learned new and interesting techniques in medicine and commu- nity work by hearing speakers from the Red Cross. The Club was able to put this knowledge to use and do "red crossv work themselves by entertaining crippled children at the Madison Community Center. The girls worked hard to decorate the Community Center and then pro- vided several entertaining skits for the chil- dren. At Christmas time, the club prepared fifty-seven gift boxes containing tooth paste, cigarettes, playing cards, and eighteen other items for the patients at Mendota Hospital. Providing service to the school and giving its members business experience and information occupied the Business Club meetings this year. Speakers at meetings provided the necessary information concerning various types of occu- pations. Miss Lois Puckham of the Jackson Clinic spoke of her duties as a medical assist- ant and secretary. A speaker demonstrated how to make stencils and how to mimeograph. A telephone consultant gave the members tips on telephone etiquette as a receptionist and secretary. RED CROSS CLUB Front Row: B: Brown, K. Kay, S. Freeman, M. Burton, A, Dens- more, J. Gorstg Row 2: K. Mergen, sec.-treas.g S. Voigt, pres., C. McCabe, Darling, D. Kremer, N. Callen, S. Heuserg Row 3: P. Hathaway, D. Rauch, M. Devitt, C. Camp, M. Gilson, C. Fleischer, vice pres., K. Nielson, S. Beck. With older members of Radio Club helping, beginning hams learned radio laws and theory and other requirements needed to obtain the general or novice I-lam license. Using the school transmitter in room 115, the club con- tacted other schools and Hams across the country and even experimented in hearing satellite signals. During the first semester, Radio Club sponsored a class for learning and understanding the Morse code. RADIO CLUB Front Row: S. Ayres, Ghastin, W. Paschal, M, Johnson, Row Z: J. Rouse, sec., W. Mitchell, V. Anslfield, R. Luch- singer, K, Flee, K. Bures, pres. Ken Bures. Iohn Rouse, cmd Tim Hurst converse with people in foreign countries on the ham radios. BUSINESS CLUB OFFICERS C. Conway, vice-pres., J, Klotz, pres., S. Klein, treas.3 C. Anderson, sec CLUBS 9 1 Many Willing Hands The Library Workers were advised by Miss Peplinski, and assisted her in any library work which she wanted done. These duties included checking books in and out, keeping records of people in the library on pass slips and returning the slips to the study halls, issuing and collect- ing fines on over due books, and shelving and straightening books. The Qfifice Wforkers assisted Mrs. Engen in such duties as answering the phone, delivering messages, sorting out mail, putting notices in the teachers' boxes, answering questions, and the many other varied jobs to be found in the West Senior High Office. Ushers Club, advised by Mr. Bicket, had the job of ushering at all school plays, concerts, and PTA meetings, as well as checking coats at school dances, and maintaining order at athletic events by ushering and finding lost articles for careless students. Movie Crew showed movies, slides, and film strips to classes, and to clubs, such as, Girls, and Spanish clubs. They showed the movies during and after school. The Hall Monitors were on every floor, each period of the day, keeping order, watching for unnecessary loitering by students, answering ques- tions and giving directions to visitors and puzzled students, and keeping the halls free of litter. The monitors were selected by the adviser, Mrs. Lugg, on the basis of scholastic record and citizenship. 92 CLUBS LIBRARY WORKERS Front Row: J. Flock, S. Penrod, J. Morig, V. Bailey, L. Waisinaii, S. Browne: Row 2: D. Luckhardt, P. Standridge, M. McDonough, B. Smock, Dollard, V. Oswald, M. Moeng Row 3, D. Spatola, M. Nat- vik, K. Hanson, K. Bennet, Frank. P, Moore, K. Hintz. USI-IER'S CLUB Front Row: Heuft, C. Matthews, R. Hochsteher, L. Meich- cr: Row 2: A. lvlctz, G. Heivilin, W. Nluehl, G. Langley. Lent Service to West. HALl. MONITORS Front Row: D. Johnson, G. Sasman, M. Morgan, Holland, M Rooney, Row Z: H. Manzer, Drescher, D. Sinylcin, C. Adolf- son, K. Flett, D. Rausch, Row 3: M. Kelly, R. Griffith, R. Quis ling, A. Strauss, C. Steward, N. Gustafson, M. Korbel, M. Hanson OFFICE WORKERS Front Row: P. Martin, Nl. Doolittle, H. Harrington, L. Wimberlyg Row 2: S. Alden, C. Johnson, S. Arm- brecht, S. Klein, N. Faulhaberg Row 3: Langetieg, E. O'Conner, J. LaCourr, T. Burress, S. Royston, P. Brurgdorff. MOVIE CREW Front Row: V. Grudzinz-1, pres.g H. Nlanzer. J. Heuft, R. Hoch- stetter, S. Edwards, Machotlcag Row 2: F. Huit, W. Van Engen, A. Vines, D. Klousie, G. Timme, T. Dunn, C. Hovey, G. Baird. Vincent Grudzina, Ace Vines, Ioe Mcrchotka, and Bill Mahcxffey check parts of the movie machine. CLUBS 93 Language Clubs .Learned and Spoke, FRENCH CLUB Front Row: M. Doolittle, N. Raymond, A. Donahue, pres.: J. Wolman, K, Lison, S. Millar, S, Becker: Row 2: S. Sarig, vice pres.: P. Lippolt, S. Joos, G. Hoisington, P. Brog- don, S. Bigncll, P. Cowleg Row 3: D. Webber, V. Fenske, L. McDaniels, A. Dana, S. Sisson, Nygard, sec., B. Backus, J. Boorman, P. Brodie. A club is 'Kan association of persons for some com- mon objectf, The "common object" for the language clubs is a better understanding of other countries by learning about their language, their customs, and their people. French Club members have seen slides and have listened to interesting speakers tell about their excit- ing experiences in France. They played games in French, and at Christmas time they caroled French Christmas songs. German Clubis big project for this year was its Christmas play-the story of the Nativity in German. They have played German card games, acted out :kits in German, sung such songs as "Schnitzelbank" and whirled through German folk dances. Spanish Clubis gala Christmas party was climaxecl by the breaking of the pinata and the singing of Spanish Christmas carols. They took a trip to lan- guage laboratories at the University. The members have seen movies of Mexico, and played a game of uBingo,, in Spanish. Attending a performance of "Kiss Me Karen high- lighted the year's activities of Girl's English Club. At one meeting a speaker told the members about Freshman English at the University. A spelldown of books and their authors, a play reading, a program about Roman and Greek Mythology and writing a story using twenty-five miscellaneous words occu- pied other meetings. GIRLS' ENGLISH CLUB Front Row: E. Clarke, K. Schultz, vice pres.: W. Korbel, M. Harrington, M. Anderson: Row 2: Thormodseth, S. Ruklic, I. Fokakis, sec., M. O'Connor, Ranney, pres., S. Alden: Row 3: C. Fleischer, S. Sites, B-. Brown, Gorst, E. O'Connor, D. Rauch: Row 4: M. Thom- sen, S. Bignell, E. Dieter, B. Paddock, K. I-lult. 94 CLUBS Worked for Better Understanding SPANISH CLUB Front Row: N. Faulhaber, sec., M. Schuclc, D. Foster, B. Hamre, N. Wirth, S. B-onfield J. Mileslcy, G. Burress, M. Hammesg Row 2 J. LaCourt, C. Conway, M. Damman, S Bogart, S. Shiels, M. Marvin, Hagen, M Wright, L. Joyce, Row 3: Drescher, J Martin, pres., Carlson, S. Colvin, Dar ling, M. Richgels, vice pres., Kotz, K Wittwer, H. Kelly, G. May, Row 4: J Thiede, P. Holtzman, J. Maraniss, D. Todd F. Eaves, J. Ogden, S. Farnsworth, D Raushenberqer, D. Waisman, V. Messina D. Walsh. GERMAN CLUB Front Row: M. Miclcow, K. Anlcen, L. Jones, B. Kazilc, D. Eickner, D. Kuesel, A. Densmore, L. Roberts, Row Z: B, Cole, D. Thomas, Stumreiter, H. Hambleton, B. Hsu, M. Villemonte, R. Hutzel, D. Bes- sert, pres., J. Hintz, vice pres., C. Johnson, P. Lailg Row 3: J. South- worth, J. Jennings, P. Holtzman, J. Praflce, D. Hansen, M. Knip- ping, N. Rasmussen, K. Bennett, sec.: J. Hochstetter, P. Sandroclc, L. McDaniels. Don Wcrismcm, Rick Stone, and lane LcrCourt try out the new equipment at the University lan- guage lab. CLUBS 95 Proudly We Serve Y-TEENS OFFICERS Front Row: S. Alden, vice pres.g Sedgwick, pres.g P. Burgdorff, treas.g Row 2: M. Villemonte, prog. chr.g S. Best, vice pres.g K. Daggett, sec.g S. Huiskamp, corres. sec. Iohn Mitby cmd Clary Olmsteud move books from the . Monroe Street Library to the Sequoya Branch Library as cr l proiect of Highland Hi-Y. sv V fam R . .V .Li 1, swf HI-Y OFFICERS Front Row: D. Bushnell, J. Nlartin, D. West, R. DeGolier, Porter, D. Gilbert. Row 2: Hickman, D. Caparoon, Smith, D. Mowry, P. Glass, Chamberlain, R. Allin, D. Walsh. 96 CLUBS Our School and Our Community. GIRL'S CLUB Front Row: M. O,Con- ' nor, Milesky, D. Mc- Dowellg Row Z: S. Bon- Held, treas.g C. Adolfson, M. Rutherford, Miss Per- rigog Row 3: LaCourt, pres., M. Richgels, B. Cook, S. Bignell, S. An- derson, sec. Not pictured: Tempy Dell Burress, vice pres. Early in the school year, Girls' Club Sun- shine Committee started its "Big Sister" program, which helped new girls get ac- quainted at West. Later in the fall, all the committees helped with Roundy's Fun Fund and the Save the Children,s Federation. Future Hornemakers of America prepared girls to become better homemakers. They had an interesting speaker on cake decorat- ing and saw slides on Europe. Future Home- makers' big project this year was making a scrapbook for the Orthopedic hospital. The Future Teachers of America club promoted an interest in the teaching profes- sion by having speakers on the different fields of teaching such as the mentally re- tarded and the blind and deaf children. Y-Teen members viewed slides of Dorle Gesenius' and Muriel Hamilton's A.F.S. trips, and went caroling at Christmas. For the main service project, each member was assigned to a child at Central Colony. The girls made bibs for the children there and sent gifts and greeting cards to them during the holidays. Regent, Ash, and Highland Hi-Y mem- bers sponsored a number of dances this year. Among other activities were Visits to the Oregon School for Girls and county prison. A highlight of the year was a program on Radio WKOW in which Hi-Y members participated. Ash Hi-Y officers were: president, Don Bushnell, vice president, Jim Martin, secre- tary, Jack Hickman, and treasurer, Jerry Smith. Dave Black, president, Jack Porter, vice-president, Jim Drescher, secretary, Dan Gilbert, treasurer, and Robin Allin, chap- lain, were the officers of Highland Hi-Y. Regent Hi-Y officers were: president, Dave West, vice-president, Richard Smith, secre- tary, Don Mowryg and treasurer, John Chamberlain. CLUBS 97 F.T.A. Front Row: C. Schuck, sec., N. Faulhaber, M. Schuck, V. Graham, Milesky, pres., K. Schwalback, J. Hogan, Row 2: Ghastin, R. Rohl- wing, M. Wright, P. Turner, E. Clarke, Thormodseth, N. Worth, Row 3: Gehner, C. Aclolfson, D. Raush, S. Best, R. Meyer, S. Henkle, S. Colvin, vice pres., B. Bicknell. F.H.A. Front Row: J. Glucksman, sec., A. Herzoc, M. Kelley, K. Wittwer, Mohr, M. Anderson, B. Steinke, S. Holzwarth, treas.g C. Adolfson, pres. fwamm4u4muf.- umm m l nv' af- CHEERLEADERS Back to Front: S. Peterson, G. Curless, M, Schuck, M. O'Marag Front to Back: K. Mc- Garrity. J. Ripp, M. Wright, S. Bogart. PEP CLUB Front Row: N. Graham, T. Pohle, I. Fokalcis, S. Becker, T McMann, L. Halperin, Row 2: K. Darbo, C. Weiss, L. Preizler, S. Nelson, S. Wilson, vice pres., D. Gesenius, J Harman, Row 3: J. Gillette, M. Harrington, M. Thomsen, pres., Grosshandler, M. Hansen, sec., J. Hagen, N. Isa bella, S. Alden, M. Nygardg Row 4: Spector, G. May, A. Hobbins, treas.g K. Hult, M. Anderson, L. Garrott, E. Pasch, S. Sanderson, P. Ahlgren. School Spirit Plus! Every school must have spirit. West had three clubs which helped promote school spirit and good sports- manship-. M Club, composed of all boys having a letter in sports, had the largest membership. As a service club, they sold candy at the games in order to raise money. Most of this money went toward contact lenses for the players, the rest went toward special sports equip- ment. In promoting school spirit, M Club worked with Pep Club in getting buses for out-of-town games and in organizing pep rallies. Pep Club planned pep auds and chartered buses for outaof-town games. Before games, the girls drew p-ep slogans on the blaclcboards in the study halls, and passed out pep pins. At Christmas time they decorated the Christmas tree at the Ash Street entrance. The Cheerleading Club, in spite of its small size, was certainly large in spirit. These perky girls pro- moted good sportsmanship between the schools and led the crowd in cheers. They also planned the annual cheerleading clinic which was held during the basket- ball tournaments this year. 98 CLUBS M CLUB Front Row: R. Sinaiko, N. Piazza, D. Bush- nell, D. Penn, B. Sweet, D. Schantz, D. Powers, Row Z: T. Rogeberg, Schiro, D. Gerfen, Drescher, D. Black, D. Walsh, D. Marsh, J. Carlson, Row 3: B. Householder, T. VanGalder, P. Kelly, H. Krider, Bu Dall- man, J. Bartell, B. Busse, B. Johnson, J. Porter, Row 4: N, Christianson, H. Kings- bury, R. Farmer, B. Mai-ling, H. Cuccia, B. Berge. R. Ingersoll, D. Pfahler, D. Mowry. 'Autumn Haze" Sets Misty Mood. The royalty ot Homecoming 1961, Queen Kathleen McGarrity and attendants Susan Lorenz and Eliza- beth Barnard, reigned over Homecoming festivities. Cornstalks, pumpkins, and crisp fall air lent an appropriate atmosphere to this year's home- coming dance, "Autumn Hazef, Besides dancing to the music of Jerry Blake's Band, apple dunking was an amusing diversion for the couples. Queen Kathy McGarrity and attendants Susie Lorenz and Libby Barnard were chosen for the Royal Court. They were presented to the student body in the aud program which featured Pep Club,s original tale of "Little Miss Regent." The Royal Court reigned over the West-Beloit game in which the Regents scored a smashing home- coming victory over the Purple Knights, winning 19 to 13. Thus the senior class float, which took first place in annual float contest, fulfilled its slogan 'lTender Is the Knight." The sophomores captured second with "Slice Beloitv while the junior float placed third with "We'll Take All Four Quarters." Senior class iloat, "Tender Is the Knight". captures first place honors. The West High marching band, under the direction of drum-maior Mike Spangler, forms a heart while waiting tor Royal Court. DANCES 99 Scene fmf Midwintevf Is Jamaican Island Enjoying the music of Benny Rhode are Pam Standridqe and Larry Maahs. Iudy Michelson and Don Hammes pause at reiresh- ment table. The soft Caribbean breeze of Montego Bay brought a welcome relief from the Wisconsin winter. A Jamaican harbor provided the climate and set an exotic scene for Mid-Winter Dance, February 18. An irridescent sea shell provided an egective backdrop for Benny Rhodels Sextet. Many things contributed to creating the roman- tic atmosphere of the South Seas: rope rigging, filled with varied types of sea life, a silvery star- fish high above the dancers and a striking black and white mural depicting scenes of a fishing village. Couples Sue Wehrle and Ieff Bartell, Iody Ripp and Ken Waggener, Marcia Richgels and Hadi Pankow chat at refreshment corner. 100 DANCES KW! Gay '903 Retrieved at G0 den Nugget' Twirp Twirl, Ap-ril 14, turned the cloclc back for a night on the Western frontier. Large gold letters hung from the ceiling, spelling out the theme, "Golden Nugget -l890.,' One wall of bleachers posed as stores- the hotel and near-by saloon, the barber- shop and newspaper office, the mortuary and jail. In the corner a gray courthouse housed the marryin' judge who dutifully proclaimed the 99-year sentences. The bandstand was a wheel of fortune and dance-hall girls decked the wall behind it. From a long, wooden bar, aproned barmaids served refreshments. The costumed dancers were decorations themselves. Attics had produced sweep-- ing, floor-length dresses, bustles and all. Dance-hall girls rejoiced with bartenders. Cowboys and Indians had come in from the open range and polished gamblers roamed the hall. Serving maids "fill-'em up" at bar for thirsty customers. Dancers Mark Nuernberg and Eileen Slattery, Tim Smith and Ginni Oswald, appear in authentic costumes. Dudes and fashionable ladies, Patty Brown, lim Schulthess, Brian Smith, Chris Hayden, Howard Teal, Pat Deviit, pose outside oi local saloon. DANCES 101 Couples Whiifl in Uriental Love Garden' 'Love Garden' royalty are Iohn Griesen and Kathy Reynolds, May King Mike Mulvihill and Queen Mary Doyle, Peggy Burgdorff and Dan Gilbert. An oriental setting created a romantic atmos- phere for May Dance, May 13. Softly colored Japanese lanterns lit the 'Love Garden'. After strolling across a quaint foothridge lined with flowering trees, couples gathered in the parking lot near a fountain. Girls in lovely pastels whirled with their escorts to the music of Laird lVlarshall's combo, centered in the gym by portals arched by a crescent moon. Refreshments were served 10.2 DANCES from a japanese tea room hy girls dressed in lcimonas. The highlight of the evening was the coronation of King Mike lVlulvihill and his queen, Mary Doyle, and the traditional Grand March with the seniors and regal couples. John Griesen. escorting Kathy Reynolds, and Dan Gilbert, escorting Peggy Burgdoriii, made up the court of honor. ,V 66 I7 Pooleas Antics Provide Wilson CTom Ehlertl and Dr. Chumley CFrank ponder over Elwood Dowd's fPau1 Soruml 6' 4Vz' "I'd like to know where you get that inflated ego!" demands Nurse Kelley fSue Curvinl of Dr. Lyman Sanderson ilVIike Mulvihilll. 1 Fun in Hartley An invisible rabbit was the subject of much confusion as West High presented its annual fall play, Harvey, by Mary Coyle Chase. El- wood P. Dowd fPaul Soruml is l-larvey's best friend and the only one who can see him. Veta Simmons fl-lilary l"lar,r'ingtonj, Elwood's sister, is vexed by her brother and his friend because they are ruining the social life of her daughter, Myrtle Mae fLannie Waismanj. Thus Veta, with the aid of Judge Omar Gaffney Uohn Potterl, tries to place Elwood in a sanitarium. It is at Dr. Chumleyis Rest Home run by Dr. Williain Chumley fFranlc Eavesj, that a young doctor, Lyman Sanderson fMike Mulvi- hilly, a beautiful nurse, Ruth Kelly fSue Cur- vinl, and a tough attendant, Wilson fTom Ehlertl, mistakenly try to commit Veta. Mrs. Betty Chumley fsandy Brownj unwittingly reveals the mistake and a search begins for the missing Elwood. The hilarious events which occur concerning who is the most in need of a psychiatrist, El- wood or Veta, add to the confusion. Everything is straightened out when Veta decides that she likes her brother, rabbit and all. Society woman lVlrs. Chauvenet Uessica I-laganl and a frank cab driver, E. Lofgren fMeryl Aroninj played colorful characters. Eavesl rabbit. "Take hold ol her Iudge, she looks like she's going to faint!" exclaims Myrtle Mae fLannie Waismanl to Veta Louise lHilary Harringtonl. cmd ludge Gaffney Uohn Potterl. i PLAYS 103 A Tkzlented, Enthusiastic Group Makes Curly lMike Spanglerl and Laurey iMerry Bliss! happily ioin in singing, "Let People Say We're in Love." "Well, ain't you cr pair ol pretty nothings!" Aunt Eller lDonna McDowe1D, with aid of Ali lSteve Victorl. reprimands Iud lHal Kriderl and Curly CMike Spang- lerl for raising a ruckus in the smokehouse. Rodgers and Hammerstein,s musical, "Okla- homaln was presented on the evenings of April 21 and 22. Choir, chorus classes, stage crew, orchestra, dance-groups, and directors combined their talents and efforts to put on this major production. uOklahomal,, emphasizes the love triangle of Laurey flVlerry Blissl, Curly fTom Heine, Mike Spanglerj, and Jud Fry QI-lal Kriderl. The set- ting is Oklahoma Territory at the turn of the century. Curly and Laurey are in love, but are at first either aloof, hostile, or uncertain of each other's reactions. In spite of the efforts of Aunt Eller fDonna McDowellj, Laurey makes no ap- parent headway with Curly, who seems to he attracted to the flirtatious Gertie Cummings fsally Wilsonj, so she responds to the attentions of Jud Fry. At the box social, hy outhidding Jud for Laurey's lunch box, Curly demonstrates his feel- ings for Laurey. They soon are married. During a brawl at the wedding, Jud falls on his own knife and is killed. Rather than take Curly to prison on his wedding night, Judge Carnes fMike Fell- manl arranges a trial and Curly is found innocent. Curly and Laurey then go off for their honey- moon in Oklahoma. Another highlight is the amusing sub-plot in which the attentions of an infatuated cowboy, Will Parker Ueff Bartelll, and a wandering ped- dler, Ali Hakim fsteve Victorl, revolve around Ado Annie fNicki Isabellal. Other members of the cast were: Ike Skidmore QAI Metzj, Cord Elam fchuck Stewardl , Slim Him Burokerl, Fred fDave Marshl, Chalmers fStanley Jacksonl, Vivienne fSusan Andersonl, and Faye fSusan Bonheldl. 104 PLAYS Ado Annie lNicki Isabellal, who "Cain't Say No". explains her problem to Lau- rey fMerry Blissl. Stage Ring with "Olelah0ma!" nn?"fmp: Curly lTom Heinel stands on Aunt Eller's porch. Will Parker Ueff Bartelll, Ado Annie tNicki lsabellal, Slim Uim Burokerl. Aunt Eller KDonna McDowelD, and Andrew Carnes tMike Fellmanl, bid farewell to the happy couple, Curly 1Mike Spanglerl and Laurey tMerry Blissl. "You iust try an' change my mind," Andrew Carnes lMike Fellmcml warns Ali Hakim lSteve Victorl, who IS reluctant to marry Ado Annie tNicki Isabellal. PLAYS Sports Encourage Fitness and 106 SPORTS LEAD Offer Competiton SPORTS LEAD 107 Varsity Gridders omplete Successful Season FOOTBALL SQUAD Front Row: M. l-larriszk, B. lohnsoniz, B. O7Donnell, R. Kingzzi, Keplce, Noviclclf, T. Hughes, D. Powersg, S. Best, K. Waggener, Ba Sweetllg Second Row: F, Ragatzzk, S. Nelsonzk, D. Marshal, B. Dallmanzk, Br. Busst-24, D. Bushnelltg, D. Johnson, J. Porterzk, T. McKenna:::, W. Sweet, D. Pfahlergg Third Row: W. Osness, P. Kellyzk, U. Lettau, F. l-luitt, N. Christiansonk, H. Kingslnuryf Hickmanzg, H. Cucciaxl, B. l-lable, Dehlungg Fourth Row: C. Joyce, T. Speranza, D. Mowryzg, T, Van Galderll, B. Bergek, R. Farmerzg, D. Risley, B. Worlcingerzli, R. Schenk, N. Dc-ani. Not Pictured: D. Blacktk, T. Rogelnergx, I. Schirozk. :5:Denotes Letter Winners Coach Hable congratulates Steve Nelson on being chosen honorary captain of the football 1960 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE team. West 14, Wausau 6 XWest 12, East 3 l'West 20, Racinel-Iorliclc 0 Wfest 33, Janesville 0 West 33, Central 6 9FWest 19, Beloit 3 West 7, Racine Park 12 f':W'est 21, Kenosha 19 l'Denotes I-lome Game BIG 5'8" STANDINGS W L T East 5 I 1 Racine Park 5 l 1 West . .. 5 2 0 Kenosha .. . . 5 2 0 Beloit .. . . 4 3 0 Janesville . . 3 4 0 l-lorliclc 1 6 0 '- Central 0 0 0 1 08 SPORTS egents osed Out of Big "8" Title A powerful passing attack led by three outstand- ing ends gave the Regents a tie for second place in the Big 8 with five wins and two losses during the 1960 gridiron season. Coach 1-1able's Regents began the season by post- ing a 14-6 victory over Wausau. West bounced back after a slow first half to overcome the Lumberjacks with two touchdowns coming on passes from Jack Novick to ends Ralph Farmer and Harry Kingsbury. Next, Racine Horlick invaded Breese Stevens Field, but once again the Regents emerged victorious, this time with a 20-0 win. Two passes, one to Cuccia and one to Farmer, went for touchdowns while Steve Nelson scored Westis third tally. Central became the third victim of the Maize and Blue as the Regents posted a 33-6 victory. Kingsbury and Cuccia scored TD's on pass receptions. Bob Householder ran for a tally and Steve Nelson for two. Bill Dallman was a defensive standout with three pass interceptions. In the next game, West battled Racine Park. Capi- talizing on Regent miscues, Park edged Madison West 12-7. The pass combination of Tim VanGalder to 1-lank Cuccia clicked for XX7est, but untimely errors cost the Maize and Blue a victorv. The traditional East-West rivalry, one of the strongest in the Big 8, proved disheartening to the Regents in 1960 as the Purgolders nipp-ed West 13- With outstretched arms, Safety lack Novick at- tempts an interception of an enemy pass. 12. Westis sharp air attack matched East's ground game in touchdowns, but the Regents' failure to gain the all-important point-after-touchdown proved fatal. Janesville was the next scene of action as the Maize and Blue trampled the Bluebirds 33-0. Tim Van Galder led the Regents with accurate passes to Coach Hableas big ends. West gridders finally re- vealed their running attack with Steve Nelson lead- ing the way. 1-lomecoming 1960 was highlighted by a 19-13 win over Beloit. The Van Galder-to-Cuccia passing com- bination, accounting for two touchdowns, led the way to a Regent victory. Beloit's gridders showed a strong ground game but the West gridders' defensive line and offensive passing were too powerful to overcome. Coach 1"1able's Regents finished the 1960 gridiron season with an exciting Z1-19 triumph over Kenosha. Jack Novick scored West,s first tally on a quarter- back sneak of three yards and passed to Kingsbury and Farmer for the two other touchdowns. This year the Maize and Blue gave Coach 1-lable one of his finest football seasons, tying for second place in the Big Eight. Bill Dallman, Steve Nelson, 1-lank Cuccia, Ralph Farmer, and 1-larry Kingsbury gained positions on the All-City Team. Kingsbury and Farmer received double honors, gaining berths on the Big Eight Eleven. Ralph Farmer was given additional honors with positions on the All-State Team and the Scholastic Magazine's All-American Prep Team. Doug Powers gets trailed from behind by Keno- sha qridder as he gains ground on an end sweep. SPORTS 109 Halfback Steve Nelson runs into trouble against Horlick after good gain. End Ralph Farmer lwith balll and Harry Kingsbury iight mud cmd opponents tor long gain. Regents in Action, S gbotlighted Dave Black takes pitchout from quarterback and spurts around right end. 1 10 SPORTS Poor Weather Doesn '15 Dampen F our Lakes SENIOR FOUR LAKES This year's senior football team ex- perienced only one loss during the six game season to take first place in the Four Lakes division champoinship. Coach jim Stevens mentioned that the sharp backfleld contributed to the team's winning record. JUNIOR FOUR LAKES The Junior Four Lakers suffered from poor weather and injuries to key players to wind up with a 1-4-1 record. "Injuries to our quarterbacks especial- ly hurt our team this season,', com- mented Coach Cardoso. He also said that there are some good prospects for the varsity next year. Front Row: P. Krug, N. Piazza, D. Lewis, M. Bright, N. Schmit, P. Schoenenbergerg Row Z: Coach J. Cardoso, C. Nlacomber, D. Bardwell, D. Fox, S. Rauschenberger, B. Scott, S. Fueger, H. Pankow. Front Row: A. Brager, Huseby, R. Stone, M. Hanks, D. Gerfen, C. Olm- stead, D. Hamacherg Row 2: R. Ingersoll, W. Wade, S, Erikson. D. Bunch, SOPI-IOMORE FOUR LAKES Front Row: D. Richards, R. Stich, M. Hasler, M. Nuern- berg, G. Solie, B. Hickman, W. Larson, M. Vire, J. Evans, Row 2: S. Gorden, P. Blau, Haugsland, R. Carbon, M. New- hall, P. Smith, J. Williams, B: Baley, M. Graus, Coach R. Hafemang Row 3: B. Richard- son, S. Miller, B. Statz, F. Bar- bash, D. Gorton, Morrel. J. Talbot, -T. Scalissi. SPORTS 1 1 1 Harriers Exceed Expectations 135 555 .1195 5? lg? 333 1 E .vu 1-ff fi, iifjiilis shgff sffisi fl-Q an T14 . .T TI M i a Q CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Eront Row: Coach Evans, B. Brayiiz, R. Marksg, D. Adamsii, M. Riegelk, T. W'ebb'l:, D. Robinson, D. Wilcoxic, D. Reimer, J. Hansbourgh, B. Hake, P. Oppertzg, McMullin, S, Smithg Middle Row: J. Maylandff W. Brynelson, B. Carnes, Heins, S. Anderson, R. Shnwlund, T. Kl0SSh9f, E- NQWIWOUS2, K- Hagan, R. Coens, T. Mullin, L. Hansbourgh, Mgr. Schwieriii, Mgr. Lindg Back Row: R. Rideout, D. McMurry, D. Nelson, L. Daggett, E. Cunnnigham, B. Raffill, T. Shipe, Burton, Bn Kleinheinz, C. Huboi, S. Otto, Mgr. D. Wieb2, Mgr. Rickzzi. :5:Denotes Letter Winner. Coached by Mr. Evans and captained by Randy Marx, the 1960 West High Cross Country Team completed another successful season with both the NA" and UB" squads winning dual meets at Monona Grove, East, Central and Wisconsin High. The "A" squad won the Hartford Invitational, the West Invitational, and the Madison City Meet. This was the sixth consecutive year that West has won the city meet. The West Harriers also took second in the Big Eight Meet at Racine and third at the Midwest Meet at Janesville. The "BH squad placed first in the Hart- ford and West Tnvitationals, while they came in second in the Big Eight Meet. Consistently good runners were Mike Rie- gel, Bob Bray, Tom Webb and Don Adams. SQUAD "AH Front Row: Capt. R. Marx, D. Adams, M. Rcigel, D. Wilcox: broken hip at the City Meet and Was lost Back Row: T. Webb, B. Bray, J. Mayland, B. Hake. Jim Mayland, a top runner, suffered a for the season. 1 12 SPORTS Wrestlers Complete Season Without Defeat The wrestling squad, coached by Don Hafeman and captained by Bruce McMurray, enjoyed a most successful season, winning all its dual meets. Said Mr. Hafeman of the squad, "This was the best and hardest working squad I've ever coached." The grapplers were also successful in their larger meets. Their outstanding accomplishment for the season was taking the city championship for the third year in a row, enabling them to retire the City trophy to West. The squad placed second in the Big Eight Meet at Kenosha, taking four championships and four second places. On the road to the State Tourna- ment, they came in first in the Regional and Sec- tional Tournaments. However, because of the loss of two key men through injuries, the team was disap- pointed at the State Tournament, accumulating five points. Don Bushnell advanced the furthest, reaching the semi-finals before being defeated. Front Row: Mgr. R. Bright, D. Reimerg, D. Nelsonak, D. Walshx, N. Schmidtbk, M. Rei- gelg, T. Hughesak, B. McMur- ryx, H. Pankowx, B: johnsoni, B. Dallmanii, Mgr. D. Gerfeng Row Two: S. Boyan, B. Raffil, D. Gaarder, B. Newcombe, W. Emlem, D. Hammes, P. Krug, D. McMurry, Morrell, C. Joyce, D. Richards, B. O'Don- nel, B. Scott, B. Workinger, N. Christianson. Not Pictured: D. Bushnelllk. :gDenotes Letter Winners Next yearls prospects seem to be even better since the team will have five returning lettermen. Captains for next yearls squqad are Tom Hughes, Mike Riegel, and Brek Johnson. DUAL MEETS West 28, Lake Mills 14 West 24, Janesville 16 West 37, Beloit 10 West 27, Sauk City 14 West 39, Wisconsin High 10 West 25, Madison East 13 West 34, Richland Center 9 West 41, Monona Grove 5 West 44, Madison Central 5 West 22, Madison East 16 West 36, Fort Atkinson 12 West 30, Stoughton 10 VARSITY SQUAD D. Reimer, N. Schmidt, M. Rei- gel, T. Hughes, Capt. B. Mc- Murry, H. Pankow, D. Bushnell, B. Johnson, and Bill Dallman look on as Coach Don Hafe- man gives instructions to D. Nelson and D. Walsh. 71, .. M. I 1 SPORTS 1 1 3 Cagers Advanced to Finals in Sectional BASKETBALL SQUAD flnsertl Mitbyrii, Mgr. R. King, S. Best, K. Waggoneri, Bartelli, N. Ruedisilizk, T. Speranza, D, Pfahlerzlz, Schweersx T. Johnson, H. Cucciazk, B. Nlarlingzs, M. Mooreig, K. Kappelg, H. Kingsburyk, R. Farmer? :gDenotes Letter Winners Coach Byam and Coach Iim Stevens check pre- game strategy. 1 1 4 SPORTS In gathering a 12-10 season record, West's 1960- 61 basketball team placed fourth in the t'Big Sv and second in the Janesville sectional of the State Tournament. Height was the Regents' main asset and Coach Jim Stevens used it to the fullest. In pre-season competition the Regents were downed by Wausau and Appleton but bounded back with a 71-46 triumph over Wisconsin Dells. During conference play the Regents compiled a 7-7 record. They started conference play with a 75-67 victory over Janesville. Ralph Farmer led the West High attack with Z9 points. The toughest loss for the West Cagers was a 64-63 setback at the hands of Madison East. The Regents led for most of the game but the nip- and-tuck fourth quarter resulted in a last second basket by East for the narrow margin of victory. Although the Regents lost the game, they found a new star in sophomore John Schweers as he poured in 19 points. Typical of the Regents, hot and cold game was a narrow 59-57 victory over Beloit. West held a sizable lead in the fourth quarter and then went Cold. Although they had trouble scoring, the Regents held off Beloit until the final horn. Cn Feb. 3, West unleashed its playing potential with a 73-63 romp over Kenosha. West connected for over 50? of their shots as they downed the Red Devils. Ralph Farmer and Harry Kingsbury were high with 20 and 15 points, respectively. When state tournament time rolled around in Sogbhomores stand on top in their division. s.. 1961, the Regents put on an extended winning streak. After downing Prairie du Sac, they went on to tramp-le Central 62-36, getting revenge for an earlier defeat at the hands of the Downtown- crs. Next was Darlington and the Regents met the challenge with a 66-57 victory. In the sectionals of the tournament, West's first foe was Elkhorn. Mike Moore led the Regents. to victory with 21 points and good rebounding as they moved into the sectional finals with cross- town rivals Madison East. Playing top-notch has- ketball, the Regents held a 28-24 lead at inter- mission. However, in the second half the tide turned and the Purgolders came on strong. Before the Regents could recover the horn had blown with West losing 53-45. BIG "SH STANDINGS W L Madison East .. . . 11 3 Racine Park ..... . 10 4 Beloit . ...... .. 8 6 Madison West .. . 7 7 Janesville . ., . 7 7 Kenosha ..... ..., . 7 7 Madison Central .... .. 3 11 Racine 1-iorlicli , 2 12 SOPI-IOMORE BASKETBALL TEAM Forward Mike Moore iumps high into the air to get the iump shot away from his opponent. The Sophomore ln a s k e t ln all team, coached hy Coach Clark Byam, took first place in the Sophomore Big Eight Con- ference standings with a 12-2 record. The team had a 15-2 season mark. The cagers also took the city title hy defeating the Purgolders twice as well as overcoming Central the same number of times. Park handed the sophomores their first loss early in the season, 57-43. The five dropped a 48-39 decision to Racine Hor- lick later in the season. Row 1: R. Schenk, Drake, B. Smith, R. Risley, R. Burkhalter, Norsetter, Mgr. D. Aspinwall. Row 2: Coach Byam, Peterson, Doyle, B. Niehuhr, P. Scholl, P. Smith, G. Solie, T. Smith. SPORTS 1 15 Bucketeers in Action Guard Neal Ruedisili drives past Central defender. l l a A screen by Mike Moore enables Iohn Mitby to score against East. Captain Ralph Farmer fires from long range in Regents' victory over Ianesville. Height gives the advantage to Harry Kingsbury as he grabs the rebound from an Appleton player. 1 16 SPORTS Senior F our-Lakes Basketball Champs PACKERS Row 1: T. Johnson. R, Allin, R. DeGolier, Martin. Row Z: P. Glass, L. Sparr, J. Carlson. REGIONAIRES Row 1: J. Laliella, B. Berge, Nl. Bunch. Row Z: A, Brager, B: Hoff. WEST REGENTS Row 1: D. Hamacher, D. Caperoon, Nl. Foseicl, P. Kleene. Row 2: B. Householder, D. Gilbert, D. Walsh, F. Oldenburg. WEST ROYALS Row 1: D. Black, l-liclcman, R. Stcge, D. Geffen. Row Z: D. Powers, F. Ragatz, D. Marsh, B. Dallman. SPORTS 1 1 7 Curlers and Puelesters Place Well in Meets CURLERS Front Row: J. Carlsonri, H. Kriderzfi, D. Pfluggi, C. Siemers. Row 2: L. Sparr, L. Ozanne, C. Lueders, Wettengel. 214 Letter Winners. Aided by the newly completed artificial ice rink in Madison, the hockey squad was able to get in all their games despite the unusually warm winter. The team was able to surpass last yearls record, finishing with 5-5-1, highlighted by a 4 to 3 win over Rhinelander. "This was the first time West has beaten Rhinelander in hockey in four years," commented Coach Burt Hable. Coach James Bicket praised the curlers for the admirable job they did this season. A West rink won the Poynette bonspiel. The same rink, after winning the sectional held in Madison, placed fourth in the state bonspiel in Wausau. The Carlson rink also won the fifth annual Poynette invitational bonspiel by winning all of its matches in the first event. Tom Shipe, Chuck Siemers, Dick Pflug and Skipper Carl- son were the members of the rink. The champion of the Madison prep bon- spiel was the 'Carlson rink. They won the first event entitling them to be the winners of the City meet. Members of the championship rink in addition to Carlson included Tom Shipe, Hal Krider, and Dick Pflug. In Madison at the sectional meet, the Jay Carlson rink topped the Gary Saunders rink of East to qualify for the WIAA state curling bonspiel. At the state meet held in Wausau, Carlson's rink finished fourth. They had tied for third but in a playoff match, lost to Par- deeville. Dick Pflug, John Wettengel, Tom Shipe and Jay Carlson comp-osed the rink. In city play, the pucksters were 4-4-1, losing three times to East, winning three from Monona Grove, and going 1-1-1 against Central. The team scoring was paced by Bob Geppert and Jerry Rae- ther. The outlook for next yearls squad is en- couraging, but the team will sorely miss its many graduating lettermen. HOCKEY TEAM Front Row: R. Ingersollg, S. Hillg, G. Langleyie, D. Mowryg, J. Senn, P. Kelly, K. Nelson. Row Z: Coach B. 1-lable, Ma- raiss, M. Dohertyx, J. Gribblex, D. Schantzif, B. Busseg, Hen- derson, F. Ragatzx, S. Erick- sonak. Missing from picture: S. Raffillss, B. Geppertx, Rae- therlg, S. Nelsong. :klaetter Winners. 1 18 SPORTS Netters, Golfers Enjoy Successful Seasons The West netters won their opening match of the season by serving Janesville a 9-6 defeat. They then proceeded to win the next two matches, with a 9-2 win over Beloit and a sweeping 6-0 win over Cen- tral. At the quadrangular meet held at West, the Regents topped the scoring with 23 points. Coach Eugene Leverentz's team was built around eight returning lettermen in-- cluding Paul Sorum, Neal Ruedisili, Mark Willard, Ed Gulesserian, Norm and New- ell Gustafson, Dick Smith and Dave Otto. Mr. Leverentz expects to continue this winning season because of the talent dis- played by these lettermen. Front Row: D. Otto, N. Gustafson, M. Willard, N. Ruedisili, P. Sorum, E. Gulesseriang Row Z: D. Liscum, D. White, S. Bourne, Doyle, F. Lerdahl, B. Smith, Schweers, Coach Eugene Leverentz, Bill Iohnson. medalist in lctst yecxr's state golf tournament and leading scorer on the West qoli team. shows his form cmd skill as he takes cr practice swing with ct five iron. Front Row: N. Dean, D. Penn, S. Herrick, E. Larsong Row 2: R, Radder, Mitby, W. B-ogle, Coach Clark Byam. SPORTS 1 19 Coach Clark Byam's 1961 golf team opened the season by taking second place in a quaclrangular meet at Janes- ville, 14 strokes behind Janesville. The golfers improved at the Beloit meet, however, as they nosed out Beloit by two strokes to capture the championship. The Maize and Blue, with 382 strokes, defeated East, Central, and Wis- consin High in the City Quadrangular meet. West's margin in this match was sixty-two strokes better than the run- ner-up, Wisconsin High. The team proceeded to defeat Wisconsin High in a dual meet by a score of 18 to 0. The linkmen's record victory over the city teams came at the Monona triangular by a margin of forty strokes. West is headed by returning lettermen Phil Johnson, Dave Penn and Rick Radder. Coach Byam has expressed hope that the team will repeat as state champs again this year. West Tmckmen Regain City Meet Title TRACK TEAM Front Row: P. Scholl, J. Benson, B. Bray, Hansbrough, D. Marsh, M. Riegel, R. Putnam, M. Korbel, R. Marks, L. Hans- brough, B. Hickman, T. Klossner, D. Gilbert, D. Schuette, D. Hansen, B. Johnson, N. Schmitg Row 2: Coach Jim De- Jung, Mgr. D. Nichols, Hickman, H. Kingsbury, R. Stege, H. Cuccia, E. Williams, Heins, Williams, Mayland, B. Dallman, D. Wiebe, P. Oppert, Drake, M. Bunch, Schulthess, B. O"Donnell, B. Hoff, T. McKenna, U. Lettau, Mgr. R. Sinaiko, Coach Willis jones. The annual Wisconsin Rapids invitational track meet was the scene as the 1961 track season began. West finished second in the prep indoor classic. The Regents won only one individual event with Rod Putnam, Randy Marks, and Bill Hoff placing 1-2-3 in the 40-yard dash. Putnam also finished third in the broad jump. Not since 1953 have the West cindermen taken first place in the West Relays. This year, the Regents captured the Class A crown. West picked up their points on second place in the mile and 880 yard relays, a third in the shuttle hurdle relay, and in individual events Rod Putnam, Tom Klossner and Harry Kingsbury placed. West regained the city meet title by unseating the trackmen of East. Harry Kingsbury took indi- vidual honors with first place in the high hurdles, the low hurdles, and the high jump. The Regent cindermen won eight of the twelve events. West trackmen triumphed in four of six relay races but could not match Rockford East in the Held events and placed second in the Janesville Invita- tional Relays. The only winner in field events was Jack Hickman who won the shot put. The four relay races included the 540 shuttle low hurdle relay, the 440 relay, the 880 relay and the mile relay. 120 sPoRTs West's 880-yard relay team is comprised of Mark Korbel. Mike Riegel, Norbert Schmit, cmd Rodney Putnam. Cindermen T czke Title at West Relays Queen Tori Pohle and her court. Karen Hult and Sue Harnre, reign over the twenty-fourth Annual West Relays at the Camp Randall Memorial Building. At- tendants. from left to right, are Billy Wilson. Martha Hable, Sue Hable, and D a v i d Sanderson. Anchorman Harry Kingsbury crosses the finish line ior third place in the 180-yard high hurdle shuttle relay. , ,.....-1-and .-m +...mLi69ws1u:glu gm Queen Tori presents the Class A trophy for first place to Harry Kingsbury, representing the West track team. SPORTS 121 After Practicing I ndoors, the West Baseball BASEBALL TEAM Front Row: N. Piazza, D. Wilcox, J. Corcoran, P. Grimstad, Carlson, S. Best, B. Busse, J. Kepke, C. Lincks, K. Wag- gener, Row 2: Coach Russell Paugh, R. Farmer, D. Jacobson, T. Speranza, D. Pfahler, T. Van Galder, Raether, F. Fueger, B. Niebuhr, T. Cloutier, J. Greisen, Andy Sotelo. Four returning lettermen, Greisen, Farmer, Corcoran, and Piazza, formed the nucleus of the 1961 Regent baseball team. Coach Russell Paugh had a choice from 75 candidates to Fill the remain- ing positions. In the opening game of the season, West topped Janesville 4-1. Clutch hitting by Don Pfahler and fine pitching by Norm Piazza carried the Regents to Victory. Pfahler homered and singled to tally West's two hits. Piazza held Janesville without a run until the last inning. The Kenosha nine trounced West 9-0 in the second game on one hit pitching by Kenosha. Jim Corcoran's two-out single in the seventh inning saved the Regents from a hitless game. The West nine dropped the next two games with a 15-6 defeat at the hands of the Central team and a close 11-10 decision to East. Racine 1-lorliclcls baseball team squelched a Regent rally in the sixth inning of West's fifth game. Six West errors, seven walks, and three hit batters gave the Rebels an early 5-0 lead. The Regents collected all but two of their hits in the sixth inning. Coach Paugh is looking for a winning combi- nation for the games remaining to be played. Flanked by assistant coach Don Hatemcrn, baseball coach Russell Paugh explains to en- grossed pitching and catching candidates the principles for throwing a curve ball with snap. 122 SPORTS The pitching and catching candi- dates try putting into practice what Coach Russell Paugh has been teaching them as they wann up in the gym. T eam Experiences A Slow Start In the game against Central, Regent player Steve Best fouls a good pitch into the grandstand. West lost to the Central nine, 15-B. SPORTS 1 23 G.A.A. Sponsored Activities Enjoyed by Girls The top four bowlers of this G.A.A. sponsored sport are. from left to right, C. Way. D. Thomas, I. Walker, N. Raymond. 124 GIRLS' SPORTS Bowling During the first semester, bowling was the chief G.A.A. activity. Ten teams composed of six girls each, bowled at Schwoeglerls Bowling Lanes each Monday at 3:45. Ar the end of the season, the fifteen girls with the highest averages played a series of three games to determine the bowler of the year. This year that girl was Cindy Way with a three game average of 143. Judy Xvallcer, Nancy Raymond and Dorothy Thomas gained second, third and fourth places, respectively. Basketball After school eleven teams of girls played basketball in two leagues. The teams of one league played Tuesday and those of the other league played on Thursdays. At the end of the season the championship game was played, with Cindy Way's team the winner. BASKETBALL Front Row: M. Schuck, C. Leulce, S. Saltzman, M. Hammes, C. Larson: Row 2: M. Morgan, S. Jackson, L. Richart, D. Taylor, C. Way, J. Langetiegg Row 3: S. I-Ienlcle, Hanson, D. Thomas, C. Voss, M. Wilbur, K. Cramer, Wiedmann, C. Schuclc. Prove They Hwve Athletic Ability Spring Sports Spring arrived and with it spring sports, of which tennis and softball are included. The girls in the gym classes who didn't know how to play one or the other were advised to participate in that sport. Under the in- struction of lVliss Schuette they learned to hold the tennis racket properly and to serve the ball correctly. Tn softball, the girls tried to learn to hit the ball, play the held, and when possible run the bases and score at home plate. .. , n-as Another after-school sport is volleyball which is enthusiastically played by e these girls. O iczals' Club The booster pins and emblems seen on Regents at football and basketball games to sup- port the respective teams were sold by this club to encourage school spirit. These girls officiate at after-school G.A.A. sponsored activities, such as basketball and volleyball. The club also lends a service to school by checking coats at basket- ball games. The advisor of Officials, Club was Miss Schuette. OFFICIALS' CLUB Front Row: B. Parent, R. Abrams, B. Frankenstein, N. Torrance, V. Hovdeg Row Z: N. Faulhaber, S. Henkle, S. Colvin, J. Weidmann, L. Joyce, C. Schuck, S. Kleing Row 3: C. Way, Langetieg, G. Bullington, J, Peck, D. Taylor, Ap Szymczyk, M. Morgan. M odern Dance Third period every Tuesday and Thurs- day found many girls, who preferred not to take gym, going through a regular routine of exercises and dances. This was the mod- ern dance class. Under the instruction of a university dance student, these girls were able to give their own interpretations of mood. MODERN DANCE Front Row: H. Pfankuchen, S. Wilson, M. Ham- ilton, Student Instructor Nliss Nancy Nisiusg Row Z: Grosshandler, LaCourt, K. Smith, Beri- gan, L. Suomi, K. Daggett. GIRLS' SPORTS 125 Mr. and Mrs. Joe Abrams Acousticon Hearing Aid Co. Mr and Mrs. L. H. Adolfson Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Ahlgren Mr. and Mrs. George W. Alden Dr. and Mrs. Robin N. Allin Mr. and Mrs. Einer G. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. John G. Armbrecht Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Baier Mr. and Mrs. Dean G. Ball Mrs. John Barnard Mr. and Mrs. Merwin Barningham Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Bartell Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Berigan, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Riley Best Mr. and Mrs. William S. Bicknell Mr. and Mrs. Olin Bjornstad Mr. and Mrs. Don M. Black Mr. and Mrs. D. Brickl Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Brown Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Bullington Mr. and Mrs. John H. Bunch Mr. and Mrs. Fred Buran Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Burgdorff Mr. and Mrs. George T. Burrill Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Burton Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bushnell Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Callies lVlr. and Mrs. Eugene N. Cameron Mr. and Mrs. Sam Chechik Mr. and Mrs. Carl Christianson Mr. and Mrs. Harry D. Clarke Mrs. Adeline Colvin Mrs. Patrick Conway Mr. and Mrs. James F. Crow Mr. and Mrs. Floyd R. Curry, Jr. Prof. and Mrs. Jonathan Curvin Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Cuthbert Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Daggett Mr. and Mrs. Ellis H. Dana Mr. and Mrs. Rolf Darbo Mr. and Mrs. Charles Deans Mr. and Mrs. C. M. De Golier Mr. and Mrs. William H. Dieter Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Domenico Mr. and Mrs. Russell C. Doolittle, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James E. Doyle Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Drescher Mrs. James S. Earley Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Egre Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Ehlert Mr. and Mrs. Arval Erickson Mr. and Mrs. William Fagerstrom Mr. and Mrs. Ralph D. Farmer Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Farrell Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Faulhaber Mr. and Mrs. David Fellman Louis D. Fiore Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Flee Mr. and Mrs. Herbert O. Fleischer Mr. and Mrs. John Flett Mr. and Mrs. George Forster Mr. and Mrs. Joe Frank Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Freas Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J. Freitag Mr. and Mrs. R. Friedl Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Garrott Mr. and Mrs. Arnold G. Gehner Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Gernon Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gilbert Dr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. 126 and Mrs. W. E. Gilson and Mrs. Louis S. Glass and lVlrs. W. E. Glissindorf and Mrs. Bernard J. Gorst and Mrs. Robert E. Grady and Mrs. M. E. Gribble and Mrs. D. W. Grosshandler and Mrs. Edward Gulesserian SENIOR PATRONS Senior Patrons Mr. and Mrs. Nelson M. Hagan l'Vlr. and Mrs. J. B. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Hamre Mr. and Mrs. Marshall B. Hanks Mrs. Edward S. Hansen Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Hansen Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Hanson Prof. and lVIrs. Fred Harvey Harrington Mr. and Mrs. Wm. I. Harris Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Hathaway Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Herling Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Herrick Mr. and Mrs. John C. Hickman Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Hill Mrs. Arthur Hinrichs Mr. and Mrs. John S. Hobbins Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Hoff Mr. and Mrs. Louis F. Hoffman Mr. Harold R. Hokansen Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Holzwarth Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Huiskamp Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hult Mr. and Mrs. Dean Hunzicker Mr. and Mrs. Don Huseby Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Jackson Dr. and Mrs. Russell Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Erwin R. Jacobson Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Jaeke Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kailin Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Francis L. Kelley Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Kildow Mr. and Mrs. Dale King Mr. and Mrs. John Kotz Mrs. Ruth J. Kramer Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Kurtenacker Mr. and Mrs. Howard LaCourt Mr. and Mrs. Earl H. Langetieg Mr. and Mrs. Cl. B. Larson Mr. and Mrs. Melvin O. Larson Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Lerdahl Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn Liscum Mr. and Mrs. Joe Loniello Dr. and Mrs. Howard W. Mahaffey Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Manson Mr. and Mrs. William R. Mariing Mr. and Mrs. William Marsh Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. May Mr. and Mrs. James McEldowney Mr. and Mrs. Glen W. McGrath Mr. and Mrs. E. B. McMurry Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Messina Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Metz Mr. and Mrs. Henry Meyr Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Michelson Mr. and Mrs. John M. Mikalson Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Milesky Mr. and Mrs. John E. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Harvey W. Mohr Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Morris Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Mulvihill Mr. and Mrs. Harold L. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Pip Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Russell O. Nygard Mr. and Mrs. Ralph O'Connor Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Ogden Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Olmstead Nlr. and Mrs. Robert H. Paddock Mrs. Ray B. Pallett Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Llewellyn Pfankuchen Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Pflug Mr. and Mrs. John F. Ponti Mr. and Mrs. John W. Porter Mr. and Mrs. Van R. Potter Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Powers Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Powers Mr. and Mrs. Elwyn C. Pride Mrs. Josef Priezler Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Putnam Mr. and Mrs. George F. Radock Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Raether Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Ragatz Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Ranney Mrs. Alice Rasmussen Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Rauch Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Reynolds Mrs. Frances Richardson Mrs. Lawrence Richgels Mr. and Mrs. V. C. Ricleout Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Rogeberg Mr. and Mrs. R. Rollefson Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Rosenthal Mr. and Mrs. Calvin T. Royston Rev. and Mrs. Sig G. Sandrock Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Schantz Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Schiro Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Schuck Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Schultz Mr. and Mrs. William H. Scrivner Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Sedgwick Mr. and Mrs. Magnus Selbo Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Sell Mr. and Mrs. Leif H. Sethne Mr. and Mrs. Weston Severson Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd A. Severn Mrs. Ted Shalkowski Mr. and Mrs. Louis Shapiro Mr. and Mrs. George P. Shuler Dr. and Mrs. Herman M. Sinaiko Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Slattery Mr. and Mrs. Owen R. Slauson Mr. and Mrs. Edwin E. Slightam Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Smith Mr. and Mrs. C. Harvey Scrum Prof. and Mrs. W. H. Southworth Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Sparr Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Stege lkflr. and Mrs. E. A. Stein Prof. and Mrs. Henry S. Sterling Mr. and Mrs. John H. Stiehl Mr. and Mrs. Philip V. Stone Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Strauss Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Sylvester lVlrs. Marie M. Terry Mr. and Mrs. John Tessman Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Thoenig Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Thomsen Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Thormodseth Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Thornton Mr. and Mrs. Arlie C. Todd Mrs. Dorothy M. Torrance Mr. and Mrs. Fred B. Trenk Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Trumpy Mr. and Mrs. Mike Victor Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Villemonte Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Voss Dr. and Mrs. Harry A. Waisman Mr. and Mrs. John J. Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Wardle Wlr. and Mrs. R. Wav Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Wehrle Mr. R. G. Weiss Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer West Mr. and Mrs. Carl K. Wettengel Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. White TVlr. and Mrs. Robert Wiedmann Mr. and Mrs. Hazen Wilcox Mr. and Mrs. R. Wildeman Mr. and Mrs. John Willard Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Williams Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Wimberly Lt. Col. and Mrs. George Wischmann Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Clinton N. Woolsey Shinji Yamamoto W. B. Youmans blhd a i 2 Baqk Amerlcan No Checic Charge when you maintain S300 your personal checicing account American Exchange Bank ADVERTISING Napper's Grocery I Mallatt's Pharmacy H 8: R Variety 2532 Monroe SI. CE. 3-5344 3410 Monroe Si. CE. 3-4735 1 1831 Monroe Si. AL. 5-0635 1 Emmett's Shoe Service V William Busch Beaut Salon Ada Lou Beauty Sho Y Y 1720 Monroe Si. AL. 5-8082 536 State Si. AL. 7-2591 - 2143 Regent Si. 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J. 66 Allin, Robin 28, 80, 96, 117 Alt, M. 66, 85, 89 Alt, N. 70, 83 Anlato, D. 73 Alnphlett, N. 77, oo Andersen A . 66 Andersen KK. 70 Anderson C. 28, 91 Boettcher, A. 30 Bogart, S. 30, 95, 98 Bogle, W. 70 Bohl, W. 66, 86 Bohms, H. 70 Bokina, J. 90 Bonfield, S. 30, 63, 8 Bongard, P. 30 Boorman, J. 70, 94 Borlnett, Wnl. 72 Bourne, M. 30, 88 Bourne, P. 30, 85 4, 95, 97 Corco ran, K. 69 Correll, M. 33 Cowle, P. 71, 86, 87, 94 Anderson. J. 66 Anderson, M. 28, 78, 83. 94, 98 Anderson, Steve, 70, 112 Anderson, Sara 66, 80, 81, 84, 88 97 Andrew, S. 70, 82 Anken, K. 70, 95 AAnnen, R. Ansfield, V. 28, 91 Antonius, K. 70 Archer, B. 70, 80 Ar raves J. 70 Bourne, S. 70, 81, 84, 119 Bowman, M. 67 7 Boyan, S. 70, 113 Brager, A. 30, 111, 117 Brandt, Carole 70 Brandt, Cheryl 66 Bray, R. 67, 112, 120 Brehnk 70 Brensike, L. 70 Bretzman, K. 70 Brickl, C. 30 Cowley, C. 33 Cox, E. Cox, Ed 68 Cox, K. 71 Cox, M. Cox, R. Cox, S. 67. 83 Cox, W. 69. 7l Cramer, K. 71, 877. 124 Cross, T. 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C. 70 Brown, L. 70 Brown, P. 70. 101 Brown, S. 30, 80, 85 Brown, V. 31 Brown, W. 70 Browne, S. 66, 81, 92 Bruhn, M. 70 Brunn, S. 70, 75 Brunsell, J. 31 Brynelson, W. 70. Brye, J. 70 Buchholtz, K. 70 Buekner, P. Buenzli, W. 70 Buenzli, S. 31 Buerkle, J. 70 Bullington, C. 31, 84. 125 Bunch, Buran, M. 31, 111, 117, 120 B. 31, 86 Bllrcvh, M. 66 86. 87, 112 Dahl, J. 66 Dahler, A. 67 Dahlk, J. 67 Dale, T. 71 Daley, S. 71 Dallman, W. 33, 98, 108, 113, 117, 120 Daly, K. Dambekaln, A. 71 Damman, M. 33, 95 Dana, A. 33, 79. 94 Darbo, K. 33, 98 Darbo, P. 71, 83 Darling. 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Dieter, E. 34. 94 Dietrich, J. 71 Di Piazza, F. 70 Disney, T. 67. 79 Dobson, R. 67 Doemer, J. 71 Doherty, M. 34, 118 Dohm. M. 34 Dolinky, M. 34 Dollard, J. 67, 92 Dolphin, J. Domenico, N. 34 Donahue, A. 71, 94 o Egre, M. 19, 35, 88 Ehlert, T. 35, 84, 85, 103 Eickner, D. 67, 95 Easing, C. 67, 90 El., J. 72, 83 3 Ellis, C. 65 Emery, S. 71 Emlen, W. 72, 84, 113 Engelberger, M. 67 Engelke, R. 35 Enger, C. Erickson, Mary C. 67 Erickson, Mary T. 65 Erlkson, S. 35, 118, 111 Esse, G. 67, 90 Evans, D. Evans, G. 67 Evans. J. 71. 111 Evans, R. 67 Evenson, S. 71 F Fagerstrom, R. 35 Fahrenholz. J. 35 Falci, P. 71 Farber, C. 71 Farmer, J. 71 Farmer, P. Farmer, R. 10, 35, 98, 108, 109 110, 114, 116, 122 Farnsworth, S. 67, 95 Farrell, M. 35, 79, 87 Farrell, R. 72, 84, 87 Faulhauber, M. 71, 86 Faulhaber, N. 35, 84, 86, 87, 93, 95 97, 125 Fellman, M. 35, 79, 00, sl, 05, 90 105 Felly, K. 70 Fenske, V. 71, 94 Fernandez, J. 72 Ferris, S. 71 Ferris, V. 72, 83 Ferry, P. 72 Fesige, S. 72 Fen, M. Fibikar, B. 71 Fiedler, F. 67, 37 7 Field, W. 72 Fike. D. Fike, S. 67, 74 Finch, M. 71, 83 Fink. T. 75 Finnigan, S. 65 Fiore, J. 36 Fishel, L. 79 Fix, T. 71 Fleck, J. 92 Flee, K. 36, 79, 86. 87, 90, 91 Fleisher, C. 6, 36, 78, 82, 84, 91 94 Fleming, A. 36. 64, 85 Flen, K. 36. 93 Fokakis, 1. 65. 82, 94, 98 Forsyth. D. 65 Foseid, K. 73 Foseitl, M. 36, 117 Foster, D. 65, 67, 80, 83- 90, 95 Foster, J. Foster, M. Fox, Richard 68, 111 Fox, Roberta 65, 82, 89 Foye, M. 36 Frank, J. 36, 88. 89, 92 Frankenstein, Barbara 71 Frankenstein, Bev 36, 85, 125 Fraser, B. 65 Freas, B. 36, 84 Becker, S. 66. 82, 94, 98 Beckman, B. 71 Beckman, S. 66 Beebe, W. 70 Beecher. J. 65 Beery, F. 65 Beld, S. 67 Bellrichard, L. 29 Bennett, C. 67 Bennett, K. 69, 92, 95 Bcnskin, V. 67 Benson. J. 70, 120 Beranek, W. 70 Berge, W. 29. 80, 988, 108, 117 Berigan, J. 29, 87, 125 Bessert, D. 66, 95 Best, Sally 29. 82. 85. 90. 96, 97 Best, Steve 66, 80, 108, 114, 122 Beveridge, A. 70 Beyler. J. 70 Bicknell, E. 70, 74, 82. 97 Bicknell, S. 29, 78, 89 Bieberstein, H. 70 Biehn, C. Biehn, N. 29 Bierd, Beverly 70 Bierd. Bob 29 Bignell, S. 30, 79, 94, 977 7 Billington, L. 30, 84 Bjornstad, N. 30 138 INDEX Callen, N. 65, 81, 91 Callies, S. 31 Cameron. J. 32, 85 Cameron, S. 70, 75, 87 Camp, C. 67, 91 Campion, R. 32 117 Caparoon, D. 9, 32, Carbon, R. 71, 111 Carlson, J. 32, 98, 117, 118, 95. Carnes, R. 71, 112 Caruso, R. 71, 80 Casey. T. 67 Cassidy, C. 32, 66 Cassid M 71 Ya - Chamberlain, J. 67, 88, 96 72 Charnowitz, T. Chechik, M. 32, 81. 84 Chidestcr, P. 67. 88, 90 Christensen, D. 72 Christianson, N. 9, 32, 108, 1133 Christianson. R. 71 Clarke, E. 32, 94, 97 Clarke, K. 32 Clausen, K. 67 Clifford, C. 32. 86 Clifford, M. 71. 86 Cochems, C. 32 Cochems, D. 71 Coens, R. 67, 112 Cole, B. 71, 95 Donkle. W. 34 Doolittle, M. 27, 34, 89, 93, 94 Doremus, J. 67, 85 Doudna, K. 34, 90 Doyle 4 115 , J. 6 , 71, , 119 Doyle, M. 26, 34, 78, 80, 83 Doyle, S. 71 Drake. J. 71. 115, 120 Dravnicks, M. Dreschner, J. 34. 80, 93, 95, 98 Drinkhouse, J. 67 Duerst, D. 73 71 Duff, V. Dunn, J. 65 Dunn, T. 35. 82, 93 Duwe, J. 67, 88 Dybdahl. M. 71 Dyer, S. 35 Dykman, P. 67, 87 E Earley. J. 71, 74, 83, 86 Barley, S. 71, 82 Easton, D Eaves, 1'. 6. 35. 95. 103 3 Eherle, P. 35, 84 Eckhardt, J. 65, 84 Edwards, J. 71 Edwards, S. 72, 93 Freck, M. 67 Freeman, S. 65, 91 Freitag, S. 36 Friedl, J. 36, 90 Friedman, B. 71 Friess, J. 71 Fry, D. 71 Frye, J. 71 Fueger, F. 65, 111, 122 G Caarder, D. 12, 113 Call, S. 65 Gallina. C. 36 Gant, C. 72 Cara, D. 72 Garrott, L. 36, 98 Garrott, W. 72 Gehner, J. 37, 84, 97 Geier, K. 67 Gclhaus, C. Ceppert, R. 37, 118 Gerfen. D. 37, 88, 117 Gernon, E. 37 Gernon, P. 72 Gervasi Qs, 111, 113 , P. as Gesenius, D. 37, 80, 83, 84. 98 Ghastin, J. 63, 67, 87, 91, 97 s P Gilbert, P. 37, 88, 89, 96, 111, 117 120 Gilchrist, J. 72 Gill, T. 37 Gillette, J. 67, 79, 98 Gilson, M. 37, 83, 91 Gjerde, D. Glass, P. 37, 96, 117 Gleason, J. 65 Glissendorf, J. 37 Glucksman, J. 71, 97 7 Goers, W. 72 Gordon, M. 67, 86, 111 Gorst, Jean 65, 91, 94 Gorst, Joan 37 Gorsuch, N. Gorton, D. 111 Grady, C. 37 Grady, S. 69, 85 Grafton, K. 67 Grallam, N. 67. 78, 79, 80, 98 Graham. V. 65, 97 Graham, W. 72 Grans, M. 88, 111 Gram, M. 66 Grasse, J. 68, 90 Green, D. 37, 67 Green, J. 65 Green, R. Greisen, J. 37, 122 Greisen, P. 65 Gribllle, J. 38, 118 Griihth, F. 15, 67, 93 Grinistad, P. 7, 69, 122 Grob, E. 38 Groneng. D. 72 Gronli, G. 38 Grosshandler, J. 27, 38, 78, 83, 85, 98, 125 Groton, D. 72 Grudzina, V. 38, 86, 93 Grummer, B. 71, 72 Guggenbuehl, N. 65 Gulesserian, E. 38, 79, 80, 119 Gustafson, Newell 38, 88, 90, 93, 119 Gustafson, Norman 38, 88, 900 H Haag, T. 38 Halfner, G. 72 Hagan, J. 38, 95, 98 Hagan, K. 73, 112 Hake, R. 38, 112 Hall, K. 38, 79, Bl, 88, 89 Halperin, C. 65 Halperin, L. 69, 98 Halpin, M. 68 Hamacher, D. 38, 111, 117 Hambleton, H. 69, 95 Hamilton, M. 38, 85, 87, 125 Hamilton, S. 72 Hammersley, B. 72 Hammes, D. 39, 65, 100, 113 Hammes, M. 95, 124 Hayes. M. 73 Heding, L. 69 Heifetz, L. Heim, M. 40, 83, 84, 90 Heine, S. 72, 87 Heine, T. 40, 84, 86, 87, 105 Heins, J. 72, 112, 120 Heivilin, G. 65, 92 Helms, K. 40 Hembre, J. 65 Henderson, C. 72 Henderson, J. 65, 118 Hendrickson, D. Hendrickson, G. 40, 85 Henkel, S. 40, 97, 124, 125 Herling, D. 40 Herrick, J. 72 Herrick, S. 40, 119 Herzog, A. 72. 97 Heufl, J. 66, 92. 93 Heuser, S. 65, 91 Hickman, B. 111. 120 Hickman, J. 40, 108, 117, 120 Hildebrandt, J. 65 Hill, M. 65 Hill, Sarah 4-0 Hill, Stephen 40, 118 Hines. C. 65 Hinrichs, C. 40, 86 Hintz, J. 40, 95 Hintz, K. 72, 92 Hobbins, A. 41, 98 Hobert, S. Hochstetter, J. 72, 95 Hochstetter, R. 65, 92, 93 Hoebel, W. 66 Hoif, W. 41, 117, 120 Hoffman, G. 66 Hoffman, L. 41 Hoffman, V. 65, 82 Hogan, J. 41. 97 Hogan, P. 72 Hnisington, G. 41, 79, 90, 94 Hokanson, R. 41, 88 Holland, James 65 Holland, Judy 41, 80, 85, 93 Holmburg, H. 41 Holzman, P. 41, 95 Holzwarth, S. 41, 97 Hoornstra, J. 41 Hoover, L. 41 Householder, N. 72 Householder, B. 98, 117 Hovde, V. 41, 125 Hovey, C. 7, 41, 93 Howe, H. 72, 81 Hsu, W. 72, 87, 89, 95 Huber, C. 42 Huboi, C. 72, 112 Huegel, D. 66 Hughes, J. 72 Hughes, R. 42 Hughes, T. 66, 108. 113 Huiskalnp, S. 42, 83, 96 Huitt, F. 72, 93, 108 .l, J. 39, as, 90 Hammon Hamre, B. 95 Hamre, J. 67 ' Hamre. S. 39, 121 Handel, M. 80 Hanesworth, J. Hanks, J. 72 Hanks, M. 39, 84, 111 Hansbrough, J. 72, 112, 120 Hansbrough, L. 69, 112, 120 Hansen, D. 39, 95, 120 Hansen, Floyd 65 Hansen, Fred 39 Hansen, M. 39, 93, 98 Hansen, P. 69, 86 Hansen, Richard 72 Hansen, Rick 72 Hanson, A. Hanson, B. 39 Hanson, J. 39, 124 Hanson, Karen 73, 82 Hanson, Karen A. 72, 87 Hanson, Kenneth 39 Hanson, L. 72 Hanson, P. 65, 86, 87 Harding, A. 39 Hargrove, D. Harmon, J. 65, 98 Harper, S. 65 Harrer, T. 65 Harried, 0. Harrington, H. 8. 39, 93, 103 Harrington, M. 39, 79, 80, 85, 94 98 Harris, M. 39, 108 Harris, R. 72 Hartenberg. J. 72 Harwood, D. 65, 82 Hasler, G. 71, 80 Hasler, M. 70, 87, 111 Hassett, S. 27. 40 Hathaway, P. 40, 91 Haugsland, James 65 Haugsland. Joseph 72, 111 Hayden, C. 72, 101 Hayden, R. 65 Hayes, B. 72 v Huh, K. 42, 94, 98, 121 Hunter, T. 66 Hunzicker, K. 42 Hurst. T. 65. 91 Huseby, J. 42, 111 Hutchins, A. 73 Hutzel, R. 65, 95 Hyltinen, S. 42 lakes, A. 42, 111 lltis, F. 73, 87 lnlhoif. S. 42 Inelra. G. 65 lngersoll, R. 6, 42, 82, 88, 98. 118 Isabella, D. 65, al, 34, 98, 104, 105 Iverson, C. 65, 84 Ives. E. 66 J Jabs, S. 73 Jackson, J. Jackson, Stan 42, 82, 85 Jackson, Susan 42, 124 Jacobson, C. 72 Jacobson, D. 66. 85, 122 Jacobson, E. 42 Jacobson, R. 84, 122 Jacobson, S. 72 Jae-ke, M. 42 Jallings, L. 66 Jefinott, G. 66 Jennings, J. 66, 72. 95 Jennings, S. Jewson, N. 72 Johnson, Barb 72 Johnson, Bonnie 43 Johnson, Brekke 66, 67, 98, 113, 120 Johnson, Buchanan 68, 88 Johnson, C. 43, 86, 93, 95 Johnson, D. 67, 68, 69, 72, 93, 108 Johnson, E. 73, 80 Johnson, G. 43 Johnson, J. 69 Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Jondrow, Karen 73 Kristie 43. 81 M. 69, 91 P. 43, 119 Richard A. Richard F. T. 43, 114, 117 W. 73 J. 65 Jones, L. 73, 95 Jones, M. 17, 72 Joos, S. 82, 86. 94 Joyce, C. 73, 108, 113 Joyce, L. 43, ss, 95, 125 Juedes, Kavser, Kaeser, Kailin. L. 43 Kalnmer, K. 73 Kappel, S. 73 K M. 73 V. os, 81 K. 69, 114 Karn, J. 73 Karp, G. 70, 86 Karsten, B. 73 Kauffeld, G. 43 Kauifeld, J. 67 Kay, K. 65 Kazik, B. 65, 95 Kearl, S. 68, 82, 88 Keegan, Kelley, Kelley, N. 43 M. 43, 78, 85, 93 S. 69 Kelly, H. 43, 95 Kelly, Mary 43, 81, 97 Kelly, P. 66, 67, 98, 108, 118 Kennedy. G. 44 Kennedy, J. 43 Kepke, Jerolyn 73 Kepke, John 68, 108, 122 Kerttula, J. 65 Kildow, C. 44 Kimball, J. 69 King, R. 44, 108, 114 Kingsbury, H. 44, 98, 108, 110, 114 116, 120, 121 Kirley, D. 44 Kissane, M. 44 Kleene, P. 44, 117 Kleinheinz, R. 73, 112 Klein, S. 44, 91, 93, 125 Kline, D. 73 Kline, L. 71 Klinge, T. 73 Klossner, T. 44, 112, 120 Klousie, D. 82, 93 Kludy, F. 73 Klund, J. 68 Knapton, M. 68, 88, 89 Knee, C. 44 Knee, S. 71 Knick, C. 68 Knickmeier, R. 71 Knipping, M. 73. 95 Knope, D. 73, 86 Koebke, K. 17, 73 Koenecke. T. 74 Kolb. J. 73 Kolberg, P. 73 Komurka, L. 73 Korbel, Korbel, Korbel, M. 44, 80, 82, 85, 93, 120 P. 44 W. 44, 94 Kosak, J. 72 Kotz. J. Kramer, 44, 91, 95 P. 44 Kreft, G. 68 Kremer, Krider, 118 Krue er, H Krueger, Kru eger, D. 65, 91 H. 45, 80, 82, 85, 98, 104, E. K. 65 S. 71, 72 Krug, P. 65, 111, 113 Kruse, W. Kuehn, J. 65 Kuesel, D. 73, 95 Kuhlman, K. Kukachka, B. 74 Kulp, S. 65 Kuntz, J. 73, 86, 87 Kurlenacker, R. 45, 83 Kville, S. 73 L Ln Bella, J. 45. 117 La Brosse, S. 65 Laohnet, S. 66 La Court, J. 45, 79, 85, 93, 95, 97 125 Lail, P. 63, 68, 80. 95 Laird, J. 73, 82 Lampman, J. 73 Lance, E. 73 Langetieg. J. 35. 93. 124. 125 Langley, G. 68. 92, 118 Lanphear. P. 65 Larson, C. 45. 124 Larson, E. 69 Larson, K. 45, 85 Larson, W. 75, 111 Laufenberg, C. 72 Laufenberg, J. 73 Laugen, J. 45, 80 Laugen, S. 66, 81 Lautz, S. 68, 82, 84, 85, 87, 89 Lawrence, B. 45 Lawver, D. 73, 86, 87, 89 Lazar, D. Lee, D. 73, 81, 86 Leigh, J. 73, 81 Leinberger, M. 66 Le May, L. 65, 87 Lemke, B. 68 Lemke. C. 74, 124 Lengyel, L. 66 Lenz, S. 6, 84 Lerdahl, F. 45, 86, 87, 119 Lettau, U. 65, 108, 120 Lev:-que. C. 69 Lewis, Diane 45 Lewis, Douglas 66. 111 Lewis, E. 73 Lewis, Sharon G. 66 Lewis, Sharon J. 45 Lewis, Steven 69 Lewis, W. 45 Liddle, A. 66 Lllja, M. 55 Lincka, C. 70, 122 Lind, J. 73, 112 Lindemann, M. 72, 87 Lippolt, P. 73, 94 Liscum, D. 45 Liscum, G. 68, 119 Liska, J. 65 Lison, K. 66, 81, 94 Lock, C. 73 Loder, J. 46 Loder, M. 66 Loew, R. 73 Lombardo, F. 66 Lorenz, S. 46. 80, 99 Lovejoy, E. 69 Lowe, H. 46 Loy, c. 66, 90 Loyster, K. 73 Lubcke, R. 69 Lucas, M. 66 Luchsinger, B. 73, 91 Luckhardt, D. 75, 92 Lueders, C. 68, 118 Lulling, L. 68 Lybeck, D. 73 M Maahs, L. 100 Maahs. P. 46 Machotka, J. 73, 93 Machotka, M. 46 Mack, J. 70 Mackie, D. 68 Mac Nicall, A. 90 Macomber, C. 111 Magdol, L. 88, 89 Magestro, A. 46 Magestro, P. 46 Mahaifey, WJ. 46, 93 Malcolm, A. 73 Manner Manner Manson ing, C. 88 ing, M. 46, 73 , A. 6. 46, 78 Manson, M. 73, 82 Manzer, Harry 66, 93 Manzer, Henry 73, 93 Maraniss, J. 66, 81, 95, 118 Marek, R. 66 Marks, J. 68 Marks, R. 46, 88, 112, 120 Markstrom, K. 79, 90 Marling, WK 46. 85, 98. 114 Marsh, D. 46, 35, 98, 108, 117, 120 Marshall, D. 63, 68 Marshall, P. 75 Martell, C. 73 Martell, P. Martin, E. 46, 78 Martin. J. 47, 90, 95, 96, 117 Martin, P. 47, 93 Marvin, M. 9, 47, 95 Maryan, 1. 73 Mason, R. Matthews, C. 68, 85, 92 Max, D. 73 May, V. 47, 78, 95, 98 Maylanri, E. 66. 80, 86, 87, 112, 12 McBurney, R. 73 Mc Gabe, C. 68, 85, 91 McCann, B. 417, 73 McCann, T. Mc Carthy, T. 68 McCaski1l, Sandra 47, 82, 88 McCaskill, Sheryl 73 McClain, M. 73 McCombar, C. 69 McCoy, B. 73, 81 McCusker, P. 73 Mr:Daniels, L. 69, 83, 90, 94, 95 McDonough. M. 73. 75. 92 McDowe11, D. 47, 83, 85, 97, 104. 105 McEachern, E. 68 McE1downey, K. 47 INDEX 139 Pasch, E. 61, 82, 90, 98 McGarrity, K. 47. 85. 98. 99 McGrath, M. 47 McKenna, T. 73, 108, 120 McKnight, B. 71 McKnight, C. McKnight, 5 M. 8 McMahan, B. 73, 82 McMahan, T. 47, 82, 90, 98 112 McMullin, J. 69, McMurry, B. 47, 86, 113 McMurry, D. 47. 84. 112, 113 68 Meadowcraft, J. Mearlowcraft, R. 73 Meicher. L. 47, 86, 92 Meier, Richard 68 Meir, Robert 68 Meister, B. 73 Mclby, J. 48 Meluy, D. 68 Meloyw J. 1:1 Meloy, S. 69 Morgan, K. 91 Marten, J. Messert. F. 66 Messina, V. 48. 95 Metz, A. 48, 84. 86, 92 Meyer, Charles 68 Meyer, Charlyne 67 Meyer, T. 73 Meyr, R. 48, 97 Michel on, J. 68, 100 s Michelson, L. 48, 83 Mickelson, E. 63 Mickow, M. 63, 73, 95 Mickalson, J. 48, 79, 86, 87 Milesky, J. 48, 95, 97 Milestone, C. 48 Milestone, D. 74 Millar, S. 73, 94 Miller, c. 48, 90 ltliller, J. 73 Miller, L. 48 Miller, S. 73, 111 Pomeroy. L. 72, 86, 87 75 Millett, F. 48, 86, 88 Milligan, M. 73 Milton, J. 73 Minshall, E. 63, 73 Mitby, J. 48, 96, 114, 116, 119 Mitchell. W. 48. 86, 89, 91 Moen, M. 73, 92 Mohaupt, K. 73 Mohoney, T. 73 Mohr, J. 48, 97 Montgomery, J. 49 Moore, B. 73 Moore, F. Moore, J. 69 Moore, Margaret 71 Moore, Michael 64, 68, 73, 80, 115, 116 Moore, F. 66, 80, 92 Morgan, M. 49, 93, 124, 125 Morgan, S. 68 Morig, J. 49. 92 Morrell, James 74, 111, 113 Morrell, Jerry 75 Morris, S. 49 Morrison, P. Mossholder, P. 49, 90 Motelet, M. 74 Motelet, P. 10, 49 Mowry, D. 49, 82, 96, 98, 108, Mowry, W. 49 Nluehl, W. 49, 82, 92 Muehlmann, Nuttcr, C. 71 Nygaard, S. 50 Nygard, .1. 73, 84 Nygard, M. 50, 98 O O'Conner, E. 50, 93, 94 O'Conner, M. 64, 94, 97 Odell, M. 68 0'Donne1l, R. 69, 108, 113, 120 Ogden, J. 50, 85, 95 Oldenburg, H. 50. 117 Olmstead, C. 8, 50, 81, 89, 96, 111 Olsen, B. 68 Olsen, J. 69 Olson, M. 74 Olson, T. 68 Olson, W. 69 O'Mara, M. 68, 98 0'Meara, S. 73 0'Neill. K. 74 Opperl, P. 73, 112. 120 Orcult. A. 73 Oswald. V. 73, 92, 101 Otto, D. 67, 68. 86, 85, 119 Otto. S. 73, 112 Ozanne, B. 74, 75 Ozanne, L. 50, 81, 118 P Paddock, E. 50, 78, Paepke, S. 74. 86 Pagliaro, J. 50 Pallett, T. 50 Palmer, P. 74 Panek, M. 69 Pankonin, E. 51 Pankow, H. 69, 85, 100 Parent, B. 14, se, 125 Park, N. 74 Parker, E. 74 as, ss, oo, 94 . 111. 113 Pasehall, W. 611, aa, so, 91 Pauls, S. 69 Payne, B. 51 Payne, G. 74 Payne, J. 69 Peck, J. 74 Pederson, J. 69 Penn, D. 68, 98, 119 Penrod, D. 51, 84 Penrod, S. 72, 92 Ragatz, F. 52, 108, 117, 118 Ranney, J. 21, 52. 78, 84, 94 Rarick. T. 74 Rasmussen, B Rasmussen, D. 52 Rasmussen, N. 52, 95 Rauch, D. 6, 52, 89. 91. 93, 94. 97 Rauschenberger, D. 69. 84, 95, 111 Raymond, N. 53, 94, 124 Reagan, S. 53 Reese, B. 69 Reese, J. 53, 90 , 86, 87 . 22, 69, 87 Regan, J. Reierson, M. Reigle, P. 69 Reilly, P. 74 Reimer, D. 73, 112, 113 Reimer, F. S3 Reinhard, S. 53 Rellallan, K. 53. 82. 88 Remington. D. 71, 74 Rennebohul. C. 73, 74. 80 Rentz, W. 74 Rcynnlds, J. 80 Reynolds. K. 53, 85, 90 Rice, T. 69 Richards, D. 74. 111, 113 Richardson, D. 53 Richardson, R. 75, 111 Richen, L. 53, 124 Richgels, M. 53, 63. 84. 89, 95. 97, 100 Richmond. S. Rick, J. 53, 88, 112 Rideout, C. 53, 87, 88 Rideout, R. 74. 86, 112 Riegel, M. 69, 112, 113, 120 Riley, P. 69 Ripv. J. 6, 53, 84, as. os, 100 Risley, D. 70. 108, 115 Roberts, D. 65 Roberts, L. 69. 95 Roberts, S. 72 Sehwinglc, J. 55 Schwiegler, R. 55 Scott, B. 69, 111, 113 Scrivner, J. 55 Seaman, N. 74 Seborg, G. 68 Sedgwick, J. 55, 83. 96 Selbo, C. 19, 55 Senn, J. 63, 66, 118 Sergenian, D. 75 Sethne, L. 56 Severn, R. 56 Severn, J. 69 Severson, R. 56 Shannon, M. 69 S Shapiro, L. 56 Shapiro, S. 74 Sliaughnessy. R. 69 Shepherd, A. 75 Shiels, S. 56, 95 Shipe. T. 73. ao, 81. 112 Shively, R. 75 Slluler, A. 56 Siegel, F. Shuler. G. 68 Siemers. C. 56, 86, 87. 118 Simandl, R. 75 Sims, R. 7. 75 sinaiko, R. 56. ae, os, 120 Sinaiko, S. 75 Sinykin, D. 56, 93 Sisson, S. 75, 94 Sites, S. 69. 82. 94 Skilton, J. 69, 80 Skowlund, R. 12191 15, 112 Skowlund, R. 56, 83 Slattery, E. 75, 101 Slattery, P. 56 Slauson, D. 56, 81, 82, 84, 85 Smart, P. 74 Smith, B. A. 69 Smith, B. J. 75 Robinson, C. 69 Robinson, D. 75, 112 Rodefer, J. 74 Rodman, J. 75 Rogcherg. T. 53. 98 Rogers, M. 74 Rohlwing, R. 74, 97 Roisum, K. 67. 69 Rollcfson, E. 75 Rullefson, D. 26, 27. 54. 80 Smith, B. D. 74, 101, 115, 119 Smith, D. 68, 80, 83 Smith, 9. 56, 96 Smith, . 56, ao, 125 Smith, P. H. 72, 111, 115 Smith, P. M. 57, 75, 88 Smith, P. 115 R 57 Smith, Smith, R. A. 69 Smith, Sandy 75 Smith Sharon 69 Pertzborn, M. 74 Peters, A. 51 Peters, J. 73 Petersen, S. 69, 98 Peterson, D. 51 Peterson, J. 74, 115 Pfahler, D. 66, 98, 108, 114, 122 Pfankuchen, H. 51, 87, 125 Pflug. R. 51, 83, 118 Pfam, J. 51 Phillips, T. 74 Phillipsen, J. 69, 84 Piazza, N. 69, 98, 111, 122 Pipkin, S. 74 Plautz, T. 74 Plecity, J. 74 Plenke. S. 74 Ploc. S. 75 Poast, T. 69 Pohle, V. 6, 51, 18, 110, 84, 98, 121 Rooney, M. 52, 79. 93 Rosenthal, E. 54 Rosinsky, R. 69 Ross. D. 54 Rossiter, D. 69 Rott. L. 69 Rotwein. L. 74. 87 Rouse, J. 88. 89, 91 Royston. S. 19. 54. 93 Ruedisili, N. 27, 54, 84, 114. 116. 119 Ruklic. S. 69, 94 Runclell, M. Runnells, P. 69 Ruskauff, J. 74 Russell, E. 54 Rutherford. M. 69. 97 S Sachs, J. 75 Newel. Muelle J. 68 73 r, V. Muldowney, M. Mullen, T. 74, 112 Mullen ix, V. 49 Mulloy. P. 49, 88. 89 Mulvihill, M. 49, 80, 82. 103 Nlusolf, D. 69, 82 Myers, M. N Nash, N. 74 Nason, P. 74 Nalvik. M. 49, 90, 92 Nauth, L. 74 Nebel, C. 69 Nelson, David 65 Nelson, Dennis 49. 112, 113 Nelson, Douglas 50 Nelson, G. 74 Nelson, Jacquelyn Nelson, Jane 74 Nelson, K. 69, 118 Nelson, M. 67 N elson Steven 50 89 108 110 118 Nelson: Susan 50,,80,,82, 85, 98 Newcornh, R. 69, 113 J. 68 Ponti, H. Ponti, P. 51 Pope, L. 51 Pope, M. 72 Porter, D. 74 Porter, J. 27, 51, 80, 96, 98, 108 Porter, M. 82 Potter, J. 51, 87, 103 Powers, 65, 98, 108, 109, 117 Powers, S. 51 Powers, V. 52, 63 Prafke, J. 74, 95 Pregler, E. 52, 88 Preizler, L. 52, 82. 98 Saltzman, S. 54, 124 Sanderson. S. 54. 98 Sandner, F. 72 Sandrock. K. 69, 85 Sandrock, P. 6. 54. 82, 85, 86, 95 Sarig, S. 74. 96. 04 Sasman, G. 54, 93 Sasman. S. 69 Scalissi. J. 73. 111 Schabacker. M. 67 Schaeffer. R. Schallert. M. 54. 84. 87. 89 Schantz, D. 54. 82. 98, 118 Schapve. R. 74 Schenk, R. 75, 103. 115 Schiro, J. 54. 98 Schiro, K. 69 Schliet. K. 55 Schmale. C. 74 Schmil, N. 11. 69. 11, 113, 120 Schnehelen. P. 55 Schoenenherger, P. 69, 111 Scholl, P. 74. 115, 120 Schreier. D. 68 Schroeder. B. 69 Svhuck. C. 55. 78, 97, 124. 125 Schuck. M. 55. 95. 97, 98, 124 Schuette, D. 55. 120 Newel, R. 74 Newhall, M. 74. 111 Newhouse. F.. 74. 112 Nichols, D. 69. 120 Niebuhr, R. 74, 115, 122 Nielson, K. 68, 85, 91 Nielson, S. 73, 81 Norsetter, J. 73, 115 Novick. J. 50, 89, 108 Nuernberg, M. 74, 101, 111 INDEX 140 Schulthess, J. 101, 120 Schultz, J. 55 Schultz, K. 55. 78. 94 Schumann. J. 75 Schwalback. K. 69. '78, 82, 90 Schwartz, A. 55 Smith, Steve 74, 112 Smith, Terry 75, 80 Smith, T. fTiml 74, 11, 115 Smock. B. 75, 52 Smolen, E. 75 Snobarger, E. 69 Snorek. G. 68 Solie, G. 75, 111, 115 Sonderegger, N. 75, 82 Sonju, M. 75 Sonnerlecker, S. 74 Soper, H. 75 Sotelo, A. 70, 122 Sorum, P. 26. 27. 57. 79, 103, 119 Southworth, J. 53, 95 Spangler, ru, 51, ao, 84, ao, 99, 101 105 Sparkman. P. 63 Sparr, L. 57, 81, 117, 118 Sparr, 73 Spatula, D. 57, 92 Spatola, P. 75 Spector, J. 69, 81, 98 Speranza, T. 67, 68, 108, 114, 122 Speth. J. 69 Spradling, D. 74 Spurley, S. 75 Stafford, M. 75, 81 Stafford, W. 57, 88 Stampfli, L. 68 Standridge, P. 75, 82, 92, 100 Stanke, J. 68, 86, 87 .1 57 Stark, . Stark, S. 69 Statz, B. 111 Stan, L. 57 Stein, M. 57 siege. E. 57. 18, 117, 120 Steinke, B. 57, 97 Steinke, C. 57 Stephens, D. 68 Sterling. C. 58, 84 Steward, C. 58, 93 Stewart, J. 74 Stich, R. 72. 111 Stiehl. D. 58 Stone, P. 58 Stone, R. 75, 95, 111 Strauss, A. 58, 93 Strayer, S. 75 Strenge, E. 58 Strossenreuther. 1. 68 Stumreiter, J. 75. 95 Suckle, H. 68. 84 Sumwall. L. 58, 86 Preizler. M. 69, 84, 85 Pride, S. 54, 86 Prinrliville, J. 68 Prisk, J. Pritchard, D. Pritchard, L. 74, 87 Pritchard, M. 69 Puccia, D. 71 Pucillo, M. 52 Purdy, B. 69 Putman, R. 52, 120 Puttkamcr, D. 86 Q Quisling, R. 52, 80, 88, 89, 93 R Rudder. 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Wehmeyer, J. 61 Wehrle, S. 61, 80, 100 Weismiller, J. Weiss, C. 61, 80, 82, 84, 85, 98 Weisser, M. 61 Welch, T. 63 Wellenkotter, S. 72 Wells, G. 61 Werner, J. 61 Werren, S. 72 61 West, C. West, D. 61 97 West, K. 61 West, M. 68 Westbury, R. 61 Wettengel, J. 61, 82, 118 Wettengel T. 72, 80. 82 , 8 Workinger, R. 68, 84, 108, 113 Wright, Madeline 68, 85, 38, 95, 97 Wright, Mary 22, 27, 62, 80, 85. ss, 98 Y Yamamoto, S. 63, 88 whine, J. 72 While, R. 62, 78, 119 White, T. 62 whiting, K. Wick, D. 72 Wiebe, D. 12, 112, 120 Wiedman, J. 62, 86, 87, 124. 125 Wiedman, W. 67, 86, 90 Wiegand, W. 75 Wiitala, L. 72 Wilber, M. 72. sn. 124 Wilvox. D. 62. 112. 120 Youmans. G. 19, 63 Young, R. 73, 86 Z Zarantonello, S. 71 Zerbel, T. 72 Zerwick, J. 72 Zimdars, D. 67 Zimmerman, I.. 68 Zum Brnnnen. J. 72, 86 INDEX 141 Autographs Autographs Autographs E r ef E 'A

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