West End High School - Zephyr Yearbook (Nashville, TN)

 - Class of 1952

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West End High School - Zephyr Yearbook (Nashville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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V 'F 5. K , 1, ,ix gi- f ,A 'fi 1, 52:1 , Ili :RM , mu ,A A S -'fig' . 9541 ' 42 F3405 - , ,Q af 5:2232 M 6, as an L- sw-1 mwmwnm , 'ff ef 2 . Q N89 K 'Q' , K L, W., f .. I f . , M , ff.--E we: , gi: A , iii? Y ' 1- -.,, 5 :Q 5,75 . ,, FS , ., Q .. 322 I ,Q E in I 'gf fwi aa Q5 3, N4 ik -5:5 .Q-af, I 'DX Q .Q , WEST SPIPJT 9 l952 .K ., 5 fiiw gk 9 1 .Q-, , Q . ' F 'Musk nf . ,- ,.,-, K Awuaw, E ,, -. W 'Thilf' 4 , , .. , ' ', i-Hs , if L"'iig's"1-ig , . - 51,55 ' 3553-.X W. wi e, -L s1igg' ?w'?w Wi gy, -4.,. -vp . . ,. L fl -1 fe' .hu 1 " ,yv ,, .- , , . . 1.5 QI- ,. y -' -3 D 7' 735' -'-Nt' " 'n Qs is' Q .. s . ' -4 Q f,..3 ,Lv . M I J .v ,w men, :ww A " lg. zqj ' , m , . ww Mf V 1.. N .,,f-.M , V NJN .av .4 1. I - f,w'f..' , s. ,gm Raven By: muwer smu,io F453 - 'U'-af: 1 lu -la, ., i . A . . . . , M.-,,.. Y ' ls- - , , A M. ,, V . , 5 I L J- 0. . ' ' .... ' ' ' A 1' . .V -w QQ ,.. e . - Hgfzvfi .x Q ,QQ ,N,m,,5g'. -" Ylx 4: 5 , wi 5 ,Q Qin-J, , " 'gn f ,KQQEQV - 5411- 'E' ' ln 'tw -fa r ,.:1 W A ' ..- -' f ',,W ,. , . V,,, , , , V . , ., , an , N . 5-P .3,,.. A , 1, - ,..- x S521 A ,-"avi ra: ' r Am i- -uw .h +2 92 1 ff 'Q 'Q f. 'b :xxx Z W Qi, ik? fififri WN 31? AY' Q way? W u Wlfvsfff if I Dv' 5094 M ZH W if MW may iff? ,iiffffiffif 355525 QEfW?M?'vQ,l EEST ""'ff,10f,m'9j'fVf,Q Q if iw HGH ff K2 T EE S 'M 5 XX FEEH all , , an WM? Q7 QQ Xi I J ,xx ' W, L-'L "I, ' 'SW X Cs :JA 5 Y'-.. X A ' m 3. 'ix gy X THE 1952 Q 'J -K U x VN L97 EZ Q J f ' E PHYH XX' U png- A X XXI:-Q H b b K .A" XXX GP? g - L1 - XL? X - iwesiifjm 4422, ' 4 2.---Q 3 -M V uL,llwsgiTggi-A-xx' --" b 3: i ,um-111 In-W W? 2 " 3 A QM wnl ,C 4' 1 mm ' v 'lm 5 N. mm ,, QW 9 5 hw 'n Z 2. 2 ww W"'. 'Vg ef K Q Q - ' I , x ,J-wiy, P bl shed by me X 'K' 'IA q F, Se o Cl VM Iqjl , jf! K, of "KG NL' 0 f e L 1 ,JV.f! fi R A..:. X , bg wrsr mn msn sc ,,,ff Q f ,JM-,,, f ' ma f - . N E M11 I 1 'K ff M b 6 " A f N - A 7 X If U 'Of ,J U X ! ""'if?wX 13742, vw-. , fag.-R .1-v IDROUDLY STANDS OUR ALMA MATER 0l"elU0l" One hundred years ago, during a period of widespread and shameful illiteracy in the state of Tennessee, Governor Andrew johnson, a passionate advocate of public education, climaxed an up- hill struggle for the support of schools by direct taxation. His tireless efforts gave Tennessee for the first time a public school system that functioned. Since that time, although hampered and retarded by the Wfar between the States, by years of reconstruction, and by numerous bitter political and racial clashes, education in Tennessee has progressed tremendously. VVe have advanced from the one-room school house, under the supervision of an overworked and sometimes incompetent schoolmaster, to the large school building of today, where a well-trained and carefully-selected faculty offers each stu- dent an opportunity to acquire a thorough education. As we mark the one hundredth anniversary of our public school system in Nashville, we must show a deep respect and gratitude to the far-sighted leaders of a century ago, who realized that education is the backbone of freedom and democracy, and who had the will-power and stamina to Fight for public education, in order to preserve and im- prove our way of life. It is the responsibility of the youth of today, who will be the leaders of to- morrow, to continue this struggle, with the hope of instilling in the hearts and minds of future generations an intense desire for education, that our way of life may never be destroyed, but that it may prosper and remain a shining example for others. EDITORS , - V-gin., Afgi . Q. it is , 'X1 . "E t 2 . YW W if wx! W ' will ... ... . " l A35 'E ' f ti 5 '11 L 1 'W it , W' f f fi , 1 Q Q' t , Q' 9 ,1 Q G .fiigi i .EEE RG ' , J kv, K i5i...LJ-X A Ak, -, If J X i f' i' ti If , is y X ,V Q ,X xx iix l W..-fy li fl, f N w H rv X L I , YN S f xi M l iff ' ' li i if t t f it 'X N N iii t X ,i , ' i X QS I N k 'K Q f Li X ' 'L f f l X x lt r' l U ' i iw wx l E U r 3 5 if I E Page Three Page Four CSD chcafion lun' lit-t' vt-'tts ol pzttic-nt :md tireless cllkwts to instill c'ot1liclciti't', to lmuiltl 4 . 1 c'ltztt'ztc'tcr, :tml to lmng Olll thc- lmcmt quztlitics in iiinumc-utlnlc xtuclt-nts, wt pmuclly clcdicutc the Zlil'llYR ul' N52 to Mks. Ixi-iz li. Aiitmiak. llmlct' het' sttpvrtot' glllllllllllf Illlllly ltztvc l't'ztc'l1ecl lli'lglllS ul stic'c't'ss, XVlllli' tlic livcs olf countless otlicrs, Zllllltlllgll INDI sltrottdccl in glory, liztve greatly bc-nclitc-cl by llCI' lllllLlClli'C. Slttr will allways lmlcl tltc- lovc, thc ztcltllimtioit, :tml tlitr rcspc-cl ol' :tll who lime: cvci' lntxcn ucquznintcd with ltcrftltc gm-attest 11-wztrcl to lac lllliillllll by am instructor. Y W. H. YARBROUGH B.A., M.A.. PH.D. Principal F GULTY Page Five WG in if ,S I ',. A AX X ,FIX ,449 "A1 'fgi 'ii' ANZ? QCITLE CORRWE ANDERSON ' A' as., 'ZIXDERSON Languages Sod, g V HELENBSU MA. il "' 309069 ' - c. Sociai Sven an I ,mb E 1'. .W WWW , Q : -.,jQ w.1,. .. FLORENCE AD ' A':: .1 D. F. WN colombia UUMFJQMS VERN MUNCy BLMA lj. I Ar! 3-51. M5 ANN 9,,A. 6 h Health MJMWAMCS E QV fm P Y S PEARES QELRLIAM AUL LAMB NAOM1 yy B, ., . . M DA 1 A MXRXPN HARRI A Commerce BAS. M.A, S En? 'S Mdfbemafi-. MRS. BAN MF- Musk ' ,- 'f-X K MW . ,.A. all ., .:1: :Nez B ALDER "K,-1" ' 1' f . M , ANNE NPR B.L.I. V RS, MARY B-Su MIA. I Spec-ch and Dramatlcs 8 Ecorwm' . Home WW, .S., M. RE EL f"9ffs,sA' Us PAUL MORTTMER MRS. MILDRED ALLEN TNES ., HSN l T rc hiaiudrfifs Bifbraffiqjl M.A. ihem-1 ' Scienu- .md Md 0, as., M A 'MER I JENKTN5 a.s., MA. MA. Mathematics F-nnlish come GAITHER MRS- lvefsl-Fed O . . K ccffpdti on, .--.. 0860: ?4ca6'Zq Wlemdezf KATHRINE MATTHEWS SA., MA. MRS. LOUISE MURRAY BS MA. JOE SHAPIRO as MA LEEKIE SMITH 8.5, MAA. MRS. IRENE TTSDALE B.S., MA, vuvzAN WATKTNS A e.s., a.A,. MA. K2 -. Lapqumf - f f Co-Editors Nl.-111111.11 .l.11:11suN l'A1'l. ll11N14s Nllss Ilixlisskx' EPHYH ST FF ljnfliflilmzx , . . . , NlA11'I'11,x .l,11:11soN PA111, joxifs .'1IlTlI'!ff.SiIlQ .llllllllgff .. .. , Xl'.M'Nli IIIQRNDON , , ., l-'k,1N1:14s Rllmlli lil1.s'ir1f's.1 .HIIIIIIQIT , I-'nrulty ,sjmriwir . Miss ANN Difxiissm' Plmlogrziplz1'-Bcx'c1'ly B1-111-ck. lllllllllllll' fl2lllCl', l'11'1k11i1'1' Ncllu I,0i'1is, Nlzxrgarcx Nl1r111gm11c1'y. l,111'l1-1-11 llkllf Cutler. Lois Lyoil, 'limi Nichol. jenn l,ill'liCl', lfrccl rifk, Peggy Riclings. xlilllll Rogcrs. Rosalyn Slill- Scllc. llmck Stokes. lf.liz11l11-lli Wzulc. mam. 81111111110 Willis. S.lm','lYCCU"gC Kcnncdlv' JUG lil!!-liclllv' David lvlnml' 9n11jJ.sl111l.v-CLeurgc' Hzlrsli. lSl:1111'l1C Rrmsclmciiy, ,lllllilll Rolmilismi, B2ll'll1ll'1l 'I'vs1r11. lurk XY111'1l, lKolul1i1 A1'I4Bill F11llc1'11111, Nlcllm filllllllll, .XIIIIC l.111'kC. lllltll' u.iHimuSmL ' ' 5:1111ll1'1', junio Slcplicns. ll1r1'11i11- Wcingflrl. Cl11Ir.1-Sylvia Bzirisli. lilimn' lloorliiii. Cllfillyll Grccn- R. O. 'I'. C.-Nlocl Urcciilicrg. lvilfllt' llcrmloii. spun, Guy Hz1111'o1'k, lS111'l1111'11 ll1111'l4i11s. lfrcclclie Kell Page Eight y, l'z1t Kocli, li1li1l1 I.cfk1m1i1s, ilyniliizi l.ol'1is. liuziors-Ellcii NI11l1r,Yi1'gi11i11 Nluy l'ig11c, "P,,,..f...--' Y. wb. v S? -Ln! 'ss gd mxww-my-1 wx N 'Q mm ...W Naam x z W Nl Q 25: Y -Q., W.. Q WI. x K Q V s --" X. M K 4 Nix ... -1, , A ...M x -Quai' XL ., ' - .2 , ', xg X W' ' zzeiag: -: is 9 Q5 www K R X ...N 'Y1i ,W.:.,-b SFX Y, 'J ' ' l 4,........ .-.o4'v we s 'QS Q . QM... gilw-'ww Qi. , ,MM- Xfffx X www wil S is xws,vgwwsy9Msf+ N STUDENT BUDY IIPFIIIERS ROCKYE SUDDARTH President JOEL BERLIN ..... Vzfe-President CHARLOTTE DAVIS. . , Secretary SALLY PAYNE. . Treasurer Miss HARRIS.. ....... Advisor DR.YARBRoUcH ..PHndpm Page Ten Q X A . 1 , 'L f 4 so i f Xxx XC 1 u X' , S E N Z' xx Q' A14 X ' ,fi 1 ,. 5 , 0: D l J ,- .x f ,X Q V7 V I Page Twelve SENIIIH CLASS IJFFIIIEHS Gh0RGE KENNEDY DAVID BOYTE BARBARA TYSON. MARTHA JACKSON Mlss HINES.. . . Preszdenf Vzre Prfszdent Treasurer . Secretary . . , . , .Sponsor SE IUH III. 55 EE IUBS JAMES T. AIJAMSON, jk. "limbo" AMiu'rioN: Tu be u maria Football, B-Team, 2, Varsitz, 31 Baseball, 2, 3, 43 Basketball. 2, 3, , Captain, 41 R. 0. 'I', C. Non-Com. Olliwr, 2, 3: Superlative, 5, 4: Ilomt-room Representa- tive. 22 Monogram Club, 2, il, 4. R0llI'iR'I' CIIARLE5 .XRIXISTRONG "Bob" AMIHTIUN: To .slay out of Ilia' army Homt-room Reprcsentatiie, 23 President ol' D. 0.5 Delegate to Knoxville 'l'. and I. Convention, 4, Intramural Basketball, 2. 4, 'I'. and I. Club, B-Team Football, 2. SHIRLEY AVERBUCH "Shirl" AMBITION: To make lllurtin always lmjlpy Monitor, 4: West Wim! Stall, 2, fl, 45 R. O, 'I'. C. Sponsor, 4, ZEPHYR Stall, 4: Homeroom Secretary, 43 Quill and Scroll, 5, 4. Secretary, 4, Tennis Team, 2: Intramural Basketball, 2, 4: Superla- tivc, 45 West's Represeutatiic in County- Wide Beauty Contest, 4, Honor Society, 4. Ill-L'l"l'Y I,ICli BARN ics " Bebe" AMBITION: Tn he lmppy mul .srirfexslill mul make ullzwrs ltulfpy Y-Teens, 2: Choir, 5: RL-tl Cross Club, 3, "West Wind" Stall, El, Home Nursing, 33 Art Club, 4, T. and I. Club, 4. PEGGY jovta-3 BATSON Mpeg.. AMBITION: To lim: a lulppy um! surrrss- lui life Monitor, 2, 3, 45 "Miss Cherryblossonif' 3: Campus Club, 45 Y-Teens, 3, 4, Span- ish Club, 3, 4. SE IUH5 MARION BRUCE ALDRIDCE asmoo., AMBITION: To be a foreign correspondent R. 0. T. C. Non-Com., 33 Campus Club, 4. DONALD YOUNG AUSTIN "Granny" AMBITION: To be a dorlor Campus Club, 4, Treasurer, 4: Home- room Representative, 43 Football Man- ager, 43 Monogram Club, S. 4: Intra- mural Basketball, 5, 4: Baseball, 3, 4. SYLVIA Rosa BARISH AMBITION: To graduate from the University of Maryland Band. 2, 3, 4: Drum Major, 3, 4: Campus Club, 43 French Club, 3, 41 Y-Teens, 2: Personality Club, 45 Quill and Scroll, 41 ZEPHYR Staff, 4. JERRY DONALD BARRICK "Hoss" AMBITION: To own Red Ace someday Football, B-Team, 3, Varsity, 4: Band. 3, 43 Homeroom Officer, 4, Choir, 3, 4, Superlative, 4, "Carmelita," 4: Campus Club, 45 Monogram Club, 4: Intramural Basketball, 33 Golf, 4. HENRX' GLANCY BENNETT AMBITION: To beromc a surcessful artist A .ON -l-HE CMS WESTERN BORDER... Pane Thirlesn " IUH5 -IOEL WARNER BERLIN "Rugged" AMBl1'1ON: To be remembered by the world by performing great service for lilankind Homeroom officer, 2, 33 Football, 3, 4, Most valuable, co-captain, 3. 43 Basket- ball. 2, 3, 43 Superlative, 2, El, 43 Spanish Club, Pres., 3, 43 Campus Club, 43 Stu- dent Council, 3, 43 Key Club, 43 Civitan Medal, 43 All District Basketball, 43 Candidate for Hume Award, 3. 43 R. O. T. C. Officer, 3, 4g Delegate to Boys' State, 33 Delegate to T. A. S. C., 33 Monogram Club, 2, 3, 43 Student Body Vice-President, 4. WILBUR T. BOSWELL "Bill" AMBITION: To become a rlzeniical engineer French Club, 3, 4, President, 3, 43 Key Club, 43 R. 0. T. C. Officer, 3, 43 Student Council, 43 Homeroom Officer, 43 Football, 2. DAVID FRANKLIN BOYTE "Gunk" AMBITION: To spend my life helping others R. O. T. C. Non-Com. Officer, 2, 33 Superlative, 2, 3, 43 Class Officer, 2, 43 "The Ghost Story," 33 "Carmelita," 43 Homeroom Officer, 43 Choir, 2, 3, 43 All- State Chorus. 23 Youth Choir Symphony, 2, 33 Basketball, 2, 3, 43 Baseball, 2, 3, 43 Monogram Club, 2. 3, 4. BEVERLY RUTH BRUECK "Bev" AMBITION: To stay happy alzuuys ZEPHYR Staff, 43 West l'Vind Staff, 5, 43 Spanish Club, 3, 43 Choir, 43 Girls' Glee Club, 43 "Carmelita," 43 Intramural Basketball, 2, 3, 43 Monitor. 33 Allied Youth, 43 Guidance Club, 4. GAY CARTER AMBITION: To Ile .successful and happy West Wind Staff, 43 Dramatic Club, 2, 3, 43 N. F. L., 3, 43 "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," 33 Y-Teens, 43 Campus Club, 43 Banner Talent Show, 33 Band, 3, 43 Acc. for Middle 'Tennessee Solo and Ensemble Contest, 4. SE IUHS BETTY JEAN BLACK "Blackie" AMBITION: To be happy Monitor, 2, 43 Y-Teens, 3, 43 Girls Glee Club, 43 Intramural Basketball, 23 Per- sonality Club, 43 Homeroom Officer, 23 Guidance Club, 3, 4. BETTY LENORE BOWMAN "Rusty" AMBITION: To be a suecess and make others happy Monitor, 2, 33 Choir, 43 "Carmelita," 43 Intramural Basketball, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club, 43 Spanish Club, 3, 4, President, 33 Senior Guidance Club, 4. ANNA RUTH BRAWNER AMBITION: To be the wife of an Ohio lawyer Monitor. 43 Y-Teens, 23 Home Nursing, 43 Personality Club, 4. DONALINE ANN CARTER "Gabby" AMBITION: To be always happy and help make others lwllby, too Alternate Cheerleader, 23 Class Officer, 23 Intramural Basketball, 2, 43 Cham- pions, 43 Honor Society, 43 West Wind Stall, 43 Quill and Scroll, 43 Y-Teens, 4, Secretary, 43 "Our Gal Sal," 43 "Car- melita," 43 Monitor, 43 ZEPHYR Staff, 43 Campus Club, 43 Personality Club, 4. REBA ANN CARTER "Fweepy" AMBITION: To make other people happy "Carme1ita," 43 "Miss Cherryblossomf' 33 All-State Chorus. 33 Monitor, 2, 33 Superlative, 33 Choir, 3, 43 Office Staff, 33 Guidance Club, 43 Glee Club. 43 Library Staff, 33 West Wind Staff, 3, 43 Homeroom Officer, 23 ZEPHYR Staff, 4. A ON THE Cars WESTERN,,BORDER,..5 Page Fourteen SE IUHS SHIRLEY YVONNIC CARTXVRIGHT "Shirley" AMBITION: To hrufc Il stlrrcmfrzl um! luxppy lift: Spanish Club, 3, 43 Y-Teeiis, 4: Persona zllily Club, 4, Homeroom Officer, 4. ROB!-IRT Wll.LlAAI CLARK "jet lime" AMBITION: To .vtuy mil of lllz' army mul flirt ol alll aiu' Spanish Club, 2, 43 R.O.'l'.C. Non-Com. Officer, 3, lntrzunurznl Basketbzill. 2, 3, 4, Captain, 4. MELIIA jI:AN CuI.LUmI "John" AMBITIONI To bc ll .Yllf'!'ffA.Sflll l'UVIlIlll'TI'l1lI arlisl Y-Teens, 2: Art Club, 2, Cuidzuue ClIIb, 4, Intramurztl Basketball, 2: Monitor, 2: "Carmelita." 4, R.O.'l'.C. Sponsor, 43 ZEPIIYR Stuff, 4, HKlIllCl'00lll Ollicer, 2. SARA CLICNN DALY "Rooster" AMIIITIUN: To be ll tcllrr al u bunk Homeroom Ollicer, 3, 43 Persorlality Club, 43 Y-'l'ceIIs, 4, Clee Club, 'lp Home Nurs- ing, 3: MoIIitor, 2. CllIlRl.O'l4'l'l'1 DA VIS "Char" AMBITION: Tu he ,Il1rn'.s.rl1Il and lmppy lllmugllollt lift: Honor Society, 3, 4, Sergeztnl-at-Arms, 43 Quill and Scroll, 43 Secretary of Stu- dent Body, 'lg Student Council, 4: Home- room Olficer, 3. 4: Persotiality Club, 4: Campus Club, 4, Office Stall, 4: Wccvl Wind Stuff, 3, 45 ZILPIIYIQ Stall, 4: 525 prile in Lion Oil Contest, 4: ll'lll'2lllllll'2ll Basketball, 2, 5, 4: Tennis Team, 2, 3, 4. SE IUHS IVIARILYN CASSETTY AMBITION: To be a pianist Basketball Reporter, 33 Majorette, 2, 3: Gainesboro Chorus, 2. jon CARTER CoI.I.IEIz. jk. AMBITION: To xre Bobbie Willirzmson graduate R.0.T.C. Non-Com. Officer, 3. Oliicer, 4: Football, B-Team, 2, 3. Varsity, 4: Intra- mural Basketball, 2, 43 Choir, 3. 4, "Miss Cherryblossomf' 31 "Carmelitn," 43 Monogram Club, 4, Ollirers Club, 4. BERNICE FAITH CUTLER "Benny" AMBITION: To graduate from Indiana University with a lunguage major l'Vesf Wind Staff, 3, 4: Quill and Scroll, 3, 43 French Club. 3, 45 "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," 3: Dramatic Club, 3, 4. TROY E. DANIEL, JR. "junior" AMBITION: To make the best ol all my ofzlmrtrlnilies Band, 2, 3: R.O.T.C. Band. 2, 3: 'Miss Cherryblossomj' 33 Choir, 3, 45 Intra- mural Basketball, 4. IRMA jm DINKINS "Jimmie" AMBITION: To be a fin'-school lmrlwr Art Club, 2, 3, 4: Band, 2, 3. Q...REARED..AeAINsT -llua Suv..." Page Fifteen "Miss Cherryblossomj' 33 "Our Gal Sal," S IUH5l BARBARA I,oIs DOBYNS "Chicken" AMBITION: To live o lmppy :md success- ful life Hoincroom Officer, 43 "Miss Clierryblos- som," 33 Y-Teens, 3, 43 Spanish Club, 3, 43 R.O.T.C. Sponsor, 43 Glee Club, 43 Monitor, 23 West Wind Staff, 33 Persona ality Club, 4. ELFANOR THOMASON EDGAR "Ella" AMIIITION: To hnish high school Personality Club, 43 Glce Club, 3, 4g Home Nursing, 3, 4g Superlative, 3, 4, Y-Teens, 3, 4. JOEL BATTLE FORT AMBITION: To make a million friends "Carmelita," 4g "Our Cal Sal," 3, Campus Club, 43 Dramatic Club, 3. DON LEWIS GOAD ..Dusw,, AMBITION: To be a successful artist or plzotographer SE IUHS ELINOR DORIS DOOCHIN "Ellie DooclI" AMBITION: To fulfil all my arnbilions West Wind Staff, 3, 43 Z1-:I-HYR Staff, 43 Quill and Scroll, 3, 4g Honor Society, 3. 4, Corresponding Secretary, 43 Homeroom Officer, 23 Campus Club, 43 Spanish Club, 3, 4, Vicc4Preside1It, 33 Banner Talent Contest, 3. jo ANN FERGUSON aloe.. AMBITLON: To be a success in life Homeroom Officer, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club, 43 Student Council, 43 Personality Club, 43 Y-Teens, 23 Campus Club, 43 Intra- mural Basketball, 2, 3, 43 Office Staff, 3 WILLIAM FLOYD FULLERTON, JR. "Will" AMBITION: To lie a plzilanllzropist-tlzey have millions Quill and Scroll, 43 Homeroom Officer, 43 Intramural Basketball, 43 ZEPHYR Staff, 43 Monitor, 43 Campus Club, 43 Football, B-Team, 3, Varsity, 43 Mono- gram Club, 43 Senior Spanish Club, 33 R.O.T.C., 3, 4, Non-Com., 4. JOEL IRVING GREENBERG AMBITION: To be a successful doctor West Wind Staff, 2, 3, 43 ZEPHYR Staff, 43 Monitor, 43 Homeroom Officer, 33 "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," 33 Dramatic Club, 3, 43 Quill and Scroll, 3, 43 National Honor Society, fl, 4, President, 43 R.O.T.C. Non4Com. Officer, 2, 3, 43 Campus Club, 43 Middle Tenn. High School Press Association, 3, 4. 33 nC2ll'lI1CllILl,H 4. CAROLYN LOUISE GREENSPAN SHELDON GROSS "Tuna" "Care" AMBITION: To make a success of my life AMBI-HON: To be H wrfess ZIQPIIYR Staff, 43 Wes: Wind Stall, 3, 43 M - 4. 5 'h Cl by 35 RIOIT-C. Campus Club, 43 Spanish Club, 2, -33 03i?gar,45 'grgglggc Cllllb, 43 N,F,L,, 4, Office Staff, 43 Monitor, 3, 4g Personality Club, 43 Intramural Basketball, 4. 'L ,ON .l-HE Cows WESTERN Bonney". SE IUH5 Rost: NIAXINE GRUMET HROSY.. AMBITION: To be rt surresslul dancer and model Girl's Glee Club, 45 junior Guidance, 3: Senior Guidance, 4, French Club, 3: N.F.L., 4: Middle Tennessee Music Festival, 4: Dramatic Club, 4, Program Editor, 43 Intramurals, 2, 31 West Wind Staff, 4: Personality Club, 4. GREYSON LOVE HANCOCK ..Gay,, AMBITION: To live ll full and worth while life Y-Teens, 2, 3, 4, President. 45 Guidance Club, 2, 3. 4: Campus Club, 4: Person- alitly Club, 45 Monitor, 2, 3, 43 Band, 2, ., 43 West Wind Staff, 3, 4: ZEPHYR Staff, 4: Homeroom President, 3, Student Council, 3: Intramural Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Champions, 3, 4. JOHN j. HARRIS "Cat" AMBITION: To finish rollege and become ll hardware salesman Campus Club, 4, R.O.T.C., 2. 3, Rillle Team, 2, 3, City Champions, 2, 3. livrpklerrrz HARVEY "Big 1-Id" AMBITION: Tn prove lo llle world llml Adolph Hitler is not dead R.O.'I'.C.. 2, 5, 4, Non-Com., 3, 4, Honor Guard. 3, 41 Monitor. gl Intramural Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Champions, 2, 3, Campus Club, 4: N.F.L., 3, 4, Dramatic Club, 2: Manager Baseball, 2, 3: Manager Football, 3. SHIRLEY ANN HAYES "Hazel" AMBITION: To marry Il millionaire and live on a ranrli in Texas Spanish Club, 3: Y-Teens, 4, Personality Club, 45 Senior Guidance Club, 45 Campus Club, 4. QWREARED AGAINST -Iii 5 SE IUH5 BARBARA JANICE HANAWALT "Barbie" AMBITION: To travel all over the world Quill and Scroll, 3, 43 National Honor Society, 3, 4, Recording Secretary, 41 West Wind Staff, 3, 43 ZEPHYR Stalf, 43 Student Council Representative, 45 Cam- pus Club, 4, Y-Teens, 2: Spanish Club, 3, 4, Olficer, 4, Homeroom President, 4. MARY ELIZABETH HARBIN ,.Red,, AMBITIONZ To be a nurse, gel married, and make people happy IWARCELLUS GEORGE HARSH ll "George" AMBITION: To marry the boss' daughter Honor Society, 43 Quill and Scroll, 45 Campus Club, 4, Superlative, 2, 5, 4: R.O.T.C., 2, 3, Non-Com, 3, Honor Guard, 2, 33 Intramural Basketball. 4: Homeroom Olficer, 43 ZEPHYR Stalf, 4. BARBARA JEAN HAIVKINS "Hawkins" AMBITION: To be always happy Y-Teens, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3, Vi1:e'Presi- dent, 43 Personality Club, 4, Treasurer, 4: Tennis Team, 2, 3, 43 Campus Club. 4, Spanish Club, 3, 4, Secretaryffreas- urer, 4: Superlative, 2, 3, 4: I-Iomeroom Officer, 35 Intramural Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Champions, 3, 4, Captain, 3, 4, ZEPHYR Staff, 43 Quill and Scroll, 4. BRUCE WAYNE HERNDON, JR. "Herman" AMBITION: To be a good dorlor Campus Club, 4, B-Team Football, El: Varsity Baseball, 2, 3. 4:4 Intramural Basketball, 2, 5: West Wind Stalf, 4: ZEPHYR Staff, 4, Advertising Manager, 41 R.O.T.C., 2, 3, 4, Non-Com. Ollfirer, 31 0lficer's Club, 43 "Our Gal Sal," House Manager, 4. SRY U Page Seventeen SE IUH5 PHYLLIS JUNE Hcssrzv "Tubby" AMBITION: To be a success in anything I may undertake to do Homeroom Officer, 3, 43 Personality Club Officer, '43 Superlative, 2, 33 Homeroom Representative, 33 Y-Teens, 43 Office Stalf, 2, 33 Home Nursing, 3. DOROTHY RUTH HODGE i.Bum,, AMBITION: To get as much out ol life as possible Choir, 3, 43 Band, 3, 43 T.E.A. Chorus, 33 Mass Band, 33 M.T.B.O.A. Solo, 43 Y-Teens, 23 Personality Club, 43 Monitor, 23 West Wind Staff, 3, 43 "Carmel1ta," 43 "Miss Cherryblossomj' 33 Quill and Scroll, 4. SHIRLEY CORENIA HOWELL "Cherub" AMBITION: To be a teacher Spanish Club, 33 Home Nursing, 33 Guidance Club, 4. DONALD ERWIN JACOBS "Boo-Boo" AMBITION: To be happy and help bring peace to all mankind Homeroom Officer, 2, 4g R.O.T.C., 2, 3, Officer, 43 Intramural Basketball, 2, 33 Rifle Team, 2, 3, Captain, 43 Best Dressed Cadet, 23 Monogram Club, 23 Escort of Homecoming Attendant, 4. JIM JONES "Gran'pappy" AMBITION: To be a successful draft dodger R.O.T.C., 2, 33 Non-Com. Officer, 33 Honor Guard, 33 Homeroom President. 3, 43 Student Council, 3, 4g Intramural Champs, 23 Basketball, B-Team, 3, Var- sity, 43 Baseball, 3, 43 Campus Club, 43 Monogram Club, 5, 4. SE IUH5 MARJORIE LUCILLE HINES ..Marg,, AMBITIDN: To live a happy and success- ful life, and have a happy home Monitor, 4g "Miss Cherryblossomf' 33 Y- Teens, 43 Spanish Club, 3, 43 Officer, 43 Girls' Glee Club, 4. PAUL HODGES "Pete" AMBITION: To be an electrical engineer R.O.T.C., 2, 3, 4, Color Guard, 43 West Wind Staff, 43 ZEPHYR Staff, 43 Quill and Scroll, 43 National Honor Society, 3, 4, Treasurer, 43 Campus Club, 43 Key Club, 4. MARTHA V1Rci1N1A JACKSON 1-Marty, AMBITION: To go as far as possible in my life work Homeroom Officer, 2, 33 Choir, 43 Draa matic Club, 3, 4g Quill and Scroll, 3, 43 Girls' State, 33 ZEPHYR Staff, 3, Co-Edi- tor, 43 "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," 33 Superlative, 4g R.O.T.C. Sponsor 3, 43 Student Council, 2, 33 Secretary, Senior Class, 43 "Carmelita, 4g Y-Teens, 43 Allied Youth, 43 N.F.L., 4. DAROLD M. JOHNSONBAUGH "johnny-Ball" AMBITION: To be sugesslul in everything I o "Carmelita" orchestra, 43 Marching Band, 43 Concert Band, 3, 43 Campus Club, 43 Nashville Symphony Youth Orchestra, 3, PAUL STANLEY JONES "Admiral" AMis11'1oN: To own a car that runs Campus Club, 43 ZEPHYR Staff, 3, 4, Co- Editor, 43 Homeroom Officer, 43 R.O.- T.C., 2, 3, 4, Color Guard, 4g Honor Squad, 33 B-Team football, 33 Intra- mural Basketball, 2, 3, 43 Quill and Scroll, 4. ON -l-HE Cars WESTERN Bouncing Page Eiglrfnn SE IUHS FRl'IDlJlli KELLY "Irish" AMBITIUN: To lead u life worlli living Office Staff. 3, 4: Y-Teens, 4: Senior Guidance ClIIb, 4: Quill and Scroll, 4: Spanish Club, 2, 3: Campus Clllb, 4: Personality ClIIb, 4: fl-ZPHYK Stall, 4. josrgvrl 'l'owI,r:It KNOX ..Joe,. AMul'l'ION: To ask all the qneslians Cheerleader, 2: Football, B-Team, 3, Varsity, 4: Superlative, 2, 3: R.0.'l'.C. Non-Com. Officer, fl: "Our Hearts Were Young :IIIII Cay," S: Quill and Scroll, Pl, 4: Honor Society, 3, 4: Wes! Wind Stall. fl, 4: Business Manager, 4: French Club Officer, 3, 4: Homeroom ollirer, 4: Campus Club President, 4: Dramatic Club l'l'l'SldCIll, 4: Debate Team, 4: Key Club, 4: Monogram Club, 4. WVILLIAM HAYDEN Llili "Bill" AMlIl'I'l0N: Ta lm a designing engineer for ll railroad "Our llearts were Young and Gay, 3: Dramatic Club, 3, 4: Stage Manager for "Cheaper by the Dozen," "Miss Cherry- blossom," "Our Cal Sal," "Carmelita": Non-Com. Officer, R.0.'l'.C., 2, 3. ANN CRIGSBY Loom: "Little Red" - AMIQITION: To be u famous laslzizm Designer West Wind Staff, 3, 4: Monitor, 3, 4: Y-Teens, 2, 3, 4: Guidance Club, 2, 3: Glec Club, 4. hlARY EIJINOR LOFTIS "Nella" AMISITION: To Study Medicine West Wind Staff, 3, 4: ZEPHYR Staff, 4: Campus Club, 4: guill and Scroll, 3, 4: Treasurer. 4: Ban , 2, 3, 4: Guidance Club, 2: French Club, 5, 4: Y-Teen Club, 2. 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club, 4. SE IUH5 GEORGE FRANK KENNEDY "Henry" AMBITION: To be married and live happily ever after West Wind Staff, 4: Zr:I'HrR Stall, 4: "Carmelita," 4: Boys' Intramurals. 2: Football, 2, 3, 4: Key Club, 4: R.0.T.C. Officer, 4: Student Council Chaplain, 4: Homeroom Representative, 4: Allied Youth, 4: Class Olficer, 4: Dramatic ClIIb Officer, 4: Monogram Club, 3, 4: Senior Supcrlative, 4. PATRICIA ANN KOCH "Squirrel" AMBITION: To be Queen Bee ol lhe tennis courts National Honor Society, 4: Quill and Scroll, 4: Monitor, 4: "Carmelita," 4: West Wind Staff, S. 4: Mixed Chorus, 4: Girls' Glee Club, 4: Campus Club, 4: Dra- matic Club, 3: N.F.L., 3, 4: ZEPHYR Staff, 4: Homeroom Officer, 3: Tennis Team, 2, 3, 4: Banner Talent Show, 3: Y-Teens, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 4: Intramural Basket- ball, 2, 3, 4, Champions. 3, 4: Guidance Club, 2: Program Chairman, 2: Person- ality Club, 4: Office Staff, 2, 3, 4: Typing Awards, 4: Superlative, 2. EDITH Lxrrcovlrs "De De" AMBITION: To be a good history teacher Spanish Club, 3, 4: Campus Club, 4: "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," 3: Dramatic Club, 3, 4: N. F. L., 2, 3, 4: Quill and Scroll, El, 4: West Wind Staff, 3, 4: ZEPHYR Staff, 4: First Place Winner in Civitan Club Contest, 4. CYNTHIA JOYCE Lorris AMB1TION: To be instrumental in creal- ing World Peace West Wind Staff, 5, 4: ZEPHYR Staff, 4: Quill and Scroll, 3, 4: Campus Club, 4: Band. 2, 3, 4: Clarinet Solo and En- semble, 4: Choir, 4: "Carmelita," 4: French Club, 3, 4: Y-Teens, 2, 3: Guid- ance Club, 2, 3: Intramural Basketball, 2, 3: Girls' C-lee Club, 4. jonN DANIEL LONGLEY AMBITION: To be a mechanical engineer and earn 550,000 per year "Our Gal Sal," 4: R.O.T.C.. 3, 41 Campus Club, 4: Science Unlimited, 3, 4: QWREARED AGAINST -ll-lE SKY..." Page Nineteen SE IUHS LOIS LYON '-L0 1.0" AMBITION: To love, live, and learn Wes! Wind Staff, 3, 45 Headline Editor, 45 Monitor, 3, 45 Office Staff, 45 Honor Society, 3, 45 Vice-President, 45 Quill and Scroll, 3, 45 Secretary of Campus Club, 45 French Club, 3, 45 Treasurer, 45 Spanish Club, 25 ZEPHYR Staff, 45 Intra- gugal Basketball, 2, 3, 45 Tennis Team, J. E. MARTIN " ii-Iessi, AMBITION: To be a great football coach Class Officer, 25 Football, B-Team, 25 "Cheaper by the Dozen," 25 R.O.T.C. Non-Com. Officer, 2, 35 Officer 45 Home- room Officer, 3, 45 Basketball, B-Team, 35 Varsity, 3, 45 Dramatic Club, 35 Mono- gram Club, 3, 45 Student Council, 45 Intramural Basketball, 2, 3, 45 Office Staff, 45 Student Faculty Council, 4. BUGNON NICCLIQNDON "Minnie" AMBITION: To do my best always Y-Teen Club, 45 Guidance Club, 45 Girls' Glee Club, 4. DOROTHY JEAN RIINTON MDN.. AMBITION: To get my R.N. and lhen get my MRS. Glee Club, 45 Campus Club, 45 Y-Teen Club, 2, 5, 45 R.O.T.C. Sponsor, 45 Officers Club, 45 "Our Gal Sal," 45 Intra- mural Basketball, 25 Home Nursing, 45 Homeroom Officer, 21 Guidance Club, 45 :Vest Wind Staff, 2, 35 Personality Club, BIARGARET BIONTGOINHSRY AMBITION: To be ulzuuys happy ZEPHYR Staff, 45 Personality Club, 45 Art Club, 2, 35 Y-Teen Club, 45 Campus Club, 45 Quill and Scroll, 4. SE IUHS CLARENCE HENRY BIARSHALL "Moose" AMBITION: To study engineering at T.P.I. and lo be an army officer Football, Bffeam, 2: Varsity, 3, 45 Home- room Officer, 35 Monogram Club, 3, 45 R.0.T.C., 2, 3, 45 Officer, 45 Basketball, 2, 3. 4. JANE ELDORA MAXWELL. nslimi, AMBITION: To go to South America and be u success in life Monitor, 45 Campus Club, 45 Y-Teen Club, 3, 45 Senior Guidance Club, 45 Dramatic Club, 45 N.F.L., 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club, 45 Intramural Basketball, 35 Spanish Club, 3, 45 Personality Club, 4. PEGGY NlC'lWAHON "Cherub" AMBITION: To be a success in life Spanish Club, 35 Home Nursing, 35 Guidance Club, 4. CLIFFORD FORREST M'iTc1-IELL, JR. "Red" AMB1TIoN: To be married to Peggy Football, B-Team, 25 Varsity, 3, 45 Clinic Bowl, 45 All-City Football, 45 Mono- gram Club, 3, 45 Superlative, 25 "Our Gal Sal," 45 "Carmelita," 45 "Sparkin," 45 B-Team Basketball, 35 R.0.T.C. Officer, 4. DON DICK BIOORE UMOH AMBITION: To be a successful writer or enterlumer Key Club, 45 West Wind Staff, 2, 3, 45 Co-Editor, 45 Quill and Scoll, 3, 45 President, 45 Superlative, 2, 3, 45 Student Council, 25 Homeroom Officer, 35 Choir, 45 Dramatic Club, 3, 45 Promoter, 45 "Carmelita," 45 "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," 35 Banner Talent Show, 35 Men's Club Variety Show Emcce, 45 N.F.L., 3, 45 ZEPHYR Staff, 45 Intra- mural Basketball, 2, 45 French Club, 3, 45 Campus Club, 45 West Representative to Young Modern's Council, 3, 45 West's Exchange Variety Shows, 3, 45 R.0.T.C., 2, 35 Non-Com. Officer, 3. Lt. ,ON Cl-HE CiTYl5 WESTERN BORDER... Page Twenty SE IUHS BARBARA JANE NIURPIIY "I'udgy" AMIAITION: To join the Nfeley family Home Nursing, fl: Girls' Glee Club, 4: Y-'I'een Club, Il, 4. 'l'oM lJouct.As NIC!-lot. "Nick" AMlu'lloN: "To liiff in u liuuse by thf .rifle of ilu' roml and Ile a lrienrl to man I'l"r.Sl Wind Stalf, 4: ll-1l'IIYR Staff, 4: Quill and Seroll, 4: Ilomeroom Oifirer, 2, El, 4: Intramural Basketball, 2, fit 4: Campus Club. 4: Boys' State, 5: R.O.I.C.. 2, 3, 4, Non-Com., fl, Ollicer. 4: Officers Club, 4: Key Club, 2. El, 4, President, 4: District Secretary, 4. IVARRICN ll. PATL: "Cub" AMIIITIONZ To he 5ll!'l'l'.l.Vflll in Inlsiness Monogram Club, 4: 'I'. lk I. Club. 4: Mid- Slate 'l'. il: I. Contest Winner. 4: Base- ball Manager, 3: Science Club, 2: ln- rarnural Softball, 2. SALLY Sure l'ArNn --sony" AMlsl'l'l0N: 'I'n enjoy II ltalrpy, .rurrrmlul life llonor Society, 3, 4: Was! Wind Stall, 2, fi, 4: Co-Iiditor, 4: Treasurer of Student Body, 4: Class Olliter, 2, 3: Superlative, 2, El, 4: "Miss Chcrryblossomf' 3: "Car- inelitaf' 4: Choir, 3: Homeroom OlTiccr, 2: Monitor. 2: Y-Teens, 2. 3. Vife-I'resi- dent, 3: Quill and Scroll, 3, 4, Vite- I'resident, 4: Spanish Club, 2, 3, Vice- I'resident, 3: ll-IPHYR Staff, 2, 4: Intra- mural Basketball, 2. El, 4, Champions, 3. 4: Personality Club, 4, President. 4: ILAJE Medalist, 4: Campus Club, Rec. See., . JOIIN HARvu.t.1c PEARL aj' P... AMIIITIONI Tn he .iurrfssfzil in bll.II1IF.Y.Y aurl lmplly in life Mixed Chorus, 2: "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," 3: Student Concert, 2: Football. B-Team, 2, 3, Varsity, 4: "Our Gal Sal." 4: "Cartnelita," 4: Dramatir Club, 4: Campus Club, 4: N.F.I.., 3, 4: Monogram Club, 4: R.O.'I'.C., 2, 3, 4, Officer, 4: Superlative, 2, 3, 4: Home- room Officer, 4. SE IUH5 ANNIE B. bIYIfRS "Blondie" Axtlsl'l't0N: To be lmjipy and .rurrmsfzil and get my Mrs. degree l'. tk I. Club, fl, 4: T. tk I. Reporter, 4: Ifirst in Typing Perforrnanee Contest, 4: Seeond in Speed Typing Contest in llegional. 4: Ifirst in Typing Performance in Slate Contest, 4: Chairman Sunshine Committee ol' T. bk I. Club, 4. j ICAN jorcr: PARKER "I'arker" AMHITION: To live II lmjzliy and uiorlli- nflule life I'Vrst llfiml Staff, 4: Z1i1l'ItYR Stall, 4: Superlatixe, Il: "Our Gal Sal." 4: Home- room Oiliccr, 2: Y-Teens, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club, 2, fl: Glee Club, 4: Middle Ten- nessee Music Festival, 4: Dramatic Club, 4: Campus Club. 4: Senior Guidance Club, 4: Personality Club, 4. LURLEEN PATRICK ..l,ul,, AMBITION: To lie a .mrrrss in life Campus Club, 4: Intramural Basketball, 2, fl, 4: Y-Teens, 4: Senior Guidance Club, 4: Personality Club, 4: ll-ZPIIYR -gl sll'e.sl Wind Stuff, 4: Spanish . u J, L, I. 'IARE NIAX PEARIGI-IN "Max" AMISITIUNI To sn' the jour vim-ks on the tower gr! logellier just onre Ilratnatic Club. 2. 3, Assistant Stage Manager, 2: R.0.'I'.C., 2, Il, 4, Non- Com., 4, Color Guard, 3, 4: Home- rootn Officer, 2. PEGGY JANE PETWAY Mpeg-. AMBITION: To be .rurrrssful in rvlialevei' I do Quill and Seroll, 4: Girl's Glee Club, 42 Spanish Club, 2, Il: Homeroom Officer. 4: Guidance Club, 4: Square Danre Queen Candidate, 4: Y-Teens, 4: "Car- melitaf' 4: R,O.T.C. Sponsor, 5, 4: Personality Club, 43 Intramural Basket- ball. 4. QWREARED AGAINST -lima Suv. " Page Twenfy-O ne SE IUHS ..Pog0,, AMBITION: To become a successful journalist Honor Society, 3, 43 West Wind Staff, 3, 43 Quill and Scroll, 43 ZEPI-IVR Staff, 43 Dramatic ClI1b, 3, 41 "OUT Hearts WCW Young and Gay," 33 Y-Teens, 4g Per- sonality Club, 43 Campus Club, 43 French Club, 3, 43 Senior Guidance Club, Secre- tary, 33 Band. 2, 3, 4: Medalist. 3, 43 Solo and Ensemble Contest, 4. JOSEPH R. PURYEAR, JR. AMBITION: To be a five-percenter Debate Team, 43 Key Club, 2, 3. 4, SCC- retary, 3, Sergeant-at-Arms, 43 West Wind Staff, 43 ZEPHYR Staff, 4: Quill, and Scroll, 3, 43 Rifle Team, 2, 33 Choir. 43 Band, 2, 33 Student Council, 23 N.F.L., 43 Dramatic Club, 43 "Our Gal Sal," 43 "Carmelita," 4. MARY EVELYN RAY "Rooster" AMBITION: To be able to sing like my uncle, johnny Ray Homeroom Secretary, 33 West Wind Staff, 43 Campus Club, 43 Senior Guidance Club, 43 Personality Club, 43 Girls' Glee Club, 43 "Carmelita," 4g Homeroom Treasurer, 43 Y-Teens, 4. THOMAS ANDREW REID "Tommy" AMBITION: To be a ehemical engineer R.O.T.C., 2, 3, 43 Officer, 43 "Carmelita," 23 Homeroom Officer, 33 Campus Club, hlELBA JEAN RICHARDS AMBITION: To make a happy home for my husband West Wind Staff, 43 ZEPHYR Staff, 43 Quill and Scroll, 4. SE IUHS DAVID LAXVRENCE POLLACK "Cuddles" AMBITION: To be a sitecessfill surgeon West Wind Staff, 43 Campus Club, 43 Officer, 43 R.0.T.C., 2, 3, Non-Com., 33 Football, B-Team, 33 Intramural Basket- ball, 2, 3, Champions, 33 Spanish Club, 3, 43 Tennis Team, 4: Homeroom Officer, 2, 43 ZEPHYR Staff, 4. THAXTON DREW RAGAN "Dro0py" AMBITION: To do my part in making this a better place tu live Monitor, 23 R.O.T.C., 2, 33 Cheerleader, 3, 43 French Club, 3, 43 Choir, 3, 43 Middle Tennessee Music Festival. 3, 43 Homeroom Officer, 43 "Miss Cherry- blossom," 33 "Carmelita," 43 Campus Club, 43 Key Club, 43 Debate Team, 43 West Wind Staff, 33 Dramatic Club, 43 Superlative, 3, 43 Quill and Scroll, 43 N.F.L., 43 Allied Youth, 4. GENEVA ANN REEVES "Blondie" AMBITION: To be always ambitious Quill and Scroll, 3, 43 R.O.T.C. Variety Show, 23 Band, 2, 33 Brass Sextet, 2, 33 Y-Teens, 23 Campus Club, 4. JIMMY C. RICE "Buttons" AMBITION: To hnislz high .school "Miss Cherry Blossom," 33 "Our Gal Sal," 43 "Carmelita," 43 Football, B- Team, 33 Basketball, B'TeaIn, 3. FRANCES LARIBERT RIDGE AMBITION: To graduate from mllege Spanish Club, 3, 43 Quill and Scroll, 3, 43 Y-Teens, 43 Senior Campus Club, 43 Wes: Wind Staff, 33 ZEPHYR Staff, 4. u,,,ON THE CITYDS WESTERN BORDERWE Page Twenty-Two SE IUH5 Pi-ioov I.YNi-:T RIDINGS ..,,cKs,. AMBITION: To have u hapfiy mul successful life West Wind Staff, 4: li-:i-uvR Staff, 45 Honor Society, 4: Quill and Scroll, 4: Y-Teens, 4: Campus Club, 4: Senior Guidance Club, 3, 4: Personality Club, 4: Spanish Club, 2, 3. JULIAN FRED ROBINSON ..Jmy,. AMBITION: To get on the Grand Ole Opry R.0.T.C.. 2. 3, 4: Non-Com. Officer, 2, 3: Color Guard, 4: Intramural Basket- ball, 2: Spanish Club, 3, 4: Campus Club, -1: Zi-ZPHYR Staff, 4. JOAN MARGARI-LT ROGERS "Rooster" AMBITION: To live ll happy and wonder- ful life Monitor, 2: Spanish Club, 2: Campus Club. 4: Senior Guidance Club, 4: Girls' Glee Club. 4: Vice-President, Personality Club, 4: West Wind Staff, 4: ZEPHYR Staff, 4: Home Nursing Club, 4: Y-Teen Club, 4: "Carmelita," 4. ji-:ROME Liiwts ROSRNBLUM "Rosie" AMI4I'll0N: To be a silcrfmfiil business- IIIHH R.0.'l'.C., 2, fi: Dramatic Club, 2: Span- ish Club, 2, 3: Science Club, 3: Campus Club, 4: Monogram Club, 4: Intramural Basketball. 2, 3, 4: Football, B-Team, 3: Varsity, 4: Tennis Team, 4. Ill-ZRNARD RAYMOND SCHKLAR "Bernie" AMRITION: To be an uirrrall meclumic Campus Club, 4: R.0.'l'.C. Officer, 4. SE IUH5 THOMAS FLETCHER ROui:R1's, JR. "Bubbles" AMBITION: To be ri success Monogram Club, 2, 3, 4: T. lk I. Club, El, 4: Football, B-Team, 2, Varsity, 3, 4: Basketball. B-Team, 2, Varsity, 4: Baseball, 2, 3, 4. Bi-:1'rY JANE ROGERS "Yankee" AMBITION: To find a ricli muu for Miss Dembsky Y-Teens, 4: Home Nursing, il: Square Dance Team, 3. BLANCHE CAROLYN ROSEBERRY "Abe" AMBITION: To live a successful, Iiappy. and friendly life Homecoming Attendant, 4: R.0.'I'.C. Sponsor, 3, 4: Officers Club, 3: Cheer- leader, 4: Mixed Chorus, 3, 4: All-State Chorus, 3: "Miss Cherryblossonif' 3: "Carmelita," 4: "Ghost Story," fl: "Our Gal Sal," 4: "Sparkin," 43 Dramatic Club, fl, 4, Officer. 4g Homerooin Officer, 4: Senior Guidance Club, 2, Officer, 2: Y- Tecns, 2. 8: West Wind Staff, 3: Monitor, 3: Intramural Basketball, 2: French Club. 3: Campus Club, 4. -IUDITH ANN SANDLER "Judy" AMBITION: To travel nrouml the world Art Club, 2: Homeroom Representative, 3: West Wim! Staff, 3, 4: N.F.L., 2, 3, 4: Quill and Scroll, 3, 4: ZEPHYR Stalf, 4: Campus Club, 4: Music Festival Ballet, 3. JOANNE Scorr "Scotty" AMBITION: To be Il singer Y-Teens. 2. 3, 4: Guidance Club. fl, 4: Mixed Chorus, 2, 3, 4: All-State Chorus, 2, 3: Band, 2, 3, 4: Majorette, Il. 4: Personality Club, 4: Delegate to Y-'l't-en Conference, fl: Campus Club, 4: Cirls' Glee Club, 4: Middle Tennessee Band Festival, 2, 3, 43 Student Symphony Chorus, 2, S. 4: "Miss Cherryblossomf' 3: "Carmelita," 4. QWREARED AGAINST -l-hli SKY. Page Twenty-Three SE IUHS FREDERICK CURTIS SELLE "Freddy" AMBITION: To be a surcessful chemical engineer R.O.T.C.. 2, 3, 4. Officer, 4: Homeroom Representative, 3, 4: Campus Club, 4: Quill and Scroll, 4- Football, 3: Spanish Club, 3, 4. BOBBIE JUETTA SHOFNER "Trooper" AMBITION: To be happy and move to "Yankee land" West Wind Staff, 2: Monitor, 2: Home- room Representative, 4: N.F.L., 2, 3, 4: Guidance Club, 2: Homeroom Officer, 4. DIANE ,SMITH AMBITIAON: To be happy and successful RICHARD ST. JOHN SPAULDING, JR. "Dick" AMBITION: To be an engineer Homeroom Officer, 2: Band, 2. 3, 4: R.O.T.C. Band, 2. 3, 4: R.O.T.C. Officer, 3, 4: Non-Com. Officer, 2, 3: Campus Club, 4: Quill and Scroll, 4: Safe Drivers' Club, 4: Spanish Club, 3: ZEPHYR Staff, 4: Science Club, 2: Band Ensembles, 2, 3, 4: Band Solos, 2, 3: Banner Talent Show Winner, 3: R.O.T.C. Variety Shows, 2. 3: Basketball Pep Band, 3, 4: Officers Club, 3, 4: All-State Orchestra, 2: Nash- ville Symphony Youth Orchestra, 2, 3, 4: U. S. Navy Band, 4. MARTHA LUCILLE STEVENS HLUCY., AMBITION: To have a lmfzpy, successful life Intramural Basketball, 2. 4: Girls' Glee Club, 4: Personality Club, 4: Campus Club, 4: Y-Teens, 4. SE IUHS SALLYE SUE SEWELL nCiCCl'0H AMBITION: To be friendly and surressful Homeroom Representative, 2. 4: Monitor, 2, 3: Intramural Basketball, 2: Y-Teens, 2, 3, 43 Senior Guidance Club, 4: Per- sonality Club, 4: West Wind Staff, 3: junior Spanish Club, 3: Dramatic Club, 3, 4, Officer, 4: "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," 3: "Our Gal Sal," 4: Superla- tive, 2, 3, 4: R.O.T.C. Sponsor, 4: Of- hcer's Club, 4. ELIZABETH WALDO SINGLETON "Betty" AMBITION: To enjoy henllh mul lmppiness Y-Teens, 2, 3, 4: Campus Club, 4: Per- sonality Club, 4: Home Nursing, 4: Christmas Pageant, 3. JANliT'TA ELIZABETH SMITH njan.. AMISITIONI To have a pleasant, sucressful life Hnmeroom Officer, 4: Superlative, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus, 3, 4: All-State Chorus, 3: Cheerleader, 3, 4, Co-Captain, 45 "Miss Cherryblossomj' 3: "Carmelita," 4: Homecoming Attendant, 3, 4: R.0.- T.C. Sponsor, 3, 4: Officers Club, 4: ln' tramural Basketball, 2: Home Nursing, 4: Y-Teens, 2, 3: "Our Gal Sal," 4: Senior Guidance Club, 4: Glee Club, 4: Campus Club, 4. JAYNE GALBRAITHE STEPHENS "Janie" AMBITION: To do always my best Y-Teens, 3, 4: Campus Club, 4: Senior Guidance Club, 4: Personality Club, 4: Art Club, 2, 3, 4: Home Nursing, 3: Intmrnural Basketball, 2. 3: Zisvuvk Staff, ROSALYN HELEN STILLMAN "Rozie" AMIHTION: To be lxappy and make the besl of what I have West Wind Staff, 4: Campus Club, 4: Senior Guidance Cluh, 3: Quill and Scroll, 4: Spanish Club, 2: Personality Club, 4: ZEPHYR Staff, 4. HON -i-HE CWS WESTERN BQRDERME Page Twenty-Four SE IUII5 BROCK STOKES "GO Go" AMltl'l'l0N: To be a professional gollrr Football. 3. 4: Golf, 2: 3. 4. CHPUIIU- 2' EI, 4: Choir, 4: Homeroom Officer. 2. fl. 4: Key Cluh, 2. 3, 4, Treasurer.'4: N.F.L.. 3, 4, President, 4: Superlative, 2, 3: Intramural Basketball. 2. 3. 4: R,0,T,C,, 2, 3, Non-Com. Ollicer, 3: Campus Club, 4: Dramatic Club, EI, 4: "Carmelita," 4: "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," 3: City Finalist Original Oratory, 4: American Legion Constitu- tion Speech, 4: Boys' State, EI: Monogram Club, 2, 3. 4: Zi-:vnvit Stali, 4. Kl'l"rY I.El-1 'I'i-imvui "Wild Kat" AMIll'l'ION: To he n girls' lurvhrlliull coarla West Wind Stall. 4: Monitor, 4: Girls' Glee Club, 4: Y-Teens. 3, 4: Intramural Basketball, 2, fl, 4: Chanlpinns, 3. 4: Campus Club, 4: Spanish Club, 3, 4. CAROL ANN 'l'IDWliLL HCM.. AMlil'l'l0N: 'l'o llc the IIIUIIIKT ol four boys Mixed Chorus. 5. 4: "Miss Cherry- blossomf' 3: "Carmelita," 4: Glee Club, 4: All-State Chorus, II: "Our Gal Sal," 4: Cheerleader, PI. 4: Campus Club, 4: Senior Guidance Club, 4: R.0.T.C. Sponsor, 3. 4: Home Nursing, 4: Y- Teens, 2. S: Superlativc. 2, 3: 0Ififer's Club, El: Dramatic Club. 4. MARIAN FRANCES TURN!-IR "Mary Ann" AMBITION: To he lmlrpy and make ollters happy Personality Club, 4: Y-Teens, 4: Campus Club. 4: Senior Guidance Club, 4. HEL!-:N ELIZABETH WADE "Liz" AMBITION: To graduate from Vzmrlefbill Band, 2, 3, 4: Homcroom President. 2: Dramatic Club, 3. 4: Ticket Chairman. 4: "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," 3: "Miss Cherryblossomj' 3: Supcrlative, EI. 4: Quill and Scroll, 3, 4: West Wind Staff, ., 4: ZEPHYR Staff, 4: Guidance Club. 2: Y-Teens. 2. 3: Personality Club, 4: French Club, 3, 4: Campus Club, 4. SE IIIHS ROCKYH SIQLDON SUDDARTH --Rock" AMIQITION: To limi llml u'Itir'l1 is rich, jmre, :mtl lrm' Wtavl Wind Stall, fl: jr. Sports Editor. fl: Honor Society, Il, 4: N. F. L., fl, 4: Dratuatic Club, 3, 4: "Our Hearts Were Youug and Gay," 3: "Our Gal Sal." -I: R.0.'l'.C., 2, II: Intramural Basketball, 2. Il, 4: Football, Varsity, II, 4: French Club, 3, 4, Vice-President. II: Key Club. fl, 4, Delegate to Chattanooga. II. Miami, fl, Couieutions: Delegate to Boys' State. EI: Campus Club, 4: Monogram Club. 3, -I: Homeroom Officer, II: Student Council, Il, 4: I'resident of Student Body, 4: T..-L S.C. Conwntion. 3: Debate Team, 4: Supci'latirc, 4: Class Vice-I'resitlcut, Il. PATRICIA ALICE rlllIOMAS "Little-bit" AMHITIUN: To be lmppily lIIIl1'1'll'tl "Miss Cherryblossom," II: "Carmelita," 4: Homeroom Representative, il: All- State Chorus, 3: Choir, 3, 4: Glee Club. 4: Supcrlative, 4. JOAN VYUNIMINS "Jodie" AMISITIONZ To he II xurrf'.rxjuI I1lIlX.ll' ll'lll'lIf'l' II'f'.v1 Il'inri Stall, 3, 4: Quill and Scroll, 4: "Miss Cherryblossomf' fl: "Carmelita." 4: Choir, 2, 3. 4: Girls' Glce Club, 4: All-State Chorus, 3: Accotupanist for jr. High Glee Club, fl, -l. BARBARA ANN Tx'soN "Bea" AMBITION: To have a surrrssful lilf Homecoming Queen, 4: Clinic Bowl Queen, 4: R.0.'l'.C. Sponsor, 3, 4: Of- licer's Club, 4: Class Officer, 3, 4: Super- Iatirc, 4: "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay." Fl: "Our Gal Sal." 4: "Car- mclita," 4: Dramatic Club, EI, 4: Spanish Club, fl, 4: Monitor, 4: Campus Club, 4: Choir, 4: Senior Guidance Club. 4: lI'cxl I'l'imi Staff, II: Glec Club, 4: ZEPIIYR Slilff, 4. NIARTIIA IRFNE IVADIE "Tiny" AMIHTION: To make olhfrs happy Ilomt-room Officer, 3: Personality Club. -1: Home Nursing. fl: Y-Teens, 4: Senior Guidance Club, 4. EWREARED AGAINST -lI'lE tSKY...U Page Twenty-Five SE IUHS JACK ANDERSON WARD "jocko" AMBITION: To make two million tdollarsl and live to spend it R.O.T.C., 2, 3, 45 Non-Com. Officer, 2, Il, Officer, 45 Campus Club, 45 Officers Club, 45 Homecoming Escort, 45 Home- room Officer, 35 French Club, 3, 45 ZEPI-IVR Staff, 4. KIARILYN SUE WEINBERGER "Susie" AMISITION: To be always happy and content in whatever I do Guidance Club, 2, 35 Library Staff, 3, 45 Home Nursing, 45 Campus Club, 4. KATHARINE CAROLYN WESLEY "Poodle" AMBITION: To live in Clarksville and save my bus money Monitor, 35 Library Staff, 2, 35 West Wind Staff, 2, 35 Intramural Basketball, 35 Girls' Glee Club, 45 Choir, 45 "Car- melita," 4. RICHARD ALLEN WILLIAMS "High Pockets" AMBITION: To marry and be successful in life Superlative, 45 Stage Crew, 2, 35 R.O.T.C., Non-Com. Officer, 2, 3. SUZANNE WILLIS "Suzie" AMBITION: To become a concert violinist "Carmelita," 45 "Miss Cherryblossomf' 35 Guidance Club, 25 Y-Teens, 3, 45 Choir, 3, 45 Band, 25 Homeroom Officer, 25 Campus Club, 45 All-State Chorus, 3, 45 Middle Tennessee Band Festival, 25 "A" Rating on Violin Solo, 25 Quill and Scroll, 45 ZEPHYR Staff, 45 French Club, 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club, 4. SE IUH5 BARBARA WASSERMAN "Baths" AMBITION: To be a success and do my best to better mankind junior Spanish Club, 25 Senior Guidance guts, 42, 35 Monitor, 3, 45 Personality u, . BERNIGE WEINGART "Bernie" AMBITION: To live a happy and success- ful life Monitor, 45 Spanish Club, 2, 35 Home- room Representative, 3, Officer, 35 Art Club, 2, 3, Officer, 35 Senior Guidance Club, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 45 Campus Club, 45 Student Council, 45 Personality Club, 45 ZEPHYR Staff, 4. EDWIN ROSSER WHITE ..Ned,, AMBITIONZ To graduate from high school Class Officer, 2, 35 Football, 2, 3, 4, Co- Captain, 45 Superlative, 2, 35 R.O.T.C., 2, 3, 4, Officer, 3, 45 Monogram Club, 2, 3, 45 Officers Club, 3, 45 Key Club, 2, 3, 4, Officer, 35 Student Council, 2, 35 Basketball Manager, 3, Intramural, 2, 3, 45 "Carmelita," 4 BOBBIE WILLIAMSON "Magnolia" AMLIITION: To get out of high school West Wind Staff, 3, 45 ZEPHYR Staff, 3, 45 Home Nursing, 35 Monitor, 35 Campus Club, 45 Personality Club, 45 Dramatic Club, 3, 4, Officer, 45 Senior Guidance Club, 45 Girls' Glee Club, 45 Y-Teens, 3, 45 R.O.T.C. Sponsor, 3, 45 Officers Club, 45 Homecoming Attendant, 45 Superlative, 3, 45 Homeroom Officer, 3, 45 "Our Hearts Were Young and C-ay," 35 "The Ghost Story," 35 gSFarlj1in," 45 "Carmelita," 45 "Our Gal a," . DAVID ERW'IN WINER nsahy., AMBITION: To remain a civilian Band, 2, 3, 45 Clarinet Quartet, 35 West Wind Staff, 45 Intramural Basketball, 2, Champions, 25 Rifle Team, 2, 3, City Champions. 2, 35 Campus Club, 45 ZEIII-IYR Staff, 4. MMON -l-HE Currys Wi-QSTERN Bonotkmg Page Twenty-Six SE IUII5 SE IUH5 IVILLIAM WOLFFZ FAYRENIE VIRGINIA IVOLFENIIARGI-IR "Bill" "Miss IN0lfc" AMBITION: To be surresslul in life AMBITION: To be nlzvuys ambilious Prsrsonxllity Club, 45 Home Nursing, 4. NANCY CA'I'IIOI.lNH XVOODROUF A. VVILLIANI DAVIS "Nan" "Wad" AMIIITIUNZ To be a .surrfxs in life AMBITION: To be Il millionaire Ss-uiur Guidance Club, 43 Home Nursing. Intramural Basketball, 3: Art Club, 3. -I: 3, R.0.'l'.C., 2, 3. BETTY -IRAN JACKSON HBCU FRNFST BEYjAXfllN QUINN JR AMlsl'l'l0N: To gel married and be llllllllj' A 1 A ' i H ofrwr is T xl Club 4 Y AMBITIQN: To gi-urinate from high school UIINTOOIII l ' , . Q . ' . , i ' 'Ice-ns, 3: Square Dancing Team, 33 Home T. Kc I. Nursing, 3. -IOIIN R. RAMSI-iv "l"uny" AMl9l'l'l0N: Tu lu' lllll1lllKl'T of lhe Green infix 7-,,,,,,,,,, DAVID YVILLIAM WESTMORELAND Intramural Ilaskvlball, 2, 33 "C:u'm1-lita," 41 Choir. 4: Football, Varsity. 3, 43 Basketball, ll-'I'cam, 35 R.0.T.C., 2, 3, 4. Senior Without Picture JOHN ROWAN QMREARED AGAINST -lit!-L SKY. U Dy.- T...--4..,C-..-- 442-a"?fM1 I E U A 'E 'S VLPER I-Hfllffg I9 512 W . 1. Lb is S N? IORQS 3 . BARBARA ,ff Amfou nd EL BERLIN SALLY5 Fr lendflesf V k D9 Best L00 'UAV 5+-NRLEY A ELIZA Mow st DON MOORE BETH W 0'9f7l le BOBBY O' GEORGE est School Spmf DREW RA GEN 'W-xx uri, ,X "V" 5 v ,.,Q. ,ggvbnnf x ,0- .0 1 fn, ' . A , 1 1 4 a u ., 1 CLASS PHUPHEIIY The scene is a cozy living room in a large estate, hidden deep in a rustic countryside. The playful shadows from the fire, flickering in the open hearth, are reflected in the contented faces of the celebrated diplomat, Rockye Sud- darth, and his beloved wife, the former Rosie Grumet-- now the famous dancer. The two are not enjoying solitude, as their lives have been blessed with a large brood, one of whom is removing a dusty book from the shelf. As Rockye and Rosie turn around, they see that their son is bringing them the 1952 West High ZEPHYR. Immediately they perceive an inquisitive air about their young tot and know that they are in for an evening of reminiscing. As Rockye's trembling hands turn the yellowed pages, one of his youngsters scrambles into his lap and points to a group picture. "Gad, Pater, who are they?" "Son, that's the D. O. class of '52-Glancy Bennett, Warren Pate, William Wolfe, Betty jackson, and Annie Myers. Unfortunately, most of them are now unem- ployed due to their aversion to work of any kind. How- ever, two notable exceptions are Bob Armstrong and Charles Reeder. These two are now successful farmers who constantly hum, 'There's No Business Like Sow Business.' " "I say, Dad, these pictures here fill me with phan- tasmagorical trepidation," squeaks the tyke. qAt this point, Rosie interrupts and shrieks, "How many times have I told you, no baby talk?" and gently hits him in the teeth with a skillet.j "These pictures of joe Collier, john Ramsey, and julian Robinson? Why, son, they're now the Board of Directors for the Cultural Chamber Music Society of America, all accomplished artists. "Outdoor Chamber Music, I'd say,'i replies the youngster. QRosie again gently administers the skillet, this time fracturing two vertebraeg Continuing, they find a picture of Troy Daniel, noted vocalist, who, explains Rockye, now, turns pages for all piano soloists at Carnegie Hall. Here is a photograph of Paul Hodges and joel Greenberg, now studying post- graduate courses in basket-weaving, at Vanderbilt, under the direction of Professor john Rowan. lt seems that Bill Lee, famed electrician, presently is in charge of the tulip bulbs in the garden of renowned horticulturist, Moose Marshall. just look at these pictures of Carol Ann Tidwell, Jan Smith, and Dot Minton, now proprietresses of the local Old Ladies' Home. "They always were the quiet, peaceful type," remarks Rosie. Rockye mentions that this old West clique had completely broken up when Blanche Roseberry had eloped with Ned White, the famed trapeze artist. Barbara Tyson served as maid of honor. The last picture is that of Bobbie Williamson who has long since become a nun. In the meanwhile, we notice that Rosie has picked up a news magazine. Peeking over her shoulder, we see that johnny Pearl has become a famous big game hunter. "From dames to games," murmurs Rosie. He hunts, armed only with a club. However, the club contains over 200 members, headed by the fearless team of Bruce Aldridge and jim jones. In the sport world, we see that Pat Koch and David Pollack have been accused of playing crooked tennis, and everyone knows that that is quite a racket. They will be brought up before Judge joe Qellyfishj Knox, well known for his lack of determina- Page Thirty tion. It is rumored that he will be summoned before the bar. We might add that outstanding members of the bar are james Adamson and David Boyte, who also play pro-baseball for the Nashville Vols, during the summer season. Tommy Roberts and Billy Clark, rabid fans, sell popcorn and peanuts, in order to see the games free. Thumbing through the magazine fedited by Sally Payne, with photographs by Wayne Herndonl, we find an impressive article entitled, "Are Men Necessary?", written by Donaline Carter and Sally Sewell, and another, entitled "Money Ain't Everything," by financier Clifford Mitchell. He contends that a man with nine million dollars is no happier than one with ten million. Editor Payne, in a secret scoop, reveals that Russia has given the world twenty-four hours to get out. We, attempting to overlook the homey scene of Rosie kicking her children periodically, return to diplomat Suddarth, still rambling through the ZEPHYR of '52, and talking to his precious brain trusts, most of whom have their B.A. and Master degrees. "By Jove, Father, look at that smiling youth," observes Romulus. "Yes," replies Rockye, "that's Tommy Nichol. At present, he poses for the Tootwaddle Toothpaste ads. You know, the paste that prevents rust." "And this group of girls here?" "Why, that's Betty Lee Barnes, Lois Lyon, and Bernice Cutler. They're probably the best dance chorus in the country." On hearing this, Rosie files into a jealous rage and grabs her husband in an Indian death grip, taught to her at the David Winer School of Wrestling. How- ever, one of the children snaps on the TV set and the program "Drew Ragan Sings" flashes on, and Rosie im- mediately collapses in a swoon. Stepping gingerly over her, we sit down to observe the show. Drew is joined in song by Irma Dinkins, and together they sing "Because," indeed a touching rendition. Famed movie stars Shirley Averbuch, juetta Shofner, Geneva Reeves, and Alice Thomas appear. QAs most movie stars, each girl has been married six times.j Following the guest stars, a girls' chorus line prances on stage, led by Anna Brawner. Seen in the colorful chorus are Betty Bowman, Marilyn Cassetty, Sara Daly, Yvonne Cartwright, Phyllis Hessey, and Shirley Hays. The orchestra, com- posed of such West grads as Richard Spaulding frenowned piccolo playerj, Jerome Rosenblum fwhose gentle fingers delicately caress the harp stringsj, and Darold Johnson- baugh Qtuba tooter terrificj strike up "When the Saints Go Marching In." We hold our sides at the antics of Betty Rogers and Fred Selle, the sensational new comedy team. Suddenly, there is a whirring sound as the TV set jumps six feet, emits three rockets, plays a short chorus of a Sousa March, and then goes blank. "My word, Pater, little Socrates has pulled a wire from our TV set," cries Romulus. "I needed it to build my atomic pablum dispenser," replies Socrates. He is immediately throat-stomped by Rosie fanother tactic learned at the Winer Wrestling Schoolj, as Rockye puts in a call for the repairman. A short while later, the TV serviceman enters, and he is none other than Dan Longley, assisted later by john Harris and Tommy Reid. The set is quickly repaired and turned on. The program proves to be the "Gillette CLASS PHIIPHEIIY Cavalcade of Crumbs," this particular program being a wrestling match between Gorgeous George Harsh and the masked "Orange Ogre." After a titanic battle, the Gorgeous One triumphs, and the Ogre is unmasked as Richard Williams. Throughout the match, we can see in the front row Peggy Batson, Frances Ridge, Martha Wade, Eleanor Edgar, Bernice Weingart, and Elinor Doochin screeching "Kill him! Tear out his hair!" and other exclamations so typical of these girls. In the meanwhile, Rockye and a few of his children have reverted to the annual. "Who is that handsome boy, Father?" exclaims Minerva. "Why, that's Joel Berlin, honey. Nowadays he's known as the number one bachelor in the country, in spite of the fact that he suffers from rheumatism-always was an in- active lad .... "Speaking of good looking people," Rockye continues, as he turns to his dearly beloved spouse, "did you know that some of our former classmates are contending for the "Miss Ajax Cleanser" title, namely, Melba Cullum, Martha Jackson, Jane Murphy, Peggy Petway, and Mary Ray?" "Jeepers," shouts Rosie. Then, lowering her voice to a whisper, she adds, "but don't tell them about Edith Leflcovtts, Peggy Ridings, Jane Stephens, and Barbara Hanawalt getting caught while peddling second hand English notebooks." "Pater, what was going on in that tent that we passed this afternoon?" queries little Aristophanes. "Oh, yes, that was the Rev. Don Austin holding his outdoor camp meeting. His revival team, consisting of Gail Poag, Gay Carter, Barbara Hawkins, and Elizabeth Wade, is sweeping the country. As a matter of fact, some of the girls travel by broom. Before each meeting, there is a musical jam session presented by such West grads as Cynthia and Nella Loftis, Joan Tummins, Sylvia Barrish, Ruth Hodge, and Marjorie Hines. The head usher, I hear, is J. E. Martin. And I see in the papers where the congregation observed a moment of silence in respect to Brother Don Barrick, who has gone temporarily insane." "What happened, Pater?" "He tried to make the Camel 30-day test in February, so I've been informed," explains Rockye. Upon hearing Rockye's allusion to the paper, we decided to peruse the news ourselves. Picking up the tabloid, we are glad to read that General of the Army, Bill Boswell, has an- nounced that, to insure security, he has made high school R. O. T. C. a compulsory four-year course. In this he has been emphatically backed up by his staff consisting of Don Jacobs, Jack Ward, Sheldon Gross, and Eddie Harvey. Reading on, we come to the cooking page, headed by Nancy Woodroof, Peggy McMahon, Elizabeth Singleton, and Freddie Kelly. They have homemaker's qBarbara Dobynsj recipe for baking fried chicken in such a manner that it tickles your tongue. It seems that you're sup- posed to leave the feather on .... Next, we glimpse an unemployment ad by Suzanne Willis. Poor girl . . . she always was just fiddling around . . . Barbara Wasserman, Marilyn Sue Weinberger, and Rosalyn Stillman have exclusive jobs as spotlight polishers in Percy Warner Park . . . Pro golfer Brock Stokes recently experienced calamity on the golf course when a near-sighted player stuck Stokes in the cup in- stead of the flag . . . We are shocked to read that Charlotte Davis, Reba Carter, and Carolyn Greenspan have been thrown into jail for operating a machine for by-products of corn. There is also a good picture of stalwart revenue man, Jimmy Rice, smashing it . . . Black headlines an- nounce the discovery of Joe Puryear, lost on his paper route ten years ago . . . Joanne Scott is on a concert tour, and her publicity posters are painted by Ann Locke. At her last concert, Joanne sang "Deep River" so realistically, that four kids dove off the balcony. Beverly Brueck and Martha Stevens still are at UT, teaching courses in boy-girl relationship, states the college bulletin fheaded by Don Goad and Joel Fortj. A loud sigh is emitted by one of the Suddarth girls, still gazing at the '52 annual. Looking closer, we understand the reason. "Yes, girls," says Rockye, "that's George Kennedy. He's just come back from Hollywood, you know. George was quoted as being tired, and no wonder! It's a long walk! And here's Paul Jones, editor of one of those minute magazines. It's shaped like a postage stamp. You lick the back of it and paste it on your eyeball. And here are Judy Sandler, Diane Smith, Mary Elizabeth Harbin, Melba Jean Richards, and Kitty Temple. We haven't heard from these girls recently, they all became lady undertakers, you recall, and seem to have dropped out of sight." Now, Rosie speaks up and inquires, "Did you hear about Jo Ann Ferguson and Jean Parker being voted the most popular house-mother on a big college campus?" "Always were friendly girls." muses Rockye. "Look, kid- dies, here's Lurleen Patrick-she's teaching history back at West End High, where Marian Turner. Carolyn Wesley, and Fayrene Wolfenbarger are famous for their cuisine. Doc has retired, and Jare Pearigen is now the principal. Bill Fullerton is head custodian. Oh, I almost forgot- Mignon McClendon cooks all the steaks. And here are some more girls that have made good-Betty Black. Shirley Howell, and Jane Maxwell. They operate a canine beauty shop and specialize in giving human haircuts to poodles. Gay Hancock, Joan Rogers, and Margaret Mont- gomery are competitiors, for they operate a barber college across the street." "Oh, a clip joint, eh?" cracks little Aristotle. fRosie has now dislocated her darling's collarbone.J We then take leave of this tender scene, with little screams of terror caressing our ears. As we drive off in our rocketmobile fbuilt and designed by Bernard Schkarl, we look over our shoulder, to see Rockye and Rosie atop the roof, playing "King on the Mountain" with their offspring, tossing them gaily right and left. A tender scene indeed, we reflect. As we near home, we spot a huge newspaper office, in front of which appears to be a man on strike. Slowing down, we read his sign: THIS PAPER UNFAIR-WILL NOT PRINT, "Moore . . . or Less." Though the night is hazy, we can see that he is wearing hornrimmed glasses and is reading a joke book. We speed off, never to learn who he is. DON MOORE SHIRLEY AVERBUCH CHARLOTTE DAVIS SALLY PAYNE Page Thirty-Ono - 1 ! S 2 , J , r Z X .w is 4 5 s w s ? 5 E5 5 if S 5 jg 3 . if E gi 15 33 E if v E 2 Z 5 ea 1 15 fl 1 if 1 5 N, rx S 1,- ? 8 Rx I x i 2951 J 'O '32 :gig 1 Q is sw V. KL' 4 xii' ga NX? Q f.. if X: X X XXX K ..,, R , V A, -. 1- x . Q ' K Qs -5 QNX ' :-3 x x 0 if A Y ' , ' ff . V ' .f w x 5 , h if 1 .....' ,.,, W M .,:5:, QA A Q , ,gl Ac 5 X 3 G f N? 3,9 Q 3 1' 56 35 1, 'M as w as S X fm 5 g 1 X in M4 , ,.::Q L, v Ni . 'ry fr' 'P J. XX rg X v Q Q rx . O XX A A x - Q..MXv Q 1 x . .' a L. l 1 X f m X K' M 4 I -s f. Q' f 'r ,.!' X ?7', , f , If I ' f A f 2 -X E Q5 X W X X ill HX 4 . 5 35 JUNIUH CLASS IIPFIIIEHS FRANK SHA:-1 Prrru-1 Hoom-R PAULr11'rr1 Com- Cmu. KAN1oR MRS DAVIS Ill Presi 11 ml l President Yccretarx Treasurer . .Sponsor UNIIJH CLASS Page Thirty-Five UNIIJH5 Doiores Adams Haroicl Baird George Bass Benin Betts Torrey Baxter Farris Beasley Fred Bradley BEN Benion Ann Betfvurum . Shirley Bland ' Lawrence Cohen Martin Cohen Pauieite Cope n Martin Cross I Peggy Cross Betsy Daly Macy Davie- 1 Mary Dawson Dixie Dodd Jean Eckhardi Page Thirty-Six JI' IUHS Joanne Edwards Douglas Everetie Neil Farrar Rosalind Finkelstein Caroline Gam 5..- Corol Gillespie Billy Gilliam Ronald Goad Sandra Goldfine Marilyn Jimmy Green Sandra Gukhridge Turley Hefiner Barbara Harbin Charlene Harper Charles Hearn Margie Henderson ,Mary A. Hodges Marilla Holi Leon Hooper Marlene Howell Myra Lou Jacobs Dons Jacobson Don Johnson Betsy Jonas Page Thirty-Seven UNIIJH5 WM 13 ,pw-w Lowell Jones Tommy Jones Sailor Justice Curl Kanter Joyce Keene E 4 Tomm? Mitchell f El Moynlsgomgfy W Jeclx M-onigomery Ellen Mqlwr A John Murray Page Thirty-Eighf UNIUH5 W7 Frank Oqlesby Don Pace Nancy Parsons Eddie Perry Jill Perryman I John Presion John L. Preston Radford Reams Mary Lou Robb Jan Rose 4 1 I V I : Benita Rosenblum Mary Ann Rush Tammy Sands Dot Sawyer Ann Scott L Henry Sessoms Anne Sexion Jaan Shurman yylluv V Don Shoiwol! WM A m.Bgrr.bara Slaydenl Page Thirty-Nine UNIIJH5 Arm Smith Kay Smiih Sallie Smith Frank Spear Alice Springer Winnie Stillman Cecil Stokes Virginia Tanlrsley Fred Turner Jerry Turner We lter Vernon Shirley Vinson Tom Wagner Tommy Walker Bobby Ward 5 x .. - ,.., M f ' 5 - 521 fi- :: -: a SQ --'-- - - . :. r :sq ,. -'Br .. - ,Q awww 9 X , ., .-,- 'i 2: 5 Twp. imz ,F ' E 5 5 , I .'I .... iliffl-E233 n -rf . -- ,,,.,. .,,. 2 i6'.?7Zii K an - K: '2 'i 2. " " -if f ' 2' 525 1212224-ig zjgba 1 1-. rm , gdfgggzg , gf- '-'- -r:r- ':'.215' lE- " Eir'f'if,, "" r ' WWW' --" - 1 3 iggggfvggggal - ww 1 fi "Y'3I3I't3:5 'ii -- 'ff' ' W ' ., - .:. :.-55: A rs .EE -'vggggy ISF' 2 Ann Washburn George Watkins Bob West Frank Willard Shirley Wilson Jerry Winer Sue Wolfe George Woods Jolwn Wright Shirley Wright ALJ- 7.,-- h,x.x, -1.eLx-- nel, 7-:u'.. n,.....:.. 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Nella Loftis, Elinor Doochin, joel Rejmrtfrs Virginia May Pigue. Alice Springer, Gail Greenberg. Photographer .,,,,....,........,.,.. Wayne Herndon Deadline Editors ,,.. ,... C Zharlotte Davis, Lois Lyon Exchange Editors ....,.... Paulette Cope, Ellen Muhr Circulation Mar1agers.Virginia May Pigue, Anne Sexton Typists .,., Nella Loftis, Rosie Grnmet, joan Rogers, Cynthia Loftis, Tom Nichol, Pat Koch, Mar- gie Henderson. Page Fifty-Eight Poag, Pam Pyle, Blanche Roseberry, Mary Ann Rush, Dudley Patterson, Betsy Jonas, Shriley VVrigl1t, Shirley Averhuch, Carolyn Greenspan, Mary McConnell, Cynthia and Nella Loftis, Janice Setters, Faye Jewell, Tommy Nichol, David VViner, Margie Hen- derson, Edith Lefkovits. Pat Koch. x 1 2, Mfvfaxgyfw, 3 .QW ug -5 ,, Y- Va 'NHWEQ J""'!55 Q., Q 5 Hs, A 7' M,,4-- ,..-f S MA W 'L I enior lfwnl lhmx' West. Kilfll. Knox. Lyon, Yicc--I'x'vsidcn1l: fQl'CCllbUl'g. lll'L'SillClIlQ Davie. Scrgczlnl-all-.Xmusg Hmlgcs, 'I'1'czlwl11'c1' Hllll2lW2lll. 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Cullum, Parker, XVilliznnson, Gordon, jacohs, Locke, Ray, Carter, Kelly, Hayes, Turner. Kennedy. Smith, jewell. Cook Taylor. Third Row: Garhnkle, Rubenstein, Stern, Cartwright, NIcMahon, Wooclrull. Rogers. Nlaxwell, Ritlings, Gruinct Patrick. Marchant, NVright, Scott. Fourllz Row: Balls, Kirshner, Sewell, Tyson, Howell, Aclznns. Springer, Hancock, lN'aclc Pipkins, Hodges, O'Dcll, Harper, Carlton, Bass, Lcfkovitz. Ill EE CLUBS Firsl Rout: Caplan, Vice-President, Miss jenkins, Sponsor, Rcavis. President: Nlurll, Secretary. Sffmnrl limit: Wolf. Nluln' Cohen, Feigenhaum. Rutledge, YVright. Gossetl. Butts, Payne. Sacllcr, Barry. Third Rout: 'l'iesler. Kralnner. Bonny, Planthe Taylor. Fourth Rozu: Scott, Calhoun. Brown. Mooney, Cordon, Koch, Nlcnccly, Antlcrson. Smith. Higgs. Hollis, Nichol Patton, Rosenhurg, Hackcrtnan. n lfirxt Rum, flHil'f'I'A'.' llessey, Secretary, ll. Payne, Vic'e-President, K. Smith. Third Vice-President S. Payne, President: Hawkins. 'lireasurerg Rogers, Second Vice-Presidentg Hancock, Sergeant- Zll'.'xl'lllS. Sammi Ruzv: lllankenhorn, Daly, Sherman, Greenspan, Stevens, Ray, Moore, Yar- brough, Rogers. Gossett, Wright, Marchant, Gntridge, Brown, Lewis, Holmes. Cartwright, Davis leitlin, Stillman. Third Roan' A Scott, Scott, Williamson, Tidwell, Koch, Ferguson, G Carter, Bland, Cope, Reavis, Goldline. Blanton, Parsons, Ridge, llatson, Lamson, Kirshner Gartinkle, Dodd, Alarohson. Weingart. Frzurlh Row: Parker. Minton, Brawner. A. Smith, Sawyer lidgar, Dawson. Rush, Jonas. Patrick, Turner, llruerk, Stern, Finkelstein, Rosenhlmn, King' Cohen, Bowman. Nlnrrell, Goldfine, Gordon. Fifth Row: lvilson, Dohyns. Adams, L. Smith Keene, Washburn, Hodge, Cross, Pipkin. Hays, Kelly, Sloan, Mlolfenhargcr, Stephens, Cope Nluhr, licikhardt, Rubenstein. Daly, Cooper, 0'Dell, XVasserman, Ridings, VVade. Standing Yundt, Baxter, il. Smith. Carlton, Fanning, McNlahon, Warren, Siseo. Selle, Rohcrts, S. Smith Baits, Bass. ll. Smith, Harper, Davis, Sewell, Sexton, Patterson, Grumet, Stephens, G. Montgomery Jennings, Carter, NI. Montgomery, B. Rogers, Thomas, Davis, Cartwright, Robinson, Forehand Jewell, Pond, Miss Gilliam, Sponsorg Maxwell, Lefkovits. " ' " xv: tx t K. N Aj:-N :T N Q 5 -MTF? 1 ' H SES? .MW ,N-'Bs gfmfqmzg km 'W' 034i25lZjfY Ji ii: . X MH-. ik -'Q if 19925. ,:3f2,we1zfV ' , ' 53555- 3 X ,, .sv Tia. Q Q.,5 xi. W Mu, : ugh: rv. if ' w W . P, -iw . QM V , 'fi ,N wp , , ,Mt 'X ak ' Ki ff if S Q. , mg :1 Q ii E? 4 W9 if , rf. 4,45 ' i:.fQf ,J 4 4 fig? L a -Y Q fw ff? 1 Q 58 nulldfifv K K S i fm gm 3431 .Zil 'Q F4 3 'ff' Q 2 xf Y 3 P gf 5 . Q sigh, x.i Q 1 0 I 4 - 2 , N 5 aff' A 2 KX? 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Smith, Blzmkenhorn, llyrge, Baker. Henderson, 'l'zmksley, Wade. Daly, Payne, Fox, Ridings, Patrick, M. Hines. Fourllt Row: Carter. Carlton, Smith, Xklmnpler, Lztvender, jones, johnson, Loftis, Kelly. Cuthridge. Lztmson. licklmrtlt, Blzlfk. lidgztr. Bowtnzm. J. Stevens. ll. Rogers. Mont- gomery. Fifth Roux' Fanning, A. Scott, Bass, Harper, Batts. Rose, Blanton. B. Stevens. Pike Hessey. 'l'tn'ner, llztrkson, Ridge. Sloan, llatson, Holl, Hodge. J. Scott. Sixth Rout: Lewis, King, Baxter, Hendricks. Nlt'Mahon, Maxwell. Parsons. McConnell. Cross, Miller, Pipkin, Patterson Montgotncry, Bl'llCl'k, Davis. I. Rogers, Pond, Mclilendon, Dohyns. Parker. Macllonalil, Sewell Minton, W'illiamson, Cartwright, Ray, Blankenship, Neuholl. Rogers, lXIc'Le:m, li. Hines Temple. 1 QAW5ZQ7 OUR CAL SRL 4? -M., Ar -Q .af -as Y 2 W ,,, Q as ix 3 xv. ax Xb 2 ' 5 R. . . W fs u is S 'Q f' A .fr Y A ix V ? 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Q 1 Q1 3, -Ax -Gy Qc dukiwfnialllmi, me mm di, cj , - f fin, and 901-Oxhie QXSSQCX iiwuk xgf gif th I , 'X .pq HSYQ ,x,.,maU fm nrfl 'rx NT -. Ae' , XG ' X.-31,,1'ff 1-M.. if . ' 4 as I ,AQ ,W f S ' fi izjvggi M' ,lweiig H A40 W NJ' W 5' I ,Mui My lg 6 7 1 if W' if Meat s. pg x.,g,w,.1qf2Ww W V VM fm it . ww., , '12, vw: vm' 4 sv Q' Qv?fj,f.f 4 fivfi .Q ,,. L . if "XX L " K J, 'Q in ,sf 25 9, p: -5. 1 ,Lf 'iw HW b ' K-fl " ,,4"7'5k-wfgkfss 1 A f , ff' s Q rn 'gag . We W I K ... ,y , .Q ,Y A , as ,K -Y uw , . if gff?fe , ' 2" k 11' ,ff J, ay, ,g,g,A,,, I ':1W.kE1mx.,z'v, " A W1 as Left to Right, Kneeling: john Wright, Tommy Roberts, Tommy Mitchell, Frank Wvillard, jimmy French, 'l'omn1y Kain. Sland- ing: Coach Shapiro, joel Berlin, jim jones, Kenneth Zink, james Adamson, David Boyte. lrzsfls: Robert Potter, Don john- BASHETB LL Baiiefiaff .Sliealud West Opponent 24 Howard . . . . , . . .29 36 Lipscomb ,,,, .... 3 2 51 Springfield ... . . . .19 31 Ryan 23 East ....... ,... 4 l 39 Hillsboro ..., .... 4 l 34 North ,.... ..., 3 6 55 M. B. A. .. ....29 51 Clarksville . . . . . . .55 57 Cohn ...... . . . 35 47 Howard ... . , . .48 51 Lipscomb .... , . . 40 40 Ryan ..... ..,. 5 O 50 Clarksville . .. . . . .48 36 East ,,,.. .,,. 3 9 -14 Cohn ...... .... 3 1 48 M. B. A. .. ....30 42 Springfield . . .... 44 47 North ...,. .,.. 4 5 52 Duncan ... ,...53 66 T.l.S.... ....34 Page Eighty-Eight l8t5 liafricf ga5Lef5af Ckamlaiona WVest started off slow and got slower for the greater part of the seasong before the Christmas holidays we were letting anybody beat us, even Hillsboro. After the holidays we expected a rebound. but were still hot and cold. We did upset Clarksville, one of the best in Middle Tennessee. but then reached a new low when Duncan outfought us in an overtime, with Berlin out. However. with Berlin still out we got the idea and rolled T. I. S., G6-34. But West's great tournament spirit didn't let us down. After stomping Mt. jnliet, West rose to the seasons peak and beat a sky-scraping East team. Comparatively easy wins over Hume-Fogg and North followed to net West the l8th District trophy, Berlin and Frenchy having been elected to the all-district team. In the Regionals we met the runnerup of the 19th District, which- thanks to Hillsboro's upset-was DuPont, the class of the region. DuPont played a zone defense the first half, allowing Frenchy and Willard to sit out front and keep us aheadg but they came back in the second half with a man-to-man which never allowed us an easy shot. Adamson and johnson got more rebounds than was expected, and, all in all, we can be proud of our performance-but there's no getting around the fact that there was a better team in this state than ole West High. 9 ,,k, ni f 4 2 X , x av P f' Undefeafed City B-Team Champs First Row: Green, link, T. Morrison, Owens. Srcmzfl liozu: J. Morrison, Coke. Buss, Turntrr. 'l'l1irrl Rout: SEBALL As spring rolled around onfe again. the Blue jay nine was out in strength with their sights hxed on the state charnpionship. These hopes have found ti firm foundation in the hrilliant pitching of David Boyle. who, last year. outdueletl and heat the fabulous Roy l'zlrdue. Behind Boyte is tr smooth-working inheltl composed of Don Austin, Curl Kzrntor, james French, jim jones. and 'l'onnny Roherts. 'l'wo wtcrzrn ont- fielders, Frank lVillard :ind Torn Karin, wielding their hard hitting huts, round out the tcznn that shows the hustle, determination, and teamwork, whifh, we hope, will take them to the chzunpionship. Hunter, Kzrntor. Baseball Team Firsl Rout: Buss. Klllglllllll. Nlztnugers. Second Row: Austin, Roberts. French. Luke. Sands. Cuin. Third Row: Boyte. Kantor, XVillard, Grunt, Wright. jones. Fourth Row: Coach Shapiro, Herndon, Urilfis, Weis, Gaines. justice, Vzrn Llllllllllgllillll. -1,a:,fi4.a1.- "4 iqa,..-- , , ttfwt-+11.e V, ...wit v.t.:..,.. i,.s....., i ..i.,,.. ,., ,., J.-Luv-Jga.4 SIHLS' TENNIS Runncr-tips tn Wnrtl-l'it'lmmtt larsl war, thc gills strc pickvtl to place thirtl this VL'2ll', hilt ilu 'ers llurc wttsottulile t i 5 hupc tu vit' with Hurpetli Halls for lirst plurv. Girls' Tennis Team Luis Lyon. tllrurluttc Davis, Alice .tw if Springer, Guy llziticuck. Burhnra lluwkins, l'11t Knoll. Shirley Blzmcl BUYS' TENNIS With im lcttvrmcn return war. " 'L 1' I' 'f '- ing from :quzul that won 7 :mtl lost l larsl isa tm hutllx piulittfhut wc me to Silly in thc upper lirttckcts. Boys' Tennis Team Xlztrtin Cullen. llznitl l'ullatt'lt. Dun hs. Gene Rutlctlgc. l-'rctl 1I0l'UIlll' Rtiscitlilltm 'lllll'llL'l', GULF Wests lmpcs for thc N. I. I., golf titlu 'rc sci hack hy thc im-ligilmility of 'ortl Fcltltnam. hut Brut' ICI'-ll!! in the District k Stokes. nl llllltbll 2' 1' Open tournaments lllll ttuwn. Golf Team Stanley Nlugrill. Whitt Stok your. is l'1u'm'ctl tu mp thc inali- vs. llrofk Stokes, lAlWl'CllC'0 Column I THHMUHAL BASKETBALL EH!-I PIU 5 Clockwise: Blankenhorn, J. Payne, S. Payne, Carter, Hawkins, Hancock. Brnerk, Koch, Temple. SE IIIH HIGH Kneffling: Rosenblnm, Keel. Martin Marshall, Collier. Standing: Grant Stokes, Mitchell, Armstrong, Breene Maw -3 155 3 Q an HQ A ,J we-. UNIIIH HIGH First Roux' Nichol, Gentry, Sweatlancl. Lyle. Smith. Srrorzrl Row: Butts. Wright, Spaulding. Lamson, Koch. I ic: .rfi I H Q?" 3 , ,Q ,vfgaff ' , " .. . ......,. : ., ,f E A ,Q ,W ,gsm G if , 'fn if? 2. I' 'WZ Uv vygyl 1 A.A. 175,27 fy V 5 .f -' fi 556 . A l ..,.,., , f' Q 343 ,. 4' -my-4'fji,,, 41' VZ. " 5 ' 2 'ff ,ffm ,J 1 ,-ff A .,avf,n-4...-I-J " ',,,,M"' ,W , W wx I f ,f4,,4,fVzffM A Q W . iz, V Qgvlf 5 V Q . N .. Al g Qxggww f .. "!3'S: , X, Q as Q xx is S Q . ' xg L 4 x S? , ' Q Q Y QF an X QA X x ax ' ' 5 Nt 1 'F " ' . ' Y . Q: g 1 xl Y Si . X ,Q X Am 54. , Q A 1. x I Q an W W QE . S, 32 'ff is -Q if - '55 A+ 2 ff W S rw wg, .K xigiit ' 2 Q X W Z' 552, W? 1 X ' Q X . was A Q 1: . N wx Xmii X Q .W g , A gi: ' Q W 9 ,A A Q ,Q Q , .,.X.,,,,w - 2 V ,, M ,E 1 M fi ,F ix M. 162 if N ' s -MN K 1. g an sex 5 955 K , fa Msg 5 R0 S , W 35: , ,i 4 X 21,43 X "1 r-v fhdfi I' I Ng F f ' .H T Q I tang: Q A LZ Page Ninefy-Five 'lilvpm and some of the things they do Telephone girls enjoy interesting and im- portant jobs in a growing industry. Operators using modern equipment pro- vide world-wide communication. - Service Representatives handle customer contacts in our business oflices.-Stenographers, Typists and Clerical workers perform important and specialized jobs in all departments. If good pay-friendly associates your own age-paid vacations-sickness benefits and frequently scheduled raises appeal to you- why not come in and talk with us about a position with the Telephone Company. PILSK FURNITURE CO. Two Stores to Serve You TOM HARRISON Flowers 3I6 Cedar Street Third and B d West End at 2Ist Avenue I Compliments ot CAYCE S HENRY DRUG co. AND A Friendly Place to Eat CC. 2706 Twelfth Avenue, S th 2906-29l4 West End Avenue Compliments ol CARMEN'S BEAUTY SALON Compliments ot JOHNSON CLEANERS IOI 29th Avenue, North Compliments of Berlin's Auto Trim Supply Co. Distributors ol Speed Equipment I6I0 West End Ave. Phone 4-7083 Jewelry Furniture KANTOR FURNITURE CO. 4I8 Broadway 6-4324 See the Best ot Good Motion Pictures in a Dignified Atmosphere ot Quiet Comfort at the BELLE MEADE THEATER Compliments of KAY JEWELRY CO. Congratulations and Best Wishes to the graduating class ol 1952 DAVE STILLMAN MARCHETTI'S RESTAURANT I02 l9th Avenue, South 6-9l45 Everything tor the Musician Ffofifff JOHN G. MILLER FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION pi, 7.5945 Sp 1 p G P C g 308V2 Fifth Ave., North Granny White Service Station Nashwue School of Beauty zoo: Granny White I Phone a-3400 Culture James W. Corder, Owner 205V2 Fifth AVOYWB. NOVU1 AAA Ruth McCain, Director 5-9l54 Of 5-9685 Complimenfs of UNION ICE CREAM CO. C I, t f Makers of amp 'men S O SEALTEST ICE CREAM 8: BAG CO. 2I2 Sixth Avenue, Norih Photographers - Portraits 27 Arcade E Drink . . . JUSEPII FRANK I I ak s0N W 3 0 MEN's . TCP TRADE MARK REG. FURNISHINGS n 0 I BMI 209 Sixth Ave., N. N h ll T Thru fo Capitol Blvd. LovEMAN's "The Safisfacfory Store" Esfablished I8b2 LOVEMAN, BERGER AND TEITLEBAUM Compliments of THE METHODIST Nasl1ville's Finest Motion Picture Theater PARAMOUNT THEATER Home of Paramount and 20th Century Fox Pictures Compliments ol SH ERRIES RESTAURANT Harding Road BOOK STORE 8,0 Bmdway B. H. STIEF JEWELRY co. 2I4-2I6 Sixth Avenue. NorI:h Phone 42-I62I I858-I952 "Books of All Publishers" DANIEL ELECTRIC DISTRIBUTING COMPANY 90l Charlotte Avenue Telephone 6-2659 NASHVILLE 4, TENNESSEE MEET YOUR FRIENDS At the SWEET SHOP BEST WISHES FROM FRIENDS TO THE CLASS OF I952 X Page One Hundred ILM QE vff- , ,,,, ,, , T XR! i , ' ' lghg f , '-X xx N J .,- n 4 F 1 ff-ff fi 4 J V-'34 f 1 ff .A ' X .X if-l.. EXIJESTQ ' iii-- ZW -:1 ,lu , Klkvf L ,T4,ggL.,5,LLLL......kLL1f-Aw L4-lux Eff -3 .41 Q-1 '1- -f fm P ,W K QRL . ff ' S-J 'Y' 'Y 'Pr .5 is , S' M? Q .ff . r ' . , if 4 m bk 3 ' if 1--f ' A H , A if - t K ,, .JE V ":":' 2 '1,, ' Ng ' K it fmxa 5 x ' 9 Q , ,Q .. 5,4 img' V at fl ,Q X wax Q 3 F ix I P Sr ,Q 6 ww. -Q' ra wtf.. A vm Ms KAY kt " W Q . 5 Wegr SPIRIT 0 I952 "1 , . A , 'L W AL 5 W 3' X ji Q gf- s li1-Q., W , W2-e ,?:7., Z -v-like ,E 4, , Q t , , A . , ff X Jr "AL - - ,, ,, ' K - . , EA - , M J "':'f'5-A- M ,, , V- A ' 'W A A Q hm 3'-1 - , - 1 WX' A . ' - A J 011: L. . 'A L, A - :ss f 'Hy ,ww J ,.5-1,4 , A . gf:-w:fw:,.,,,, K, - f V v ,Mk L - , ' 1 , . X. L, , -- 1 Q z. " '-'HHJLQ ' ., I 2 4' A K 1 ,E v - ' V mei-W5.,F - '- l h V M f , 'kwin A , ' Wllm SRAM 5' AW su' -. K Hd' 4 w .5 H , Pfffcvi 2611 'H' 'Ji awk: Z. 5.5 if ,MS ig 3 .ff ia sw: 55 Q Clasgl s 8 2111 'YS' 1'JYi3"fY"""14'H1 14.3 'R Jixlqgfn

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