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Clie WECAVA Published bythe students of THE WEST CANADA VALLEY CENTRAL SCHOOL . . . l946 Middleuiplle, New York The Wecaua Staff Editorfinfchief Richard Dickins Managing Editor Jeanne Eallows Circulation Manager Rosemary Maxwell Photography Editor Eloise Primeau Advertisement Manager Bruce Windecker Art Editor Kay Murphy ASSISTANT EDITORS Sports Editors Vladamir Marko, jean Rundberg Music Editor Joyce Fellows Copy Editor Shirley Grower Adviser Miss Sharon ? The year 1946 has brought with it complete peace to a world which has been ravaged by destruction for the past six years. Realizing the cost that has been paid for this peace, we naturally look to the Statue of Liberty, a symbol which has represented peace and freedom for many years, and express our hopes for continued peace throughout the world. 1 3 J Alma Mater S ' Kok, H IWQQMXQ. 3Hf5fwf,f i?gi4 s sa 'Q a 1 iii 5,4 .I"JJJbji Q . TP' '17 HMX Yo ws M - mn Mn-Tan os. DKB- ig L lg LM J ififafmnmiagr 3 di 3 s sg' MXN - . V14-GY C A na ba N191 - 54,51 Suwox iiswfimliivia Arthur H. Whaley I I During the time Arthur H. Whaley has been at West Canada, he has proven to be a valuable asset to the school and, at the same time, he has become very well liked and respected by those who were fortunate enough to have associated with him. His helpfulness, friendliness, and consideration toward those with whom he worked have done much to make him a popular teacher as well as a sincere friend. We, the Wecava Staff of '46, take much pleasure in dedicating this issue of the yearbook to "Prof Whaley," and it is also our earnest desire to thank him sincerely for the worthwhile help he has given our class in attaining its goal. C51 Mfzfedlwzlla SCHOOL AND FACULTY IOHN H. MOEHLE, supervising principal of West Canada, was recently discharged from the Navy. In the short time he has heen with us we have come to appreciate his sympathetic understanding and valued help. Front Row, left to right-Mrs. Seavey, Mrs. Hazen, Mrs. Quackenhush, Mr. Whaley, Miss Smith, Mrs. Hinkley, Miss Sharon. Znd Row-Mr. Teal, Miss NSEY, Mr. Rand. Miss Fairbrother, Mr. Sayles, Miss Hess. Back Row--Miss Yale, Miss Donnelly, Mrs. Rathbun. Wwapaai SCHOOL AND FACULTY IAMES B. GRAVES, assistant supcrvising principal, ll valued friend and an :ill around good sport. 9-4 n Fm-nt Row, left to right- Mrs, Hubiak, Mrs. Jones, Mr. Arthur, Miss Smith. Miss Ives. Second Row. left to Tight- Mrs. Hclmer, Mrs. Howlcy. Mrs. Bowen, Mrs. Hawkins, Mrs, Van Kuren, Mrs. Thompson, Miss House, Miss Kimc, Class of '46 Name Maynard Blask Dick Dickins jim Dupont Louise Edwards Jeanne Fallows "Bud" Fauvelle Joyce Fellows Elinor Ford Norman Frank Gerald Gage Esther Geviss Shirley Grower Gene Helmer Ray Howard Steve Mankouski Vladamir Marko Rosemary Maxwell Carolyn McKerrow Kay Murphy Walt Pickert Eloise Primeau Lovetta Randall Jean Rundberg Bruce Windecker PRUFILE .. Favorite Expression You poor fool Yah! I guess so That's a good one You aren't just a kiddin' Oh pilfle! Hmmm! Ah, yes! It doesn't amount to much Gflafla Why? Tbat's what you think Holy cowl Yeah! I thought so What's that? Fermez la bouche And - uh All this Es? all that You know some' thing? Yah! Uh -S for example Aw quit it I guess you know Well? Mirror Height, 5 feet Long shots Giggle Brains Fluffy hair Sleepyfeyed Dimples LD. Bracelets Big red car Genius Frankfort class rings Ham sandwiches Ee? chocolate sundaes Quietness Military walk Motorcycle Mad Russian Her scribble Pigtails Lengthy lingo Pipes A redhead Ray Big brown eyes Grin C 3 D Noted For High scores Favorite sayings His garbage truck Having assignments done Heartfbreaker Getting sleep in English class Oversized class ring Telephoning Getting around Flashy sweaters Lizzie's helper . Peppy cheerleading His nickname-Perl Flunking his math. Model airplanes Little Falls girl friends Lab technique Attending babies New dance steps Busting rulers Turning cartwheels That smile Piano "Tale of Two Cities" Life's Ambitions Basketball coach at Stratford University Boss on M.EG?M.R.R., succeeding "Clem" Understand women Perfect an ionfsmasher Stay in one town for at least a year To work his way around the world Square in a social circle Keeping tabs on the Navy To work his way around the world Run competition to Einstein Succeed Liz in Middleville cafeteria Getting enough to eat Improving Nort's farm To engineer transatlanf tic bridge for Fairfield Construction Co. Give away his draft card Head nurse at the Maxwell Madhouse Bakeress in Carroll's Bakery Be different Catch up on his sleep Corn Hill Academy's chemical brain Model for Harper's Bazaar Get on the right side of the tracks Swab decks on the S. S. Windecker J ff KX SJ EWU IDD! H15 .f X-iff, f F-g +,LX EJ 0 l MAYNARD BLASK "Mungy" A little fellow, is Maynard Blask. He's always ready to do a good task. Library Club 15 Camera Club 1, Press Club 1, 2g St. Patriclis Dance Committee 2, Junior Prom Committee 3, Valentine's Dance Committee 4g Senior Ball Committee 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4g Baseball 3, 45 Reporter 1, Junior Red Cross 1, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD DICKINS "Dick" An all around good sport is redfheaded Dick, And of all the girls, "Stretch" was his pick. Camera Club 11 Press Club 1, 25 Library Club lg Band 1, 2, 3, 4g St. Patrick's Dance Committee 2, Junior Prom Committee 3: Valentine's Dance Committee 4g Senior Ball Committee 4g Basket' ball 3, 4, Baseball 3, 45 "The Pirates of Penzance" 24 Treasurer 4, Wecava Stall 4, Editorfinfcbiefg Junior Red Cross 1, 2, 3, 4. IAMES DUPONT "limmy" Jim goes with great speed, He's always ready to do a good deed. Boys' Glee Club 1, F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4g Junior Prom Committee 3: Valentine's Dance Committee 45 Senior Ball Committee 4, Junior Red Cross 1, Z, 3, 4. , Qws- . f . r if , mf K ifigel A-E, 'Q W? f Q W f, X EK, N, l 1 Z 'QE' . V 'l:::: 1:: 5 . Ita :,. Fx , , ., . 2? v. W iq . 5? gr .- -1 4 fir " - , 10 its ' ..... , ,ji J ..... i .,.. " --K ' - . ' V rj ff 7 . -cj Y A ll .,,, . 4 - ""' W LOUISE EDWARDS "Wecxsle" Louise is not the kind to fool, They 'made her Valedictorian of our school. Camera Club 13 Press Club 23 St. Patrick's Dance Committee 2g Junior Prom Committee 35 Valentine's Dance Committee 4g Senior Ball Committee 4g Library Club 1g Junior Red Cross 1, 2, 3, 4. IEANNE Fl-XLLOWS "Gne" Jeanne with her hair of brown, Is a popular girl around the town. Transferred from Columbia High School, Richland, Wash. Glee Club 4, Wecava Staff 4, Managing Editorg Junior Red Cross 4. ERNEST FAUVELLE "Bud" "Bud" is such a good skate, He makes us all a swell classmate, Camera Club 1g Press Club I, 2g Library Club lg F.F.A. 2, 3, 4g Junior Prom Committee 3g Valentine's Dance Committee 4g Senior Ball Committee 44 Baseball 33 "The Pirates of Penzance" 2, Junior Red Cross 1, 2, 3, 4. C107 IOYCE FELLOWS "loy" Joyce is the leader of our class meetings, Boy, Parliamentary Law sure takes a beating. Camera Club 1: Press Club 1, 2: Library Club 14 Glee Club 1, Z: Sextet 1: "Why the Chimes Rang" 35 St. Patrick's Dance Com' mittee 23 Junior Prom Committee 3: Valentine's Dance Committee 4g Senior Ball Committee 4g "The Pirates of Penzance" Zg Presif dent 4: Play Day 4, Wecava Staff 4, Music Editor, Junior Red Cross 1, 2, 3, 4. ELINOR IANE FORD "E.l." Elinor is a busy lass, Who never has any spare moment to pass. Camera Club 1: Press Club 1, 2: Library Club 1, St. Patrick's Dance Committee 2g Junior Prom Committee 31 Valentine's Dance Committee 43 Senior Ball Committee 4, Music Festival 15 "The Pirates of Penzance" 2g Reporter 1, 23 Play Days 1, 4g Junior Red Cross 1, 2, 3, 4. NORMAN FRANK "Iohn" Norman is a "playboy great," He always arrives home very late! Camera Club 13 Press Club 1, 2: Boys' Glee Club 1, F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 41 Junior Prom Committee 3: Valentines Dance Committee 4g Senior Ball 4, Chairman, President 15 Treasurer 3, Junior Red Cross 1, 2, 3, 4. GERALD GAGE "lei-ry" Secretary of the F.F.A. Is Jerry Gage with his genius way. Transferred from Poland Central School, Poland, N.Y., 4g Press Club 34 F.F.A, 1, 2, 3, 43 Airplane Club 23 Junior Red Cross 1, 2, 3, 4. ESTHER GEVISS "Etsy" Esther is a little flower, Bob is her man of the hour. St. Patrick's Dance Committee 2: Junior Prom Committee 3g Val' entine's Dance Committee 43 Senior Ball Committee 4g Junior Red Cross 1, 2, 3, 4. SHIRLEY GROWER "Hcxmie" Shirley is a little lass, But she's surely the best typist we have in the class. Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 4: Camera Club 1g Press Club 1, 25 Library Club 13 Glee Club 1, Z, 31 Sextet lg St, Patrick's Dance Committee 23 Valentine's Dance 4, Chairmang Prize Speaking lg "Comin' Round the Mountain" Z1 Dramatif Club 1, 23 Treasurer 1: Reporter 1: Wecava Staff 4, Copy Editor, Senior Ball Committee 4: Junior Red Cross 1, 2, 3, 4. 1115 EUGENE HELMER "Perl" We 'never see Perl out with a girl, But welre sure sometime he'll give them a whirl. Camera Club 13 Press Club 1, F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 44 Junior Prom Com' mittee 35 "The Pirates of Penzance" 23 Secretary 3, Senior Ball Committee 4, junior Red Cross 1, 2, 3, 4. RAYMOND HOWARD "Ray" All summer long Ray swung a scythe, He worked for Clem arid almost died. Library Club lg Camera Club 1g Press Club 1, 23 Boys' Glee Club 1g St. Patrick's Dance Committee 2g junior Prom Committee 33 Valentine's Dance Committee 4g Senior Ball Committee 4g Vice' president 45 Junior Red Cross 1, 2, 3, 4. STEPHEN MANKOUSKI "Steve" Steve has lots of intelligence. But he wouldrft help arty farmer fix his ferice. Camera Club 13 Press Club 1, Zg Library Club 13 Boys' Glee Club lg F.F.A. 1, Zg St. Patrick's Dance Committee 23 junior Prom Committee 3g Valentine's Dance Committee 4: Senior Ball Com' mittee 4: President 35 Junior Red Cross 1, 2, 3, 4. 1, 2, 3, 4. 1, 2, 3, 4. C127 VLADAMIR MARKO Mad Russian Teachers horror ball team Q pride We all ta e Vlady m our stride Press Club 13 Boys' Glee Club 1 Basketball 3 4 Baseball 3 4 Reporter 1, Wecava Stali' 4 Sports Editor Junior Red Cross ROSEMARY MAXWELL Rosie Rosie Maxwell so they say Still likes Murtgy in a way Cheerleading 1, 2, 3 4 Camera Club 1 Press Club 1 2 Play Days 2, 3, 45 G.A.A 3 Treasurer St Patrick s Dance Committee 2, Junior Prom Committee 3 Senior Ball Committee 4 Valentine s Dance Committee 4, Wecava Staff 4 Circulation Manager unior Red Cross 1, 2, 3, 4 Prize Speaking 4 To the last street light wal s Wuzzy with Carolyn Oh, how she hates to have her brothers trailm Library Club 15 Camera Club 1 Press Club 1 2 Glee Club 1 2 3, 4, Sextet 1g "Why the Chimes Rang 3 St Patricks Dance Committee 2g Junior Prom Committee 3 Valentine s Dance Com mittee 43 Senior Ball Committee 4 The PITBECS of Penzance 2 VicefPresident 3, Secretary 4 Play Day 4 unior Red Cross MARY KAY MURPHY "Mud" Kay Murphy, Salutatoriari of our class, ls a lovable, likable little lass. Camera Club 1: Press Club 1: Library Club 1: St. Patriclis Dance Committee 2: G. A.A. 3, Secretary: Play Day 4: Secretary 1: Wecava Staff 4: junior Red Cross 1, 2, 3, 4. WALTER PICKERT "Walt" Walt roars his truck down the road every day, God help the guy who gets iri his way. Press Club 1: F.P.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3: junior Prom Com' mittee 3: Valentine's Dance Committee 4: Senior Ball Committee 4: junior Red Cross 1, 2, 3, 4. ELOISE PRIMEAU "Stretch" "Stretch" is tall, as you can see. Ask her if she is, and she'll say, "Dui, oui." Cheerleading 1, Z, 3, 4: Camera Club 1: Press Club 1, 2: Library Club 1: Glee Club 1: Drum Majorette 2, 3, 4: St. Patrick's Dance Committee 2: junior Prom Chairman 3: Valentine's Dance Com' mittee 4: Senior Ball 4, cofchairman: Vice-President 1: Play Days 3, 4: Wecava Staff 4, Photography Editor: junior Red Cross 1, 2, 3, 4. LOVETTA RANDALL Lovey" Every time you see her, Lovetta wears a smile, If other girls would do this, they too would be in style. Press Club 2: St. Patrick's Dance Committee 2: Junior Prom Committee 3: Library Club 3, President: Senior Ball Committee 4: junior Red Cross 1, 2, 3, 4. IEAN RUNDBERG "Iecmie" Jeanie with her squeaky shoes, Gets around with no time to lose. Library Club 1: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 2, 3, 4: "Why the Chimes Rang" 3: St. Patrick's Dance Committee 2: junior Prom Committee 3: Valentine's Dance Committee 4: Senior Ball Comf mittee 4: L'The Pirates of Penzance" 2: Play Day 3: Wecava Stall 4, Sports Editor: junior Red Cross 1, 2, 3, 4. BRUCE VVINDECKER "Windy" 'LWindy" was a high scorer on the team, At every game he was on the beam. Press Club 1: F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: "Why the Chimes Rang" 3: 'LThe Pirates of Penzance" 2: St. Patrick's Dance Committee 2: Junior Prom Committee 3: Valentine's Dance Committee 4: Senior Ball Committee 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4: Wecava Stall 4, Advertisement Manager: Junior Red Cross 1, 2, 3, 4. C151 Senior Class History It was way back in 1942 when we, the class of 1946, became the new Freshman class of West Canada Valley. In number, we were the largest class that West Canada had yet seen, but this large class was soon to suffer the 1oss of many classmates who left school. The teachers that were appointed to advise us were two new additions to the faculty, Miss Flo and Mr. Healey. Determined to make our class a success, we first took the responsibility of electing officers. Norman Frank and Eloise Primeau were elected president and vicefpresident respectively. The following spring, Gene Dickins was proclaimed valedictorian and Steve Mankouski, salutatoriang the plans for our graduation to Senior High were begun. The next year found our class in an entirely different position. We were Sophomores, dreading the day when we would be humiliated by the upperclassmen in the customary initiation. At last this dreaded day arrived, and the boys suffered in women's clothes all day, while the girls wore heavy men's clothing, much to the gloating pleasure of the Seniors. The choice for officers this year was Gene Dickins as president and James Carney as vicefpresident. In the spring of our Sophomore year, our efforts were turned toward a large St. Patrickls dance, which proved a success. Our junior year brought us much hard work, most of which was to raise enough money for our class rings. We held many vicfdances and it was necessary to pay large amounts of dues, but when our rings arrived in February, we were more than repaid for our efforts. Steve Mankouski and Carolyn McKerrow were elected to guide the class this year as president and vicefpresident. At last, in September 1945, our hopes of the past few years were realized, we were Seniors. Now, we were the ones who had the privilege of using the front door, and when we went to assembly, the other students stood until we were seated. Yes, there were privileges for which we waited so long, but when we became Seniors, we were also handed responsibilities that we had never had before. When one becomes a Senior, he soon comes to realize that this is his last year in school, and the year seems to pass almost too quickly. It is this year that a person realizes that the best days of his life are spent in school. In this year we welcomed the return of our supervising principal, John H. Moehle, formerly Lieut. Moehle of the Navy. We soon learned, much to our joy, that we were going to be allowed to take a trip to New York, a privilege of which many classes before us were deprived because of war. This opportunity has brought with it much hard work, however. It was necessary for us to raise money if we were to go to New York. Yes, we have had disappointing moments as well as happy ones, but the truth for which we are most thankful is that we, the class of 1946, will be the first class in many years to graduate into a world of peace and good will. C145 Senior Class Will We, the Senior Class of 1946, being of sound mind, fwe hopej do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills made by us. 'LMUNGYF leaves his basketball suit to anyone who is small enough to get into it. DICK leaves his baseball spikes to Einstein in hopes that he will make good use of them. LOUISE leaves her quietness and studiousness to Jane Widay. JIMMY leaves his garbage truck to anyone who wants it. JEANNE leaves her ability to blush to Doris Miner, and she is glad to be rid of it. "BUD" leaves - he hopes! JOYCE leaves her position as Senior Class president to anyone who feels capable of handling the job. ELINOR leaves her desire for reckless driving to Joan Autenrith. NORM leaves his draft card to Jack Farrell. GERALD leaves his books by the front door. ESTHER leaves her position in the cafeteria to Sally Willard. SHIRL leaves her ability to dance to Marguerite Butler who can start with Junior where she left off. HPERLM leaves nothing f he needs all he has. RAY leaves the Whole school to mourn his leaving. STEVE leaves his neatness to Pete Victor. sLVLADYii wills his personality and charm to the next lucky guy. ROSIE leaves her worn out tonsils to Elaine Farrell who will need a new pair next year. CAROLYN leaves her ability to care for children to Marian Farrell. KAY leaves her gift of gab to Lois Edwards. WALT leaves his truck to Vernie Johnson who can carry a full load. ELOISE leaves the Stanley family. LOVETTA leaves her seat in homemaking class to Marjorie Farrington. JEAN leaves her squeaky shoes to Mr. Whaley. "WINhDY" leaves his way with women to Jimmy Dupont who should be quite a man by t 611. The SENIOR CLASS leaves its high standards to the Juniors in hopes that they will live up to them. Signed: Tv-IE SENIORS OF 1946 Witnesses hereof: JEANNE FALLOWS RICHARD DICKINS VLADAMIR MARKS 1159 Class Prophecy MAYNARD BLASK as professor of Chemistry at Stratford University. RICHARD DICKIN S and ELOISE PRIMEAU happily married and living on Summit Ave. JAMES DUPONT as general manager of all garbage trucks in Middleville. LOUISE EDWARDS as a social worker in the city of Fairfield. JEANNE FALLOWS attempting to encourage a crusade to Richland, Washington. ERNEST FAUVELLE as president of all poker and pool rooms of booming Newport. JOYCE FELLOWS as singer in Norman's night club. ELINOR FORD in charge of a nursery school in Poland, NORMAN FRANK as owner and manager of all night clubs in Norway. GERALD GAGE as scientist working on the bettering of farms at Cornhill University. ESTHER GEVISS using her knowledge of planning and serving meals at her home near Frankfort. SHIRLEY GROWER catching up on writing letters to her many friends. EUGENE HELMER as leading instructor of farms in West Neighborhood. STEPHEN MANKOUSKI building new vehicles for greater speed and mileage for Henry Ford. RAYMOND HOWARD as laboratory technician at Borden's in Newport. VLADAMIR MARKO as noted physician of Little Falls. ROSEMARY MAXWELL as head nurse of the Maxwell Institution. CAROLYN MCKERROW as owner of the "World's Best Bakery" located at Newport. KAY MURPHY as owner of the greatest dance hall in Little Falls. ELOISE PRIMEAU doing the cooking in her neat little home. WALTER PICKERT helping Ernest in the poker and pool rooms. LOVETTA RANDALL trying to be a beautician setting the 'LTwo Little Roses' hair. JEAN RUNDBERG as piano player at Kay's dance hall. BRUCE WINDECKER as Secretary of the Navy, improving ship transportation on the West Canada Creek. C165 iQ9......................Q QM X I' -:ms u g 6 lun- A .MN Mlmllllilllfm S-05 1 5 f EH! ELASSME N C175 Front Row, left to right--Marian Farrell, Jane Widay, Janies McEvoy, Phylis Hawkins, Miss Fairhrother, janet Rutkowski, Anne Willard, Mary Moore, Mary ,lane Danielski. Second Row7Marguerite Butler, lvlarjorie Eustace, joan Autenrith, Beverly Rockerfeller, Carolyn Spellman, Elaine Farrell, Lois Edwards, Claire Palmer. Third Row- Eouglzg Ford, Harold Looman, Vernon Johnson, Margaret Murray, joseph Stack, Robert Wlieelcr, Pete Victor, ana rew. Junior Class We, the class of 1947, hegan our Freshman year in Newport filled high with pride, for we were the upperclassmen. The year progressed rapidly. A very successful Freshman Hop was sponsored. Graduation was soon upon us, and we left Junior High with a sense of sorrow, yet thrilled at the thought of entering Senior High. Yes, we were thrilled at the thought of hcing Sophomores, hut in an unforgettahle initiation, we found ourselves humhly howing to the Seniors. As we look hack at it now, it stands out as one of the highlights of our Sophomore year, The officers of our class were: President, Giles Kelley: vicefpresident, George Kennedy: secretary, Harold Looman: treasurer, Claire Palmer. Our class was under the supervision of Miss Raycheff. Cui' Sophomore year was soon over and we were juniors. Six of our previous memhers had left our ranks. Giles Kelley was attending Manlius Military School: George Kennedy was in the army. A numher of successful dances were held. From the junior class came four cheerleaders: ,Ioan Autenrith, Elaine Farrell, Ann Willard, and Mary Jane Danielski. A regular on the Varsity hasketf ball team was Harold Looman. Our class officers this year were: President, Phylis Hawkins: vicefpresident, Janet Rutkowski: secretary, james McEvoy, treasurer, Ann Willard. Our class was under the supervision of Miss Fairbrother. Our Junior year was one of hard toil, yet it leaves many happy memories. Cur only hope is that when we are finally Seniors, we will live up to the high standards of the previous Senior classes. We have adopted as our motto: "To he a graduate of West Canada Valley." C135 Front Row--f Alice Marko, Betty Young, Iaek Carney, Lee Waterhury, Mrs. Quackenlwush, Ioan Whiting, Marilyn Greenfield, Beverly Weigand, Sally Willard. Second Rowflfvelyn Hutchinson, Alice Clifford, Beverly Windecker, Marie Vierthaler, Doris Miner, Teresa Lewandrowsl-ri, Regina Lewandrowski. Marjorie Farrington, Frances Worden, Priscilla Coffin. Third R0w7Philip Flanshurg, James Maxwell, John Greene, Eugene Marko, Morris Malley, William Vslaller, jack Young, Jack Farrell. Fourth Row Arnold Declicke, Harland Strobel, Rich' ard Kennedy, Eugene Mankouski, Raymond Miller, Harold Fulmer, Raymond Helmer. Sophomore Class History In our Freshman year, we, the class of 1948, sponsored a successful dance under the guidance of Mrs. Van Kuren. Our class oiheers were president, Lee Waterhuryg vicefpresident, Eugene Mankouski, secretary, Alice Marko, and treasurer, Doris Miner. We all have pleasant memories of our Freshman year at West Canada. Our Sophomore year started od with a hang. The hang was the initiation sponsored hy the Seniors, in which we were compelled to wear giddy clothing, and at an assemhly, we were made to perform various stunts for the enjoyment of the honorahle Seniors. After this, we settled down to hegin the year's work under the watchful eye of Mrs. Quaekenhush, our homeroom adviser. Cur class officers were chosen as follows: Lee Weiterlwury, president, Joan Whitiiug, vicefpresidentg Marilyn Greenfield, secretary, and jack Carney, treasurer. The Sophomores are well represented in all school activities. Six of our laoys are players on the junior Varsity haskethall, while two Sophomores are Varsity players. Three of the girls are Junior Varsity cheerleaders. Not only in sports, hut in hand and glee eluh and various other activities Sophomores are prominent. We, the class of 1948, have come, with this year, one step closer to that goal we are striving to gain, that of heing a Senior at W. C. V. C193 First Row, left to right Anne Crandall, Doris Heinz, julia Dedicke, june Harrad, Mrs. Bowen, Vv'illiani McKerrow, Wanda Kuzminski, .loyce Rockerfeller, Marion Carpenter. Second Row, left to right junior Franklin, Cornelia Murphy, Eva Harris. Joyce Autenrith, Rita Mower. julia Lyga, Reta Dager, Irene Butler, David Crossett. Third Row. left to rightfDennis McEvoy, Robert Maxwell, Willard Lambert, Harold Shaul, Carl Maine, james Murray. Freshman History The first memorable date of our freshman class was the initiation of the seventh grade. We enjoyed the fun and appreciated the cooperation of the seventh graders. Our grade has had two very successful dances. Our net profit from hoth totals 36700. Our Hnal dance was held on May 24th. A science show was sponsored hy us early in the year. Although it was not too great a success, all memhers of the class took part. After all, it was the first experience in stage fright to most of us. There were three boys and four girls who took part in prize speaking. Doris Heinz, Connie Murphy and James Murray represented us at Senior High Prize Speaking contest, Doris and james won second prize at that event. Three ninth grade hoys were on the junior Varsity lwaskethall team this year. They were W. McKerrow, R. Maxwell and W. Lamlwert. Some of our girls went to the music festival at llion and did very well. The valedictorian of our class is Wanda Kuzminski with an average of 93.5 and the salutatorian is Eleanor Edwards with an average of 91.5. Doris Heinz and Marian Carpenter have honorahle mention as they were third and fourth in the class. may fi 6 xx ff ' LVJ 1 s-.-J 5 1 ' 1 if f , Hmm EXEEWIHWII FMJE53 Front Row, left to right---'Dorothy Markouski, Anne Crandall, Elizaheth Heller, lwlary Moore, Shirley jones, Faith Hartman, Elaine Farrell, Beverly Rockerfeller. Second Row Harold Shaul, Richard Kennedy, Richard Diekins, Arnold Dedicke, jack Butler, -lack Carney, Franz Rundherg, 'Third Row 'Eloise Primeau, lvlarion Carpenter, Beverly Wziller, Marjorie Eustace, Philip Flanshurg, Raymond Miller, .loan Autenrith, Mr. Sayles. Fourth Row- Francis Butler, .loan Wliitilig, Jack Farrell, Harold Fulmer, Rosemary Maxwell, Harland Strohel, Douglas Ford, Williziiii Waller. West Canada Band Memhers: Clarinets--Anne Crandall, Beverly Vv'aller, Beverly Rockerfeller, Elaine Farrell, Faith Hartman, Dorothy Markowski, Shirley jones, john Nastog Cornetsfulack Carney, Mary Moore, jack Butler, Patsy Carney, Tromhones 'Douglas Ford, Harland Strobel, Harold Fulmer, ,lack Farrell: Saxophones-'loan Autenrith, Raymond Miller: Baritonew Philip Flanshurgg Sousaphones- Williaiii Waller, Francis Butler: Flute Elizaheth Heller: Drums Richard Dickins, Harold Shaul, Richard Kennedy. Rosemary Maxwell: Bells--loan Wliitiiigz Drum Majorette- - Eloise Primeau. The following officers were elected for the 194546 school year: Richard Dickins presidentg joan Auteni-ith, vicefpresident, Rosemary Maxwell, secretary and treasurer, Harland Strohel, lihrarian. The hand made its first appearance last fall hy playing in the American Legion county parade Noveinher 11 at Newport. It made several appearances during the basketball season, adding color to the games hy making formations and novelties with appropriate music. The hand played a short prof gram for the V. F. W. installation january 27 at Middleville. The hand presented its annual spring concert on May 13 and 14. A feature on the program was a piano solo called "Repartee" hy David Bennett. The solo was played hy Elizaheth Heller accompanied hy the hand. Several memhers of the hand played in the New York State Finals at llion on May 10 and 11. Maiiy fine ratings were received. On Friday, the 17th of Mzly, the West Canada Valley Central School music department was host to a four-school music festival held at the Newport huilding. It was our pleasure to have Miss Helen Hosmer, director of Crane Department of Music, as conductor of the chorus. Dr. Spurheck and Mr. Garfield, also from Potsdam, directed the massed orchestras and hands. It was a great moment for us to have such a fine musical program in our school with such well known conductors. C325 First Row, left to right-V Patricia Carney, Barhara Young, Beverly Wziller, Dorothy Markouski, Marion Carpenter, Anne Crandall. Second Row- Floyd Long, ,lack Butler, Willizllii Fennimore, Harold Shaul, Eva Harris, Andrew Salaneo, Franz Rundherg. Third Row'-joyce Roekerfeller, Mr. Sayles, Faith Hartman. Junior Band Memhers: Piano 'joyce Roekerfeller: Cornetf-lack Butler, Patsy Carney, Floyd Long, Andrew Salaneog Clar- inet- Anne Crandall, Beverly Waller, Shirley Jones, Faith Hartman, Marion Carpenter, Dorothy Markowskig FlutefEli:Laheth Hellerz Sousaphone- Francis Butler: Drums --Harold Shaul, Eva Harris, William Fennimore. The junior hand is organized as a feeder group for the senior hand. We have a rehearsal once a week and drill in the fundamentals necessary for making the senior hand. Many memhers sueeeeded in making the senior hand this year and the rest are lowkinv forward to making the ifrade next year. L 5 t 5 We played in the spring concert on May 13 and 14 and are planning to play for the junior High School graduation. 4335 First Row, left to 'right' f--- Sally Willard, Jane Widziy, Marian Farrell, Claire Palmer, Miss Kime, Mariorie Eustace, Elinor Ford, Ann Willzird, Mary jane Danielski. Second Row--,lean Rundberg, Elaine Farrell, Phylis Hawkins, -loan Whitilig, Margaret Murray, Beverly Rockerleller, Doris Miner, -Ieanne Fallows, ,Ioan Autenrith, Alice Clifford. 'Tllircl Row'-Jack Farrell, Douglas Ford, john Greene, Vvlilliam Keeler, -loseph Stack, Vernon johnson, Dana Drew, Philip Flansburg, jack Carney. Senior Glee Club Once a week, fat Christmas and Easter it grows to twice and thricelj you can hear glorious noises from the room marked "Board" on the first floor. Yes, its the Clee Club, until this year merely a group of girls but now we're partners with the stronger sex. It is our duty and honor to provide music for fun, for money, and for the glory of West Canada. This year we put aside our traditional operetta for a bigger programf' -a fourfschool music festival, combining with Canajoharie, Dolgeville and Poland. Miss Helen Hosmer, ace choral director from Potsdam Teachers College, put us through our paces in a wonderful musical day and evening. Our biggest disappointment was at Christmas when the Board of Health closed school on the eve of our big Christmas program, the familiar pageant, "XVhy the Chimes Rang." However, next year we have bigger and better plans afoot. Junior High Girls' Glee Club We're the "formfteam" for the Big League Senior Clee Club, and without us, it would really suffer. We have grown from a small group of Freshmen to a jolly band from every class in Junior High. Last year with the help of some of our noble male classmates we presented an operetta, "The White Gypsy." The enthusiasm we displayed more than made up for our lack of experience, This year we are upholding the Senior Clee Club in the iourfschool music festival with as much to gain and contribute as any group there. Yes, the long activity period each Wediiesday passed all too quickly when we 'lforget our troubles and learn to sing our cares away." U47 rfaf' ,ff Varsity Basketball First Row, left to Tlllflll Mayrwaird Bluslq, Arnold Dcdiuke, jack Carney, Vlzldznnir Marko, Xxyllllillll xxfvllllfff St'L'U71d Row- Harold Loom:1n,Ray1nond Miller, Rthard Kennedy, Couch Rand, Bruce Vxlindeckcr, Richard Dickins Hzxrlzmd Strobel. Junior Varsity Basketball First Row, left to right ---Vvfilliznn NVzillcr, Lee Vv'utQrlwury, Rolwcrt Mzxxwcll, Arnold Dcdiclcc. ,luck Youngs. Scrund Row' Harold llulmcr, Xxvylllillll l.L1llllWCI'K, Coach Rand. Richard Kennedy, Vvvllllillll lVICKcrrow, Manager: Bernard Blask. f 'S l Basketball The West Canada Valley quintets were especially happy to have back their former coach, Mr. Rand. We all know that Mr. Whaley did an excellent job of coaching us while we had no Physical Education director because of the war. Mr. Whaley was with us every game and inspired us greatly. Coach Rand also has all our sincere thanks, and we know that he will once again build up a victorious team. As for the games themselves, we had some tough luck, winning only three of our league games. Most of the latter part of the season found us suffering many casualties in the way of long illnesses or sprained ankles which made playing difficult. We had excellent help from the junior Varsity: Richard Kennedy, William Waller, Arnold Dedicke, and Lee Waterbury. Next year we have a promising team comprised of the four previously mentioned with Raymond Miller, Harland Strobel, and Harold Looman who will be back from this year's squad. The players who are not coming back are Bruce Wiiidecker, Vladamir Marko, Maynard Blask, and Richard Dickins. We wish all the success in the world for a win' ning season next year for our players and our coach. 1265 Varsity Cheerleaders Shirley Grower, Elaine Farrell, Eloise Primeau, joan Autenritli, Rosemary Maxwell. Second Rowflvlrs. Ratlibun. Eli lilz We Junior Varsity Cheerleaders Sally Willard, Priscilla Cohan, ,loan Wliitirig, Ann Willard, Mary jane Danielski. Second Row-Mrs. Rathbun. C273 ,ef Cheerleading The cheerleaders this year were a great asset to the school as an inspiration to the ball teams. Skill and good appearance proved worthwhile enough to capture second place for the varsity cheerleaders in the lntervalley Cheerleading Contest. Comprising the varsity cheerleading squad were Eloise Primeau, Shirley Grower, Rosemary Maxwell, joan Autenrith, and Elaine Farrell. The junior varsity cheerleaders also displayed much skill and were instrumental in helping the junior varsity team to a successful season. This squad was comprised of Ann Willard, Sally Willard, Mary jane Danielski, Priscilla Collin, and Joan Whiting. Mrs. Rathbun, the English teacher, did a "swell job" of coaching these girls last season. We regret that she won't be with us next year. Girls' Sports News The Senior High School girls, under the supervision of Mrs. Young, have had an active year in sports ranging from soccer to basketball. There have been three play days this past year featuring volleyball, soccer, and basketball. Several girls participated from West Canada each time. Last fall, at the beginning of the school year and until November, the girls' softball teams had a ball game every noon. Most of the girls took a great deal of interest in the sport. The Senior girls hope the other girls who will be here next year will have as much interest in all the sports as they have had this past year. So sports afield! lntramural Sports The intramural sports program proved to be very successful this year and was enjoyed by everyone. Coach Rands return aided much in establishing a better system of intramurals, especially for the boys. Five basketball teams were organized, and much interfteam competition developed. As for the girls, they too organized teams which also participated in noonfhour competition. The girls were under the supervision of Mrs. Young. 4235 First Roux left to right Doris Heinz. Joyce Rockerfeller, Mrs. Quackenhush. Miss Sharon. Marion Carpenter. Mary jane Danielski. Second Ruiv'--V-Roseinary Maxwell. Vfanda Kuzininski. Alice Clifford, Marie Vierthaler. loan XVhiting, Maxwell, Cornelia Murphy. Tli1rdRow---laines Murray. john Greene. VVilliarn MeKerrow. Vxlilliani Keeler. Rohert Dennis McEvoy. Prize Speaking Many students tried out for pri:e speaking this year. In the local contest, Joan Wliitiiig and John Greene won first honors while Doris Hein: and james Murray placed second. In the final league contest joan Whitiiig was awarded first place, The conf testants with their selections were as follows: ORATIONS . . , . . Education Against Crime . The Masterful Man of the Ages--Ahrahani Lincoln , . , . . , , Failure of Success james Murray . john Greene . . Robert Maxwell , DRAMATICS SELECTIONS . . . . . . . . Little Duh . , , . . . Crimson Ramblers . . . . Vxlhite Lilacs , The Soul of the Violin . . Danny's Little Tin Soldier . . The Cat Caine Back . . Ma at the Baskethall Gaine . . Yellow Butterflies . Wliite Hands ol Telham Scratch. the Newshoy's Dog Doris Heinz . Cornelia Murphy Alice Clifford . Mary ,lane Danielski . Rosemary Maxwell Vxlanda Kuzininski Marion Carpenter .loan Wlwitiiig . Dennis McEvoy , Williziiii McKerrow Dramatics Club The junior High School Dramatics Cluh inenihers have inet this year with Elva Van Kuren and Huhert Arthur as advisers. Meetings have heen held during the activity period on Tuesday. No ofhcers were elected, as the cluh memhers ehose to meet and spend the whole time in the study of' draniatics, Different projects have heen planned and carried out hy connnittees. l'lans were made and the cluh presented a play entitled K'l'ligh School Dazem the latter part of May. Mrs. Van Kuren directed this play. C397 F1ontRou'7Rol3ert Maxwell. Willard Lamhert, lvir. Teal, William lV1eKerrow, Harold Fulmer, Second Row Norman Frank, David Crossett, Dennis McEx'oy. Philip Flansburg, Walter Piclcert, Eugene Heliner. Bruce Vslindecker Back Row' james Dupont, -lack Farrell. F. F. A. Achievements The West Canada Chapter of the Future Farmers of America hegan the year of 1945f1946 with the election of oilicers. The following were elected: President, Norman Frankg vicefpresident, Walter Pickertg secretary, Gerald Gageg treasurer, Bruce Wiiideckerg reporter, Eugene Helmerg watchdog, james Dupontg adviser, Mr. Howard Teal. The first trip we took was very successful, one in which we won ten dollars in cash at the Fonda Fair on Septemher 5, 1945. In the early part of Decemher we attended Achievement Day at the Fort Plain Central School, and there we were given second place among the ten other competing schools. Along the sports line, we had haskethall games against Stratford and Poland. We won two games and lost one. The year 19454946 has heen a very successful one. f 30 j Explorers' Club This club was composed of pupils who were interested in science. Ivieetings were held after school one night each week. During the fall and spring the groups went on Held trips and explored areas near the school. During the winter months, projects were carried out, such as collecting stones, working in printing and enlarging pictures and working with the microscope. Press Club The Junior High School Press Club has been conducted this year as a joint business project of the algebra and introduction to business classes, Mrs. Bowen and Mr. Arthur have acted as advisers. One issue of the paper "The Freshman Extra" has been published each month until April. In May the group published a magazine "The Freshman Annual." This is the first magazine that has been published by any group in junior High School. The oflicers of the Press Club are June Harrad, editor, Doris Heinz, assistant editor, Robert Maxwell, secretary, and Dennis McEvoy, treasurer. 4317 Personality Traits ldeal Girl ldeal Boy PHYSICAL Hair . . ..... Joyce Fellows Smile . . . Joan Autenrith Lips . . . Clara Palmer Eyes . . . . Marion Farrell Form . . . . . Jeanne Fallows Complexion ..,. Carolyn McKerrow Legs . . . . . . Ann Willard Hands ....... Ann Willard ABSTRACT Personality ..... Jeanne Fallows Intellect . . . . Beverly Wiegand Friendliness . . . Joyce Fellows Biggest Line . . . Alice Clifford Wittiest ..... Marguerite Butler Ahility to Dance . . . Shirley Grower Neatest ...... Margaret Murray Most Courteous . . Carolyn McKerrow Senior most likely to succeed . Joyce Fellows PHYSICAL Physique . .... Lee Waterbury Posture . . Steven Mankouski Teeth . . Bruce Windecker Hair . . . John Greene Smile . . Bruce Windecker Eyes . ..... Jack Carney ABSTRACT Smoothest Line .... Vernon Johnson Personality . . . . Vladamir Marko Wittiest . . . . Bud Fauvelle Best Dancer . Bruce Windecker Best Sport . . . Maynard Blask Best Athlete . . . . Maynard Blask Most Courteous . . . Raymond Howard Neatest . . . . Steven Mankouski Intellect . . . . . Rohert Wheeler Friendliest ..... Vladamir Marko Senior most likely to succeed Richard Dickins Best citizen in the high school . . , . Maynard Blask 525 av an i P E Compliments of the MIDDLEVILLE TANNERY Compliments of The Middleuille National Bank 26 Years of Banking Service to the Community 1 1 1 1 1 111110101411--1 1-11 1 1 1.1 1 1 .1 - - -- ---G5 --- 1111-1111111111-,1.,. Compliments of THE LAKE HOUSE ECONOMY PHOTO SERVICE Chas. A. Oliver, jr., Prop. 'k P. O. Box 358 MIDDLEVILLE, N. Y. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1111 1 1 1 11101-Q.. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1-1 1 1 1-1 1-1-,1..,:, Compliments of AUTENRITH'S GRILL All Legal Beverages Specializes in HOME COOKED FOODS Phone: 28372 NEWPORT, N. Y. Telephone 58771 .g..::::::::::-:-:--: BEST WISHES FROM NEWPORT TELEPHONE CO., INC. 36 Frojoy 0 Locku -.11 Tgm,1.11 1411114-1.,1w11T1H1..1u1U-N,:, I l GLEASON ARLINGTON i Flowsts ! I HERKIMER, N, Y, i PITODQ 699 ! l ... - -. -. -. - -T .- .. ,-wg. 3 i in in in ini: 1 :lr 1 vlwluiu 1 iuin ,:, CTUIDPIIIDCIIIS Ot' ! jAYfK INDEPENDENT LUMBER CGRP. NEW' HARTFORD CLINTON MOHAWK, NT YT Q ! ! 1 3 101111Tin-.4Tgn1u..T,14.1U14.iugniu-n "Congrats" Frcmm YOL11' Fricmlly TRIANGLE SHOE STORE QFOT the cutirc fzmmilyj ZOO N. Mzlilu St. HERKIMER, N. Y. I-IARTER if HARRIS ELECTRIC CC. EVERYTHING E LECTRICAL 1179 Park Aw. HERKIMER, N. Y. 14-10101111ii1o1ii1fi1m1o1o1o1o-1ii1i-1ii 11111 11.111-1 1 1 1-111 111 1' CURLEYfCLASCENS MUSIC CC., Inc. 613 Wzisliiiigtcwii Street Utiezi 2, N. Y Phone 45413 New York States Most Complete School Music House -amz, H H U H U vin 3 0.4 ii 0:4 ,.g.,2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2... 2.2-2.2-.,- BARNES MUSIC STCRE The Home of Vifestirzghouse HERKIMER, N. Y. Phone: 323fW V-i1ii1.1ii1 1--1-1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 PCLAND MCTCR SALES Now Upcn in Old Poland Union L. A. Smith, Owner POLAND. N. Y. - ..g. Q11111111111 MIDDLEVILLE GARAGE Phone 56435 Middleville, N. Y. Body and Fender Repair Service on All Make Cars Paul H. Newman, Prop. Next to Lake House 11. 1 Q 44.11 11 1 1 11 1 1 1-cnii1i11,1 in Compliments of CASCADE PAPER CC. 'Lhlothirig great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm" 110.0 SJ ,.,--,,11,11111111111i1 SMALL AND OLDS FLOUR, FEED and FARM SUPPLIES O Phone: 56665 MIDDLEVILLE, N. Y. 1-.110 11-1111:-1.-:il---0,0 Compliments of BORDEN CO. it NEWPORT, N. Y. Compliments of STANTON HOTEL at Thomas P. Arnold Francis J. Ahern ::::::::::::.:.,:..g. 39 FITCH BROTHERS Dealers in CATTLE FEEDS HORSES 0 NEWI'ORT, N. Y. Phone: 28993 Compliments of PIONEER INN 'A' NEWPORT, N. Y. 11-10- o'e 2 U ! U U U u I I ! ! .1111i11111111u1i111 NORTHERN LUMBER CO., Inc. POLAND AND HERKIMER, N. Y. Lumher lvlillwork Paint Hardware Building Supplies Phones: Herkimer 142 ff Poland 413455 -0101 1 1-I1 1 1 1 1 1-1-1.1 1 11 wg. 41111111111--11111111 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '46 not only for your scholastic accomplishf ments, hut for your good fortune in stepping from school into a brave new vvorld1a world at peace, a world teeming with glorious opportunities for service to humanity. College or careersfyou will still he on your way to new triumphsf this 77fyearfold store salutes you! MUNGER'S Q 0.0 c U ! U o 0,0 Compliments of DAIRYLEA ICE CREAM 0 Wur: Ave. UTICA, NEW YORK -If--:ii-1--411111114-.1 C 40 L Q 'Q U1 n1il1u-101 U1 U1 01 1,101 01 i1 0:0 vm-1111111111-11111111 4i11r.....-.-.-1.-....111.1.-1 Compliments of NATHAN MYERS HERKIMER, N. Y. 11:1 -111411 PELTON BROTHERS Hardware f Plumbing and Heating f Paints Sporting Coods f Stoves PHONE 1 Main Street HERKIMER, N. Y. 1 1 101111u1n1u1n101n1u1 1 .g.,-..- : I 2 -.,-.,:..:.,:..:..- - .. ..i... l H 3 Q.: 0:41 U U U U 1: ozo U ozor U U U II l U U U 0:0 Y ,101 Compliments of MUNGER E5 BECHTOLD 208 West Allmny St. Herkimer, N. DODGE AND PLYMOUTH DEALERS Phone 465 N101 Compliments of BRAYTON FLOWERS "We 'Telegraphu Phone S90 HERKIMER, N. Y. 10 1 more N101 111-11 1,1-11111010111 1 1 1 1 1 fax 1 1 Compliments of EARL E. WALLER'S SERVICE STATION MIDDLEVILLE, N. Y. 1n1Ignn1--101. 1 1 1 1 1 1 11111 101 -01:1 Compliments of PROSPECT HOTEL HERKIMER, N. Y. HAT HAWAY E8 WALLER KAISERfFRASER CARS Ceneral Auto Repairing Eleetrie and Aeetylene Welding NEWPORT, N. Y. Phone: 26081 Compliments of BROWN BROS. CHEVROLET AND OLDSMOBILE SALE W. Albany Street Herkimer, We Buy and Sell Used Cars Sales and Service Phones: 223 and 840 s N 1.-11.111...111111111u1i 41 4101 10.-1111.-11111111111 111111111111:-111010 11111111..111.--1111.111 Compliments of E. P. RICH MCTCRS 116 Prospect Street Herkimer, N. Y. Phone 330 PONTIAC DEALER 1011 Compliments of MANIKA'S CCFFEE SHCP Corner of Alhany and Main Streets HERKIMER, N. Y. , 1111..1.1,11111v1r1u14.,:, Compliments of SONNE BRGTHERS fewelers HERKIMER, N. Y. 101010-U14--01010101014111.101.101n THE CITIZENS NATIQNAL BANK CE PCLAND Is interested in the welfare, growth and success of the community hecause anyf thing which helps the community grow and prosper helps this community hank. We Will Appreciate 'Yom' Patronage ,111-.1111-...1,1,,, 1101. 1-.1ii1i11-iii...-11-1101011111 10111101411 .11-.---1------1110 Compliments of MERRILL C. GEQRGE Bus SERVICE 11.-.-11 1.1--1 win- Compliments of LINUS C. FCRD Insurance NEWPORT, N. Y. 0 -111.1..111111.-10. 0:01. ,-.- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -ni-111111011 -0101 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 10101 11111111111 Compliments of PA'-IPS INN. Food 1 Legal Beverages POLAND, N. Y. 01-0:0 HERKIMER QUARRIES, INC Crushed Stone 1- Agricultural Lime NEWPCRT, N. Y. Phone: 24552 42 V1-11111111111n11:111 1.1 CONGRATULATIONS AND ALL GOOD WISHES TO THE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1946 FOR A FUTURE LIFE OF HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS if Bunk Place UTICA, NEW YORK 1411-,1.141,gniuiuiuziq:.iq:-i1.i1i-giiiiiii 1.111-1 1i1.,1.i1w1.gnu-pf-pi-11.1ii1i,1U1.,qnw Cumpliments of A FRIEND -ug..1..1u1..1.w1..-9111.-1.1i1.1.i-.11--anvil Compliments ul' A FRIEND ,.i1i.1u1.,1i:U1.i1iiiigiiiiupuzigii -q-.-p 1 4-puiifzw-pn-Q I-pi-iii i1..q1.i1w1ii41U4p4-1 PLAN EARLY FOR FURTHER TRAINING Some universities are gilreutly filled to capacity. Veterans will continue to reg' ister in large mmilwers lwetween now :mtl Scptemlwer. If yuu :ire interested in liusiiiess training it is ntlviszllwle to apply for zulmissiim :as early ns possible. Bust Wislucs F11 1m Yuur F11111101' Supurvising Principal L. W. BILLS Plwm' Hvrkimcr 7619 A Name fur Quality A Rcpututimm fm' Scrvicc THE HOME FURNITURE OO. 115 North Main Strcct HERN1111-.Ip N. Y. jake Kciscr. Mgr. Cash 111' Credit :.1-.1-11:1,-11:.,-.1:1.g. 111 11 Compliments 111W ROBERT'S Ifudivxg jewelers 103 N, MRIIII Struct HER1s1:111i1x, N. Y. STYLE SERVICE ECONOMY ENDIOOTTJOHNSON SHOES HERx1x11fR, N. Y. 11.:11q-.111111v1-.11111111111111 4.11 1111111111- Cumplimcuts 111' SNYDER IVIOTOR SALES F O R D Cars Trucks f Tractors Sales LUHI Sermcc Phcmc 285142 Ncwport, N. Y. .g..:..- : 1: ANDREW MOORE NExx'P1m1', N. Y. M1:CORM1CK f DEERING Sales and Sev'1'1'cc o11,:11111111:114:11111i 1111111141111 1-1111111111 -. 1 111111111111111111111111qp11111111i11i11:11111gn11,1Q. .91- GAEEEY MOTOR SALES BUICKS cz. M. cz. F1'IQIL1llI1'CS Hu11111V11111, N. Y. 1111111111 111-nu.: 111111: -1111111111 1111 114111111-n111114111p 111111111111111111111111111 4:11 11111 11111-.111 111 11 1 1-n11qp1 1111 111111111111 11111111111111111,,, .:..-----------------.- Compliments of L. E. WHITEORD NEWPORT, N. Y, HA City Store in the Hills" -------------.-.---..:. MAGS RESTAURANT Tasty Food Whex1 We Can Get It NEVJPORT, N. Y. .iiiiiziiiiiiiiizinf -0111111114:-11:1111-11-4111 iiiiiiiioiizuiz-iii: SUCCESS TO THE 1946 GRADUATES Compliments of LEE H. HANVVER NEWPORT, N. Y. Compliments of SNYDER TRACTOR AND EQUIPMENT oo. Allis Chalmer f Surge f New Idea EG? DeLaval Farm Machinery GLF Service f Seeds f Park E? Pollard Feeders o.e,i,1-11-I1 1 1,101 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 101 101111111-,,,,-111111111024 11.111111111111111- 1:-1111111-21:3-1110-, PAUL'S AUTO SUPPLIES Tires --f Radios f Batteries Fishing and Hunting Supplies HERKIMER, N. Y. Phone: 114SfM ------------11----co'o CALPROVIA DRIVEWAYS MILLARD ALLEN Corn ERooK, N. Y. 111111111111 11--, -111111111111111 14111111111111.-11010 Compliments of GENERAL HERKIMER HOTEL HERKIMER, N. Y. 101 1 BIG "BILL'S" GRILL Lew Wisniewiez, Prop. Phone: 1047 320 S. Washington Street HERKIMER, N. Y. 101 1 1 1 1-1111111 1 1 1 1 1 1011 45 'mini-.:.1111111111111u1 W Compliments of the KLEENfMAID BAKING CORP. 1 1 1 1 1-1111111111 1 1 1:1 1 111 Compliments of E. H. NEWMAN E9 SONS Dealers in Horses and Cattle POLAND, N. Y. 11111.--111.-1111111 '1-111111-11 1111 Compliments of THE EVENING TIMES LITTLE FALLS, N. Y. Herkimer Courltgfs Largest Daily Compliments of JACK BELL General Contractor POLAND, N. Y. Phone: 48823 1 1 1 1 111111111111 1 1 64,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.1 1 1 11,4-pu Compliments of WILLIAM SYEKNOCH IOSEPH DE LORENZO IRENE FARRELL K. F. MCVOY PLYMOUTH AND CHRYSLER Sales and Service General Repairing Phone: 43343 POLAND, N. Y. -u11111111111111u:n1 Compliments of Meats and Groceries MIDDLEVILLE, N. Y. . M. CARROLL E? SON Compliments of A FRIEND 46 1 1111111 1: 1o::oioioznin-nnioioiuiuinioinioi 1 1 101 iuioioio..-v..1-1... .- -----------------0.4, Compliments from the W. R. HASKELL'S Poland, N. Y. Compliments of GARDNER HAVER MURPHY DRESS SHOP N. Main Street Herkimer, N. Y. Coats f Suits - Dresses ff Etc. BRIGGS SERVICE Electric Repairs 1 Motor Tunefup Batteries f Tires - Accessories Phone: 672fR Cor. Washingtcan E? Green Sts. Herkimer Compliments Of RAITHEL SERVICE STATION Gas W- Oil fa Accessories Middleville, N. Y. 1, E. OREGO General Carpenter Work Newport, N. Y. Phone: 26274 GEO. RAITHEL E5 SON Lumber f Hardware f Paint f Cement Builders' Supplies f Repairing of All Kinds XVESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Floyd Lonis 272 No. IVIain St. Herkimer, N. Y. HAGA.DORN'S GARAGE Auto Repairing and Accessories Gas f Oil f Luhrication Dial: 58802 Middleville, N.Y. Compliments Of A. H. WINSTON jeweler Herkimer, N. Y. G. R. GALLINGER DRUG CO. The Rexall Drag Store 152 N. Maiii Street Herkimer, N. Y. Compliments of DOROTHY MADISON BEAUTY SHOP Poland, N. Y. SHEPPARD SHOE REPAIR One Day Service Newport, New York Compliments Of A FRIEND CAVE'S GARAGE Used Cars f Tires - Oil Service Your Patronage Apprecianed Phone: 46824 Poland, N. Y. Compliments of ARTHUR L. WALLER Painter and Decorator UpftOfDate Wzillpapers and Paints Telephone: 54-946 Middleville, N. Y. vu:aio1010in101011:101011110141zu:-u.-:oi -.,,...-..-.,-..-.,- - - - -.,-.,- - -.i-.,-ag. 47 o l Il - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ,,-,,.,-,-,,,,-,,,,,,,,- : - -U- Q C li ' f Compliments of Omp lmlvms U ATLANTIC SERVICE STATION W. AUTHENRITH SCNS, Inc. U ll Newport, N. Y. U - . U Congratulations to the Class of '46 II Car and Home Mridels i Satisfactory Service . Congratulations to the Class of '46 Compliments of U W. C. WINDECKER T' 1 M f A 55' P H HE ANAGER OF THE Middleville, N. Y. l , l CARPENTER s SERVICE STATION i THE CASLER CQMPANXK Vernon Carpenter, Prop. Tydol Cas f Oils E? Greases f Washing and Dedlffm W Geneml Mefflwndmf Polishing f Tires f Batteries Mlddl 'll N Y Newport, N. Y. 1 W1 L, ' ' ----- - fr ! II , JOE RAYMOND I B E C K E Y S BUHUCW' Cold Wavesf Natural Looking, Soft Drinks f Cigars f Cigarettes f Merehzliitlise C1050 W the SCMP1 Lim! LHSUUET Newport, N. Y. Phone: 54803 U U FRITZ SIRK W. STCRANDT Vuleanizing f Luhrieation f Tires f Batteries Meats E? Croeeriesf-'Fruits Vegetables Mitldleville, N. Y. Phone: 48732 Poland, N. Y. COMSTOCK WELDING E5 REPAIR U VARNUM C- FARRINGTON Cfas f Cils and Aeeessories Insumnce Il Middleville, N. Y. Middleville, N. Y. l Hours 9 to 5 f Evening by Appointment ' l BARNES MUSIC STCRE D . . . U R P A II The Home of Vvfestinghouse Demst phone: 2,3913 Newport, N' Y- Phone: 323fW Herkimer, N. Y. l 'fri-111-iii11010101 1 1 :- ziuzniirniixiiilii-19:0 Q48 Class Officers JOYCE FELLCWS . . . President RAYMOND HCWARD . . Vicefljresident RICHARD DICKINS . . Treasurer CARCLYN MCKERROW . . Secretary 'k Class Flower: The American Beauty Rose Class Colors: Turquoise and Cold Class Moto: Forward Ever, Backward Never C495 Autographs 4501

Suggestions in the West Canada Valley High School - Wecava Yearbook (Newport, NY) collection:

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West Canada Valley High School - Wecava Yearbook (Newport, NY) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 23

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West Canada Valley High School - Wecava Yearbook (Newport, NY) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 23

1946, pg 23

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