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Printed and Bound in the U. S. A. by School Printing Service charlotte, n. c. THE LION VOLUME XI NUMBER 6 Published by THE JOURNALISM DEPARTMENT of WEST CHARLOTTE HIGH SCHOOL Charlotte, North Carolina FOREWORD This year the Lion Staff once more presents to its friends and fellow students a tangible account of the footprints made on the sands of West Charlotte High School during the school year of 1950-51. We trust that these pictorial accounts will serve as a constant reminder of the happy days we have all spent within these walls. 2 DEDICATION MRS. E. R. ANDERSON To Mrs. E. R. Anderson, pioneer teacher, principal, religious and civic leader of the Charlotte community, this 11th edition of the West Charlotte Lion is respectfully dedicated. West Charlotte High School is proud to pay tribute to the career of the pioneer educator of our community. 3 BOARD OF EDUCATION REV. HERBERT SPAUGH MR. FR ANK O. ROBERTS MR. J. P. HOBSON ADMINISTRATION MR. C. L. BLAKE, Principal MRS. A. H. HUNT, Secretary Greetings and congratulations to the Lion Staff upon the publication of this yearbook and best wishes to the Seniors as they prepare to enter another era in their lives. Sincerely, C. L. Blake, Principal West Charlotte High School AUTOGRAPHS y FACULTY 7 8 FACULTY 10 1 1 FACULTY 12 13 SENIORS FRANK DARENZARD ALSTON " The Thing " Band, Hi-Y, Track, Tennis, Bible Club. " He who drinks beer will think beer. " Ambition: Doctor MILDRED MAE ARCHIE " Mil Mae " Basketball, Y-Teen, and Tennis. " Strive and strive hard to succeed. " Ambition: Dietitian ORA LEE ASHBY " Peate " Bible Club. " Aim for the higher things of life. " Ambition: Stenographer MARGARET MECHEEL BERRY " Beaucoup " Y-Teen, S peech, Dramatic, D. E. Club, Commercial and Hostess Club, Office Staff, Cafeteria Staff, Junior Basketball, Bible Club, Mirror Staff, Athletic Staff, G. A. A. " Truth is the secret of eloquence and of virtue, the basis of authority; it is the highest summit of art and of life. " Ambition: Pediatrician ISOM JOSEPH BIRTHA " I. J. " Chorus, Football, Track, Tennis, Baseball and Hi-Y. " If you can ' t be good, be careful. " Ambition: Dentist LORESE BIRTHA " Lo " Chorus, G. A. A., Basketball. " Nothing is so dangerous as an ignorant friend; better it is to have a nice enemy. " Ambition: Surgical Nurse JOHN PAYTON BLACK " Jay Black " Student Council, Dramatics, Science Club,, Detson Chanters, Mirror Staff, Football, Basketball, Track, Jr. Prize Contestant, Patrol Force, Hi-Y. " To be or not to be that is the question. " Ambition: Medical Scientist. DORIS LAVONE BLACKWELL " Vonnie " Usher, Hostess and Dramatics Clubs, Y-Teens, Mirror Staff and Chorus. " Education commences at the mother ' s knee and every xvord spoken within the hearsay of little child- ren tends towards the formation of character. " Ambition: Stenographer. 14 SENIORS ROBERT BRADSHAW BARBARA JEAN BROWN " Pee Wee ' Usher, Bible and Dramatics Clubs, Patrol Force, Cheering Squad and Y-Teens. " Valuable gifts come in small packages. " Ambition: Stenographer NATHANIEL BROWN " Nat " Basketball, Baseball, and Patrol Force. " Trust not a living soul, walk carefully among the dead. " ELEANOR CAMP CARRIE JEANETTE BOWSER " Jean " Student Council, Inter-Club Council, Y-Teens, Inter- school Council, Chorus, Dramatics Club, National Honor Society, Mirror Staff, Lion Staff, Patrol Force and Athletic Council. " There is a destiny that makes us brothers, none goes bis way alone, all we send into the lives of others comes back into our own. " Ambition: Attorney at Law ANNIE BOYCE GLORIA BROWN MINNIE LOUISE BROWN Y-Teens, and Distributive Education Club. " Where there is life there is hope; where there is hope there is love. " Ambition: Beautician IS SENIORS FAB CAMP " Fat Goody " Hoonr Society, Patrol Force, Football, Basketball, Hi-Y, Dramatics Club and Chorus. THOMAS CALDWELL " Tom Jr. " Hi-Y and Dramatics, Football. Ambition: Teacher CHARLES COLLINS CATHY " Chazz " Track. ' The elevator to success is broken, fake the ladder. 7 ' Ambition: Dentist FRENCH BENJAMIN CATHEY " Frenchie " Track. Ambition: Artist JOHNNIE LEE CHAMBERS " Chambre " Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track, Patrol Force, Dramatics Club, Chorus, Hi-Y, Mirror Staff, Stu- dent Council, Varsity, Driving, Art and Science Clubs and Lion Staff. " Fools wait for things to turn up, wise men go turn them up. " Ambition: Dramatist MINNIE CHERRY Bible, Dramatics and Science Clubs, Y-Teens and W. C. T. U. Contestant. " It is better to be unborn than untaught, for ignor- ance is the key to misfortune. " Ambition: Biologist. CORRINE CLARK JAMES CROSBY 16 SENIORS ARGIE RUTH CUNNINGHAM " Bobby Ruth " - Bible, Dramatics, Hostess and Photography Clubs, Y-Teens. " ' Experience is the fool ' s best teacher, the wise do not need it. " Ambition: Nurse JAMES DANIEL " Jim " Chorus, Lion Staff and Art Club. " Fools wait for things to turn up, wise men go turn them tip. " Ambition: Artist CLINTION NATHANIEL DAVIS ' " Do unto others as you would have them do unto- you. " ' ROSA MARION DAVIS Patrol Force, Commercial Club, Student Council, Thespians, Chorus, Mirror Staff, Lion Staff, Y-Teens. " DoraV Be sharp, don ' t be flat, but be natural. " Ambition: Teacher CHARLES PRICE DONALD " Charlie " D. E. Club, and Band. " Be not a fool to make others merry. " ANNIE DOUGLAS " Dot " Basketball, Tennis, Y-Teens. " I can make out of my life exactly what I wish for now I am becoming what I am going to be. " Ambition: Surgical Nurse JAMES RICHARD DOUGLAS " Bay-Bay " Patrol Force, Football, Basketball, Track, and Base- ball. " Why fear death? It is the most beautiful adventure in life. " Ambition: Physical Education Teacher ALICE RUTH DURANT " Winnie " Y-Teen, Photography Club. " To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield. " Ambition: English Teacher 17 SENIORS MACK DAVIDSON " June " Band, Track and Hi-Y. " They that stand high have many blasts to shake them. " Ambition: Business Man JOHN CALVIN EAVES " Slick Cooter " Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball and Bible Club. " If you can ' t be good be careful. " Ambition: History Teacher SARAH ANN EDWARDS " Sister " Chorus, G. A. A., Softball, Track, Tennis, Basket- ball, Bible Club, and Y-Teens. " All I am and long to be, I owe it to my darling mother. " Ambition: Nurse HENRY EILY " Hen " Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball, Chorus, Stu- dent Council, Patrol Force, Hi-Y, Lion Staff, Mirror Staff, Dramatics, Science, and Varsity Clubs. " Always have a good word for everyone. " Ambition: Physical Education Teacher DAVID MELVIN FRAZIER " Bunk " Baseball. " Live a clean life. " Ambition: Commercial Artist LOUIS GOODE Band, Patrol. " Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. " Ambition: Music Teacher SARAH DELL FORD " Sassell " Ushers Club, Y-Teens, E. E. and Chorus. " Look not mournfully into the past; for it comes not back again. " Ambition: Barber MARGARET LOUISE FRANKLIN " Butch " Basketball, Patrol Force, Chorus, Commercial, Bible, Speech, Dramatics, and Science Clubs, Y-Teens, G. A. A. and W. C. T. U. Contestant. " All that I am and hope to be, I owe it to my darling mother. " Ambition: Doctor Hp " 18 SENIORS THELMA GRACE GLYMPH " Coot " Dramatics, Bible and Commercial Clubs and Y-Teens. " We have reached the bay, the ocean lies still ahead. " Ambition: Stenographer MARY ELIZABETH GOINES " Gomes " Bible, Hostess, Commercial and Photography Clubs, Cafeteria Staff, and Y-Teens. " Life is a theater in which the worst people often have the best seats. " Ambition: Nurse JOHNNIE GORDAN " Genius " " It is better to be a living coward than a dead hero. " Ambition: Air Force CHARLES GRIER " Red Bone " Football, Hi-Y. " I am the master of my fate and the captain of my soul. " JOHN GRIER PEGGY GRIER ELLA MAE GRIER " Monkey " Y-Teens and D. E. Club. " I fear no man, only God is my master. " Ambition: Nurse JAMES GRIER " Pete " Chorus, Physics, and Usher ' s Clubs, Hi-Y. " Oh rare the headpiece if but brains were there. ' Ambition: Doctor 19 SENIORS DONALD HAFER ESTHER LOUISE HAIRSTON " Bootsie " Jr. Basketball, Chorus, Majorette, Jr. Prize Contest- ant, Dramatics, D. E., Commercial Clubs and Y-Teens. ' ' Blot nut vain check impulse; quench appetite; keep reason under its own control. " Ambition: Dress Designer VERLINE HARRIS Y-Teens, Chorus. " It is the art of marching directly forward toward the goal we have set before us. " Ambition: Tailor JAMES HART, JR. " Buhher " Mirror Staff, Track, Baseball, Football, Basketball, Lion Staff, Student Council, Jr. Prize Contestant, Science, Dramatics and Commercial Clubs, Patrol Force and Hi-Y. HAZEL WALLACE HASTY " Tom " D. E. Club. " 7 live for those who love me. " Ambition: Artist BENNIE ANDERSON HEMPHILL " Reb " Football, Basketball, Dramatics Club, Patrol Force and Hi-Y. " Trust not a living soul and walk carefully among the dead. " ALICE ELIZABETH HILL " Area " Y-Teens Chorus, G. A. A., Commercial, Speech, and Hostess Clubs, Jr. Prize Contestant and Jr. Basket- ball. " It is better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all. " Ambition: Ballet Dancer WILLIE JAMES HILL " Pa Hill " Track, Basketball, Football, D. E. Club, Hi-Y, and Baseball. " Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you may die. " 20 SENIORS ODESSA HOOD ANNE MARIZETTA HUGHES " Sandy " Commercial, Hostess, Ushers, Dramatics, and Science Clubs, Chorus and Y-Teens. " Upon the plains of hesitation lies the bancs of countters millions whom upon the dawn of a sunset sat down to rest and resting died. " Ambition: Stenographer EVALINA JOHNSON KATIE LOUISE JOHNSON " Kat " W. C. T. U. Contestant, Y-Teens, Science Club, and National Honor Society. " Cherish those who love you; love those who hate you. " Ambition: Beautician ALBERT HOEY VICTOR HOEY THOMAS HUGHES GEORGE JACKSON " Jackie " Football, Baseball. " Fools rush in where wise men fear to trod. " Ambition: Teacher 21 SENIORS MARGARET EDMONIA JOHNSON " Marty " Chorus, National Honor Society, Dramatics, and Commercial Clubs, Patrol Force, Y-Teens, Mirror and Lion Staffs. " Common sense is good to have, but never let it master you; for then it might deprive you of the foolish things it ' s fun to do. " Ambition: Social Worker ROSA MAE JOHNSON " Bill " G. A. A., Y-Teens, Chorus, Commercial, and Dra- matics Clubs, Jr. Prize Contestant and Tennis. " When you know a thing, to hold that you know and when you do not know a thing, allow that you do not know it this is knowledge. " Ambition: Nurse FRANCES SELENA JOHNSON " Lena ' ' National Honor Society, Commercial Club and Y-Teens. " He that practice ignorance is guilty of all crimes that ignorance produce. " Ambition: Teacher WILLIE RUTH JONES " Baby Ruth " Softball, Y-Teens, Majorette, Dramatics and G. A. A. " Defend me from my friends, I can defend myself from my enemies. " Ambition: Nurse 22 SENIORS WALTER RALEIGH LOVELL " Big Walt " Football, Track, Chorus, Dramatics Club, Patrol Force, Mirror Staff and Hi-Y. Ambition: Mechanic JAMES LYLES JOHN EXCELL McCOMBS " Joe Buzzard " Football, Basketball, Track, National Honor Society, Chorus, Dramatics and Driving Clubs, Mirror Staff, and Hi-Y. " 1 shall pass this way but once, any good therefore that 1 can do, or any kindness that 1 can show to any human being let me do it now, let me not neglect nor defer it for, 1 shall not pass this way again. " Ambition: Philosopher MINNIE LEE McCLURE " Min " D. E. Club, Y-Teens, and Student Council. " Trust not a living soul, walk carefully among the dead. " Ambition: Bookkeeper WALTER ALEXANDER MAXWELL " Fisheggs " Chorus, D. E. Club and Basketball. " A man is not a failure when he falls until he says — someone tripped him. " Ambition: U. S. Navy CHARLES McCULLOUGH 23 SENIORS wilson Mcdowell " Mac goodie " Football, Baseball, Mirror Staff, Dramatics and Bible Clubs, Basketball, Student Council, Patrol Force, and Track. " All 1 am and long to be 1 owe it to my darling mother and teachers. " Ambition: Teacher THOMAS McNABB " Brother ' " People change because of others ' mistakes, fools change because of their own. " SARAH CATHERINE McQUEEN " Sarah Mc " Bible, Commercial, Photography, and Dramatics Clubs, and Y-Teens. " Live, love, think, pray, and Dare. " Ambition: Librarian THOMAS McQUEEN " Romeo " Mirror Staff, Science Club, National Honor Society. ' " Trust not a living soul, and walk carefully among the dead. " CAROLYN BEATRICE MOORE " C. B. " Chorus, National Honor Society, Dramatics Club, Y-Teens, Mirror Staff, Lion Staff, Patrol Force, Commercial Club, and Student Council. " Education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive; easy to govern, but impossible to enslave. " Ambition: Dental Technician MANUEL MONTGOMERY " Mercury " Football, Track and Baseball. " A man is a man for what he does and not for what he says. " Ambition: Professional Athlete MILDRED JUANITA MORRISON " Breeze " Basketball, Y-Teens, Dramatics Club, G. A. A. and Cheerleader. " Always be truthful, faithful and kind. " Ambition: Beautician EVA ELLEN MILLER Y-Teens. " Get wisdom, get knowledge but with all your get- ting get understanding. " 24 SENIORS 25 SENIORS ALBERT SANDERS RICHARD SARTOR MILDRED ALICE SMITH " Smif " Student Council, National Honor Society, Mirror and Lion Staffs, Chorus, Dramatics Clubs and Y- Teens. " you have faith all things are possible. " Ambition: Social Worker THOMASENA BERNICE SMITH " Tommie " Dramatics, Science, Commercial and Ushers Clubs, Y-Teens, W. C. T. U. Contestant and Lion Staff. " He is a saint who daily aims to aid his fallen brother. He is a God who never blames his downfall on another. " Ambition: Elementary Teacher JANIE MAE STEWART " Rabbit " Y-Teens. " Be prepared. " Ambition: French Teacher MARY ROSA STUART " Rosa " Chorus, Hostess, Dramatics and Bible Clubs, Patrol Force and Student Council. " See with your own eyes and judge by your own taste. " Ambition: Nurse JULIUS PERCIVAL STROUD " Puss " Tennis, Basketball, Patrol Force, Dramatics and D. E. Clubs. " Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and take what comes. " EVELYN THOMPSON " Honey " " To each his own. " Ambition: Stenographer 26 SENIORS ESTHER REEL DOROTHY LEE REID " Dot " Y-Teens, D. E. Club. " The difficult can be accomplished at once, the im- possible takes a little longer. " Ambition: Nurse ISABELLA ROBINSON Y-Teens, Dramatics, and Commercial Clubs, Cafe- teria Staff and Basketball. " If is bi tter to love wisely, it is better than not to be able to love at all. " Ambition: Interior Decorator MARION THOMAS RAWLINS " Pete " Hi-Y, Physics Club and Patrol Force. " Coolness indicates fine qualities. " MARY DICKSON PRICE " Dee " Y-Teens, Science, Commercial and Dramatics Clubs. " To thine ownself be true. " Ambition: Dietitian ALLEAN QUINN " Al " Basketball, Tennis, Y-Teens, and Student Council. " I have learned but not enough. " HENRY RICHARDSON " Snake " Track, Hi-Y and D. E. Club. ' A man of courage is also full of faith. " ELIZABETH ROSEBORO " Lizzie " Y-Teens. ' Look to the future and not to the past. " Ambition: Nurse 27 SENIORS WILLIE ALEXANDER WALKER " Twist " Jr. Prize Contestant, Dramatics Club, Patrol Force, Hi-Y, Mirror and Lion Staffs. " Good things come to those who wait. " Ambition: Doctor CLARA WALLACE " Squirrel " Y-Teens and D. E. Club. " Live as if you were going to die tomorrow, learn as if you were going to live forever. " Ambition: Seamstress CLINTON ALEXANDER WHITAKER " Shark " Football and basketball. " Striving to better the best. " Ambition: Singer KATHERINE ELIZABETH WHITE " Cat " Y-Teens, Bible, Ushers, Commercial and Photo- graphy Clubs. " All that 1 am and hope to be, I owe it to my mother. " Ambition: Stenographer JAMES TOWNSEND FONTELLA LILLIAN WALKER " Fonnye " Student Council, Patrol Force, Mirror and Lion Staff, National Honor Society, G. A. A., Chorus, Com- mercial and Dramatics Clubs, W. C. T. U. and Jr. Prize Contestant, and Y-Teens. " Experience is never limited, and is never complete. " Ambition: Psychologist MABLE JOYCE WAY " Bunnie " Y-Teens. " Strive for the best. " Ambition: Typing Teacher CAROLYN WELCH " Tank " Y-Teens, Bible Club and Student Council. All that I hope to be, I owe to my dear mother. " Ambition: Nurse 28 SENIORS MATTIE WILLIAMS " Mat " Chorus, Basketball, Tennis, Y-Teens, G. A. A. and Track. " If do not win I will make the winner break all records. " Ambition: Nurse ROY EDWARD WILLIAMS " Spazard " Football, Band, Chorus, Dramatic, and D. E. Clubs. Patrol Force, Hi-Y, and Student Council. " Yoa can never plan the future by the past. " Ambition: Dentist 29 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to right, top row — Katherine White, Secretary; Fab Camp, Class Reporter; Katie Johnson, Assistant Secretary. Bottom row — John Black, Treasurer; James Hart, President; Bennie Hemphill, Vice- President. Class Motto — " Could we but know the land that ends our dark uncertain travel. " Class Flower — American Beauty Rose Class Colors — Aqua and pink 30 CLASS HISTORY In the year 1946 A. D., a group of adventurous pioneers started across a vast unknown territory to stake their claims in the gold mines of Education. It had become known that " gold " had been discovered in the territory of West Char- lotte High. Hundreds of hopeful explorers had " rushed " there. Sure enough the mines were so rich that there was " gold " for all, and those who worked diligently and reach- ed the last outpost where the richest mines were located had become increasingly wealthy. With these tales of success in mind we set out to find Our fortunes. Mr. Clinton L. Blake, Marshall of West Char- lotte Territory appointed guides for us and supervised our sojourn across the plains. A hundred and forty of us packed our goods in covered wagons and started the journey. Our guides, Mr. Leroy Miller, Mr. C. E. Moreland, Mr. J. E. Colston and Miss L. N. Mayweather knew the trails well and we arrived without mishap at the first frontier stop, " Prep Junction. " While there Fontella Walker and Lenon Rhoden joined the Dramatics Group playing at the Opera House. Annie Ruth Boyce, Henry Eily, James Hart, Wilson McDowell, Charles McCullough, Johnny Chambers, Mattie Williams and Willie Walker played Jr. Varsity basketball against the settlers. After a year the pioneers decided to move on to " Fresh- menboro " constantly in search of bigger and richer " mines. " Here John Black, Johnny Chambers, Henry Eily, Willie Walker, Thomas McKnabb and James Townsend, Jeanette Bowser, Margaret Johnson, Rosa Davis, Peggy Withers, Pearlie Kirkley, Marv Stuart, F nte ' la Wnlker, Carolyn Moore, Mattie Williams, Mildred Smith and Ann Hughes joined the chorus which entertained the commun- ity with beautiful music under the direction of Miss Julia Jackson. Fab Camp, Henry Eily, Wilson McDowell, John Eaves, Johnny Chambers, James Hart and James Douglas were on the football squad. A few of our group satisfied with hav- ing reached " Freshmenbco " stayed here, but mo-t of us were guided safely to " Sophomoreville " by our efficient guides— Miss K. L. Stuart, Mr. T. M. Martin, Miss M. A. Blake and Miss G. H. Alexander. In Sophomoreville under the guidance of Mis- S. L. Lane, Miss V. V. Bryant, Mrs. M. L. McKinney and Mr. J. F. Towns. Johnny Chambers, Henry Eily, John Black, Margaret Berry, and Walter Lovell joined the Drama group. Fontella Walker, Mattie Williams starred in girls ' track and Margaret Berry, Alice Hill, Esther Hairston, Mattie Williams, and Fontella Walker played on the soft- ball team. We had collected many nuggets by the time we left Sophomoreville, but most of us realized that each mile covered proved more profitable than the last so we jour- neyed to " Juniortown. " By this time we were well known throughout West Charlotte Territory. While we were in " Juniortown " Carolyn Moore, Johnny Chambers, Minnie McClure, Henry Eily, Willie Walker, John Black, James Hart, Margaret Berry, Margaret Johnson, Esther Hairston, Jeanette Bowser, Wilson McDowell, Alice Hill, James Daniels and Rosa Davis worked on the West Charlotte Mirror the Territory ' s newspaper. Jeanette Bowser was elected Vice-President of the Stu- dent Council, John Black became Editor-in-Chief of the Mirror and Wilson McDowell was captain of the Patrol Force. Mai tie Williams was captain of the girls basketball team for two years. Johnny Chambers, Henry Eily, James Douglas, Wilson McDowell, Charles McCullough, Albert Sanders and Fab Camp starred in Track and Football. Carolyn Moore, Jeanette Bowser, Mildred Smith, Fontella Walker, Margaret Johnson, Selena Johnson, Fab Camp, John McCombs, and Thomas McQueen and Pearlie Kirkley were inducted into the West Charlotte Chapter of the National Honor Society. Jeanette Bowers won first place in the annual Junior Prize oratorical contest, and Carolyn Moore and Jeanette Bowser were honorary marshals to the 1950 graduating class. Miss B. B. Welborne, Mr. O. A. Williams, Mr. J. A. Davis, and Mrs. F. W. Kelsey guided us safely to " Senior City. " Ah! that beautiful city. It had been a long hard and weary journey and the pioneers were really rejoicing at hav- ing reached this last outpost. Mrs. E. S. Randolph, Miss V. D. Shuford, and Mr. S. A. Moore welcomed us with keys to the city. With their help and encouragement we set to work. James Hart was elected President of the Senior Class. Jeanette Bowser headed the Student Council and the Na- tional Honor Society. The male citizens of West Charlotte Territory elected Ann Hughes as Miss West Charlotte an honor twice be- stowed upon her. John Black was elected President of the Chorus, Drama Club and Science Club. Johnny Chambers was Vice-Presi- dent of the Drama Club and received honorable mention for his acting in the District Drama Festival. Jeanette Bowser took second place in the Charlotte Finals of I Speak for Democracy Oratorical Contest. Senior athletes excelled in footbal land basketball. Barbara Brown headed the Cheerleaders who " yelled " our boys to victory on many occasions. Margaret Berry, Jeanette Bowser, Sarah McQueen and Rosa Davis joined the Future Teachers of America. Janie Mae Stewart was elected Secretary of the organization. The star production of Senior City ' s Theatre was " Our Miss Brooks, " a brilliant cast starring Jeanette Bowser, Henry Eily, Thomas Caldwell, Mildred Smith, Bennie Hemphill, Willie Ruth Jones, Peggy Withers, Carolyn Moore, Margaret Johnson, Lorese Birtha, Lavone Blackwell, Isom Birtha, Charles Grier, Mable Way, Ann Hughes, Barbara Brown, Sarah Ford, John Eaves and others received curtain call after curtain call on opening night. Earth and Stars another major production of the season featured such theatrical luminaries as John Black, Willie Walker, Johnny Chambers, Mildred Smith, Carolyn Moore, James, Fab Camp, Mack Davidson, Frank Alston, Bennie Hemphill, Jeanette Bowser, and Walter Lovell. James Hart was inducted into the West Charlotte Chapter of the National Honor Society. The class of 1951 brought their distinguished career at West Charlotte High School to a close with an exciting class night revue and a brilliant commencement pageant. Led by Carolyn Moore and Jeanette Bowser as valedic- torian and salutatorian, one hundred and twenty-five seniors received diplomas on June 5. Margaret Berry Johnny Chambers 31 WILL AND TESTAMENTS OF THE State of North Carolina County of Mecklenburg City of Charlotte We, the members of the Senior Class of 1951, being cognizant of the fact that an end must soon come to our blissful and tearful days spent at our dear institution and that, ere night falls, vc leave our footsteps on these sands of time, and in order to prevent any legal controversies, after our decease, over our enormous accumulations, do seize this moment to make our final testament. Wc hereby declare all previous promises to pay, will or testaments made by this class as null and void. To all members of the Junior Class, we bequeath our seats in 12-1, 12-2 and 12-3 homerooms. James Hart wills his ability to play end on the football team to Eugene Eily and his shoulder pads to Belton Cunningham and his love to all women. Peggy Withers wills her hair styles to Goldine Dorsette, her chapel seat to Delores Cox and her ability to make noise to Grace Coleman, take it and use it, and all her love to Samuel Fesperman. Rosa Davis wills her typing ability to William Fergu- son, her algebra ability to Claudette Kirkpatrick and her ability to get along with her sweetheart to Janie Ross. James Daniel wills his art ability to Johnny Alston, and his ability to get along with everyone at West Charlotte. Willie Walker wills his ability to get along with girls to James Walker. Carolyn Welch wills her figure to Mabel Haynes and her seat in chapel to Thomas Barnes. Carolyn Moore wills Tayloria Stroud her chapel seat. Henry Eily wills his bass voice to Perry Glenn and his football ability to Eugene Eily. Barbara Brown wills her position on the cheering squad to Shirley Way, and her beautiful smile to Thomas McDowell. Nathaniel Brown wills Thelmore Ervin a pack of Phillip Morris and all his love to Miss Shuford and Miss Welborne. Annie Ruth Boycc wills her dancing ability to Ella Mae Walker and Roceita Osborne, and her basketball suit to Venis Johnson. Johnnie Chambers wills his track ability to Robert Ethridge and his acting ability to Barbara Carson. Dorothy Reid wills her love to J. C. Staton and her dimples to Vermeil Segars. Willie Ruth Jones wills her majorette ability to Janie Mae Ross. Inez Cooper wills her basketball ability to Carrie Cooper. Rosa Nelson wills her Bible ability to Gazella Broome. Ella Grier wills her small feet to Charles Grier and her voice to Mildred Hill. Walter Maxwell wills his ability to get acquainted to Napoleon Chisholm. Bynom Nicholas wills his drums in band to Robert Ethridge. Hazel Hasty wills his walk to Frank Clyburn so that he can change his, and all his trouble with girls to Mark Carter. James Townsend wills his singing ability to King Smith, his dancing ability to Robert Ethridge and all his love to Laverne Williams. Charity Newson wills her quietness to Mary Ellen Nicholas and her slimness to Jetty Smith. Clara Wallace wills her ability to attend to her business to Belton Cunningham. Ora Lee Ashby wills her typewriter to Geraldine Lockhart and her watch to Christine Clay. Katherine White wills her beautiful handwriting to Jessie Nicholas and her smile to Grace Coleman. Mary Goines wills her personality to Lillian Plait. Lavonne Blackwell wills her courage to stay at school during recess to Sadie Wilson, and her chapel seat to Zelma Roberts. Roy Williams wills his trumpet playing to Dockie Sarter, his singing ability to Thomas Sowell and his schol- astic ability to Eugene Jones. 32 SENIOR CLASS OF 1951 Selena Johnson wills her typing ability to Narvie Johnson. George Jackson wills his football ability to Thomas Barnes and his sportsmanship to Roy Mcllwain. Alice Durai.c wills her driving ability to Juanita Kirkpatrick and her photo ability to Gladys Derr. Clinton Davis wills his sleeping ability to Jimmie Cannon so he can start going to bed a little early at night. Thomasena Smith wills her ability to get along with others to Dorothy Carr and her love to the teachers, especially Mr. Davis. Mattie Williams wills her ability to play basketball to Hattie Williams, her suit to Mamie McBride. Elizabeth Roseboro wills her stroll to Dorothy Alex- ander. Corrine Clark wills her boy friends to Mary Helen Walker and her BeBops to Dorothy Alexander. Willie James Hill wills his playboyish character to Jerry McKenzie and his coolness to Robert Etheridge. Jeanette Bowser wills to West Charlotte High School for whom she has labored, her prayers and hopes for con- tinued success. Sarah Ann Edwards wills her voice to Dorothy James and her basketball ability to Mamie McBride. Minnie Cherry wills her ability to get along with people to Mary Helen Hunter. James Lee wills his brain to William Peeler and his ability to filibuster to Napoleon Chisholm. Ann Hughes wills her personality to Gwendolyn Roberts and her chapel seat to Delores Cox. Minnie Brown wills her typing ability to Wynona Wigfall and her seat in chapel to Louise McGriffin. Rosa Johnson wills her typing ability to whoever wants it. Henry Richardson wills his pool room ability to Edward Graves. Allean Quinn wills her basketball ability to Ola Mae Hart and her love to Roy Mcllwain. Mildred Smith wills her seat in chorus to Lillian Smith. Isom Birtha wills his singing ability to William Birtha. Pearlie Kirkley wills her singing ability to Evelyn and Edson Mickles. Margaret Johnson wills her seat in chapel to Mable Haynes, and her white ribbons to Tayloria Stroud. Argie Cunningham wills her quietness to Jennie Ann Meares. Helena Nelson wills her cheering squad suit to Nora Bell Gooding. John Eaves wills his football ability to Eugene Eily. Charles Cathey wills his track ability to Samuel Fesper- man. John Nichols wills his voice to Daniel Blackman, his intelligence to Raymond Nicholas and all his love to Betty Ruth Hughes. Margaret Franklin wills her driving ability to Carolyn Martin, her charm and personality to Dorothy Carr and her red skirt to Barbara Spence to complete her outfit. Sarah McQueen wills her legs to Eleanor Smith and her sewing ability to Cenester Baskin. Fab Camp wills his football ability to Belton Cunning- ham and his ability to get along with girls to Samuel Cureton. James Douglas wills his football suit to Emmerson Sartor, his ability to make love to Samuel Cureton and all his love to Barbara Houser. Mildred Archie wills her basketball ability to Ola Mae Hart. Carrie Woodard wills her seat in Mr. Moore ' s English class to Christabelle Sexton. Charles McCollough wills his ability to high jump to Belton Cunningham and his basketball shoes to Jimmie Cannon and his basketball ability to T. H. McDowell. Janie Mae Stewart wills her dirty black and white shoes to Barbara Spence and all her love to Otto Latimer. Mabel Way wills her coolness to Katherine Way, her abil ity to get along with boys to Cenester Baskin, and her dancing ability to Odell Way. Thelma Glymph wills her figure to Barbara Carson, her chapel seat to Victoria Alexander and her sewing ability to Mary Ellen Nicholas. Margaret Berry wills her position in Mr. Blake ' s heart to Delores Cox and her D. E. seat to anyone who cares to have it. Esther Hairston wills her shape to Mabel Haynes. Alice Hill leaves her graceful stroll to Dot Hill. 33 CLASS PROPHECY Good evening, ladies and gentlemen of the radio audi- ence! This is your own news commentator, Margurite Mecheel Berry, bringing you the outstanding news of the week. Tonight I am especially privileged to be broadcasting from the vast arena of Madison Square Garden in New York City. Here are gathered the alumni of the class of ' 51 for their fifteenth anniversary. This is one of the out- standing gatherings of the age, because the world feels that it is the most famous and outstanding meeting since the meeting of General Fab Camp and Private Charles McCullough in Blackwater, Georgia. Some of the first people to arrive are Mrs. Ora Lee Ashby, Browns Incorporated — Minnie, Gloria, Barbara and Nathaniel, also the Grier firm, Charles, John, James, Peggy and Ella. On the left we see Charity Newson and her hus- band Thomas McNabb. With them we find Reverend Mack Davidson pastor of Save Sinners Baptist Church with him is one of his members, Deacon Isaiah Patterson. I have just heard that Reverend Bennie Hemphill is now in charge of the Theological Seminary at Shaw University. Taking a seat to my right I see, lovely Mrs. Pearlie Kirkley Maxwell and her husband Walter. In the back we see Rosa Davis and Wilson McDowell. Entering we see many members of the nursing staff at " Die Quick " Hospital such as Minnie Cherry, Thelma Glymph, Evelyn Thompson. Also just entering are the doctors, John McCombs and Thomas McQueen. The Y. W. C. A. has sent some members to this meet- ing who are alumni, Miss Mary Price and Sarah McQueen. Miss Willie Ruth Jones with her boyfriend Hazel Hasty have arrived. The great novelist Clinton Whitaker has just written a book on " Love and Nonsense " using John Nicholas, Donald Hafer and George Jackson as references. Richard Sartor the great army general with some of his top officers has just entered, they are Staff Sgt. John Poole, Captain Albert Sanders and Colonel Clinton Davis. Miss Mildred Morrison has just entered from her famous cheerleader school, with one of her instructors, Mrs. Minnie McClurc Bradshaw, wife of Doctor Robert Bradshaw. Due to the weather conditions a plane from Los Angeles was grounded. Most unfortunately twenty members of the Alumni Association were on this plane. They were, Annie Douglas, Inez Cooper, Sarah Dell Ford Frazier, wife of David Frazier, Rosa Mae Nelson, Dorothy Reid, Clara Wallace, Annie Boyce, Verlene Harris, Rosa Johnson, Evaline Johnson, Carrie Woodard, wife of Attorney Charles Cathey, Carolyn Welch Gordon, wife of the noted brain specialist Doctor Johnny Gordon, Esther Reel, Aileen Quinn, Helena Nelson, Ellen Miller, and Bessie Hunter. Gossiping in the corner are those famous gossiping champions, Mildred Archie and Elizabeth Murray talking to John Eaves. We have several members who have gone into the nun- nery, Janie Mae Stewart, Mable Way and Florrie Kennedy. We have many teachers represented here from the various schools over North Carolina, Elizabeth Roseboro, Mary Rose Stuart, and Katherine White. Miss Isabella Robinson is here representnig the " Wo- men ' s Golfers Association, " along with her I see Odessa Hood, Eleanor Camp and Corrine Clark. Also we have four representatives from the " Avon Company, " they are Argie Cunningham, Alice Durant, Sarah Ann Edwards and Mary Goincs. Representing Florida A M College, we have Professor John Paton Black, who is recognized as a great Negro Author. He has just revised his first edition of " Whiskey versus Teen Agers. " Some of California ' s first Negro businessmen have just entered, they are Mr. Isom Birtha, Bynom Nicholas, Manuel Montgomery and Victor Hoey. Ladies and Gentlemen, I see to my right, the " World ' s Best Dressed Man, " Mr. John Henry Eily, wearing a bright, loud, red shirt. With him I see his runner up, Mr. Willie Walker, Jr., wearing a tomato red shirt, trimmed in deep purple. We are represented in the television world by Mr. Willie James Enoch Hill, III. Sitting in the center down front I see Mr. Johnnie Chambers, who has just recovered from a strain of the vocal cord. He was trying to reach the note that no one had reached before. Entering is Lorese Birtha and her famed " Blake Trot- ters, " who have just returned from a trip around the world. Down on the left hand side we see the world ' s greatest football team. Representing West Charlotte High School, we have Roy Williams, Marion Rawlings, James Lee, Charles Kennedy, James Daniels and Louis Goode. The world ' s champion wrestler is James Lyles and with him his wife, Mattie Williams, a famous member of the " Blake Trotters. " Representing Charlotte ' s Police Force, we have James Crosby, French Cathey, James Douglas and Albert Huey. Four of the outstanding funeral directors are present, Thomas Hughes, Charles Knight, Robert Lockhart and James Townsend. The beauty queen of 1965 is here, Miss Lavonne Black- well, telling of her tales and adventures in Rome. Margaret Franklin and Anne Hughes have tied up for the speed of typing 2000 words a minute. They have put Cortez Peters out of circulation. Katie Johnson and Selena Johnson have taken over Johnson ' s Furniture Company. I know there will be fewer bargains. Julius P. Stroud and Henry " Snake " Richardson have tied for the laziest man of the year. Charles Donald after four years of hard labor finally gave up his trip to Mars. I was informed by Walter Lovell, who is here from Germany. Scientist Frank Alston has discovered a type of pill which has put " Hadacol " out of business. All heads have just turned toward the door and we see that graceful model Carolyn Moore. Thomasena Smith and Thomas Caldwell have just open- ed the " Thorn Thorn Shop " where you can get your broken hearts mended. Peggy Withers marriage to?? was the hit of the year. This information came from Miss Fontella Walker, the first Woman Jet Pilot to fly around the world. James Hart is now Principal of West Charlotte High School. This information comes from Jeanette Bowser who is here from Charlotte. Actress Margaret Johnson has just startled the world by her recent divorce from her first husband. She is now entering on the arm of a mysterious young man. Ladies and Gentlemen, I think, yes, I know, Miss Mildred Smith is present. She is making quite a name for herself in the Poetic world. She has just finished " The Ode to a High Heel Shoe. " Ladies and Gentlemen have been comfortable seated. We have a large attendance. In fact two which are due to be present have not yet arrived. What is it!!! Crash!!! Bam!! Alacazam!!! Here they come. I knew they would be here. Miss Alice Elizabeth Hill from the North Carolina Mental Institution, where she is a teacher and Miss Esther Hairston from Teacher ' s College in Crazyville, South Carolina. THE NIGHT BEFORE GRADUATION Twas the night before graduation, when all through the house Not a senior could be found who was as quiet as a mouse. The robes were all pressed and ready to wear In hopes that tomorrow would soon be there. No senior was eager to go to his bed For fear visions of diplomas would dance in his head. Some looked at their caps and some at their gowns, And the girls tried on shoes they had bought downtown. Then one of the seniors said to all the rest, " Of all senior classes, I believe ours is best. " The others suddenly and happily said; " No one can beat us, we ' re always ahead. " They thought of the day, they hated to leave, They dreamed of the day they could hardly believe — When all of the seniors would anxiously go. To the W. C. Auditorium in one long row. That day forever will treasured be When all seniors were happy as happy as could be. There were dramatics, Chorus and also football, To all of which seniors answered the call. Typing! Science! English! Health! Math! Test! History! Home Ec! Journalism! and you know the rest. These classes, these games were all that we loved. But time with its wings has quickly removed They thought of their teachers and their classmates too. For these are the reasons they will forever be true To the maroon and gold; colors of the school, And the pink and the Blue colors of the class, And " Onward to victory " shall be our guide. When school day memories have dried. Whenever a rose in the breeze gently blows, The seniors will remember it as the flower they chose. As the hustle and bustle slowly comes to an end, The seniors will hasten, their task to begin. With uplifted heads and broken hearts They dream of the hour they must depart. Because they will leave, ne ' er to return, They cannot conceal the tears that burn. By Thomasena Smith Dedicated to the Senior Class of ' 51 35 SUPERLATIVES HENRY RICHARDSON MATTIE WILLIAMS CHARLES McCULLOUGH Neatest Most Athletic Most Athletic 37 SUPERLATIVES JEANNETTE BOWSER Most Ambitious Most Popular JAMES HART Most Likely to Succeed 38 JANIE STEWART Most Pleasing Personality 39 JUNIORS BARBARA BABBS THOMAS BARNES CENESTER BASKIN ELIZABETH BEATTY HENRY BERRY ELLA BLACK MELVIN BLACKMON MATTIE BOST LILLIE BREWER ROSA BRIGGS JOHNNY BROWN JAMES CANNON LUCILLE CATHEY THELMA CARTER NAPOLEAN CHISHOLM. CHRISTINE CLAY SYLVESTER COCKRANE WILLIE COLEMAN DELORES COX HAZEL CRAINE ALBERT CROSLIN SAMUEL CURETON JANIE CURRY ROBERT DANIEL ALLEN DARGINS 40 JUNIORS 41 JUNIORS 42 JUNIORS CHRISTABELLE SEXTON MOSES SHARPE BARBARA SPENCE SARAH STATEN JAMES C. STATEN FRANCES STEWART TAYLORIA STROUD GLENN THOMPSON SAMUEL THOMPSON HAYWOOD TINSLEY 1% f BETTYE WILLIS LA VERNE WILLIAMS DOROTHY YOUNG m v y ft o. JACOB VANCE EDDIE VAUGHN ROLLIE JOE WALKER JAMES WOFFORD STERLING WOODARD f - ps 43 AUTOGRAPHS ¥(4 44 SOPHOMORE CLASS 46 47 EIGHTH GRADE SEVENTH GRADE ■FiMU ' - ' MM Wm , 1 ■BMbH k| 4Bi SEVEN-ONE 3 SEVEN-TWO SEVEN-FOUR iJr SEVEN-THREE 49 CLASS DEMONSTRATIONS 5 0 CLASS DEMONSTRATIONS DRIVING CLASS 52 LIBRARY STAFF JUNIOR ART CLASS 55 FOOTBALL 1950-1951 Coac Coac Coac 56 SENIOR VARSITY Lions Open ' .e ' i Wir The e V X r .c W 9 v % up another w V V V V V -»V Academy W. Charlotte Deleats Lincoln Academy September 23, 1949— With the Lions eager to start, Coaches Mar n and Colston watched their boy up another win by defeatir 26-0. Jam les, outstanding backfield A, It He ated SEVENTH UKADEKS GIVE OPINIONS OF WEST " ,r RLOTTE T at r we - trai. A A " 4 " ctived the kick-off and made a Sta- lent i w ten rec on West eN yard line for Chralotte . a 12 yaru gu r Anderson took ad- vantage of a weak right end and ran the necssary yardage for the first score. McDowell ' s punt for the extra point was good and the Lions led 7-0 in the opening mi- nutes of the game. With " " Hd " nd Eily showing " sua 1 sparkle pard gain. The Lions looked exceptioi good. Anderson ' s excellent ' .. ing kept Lincoln Academy on a continuous pace up and down the field. Camp was on the alert re- covering all fumbles. Todd is giv- en credit for the first score and McDowell ' s punt was good r " ttiP ' the Lions in a 7-0 lead. Henry Eily ov o ' H made J5-J3 Bl t ; « r field th (hearth - th( parei Hei s litorium (5 p of Charit S . P ' " 0, ' W that we h. wj icipal and h p We also h. g teachers. I ii CP i,J ce .,„„; hope you like erful care ave nd in Dorothy was a Preache of a Bishop. Clara » 7. W Our Class our class we have I think they all ai tf 1 ble all the children are very idents. There are other in our class. Our " ■Id us sometimes, ' i do better October Charlotte L defeat when Highland Hig The Rams I up this game column and came start with hawi hitting attacks and fast running gains. The Lions seemed to have lost all spirit and Highland high, fill- ed with spirit, made their first touchdown in the opening minutes of the game. W wiy of the Lions injured .Jlowell, and Camp, I love it has p bov- r Ridgeview camor ' .jack .eterm. led to score and successfully carried out their threat. The final score was Lions 14 — Ridgeview 7. Cheerleaders Gain 4 Lions Wallop Belmont October 6, 1949— The W e l jtl . . . i u C » The cheering s» £ V C regular season by m rgaret Wallace W " st Charlotte because art class. In art the )g how to use clay, studying how to Ci$ ' Vft ' « having a nice ge Digsby i . " ! ' y we c° ' . life saver jn of the group. t W« e 0 ! f i " ff here ,-as elected « ,f plea- Brown was «V« s C y» »e lland lotte Lions were too iv 0+ V V ' K Mcmbel ' S ° f ( JjV V e V " O JK w»i w; c tc x , 1 ' jed Morrison. 0 . o .ritv, . 0- .» have hard for a Of - rema held the score Rams 12 Willie " Twist ' Sports Editor Reid High players had on were abl first tim Touchdov, nie Chambers Frank Todd (2, tP ' ' ifP son Sartor and " o 0 " - $? d kick resulted in . " ' ■ T " Mc- Dowell was given crt jr four extra points. Final score West Charlotte 55— Belmont 0. V -V ,e ? A . . -.j p Vssed in the traditional V " x , 0 tV L ,v.e rf s v?- received great applause and recot -p »■ nition for their untiring efforts, ro 0 „c- ' e%v 0.0 ' t o 0 " .New yells and songs have been taught to the student body, and cheering at games is commended by all spectators. OcvL 1,0 -ppy Veline Sellers 57 SENIOR VARSITY Lions O Win The West] ed their reJ September j Morning-Sid Statesville 0. After on! training, thi lent for the: ten receive Chralotte ' s a 12 yard g; vantage of : ran the necs first score, the extra point Lions led 7-0 in nutes of the game. With Todd and Eily showing unusual life and sparkle gaining t(-n yards on attempt, Doug ' ' f ud the te Defeats idemy 1949— With the t, Coaches Mar- ched their boys n by defeating 26-0. James backfield re- and made a 35 i exceptionally excellent kick- academy on a and down the n the alert re- s. Todd is giv- first score and as good putting 0 lead, outstanding in the backfield made a sensational e " yard run. McT well ' r What WouW sev ier instead of the cleanc Alk .vas a Mountain instead of a Hill. Fab was a Barracks instead of a Camp. James was Liver instead of Hart (heart). Dorothy was a Preacher instead of a Bishop. Clara was a Truman instead of a Wallace. Johnny was P • of scnooi of ' •RADERS GIVE WEST ' HI a wonderful take care we have 0 ' best auditor. the city of Chi. myself that we ing principal and hi. Same, looking t, and We also hav " t jh teachers. I like n. vi and hope you Our In our class w and I think the;, my table all the good " ' like yours . Class ; have 41 children all are swell. At children are very There are other our class. Our us sometimes, to do better Perry Oetobi Charlotte defeat w! Highland The Ram- up this gamt. . column and ca. p .. . start with hare, nutmg attacks and fast running gains. The Lions seemed to have lost all spirit and Highland h, fili- al with spirit, ma 1 JO first i you ■ I ... Wallace I low West Charlotte because it has -t class. In art the touchdown in t - utes V cV t e „ ne third liV» _o%v «° N c „ . came back to s. a c e f !.chd(iwn. Through the rei ■ v v r er of the game, the Lions held the Rams scoreless. Final score Rams 12 and Lions 6. Willie " Twist " Walker Sports Editor ne back deterr and successfully threat. The fir 14 — Ridgevieu Lions W October 6, ' lotte Lions v Reid High players who had on the were able t first time. Touchdown nie Chamber: Frank Todd son Sartor kick resultei Dowell was j extra j)oints. Charlotte 55 ' J ers Gain ■ cognition Hoys The tir to us • clay. w to A?, c e ad opened its leeting a cap- Marian Kirk- captain an Is elected c i If the sq ' [son, Iw ° ison, Ola -To. Z W found, hv, Ird Graves, faditional ma- f; cheerleaders use and recog- ltiring efforts. Iigs have been lent body, and is commended a7 So bra. The place I t... Longed to be Now that I am in The class of 7-3 I am so happy To be with Thee Veline Sellers 58 59 60 61 JUNIOR GIRLS ' VARSITY 62 AUTOGRAPHS 65 STUDENT COUNCIL 68 MIXED CHORUS SERENADE. ' Mixed voices.) FRANZ SCHUBERT (arr by MAX VOGRICH ) 5436 Copyright, 1887, by O.Schirmer Copyright renewed, 19i4 , by O. Sckirmer Inc. 69 CAFETERIA MISS C. L. McCLELLAN AND ASSISTANTS 70 SCHOLARSHIP! LEADERSHIP! CHARACTER! SERVICE! SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY l NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY CITIZENSHIP! SCHOLARSHIP! LEADERSHIP! CHARACTER! SERVICE! 71 SCHOOL CLUBS 72 73 Y TEENS IN JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL WEST CHARLOTTE A TRUE REFLF ' Volume 12 Mirror Sta New Sring more i e reading pu ' has decided u ithly feature en- rol- Gem " . Each ;rving student ' The Gem Monin Students will be - the basis of leadershi and cooperation. will be c Mirror Stai g suggestion!, sked to send them he editor of the OP STUDENT LIFE h Carolina, Novel Body ST CHARLOTTE Vest Charlotte Host To Negro Li. ociation Number 1 5th annual cot. j - l Carolina Negi I on met on Novet. " y at West. TEACRT, AT TO FACULTY ,body is w teacht Lhen was " Make The conf day, Novei All public 9» Spe gr College, T3 viously, she years at John e Gunn, Buii- _M red her B.S. de- Economics from and her M.A. de- n from Teacher? a University ight two ar S| Hawkir renton. N.C. Her hobbi ' thing connected with i or food pre- tion. S impres in " beaut ity and st Charlotte es received m Dillard ans ar Isk Un rs at Eli : ctor of Ins.. the Neg " pf.irnu.n committee. Studen tallatio? •Thursday, the Stud ts annual Win the auditori Dr. Elmer H. G Wester i District orth Carol ' teacher ' s i Held at W. The Western D North Carolina TeacheT " . jpw ' la annual conference at High School trtber 5th. onvention y Work " , il session •ning at ele Aaron MO ' come add :• of Ashevi! jivered the pr ' t hellf srooms. These at 9:30 a.m. ed for Elemen- ;rae economics and dramatics groups were set were not direct- oup Staff ber 22, lit 19, th t flB rf campaign - with a school auditor candidates d speeches and y Miss Jac The stud fote on t homeroom ing. The ballots wr pdnesday and r here: x; te ES AdvertL., Chambers. ;3 Ss r; Margaret Berry, 288, Alice Hill, Exchange 497, vers year stZ He worked ' City, N.C, mental Music schools, and organized the band at P. W. Morris High School. Mr. J. A. Davis, Winston-Salem, N.C. attended North Carolina Col- lege in P " " frw c - and Atlan- ta U Jfck ta . Georgia. He MifMSSF Bm Laboratory t ' n ' , BjK ' L;il s hobbies are rusic. To ■h ' J " achcrs ' the fat -ill ' s Mi ' JF Body extend a cordial welffl olnd pledge their suppoi-t and cooperation. of C riunH § s. iarri™ , r- ti harlottk y ty Mr. S. A French at School, was the Western Div sociation of Nor Moore will serve two vears. and Mr. W. O. Wunton, of Student Council, C. Smith University will e officers. tier inci The tentat ned includes by Jeanetb West Char! greetings Second W advisors of all city at- Of plan- address Music by son Chanters, the President of High School and other interesting renditions. ..ie in the history lotte High School, a has been c " " of the senio - Butler h. ' stinction. Miss Bu ' by a majority vot Other officers ele Hairston, Vice-Pre Jones, Secretary; CI mond, Assistant Secretary; Ham Anthony, Treasurer; William Blue, Reporter. " Wil- and - .lation Manager; , Mildred Smith editors; Doro Carolyn Moo 1 tors; Eunic and Club E 318, Sports i son, 240, Ai The Mirror SC «, .« on basis o f ability and cooperation, plans to publish six is-- -es of the paper during the ye requests that an criticisms, or com the student body ;j box which has b; Welbourne ' s r m PATR(j JRCE ORGANIZE On Thursday 1949, the Pati ganized under W. E. White. ers were e) Dowell, capt f co - capta PTTtnts are: James San ,obert Lockhart, Thomas McEfcnvell and Clinton Da- is. Mary Rose Stewart is secre- ry and Estelle Watts is trea- arer. The Patrol Force adopted for this year the motto " Good Citi- zenship Makes Good Government. " Your support is needed. 75 AUTOGRAPHS 77 Lion Staff Acknowledg s With AppreciationIhe Support Given Sy " The Firms Listed On " Th Fou-owins Pages. Compliments of SCHOOL WORKERS FEDERAL CREDIT UNION of CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA C. L. Blake, President J. E. Grigsby, Secretary-Treasurer Compliments of MYERS STREET Elementary School B. D. Roberts, Principal FABBES CLEANERS Dyeing, Cleaning and Hat Blocking " Try Our Laundry Service " We protect against moths and mildew damage Phone 4-0548 1501 Oaklawn Ave. CAMPBELL ' S GRO. Meat, Vegetables 8 Fruits C. D. Campbell, Prop. Free Delivery Service 1011 Beatty ' s Fd. Rd. Phone J 2204 78 FOR DISTINC TION Look Smart Be Smart Buy Smart Personalized Lay Away Plan KAHN ' S SMART CLOTHES 221 E. Trade St. 2-3224 WHERE YOU REALLY SAVE STINSON ' S ESSO SERVICE 401 Beatty ' s Ford Rd. Phone 5-9636 CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Road Service ALEXANDER ' S FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Phone 3-1167 323 S. Brevard Street CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA NOTHING ' S TOO HARD when we try hard enough — and what better place to try than right here in our own Piedmont Carolinas? Wonderful re- sources, mild climate, some of the best people in the world, opportunity envied the world over, a lot of work waiting to be done, and a government that leave you free to choose and work as you will! Putting economical power at your command is our part in help- ing you build a satisfying and rewarding life. DUKE POWER CO. Serving the Carolinas FIVE POINT CLEANERS 1809 Rozzell ' s Ferry Rd. Phone 4-2250 UNIVERSITY SODA GRILL 334 Beatty ' s Ford Rd. Phone 5-9559 79 Oaklawn Barber Shop Oaklawn Cleaners and Dyers Barber Shop 919 Oaklawn Cleaners 1103 Oaklawn Ave. Barbers — W. M. Peaterson, Zachary Taylor Walter Taylor, Proprietor Phone 5-9655 Res. 6-3336 SENTIMENTAL GRILL 1404 Beatty ' s Ford Road For a treat! Stop at the Sentimental for a bite to eat! A. Beatty, Proprietor Phone 3-8425 NEIGHBORHOOD SERVICE STATION Gas — Oil — Tires and Other Accessories Mr. C. W. Withers, Proprietor 1401 Beatty ' s Ford Road JOHNNY ' S SELF SERVICE Groceries and Meats 425 East Second Street Phones: 3-5449 Residence. 4-1463 JAMES BELTON, Manager When in Need of Anything in the Line of Eats Call Johnny ' s — We Deliver THOMAS 8 HOWARD COMPANY — Wholesale Groceries — Compliments of FAIRVIEW Elementary School W. G. Byers, Principal QUEEN CITY PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION SPECIALIST Expert Fountain Service Delivery Service School Supplies " Trade at your Drug Store " Reasonable Drug Prices 422 E. Second St. Phone 4-0739 Cosmetics Magazines 80 Compliments of WING LEE LAUNDRY Work Finished by Hand Guaranteed Satisfaction 111 E. Trade St. CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of GENERAL FINANCE COMPANY 1326 W. Trade Street CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of DROP INN RECORD SHOP Any Record Available 407 E. Trade St. Phone 4-7182 ADROIT CLEANERS Altering - Hats Cleaned and Blocked Repairing —EXPERT WORKMANSHIP— " Let Us Help You Look Your Best " 1709 W. Trade St. Phone 4-7826 CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA FINE ' S CLEANERS AND TAILORS Dry Cleaning and Shirt Laundry One Day Service 401 E. Fourth St. CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA LOO LAUNDRY Special Work on Men ' s Shirts, Ladies ' Uniforms and Special Work 1419 W. Trade St. CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of GILLAM CLEANERS 2208 Tate St. CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Dedicated to THE SPORTY TRAMP CLUB Compliments of Beta Xi Sigma Chapter Delta Sigma Theta Sorority 81 This Page is Sponsored by THE SPORTY TRAMPS CLUB Officers President— FRANK ALSTON Vice President — JANES LEE Secretary— WALTER MAXWELL Assistant Secretary — BYNOM NICHOLAS Business Manager — GLENN GRATE Roster FRANK ALSTON CHARLES DONALD EDWARD DONALD COLUMBUS ANTHONY ROBERT ETHERIDGE BYNOM NICHOLAS JOHN EAVES ISOM BIRTHA CHARLES KNIGHT CHARLES GRIER CHARLES BYRD SAMUEL CURETON JAMES CROBSY JAMES LEE JACK KNIGHT THOMAS CALDWELL ROY McILWAIN WILLIE GARNER WALTER MAXWELL GLENN GRATE WALTER LOVELL Motto: " All for one and one for all. " Colors: Blue and White Aim: To make better men of today ' s youth. 82 VETERANS RECORD SHOP 421 E. Second Street ' The Place to Buy Records That Satisfy " Expert Radio Repairs Phone 5-9536 CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA HARRIS GROCERY Meats — Vegetables — Fruits " Come and See Us " 1105 W. 13th St. CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of SECOND WARD HIGH SCHOOL CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA J. E. Grigsby, Principal LINCOLN 8 SAVOY THEATRES H. A. Plater, City Manager CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Phones 3-5907 — 4-2156 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS To this eleventh edition of The Lion, teachers and students of West Charlotte High — other than the members of the staff — have graciously given of their time to help make this effort successful. To the following people we are grateful: Miss G. H. Alexander Miss L. L. Terry Mrs. A. H. Hunt Mr. S. A. Moore Mr. J. A. Davis Mr. O. A. Williams Mr. J. F. Towns Special thanks go to Johnny Chambers, senior, who is responsible for the drawing used on the cover of the book. . __ _____ _ __ 83 AUTOGRAPHS

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West Charlotte High School - Lion Yearbook (Charlotte, NC) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


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