West Edgecombe High School - Wescomb Yearbook (Rocky Mount, NC)

 - Class of 1964

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West Edgecombe High School - Wescomb Yearbook (Rocky Mount, NC) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1964 volume:

1 1 i Edgecombe County Memorial Library Tarboro, NC Given In Loving Memory Of Theresa Ward Brown Beloved Home Economics Teacher at West Edgecombe High School from 1954 to 1978 by XA rrl nrl lA THE 1964 WECOMB Published by The Senior Class of WEST EDGECOMBE SCHOOL Route Rocky Mount, North Carolina I r ‘ 1 1 r ! ' i 5 f 1 ' - , — »-._S2 ill ,¥ ■■rty-t.iljni iiy- ’ ' %“ -a!3«.-’ I i ' - ' - " ■• ' Dedication Mr. John Bengel, f or your outstanding achievement, untiring patience, and ever-present sense of humor, we proudly dedicate the 1964 W e s c o mb to you. We are grateful for the understanding you have always displayed to each of us. Your contribution of individual friendship will always be remem- bered and appreciated as we at- tempt to meet the challenges that life has to offer. Mr. John Bengel The staff proudly dedicates this 1964 Wescomb to Mrs. Rachel Jacocks, whose understanding and devotion have been a guiding light to all of her students during the formative years of their education. Her constant efforts in leading young people have been greatly ap- preciated and will long be remem- bered. Mrs. Rachel Jacocks 3 Administration Mr R. M. Cashwell Principal The senior class of 1964 is an unusual group of young people -- short in number but long in many qualities such as wit, sense of humor, and the desire to excell. This 1964 edition of the WESCOMB is one example of your desire to excell. To excell in life remember three things --in whatever field you pursue, don ' t ever give up, do a little more than is expected, and always remember that the MAN upstairs is only too willing to help when you give Him the opportunity to do so. 4 Local School Board SEATED: Mr. C. B. Daughtridge, Mr. Mayo Cherry, Mr. James Hinton. STANDING: Mr. Cecil Brake, Chairman; Mr. Clater Killebrew, Secretary. COUNTY BOARD Mr. W. H. Brake SUPERINTENDENT Mr. M. S. Clary SECRETARY Mrs. Doris Batts Parent Teacher Association STANDING: Mrs. Irene Thurmond, Treasurer; Mrs. Joyce Porter, Vice-President; Mrs. Mildred Burgess, Secretary. SEATED: Mrs. Betty Lewis, President. High School Faculty Mrs, Gertrude Cocowitch East Carolina College Guidance Council Miss Lynette Mangum U. N. C., Greensboro Social Studies Mrs. Sara Barbee Brenau College English Mrs. Sara Cousins East Carolina College English, History Miss Beulah Brake U. N. C., Greensboro Mathematics Mrs. Ruth McSwain U. N. C., Greensboro Physical Education and Math Mrs. Evelyn Jones Duke University English Mrs. Charlotte Forrest East Carolina College Mathematics 6 High School Faculty Mr. Kelly Byrum Atlantic Christian College Coach and Science Mr. John Bengel Wake Forest College Science and Coach Mr. Julius Lee Atlantic Christian College Social Studies Miss Louisianna Hurdle East Carolina College Commercial Mr. Fred Langford Clemson College Agriculture Mrs. Theresa Brown U. N. C . , Greensboro Home Economics Miss Nettie Bunn East Carolina College Music Mrs. Betty Breedlove U. N. C., Greensboro Librarian 7 Senior Class Favorites FRED CARR AWAY AND SANDRA PETTIGREW Senior Class Officers James Walston 9 Charles Pitt MERLYN JOYCE A RNOLD " Merlyn " " A penny for you thoughts.” LINDA ANN BAKER " Linda” " All for love and nothing for reward.” JIMMIE LEE BASS " Jimmie” " Men of few words are the best men.” MAXINE ARDELLIA BASS " Maxine” " Hope and be happy that ' s all for the best.” OSCAR CONWAY BATCHELOR, JR. " Conway” " A quiet mind is richer than a crown.” JANICE MARIE BATTS " Janice” " A cheerful heart, a cheerful smile, a charm of friend- ship all the while.” SHIRLEY ANN BELL " Shirley” " Hard to know but so well worth knowing.” ALAN BRYCE BOTTOMS " Alan” " A calendar, a calendar! Look in the almanac; find out moonshine.” JOSEPH ARNOLD BRAKE " Joe " A studious boy goes far into the world of knowledge. " SANDRA ELAINE BRAKE " Sandra " " She’s just the kind whose nature never changes.” CAROLYN MAE CALHOUN " Carolyn” " Through life she goes with a happy smile. " ERED LOUIS CARRAV ' AY " E red " " All the world loves a lover. " YVONNE ANTIONETTE CLARKE " Yvonne " " Silence accomplishes much that noise cannot. " CLAUDE BASSETTE DAUGHTRIDGE, JR. " C. B. " " It doesn ' t pay to worry , things are bound to happen any- way.” GEORGE THOMAS DAVIS " George” " Idle, slow, and unconcerned, he went to class and some- times learned. " WILLIAM VERNON GARRETT, JR. " Vernon” " It is better to wear out in mischief than to rust by be- ing too solemn. " JOANNE MARIE GUYANT " Joanne " " True to her word, her work, and her friends. " FREDERICK LESTER HAITHCOCK " Freddie " " With his smile sincere, many friends draw near. " MILDRED REBECCA HULL " Mildred " " She is pretty to walk with and witty to talk with. " WANDA SUE INSCOE " Wanda " " Full of laughter, full of pep, never quiet, that’s her rep. " LOU ELLEN IVEY " Lou Ellen " " The world belongs to the energetic. " ELMER LLOYD JOYNER " Elmer” " An honest man is the noblest work of God. " EDWARD EARL LANCASTER " Edward " " Every man ' s affairs, however little, are important to himself.” JOHN RICHARD LANCASTER " Dickie " " Quiet in appearance with motives unknown. " CARROLL YAKIMA LEWIS " Yakima " " It is easier not to speak a word at all than to speak more words than we should. " NANCY LOUISE LOGAN " Nancy " " Her future is planned--third finger, left hand. " SANDRA JOYCE MATHIS " Sandra " " She says little but thinks a lot. " JOHN GOLD PERRY, JR. " John " " Don ' t take life too seriously; you ' ll never get out of it alive. SANDRA JEAN PETTIGREW " Sandra " " Promise is most given when the least is said. " CHARLES DEMPSEY PITT " Pete " " Whistling, laughing, or singing a song, happy and con- tented he jogs along. " DIANNA DAVENE RAYNOR " Dianna " " She was always quiet and dignified. " GEORGIA ANN SHEARIN " Georgia " ' Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. " GERALD WAYNE SPEIGHT " Jerry " " He carries his troubles in his pocket with a hole in it HELEN PAULETTE STEIN " Helen” " Say little and do much; meet everyone with a smile CAROL YVONNE SUMERLIN " Carol " " Nothing is impossible to the willing heart. " DONALD RAY TAYLOR " Don " " Blessed is the man who invented sleep. " MARCIA ANN TURNER " Marcia " " A smile that wins, a manner that takes; everywhere she goes, friends she makes. " BARBARA ANN TYNDALL " Barbara " " Let the world slip: we shall never be younger. " SHIRLEY RUTH WALL " Shirley " " A Lass so neat, with a smile so sweet. " KENNETH ALBERT WALLACE " Kenneth " " All great men are dying, I don’t feel so well myself. " JAMES THOMAS WALSTON " James " " The world would be mine if I had time to take care of it. " MARY LOUISE WATSON " Mary Louise " " Nice things come in small packages. " DARKAS ANN WATTS " Darkas " " Faithful in action and true in friendship. " NANCY CAROL WILLIAMS " Nancy " " As welcome as sunshine in every place is the beaming approach of a good natured face. " DENNIS ELMO WILLIFORD " Dennis " " Politeness goes far but costs nothing. " HERMAN EUGENE WINDERS " Herman " " Always looking forward to some leisure time.” JERRY LEE WORDSWORTH " Jerry " " Happy is the man who enjoys life. " MARION LOUIS WORSLEY " M. L. " " I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul. " 1963 Marshals Nancy Williams; Carol Sumerlin; Dianna Raynor; Joe Brake; Shirley Bell; Sandra Pettigrew; Helen Stein, Chief Boys’ State of 1 963 Joe Brake, Participant, and James Walston, Alternate Rendezvous of The Stars Junior-Senior Senior Superlatives MOST POPULAR Marcia Turner M. L. Worsley MOST STUDIOUS Dianna Raynor Joe Brake MOST TALENTED Nancy Logan C. B. Daughtridge 18 Senior Superlatives WITTIEST Helen Stein Joe Brake Wanda Inscoe Charles Pitt MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Carol Sumerlin Dennis Williford MOST DEPENDABLE !9 Senior Superlatives BEST ALL ROUND CUTEST Nancy Williams Fred Carraway MOST VALUABLE TO THE SCHOOL Helen Stein Joe Brake Sandra Pettigrew Fred Carraway 20 Senior Superlatives MOST ATHLETIC Sandra Pettigrew M. L. Worsley BEST LOOKING Sandra Mathis Dennis Williford MOST COURTEOUS Shirley Wall M. L. Worsley 21 Junior Class Favorites GERRY YODER AND CLYDE McSWAIN VICE-PRESIDENT 3oe- joote SECRETARY REPORTER Junior Class Officers Sammy Adkins George Andrew Patsy Baker Rita Batts Larry Beddingfield Ronald Bozzelle Jimmy Bradley Mary Ellen Britt Beth Bulluck Tommy Burgess Mary Cannon Linda Cockrell Margaret Coley Hugh Credle Winifred Cressman Jo Anne Davis Allen Denton Margaret Dickens Bunnie Driver Jimmy Eason Leona Eason Linda Eason Martin Gardner Peggy Gay William Gay Cheryl Griffin Shelia Hagans Dwight Harper Ann Harris Mitchell Hill Darold Hoff Connie Jefferson Jo- Anne Jones Phillip Joyner Melvin Johnson Ann Lewis Rachel Joyner Curtis Kennedy Clara Lancaster Gene Lancaster 24 Ann Long Meryl Medford Clyde McSwain Wayne Millwood Woody Moseley Carolyn Nelms Lin Perry Etta Powell Lynn Proctor Margaret Proctor Mary Ann Proctor Joe Purvis Shelby Purvis Larry Raynor Jean Reges Gwen Ricks Bunny Roberts Brenda Rodgers Louise Rooks Jon Schultz Tommy Shepherd Danny Simmons Mary Ann Speight Rose Strange Gloria Sykes Charles Taylor Donna Taylor Winnie Trevathan Ray Turner Willie Turner Linda Walston Brenda Walters Bertha Weaver Vivian Williams Joey Wooten Gerry Yoder Brenda Jones C. T. Worrell Linda Johnston Bob Bunn 25 Sophomore Class Favorites LINDA MANNING AND DON JOYNER Sophomore Class Officers Don Joyner 27 Sammy Brake Kay Adams Gwen Anderson James Arnold Linda Bell Mollie Best David Bradley Katherine Brake Sammy Brake Gordon Bunn David Cannon Mary Cockrell Charles Coley Edith Daniels Jimmy Daniels Charlie Coley Betsy Daughtridge Edna Daughtridge James Davis Jimmy Davis Lois Davis Stuart Davis Emmett Dew Billy Eason Johnny Eason William Eason Linda Everette Earl Gay Linda Gay Shirley Gay Paul Godwin John Griffin Faye Hathaway Clinton Henry Lillie Pearl Hinton Diane Hoff Bruce Holmes Mack Hutchinson George Jenkins Carolyn Jones Don Joyner 28 Nancy Lancaster Regina Lancaster Patsy Langston Betty Faye Lynn Nellie Lynn Linda Manning Dot Moore Geraldine Morgan Patricia Morris Myrthleen Moseley Ronald Parrish Ronnie Peele Crisp Pettigrew Doris Pitt Jerry Pridgen Deborah Proctor Leon Proctor Veda Proctor Tommy Quincy Douglas Raynor Jesse Richmond Earl Rose Linda Speight Billy Suggs Johnny Taylor Ray Taylor Danny Toler Mary Trevathan Mike Turner Billy Vaughan Bobby Vaughan Preston Wall Allen Ward Norman Webb Jerry Winstead Faye Batts Brenda Todd Karen Trager Robbie Wooten Linda Bass 29 Freshmen Class Favorites NANCY BELL AND WAYNE WHITEHURST (fv i Vivian Nelms Carolyn Manning Freshmen Class Officers Linda Adams Jean Adams Peggy Alford Jane Arnold Billy Avent Sandra Barbour Hilda Batchelor Nancy Bell Dorothy Bottoms Ben Mary Bradley Charles Bradley Sandra Brake Ann Bulluck Billy Bulluck Emma Bunn Deborah Calhoun Gordon Calhoun Jimmy Calhoun Thomas Champion Jane Cherry Johnny Crocker Dianne Daughtridge Marvin Daughtridge Sonny Davenport Brenda Denton Eugene Dew Jo Ann Edwards Kay Flood Jennette Gardner Cindy Glover Richard Glover Jimmy Guyant Billie Kaye Harrell Fred Harriett Kenneth Hayes Elizabeth Herrir Billy Hill Wayne Hill Tommy Hopkins Tommy Jones Ted Kennedy Dann y Ray Lancaster Martha Lancaster Andrew Leonard Gail Long Linda Lowe Edith Lynch Jackie Mann 32 Carolyn Manning Wayne Manning Harry Marks Donna Moore William Morrison Vivian Nelms Delores Owens Gwen Parker Donald Parrish Shirley Peele Mary Pollard Doris Pope Joe Powell Carolyn Proctor Mike Rhodes Ann Robbins Elizabeth Robinson Hilda Rodgers Nancy Rowe Lillie Mae Swinson Carolyn Surles David Stewart Patsy Stallings Susan height Patsy Shreve Richard Scarbel Mary Sawyer Jerry Samples Billy Salter Carolyn Turner Bob Walker Charles Wall Gerald Ward George Watson Walter Watson Patricia Watts Carolyn Weeks Wayne Whitehurst Kenneth Williams Vickie Williams Ellis Wiimord Mary Nell Worsley Isaac Joyner Allen Killebrew Ernest Davis Kathy Antulov Bob Cashwell Joyce Thigpen 33 Elementary School 34 Junior a A Elementary Faculty Mrs. Martha Webb Eighth Grade Miss Rhoda Mae Bone Eighth Grade Mrs. Sylvia Pritchard Eighth Grade Mrs. Adelyn Barkley Seventh Grade Mrs. Rebecca Bone Seventh Grade Mrs. Thelma Page Seventh Grade Mrs. Mary Waters Sixth Grade Miss Reba Proctor Sixth Grade Mrs. Marion Gorham Sixth Grade Mrs. Margaret Thompson Fifth Grade Mrs. Rachel Jacocks Fifth Grade Mrs. Letha Herrington Fifth Grade Mrs. Irene Thurmond Fourth Grade Miss Mary Lee Worsley Fourth Grade 36 Elementary Faculty Miss Elizabeth Wilson Fourth Grade Miss Virginia Carraway Third Grade Miss Annie Mears Third Grade Miss Elizabeth Knight Third Grade Mrs. Ethel Warrington Second Grade Mrs. Myrtle Brake Second Grade Mrs. Marie Eakin First Grade Mrs. Mildred Moore First Grade Mrs. Josie Parker First Grade Mrs. Mittie Parker Special Education Mrs. Hannah Cashwell Librarian Mrs. Cornelia Dozier Piano Mrs. Marie Mangum Second Grade Miss Mary Batts First Grade 37 Mrs. Webb’s Eighth Grade FIRST ROW: Jackie Barbour, Doris Barnes, Linda Bass, Jolene Batts, Ronald Batts, Henry Bradley, Don Brake, Bruce Gay, Benjamin Hagans, Patsy Herring. SECOND ROW: Jimmy Hinton, Bettie Lou Jackson, Deborah Jefferson, Ray Joyner, John Langston, Johnny Lancaster, William Lancaster, Roy Lewis, Carolyn Owens, Phillip Peele. THIRD ROW: Shirley Sawyer, Linda Simmons, Gary Thompson, Carolyn Trevathan, Wayne Trevathan, Dianne Wade, Cecelia Webb, Wayne Wells, Lynn Watson. Linda Sumerlin. FOURTH ROW: Celia Williams, Rickie Wooten. Miss Bone’s Eighth Grade FIRST ROW: Brenda Adams, Nikki Baker, Linda Bottoms, Sammy Childers, Bobby Gardner, Betty Jean Gay, Wendy Hall, Bettie Pearl Harris, Dallas Joyner, Patsy Joyner. SECOND ROW: James Lancaster, John Lan- caster, Sharon Pittman, David Price, Lois Proctor, Jeannie Carol Proctor, William Proctor, Ray Richardson, Joseph Suggs, Glenn Thompson. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Turner, Susie Walters, Melinda Ward, Judy Weathers- bee, Charles Williams, Sharon Williams, Jerry Williams, William Williams, KennethWordsworth, Jerry Lan- caster. 38 Mrs, Pritchard’s Eighth Grade FIRST ROW: Yvonne Adams, Bobby Bell, Georgia Bone, Shannon Bone, Donald Ray Brake, Sue Britt, George Calhoun, Kenneth Daniels, Roy Haithcock, Thomas Harper. SECOND ROW: Billy Holloman, Janice Joyner, Jean Lancaster, Leon Lewis, John Long, Gary McAlister, Roger McSwain, Barton Prince, Diane Proctor, Joyce Proctor. THIRD ROW: Peggy Proctor, Glenda Taylor, Brenda Trevathan, Linda Trevathan, Wayne Valentine, Bert Webb, Wayne Williams, Robert Wrenn. Mrs, Bone’s Seventh Grade FIRST ROW: Audrey Andrew, Cecil Arnold, Allen Daughtridge, Betty Daughtridge, Vickie Ezzell, Elaine Flood, Wayne Hathaway, Wayne Hill, Gail Hinton, Danny Hoffman. SECOND ROW: Mike Hc shire, Patty King, John Lancaster, Margaret Lancaster, Phillip Leonard, William Leonard, George ewis, Ray Long, Davy Lynch, Clyde Murray. THIRD ROW; Betty Owens, Lewy Price, Bill Raynor, Kenneth Smith, Barbara height, Mike Strange, Kaye Summerlin, Linda Taylor, Norman Thompson. lOURTH ROW: Joe Varnell, Marie Whitehurst, Becky Williams, Donnie Winders. 39 Mrs. Barkley’s Seventh Grade FIRST ROW: James Adams, Bruce Arnold, Jackie Arnold, Jesse Bottoms, Betty Jo Braswell, Paula Bunn, Jimmy Coley, Bobby Davis, Beth Whitley, Kenneth Fulford. SECOND ROW: Tim Harvey, Linda Hill, Carl Holloman, Susan Jackson, Marie Jones, Clyde Joyner, Mary Ann Lancaster, Fred Moseley, Gwen Moseley, David Mott. THIRD ROW: Mickey Paine, Weeks Parker,, Linda Perry, Robert Powell, Billy Proctor, Linda Proctor, Betty Ruth Rowe, Johnny Simmons, Anita Taylor, Fred Taylor. FOURTH ROW: Linda Todd, Charles Turner, Ronnie Turner, Joanne Walker, Beth Whitley, Diane Winstead. Carol Dickens, Mike Eason, Donnie Gardner, Ann Gay. SECOND ROW: Billie Faye Griffin, Smith Grubs, Norma Guyant, Winnie Harrell, Donna Hoff, Robert Holder, Robert Hudspeth, A1 Inscoe, Anna Ivey, Gordon Joyner. THIRD ROW: Cindy Leonard, Christine Lynch, Barbara Newsome, Gloria Perry, Gary Pettigrew, Lora Leigh Proctor, James Robbins, Jerry Summerlin, Ann Taylor, Mike Tolar. FOURTH ROW: Donnie Tolson, Billy Varnell, Dennis Varnell, Gail Walker, Rossie Williams. 40 Mrs. Gorham ' s Sixth Grade FIRST ROW: Wanda Alford, Terry Barbour, Brenda Calhoun, Shirley Cobb, John Covington, Patricia Daughtridge, Donald Davenport, Susan Driver, Joseph Everette, Walter Harper. SECOND ROW: Patrick Henry, Terry Johnson, Gail Joyner, Dwight McKeei, Sherrie Moore, Nancy Pierce, Richard Pitt, Larry Powell, Candy Purvis, Marie Shreve. THIRD ROW: Diane Smith, Nancy Speight, Summerlin (Jimmy), Wayne Summer- lin, Annie Mae Thompson, Lena Weaver, Deborah Yoder. Mrs. Waters ' Sixth Grade FIRST ROW: Jean Ayers, Brenda Barbour, Kathy Bland, John Brake, Jean Bulluck, Charles Bunn, Arlene Champion, Dennis Cockrell, Patricia Coley, Billy Crocker. SECOND ROW: Charles Doak, Stephanie Harvey, Donna Lancaster, R. M. Lowe, Dianna Lynn, Margaret Owens, Jimmy Perry, Jimmy Pitt, Edward Powell, Jody Proctor. THIRD ROW: Jimmy height, Bruce Taylor, Carolyn Taylor, Patricia Thomas, Carolyn Tol- son, Evelyn Tolson, Glenn Watson, Nance Watson. I 41 Miss Proctor ' s Sixth Grade FIRST ROW: Linda Bell, Deannie Bottoms, Marvin Coley, Russell Daughtridge, Karen Dawes, Bill DeBurhl, Brenda Eason, John Harper, Clark Joyner, Bruce Lancaster. SECOND ROW: Peggy Langley, Joseph Lynn, Bryan Medley, Joyce Moore, Deborah Perry, Belva Prince, Gail Rhodes, Donald Russ, Georgia Stein, Fran Stewart. THIRD ROW: Albert Surles, Gwen Waddell, Margaret Wall, Debbie Whitehead, Cindy Whitley, Rufus Williams, Wayne Williams, Rose Winders, R. B. Swinson. Mrs. Thompson ' s Fifth Grade FIRST ROW: Buster Adams, Doris Daughtridge, Bonnie Dew, Henry Edmondson, Doris Harris, Jerry Hatha- way, Sue Hill, Martin Jackson, Teresa Jernigan, Jane Joyner. SECOND ROW: Rilla Kennedy, Alice Lan- caster, Brenda Lancaster, Nell Lewis, Glenn O ' Neal, Mike Parker, Randy Pettigrew, Deborah Rooks, Wayne Smith, William Stallings. THIRD ROW: Clyde Suggs, Alice Turner, David Turner, Jimmy Vick, Phil Webb, Debra Williams, John Williams. 42 Mrs. Jacock’s Fifth Grade FIRST ROW; Mary Doris Best, Gloria Bone, Thomas Bozelle, Laurie Cressman, Donald Davis, Milton Daughtridge, Kim Denson, Lynne Flowers, Ronald Flood, Connie Fulford. SECOND ROW: Shelia Higson, Lionel Johnson, Freddie Johnson, Anita Lancaster, Carol Lynch, Melvin Mathis, Betty Mott, Randy Narron, Robert Nelms, Evelyn Owens. THIRD ROW: Jean Pittman, Glenn Proctor, Larry Raynor, Danny Richardson, Steven Roberts, Ricky Shaw, Yvonne Thompson, Randy Turner, Sammy Toler. Mrs. Herrington ' s Fifth Grade FIRST ROW: Barbara Britt, Laura Bulluck, Danny Bunn, Gerald Daniels, Gloria Eason, Jimmy Edwards, Anita Goff, Jerry Hill, Pam Humbert, Jo Jackson. SECOND ROW: Gayle Joyner, C. P. Killibrew, Nancy Lancaster, Watson Lancaster, Walter Marks, Jimmy Mercer, Ricky Pettigrew, Bruce Pope, Ellen Proctor, Mary Jo Proctor. THIRD ROW: Ray Proctor, Wayne Rhodes, Elizabeth Richardson, Tommy Robbins, Barry Snipes, Ray Webb, Bruce Williams, Cathy Winders, Corinee Wooten, Mary Lu Wooten. 43 FIRST ROW: Nancy Avent, Vivian Bailey, Brenda Branch, Alexander Bunn, Amy Collins, David Daughtridge, Debra Drake, Nancy Farmer, Virginia Griffin, Debra Guyant. SECOND ROW: Linda Hinton, Patsy Hinton, Jeffrey Holloman, Melvin Holloman, Robert Holloman, Clinton Hopkins, Keith Inscoe, Michael Lancaster, Danny Langley, Steven Lindsey. THIRD ROW: Janice Melton, Kay Morris, Greg Moseley, John Proctor, Terry Proctor, Connie Rackley, Anita Snipes, Hazel Tompkins, Amy Turner, Re- becca Wallace. FOURTH ROW: Bennett Williams, Royce Williams. Miss Wilson’s Fourth Grade FIRST ROW: Lou Baker, Connie Barnes, Joseph Bradshaw, Becky Jo Calhoun, Danny Cobb, Thomas Daughtridge, Ryland Daughtridge, Carolyn Davenport, Danny DeBruhl, John Ezzell. SECOND ROW: Janet Flood, Sandra Gardner, Vickie Hagans, Beverly Hogshire, Jim Jenkins, Cynthia Joyner, Judy Lancaster, Ray Lancaster, David Lynn, Ronnie Mathis. THIRD ROW: Doris Mott, Samuel Rodgers, Walter Rose, Linda Sawyer, Bruce Smith, Steve Strange, Barbara Turner, Cheryl Turner, Kenneth Turner. 44 Mrs. Thurmond’s Fourth Grade FIRST ROW: Wanda Arnold, Debra Batts, Mike Batts, Julian Brake, Vickie Braswell, Christopher Calhoun, Kathy Calhoun, Tyrone Cobb, Ernest Edwards, Donna Flye. SECOND ROW: Gail Griffin, Beth Hicks, Brenda Hinton, Kathy Holder, Eddie Johnson, Kennette Johnson, Tommy Johnson, Michael King, Joe Lancaster, Kathy Lewis. THIRD ROW: Mike McSwain, Tony Medley, Rita Moore, Ashley Newcomb, Ricky Perry, Carol Pope, Gale Powell, Carol Proctor, Barbara Rooks, Mary Surles. FOURTH ROW: Vickie Weeks, Donald Wells. FIRST ROW: Terry Alford, Lee Bell, Deborah Bradshaw, Mildred Bunn, Rose Cashwell, Donald Covington, Laddie Crisp, Jackie Farmer, Danny Frazier, Janice Griffin. SECOND ROW: Jo Lynn Hicks, Thomas Hopkins, Robin Jefferson, Eddie Jones, Nancy Knode, Carlton Lamb, Mike Lanier, Ginger Mizelle, Becky Norris, Renwood Pearce. THIRD ROW: Danny Penwell, Glennis Perry, Sue Ellen Rivenbark, Betty Stancil, Sammy Sumerlin, Gene Taylor, Sally Thompson, Trudy Trevathan, Jean- ette Turner, Julia Turner. FOURTH ROW: Ann Watson, Becky Whitehurst, Bobby Williams, Marian Williams. Miss Knight’s Third Grade 45 Miss Carraway’s Third FIRST ROW: Cathy Bass, Denise Bass, Brenda Brake, Debra Brake, Henry Bunn, Raymond Bul- luck,JoAnn Carraway, Mike Cobb, Bonnie Cooke, Terry Dawes. SECOND ROW: Kirby Dupree, Sheila Everette, David Goodsell, Jan Hinton, Glenda Faye Johnson, Patrick Johnson, Rail Lawrence, Pender Lewis, Sheila Lewis, Wesley Lewis. THIRD ROW: Roger Luper, Harry McKeel, Sharon Moore, Vickie Pittman, Kevin Prince, Wayne Proctor, Mike Robbins, Margaret Rose, Mickey Smith, John Stallings. FOURTH ROW: Carol Taylor, Leslie Taylor, Charles Watson, Dennis Webb, Angela Brock. Miss Mears’ Third FIRST ROW: Aubrey Anderson, Steve Calhoun, Teresa Cooke, June Daughtridge, Rebecca Daught- ridge, Peggy Dew, Donny Edwards, Debra Gouge, Frank Harper, Sue Hataway. SECOND ROW: John Henry, Dianne Hill, Denise Holder, Mary Hutchinson, Lynn Long, Marilyn Marks, Mike Mathis, David May, Jerry Mosley, Elaine Murray. THIRD ROW: Billy Owens, Betsy Porter, Joe Price, Marilyn Proctor, William Proctor, Debra Rhodes, Becky Robbins, Melvin Rodgers, James Rodgers, Janice Thompson. FOURTH ROW: Earl Watson, Dianne Williams, Steve Words- worth, Earl Gay, Mike Calhoun. 46 A Mrs. Warrington’s Second Grade FIRST ROW: Ronnie Barbour, Keith Bone, Wesley Braswell, Charlotte Core, Rebecca Dickerson, Ricky Eason, Paulette Glover, Patricia Griffin, Brenda Jenkins, Mary Frances Joyner. SECOND ROW: William Earl Lancaster, Vicki Lanier, Cathy Oakey, Patrick Paine, Lewyellen Price, Rodney Price, Robert Pridgen, Wanda Kaye Proctor, Randy Richardson, Tony Russ. THIRD ROW: Charlie Stewart, Richard Tolston, Keith Walker, Donna Williams, Sharon Williams, Richard Rackley, Angela Williamson. Mrs. Brake ' s Second Grade FIRST ROW: Deborah Causway, Dan Cashwell, Bruce Coley, Tonya Lynn Crocker, Linda Coley, Sherry Harris, Linda Hurdle, Ricky Holloman, Joseph Hoffman, Marleene Joyner. SECOND ROW: Tommy Jones, Michael King, Lynn Logan, Diane Little, Billy Owens, Douglas Proctor, Joette Raynor, Randall Rivenbark, Tony Summerlin, Donna Thomas. THIRD ROW: James Tolston, Willis Vick, Jody Whitley, John Wallace, Kathy Whitley, William Walters, Dennis Womble, Alice Williams, Susan Yoder. I 47 Mrs. Mangum’s Second Grade FIRST ROW: Deborah Brinkley, Steven Burgess, Tony Cooper, Leonard Daughtridge, Dianne DeBruhl, Val Gindrop, Gail Gouge, Larry Gardner, Vicki Harvey. SECOND ROW: Joseph Hinton, Mike Hinton, Ann Med- ford, Deborah Oakey, Sherri Pettigrew, Ronnie Perry, Kaye Pollard, Carol Prince, Glenn Proctor. THIRD ROW: Mike Proctor, Speight Powell, Bonnie Taylor, Kathy Toler, Pat Turner, Keith Wade, Coleman Watts, Bill Weaver, Don Turner. Mrs. Parker’s First Grade FIRST ROW: Bobby Braswell, Jeri Ann Braswell, Linda Burgess, Stuart Bulluck, Ronnie Eason, Gene Gay, Lynn Ann Goodsell, Charles Gupton. SECOND ROW: Roy Johnson, Carey Lynn Koehn, James Lancaster, Garry Morris, Pam Moore, Robin Nelms, Frances O ' Neal, Wade Proctor, Teresa Jo Perry. THIRD ROW: Betsy Stallings, Linwood Taylor, Danny Trevathan, Norman Whitehead, Debra Williams, Reginald Woodard, Jesse Brock. 48 Miss Batts’ First Grade FIRST ROW: Ellen Bell, Qpie Coley, Dawn Ezzell, Steve Edmondson, Wilburn Gardner, Debbie Garrett, Cindy Johnson, Norma Luper, Clay Madry. SECOND ROW: PatMcSwain, Linda Faye Mott, Julian Powell, Frances Proctor, Joyce Richardson, Ricky Snipes, Randy Summerlin, Wayne Taylor, Laura Jo Tolson. THIRD ROW: Bruce Turner, John Weeks, Mike Williams, Ray Wilson, Joyce Ellis, Debbie Brinkley. Mrs. Moore’s First Grade FIRST ROW: Cathy Jo Baker, Gary Keith Cobb, Carthy Daughtridge, Terry Joe Edwards, Dawn Grindrup, Randy Green, Lynnette Hertel, James King, Lee Knode. SECOND ROW: Margie Jo Lamn, Debra Leonard, Mike Medley, Deborah Moss, Mike Newcomb, Cynthia Perry, Johnny Rodgers, John Surles, Kay Tart. THIRD ROW: Connie Taylor, Tommy Taylor, Lloyd Turner, Ann Williams, Mike Williams, Ricky Barnes. 49 Mrs. Eakin’s First Grade FIRST ROW: Eddie Boykin, Donnie Brake, Lolita Brake, Larry Burgess, David Coley, Donna Flowers, Ray Garrett, David Hopkins. SECOND ROW: Linda King, Charles Lanier, Debbie Lynch, Leonard Mercer, Karen Murray, Angela Penwell, Gary Proctor, Marcia Sherlin. THIRD ROW: George Summerlin, Dawn Toler, Thomas Tompkins, Jesse Walston, Zola Watson, Bennie Williams, Bobby Williams, Edna Williams. Mrs. Parker’s Special Education FIRST ROW: Esther Eason, Oscar Ellis, George Cockrell, Betty Coley, John Coley, Lee Harper, Thomas Hopkins, Marie Medford, Ray Medford, Barry Newsome, Marsha Taylor. School Activities At West Edgecombe Mr and Miss West Edgecombe MARCIA TURNER AND M. L. WORSLEY 1963 Homecoming Queen QUEEN; CONNIE BRAKE 53 ESCORT: DON MANNING Editors Shirley Bell Mildred Hull Helen Stein Wescomb FIRST ROW: Darkas Watts, Mary Louise Watson, Linda Baker, Merlyn Arnold, Dianna Raynor, Gloria Sykes. SEC- OND ROW: Joanne Guyant, Sandra Pettigrew, Georgia Shearin, Maxine Bass, Leona Eason, Woody Moseley, Jimmy Bradley, Nancy Williams, Joe Purvis, Janice Batts, Brenda Rodgers, Carolyn Calhoun. ■ 1 ' ' I ' i . ▲ •i:: ' ri L .i L a 1 .. ii i 1 iTjiHSI?; HI ' J 1 £ r [ » til i ' a FIRST ROW: Marcia Turner, Vernon Garrett, Kenneth Wallace, Fred Carraway, Carol Sumerlin, Nancy Logan. SEC- OND ROW: Sandra Brake. Barbara Tyndall, Gwen Ricks, Cheryl Griffin, Gerry Yoder, Rose Strange. Clyde McSwain, Wanda Inscoe, Darold Hoff, C. B. Daughtridge, Jerry Wordsworth. Wescomb Business Managers Lou Ellen Ivey M. L. Worsley Joe Brake 55 Glee Club Girls’ Chorus and Mixed Chorus Officers Accompanist and Director James Bradley, Dianna Raynor, Joey Wooten, Beth Bulluck 56 Katherine Brake and Miss Nettie Bunn We Hi Editors Left to right: Carol Sumerlin, Helen Stein, Shirley Bell. Art Staff SEATED: Johnny Eason, Nancy Logan, Shirley Bell, Fred Carr a way, Kay Adams. STANDING: Dianna Raynor, Linda Baker, Darkas Watts. Staff STANDING: President; Helen Stein, Vice President; Lillie Pearl Hinton. SEATED: Historian: Linda Cock- rell, Parliamentarian: Bertha Weaver, Reporter: Leona Eason, Secretary; Katherine Brake, Song Lead- er; Dot Moore, Treasurer: Carol Sumerlin. Officers tOUCATlO N LEADS FOR YOU Project Future Homemakers of America F.H.A. Members SEATED; Vice President: Jimmy Eason, President; George Jenkins, Secretary; M. L. Worsley. STAND- ING: Reporter: Martin Gardner, Treasurer: Sammy Brake. Chaplain: Herman Winders, Sentinel: Edward Lancaster, Parliamentarian; Gene Lancaster. 1 ' Officers F.F.A, Members Officers PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY Shirley Bell Sammy Brake Dorothy Moore REPORTER Linda Bell Representatives SEATED: Mrs. McSwain, Advisor; Linda Bell, Shirley Bell, Sammy Brake, Dot Moore, STANDING: Wayne Hill, M. L. Worsley, Sandra Pettigrew, Martin Gardner, Ben Mary Bradley, Linda Cockrell, Gordon Bunn, Nancy Bell, Woody Moseley, Brenda Denton, Brenda Todd, Clyde McSwain, Vickie Williams, Jane Cherry, Tommy Shepherd, Joey Wooten. 60 Beta Club FIRST ROW: Dianna Raynor, Nancy Williams, Ann Lewis, Carol Sumerlin. SECOND ROW: Brenda Rogers, Sandra Pettigrew, Shirley Bell, Helen Stein, Etta Powell. THIRD ROW: Joey Wooten, Joe Brake, Joe Purvis, Clyde McSwain, Martin Gardner, Jimmy Bradley, Leona Eason. Officers President Carol Sumerlin Vice President Clyde McSwain 61 Secretary Shirley Bell Treasurer Leona Eason Bus Drivers FIRST ROW; Sandra Brake, Shirley Wall, Barbara Tyndall, Marcia Turner, Merlyn Arnold, Linda Baker, James Walston, Helen Stein. SECOND ROW: Joe Brake, M. L. Worsley, Elmer Joyner, Dennis Williford, Johnny Eason, Fred Carraway, Charles Pitt, C. B. Daughtridge, Kenneth Wallace. Library Club SEATED: Mrs. Betty Breedlove, Advisor; Leona Eason, Barbara Tyndall, Shirley Bell, Linda Walston, Merlyn Arnold, Dwight Harper. STANDING; Ann Long, Regina Lancaster. Winnie Trevathan, Beth Bulluck, Patsy Baker. Bertha Weaver, Ann Speight, Linda Cockrell, Maxine Bass, Brenda Todd, Deborah Proctor, Georgia Shearin, Larry Raynor. 62 Gray Ladies FIRST ROW: Mary Helen Hutchison, Dianne Smith, Marylin Proctor, Linda Hinton, Brenda Hinton, Becky Calhoun, Nancy Farmer, Beverley Hogshire, Cheryl Turner. SECOND ROW; Kennette Johnson, Doris Daughtridge, Jody Proctor, Karen Dawes, Sue Hill, Candy Purvis, Gwen Waddell, Catherine Bland. THIRD ROW; Mary Nell Worsley. Patty King, Shannon Bone, Henry Bradley, Mary Ann Lancaster, Wennie Harrell, Jolene Batts. FOURTH ROW; Ben Mary Bradley, Katherine Brake, Jackie Mann, Yvonne Adams, Betsy Daughtridge, Cecelia Webb, Jane Cherry, Mrs. Dozier. Mrs. Dozier’s Piano Pupils FIRST ROW: Margaret Jackson, Margaret Quincy, Sally Worsley, Helen Hutchinson, Hannah Cashwell, Margaret Brake, Lois Koihn, Jackie Knode. BACK ROW: Norma Brake, Dot Whitley, Hope Wooten, Cherry Proctor, Evelyn Calhoun, Margaret Bradley, Margie King, Dusty Glover, Mildred Burgess. MISSING; Jane Price, Joyce Eatman, Betty Brake, Dorothy Suggs, Hazel Wooten. 63 Eighth Grade Day The 300th Birthday of N. C. Members of the Wescombe, Meadow Oak, and Proctor ' s Chapel 4-H Clubs Cheerleaders Left to Right: Janice Batts, Gerry Yoder, Gloria Sykes, Cindy Glover, Rose Marie Strange, Leona Eason, Nancy Bell, Rita Batts, Brenda Denton, Jo Ann Jones, Shirley Wall. Head Cheerleaders Janice Batts 65 Shirley Wall Girls’ Basketball Team Co-Captains Marcia Turner Sandra Pettigrew Team KNEELING: Lou Ellen Ivey, Wanda Inscoe, Joanne Guyant, Sandra Pettigrew, Dot Moore, Marcia Turner. STAND- ING: Margaret Proctor, Mary Pollard, Mollie Best, Carolyn Weeks, Vicky Williams, Shirley Peele, Linda Manning, Margaret Dickens, Billie Kaye Harrell, Ben Mary Bradley, Jane Cherry, Linda Speight, Elizabeth Robinson, Lillie Pearl Hinton, Betsy Daughtridge, Hilda Rogers. 66 GUARD: Sandra Pettigrew GUARD: Joanne Guyant FORWARD: Dot Moore GUARD: Marcia Turner FORWARD: Lou Ellen Ivey FORWARD: Wanda Inscoe 67 Boys’ Basketball Team Co-Captains Clyde McSwain Woody Moseley Team SEATED: Charles Taylor, Charles Pitt, Woody Moseley, Clyde McSwain, C. B. Daughtridge, M. L. Worsley. STAND- ING: Jon Schultz, Jerry Winstead, George Jenkins, Lin Perry, Jimmy Eason, Sammy Brake, Bruce Holmes, Charles Coley. 68 GUARD: Pete Pitt FORWARD: Charles Taylor FORWARD: Woody Moseley CENTER: Clyde McSwain GUARD: C. B. Daughtridge GUARD: M. L. Worsley 69 Baseball Team Left to right: Woody Moseley, Charles Taylor, Paul Godwin, Charles Coley, Vernon Garrett, Charles Pitt, M. L. Worsley, Phillip Joyner, C, B. Daughtridge, Joe’ Brake, Larry Raynor, George Jenkins. Junior Varsity Basketball Team SEATED: Jimmy Calhoun, Billy Bulluck, Mike Turner, Jimmy Guyant, Robbie Wooten. STANDING: Bob Walker, Mike Rhodes, Wayne Hill, Harry Marks, Billy Hill. 70 MANAGERS: Ray Turner Billy Suggs TIMEKEEPER AND SCOREKEEPERS: Ray Turner Sandra Brake Helen Stein COACHES: Mr. John Bengel Mr. Kelly Byrum 71 Lunchroom Staff LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Wrenn (Lucille), RuthDartch, Lallie Baker, Elsie Cotton, Naomi Lynch, Mary Jenkins, Rosalie Battle, Charlie Parker, Mildred Hart, Blanch Hart, Julia Horn, Mrs, Sykes (Irene), Mrs. Harrell (Bessie), Mrs. Proctor, (Mae). Custodians Bobby Lee Davis, Florida Battle, Jesse Forbes, and Harry Battle Patronize Our Friends AUTO RAMA Tiss yOfja,TRRlNS 73 BUCK OVERTON ' S RESTAURANT Day PH. GI 6-9986 Night Sunday PH GI 6-4025 Barbecue Chicken Fried Chicken -Barbecue Pig Charcoal or Sizzling Steaks Take-out orders COASTAL TEXACO SERVICE STATION Rocky Mount, North Carolina 421 S. Church John James, Mgr. Rocky Mount, N. C. HOLIDAY INN BELK- TYLER of Rocky Mount 2 U.S. 301 and 301A, North Rocky Mount, North Carolina Store Tarboro, North Carolina Where More and More People Shop Every Day CARLISLE FUNERAL HOME Mutual Burial Association MATTHEW ' S DRUG STORE Ask about our new Funeral Expense Plan. 334 S. Main Street " We Go Anywhere at Anytime " Tarboro N.C. „ Phone , Day Night TA 3-3202 TA 3-3765 " The Family ' s Drug Store " May We Serve You m Compliments of Compliments of B. C. IVEY T. E. PLUMBING COMPANY Agent For DURHAM LIFE INSURANCE CO. Tarboro, N.C. Rocky Mount, N. C. Compliments of MR. MRS. F. J. HAITHCOCK AND FAMILY Compliments of TOWN AND COUNTRY GAS CO., INC. JOSH BULLUCK ' S BARBECUE Metered --Bottled --Bulk LP Gas Cokey Road Rocky Mount, N. C. TA-3-2730 Tarboro, N. C. w L. W. MANNING ' S SUTTON ' S NEW AND GEN. MERCHANDISE USED CARS Flying A Gas Fishing Baits " Sutton, Sutton, fits you like a button. " Tarboro Highway South Church Street Rocky Mount, N. C. Rocky Mount, N. C. Compliments of Compliments of SEABOARD S uUca, RED ' S PLACE P.O. Box 387 Tar boro Highway Rocky Mount, N. C. Rocky Mount, North Carolina SULLIVAN ' S TIRE CENTER SOUTH END TEXACO Tires--Seat Covers --Appliances George Worrell, Manager Oil ✓ ' TN Batteries 1419 Main Street Tarboro, N. C. Gas Greasing Tires Washing Phone TA 3-4197 Minor Repairs South Church Street Rocky Mount, N. C. DIRECT AUTO FINANCE COMPANY, INC. BUNTING-HARDY MINGES Corner Washington Hill Streets Men’s Clothing Furnishings 114 S. Main St. Phone GI 6-6924 GI 2-1246 Rocky Mount, N.C. P. O. Box 1255 Rocky Mount, N.C. " Let us rent you Formal wear for the Big Dances " Compliments of DOMESTIC ELECTRIC SERVICE, INC. " An investor-owned, taxpaying, public utility company " 132 North Main Street Rocky Mount, N.C. Serving Edgecombe, Nash and Wilson Counties. Let us install an AREA LIGHT on your premises -Contact us for particulars ROCKY MOUNT SEAT HAYES CASH GROCERY COVER CENTER Groceries--Fresh Meats Complete Furniture Auto And Produce Upholstering Service 845 Falls Road GI 2-1791 1442 S. Church St. 446-9733 Rocky Mount, N. C. OVERTON ' S CLEANERS Free Moth -Proofing and Mildew Proofing " LUSTRE -SHEEN” DRYCLEANING 883 Falls Road GI 2-1518 Rocky Mount, N. C. E-B GRAIN COMPANY, INC. Buyers and Sellers of Small Grain Battleboro, N. C. Phone 27809 Compliments of WARREN LANCASTER Custom Operator Elm City, N. C. LEWIS GROCERY 7 days a week 7 A.M.-ll P. M. 1320 Cokey Road Phone 6-9244 Rocky Mount, N. C. THOMPSON ' S PHARMACY WILLIAMS ' WATCH SHOP Prescription Druggist Where you get more for your dollar Opposite Park View Hospital One Day Service Repairs All Work Guaranteed " We are in Business For your Health " Telephone 2-1919 DIAMONDS, WATCHES, AND JEWELRY Dial 2-3503 Rocky Mount, N. C. 835 Falls Rd. Rocky Mount, N. C. ifcuciil SHELL THOMAS ST. STATION Ask for Edgemont Ham - Bacon - Franks " Service Is Our Business " Road Service -Battery Charging " Made Fresh Daily in Rocky Mount " Firestone Tires And Batteries Washing, Waxing and Lubricating PEACOCK MEAT Thomas and Franklin COMPANY Phone 2-3783 Street REX JEWELRY Tarboro, N. C. Gold Strap Feeds for All Poultry and Livestock CABISCO FLOUR FEED MILLS, INC. S. Grace St. Rocky Mt., N.C. 1 Compliments of DAUGHTRIDGE OIL CO. SEARS, ROEBUCK, AND (pURrt Be Sure With Pure - 142 N. Church St. Phone GI 6-6139 1125 East Street Bill Daughtridge, Mgr. Rocky Mount, N.C. THE CARLETON HOUSE Motor Lodge and Restaurant Downtown in Rocky Mount, N. C. 215 N. Church St. 20 Banking Offices Growing and Serving the Banking Needs of Northeastern North Carolina BANKaniTRUST COMPANY ..... .in Your Community Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation J Congratulations to the Class of ' 64 ROCKY MOllBIT IW CAR DEALERS ASSOCIATION Ray Bandy ' s Plymouth -Dodge Bel Air Chevrolet Chevrolet Caddel Motors C hry sler -Plymouth Flake B. Chipley Renault-Peugent Lincoln -Mercury J. C. Friar Motors Voikswag ' en Allan Mims Ford Rose Buick Company Buick Thomas Farris Motors Rambler -Mercedes-Benz Davenport Motor Company Pontiac - Cadillac John Vann Motors Oldsmobile WOOTEN ' S SUPER MARKET WINDERS ' METAL Serving the Nicest People PLATING WORKS on Earth 342 Arlington St. Ext. " Our Customers " Rocky Mount, N. C. 540 Cokey Rd. Rocky Mount, N. C. Dial GI 2-4206 Best Wishes From ADLERS OF TARBORO, INC. Quality Brand Clothing ARNOLD L ADAMS at WHOLESALE CO. Reasonable Prices For The Entire Family Rocky Mount, N. C. TA 3-3088 230 Main St. Your Plee -zing Distributor Tarboro, North Carolina 803 Planters Street MARROW-PITT HARDWARE COMPANY, INC. PROCTOR BROTHERS Heavy and Fancy Groceries Gas and Oil Tarboro, N. C. Beef, Fresh Fish, and Country Produce Cokey Rd. Serving Edgecombe County for 50 years Rocky Mount, N. C. WILLIAMS MANUFACTURING COMPANY P.O. Box 226 Rocky Mount, N. C. Metal Fabricators " From Design to Finished Products " Compliments of BARBEE ' S INSURANCE AGENCY MOTOR BEARINGS AND PARTS Insurance of all kinds Plus Personal Interest 215 W. Basset Street Rocky Mount, N. C. Rocky Mount, N. C. GI 2-6079 Compliments of DAIRY BAR 1 ADAMS AND GAY GENERAL MERCHANDISE Teenager ' s Paradise Welcome Old Wilson Road Rocky Mount, N. C. VICK ' S RADIO AND T. V. SERVICE SOUTHERLAND SUNOCO STATION Color T.V. Philco Westinghouse When you stop at Sunoco, you go with confidence- 121 W. Thomas Street Rocky Mount, N. C. E::fSUN0CQ Dial GI 2-3492 201 N. Church GI 2-9910 VIRGIL ' S TEXACO SERVICE Road Service and Auto Repairs Congratulations, Class of ' 64 From 300 Tarboro Street Phone 442-9994 Rocky Mount, N. C. DANIEL ' S, INC. 108 S. Main Street We Love Our Customers Rocky Mount, N. C. Compliments of Better Groceries ROWE ' S SUPPLY COMPANY Groceries --Dairy and Farm Products 1522 S. Church Street Rocky Mount, N. C. Compliments of IDGEMONT SODA SHOP Cokey Road Rocky Mount, N. C. WEST EDGECOMBE KNOWS . . . . " Thanks for Banking with Planters National! " AAARROW-PITT HARDWARE COMPANY, INC. Tarboro, N. C. Serving Edgecomb County for 50 Years Congratulations Class of ' 64 EDGECOMBE BANK AND TRUST COMPANY of Tarboro, Fountain, and Oak City, N. C. Your Friendly Local Bank Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. WE CAN FIX ' EM LITTLE ' S BODY SHOP ALBERT ' S GROCERY Staple Groceries c , „ o Soft Drinks Gas Oil Jimmy Little, Prop. Albert R. Wiggins, Prop. 24 HOUR WRECKING SERVICE Highway 43 925 Cokey Rd. Rocky Mount, N. C. Route 2 Rocky Mount, N.C. LUPER ' S MACHINES Z. B. BULLUCK, INC. WELDING SHOP Wholesale Meats Industrial and Farm Machinery Englewood Brand Repairs Established 1904 Planters Street Extension Rocky Mount, N.C. Rocky Mount, N. C. GI 6-8121 Yell for EDWARD ' S GAS SERVICE YELVERTON COAL OIL COMPANY Bottle Gas Sales Dial GI 6-8135 Tarboro Highway 1025 Arlington Street Rocky Mount, N. C. Rocky Mount, N. C. GI 2-3475 446-6511 917 Norfolk Street SOUTHERN MATTRESS MANUFACTURING COMPANY Serving the Be dding Trade Since 1933 W. RUFUS JOYNER ROCKY MOUNT, N.C. Compliments of REX JEWELRY FINE DIAMONDS Tarboro, N.C. Compliments of VESTER INSURANCE REALTY COMPANY 901 Falls Road . Drawer 1559 Phones: 442-5168 442-5169 Rocky Mount, North Carolina Insurance Real Estate Specializes Complimenting the Class of ' 64 CITIZENS SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 229 Sunset Avenue Rocky Mount, N. C YOURS FOR SERVICE with Autobody Repairs --Glass Installation-- Painting--Used Auto Parts--24 Hour Wrecker Service--Free Teletype Service --Mechanical Repair LEOrS BODY SHOP US 64 East Rocky Mount, N. C. Dial 442-3161 CENTRAL SERVICE STATION Gas -Oils -Tires -Batteries Corner Thomas Church St. GAY ' S HARDWARE ciTIlsV 122-24 South Howard St. WKVICd Rocky Mount, N. C. GI 6-7304 W. A. Glasgow E. C. Stone Telephone GI 2-1482 TELEVISION CENTER 114 S. Washington Street Dial GI 6-7777 RADIO SERVICE SHOP HOLLOMAN ' S GENERAL MERCHANDISE 112 S. Washington Street Dial GI 6-8350 Fresh Meats -Groceries -Produce And Gas -Oil ZENITH RCA WALTER MEARS JESSEE BROWN 500 Cool Spring Rd. GI 2-7461 We Service All Makes Rocky Mount, N. C. TYSON ' S DRUG CENTER, INC. 112 N. Church St. Dial GI 6-7128 Formerly Standard Pharmacy Foot Flairs Trio ' s Flats Sebago Loafers U.S. Keds Weather -Birds Freeman ROBERSON DUPREE Shoe Store Tar boro North Carolina Compliments of W. S. CLARK SONS, INC. Tarboro ' s Largest and Leading Department Store 409 Main St. TA 3-2101 House and Farm Supply Store West James St. TA 3-3265 Compliments of NORTH END SERVICE STATION ROCKY MOUNT FCX M. D. Parker, Prop. SERVICE " Service That Satisfies " Feed-Seed-Fertilizer Washing - Greasing Farm Supplies Phone GI 2-9901 Electrical Appliances Texaco Gas Oils S. Church St. Ext. Falls Road Ridge St. Rocky Mount, North Carolina Rocky Mount, N. C. Compliments of THARRINGTON ONE HOUR KORETIZING Tobacco Curers and Home Heaters Manufactured by " More Than Dry Cleaning " J. A. Tharrington Sons Rocky Mount, North Carolina Rocky Mount, North Carolina Congratulations, Seniors of ' 64 Congratulations Seniors! from from MILLAR ' S FEED MILL MIDWOOD RESTAURANT Hwy 301 -A South 301 Highway Rocky Mount, North Carolina Rocky Mount, North Carolina Compliments of WHITE STAR BARBECUE ALMAND ' S DRUG COMPANY C. W. Weaver, MGR. 130 S. Main Street CSi Phone GI 6-6592 South Church St. Extension Rocky Mount, North Carolina Rock y Mount, North Carolina Compliments of EDGECOMBE HOMESTEAD AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Savings and Loans Since 1889 422 Main Street Tarboro, North Carolina Compliments of LONG MANUFACTURING CO., INC. Manufacturers of Modern Farm Machinery Telephone TAlbot 3-4151 Tarboro, North Carolina Congratulations to the Class of ' 64 - ROBERTS JEWELRY COMPANY DRUMMOND ' S FLORIST Diamonds, Watches, China, Silverware, Crystrai 119 N. E. Main Bridal Headquarters in Eastern Carolina Rocky Mount, North Carolina Tarboro Scotland Neck Outboards Garden Tractors Power Mowers Motor Scooters Bicycles WOOTiN ' S Small Engine Service Rocky Mount, N.C. Dial GI-2-6538 or GI 2-2369 Your Authorized Briggs Stratton and Clinton, Lawson-Power Dealer All Work Guaranteed-929 Cokey Road Congratulations to the Congratulations to the Class of 1964 Class of ' 64 from M. C. BRASWELL IMPLEMENT CO. W C P s Tar boro, North Carolina Battleboro, North Carolina Best Wishes from J lcrwerri ' lu -lU rm RUTH ' S FLORIST 327 Fairview Road Dial GI 2-7396 Rocky Mount, North Carolina Compliments of PRIDGEN TIRE COMPANY Rocky Mount, North Carolina Best Wishes from G. S. TUCKER COMPANY 117-111 N. Washington Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina Congratulations to Class of ' 64 CAROLINA SERVICE STATION Rocky Mount, North Carolina Compliments of ROBBINS ' RECREATION CENTER Rocky Mount, North Carolina OAKWOOD PARK SUNDRIES Fountain Service Joe H. Barrett 329 Fairview Road Rocky Mount, N. C. CAROLINA READY MIX INC. Phone 442-6168 Highway 97 East at Overpass Rocky Mount, N. C. QUINN ' S, INCORPORATED Furniture of Quality Phone Gibson 2-2171 168-178 North Main Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina Compliments of MAOLA-MEADOW BROOK Fresh Dairy Products For Service-- Dial 442-1714 Rocky Mount, North Carolina Congratulations to the Class of ' 64 From Pknmfy’s Rocky Mount, North Carolina Clean by IMPERIAL 537 N. Raleigh Street Phone GI 2-5821 Rocky Mount, North Carolina THOMAS CAFE 123 S. Main Street Known for Their Famous Hot Dogs and Home Cooked Meals " Come to see us ! " See Mr. Co-E -Co For the Best in School Supplies CAROLINA OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. 147 S. Main Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina Compliments of GEHMAN ' S JEWELERS 139 S. Main Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina Campus Shop for Young Men Compliments of RACHEL ' S FLORIST 717 Walnut Shopping Center Rocky Mount, North Carolina Compliments of HURDLE ' S VARIETIES Sharpsburg, North Carolina Elbert Morton J. D. Williams M. W. BODY SHOP Auto Body Repairs and Painting S. Church St. Extension Phone 442-8349 Rocky Mount, N. C. Compliments of R. AND R. GULF SERVICE Sharpsburg, N. C. P Y MOBILE HOMES Sharpsburg, N. C . Your First Home Should Be A Mobile Home E. L. Yoder W. D. Batchelor MAY AND GORHAM DRUG STORE Rocky Mount, N. C. Five Points Dial GI 2-1127 Congratulations to the Seniors of ' 64 From ALTON WILLIAMS GENERAL MERCHANDISE ROCKY MOUNT LAUNDRY WIMBERLY AND GREGORY AND DRY CLEANERS, INC. 118 South Franklin Street 223 S. Washington St. Real Estate - Insurance - Rentals Dial 44 6-7158 Rocky Mount, N.C. Real Estate Appraisals TARBORO SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION Complimenting the Class of ' 64 Tarboro, N. C. Front End Alignment Brake Service Bear Super Service Dial GI 2-25590 SYKES GARAGE 815 N. Church St. [ Rocky Mount, N, C. ( Congratulations to the Seniors of ' 64 from Congratulations to the Class of ' 64 from KILLEBREW STUDIO PEARSALL OIL FUEL CO. 142 Howard Street Rocky Mount, N. C. Rocky Mount, N. C. Compliments of BARTH ' S JEWEL BOX 128 S. Main St. Rocky Mount, N.C. 414 Main St. Tarboro, N. C. w. c. Compliments of REID AND COMPANY " Eastern Carolina ' s Leading Music Company " 143 S. Main Street Rocky Mount, N. C. MERRITT PLUMBING AND HEATING COMPANY, INC. Best Wishes Contractors 1. CALHOUN SON Plumbing, Heating, and Air-Conditioning Personal Supervision of All Work Cotton Picking and Kohler of Kohler Combining Peanuts plus Drying Duro and Gould Water System Phone GI 6-4667 Tarboro Highway Tarboro, N. C. 923 Norfolk Street, Rocky Mount, N. C. Compliments of Keep Your Home Warm NORTH CAROLINA Call NATIONAL BANK STALLING OIL COAL CO. TARBORO, NORTH CAROLINA Member FDIC and 816 Ricks Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina Federal Reserve System C. ELMO WILLIFORD Compliments of For General Merchandise MILLER ' S 1 G A SUPER MARKET Route 1 Elm City, N. C. Nashville, N. C. At Temperance Hall Compliments of Congratulations Seniors CLAUDE MAYO From INSURANCE Claude Mayo and Claude Mayo, Jr. CRYSTAL ' S BEAUTY SHOP 146 North Main Street Rocky Mount, N. C. Phone GI 2-1345 135 1 2 S.E. Main Street 1 , d Rocky Mount, N.C. Telephone 446-9247 ALLEN BARBEE COOKERS GARAGE Spring Hope, North Carolina Specializing in Carburetor, Automatic Transmission and Tune -Up- -General Repairs- All Make Cars and Light Trucks District Representative for HERFF -JONES COMPANY David E. Cooke 821 N. Church St. Owner Rocky Moiant, N.C. Planter ' s " Controlled " Fertilizers Made for soils in Eastern North Carolina PLANTER ' S COTTON OIL CO. Rocky Mount, North Carolina LONG MANUFACTURING COMPANY, INC. Tarboro, N. C. Davenport, Iowa Branches: Florence, S. C.--Tifton, Ga. Grain Bins--Crop Drying Fans --Supplemental Heaters Augers --Double Chains Elevators--Bale Conveyors Rotary Cutter Phone 6-6511 917 Norfolk Street Compliments of SOUTHERN MATTRESS MANUFACTURING CO. RAY BANDY ' S Serving the Bedding Trade Since 1933 W. Rufus Joyner Rocky Mount, N. C. ' ' Dodge -Plymouth ' ' Rocky Mount, N. C. Congratulations MEBANE SHOE CO- Class of ' 64 132 South Main Street liMSBHB Rocky Mount, North Carolina " Quality Shoes for the Family " Look Young! Be Young! Dial 2-2689 Shop Belk -Tyler ' s Compliments of E-B TRUCKING CO., INC. Battleboro, N. C. Compliments of HOLLY STREET SUPER MARKET Tarboro, N. C. GUS Z. LACASTER STOCK YARD Auction Cattle and Hogs Every Tuesday and Friday Quality Feeder Pig Sales Every Ist. and 3rd. Monday Rocky Mount, North Carolina United Van Unea Congratulations From WILLIAMS ' TRANSFER STORAGE INC. Phone 44 2-2067 R.G. WILLIAMS 501 N. East Main St. OWNER Rocky Mount, N. C. Compliments of W. B. LEA TOBACCO COMPANY Rocky Mount, N. C, RAWLS WINSTEAD, INC. HAMBURGER SHOP Wholesale Automative Parts and Supplies 1428 S. Church Street Home Office - Rocky Mount, N. C. Stores at PATIO RESTAURANT Ahoskie, Nashville, Rocky Mount, Tar boro 301 By-Pass Charles S. Daily -Nettie Nixon Rocky Mount, N.C. Compliments of Congratulations to Class of ' 64 HILL -PROCTOR PRINT SHOP from RED ' S GROCERY 147 S. Washington Street 232 Falls Road Rocky Mount, N. C. Rocky Mount, North Carolina GI 2-7467 Congratulations Best Wishes from WILKINSON BULLUCK Class of ' 64 MASSEY FERGUSON INSURANCE COMPANY Citizen ' s Saving Building Rocky Mount, North Carolina Rocky Mount, North Carolina Best Wishes Amber L. Dixon Phone -Day GI2-2360 Owner Nite GI2-5635 from DIXON ' S BLIND AWNING SERVICE Manufacturers of JOHNSON ' S FUNERAL Aluminum and Canvas Awnings HOME Storm Windows, Doors, Aluminum Screens, And Venetian Blinds Phone GI 6-5135 Sunset Avenue Ornamental Iron Drapery Hardware 1800 Sunset Avenue Next to River Rocky Mount, North Carolina Rocky Mount, N.C. Congratulations Congratulations, Class of ' 64 from from AIRPORT LUNCHEONETTE LEWIS OIL COMPANY Rocky Mount, North Carolina Rocky Mount, North Carolina Compliments of G. A. STALLINGS Farm Services G. E. GOFF AND SON Route 4 Rocky Mount, North Carolina Staple Groceries -Gas -Oil Tobacco Plant Beds Hardware -Soft Drinks Our Specialty R.F.D. 2 Rocky Mount, N. C. Phone GI 6-9794 Two Outfits to Serve You DOZIER SUPPLY COMPANY Compliments of Paints -Building Material C oal -Lumber -Hardware TIP-TOP BAKERIES 112 W. Bassett St. Rocky Mount, N. C. Phone GI 6-8409 Congratulations Seniors! Congratulations to the JANET WALKER ' S BEAUTY SHOP Class of ' 64 KILLEBREW ' S STUDIO 930 Lancaster Street Rocky Mount, N. C. CAMERA SHOP 142 Howard Street Rocky Mount, N. C. ROSE ' S STORES Tarboro, N. C. Compliments of WHITEHURST GROCERY Phone GI-24510 Tarboro Highway Rocky Mount, N. C. BULLUCK EDWARDS Farm Supplies Priddy Fertilizers Paints -Hardware Sherwin-Williams Paints Rocky Mount, N. C. COCA-COLA BOTTLiG CO., IKC. Rocky Mount, North Carolina BOOSTERS Smith ' s Warehouse Fisher Radio T. V. H. H. Weeks Feed Seed Daniel ' s Barber Shop Friends from Pilot Freight Carriers Easely ' s Warehouse Bulluck Furniture Company Farmer -Brock Moore and Phillips Ward ' s Drug Company Edgecombe Barber Shop Nashville Seed Store Edgecombe Drug Company A Friend Howard ' s Loans and Jewelry Vogue Beauty Shop Great Southern Finance, Tarboro Farmer ' s Shell, Battleboro Rocky Mount Radiator Works, Inc. Marvin Calhoun Combined Insurance Company of American Ed Smith Howard ' s Jewelry and Loan Carolina Cafe Milady ' s Hat Shop Jackson ' s Package Store Planters ' Warehouse Miller ' s Food Store Farmer ' s Cafe Wayne Johnson Nashville Diner Lancaster ' s Body Shop Anonyomous Donor Nash Street News Stand 4 % JCf » M 1 nBvSlf GlMNraZr BSsaiBH

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