West Campus Junior High School - Yearbook (Berkeley, CA)

 - Class of 1965

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West Campus Junior High School - Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 65 of 72
Page 65 of 72

West Campus Junior High School - Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 64
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Page 65 text:

Diane Ahlgren shortv Psychologist. Europe with Mike???? Charles Allen getting out of school Peter Allan writing author, playright, composer, and politician Thomas Amess being the captain of the Rally-Traffic to become a bank offical John Anton combing my hair to get a permanent Marty Arkelian tall girls 6 feet Barbara Aspegren Hey, stupid Liz ' s friend start with one penny and end up with 13 Jan Baldra the world ' s biggest flirt to see my girlfriend in Germany Loel Bartlett drive my friends sane again Janet Bastian the lone Ranger to find Tonto Daria Bauer the unquiet one to stay that way Dennis Beame all around good qualities to be an architect, but first go into the Peace Corp for 2 years John Beatty to get my driver ' s license Andrea Beck Who, me? Kenneth Becker Engineer Lyndal Bell always smiling to be a secretary Roger Belveal Elvis and me President Singer, Actor Harold Bennett sports doctor Marian Berkley my last name to learn to do more homework at home Robert Betts good taste baseball Antonia Bloembergen talking graduate from ninth grade Roy Bogard A ' s in history electronics Bill Bolton that guy from Audio-Visual sound engineer Robert Bonnet $ quietest electronic engineer Sandra Booker smiling to be a Doctor Greg Boykin to have a good time Roy Boynton radio-t.v. repairs, electronics ect. electronic engineer Yvonne Bradford singing to be a secretary Margaret Branch best sense of humor .Marian Branch silence secretary, clerk, nurse Kirk Brezee breezy brain make it John Brenneis •••• »■ the brain to become The brain for real Michael Brock doctor and actor Cris Brooks talking about skatesboards join the Hobbie Team Kris Brooks grow up Donna Brown flirting to succeed in life Linda Brown styling hair cosmetologist Barre Burgon being the best surfer at West Campus surfboard manufacture James Butler comedian Robie Cabrera mechanic for a truck company Mary Calame nothing in particular undecided Porna Caldon • ••• my English accent ride around Europe on a motorscooter Polly Chalip tin smile to be a head-shr inker Linda Cayot picking love me nots that always come out not to pick a love me not that will turn out love Becky Campbell that hair Guy Canfield not being serious to become wealthy Ruth Carson Butch get a job Sue Carter my red hair Europe 68 Gary Chang being short basketball player Tina Chang dog lover • to succeed Tanya Chepourkoff I don ' t know. I don ' t know . David Chew Shortie We ' ll see Lisa Chiochetti Fanning torches Debbie Chlosta Arguing with Val To win an argument with Val Diane Cho Pesty Cho Jennifer Cho Cousin of Pesty Cho Teresa Chung Nothing much To pass geometry Robert Citragno Wise cracks Arthur Cleaver Electronics Electronics engineer Valerie Clement Arguing Bill Coffin The Insane Genius To be a millionaire movie star Perky Coleman Lynn ' s little sister Ricardo Collins To be well-known Patricia Como Medical Secretary Alec Constabaris I ' m not conceited because that ' s a fault and I have no faults. A+ in geometry Bob Cox To finish school Christina Cox Musician An elementary teacher Kathy Cox Writer John Crawford Assistant concertmaster To be perfect Christina Crowe Ambitious To rebuild the world from scratch Margaret Cumming An Australian To become better than I am now Shirley Curry Laughing, clowning Dancing and singing Pamela Daniels Long dress Doris Dare Laughing every time I get near L.J. To stop it Bob Davis Stitches Stitchless Burchell Davis . Legs Richard D. Davis Being quiet Happy and rich Florence Debreu Being a wanderer To be an artist Michael DeLand My good hair To get open campus at West Campus Johnnie Dew Me, myself, and I Secretary Renah Dennis Me, myself, and I Social worker Nancy Donald Freckles and naturally curly hair Samuel Dooley Biochemist (?) Shirley Dupont Long eye lashes To be top model in New York Sue Dyckman My colds To get well Kirk Edwards Best athlete To be a doctor and the greatest gymnast Saralyn Edwards To become a secretary Stanley Edwards Stan the Man Edwards To get an A+ from Mr. Bragg Vertis Ellis To become a secretary Floyd Elliot What am I noted for? Marine biologist Darryl Ellis Nothing Engineer Margaret Elson My sayings To survive until tomorrow Andrew L. Emberton ... I washed yesterday To wash tomorrow Dana Everts Nothing I know of To get to Ireland someday Joe Eyring Nothing Dennis Fantin Small feet Pass Algebra Tom Fattaruso Unpronouncable name Passing Craig Fendel That laugh! To pass Spanish Elizabeth Ferguson ... Quiet(?) Political Campaigning To travel in Europe Jim Ferguson Jimmy Jo Jive Elizabeth Fidiam .... To get an A in French Linda Fite Nurse Josh Fogel Berkeley YO-YO champ Psychiatrist, mathematician Jeri Fong My first name spelled wrong a teacher Janie Fortune Legs Linda Forte Seeking an education Liz Fowler Barb ' s friend and Hey, Gimpy! Jeff Francis Reading College Loretta Franklin .... Being a good girl To become a private secretary Michele Franklin .... To become a social worker Jerry Frisk Frisky To be a 3rd-generation lawyer Allan Fujii Being humorous To get out of school Jo (Nancy) Fujii Ask Maria. I thought your name was Nancy. To be a good nurse. Marsha Fujinaga ..... Always using Sanai Y ' s glasses and forgetting To be a teacher my own. Gordon Fullmer Gordy Wayne Garcia Blinky Donna Gardner To be a nurse Paula Gardner Being smart (sometimes) To be a doctor Gordon Garrett Being nice and cute To be a success in sports Ann Gattison Being smart To be a nurse

Page 64 text:

torn FAVORITES TV Program: Man from U.N.C.L.E. Radio Station: KYA Flavor: Chocolate Singer: Little Anthony and the Imperials Color: Blue Animal: Dog Car: XKE Sport: Baseball those cafeteria chairs Mrs. Holmquist ' s understanding lectures piano and bongo in Room 19 traffic boys in the rain eating in homeroom locker check hearing gym girls cheering beneath the window while you ' re taking an Algebra test. butting in line in the cafeteria our basketabll team, constantly gaining points going up the down only stairs slipping into study after the bell has rung the seagulls flying around during lunch knocking a chair over in the quiet, quiet library Miss Obera ' s hustle having someone kick you while you ' re getting a drink of water looking out the window at San Francisco during the history lecture forgetting your gym suit in your 3rd floor locker getting the wrong change in the ice-cream machine Mr. Ingram face as he spies you loofing in the halls 10th period Mr. Wong ' s face as you miss the trash can as you clean out your locker hearing the chalk squeak while writing on the blackboard taking your laps in gym lunch time on rainy days having that certain someone remember to say hi in the halls taking cuts running down the hall to class while the bell rings. standing in line with your yellow slip in the attendance bungalow getting pictures taken white slip from your counselor or dean the posters in the hall during elections hearing the band or girls chorus from down the hall not being able to understand the record player at the dance MOST POPULAR Tom Ginger Roy Madison Karen Hern Mary Holloway BEST MANNERS Jeff Mertens Tommy Ma a Pamela Hockenhull Shelby Heda Barbara Nishi Jackie Nelson CUTEST SMILE April Brown Gemeral Young Shelton Bates Claudia Miller Wanda Ng Mary Hernandez BEST ' ARTIST Howard Spaulding Era Hamaji Nora Laasi Dana Everts Meg Hodges Evelyn Turner MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Josh Fogel Michael Gipson Amanda Williams Joy Yoshimura Darrell Griffin BEST MUSICIAN Tom Keithly Paul Kreshka Linda Hughes Lynn Ohman Walter Pope NICEST HAIR Scott Wallace Ray Mutialu Loel Bartlett Linda Brown BIGGEST FLIRT Jerry Nahaya James Butler Rudy Mar que z Linda Fagerlund Ruth Carson Lorrine Janssen CUTEST Penson Lawton Joseph Davis Sue Dykeman Karen Hall Georgia Blacksheer BEST ATHLETE David Chew Earl Thomas Kirk Edwards Kenneth James Cheryl Peterson Lynda Bell Michele Franklin BEST DRESSED Suzanne Joe Paul Grossberg Phillip Oshida Darryl Jackson Beverly Laughlin Bonnie Smith Penny Tigner BEST SENSE OF HUMOR Dan Smith Kim Hayes Larry Roberts Stephanie Martin Carol Murota Sandra Booker fin

Page 66 text:

John Gavrilis Gabby Automotive Engineer (customizing cars) Curtice Gee A successful electronic engineer Arthur Gerald Pepper At the other school Kim Geron Muscles To live Carolyn Gilbert Being sociable To be a social worker David Gilkerson Nicknames To join the forestry service Tom Ginger Tiny Tom To grow Sally Goodin Picking daisies Jane Gough Tarzan Chris Grampp Marx ' s assistant Anarchist Darryl Griffen, Jr. .. Butch To get a T-Bird when I ' m 16 Paul Grossberg T o get a nose job Karen Hall Eyes Dress designer or model Era Hamaji Blue Button To be two feet tall Linda Hamasaki Audrey Joan Hannah Les Choses , that ice cream blob, ahd Hi? Only my diary knows for sure Stuart Hanson Riding my scooter and wearing plastic sandals Noah Harms Just being my good old self To be a history teacher Kim Hayes Melekalekemaka To save the world Sue Heckly That pin Karen Hern Straight to Hawaii?? To exile Steve L. to Lemnos Mary Hernandez Being a flirt An airline stewardess Kitty Hircher To get out of school with a passing grade Pamela Hockenhull ... Pinky Second-grade teacher Joe Hodges Not getting all A ' s To get all A ' s Meg Hodges To be or not to be... To be Gail Holmes Singing, dancing and flirting To be a great singer or dancer Stephanie Hopkins ... To attain success Henry Hopson To be a doctor or lawyer Mike Home Talking Trash can-collector Greg Haston Football player William Hubert Baseball Baseball player June Huey Baby Huey Linda Hughes Nurse Ann Humphrey Being a hump-free camel Lawrence Hynson Smallness Real-estate .broker Kay Iwata Registered nurse Kathy Jamison Being in love Secretary Lorene Janssen Laughing every time I get near D.D. Love, happiness and money Davis Jee To grow taller Nicholas Jenkins .... Suave, sophisticated manner To be suave and sophisticated Joyce Johnson Cuteness and a cute smile Mike Johnson, XVI Athlete of the Age Lawyer Roberta Johnson Bertie Success John Joutsen My spontaneity in English An A in English Ralph Judd Explaining West Campus Douglas Kagawa Submarining To patent it Ann Kahn Incurable and chronic hysteria To make a funny joke Rita Kassis Being boy-crazy To be a model Debbie Kawamura To understand what I write Pam Keachie Wooden thing A sailplane pilot Tom Keithly A naval officer Ronald Keitin Biggest flirt A singer Nancy Keller The shaggy dog A haircut and an A in Latin Alma King Smartness To live Dan Kitamura Not having enough time to finish this form Molly Klutch What color dye? To travel Cheryl Knox To be a teacher Judy Koivu Hey, you guys! Mathematician P aul Kreshka Banjo-pickin ' miser A famous, humble, rich actor Mike Kresich The master-breaker and the jiver Owning a Triumph 650 Nora Laasi Lassie Darandibi Steve Laviolette ... To change my name to Clancy Yates Penson Lawton The Establishment and being 5 ' 1 To be 6 ' 6 Mary Leak To be a veternarian Byron Lee Pest , Mr. Know-it-all To go to West Point Ellen Leiby Carrot-pusher of the second floor Barbra Lemerman .... That picture in my locker To build a dome over the bench area to protect us from the birds Erica Lennard To grow Kenneth Leong Promoting ill-will with my sick jokes To live happily ever after Randy Ligh Short hair Baldy Anthony Linard Not for this I Judy Lindheim Messing things up To do something right David Lipset Davidio Lipsetio Free shirttails Nina Lipsett My exorbitant, over-abundant, and excessive verbosity For my verbosity not to be verbodden Roger Lloyd Having fun all the time To have fun Jane Lopez Shorty To grow taller Bev Loughlin That hair To do something with it Michele Lovett Saying what I think Anderlyn Ruth Lee Pigeon toes An English teacher Kathie Lyman Katrinkabell , KapPy Roy Madison Not coming to school To grow up and stay 18 and popular Ricky Magid Being lazy A gym teacher Kaz Maniwa Kazzie Russell Debby Mann My brilliance Harold Manuel To become a baseball player Robert Marcus Being Boss Being Bosser Claudia Marseille ... Clod To keep a straight face in English Julie Marsh Jewels To be immortal Tim Marutani Wilt Chamberlain To dunk Paul Mason My highly-developed sense of humor To be editor of FACT Magazine Sharon Mayeda Shortness, Rabit To survive Spanish Nancy McCarthy Wild Ideas To tame them Jerry McClain To be a olavbov Carroll McCoy Pass Geometry. Survive tomorrow Dru McGhee Dancing in Gym Keep on dancing Al Mclntyre Gumpy Dude Patty McPeak Rice crispies Jeff Mertens President of the dry rock factory To become a wet rock Rosemary Middleton .. Nurse Freddy Miller To attend Air Force Academy at Colorado Patti Mitchell Should I cut my hair? Jon Miyasaki gunner Donna Mocine Doubt it! To run a hairpin crinkling machine Cheryl Mollring That little old trouble listener That big old trouble teller Lamont Montgomery ... Track star or boxing champ Ann Moore My sense of humor To be a singer Patrick Moore Sea Scouts -- outstanding Lawyer Linda Morgan Surfer Girl I? To become the first female DeMolay Alan Morris Good grades ? U.C. Nancie Moser Pumpkin To ski with a surf board... surf with a ski Joycelyn Mouton Wearing blue all the time To be a secretary Sharon Muldoon Jeez Luiz (if a tree don ' t fall on me) to live until I die Anne Mundel Liking Carroll For Carroll to like me!!!:!! Carol Murota Gag gifts and great wit Jeff Muscatine Raving Ego-Mania Consistent, consecutive, A ' s Jerry Nakaya Biggest flirt Girls Pat Negrini Nothing To succeed Dotty Neider Lefty Jackie Nelson Secretary Scptt New Being put down Joy Newcom Man ' s Best Friend Barb Nishi Shy If they only knew Karen Nisikawa Size (??) Success Audrey Nobori The same thing Linda ' s noted for Nickie Nocerino Car mechanic Steven Noriega Flirt, tease, joker, goof off Lynn Norman Perky ' s big sister Hollie Notter Scott Nickie Nutting Disliking Fords Getting a Mustang, anyway Lynn Ohman Ski trips To learn how to ski! .

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