Wells High School - Abenaki Yearbook (Wells, ME)

 - Class of 1957

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Wells High School - Abenaki Yearbook (Wells, ME) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 11 of 110
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Page 11 text:

THE SENIOR CLASS Dedicates This ABENAKI to Norman Hobart Our friend and fellow classmate, who embarked with us on the journey through high school, who met all the challenges of educa- tion, and who now is meeting an even greater challenge with the courage and patience which we know are characteristic of him.

Page 10 text:

?IardWork In F aceOf Rough 3rea.ks Brought Wells Title WELLS, June 7 - A new state record was created last. .aturday when Norm Ho1der's Wells High track team tal- led 5225 points to annex its ninth straight clara? title. With only a few holdovers emy in the Y0fk.iSJHty H1 rom last year's champs left fter a severe polio epidemic had .epleted the squad, hard work y Holder and his squad made he feat possible. Wells' record s even more remarkable when Q is considered that the school. icks the track and other eii and battled DfQYgI. Clas' uuiuui ami llltul'Illf1CllHl-P DHLOIT tests to pick up len points. In the climactic senior relay, Jack Littlefield, Dave Hnlcliinson, Jim Crltickshank and Mert Matthews combined for the meet clineher. Wells '76, Thornton 74 Shot P'll --1, Stone llf'tl. 2. Panw-. lfalif-xi lT.l'I 3, Cook vWl 1'Ji3vkiiiC,-3 42 llI BH in. Jfl-':..rri .l'::.:nr Drh- l, P:-ttf-y IVVIZ 2. Blrvfcll itll. 3. Rand:-ll twi, Time -tl sec. 10--.'.arvl Lon' ll'll'l'llf'S -- l. Buchinrl. and llAl 2. listen IXVI: 3, Kpnnifgy 'TAI Time' 4 .rc 'raid Senior in-.li--l. l"nnvf-it-nl-is state titlist to N wire in ,I pi, wi..t:iims lVYl.3.DLil1Ols fruit. annual suburl"Q.Iieague n UJOUI 005- II ,,,i,I,,,r,. IiI iiII,,imi..I As result o"So,ir perforr ,seas 15017 flgb or It. swim- -wi in the state e9 It Bobby ' 1 01113. -4035! -saloon ii,,.,i,,.... Nelson BrrC-9' Stan Weel Q12 CJ . Chi I' 5 'U' 12 C1 ' 0 O50 1 f 6 flip been received by Marga Wildes of this town, that. had the higlhest score in written examination on hor making' knowledec and attituc given Senior Girls. Her papers will bc ente: in competition to name ' states candidate for .the ti of "All-American Homemaker Tomorrow," and will also considered for the runner- award in the state. For l achievement she will receive award pin. The national winner will lialncrl on May 2. at the Arne can Table banquet. in New Yi fur. been sele as membe' 101 1 0 S6 ' E1 - ' , ,Maine 5 QQ' af the uf pa ,Ipod 10122119411 Idllaj lfulkyay 2110 II "e ,.'0UIlQ woman wl'1oIw New iq -S' fo inlet. Domgul Vacc 956' 051011 U IHCA- I alto. Nfllf award Wm 'QAFIIQVCI to be 6 Isio- 4: Bowdoin u- -gen aiu 6 icieooiacilities of i 'CIIII in this Q E? ,gg II Alhl I IMI IMC" es! CHIC 'W Q65 -ii: Qgzxgxiit, in fe co- fb ,lson's record lo 9-4I ,mi us 'Big NWA Coe 1 lcd air' is N ga :mint l'l5SlItlllL' Wells NN? avg'9'Ci5cf3 Muon Acad-wQ Q-S 4'Ib',oplnen toniuht. 84 to Q.-irih IX 10' -------------M L O Southern York Cruivicv, lPll st'XlCl lf' up i ' . 11 L . ' '21 00 ,yi I lg, 210 If I Gt I . .D . I . dlifhblolz fllzf-jolbyll' '76 of fs 6 c'Mke'f'f1 - Jpciall Old h 6IfJ1IfI -. I ,ig in P lg od Igg I ' -' . . l - v .i III ,V bIISI e.i,Ii,IIIIO1-UI ,3 45, P OIHII , In UCP 555.9 'Nl ,, .fy 11, !'viQfi'131,4 1 ,-A Org , UCI 3651 Ui J qt 'ft Exp d iran il,.f.lilh La. f ,, ',, ,- 4 I I r . - -9 I '11 1, lull llflllllri for Eliot. Cnl.li-Til,-'lfQ"'..,g,.r. ,Q U5-' Q' H. Otuioqal lo mi- Wells, Q f1l.fYuff' .iff 3 iv ?' "fx f' lgllllfl 'mr . 1 i If -A ., f ll, l.wni '. lil--i-inn 11. if 1,01 fi3""f-I' Jlpali W 'N9CtxYY3 .f UU mfll' llim- D? 67-' illlllllfi Wells' recorcl 'ii ...ison recovcrnifi for QS. '- iclcrs, On the opcninr: SDS, IGS if th ' QU :i-,7 l Barnett. had ll lnasketri' . U Wi. 11 lf .,- cz 4 I- f. I II lIlllZIIlIJlJX . VJm,,lI:vIfyi '-jI?l13D15 77 5 5 hxxl HIVJUII ceful trac c second period, Mr .N QI . 'ren foul shots for 1Q11fJl'nIri- 1. t..I..f.--H . flllwi' . .,.,7,"m0 1 Li,"ff-fi. Sprints MOM. through tackle L" -iq O "5,02lllllllilLC5 Bill Glidden 'infll Q - 1 ' 'Kb . . A ,' hmdmh up' HG also a' SZ' C? N Leavitt add l nine an II I I. I .I. ,XI .NI G.. ' Cf I 0lllqlSlO1l by diving O IF, gi mi imgiicig i,i,Si,,,Cii,.,.ii. :HRK , H QY-'Q' Q' Meri. lllattllicxrs, R.VCllh'.tll.l?lI'Cl flf lticl Dus' S IST' C9 l ' ., ' I . ' pcorccl lil. la,C-PQI, LQ, 'Chou' S' 8 '-C' Coach Holi l'erlialn's lfllioj M, rf- fs' reef hi Wt- j1""fb,"9kv it 'Q 5.56 Wells Romps 48-19 rinI ol. ,5-ip -U' 71? 'fs qi ic threat. A190 H, O drive ' ' ...ti-C Wm. f f,,ijf2 Wars Q.-.s,Pas Worth Berwick fma18.rH1'- fly, 'Wig 671107 r 01, 'f?.W1CK.Jan.22-- Jy the 52" 44. Of' 1. Qs, 'nfl aj' 'fball team won Miclwa .Q 04.0 filly? 07,7 logi, -q decision Wells tt, sv. 't'e,.,,'i1fQ 70 0, -ht, cut. after a Kc. 5 '49, thi.. -1,5 '- all ' sy? Q ieiy stalled. and t. -19. so raft... 'S f0I Hx,I'?0,iV PQ. iw.- FCOl'C. Don Broun and M er, Mathews alternated in l'Lil'11Xlll! lo the 15, where lvlaitlicns hit Dave Hutchinson with a touch- down pass. Mathews rushed the :Xtra point, VIN WILLS RI-2 T ITRNED Matliews' kickoff 25 yards. to the Bunkics' 35. Wills then faded and passed to Dusscault on tlic Wells 330. Jack raced to 1 touchdown, aided by a kcy block by Dick Graham. A Kcnnebunk furnblc. recov- l I 1., I 5? ?6I flpk fnII,I70j II lx. Ui, 1720 1119 PHS for a li.. 0 5 If sri. 31 Matthews ai., OIJI - 1126? bourne of the visa inua. solved the maneuver, .attliews had 17 points, Chadbourne 14. Dick Chapin lcd Berwick Winn 6. Wells' girls defeated the North' Berwick sextette, 56-29, in the tulc l 'li 1:,l-rwlznln 4. ::..t.1ifirll-n 'J. ll rlls 1.'.lii i-1.-...,.....:., .i. ...U ir. v.. ..1.u..l.i. Wells Cagers Whip o. Berwick, 69-34 its attack fzoine in the third pe- .riorl tonight and rolled to its" thirrl basketball victory in four starts with a 69-34 decision over sigf 4 If7.iI 'ff'f,j',tssroom, ru ni ., 9 3: .Pboii QI ,ngth and ta criii i ii. 'fkher room . Va.f': Qencls ni thc Chevcr r-nl". ' .9 Q Qtggr U53 nf at is.. o Well? 153' lhevcrus 61 Si ot. J' rovh V5 1 iliivcliiiisnn twin 2.Abc 5 is rflvnes Wi, Distance: 'S wants, Dec. 14 .... Wells will, .1 ii, 130-Y..l9'l5I 'I si Dash -l. Dunlris: .Clz Fi, Ip i: Li. Violcite lCl.Tin .2 ser. -' 510-'ini Q 'g 97 htlmre Du-li.-l, Erin Vt: 2. 92 -6'l- 3. Matthews all Time: -l Z - r i 30-YaIr Sew' bash--T Litton fl. North Berwick in the Sot1litei'n.fi'1'ggk11lS 'WQ C0"m"" 'U' TW York County League Lltl-Ylird Lou: 5 iles-I. Brown will ClPll'k Cllzldl'JOlll'11CD 'orl iiii?IICSrJ1ller tlvvgvg 7I.2ing tCr. Time: 4 lfl points for the ' 0 ' Ho-var-fi were rflles--l. M, xi. . . . ,. .i .11 v . . .i giiaipd .rvbouiidiiig ru . .f 5 cats ICI- .. Ran' l3jll Miller as WGD R I IOH I militia nunip-sip to-.I I p Doinis in the iIi,iii.I I I S !. I-gg-Al tvtf. Fimc. 1. 14 at in , 605157. 'Jim ll .linings had .nine Polmv- -... . .mill ,-D Cm." I ffl, "i a losing' cause. ppp!! Goodale scored 23 lyof J' I. 'ling Wells girls to Fl fir if North Berwick ' 1. 011 fl Ellis ii. I 79 The stin..4CgZ 350 We' "ill ' do ' 5 " 2 lililc. UIJ- . rl. Chad :i:i1lCl.l, allcmlclfiii Rot. livrrinllq rg' Dash--1. llal al.l'l L' ...town I5 Ol, Aflkillli 4V Tmif: 'll :-ec A 300-Yarrl Sfnior 22 -l. Nl. N: ilu-ws :Wig 1'. Ram: ga "- W'. Cl. Hutt inf-nn tw' 'l'rme: 412 5 ,,. . ' Rn -. 1' r P' ' 12. Jamles 'lille n l iN a L J . I QW -: 3, McDonough fo Time: 4251 Hieh Jump-l Su 4Cl: 2. flgeiwef-.-Icoyne itil an. Uvfi 'Wl. H-:ici opener. Janet Goodale had 20 't QI, K Slflfln .- ' ,il1l1"1' 4 '?l is ri. 4111. v A Doints. Cathy Stievt and Janet X 5l.lT4'zliH' D' lb' M MM' In'm'med'm 600'Y"A 7 ' 1' H smith 12 Cahn for the wlnne' QI 'fwlf 2. Bi-own tWis 22, Diller W . , , I I I I 'I'ime:I1t34.9. I O4 I ered uf mlf' my Wells,Isct Caioie Royai had ii fm :BI Q rt.IIIc.11IiIiwi3IIiIIIi3i. IV?-I.ii9Ir IsIoIriiiIIIirtiCizIi.i 3 2, the stage 'mners final North Berwick iassies S .n:.3 til. .I-img.. 2g31A6,' 5 N- score. Aft picked 1nJ'w.-iisusi X, i.ooo.yarc nmg..-, .1-,.. ell fl ' - l f . - . -vi 11 - L 7 17 40 'mo Jniniesoiz ilwj .,. Lit '21 '. Tlrl broke G' Q' f s - . llle ClGBl' tll 'le to l'B.f'fZl151. Ramsdell: rn. Hynes 2. ' eau and Couture. IIJuni1r -1' UIHW3 -,J ,'.'l'H",' iw cb' Yioleite Lovhrtt. Ctiiimrgl "" l 40 yards to ' 'Ley' Paullfnrth Berwick Hill Q0 Q Q , liiiern1f:liav.e,'Relax'--li' 5Z2'31'0' Abffildforh H ew1f1e'l.sf..et1.i:a Q N ' are if at ufhvxi-SU IQFSD m iD.iiiiiQi Fence IIS Llitleiielrl' Q Q Q 4: S Cllxkilllllflfl EZ'u'lf'...I13Qll. Matti.-,ws'r. Til -- l . . V ' werIg re. it ci "- s Q 3103 7, ' . II Evangeline Tilt serzioi i Wgflmd Smeg' N Q . II it Wells High S DITCH .Nogflifalsllylgliiaii. Nadeanl 5' y elected for t.he L 'fiti i' . ' I . . mshin Award . IIiIE2It5.1SmsgiigC I IKENNEBUNK, Nov. 3-Wells Ladderbush intercepted a W I - II ' f I I' t Mike PrmC'i5,hik0,.iHigl1 completed its most suc-'pass to end this threat. I MISS Tilton. who 'll Cfuflma Stl Ii b " dd 305 Icessful football season in recenti Mathews, Hutchinson 2 n home economics, Q lf'u?',' 1111. ledbio bps T39 had-years by downing undermanned Brown stood out for the victt 'eer in fashion nit gp Wifi SC 101 H51 H mI I Ii Kennebunk Hieh 26-7, here this Wills, O'Blenis and the D rhen S119 2l'?C'1i1HlfC5.11 mixl'l1alg1a0fgIfifgIII2W0g Cpvfifdegii, afternoon. Wells wound up with scault brothers played well iobbies mc uce esli 011 ' "0 C -' a 3-3 record. the locals. ii-e55m3kinQ 5 iq 9 t c li Mert 'Mathews and Larry Pettey Meri M a L ii C W S and .I . . 0 . I . . . W Wells rolled up .56 yards .eel-.i we-'ii .until t11s.rc1.ar action. 6116 -.1 1 - -- f I I Mile Rim-iI Iiimimn iwii QI Wai., BroIwnI paced the Raiidinasanford .showedmakixie 15 fnst dow Soe is a member of th Q vim. 3. eoqiimy fra.. Tune s:oIi.2. their first win over the Rr eepei. ' Dee, wejjqlneq 142 yal imc Bapuffl Chuwh- Si 'llljsylrrlarams?nhlliaLfivllvni.-Bflbtiitly. 1000115 N99-1'S. get molhfln :ng D157 Digg? P195 he choir. is a inernber i 'rlmez i:31.4, . i O th f -iii i. Out Ie Xbe Veg lhgllls. - - . . ll-yard Senior R.un-.l.1-lutchinsou H C Om p fly We 17 Po, 00111 Cfed b eye 321DUSU 'XOUU1 Gl0UiJHUdPl Q 3. ni-...tu frm: 3. wal-ren frat game. Don Brown, sp1'u...,e1f. 'Han pfftlgj Ut U I . 1 i ,i , ,..,-fi CY 1 011 Ihayennrh IH! bCUO0 tear. 161- i-i,ifi.'ci-'Riiii-,iI Fame, ,MH 2, the clear by Mert Mathew. ,I 11 3 d fro . kim She is active in the on twn 3. Hayes twi. TllTlE1i block. threadneeclled 45 yards fIil,'l'ii'im Ual thmilh ggi :-,...4.. f...-...nv +...-.nn .t-.fi I ,. .... .. - . .. .. ... I fn fa'l'lv 'Tha atrnmnt tn vnmh f:..,.v. . JS 'f't.n,.i

Page 12 text:

Superintemling School Committee Mr. Roy Stevens, Mrs. Maxine Miller, Superintendent Melville lohnson, Mr. Forrest Chase. MR. NORMAN HOLDER Springfield College B, S. , Boston University Ed. M. 'That tower of strength which stood four-square to all the winds that blew. " Mr. Holder is Wells High's tower of strength for faculty and student body alike--a dedicated teacher, an enthusiastic track coach, and a principal par excellence. Because his many duties tie him closely to Wells, we give him this book of world maps so that he may at least do a little armchair travel- ing. MISS ETHEL WEYMOUTH Bates College A. B. , Cornell M. S. "And still they gaz'd and still the wonder grew, That one small head could carry all she knew. " To Miss Weymouth, without whose endless patience and Yan- kee wit, chemistry, trigonometry, physics and algebra would have been even more difficult, we present this eight-day week, in the hope that she finally may 'catch up. " if A Small GW From the Seniors fs'A'55'x fx' 'MU hg::l!f , 'y Y A L. ,, 27 un , ki ll 1 'l llllill 1 Y!'Q' 'Q

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