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 - Class of 1979

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West Campus Junior High School - Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 112 of the 1979 volume:

17.5. '.:-. -fr fywgka- f-... ,.- -- . ,, - , - . . 4. ' l.f'jo:"',., 6.-1 , 4 Tfvu , ,Ji-,,4c 1 I ,, .5-ff - aff. 4 1- . M ,-,.. A -,... -41.4.--- I ' '-4-n-fV,,,,' ..,.-,Q . "" ,, .. .a- Q- - .-...I Y .4 ' A A ' -. - gr. f , 1-.WK A Q r WT f A f , , V . v . . . f v ,. ., :T A -- , F." Ahh' 'C - - ....4.:"--"J - , vw. -W , - 4 ' 3, '1' . I v- 5-2 - ' ' ... ,V H' ,,.- iq-was Q 'X ,Q ' .. - , " ' " f. . - - ' ' ,, -.-' .. .1 ,--34 1 A v 1 ' -' I ' - ....-i. . ' .--f"-" - ' f , 4'-.....- w-' :, Lil- - .Q 7 R -" ' --Q-w 0'-V -.1 , . 1 gb- ,--' -A D 1 -- ft ,1. . E' "'4"Q-- "' 4 A.'.,. a A , . ,.-A, W. r.. - , -. f-- , ' o 1 ' N Q..v1 .- P - wx .4 1' "- , , ' 'fs-'.-rf,' ,. L Q 5. . ,V M 5 .,,xv "4-, -- 4 Q gil. . s -..,,. t' ' 4-,Hy I , - ' ' 4' .', , ,, .. .. , ,fy-' ,, -. , W - ,. ,- ,p'f",...J --.-,--in-,L. , -'L , .4Al:J:-6-,,,,.-.., I TMJ W I Hi ghs 1 On behalf of The enTlre sTaTT aT WesT Campus, I would llke To congraTulaTe all The sTudenTs who have conTrlbuTed To making The year 78-79 a pleasenT and successful experlence. I was parTlcularIy impressed wlTh The greaT number of sTudenTs who quallfled for The academlc honor roll This year. My DGST wlshes To The nlnTh graders, who were The firsT group of sTudenTs To aTTend Three full years aT WesT Campus. I wlsh Them conTlnued success aT Berkeley High School. l am also looklng forward To seelng The sevenTh and elghTh graders nexT year. fy fugfffzei PRI CI PAL RGBERT In his 24 RoberTs has RoberTs has he was here Mr. RoberTs mobile home M42 Kenneth W. Roberts, PrinCiPa1 West Campus years ln The dlsTrlcT, Prlnclpal worked ln many areas, from coach and maTh Teacher To counselor and prlnclpal. Mr. been aT WesT Campus slnce l969 when as vlce-Prlnclpal. During The summer Travels around The counTry ln hls and reads- 1 VICE PRINCIP L TAYLOR Allhough he allended school ln Oakland, Vice Principal Taylor is no sfranger To Berkeley Schools. He was a Malh Teacher aT Wllllard for 5 years and was a counselor for 7 years al Berkeley High. He came here To Wesl Campus 3 years ago for his presenl job as Vlce Prlnclpal. For The pasl I5 years durlng The summer Mr. Taylor has dlrecT- ed a Summer Camp called Camp Mendocln0. He hires young people from The Bay Brea To help ouT. Those allendlng are warned lo walch oulg he's known To play a mean game of Tennis. ,gif 'af f ' 8' 7 - .. - I3 El Hi 'nu 1 Q 3, gf Q5 Q 2. f- t 1 , I . x u A m -......... . ... gm- gg Sijfl XXX! .f' 'fl . H 1' N ,I .f """ ' 'A ,,- """"" 'W " I jf I .7 'Q -- No... - W .1115 ff' . I V, , , 5 N 7 W, I S 'X Y ' - JI 7 I X' ! D ' , . W J Vx, I M - J N' '4' 'lisa' 4!f f' ,u ,Ve , ...G ,jf r . 1 X ,-,, In G . . s l "' - ' Q 5 1' 'ev :V I .x X ' fi ' I . ' X " 'W' "sh- ,ffx n f Staff ................. ..... . ..pages 4-7 4 ifdif 4 f Seventh Grade .... . . .pages 8-25 , i 4 . i fgfff H -!f!"'-f' Eighth Grade. . . . . .pages 28-44 -,N ' 1 ,A,l:iflA" .,,, Ninth Grade ......... ...pages 48-68 Af' Sports ................ . . . pages 70-77 1 , fy Clubs and Activities... ...pages 78-95 I 7 . , - A contest was held S at the beginning of T diis year for a year- book cover. The CA S x-.inner would win a .. t ,:5,,.?4 free yearbook. 'There .5 AW W J, if-.ere many good entries, " it-N aff E i but it finally came 35' , doum to these two 9' i t 6 r COVGTS piCtureci mere. ' 1 -at Ruthie M1itenead's is ' ."'?Ff5,,,.?,, on the left, and Shawn YQ, Fitzgeralds is on the Q ,, M' H W 114' ' A :'A-V I 51,50 flgrt. ve CGI? LLM t -, f decide on a winner, so 1 'Q Og 'H 5 we c:ouldn't print 131, either one on the W . cover. We did give both winners a free ' fi , yearbook. n-xl M4 - 305- - -i d' JAC we ' J s.h,e :Arla H 54 Teaching I Mr. Thornburgh ' nv' " M. r - NB pO1Sin HSnObn1ng hs, HIICQHUFSL H ' 1 3 Mr. Felker nr. nest fThe name says it alll The comedian of the year award goes to Mr. Dale s . 5 . Q' illiams 4 'MQ-s, Qs E MS. KTUmiHS .WT. iiardywnon Bonjour Ms. Krumins, from your Spanish class Ms. Becron Mr. Hendsch Ms. Lorimer Asc Ph: Elliott MT- Dale Ms. Wilkes Mr. NUlhO1l3Hd Ms . Mcquaid Can you imagine Mr. Gronningen losing his Temper? Mr' Kaneko Mr. Gronningen W LE. Poston Ms. Ferguson Lx. Jones hw. Slater Ms. Sims Nr. Forofani Can you imagine Ms. Curtiss on Roller Skates? Mr. Valtr The Award for suc- cessfully avoiding gettini her picture taken the most foes of course to Ms. Prisk ws .ali ni Q 1 J' , As. lrlsk nk. R056 Can you imagine Mr. Scrofani calling you by your T1gHt name? NS. pete Ms. Schoen .ff' W Q sal R Q igga l 5 ,' 1 1 1 T , 5 1. MF- UL-21165 his . Hall Ms . Penney M5 , Maibaum f-ir. Wnomizson Ms. Ploss K . , l i ' MT' Nltmell Ms, wi lkel-Son Nr. Millinger MS- Guftiss Ms. Sponseller M., qhaw WS , Eiariner Ms.CayIor Mr.Cuffee Hr.Crawford fr C You are missedlf Y Ms.Luke Ms.Evens Ms.AgreTeIis MF-C5Sh ihe Award for Fithing The Most Words on One Ditto Sheet goes to Mr. Cuffee. Mr Marin Mr.Mendoza Mr.Dorsey Ms.Johnson e 'F" 5 , ' Mr. Caldwell ilchardson nemwe eQ' wig' E Q- F" nwwiikf 'f ' I N Ms.MIshima e 6 Ns. Jones 3.3 1- , ram G r Ms - BUTRG MT - January M5 . Malone Ms. Guerrero Ms. Smith Ms. Davis Ms. Morris Q' MS-Hi l ' Ms.1Qste5 MS' Troutman Ms . Mc Dani e 1 MT- A5h1eY Ms.Reed MS- Taylor Mr.Marble MS.Ha,.,.5SOn Mr.Cr'enshaw Mr'.WhI're Mr. Lefcher 7 Sarah Ades Dana Arndt Sidney Bender Alice Bennett 8 E , 1 Juan Alejo Melody Askey Sharon Benford Frederick Bennet t Anhara Alexander Charles Baker Antonio Aranda QQ Daniel Berlin Amanda Biekel D'NG3H BiTCh sig., 3 I K 5 3 1 Peter Blayney Catre Bluford Matthew Brillinger Israel Brooks -,QS X Dawn Brown Kathfyn Brown Latina Brown Mark Brown S Tinya Brown Twina BTOWH a A fx2L!' SEVENTH GRADE Q . 'X Debbie Burgess Amanda Burroughs Chris Cantlon Matthew Caver Thomas Champion Greg Chatman Claudia Chavez Rosby Ch-HVGZ Trena Christopher Shannon Clancy Kim Clark Mary Clark Dina Clemons Ronald Clifton Danita Coleman Niema Coleman A . , Arthur Collins Russell Cook Katja Cooper Ernest CourtneY Siobhan Coyle xf,.,...i Alexis Davis Patrick Davis Carolyn D01 it Christine Driehaus L .fa ,if John Crossman Lise Dahms Shirley David Swede Yolanda Davis John Dews Wayne Dismuke 'Ns-ww-.QM-Q.-,,,,,f. I Robin Donovan Carl DuBoSe Brian Earle Monica Edwards Benjamin Ellis Frank Ervin Q. i K YQ :J 5 ' 1 Kevin Erwin Jennifer Farber Sylvia Fleury Bridgett Floyd R Robert Foresman-Morrise Diana Franco wi N FE 5 Prank Franco Reece Freeman 12 JOSG FUGHTGS Ruben Garcia Joseph Garrett 1 Q45 Christopher Gatison Sonia Gholar Sheila Gilbert Willie Gilbeft Kyle Gong Patrick Gordis Suzanna Gough Steven Grady SEVENTH Glayeo 11 GRA DE , . Phillip Guess Ronald Griffin Avonee Hardaway 501111 Hall W1' 'J 1' '11 W11 ie narcln Kent Harris Loraine Hart Virlyn H1 Le Q 5' P.: . H1 CD "S 2 O U' ""i O O W '7' CT I'-' P-A N4 E O 4 CD I3 IT' y.: . U7 533 E Ei J, S 1 nd lflgs Z 93 Z1 A F5 S SD "S C11 Kai Huey Yolanda Huges Mr. Slarer aT 7+h grade orienraiion 2 giwisg Swami Q View-ia Hurwrer Julia lsmmura Derrick Jackson Leslie Jackson Aaron Johnson Davera Johnson off' Y ' n Bhureen Johnson Paula Johnson Charles Johnson 1 f , , .rj 1 I2 Kathryn Jones rw Jkt LII.. Wffi fb my ' K x if f ,fi i Ml 11,43 ix A " l Ulf-!w'1xQ1 i X' I Kimberly Jones Shelia Jones XXJ N 'V MXKXML .J 1 alnfnuuawmf , f Carole Kajita Felly Kariiwan Julie Kent , 7- K fi KM "MJ s Andre Keyes Derrick King Johanna King ,Ia Jamie Kajl Tonya Kent Regina Kinstle 15 Patricia Kojima Shellie Lawscha Kevin Lee Abe Leider BFenden Leonard Marcus Legfer Barbara Le Blanc Casey Lee Ann Leon Michelle Leon Ian Link Joseph Linhares Seventh Grade Sheila Littlefield Marianne Loar Cheri Lopes Martha Lopez Llarence Lowery Adrien Marble sq: O 0 ,Q xc, ' .K wx V 1 ,, .M .- xr ' 4'4- Kevin Marshall William Martin Bernard Massey Miles Mc Afee Crystal Mc Craw 1 1 .f 1 , k--1 , "'-1 Justin Mc Cray Albert Mckenzie Greer Mc Vay . .v 1 ,E A .-59 ,I 4 2 is in Derek Mc Adams Sherry Mc Culloch Patrick Mckenzie Tamara Mack Kevin Manning Sakonnary Meas Celia Meyers Angelo Miller Andr ea Minton Eric Monroe Robert Mora Robert Morgan Dana Mozer Maria Munoz Darius Nassiry SEVEN TH Tor Neilands Thanh Nguy en Mayumi Nishimoto Alisa Niwok Nlna Orlesert Erica O'Quinn Richard Passadore 506 paiyot r. s ,ff fa-A ff ' .L -1 wrufyw, .YJ Charles Patterson V v,t,..5-yjgr, Catalina Perez Alcala Eva perez Letitia perez Maria Perez I A Martin Perez Roberto Perez James Perry Wendy Pettit ..,....- an l -ff A fr Vx 'L 14' ly y .si x-gig v Sharon Polak Taro Pusina Debra Quann Bertha Rwnirez Tracy Randle lan Ricca Dale Robertsons -U--..., kenny Rooinson A X K Y E Kevin Robinson A 1 , , , I Amy Rogers Katie Room John Ru sey Carlos Saenz QQ 3 bf'x 498 Elizabeth Sanchez ' ' x W l Martha Senturia Claudia Shans Christina Sinomos il! ' f. 'exam ,ss Vanessa Savage David Shanoff Charles Shaw Randall Sugiyama wig 21 Walter Slaughter Heida Slobin Reed Smoller Anith Smith ,xr I f 5 Brian Smith Edwafd Smith Heathef Smith Lashon Smith ,xr -M f 1 We 1 Ramona Smith Terry Smith Billy Stanberry Millicent Steel . 5005 K ,' 5ma2 :H , jx , :M gtmxlwgyw -in KeViU Stfange Melissa Stroud paul SuIIiVa, ilfavid Swagerty Donny Switlick Erik Thomas Lemont Sweet Dwayne Taylor Julia Thomas Donnell Thompson Donnie Thornrcn Ellen TiTonis SEVENT GR UB Efaina Swift Robert Swift Paul Taylor Jennifer Taylor PQW Velisa Thomas David ThOmP50H E ii Q Wg g 23 David Tom Le Tran HH Tu Dora Luz Valentin Maria Valentin Brenda Wadsworth SEV NTII GR D Jun Watanabe Latrena Webb Christina Weber Megan Weber Patricia Webster Z4 Michael Tucker S Laverne Wallas Rhea Watson Laura Webber Eric Wexelman DOr0+hy Whiie Leslie While Luraclous Wilkerson Camille Wilkins Aubry Williams lnezy Williams Nancy Williams Pamela Williams Terry Williams John Winchesler Mark Wolfe Roberl Wong sage - . igiwggiiew igfg Roland While Diane Yovino-Young Z5 A E 2' O r a E s K wg cfllcoe V m m mf X0 Q 71 GX f jy- g f' 'fwffni f f ,j aiizzlfwrf L Q G Q Q '25 lx? , ., , 31, 1.' iff! 755-A- l21' I uhm '1'M,lLLU lib1mNUi ilimi: f R MA! .ff i hm lmuif 1muIi pw 9 f' Lfibg r . 7 ,af ff ' ,w,,Q. W il1"' I + i if 'Ss lx ki: JW Q D qw, w Vf fr, ag f 'wullvx 'f -+11 Antonia Ahmed Leslie Alcorn Benita Alder Sylvia Amezcua Tonya Anderson Monika Aghman I I A 5 1 3 Megan A lexander Jacasta Allen Bruce Appleyard Sarah Ballachey EIGH TH GRADE Jason Bass Cheryl Barnes Alma Batchie Charles Beasley Timmie Belle Chris Benner C C so dnl. . A, W, 'Ib' "A"-str f 2.1" Q: n --W N ',"N,,.,-, ,. .V+- , -AL' ,,.,,,..,.,..,..L. ,' -f" "tgp A- --,g-5:5--I R. .M 1 A "..', .1 -f ,f--7 S- ' - f- - l , qi 'AA ' ' , " i?Ek ' 4:1 L' lfhh- VW rl: " f --,Ll 1, A .ef-- -4 ,--13: - -4-- ' Z ,4 -. -L ,., .., , f, ,,:AV5i,z 1 ...: git! A W .- Q, fm-f ' C r C f ' ln. W fr- Y -337-if - - 26 H "".3.-,. X -W .M --,M ,, , ., -M-'D -, K """'-',,... -T-.,-, " -X ...- xx M " ,' Evelyn Berry I 'lg ' or Jim y Bradley Lawrence Brown Brian Bishop Miaja Borough Eric Borrowman Ragna Boynton Lisa Brewer Roy Bridgmnn Tam y Burgess Cheryl Builer Jennifer Carlbon Stephanie Carr fwfy B 11225, 5 5 B21 fl' CW99 Rachel Carroll - Q Alma Cato Daniel Cavana Karen Chambers Christopher Chase Maria Christian Barr Chugg Derrick Cole Stefano Cooper Daniel David Kenneth Cfaik nric Crapo Lisa Davenport Derrick Davis Darryl Davis David Davis iN 2 X ax K , X 5 as ,s Q Felicia Davis Monique Davis Florence Diep Lawrence Disrasi Fredrick Dixon Sheron Dotson Shelly Doty Krishna Douglass Nancy Driehaus Dwayne Dusuau Jolynn Elliott Sonia Lphrhn . c . P pbrris Ervin Nancy Fischer phyllig Fisher Paul ranco Y. Valeurie Friedman David Gaines Toby Gaines Su mer Gerlach JK Babak Ghaffaradly Amy Gillmar S 3 4 The award for The messiesr locker Micheal Glover Marcella Glover goes To Amy Ricca and Laura Brownson 4425 Natalie Glover Rhonda Glover e ' -xx W QQ fi? lrrl aw l Melissia Gooch Jeffrey Gough 52 Dawn Green Lynnette Groom Carol Grunwald Dawn Hall Laura Hanf Belinda Haskins Justin Harrison Robert Harrison Trudy Harrison Errol Haynes Ka+her5ne Hein Lauri Hendler Ian Hendry Phillip Hennen Wlnifred Hodge Shawn HOlliHS Eighth r Grad Paul Hlllon Riis Hotson in my 3 is U . Q I Fonda Houston Charlotte Hudson Sarah Hughes Todd Hunter Elicia Hutson Deloria Jackson Pamela Jackson Teresa Johnson Thmnas JOHHSOH Andy Johnson Caroline Jones Hortencia Jones James Joneg Matthew Jones Traci Jones Ursula Joneg 34 Carla Jourdan Becky Keaton Lisa Kelley Nina Kelly QS w. X .... Ronald Kelly Kirstin Knowles Colleen Kojima KirSTen Kupper ii!! ,,, X X L f' BX In " Katie Landsberg Christine Lawson Y l l lvan Lee Sidney Lee TCTTY Lee n , J5Antnony Mc Nair Ostrich Lescuer Jenny Linhares Jackie Mannina Hacqudine Massey Erin Malone 1 1 is James Marble Michael Marshall Daphine Mc Tlaniel Mafia Mc Elvalle Josh Meidov Luz lhldar Predia Malvo Anthony Martin Edwin Mc Kinney 4- K. NK x Amalia Mendoza Isabel M953 Elise Metzger Sandfa MiXi0U Mitchell Molotnik Molly Moore Miller Shurvone Mitchell Kevin Moore Say What?" we .Q- liatrina Montjoy Paula Morgan Letty Morris Colin Mosher Adaln Mote . ighth graders 37l Rachie! Neal David Nelson Michael Palmer Michael Permillion Sasan Parandian ChrisTine PeTersen Sonya Norris sridgette Owens -E341 Jessica Passadore l Brige+Te Peferson Adam Nuyens , l David Packard 1. Qi if 1 fig htll Gr Ruben Perez Michelle Pleasenf 2 xrsv Candace porfer Giauna Poon Juavette Pulliwn Hexmelinda Pasillas so 0, ami Mark Rabkin u f-4' f y 1 'ff ' I' -v lg 1 V J yy' . .fix W L -'Qt'02'rF- I 1 .ru Q-:4'Tff-W2 R' ' 'IN Q we-'e 1' f R, Y, 1 ln MAQWH I is f an X I, , H-', 4:61259 oian a amlrez xenlta Ramsey Robert Ramsey Rosemary Ratcliff Bryan Reed David Rennackey Anthony Reyna X Katherina Reynolds Cheve' le Richardson Heather Roberts Tod Robinson Eighth rade Pein Yuan Roo Joan Rosenburg Dan Rust Andrea Rytkonen Craig Samuel Jenny Sanders Steve Sands Cathy Schulz Ken Shinomiya Patylgla Symng Fred Scales Micnelle Singleton l --'e xif 40. will 8 'vga if , . is ' 5 x . A i Julian Simpkins 4469 David Smit Jake Smith Denise Spurger Annie Tang Pmnela Tnibadeaux bhrc Tidd Gregory Sneed Sonya Sneed Lynn Spinka Viv Eric Steiner Teresa Swords Marcus Talley fx-X. ,hx -I KfiSida T3Yl0T Becky Terner La Tanya Tlmibadeaox Pk ff l hai Ik F11 fr e i + 4 Lora Thornton Bill Tiffin Arlisha TMS Amie Tokuhama Omar Tolbert Erik Thomas Linh Truong Thux Truong De Morrio Tryial Scott Truss sl Y .T , f in Kenneth Tyler Marc Vail Robert Van Hook W . n ,rl Tracy Vaughn Terry Vaughrl Denorise Vonner John Wallace Vernon Wallace Michael Walker Eleanor Walker Dan Weinberg Betsy Weis Roland Westgate Ken Whaley X r i f Nicole White Rollie White Tonette White Ruth Whitehead Mark WilkiI1S Dessa Williams Rodney William Anne Williamson Edna Wilson Zachary Wilson Larry Wirsig Kelley Withy ' mauve Eighth . Gra Andrew Yearby Josh Young Nick Zagone Sarah Znmnerman N " 0 PM I - K V +.., , Q 4 M017 4: 1- cy,-gif yo. ' 'fr-s,, ,..- QA 1 .,4' U ff: .Q if y .fgmwzah 4 Charlene Adams Darlene Adams Kelvin Adwns Tammy Addison Pam Alder PaTiS Alexander Iris Baker Raymond Balbuena Rickey Bankston Leroy Addison Sylvia Alsop E 951 it 'fi Jeremy Anderson Anastasia Ashman Doug Barkus David Bateman Alex Battaglia Leor Beary Caedmon Bear 1 Bw I I P n ' Tom Bennett Regina Bennett Adrian Benson K Beviamia N 1-H i 1? A L -af f pu Maria Boas Mary Booth Thtthew Bored. Stuaft BOT530 1 4+ . uoiouy Bowens Patrick Breen Felicia Bright Laura Brizuel Shunda Brown TOHi Browne Iv rx g 1 X , .. - rf? ,Q .- u. VY., qi- 'Y'D", f , . ,X , ' 'Q v X ' f 7 Qiggzi' Px -ix f , A :ls VXA lava 3 3 - -f -,,-:iL,L - A 'V1"""e'3N'm'fee 'sex ier i Oo Laura Brownson .,, E ----u IIIII Ip 50, Ray Bundy Anronio Burgess Candy Calhoun Terry Carter Arzie Chwnbers gm Clarise Clark John Clark LaVelle Clark Osborne I Cheeser Doug Cole inth Grade Mary Connell 'A'- . fi K1 9 Q f , gi Julius Cooper R .f ' 'athfyn Cornsweet Jesse Uorfez Laramie Crocker Sherman Creamer Sl Jane Davis Sarah Davis Trevor Davis Tim Delaney Llsa Dolii John Dolorfino Linda Dolson Micheal Dorsey My . Lf Susan Drlehaus Deonne DuTToh La Dawn Duvall Gegrgine Earl X Ti mth Grade , .. D l 5 f 52Ben Eastwood Michael Edenborough Jeanine Edwards Gail Erivin 4' , .f David ESPBVZG Jackle Evans Mayle Fernandez Joseph Ferrell Jaime Fuenles VlcenTe Fuenles - x Daneen Evelyn Densle twing F F1 I I I'--.L-.. Shawn ilzgera Geoffrey Gaines Melllsa Gambrlll Donald Gaxiola 55 Dennis Gaxiola Pefef G3Vl0T3 Dylan Gilbert Goeffrey Gilbert ,W . , ff Hardin Gilbert Paul Gilbert Loren Glass Daryl Glover 4 X . D e 1 N Patrica Glover Chimene Goree nag! W S:'fu i,,, brave 1' D' 555i X O Alan Gough Shelia Gough S Artnur Green Angela Guerrero Al Gilson UeUiSe GUi1l0TY 5+ ------ Jennifer Gurrola Jonathon Guyer Katherine Haberkern Carlton Hail Derek Hamada IWTH , . "."f" " Q. N. -J Mahnaz Hakimalahy Dena Harris GRADE 'rx 'nkktia a An'ela Harri? . Angus Hand U 1 f 2 Helen Harrls . ,,. ,Q Nr! Tammy Harris Jacqueline Harrison Thnk Hayes 55 Frank HBYSS Hea+heV Hearn Naomi Heileman Jackie Hein STaven Hicks William HoITzapple Delores Hcod ' Q S s MaTThew Hooven Chris HOD9 BjOTH Hori David Howard 56 John Hunier Teddy Hurd Juan Huriado M0UiQU9 lngram Andrea Jacksf-'V' ,DemeTrl Jackson James Jackson inth fade Earl Jacobs April Johnson A K smfia? A 1, l.:eQwwrHewE g 3RFKwe , fl W iseql . 'os-T 'fnm'l Kirl Johnson Sonja Jordan Nancy Kachlu Daniel Kagish . Michael Jackson Palricia James Deborah Johnson Michelle Johnson Yu Jean Kang 57 LHUCG KCITUSQY Irene Kerth Marla Kirkwoou Andy Klinman Avery Lee Lynn Lee Mark Khouri Anton King X by Anne Kornnauser Kelley Lambert Keir Leninham Patrick Lenz Helen Lewis hMyLmds L In Rodney Lewis Rose Lewis Tony Lewis Janet Leonard . . . M T L K Susan Lewak Emilie Lind Charlotte Loaf argare U Kathy Ll-'DOH Kevin Lynch Gina Macias EIOY Maftinez A- 1 Q 1.7 'r , f ,11c,.I'o i13SSSy Maravilla Javier Ninth Grade 6 Permin Maturin Mavis Mc Clennon Stoney Mc Cree Melanie Mc Daniel Anfoine Mc Eluiane Kelly Meade NiN'Ch GR U x 4 Angela Miller Harold Mmznes I Judy Mitchell 60 Linda McDonald Micheal Mc Elvane Martin Melgar David Miley Don Murray Marlon Moore Ari Natkin Rachel O'Malley Louis Nuyens Tad Palmer Ester Pasillas Kimberly Perry Jeff Pilisuk John Newsome NQUYGT NSI'-'Yen Micheal Otis Timur Otus Beatriz Perez Michael Permillion ZS -e Zuwili - 1 Carla Pinell Darryl Pines Rodney' Plflknel' Leonard P easan nm an, ' Tiffany porter Derek Plnes Debra Pounds Ninth Q Gfildeg g A Ll' will Cedric Price 4 - J31HeSiHH PTiHCe 'Q ,I xbli Jill Quan Lisa Ragland l 62 ROber+ Randle lbdd Randolph Cheryl Reed Chris Reinsch Larry Reyna Amy Ricca Kim Richards CYnthi3 R0bin5On T 0 ig ? 3 -3 1 c K , 1 44li!Ei!!pL Kenny Rgb I nggn Susanna Rodriguez A1166 P,O1fLiZ1S EE L Ry Leah Rose Wanda Roundtree Locke Schultz Sandra Rub io Valerie Savage cz 1:4 . hw., x W. 3 ' .Swiffomgg 'Q Siu 33 '- fx ai , 3 ks' Q A- lf: f 1 - Carol Sachs Q so e r, of Q fa f 'ff Q f T izvig at 6 - , Lisa Seavey John Scott Kirsien Schulz Josh Seney Kent Sergent 'xx Sylvia Shipman Po-Pen Shyu .X 1 A -ff' xx. L, Antonio Silverya Mary Ann Sim ons David Sherman Diana Shermoen Po-Lin Shyu Heidi Siegel Regina Simpkins Donald Sims mnth GQ C16 Johna+han Simpson Evelyn Smith Frans Smiih i 2 L , Y if ,.A, --J Eli Huebert Smith Joni Smith John Smith Keith Smith Kim Smith Sanora Smith Todd Smith Antoinette Stanberry Aaron Stearns Tony Steele UGNIY STGVGUSOV' Sabina Stewart ' x t Y Q Ethan Strauss Pia Street 5 Martin Strickland Eugene Swift N Kevin Thomas Jesse Tieger Eugene Tu 66 Tracy Stuart Vuthy Suon Karen Sweet Kent Takata Ricky Taylor Benesha Terrell 1? o Kimberly Thomas Jim Thornburg Vincent Thornton F. K . , ..,-,,iT.....4.Q T 55 xy Eze .rss ik 5221 Kevin Turk Graciela Vasquez Maria Vegto Meg ViDS0H Thu Thi Vo Craig Walker Robert Walker Sheila Walker Vincent Walker UHHiCl W3TQ Deric Wavd Robert Ward U ,, 1- f k W lnt TU 3 - 4 ff -Q, Kim W3.I'l'IlSlGy A:"' .gr A ' 3 Warren ,3 . , f vfarj J X r v, -H Marlene Wasi1ing'ton Sean Watson Shelia Watson Tammy Wafson John Weesner Becky Weiner James White Marisa Whire -ee P- Rosalyn White N NTH L ,A A '1 68 DE , -+ Y ,. Q'e2 Troy Wnittle Peter Willet AI fred wi I I iamg mtg ,f 1 1 NK f . , Benita Williams Caron Williams Cassandra Williams Deborah Williams Dondee Williams Lisa Williams Sandra Willingham Aria Wilson w 1 S X Carolyn Wilson Jennifer Wong gYolanda Woods Aron Yarmo . The award for having the last W picture in her grade for three straight years and finally achiev- ing last picture in the yearbook goes to Denise Yee. 5 Denise Yee X tx oiogg Xxgoqsw, , haf X ff, 1 ,, "' it T , x 4f7Z iff fial'9 a,i ff' A - ' I' ,.,. Q ' - g . W 4 'xi R ' A fat' Ep 1 FWDlJ1F TAJLL. C. ff uri?-' gsk. w.M Left to Right: Kevin Anderson, Hardy Gilbert, S!! John Clark, Julius Cooper, Carlton Hail, Kirt Johnson, Kevin Thomas, Doug Barkus, Todd Smith, Alfred Williams. Coaches Norman Grade Thompson, Percy Crawford, and Chico Mendoza. An interview with Coach Mendoza revealed a disappointment with the l978 football sean son. Two main reasons were given for the low record 2 and 7. The first reason giveninas that the department didn't know that a team would be possible because of prop. 133 con- sequently the team was started late and didnlt have enough time to work out and practice the plays. Coach Mendoza said that the second reason was that after the grading period some of the boys got cut from the team be- cause of low grades on their report cards. The season started well, they won the first and second games. Then the season went down hill. The team was unable to keep the momen- tum. Coach Mendoza looks forward to a better season next year. Coach Mendoza has been working with the football team for years and also with the baseball team. F 1 . 4 Q Wil? Coach Chico Mendoza BASKET8 LL K' 1,01 Left to Right: Dan Rust, Michael Walker, Edwin Mc Kinney, Rodney Williams, Ronald Kelly, Andy Johnston, and Hilery Williams. Coach Crawford TEAM RECORD Avery Lee-Sports Lditor vvvv - 03-'.tf:'t-J ,tg LA' Q: Q QW 'b 'n 7 I 5 'R-3111 I u'f:,?: .110 f 'Z.'.':i'rA Q Q 0 'Q I 3 Fawn? l fb. .1 f 2-9 ' QNX XX BASKET BALL West Campus Opponenf 73 St. Elizabeth 76 77 Douglass 3l 64 Encianl 37 31 Warriors 62 62 St. Elizabeth 60 68 Encial Sl 35 B.H.S. 36 71 B.H.S. 52 44 Vallejo 35 6Q Marin Catholic 30 74 Salano 46 71 Vallejo 77 60 Douglass 54 56 Salano 37 WOODLAND TOURNAMENT Kwon-2-lost-lj 33 Warriors 39 Q9 Mitchell's Marauders 87 -55 Douglass 45 Left To Right: Rodney Pinkney, Tony Steele, Jerrod Hubbard, Kelvin Adams, Michael Permillion, Michael Walker, Troy Whittle, Darryl Pines. The West Campus 9th grade basketball tewn coached by Mr, Mitchell, P.E. teacher and a most succesful Qart-time coach, coasted to a l0-4 season and then demone stratinq superlative skill were 2-l in the past-season tournament played in Woodland, California. The team,cmuprised of only top-notch players,had a couple of stand-outs amongst its ranks: Rodney Pinkney and James Whittle were named co-most valuable players of the Woodland tournament. SCORE Cwon-10-lost-41 Left to right: Ridney Pinkney, Guard, All Tournament Of Woodland, Jerrcd Hubbard, Forward, Consistent playerg Troy Whittle, Forward, All Tournament Of Woodland, Cwolfmanj-Next Darryl Pines, Gaurd Known Eor "Raw Passes.U 72 X if mf? X Coach Mitchell IIKLS' I ASI li'l'lMI.l4 Coached by Mr.Mitchell mx ,dh 1 .a .XX 5, 1 ins Q ' ,, U' S52 Left to Right: Sandra Smith, Toni Pane, X Ruth Whitehead, Alma Batchie. Second Row: X Mary Ann Simmons, Emily Mendoza. Sitting Down: Statistician, Natalie Glover. X L The Glrls' Basketball Squad, also coached by Q 4 Mr. Mltchell, was spectular,to say the least, ln , xggifwmi seven games as they posted a 6-I record, laying L' three teams, two times each. The West Campus girls played the competltlon tough, and four out of seven tlmes beat their opponents by more than ten polnts. ln post-season pIay,also held at WoodIand,the glrls,Ilke the the boys, finished with a 2-I record Pla Street, the team's leading scorer, was named the M.V.P. of the Woodland tournament. SCORE: WON-6 LOST-I WtST CAMPUS OPPONENT ' ' 44 Douglass 23 'N 4l val lejo 20 , I 26 Salano I2 1 ' ' 25 l3.H.S. 24 . rt 1 28 Douglass 3I Q I ' i 25 Vallejo 20 3O Salano 9 A special thanks to Norman Thompson for taking over the team when Mitchell was ab sent. Woodland Tournament 23 Slpson 27 37 Lee 26 2l Golden State l4 1 ater Polo K I J K in ij , ,,.k ,,,. S EM.: K, ,gggifr 3. ' f ' V : -an --g,,,g -wskfrzmt -. H -- 1 .. :w-:fs..,. ff- . . Lm.,, it , M . . f- . -N' . , .,.. . ' ..xzrfgf,,,,,jQ,..:1W..1.,i A - ,. ., ww T M' , .... K 1 , t T , ,lg . Est,-N , . . .A iff "mf - , 5 ,a-,,wmt, .KLL i 5NQ wy, as . I 1 if - - ifftvfi A , 2 e" . X I 'FS rhfkssffsasaEhins:sSi3feaf2' H frwsm The West Campus water polo team, coached by Jack CSparkyj Shaw, met every day in the spring semester during lunch. The team, consis- ting of 21 7th, 8th and 9th graders was sponsored by Ms. Agretelis. The team played games against King, Berkeley High Junior Varsity, and B.H.S. Girls teams. The members of the water polo team are Matt Borsch, Marcus Brown, Tony Burgess, Daniel Cavana, Kenneth Craik, Mike Edenborough, Mayte Fernandes, Jackie Hein, Cameron Hosie, Keir Lenihan, David Miley, Adam Mote, Tad Palmer, Tod Robinson, Josh Seney, Eric Steiner, Ethan Strauss, Rollie White, Louis Nuyens, Amy Ricca, and Kim Smith Y 1 gf ww i i i Si . ' Standing left to right: t 5 Antonio Burgess,.lennifer Gurrola l ' ' ' ' ' Roselinn Lee,Tad Palmer,Ixenneth Cra1k,Den1se Yee. Sitting left to right: Maria Boas, Andrea Minton, Anne Buckland r 1 1 Dana Mozer, Charlotte Loar, Kelly Withy, Laura Brownsorg Chris ' Llantlon. J . I Not Pictured: Mevan Neuman, Krishna Douvlas. O 1 IJ jo. All cheerleaders, Pom Poms, LeTler Glrls had Q To have a WCW averaoe wilh no nF'sH. They have To have good awhlendance and good school clllzen- Y ship, no referrals for flghling, no mlsconducl, - 38's on Their reporl cards. 71h gr. Cheerleaders Denlla Coleman - Head Julia Thomas - Co-Head Ramona Smllh Dinean Blrch Millie Sleele Tlnya Brown Debra Quinn Leslie Jackson 8Th gr. Leller Glrls Dawn Green - Head Ellcia Hulson - Co-Head Rhonda Glover Sheron DoTson Clnlonia Ashemd Delorla Jackson 9Th gr. Pom Poms Lisa Ragland - Head Shunda Brown Klm Thomas Candy Calhoun Kim Richards Faye Jordan Benlla Williams Sponser - Mrs. Manning Head of cheering squad - Rhonda Blankney. Ggmnast ics Even though few people knew it, West Campus did have a Gymnastics team this year. It con- sisted of Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth graders. The team was coached by Ms. Agretelis. Back:Left to right,Debbie Quinn, Pat Sims, Front:Left to right, Ramona Smith, Christina Sims Back:Left to right,RoseIinn Lee, Pat Glover, Anne Buckland Frontzteft to right, Kirsten Boyton, Jackie Harrison, Charlotte Loar, Denise Yee, Absent: Sarah Davis, Susan Driehaus, Naomi Hellman, Thu-Nguyen, Thu-Thi Vo. Standing:Jennle Gurrola ' Sltting:Maria Boas FAVU FEI FAVORITE ALBUMS: Too Hot-Peaches and Herb, Destiny-Jacksons, Com odores Live, Gratitude-Earth, Wind, and Fire, Bustin out of L-Seven-Rick James, Some Girls- RoHing Stones, Wanted-Richard Pryor, Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack, Motive Bootie Affair-Parliment, Here, My Dear-Marvin Gaye, A Wild and Crazy Guy,Steve hartin,Who Are You-The Who. FAVORTIE SONGS:HReunitedUPeaches and Herb, HEasyH-Commodores, HLight up Friday Nightn-Bell and James, HBaker Streetn-Jerry Rafferty, HI Want to Be Closen - Switch, HBig Shotn -Billy Joel, HJust the Way You Aren-Barry White,HI Want Your Loveu-Chic, HMiss Youn-Stones HAll the Way Liven-Lakeside, HKnock on Woodn-Amy Stewart, HShake Your Body Down to the GroundH+Jacksons,HRoxanneH-The Police, WTragedyH-Bee Gees, HOpen Invitationn-Santana, HWe Are Familyn-Sister Sledge, HSupermanH-Herbie Mann,HFireH-Pointer Sisters. FAVORTIE GROUPS: Earth,Wind, and Fire, The Bee Gees, The Com odores, The Beatles, The Jacksons, Led Zeplin, Parliment, Peaches and Herb, Santana, Rolling Stones, The Who, Lakeside, Rick Janes. FAVORITE CLOTHES STYLES: Straight Legs, GQ, Sticky Fingers, Dickeys, Candies, Winos, Mikes, Down Jackets, Sweat Suits, Split Skirts, and Chines Flat Shoes. FAVORITE HAIRSTYLES: Feathered, Perm, Wet Look, Long, and Jerri-curl. FAVOTITE TV ACTORS: Robin Williams, John B lushi,Gary Coleman, Redd Foxx, Fred Berry, Lawrence Hilton-Jackson,David Hubbard, and Alan Alda. FAVORITE TV ACTRESSES: Daniel Spencer, Cherl Ladd, Denise Nicholas, Jacklyn mith, Stockard Channing, Linda Carter. K Q . . . . 2 S we 3 m a 'DIREGTQR '- I I ' 1 ! u I U Have you ever been wondering what the top , P5 9 J A money making films of 1978 and all time were? ,f P f g 1 nere is a list of the top 20 most money making ' I X films of 1978 and the top 20 most money I -M. fX iking films of all time. BIG MONEY MAKING FILMS OF 1978 ALL-TIME MONEY MAKING FILMS TITLE AMOUNT TITLE AMOUNT Grease ............... . . . 83,091,000 Star Wars ..... 164,765,000 Saturday Night Fever ........ 71,463,000 Jaws ............ 121,254,000 Close Encounters ...... 54,000,000 The Godfather .... 86,091,000 Animal House ........ .... 5 2,368,000 The Exorcist ..... 82,200,000 Jaws 2 .............. . .. 49,299,000 sound of Music .... 79,000,000 Heaven Can Wait ....... . . . 42,517,000 The Sting ......... 78,889,000 Star Wars freissuej . . . . . . 38,375,000 Close Encounters ..... 77,000,000 Hooper ..................... 31,500,000 Cone With The Wind ............... 76,700,000 Foul Play .................. 25,065,000 Saturday Night Fever.. . ....... 71.463,000 Revenge of the Pink Panther.25,000,000 One Flew Over the Cukoo Nest. . .59,000,000 Up In 5moke ...... . ......... 21,271,000 Smokeyand the Bandit ....... ..... 5 7,259,000 The End ..... ' ............... 20,000,000 American Graffiti ............... 55,886,000 Cneap Detective .... .... 1 9,500,000 Rocky. .....'.... . . 54,000,000 .-.. .lnu 1 .... .... 5 High A11Xi9tY ------ ---- 1 7,040,000 Love story ........ .... 5 0,000,000 Pete's Dragon ..... .... 1 6,100,000 'Powering Infefno ,,,, ,,,, 5 0,000,000 House Calls ..... .... 1 4,400,000 Lvfglws 2 ..,.,,,.,,,, ,,,, 4 9,078,000 Coma ............ .... 1 4,400,000 me Graduate ...... ..,, 4 9,299,000 Damien CEIIGI1 Z -... .... I -2,050, DOC-LOT . . . ,,,,, 46, Capricorn One .... .... 1 1, 500,000 'T' 4 The total of all the different listed movies Il: 0 f. 3 gg up to date is 1,732,331,000f . 1 'f m '35 against the rules... f ,X Q the rules low ag., 15- 5 +3 1. " ':" '1': "" 0 0 ':'? 0' V' 53. ' ' ' ' ' ' I JOHNTRAVOLTA otlvmmsvnomoum Up III we nee , 1 ,.,, 1 , 93 'gi Q ,r ,, mo Q ' l A P l l a . , :ei H: AVIA 0 . -lr 24 - X A 3 5 f mumncnon 'i" xmnmnrnoss 1 " ML M-s f ' ' Acmdvvwwmfnqr nusrm . , I ' 'Au' . -3 h I ofa, I uurrmn , LAMPOINS 1 ACADEMY " ' I O O A- CAN WAIT '78 Cfzllggfff fpuj ,I c F701 n'Fad.s' Just about the most popular movie around today is HThe Rocky Horror Picture ShowH.It is shown Friday and Saturday nights at midnight at the U.C. Theatre. Some major movies which have come out recently are: :.:. y K X . X X 5 "21-' f " T .fy :,. .N . . t lj V I t A M f it-f' - ' ' ,fe 'Mt tif' T' 2.9 f'.i KQ'f l fN'l , 1? l Vi i i,r'QD NHL SIMQNS gimme 4CAXliiIl IFIDIRNIKAX SIlIll'll'lE 'vga ly mm y ant.ed...terror grows. In , wp 'P 4 ina tolkierrf' ' OP chelfinna U x . ,wi ix c yg fgfp ' 5 -P if is fe A ,.,, i , .3 i U it Q wi? 'c,, khiifdikgwig Qi gg s 3 n Q il ,why SE yu if g K 1- it E - . A is :V f'iL:'s Kees' L gag F The 50's tad is making an incredible comeback. Straight-legged jeans have been a tad in the 50's and 60's, but they're a tad today again! The nschool-boyn look also hit the tad list with new wire-rimmed glasses, ties, and Hcock-roach kil- Iersu a fancy shoe ot the 50's that also made a comeback. It used to be that kids would walk into class with holey tennis shoes, and socks, but shoes are the big thing in fasmon now: Nikes, Bucks, Clogs, Candies, Crocosacks, and Oggs,CJel- liesl. And ladies pull out those lace socks and stockings with seams. Clothes that represent the traditional clothing ot the working class are pop- ular today also. They are green army pants, paint- er pants, three-piqce suits, leisures with ties, and cowboy hats. Not only are these clothes suited tor men, but also women. By looking at past years and noticing their trends we can use the same ideas to enhance today's look in clothing styles. 'FSI 'ff .- . :gif ,S E53 All BAN The Jazz Band is made up of members of the symphonic band who are interested in jazz. 'llley meet twice a week, eighth period. Mr. gardymon directs as well as writes, most of the music that the jazz band plays. They improved a great deal this year and put on a couple of concerts which were very well received. H 8,59 ' - the 6 'SH wg 'o Sgmphnnir Ifianh The Symphonic Band this year was under the direction of BH. Rose. It consisted of about 35 people who played a variety of instrments ranging from clarinets to a bassoon. They improved a great deal since the beginning of the year. The band per- formed several concerts this year. 213, 3 cmm r !,,-remam 1 Inns Under tue direction of Mr. Elliott ft m?'Nwc K Xi 'K V y UVQK xkxlX ' f- T ---- A- yin H ht 'X XI IS 1 1 I The Concert Band this year was under the ll ll C I! rt ' direction of Mr. Rose. They performed In four concerts. The concerts were pertomed at the school auditorium. T H27 T 5 24 Ilev Meade,Becky Weiner,Zach Wilson George Felker DR MA Qianna Poonahary Hebepgegn,Locke,5chuJTg This year has been a successful one for the drama department under the direction of George Felker III. It began with the continuationof lunchbox theatre and went on twith the musical Seventeen and then went to Hayward for the big event of the year-the state drama Gompeti Hon. Lunchbox theatre ig a half hour show composed of scenes and skits performed by both beginning and advanced drama students, ghowiat lunchtime with the admission price of five cents. The npney collected goes tm having trophies for tne drama contest. Many groupsfshown herejtried out for the state Competition at Hayward in full costu e. nach group is doing a one-act play lasting no longer that 45 minutes. The groups shown here from left to right, top to bottom are: USupressed Desire,H HCalm Down Nbther,H HThe Questioning of Nick,H HChamber NUsic,H and HTwelfth NightHCAbridged to one-actj Marx Tidd,Dylan Gilbert ,Kelley Meade,LaDawn Duval Upper Row:Rachel O'Malley,Laura Brownson, Driehaus,Naomi Heilman,Timur ot-us,Amie C-U01 G1'w1wald,L0uiS Nuve11S,Barbra Leblanc, Laroi S3CHS,M3Tl3 Boas LOWER ROW:Aria Wil- 33 son,Dorothy Breen,Riis Hotson 3.9.3. . Afro-American The A.A.S.U. firsT formed lasT year, so many of lasT years members sTayed ln The club. The firsT job of The year was To elecT officers ThaT would be ln office for a semesTer, unless They were re- elecTed. Among The acTiviTies planned for The yea were a record raffle, poT luck, and a successful pre-chrlsTmas dance given for The club members and Their lnvlTed guesTs. -Toni Browne SPONSERS: Ms. Hall 84 Ms. Johnson STudenT Unlon safe' , I' OFFICERS: 'Q Q Presldenf - Kevin Thomas Vice-PresidenT - Kim Thomas Treasurer - Mavls McClennon SecreTary - Toni Browne CLUB MEMBERS: Tiffany PorTer Kevin Thomas Derrick Davis Craig Samuel LesTer Jackson Micheal Marshall Klm Thomas Georgina Earl Mavis McClennon BeniTa Williams Angela Miller Shella Walker CynThla Robinson AnTolneTTe STandberry Donald Murray CarlTon Hail Denise Ewlng Mark Wilkins Darryl Davis Gregory Sneed Judy Lewis La-Dawn Duvall Andrea Johnson Kevin Session Asian Student bhion Co-Chairmen- Kevin Song,Davi, Quone O Members Fbielfnn Lee Ren Shinomiya Lnvid Quong kevin Gong kent Takata Sidney Lee Colleen Kojimo Alice Bennet mandy Sugiyama gun Watanobe kerry Lee Jackie Harrison dheila Gough Jennifer Carlbon ioreen Hing Chris Benner Denise Yee This years Asian Student Union, because it started late, did not have very many activities Une activity they did have was a picnic. Ji!! This year as always the chess 4 Q I 1 club was sponsored by Mr. Hughes. The winners who tied for first were Robert Ward and Caedmon near. They met everyday at lunch -,pawn 1- in room lO3. when I talked to hE.Hughes he said that next year they would do it again. So chess fans should keep in practice for next year. Mr. HUQHS' real opinion of the Chess Club- . ' ,,,fsr - ,, , ',,l,-"5 jg Lett to Right: Angus Hand, John Weesner .W "A f 'init .Y g- Caedmon Bear, Eugene Tu and Robert Ward, Head .', I of the Chess Club Mr. Hughes ' I 4 Fl JVQ - .44 f ' Doris Taper, former teacher at West Campus, is now program supervisor for the District's 'Tutorial Services Program. Her main duty is to provide tutorial services for first and second quartilefbelow grade levelj students to enable them to master the basic skills of English and math. Ms. Taper also supervises U.C. and Ceta tutors assigned in the classroom. Within the Tutorial Services Program are the other two programs described on this page. U 0 Conn . H cation Program at West Campus is headed by Yvonne Hall. The program includes l85 students and 6 adults. The goal of Compensary Education is to help students improve their reading and language skills so they can do bet- ter work in the conte t areas. Ms. Hall has worked in all grade levels during her lZ years in the district. She has one daughter and is interested in reading, dancing, and music. She admits to being "a gormet cook and gormet eater." If she hadn't Q H become a teacher, her next choice would NS- YVOHT19 F1311 i13.V'S been to be an archeologist. The Federally funded Compensary Edu- Diana Penney is coordinator of t e anguage Arts Motivation Program at West Campus. She hires consultants, est artists, and tutors, L A ' arranges schedules,g3nd tutors in four classes. r s The federally funded program is made up of four parts. The first is the Tutorial Writing Q ' Program. Tutors, English majors from Cal, get three units credit for helping students with p their writing skills. This year the tutors P Helped in both regular and skills English classes. The second is the Heritage videotape being produced by George Pelker. Also in the program are artists Ca poet, and an actorl and career lecturers. Mrs. Penney, who has been involved in writing programs at West Campus for three years, feels that the program does help students. Evaluations of West Campus writing samples done at U.C. support this feeling. Mrs. Penney moved to Berkeley in 1968. - ' s before working at West Campus, she taught Englisl I . if J in Daly City for six years. The mother of a Y - 'T five year old boy, Mrs. Penney spends her spare , I time talking, reading, quilting, and sometimes ,p,,,p:. AA ccy. I ,. camping or backpacking. ,g P s Mrs. Penney feels that coordinating has ' taught her a lot also, and she would like to V" ,fe ,M Assisi came back next ear. . . 86 Y Ms. Diana Penney ,J Teddy Roosevelt Assemlrl On Friday November 3, 1978 formef President TeddyCBob BoydlROOSGVSlT visited West Campus. Two assemblies were held while Mr. Roosevelt told The students ihe lmportance of good health. Relating some Of hiS OWN chlldhood experiences, Mr. ROOSGVSIT urged The students To have good diets, be atheletic, and enjoy life- Mini- Disaster Tnis year, as well as last, the city of Berkeley put together a fake disaster, uhni Disaster, that would test the police, firemen, hospitals, etc. This year the nest Campus drama students were chosen to act as the injured and dead victims of a bus accident. Z5 students from advan- ced drama were picked to play the parts of the injured students on awrecked school bus with every injury imaginable. The morning of the evenilthe students had gory make-up applied and were separ- ately told now to act for whichever injury they were supposed to have. A school bus picked up the bloody West Campus students. The bus pulled over on Centcnial Road, and a mutilated car, umtaining two bloody adults, was placed on the side of the hill beside the bus. This was the setting for the ac- cident. The police. firemen. and ambulance mere called to the scene. They had been warnwl prior to the event that it would happen, but they weren't told when or where. 3.45, 'ms l Lf Q. .4 -its Mt Sk lsfgzr ,, KN I 'X' 45' . -L1 ,. v AS TUG tiremen, paramedics, and police arrived, they handled the situation as if it wee?an actual accident. They used the regualr procedures. The badly injured students were taken in the ambulance to the hospital, and regular procedure was used there. Ther was even a temporary morgweset up at the scene of the accident. At the end of a very successful Mini Disaster the students were taken back to school to change and remove their make-up and then were let out for the day. 87 if Hat cz Hafs of all dIfferenT descripfions were seen around Wes'r Campus when we held our fl-rs? Ha'f day on Nov. 2 I978. 88 nf--si, X X Q QT'I'gfi Sis .N Q I X E Q -965 V 5 ' L 1 if X JSE! QQQS Awe' 2' l is we 'mg T 09 STUD T COUNCIL 78-79 Under the direction of Mr. Cuffee, the Student Council planned various activities for the students They started the year with a student rally, at which they had a raffle for sev- -eral records. After the election, the student coun- Q01 sold student body cavd and appointed a 'Crazy Hat Day? Before the winter recess the council had a raffle for a Christmas Tree. On Valentines Day they had a talent show and dispensed carnations. They finished the year with a trip to Great America. The Presi- -dent was Jaude Harrison with the Vice President Matt Borsch. The Ninth brawLRepresentat1ves were Antionette Standberry and Craig Walker. The Eighth Grade Representatives were Sarah Hughes and Kelley Wlthy. The Seventh Grade Representatives were Ramona Smith and Charles Patterson Wlentznes Day lHlS fears Valent1ne's nay actlvites included the annual talent show and the school tradition of b6Hd1Hg a C3TH3tlOU to a frlend or loved one. ww Qtampus Publications Epzhg Stay? 0 Fitzgerald, Shawn Kachlu, Nancy . Roberts, Heather Yee, Denise Smith, Kim SPORTS WRIfER: Benjy Feinbaum fffurtra tar: 1 ...lg w T---f , w Carlbon, Jennifer Chugg, Barr Gilbert, Dylan Montgomery, Peter Mosher, Colin Rosenberg, Joan Plwwgraphy Staff' Editorial Stdjf 4' y....... -..... Balbuena, Chico Marshall, Michael Nartin, Anthony Snmnons, Maryann Vail, Marc Weesner, John fListed Aiphabeticaiiyy A L Benner, Chris Borsch, Stuart Browne, Toni Carter, Terry Davis, Jane l. Eastwood, Ben J Hendry, Ian i Hooven, Matt f Lee, Avery tyranny Lee, Terry Lewak, Susan , i in 'X rrrfs O'Malley, Rachel L 5 wwf Sachs, Carol Y 'T Shermoen, Diana Smith, Sandra Sweet, Karen Vinson,Awg Yee, Denise y ,, s as 'fb Repo ters ,..... Borrowman, EriK Borsch, Matthew Pfodugfjgn Sfafflx , Gaines, Geoffrey Benner, Chri Lee, Terry Hendry, Ian EbmMer,Lmni Lawson, Christine Nbntjoy, Katrina A Rabkin, Mark Seney, Joshua williams, Andrea Zagone, Nicholas w IW , 4... ,I ' ' , A , A 'J Y , 5 I . . , 3 r K si Thanks to Mr.Valtr G staff for the many hours spent on pictures and retakes and re- takes and retakes for the Yearbook! Thanks also to the Main Office staff who never lost patience no matter how many times different groups ' can N asked the same questions! za.-.aa .-,H W X BW 1 c-ei w Puhliratinns New XV N 2 x 1 .4 if S waves. .R M if .1 ' ' 'H . , : x 9' 2 e x p :J 1 0 ,I 4 A special thanks to Heather Roberts who arrived just in time to save our over- worked typists. iOm..,M,e X X La 11" n --. ft, X 2... I -.ssh Wu..-4"'4' ,, " Y I' Thy 'iff-1 X Thank ou Mr. Mxllin get 4' 0 lf if is - N . ., in 'A 5 r 1 3' 'V s as I inn N , Q Q EXT! K ' I if Q A SJ? .... 1 gg, L I K as WSF , X 'k': L 'f i ., 4, K 50-f AA f D f Q ' 5 , V.,.k . ' X Q Lg ' 4 . .. 1 1 lp .l:: Q , - N., 'rx l ' Q f , A -A,g L L Ayiyw .,,.:x. Q AX L, LALZ. . .L.. Q in .,NxRx ,, J 5- m X . N' ,.bb wg, , l K . . -, ff K K ' ? :bv . 5? is llx gun lg , X A .. Ln fi 94 Q 5. K lg, K PERIOD 2 Alder, Benita Bennett, Regina Benson, Adrienne Bridgman, Roy Buckland, Anne Christian, Maria Gilmore, Anthony Harris, Trent rhrd, Teddy Aertn, Irene Lipscomb, Paule hhCree, Stoney hbDaniel, Melanie hhtchell, Judith hbsher, Colin Reynolds, Nina Robinson, Cynthia Robinson, Kenneth Snith, John Snith, Kimberly Sundberg, Connie Thornton, Vincent ymlker, Craig walker, Robert Weiner, Rebecca Heisenberg, Jacob Wilson, Aria Yovino-Young, Diana PERIOD 3 Burgess, Tamara Bush, Charlene Caruso, Steve Iane, Antoinette Clover, Michael Herbert, Mark iunter, Renee Johnson, Thomas Jones, Orsula Keaton, Rebecca wbrris, Letty Palmer, Mlchael Peterson, Brigette ficou, Eric Prince, Myrna toaavzgsfaff Reed, Rryan Roo, Pein-Yuan Shyu, Po-Lin i. ,- Singleton, Mlchelle Szakas, Charles lruong, Linh Vail, Marcus Vaughn, Terry Wells, nnthony Nilliane, Hildria williams, Michael PERIOD 4 Carlbon, Jennifer Gndstian,lhria DeCuir, Gina Douglass, Krishna Gaines, Toby Gerlach, Summer Gillmar, Amy Gihnore, Anthony Phrris, Trent Harrison, Justin Jackson, Lester Jones, Matthew Jourdan, Carla Lawson, Christine Lee, Sidney Lee, Terry Marshall, Michael hhrtin, Anthony Nbndoza, Amalia hbtzger, Elise hbQwr,CdUn Petersen, Christin Ramsey, Robert Rosenberg, Joan Rust, Daniel Snmns, Patricia Smith, Jaben Tolbert, Omar Truss, Scott imllace, John Weiss, Bets white, Rolland Whitehead, Ruthk 6 Production Staff PERIOD 6 Ballachey, Sarah Borsch, Matthew urownson, Laura Caruso, Steve' Chambers, Karen Davis, Sarah Ldxon, Fred Dorsey, Michael Driehaus, Nancy Evans, Jacqueline Peinbaum, Benjamin Fitzgerald, Shawn Guyer, Jonathan ihrrison, Trudy Hein, Jacqueline Jackson, Leslie Johnson, Thomas Jones, Janes King, Johanna Klimnan, Andrew Knowles, Kristin hhrtinez, Anthony hbyers, Celia hhller, Craig Randle, Robert Snith, Moses Sparks, Stephen Spinka, Lynn Stzuss,EUmn Street, Pia Truss, Scott Tu, Eugene Walker, Michael Warmsley, Kimberly williams, Deborah Zimmerman, Sarah Q . 9 Photography Staff v Q ,L , -,,,q,,,,,..,,,,--....l..4, 11. IIS EINE FRENCH CUISINE 385 COLUSA AVENUE KENSINGTON INORTH BERKELEYI 527-7900 I BERKELEY TRANSFER STATION ,2114 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley ' T-Shirts STAB GIKOCEIIY ' Blouses 3068 CLAREMONT AVE. BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA . PHONE 652-2490 94705 . I 50 YEARS IN THE EAST BAY ' IOZ discoum' wITh sTuden+ I.D. EVERYTHING FOR YOUR EATING AND DRINKING PLEASURE woes nof apply 10,5313 i-remgy QUALITY MEATS 0 PRODUCE o GROCERIES l LIQUORS 0 WINES 4 I .EWU-EI 2109 Shofruck Ave. td 8111-A035 I ,T .. 5 M K A K K 5 I z If 5 ff?-, .. 7 .L A I NE ,,,, I Mom - Eri 11:30 - 9:00 SGT - SUD 41 - 9200 -mfr- ui A--.W W Q-wmv

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West Campus Junior High School - Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


West Campus Junior High School - Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


West Campus Junior High School - Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 1


West Campus Junior High School - Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 1


West Campus Junior High School - Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 1


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