West Edgecombe High School - Wescomb Yearbook (Rocky Mount, NC)

 - Class of 1966

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West Edgecombe High School - Wescomb Yearbook (Rocky Mount, NC) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Cover

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V Edgecombe County Memorial Library Tarboro, NC Given In Loving Memory Of Theresa Ward Brown Beloved Home Economics Teacher at West Edgecombe High School : from 1954 to 1978 by | Gerald Ward and Carolyn W. Griffin UT-. jjJ ml h u THE 1966 WESCOMB i PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF WEST EDGECOMBE SCHOOL Route 2 Rocky Mount, North Carolina FOREWORD TO THE STUDENTS, TO THE FACULTY, TO THE PARENTS We, the class of 1966, will take with us many fond memories of West Edgecombe High School: the activities, the classes, the fun, the hard work, the people, the sorrows. These are the memories we shall never forget- -some will be remembered better than others. We know that our achievements will grow dimmer to those remaining behind. However, we hope this Wescomb will reveal not only our school life but also the expres- sion of the warm and sincere ideals of our school. We hope this book will serve as an everlasting reflection of the time we spent at West Edgecombe. 2 DEDICATION MRS. THERESA BROWN The Senior Class proudly dedi- cates this 1966 WESCOMB to Mrs. Theresa Brown who has dedicated her life to the training of future homemakers. She has laid the foun- dation for academic, moral, and so- cial activities which will play an important role in the later lives of her students. Her untiring efforts in leading young people will long be remembered. We, the seniors, proudly dedicate this 1966 WESCOMB to you, Mr. Fred Langford, for your patience and understanding shown to us. Your capable management in cultivating us for the future will long be remem- bered. However, we would like to add to this tribute by this WESCOMB to the man " devoted to the soil. " MR. FRED LANGFORD ADMINISTRATION PRINCIPAL Mr. R. M. Cashwell The major objectives of our school are to impart knowledge and to build character. This book is designed to present a general knowledge of the student life at West Edgecombe School. We hope that all our students have received mental and moral reinforcements that will prove beneficial to them throughout their lives. Life now offers so many challenges and opportunities, but everyone must pay the price of achieving anything worth having. The price will be work, patience, love, and self-sacrifice. Don ' t ever give up — Excel in whatever you desire. COUNTY BOARD SUPERINTENDENT SECRETARY W. H. Brake M. S. Clary Mrs. Doris Batts LOCAL SCHOOL BOARD SEATED: Mr. C. B. Daughtridge, Mr. Mayo Cherry, Mr. James Hinton. STANDING: Mr. Cecil Brake, Chairman; Mr. Clater Killebrew. PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Earl Wooten, Mrs. Carl Brake, Mrs. Betty Alford, Mrs. Thilbert Suggs, Mrs. Cofield Rob- bins, Mrs. Marvin Flye, Mrs. Horton Quincy, Miss Lois Gay, Mrs. Tom Burgess, Mrs. Tom Price, Mrs. L. C. Joy- ner, Mrs. Frank L. Lancaster, Mrs. Clay Price. NOT SHOWN: Mrs. J. T. Jackson, Mrs. Grady Edwards. ! T SEATED: Mrs. Robert Walker, First Vice President; Mrs. J. C. Jacocks, Treasurer; Mrs. J. D. Bone, Assistant Treasurer; Mrs. L. C. Joyner, Second Vice President. STANDING: Mrs. Oscar Porter, President; Mrs. Alfred Dawes, Secretary. GRAY LADIES LUNCHROOM STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Irene Sykes, Ruth Dortch, Elsie Cotton, Charlie Parker, Mary Jenkins, Julia Horn, Mrs. Mae Proctor. CUSTODIANS LEFT TO RIGHT: Jesse Forbes, Thurman Pittman, Lallie Baker, Harry Battle. HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY Mr. Tommy Worsley East Carolina College Coach and Physical Education Mr. Julius Lee Atlantic Christian College Social Studies and Coach Mrs. Gertrude Cocowitch East Carolina College Guidance Council Mrs. Marjorie Byrum East Carolina College English Mrs. Evelyn Jones Duke University English and French Mrs. Sara Cousins East Carolina College English Mrs. Sara Barbee Brenau College English HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY Miss Louisianna Hurdle East Carolina College Commercial Mrs. Theresa Brown U. N. C., Greensboro Home Economics Mr. Fred Langford Clemson College Agriculture Mr. J. W. Woodard North Carolina State College Agriculture Mrs. Hazel Keel East Carolina College Librarian Miss Nettie Bunn East Carolina College Music Mr. John Bengel Wake Forest College Science 9 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS %« ij LILLIE PEARL HINTON- President; BETSY DAUGHTRIDGE- Vice- President; JOYCE FRYAR-Treasurer; LYNDA SPEIGHT- Secretary; REGINA LANCASTER- Reporter. GWENDOLYN JEAN ANDERSON " Gwen " " She is pretty to walk with and witty to talk with. " JUDY FAYE BATTS " Judy " " Her future is planned third finger, left hand. " LINDA GAIL BELL " Linda " " A smile that wins, a manner, that takes; everywhere she goes, friends she makes.” MOLLIE RAY BEST " Mollie " " This is a girl who ' s hard to beat; nice, jolly and al- ways sweet. " DON DAVID BRADLEY " David " " It is nobody else ' s affair. " KATHERINE MAY BRAKE " Katherine " " Ability is a persons wealth. " JOSEPH SAMUEL BRAKE, JR. " Sammy " " A good athlete, a good sport, and a gentleman. " RICHARD GORDON BUNN " Gordon " ' I love to sit and bay the moon. " THOMAS BERT BURGESS " Tommy " " It is better to wear out in mischief than to rust in being too solemn. " BRENDA JO CHILTON " Brenda " " Silence accomplishes much that noise cannot. " MARY ELIZABETH COCKRELL " Mary " " A kind heart and a sweet disposition. " CHARLES FRANCIS COLEY " Charles " " Oh, let me run and hide. " CHARLIE LANDIN COLEY " Charlie " " Always looking forward to some leisure. " EDITH GERALDINE DANIELS " Edith " " As full of spirit as the month of May. " BETSY ANN D AUGHT RIDGE " Betsy " " From all her worthy qualities, would be a task to pick her best. " JAMES REX DAVIS " Jimmy " " Idle, slow, and unconcerned, he went to class and sometimes learned. " 12 LOIS MARIE DAVIS " Lois " " Love and be loved. " BILLY CHARLES EASON " Billy " " And he was well content.... " JOYCE ELIZABETH FRYAR " Joyce " " Say little and do much; meet everyone with a smile. " LINDA RUTH GAY " Linda " " A smile on her face is but a reflection of the feeling in her heart.” JOYCE FAYE HATHAWAY " Faye” " For the moon never beams without bringing me dreams. " GARY LEE HILL " Gary " " Though he ' s modest and rather shy, he ' s really quite a wonderful guy. " LILLIE PEARL HINTON " Pearl " " Sparkling eyes and a friendly smile; her lists of friends will run a mile. " DIANNE ELIZABETH HOFF " Dianne " " To look at her unlocks a warmer climate. " 13 GEORGE THOMAS JENKINS " George " " It doesn’t pay to worry, things are bound to happen anyway. " DON WAYNE JOYNER " Don " " The world would be mine if I had time to take care of it. " NANCY LOUISE LANCASTER " Nancy " " And all the beauty of the place, is in thy heart and on thy face. " CAROL REGINA LANCASTER " Regina " " Everyday is a fresh beginning. " PATSY MARIE LANGSTON " Patsy " " Full of laughter, full of pep, never quiet, that ' s her rep. " WILLIAM ERNEST LEWIS " Bill " " Wit and wisdom are born with a man. " BETTY FAYE LYNN " Betty Faye " " When hearts are true, few words will do. " LINDA LOUISE MANNING " Linda " " Born with the gift of laughter. " 14 DOROTHY CAROL MOORE " Dot " " The world belongs to the energetic. " GERALDINE LUCILLE MORGAN " Geraldine " " Blushing is the color of virtue. " PATRICIA LEIGH MORRIS " Pat " " I should like to rise and go, where all good-looking boys grow. " MYRTLELEEN MOSLEY " Myrt " " A good listener is popular with everyone. " RONNIE WAYNE PEELE " Ronnie " " Blessed is the man who invented sleep. " CRISP WEIR PETTIGREW " Crisp " " The key to every man is his thought. " DORIS MARIE PITT " Doris " " Always happy, never sad; sometimes naughty, never bad. " DEBORAH GAYLE PROCTOR " Deborah " " A lass so neat with a smile so sweet. " 15 THOMAS PAUL QUINCY " Tommy " " Happy is the man who enjoys life. " DOUGLAS LELAND RAYNOR " Doug " " His summer lasts a solid year. " JESSE JEFFERSON RICHMOND, JR. " Jesse " " I never let school interfere with my education. " JESSE EARL ROSE " Earl " " With his smile sincere, many friends draw near. " LYNDA JOYCE SPEIGHT " Lynda " " Of all the joys that I recall, being in love is the best of all. " BILLY EUGENE SUGGS " Billy " " Don ' t take life too seriously; you ' ll never get out of it alive. " BRENDA LEE TODD " Brenda " " Fair of figure, fair of face; full of fun and full of grace. " MARY ELIZABETH TREVATHAN " Mary " " Little but loud, short but proud. " 16 MICHAEL WAYNE TURNER " Mike " " So swell to know, so swell a pal. " JOHNNIE WAYNE TAYLOR " Johnnie " " A jolly good sport, an all around guy; such a pal money can ' t buy. " WILLARD RAY TAYLOR " Ray " " When asked about work, this he said, ' Don ' t mind me go right ahead. ' " BILLY HAROLD VAUGHAN " Billy " " Politeness goes far, but cost nothing. " BOBBY CARROLL VAUGHAN " Bobby " " Young and tall and very handsome. " MORRIS GENE WHITMAN " Gene " " He carries his troubles in his pocket with a hole in it. " JERRY WAYNE WINSTEAD " Jerry " " But the angels laugh too, at the good he has done.” ROBERT EARL WOOTEN " Robbie " " Take it easy, have your fun; let the old world flicker on! " 17 SENIOR CLASS FAVORITES LINDA MANNING and TOMMY BURGESS 18 GIRLS’ STATE DELEGATES LILLIE PEARL HINTON BETSY DAUGHTRIDGE BOYS’ STATE DELEGATES ROBBIE WOOTEN GORDON BUNN MARSHALS OF 1 965 Joyce Fryar; Dorothy Moore. Chief; Betsy Daughtridge; Katherine Brake; Sammy Brake, Chief. JUNIOR SENIOR PROM " SHANGRI-LA " SENIOR SUPERLATIVES MOST D EPENDABLE LYNDA SPEIGHT SAMMY BRAKE - M §■ MOST UKtLV T0 SUCCEED gAH AM. ' Y BRAKE dot NLOORE best AU around SAut MANNlN G AMMY BRAKE 22 SENIOR SUPERLATIVES CUTEST Y tre vathan OURTEOUS Y VAUGHAN MOST STUDIOUS SAMMY BRAKE JOYCE FRYAR 23 SENIOR SUPERLATIVES MOST TALENTED KATHERINE BRAKE BILLY SUGGS BEST l °oking v -D TSY LANGSTON PA RAY TAYLOR 24 SENIOR SUPERLATIVES LILLIE PEARL HINTON SAMMY BRAKE most popul bill lewis lb©a BELL MOST VALUABLE TO THE SCHOOL 25 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS GORDON CALHOUN- Vice- President; PATSY SHREVE-Treasurer; GAIL LONG- Secretary ; ELLIS WILLIFORD President Peggy Alford Sandra Barbour Bobby Bottoms Ben Mary Bradley Thomas Champion Marvin Daughtridge William Eason Hal Fryar Tommy Hopkins Tommy Jones Allen Killebrew Linwood Manning Wayne Manning Harry Marks Shirley Peele Doris Pope Mike Rhodes Hilda Rodgers Nancy Rowe Carolyn Proctor Patsy Shreve Danny Toler Bob Walker Gerald Ward Patricia Watts Norman Webb Lois Williams Jane Arnold Billy Avent Nancy Bell Sandra Brake Billy Bulluck Emma Bunn Deborah Calhoun Gordon Calhoun Jimmy Calhoun Eugene Dew Kay Flood Jeanette Gardner Billie Kaye Harrell Elizabeth Herring Dan Kelly Danny Lancaster Linda Lowe Jackie Mann Delores Owens Leon Proctor Elizabeth Robinson Susan Speight Carolyn Surles Preston Wall George Watson Ellis Williford Kenneth Williams Vicky Williams Mary Nell Worsley Alan Alexander Hilda Batchelor Jane Cherry Dianne Baughtridge Sonny Davenport Brenda Denton Jo Ann Edwards Carolyn Manning Burnae Luper Gail Long Ted Kennedy Wayne Hill Billy Hill Kenneth Hayes David Harriett Jimmy Guyant Cindy Glover Donna Moore Vivian Nelms Gwen Parker Mary Pollard Brenda Proctor Ann Robbins Billy Salter Jerry Samples Mary Sawyer Carolyn Turner Carolyn Weeks Jo Ann Wright Wayne Whitehurst JUNIOR CLASS FAVORITES WAYNE HILL and CAROLYN WEEKS SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS CLUB IS ON THEJLINE I ] i j J • i 1 fl I ill • ’ ; « DIANNE WADE -Secretary; JOLENE BATTS- President; BERT WEBB- Vice-President; HENRY BRADLEY-Treasurer Jolene Batts Ronald Batts Nikki Baker Shannon Bone Don Brake George Calhoun Billy Holloman Betty Lou Jackson Patsy Joyner James Lancaster Jean Lancaster John Edward Lancaster Monroe Newsome Bill Proctor Jeannie Proctor Lois Proctor Linda Starling Glenn Thompson Carolyn Trevathan Roger Walker Susie Walters Lynn Watson Bert Webb Celia Williams Wayne Williams Rickie Wooten Robert Wrenn Brenda Adams Yvonne Adams Doris Barnes Georgia Bone Henry Bradley Donald Ray Brake Kenneth Daniels Benjamin Hagan Roy Haithcock Patsy Herring Janice Joyner Ray Joyner John Langston 31 Tony Lewis Carolyn Owens David Price Diane Proctor Peggy Proctor Shirley Sawyer Kenneth Wordsworth Linda Sumerlin Bill Taylor Glenda Taylor Melinda Ward Betty Webb Wayne Wells Jerry Williams Sharon Williams Linda Bass Mary Ann Bass Sue Britt Henry Carawan Becky Fryar Bobby Gardner Betty Jean Gay Thomas Harper Jimmy Hinton Deborah Jefferson Erving King John Long Gary McAlister Mickey Nines Phillip Peele Joyce Proctor Ray Richardson Linda Simmons Joe Suggs Wayne Trevathan Carolyn Turner Dianne Wade Charles Wall Charles Williams Brenda Winstead 32 SOPHOMORE CLASS FAVORITES JE ANNIE PROCTOR and RAY JOYNER 33 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS AL INSCOE- Vice- President; NORMA GUYANT- Secretary ; ANNA IVEY-Treasurer; ROSSIE WILLIAMS- President. 34 James Adams James Batts Allen Daughtridge Wayne Davis Vickie Ezzell Elaine Flood Kenneth Fulford Norma Guyant Tim Harvey Betty Hill ' Wayne Hill Gail Hinton Robert Hudspeth Robert Holder Ed Jenkins Patty King Steven Knox John William Lancaster Mary Ann Lancaster William Lancaster Phillip Leonard Ray Long Gwen Moseley Garry Pettigrew Larry Proctor Kenneth Rooks Betty Ruth Rowe Kay Summerlin Mike Toler Donnie Tolson Ronnie Turner Gail Walker Beth Whitley Donnie Whitman Rossie Williams Bruce Arnold Jackie Arnold Cecil Arnold Mike Brinkley Betty Jo Braswell Brenda Batts Ronnie Core Susan Daughtridge Bobby Davis Mitchell Fox Wayne Hathaway Carl Holloman A1 Inscoe, Jr. Gordon Joyner Anna Ivey Fred Mosely Mickey Paine Yvonne Parker 35 Linda Perry Gerald Pollard Lewy Price Bill Raynor James Robbins Alben Smith Barbara Speight Fred Taylor Lynn Taylor Linda Taylor Linda Todd Charles Turner William Varnell Joe Varnell Joanne Walker Becky Williams Dianne Winstead Cecil Arnold Paula Bunn Kelly Calhoun Billy Chilton Steve Cobb Jimmy Coley Betty Daughtridge Carol Dickens Mike Eason Danny Gardner Buddy Grady Winnie Harrell Linda Hill Donna Hoff Mike Hogshire Susan Jackson Dallas Joyner George Lewis Bill Leonard Margaret Lancaster David Mott Clyde Murray Barbara Newsome Betty Jean Owens Billy Proctor Lora Proctor Lynda Proctor Mike Strange Jerry Summerlin Anne Taylor Norman Thompson David Wetherington Marie Whitehurst Faye Williams Jamie Williams Donnie Winders 36 FRESHMAN CLASS FAVORITES MIKE EASON and BETH WHITLEY 37 JUNIOR MR. and MISS WEST EDGECOMBE BETTY RUTH ROWE BILL McKEEL CANDIDATES FOR JR. MR. and MISS W. E LEFT TO RIGHT: Anna Ivey, A1 Inscoe, Mary Ruth Rowe, Bill McKeel, Jackie Arnold, and Robert Hudspeth. LEFT TO RIGHT: Debbie Yoder, Clark Joyner, Shirley Cobb, Ricky Pitt, Georgia Stein, and Mike Brinkley. ELEMENTARY FACULTY Mrs. Nina Moore Eighth Grade Mrs. Martha Webb Eighth Grade Miss Rhoda Mae Bone Eighth Grade Mrs. Thelma Page Seventh Grade Mr. Bob Conway Seventh Grade Mrs. Adelyn Barkley Seventh Grade Mrs. Marion Gorham Sixth Grade Mrs. Mary Waters Sixth Grade Mrs. Letha Herrington Fifth Grade Mrs. Margaret Thompson Fifth Grade Mrs. Rachel Jacocks Fifth Grade Miss Elizabeth Wilson Fourth Grade 40 ELEMENTARY FACULTY Miss Mary Lee Worsley Fourth Grade Mrs. Irene Thurmond Fourth Grade Miss Elizabeth Knight Third Grade Miss Virginia Carraway Third Grade Miss Annie Mears Third Grade Mrs. Myrtle Brake Second Grade Mrs. Doris Dunn First Grade Miss Rebekah Robbins First Grade Miss Mary Batts First Grade Mrs. Josie Parker First Grade Mrs. Bonnie Craft Special Education Mrs. Mittie Parker Special Education 41 Mrs. Webb’s Eighth Grade FIRST ROW: Wanda Alford, Linda Bell, Kathy Bland, John Brake, Thomas Bulluck, Brenda Calhoun, Dennis Cock- rell, Marvin Coley, Patricia Daughtridge, Karen Dawes. SECOND ROW: Terry Johnson, Steve Judge, Bill McKeel, Wayne King, Bruce Lancaster, Bryan Medley, Margaret Owens, Debra Perry, Ricky Pitt, Marie Shreve. THIRD ROW: Dianne Smith, Jimmy Speight, Evelyn Tolson, John Walker, Margaret Wall, Glenn Watson, Wayne Williams, Conway Weede, Debbie Yoder. Mrs. Moore’s Eighth Grade FIRST ROW: Pat Alexander, Terry Barbour, Joseph Everette, Arthur Lee Foster, Joseph Godwin, John Harper, Clark Joyner, Joseph Lynn, James Perry, Jimmy Ray Summerlin. SECOND ROW: Wayne Summerline, Richard Swinson, Mable Dean Bottoms, Susan Driver, Gail Joyner, Donna Lancaster, Dianna Lynn, Sherrie Moore, Nancy Pierce, Penny Sue Pollard. THIRD ROW: Jody Proctor, Judith Proctor, Nancy Speight, Georgia Stein, Ann Mae Thompson, Carolyn Ruth Tolson, Gwendolyn Waddell, Lucinda Whitley, Rose Marie Winders. Miss Bone’s Eighth Grade FIRST ROW: Mike Batts, Brenda Bottoms, Jean Bulluck, Shirley Cobb, Patricia Coley, John Covington, Russell Daughtridge, Donald Davenport, Brenda Eason, Betty Jean Ellison. SECOND ROW: Walter Harper, Pat Henry, Randy Herron, Jimmy Hill, Leon Jackson, R. M. Lowe, Peggy Miller, Joyce Moare, Dennis Newsome, Jimmy Pitt. THIRD ROW: Belva Prince, Donald Russ, Fran Stewart, Carolyn Taylor, Patricia Thomas, Nancy Watson, Deborah Whitehead, Ernestine Winstead. Mrs. Barkley ' s Seventh Grade FIRST ROW: Mary Doris Best, Deborah Boyette, Danny Bunn, Arlene Champion, Ricky Chilton, George Cock- rell, Bonnie Dew, Gloria Eason, Henry Edmondson, Connie Fulford. SECOND ROW: Ruth Gurganus, Jo Jackson, Lionel Johnson, Johnny Joyner, C. P. Killebrew, Alice Lancaster, Anita Lancaster, Brenda Lancaster, Melvin Mathis, Betty Mott. THIRD ROW: Mike Parker, Ricky Pettigrew, Beverly Proctor, Ellen Proctor, Steve Roberts, Dorothy Staples, Clyde Suggs, David Turner, Bill Warren, Corinee Wooten. FOURTH ROW: Mary Lu Wooten. Mrs. Page’s Seventh Grade I FIRST ROW: Buster Adams, Donna Batts, Gloria Bone, Thomas Bozelle, Barbara BrRt, Laurie Cressman Gerald Daniels, Milton Daughtridge, Donald Davis, Elizabeth Gerganus. SECOND ROW. Darris Harris, Shelia Higson, Sue Hill, Gayle Joyner, Jane Joyner, Howard Knox, Watson Lancast Nell Lewis Buck Luper, Carol Lynch. THIRD ROW: Walter Marks, Glenn Proctor, Larry Raynor, Elizabeth Richardson Elizabeth Ruffin, Sammy Toler, Randy Turner, Jimmy Vick, Richard Walker, Phil Webb. FOURTH ROW-; Debra Williams. Mr. Conway’s Seventh Grade ottoms Laura Bulluck, Betty Coley, Doris Daughtridge, Kim Denson, JnnnW d Lynne Flowers, Anita Goff, Jerry Hathaway. SECOND ROW: Jerry _H.11, tin Jackson, Teresa Jernigan, Freddy Johnson, Rilla Kennedy, J mmy Owens, Randy Pettigrew. THIRD ROW: Jean Pittman, Bruce Pope, Jf ary Joe Danny Richardson, Tommy Robbins, Deborah Rooks, Barry Snipes, Ray Webb, RTH ROW: John Williams, Cathy Winders. Mrs. Gorham’s Sixth Grade FIRST ROW: Debra Batts, Joseph Bradshaw, Lou Baker, Vivian Bailey, Amy Collins, Chris Calhoun, Valerie Conrad, Carolyn Davenport, Ernie Edwards, John Ezzell. SECOND ROW: Vickie Hayans, Donna Flye, Janet Flood, Micheal Hines, Patsy Hinton, Jim Jenkins, Lyn Judge, Judy Lancaster, Kathy Lewis, Steve Maurer. THIRD ROW: Janice Melton, Linda Sawyer, Danny Shearin, Antia Snipes, Steve Strange, Kenneth Turner, Donald Wells, Tony Medley. Mrs. Waters’ Sixth Grade ( FIRST ROW: Nancy Avent, Connie Barnes, Julian Brake, Vickie Braswell, Becky Calhoun, Kathy Calhoun, Ryland Daughtridge, Thomas Daughtridge, Debbie Drake, Larry Ellis. SECOND ROW: Mack Gold, Elizabeth Hicks, Brenda Hinton, Keith Inscoe, Eddie Johnson, Kennette Johnson, Ronnie Mathis, Rita Moore, Terry Proctor, Barbara Rooks. THIRD ROW: Mary Surles, Jane Taylor, Hazel Thomp- kins, Cheryl Turner, Vickie Weeks, Royce Williams, Carol Winstead, Walter Rose. Miss Proctor’s Sixth Grade FIRST ROW: Wayne Batts, Brenda Branch, Sandy Bunn, Danny Cobb, Nancy Farmer, Sandra Gardner, Terry Griswold, Debra Guyant, Linda Hinton, Beverly Hogshire. SECOND ROW: Kathy Holder, Jeffrey Holloman, Robby Holloman, Joseph Lancaster, Mike Lancaster, Steven Lindsey, Jr., David Lynn, Kaye Morris, Greg Moseley, Robert Nelms. THIRD ROW: Carol Pope, Carolyn Proctor, John Proctor, Jr., Amy Turner, .Barbara Turner, Rebecca Wallace, Wayne Whitehurst, Donna Wooten. Mrs. Phillips’ Sixth Grade FIRST ROW: Millie Bunn, Jo Anne Carroway, Teresa Cooke, Terry Dawes, Danny Frazier, David Goodsell, Wanda Harris, Johnny Henry, Denise Holder, A1 Holloman. SECOND ROW: Mike King, Carlton Lamb, Roger Luper, Harry McKeel, Elaine Murray, Randy Nimes, Becky Norris, Joe Price, Johnny Ray Pridgen, Marylin Proctor. THIRD ROW: Sue Rivenbark, Mickey Smith, Willis Stancil, Carol Taylor, Charles Watson, Becky Whitehurst, Bertis Whitley, Dianne Williams, Steve Wordsworth. Mrs. Herrington’s Fifth Grade FIRST ROW: Cathy Bass, Debra Brake, Raymond Bulluck, Rose Cashwell, John Chewning, Laddie Crisp, Peggy Dew, Jesse Edmondson, Sheila Everett, Jackie Farmer. SECOND ROW: Jan Hinton, Eddie Jones, Mike Judge, Mike Lanier, Pender Lewis, Lynn Long, Marilyn Marks, Terry Mosley, Renwood Pearce, Glennis Perry. THIRD ROW: Kevin Prince, Edward Proctor, Betsy Porter, James Rodgers, Margaret Rose, Trudy Trevathan, Ann Watson, Deborah Webb. Mrs. Jacocks’ Fifth Grade FIRST ROW: Terry Alford, Jimmy Boykin, Bruce Alexander, Brenda Brake, Mike Calhoun, Mike Cobb, Bonnie Cooke, Rebeca Daughridge, June Daughtridge, Kirby Dupree. SECOND ROW: Donny Edwards, Brenda Ellis, Janice Griffin, Frank Harper, Sue Hathaway, Jo Lynn Hick, Robin Jefferson, Ralf Lawrence, Mike Mathis, Wanda Mauer. THIRD ROW: Ginger Mizelle, Wayne Newsome, Billy Owens, Gloria Pollard, Melvin Rodgers, Samuel Summerlin, Marion William, Bobby Williams. Mrs. Thompson’s Fifth Grade FIRST ROW: Aubrey Anderson, Denise Bass, Deborah Bradshaw, Steve Calhoun, Sammy Carrawan, Melvin Edmondson, Debra Gauge, Linda Herron, Dianne Hill, Nathan Hill. SECOND ROW: Shelia Lewis, Wesley Lewis, Sharon Moore, Doris Mott, Joseph Newsome, Vickie Pittman, Dorothy Pridgen, Wayne Proctor, William Proctor, Greg Rivenbark. THIRD ROW: Becky Robbins, Mike Robbins, Betty Stancil, Gene Taylor, Leslie Taylor, Julia Turner, Dennis Webb. NOT SHOWN: Judy Combs, Lorraine Williams, Donald Woodcock. Mrs. Thurmond’s Fourth Grade FIRST ROW: Tony Batts, Kenneth Bulluck, Phyllis Bulluck, Deborah Causway, Jimmy Conard, Larry Gardner, Sherry Harris, Deborah Hart, Mike Hinton, Brenda Jenkins. SECOND ROW: Pat Johnson, Mary Joyner, Pat Joyner, Mike King, Vickie Lanier, Kaye Pollard, Speight Powell, Mike Proctor, Wanda Proctor, David Reynolds. THIRD ROW: Randy Rivenbark, Tony Russ, Ronald Stancil, Charlie Stewart, Donna Thomas, Kathy Toler, Joseph Walker, Keith Walker, Donnie Whitley, Kathy Whitley. FOURTH ROW: Susan Yoder. Miss Wilson’s Fourth Grade FIRST ROW: Beth Arnold, Ronnie Barbour, Rodger Bottoms, Bruce Coley, Diane Coley, Donald Covington, Leonard Daughtridge, Ricky Eason, Paulette Glover, Ricky Holloman. SECOND ROW: Linda Hurdle, Regina Matthews, Frances Newsome, Billy Owens, Pat Paine, Ronnie Perry, Sherri Pettigrew, Douglas Proctor, Bonnie Taylor, Teresa Taylor. THIRD ROW: Sally Thompson, Richard Tolston, George Walker, John Wallace, Bill Ward, William Walters, Steve Whitehurst, Jodie Whitney, Alice Williams, Rebecca Williams. Miss Worsley’s Fourt h Grade FIRST ROW: Keith Bone, Joyce Boykin, Wesley Braswell, Debbie Brinkley, Dan Cashwell, Charlotte Core, Rebecca Dickerson, Gail Gouge, Val Gindeup, Mary Ann Gurganus. SECOND ROW: Glenda Hamilton, Keith Hines, Marleene Joyner, William Earl Lancaster, Lynne Logan, Bruce Newsome, Lewyellen Price, Robert Pridgen, Carol Prince, Rodney Price. THIRD ROW: Joette Raynor, Brian Reynolds, Tony Summerlin, James Tolston, Donald Turner, Willis Vick, Keith Wade, Coleman Watts, Dennis Womble. Miss Knight’s Third Grade FIRST ROW: Ronna Batts, Lolita Brake, Tony Bridgers, Carthy Daughtridge, Terry Edwards, Dawn Gindrup, Carter Hayes, Linda King, Louise Lancaster, Pamela Moore. SECOND ROW: Linda Mott, Karen Murray, Julian Powell, Howard Proctor, Randy Richardson, Richard Snipes, Randy Summerlin, Laura Tolson, Lloyd Turner, Roberta Ward. THIRD ROW: Catherine Watson, Edna Williams, Michael Williams, Wayne Whitehead, David Whitley. Miss Mears’ Third Grade FIRST ROW: Merry Bell, Donnie Brake, Bobby Braswell, Ann Braswell, Stuart Bulluck, David Coley, Steve Edmondson, Jimmy Everette, Dawn Ezzell, Donna Flowers. SECOND ROW: Charles Gupton, Lynette Hertel, Sheila Jefferson, Jimmy King, Carey Koehn, Margie Lamm, Charles Lanier, Debbie Leonard, Cindy Perry, Teresa Perry. THIRD ROW: Tommy Tompkins, Danny Trevathan, John Weeks, Ann Williams, Debbie Wordsworth. NOT SHOWN: Donnie Griffin, Theresa Johnson. Miss Carraway’s Third Grade FIRST ROW: Cathy Baker, Eddie Boykin, Kay Brantly, Linda Burgess, Ronnie Eason, Barbara Ed- mondson, Wilbur Gardner, Debbie Garrett, Tony Gay, Mike George. SECOND ROW: Lynn Goodsell, Chris Griswald, Richard Hathaway, David Hopkins, Cindy Johnson, Allen Johnson, Norma Luper, Robin Nelms, Gary Proctor, Kathy Proctor. THIRD ROW: Joyce Richardson, Marcia Sherlin, Bruce Turner, Debra William, Bobby William, James Winstead. Mrs. Cashwell’s Second Grade FIRST ROW: Randy Avent, Donald Boykin, Maura Canoles, Obie Coley, Martin Core, Patricia Denson, Kathy Driver, Jeff Eatmon, James Everette, Donald Flood. SECOND ROW: Robert Henry, Teresa King, Donna Mathis, Jesse James Moore, Gary Morris, Cathy Reynolds, Daney Strickland, Lynette Tatum, Lenwood Taylor, Kimberly Trevathan. THIRD ROW: Nelson Turner, Donna Walker, James Wallace, Angela Williams, Dave Wilson. Mrs. Brake s Second Grade FIRST ROW: Bobby Adcock, Jimmy Bass, Ricky Braswell, Anne Clark, Pam Gardener, Donald Garrett, Susie Glover, Jimmy Hill, David Holder, Cheryl Knox. SECOND ROW: James Lancaster, Steve Luper, Leonard Mercer, Cindy Moore, Albert Morgan, Fran Mosley, Eddy Peeden, Anne Proctor, Janet Samples, Kent Smith. THIRD ROW: Connie Taylor, Mike Taylor, Wayne Taylor, Tony Toler, Danny Turner, Kathryn Ward, Greg Whitehurst. Mrs. Warrington’s Second Grade FIRST ROW: Robin Alford, Terry Barnes, Ricky Barnes, Julie Brown, Cathy Calhoun, Robert Caus- way, Gary Cobb, Betty Jo Daughtridge, Alfred Dawes, Raymond Farmer. SECOND ROW: Teresa George, Debra Jean Hathaway, Alphonso Hicks, III, Brenda Hurdle, Gerald Johnson, Debra Jean Joy- ner, Nell Joyner, Martha Lewis, Micheal Narron, Douglas Peeden. THIRD ROW: Johnny Rodgers, Randall Savage, Darlene Strange, George Summerlin, Gwen Tolson, Alfred Waddell, Frances Watson, Patrick Webb, Barry Williams, Mike Williams. I- Mrs. Dunn’s First Grade FIRST ROW: Dennis Adcock, Lyndia Adkins, Alice Batts, Wally Batts, Vickie Bridgets, Greg Colbert, Jennifer Drake, Dean Driver, Joanie Driver, Brenda Sue Flora. SECOND ROW: Ronnie Hypes, Pres- ton Joyner, Cindy Lamm, Barbara Lewis, Gay Luper, Mike Newsome, Calvin Proctor, James Proctor, Ken Snipes, Elizabeth Summerlin. THIRD ROW: Ellen Taylor, Paul Taylor, Allen Tompkins, Nancy Trevathan, Scarlet Watts, Ronnie Winders, Lynn Wooten. Miss Robbins’ First Grade FIRST ROW: Bonnie Jo Adams, Marty Thomas Brady, Elizabeth Darlene Brantley, Jeffrey Craig Bottoms, Timothy Wayne Colbert, Lucinda Gale Cooke, Ruby Joan Daughtridge, William Joseph Dickens, Robin Earle Ellison, Glenwood Earl Glover. SECOND ROW: Nancy Jo Holloman, Della Elizabeth Jefferson, Donna Lynn Jernigan, Angela Lynn Leonard, Doris Ann Marks, Jimmy Lee Mott, Willie James Owens, Tonia Linnae Proctor, Donald Edward Rose, Floyd Carlton Shearin. THIRD ROW: B. Taylor, Debra Lynnette Taylor, JiU Louise Turner, David Lynn Webb, Kellie Ann Whitehurst, Brenda Gail Whitley, Frederick L. Zimmerman. V. Mrs. Parker’s First Grade FIRST ROW: Clarence Adcock, Billy Batts, Tammy Bengel, Joanna Boyette, Gail Breedlove, Della Brown, Terry Cobb, Martha Cox, Buster Denton, Roger Edwards. SECOND ROW: Delores Garris, Vickie Godwin, Khristie Gold, Lanny Hinton, Robin Jackson, Carol Lawrence, Donna Luper, John Moore, Billy Nelms, Debbie Owens. THIRD ROW: Julia Phil lips, Cynthia Proctor, Steve Proctor, Robert Ruffin, Amy Schmitt, Debbie Shreve, Ricky Walker, Frances Walston, Timmy Ward. Miss Batts’ First Grade FIRST ROW: Debra Austin, Rex Barnes, Vicki Brake, Craig Bulluck, Betina Cartee, Linda Bridges, Mark Coley, Teresa Crisp, Deborah Edmondson, Shelia Ellison. SECOND ROW: Brenda Farmer, Timmy Fox, Jimmy Garrett, Earl Goff, Bruce Hinton, Deborah Lewis, Timmy Lewis, Shelia Moore, Janet Pettigrew, Charles Porter. THIRD ROW: John Ruffin, Joanne Salvage, Matt Sledge, Jimmy Snider, Amanda Sorie, Cindy Williams, Tony Winstead, Deborah Worrell. Mrs. Parker’s Special Education FIRST ROW: Wanda Arnold, Kathy Carroll, Tyrone Cobb, Thomas Coley, David Daught- ridge. SECOND ROW: Ester Eason, Oscar Ellis, Alton Lee Harper, Ray Lancaster, Barry Newson. THIRD ROW: Ricky Perry, Samuel Lee Rodgers, Marsha Taylor, Bennett Williams. NOT SHOWN: Allen Ray Johnson. FIRST ROW: John Coley, David Craft, Rosemary Craft, William Edmundson, Joyce Ellis. SECOND ROW: Debbie Maver, Herman Maver, Hope Maver, Frances Proctor, Glenn Proctor. THIRD ROW: Andy Surles, Dawn Toler, Earl Watson, Jesse Walston. Mrs. Craft’s Special Education BOYS’ CHOIR OF WEST EDGECOMBE SCHOOL SEVENTH GRADE GIRLS’ CHOIR MEMBERS OF THE CHOIR EIGHTH GRADE MIXED CHORUS MEMBERS OF THE CHORUS ACTIVITIES AT WEST EDGECOMBE F H A SWEETHEART BRENDA DENTON MR. and MISS WEST EDGECOMBE DOROTHY MOORE BILL LEWIS CANDIDATES FOR MR. and MISS W. E. FRONT ROW: Jo Anne Jones, Larry Raynor, Margaret Proctor, Wayne Manning, Leona Eason, and Mitchell Hill. SECOND ROW: Sandra Barbour, Billy Avent, Mary Nell Worsley, Larry Beddingfield, Carolyn Weeks, and Wayne Hill. FIRST ROW: Gail Long, David Harriett, Joline Batts, Wayne Trevathan, Betsy Daughtridge, and Don Brake. SECOND ROW: Betty Jean Gay, Bobby Vaughan, Brenda Todd, Ellis Williford, Patsy Herring, and Robert Wrenn. WESCOMB STAFF FIRST ROW: Dot Moore, Linda Bell, Gwen Barnes, Mary Cockrell, Edith Daniels, Katherine Brake, Tommy Burgess. SECOND ROW: Mike Turner, Billy Eason, Douglas Raynor, Charles Coley, Linda Gay, Faye Hathaway, Lynda Speight, Geraldine Morgan, Mollie Best, Sammy Brake, Billy Suggs. COPYWRITERS SITTING: Geraldine Morgan, Myrtleleen Mosley, Mary Cockrell, Edith Daniels, Gwen Barnes, Mary Treva- than, Lynda Speight. STANDING: Katherine Brake, Betty Faye Lynn, Lois Davis, Billy Su ggs, Don Joy- ner, Ray Taylor, Doris Pitt. BUSINESS MANAGERS SITTING: Lois Davis, Patsy Langston, Lillie Pearl Hinton. STANDING: Pat Morris, Edith Daniels, Lynda Speight, Betty Faye Lynn, Mollie Best, Dianne Hoff. 62 WESCOMB TYPISTS PHOTOGRAPHERS SITTING: Geraldine Morgan, Lynda Speight, Myrtle- leen Mosley, Lois Davis. STANDING: Linda Gay, Katherine Brake, Dianne Hoff, Gwen Barnes, Brenda Todd, Edith Daniels, Mary Trevathan, Mary Cockrell, Betty Faye Lynn. SITTING: Gordon Bunn. STANDING: Robbie Wooten, Lillie Pearl Hinton, Lynda Speight, Lois Davis, Linda Bell, Dot Moore, Johnnie Taylor, Linda Manning, Charles Coley, Sammy Brake, and Tommy Burgess. STAFF FIRST ROW: Gordon Bunn, Robbie Wooten, Lillie Pearl Hinton, Bill Lewis, Betsy Daughtridge, and Nancy Lancaster. SECOND ROW: Dianne Hoff, Linda Manning, Johnnie Taylor, Doris Pitt, Brenda Todd, Ray Taylor, Mary Trevathan, Pat Morris, and Lois Davis. 63 WE HI FEATURE WRITERS FIRST ROW: Lillie Pearl Hinton, Dot Moore, Joyce Fryar, Betsy Daughtridge, Katherine Brake. SECOND ROW: Gordon Bunn, Charlie Coley, Sammy Brake, Tommy Burgess, Robbie Wooten, Mike Turner. TYPISTS CIRCULATION Edith Daniels, Katherine Brake, Myrtleleen Mosley, Lois Davis, Lynda Speight. Geraldine Morgan, Ray Taylor, Betty Faye Lynn. WE HI ARTISTS MIMEOGRAPHERS Nikki Baker and Carolyn Turner LEFT TO RIGHT: Betsy Daughtridge, Mary Trevathan, Dianne Hoff, Doris Pitt, Mary Cockrell, Deborah Proc- tor. SPECIAL REPORTERS FIRST ROW: Regina Lancaster, Patsy Langston, Nancy Bell, Donna Moore, Gail Long, Shannon Bone, Lillie Pearl Hinton. SECOND ROW: Bobby Vaughan, Jane Cherry, Donna Hoff, Ben Mary Bradley, Alan Alexander. BETA CLUB SEATED: Nancy Bell, Reporter; Ben Mary Bradley, Vice President; Joyce Fryar, Ellis Williford, President, Charles Bradley, Treasurer; Dot Moore, Secretary. STANDING: Betsy Daughtridge, Joline Batts, Linda Sumerlin, Jeannie Proctor, Ann Robbins, Vickie Williams, Donna Moore, Sammy Brake, Allen Alexander, Gordon Calhoun, Gary McAllister, Carolyn Turner, Katerine Brake, Georgia Bone, Jane Cherry, Cindy Glover, Peggy Alford, and Jackie Mann. 66 GLEE CLUB OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Pattie King, Librarian; Carolyn Weeks, Librarian; Gail Long, Secretary; Rossie Williams, Vice- President; Miss Nettie Bunn, Chorus Director; Linda Manning, President. FLAG BOYS FLAG BOYS BRUCE WILLIAMS JOHN WILLIAMS FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA OFFICERS FIRST ROW: Georgia Bone, Historian Linda Summerlin, Parliamentarian SECOND ROW: Hilda Rodgers, Treasurer Jane Cherry, President Donna Moore, Reporter THIRD ROW: Brenda Denton, Recreation Leader Ben Mary Bradley, Vice President Billie Kaye Harrell, Secretary MEMBERS OF THE CLUB FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA OFFICERS • " -I 7 " • ' f; i LEFT TO RIGHT: Earl Rose, Chaplain Bobby Vaughan, Reporter Bill Lewis, Treasurer Sammy Brake, Vice President Gordon Bunn, President Tommy Quincy, Secretary Billy Bulluck, Sentinel Crisp Pettigrew, Parliamentarian MEMBERS OF THE CLUB LIBRARY CLUB SEATED: Mary Sawyer, Reporter; Patsy Langston, Secretary; Sandra Brake, President; Gail Long, Vice-President, Becky Fryar, Treasurer; Faye Hathaway, Reporter. STANDING: Brenda Adams, Ann Bulluck, Dianne Wade, Nikki Baker, Jo Ann Edwards, Roy Hathcock, Elizabeth Herring, Mary Cockrell, Mrs. Keel, Sponsor; Jeanette Gardner, Kay Flood, Patsy Morris. BUS DRIVERS FIRST ROW: Katherine Brake, Betsy Daughtridge, Dot Moore, Billy Eason, Tommy Burgess, Bobby Vaug n, o nme Taylor. SECOND ROW: Tommy Quincy, Jimmy Davis, Sammy Brake, George Jenkins, Billy Vaughn. THIRD ROW: Mike Turner, Billy Suggs, Gordon Bunn, Robbie Wooten. CHEERLEADERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Cindy Glover, Pattie King, Yvonne Adams, Nancy Bell, Linda Bell, Georgia Bone, Patsy Shreve, Sandra Barbour, Peggy Alford. HEAD CHEERLEADER 1965 HOMECOMING QUEEN ATHLETIC STAFF SCOREKEEPERS BETTY JEAN GAY JOHNNIE TAYLOR c °ACHEs 73 GIRLS’ BASKETBALL TEAM SEATED: Ben Mary Bradley, Mary Pollard, Dot Moore, Mollie Best, Lillie Pearl Hinton, Linda Manning. STAND- ING: Beth Whitley, Jo Ann Walker, Vicki Williams, Billie Kaye Harrell, Gwen Mosley, Jane Cherry, Anna Ivey, Norma Guy ant. MOLLY BEST FORWARD DOT MOORE FORWARD MARY POLLARD FORWARD LINDA MANNING GUARD BEN MARY BRADLEY GUARD LILLIE PEARL HINTON GUARD BOYS’ BASKETBALL TEAM TEAM LEFT TO RIGHT: Kenneth Hayes, Bob Walker, Billy Avent, Alan Alexander, Bert Webb, Jimmy Calhoun, Alien Killebrew, George Jenkins, Sammy Brake, Jimmy Guyant, Mike Turner Robbie Wooten, Ray Joyner, Jerry Winstead, Wayne Hill. SAMMY BRAKE FORWARD GEORGE JENKINS CENTER BOB WALKER FORWARD JERRY WINSTEAD GUARD JIMMY GUY ANT GUARD ALAN ALEXANDER GUARD 77 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM LEFT TO RIGHT: David Price, George Calhoun, Mike Eason, Fred Taylor, Rossie Williams, Henry Bradley, Kelly Calhoun, Larry Proctor, Robert Hudspeth, Lewy Price, A1 Inscoe, Henry Carawan. BASEBALL TEAM LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Walker, Ray Joyner, Kenneth Hayes, George Jenkins, Wayne Hill, Mike Turner, Robbie Woot- en, Don Brake, Roy Lewis. 78 Advertisers Growing and Serving In . . . Northeastern North Carolina Bank, Borrow, and Save With Us PE@PLES BANK TRUST COMPANY ... IN Your Community member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Bank with the BANK OF ROCKY MOUNT " Owned and operated by the community we serve. " Rocky Mount, N. C. Member F. D. I. C. Member F. D. I. C. Ask For Edgemont Ham-Bacon- Franks " Made Fresh Daily In Rocky Mount " PEACOCK MEAT COMPANY FIBERGLASS SPORTS First in Fiberglass-Best in Sports Boats, Motors, Trailers Sporting Goods Rocky Mount, N. C. Compliments of LEE OIL., INC. Dealer in SINCLAIR 940 Planters Street GI 6-8186 Rocky Mount, N. C. Compliments of R. R. GULF SERVICE Sharpsburg, North Carolina r v Compliments of RAY GAY’S GROCERY SCENE OF THE PURE OIL SIGN Old Wilson Road Rocky Mount, North Carolina Telephone GI-69242 STRICK’S TRUCK STOP " If you got it a tr uck b rought it. " U. S. 95 Rocky Mount, North Carolina Z. B. BULLUCK INC. Wholesale Meats Englewood Brand Cj rV Established 1904 Denton Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina GI 6-8121 FAIRVIEW LUNCH BAR formerly the " Goody Shop " " Where the Action Is " 217 Fairview Road Rocky Mount, North Carolina Bill Hunt, Prop. Congratulations Congratulations to the Class of ’66 from CLASS OF ' 66 From DANIEL’S, INC. cl “FRIEND” 108 S. Main Street Rocky Mount, N. C. Compliments of SERVICE SALES, INC. MEADOW BROOK G M C MEAT COMPANY SALES Pure Pork Country Sausage PARTS SERVICE YSJa Route 2 Rocky Mount, North Carolina Rocky Mount T. E. WORRELL’S Elbert Morton J. D. Williams Package Store Gas-Oil M W BODY SHOP Groceries-Meats Soft Drinks Ice Cream- Sandwiches Auto Body Repairs and Painting and S. Church St. Extension Mechanic on duty Phone: 442-8349 915 Cokey Road Rocky Mount, N. C. Rocky Mount, North Carolina LONG MANUFACTURING COMPANY, INC. Tarboro, N. C. Davenport, Iowa Branches: Columbus, Ohio — Tifton, Ga. And Dallas, Texas Grain Bins---Crop Drying Fans Supplemental Heaters Augers — Double Chain Elevators — Bale Conveyors Rotary Cutters Arpeggios Miss Wonderful Sebago U. S. Keds Weather-Birds Freeman Compliments of SERGEANT J. W. ALEXANDER ROBERSON DUPREE SHOE STORE U. S. Army Recruiter Tarboro, North Carolina Rocky Mount, North Carolina KNOX PORTER NURSERY Ornamental Shrubbery Tarboro Highway CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 66 " Rocky Mount ' s Largest and finest department store " Congratulations to class of ' 66 T. F. MODEL CAR SPEEDWAY 1327 Tarboro St. Rocky Mount, N. C. HAMBURGER SHOP 1428 S. Church Street PATIO RESTAURANT 301 By-Pass Charles S. Bailey-Nettie Nixon Rocky Mount, N. C. SOUTH END TEXACO George Worrell, Manager Oil Gas Tires Batteries Greasing Washing Minor Repairs South Church Street Rocky Mount, N. C. ROSE’S STORE TARBORO, N. C. ROYSTER BONANZA ROCKY MOUNT FARM SERVICES INC. " Everything for the Farm” Royster Fertilizers Next to Works Whse. Compliments of T. E. TURNER PLUMBING CO. 123 Main Street, P. O. Box 307 Tarboro, North Carolina Residential-Industrial- Back-hoe Rental Septic Tank Installation Better Groceries DAVID HILL’S SUPER MARKET Phone GI 6-66 18 1308 Cokey Road Extension Rocky Mount, N. C. JONES’ UPHOLSTERY Cokey Road Extension Rocky Mount, North Carolina Phone 442-0367 Have your upholstering and repair work done. Free Estimates 20 years experience All work guaranteed Owned and Operated by Henry C. Jones Telephone 44-69247 COOKE’S GARAGE Congratulations, Class of ’66 AND From BSA MOTOR DEALER DANIEL’S INC. Specializing in Carburetor, Automatic Transmission and Tune-Up — General Repairs All make cars and light trucks 108 S. Main Street (|se RYioe Rocky Mount, N. C. David E. Cooke 821 N. Church St. Owner Rocky Mount, N. C. M C. P. KILLEBREW General Merchandise SYKES GARAGE Pioneer Coker " Specializing in Front End Brake repair " Funks Seed Corn Phone 442-5590 713 N. Church St. Rocky Mount, N. C. COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS of of Ofiy|S CAROLINA SERVICE STATION GAY’S HARDWARE 1730 Sunset Avenue Rocky Mount, N. C. Compliments of P. Y. MOBILE HOMES Sharpsburg, N. C. R. AND R. GULF SERVICE " Your First Home Should Be a Mobile Home " mm E. L. Yoder Odell Batchelor Sharpsburg, N. C. Bus.: 442-8897 Res.: 446-6338 SUTTON’S NEW AND FLOYD B. BRASWELL USED CARS manager Carolina Model Home Corp. " Sutton, Sutton, fits you like a button. " U. S. 301 South Sharpsburg, N. C. New Homes P. O. Box 426 Home Improvements South Church Street Rocky Mount, N. C. GAY-YOST FUNERAL HOME GRA-BAR RESTAURANT Ambulance Service Dial 442-66634 301 By-Pass 805 Fairview Rd. Near Sharpsburg Rocky Mount, N. C. Best Wishes from P WILKINSON BULLUCK j ' INSURANCE COMPANY Citizen ' s Saving Building Rocky Mount, North Carolina Compliments of DAUGHTRIDGE GAS COMPANY SERVICE WHEN YOU NEED IT DAUGHTRIDGE OIL COMPANY 1 © © PLANTERS Planters Industries Rocky Mount, North Carolina Fertilizers and Pesticides Feed and Grain Services Oil Seed Processing Farm Consultants Congratulations to the Class of ' 66 ROCKY MOUNT NEW CAR DEALERS ASSOCIATION RAY BANDY’S Plymouth-Dodge BEL AIR CHEVROLET Chevrolet CADDEL MOTORS Chrysler- Plymouth FLAKE B. CHIPLEY Renault- Peugeot Lincoln-Mercury DAVENPORT MOTOR COMPANY Pontiac -Cadillac J. C. FRIAR MOTORS Volkswagen ALLAN MIMS Ford ROSE BUICK COMPANY Buick THOMAS FARRIS MOTORS Rambler-Mercedes-Benz JOHN VANN MOTORS Oldsmobile CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of ' 66 from GLENOIT MILLS T arbor o, N. C. Compliments of SEARS Rocky Mount, N. C. Shop For The Whole Family and Save At Sears SENS Compliments to Class of ' 66 from PLANTERS TOBACCO COMPANY Compliments to the Class of ' 66 J. H. VALENTINE Land Clearing Sharpsburg North Carolina Compounded Quarterly- On one year Funds At PEOPLES Your Savings Earn daily interest Which means there are NO LOST INTEREST DAYS PEOPLES BANK TRUST COMPANY , ... in your Community Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation LEADER BROS. Rocky Mount ' s Finest Department Store ’We appreciate your business. " MANNING’S GROCERY AND FISH BAIT Tarboro Highway BARBEE’S INSURANCE Compliments of AGENCY Insurance of all kinds Plus Personal Interest Rocky Mount, N. C. i 215 W. Basset Street Rocky Mount, N. C. GI 2-6079 Rocky Mount, N. C. Economy Quality Service 1 TRICO ELECTRIC COMPANY, INC. Ill Main Street Telephone 823-3361 Electric Motor Repairs Tarboro. North Carolina Night Phones Ernest Proctor Harvey J. Tolston Kenneth Moore 442-3342 GI 68885 442-6427 J Outboards Garden Tractors Power Mowers Motor Scooters B icycles MAY AND GORHAM 1SF DRUG STORE WOOTEN’S Small Engine Services Rocky Mount, North Carolina Dial GI 2-6538 or GI 2-2369 Your Authorized Briggs and Stratton Rocky Mount, North Carolina and Clinton, Lawson- Power Dealer All Work Guaranteed Five Points Dial GI 2-1127 929 Cokey Road Best Wishes from JOHNSON’S FUNERAL CAROLINA READY MIX INC. HOME Phone 44 2-6168 Phone GI 6-5135 Sunset Avenue Highway 97 East at Overpass Rocky Mount, North Carolina Rocky Mount, North Carolina WILLIAMS MANUFACTURING COMPANY P. O. Box 226 Rocky Mount, N. C. Metal Fabricators " From Design to Finished Products " HAYES CASH GROCERY Groceries-Fresh Meats And Produce 845 Falls Road GI 2-1791 Congratulations to the Class of ’66 WCPS fcp Tarboro, North Carolina Compliments of W. B. LEA TOBACCO COMPANY Rocky Mount, N. C. LONG MANUFACTURING CO., INC. Tarboro, N. C. Davenport, Iowa Branches: Florence, S. C.--Tifton, Ga. Grain Bins--Crop Drying Fans-- Supplemental Heaters--Augers-- Double Chain Elevators--Bale Conveyors- -Rotary Cutters TARBORO SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION Complimenting the class of ' 66 Tarboro, N. C. REX JEWELER’S Fine Diamonds Tarboro, N. C. G. A. STALLINGS Farm Service Garage Fumigation, Auto Repair Bin Erectors, Welding General Repairs Rt. 4 Box 347 Rocky Mount, N. C. MARROW-PITT HARDWARE COMPANY INC. Serving Edgecombe County Tarboro, N. C. Since 1913 JOYNER OIL CO. 700 Albemarle Avenue Rocky Mount, North Carolina Compliments of THORNE DRUG CO. Tarboro, N. C. Phone TA 3-3849 BRINSON CHEVROLET CO. 809 Wilson St. Office, TA 3-3145; Parts Dept, TA 3-3147 Growing Bigger by Serving Better WHITE’S SUPER MARKET Raleigh Road Compliments of Coffee Serwee. ROCKY MOUNT, It C. Institutional Wholesalers P. O. Box 1278 Rocky Mount, N. C. S. M. MANNING GROCERY Route 3, Box 117 Tarboro, North Carolina Dial 823-3935 v Compliments of NORTH CAROLINA NATIONAL BANK Tarboro, North Carolina Member FDIC and Federal Reserve System HENDERSON LUMBER CO., INC. Lumber and Building Material Tarboro, North Carolina Telephone TA 3-2138 TARBORO DRUG CO. Walgreen Agency Phone TA 3-4311 Tarboro, N. C. OVERTON’S CLEANERS Free moth- Proofing and mildew Proofing " Lustre-Sheen " Drycleaning 883 Falls Road GI 2-1518 Rocky Mount, N. C. Best Wishes Seniors of ' 66 GURGANUS BROS. SUPER MARKET 305 Fairview Road Rocky Mount, N. C. Compliments of W. C. REID AND COMPANY " Eastern Carolina ' s Leading Music Company " 143 S. Main Street Rocky Mount, N. C. CAROLINA OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. SINCE 1921 Rocky Mount, Greenville, Wilson For the Best in ... . School and Office Supplies Best Wishes From WHALEY’S FURNITURE COMPANY Rocky Mount, North Carolina QUINN’S INCORPORATED Furniture of Quality Phone GI 2-2171 168-178 North Main Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina APPLIANCE AND TIRE CENTER, INC. 227 S. E. Main Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina Phone 442-7156 Compliments of WHITEHURST GROCERY Phone GI 2-4510 w fyMsSk. Tarboro Highway i ' C ' - li fii 1 Rocky Mount, N. C. Compliments of KELLY’S OPEN AIR MARKET Tarboro Highway Rocky Mount North Carolina A. B. ROSE, INC. Landscaping Designing and Contracting Rocky Mount A. B. Rose Tom Price CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 66 EDGECOMBE BANK AND TRUST COMPANY OF Tarboro, Fountain, and Oak City, North Carolina " Your Friendly Local Bank " Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation THE BARBEE AGENCY " Over 30 Years Serving Schools " Allen Barbee B. J. Lamm Tommy May P. O. Box 338, Spring Hope, North Carolina PH 478-3146 Compliments of ALMAND’S DRUG COMPANY 103 South Main Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina R. F. D. 4, Box 370, Rocky Mount, N. C. M. E. RODGERS INSULATION COMPANY Phone: GI 2=1039 ILS O BONE’S GENERAL MERCHANDISE SADDLE SHOP Hwy. 43 Rocky Mount, N. C. Phone GI 6=7914 Compliments of SGT. ALEXANDER U. S. Army Recruiting Office Rocky Mount, N. C. M S OIL COMPANY South Church Street Extension Rocky Mount, North Carolina ROCKY MOUNT MACHINE WORKS General Machinery Repairs 526 N. Church St, Dial 446=6007 Rocky Mount, N. C. Compliments of WEBB’S MOTOR SALE 929 Cokey Rd. Rocky Mount, N. C, Compliments of ONE HOUR KORETIZING, INC. MARTiNIZiNG, INC. " More Than Dry Cleaning " Corner of Main and Falls Road Rocky Mount, North Carolina EXCITING FASHIONABLE FOOTWEAR ROSE DRUG COMPANY Complete Kodak Service Prescription Rocky Mount, N. C. MEBANE SHOE COMPANY 132 S. Main St. Rocky Mount, N. C. THE REMNANT SHOP " Sew and Save " Hiway 64 West at Englewood Rocky Mount, N. C. Compliments of t w. c. REID AND COMPANY " Eastern Carolina ' s Leading Music Company " 143 S. Main Street Rocky Mount, N. C. PROCTOR BROTHERS Heavy and Fancy Groceries Gas and Oil Beef, Fresh Fish, and Country Produce Cokey Road Rocky Mount, North Carolina 02 Compliments of HOLLYWOOD DRIVE-IN " Pizza Specially Prepared " JOSH BULLUCK’S BARBECUE CURB SERVICE Cokey Road TA 3-9789 Rocky Mount, North Carolina Rocky Mount Highway, Tarboro Whoever you are Whatever you do COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY, INC. Rocky Mount, North Carolina West Edgecombe Knows The PLACE to BANK in ROCKY MOUNT MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM " Thanks for Banking with Planters National! " J. A. THARRINGTON SONS Manufacturers of TOBACCO CURERS HOME HEATERS 1539 S. Church St. Rocky Mount, N. C. Telephone GI 6-7369 Post Office Box 27 Highway 64 W. at Englewood BUCK OVERTON’S RESTAURANT Barbecue Chicken- Fried Chicken Brunswick Stew- Barbecue Pig Charcoal or Sizzling Steaks TAKE-OUT ORDERS Rocky Mount, North Carolina Congratulations to the Seniors of ' 66 From ALTON WILLIAMS General Merchandise GEHMAN’S JEWELERS 139 S. Main St. - Downtown - Rocky Mount Congratulations DOZIER SUPPLY COMPANY Class of ' 66 Paints-Building Material Compliments of Coal- Lumber-Hardware 112 W. Bassett St. Rocky Mount, N. C. LUCILLE POLLARD Compliments of DRUMMOND’S FLORIST A. HICKS AGENCY 132 Sunset Avenue Phone 446-7188 119 N. Main Rocky Mount, N. C. Real Estate-Insurance Compliments of ROCKY MOUNT FCX EATAAAN MOTOR COMPANY SERVICE Feed-Seed- Fertilizer Farm Supplies Electrical Appliances 531 N. Church St. Rocky Mount, N. C. S. Church St. Ext. Rocky Mount, N. C. Elvin Eatman Phone 446-9216 Owner Nite 446-6247 THE CAROLE DRESS SHOP AND BRIDE’S ROOM CLARK CHEMICAL COMPANY 118 Sunset Ave. Dresses Sportswear Jewelry Lingerie Formals Party Dresses Wedding Attire Rocky Mount North Carolina VICTORY WAREHOUSE Weeks and Leggett Wilson Street Tarboro, N. C. TA 3-2633 MOORE PAINT AND WALLPAPER COMPANY 1518 BRANCH STREET Rocky Mount, N. C. We specialize in the application of exterior and interior paints. Call us for free estimates " We take pride in your home. " ROCKY MOUNT Compliments of FARM SERVICE, INC. RACHEL’S FLORIST 1439 S. Church m Rocky Mount, N. C. Dial 442-2376 i||r 717 Walnut Shopping Center Rocky Mount, North Carolina CAROLINA CAFE BUNTING-HARDY AND MINGES Men ' s clothing and Furnishings 906 North Church Street 301 A. North 114 South Main Street Phone GI 6-6924 Rocky Mount, North Carolina " Wonderful Food " " Let us rent you formal Rocky Mount, North Carolina wear for the big Dances. " RED’S PLACE W. S. CLARK AND SONS, INC. " Tarboro’ s Largest and Leading SERVICE STATION Department store " 409 Main St. TA 3-2101 Tarboro Highway Hardware and Farm Supply Store Rocky Mount North Carolina West James Street TA 3-4136 SHERATON-CARLETON HOUSE in Downtown Rocky Mount 114 South Washington Street Dial GI 6-7777 Catering to Parties and Conventions RADIO SERVICE SHOP : — 5 “ fl|2|gjl 112 South Washington Street Dial GI 6-8350 . T.V. and Music Zenith RCA For Reservation Call 442-1166 Junction Highway 301 -A and 64 Walter Mears Jesse Brown " We service all makes " FAIRVIEW BEAUTY SHOP THER-A-PEDIC OF AT NORTH CAROLINA Fairview Shopping Center Division ox Douincrn ivictiirLobj xnc Phone 446-7524 W .,Y) vv Free Parking ) Rocky Mount, North Carolina AIRPORT LUNCHEONETTE DOMESTIC ELECTRIC SERVICE INC. Serving Edgecombe Nash and Wilson Counties " Always a Friendly Welcome " Phone GI 6-9932 John T. Williford, Prop. " Bring a Friend " 301 -A North Rocky Mount, N. C. MARROW-PITT HARDWARE COMPANY INC. Serving Edgecombe County Tarboro, N. C. Since 1913 C. ELMO WILLIFORD For General Merchandise at Temperance Hall Route 1 Elm City, N. C. FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN 116 S. Franklin St. Phone GI-69191 SHELL TARBORO STREET STATION Complimenting the Class of ' 66 Yours for Service with Autobody Repairs — Glass Installation- -- Painting — Used Auto Parts — 24 Hour Wrecker Service — Free Teletype Service — Mechanical Repair Radio Repairs CITIZENS SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION LEON’S BODY SHOP 229 Sunset Avenue Rocky Mount, N. C. US 64 East Rocky Mount, N. C. Dial 442-3161 Jilt SERVICE ) FIRST THOUGHT BRASWELL’S BULLUCK EDWARDS SPORTS SHOPS Farm Supplies Priddy Fertilizers Paints-Hardware jVA Sherwin-Williams Paints 137 Nash Street Rocky Mount A : v5 E= r ' North Carolina Phone 446-4102 1104 Cokey Road Rocky Mount North Carolina G. S. TUCKER CO. INC. All Texaco Products Motor tuning and brake service. Rocky Mount, North Carolina We give S H Green Stamps. Peoples ' Choice Service 1876 flL ROSSIE GRIFFIN TEXACO i « 1 Iff teAco 1 j 300 Tarboro Street pAl A ' Phone 446-8303 Compliments of VICKS RADIO AND T. V. SERVICE KELLY’S CLEANERS Westinghouse and Philco Color Sets 546 South Franklin Street Rocky Mount, N. C. Rocky Mount, North Carolina Compliments of Compliments to Class of ' 66 from DONALD RUSS T. V. MARVIN R. ROBBINS SERVICE Life Insurance TARBORO SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION Complimenting the Class of ' 66 Tarboro, North Carolina REX JEWELER’S Fine Diamonds Tarboro, North Carolina ADLERS OF TARBORO, INC Quality Branded Clothing at Reasonable Prices for the entire family TA 3-3088 230 Main St. Tarboro, North Carolina TYSON’S DRUG CENTER, INC. Prescriptions 112 N. Church Street Rocky Mount, N. C. HOME OF SCHOOL SUPPLIES Dial 446-7128 Compliments of W. S. CLARK SONS, INC. " TARBORO ' S LARGEST AND LEADING DEPARTMENT STORE. " 409 Main Street TA 3-2101 Hardware and Farm Supply Store West James Street TA 3-4136 ANDERSON-MOHORN, INC. RU-BOB PAR THREE Webster- Linder Irrigation COUNTRY CLUB Massey- Ferguson t Highway 301 A South Wilson Road Rocky Mount, North Carolina Phone 446-9444 Gold Strap Feeds for All Poultry and Livestock EATMAN MOTOR COMPANY CABISCO FLOUR FEED MILLS, INC. Wg; 531 North Church Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina South Grace Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina Phone GI 6-9216 Compliments of HILL-PROCTOR PRINT SHOP 147 South Washington Rocky Mount, North Carolina MODEL BARBER SHOP Rocky Mount, North Carolina 74 ii Svivifcpio-Jf New or Used Phone 442-8663 BILL’S AUTO SALVAGE POWELL’S TRUCK AUTO SERVICE Repair to All Truck, Commins A Phone Call Will Bring It Diesel and Gasoline Engines GI 6-9108 All Work Guaranteed 3010 South Church Street Ext. Rocky Mount, N. C. Rt. 4, Box 305A Rocky Mount, N. C. LEWIS GROCERY THE CAMPUS ROOM 223 So. Main Street Rocky Mount, N. C. 7 days a week 7 a.m. - 11 p.m. 1320 Cokey Road Phone 6-9244 Rocky Mount, N. C. MERRITT PLUMBING AND HEATING COMPANY, INC. Contractors Plumbing, Heating, Air-Conditioning Personal Supervision of all work Duro and Gould Water System GI 6-4667 923 Norfolk Street WIMBERLY AND GREGORY 118 South Franklin Street Real Estate-Insurance-Rentals Real Estate Appraisals CARLISLE FUNERAL HOME Mutual Burial Association Ask about our new Funeral Expense Plan " We Go Anywhere at Anytime” Tarboro, N. C. Day Night TA 3-3202 TA 3-3765 TARBORO AUTO PARTS, INC. The Best In Automotive Supplies 2208 N. Main St. Phone 823-8500 Tarboro, N. C. WIGGINS LAKE Fishing- Swimming-Dancing Picnicing for Entire Family 3 miles East of West Edgecombe School | JAMES GROCERY Fresh Meats Country Ham Howard Street Ext. Tarboro, N. C. 121 Nash Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina Phone 442-5449 In account with W. L DUNN AND SONS " Complete One Stop Shopping Center " Pinetops, N. C. BOOSTERS VOGUE BEAUTY SHOPPE COLEY ' S BEAUTY S HOP PURVIS CLEANERS LAND ' S SERVICE STATION MOORE ' S GARAGE SPRINGFIELD GROCERY DAVIS COMPANY AUTO PARTS EDGEMONT BARBER SHOP DANIEL’S BARBER SHOP JOYNER GLASS SHOP WATERS BROTHERS TRIANGLE SERVICE STATION BULLUCK FURNITURE COMPANY C. M. JACKSON GROCERY J. A. JACKSON PAINT COMPANY CATO ' S ROCKY MOUNT OPTICIANS HERTZBERG FURS Compliments of MAOLA MILK AND ICE CREAM COMPANY P. O. 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Suggestions in the West Edgecombe High School - Wescomb Yearbook (Rocky Mount, NC) collection:

West Edgecombe High School - Wescomb Yearbook (Rocky Mount, NC) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


West Edgecombe High School - Wescomb Yearbook (Rocky Mount, NC) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


West Edgecombe High School - Wescomb Yearbook (Rocky Mount, NC) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


West Edgecombe High School - Wescomb Yearbook (Rocky Mount, NC) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


West Edgecombe High School - Wescomb Yearbook (Rocky Mount, NC) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


West Edgecombe High School - Wescomb Yearbook (Rocky Mount, NC) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


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