West Edgecombe High School - Wescomb Yearbook (Rocky Mount, NC)

 - Class of 1962

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West Edgecombe High School - Wescomb Yearbook (Rocky Mount, NC) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1962 volume:

Edgecombe County Memorial Library Tarboro, NC Given In Loving Memory Of Theresa Ward Brown Beloved Home Economics Teacher at West Edgecombe High School from 1954 to 1978 by Gerald Ward and Carolyn W. Griffin WEST EDGECOMBE SCHOOL ' " 3;! " ' ■ _ ' ■! , !»i - 4! C - i •■ c ' ii:- ■ .- ' - ■■ 4 ' ■ ' • ■ ' ' ' ■ ■ ■V i ' : ' v « I ! •» - V ' ■ !«! " ■’ " ' ji ' •••I ■: -’i- , •rM ■ f i » ' =- i, " ' t . • ■ - ' j ' V • ’■ ' ‘Settcon’ ' ..£’. ,■ ' • ' •-■ 1 ' ' ZOe4t ’V , • n [ aute 2, With our school days coming to a close, we look back upon the friends and experience we have had. Our school days are filled with cherished memories which we shall never forget. The joys, the sorrows, the fun, the hard work - these are all a part of our memories. Some are remembered better than others, such as that important game, the Junior-Senior, the thrill of being a senior, and at last the wonderful feeling of accomplishment when that coveted diploma will be placed in our hands. In the 1962 WESCOMB we have tried to preserve f or you through pictures these wonderful experiences at West Edgecombe School. DedcccUcc t THnA, Sf To Mrs. Greathouse and Mrs. Causey who have dedicated their lives to the training of young people and in laying the foundation for academic, moral, and social activities that have played an important part in the later lives of their students, we, the Senior Class of 1962, sincerely dedicate this edition of the WESCOMB. We, the class of 1962, wish also to dedicate this WESCOMB to our parents whose patience and helpful understanding have seen us through our twelve years of school. Without them there could have been no education and school experiences. cC Hc«U t ' icitco t MR. R. M. CASHWELL occU ScAooi OOflct SEATED: Mr. Clater Killebrew; Mr. Cecil Brake, Chairman; Mr. Mayo Cherry; STANDING; Ml. James Bradley; Mr. James Hinton MR. MORRIS S. CLARY Superintendent of Edgecombe County Schools MRS. DORIS BATTS Secretary to the Principal STANDING: Mrs. Betty Lewis - Vice President; Mrs. Nancy Pridgen - Secretary; Mrs. Letha Herrington - Treasurer; and SITTING: Mrs. Ruth McSwaln - President MRS, GERTRUDE COCOWITCH English and Guidance MISS BEULAH BRAKE Mathematics MRS. THERESA BROWN Home Economics Settayt RIGHT: Miss Lynette Mangum and Mrs. Gertrude Cocowitch. Above - SEATED: Barbara Wrenn, President; Angela Logan, Treas- urer; KNEELING: Jackie Pettigrew, Secretary; Beth Lancaster, Report- er; STANDING: Kenneth Worrell, Vice President SPONSORS PHIL WIGGS " He hath a heart as sound as a bell. " JUDY ROBBINS " When hearts are true, few words will do. " LOIS SMITH " Let the world slide. " KENNETH WORRELL " I am master of my fate; I am captain of my soul ... " S tconA FAYE TAYLOR " A quiet friend, the best to have. " LINDA TURNER " To thine own self be true. " BRENDA VARNELL " Her care was never to offend and every person was her friend. " SHIRLEY WILLIAMS ' The daintiest is last to make the end most sweet. CAROL PRIDGEN " A heart of gold. " LEMMIE SUMMERLIN To do a great right, do a little wrong. " BOB SYKES Roll on, world, and I ' ll roll with you. MELBA PRIDGEN Better to give than to take. " Settco ' t MARY REGES " Happiness is cheaper than worry, so why pay the price? " WILLIE TYNDALL " Idle, slow, and unconcerned, he went to class and sometimes learned. " JOE WILLIAMS " And if he thought, you could not read his thought ... " JUDY RIVENBARK " I shall laugh myself to death. " TEEIRY MARKS " I never let school interfere with my education. " BECKY NEWSOME Good to be merry and wise. " MAVIS PARRISH Haste makes waste. " MIKE PROCTOR " Always looking forward to some lei- sure ... " Se«U nA JIMMY ROWE As upright as the cedar. " BARBARA PEELE A penny for your thoughts. ' JACKIE PETTIGREW " All for love and nothing for reward. STEVE SPEIGHT " Happy is the man who enjoys life. " CAROLYN JOHNSTON Happy is she who is content. " J. F. LANCASTER Young and tall and very handsome . . BILL LANCASTER " Slow, but sure. " BETH LANCASTER " Clad in the beauty of a thousand stars. Settcoft ANN LAND " Nice things come in small packages. JIMMY LYNCH " And he was well content ... " JOHNNY MANNING " May no fate willfully misunderstand me ... " . ANGELA LOGAN " Her angels face-- " J. W. DAUGHTRIDGE " Better late than never. " CLAUDIA FIELDS " I ' ll tell the world, " EDNA FORBES " Every day is a fresh beginning. JIMMY HUDSPETH " All the world loves a lover. " SeitconA LEON JOYNER " Men are not to be measured by inches. " GLORIA HARRELL " As merry as the day is long. " SYLVIA HOPKINS " Smile and the whole world smiles with you. " SHERWOOD KEEL " My heart is warm with the friends I make ... " KAY BRADLEY So many heads, so many wits. " FLOYD BATTS I am slow of study. " GEORGE BRAKE Ability is a person ' s wealth. " ANN BREEDLOVE One good turn asketh another. Se«U nA JUDY CHERRY " Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. " JIMMY BRAKE " Each man for himself. " TOMMY COLBERT " Silence accomplishes much that noise cannot. " MARY ALICE ERVIN " To look at ' her unlocks a warmer cli mate. " PENNIE WILLIAMS " As full of spirit as the month of May. NYOKA WINDERS " From all her worthy qualities, ' twould be a task to pick her best. " Se Uon CAROLYN WORRELL " As welcome as sunshine in every place is the beaming approach of a good na- tured face. " BARBARA WRENN " Is true as steel. " Left: GEORGE BRAKE National Science Foundation Summer Science Institute National 4H Club Congress State Poultry Candidate for Morehead Scholarship Right: KAY BRADLEY Finalist in Merit Scholarship Exam George Brake; Sylvia Hopkins; Bob Sy kes, Chief; Kay Bradley, Chief; Jimmy Brake, and Barbara Wrenn a uC State KAY BRADLEY BARBARA WRENN at Woman ' s College KENNETH WORRELL at University of North Carolina S1AT15 hOYS OuMcon-- Se«Uo Gai Paree Rue de la Paix Can Can Girls Les Souvenirs Les Chaperones Sccfie tC tcve BETH LANCASTER KENNETH WORRELL BARBARA WRENN BILL LANCASTER Ssv ANGELA LOGAN LEMMIE SUMERLIN ScttCon, SYLVIA HOPKINS JIMMY HUDSPETH ScC b€ni itC0 to Sc aC BARBARA WRENN GEORGE BRAKE 7Ho4t Studious TOMMY COLBERT NYOKA WINDERS Succeed GEORGE BRAKE KAY BRADLEY BARBARA WRENN JIMMY BRAKE ( oc€nte u4 4(l ouHcC EDNA FORBES J. F. LANCASTER CAROLYN WORRELL J. F. LANCASTER 4tUetcc c(«tco% RIGHT: Mr. John Bengel and Mr. Kelly Byrum. Above - SEATED: Tommy Lancaster, Secretary; Connie Brake, Report- er; STANDING: Evelyn Brake, Treasurer; Bud Wrenn, President; Bobby Harriett, Vice President; Virginia Proctor, Reporter SPONSORS U " Gloria Holmes Jimmy Jernigan Peggy Jones Tommy Lancaster Ernestine Langston Walter Lynn Glenda Langston Charles Owens Beverly Long John Perry Joy Mann Kenneth Pollard Linda Proctor James Proctor Virginia Proctor Troy Davis Wanda Raynor William Summerlin Vada Strickland Donald Taylor Dorothy Walters William Taylor Janice Williams Wayne Turner Bobby W. Williams Troy Davis I Sara Biggs ; William Barnes Connie Brake Craig Batts Evelyn Brake Dickie Bunn Ruby Britt Justa Drake Linda Crickmore Roy Everette Sylvia Daughtridge Jerry Forbes Shirley Gay Kenneth Gay Jean Harrell Tommy Gay Linda Higson Paul Harrell Mary C. Joyner Don Manning Diane Lancaster Alan Proctor Kaye Lancaster Lonnie Sutton Phyllis Lewis Milton Taylor Mary Alice Page Wayne Taylor Brenda Roberts Gene Turner Jerry Stancil Leonard Ward Patricia Taylor Bobby L. Williams Janice Webb Bud Wrenn Mary Carol Brown Tommy Coley Ila Calhoun Ronald Daughtridge Patricia Colbert Bobby Daughtridge Judy Dickens Leon Davis Bettie Lee Eason Freddie Haithcock Nancy Ethridge Bobby Harriett Barbara Flood Eugene Harvey RIGHT; Mrs. Charlotte Forrest and Miss Beulah Brake. bove - FIRST ROW; James Walston, Treasurer; Marcia Turner, Vice ’resident; Nancy Williams, Reporter. SECOND ROW; Joe Brake, Re- 3orter; Joanne Guyant, President; Helen Stein, Secretary; Carol Sum- irlin. Devotional Chairman SPONSORS liiani Edward Lancaster Yvonne Clark Yakima Lewis 1 i Joe Brake Merlyn Arnold Fred Carraway Ann Bailey Jimmy Curlings Linda Baker Vernon Garrett Janice Batts Cecil Godwin Anita Bottoms Melvin Johnson Sandra Brake Wanda Inscoe Jessie Phillips Lou Ellen Ivey Charles Pitt Nancy Logan Jerry Speight Annette Moore Marvin Taylor Barbara Tyndall Jerry Wordsworth Shirley Wall M. L, Worsley Dark as Watts Conway Batchelor Carolyn Calhoun Alan Bottoms Janice Daniels Jimmy Cooper Joanne Guyant C. B. Daughtridge Sandra Mathis George Davis Sandra Pettigrew Jimmy Eason Katie Godwin Dickie Lancaster Mildred Hull Delores Page Kenneth Wallace Dianna Raynor James Williams Georgia Shearin Dennis Williford Helen Stein Herman Winders Carol Summerlin Grover Winstead Marcia Turner James Walston Mary Louise Watson Nancy Williams . i:-’ : Bt NDA WALTERS, PHILLIP JOYNER • ' 4 ' ■ . ' Above - FIRST ROW: Joe Purvis, President; Clyde McSwain, Reporter; SECOND ROW: Linda Walston, Vice President; Gerry Yoder, Secretary- Treasurer RIGHT: Mrs. Evelyn Jones, Mr. Julius Lee, Mrs. Sara Barbee. SPONSORS Mary Cannon Jimmy Strickland Margaret Coley Bunny Roberts Mitchell Hill Rose Marie Strange Wayne Millwood Gloria Sykes Joe Purvis i Shirley Thompson | Larry Raynor Gail Warren Kris Belty Norma Best Mary Ellen Britt i Charles Taylor Josephine Gurganus Rachel Joyner i Brenda Rodgers Donna Taylor Tommy Waller Winnie Trevathan ; Linda Walston k a to 6 Vivian Williams g Gerry Yoder B Joey Wooten L Lois Newsome Jo Ann Davis Linda Eason Anita Forbes Brenda Walters Clyde McSwain Linda Wiggs Lin Perry Linda Cockrell Gene Lancaster Patsy Baker Darold Hoff Winifred Cressman Dwight Harper Margaret Dickens Johnny Eason Ross Garris Allen Denton Peggy Gay Clara Lancaster Jimmy Bradley Ann Lewis Sammy Adkins Patrice Page William Cherry Etta Powell Hugh Credle Margaret Proctor Vernon Daughtridge Jean Reges Martin Gardner Elita Batts Ronald Bozelle Connie Bridgets Stuart Davis Beth Bulluck Earl Gay Linda Davis Phillip Joyner Shelia Hagans Curtis Kennedy Ann Harris Woody Moseley Jo Ann Jones Jesse Richmond Ann Long Tommy Shephard Lynn Proctor Danny Simmons Mary Ann Proctor George Thompson Veda Proctor Horace Tillery Shelby Jean Purvis Willie Turner Gwen Ricks C. T. Worrell Louise Rooks Larry Beddingfield Mary Ann Speight Jon Schultz Sandra Roberson Douglas Raynor CtcotitC€4 1 Miss Mary Batts Mrs. Josie Parker Mrs. Eva Causey Mrs. Marie Mangum Mrs. Myrtle Brake Mrs. Ethel Warrington Mrs. Cornelia Dozier Miss Annie Mears Miss Elizabeth Knight Miss Virginia Carraway Mrs. Irene Thurmond Miss Mary Lee Worsley Mrs. Marie Eakin Mrs. Letha Herrington Mrs. Rachel Jacocks Miss Elizabeth Wilson Mrs. Marion Gorham Miss Reba Proctor Mrs. Margaret Thompson Mrs. Eula Greathouse Mrs. Thelma Page Mrs. Adelyn Barkley Mr. R. L. Freeman Mrs. Rebecca Bone Miss Rhoda Mae Bone Mrs. Martha Webb WHAT IS AMERICA Ofr ietC Holly Sprites Snowman and Frost Bites Christmas Cards WINDOWS AT CHRISTMAS nade FIRST ROW: Gwen Anderson, Katherine Brake, Sammy Brake, Gordon Bunn, Jimmy Catlett, Charlie Coley, Edna Daughtridge, Jimmy Daniels, Linda Gay, Paul Godwin; SECOND ROW: Lillie Hinton, Dianne Hoff, Mack Hutchinson, Joan Johnson, R. W, Lancaster, Myrtleen Moseley, Patricia Morris, Crisp Pettigrew, Ronnie Peele, Joe Powell; THIRD ROW: Tommy Quincy, Billy Suggs, Ray Taylor, Annie Turner, Carolyn Turner, Mike Turner, Ray Manning, Brenda Todd, Robbie Wooten Scfdtd. FIRST ROW: Kay Adams, James Arnold, Mollie Best, Danny Biggs, David Cannon, Allen Cherry, Mary Cockrell, Larry Cooper, Edith Daniels, Betsy Daughtridge; SECOND ROW: Jimmy Davis, Billy Eason, Jean Ellis, Linda Everette, John Griffin, Carolyn Harrell, Carolyn Jones, Don Joyner, Nancy Lancaster, Regina Lancaster; THIRD ROW; Larry Long, Betty Faye Lynn, ' Linda Manning, Jerry Pridgen, Joan Taylor, Mary Elizabeth Trevathan, Billy Vaughan, Norman Webb FIRST ROW: Linda Bass, David Bradley, Nancy Chriscoe, Charles Coley, Douglas Crisp, Emmet Dew, Faye Hathaway, Clinton Henry, George Jenkins, Isacc Joyner; SECOND ROW: Patsy Langston, Andrew Leonard, Nellie Lynn, Dot Moore, Geraldine Morgan, Ronald Parrish, Doris Pitt, Deborah Proctor, Linda Speight, Faye Sykes; THIRD ROW: Johnnie Taylor, Danny Toler, Wayne Toler, Bobby Vaughan, Preston Wall, Gerald Ward %ee HCUt 4 Seoent FIRST ROW: Jane Arnold, Billy Avent, Linda Baily, Doris Batchelor, Sandra Brake, Earl Braswell, Billy ■ Bulluck, Ernest Davis, Eugene Dew, David Harriett: SECOND ROW: Kenneth Hayes, Billy Hill, Tommy Hopkins, Tommy Jones, Barbara Joyner, Patsy Langley, Carolyn Manning, Linwood Manning, Wayne Manning, Linda Parker; THIRD ROW: Donald Parrish, Carolyn Proctor, Mike Rhodes, Hilda Rogers, Patsy Shreve, Susan Speight, Patsy Stallings, Williarh Warren, Patricia Watts, Carolyn Weeks; FOURTH ROW: Ellis Williford FIRST ROW: Jean Adams, Peggy Alford, Dorothy Bottoms, Ben Mary Bradley, Emma Bunn, Deborah Calhoun, Jane Cherry, Brenda Denton, Betty Ethridge, Billie K. Harrell; SECOND ROW; Elizabeth Herring, Martha Lancaster, Gail Long, Gwen Parker, Mary Pollard, Doris Pope, Ann Robins, Nancy Rowe, Martha Woodruff, Mary Nell Worsley; THIRD ROW: Charles Bradley, Wilbur Bowden, Gordon Calhoun, Jimmy Calhoun, Marvin Daughtridge, Donny Davenport, Jimmy Guyant, Wayne Hill, Allen Killebrew, William Morrison; FOURTH ROW: Wayne Whitehurst, Patsy Joyner SecACHt d Atacle FIRST ROW: Johnnie Bottoms, Linda Bottoms, Ann Bulluck, Thomas Champion, William Childers, Teresa Chriscoe, Dianne Daughtridge, Jo Ann Edwards, Kay Flood, Cindy Glover; SECOND ROW: Alice Hawkins, Ted Kennedy, Linda Lowe, Jackie Mann, Harry Marks, Donna Moore, Delores Owens, Tommy Owens, Shirley Peele, Delores Proctor; THIRD ROW: Elizabeth Robinson, Billy Salter, Mary Louise Sawyer, Ronald Sykes, Carolyn Turner, Bob Walker, George Watson, Walter Watson, Wayne Wells, Kenneth Williams; FOURTH ROW: Vickie Williams, Jeanette Gardner FIRST ROW: Doris Barnes, Shannon Bone, Henry Bradley, Donald Brake, Johnny Buskirk, George Cal- houn, Wayne Etheridge, Roy Haithcock, James Hinton, James Lancaster; SECOND ROW: Jerry Lancaster, Roger McSwain, Charles Miller, Carolyn Owens, Judy Page, Peggy Parker, David Price, Diane Proctor, Lois Proctor, Peggy Proctor; THIRD ROW: William Proctor, Jimmy Richardson, Ray Richardson, Linda Simmons, Carolyn Trevathan, Carolyn Turner, Lynn Watson, Albert Webb, Cecelia Webb, Charles Williams: FOURTH ROW: Wayne Williams, Brenda Winstead FIRST ROW: Jimmy Adams, Yvonne Adams, Nikki Baker, Linda Bass, Geor- gia Bone, Linda Bottoms, Kenneth Fulford, Bobby Gardner, Betty Pearl Harris, Patsy Herring; SECOND ROW: Robert Holder, Billy Holloman, Janice Joyner, Patsy Joyner, Roy Joyner, Jean Lan- caster, Ray Lewis, Eleanor Parker, Philip Peele, Shirley Sawyer; THIRD ROW: Edward Shaw, Linda Summerlin, Glenda Taylor, Jean Taylor, Gary Thompson, Glenn Thompson, Wayne Trevathan, Diane Wade, Judy Weatherbee, Jerry Williams; FOURTH ROW: William Williams, Kenneth Wordsworth, Stephen Gutter Scxt Cecil Arnold, Jolene Batts, Don Brake, Patsy Brake, Sue Britt, Betty Faye Carroll, Karen Chriscoe, Kenneth Daniels, Jimmy Flood, Betty Jean Gay; SECOND ROW; Robert Hedspeth, Betty Lou Jackson, Dallas Joyner, John Lancaster, Johnny Lancaster, William Lancaster, John Brooks Langston, John Long, Gary McAllister, Jeannie Proctor; THIRD ROW: Joyce Proctor, Joe Suggs, Richard Tillery, Donald Tol- son, Wayne Valentine, Susie Walters, Steve Webb, Celia Williams, Sharon Williams, Rickie Wooten; FOURTH ROW: Robert Wrenn FIRST ROW: Bruce Arnold, Jackie Arnold, Mike Brinkley, Paula Bunn, Douglas Cobb, Alan Daughtridge, Mike Eason, Elaine Flood, Smith Grubbs, Norma Guyant; SECOND ROW: Wayne Hathaway, Donna Hoff, Carl Holloman, Margaret Lancaster, Mary A. Lancaster, Clyde Murray, Barbara Newsome, Gary Pettigrew, Louie Price, Linda Proctor; THIRD ROW: Mike Strange, Wayne Summerlin, Norman Thomp- son, Linda Todd, Mike Toler, George Waller, Mike Webb, Marie Whitehurst, Beth Whitley, Rossie Wil- liams FIRST ROW: James Batts, Joe Curlings, Betty Diane Daughtridge, Susan Daughtridge, Vickie Ezzell, Wayne Hill, Bobby Johnson, Marie Jones, Clyde Joyner, Gordon Joyner; SECOND ROW: Patty King, John Lancaster, Philip Leonard, Ray Long, David Mott, Betty Jean Owens, Mickey Paine, Robert Powell, Ricky Proctor, James Edward Robbins; THIRD ROW: Kenneth Rooks, Betty Ruth Rowe, Phyllis Rowe, Barbara Speight, Kay Summerlin, Kenneth Tillery, Charles Turner, Dennis Varnell, Joe Varnell, Becky Williams; FOURTH ROW: Donnie Lee Winders, Yvonne Womble FIRST ROW: Eddie Biggs, Scottie Buskerk, Kelly Calhoun, Carol Dickens, Danny Gardner, Winnie Harrell, Tim Harvey, Linda Gail Hill, Gail Hinton, Albert Inscoe; SECOND ROW: Anna Ivey, Susan Jackson, Peggy Langley, Bill Leonard, Diana Lynn, Bill Miller, Freddy. Moseley, Gwen Moseley, Weeks Parker, Linda Perry; THIRD ROW: Edward Powell, Billy Proctor, Bill Raynor, Jerry Summerlin, Steve Sykes, Ann Taylor, Linda Taylor, Freddie Taylor, Carol Tillery, Evelyn Tol- son; FOURTH ROW: Billy Varnell, Gail Walker, Jo Ann Walker FIRST ROW: Scottie Brake, Deannie Bottoms, Jean Bulluck, Laura Bulluck, Shirley Cobb, Donald Davenport, Terry Dutton, Walter Harper, Sheila Higson, Gail Joyner; SECOND ROW: Jane Joyner, R. M. Lowe, Bill McKeel, Deborah Perry, Jesse Pitt, Richard Pitt, Jody Proctor, Candy Purvis, Celeste Roberson, Donald Russ; THIRD ROW: Diane Smith, Annie Mae Thompson, Yvonne Thompson, Ann Wall, Glenn Watson, Nancy Watson, Alton Webb, Cindy Whitley FIRST ROW: Katherine Bland, John Brake, Sammy Buskirk, Brenda Calhoun, Arlene Champion, Dennis Cockrell, Karen Dawes, Betty Dwight, Joe Everette, Joe Godwin; SECOND ROW: Ruth Gurganus, Clark Joyner, Bruce Lancaster, Joseph Lynn, William Medley, Joyce Moore, Margaret Owens, Nancy Pierce, Larry Powell, Shelby Jean Privette; THIRD ROW: Gail Rhodes, Marie Shreve, Georgia Stein, Jimmy Summerlin, Carolyn Tolson, Julius Turner, David Webb, Rose Winders FIRST ROW: Wanda Sue Al ford, Dick Bass, Chuck Bunn, Charles Covington, Patricia Daughtridge, Russell Daughtridge, Brenda Eason, John Harper, Louise Harrell, Patrick Henry; SECOND ROW: Martin Jackson, Brenda Kay Lancaster, Donna Lancaster, Sherrie Moore, Betty Mott, Randy Narron, Evelyn Owens, Larry Raynor, Nancy Speight, Jimmy Speight; THIRD ROW: Fran Stewart, Carolyn Taylor, Patricia Thomas, Gwen Waddell, Wayne Williams, Wayne Williams, Debbie Yoder FIRST ROW: Beverly Black, Gloria Bone, Barbara Britt, Gerald Daniels, Milton Daughtridge, Gloria Eason, Henry Edmondson, Jimmy Edwards, Anita Goff, Jerry Hill; SECOND ROW: Sue Hill, Pam Hum- bert, Jo Jackson, Gale Joyner, Rilla Kennedy, C. P. Killebrew, Watson Lancaster, Carolyn Lynch, Nell Miller, Ray Page; THIRD ROW: Michael Parker, Ricky Pettigrew, A1 Pridgen, H. R. Privette, Ellen Proctor, Barry Snipes, Clyde Suggs, Jimmy Vick, Pamela Webber, Cathy Winders; FOURTH ROW: Corinne Wooten, Mary Lou Wooten FIRST ROW: Thomas Bozelle, Judy Chrisco, Doris Daughtridge, Bonnie Dew, Oscar Ellis, Ola Ruth Ezzell, Ronald Flood, Connie Fulford, Phillip Guy, Doris Harris; SECOND ROW: Jerry Hathaway, Teresa Jerni- gan, Alice Lancaster, Nancy Lancaster, Laverne Long, Patsy Lynch, Berry Newsome, Paul O ' Neal, Glenn Proctor, Mary Jo Proctor: THIRD ROW: Wayne Rhodes, Mike Rich, Danny Richardson, Elizabeth Richard- son, Deborah Rooks, Wayne Smith, George Tillery, Sammy Toler, Alice Turner, Jerry Warren; FOURTH ROW: Phil Webb, Bobby Willis, Don Poland FIRST ROW: MaryD. Best, Julian Bulluck, Danny Bunn, George Cockrell, Laurie Cress- man, Donald Davis, Kim Denson, Lynn Flowers, Mary Elizabeth Gurganus, Allen Joyner; SECOND ROW: Wayne Joyner, Anita Lancaster, Linda Faye Lane, Nellie Lewis, Clem Perry, Randall Pettigrew, Bruce Pope, Betty Sue Rhodes, Steven Roberts, Tommy Robbins; THIRD ROW: Walter Rose, Rickie Shaw, Linda Shepard, Kathy Jean Smith, William Stallings, Linda Trevathan, David Turner, Rebecca Wallace, Debbie Webb, Bruce Williams; FOURTH ROW: Debbie Williams, John Williams Seco«td ' FIRST ROW: Wanda Arnold, Nancy Avent, Alexander Bunn, Richard Brake, Brenda Branch, Paul Black, Priscilla Ezzell, Nancy Farmer, Sandra Gardner, Debra Guyant; SECOND ROW: Brenda Hinton, Patsy Hinton, Kathy Holder, Robert Holloman, Judy Lancaster, Joseph Lancaster, Kaye Morris, Doris Jean Mott, John Proctor: THIRD ROW: Ruth Rich, Barbara Rooks, Bruce Smith, Richard Lee Swinson, Jane Taylor, Barbara Turner, Kenneth Turner, Janet Turner, Donald Wells, Vickie Weeks, Shirley Williams FIRST ROW: Joseph Bradshaw, Julian Brake, David Daughtridge, Thomas Daughtridge, John Ezzelle, David Harris, Lee Harper, Keith Inscoe, Jim Jenkins, Steven Lindsey; SECOND ROW: Tony Medley, Royce Williams, Bennett Williams, Lou Baker, Frances Bailey, Becky Calhoun, Amy Collins, Carolyn Davenport, Debra Gouge; THIRD ROW: Virginia Griffin, Vickie Hagans, Linda Hinton, Becky Norris, Margaret Page, Gail Powell, Linda Tillery, Marsha Taylor, Cheryl Turner, Ann Watson; FOURTH ROW: Sharon Webber, Carol Winstead Sec nd FIRST ROW; Mike Batts, Chris Calhoun, Kathy Calhoun, Delma Chriscoe, Ryland Daughtridge, Debra Drake, Janet Flood, Gail Griffin, Beth Hicks, A1 Holloman; SECOND ROW: Kennette Johnson, Cynthia Joyner, Mike Lancaster, Ray Lancaster, Danny Langley, Kathy Lewis, David Lynn, Mike McSwain, Rita Moore, Greg Moseley: THIRD ROW: Rickey Perry, Carole Pope, Terry Proctor, Helen Rose, Linda Sawyer, Anita Snipes, Steve Strange, ' Hazel Tompkins, Amy Turner, Toni Womble FIRST ROW: Aubrey Anderson, Cathy Bass, Brenda Brake, Michael Calhoun, Jo Ann Carraway, Bonnie Cooke, Glenda Denton, Donny Edwards, Sheila Everette, Frank Harper; SECOND ROW: Jan Hinton, Eddie Jones, Michael Lanier, Roger Kuper, Harry McKeel, Ginger Mizelle, Patrick Paine, Leslie Parker, Ronnie Perry, Vickie Pittman; THIRD ROW: Joe Price, Marilyn Proctor, Danny Rich, Rebecca Robbins, Melvin Rodgers, Michael Saleeby, Betty Jane Stancil, Samuel Sumerlin, Sally Tompson, Dawn Toler; FOURTH ROW: Trudy Trevathan, Dennis Webb, Susan Webb, Joseph Wiggs, Bobby Williams, Marian Williams, Stephen Wordsworth - 1 k £ 1 aSxnele’ FIRST ROW: Paul Bulluck, Steve Calhoun, Kirby Dupree, John Henry, Michael Burgess, Wesley Lewis, Terry Mos- ley, Randy Richardson, John Stalling, Glenn Warren; SECOND ROW: Paul Williams, Jerry Wiggs, Wayne Proctor, Mike Robbins, Denise Bass, Debra Brake, Dona Chrisco, June Daughtridge, Peggy Dew, Jackie Farmer; THIRD ROW: GailEzzell, Jan Griffin, Mary Gurganus, Sue Hathaway, Denise Holder, Mary Hutchinson, Theresa Long, Sharon Moore, Rachel Pridgen, Deborah Jo Rhodes;. FOURTH ROW: Margaret Rose, Sandra Riddle, Janice Thompson, Julia Turner, Becky Whitehurst, Debra Willis IRST ROW: Terry Alford, Debra Bradsh aw, Henry Bunn, Milly Bunn, Kathy Carroll, Rose Anna Cashwell, Donald Coving- )n. Laddie Crisp, Rebecca Daughtridge, Terry Dawes; SECOND ROW; Danny Frazier, Jo Lynn Hicks, Diane Hill, Carlton amb, William Lancaster, Judy Lankford, Pender Lewis, Marilyn Marks, Elaine Murray, Billy Owens; THIRD ROW; Betsy orter, Carol Prince, William Proctor, Sue Ellen Rivenbark, Juanita Sloan, Mickey Smith, Beverly Swinson, Carol Taylor, iannette Turner, Charles Watson; FOURTH ROW: Larry Webber, Dianne Williams, Gregg Winstead, Earl Watson Sfreccai SdccMtcon FIRST ROW: Marvin Adams, Jesse Bottoms, Sammy Carroll, Sammy Childers, Bruce Gay, Benjamin Hagans, Thomas Harper; SECOND ROW: Danny Lancaster, Johnny Simmons, David Stewart, Charles Wall, Joseph Williams, Ray Valentine I ccuta StucCMt | From left, FIRST ROW: Marie Whitehurst, Pattie King, Winnie Harrell, Jimmie Vick, Gwenn Wadell, Katherine Bland, Dianne Smith; SECOND ROW: Gail Walker, Hilda Rodgers, Mary Nell Worsley, Ann Robbins, Shannon Bone, Henry Bradley; THIRD ROW: Betsy Ann Daughtridge, Lillie Pearl Hinton, Peggy Alford, Jolene Batts, Carolyn Manning, Jackie Mann, Yvonne Adams, Nancy Rowe; FOURTH ROW: Brenda Rodgers, Katherine Brake, Gwenn Parker, Nancy Lancaster, Mrs. Dozier, Ben Mary Bradley, Jane Cherry, Cecelia Webb 1 1 I M MY: oxtcC ScC ecMt TVe STAFF MEMBERS SPONSOR AND EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Miss Louisianna Hurdle Nyoka Winders e co CO -EDITORS Kay Bradley Becky Newsome CIRCULATION MANAGERS SEATED; Sylvia Hopkins and Angela Logan; STAND- ING: Beth Lancaster. Barbara Wrenn, Carolyn Worr ell STAFF F. Batts, A. Land, J. Guyant, B. Varnell, M. Joyner, B. Lancas- ter, J. Cherry, S. Wil- liams, J. F. Lancaster, C. Worrell, and L. Turner STAFF A. Logan, J. Rivenbark, H. Stein, S. Hopkins, J. Hudspeth, B. Wreen, N. Winders, M. Reges, S. Biggs, G. Brake, K. Worrell, B. Lancaster, G. Harrell, C. Pridgen BUSINESS MANAGERS Jimmy Hudspeth George Brake SPONSOR Lynette Mangum ( Cec OFFICERS SEATED; Linda Crickmore, Betty Lee Eason, Evelyn Brake, and Barbara Flood; STANDING: Miss Thigpen, Gloria Holmes, Mary C. Joyner, and Charles Pitt TEEN TONES Mary C. Joyner, Betty Lee Eason, Glo- ria Holmes, Sara Biggs, Joanne Guyant, Brenda Varnell, Evelyn Brake, Kay Lancaster MEMBERS OF THE CLUB Stcccte tt STANDING: Marcia Turner, Lynn Proctor, Brenda Rodgers, Floyd Batts, Joey Wooten, Gene Lancaster, Charles Pitt, Clyde McSwain, Joe Brake; SEATED: Nancy Williams, Ann Breedlove, Jo Anne Jones, Connie Brake OFFICERS Secretary Alan Proctor Treasurer Bobby L. Williams President George Brake Vice President Joanne Guyant Sponsor Miss Mangum SPONSOR 0 n FIRST ROW: Judy Dickens and Alan Proctor; SECOND ROW: Sara Biggs, George Brake, Gloria Holmes. Sylvia Hopkins; THIRD ROW; Mary Catherine Joyner, Evelyn Brake, Bob Sykes; FOURTH ROW; Kay Bradley, James Proctor, Jimmy Brake, Jackie Pettigrew, Barbara Wrenn OFFICERS President, George Brake; Vice President, Judy Dickens; Secretary, Gloria Holmes; Treasurer, Alan Proc- tor; Reporter, Sara Biggs; Sponsor, Mrs. Jones FRONT ROW: Gene Turner, Paul Harrell, Jimmy Lynch; SECOND ROW; Bobby Harriett, John Perry, Linda Turner, Kay Bradley, Barbara Wren, Judy Dickens; THIRD ROW; J. F. Lancaster, Angela Logan, Sylvia Hopkins, Beth Lancaster, Judy Cherry; FOURTH ROW: Willie Tyndall, Mike Proctor, Jimmy Hudspeth Left to Right: Beverly Long, Pauicia Colbert, Brenda Roberts, Melba Pridgen, Bobby W. Williams, Ronald Daughtridge, Connie Brake; SEATED: Mrs. Breedlove, Librarian p6 t«tnc al tften ' Ccci ACTIVITY I OFFICERS i Right: MARY C. JOYNER. State Secretary; PETE COOKE STANDING: Evelyn Brake, Helen Stein. Joanne Guy- ant, Marcia Turner, Mary C. Joyner; SEATED; Judy Dickens, Judy Cherry, Mrs. Theresa Brown, Sandra Brake cetane 4tKencc6i ACTIVITY Left: FIRST ROW: Paul Harrell, and Jerry Forbes; SEC- OND ROW: Bill Lancaster, Tommy Lancaster, Wil- liam Barnes; THIRD ROW: Gene Turner, Johnny Manning, and J. F. Lancaster ( tee deaden LEFT to RIGHT: Connie Brake, Gloria Sykes, Janice Batts, Jo Ann Jones, Beverly Long, Rita Batts, Rose Strange, Ross Garris, Gerry Yoder, Linda Crickmore, and Shirley Wall SYLVIA HOPKINS, Chief FRONT ROW: Bud Wrenn, Jimmy Brake, Buddy Sutton, Vernon Garrett, C. B. Daughtridge, Charles Pitt, Joe Brake, Jimmy Cooper, Wayne Turner; SECOND ROW: George Brake, Jimmy Rowe, Terry Marks, Sherwood Keel, Jimmy Hudspeth, M. L. Worsley, Marvin Taylor, Milton Taylor, Donald Taylor Left to right: Elsie Cotton; Nellie Barnes; Rosalie Battle; Ruth Dortch; Mrs. P. D. Proctor, Co-Manager; Mary Jenkins; Julia Horne; McKinley Williams; Mrs. R. F. Sykes, Co-Manager; Mildred Hart JESSE FORBES HARRY BATTLE FRANK BARNES FLORIDA BATTLE, Maid STANDING: Marcia Turner, Wanda S. Inscoe, Wanda Raynor, Evelyn Brake, Norma Best, Joanne Guy- ant, Margaret Dickens, Helen Stein, Linda Wiggs, Ann Harris, Peggy Gay, Beth Bulluck, Lou Ellen Ivey, Margaret Proctor; KNEELING: Beth Lancaster, Edna Forbes, Judy Dickens, Sandra Pettigrew, Kay Brad- ley, Mary Catherine Joyner CO-CAPTAINS Beth Lancaster Judy Dickens CO -CAPTAINS Jimmy Brake J. F. Lancaster t STANDING: Charles Pitt, C. B. Daughtridge, Freddie Haithcock, Lin Perry, Milton Taylor, Bobby Wil- liams, Clyde McSwain, Charles Taylor, Jerry Wordsworth, Phillip Joyner, Jon Schultz, Woody Moseley; KNEELING: J. F. Lancaster, Jimmy Brake, Curtis Kennedy, Jimmy Rowe, Buddy Sutton, M. L. Worsley 4t ietcc COACHES John Bengel Kelly Byrum MANAGER Paul Harrell SCOREKEEPER AND TIMEKEEPER Bud Wrenn Barbara Wrenn Advertisers We appreciate their kindness, They ' ll appreciate yours. COOKE’S GARAGE General Repairs All Make Cars and Light Trucks Dial 446-9247 821 N, Church St. Rocky Mount, N. C, MEADOW BROOK MEAT CO. Meadow Brook Pure Pork Sausage Route 2 Box 420 Phone GI 6-4875 Compliments of The AUTO-EQUIP COMPANY Eastern North Carolina Engine Rebuilders 133 N. Washington St. Rocky Mount, N. C. Dial GI 2-1107 Phone GI 6-9310 ALPHA RADIO TELEVISION SERVICE ' Begin our service - End your trouble ' 420 Parker St. Rocky Mount, N. C. RAYMOND JONES, JR. W. OTIS MANNING Owners 2 HOURS CLEANERS " First and Faster at NO EXTRA CHARGE " Tarboro WAYNE’S SELF-SERVICE LAUNDRY Pinetops AMERICAN BAKERIES CO. Bread MERITA Phone No. GI 6-5156 Rocky Mount, N. C. Cakes Best Wishes F rom RADIO SMILES 1490 on Your Dial IMPERIAL FURNITURE CO. " Home Furnishings " Phone GI 6-4547 Automobile Radiators Cleaned Repaired and Recoiled. All Radiators Flow Tested- Electric WELDING Acetylene W. L. COCHRELL’S GARAGE 140-144 S. Washington St. 231 South Washington Street J . A. THARRINGTON SONS Phone GI 6-6673 PROCTOR’S Manufacturers of Tobacco Curers and Heaters PURE SERVICE STATION J. L. PROCTOR, Proprietor 1100 Cokey Road Rocky Mount, N. C. Dial GI 6-7176 Gas, Oil, Batteries, Tires, Tubes, General Repairs, and Accessories. Rocky Mount, North Carolina KEN’S SERVICE STATION SUPPLY, INC. " Your Satisfaction Is Our Guarantee 226 N. Grace St. Box 721 Phone GI 2-1920 Dial GI 6-5807 Planter ' s " Controlled " Fertilizers Made for Soils in Eastern North Carolina PLANTERS COTTON OIL COMPANY Rocky Mount North Carolina Compliments of FRED’S GULF SERVICE Specializing in Auto Repair Road Service 825 Cokey Road Rocky Mount, North Carolina Phone 446-6708 C ongratulations Class of ' 62 BelkiTyler’s ' Rocky Mount ' s Largest Department Store " SERVICE SALES, INC. CMC Jeeps Mobile Homes Rocky Mount U. S. 301 North North Carolina Phone GI 6-7166 MOSELEY FURNITURE CO. 136 S. Washington St. Rocky Mount North Carolina New and Used Furniture and Appliances Philco Appliances and TV ' s " Give Us a Try We Satisfy " Youth Shop ' s CAMPUS ROOM Rocky Mount, North Carolina Dial 21186 21187 Used Auto Parts for All Cars for Less Tarboro Highway DENTON’S AUTO PARTS Auto Repairs and Used Parts " We buy junked cars " RAY DENTON, Prop. P. O. Box 288 Rocky Mount, North Carolina Compliments of SHELL TARBORO ST. STATION " Service is our business " Road Service - Battery Charging Washing, Waxing and Lubrication GLENOIT MILLS Tarboro and Lexington St. Phone 442-5964 Coin Operated Phonograph Cigarette Machines - Vending Mach, THE JEWEL BOX, INC. THORPE MUSIC CO., INC. Rocky Mount - Tarboro Phone GI 2-2854 171 Albemarle Ave. Rocky Mount, N. C. " Headquarters for Your Graduation Gifts " BORDEN S WIGGINS LAKE ICE CREAM Fishing, Dancing, Picnicking, Swimming With Lifeguard on Duty Dial GI 6-4222 301 Bypass South Rocky Mount, North Carolina 3 Miles East Route 2 of West Edgecombe Rocky Mount DAVIS BROTHERS TULLOSS TRACTOR General Merchandise COMPANY, INC. Hardware Feed John Deere Rocky Mount, North Carolina Rocky Mount, North Carolina ROCKY MOUNT OPTICIANS The Optical and Hearing Aid Center " Prescription Filled for Glasses " Office Hours 9:00 A.M. to 5:30 P. M. Telephone 446-5825 128 Tarboro Street Rocky Mount, N, C. QUALITY LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS Satisfaction Guaranteed ROCKY MOUNT MACHINE WORKS Electric and Acetylene Welding Rocky Mount North Carolina C ompliments of W. B. LEA TOBACCO CO. 238-242 Tarboro Street Now . . . 18 BANKING OFFICES Growing and Serving the Banking Needs of Northeastern North Carolina . in Your Community Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Television Center 114 South Washington Street Dial GI 6-7777 MAY AND GORHAM RADIO SERVICE SHOP DRUG STORE Television Sales and Service 112 South Washington Street Dial GI 6-8350 Rocky Mount, North Carolina Zenith - RCA - G. E. WALTER MEARS JESSE BROWN Rocky Mount, North Carolina Five Points Dial GI 6-8718 DIRECT AUTO GAY’S HARDWARE FINANCE COMPANY, INC. P. O. Box 928 122-24 South Howard St. Corner Washington and Hill Street Telephone GI 2-1482 GI 2-1246 Rocky Mount, N. C. P. O. Box 1255 Rocky Mount, N. C. Compliments of POLICY HOLDERS Best Wishes Seniors ' 62 AGENCY, INC. HILL-PROCTOR WILLARD E. BATTS, President PRINT SHOP GUELDA C. PITTMAN, Executive Sec. Dial GI 2-3621 " Personalized Insurance Service " 147 S. Washington St. Phone GI 6-7312 Rocky Mount, N. C. Rocky Mount, N. C. BUNTING, HARDY, Congratulations, Class of ' 62 AND MINGES F r om 114 S. Main Street GI 6-6924 DANIELS, INC. Formal Wear Rental Service Ivy League Headquarters 108 S. Main Street P Y MOBILE HOMES Congratulations Sharpsburg, N. C. H. REAVIS NELSON General Agent Your First Home Should Be a Mobile Home SOUTHWESTERN E. L. YODER W. O. BATCHELOR LIFE INSURANCE CO. Phone GI Z-6202 301 By-Pass South ROCKY MOUNT CRISP BROS. FURN. CO. AWNING TENT CO. Complete Line Home Furnishings Manufacturers of Oil Heaters- Duo-Therm Metal and Canvas Awnings Storm Doors and Windows Kelvinators Appliances Rocky Mount,- N. C. Zenith Radio and Television Outboards Garden Tractors Power Mowers Motor Scooters Bicycles WOOTEN’S CLARK CHEMICAL CO. SMALL ENGINE SERVICE Rocky Mt. , N, C. Dial GI 2-6538 or GI 2-2369 Distributors Agricultural Chemicals Your Authorized Briggs c Stratton and Clinton P. O. Box 287 Phone GI 6-9386 Columbia Lawson-Power Roadmaster Product Bikes Dealer All Work Guaranteed 929 Cokey Road Rocky Mount, North Carolina BODDIE OIL COMPANY ROY TAYLOR’S GROCERY Distributors of Texaco Products Dial GI 2-5108 General Merchandise Gas Poultry Meat 419 Middle Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina Old Wilson Road We Give S. c H. Green Stamps GI 6-8768 Rocky Mount, North Carolina ROCKY MOUNT FEED MILL Compliments of WHOLESALE OIL COMPANY Your " Purina " Dealer " We sell wholesale " Phone Rocky Mount 105 W. Grand Ave. Rocky Mount, N. C. GI 2-6788 N. C. Telephone GI 6-7304 MERRIT CENTRAL SERVICE STATION PLUMBING HEATING CO., INC. CONTRACTORS Plumbing, Heating, and Air-Conditioning Personal Supervision of All Work Kohler of Kohler Duro and Gould Water Systems Phone GI 6-4667 923 Norfolk Street Rocky Mount, N. C. Amoco Products Willard Batteries Corner Church and Thomas Streets Telephone GI 6-7304 Phone GI 2-9910 FULLER S SOUTHERLAND’S ESSO SERVICENTER Church and Thomas Street SUNOCO SERVICE " Guaranteed 24-Hour Service " Expert Washing and Lubrication Road Service - Open 24 Hours a Day Phones: GI 6-9918 or GI 6-7319 Rocky Mount, N. C. ED FULLER Corner Church and Thomas Streets Owner _ , Emergency Day or Night Rocky Mount, N. C. ' fcSSO Auto and Truck Service diaub Repairs EATMAN Compliments of MOTOR COMPANY GRA-BAR RESTAURANT 531 N. Church St. Rocky Mount, N. C. STEAK HOUSE 3 Miles South of ELVIN EATMAN Rocky Mount, N. C. on Highway U. S. 301 1 BARBEE ' S Residence: 326 Clifton Road INSURANCE AGENCY Rocky Mount, N. C. Phone: 6-7849 Insurance of All Kinds M. T. (WHIT) WHITLEY District Sales Manager Plus Personal Interest 649 South Church Street CAROLINA MOTOR CLUB 372 N. Church Street Rocky Mount, N. C. GI 2-6079 Rocky Mount, N. C. Phone: 2-2224 H H GROCERY 1 — Gold Strap Feeds for All Poultry and Livestock Complete Line of Groceries CARBISCO FLOUR Soft Drinks - Gas - Oil FEED MILLS, INC. Phone GI 2-7374 S. Grace St. Rocky Mount, N. C, R. F. D. 2, Rocky Mount, N. C. GARDNER’S ADVERTISING ASSOCIATES, INC. INSURANCE AGENCY Broad at Eighth DELLA L. GARDNER EARL HOLT GARDNER We Represent The American Insurance Co. Suite 300 Richmond 19, Virginia Milton 3-0157 GENE L. LEWIS See Us for All Your Insurance Needs Account Executive Advertising Public Relations Pinetops North Carolina Sales Promotion Merchandise GAY YOST HERFF JONES CO. FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Manufacturing Jewelers and Stationersi 1401-1429 North Capitol Avenue Indianapolis 7, Indiana Phone GI 6-6634 Reply to: ALLEN BARBEE District Representative Rocky Mount, North Carolina Phone 47-83001 i WIMBERLEY AND GREGORY 116 South Franklin Street Real Estate - Insurance - Rentals Compliments of GRIMES-MORGAN PLUMBING AND HEATING CO. 211 Atlantic Ave. Rocky Mount, N. C, LEDER BROTHERS INCORPORATED of Rocky Mount, N. C. Leaders in Quality and Fashion G. A. STALLINGS FARM SERVICES Plant Beds Our Specialty A-C MOTORS, INCORPORATED 355 S. Washington Street Rocky M ount, North Carolina Telephone Gibson 2-5178 ROCKY MOUNT AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION A-C MOTORS, INC. ALLAN MIMS, INC. BEL AIR CHEVROLET COMPANY CADDELL MOTORS DAVENPORT MOTOR COMPANY FLAKE B. CHIPLEY, INC. J. C. FRIAR MOTORS, INC. JOHN VANN MOTORS, INC. RAY BANDY ' S ROSE BUICK COMPANY THOMAS-FARRIS MOTORS, INC. ADLER’S " Quality Merchandise for the Entire Family at Reasonable Prices " 230 Main Street Tarboro North Carolina Compliments of ROSES OF TARBORO W. S. CLARK SONS, INC. Everything for Everybody Phone TA 3-2101 Tarboro North Carolina WCPS Tarboro, N. C. The Dommant Voice of Eastern Carolina M. R. ROBBINS LIFE INSURANCE ' If you don ' t buy from us, buy anyway " TARBORO DRUG CO. Walgreen Agency Tarboro, North Carolina REX JEWELRY 427 Main St. Tarboro, N. C. ' Meet Us Here ' Z. B. BULLUCK, INC. Planters Street Extension Wholesale Meats Established 1904 Rocky Mount North Carolina Better Groceries ROY TAYLOR’S GROCERY Foot Flairs Trio ' s Flats Sebago Loafers U. S. Keds Weather - Birds Freeman ROBERSON DUPREE Tarboro North Carolina ROBERTS JEWELRY COMPANY Diamonds, Watches, Silverware China, Crystal Bridal Headquarters in Eastern Carolina Old Wilson Road Tarboro Rocky Mount, North Carolina Scotland Neck CARLISLE FUNERAL HOME MUTUAL BURIAL ASSOCIATION " Ask About Our New Funeral Expense Plan. We Go Anywhere at Anytime. " Tarboro, North Carolina Day Night TA 3-3202 TA 3-3765 Compliments of J. E. JOYNER Agent for T. A. BURGESS ATTORNEY-AT-LAW NATIONWIDE INSURANCE CO. Rocky Mount North Carolina Tarboro North Carolina HAIR CUTTING EDWARDS GAS SERVICE COKEY ROAD BARBER SHOP Bottle Gas Sales 1327 Tarboro St. Quality Haircuts - $1.00 Rocky Mount, N. C. 719 Cokey Rd. Rocky Mount, N. C. GI 2-3475 DOMESTIC ELECTRIC SERVICE, INC. " An investor -owned, taxpaying, public -utility Company " Serving Edgecombe, Nash, and Wilson Counties 132 No. Main St. y UVf BETTfR Rocky Mount, N. C. APPLIANCE A. SCH OTTLAND, INC. AND TIRE CENTER 227 S. E, Main St, Manufacturers of Rocky Mount, N. C. General Electric Appliances Acetate, Rayon, and Nylon Fabrics Goodyear Tires, Batteries Rocky Mount, N. C. See A J-j i lJ_ -t A i J. C. TOMLINSON Congratulations, Class of 1962 EDGECOMBE BANK AND TRUST COMPANY of Tarboro, Fountain, and Oak City, N. C. Your Friendly Local Bank Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments of THE GOODY SHOP Compliments of ROCKY MOUNT PCX SERVICE Feed - Seed - Fertilizer Farm Supplies Electrical Appliances Rocky Mount North Carolina South Church Street Ext. Rocky Mount North Carolina Compliments of SEARS ROEBUCK AND COMPANY Best Wishes F rom JOHNSON’S FUNERAL HOME Phone GI 6-5135 Sunset Ave. Phone GI 2-3 13 1 Rocky Mount Rocky Mount North Carolina Compliments of QUINN’S FURNITURE STORE Quality Furniture ROCKY MOUNT SHOE CLOTHING CO. Best Quality Clothing for Men 1 70 N . Main Rocky Mount , North Carolina Rocky Mount, North Carolina If It ' s Good Food You Want Visit ENGLEWOOD LUNCH BAR Rocky Mount, N. C GEORGE K. TAYLOR General Merchandise Rt. 2 Phone GI 6 - 88 I 6 Rocky Mount North Garolina PROCTOR BROS. Dealers in Heavy and Fancy Groceries ♦ , DAVID HILL’S SUPER MARKET Phone GI 6-6688 Gokey Road Phone GI 6 - 66 I 8 1580 Gokey Road Extension Rocky Mount North Garolina Rocky Mount North Carolina Best Wishes Seniors of ' 62 KENT JOHNSON’S GROCERY NUGENT’S GROCERY 807 Cokey Road General Merchandise Gas - Oil Meats - Hardware " Open All Day Sunday " Rocky Mount North Carolina HENRY (PECK) BRADLEY’S GARAGE Tractor, Truck and Auto Repairs Route 2 (Pinetops Hwy. ) Phone GI 6-8839 1320 Cokey Road Rocky Mount North Carolina H. G. QUINCY SONS Crop Spraying Service Insecticides Weed Killer M. H. - 30 3 Hahn Hibot Sprayers 6 Yr. Experience Dial 44 69752 Rocky Mount, N. C. Compliments of JONES INSURANCE AGENCY W, DONLEY JOYNER, Representative Best Wishes F rom RUTH’S FLORIST Red Oak, North Carolina Rocky Mount, North Carolina Congratulations Seniors of ' 62 Penney’s EtKSr OUALITY! F rom MEADOW BROOK MEAT CO. Rocky Mount North Carolina Rocky Mount, North Carolina TARBORO STREET ESSO ROSE DRUG COMPANY Rocky Mount, North Carolina Rocky Mount North Carolina OAKWOOD PARK SUNDRIES Fountain Service JOE BARRETT 329 Fairview Road Rocky Mount, North Carolina Congratulations Graduates of ' 6Z F rom Compliments of CENTRAL CAFE GRIFFIN’S GROCERY 2 1 2 W . Thomas Tarboro Highway Rocky Mount, North Carolina Rocky Mount, North Carolina Best Wishes From RED’S PLACE LIVERMAN-SHELL, INC. General Merchandise E. J„ EZZELL 57 0 N. Raleigh Phone GI 2-3411 Rocky Mount, North Carolina Rocky Mount, North Carolina Compliments of WHITEHURST GROCERY Phone GI 2 -45 1 0 Tarboro Hwy. Rocky Mount North Carolina Compliments of Compliments of ROWE’S SUPPLY COMPANY CAROLINA BUILDING SUPPLY CO. 1522 S. Church Serving You Since 1915 Rocky Mount, North Carolina Rocky Mount, North Carolina M. E. RODGERS INSULATION CO. Home Insulation, Storm Windows Weatherstripping Leading Restaurant in Eastern Carolina ROYAL PALM RESTAURANT The Home of Better Steaks, Chops and Sea F ood M. E. RODGERS Route 2, Box 15 Tel. 2- 1039 Rocky Mount, N. C. GEORGE L. PATSEAVOURAS, Propr ietor 155 S. Main St. Rocky Mount, N. C. Air Conditioned Dial GI 2-6808 Compliments of W, CECIL BRAKE at CITIZENS COAL SUPPLY COMPANY Quality Coals Rocky Mount 1017 Cokey Road Building Material North Carolina Phone GI 6-8116 Y ell for YELVERTON COAL OIL COMPANY Coal - Kerosene - Fuel Oil Dial GI 6-8230 Rocky Mount North Carolina Complimenting the Class of 1962 CITIZENS SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 229 Sunset Ave. Rocky Mount, N. C. Compliments of J. A. THARRINGTON AND SON Manufacturers of Tobacco Curers and Heaters Dial GI 6-6672 or GI 6-6519 Rocky Mount, North Carolina Compliments of HURDLE’S GROCERY Sharpsburg, North Carolina Compliments of BARNES GROCERY Route 1 Nashville, N. C, Best Wishes F rom KELLY’S CLEANERS Rocky Mount, North Carolina AIRPORT LUNCHEONETTE JOHN WILLIFORD, Proprietor 301 -A North Phone GI 6-9932 Rocky Mount, North Carolina WOOTEN’S SUPER MARKET Serving the Nicest People on Earth " Our Customers " 540 Cokey Road Rocky Mount, N. C, Congratulations to the Seniors of ' 62 F rom WILLIAMS JOHNSON RESTAURANT Rocky Mount, North Carolina For Fast Service Have Your Favorite Repairman Get Parts for All Makes and Model Cars, Trucks, and Tractors F rom RAWLS AND WINSTED Your NAPA Jobber Rocky Mount and Tarboro 1 ' ' V ' FRYARS Compliments of FROZEN FOOD LOCKER AND MEAT MARKET BUILDERS FEDERAL Wholesale and Retail Custom Processing SAVINGS AND LOAN 1 1 5 N . Church 133 S. Washington Rocky Mount, North Carolina Rocky Mount, N. C. CARBISCO FLOUR AND FEED MILLS, INC. Compliments of Gold Strap Feed Surge Dairy Farm Equipment IMPERIAL FURNITURE CO. Rocky Mount North Carolina P. O. Box 951 Phone GI 6-4215 Rocky Mount, North Carolina GUS Z. LANCASTER STOCK YARDS MEBANE SHOE CO. Auction Cattle and Hogs 132 South Main Street " The Dependable Stock Market " Rocky Mount North Carolina Rocky Mount North Carolina " Quality Shoes for the Family " Ask for Edgemont GENE PAUL Groceries Ham - Bacon - Franks Farm Supplies Priddy Fertilizers Paints - Hardware " Made Fresh Daily in Rocky Mount " Sherwin-Williams Paints PEACOCK 1104 Cokey Road Rocky Mount, North Carolina MEAT COMPANY Compliments of i r G. E. GOFF AND SONS Staple Groceries - Gas - Oil Hardware - Soft Drinks R.F.D. 2 Rocky Mount, North Carolina Phone GI 2-3411 LUPER’S Best Wishes Seniors of ' 62 MACHINE AND WELDING SHOP WILLIAMS Industrial and WATCH SHOP Farm Machinery Repairs 835 Falls Road Rocky Mount, North Carolina Rocky Mount, N. C. HAYES CASH GROCERY Compliments of Groceries - Fresh Meats and Produc e JOSH BULLUCK’S 845 Falls Road Phone GI 2- 179 1 BARBECUE Rocky Mount, North Carolina Rocky Mount, North Carolina EPSTEIN’S MEN’S CLOTHING W. C. REID AND COMPANY Fashions for Women Campus Shop for Young Men " Eastern Carolina ' s Leading Music Company " Rocky Mount, North Carolina Organs - Band Instruments Hi F i ' P i n n s Records J . » ' 1 1 0 - IBB j Rocky Mount North Carolina Compliments of Compliments of ROCKY MOUNT PCX SERVICE Feed - Seed - Fertilizer Farm Supplies Electrical Appliances ROSENBLOOM-LEVY South Church Street Ext. Rocky Mount North Carolina Rocky Mount " Success with honor is wonderful - Success without honor is nothing. " G. S. TUCKER COMPANY Rocky Mount, North Carolina " Home of Fine Furniture " Why Pay More at Some Other Store? Phone GI 2-5419 117-111 N. Washington Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina PRIDGEN TIRE COMPANY W. C. P. s. Expert Retreading " Race Rubber” Tarboro, North Carolina " See the men who know tires best” P. S. Radio 900-N. Church St. Tel. GI 6-8006 With Personal Service HAMBURGER SHOP Compliments of 1428 S. Church St. B AND M Rocky Mount CHARLES S. BAILEY - NETTIE NIXON CHEVROLET CO. Phone 44-23929 Tarboro, North Carolina Best Wishes J. T. GARNER’S GARAGE F rom 100 Edgecombe Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina W. C. ADAMS, JR. " W LEE MOTOR CO. , INC. " Your friendly Ford dealer” i Wilson 237-3092 ElmCity Center 64331 Elm City, North Carolina Best Wishes F rom C ompliments of LEON’S BODY SHOP JOE LANIER Rocky Mount, North Carolina C ompliments of F. S. ROYSTER MERCANTILE COMPANY BUDDY’S USED CARS Royster 6-Plant Food Fertilized 336 S. Church St. Anhydrous Ammonia When You Get Ready to Buy, Come and See Buddy Tarboro North Carolina Rocky Mount, North Carolina KNOWLES NURSERY GARDENS Ornamental Camellias - Shrubbery - Azaleas Rocky Mount, North Carolina BOOSTERS BLACKWELL ' S, INC. DANIELS BARBER SHOP EDGEMONT BARBER SHOP LAND ' S FINA SERVICE STATION SAV-ON-GAS RAILROAD SALVAGE ROYAL CLOTHING SMITH ' S BODY SHOP MILADY ' S HAT SHOP KATHERINE ' S BEAUTY SHOPPE A FRIEND WALNUT SODA SHOP T.V. - RADIO HOSPITAL ROBBINS GROCERY JOYNER ' S GLASS SHOP ANONYMOUS SMITH TOBACCO WAREHOUSE " If you can ' t sell at Smith. ' s, Sell in Rocky Mount anyway " Rocky Mount North Carolina ' TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY " The World ' s Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made " a i ' fx’x IW 1 Y i Y •jbsr ■ % : 1 ; , 1; ™ i

Suggestions in the West Edgecombe High School - Wescomb Yearbook (Rocky Mount, NC) collection:

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