Wells High School - Crimson and Gray Yearbook (Southbridge, MA)

 - Class of 1938

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Wells High School - Crimson and Gray Yearbook (Southbridge, MA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 8 of 314
Page 8 of 314

Wells High School - Crimson and Gray Yearbook (Southbridge, MA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 7
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Wells High School - Crimson and Gray Yearbook (Southbridge, MA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 9
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Page 8 text:

THE CRIMSON AND GRAY C JAMES M ROBERTSON 4 'x TC'6fC'07llU.S' ' new prffz zfaf O

Page 7 text:

THI-L LRIMSGN AND GRAY IUBIISHILD QL ARIhRLX BX IH! SILDINIS Ol IHIL MARX I YNIIIS HIC H SC HOOI SOL IHBRIDCI x1 ANS XC Ill SI I IS V01 UMP YXI NOVI' MBI R 957 INUMBI R 1 C RIXISONI XND C RXX S1 X11 If I 1 x llrumn rzfpfmn Tlfzmz 1 1 1 N ll N S IISIIIIIIIHJH NHL Nl V I S XIHHC1 1 I l 1 I num c H1111 J 1 lll Ill y X1 1 NLLICIWIIU X l llmln P 1 7 upfnq Nfaf I cm I I11L,lL If I uh 11 Lhu 1 X C cm mmm Buuchud I", 10111 lu 1 llmxlh Wluteolk 1 I I fl mx " "ll um mm Billllblll fl Nun Hub on lluhp Doucett I IXBLI1 Ol LONIINIS f lfll DIXNI I N INN U NIXNNXLII D I 1 Inu 1 lf ll null fu 111 rf: 11111 1 1 I mf fflf n lff 1 f nz If ff X LXX hx I1 X I I IIC X I Xl x Xl l Stun by lffllgtllf FRLUHXI XX P XGL PXCE ,X AN 1 ' ' Y "' ' " ' ' C. "i,..' 21 F 1 C , l. 'WV ' I A 1 f I 1 ' Q' 9 V Qgj-g8 l'ffff'lf1r'ff1-I 'lf 7.1 f, l5i'V1-1ly.Xl1s1i1m f1INl.Il 4 1 W' Tf'e'rl.wl1'I'1' .q'L,fN ' 'A t A UC ' f:K'Ul'Q.QlT 'I'1lly llllwzuvl M: gvaux Nlllflllil. QU-l mls o 0 ' ffr1.w'r1f.w,x .' 1 f'!""'4 Hf'l""'f' "N Af 1 ., Af xii -UH' Il'lf:l-llypl' Nlillf IGHVII Sllllqjlhlll' I A1151 X url l, l'!l'ilIlf'iS Imuti H1111 II1-vlixwmml 'IIS' HMI :U 55 M", . - - I SI urn l',1lw:ml 1,Cl'l'5 .X 'l ff Hlsml 'UI Igllblyllu Ihfmltl 1"I'ilIlli f:llill'l1-lllli D1 111111151111 H W, , f -' ' I, I my ,A . H laulxul h uh um mf ll full mm .111 Hub-lm U. MNH lliltrm l'1l'l'i'IllILIl fr'I'IlUl'1ll' 1fe'1Hf1'ffr.w L ' ' A 'y ffslx 'xml I.i'f,.'l2l.iI' Yi "am Y: ufurzx fl" 'i - VIwllf'll1l4ll'P1FrIl'llXYSlii Rivlmlwl fish wlf A1212 ' ' lx Hips lz'flffm'.v ' I -' .Uffff ffr' Q4lIIll'l4,'F TINY cqhlilll 'L we .lfll riff- M- ' ' tv Vi "sto QIAUVIIIV A ' Y M., ISN' '5'0'i 'Y .V ,,., K I , J "1 Yzmc ' V K .4 7' U H Lf 'nfs Hlltll l Cvy' G X- 5' , I .uw IH' tiff' 1 N ' " ,, lin' flfyf AfI1'f,w'1'-Y-'Xliss 'l'lu-vlu l"ifXQl'I'Ill4l , . . 5 N ,, 1 Q, V , , - 7 A , I 3. IJI'1IJICIX'l'IUN .,.... 2 lflJl'l'UIiIAXl,S ,..... 3 fir 1'1 rl!! ,lfpyfffl .Y 'IIN lf' ll'!-lhify-'lr Ifflf 1 1 R011 lNl . f lIv'l'UllYl1I"'LIl, 'bIiLJ'l' Q lf A A ' V 'lC'1"l'5 . 5 Iu'!4mm1' lhlfwff lflcmwr lfzyffff S I,of,fs0 i'1f1z'1'f AHIIVW H1 Ifff Jrllhff Hrlfl' rf ' 1 Qlff , iff 'lr mf .tflflil-ll ,I.I'l'l1IliAX'l'l'l2lC ...... 7 Jlrzrl , '11 SZ4I7fjlNUll Ilf my ,lflf -fm-'.' lljf YH f '.'H'uOff Jlyk' lmllf If lf," - lv H' 'Lf fllmfff. ffl!! ,Ufwfffrf U"flU'f.'lLl2N1l1I 1' .X w I? wr, ffm l"If11f'f2If1' I '11 1' I,HC1.Xl,S .... . . 10 Rc ' M' 1.1 ziw I ffxf 'f ,V TH , C' ' ,S . . . . . 12 .V L 'MA' , . , .,.. 151 P11 'I.l'I Q . . . . . 14 L' .v- , 1 . V. 4 4 X, INA,

Page 9 text:

yr - 1 t1- Higc1,-scsc so c so ., U -55? 1' ' ,QQ Z 1 :ftp 'l 'u . X lv.-Y O 'I , U 3 EDITORIALS PREPARATlONS FOR ClTlZENSHlP Beverly Austun 38 Two unnovatuons whuch have aroused much unterest un the hugh school are the opportunuty to bank money weekly lmoney earned by takung cane of chuldren for deluverung newspapers for doung errands and for shovelung snowl and the system of electuons by ballot Every Fnday mornung pupuls come to theur home rooms wuth a bank book un one hand and money un the other The teacher checks the amount un the bank book and then has the money deposuted un the bank Thus us a furst opportunuty for pupuls to save theur own not theur parents money Some are savung for class dues class rungs and numerous graduatuon expenses Thus system us bound to have an effect on the pupuls later on When they go out unto the world to earn theur own luvung they may remember bank day at school and perhaps contunue to have a regular bank day so as to save theur money for a rauny day Votung by ballots us popular un school for electung not only class offucers but also cheer leaders members of the Student Coun ul and varuous commuttees A nomunatung Commuttee us chosen furst whose duty ut us to choose a slate of offucers and then submut ut to the pupuls Good results are obtaunecl bv thus method as the nnmunatung committee has an opportunutv to COn suder all pupuls and make theur chouces wuthout any unfluence from the pupuls themselves Pupuls of each home room vote by ballot for the nomunees of theur own chouce not necessaruly theur own fruends Rather than gettung all your unformatuon about elec tuons from newspapers why not gaun experuence un such a way that you can fun' ut of areat value when you enter the busuness world? Expcruence us the best teacher OUR FRESHMEN Ncllue Rewunsku 39 School tumorrow Back to school These were ome of the rr marlfs neard on the scvcnth of Septem b In um v nuces was joy n others was sorrow An ang the stu eu ts that saud ut wuth joy were the freshmen Above al' others they were happuest And why snouuan t they be? Now they could walk around and say l attend Mary E Wells Hugh School The clay that had taken eught whole years to come had funally arruved They entered the buuldung wuth smulung faces and held theur heads hugh just as they sow the upperclass men do lt was rather surprusung to see how well they behaved To add to theur credut we fund them an un usually actuve group of newcomers They have made 0 very good start and many have enrolled un the Ten nus Glee and Fueld Hockey Clubs Keep up the splendud work and l am sure that your stay wuth us here un hugh school wull be a treat WHAT THE INDIANS HAVE DONE FOR US Eugene Roy 39 The lncluans have left us many of theur names for our ruvers lakes and roads such as Chargogagogg manch ugagogchabunagungarnog lWebster Lakel Ouabaug Manchaug Quunsugamond Tantusque and Pocoucapaug all lakes un Massachusetts and the ruver Quunebaug un Southbrudge The Mohawk and Kung Phuluo Trauls named after lnduans attract many tour usts at thus tume of the year because of the beautuful scenes created by the changung of the leaves lnduans have guven us some foods whuch were un known before the colonuzatuon of Ameruca These un clude corn cranberrues and wuld turkey They also left us tobacco Many of our styles of jewelry are deruved from the lnduans and even some of our pottery us fashuoned along the lunes of vases jugs and jars of the Redskuns from Mexuco and the Southwestern states We have taken some trade names from the Induans of whuch the Pontuac automobule and lnduan Motor cycle are the most common All tn all numerous detauls of our dauly Iuves are un fluenced by the lndaan HOME STUDY No outsude unfluences should be allowed to unterrupt thus necessary part of the school work The acquus utuon of the abulutues that the school attempts to create dep nds un a large measure on the doung of the assugn ments The teachers furnush each pupul wuth a defun utc mumeographed assugnment and attempt to make su e that the pupuls undersuand how ut us to be done The aoung of ut becomes the responsubuluty of the pupul and unxolves supcrvusuon on the part of hus parents at least to the cxtent of seeung that the necessary amount of t m us reserved for home study Dleasures should be rt de depend nt upon success un school and not cl awed to can Pete vuth home study Pupuls who do well un school devote Monday Tues day Wednesday and Thursday cvenungs to their s hool work wutkout except on Fau ure Lsuu l re ults fr rn lazuness un home Study or uncbuluty un that type of work Pupuls who contunue to faul wull be advused to reaajust theur courses of study or to lughten theur programs of work un accord ance wuth theur buluty to master the subjects EXCERPTS FROM STUDENTS GUIDE D Passung Between Classes Members of the Traffuc Squad wull have full author uty un the durectuon of traffuc and wull report offenses to the offuce Three munutes are allowed for passung between peruods Pupuls not un rooms when the second bell rungs must come to the offuce for permussuon to enter the class room . , 1 1 1 1 1 ' - ' Q , 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 A - 1 . , , 1 1 , . . . . . , , . . 1 1 1 1 - c 1 - 1 1 I - F. . . c , , . 1 - ' ' 1 1 , . e - 1 1 . 7 . r . L , . u. . . . I Q X . . , - 1 Vu , 3 O .S E e ' . , .. . l v 'u "1 f .u aj . c , . . . , , ' ' u 1 uf y, '1 . lv I 11 11 11 ' ' - 1 c .. . . c , - 1 . I - . . . S- 2 N 1 H - 1 er. si e 1, , ' Q j s I C . 1 . 1 . . . , -4 ,u ,, A ' ' ou cj 1 to ty' s o I I, 1 ' u 1 . , ,, , . . . .. . ff - 11 A ' ' - 1 . . A ' C , . - - 1 3 . . , .. 1 - ' 1 1 . .

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