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REFERENCE COLLECTION FOR USE IN THE LIBRARY ONLY BERKELEY PUBLIC LIBRARY BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA f Sj the yearbook staffs dedicate the 1976-77 Yearbook to Mr. Roberts and Mr. Taylor our Frinoipal and Vice Principal. They have helped and encouraged us with the yearbook and news- paper above and beyond their call of duty. It has been an honor and priviledge to work with these excellent administrators this year. The ' Publications Staff This year has been a new experience for all o£ us here at West Campus. For the first time, West Campus has had a junior high school group, so we should look forward to seeing some familiar faces next year and in the years to follow. Still some of our student body will be leaving us and we wish them success and the best of luck in the future. This year should truly be kept in memory as one of change and progress, and it has been a plea- sure having you all. Again, I would like to extend iry best wishes to the ninth graders, and we will ' look forward to seeing the seventh and eighth grad- ers again next year. Have a great summer. Kenneth Roberts Principal BERKELEY PUBLIC LIBRARY 9th GvoAe: pages 42 to 61 Clu ' os Autograph: pojges 69 96 pages 70 to 7Z 8th Grade: pages 26 to o7 (DIP l-iusic: pages 64 to 67 Publications: pages 87 to 91 7tn GraS,e: pages 12 to 22 Favorite survey AshlavA: arid. (XJ.VG graphs: pages 68 to 69 Svorts: pages 74 to 86 pages 62 to 63 DO lOU MOW AT vmAT SITE THIS ILLUSTRIOUS SCEM CAN BE VIKVJED? TO DISCOVER TEE EDIFYING ANSmR TO THIS PERPLEXING CONUNDRUM, BE ADVISED TO CONSULT PAGE 7.3. StvAent Council, pages 24 to 25 Drama: vanes 38 to 41 L. xJ staff: T a. ' Tes to 11 --3TAPF AUTCGIiA} :;S STA?? ,AUT0G:y FH3 oTAFF AIJTCGRAPHS ---STAFF UTOG iAPHS Mr. Williams Mr. Brown Mr. Roberts In ' f -f ' A f4i ! Ms. Estes Ms. Sims Ms. Wilkes Ms. Del Rio I 1 Ms. Ro 111 ring Mr. Jones Mr. Ashley- Mr. Richardson Ms. Coomes Can you imagine. Ms. Young unor- anized? Mr. Felker Ms. Ploss Ms. Strange Mr. Mulholland Mr. Crenshaw V Mr. McClair Mr. Sama Mr. Caldwell Mr. Millinger Ms. Becton Ms. Ferguson Mr. Revtyak Mr. Redmon Can you imagine Mr.Kalter as a blond? Mr. Thornburg Mitchell Ms. McDaniel Ms. Mishima Can you imagine. . . Mr. Tliornburgh in a motorcycle gang? Can you imagine . . Ms. Long calling someone by their first name? m Ms. Prisk lAs. LeBon Mr. Tnomp3on Can you imagine Mr. Hard- ymon off- key? - The IXingeon aware is dedicated to Mr. Pete, Mr. Scrofani, and Mr. Kalter . Mr . Gronningan " « Can you imagine . . Mr. Best playing hopscotch? Ms. Maibaum The Patience with the News- paper staff award goes to Mr. Mil linger. The Claustro- phobic award goes to the Counselors . Sports Photo- grapher Award goes to Mr. Red- mon. Ms . Evans Mr . Crenshaw Can you imagine. Mr. Kalter as a blond? The Graciousness to the Pub lications Staff Award goes uu ii±±± . Ms. J,eBon Can you imagine Ms. Krumins as Rapunzel? The Mountain climbing award is dedicated to the students and teac- hers of the third floor. Mr. Hughes i U.J Mr. Williams Ms. Davis tr. Mendoza Mr. Cuffee Mr. Nobori 7m Mr. DalQ Can you imagine Mr. Fel- ker mis- sing his cue? StaFF Ms. Griffin Due to numerous printings o£ Mr Mitchell ' s pic- ture, we did not feel it nec essary to print his whole pic- ture. Ms. Pete Mr. Taylor Ms. Wilkinson Ms. Caylor Ms. Holsing Ms. Barber Ms. Jones Cuffee and Birthday friends Mr. Jones ivls . Kelley Can you imagine . . Mr. Jones as a 98 pound weakling? Mr. Kalter Staff Ms. Ploss Sr. Sanchez Mr. Thompson Pi Cay lor f Ms . Scnoen Mr. LeBlanc Ms. Williams j Ai fef Ms. Pes ton Ms. Agretelis and Ms. Momonc Ms. Pete Mr. LeBlonc Mr. January Ms. Evans Mr. Aenelis Mr. Olsen Mr. Elliott Ms, KauDpinen Can You imagine Ms. Evans blushing? Mr. Mulholland Mr. Valtr This is Addie Holsing, vho is responsible for this mess. Welcome back, Mad Mr. Hardymon Can you imagine Ms. Poston with a Brooklyn accent? Bennett, Thomas Berenz, Siobhan Bernstein, Alison Boas, Maria Borsch, Matthew Bunton, Romanita Burgess, Antonio Camell, Linda Calhoun, Candy Carter, Terry Chang, Belle Charles, Kristie Chase, Kyle Christopher, YolaJida Clark, Eddie Cody, Celia Collins, Connie Cook, Bridge tte Qark, Lavelle Code! la, Jennifer Cooper, Julias m if Cortes, Jesse Cosper, Donald Counts, Sharon Crocker, Laramie Davis, Jane Davis, Sarah Davis,, Katrece Davis, Trevor Deloatch, Jerry Dennis, Philip Dolit, Lisa DQlor£ino,John Donovan, Thomas Dorsey, Michael Duvall, La DaMi Earl, Georgma Frye, Kirk Rikumae, Tammy Gasaway, Marsha Gaines, Geoffrey Gaxiola, Dermis Gaxiola, Donald r Can you imagine Ms, Kel ley in a cad- dillac? Gibson, Stefan Qilbert, Geoffrey Gilbert, Hardin Gilbert, Paul Glaser, David Glass , Lor en Glick, Daniel Glover, Patricia Gong, Kevin Gough, Sheila Glover, Daryl iff e m Green, Arthur Grunwald, Gregory Guillory arolyn Gurrola, Jennifer Guyer, Jonathan Haberkem, Katherine Hail, Carlton } Hamada, Craig Harnada, Derek Hancock, Mara Hand, .Angus Harris , Tairmy iiarrison Jacqueline Harrison, Sean Harrison, Tina myes. Frank Hayes, HarJc Head, v :on ■I 5. t I t-v r i f k .,f, I . Vc ' 1:,,. . Heinrich, Michael Henderson, Borchael Heileman, Naomi He in, Jackie 7th Grade Henry, Lnette Hicks, Steven Himes, Ann Hobbs,A ' Lisa Hockenhull, Gwendolyn Hodies Nicholas Holley, James Holmes, Leenette Holtzapple, Willi ■ i-t)od, Delores Hooven, Matthew Hope, MoPiis HDpe , Qiris Hori, -Bjom )hnson, Patrick Johnson, Stephanie Kalish, Daniel Kang, Yu Jean King, Anton Kinler, Kenton Jensen, Karen Johnson, April Johnson, Kirt Kirtley, John Knoepflmacher, Julie Korican. Nina Kornhauser, Anne Lambert, Kelly Ledbetter, achael Lee, Avery Lee, Roselinn liipoff, Katharine mdonia, Danielle Iviarshall, Athena iVkrtinez, Anthony fessey, Andre McDaniel, Melanie ivfcElvane, Michael f ade, Kelley Murray, Donald Otis. Michael McDonald, Linda McRlvaine, Antoine V McNeal, Gwendolyn MLUer, Angela Mitchell, Judith Moore, M?irlon Moore, Marteda m mm Natkin, Ari Nuyens, Louis O ' Malley, Deirdre O ' MalleyjRachel Otus, Timur Owen,. Jeff Palmer, Tad Parker, Robert m farks, Kenneth Patterson, Lesia Permillion, Michael Perrella, Michelangelo Pickus, Noah Pleasent, Leonard Pounds, Debra Porter, Tiffany Powell, Vicki Pratt Kenneth Price. Cedric Quan, Jill Randolph, Georgina Randolph, Todd Ray, Gamett Reed, Gheryl Reinsch. Christopher. Ricca, Amy Roary, Janet Robinson, Cynthia Rodriguez, Susanna Rollins, Allee Room, David Ruskin, Mark Samuels, Mark 1 7th Grade Savage, Valery Scheibner, William Schultz, Kris ten Tne Henny Youngman Award is dedicated ' n m i- tO ' Nfr. Dale. Schultz, Locke Scott, Jolm Scott, Pam Scott, Paul Sem, Sopha Se-iiey, Josh Sergent, Kent A . f I Shafer, Steve Shaw, Sarah Sher ard, John. SheiTTian, David Shermoen, Diana Shipman, Sylvia Siegel, Heidi Simmons, Mary Simpkins, Regina Simpson, Johnathan Sims, Andre Sims, Donald Sison, Richard Snith, Evelyn I i Smith, Frans Smith, John 7th Grade as; ' Smith, Todd Smith, Sandra Standberry, Antionette £ .SiS Ki V S telle, Tony Stevenson, Daniel Stewart, Sabina, stiggers, Marcos stillman, Natasha I 1 Strauss, Ethan Stuart, Tracy Sturdevant, J0I1.1 lakata, Kent Taylor, Eric !yl r, Timothy Terrell, BeneshaTheodorakis, Demetrius Th ' s, Yam xien, Phyllis Tokuhama, Tracey Torres, Michele Til, Eugene lUmage, Kenneth Verhaegen, Yoiianda Vinson, Margaret Walker, Chauyvonne lialker, Lraig vvaiker. Sheila Walker, Vincent 4 V i allace, Thomas Iferd, Daniel Ward, Robert 7th Grade m ■I Warms ley, Kimberly Warren, Kaiia Watson, Sean ■ Watson, Tammy Watson, Shelia Weiner, Rebecca Weisenberg, Jacob Wernham, Aaron 1 - ' Tk White, James White, Rosalyn Willett, Peter WilJiams, Alfred Williams, Benita imjf ' Mi Williams, Caron Williams, Cassandra Williams, Dondee Williams, Karen willingham, Sandra Wilson, Aria I ,1 X Wilson, Keith IVong, Jennifer Yarmo, Aron Yee, Denise 7th Grade Candidates Wesley Hicks Tonia Mayo Carla Brooks Dennis Gaxiola Leona Bailey Nfetthew Borsch The student council for West Campus was set up to organ- ize activities for the students. Elections were held the first semester, but the student coun- cil had to appoint some people to fill up the empty seats. The president was Ted Lee, with Wesley Hicks serving as vice- pr es ident - treasurer . Barbara Oldershaw was elected as the social activities Coordinator. To fill up the position of Sec- retary, the council appointed Alan Weil. The positions of ninth grade representatives were filled by Carla Brooks, Ifenny O ' neal, and Craig Sommer- ville. The three eighth grade representatives were Leona Bailey, Vincent Washington and Johanna Wolgast. The four elected seventh grade represen-- tatives were Allison Bernstein, Nfetthew Borsch, Dennis Gaxiola, and Craig Walker. During the school year 1976-1977, the student council organized a trip to Great Amer- ica, a talent show, and a dance. The student Council helped replace the stereo. The council also undertook the arduous task of writing a constitution. Student Wesley Hicks Johanna Wolgast Council iMerlm Edwards Campaign Speeches Inauguration In the second semester, there was no election. Since the office of president was the only one where there was any competition, it was decided by the fall student council, by a vote of 7-2, that the two candidates would split the term. Ihe rest of the students kept their terms for the entire se- mester. For the first 9 weeks, Alan Weil was president, with Carla Brooks acting as vice- president. These two positions changed at this time. The other members were as follows: GLenda Gillian was social ac- tivities coordinator. Ted Lee was appointed treasurer, hile Craig Somerville was pointed secretary. There were no ninth or eighth grade representatives, all places for seventh grade representatives mre filled by Wenceslao Batiz- Vegas, Merlin Edwards, Dennis GaKiola and Kathryn Comsweet. The student Council moved that a Parliamentarian be chosen, and that duty was relegated to Alison Bernstein. Alan Weil Interview Amdt, Philip Aastin, Gary Babcock, Leslie Bailey, Leona Barker, Catherine Blomquist, Matthew Borrowmaiij Phyllis Broder, Damon Bronson, Vassily Brooks, Brosnahan, James Brown, Jonatnan Brown, Zachary Bruno, Laura Burroughs, Joanna Bursey, Pemell Craig, Michael Craik, Jennifer Crump, Stanley Browne, Kunberly Brownson, Laura Charles, Jerri Chengson, Rosemary Clavelle, John Close, Mark Crump, Stephen Curtis, Diane Dadd, Andrew DamerelljJeanette Daniel, Camelia Danziser, Farrel Dc. is, Rebecca Delarose, Donnie mar est, Glenn Diep, Huyen Dodge, Sarah Doshi, Sundeep Doty, Marc Tv naiass. Ivlichael Dre-i ' =;hach. Amv Driaht- .Timmie Dundes. David Elliott, Denise Ellis, Car la Evans, Kenneth Evans, Kent 1 Earl, Daniel Ewing, bamuei Fane, Bridgette Feingold, William Fenton, Michael Ferguson, Scott Fleury, Stanley- Friend, Mary Gabelko, David Gabelko, Katrina Gaffey, Shannon Garofalides. David Griffin, Demetriaias Griffith, Angela Grove, Kristiann (Suidry, Marsu Gup ton, Gwendolyn Fferris, Angel Harris, Israel Harrison, Cora Haynes, Errolyn Haynes, Samuel i ame, Lloyd Ifelems, Jerome Hendricks, Shana Hoggatt, Wendy Hsu, Mark Huelsman, Robin Hunter, Alisa Hunter, Phiiip Johnson, Kenneth Jones, Deborah Jones, Valerie Jordan, Crystal Kaji, Joel Knowles, Jeffrey Krevans, Nora Kumai, Christopher Kupper, Erik Lamb, Nancy Lawrence, Danielle Lee, Alena Lee, Craig Leggett, Elizabeth Leonoff, Jaiina Lester, Anthony Lipscomb, Adrienne Liskamm, Thea Lot ton, Alden L ■ IVfa-dian, Sean Mah, Deidre Wi ' ' W Ntaheimer, Robert Manougian, Tasha Mason, Dominique 8fb Grade McClennon, Frank McFadden, Lisa McFarlane, Jess McHale, Margaret McNair, Walter McQueen, Brigitte ivfealy, Robert Mesones, Hugo ivtLllender, Paiiiela Mitchell, Derek ivjitchell, Melinda rfontauk, Juliette Ivbore, Eugene bore, Juliana Moore, Steven Moorer, Kenneth brton, William Nbskowitz, Katheryn Nl les, Angela Nelson, Bill Norwood, Rosal ma Parker, Peaches Peppard, Marcus FerKins, Alianp Person, Charles Nelson. Brooke Nguyen, Tien Qxley, Dawn Parker, Dapharje Folk, Tobias Qdong, Andrew Patterson, Derio M Polak, Oren Rabkin, Michele R ) nond, Sylve cer Rice, Patricia Richardson, Tainmy Roberts, Alexis Rogers, Her rey Rvan. Michael Safran, Lisa Saicedo, Rene Schmitt, Rob Schulz, Nancy Senturia, Ruth Seigel, David Sam, Vannarom Sampson, Patricia San Martin, Mike Scnerman, Lisa 1, J- . Stb Crade Shack, Hailu Simpson, Mar got Schneider, David Schneider, Karen Scott, Antony Scott, Kathrine Shaw, Jantce Siiinomiya, Coco -v.ipman, Cynthia Slifer, Jan Smith, Melissa i Sudduth, Kevin Sugiyama, Karen Tabb, Diana Thompson, Anthony Tidwell, John Tiffin, Stevan Tugwell, Kevin Tucker, Ana Urano, Erin Tang, Henry Tashima, Jonathan Terrell, Yolanda Thomson, Lauren Vories, Jeffeiy X I oorhees, Thomas pafer, Jonathan l lker, Lisa mker, Naon)i ] lker, Teddy mm IVashington i shington, Vincent Val eri e 8th Grade i atts, Cheryl if . if Ifeber, Hilarys ; €demyer, IVilliam i hite, David Ailliams, Atti Ivilliams, Dondee V... Vfl -lliams, Harold Williams, Julian IVilliams, Sharlon V.illiamson, Robert IVills, Traci Ifeods, Janina v ADodford, Xelson VCorley, Evonda Yarrrio, Leslie Yoneyama, Mark Youle, Adrian Zamora, Shona On Thursday, March 17th, the cast of the West Campus production of a comedy musical revue entitled " Do A Review " gath- ered at the BHS Little Theatre Stage. It was opening night, and the anticipation showed in the faces of all. It was an hour before curtain time, and as the time crept closer the cast was was busy v arming up in various ways, re- citing suddenly forgotten lines and ap- plying last minute touches of make-up. As they filed backstage, 5 minutes before curtain time, a comment from one of the boys. . ' . ' Hey, the girls all look like whores! " (referring to their widely applied make- up.) and relieving some of the tension. A moment later Mr. Felker brought it back again with his pointed comment " You ' ll do great. . .right? " As the lights came up the cast opened the production with a bright and cheerful musical number- - " Do a Review " and all anxiety was seemingly gone. The fairly large audience was equal- ly enthusiastic through the rest of the show which included the following: " Of Father and Sons, " a satirical comedy on the play " The Death of a Sales- man " starred, Ken Lupoff, Naomi Walker and Bruce Saldinger. " No Small Parts, " was a funny, chaotic farce about a Broadway show, ruined by an overly -helpful maid. This starred Jane King, Ken Lupoff, Leah Korican, and Steen Sellers. " Spermatazon " was a scene about a teacher trying to teach her overly eager students about sex education. It starred Marty Gaustad and Serge Wilson, Mimi Steiner and Scott Kuby. " Hello " was an all cast musical fo- cusing on Leza Lowitz who played a dumb starlet making her nightclub debut. " Nest Interview " showed Kate Laner as the same dumb starlet in a radio inter- view. Next came " Sunday Brunch, " featuring the entire cast, a rythmical parallel on the social gathering. " The High and the Flighty " came next, a comedy aobut a clumsy stewardess and her jittery passengers, starring Debbie Sopher, Sara Donahue, Lisa Safran, Erin Qark, and Alex Webb. " Desert Passion " was a take-off on the silent movies with dubbed- in sound such as those popular in the 30 ' s, star- ring Alex Webb, Thalia Drori, Polly Leider mide Winchester, Scott Kuby, and Steen Sellers. The show was concluded with a flashy certain call. On Friday, the 2nd and last per- formance went smoothly and the cast, tired but happy, thought of their two up -coming plays: " The Little Foxes, " and " Women in Sheakespeare . " i Q0NTE8T The Di-ama plays were performed for the first time this year during the wee of March 21-25 after a three-week practice period before an audience of the eighth and ninth grade Advanced Drama class. Since the performances were d,one at ' lunch people who were neither grading nor performing often dropped in to applaud friends. The actors were graded on memorization characterization movement rapport with fellow chara.cters voice (projections clarity character), costumes, choice of play, staging and tempo. The best an actor could get was a ten for each of these. The excerpts from the plays, including the actors, were performed in this or- der: Monday: Zoo Story : Alex Nowik, Aaron Partridge Dark at the Top of the Stairs : Debbie Jones, Lynn Parker Member of the Weddiyig : Jenny Landsberg, Steven Tiffin Glass Menagerie : Celia Cody, Michele Rabkin Can you imagine. . . Mr. Slater being turned down by the Mickey fouse Club? Tuesday: Glass Menagerie : Lisa Brosnihaj-i, Margot Simpson Elizabeth the Queen : Sarah Daddj Jerry Deloatch NO Tvne for be-rgearits : Pat Barret, Jess MoFarland Madwoman of Chaillot : Kris Grove, Tina Harrison, Carol Saohs The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in- the-Mo on Marigolds : Bina Korican, Julie Wednesday : Alice in Wonderland : Jennifer Gurrola, Marisa White, Julianna Lq avarre Miracle Worker : Sarah Dodge, Ahigale Gordon Rope DanrM ' s : Megan Clark, Natasha Stillman, Ethar Frame Ethar Frome : Marty Flenough, Cara Harrison, Marion Randolph End of the Rainbow : Julie Knoepflmacher, Meg Vinson Thursday: Daisy Miller : Angus Hand Tea House of the August Moon : Greg Grunwald, Pat Mackey The Chalk Garden : Aria Wilson, Leona Bailey Toys in the Attic : Sarah Davis, Rebecca Lundin , ■ Nine Coaches Waiting : Tammy Richards, Evelyn Wilson Friday: Childtren ' s Hour : Glenda Gillian, Carla Brooks, Simone Jackson Mary -Mary : Jane Davis, Tiirur Otus Look back in Anger : Tracy Walker, Tammy Richards The Mouse That Roared : Eric Amann, Patricia Sampson At the time this article was written, the finalists had not been chosen. Adams, Katherine Alexander, Peter j Allen, Charles Alsop, Veneita Appel, Heather itopleyard, Moana Artie, Lorenz Ashman, Tia-Lynn Austin, Scott, 9th Grade it ' V , Awwal, Towfiq .» Baca, Sheila Bade, Edward Bailey, John Bartley, Kimberly Bass, David Beatty, Sarah Bivins, Mishern Blackmore, Tracey Blomquist, William Bolt, Rober Booth, Jason Borsch, Benjamin Bowser, Constaiice Boyd, Brad Brooks, Car la Broussard, Fleur Brown, Michele Brown. Rubin Brice, Yvettc Burch, Merrell 4 - J 9th Grade Caldwell, James Caldwell, Roderic Calhoun, Jacqueline Carpenter, Caroline Carr, Brian Chambers, Stephen Cavana, Michael Catanese, Critendon Chemsak, Laurie Chick, Ch ing Collins, Fred Collins, Sonja Cooper, Ian Dang, Kieu-Lien Davis, Audrey Davis-Nelson, Sophia Davis. Yvette, Dorsey, Michelle Dorsey, Stephanie D,mdes, Lauren Dunn, Max Davis, Lament Dew, Michael Dillon, Lenore Dougherty, Mary- Dew, Russell Donahue, Sara Drori, Thalia- Eastwood, Libby Eason, Gregory Forbes, Jay Foster, Alisa Frauenfelder, David Freeland, Sindra Freeman, Troy Frye, Mark Ridge, Kijnberly Gaffey, Brian Gaines, Siisan Garrett, Gina Gong, Derek Gong, Montgomery Goodman, Joseph Gordon, Abigail Greenbaum, Peter Griffin, Sonja Guillory, Vicki Gundelf inger , Paul — — a— rf ' -MKlHIIIHIBi. ' VI ' Hicks, Wes ley Higgins, Jonathan Hobbs, Tujuna Hogerheide, Derek KoLiies, Ivorita Jackson, Simone Jackson, Wanda Jacobs, Martin January, Denecia Jensen, Kristen Johnson, Aleta Johnson, Damon Johnson, Fatrie 4 . Jones, Michael Kachiu, Virginia King, Jonathan King, Pamela Klein, Martin Koerber, Peter Kuby, Scott 1 Laetsch, Krishen Laner, Katlierine Lattany, Wanda 4 Lee, David Lee , Laura Lee, Mary Lee, Pamela Lehman, Jay Leider, Polly Leppich, Brenda Letchaw, Nina Lowitz, Leza Lupoff, Kenneth Luz-, Daphne McCraw, Ola McElvane, Mark McGui.re, Angela v-„., ■.. McMillan, Marion McWhorter, Ian Marsh. Deborah Marshall, Bonnie Ivfosieh, Nfohamed Myers, Diana Nelson, Christopher Nguyen, Ihuc Nowik, Alexander 0 ' Mai ley, Sara Qrellana, Roberto Palmer, Denise Oldershaw, Barbara (»»« J- . Olivier, Ken Orme, Lynnette Grade Parlett, Duncan Partridge, Aaron Oliver, Marquam. 0 Neal, Kenneth Palmer, David Perkins, Tanya Perry, Elizabeth 1 i,„. Phillips, Wanda Plank, Suzanne m Pinell, Tracey Perry, Kathryn Quails, Carl Ragland, Ronna Randolph, Marian Ratner, Aiyia Rendahl, Ann Robinson, Harold Robinson, Nicole Rohlfing, Carrie Rosenbaum, Michael Ryan, Rebecca Saldinger, Bruce San Martin, Gregor Sayles, Pamela Schultz, Timothy Sellers, Steen Sem, Sophea Seney, Katherine Sergeant, Dannielle Shepherd , Anthony 9th Grade Shearer, Michael Shermoen, Frank Siegel , Bella Sills, Johnathan Simpson, Elizabeth Simpson, Stacey Taylor, Shari Teachenor, Mary Thomas, Charles Thompson, Eric Thompson, Harold Tims, Terrie Tolbert, Victoria Tossavainen, Eric Townsend, Bridgett Tracy, Hugh Tribe, Langley Tubman, Marianna Tucker, Lisa Vaughn, David Vinson, Michael Waaland, Kimberly Wakon, Gary Watson, Alton Webb, Alexander Weil, Alan Weiiiberg, Brian Williams, lana Williams, Kendra Wichmahn, Sonia Williams, Eric Williams, Leonard Williams, Yvonne VilliaiT on, Julia iviHiamson, Katherine Wilson, Sergae Winchester, Maud 1 I ' - Wong, Phillip i Wolinsk % Jeff Woo, Rocky Woodcock, Jennifer Woolridge, Craig Wi, Victor Yoneyama, Xano. th 6rade r. Scrofani took a group of ninth graders to . shland Oregon recently. They left with pillows and suitcases at 8:30 on St. Pat- rick ' s Day morning and returned Saturday, March 19th. In Ashland they saw two plays, Shakespeare ' s Measure for Measure and the contemporary play, A Taste of Honey . The only complaints the students had were about the food on the trip, otherwise, the trip seemed to have pleased them all. Mr. Mulholland accompanied the group also as he has done a number of times on past Ashland trips. i Band Vear in Review 1976-77 was a good year for the West Campus band. Under the direction of Nick Xenelis, the band got very good and played in about six concerts. One of the best of these was a concert as B.H.S., when the West Campus band, the King band, and both Berkeley High bands played two pieces together. It was an impressive performance. One of the best points of the band was the great variety of instruments. Besides the usual clarinets, flutes, trumpets, aad trombones, there was an oboe, four kinds of saxa- phones, a bass clarinet, a bassoon, some french horns, two baritones, and a tuba. Togeth- er all the different instruments sounded very well together. LeM (einpN out exac-teenent la iiieiiie aJtur. PPP f 1 Jazz Band The Jazz Band is made up of members of the Symphonic and Concert Bands who are iQterested in Jazz. It gives the players a chance to perform good jazz of the 1930 ' s and ' 40 ' s. Most of the music they play is written by their conductor, Phil Hardymon. Concert Band Larry Nobori The Concert band has performed some Scott Joplin pieces in a few concerts under the direction of Ivlr. Nobori. Mem- bers of the concert Band also played in the massed band festival at B.H.S. on mrch 9, 1977. I Chamber . STRING ENSEMBLE left to right Top row: Grace Kajita, Jane Davis Middle: Nathaniel Meyers, Moses Smith, William Elliott (direc- .tor) , Patricia Sampson Bottom: Jackie Hein The West Campus String Ensemble is made up of students anxious to further their knowledge of string- ed instruments. They are under the direction of William Elliott. CHAMBER ORCHESTRA left to right Top: Rebecca Strauss, viola; Meghan Cronin, violin; Marka Young, violin Bottom: Kay Comsweet, viola; Robert Mealy, violin; Wendy Hoggatt, violin Not Pictured: Tia-Lynn Ashman, cello The West Campus Chamber Or- diestra gives junior high students the chance to play great works such as the Brandenburg Concerto k 5 by J.S. Bach, Eine Kleine Is chtmusic by W.A. Mozart, and the Four Seasons concertos for violin by Antonio Vivaldi. MOST POPULAR BOY (9th3 : Mark Timoney, DST POPULAR GIRL (9th) :Yvette Davis, Marti Carl Quails, Vic IVu Crocker , Helen Taschian MOST POPUL ' XR BOY (Sth) : Don Brooks , Michael Craig, MOST POPULAR GIRL (8th):Deno Faye Patterson, Vincent Washington folly 0 ' Neal,Alisa Hunter NDST POPULAR BOY (7th) :Dondee Williams, • MOST POPULAR GIRL (7th) :Yvette Henderson, Mar a Mark Khouri Hancock, Heidi Seigel MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED BOY: Mark Timoney, Mar tin Jacobs, Michael Jones NDST TALENTED BOY: Paul Spinka NDST ATHLETIC BOY: Paul Spinka, Carl Quails FAVORITE MOVIE: Rocky , Silver Streak , One Flew over the Cuckoo ' s Nest FAVORITE T j ' ACTRESS: Farrah Fawcett-Majors -FAVPRITE iWIE ACTRESS: Cecily Tyson WST LIKELEY TO SUCCEED GIRL: Mary Dougherty, Mary Hsi,Ruth Senturia MOST TALENTED GIRL: Maud Winchester DST ATHLETIC GIRL: Mara Hancock, Danielle ■ Sergent FAVORITE TV PROGRAM: M A S , IVhat ' s Happening FAVORITE IV ACTOR: Man Alda, La ence Hilton Jacobs FAVORTIE NDVIE ACTOR: Robert Redford, Billy Dee Williams FAVORITE SONG: " I Got Love on My Mind, " " Reasons " I Wish, " " Be Ify Girl " FAVORITE SINGING GROUP: Earth, Wind, and Fire FAVORITE HANG -our: Center and Shattuck,Taco Bell FAVORITE FOOD: Pizza, Ice Cream, tacos FAVORITE CLOIHES: Get Theres, Sticky Fingers, FAVORITE ALBUM: Songs in the Key of Life , Spirit FAVORITE DANCE: Body Language, Slow Dancing FAVORITE FAD: Smoking Pot, Wearing short hair. Partying FAVORITE SPORT: Swimming, Basketball FAVORITE CLASS: P.E. Many students may not know this, but we had an Asian Student Union. The group v;as small, but still met every Tuesday, in room 101. They had several snow cone sales and a car wash that were fairly succe sful, to raise funds for a year end project. They had a surprise dinner for their advisors. There are liopes that next year ' s group is larger } This year 6 West Campus 9th Graders competed on the Berkeley High Speech and debate team. Four of the members debated continually all year while all 6 competed in other types of speech competition. The six speakers: Craig Somerville, ALan Weil, Serge Wilson, Ted Lee, Robert Bolt, and Marriana Tubmann, competed in Individual Events and Student Congress. Craig, Alan, Serge, and Ted also competed in Debate. They all traveled to Cresent City, and three went down to Los Angeles twice to compete. While in the Bay Area, they competed in the Golden Gate Speech As- sociation tournaments against 49 other schools . Craig, Alan, and Serge got to par- ticipate in either the National or State Qualifying Tournaments. This year all six of the members can say that they will continue next year. Top Row: Craig Somerville, Alan Wei Bottom Row: Serge Wilson, Ted Lee School Resource Volunteers is a non- profit organization under contract with the Berkeley Unified School District to provide volunteer services in the city ' s schools. SRV ' s are college students, interested members of the community, parents, senior citizens - most of them Drking on a regular basis with one or more children. Also part of SRY is the Community Resource Service, which pro- vides single or short-term presentations by volunteer specialists in a variety of fields . { : " SrTyou imagine . . . Ted Lee as the cen- j terfold in Playgirl ' ij Can you imagine. . . Ms. Poston with a Brooklyn accent I ■■■iPMIIIir wi i Hi Hi iam i » I ' ffM MPIIi III WM I Ii iina Internal Work Experience is a program that incorporates approximately 225 students. Trie students work in the school, and are as- signed to whomever needs them. They do cler- ical work, typing, filing, run machines. I.W.E. has many especially good typists. The students usually have no homework, no exams, and they get 5 credits. The Mathematics, Engineering, and Science Achievement Program was set up by West Campus and the University of California Berkeley En- gineering Department. The purpose of the pro- gram is to encourage minority students to enter technical fields. Participants are provided with tutors, and they go on special field trips . SKI CLUB Due to a bad snow season and Mr. Valtr ' s usually incompatible schedule, the ski club went on only one trip. Their trip was a real suc- cess. There was one good day of snow, no has- sles, and everyone had lots of fun. There was one sickness and one injury. The ski club has 50 members. Mr. Valtr looks forward to a bet- ter season next year. TEE ANSWER: MR. LEBLANC ' S ROOM YBALL The winning 7th period class The Cal team Two seventh grade classes fought for a mythical championship in volley- ball this year. The two classes, period seven and period four, aided by the iastruction of the Cal volleyball team fought valiently. Period seven came out the victor. Tne 4th period class Ms. Agretelias and Ms. Momono(Cal Coach) lVhoop5 Action This year 4 West Campus 9th graders swam for the Berkeley High School Girls ' swim team. Their help was instrumental in leading the team to the league championship. The Swimmers were Ann Rendahl, Carrie Rholfing, Katy Seney, and Dannielle Sergent. They competed in a wide va- riety of events in meets against the following teams: Kennedy, El Cerrito, Pinole Valley, and De Anza. Tlie Highpoint of the season was the league chanipionship where Berkeley High splashed its op- ponents . In the championship meet, Katy Seney took first place in the 200 yard freestyle event. In the 50 yard breaststroke, Carrie Rohlfing captured Znd place witn a ciocKing of 37.0 seconds. Daimielle Sergent placed 5th in the 200 yard breast- stroke with a clocking of 2 minutes and 46 seconds. Dannielle Sergent takes the lead. Carrie Rohlfing, swimming the breaststroke. west campu swim .,1 Members of the West Campus Swim Team are (from left to right) Daleth Foster, Farrel Danzinger, Mary Adam, Katy Williamson, Jenny Landsberg. Others (not shown) on the Swim Team are Bill Blomquist, David Agretelis, Rob William- son, Karen Jenson, Kate Adams, Katy Moskowitz, Katy Hepmans- berg, Rob Manheimer, Alisa Foster, Kate Adams, The year 1976-1977 was a banner year for basketball. With Willard moving into Vvest Csinpus, West Cairipus was blessed with the fortune of two excellent basketball teams. The 9th graders were 25-3 with a 20 game win streak sandwiclied in. The 9th graders played their way to a second place finish in the Woodland Invitational Tournament. The eighth graders played thier way to a 17-3 record, it featured a 66-63 victory over King, when Don Brooks broke the school rebouna record with 29 rebounds. The team earned a consolation championship in the Guide Right tournament. SPORTS EDITOR Eric Edwards goes up for one of his patented jump shots SEASON HIGHS FOR Teams INDIVIDUAL PLAYERS 8 § 9 9th graae 73 John Muir 44 65 California 48 65 Moreau 56 Encinal (forfeit to us) 55 Bishop O ' dowd 53 71 St. Elizabeth 74 69 St. Josephs 74 70 Ridgeview 56 99 California 66 78 St. Elizabeth 74 70 St. Joseph 61 60 St. Elizabeth 48 88 Ridgeview 41 78 Franklin 60 68 Antioch 34 55 MDreau 47 63 McClymonds 55 73 Berkeley High F-S 71 54 Franklin 51 57 John Muir 55 61 Vallejo 55 69 Claremont 57 70 McClymonds 64 59 Vallejo 51 64 Douglass 53 73 Marys vi lie 48 81 Del Paso 83 74 iNlitchell 69 Wins : 25 Losses : 3 Perc:89.3 Pts. Rbds. Pts. Rbds • Edwards 32 12 vs. Mitchell Brooks 18 28 vs. King Wilson 31 9 vs. B.H. S . Bursey 34 15 vs . King Lee 14 19 vs. Del Paso Washington 25 5 vs. John Muir Quails 25 5 vs. Antioch Vi alker 19 12 vs. Havencourt Maddux 16 20 vs. Douglas Rogers 15 4 vs. C.S.D. Johnson 10 4 vs. Del Paso Robinson 6 6 vs. Claremont Jones 6 5 vs. B.H. S . Polak 7 2 vs. C.S.D. Walker 7 6 vs. Del Paso Kinler 5 9 vs. King O ' neal 7 1 vs. Ridgeview Bronson 9 9 vs. King Tnompson 3 3 vs . Marys ville Haynes 2 0 vs. Franklin Pinkriey 8 1 vs. NfcClymonds lUgwell 10 2 vs. C.S.D. Jacobs 6 3 vs. St. Elizabeth Pulliam 4 4 vs. John Muir David Lee goes up for a jump ball. G FG FT- -FTA PTS AVG Eric Edwards 27 205 40- -58 450 16. 6 Canny Ray Wilson 27 153 15- ■29 321 11. 8 Carl Quails 27 103 26- -48 232 8. 6 David Lee 22 73 12- -29 158 7. 2 RDcky Maddux 26 63 9- -29 135 5. 2 Eric Johnson 20 42 18- -26 102 5. 1 Todd Walker 21 38 11- -15 87 4. 2 Michael Jones 26 35 18- -41 98 3. 8 Lee Pinkney 16 24 2- -9 50 3. 2 Ricky Thompson 8 12 1- -3 25 3. 1 Ivfertin Jacobs 13 15 6- -15 36 2. 6 Kenny O ' Neal 12 r 0 4- -8 18 1. 5 G=Games played FG=Field Goals FT=Free Throws FTA=Free throws attempted PTS=Points AVG=Average of points per game. (St. Joseph was not recorded in final statsl Todd Walker grabs a pass Danny Ray Wilson guns a shot. G FT- 1 1 1 1 -i-A PTS AVG VinrpTil " Wa shi 710 1 " nn J- J IS- X u 26 315 16 5 -L O 1 21 -L X fin 280 15 5 Don RthoTc 1 m X VJX 1 4- X ■+ 234 12 3 7 74 1 7- X 76 60 8.5 Jock Robinson 9 21 3- 6 •J 5 0 VCIOOXXY iJ ± iO V l 1 1 c: -L O 48 3 2 1 6 X VJ 7- 1 7 X 39 2 6 I-fpTirpv Rocrpyc: 1 ivi V c y rvv-z vi o -LH- 1 - X c; ox 7 7 JJcllUIi rUJ.±XcUl 1 C X4- o c D 31 2.1 David Siegel 6 3 0- 1 6 1.0 Sam Haines 8 3 0- 0 6 0.7 Oren Polak 13 4 1- 3 9 0.6 (Some people have the Elmhurst totals added to their score while others do not) Coach Stelton Mitchell Most Used Picture Award Rebounds are approximate, Washington 30, Brooks 225, Bursey 150, Kinler 30, Rob- inson 15, Walker 52, Pullian 10, Siegel 2, Polak 10, Rogers 3, Haines 2, Bronson 15. % 1 Kevin Tugwell at the charity stripe. The Shades award goes to Mr. Craw- ford. w Solitude At left, Eric Edv ards and Eric Johnson watch Danny Ray Wilson put a shot in, while a Vallejo defender prays silently 4 ' I (9th grade rebound approxi- nations ; Edwards 230, Wilson 150, Quails 30, laddux ISO, Lee 205, Jones 30, Walker 40, Pinkney 5, Thompson 15, Jacobs 5, Johnson 50, O ' neal 15) 8th Grade 94 CSD 92 John Muir 73 CSD 59 Adams 66 King 44 King 89 Adams 92 Albany 71 John Muir 83 Albany 56 Franklin St. Columbia 61 Claremont 56 Have ns court 79 Franklin 55 Vallejo 68 Havenscourt 46 St. Cyrils 80 King (0) W Elmhurst 10 43 . 20 37 . 63 47 46 59 |j, 47 37 42 (forfeit 43 71 68 44 62 54 48 L to us) Can you imagine . . . Mr. Mitchell with braces? Coach Percy Crawford Smiles Can you Imagine. . . Mr. Crawford getting in the pool willingly? (left) Lee Pinkney (left bottom) Vincent Washington Daimy Wilson Saves The 8th Crade Bench TRIPLE TROUBLE- --Pemell Bursey had 34 points and 15 rebounds in one game, Don Brooks broke the school rebounding record with 29 rebounds, and Vincent Washington racked up 25 points. All 3 averaged over 10 points a game. Jump Ball Situation Pumell Bursey displays the fom Tliat Averaged 15.5 Points A Game The West Campus football team played their way to a 3-3-1 record. Coach Chico Mendoza led a well -disciplined team towards some very impressive play. So here are a couple shots of the season: Profile of a coach: Coach Mendoza yells out instructions .„m!— " m.- " - t ASEBALL Top - Left to Right: Coach Jon Jon, Derek Hogerheide, Danny Wilson Eric Edwards, Sid Smith, Ricky Thompson, Coach Chi CO Mendoza 2nd Row - Left to Right: Stuart Parker, Brian Finley, Johnny Williams, Jeff Parker 3rd Row - Left to Right: Lee Pinkney, Todd Walker, Mark Thuesen, Larry Gordon, Lament Davis -OUTFIELDERS- Top- Left to Right: Marty Klein, Jonny Williams, Sid Smith, Lament Davis Bottom- Left to Right: Brain Finley, Jeff Parker, Larry Gordon , . a. i n- i n, ' Larry Gordon, Mark Thuesen, Ricky Thompson, Johnny Williams, Lament Davis. Top Row: Brian Finley, Eric Edwards, Sid Smith, Lee Pinkney, and Stuart Parker. Bottom Row: Bottom Row: Danielle Lawrence, Stephanie Dorsey, i ferian Randolph, Wanda Lattany,Denise Elliot Middle Row: Birguitta Barnes, Vanessa Howard, Michelle Brown, Tijuana Hobbs Top Row: Yvone Williams, Yvette Davis, Ronna Ragland Jackie Jones (left and bottom) cheerleaders lead the cheers, (bottom left) Raelene Ward, the leader of the cheerleaders. HIE TEAM Bob Accacian Damon Broder Ben Borsch Alex Webb Laird Harrison Mark Elliott Gerry Mohr Kenny Morrer Charles Allen Geoff Henderson Eric Tossavainen Eric Spears Tim Peterson Martin Meuller Duncan Parlett David Frauenf elder Hugh Tracy Eric Tossavainen abers Soccer t • -is- Gerry Mohr COACH: Mark Hollingsworth -X- SEASON RECORD WON Vallejo Orinda game 1. . . 7-1 game 2. . . 5-1 game 1. . . 2-1 game 2. . .1-0 LOST Lafayette Benicia game 1. . . 6-1 game 2. . . 9-1 game 1. . . 3-1 TIED Benicia L. to R. Mark E, Hugh T, Laird H, and Lavid F. I-ferk Elliott game 2. . . 3-3 Ben B . , Mark E . , -T sft ' f - Hugh T. Alex Webb ' The last goal of the season. ■mm r Kennv Moorer I f f Doncan Parlett Charles Allen David Frauenfelder Newspaper Staff EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Jennifer Woodcock SPORTS EDITOR Ted Lee SPORTS STAFF Rosemary Chengson Beth Leggett Adele Ades Ben Borsch Craig Somerville David Frauenfelder Mark Elliott Billy Feingold vDVERTISING EDITOR Jeff Wolinsky HEADLINE EDITOR Robert Mealy HEADLINE STAFF Jason Booth Sean Madian Libby Eastwood Katy Haberkern REPORTERS GENERAL EDITORS Ben Borsch Linda Hendry Diane Curtis Lisa Tucker Leona Bailey Johanna Wolgast Phyllis Borrowman Coco Shinomiya PRODUCTION MANAGER Yearb J Alan Benner Alan Weil Mark Elliott Craig Somerville Ben Borsch Meagan Cronin oana Appleyard Tia-Lynn Ashman Sheila Baca David Bass Fleur Bronssard Jackie Calhoun Libby Eastwood Chris Edenborough Karen Fong Jay Forbes Alan Benner PRODUCTION STAFF Lisa Tucker Walter McNair Chris Edenborough FEATURE EDITORS Libby Eastwood Abbigail Gordon Lisa Stevenson Anas t as i a Ashman Heather Appel Lynn Orme Phyllis Tien Sasha Haines Kris ten Jensen Laramie Crocker PROOFING EDITORS Liza Sinpson Sara O ' malley Robert Mealy Nancy Yoneyama Phyllis Tien Kris ten Jensen Nancy Kilham Marta Lawson Polly Leider Anthony Lovett David Frauenfelder Ben Marcus Derek Gong Joe Goodman Abby Gordon Ruth Haber Linda Hendry Jonathan Higgins Mike Honig Fatrie Johnson Judy Keith Brenda Marshall Charlie Ramsey Debbie Sopher Mimi Steiner Penney Timm Hugh Tracy Lisa Tucker Jeff Wolinsky Nancy Yoneyama SPORTS EDITOR | Ted Lee ' 1 SPORTS STAFI Beth Leggett Rosemary Chengson Adele Ades Craig Somerville Steve Love PHOTOGRAPHY Cynthia Robinson Naomi Helleman Craig Somerville Andrew Quong ILLUSTRATIONS , CARTOONS, MAZES , PUZZLES EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Jennifer Woodcock FEA TURE EDITOP.S Adele Ades ;Alan Benner I Jason Booth FEATURE ST AFF Austin Fleur Broussard Josie Burroughs Jackie Calhoun Laurie Chemsak Mary Friend Fatrie Johnson Grace Kajita Ken Lupoff ■J Rosemary Chengson j M u n g Marti Crocker Marshall Diane Curtis Andrea Kaufman Linda Hendry Beth Leggett Walter McNair Liza Simpson Lisa Stevenson Lisa Tucker Alan Weil R.LCU1 i eii jvOSIC EDITOR ADVERTISING EDITOR ' Robert Mealy Coco Shinomiya STAFF MJSIC STAFF Ian Mitchell Susan Proom Lisa Safran Jeff Thornton Victoria Tolbert Lisa Tucker Leslie Yarmo Nancy Yoneyama Tony Burges Rosemary Chengon Ben Eastwood sha Haines E vid Schneider Alan Benner Leona Bailey Johanna Wolgast Phyllis Borrowman GENERAL PUBLICATIONS STAFF Miguel Flach-Aznar (Newspaper and Yearbook both) Demaun Guidry Ruth Haber Kris ten Jensen Scott Kuby Beth Leggett Julie Nbore Josh Seney Ethan Strauss Roger Truss Kate Adams Kristen Bebelaar Cindy Bircher Matt Borsch TYPISTS Penney Timm Tracey Tokuhama CORRESPONDENCE SECRETARY Kate Bennett A special thanks to an out- standing staff. My affection and admir- ation for you is great. -Addie Holsing Stuart Borsch Terri Charles Michael Craig Sundeep Doshi Susan Driehaus Georgine Earl Terri Earl Samy Ewing Shannon Gaffey Jim Gaustad Demetrius Griffin Janice Hamer Mara Hancock Angela Harris Jackie Jones Dan Katz Roselinn Lee Terry LeVere Eaphne Luz Frank McClenon Pamela Millender Derek Mitchell Wanda Mitchell Ian Mitchell Marty Moore Rosalind Norwood Peaches Parker Noah Pickus Mark Ruskin Rene Salcedo Locke Schultz Ruth Senturia Kent Sergent Frank Shemoen Mar ' Ann Simmons David Taylor Anthony Thompson Chauyvonne Walker Teddy Walker Kaija Warren Vincent Washington Benita Williams Karen Williajns Leonard WillaJjns Diana Woodbridge Janina Woods Yolanda Verhaegen Aron Yarmo ' Ihe " Spice o£ Life " award goes to the P.E. depart- ment. ,6 2 1 14 1504 sba Sfe- e ne) berkeley - .. Ronaia V ' POPPY FABRIC TRIM 1845 SOLANO AVE. BERKELEY.-CA. 94707 ' 15) 527-8 11 I its cultu,f al ir eg tu ar ' -ts vitaUtj askj us abo rt-liie M-F 11-5:30 Sat, 10-5 .Sun. 12-3 For the most unusual gift. . BIRD IN THE HAND Walnut Square Berkeley Calif. 94709 849-2902 Rreakfast Specialties • Sandwich Specialties HAMBURGER DELI 2128 OXFORD BHRKHLEY. CALIFORNIA J. C}oman Sr Son, 3nc. FURNITURE 3405 CLAYTON Rd. concord, calif. 94519 Phone 825-7070 2500 Telegraph Ave. berkeley, calif. 9470-4 PHONE 848-6O04 UNIVERSITY FLOWER SHOP 1900 University Ave., corner of Grove berkeley. calif. 94704 " PHONE 84-8-5320 MOISHE ' S DELICATESSEN RESTAURANT STEVEN WEINSTEIN Manager 2433 Shattuck Avenue BERKELEY. CALfF. 94704 PHONE (415) 841-7142 miSm 1160 Solano Avenue, Albany 94706 Bobbe Conversano, Owner ' 524-2326 - tM)111I§(B m OflK STREET. KANSAS CITY. MISSOURI £ 545 WALNUT STREET COSHOCTON. OHIO 4. if

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