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REFERENCE COLLECTION FOR USE IN THE LIBRARY ONLY BERKELEY PUBLIC LIBRARY BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA 0.P.D ' TU JE I Prineipal I " tip my hat " to the students of West Campus. It has been a year of dramatic change for all gf us. Inherent in this change has been the element of transi- tion, and you have adjusted exceedingly we I I . It is the dawn of a new decade, and it is most appropriate that a birth should occur... and it will. The conclusion of this year ' s transition will bring forth . from its demise the creation of new ex- citing experiences for all of us. Some of you wi I I transfer with me to the new school at Wi I lard; some of you will be- come members of a newly established all- 9th grade school, and some of you will move on to the Senior High School site. This Yearbook will assume tremendous importance for it wi I I be the last of many issues from West Campus - Grades 7-9. This Yearbook will symbol ize the end of such an educational journey. In September, all of you will transfer to new experiences of learning. I wish you all well in your educational endeavors. A. Jeff Tudisco West Campus Principal Although this is Mr. Tudisco ' s first year at West Campus, he ' s had a lot of experience in the Berkeley School District. He was raised in Connecticut, and he went to college at Cal. He majored in Chinese and Japanese Cultural Studies. He taught at Berkeley High for 20 years and then went on to be principal at Mai com X. He ;as at West Campus for only this one year. Next year he will be at Willard, i ich just reopened, as principal. BERKELEY PUBLIC LIBRARY 1 W ice Principal Taylor I Although he attended school fn Oakland, Vice Principal Taylor is no stranger to Berkeley Schools. He was a Math Teacher at Williard for 5 years and was a counselor for 7 years at Berkeley High. He came here to West Campus years ago for his present job as Vice Principal. For the past 15 years during the summer Mr. Taylor has direct- ed a Summer Camp called Camp Mendocino. He hires young people from the Bay ftrea to help out. Those attending are warned to watch out; he ' s known to play a mean game of tennis. ■J Next year Mr. Taylor will be V.P. at Willard 1 Vuble of Con ten i§ Principal 1 Vice Principal 2 Staff 4 Art 12 Music 18 Drama 22 Fashion 24 Sports 26 AASU 34 Student Council 35 Baby Pictures 36 7th grade 48 ASU 60 RAZA-S.U 61 8th grade 62 9 th grade 78 Publications Staff 92 3 Mr. Crensliaw Sitaff Ms. Bernstein Ms. Williams Nir. TJiornburgh Ms. Poston Ms . Garner Ms . Nelms Ms . Ervin lAs . Jones Ms. Johnson Mr. Sims Ms. Prisk Staff Ms . Henry Ms . Celes tine ,Ms . Taylor Ms. Wilkes Mr .VJliite Ms. Wilder ( Mr . Terranova Ms . Iicier Ms. Sines, Ms. Hall, Ms.McVay 4 Mr. January Mr . Letcher 7U Ms . Ferguson Ms. Sponseller Ms. Schoen 7 STAFF Ms. Guerrero Ms- Luke 9 W. Mxlholland Ms. Beane came out of retire- ment to replace Mr. Mulhclland siio became District Coordinator for the Menta lly Gifted Minor Program second semester. A I D s Mr. Taylor, School Psychologist School Resource Volunteers (S.R.V.) is a nonprofit organization under contract with the Berkeley Unified School District to provide volunteer services in the city ' s schools. SRV ' s are college students, citizens most of them working on a regular basis with one or more Also part of SRV is the Community Resource Service, which provides single or shornerm presentations by volunteer specialists in a variety of fields. Ms.Babiker Ivls. Battle 11 The Reginol Scholastic .Art Exhibit was held in the Oakland Museum. A number of West Campus students were intered in the semi- finals, including Kathrine Sussman, and Bridget Peterson, Rodney Lamkey, Jill Jenkins, and Paul Truong . The following three pages feature work by the West Campus Art and Graphic students. These pictures were also included in a booklet distributed in the district. 16 S ' HiiftdoHic Band This year the S TTiphonic Band Sis ver) successful. They performed several times at both l ' est Campus and Berkeley High Schogl. The music they performed ranged from Mozart to marches. The band consists of about 30 students playing instruments ranging from flutes to a bassoon. The Symphonic Band meets 3 times a week in room 007. Mr . Terranova, the conductor of the band since the beginning of this year, SiS very pleased with ever) one ' s progress aad improvement. J 4ZZ The Jazz Band was under the direction of Mr .Hardymon, as it has been for many years. The Jazz Band consists of members of the Symphonic Band who are interested in playing and performing jazz music. Ivfr . Hardymon composes as well as conducts most of the music the Jazz Band plays. They performed several concerts this year which were very well received. MM i seed Chorus Under the direction of Ms. Van Ness Cottcerf Orchcstfo The Concert Orchestra this year performed several thnes under the direction of Mr. Stanley. The Concert Orchestra parformed witn selected members of Symphonic Band. Concert nana The Concert Band, conducted by Mr.Terrarova , consists o£ students, playing generally the same instruments played in the Symphonic Band. Learning and ijnproving is the main emphasis of the Concert Band, but they still per- formed several times at West Campus. flANO Hider the direction of Ms.VanNess AVVAHCED 22 Fall ' 79 Two evenings o£ one act plays were presented in the West Campus Auditorum. STUDENT PRODUCTIONS: Black and Silver Danny Berlin-Molly Hooven The Questioning of Nick Bamaby Silver- Darius Nassiry Calm Down Mother Paula Johnson- Johanna King Ursula Scoggums Aria Da Capa Justine Sweede Brian Bishop Riis Hutson Larry Di Staci Turner Bab cock Something Unspoken Greer McVay-Amy Rogers 1979-1980 Lunch Film Festival. Some seen were West Side Story Romeo § Juliet China Syndrome Hair Singing in the Rain Jungle Book Thief of Bagdad East of Eden The People of the filriis Tlie Hienesi Turning Point A Lion in Winter Mauton Rouge The Bridge Paul ' s Bridge Boulevard Nights Blazing Saddles Bullshot Crummond Robin Hood Major Productions of West Campus 1979-19802 Cnamber r4isic by Arthur Kopit Directed by George Felker 111 T he Woman M o Plays Records Rachael CaA nolt W oman in Safari Outfit -Amie Tokahama Woman with Notebook - Sarah Zimmerman Girl in Bassamer Dress -Suzanna Gough Woman in Aviation Outfit- Marianne Loar Woamn in Queenly Spanish Garb- Isabel Mesa Woman in Armour - Carol Grunwald Woman with Gavel -Nina Reynolds Woman in White -Cathy Schultz Tliis was presented as part of the Berkele High School Festival- Spring ' 80. Lighting by Shawn Roberts, And of course there were special Lunch Box Theatre Productions. Many of the students enjoyed performances at A.C.T. The Curran Theatre Orpheum Theatre Golden Gate Theatre and others. Mr. Felker 23 " G.Q.-StepM " Mix Matched ! I Hawaiians " The Faculty- Student Basketball game This year, as usual, the girls ' basketball was coached by Mr. Mitchell, and again they had an excellent season. Ihey finished off with a 7-1 record. Ihe one game they did lose was by only two points. This year ended only the tiiird season the girls had a team. We wish to congratulate the girls on their excellent season . Here is a list of the players and their numbers: 23 Antonette Fane 25 Alma Batchie 4 Analia Mendoza 3 Summer Gerlach 22 Ruthie Whitehead 12 Candy Brown 10 Natalie Glover 24 Fredia Malvo 15 Isabel Mesa 5 Diane Yovino -Young 11 Charlene Bush k J Coach Mitchell 4 SALUTB TO TMe fOOUAU UAIA -Zachary Wilson West Campus football was a major success this year, its 6-0 record owing to the magnificent coach ing of Chico Mendoza and Percy Crawford. (You help- ed too, Mitchell.) Outstanding individual perfor- mances were turned in too by Michael Walker in particular. Michael -was the MVP of the team and wasthe leader in rushing and scoring. Craig Mil- ler, on offense, was also one of our most valuable players, being the second leading rusher and scorer The team relied on Miller in short yardage situa- tions to pound through the line. The offensive line also was outstanding, moving out people con- sistently and opening holes for the runners. ' Quarterback Marcus Tally, who replaced Timmy Rob- inson in mid- season, had an easy job of it, only liaving to hand off to Walker and Miller. Rodney Williams also performed v ell at quarterback. On. defense it was a team effort all the way. When lineman Don Cis trunk and Larry Wirsig weren ' t ma- king great tackles, the linebackers gave opposing players liits to remember. Tne secondary rarely got a chance to tackle anyone but capitalized on opportunities by intercepting 2 passes. Tlie season started out in grand season with a scrimmage against the California School for the Deaf. With everyone playing, W.C. romped to a 35-0 win. Tne second game was a struggle against Redwood in San Francisco, as the Jackets repeatedly made errors that helped the opposition ' s cause. But superior talent overcame the inexperience and we won 6-0. The next game against Woodland was easier. On the second play from scrimmage. Miller broke free down the left sideline and was tackled on the two yard line. Walker took it in from there. From theji on it was a whip, W.C. winning 28-8. The game against Terra Linda was probably the biggest win of the year. Coach Mendoza told the team that the opposing Coach called up to say they would blow us out. psyched uf t -v ' went out and whip- ped them, 32-7. As expected, the next game was sort of a let- down. On a gloomy day in Alameda against Encinal, W.C. started slowly and never really got on track. But W.C. won despite it, 22-0. Tlie season ended fantastically against Sales- ian. Playing everone in the free for all, W.C. won 48-0. It was a great finish to a great season. Statistics : Leading Rusher: Michael Walker Leading Scorer: Michael Walker Leading Tackier: Larry Wirsig Average Points scored per game: 27.6 Average Points allowed per game: 2.2 Michael Vifalker, i-iost Valuable Player Craig Miller, Most Outstanding Back Larry Wirsig, Most Valuable Lineman i pleyard, Bruce Blachsher, Marshall Belle, Tiramie Cistruiik, Donald Crapo, Eric Davis, Derrick Dixon, Fred Gibson, Ernest Gough, Jeff Johnson, Rolfe J. Jones, Michael Jamison, Miiiliael Johnson, Themas Long, Stephen Nbore, Kevin bss, Lewis krshall, Micha l Marble, James Miller, Craig i fote, Adam Oliver, Terry Polk, Myron Statisticians : Brooks, Margo Knowles, Kris Passadore, Richard Robinson, Tod Robinson, Timothy Reed. Bryan Smith, Lamel Scales , Fred 9nith, David lyier, Kenneth Thompson, Randell Talley, Marcus Vaughn, Terry Vonner, Denorise Vail, Marcus Wong, Douglas ■ Williams, Rodney Williams, Michael vValker, Michael Wallace, Jolin Wilcox, McCants Wirsig, Larry Yearby, Andrew Jones, Matthew Coach Mendoza • " ' ■•Vvflifiii w m Cbach Crawford 29 footMt Jeam in e Ldtinya Brown (Head) Benita Alder (Co -Head) Ramona Askew Evelyn Berry D ' nean Birch Calresse Blueford Danita Coleman Sonia Ephrim Rita Ewell Felicia Gilbert Sheila Gilbert Rhonda Glover Dawn Green (Head) Est el la Harrny Elicia Flutson (Co -Head ) 16. Deloria Jackson 17. Kim Jackson 18. Traci Jones 19. Ramona Smith 20. Tammy Miller 21. Millicent Steele 22. Monica Rooney 23. Lashon Smith 24. Denise Swift 25. Julia Thomas 26. Traci Vauglin 27. Narkcy Williams 28. Anissa Wilkins 29. Camille Wilkins S u J 5 The West Campus 9th grade boys basketball team, coached by Mr. Mendoza, had a very succes- ful year with an ll-3 season. There was superb playing by players like Clayton Brannon who scored a total of 134 points and Ronald Jenkins who had the game high o£ 27 points. There was one for- feit game ,and tliat was against Springs town. Games G FG f T Total T T • Hi 1. Andy Johnston 10 5 1-1 11 8 3. H ft 1 Mark Marsh 0 U 1- Z I 12. Arzie Chambers lO 14 1-4 29 12 13. Kurran Bogwin 6 1 0-0 2 2 14. Andre Wilson 8 34 6-18 74 16 15. Clayton Srannon 12 60 11-20 134 25 20. Craig Miller 11 8 2-4 18 6 21. David Clark 5 24 9-11 57 24 22. Ernest Gibson 10 25 2-10 52- 11 23. Micheal Walker 11 40 18-27 98 20 24. Ronald Kelly 14 43 24-38 110 17 25. Ronald Jenkins 6 40 12-24 92 27 35. Marc is Tally 2 5 0-2 10 6 Won- 11 Lost- 3 W.C. 28 Sales in 48 W.C. 52 Salesin 38 W.C. 71 Solqno 52 W.C. 50 Franklin 48 W.C. 65 Moreau 53 W.C. 56 Moreau 58 W.C. 73 Solano 71 W.C. 60 Solano 50 W.C. 64 Encinal 43 W.C. 63 Franklin 49 W.C. 57 Encinal 42 W.C. 50 Springs town W, C- Springs town Left to Right: Marcus Tally, Ernest Gibson, Andre Wilson, David Clark, Coach Mendoza Ronald Kelly, Arzie Chambers, Andy Johjis n, Clayton Bra.rmon Members of the Afro -American. Student Union: Myrna Price -President Derrick Bonis -Secretary Sonya Norris- Treasurer Stephanie Carr-Vice President Kevin Enerett Blenida Haskins Can dice Porter Cora Wilcats Winifred Hodge Gregory Sneed Sonya Sneed Darryl Davis Reba Craig Nancy Baha Verna Minor Kim Cook Demetri Jacobs Antoinette Jones AASV This year the Afro-American Student Union (AASU) has done a commendable job of planning different activities such as bake sales, a talent- show and fashion show and other assemblies. Tlie AASU also has goals which they believe in and which they reached. These goals are to insure pride in self and in a group, to promote unity, and to assume responsibility. The Student Council has sponsored many activities this year to lift the morale of tlie students. Some of the activities have been Spirit Week, Go Western Day, I-Iat Day, lunchtime games and dances and night dances. Tne Council ' s most successful activity was Valentines Day Flower Day in which students and staff ordered carnations for each other. The flowers were delivered by the Council members. All activities and meetings were under the direction of Ms. Doris Taper. Members of the Student Council Natalie Glover -President Anthony Martin- Vice- President Stefanie Cat dwell- Secretary Krishna Douglass -Treasurer 9th Rep. Yvette Bl air 8th Rep. Martin Perez Folic itas Kartiwar. Chris Cantlon Catreau Bluford Yolanda Hughes 7th Rep. Candy Brown Shawn Roberts Laval Wilson Jr. Kelly Navies Student Council Ms. Taper 3b 19. 20. 25. 26. BABY PICru?£S 1. Michael Marshall 2. Antoinette Fane 3. Andrea Minton 4. Craig Samule 5. Sharon Polak 6. Kathryn Matthew Jones 7. Julie Glass S.Jason Bass 9. Shannon McCun 10. Adam Nuyens 11. Kate Hutchinson-Heasley 12. Keith Kevin Erwin 13. Bruce Appleyard§ Co. 14. Ann Shearer 15. Amanda Burroughs 16. Robin Donovin 17. Natalie Glover 18. Ann Leon 19. Carla Jourdan 20. Tamara Mack 2 1. Justin John Nuyens 22. Erika O ' uinn 23. Heida Slob in 24. Diana Yovino- Young 25. Tracy Lenihan 26. Regina Kinstle 27. Lorie Hart 2 8. Marianne Loar 2 9. Dawn Green 30. Pam Thibodeaux 31. Donna Felder 32. Nichole Woods 33. Lisa Swords 34. Michael Alisha Marshall 3 5. Carole Kajita 36. Jamie Kaji§ Co. 37. Greer McVay 38. Benita Alder 39. Katja Cooper 40. Cheryl Butler 41. Melissa Gooch 42. Paula Jolinson 43. Carolyn Dolit 44. Tuseda Graggs 4 5. Molly Hooven 43 42. 43. I - : ■ i 4f Bryant Adams I fergarita Ale jo Nancy Baba Tanya Bell Lcmont Adams Junior Adona Roger Altman Ian Appleyard Let Me go First " i Chris Boynton Candy Brown Morris Browning Anthony Buttelo Ramona Askew Lara Belkind Hones to Cadiz Rialma Caldw ell Louise Campbell David Chachere Yoon Clioe LisGtte Coulon Bryaii Curry Lara Carroll Maria Chappell Nicole Colenan Renee Crawford Laurel Carter Patrick Cavana Jae Choe Charles Connell Kimberly Cook Lula Daniels Dale Davis Julia Davis Riclc Davis Rosilaiid Davis 49 Marcus Grunwald David Griffin Ciiarles Gresher Lisa Grayson Julie Glass Sarah Gaylord 50 Deann Gajciola L frK , -iV m. Pamela Harris Paul Hsi David Hunter Michael Irschick Robert Gillies sean Hallinan Estella Harvey Renee Hedgepeth Tracy Hamada James Harris Jesus Gerrendez Alfonzo Herrey Michelle Huges Kim Hunt Elsa Hurtado Kate Hutchinson-PIeasley ■ I ' Gloria Jolinson SEVENTH GRADE Nicco Janelii 51 Roa Johnson 1 Stacy Johnson Vincent Johnson Derrick Jones Shawn Jones Angela Kelley Brent Kimball Peter Landaver Catherine Lawrence Alan Lee Sanmie Lee Naomi Leiserson Aaron Leventhal Seventh Grode A Susan Leoo- David Lewak Anthony Lew Tracy Lenihan Stacye Letchaw Michael Linhare- Paris Marshall Shannon McCune Vanessa McDonald Adriane McFadden StVtHW GRAPE Lorri Morgan Yolarda Marillo Kelly Navies Jon Nelson Benjamin Netick S4 DoTiienico Perella Fernanda PolK i k Jackie Perry Velisa Perry Lioby Pope Leo Procter Shavvna Peterson Roger Ramerez 1 Kun Ramsey David Rains tad Ciemal Ray 1 Aadra Richardson Stac ev Ricks Sasan Romero Sliawi Roberts Demetria ilange V Dominique Robinson Pier-te Roo Monica Rooney Pa1:ricia Rooney 55 Gonzalo Ruiz Pnilip Senegal Penee Siller 1 Jennifer Smith Geofery SpePth Mcig ' aret Sachs Marcus Savage Chris Sheer Rafele Suarez Justine Sewde Racliel Scott Siiinichi S.iibata Camen Smith i 55 Siu Tam Alexan Taylor Christine Tien Simon Thaler Ann Tnompson i Chris tiim Taompson Idionda Tnompson David Tircuit Paul Tong Deidra Toussant Danielle TUtner 7th Grade Eric Wrieat Juan Vasquez Trune Vo Richard Walker Miko Tokuham George Turner Pliat Vo Lynette Walker Sean Walker 41 Jennifer IVhetstone Brendan WMte Michael Williams Arniissa Wilkins Laval Wilson Joseph Wright I Steven V u I Orlando Williams Saraii Wiliiajiison ifl Larry Wiiite i Nichole IVood Seventh Grade nomas Wilms John Wolohan Richard Yee Qirtis Youn ' Ann Zagone Daniel Zuehlsdorf Michael Younger 58 This year the ASU got off to a better start than last year. Because of the earlier start and wore organization, this year ' s members planned many fundraisers which included a car wash and candy sales. They used the money to go out to ainner. The chairpersons were Chris Benner, Cor- by Shinomiya and Terry Lee, who took the place of Mie Tokuhama who left to B.H.S. mmrits Trip to Ashlaml eaWESTEltH DAY 60 Raza Student Union has just been formed wlien the yearbook went to press, but their plans were as follows : they planned to raise money through bake sales, car washes, etc. to pay for activities such as dances and trips. The purpose of the organization is to learn about important fexican events and people- and to create a social group. Sarah Ades Jaan Alejo Antonio Aranda Dana Arndt Charles Baker Sidney Bender Sharon Benford Alice Bennett Danny Berli n Amanda Bickel Catresu Blueford Tammy Bond Latina Bro vn Mark Brown 1 TVila Brown Claudia Chavez Arthur Collins 1 Amanda Burroughs Chris Cant Ion HZH r 1 Trena Christopher Ronald Clifton Russell Cook Matt Caver Rosby Chavez Christy Colar Danita Coleman Sioblian Coyle John Crossman Ihomas Cliampiori Gail Chester Niema Coleman Katja Cooper 14 Lise Dalmis 63 Patrick Davis Li h Diep Mark Dillard La r.ont Dismuke Carolyn Dolit Sylvia Fleury Virginia Gabert Ah. Ruben Garcia €1 f Chris Gatison Robert Foresman David Frazier Jos« Fuentes EIGHTH GRADE r 1 1 Sonia Gholar Sheila Gilbert V Kyle Gong Patrick Cordis Suzanna Gougn Steven Grady 66 Loraine Hart Jennifer Holbrook Molly Hooven Mark Howard Stavomiie Howell Kai liuey James Hughes Yolanda Hughes 1 Derrick Jackson Jill Jenkins Leslie Jackson Aaron Jolmson Demetri Jacobs Alicia Johnson ItV Willie James Sean Johnson Paula Johnson Charlie Johnston She t is Jones Carole Kaj ita 68 Katliryn Jones Felly Kartiwan Kim Jones Jamie Kaji Andy Katz Andre Keyes Derrick King Johanna King Ian Link Sieixa Litcief ield Marianne Loar " Ciieri Lopes ivlartha Lopez William Martin Doug McKinzy Aneelo Miller Eric Menroe Gary Lowe Clarence Lowery Tamara Mack Bernard Massey Nisliimoto Mayumi iviiles McAfee Greer McVay Sakonnary Meas Celia Meyers Tamera Miller I Adrien Marble Crystal McGraw Nferk Miller Andrea Minton Robert Morgan Maria Munoz Darius Nassiry Eighth Grade Tor Neilands Fariba Qmarah Maria Perez Wendy Petit Megan Neumann Martin Perez Joe Poirot Bertha Ramirez Tracy Randle Eva Perez Roberto Perez Taro Pusina Ian Ricca Dan- Thanh Nuguyen Alisa Ngwik Leticia Perez i 4% Debra Quinn Kiiiiberly Mays 71 Claude Sliaw Barnaby Silver Christina Siirans Alan Simpson 72 Melissa Stroud Katherine Sussnan Lemont Sweet Eraina Swift riomiel] Tliompson Ellen Titonis David Tom Le Tran Doxalae Valentin Greg Ivalton Rliea Watson Laurie Webber Giristina Webber Nfegan Webber Eric Wexelraan Dorthy Miite Carla Wilcots Luracious Wilkerson Terry Williams Virgina Williams Jolin Winchester RoDert Wong Janiele V.bodard Ronald Wriglit Diana Ypvii o - 1 OUIltj 74 i Bryant Adams Luroy Addison Leslie Alcorn Jacasta Allen Eenita Alder Silvia Amezcua Tonya Anderson Monika Aslman Turner Bab cock Jason Bass NINTH GRADE Alraa Batchie Neal Battin Hirajn Bell Reginald Bell Tiiiimie Belle Ciiris Benner Evelyn Berry ■ A. J. . I Brian Bishop Marshall Blacksher Sliawn Blair Yvette Blair Maija Borough - Borrowian Kris ten Boynton Melanie Enriqaez Sonia Ephrim Antoinette Fane Donna Felder Toby Gaines Summer Gerlach Aiex Gipson Micheal Glover Ivfelissa Gooch Jeffrey Goagh Da vn Green Lyioette Groom Catrena liamer Justin Harrison Ernest Gibson Anthony Gilmcre Natalie Glover Rhonda Glover Mnth tirade Carol Granwald Ciiristine Haines Trudy Harrison Laura Hanf Belinda Flaskins Erik Hawkins Karen Mearne Mark Hebert Katlierine Mein Ian Hendry Phillip Hennen Doreen Hing Revee Hunter Kim Jackson Wednesday Hoage Elicia tlutson Debra Jackson Tnomas Johnson NINTH GRADE Hilary Jones Michael Jones Ik James Jones Traci Jones iVfett Jones Jackie Mannin;- James Marble Michael Marshall Anthony Martin Jackie Massey Isabel Mesa Letty Morris Adan Mote Dapime McDaniel Craig Miller Lewis Moss Mchi il Neal Aaron McNair Amalia Mendoza Venia Minor Peter Montgomery I fe I David Nelson 0 Jaleh Niazi Adai : I-Juyens Carl Oliver Liat O ' neal 86 Audrey Ordoiia Jessica Passadore Hermelinda Pasillas Ruben Perez Cliristine Petersen Brigette Peterson Micnelle Please.nt N ron Polk Ivfett Pope Myrna Price Juavette Pulliam David Quong Renita Ramsey Mark Reed Tara Reed Nin: :. Reynolds Chevelle Richardson MINTH enADE t-ieatner Roberts Tod Robinson Pein.-yan Roo Teddv Bear Joan Rosenberg Corby Shinomiya Michelle Singelton Eric Steiner Lisa Siim.ions Slieng Sui Laynel Smitn Lisa Torres Craig Samuel Bruce Shulz Julian Sijnpkins Greg Sneed Becky Terner Jenny Sanders Cathy Schulz Sonya Sneed Latanya TliibadeauJS 88 " Paul Truong Tiiay Truong Eleanor Walker Miciiael Walker Daimy Weinberg Roland Westgate Ken IVhaley 89 Rollie l Mte Ruth l liitehead Hilery Williajus Michael Williams Mark Wilkins Pamela Williams Edna Wilson Larry ' Wirsig Dessa Williams Anne Williamson Lewis Winston Sabrina U ' ong wwth grobc Avideh Yaciimai Josh Young Xick Zagone ' ■ i Sarah Zimmerman Production Staff Chris Benner Terry Lee Rollie l Tiite Eric Borro vman Qeneral Editors Christine Laws on Nick Zagone Toby Gaines Lise Dalims Mike Bonillas Christine Tien Sha TLa Peterson .Antrea Mint on Shaima Peterson Kristin Boyn ton Feature Writers Jason Bass Rollie Wnite Zack IVilson Toby Gaines Chris Cantlon Terry Lee Naomi Shea Lisa Grayson Reed Scudder Kris Knou-Me3 Erin Keller Paule Lipscomb_ Horoscope Christine Lawson Karen Cnambers A special thanks to our t) ists, Heather Rob- erts and Nan- c Driehaus and to our Photogra- phers , Anthony fe.rtin, Roland IVestgate and Rod- ney Lamkey. Heather Roberts Nancy I5riehaus Qiris Cantlon Joe Esherick Krishna Douglass Jason Bass Zach Vdlson Sidney Lee Terrence Lee Jason Bass Qiristopher Benner Rollie Ifnite Our special thanks to Mr. Millinger his help and f support made the school magazine, % The Times, possi- " ble. Sports — Erik Borrowman Chris Bo iiton Sidney Lee Qiris Scheer Corby Shinomiya Eric Steiner mrcus Vail rollie l hite Nicholas Zagone Reporters Steve Caruso Benita Alder Carla Jourdan .Anthony Martin Marc Yail Greer Mc Vay Roland Westgate .-Anthony Martin Rodney Lamkey iHi liii II .lif APPEL THOvIAS ARNOT DA 4A BICKEL MANDA BRILLINGER IvlATTtEW COLAR JADE DAHMS LISE DISMUKE WAYNE DRIEHAUS CHRISTINE CORDIS PATRICK CRADY STEVEN CRACCS TUSEDA hxALLINAN SEAN IIART LORAINE JOHNSTON CHARLES Support Amezcua, Silvia Burnett, Ann Qiemsack, John Cook, Russell Craik, Kenneth Dixon, Frederick Dusuau, Gina Feienstein, Jennifer Gilmore, Anthony Gooch, Melissia Hamer , Catrena Hughes, James Leider, Abe Leventhal, Aaron Linhares, Jo eph McDonald, Vanessa Contributing Ziitors JOH S KATHRYN LEE CASSAIORA LEE KEYIN LINK IAN LOAR iVIARIANNE MC AFEE MILES MILLER AI«ELO NG KENNETH SILVER BARI Y STRANGE KEVIN SULLIVAN PAUL TOM DAVID )N RfiEA 5iT Miller, Craig Monroe, Eric Nei lands. Tors en Or dona, Michael Pass adore, Jessica Perry, Velisa Peterson, Shawna Price, QiOryl Shearer, Anne Snoller, Reed Sullivan, Paul Swift, Denis e Swords, Lisa Taylor, Alexi Taylor Kris Ida Tien, Christine Tracv Dominic CLARK MARY COOK RUSSELL GROSSMAN JOHN ESHERICK JOSEPH HALL JOI-iN HANSCQvl JOHN HOLBROOK JENNIFER KAJITA CAROLE KARTIWAN FELICITAS KINSTILE REGINA LAWSCHA SHELLIE LEIDER ABE LEON ANN LITTLEEILLD SHEIIJ MINTON ANDREA NEILANDS TORSTEN Anderson, Tanya Bonillas, Michael Caldwell , Stephanie Daniels, Lusa Dolit,Caiolyn Donovan, Rob in Gough, Jeff Cough, Suzanna Graggs, Tuseda Hall, Joane Harris, Trent ilaskins, Belinda Henning, Vicki Hooven, Molly Johnson, Tnomas Katz, Andrew KDjima, Patricia NOWIK ALISA O QUINN ERICA POIROT JOSEPH POLAK SliARON QUINN DEBBRAH RICCA IAN ROGERS AMY SLOBIN tiEIDA miTil BRAIN SivIITFi RAMONA STEELE MILLICENT SUSSMAN KATHERINE TAYLOR PAUL WEXELMAN ERIC Lenn, Ann Linliares, Michael Lip s comb , Paul e Mnton, Andrea Newmann, Megan Ovens, Birdgette Polack, Sharon Ricca, Ian R.bdgers, Amy Slob in. Held a Steele, Millicent Tidd, Marc Tircuit, David Walker, Richard Williams, Hildria Yovino- Young, Diana VII ' Taney That GIFTS FROM AROUND THE WORLD 5407 COLLEGE AVENUE OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA 94618 (415) 655-9362 WEEKDAYS SAM TO 9 PM ; WEEKENDS T1 AM TO 9 PM ink stone ART S, DRAFTING SUPPLIES BLUE PRINTING M15) 845-073B 1S05 EUCLID AVENUE. BERKELEY CALIFORNIA 94709 FINE FRENCH CUISINE 385 COLUSA AVENUE KENSINGTON (NORTH BERKELEY) 527-7900 FINE FRENCH CUISINE 385 COLUSA AVENUE KENSINGTON (NORTH BERKELEY) 527-7900 N 41S 4I ' S FINE FRENCH CUISINE 385 COLUSA AVENUE KENSINGTON (NORTH BERKELEY) 527-7900 96 BURE- 9-U

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